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  1. Hey i need some help on knowing how to get good Kingdom branch ending. Help, please?

    User Info: Dygenguard123

    Dygenguard123 - 12 years ago

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  1. 1. Interview only Devlin until you get Andrew, then interview him instead. Contrary to popular opinion, interviewing Devlin is not the best way. Here's why:

    - Devlin's morale drops fast. If it bottoms out (which it can easily do by the time you get Andrew) it can't decrease anymore. If you interview Devlin when he's bottomed out, it just gives him more points to lose, & wastes your interview.

    - Interviewing Devlin only gives +2, up to +6 per mission. Andrew gives +4, up to +12. You'll raise your average 2x faster with Andrew, even if Devlin's morale didn't decrease. The worst thing to do is interview Devlin when his morale is low, and lose both the +6 and the +12 you could have had instead.

    2. Devlin blames Bastion when an ally dies. (-12 to -16) This includes CPU guest allies, but not friendly generic soldiers. Because of this, 'Araba Reclaimed' becomes a pivot point for Devlin. If you linger here for experience, both Zeira and Ganlon will die (-24-36 Rep). If you decide to kill Sadira, Franco & Halak for extra experience, this nets the total to -60 to -80 or worse if you lost any party members of your own. Devlin will never forgive you.

    3. Devlin, Zeira, & Andrew are aggressive. They don't like waiting while people are fighting\dying. You lose -2 rep if you have them end their turn without moving\acting. The bottlenecks on 'Norze Reclaimed' are one sure way to tank a good run without understanding what you did wrong. To avoid this, make your characters move back & forth or use buff skills if they have nothing else to do.

    4. Devlin & Alden are honorable fighters. If they see anyone score a kill dishonorably (IE, via backstabs) that person will lose -2 Rep with them. They don't mind if you use back attacks to weaken the target, or if the target is killed via side-attack, while dizzy, etc. They also don't lose rep with themselves. (Their rep with other party members is irrelevent anyway, so just have Andrew do it.)

    5. Bastion & Zeira are pragmatic\utilitarian. They gain +2 rep with anyone who scores a kill on an enemy. They don't care how. However, they lose -12 Rep with anyone who dies. (Yes, that's right. Bastion is a cut-throat who blames his party members for dying. Amusingly, this includes Kamorge. Kamorge is also an honorable fighter, so he would inevitably dislike Bastion.)

    6. Barlow, Milea & Nana are defensive. They give +2 rep to Bastion whenever they end their turn without moving or acting. These characters can be maxed out at will without even using interviews. Barlow loses -7 rep if he ends a battle injured below 50%.

    7. Reyna likes Bastion to protect her. She gains +7 rep with Bastion if she ends the battle with 50% health or more. However, she loses -7 rep with Bastion if she ends the battle with 49% or less. (round up) Reyna also gains ~36 rep during certain story events. Knowing this, she is easy to max out without interviews, especially once you have access to healing skills.

    In conclusion, the *best* way to get the good ending is to max Barlow. This can be done any time before Mission 20 by kiting the last enemy with Andrew\Zeira while Barlow\Milea\Nana wait at the map edge. Barlow offsets Devlin's negativity. If Reyna is +63 (Pink Star) the two of them together should be able to assure the good ending no matter how much Devlin hates you. Andrew can account for the rest of your party if necessary.

    You can further minimize the negative hits on Devlin, Zeira, Alden & Andrew by being pro-active & fighting honorably. Worst-case-scenario, you can rush the gate on Araba Reclaimed & recruit Nana & Milea. With 5 characters all at +127, Devlin above -60 and keeping Zeira & Alden in the positive, you should have an average close to +70. Over 10x what is required to get the Good ending. Even without Milea & Nana, you can still achieve a +40 average just by maxing Reyna, Barlow, and Andrew.

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  1. Best way to go is look at some of the FAQ for this game. CCajes has a goof walk through.Good Luck

    User Info: michael4776

    michael4776 - 12 years ago 0   0
  2. The best way is to just interview Devlin, since his moral is the lowest, and stays like that for basically 85% of the game

    User Info: nbaliveballa

    nbaliveballa - 12 years ago 0   0

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