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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/15

             | This guide has a 66.67% GameFAQs approval rating. |
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    ________________________           ______________      _____________
   |  ____________________  |          \   ________  \    /  ________   /
   | |                    | |           \  \       \  \  /  /       /  /
   | |                    | |____________\  \       \  \/  /       /  /
   | |                    |   ____________   \       \    /       /  /
   | |______         _____|  /             \  \       \  /       /  /
   |______  |       |  __   /               \  \       \/       /  /
          | |       | | /  /       ___       \  \              /  /
          | |       | |/  /       / _ \       \  \            /  /
          | |       |    |       / / \ \       |  \          /  /
          | |       |    |       \ \_/ /       |   |        |  /
          | |       | |\  \       \___/       /    |        | |
          | |       | | \  \                 /  /| |        | |__
         /| |_______| |  \  \               /  / | |________| |  \
        / |___________|   \  \_____________/  /  |____________|   \
       /                   \_________________/                     \
      /       _____  ________   ______    _______  ____   ____      \
     /       /   __/|        | /      \  |       \ \   \ /   /       \
    /        \_  \_ |__    __|/   /\   \ |   |)  /  \   '   /         \
   /         __\   \   |  |   \   \/   / |        \  \     /           \
  /         /______/   |__|    \______/  |___|\____\  |___|             \
 /                                  ________                             \
/__________________________________|  _____ \_____________________________\
                                   | |___  \ \
                                   |  __ \  \ \
                                   |_/  \ \  \ \
                                        / /  / /
                                       / /  / /
                                      / /  / /
                                     / /  / /
                                    / /  / /____
                                   | |  |_____  |
                                   | |________| |
             |  )     _  _    |    .  _  |_  |_       _   _   _
             |-<  | |  /  /   |    | | | | | |  \  / |_|  _| |
             |__) |_| /_ /_   |___ | |_| | | |_  \/  |_  |_| |
                                      _|         /
              |_  _    |_ |_   _    |  )  _   _   _      _  |
              |  | |   |  | | |_|   |-<  |_| |_  |  | | |_| |
              |_ |_|   |_ | | |_    |  \ |_   _| |_ |_| |_  .

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Controls.............................[010100]  |
          |     ii - Pizza Planet Tokens..................[010200]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Andy's House.........................[020100]  |
          |     ii - Andy's Neighborhood..................[020200]  |
          |    iii - Bombs Away!..........................[020300]  |
          |     iv - Construction Yard....................[020400]  |
          |      v - Alleys and Gullies...................[020500]  |
          |     vi - Slime Time...........................[020600]  |
          |    vii - Al's Toy Barn........................[020700]  |
          |   viii - Al's Space Land......................[020800]  |
          |     ix - Toy Barn Encounter...................[020900]  |
          |      x - Elevator Hop.........................[021000]  |
          |     xi - Al's Penthouse.......................[021100]  |
          |    xii - The Evil Emperor Zurg................[021200]  |
          |   xiii - Airport Infiltration.................[021300]  |
          |    xiv - Tarmac Trouble.......................[021400]  |
          |     xv - Final Showdown.......................[021500]  |
          |  3 - Collectables.............................[030000]  |
          |      i - Andy's House.........................[030100]  |
          |     ii - Andy's Neighbourhood.................[030200]  |
          |    iii - Construction Yard....................[030300]  |
          |     iv - Alleys and Gullies...................[030400]  |
          |      v - Al's Toy Barn........................[030500]  |
          |     vi - Al's Space Land......................[030600]  |
          |    vii - Elevator Hop.........................[030700]  |
          |   viii - Al's Penthouse.......................[030800]  |
          |     ix - Airport Infiltration.................[030900]  |
          |      x - Tarmac Trouble.......................[031000]  |
          |  4 - Updates..................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Contact..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Copyright................................[060000]  |
               |                                       |
               | Author: dark52                        |
               | Version: 1.0                          |
               | Updated: 09/08/13                     |
               | Website: http://www.infinityguru.com/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net    |


Welcome to my complete guide and walkthrough to the PlayStation, N64 and
Dreamcast versions of Disney's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!. The
walkthrough was primarily written using the PlayStation version but there are
only minor differences between the platforms so should be accurate whichever
version you're playing.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Controls  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

|                      |    PLAYSTATION    |      N64      |    DREAMCAST     |
| Jump                 | X                 | A             | A                |
| Shoot                | Square            | B             | X                |
| Spin                 | O                 | C Down        | B                |
| Aim                  | L1                | R             | Y                |
| Target (when aiming) | R1                | Z             | R                |
| Pause                | Start             | Start         | Start            |
| Turn Camera Right    | R2                | C Right       | L                |
| Turn Camera Left     | L2                | C Left        | R                |
| Move                 | Dpad/Analog Stick | Control Stick | Dpad/Thumb Stick |
| Stomp                | X + O             | A + C Down    | A + B            |

 ,--------,                 ,---------------------,                 ,--------,
| [010200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pizza Planet Tokens  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010200] |
 '--------'                 '---------------------'                 '--------'

In each of the main levels there are five Pizza Planet Tokens to collect from
various sources. These serve as your progress through the game and the boss
levels are gated by how many tokens you have collected. Collect them all to get
a bonus movie.

    * One will be from Hamm, he'll need you to find 50 coins in that level
      before he'll give you his token.
    * One will be a collection quest, to find 5 of a particular item throughout
      the level.
    * One will be a race either against an opponent or to collect a few items
      within the time given.
    * One is from a mini-boss that you can find in the level, once you defeat
      it you get the token.
    * And one that varies more than the others is found either just lying
      around the level somewhere or requires you to solve a puzzle to make it

                    |           LEVEL           | TOKENS |
                    | 3: Bombs Away!            | 3      |
                    | 6: Slime Time             | 10     |
                    | 9: Toy Barn Encounter     | 18     |
                    | 12: The Evil Emperor Zurg | 28     |
                    | 15: Final Showdown        | 40     |


 ,--------,                    ,--------------,                     ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Andy's House  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020100] |
 '--------'                    '--------------'                     '--------'

The game begins in Andy's room, there aren't any Pizza Planet Tokens in here
but there are some coins and it should help you get used to the controls before
advancing out into the rest of the house.

There are a few enemies in front of you, you can take them out with your laser
by going into the first person view and then either using the auto-target or
move the reticule yourself to fire at them. Make sure to collect the coin they
drop as they only drop them the first time you kill them, when they respawn and
get killed again they will no longer drop the coin (although there are plenty
more coins in the level than you need so don't worry too much about missing
any) until you go through the entire level again.

Jump up onto the cardboard box Bank next to the baby's crib and then up onto
the chair next to it, from there you should be able to jump up and grab onto
the side of the desk. Climb up on top of it and go left, jump over onto the
small shelving unit below the window where you can see a floating cube. Those
cubes are tutorials on how things work, this one teaches you to push things
that have a green hand icon above them. Simply walk into the book and you
should push it off the edge.

