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Reviewed: 07/28/00 | Updated: 02/02/01

EA brings us another great game, with its ups and downs.

Sound 9/10
Mayhem has almost all of the wrestlers theme music, but not for all of them( example: older wrestlers) But for the wrestlers that don't have any music, they use there faction music. Mayhem packs us up with great music. But, if where's the soundtrack? I thought that WCW Mayhem: The Music would be in this game. The commentary isn't as annoying as in some games. There is a lot more than past WCW games, but less than WWF games. There is no voices of wrestlers whatsoever in this game. It has good sound but room left for some new features.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics were simply great! Every single wrestler looks just like or almost like there real life counterpart. Kevin Nash looks a lot better than he did in Nitro and Thunder. In fact almost all of the wrestlers look a lot better than the past WCW games. We now have a different look of Scott Hall. Instead of black and red, Mayhem has him in his black and white costume. All of the rings look great. Bash at the Beach's arena looks almost exactly like the real life arena! The graphics are great, but some wrestlers just don't look right.

Gameplay 7/10
Here's where Mayhem really sucks the big one! Sure it has backstage areas, but it doesn't have enough modes. To start out WCW Mayhem features over 50 wrestlers, so you won't have a hard time picking your favorite wrestlers. If the newer wrestlers aren't here, then use the Creat-A-Wrestler mode to make your own. But I will warn you, it isn't the biggest CAW I have used. It has real ring entrances for each wrestler. And it also features all t.v. and pay-per-view venues. But the part where it sucks is in the modes. There are only 6 different match types. There's no cage matches. But the part that pays off is the fact that Mayhem features 12 bactstage areas! Take your brawl into the batroom, parking lot, or boiler room. With weapons includig sinks, crutches, and chairs, you'll have a brawl. It also features a PPV Password section too. Put in cheats to get new wrestlers and features, or for real-time PPV's. Like if Nash vs. Hogan is at the next Bash at the Beach, there's a chance of that match showing up.

Overall 7/10
WCW Mayhem is a fun game, but in some cases only die-hard fans should play this. The lack of modes really hurt WCW Mayhem. I recomend that you wait for WCW 2001 comes out.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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