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Endings FAQ by tri-Ace Fanboy

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/31/06

                               Valkyrie Profile

                               Endings FAQ v1.3
                                  by tri-Ace Fanboy


This entire document is (C) 2006 tri-Ace Fanboy. All trademarks are property of
their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
reference to any material contained within.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
at rodrigo1337@hotmail.com to enquire about gaining permission to use this

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- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

00 - Table of Contents                                                   [0000]

Press Ctrl+F and search for the numbers in brackets to go straight for the
section you want to check out. For example, searching for [0200] takes you to
the version history section.

00 - Table of Contents.................................[0000]

01 - About this FAQ....................................[0100]

02 - Version History...................................[0200]

03 - Endings...........................................[0300]
 03.1 - C Ending.......................................[ENDC]
 03.2 - B Ending.......................................[ENDB]
 03.3 - A Ending.......................................[ENDA]

04 - Credits, Contact and Thanks.......................[0400]

01 - About this FAQ                                                      [0100]

Valkyrie Profile is a incredible RPG released in 1999 for the Playstation. It
has recently been re-released for the PSP as Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. There
are no gameplay differences between the versions, except for a couple of FMVs
in the PSP version. As such you can use this FAQ for either version.

This is as spoiler-free as possible. No cutscenes will be detailed here, but I
will mention a few names.

02 - Version History                                                     [0200]

    v1.3 - Better explanation on the C ending.
31/08/06   Fixed two errors in the A Ending guide. Thanks to The n00b Avenger
           for finding out what really makes Lezard disappear from his tower.
           Mystina's Seal reduction was also wrong. It's -15, not -10.
           Rewrote some sentences to have a more clear meaning.

    v1.2 - There were errors after all. Fixed a detail about C Ending's warning
25/07/06   and, more importantly, about the deadline for the low Seal in the
           A Ending, thanks to Captain K. This changes A LOT to people who did
           something wrong along the way, like missing the Gerabellum or
           Weeping Lilly scenes. Now you only have to skip sending people in
           one Chapter at most!
           Also fixed some small typos.

    v1.0 - First uploaded version. All endings listed. Most likely the only
22/07/06   version unless there's some error, but I doubt it.

03 - Endings                                                             [0300]

Valkyrie Profile has 3 Endings. The Ending you get depends on two things: your
actions during the game and the difficult level you choose. Easy Mode only has
Endings C and B, while Normal and Hard have all three endings.

03.1 - Ending C                                                          [ENDC]

Not much of a real ending, this is actually a Game Over. In other words, you'll
probably want to avoid getting this. The good thing is that it's not something
you're likely to get by accident. Despite being a bad ending you should see it
at least once, as it does reveal a little about the true plot.

If you leave any place (any town or dungeon) with less than 26 Evaluation,
Freya will show up and give you a warning.

If, after this warning, you get down to exactly 0 Evaluation, Freya will show
up again and you will get the C ending. Don't bother fighting the battle that
will happen, as you're not supposed to win. The outcome won't change.

If you reach 0 Evaluation BEFORE receiving the warning, then you just receive
the warning as normal, except you gain +1 Evaluation from it (so that you don't
trigger the C Ending immediately after, giving you time to save yourself).

Note that these scenes are only triggered by LEAVING places. If you decide to
just rest and never go anywhere you will never see these scenes and can skip
the C Ending completely.

Keep in mind that some of the cutscenes in the A Ending path will count as
leaving a place and trigger Freya's appearance if you don't have enough
Evaluation, even if Valkyrie never actually leaves the world map.

The following actions change your evaluation:

-5 for any artifact you keep
-2 for not wearing the Nibelungen Ring
+1 for any artifact you send to Odin

Other than that, sending or not sending characters has a huge impact, much
greater than any of the above. Skipping sending characters has a negative
effect on your evaluation on following chapters as well, so take care.

This is the only effect Evaluation has on the game, by the way. Any value from
26 to 100 means the same thing. If you get the warning, then any value over 0
is perfectly fine.

What this means is that you can keep most, even ALL artifacts and never risk
the C ending if you are playing Normal and send one perfect character each
chapter. If you're on Hard, you may need to send two characters in one or two
chapters depending on how good you are at fulfilling the requests.

If you find yourself stuck with the C ending, don't give up: enter the Item
menu, go to the third item list and choose one of the Artifacts there. You will
be given the option of sending it to Odin, which gives you +1 Evaluation. Now
just leave the dungeon you're in and Freya won't show up. If you don't have any
Artifact with you, then clear the dungeon and send any one you find.

03.1 - Ending B                                                          [ENDB]

The easiest ending. Really lame too. Just get to the end of Chapter 8 and you
will be sent to Jotunhein Palace. Once you're in, there's no way out short of
beating the boss. Once you do, you get the B Ending.