Jump down onto the book and then up onto Andy's bed. The cube on here tells you
how to double jump to cross longer distance gaps, do that to reach the table
and then the open drawer like it says. Jump up onto the top of the drawers and,
after grabbing the coin, climb up the pole. To do so just walk up to it and
Buzz should grab hold. At the top rotate around so that you are facing the
wall, then jump off and Buzz should land on the shelf.

Up here you'll find another tip cube and a battery. The battery is to help heal
you from damage, so if those toy robots hurt you you can get that health back
now. Follow the cube's advice and jump up onto the zipline, it'll take you down
into the crib where you can find a few coins and an extra life. Go into
targeting mode to shoot the two purple catches at either end of the crib.

Once you've finished exploring the room leave through the open door. Straight
away you'll want to deal with the bouncing robot before he attacks you. You now
have a choice of where to go, since you're upstairs already you might as well
go up into the attic. As a side note you'll find Rex here too, he's by the door
near the attic entrance, if you talk to him he'll tell you how to get any
remaining Pizza Planet Tokens.

  | [020101]      Tin Robot      [020101] |

Anyway, jump up onto the plant pot to the right of Andy's room and shimmy up
the stalk of the plant, jump forwards onto the table and then onto the string
coming down from the attic above. Climb it all the way up and then jump off
into the attic.

Time to take on the Tin Robot boss, his plan of attack is to rush towards you.
Simply run around out of his way until he pauses to rest, while he's doing that
use your spin attack to damage him. Repeat until you get your very first Pizza
Planet Token. Grab it and then choose to keep on playing, or you could just go
on to the next level already if you really wanted to but you'll need a few
tokens to get past the boss level beyond it.

  | [020102]      Bo Peep      [020102] |

After defeating the Tin Robot go back towards the entrance of the attic and
you'll see a large cardboard box with a green marker above it, push it along
the line to just beneath a wooden plank. Jump up onto the box and then right
onto the plank, go up the plank and jump off onto a metal pole hanging in the
air, climb up it as high as you can before turning around on it to face the
opposite direction. Jump from it onto a horizontal pole that you should catch
hold of and start swinging around, the game will automatically throw you
forwards after one loop around and you will hopefully land on the beam.

Walk along the beams to the far end of the attic where you can collect [Sheep
#1] of Bo-peep's five sheep. There is also a battery near the start and a robot
to shoot on the right side. If you drop off the beams where the sheep was you
can reach a couple of coins on a box below, there are also a few more coins on
top of some more boxes on the left side of the room.

With all that done head back down out of the attic and down the stairs, if you
need it there is a battery on the end of the bannister on the stairs, jump from
one of the steps to reach it.

At the bottom of the stairs go left through the flap in the door into the
garage. Immediately to the left is a cardboard box with a coin on it, jump on
it and then up onto the workbench ahead. Jump over the saw blades as they dip
down before jumping off to the right onto a broom's handle in order to jump
over to a smaller part of the workbench, from there it's onto a second broom
before reaching the workbench on the opposite side of the room to the other.
Inbetween the drills are some coins so make sure to pick those up, after the
three drills that you need to run underneath it's time to jump and grab onto a
shovel, it'll fall down but this is really just a shortcut back up if you fall
off further on. Keep on going to the bin with a battery on it.

From the bin in the corner you need to jump onto the front of the car, run up
the windscreen and kill the robot that's hanging about on top. There's also a
green floating line, if you pick it up it powers up your laser attack for a few
shots - handy if you've been having trouble with the Tin Robot boss in the
attic. From the top of the car jump onto the low hanging light that has a coin
on it, if you shimmy up the wire in the middle you can grab a life. Jump to the
ledge on the wall where you can see a coin and a hint cube that talks all about
horizontal bars and how you swing from them. Basically you jump at a bar and
then you'll automatically swing around it once before leaping off, you can
further the distance you go by then jumping.

Time to start swinging, jump forwards onto the first horizontal bar and keep
holding forwards while you transfer to the second bar and then onto some more
shelf. Kill the robot on here before leaping along another pair of bars.
There's another robot in the corner to shoot before jumping onto the last two
bars that'll take you to one last robot and [Sheep #2] that you're looking for.
Now directly below you is RC Car who has a race for you.

  | [020103]      RC Car      [020103] |

Go left and circle around the car killing the robots before you talk to RC Car
for a race, he's not really very good at racing in this instance, he'll spin
out on the oil slick each time round, so as long as you keep on moving you
should beat him, try to be directly in front of him though to knock him back a
little each time he gets close, should make it easier. If you do get caught up
on the edge of the car and manage to lose you'll need to go out through the
flap and then back in to try again.

Onwards with the sheep collection, it's time to head out of the garage again
and into the living room.

Cross the carpet, Hamm's up on the sofa if you want to talk to him but there's
no real point before you've got the 50 coins he needs. Anyway, jump onto the
red armchair and then activate the spring by jumping and pressing the spin
attack to slam down onto it, it'll send you all the way across the room onto a
shelf in the corner. From there drop down to the right onto a white ledge above
the window and then turn around and go onto a bookshelf below the shelf you
landed on to find [Mr Potato Head's Ear].

Keep on going along the wall over the TV cabinet and then shoot the robot ahead
before you jump up towards it, from there grab the life and finally jump up to
the corner shelf where [Sheep #3] is found. Jump down and head through the door
directly ahead, it leads down into the basement.

Watch out for the robot on the stairs as you go, make sure not to touch the
green goo on the floor as it will damage you. Instead jump up onto the barrel
and over into the clear spots to make your way towards Mr Potato Head in the
corner. He's currently standing next to a box with a blue ball inside it, if
you picked up Mr Potato Head's Ear from the bookshelf in the living room then
he will unlock the box, the Cosmic Shield, this applies to all levels in the
game where this powerup appears and only needs to be done this once.

After talking to Mr Potato Head step into the glowing blue ball and you'll be
surrounded by a shield that you roll around in, like a hamster. Unfortunately
it doesn't last very long so quickly run across the green goo that it will
protect you from, follow the trail of coins around the centre to the opposite
corner. Once the shield has run out jump up onto the platform and shoot the

To your left next to the stairs you will need to climb up onto a cardboard box
and then up a short distance again as you face towards where Mr Potato Head is
standing. Run and double jump over to the cardboard box in the middle of a load
of green goo, if you're lucky you might just manage to hit the coin but there's
plenty of spares so don't put yourself out. Once on the box jump up onto a
shelf and then turn around and shoot the robot before jumping over to where it

Time for a quick detour to get the level's hidden Pizza Planet token. Turn
around and make your way across a set of lights to a battery and a few coins,
then follow the third light to the shelves on the wall to the left. If you push
the two cardboard boxes into position and then push a third off the small shelf
in the corner you can jump up them to reach the Pizza Planet token in question.

Now make your way back up to the shelves above Mr Potato Head and jump onto the
zipline, it'll take you to [Sheep #4]. Go back up the stairs and head right
towards the kitchen.

