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Ride It For Real!
Power up on a customized bike that has enough horsepower to blast you into incredible jumps and tricks. Race indoors on the Supercross circuit or "take it outside" on specially designed Motocross tracks built for big thrills and bigger spills! VMX Racing provides fully articulated players and bikes that compete in a unique fully 3-D rendered real-time racing game that sets the standard for Motocross simulations! Special throttle settings allow you to perform maneuvers and tricks just like the pros! All this, plus a screamin' CD soundtrack that sets the stage for the ultimate Motocross maniacs!
- Eight bikes fight it out in every race! Choose from six different tracks and try to qualify for three bonus tracks!
- Select from one of four different racing teams, each with its own special skills and attributes.
- Ultra realistic gameplay that incorporates actual motocross dynamics!
- Two throttle speeds allow players to perform wild maneuvers like rearend kickouts, wheelies, and skids.
- Set the camera angle yourself - choose from over the shoulder, behind the rider, and way behind the rider.
- CD quality sound FX that were recorded at actual motocross supercross events!

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