At the end of the B ending, wait a few minutes for a few hints telling you
there's more to the story than this.

03.1 - Ending A                                                          [ENDA]

The best, most complete and most hidden ending in the game which you can't get
in Easy. There are several requirements to the A ending, but most are based on
the same thing: Valkyrie's Seal Rating.

Do not confuse Seal Rating with Evaluation, as they are two completely
different things. To check your Seal, go to Valkyrie's status screen. It's in
the place where you would find the Hero Value for other characters.

Anyway, the Seal has a value that goes from 0 to 100. The lower the better.
Some events will change the Seal, as such:

+2 for wearing the Nibelungen Ring during a Sacred Phase
+12 (!!!) for sending a character to Odin
-2 if you don't wear the Nibelungen Ring during a Sacred Phase
-2 when you recruit any character other than Lorenta and Lyseria
-15 if you go to the Weeping Lily Meadow
-15 if you go to Gerabellum from Chapters 2 to 5 before recruiting Lucian
-10 if you meet Brahms in his castle
-15 if you defeat Lezard Chapter 4
-15 if you recruit Mystina
-20 if you recruit Lucian

Getting a low Seal Value is just one of the requirements for the A Ending.
The other requirements are all events that change your Seal as well. You need
to do ALL of these below:

-Meet Brahms in his castle (-10 Seal)
-Defeat Lezard in Chapter 4 (-15 Seal)
-Recruit Mystina in Chapter 5 (-15 Seal)
-Recruit Lucian in Chapter 5 (-20 Seal)
-Send Lucian to Valhalla before Chapter 7. (+12 Seal)
 He must survive the battles in Valhalla until Sacred Phase 6-7.
 Just make sure he has the necessary Hero Value for that Chapter and you will
 be  fine.
-Reach less than 38 Seal Rating during Chapter 7.

If you do all of the above, you will see a cutscene with Lucian in Chapter 7 as
soon as you reach less than 38 Seal. Once you see the cutscene your Seal Rating
doesn't matter anymore. Just play Chapter 7 normally and, when you get to the
Sacred Phase 7-8, things will be quite different. Freya will give you a
different mission.

Now, in Chapter 8, a new place will show up in the end of the Spiritual
Concentration: the Weeping Lily Meadow. If you go there you begin the sequence
of events that give you the A Ending.

Now that's fine and all, but getting the Seal low enough is quite a challenge
if you don't plan your actions well. After all, you have to send people up to
get all that MP and the overpowered items Odin rewards you with, not to
mention keeping your Evaluation to be able to steal those Artifacts without
getting the C Ending.

Fortunately, it is very possible to send one character in EVERY chapter and
still have way less Seal than needed. This is explained bellow.

--- 100% Guaranteed Way of Getting the A Ending Without Losing Anything ---

This works for both Normal and Hard modes.

-Do NOT visit the Weeping Lilly Meadow or Gerabellum in the first chapters.
 If you did, relax. It's still possible to get the A Ending. Keep reading.

-Send one character in Chapter 1 and another character in Chapter 2.

-In Chapter 3 you can visit Brahms Castle for the items and such, but DO NOT
 see him. Just don't go into his throne room and you won't see the cutscene.
 In other words, stop when you find the Save Point.
 Again, if you did this then relax, it will be harder but you can still do it.

-Still in Chapter 3, send one character and begin preparing one for the next
 Chapter. You should have one character with at least 80 Hero Value and at
 least one level in Trick.

-If you've done TWO of the events you shouldn't, remove the Nibelungen Ring
 before the Sacred Phase. If you're doing everything right, don't bother with
 this yet.

-If you did ALL THREE events, then just restart. It's not worth doing it in
 this situation.

-Once chapter 4 begins, don't do the Spiritual Concentration! If you've already
 done TWO of the events I told you not to, then DON'T send anyone in this

-If you didn't mess up, then send whoever you prepared on the previous chapter.
 Trick is the only skill they actually need to learn -- just equip a Demonic
 Tome and a Shell of Lailu for Demon Int and Hear Noise. You can get Negotiator
 from the Angel Lips, but it's unnecessary. All of this is created with Divine

-You should have 100 Seal Rating now. Time to bring it down. First, do
 Spiritual Concentrations and get any character who shows up. Don't bother with
 dungeons yet, you need to save your Periods this chapter.

-You will get Aelia for sure, but it's uncertain if you get anyone else. You
 can get one more, two more or just Aelia. So this means your Seal can be 98,
 96 or 94 after recruiting characters. This won't matter much, but the
 calculations below will assume you only got Aelia. If you got more, that's
 better for you. Just take 2 or 4 away from the next numbers.

-The last Spiritual Concentration will point to Flenceburg. Make a separate
 save and then go in.