On the right you'll immediately see an upturned bin or bucket or something that
you can push, push it all the way as far as it'll go and then use it to jump up
onto the highchair and then the countertop. Cross over the sink and head
towards the microwave, the water splashing from the pot on the cooker is
harmless but may make you skid. Watch out for the gas flame as it goes off and
on in a pattern, cross the stove when you can, kill the robot (don't stand on
the coffee maker) and jump up the fridge.

From the top of the fridge you need to turn around and run along the tops of
the cabinets, kill the robot in the corner and you'll reach some scales to push
off the edge. Follow it down and bounce on it to reach the cabinet on the other
side of the window, you get a slight boost if you slam down onto it over just
jumping but both methods will get you there. Grab [Sheep #5] to finish the set.
Provided you now have all five sheep go and talk to Bo Peep who's standing on
the kitchen table, to get up there you just need to shimmy up the mop.

  | [020104]      Hamm      [020104] |

Once you've got the 50 coins he wants head to the living room where you'll find
him sitting on the sofa. There are coins all over the house, you should be able
to get the 50 with plenty to spare. If you're missing some make sure to double
check Andy's room, the attic, the garage, the living room, the basement and the
kitchen (ie everywhere).

And with all five tokens collected you'll want to leave the level, if you
selected to carry on playing then the Exit Level option on the Pause Menu works
just the same.

 ,--------,                 ,---------------------,                 ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Andy's Neighborhood  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
 '--------'                 '---------------------'                 '--------'

  | [020201]      Sarge      [020201] |

On the steps of Andy's house to your right is Sarge, he wants you to find five
of his troops for him. The first few are right here, if you take a look at the
molehills dotted around the garden you'll notice one fire a flare into the air,
run over to it and quickly jump and slam down onto the molehill. That seals
one, look around again and another molehill will fire a flare out, go sort that
one out. Keep doing that until you reach the seventh molehill and the soldier
finally surrenders. That's [Troop #1].

Grab all the coins from around the garden and there's a battery over in the
corner if you've been damaged by the lawnmower that's roaming around, once
you've got them head out through the gate that's slightly open at the end of
the path.

  | [020202]      RC Car      [020202] |

You're not really supposed to be able to complete RC Car's race right now as
you don't yet have the Rocket Jet Boots powerup unlocked yet, you'll find that
in a later level. What you can do however is constantly get in RC Car's way,
he'll bounce back a little off you so if you're persistent you can complete the
race and win without the boots. Though it's obviously a lot easier with them as
you don't have to worry about RC Car getting ahead of you as you can actually
catch up again.

There are a few Zurg Car enemies on the track, you can shoot them but they'll
respawn fairly quickly so it's probably better just to jump over them when

Once you've finished with RC Car go to the right from where you left Andy's
house and head through the small gap in the fence that has a path leading off
the track towards it, through there you'll see a car up on blocks with no tyres
on. Destroy the Zurg Car that attacks you and grab the green laser powerup to
the left, then go and stomp on the two red buttons next to the car, this'll
lower it towards the ground and allow you to jump up on the front from the

Jump up onto the top and then down onto the back where you can stomp and bounce
all the way across the area, the closer you are to the X the better the jump
will be. Jump out of the dryer and push the plank of wood over, this will both
give you a way back up and let you progress further. Go up the ramp it forms
and jump and grab hold of the first part of the washing line, quickly jump to
the right before you hit the clothes and you'll grab the second line, jump to
the right and then back to the left two times before you land in the basket
where [Troop #2] is waiting for you.

Leave the area and go down to the other end of the RC Car area, along the same
fence where Andy's gate is is another gap in the fence, through there you'll
reach an area with a swimming pool in it.

  | [020203]      Rubber Duck      [020203] |

Over on the other side of the pool is a deflated rubber duck with a pump
attached to it, if you jump up and down on the pump several times you'll slowly
fill up the duck. Keep on jumping until it pops off and starts floating in the
middle of the pool. You're going to need to get on top of the duck so jump and
glide from the edge to try to land on it or grab the edge, if you miss then
walk up the steps out of the pool and try again. Once you're on the duck you
need to slam down and the duck will sink and then rise up, when it's at its
highest point just jump straight up into the air where the Pizza Planet token
is floating to collect it.

With that done go over to the chair near the entrance to the area and jump up
onto it. From the arm jump over to the potted plant and start climbing up right
to the top where you'll pop off onto the leaves. Jump over to the statue with
the water on and destroy the robot before jumping over to a second plant. From
the top of that one jump down onto the stone table where there's another robot
jumping about (shoot it first if you can). Push the plank, it's another
shortcut back up for if you fall in the next bit.

Go up the plank and the plant before jumping over to a stone urn filled with
earth, now swing along the horizontal bars with white flags on, and from the
urn at the end you'll need one last jump to one last plant with [Troop #3] on
top of it.

Leave the area and head over to the large tree in the middle of one of the
loops in the racetrack. Nearby is a swingset, jump up onto the lower swing
where there's a battery for you if you're injured. On the second swing is
[Troop #4], grab him as you jump past onto a tyre hanging from the tree. Climb
up the rope attached to the tyre.

  | [020204]      Hamm      [020204] |

As always he's looking for 50 coins from around the level, if you've got them
then now is as good a time as any to redeem them for the Pizza Planet token
that he has.

Keep on going up the tree, as you jump onto the first leafy section after the
branch you'll need to destroy a robot, jump on up the leaves until you reach a
plank sticking out, on the leaves next to that is the final soldier [Troop #5],
you could head over to Sarge on Andy's doorstep but it'd probably be easier to
just carry on up the tree for the moment and go get that token in a little bit.

Keep on up the tree careful of the plank as it tilts so quickly jump off it
rather than waiting too long and letting it cause you to fall off back down to
the ground. To the left of the very next leafy platform, just slightly up the
branch, is a rope hanging in the air, I would recommend jumping and grabbing
hold of this to give you a shortcut back up should you fall off. It will go
down a fair distance so you'll have to climb back up (now is a good time to
drop off and go get that Pizza Planet token from Sarge) the rope to get to
where you were.

  | [020205]      Zurg Kite      [020205] |

Step off the branch onto the second of the two leaf platforms here, the one
with the robot on, and double jump towards the horizontal bar ahead of you,
from there jump up the leaf platforms to another plank. This time you need to
turn around and use it to reach another horizontal bar in the opposite
direction that'll swing you to a higher platform. Again turn around and head up
the branch to the Zurg Kite.

This fight is made very simple if you've picked up the green laser powerup from
the yard with a car in it. Target the kite and fire a blast at it, this will
take a load of damage off it but it's still going to take a few hits so run
away as it spins towards you until it stops and goes back to floating. Target
and shoot it again, run away and then one last shot should finish it off.

And with that you've finished the level.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Bombs Away!  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020300] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

Requires 3 Pizza Planet Tokens.

Time for one of the boss fight levels, in this one a small toy bi-plane is
attacking you. Walk forwards a little to make it appear. To fight it you'll
need to go into aiming mode and shoot at it, the autotracking is a bit slow but
can help occasionally. The best time to shoot it is when it's performing an
attack run on you, it'll fly directly towards you firing its guns so you have
to shoot it or it'll hurt you. Keep on doing the same thing until you've shot
it ten times and you defeat it.

