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FAQ by Tamahome

Updated: 01/20/00

Valkyrie Profile faq.
by tamahome
any questions or comments email them to tamahome2@home.com
for newer versions and updates of this faq and if gamefaqs in not catched up yet go to

Well people, since this will be my first faq that I am writing for gamefaqs, be prepare for
a lot of typos, and since I have not finished the game with the best ending, this faq will
be changed accordingly after I completed it with the best ending.

Version 1.0

This is the first update of the valkyrie profile faq. I am writing this during class right
now hehe :) hope my teacher doesn't read this. Added the basic game system of the game
as well as the battle system and some of the characters that appears in the first chapter
of the game.


What can I say, Valkyrie profile is probably one of the best rpg to hit the playstation in
1999 and it came out on Dec, 26, 1999, so I would say that it didn't do too bad :) A lot 
of japanese gaming magazines actually gave this game a 10/10 and I would agree with them.
This game does have a lot to offer rpg gamers. As a seasoned rpg gamer, I would say that
this game gave me an entire new experience playing rpgs.

story overview
The story of the game is set at the time of the battle of Vahalla. Odin and his forces 
are fighting gannosa and his forces for the rule of the heavens. The current battle 
goddess Valkyrie is the daughter of Odin named Rena. She was sent by Odin to the earth 
(named Midgare) at that time to collect the dead souls of brave warriors who are worthly 
to fight the wars in the heavens. You play the role of Valkyrie going around to places on 
earth and collecting brave and dead souls of warriors and training them and preparing them 
for the battle in the heavens. The game is divided into 8 chapters. Each chapter has 24 
periods, and it takes a certain amount of periods to complete certain quests. So there are 
only a few things that valkyrie can do before the end of the chapter and reporting back to 
Odin. So spend your time wisely. Foolishly spending time will take its toll later on.

Gameplay features.

The game is divided into 2 basic modes, the basic gameplay mode on Midgare and the chapter
transition mode after the end of 1 chapter.

Basically the game begins with a huge story line giving background details on some of the 
important characters in the game. After that Valkyrie is given her first task to explore 
a dungeon and clean out the evils within.

After completeing the first dungeon, which shouldn't be too hard, considering that a very
powerful goddess accompanies you, she will leave you alone and you will be free to do 
anything after leaving the dungeon to the world map. You will be floating halfway up the 
sky after leaving the dungeon. Chapter 1 officially starts here. But before leaving the 
dungeon, a little fairy will be at the exit of the dungeon and it will be your responsibility 
to talk to it. The fairy will tell you about the basics of battle system. But since I will do 
the explaning here you can skip that :) After that it will give you a weird message with a 
number 40 there. That 40 is telling you that by the end of the first chapter, you have to sent 
up a warrior from Midgare with bravery of over 40. failing to do so will drastically decrease 
your rating as a servant of Odin, and the amount of money you get after the chapter will 
decrease by quite a bit.

....more to come in the next update...

Game Menu

On the world map is the place where all your menu functions are opened, so this is where I 
will explain the basics of the menu functions to you.

Below is what the basic menu function looks like. And I will detaily explain what each menu does

|1) Skill	2) Use Item	3) Division	4) Party	5) Specials	|
|										|
|6) Equip	7) Transfer	8) Status	9) config	10) Data	|
|										|
|Name of character	 		|Name of Character			|
|					|					|
|Lv. 					|Lv.					|
|DME					|DME					|
|EXP					|EXP					|
|After					|After					|
|Name of character			|Name of Character			|
|					|					|
|Lv.					|Lv.					|
|DME					|DME					|
|EXP					|EXP					|
|After					|After					|
|Game time: 					Money				|
|Chapter # Period #		Rating						|

1) Skill: For anybody who plays Star Ocean 2, skills shouldn't be new to you. But for those who 
are not familiar with tri-ace's work, Skills are special attributes where you can add to the 
characters to boost their stats or special skills that can be used during battles. For spirits 
and non-godly characters, there is actually a specail section for the skill called Personalities. 
What these personalities are is that when you add CP to them, they will add the user's bravery 
rating. CPs are the units used to add skills. After a lvl gain, a character will gain a certain 
amount of CPs and these cps can be used to add to the skills.

