Review by Johnny Viper

Reviewed: 06/27/02 | Updated: 06/27/02

WCW games...........are bad

Well, just to say, I been gave this game away because I wanted to cry when I played it. This game is not very good. It is bad as heck. I bought this game for 4.99 which tells you this game stinks on ice. My review basically tells you why not to get this game.

Gameplay: 3

Horrible Gameplay!!!! Very little moves. If you games doing the same move all over again you'll love this. A Vertical Suplex takes over 5 seconds to do. They move absolutely slow. You can fall to sleep wake up and the match isn't over. There is backstage area but you can only use one instea dof all of them which makes the game more worse. There are hidden characters which you can unlock in tournaments or just put in a code.

Graphics: 6

The graphics are alright. Only if you want people like Juventud Guerrero looking like Scott Steiner. The wrestlers are so bulky. The weapons are very realistic and could of been better. The backstage areas are real enough if you really look at them.

Sound: 4

The sound is terrible. The crowd is loud and you can hardly hear what those idiotic announcers are saying. They hardly say whose wrestling or not. They say there names and a few moves which really sucks. Its better to have no commentary at all than to only say 10+ words every match.

Difficulty: 6

This game is hard because of the controls, the slow movement of the wrestlers and the annoying crowd. It's very easy sometimes when you keep doing the same move then do you finisher and get the 1-2-3 but on any other circumstances, the difficulty is hard.

Modes: 5

The modes are horrible. I was expecting a triple cage in the game but there isn't even a cage match. The other matchhes they have are very normal. Triple Threat, Single, etc.,

Rent/Buy: RENT

I say you rent this game first. Again, I bought it from Babages for only 4.99 whcih really tells you the game stinks on ice. Rent it and bring it back an hour later because your not going to like this accuse of a WCW Game.

Overall: 5/10

Overall, it deserved this rating. The game could of had better crowd intereaction, better announcing, better graphics, better sound, and better gameplay. The only this I like about this game was they had characters that deserved to be in the game although they looked stupid as heck. Thank You

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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