And that's it for the level, onwards to level 4.

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Construction Yard  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020400] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

  | [020401]      Foreman      [020401] |

Immediately to your right you'll find the green laser upgrade to pick up, once
you've got that go to the right instead, destroy the flying robot and then just
after that you'll find the Foreman, he's lost five Little Tike Workers and
wants you to find them.

Go up the ramp and into the large green trailer. Be careful of the green goo on
the floor, it'll damage you as always. The path up is to the left past a robot
and up the chair and onto the desk. Destroy the robot on the desk and climb up
the wooden pole to your right, jump from the top of it onto a small wooden
shelf sticking out of the wall.

From there jump down onto the right of the two drawers that are coming out of
the filing cabinet, wait for it to start coming out before jumping onto it and
then quickly off along the cabinet onto a lower down drawer and then up onto a
pair of drawers, from there jump up onto the top layer and you'll find the
first worker [Little Tike Worker #1].

  | [020402]      Paint Mixing Puzzle      [020402] |

Drop off the edge down to the puzzle, this works by mixing different colours of
paint in a can to match the pictures above. First up push the can under the red
nozzle and slam down onto the button, push the can under the blue nozzle and
press that button too. That should make purple, push the can all the way back
to where you found it under the purple picture. The can will empty and a green
flashing light will turn on. Use the can again to do the other two colours,
orange is red and yellow, and green is blue and yellow. Once you've done them
the Pizza Planet token will appear (if you mess up by putting the wrong colour
in then just fill the can up and push it over and it'll empty with no negative

Time to leave the trailer, be careful of the goo when you're jumping down.
You've got Mr Potato Head to the right of the trailer but as you don't have his
Eye yet he's no use. Rex is off in the corner to give out advice on which
tokens you're still missing, and at the bottom of the building that's being
constructed you'll find Slinky.

  | [020403]      Slinky      [020403] |

He's right in the middle of the base of the building, on a platform safe from
the effects of the wet concrete around it. Talk to Slinky to start a challenge
that requires you to pick up five wrenches from the immediate area. They're all
on the concrete but you may not be able to see them all until you get closer to
them. You've got 50 seconds, here's a quick map of the locations of the
wrenches, view it as facing Slinky:

|   W       |
|  W        |
|W   |S| W  |
|           |

After that go to the right of the building and you'll see a breeze block that
you can push, push it towards the wheelbarrow and climb up to collect [Little
Tike Worker #2]. You can reach Hamm from here but you probably don't have the
50 coins just yet.

Jump down and head towards the back of the large yellow digger, jump up the
ladder where the coins are to reach the cab. On the seat in the cab is the
third worker [Little Tike Worker #3], once you've got him slam down on the
button to the right to lower the scoop. Quickly go to the left side and jump up
along the edge of the cab to get out to the front and down onto the scoop
before it raises up again. If you don't make it then go back to the cab and try

Go towards the building and off onto the yellow and black striped beam sticking
out. Go left along the red beam underneath a hammer that slams down, at the
corner you can use the wire mesh to walk to the next beam, no need to jump. Go
under another pair of hammers and then jump over a small gap, this time you
will need to jump to the beam at the corner, careful to avoid the red hot
screws that are bouncing down along it.

At the next upright beam jump to the right where there's a worker [Little Tike
Worker #4] before jumping back past that upright to another beam with a
bouncing screw. At the corner jump over to the small black and yellow beam and
then slam down onto the switch. This activates an elevator in the corner of the
building that can help you to quickly get back up to this point if you fall

Turn around and look towards the middle of the building, you should see a short
black and yellow beam being moved towards you (or perhaps away), wait until it
gets close so you can jump on. It tilts slightly so wait just towards the near
end and then run up and jump off onto a red beam once it stops moving at the
top of its run. Jump around the beam and shoot the flying robot, cross over the
wire mesh and then jump over the small gap, watch out for the falling screw
that appears.

There's a few more gaps and another falling screw before you reach a second
switch that you can slam down onto, this causes the exact same lift to now
reach this higher point. Run along the beam towards the small section that's
black and yellow, wait there for a moving beam so you can jump on it (but watch
out for the screw!). At the top of its run jump onto another moving beam (you
may need to wait a little for it to arrive) to be taken off to the side where
you can jump onto a red beam again.

At the end of this beam is a pot of heated screws that's sending them flying
all over the place, don't jump up onto it instead jump down onto the wire mesh
just below and then up onto the next beam. This bit can be a little tricky,
just wait for a screw to fly past from behind you before jumping along the
chains, climb up a little so you can reach the next with a double jump. At the
end you'll find [Mr Potato Head's Eye] but don't jump off just yet, instead
round the corner and hit the switch to let the elevator come up this high.
Still not done yet up here though, keep on going by jumping down onto the mesh
along the side of the beam and then jumping back up when you can - watch out
for the flying robot.

Go past the corner and the falling screws, past a few flying robots to a black
and yellow section, wait there and jump onto another moving beam. Turn round
and jump up to the red beam behind you at the top. Now, avoiding the screw,
jump up the wooden ramp to the very top of the building. Instead of attacking
the boss go the right end (as you're facing the boss, left as you come up)
where there's a yellow crane sticking out, at the end is the last worker
[Little Tike Worker #5] to collect. Now jump off to the right and you'll find
yourself near the Foreman to get your Pizza Planet token.

Off to Mr Potato Head now, he's underneath the green trailer to the left of the
Foreman. If you've got his Eye he'll unlock the Disk Launcher which you need to
defeat the boss.

  | [020404]      Hamm      [020404] |

While you're down here you might want to go get the token off Hamm too,
provided you have the 50 coins needed, he's on the yellow generator to the
right of the Foreman. To get up there you need to push a block so you can get
up onto the wheelbarrow next to it and reach Hamm.

To get back up to the top of the building you can use the elevator, it's in the
corner where the building is near the fence. Wait a bit and it should turn up
for you to jump on. At the top jump off and make your way back up to the very
top where the boss is waiting.

  | [020405]      Jackhammer Boss      [020405] |

Walk towards the boss to get started. Run to the edge and start going around
the building, try and get the Jackhammer to be only a short distance behind
you. In one corner you'll find the Discs to refill, in order to damage him all
you need to do is fire while near him, even running away it'll auto target him
so long as he's close. Keep on doing that and keeping a little ahead so he
can't hit you. After a while he'll be defeated and the Pizza Planet token will
appear in the middle.

Another level completed.

 ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Alleys and Gullies  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020500] |
 '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'

This is the first level that you can't fully complete on your first go through,
my advice is to simply get one Pizza Planet token and then to exit the level.
Come back once you've unlocked the Grappling Hook from level 10 "Elevator Hop".
The one I'd recommend going after is Slinky's. The rest of the walkthrough for
the level is written as if you have the Grappling Hook unlocked. Rocket Boots
can also be useful but are not 100% necessary.

  | [020501]      Slinky      [020501] |

Immediately turn around and head down the alley towards Rex, if you jump up
onto the cardboard box next to him you can push over a plank and then you can
push the cardboard box over the water towards a gap in the fence. Jump up
through that gap and over to a gully filled with boxes and platforms floating
by. Go down the steps to the water's edge and wait for a cardboard box to float
near, jump on it (try to avoid grabbing onto the edge of it, it ruins the
movement pattern as the box row pauses while the rest carry on) and then off to
a yellow board quickly run down the board towards the central concrete platform
and jump onto it. If you miss then you can get back up out of the water via
some steps below where you came in. In the middle is Slinky.

This time Slinky wants you to collect five bones for him. There's no mystery
about where they are this time, you should be able to see all five straight
away, but instead you have to try not to fall into the water, wait for the
yellow boards to be in position before jumping for the bones to be safe, you
can however jump and grab them before double jumping back towards the platform
it's just a little trickier and wastes time if you fall in.

It's at this point that you should leave if you don't have the Grappling Hook
unlocked, there are some more Tokens that you can get without it but it's
probably easiest to do everything at the same time.

  | [020502]      Mother Duck      [020502] |

After you've got that make your way towards the corner opposite where you came
in, jump on the boards and boxes to get there. Stand up on the flat platform
where there's a couple of coins, drop down the other side down to the first of
the ducks [Duckling #1]. Jump back out and exit the area going past Rex again
right back to where you started the level.

The box of planes here can give out three coins, two planes give out a single
coin each and the box itself gives out one. Destroying the box stops the planes
from appearing. Anyway follow the stream of water down the alley past a couple
of robots and you'll find the green laser powerup on the floor. Stop and turn
around, go a little back and look at the large red dumpster, you should see a
Grappling Hook spot on the side at the top, there's some Grappling Hooks at the
bottom (unlock in level 10), stand back a bit so that you can get a good shot
at it to get up on top of the dumpster.

Climb up the ladder by clinging to either side of it like it's a pole, shimmy
up to the fire escape. On the other end you'll see another grapple point to
zoom to. Right after an electricity spark passes through the zipline is when
you should jump on and slide over to the fire escape on the other side of the
alley, time it wrong and you'll get knocked off partway across. Jump down into
the fire escape and shoot the robot. Carefully use the ladder to climb up to
the edge at the other end and then jump onto a window ledge. Wait for a spark
and then slide down the zipline.

It's at this point that you can create a shortcut back up, if you drop down the
ladder onto a trash can you can jump over to a cardboard box that has another
box on top that you can push off, if you now fall to the ground you can jump
back up this box and go over to the bin and climb up the ladder. Once back up
grapple back up to where the zipline left you and carefully make your way
around the barrier, jump the small gaps and then climb up the ladder once you
get close.

Jump off up onto another fire escape, then grapple up to the barrier and go
around to the other end where there's a zipline to use. If you look to the left
you'll notice a window ledge with some bars, jump over to it and you'll find
the second duck [Duckling #2]. Climb up the first bar so that you can jump back
to the fire escape. Now jump down into the fire escape where the robot is
before grappling up to the next point. Walk along the barrier to get into range
of the grapple point up on a stone block.

From here it's another electrified zipline across the alley, jump down into the
fire escape you reach and then climb up the pole there. Don't go all the way to
the top of it, instead jump off towards a window ledge about halfway up but
make sure to watch the zipline spark as you're going to be grabbing that, near
the end of this zipline you need to jump off to the right so you land on a
window ledge instead of falling. Time for another zipline, this time it's
actually two next to each other, jump on the nearest one as soon as you see a
spark go by. Once you see a spark go by on the one to the left jump over to it,
then back again once a spark passes by on the original.

Landing on another window ledge climb up the pipe, at the very top there are
two directions to go, one with a slightly dipped end leads to [Duckling #3] and
is then a dead end, so turn back and jump across the pole to the other part of
the guttering. Walk along it and over a gap all the way to the end, on the
right is an opening.

  | [020503]      Clown Top      [020503] |

To fight the boss all you need to do is shoot at it. Jump out of the way as it
gets near you and make your way a fair distance from it before turning and
shooting again. With the green laser it should go quite quickly.

Jump back out the way you came in and go right down to the ground, and we're
right back at the start of the level again. Go left along the alley following
the stream of water to where the Mother Duck is. Go past her around the corner
(no idea why there's a grapple spot on the dumpster to your right) and jump up
the cardboard boxes onto a trash can, wait for a spark before sliding down the
zipline to another trash can. From there jump onto a large dumpster that lets
you go through a gap in the fence.

  | [020504]      Hamm      [020504] |

Beneath the umbrella you'll find Hamm, if you've got the 50 coins he needs you
can get the Pizza Planet Token right away.

  | [020505]      Balloon Table      [020505] |

Go to the left end and climb up onto a box and then onto a table filled with
marrows, go up the slope towards the wall and jump right onto a tilting
platform, tilt it so that you can jump up to a second one from which you'll
need to jump onto a horizontal bar (part of the awning above) and land next to
a large shield wielding robot, you can either use the nearby Power Disc
(unlocks in Level 4 "Construction Yard") or you can just spin attack it twice
to destroy it.

After the large robot there's a set of scales that you can jump onto to bounce
up to another horizontal bar to get over to a fan. Hit the switch next to it to
start some balloons moving, down to the table next to where they appear.

There's a cardboard box that you can push on the floor if you need help getting
back up to the platform next to the balloons, once you're there try and jump
and grab hold of the string of one of the balloons before it gets blown away,
keep holding on until it bursts and you land on a trash can with the Pizza
Planet Token on top of it.

On the wall there's a pole you can climb, climb to the very top and jump down
onto the top of the awning. There's some Rocket Boots but you don't really need
them. Jump from the awning to the nearest umbrella and then off to the other
umbrella, you'll then want to jump to the second awning where the duck is
[Duckling #4]. Go back towards the opposite end of the alley and jump into the
water where the final duck is swimming [Duckling #5].

Go back through the level to the Mother Duck who is sitting right in the middle
of the streams of water.

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [020600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Slime Time  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020600] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

Requires 10 Pizza Planet Tokens.

Walk a little forwards towards the crushed Trash Can and the boss will appear.
It's a big green gelatinous blob. To fight it you need to run away when it
tries to jump on you and then immediately turn and shoot it as many times as
you can before having to run away again. Each of your shots will damage it
slightly but what you want to do is hit it so much and so quickly that it
shrinks back into its can. It doesn't change what it then does but it makes the
fight a bit quicker. It'll keep coming back out and jumping at you again and
again, the odd green energy blast is fired at you that you'll also need to

The green laser upgrade that is dropped during the fight doesn't really make
all that much of a difference but you might as well pick it up when you see it.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Al's Toy Barn  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020700] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

This level provides the item Rocket Boots and you can get them on your first go
through, you do however need the Hover Boots from level 13 "Airport
Infiltration" to fully complete the level as well as the Power Disc from level
4 "Construction Yard". So I recommend getting one or two tokens, the rocket
boots and then moving on to the next level.

  | [020701]      Office Cabinets      [020701] |

Go forwards and go past some checkouts, just to the left is the green laser
powerup which you might want to grab. Go to the right and then left to go past
a flying robot and through a doorway into a room with a Rooster and a
skateboard. Ignore them for the moment and go through the door over on the far
end to the right. This is the office. Jump up on the chair by the desk to get
to Hamm and then jump over to the other table with a Power Disc on.