2) Use Item: Pretty straight forward.. You use the items that are available to you. However 
there are a few menu items in the the use item section that needs explaining. 

	The first button is pretty obvious. It is to use that particular item. 
	The second option is to use money (actually called mp) to change that particular item to 
	its reverse nature. What I mean by that is that everything in the game has an element 
	assigned to it. Fire is the opposite of ice. Holy is the opposite of dark etc. For some 
	items, using the second option from the menu on that item will change it from a fire 
	property item to an ice property item. For other items like magic books or skill books, 
	it will upgrade or degrade that item depending on its level that you started with. I 
	will give an example. If you have the spell book for Burn storm by using the second 
	option on it, it will change to fire lance, a completely different spell, and in my 
	opinion more powerful against single foes. 

	The third option is to sell items and return that item to MP.

	Some weapons of course can be changed into items by using the second option. For example, 
	a fire bow after being changed molecularly by using the second option will become an 
	item that casts burn storm. a lightning sword will change to an item that uses lightning 
	bolt. Items are organized into 3 sections. Useable items, equipable items and godly items. 
	Godly items are gotten after end of each quest. After completing a quest, treasure chests 
	will be left behind, these items are godly items and when you open them, you will be 
	given a warning and you can either press yes or no. Top option being yes and bottom 
	option being no.

	If you chose the top option, you will be a good daughter and return the item back to Odin, 
	your rating will increase by 1. If you choose the bottom option, you are a bad girl and 
	you will keep the item yourself, your ratings will drop by 5 points, but you get to keep 
	a rare and awesome item. If you choose to use a godly item on the use item option, you 
	will sent the item back to god, and your rating will increase by 1, so in total you will 
	lose 4 points of rating by returning the item back to Odin after you are done with it :) 

|Use item		|Use	change atomic sturcture		MP change	|
|				|	Topic	|				|
|				-----------------				|
|	Items				|		Equipable items		|	Godly items
|					|					|
|	Item name		Number	|	Item Name		Number	|	Item name
|					|					|
|					|					|
|					|					|
|					|					|
|					|					|
|					|					|
|					|					|

3) Division: In this section of the menu, you will be using your mp(money) to create items that 
are made avaiable to you after each chapter. This menu item is only aviliable when you are 
stepping on a save point or on world map. These items will get more and more powerful depending 
on your rating and where you are in the game.

The first page of the create item function will be healing items, items to restore DME, and items 
to cure status. Later on in the game, there will be items that boosts attack and defense. The second 
page of Divison will be the Weapon page, Weapons are created here. Weapons in this game are 
pretty complicated too, and I will explain that in another section. The next page is the armor
page. This is pretty self explanatory and there are no complications in the armor section. The 
last page of division is the accessory page, in this page, you will be able to create accessories 
that allows you to do various things, like power boosts, protect from status change and so on. 
There are also a lot of accessory in the game in which I have no idea what it does, so if people 
can tell me what some of the weird accessories are for, tell me :)

4) Party: This is where you arrange your party members. You can use this function anytime during 
the game, you can replace any characters with any character except valkyrie, she has to be in 
the the battle at all times. There are also sub menus within the party menu. These menus are 
change party, Bonus EXP management and practice.

Change party memebers are pretty self explanatory, Bonus EXP management is the extra exp that you get after completing certain
events and quests. You can adjust this to your liking to add the same amount of exp to that character. Very useful to level up
characters who are almost there, but there are no more enemies in the dungeon. The practice function I haven't touched yet, and
I will get back to you as I play the game a second time to get the best ending.

