• In-Game Cheat Codes

    Enter in these codes quickly while playing the game.

    Freeze BeamsLeft, Right, Up, Up
    HyperspaceUp, Up, Down, Down
    Infinite AmmoL1, R1, Up, Square, Circle
    InvisibilityDown, Down, Up, Up
    JumpUp, Up, Left
    Massive AttackUp, Down, Up, Down, Up
    Massive Attack as a 2nd specialStart, Right, R1, L1, R1
    Rear FreezeLeft, Right, Down, Down
    Rear Massive AttackUp, Down, Up, Down, Down
    Rear Normal AttackRight, Left, Down, Down
    ShieldUp, Up, Right

    Contributed By: CDBavg400, hamoody24, and BIGEVIL45.

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  • Password Screen Cheats

    Enter the following codes at the Password Screen.

    Allow Deathmatch with 0 enemyCircle, Up, Down, Up, Up
    CPU Ignores Health Pick-UpsL1, Left, Right, O, Right
    CPU Only Attacks Player ModeRight, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1
    Faster Health RegenerationTriangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up
    God ModeDown, Left, L1, Left, Right
    Have all weapons (99)Down, Start, R1, Up Start
    Have Freeze (99)Circle, Left, Triangle, R1, Circle
    Have Massive (99)Start, Right, R1, L1, R1
    Low TractionDown, Triangle, Down, L1, R1
    Massive Attack as a 2nd specialStart, Right, R1, L1, R1
    More Powerful SpecialsUp, Start, CIrcle, R1, Left
    No Health During DeathmatchTriangle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
    No Health During TournamentDown, R1, Down, Start, Circle
    No Pick-UpsO, Start, Left, L1, Start
    One CPU ally and you Vs. Two human opponents (3 players)Down, Down, Right, Right, Down
    Only Pick Up Homing MissilesR1, Right, Left, R1, Up
    Only Pick Up NapalmsRight, Left, R1, Right, Circle
    Only Pick Up Power MissilesDown, Down, Circle, L1, Left
    Only Pick Up Remote BombsUp, Right, Down, L1, Triangle
    Start on Carnival and Unlock Secret Deathmatch levelsCircle, Left, Down, R1, L1
    Unlimited SpecialsTriangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up
    Unlock Super AxelUp, Right, Down, Up, L1
    Unlock Super AxelUp, Right, Down, Up, L1
    Weapons shoot fasterR1, L1, Down, Start, Down

  • Unlocking Codes

    Enter the following codes in the Password Screen to unlock levels or vehicles.

    Unlock Amazonia 3000 B.C.O, L1, Start, L1, Start
    Unlock BedroomL1, Right, Left, Left, L1
    Unlock CrusherDown, R1, Right, R1, L1
    Unlock MinionTriangle, L1, L1, Left, Up
    Unlock Minion's MazeStart, R1, Left, R1, R1
    Unlock Moon BuggyStart, Triangle, Right, L1, Start
    Unlock Neon CityLeft, Triangle, Right, Right, Left
    Unlock Oil RigStart, Left, Up, Start, O
    Unlock R.C. CarUp, Down, Left, Start, Right
    Unlock Road RageStart, Start, Down, O, L1
    Unlock Super AugerLeft, Circle, Triangle, Right, Down
    Unlock Super SlammRight, L1, Start, Circle, Start
    Unlock super ThumperO, Triangle, Start, O, Left
    Unlock Sweet ToothStart, R1, Right, Right, Left
    Unlock The CarnivalO, Left, Down, R1, L1

    Contributed By: QVo, Mike Truitt, Stencil, and obiwankenobi15.

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  • Unlock Boss Vehicles

    Beat the tournament once.

    Contributed By: KlobberTheKlown.

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  • Unlock Secret Deathmatch Levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Secret Deathmatch Levels and All BossesBeat the game once with any character.

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

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