Shoot out the three locks on the drawers and then jump onto them, wait for them
to pop out before jumping on them obviously. At the top of the cabinets you'll
find a Pizza Planet token.

  | [020702]      Chicken      [020702] |

Turn around and head back out to the skateboard, talk to Rooster to get things

Quickly jump onto the skateboard and let it whisk you off to the nearby
trampoline, you'll bounce up onto a shelf in the middle of the aisle, jump left
onto a shopping trolley and then up onto a Buzz Lightyear box, from there jump
to a red horizontal bar to swing over to another blue box this time with a
zipline above it. Jump onto the zipline and just before it ends jump off to the
left where the hatching egg is. Inside is [Chick #1].

  | [020703]      Rooster      [020703] |

If you go back to Rooster you'll be able to repeat the same thing except
instead of a Chick in the egg it's a Pizza Planet token.

If you go back to the skateboard and jump on it again and get back up to the
zipline. Partway down the zipline jump off to the left and land on the
checkpoint. There you'll find [Mr Potato Head's Arm]. Go to Mr Potato Head,
he's up on the checkpoint on the right side of the store (from where you are
facing now), use the cardboard boxes to get up to him. After talking to him
you'll unlock the Rocket Boots.

You might want to pratice with the boots first but otherwise ignore them for a
moment and go over to the "Ride the HayBale" ride and hit the switch on the
bottom of it, quickly get back up to Mr Potato Head and use the boots to fly
straight along the checkouts (the little ramps are where you're aiming for) and
into a shopping trolley. Stomp on the Jack-in-the-Box in the trolley to be
flung over onto some gumball machines, from them jump onto some horizontal bars
before landing directly on the rocking haybale, if it's still active then it'll
fling you across the store to the other gumball machines where there's [Chick
#2] to be found.

Return to the room with the skateboard and go left, immediately to your right
is a set of Hover Boots for you to use (provided you've unlocked them in level
13). Go up the cardboard boxes and make your way to the box in the corner where
you should stop and wait for the boots to finish. Once that's done jump over
the gap to your left normally. Now climb up onto the box here and then jump
onto the boxes that are moving up and down.

From the third box make a long jump to some more boxes before jumping
diagonally left to the coin that you can see. Jump to the very top to get
[Chick #3].

  | [020704]      Dinosaur      [020704] |

There's a gap in the wall near to Rex just below you, go through there and drop
down into a boss fight with a Dinosaur - watch out for the green goo on the

Jump into a clear area away from the Dinosaur and start shooting at him, with
the green laser it shouldn't take too long. If he gets close just jump away to
another clear spot. Once he's defeated that's another Pizza Planet Token for

Exit the room by climbing the rope under where you came in. Now go through the
skateboard room again and back out into the checkouts area. If you go down the
right side when you get to the trampoline you'll find an aisle leading off to
the right.

Watch out for the basketballs as you walk down here, jump up onto the cardboard
box at the turn and up onto the display. Go through the turning wheels and then
up the skipping rope. After going through another set of wheels you can jump
over to [Chick #4] and a skateboard. Stand on the skateboard to be taken down
and over the green goo on the floor below, you'll be flung next to Chicken but
still missing one Chick.

To the right of Chicken is a cardboard box, push it along its path - watching
out for the hula hoops - and climb up it to a small box before jumping to a
larger ledge one above. At the end of that ledge there's a cardboard box to
push off the edge. Drop down after it and continue pushing it along the floor.
At the end climb up onto it and reach the last chick [Chick #5]. It's a short
backtrack along the aisle floor to get to Chicken and her Pizza Planet Token.

  | [020705]      Hamm      [020705] |

Make sure to remember to go get your Pizza Planet Token from Hamm, he's on the
table in the office next to Rooster and his skateboard. To get out of the area
with Chicken you just go through the gap next to the last Chick and you'll be
back near Mr Potato Head.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [020800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Al's Space Land  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020800] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

The only gadget that this level uses is the Cosmic Shield, which you should
have unlocked in the first level, so unless you missed that you can get all
five tokens in your first playthrough.

  | [020801]      Mothership      [020801] |

Walk forwards a short distance and go over to the cardboard boxes on the right
(the green laser powerup is on the ground just a little further ahead if you
want that), push the far one towards the stack and use it to climb up them.
From there jump onto the pole that has some stars in the middle of it, turn and
jump to the pole to the right with a red shooting star on the bottom. Now it's
a jump to the next pole, it has a purple planet on the bottom, before jumping
to your right and jumping to a larger pole with a red ringed planet at the
bottom. Climb it a little further up and then turn around, face diagonally
towards the poles you just jumped along and jump to the one above and inbetween
the last two.

Turn to face the top of the first pole and jump to it, careful not to slide
down as the stars in the middle will knock you off. Jump over to the pole with
the brown planet and the first of the aliens [Alien #1] at the bottom of it,
carefully slide to the bottom of it to grab it without getting knocked off. Now
jump to the last remaining pole, the one with the crescent moon, and from there
jump down to the left on top of some large cardboard boxes that are otherwise
blocking off the room beyond them.

  | [020802]      Buzz Lightyear Buggy      [020802] |

Pretty simple as always, run towards the buggy and use your spin attack. Keep
on doing that until it explodes and you earn your Pizza Planet Token. If he
fires a rocket into the air you can avoid damage by spinning at the right
moment and deflecting it - and as you're spinning to attack already it
shouldn't be a problem.

Jump out of the area by using the smaller cardboard box next to the ones
blocking the room. Now walk directly forwards through into an arcade room with
a ballpit. On the left there are some red, round chairs, jump on the drink to
get high enough to grab on the first one. From there jump up onto the arcade
machine and then use another drink to get up onto the very top.

Shoot down the robots as you jump along the tops to the corner and then to the
right onto the last machine, there you'll push a drink off onto the floor. For
the moment ignore that and jump onto the top of the ballpit, go down through
the gap next to the pole and slide down into the ballpit itself. In there
you'll find [Alien #2] and a few coins, once you've got him climb the pole and
look towards the right corner where there's a green, round claw machine. Jump
over to it (on top is a single coin), where you want to be is on the button at
the front (if you fall off the drink you pushed off earlier will help you
immediately get up).

  | [020803]      Claw Machine      [020803] |

Now the claw machine is a little tricky but if you watch the shadows carefully
you should be able to time it as close as possible. First slam on the button
starts it moving left to right, once the shadow is in the same horizontal
alignment as the token slam the button again, this starts the claw moving
forwards and backwards. Again when the shadow aligns (and this time it should
be perfectly aligned) hit the button once again, if you've done it right it'll
lower down and pick up the token before depositing it on the floor next to Rex

Leave the arcade room and go left hugging the wall. If you now keep going
straight you'll pass by a large robot (spin attack a couple of times to destroy
it) to an aisle with some cardboard boxes piled at the side. Climb those boxes
and quickly jump along the series of horizontal bars, the last one is the only
one that requires you to jump after being thrown from the bar. Once on the
ledge at the end jump up onto the very top of the shelves where the robot is
flying about.