5) Specials: This is the menu item where you can view your character's attacks and their special 
attacks, spells and set the counter attacks. Basically, the battle system of Valkyrie Profile is 
quite unique and I will explain in a later section of the faq. All characters starts off with 1 
attack because of their weapons. I will talk more about the weapon system in VP in later chapters 
and updates. You will also notice that as you gain more attacks and when you view the topic on 
the attack moves and specials that there are more to the topic than just plain explanation of 
what the move is. For basic attack moves, you will get to see whether the move will launch the 
enemy up or down. These are indicated by up arrows and down arrows. It will also tell you how 
much of the super guage the move will add. If the move is +25, then after a successful hit with 
that move, your super guage will be added by 25. As for supers, there is also a CT value that 
will be added to your character after using the super, this CT is also known as charge time. 
Managing charge time is essential in a boss battle. Charge Time will decide whether or not your 
character will be able to use his/her super again. When the CT reaches 0, a super can be executed. 
This is also true for magicians, because they can only attack once, their attacks is exactly 
like supers, which will require a considerable amount of time to refill after each use. There 
are other ways to lower your CT in battle, but I will go over that more in detail in the battle 
section of the faq.

6) Equip: Pretty self explanatory, this option allows you to equip your characters with weapons, 
armour, helmet, shoes along with 3 accessory and 3 special items. Valkyrie has her very own set
of special items in which she can equip which will allow her advantage in dungeon exploration.
Such items will be go over in detail in the items faq.

7) Transfer: Probably one of the more important aspect of the game, and has to be looked at 
seriously, if you don't want an early game over. As you can probably read from the above story
synopsis, the game is based on Norse Mythology, and there is a war going on in the heavens. 
Valkyrie being the battle maiden (zen otomoe) is sent to the earth to gather death souls of 
warriors to aid the war efforts. So for those of you who don't know, all your characters are 
ghosts, they are dead :) haha.... What you must do at the end of each chapter is sent up a
character that has the matched attributes given to you by the high priestess Feli during the 
change of chapter. The requirement for the first stage is a warrior any class with bravery 40 
and above. Note that sending up characters is essential to keep the trust of Odin and without
the trust of odin, you lose your job as well as your life :). However you will also have to 
take into considerations that if you want to see the TRUE ending of VP, you must have a sealed
rating of less than 40 by the end of the game. This is done so by a little math :) I will
give a brief overview of how it works now. Basically sending up 1 character will add 12 points
to your seal value. Completing certain special events will decrease it by 15. Gaining 1 extra
character will decrease it by 2. And not wearing the special ring when you report to odin
will also decrease it by 2. So you do your calculations :)

8) Status: Again, pretty self explantory, this will allow you to view all your characters with
their full portrait. Here you will also find information about that character, where they were
born, their age, and their occupation. This will also show you their element distribution, as 
well as their equipment and special moves. For Valkyrie, she will have a special status that will
read 100 in the beginning, that is the sealed value.

9) Config: Allows you to mess with the configuration of the game, such as changing from stereo
to mono, changing the volume of BG and SE, changing button configs, and changing the rate of 
the display of text (although personally I think even by turning it up all the way, it doesn't
make any difference in those conversation with voice acting.. You can't skip those anyways.)

10) Data: The loading and saving of your progress. You can only save in the world map and in
save points in a dungeon. You can load your progress anywhere in the game.


Renas Valkyrie: The heroine in the game and the person you control from the beginning to the end.
Renas is serving Odin as Valkyrie to collect souls of warriors from Earth. During her journey, she
will find out more and more about her past life.

character strategy: She will be with you all the way, so make it your piority to level her up and
equip her with your best stuff as well as raise all her skills to their maximum level. She can
use 2 type of weapons in the game, bow and arrows and sword. The sword being the more powerful.
The arrow adds more to the Super guage, and hits more time but is weaker. Her super is also one
of the best in the game and will change depending on the weapon she is using. :)

Aluze: The character that will be with you all the way thru the game, cause he has an attitude
problem, so the heavens will not accept him as a warrior. He is the warrior that gets killed
protecting the princess.

character strategy: He will be with you all the way, so he is pretty useful, plus he gets the huge
sword. I swear that sword is bigger than Cloud's. :) All his move is 1 hit and adds very little
to the super guage, but he is one of the strongest character in the game and has the most DME.
His special is also pretty powerful.

character tip: Don't waste CP adding to his personality, because heaven is not going to take him.
you will be wasting your CP adding to his personality.

