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Reviewed: 11/25/00 | Updated: 11/25/00

One of the best wrestling games for the Playstation

I just recently bought WCW Mayhem for $20 on a used video game rack. It was a pretty good deal considering other stores have it for almost $60. Even though most people (who are actual WRESTLING fans and not just WWF marks) don't like WCW right now, EA's first game for the N64. Playstation and GBC didn't turn out half bad. WCW Mayhem for the Playstation is probably the best, though I have not played it for GBC.
Pretty good, smooth textures, but the hand positing of the wrestlers looks odd, and so do some of the movements when you are using a wrestler in a match. Another problem this game suffers from is the collision detection. Wrestlers hands go through the other wrestlers, and when you're doing an attack that involves using the ropes, your hand will be far away from it. The crowd looks like a big, mashed up blob of non-moving objects, but the motion-captioned moves of the wrestlers is very effective. All of the moves look really good, but the collision detection made the moves look weaker.
Pretty good. The 2-man commentary is really good, and the crowd response it alright as well. The entrance music is alright, not the best, but not the worst. Could have been better had it not been midi-themes though. Some of the commentary tends to repeat at times as well.
For EA's first game, it's pretty good. One thing that makes me mad though is the fact that when you've beaten down your opponent, but they attack you back, your side of the momentum will go down. It's understandable for it to go down a bit, but it goes pretty much all the way down. Some of the specials need tweaking as well. I mean, has Sting EVER used a pump-handle suplex/meltdown as his special?? I think not!! EA should have had the right specials for some of the wrestlers, unlike having some cheap-immitation. Another problem with the game is the speed. The game speed seems much slower compared to one of a WWF Smackdown!, but that is understandable, seeing as it was EA's first game. The controls are very tight, respond a lot and is easy to learn. WCW Mayhem is a pick up and play game.
There are a lot of modes like Quick Start, Main Event, Quest For the Best and others. A bright point is that WCW Mayhem lets you choose from over 50 wrestlers, but some of them are locked up and have to be unlocked by beating Quest For the Best on the different modes. There is also a Create A Wrestler feature, and that is alright, but does not hold up to one like let's say WWF Attitude.
EA's first effort was a good one, and hopefully they learn from their mistakes, but from what I've heard, WCW Backstage Assault isn't very well made, but when I try the game for myself, I'll do a review for it.
Buy Or Rent:If you can get it on a used rack for the price of around $20, go for it if you're a WCW fan. If you're not such a big WCW or wrestling fan, then just rent it first and see what you think. I wouldn't think of buying it brand new because I don't think it would be really worth forking up $50-$60, but it's up to you weather or not you want to buy the game or not.
(P.S.:Please, if you're reading this read my other reviews. They are under the name j.j., and I have reviewed Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the gameboy colour, Super Wrestlemania, and probably by the time you read this WWF Wrestlemania:The Arcade Game.
Addition comments:Great effort EA!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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