Jump across the aisle towards a ledge with one coin on it before leaping back
to a red shelf with some Zurg Zs on. At the end of that shelf is a Cosmic
Shield (unlocked in the very first level) which comes in quite handy for the
next bit. Grab the shield and jump down to the aisle floor and quickly run
along the aisle around the box obstacles. The shield will protect you from the
lasers firing at you and will hopefully last long enough for you to reach the
part where boxes block the entire floor. Jump up those boxes (when the shield
runs out) and use the zipline at the top on the little blue shelf. Take the
next zipline too from the red shelf.

  | [020804]      Hamm      [020804] |

Partway down you'll spot [Alien #3] on the boxes below, when you jump off try
to land on the boxes and grab that Alien, the lasers usually only hit you when
you're on the floor. Continue down the aisle by jumping over the large gaps
between boxes and shooting the robots on top of them. At the corner that's it,
the end of the laser trial. And there's Hamm too on the floor below. If you
have the 50 coins you can get his Pizza Planet Token. If not then don't worry,
jump up the boxes behind him and grab [Alien #4] and then push the cardboard
box off the top, this acts as a step back up from the starting area so you can
get back to Hamm without doing that whole course again.

  | [020805]      Flying Saucer      [020805] |

Going forwards take the second left, this will lead you to an aisle with boxes
on the right with a robot on them. Jump up and cross the aisle a couple of
times jumping on the blue shelves and shooting the robots on them. Once you're
back on the original side jump up a Mr Martian box and then leap across the
aisle once more. At the end of this shelf you'll find the Flying Saucer, and he
wants a race.

The race is a zipline race, successfully transfer between ziplines a few times
and you win, it even gives you little red markers in the wire to show you when
to jump. As long as you hold forwards and make sure to jump twice (and only
twice) when you reach the red markers you should do fine. If you fall off then
you'll lose the race, make your way back through the aisle and climb back up to
the start to try again.

At the end is your Pizza Planet Token and if you jump over the gap you can grab
the last [Alien #5]. And the Mothership is directly below you to finish off the
level (don't forget Hamm though!).

 ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
| [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Toy Barn Encounter  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020900] |
 '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'

Requires 18 Pizza Planet Tokens.

Step forwards to get the spaceship to lower down into view. The tactic here
starts with you locking onto and shooting the large central part of the
spaceship, this will cause one of its pods to drop off and let out a toy robot
that will proceed to attack you. Kill it and avoid the spaceship's laser beam
before shooting the spaceship again. Keep on doing this until all the pods are
gone (you defeat the larger metal looking robots that are holding shields with
a couple of spin attacks).

Once all the pods are gone it's just a matter of wearing down the health each
time you can, jump away from its laser and then turn and shoot until it gets
close. Run away again and keep this up until it explodes and you win.

 ,--------,                    ,--------------,                     ,--------,
| [021000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Elevator Hop  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021000] |
 '--------'                    '--------------'                     '--------'

This level requires only the Grappling Hook, and since it also happens to be
the level where you unlock the Grappling Hook you will be able to complete it
on your first go.

  | [021001]      Mother Mouse      [021001] |

Turn around and go through the doorway that's now directly ahead of you, you
should end up in a room with water on the floor and electricity going
everywhere. Watch the first horizontal bar and wait for a spark to run along it
back and forth, then wait a second more before jumping onto it and swinging up
the bars, you'll need to do a jump just beyond the highest point in the jump
when being thrown from the bar.

Up on the console at the end you'll find Hamm to the right (doubtful you have
50 coins yet!) so go to the left and jump onto the top of the machines that the
horizontal bars are attached between. Watch out for the electric sparks that
jump out of them and then use the red zipline to cross the room to reach the
machines on the other side, on the third one there you'll find [Mr Potato
Head's Foot] as well as a clockwork mouse running up and down the wall, bump
into it to collect it for Mother Mouse [Mouse #1].

Once you've got them both jump down and head back through into the bottom of
the elevator shaft and cross directly over through into a vent where Mr Potato
Head is waiting for his foot. This unlocks the Grappling Hook for use
throughout the game wherever it's needed. To use you simply pick up a grappling
hook and aim at the red circle with a cross in it, then fire. Instead of firing
a laser you'll fire the grappling hook if you're aligned perfectly with it (use
autoaim) and get dragged up to it.

Grapple up a couple of points behind Mr Potato Head, go around the corner and
down a corridor filled with snakes. After getting rid of them there's another
grapple point at the end but this time there's a fire vent that you have to
avoid - if you get hit you're taken out of aiming mode. These first ones you
don't even need to stand on so it should be easy, just try to time going up the
second one to avoid the flames coming out of the side up top.

Around the next corner is the green laser powerup, pick it up and then start
clearing the corridor of snakes and robots. To the left of the last snake is
Rex, he's standing next to an opening that opens back out into the elevator
shaft above the stationary elevators. There's nothing of use out there so don't
drop out but if you do you can use the red grapple point to get back up into
the room (so long as you don't drop all the way down). On the wall here next to
Rex however is [Mouse #2] to collect.

Carry on along the vent up a few more grapple points and past a large robot
(spin) down more corridors and past another robot before you reach a fire
grate, the grappling point here is actually directly above you but in the
opposite direction to what you have been used to so far, this means you have to
step onto the grate to get a good shot at the point. The next point is also
directly up but your obstacle is an air vent that tries to push you out of
position, you won't get knocked off the edge but you will need to be quick when
it stops in order to keep the point in view.

The third grapple point combines the two, directly up with a fire grate behind
and an air vent ahead. Quickly grapple up one last time to reach the control
room. If you hit the switch on the left that'll turn on the fans, they act as a
shortcut back up from the bottom of the elevator shaft so I highly recommend
you turn it on as in a little bit you'll be needing to jump down there.

You don't have the five mice yet so talking to Mother Mouse here is not really
helpful, instead jump up onto the seat and then the desk.

  | [021002]      Wire Puzzle      [021002] |

On the desk is the Wire Puzzle, you'll need to line up the wire to open the
rest of the level up. To line up the wire you simply need to jump on the
buttons so that the line of wire is straight between the three boxes.

Each button does two things, it pushes one wire up and another one down so it's
slightly tricky if you are just jumping randomly. For example the button under
the blue part pushes the blue wire up and the red one down, if the blue one is
at the top it stays there and if the red is at the bottom it stays there. The
actual solution is incredibly simple but if you go wrong it can get a bit

The starting position is like this little diagram with the Red and Blue wires
at the top and the Green one at the bottom.

