3D Graphic DesignersScott Campbell
3D Graphic DesignersKen Carlson
3D Graphic DesignersSuzanne Malloy
3D Graphic DesignersDaniel Wood
3D Graphic ToolsRuss Almond
3D Graphics DesignerPierre DuFresne
Animator (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Russel Carnes
Animator (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Scott Goldman
Animator (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Claas Henke
Animator (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Mark Larranga
Animator (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Anita Razzano
Art DirectorMichael Jackson
Assistant Lead AnalystBen Briones
Assistant ProducerFelice Standifer
Blue Screen Director of PhotographyJeff Barco
Blue Screen Footage ProducerCary Libowsky
DirectorMichael Jackson
Director / Producer of Animation (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Jeff Goldsmith
Director Software DevelopmentRandy Zorco
End MoviesJeff Barco
End MoviesNathan Brenholdt
End MoviesBuzz Burrows
End MoviesAxiom Design
End MoviesDave Jaffe
End MoviesCary Libowsky
End MoviesLee Wilson
End Movies ProducerScott Campbell
End Movies SFX EditorNathan Brenholdt
End Movies Sound Supervisor, ADR, Mixer / Voice DirectionBuzz Burrows
Executive ProducerAllan Becker
Executive Producer (Sony America)Allen Becker
Game Software DevelopmentMike Badger
Game Software DevelopmentKirk Baum
Game Software DevelopmentBob Dawson
Game Software DevelopmentPolly Harris
Game Software DevelopmentSteve Poulson
Game Software DevelopmentRandy Zorko
Lead AnalystTobin A. Russel
Matte Cutters (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Todd Gallopo
Matte Cutters (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Scott Goldman
Matte Cutters (End Movie Animation) [Unlikely Films]Jeff Goldsmith
Music Composer / ProducerTom Hopkins
Music Composer / ProducerLance Lenhart
Music Composer / ProducerChuck E. Meyers
Network AdministrationBryan Brown
Penciled (Famous Frames)Lee Wilson
ProducerScott Campbell
Producer / Designer / Writer / Voice Direction (Sony America)David Jaffe
Producer / Designer / Writer / Voice Direction (Sony America)Dave Jaffe
Producer/DesignerDave Jaffe
Production AssistantSusan Hadfield
Production AssistantGinger Silver
Screen ArtDung Hoang
Screen ArtRobert Kuettle
Screen ArtMike Meyers
Screen ArtDanell Murdock
Screen ArtBrent Watts
Screen ArtRichard Watts
Senior Sound Designer/Music SupervisorSandra Geary
Sound IntegrationScott Turner
Sound ProgrammerScott Turner
Technical CoordinatorJeff Ng
Voice: Axel / MinionPeter J. Macon
Voice: Axel's FatherGary Ware
Voice: CalypsoMel McMurrin
Voice: Krista Sparks / Captain RobertsJamie Bard
Voice: Mr. Grimm / Mortimer / MarcusBob Ayres
Voice: Nurse / Child #1Jennifer Barrick
Voice: Simon / Stu / Mike / Ken / Don / Captain Roberts BrotherChristopher Nissley


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