-You will get Lorenta and end in Lezard's Tower. You have to go to the end and
 defeat Lezard. You can leave the dungeon, but that's dangerous. Watching any
 cutscene outside the tower will make Lezard disappear you lose the A Ending.
 Cutscene in this case means recruiting a character, going to Gerabellum,
 Weeping Lilly Meadow or meeting Brahms. Meeting any other boss in dungeons is
 fine. So be careful if you leave. The separate save I told you to create is in
 case the tower is too tough for you, or in case you mess up and he disappears.
 This way you can just restart part of the chapter instead of the whole game.

-If the tower is too dificult, go to the other dungeons first, but watch your

-Once you beat Lezard, you will lose 15 Seal, leaving you with 83 Seal.

-Now go to Gerabellum. Pay a visit to the Weeping Lilly Meadow as well. That's
 -30 Seal. You have 53 now. Almost there! If you did those events earlier, no
 problem. Keep reading, just don't mind the math.

-Finally, go to Brahms' Castle. Meet him and you have the choice of fighting or
 letting him go. It doesn't matter what you choose, or even if you lose the
 battle: you will lose 10 Seal anyway. 43 left. You can do this in Chapters 5,
 6 or 7 as well if you don't have enough Periods left.

-If you still have Periods left (you should), go clear the other dungeons that
 show up in this chapter if you haven't already.

-Before the chapter ends, make sure to remove the Nibelungen Ring. -2 Seal, 41

-Chapter 5 begins. Do the Spiritual Concentrations and you will be directed to
 Flenceburg and Gerabellum, where you will get Mystina and Lucian. There goes
 the Seal: -35 (!) from this, only 6 left!

-You still have Shiho, Jayle, Badrach and Grey to recruit in Chapters 5 and 6,
 and removing the ring before Sacred Phase 5-6. That's -10 Seal. However, you
 HAVE to send Lucian in Chapter 5 or 6, which means +12 Seal. So that's +2
 Seal, giving you 8 Seal total.

-So, with 8 seal and a chapter left, you can send up even two characters in
 the same chapter and still get only 32 Seal final! Note that you don't need to
 send two people, I'm just saying you can.

-I recommend sending Lucian in Chapter 6 since he's great in battle and will
 help a lot in the dungeons in these two chapters.

-That's it! In this case, just go to Chapter 7 and you will get the cutscene as
 soon as it starts (right after the Sacred Phase). Skip the next two
 paragraphs to know what to do next.

-If you didn't go to Gerabellum OR Weeping Lilly Meadow OR if you didn't meet
 Brahms at the right time in Chapter 4, you should have 21 Seal or less after
 recruiting Lucian in Mystina in Chapter 5. Recruiting everyone else, removing
 the ring and sending Lucian will give you 23 total, so you can only send one
 character in Chapter 5 and another in 6. This is perfectly fine, you won't
 miss anything. Just don't forget to remove the ring for Sacred Phase 6-7 as
 well. You'll also get the cutscene as soon as the Chapter starts. If not, just
 recruit Suo and you will get it.

-If you did TWO of the events (Gerabellum, Weeping Lilly or Meeting Brahms) at
 the wrong time, then you shouldn't send anyone in Chapter 4 as mentioned.
 You'll have 36 Seal after getting Mystina and Lucian. Getting everyone else,
 removing the ring and sending Lucian will give you +2, so that's 38 total. In
 this case Lucian should be the ONLY character sent in Chapter 5 AND 6. This
 means you've skipped sending people in two chapters total. Anyway, just remove
 the ring and you'll get the scene as soon as the Chapter starts. If not,
 just recruit Suo.

-Once you get the cutscene your Seal doesn't matter anymore, so just send
 someone on Chapter 7 to keep your Evaluation high. Just play normally.

-The A ending sequence will begin as soon as you enter the Weeping Lily Meadow
 in Chapter 8. Do not go there until you are sure you've done everything you
 want to in the game. Once you go in, there's no way out. Good luck!

That's it! If you have any doubts or if your situation wasn't mentioned above,
contact me and I'll help.

04 - Credits, Contact and Thanks                                         [0400]

This FAQ was written by tri-Ace Fanboy. Send any questions, corrections or
feedback to rodrigo1337@hotmail.com

Also, thanks to the following people for helping with this:

-Captain K
 Told me about the low Seal scene being part of Chapter 7, not the Sacred
 Phase. This changes a lot in planning for the A Ending.

 Mentioned you may only get Aelia and Lorenta in Chapter 4.

-The n00b Avenger
 Found out what exactly makes Lezard disappear in Chapter 4.

Help Stop FAQ Theft - Check Out Michael Sarich's FAQ Theft Guide:

Thank you for reading this. Hope it helped!

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