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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

The Best WCW wrestling game on PSX

First of all, i'm a big wrestling fan. I have almost all wrestling games available on the Playstation (Warzone, Attitude, Toukon Retsuden 3, Fire Pro Wrestling G, WCW Thunder and WCW Mayhem. This one is certainly the best in some departments.

Graphically (9/10)

WCW MAYHEM has the best graphic. The graphic is very smooth and fast. Hollywood Hogan, Macho Man, Sting, Kevin Nash, they all look reel. The rope moves very well, the backstage are good and the arena are well done. Exactly like in TV. There are some collision detection but it doen't affect the game. The crowd is dark and we don't see any spectator clearly but it still looks better than WWF attitude. There is lot of Flash coming from the crowd. It looks great.

Sound/Music (10/10)

What can I say? This is the best play-by-play so far in any games. Tony and Bobby did a wonderful job. My father tought I was watching Monday Nitro because it sounds exactly like it. Sometime it gets repetitive but it's very normal, it's a game and the CD is limited (650megs) The Crowd, the backstage, everything sounds perfectly.

Gameplay (8.5/10)

Very easy to play, even my girlfriend can played it. The Grappling System is fun for everyone. I love WWF attitude and the Combination moves but I like Mayhem grapple system better because anybody can enjoy it easily. The only problem in Mayhem is the lack of game modes. That's the reason why i prefer playing WWF attitude when i'm alone. Single, Tag team, Triangle, 4 Way Dance and 4 Man Battle Royal it's just not good enough. But other than that, the gameplay is good.

Overall (9/10)

Graphically better than WWF attitude and other wrestling games. The gameplay is excellent in multiplay but lacks in mode. Not much mode as Fire Pro wrestling G and WWF attitude. I really recommend this game to all wrestling fan even WWF fan like me and everybody else that want to have some fun with friends.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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