Jerald: Royal princess of the country in which Aluze resides. She decides to take her revenge 
against Aluze for speaking out against the King. She is soon kidnapped and turned into a monster
by the evil chancellor. Valkyrie freed her from her pain by killing her.

character strategy: A pretty static character, cute voice acting, but since she starts out as 
a magician too early, there are more powerful magicians that will come along. Also magicians in
the game is too static, meaning they don't change. Almost any magician can use the same spell
so you can choose to keep her, or you can sent her up to heaven :) your choice.

Berinas: A rich landlord in the trade city that was puzzled by his own destiny. His wife dies
in an early age and he remarried an asian slave which was bought when she was very young. When
he finds out that all the curses of the family is all because of his first wife's jealousy towards
the slave. She hated the slave so much that she put a curse on the house so that vampires will kill
all that is close to Berinas. He exchanged his life for the life of the slave. And valkyrie broke
the curse afterwards.

character strategy: Personally, he is not one of my used characters, due to the fact that he comes
at the very end of chapter 1, and due to the fact that he is the only character that I want to 
part with in the end of chapter 1, he didn't stay in my party for too long.

Roufar: A friend of Aluze, and often trained with Aluze. He died trying to save the brother of 
Aluze who was put to jail.

character strategy: Again, I didn't use him much, I sent him up in chapter 2 :) His special is
pretty useless and at chapter 2, he doesn't have a lot of good weapons and armor.

Rauli: An archer who's spirit cannot rest in peace because he hasn't told his gf that he cares 
for her yet. Valkyrie decides to rid both of them of their pain by making the miracle happen.

Character strategy: A pretty decent archer, however his third move doesn't chain well with his 
second. His special is pretty useful, but not visually amazing to look at :)

Kashel: Another friend of Aluze and his gang. He died trying to get to potion that will restore
the villagers from stone to their original forms.

.... more coming.....

Battle system

For any of you who has played Xenogears, the battle system in VP is somewhat similiar to it :)
It uses a combo system in which the four buttons on the psx pad represents the four characters
of your party.

The triangle button refers to the top character. The square button represents the front rank
character, the circle represents the back rank character and the X button represents the bottom

So what happens in battle you ask? Well, in the start of the battle, all you have to do is target
one enemy, then press a series of buttons to move that corresponding character to attack. Depending
on how many times they can attack, there are different combos to use and different strategy to use
to maximize the battle system. The back rank is usually reserved for magicians and weak characters
due to the fact that short range attackers (most of the game's monster are short range attackers)
cannot reach the back rank. Only archers and magician can hit the back rank character.

Everytime you hit an enemy with a move, a certain amount of points is added to the super guage
and once the super guage is full, you will see a purify weird soul message and you will be 
able to choose to execute one of the character's super move providing that their charge time is
zero. By the time that character has finished his super and if the super guage is still 100, you
will be able to use another characters super and so forth. The best is to use characters so that
you will be able to use all 4 supers. This will prove to be very useful against bosses :) Plus
the battle animation will look amazing :) Imagine a 99 hit combo in an RPG game :)

Here is some strategy which will be useful in battle.

There are a few things you should plan even before you start mashing on the buttons. One of them
is, does the monster that you are fighting contain any special item on them. Cause unlike other
rpgs, items has to be knocked out from monster with multiple hits. The more hits you inflict on the
monster the more stuff that will drop out. Aside from treaures chests, 2 more things will drop out
of monsters, one of them is extra exp points. these are represented by big light blue crystals.
And if done right, you will receive double the amount of exp due to these stones. The second of them
are purple balls. And these balls will lower your CT bar which will allow you to use your super
more often.

Another strategy is to forget about all the stuff about and once you kill the monster, back off.
You will know he is dead when the overkill msg appears on screen. And after that you can use your
remaining attacks to attack the next monster to reduce the length of the battle and to reduce the
amount of damage that your party members has to suffer.

... more to come....


I am getting pretty tired, so this will probably be it for my first update of the faq.
Any questions or corrections feel free to email me at tamahome2@home.com
Suggestions are welcome of course :)
and if you want ot help, sure drop me an email.

This faq is copyrighted to Tamahome. You may use the faq, but the content must stay as a whole.
Use part of the faq only under my permission. Just email me, I won't say no :)

Jan, 2000

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