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Reviewed: 12/23/08

A wrestling game that is decent but that's all it is.

WCW Mayhem is the second to last game released by WCW before WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon. WCW Mayhem was released around Mid 1999 and made by Electronic Arts.

Before the game starts, you see developers getting everything ready for a WCW telecast along with short FMV's from actual WCW shows then the game begins.This part is actually interesting.then you get to the main menu.

Your first mode is a quick start meaning you select a wrestler and you get put in a random match type with a random opponent.

The next option is the main event where you actually book the whole match. You can select between a few match types, the time limit, the venue and decide what wrestlers are in the match. You can also customize the rules. Customizing the rules include deciding which hidden area your wrestlers will be allowed to fight in if the fight goes backstage. However this game did not have the cage match mode and I don't understand why the cage match is still being left out of WCW games.

However when you play a tag match, both wrestlers come out at the same time, walk down to the ring and straight to their corner waiting for their opponents. I didn't watch a lot of WCW but I don't think that happened when it used to air on television.

Next is Quest For The Best mode which is the season or career mode. There is no big story, you just work your way to the top of the rankings from the bottom and unlock hidden wrestlers along the way. I really can't say anything bad about this since other games didn't have a different career mode, it was more or less the same thing just working your way through the rankings.

Next on the main menu is PPV Password where you can unlock pre-set cards, hidden wrestlers and hidden backstage areas. That's the only use for this function but suprisingly does come in handy if you want to put in a password that will give you four pre-set matches to play one right after the other without having to set anything up.

The next mode is one of the most important modes in a wrestling title since it first appeared in a wrestling game. The Create-A-Wrestler Mode. First you select the name, along with the move set and finisher of your wrestler. However you have to pick a moveset from someone already in the game. Next is the appearence, You select everything from your wrestler's size to your wrestler's attire. There are a lot of options to keep you busy. Next you select your wrestler's personality. You can select which faction they belong to, how they wrestle, if the fans like your wrestler, hate your wrestler or don't feel strongly either way then your wrestler's intro music. Now I do have a gripe about the music which I will discuss later and the last thing you do for your wrestler is edit their abilities (Strength, Impact, Speed etc.)

When it comes to the controls, there is a delay which you actually feel which had me press the same button three times and only execute the move once. Luckily while paused, you can see what button you need to push if you are looking for a specific command.

First thing I noticed about the sound is the commentary which I enjoyed during the introductions but then it feels the commentary during the matches, they used as little dialogue as possible. Also some wrestlers have their theme music but not all the wrestlers do. We got music from Goldberg, Kidman but most of the music in the game is from the different factions. There isn't really a good excuse for just selecting faction music to be put in the game.

The graphics are bad. Wrestling games for the Nintendo 64 weren't this bad and other games released around this time had better graphics. Graphics was the other gripe I had because I know they could have done better if they spent more time on the graphics.

The Replayability is there because they didn't dissapoint you with the roster. They have a lot of arenas so you will want to play this after you unlocked everything just to feel like you earned your reward.

I give this game a 6 out of 10 because it is an OK wrestling title but compared to other wrestling titles made around the same time, WCW Mayhem just doesn't deliver when it is compared to those other video games. The only reason you should want this specific title is if you want a WCW Title as recent as possible. Otherwise just get another wrestling game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: WCW Mayhem (US, 08/31/99)

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