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Reviewed: 01/05/00 | Updated: 01/05/00

EA's 1st wrestling game is sweet!

this is EA'S 1st try at a wrestling game, and they did pretty good.


The controls to WCW Ma yhem are very good.They do what you tell them to do, and they are great when you have to execute moves pretty fast. Over-all, I think they could have been a little better, but they're good.


The graphics in the game are good. the crowd looks a lot better than attitude, and the wrestlers look real. The back stage places look good as well. I lik e them because they're detailed and realistic.


The sound is great. tony shavony and bobby the Brain do some commentary for the game, and I like the sound of the ring. Also, when Mean Jean announces the guys when they come down to the ring, that is cool too. The music also sounds pretty good.


The game is sort of hard, but not that hard.At first, it is hard to learn all of the controls and figure out what you're doing, but over-all the game isn't hard on ce you get the hang of it,then it's kind of easy. The medium sometimes and hard give it a nice challenge though.


This game is fun to play again. Fighting in the back areas never gets too boring, and there's enough modes to keep me going for a little bit. It's one of those games that it will take a littel to do it all in.


i say you buy it. It's a very good game, and I think it's pretty sweet. you may rent it first to see how you like it,but I think you should buy it because it's a very good game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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