• Passwords

    In Options Menu, Select Game Status and Press L1 and R1 Then Enter Following Passwords

    All Vehicles Can Ram Other Vehicles As If They Have Maximum ArmorGO_RAMMING
    All Vehicles Have Enormous WheelsHOME_ALONE
    Allow Player and Enemy To Select Same Characters In Arcade ModeMIXED_CARS
    Attract EnemiesUNDER_FIRE
    Disallows Obtain Any Vehicular TransformationsDRIVE_ONLY
    Enable All CharactersLLA_KCOLNU
    Faster Shooting WeaponRAPID_FIRE
    Higher Hover Craft CapabilitiesHI_CEILING
    Higher SuspensionsJACK_IT_UP
    Incredibly Fast VehiclesMORE_SPEED
    Low GravityNO_GRAVITY
    Quick Start In Arcade ModeQUICK_PLAY
    Slow Motion GameplayGO_SLOW_MO
    Start Any Stage Without Enemies In Arcade ModeHOME_ALONE
    Upgrade All VehiclesLLA_DORTOH
    Upgraded MissilesBLAST_FIRE
    Watch All Character's EndingsLONG_MOVIE


  • Unlockable Characters

    Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BoogieComplete Quest Mode Using Obake
    Chassey BlueComplete Quest Mode Using Astronaut Bob O., Garbage Man and Agent R. Chase
    ConvoyComplete Quest Mode Using Houston
    Dave's CultsmenComplete Quest Mode Using Convoy
    Dusty 'Earth'Complete Quest Mode Using Padre Destino
    HoustonComplete Quest Mode Using Sheila, John Torque and Flying All Star Trio
    Lord ClydeComplete Quest Mode Using Dallas 13, Nina Loco and Molo
    ObakeComplete Quest Mode Using Lord Clyde
    Padre DestinoComplete Quest Mode Using Chassey Blue

    Contributed By: Bl3u and RaumeRVZ.

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Easter Eggs

  • Alien

    In the Arizona level, blow up the observatory and you should hear and big BOOM. GO to the crater in the center and there will be a meteor in there. Blow up the meteor and a giant ant will come out and shoot everyone. Kill the ant and another meteor hits. You can do this as long as you want.

    Contributed By: LordPump.

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  • Different Music

    Enter a V8: Second Offense level and open the disc cover. Insert an audio CD and close the cover. The game should start playing track 1 after a few seconds.

    Contributed By: EvilJackCarver.

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  • Unlock the Original Vigilante 8 Levels

    To unlock the original Vigilante 8 levels you must start the game in any mode then pause the game, but you'll need the original Vigilante 8 game. Open the lid of the PlayStation without turning the power off, then remove the Vigilante 8 Second Offense disc, then put the Vigilante 8 (first game) in then close lid. This should take about 10-15 sec. then should say V8 Levels Enabled. Then take the game out and replace it with Second Offense. Then exit and return to the main menu. When you start any mode other than quest mode the original levels will be available.

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

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