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Reviewed: 07/04/02 | Updated: 07/04/02

A Great Game, with a few minor flaws.....

I just pulled out this game again and had a great time playing it, even though it has a few minor flaws, it is without a doubt the best WCW video game yet....

Graphics ~ 8/10

The ring,audience and titantron and pretty much average for a wrestling game, but still much better than smackdowns.The Wrestlers look slightly square, but the wrestling moves look very realistic, although they do move slightly too fast. Excluding a few flaws, EA have put a lot of time into designing this game, the wrestlers faces look very realistic, and the clothing is very detailed. It could do with a bit more work, but if your just looking for gaming it will please you in every way.

Sound ~ 6/10
Ahhh...This is what lets the game down. The commentary is better than rival wrestling games such as WWF Attitude, but is still very annoying, The commentators blurt out the same comments over and over again, a flaw all too common in wrestling games. The sound would of got a 4, if not for the noises the wrestlers actually make in the ring, unlike other wrestling games, the wrestlers actually grunt when they are wrestling, a very realistic feature in the game.
The entrance music is very good, but there arent enough of them, you cant select the NWO Black and White theme if you ever want to create a wrestler, or Booker T's music.This was a big let down.


One word I could use to sum the gameplay in WCW Mayhem would be ''Excellent''.Its fast, fun, addictive, and has all the makings of a classic.Its tekken for wrestling fans.From the minute you put it in your Playstation, you will never get bored of it, i bought this game in 1999, and still play it to this day. You have so much to choose from, a selection of over 50+ wrestlers including Chris Benoit, Stevie Ray, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. It can be difficult to master the controls, but its easy to get the hang of when you know how. The game makes you feel like you are really wrestling at a WCW Pay Per View. I highly reccomend it.

To buy or to rent?

A must buy. Of course, you should rent this game first to see if you like it or not(Im sure you will), This is definetely one your gonna purchase.You wont get through the whole game if you rent it...

If it hadn't been for the sound, this game would have got a 9, WCW Mayhem is great fun.Like I said, I highly reccomend it...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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