 _ _ _
|R| |B|
| | | |

The buttons are:

    * Red Up / Green Down
    * Green Up / Blue Down
    * Blue Up / Red Down

So to solve all you need to do is jump on the Blue Up/Red Down button and then
the Green Up/Blue Down button.


 _ _ _
| | |B|
|R| | |


 _ _ _
| | | |

With that solved the gates open and you can collect the Pizza Planet Token
below, but before you jump down take a look at the ceiling above you, there's
[Mouse #3], to get to it you simply jump up on top of the wire puzzle and jump
to grab it.

That puzzle also starts the elevators moving, if you jump down onto the right
one and get onto the elevator itself turn around and look at the wall where you
just jumped from. At about the highest point that the elevator goes up to you
should see [Mouse #4] running about on the wall, jump and grab it. You'll then
fall all the way back to the floor of the elevator shaft. Luckily you can now
go through the vent on this side to be able to ride the fan all the way back up
to the control room either to try again if you missed it or to carry on if you
go it.

Now back up at the opening to the elevator shaft wait for one side to go down
as far as it can before you jump onto the highest platform you can reach on the
elevator cables. From there wait until it reaches the highest point before
jumping over to the other elevator platforms. When at its highest point try to
jump onto a ledge or pipe in the middle so that when it goes back down you can
jump directly onto the top of it.

There are three vents at the top, take the one in the middle first where you
can see [Mouse #5] - careful of the red spikes, while they don't damage you
they will get in the way of your jump. Hit the switch to turn on the fan, this
goes from the bottom of the elevator on the opposite side to the one you used
earlier. Helpful if you fall all the way down the elevator shaft. Jump back
onto the top of the (from your perspective now) left elevator and go through
the vent to the left.

  | [021003]      Spider Gunro      [021003] |

Step into the air vortex to be taken up to the boss fight. With your green
laser this should again be pretty straightforward, aim and fire a continuous
blast at the boss to take a huge chunk of its health. Run away as it gets close
and then keep running as the fans turn on and take you up into the air a
little, keep on going while it throws webs at you before turning to fire again.
Repeat until you destroy it and win your Pizza Planet Token.

How to leave? Jump down that hole in the middle of the room to get back down to
the elevators. Now go to the last remaining vent out of here where Father Mouse

  | [021004]      Father Mouse      [021004] |

Hiding at the very top of the elevator shaft in this vent is Father Mouse, talk
to him to start a race with a Token. To chase it you simply slide down the
vents and jump over all the gaps perfectly. The gaps are marked by the black
and yellow stripes so you should be able to see them from a fair distance, just
watch out for the more vertical gaps so as to not jump too soon and end up
falling in. If you do fall in one of the holes jump back down to the bottom of
the elevator shaft and ride the large fan all the way back up to the very top
and try again (the side you want is the one with the shorter vent to the fan).

  | [021005]      Hamm      [021005] |

Hopefully by now you'll have the 50 coins you need to finish off Hamm's Pizza
Planet Token challenge so jump up the horizontal bars in the room opposite to
get to him.

And if you haven't done already go back up the fan to the control room and get
the Pizza Planet Token off Mother Mouse.

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [021100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Al's Penthouse  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021100] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

  | [021101]      Bullseye      [021101] |

First up is Bullseye, he's directly ahead of you when you start and if you talk
to him you'll start a quick race to find five horseshoes. They're all dotted
around the room, one in front of Rex, one in front of the fire, one by the
window, one on the sofa and one on the table next to the sofa.

| | H _  |H|
|_|  | | |_|
|_   |_|  _|
|_|H     | |
|___  ___|H|__
|R_H    ______
    |B |

Get back to Bullseye in time to earn yourself a Pizza Planet Token.

  | [021102]      Jessie      [021102] |

Get back up onto the table next to the sofa and instead of just jumping over
the handrail jump onto it and walk to the right onto the post at the end, jump
the gap to the other side and then jump on top of the fireplace. From there
jump down onto the cabinet and climb up the lamp to a ledge above the windows.

While you go along this ledge watch out for the cannon that shoots at you and
pick up the green laser upgrade. At the end turn to the right and use the
lights to swing onto a ledge with a big button on it, stamp on that button to
blow up the cannon. Now turn back around and jump over the massive gap to the
little shelf where you can see [Critter #1] bouncing about.

  | [021103]      Train Bed      [021103] |

Drop off the ledge and go down the corridor to the right (in the opposite
direction to Rex), push the cardboard box into the first room all the way to
the train themed bed, and use the box to climb up onto it. On the bed you'll
find [Critter #2], now time for a little puzzle.

Around the room is a train track and on that track is a train, there are three
buttons that switch the path of the track. Your goal is to get the train to
stop in a deadend part of the track next to the door so that you can push a box
along the track without the train getting in the way. To do that all you need
to do is hit the first and last buttons once, then wherever the train is it
will end up in the deadend. If you've already been messing about with the track
simply make it so that the middle button makes all three tracks continue going
straight and the other two buttons are set to changing the track.

Once the train is at the deadend go to the opposite end of the track and start
pushing the box all the way to the bed so that you can climb up on there and
get your Pizza Planet Token. The button up here just blows up the cannon that's
been shooting at you.

  | [021104]      Gunslinger      [021104] |

Get the cardboard box that you pushed into the bedroom and push it back out
into the hallway, now push it further down the hall and into the living room.
Climb up the box once you get to the end of its track and then push the Woody's
Roundup box a short distance along the cabinet, it doesn't go very far. Climb
up on top of it and use it to jump the distance to the next cabinet.

Get up onto the very top of this cabinet by using the large cowboy boot, go
along the top all the way around the room to [Critter #3] and a big red button
to destroy the cannon in the middle of the room. Jump down into the little
Western scene below, at the far end you'll find the Gunslinger boss.

To fight this guy you of course first need to approach him to start the fight.
Once you're going either fire your green laser at him or spin attack. He's got
a quick attack so be careful if you're low on health, and if you've only got
the red laser then you're better off just spin attacking. Destroying the cannon
by stomping on the button can be quite useful too so do that if you don't want
to run around the corner and wait.

Leave the room by climbing over the edge and exiting into the starting area
again. Next to the fire in here is a small cabinet with a padlock that you can
shoot. Go through into the bathroom.

  | [021105]      Hamm      [021105] |

Over in the bath you'll find Hamm waiting for the 50 coins he usually wants. If
you've got them good, if not then remember this place to come back in a bit.
Stamp on the button next to the taps, the one in the bath itself is for when
you fail and is used to remove all the water, the one by the taps adds water to
the room and starts the sponges floating.

Jump along the floating sponges to the countertop and go stamp on the button by
the sink. That again raises the water level so go back along those same sponges
but instead to a ledge on the opposite side of the room. If you fall off into
the water the only way back up is to reset the water with the button in the
bath and start the whole button stomping process again. The jump from the third
sponge may require you to time it so that you jump at its highest point,
otherwise you won't grab onto the ledge.

The button on this ledge just destroys the cannon, the button to raise the
water again is over in the shower, jump onto the shower door and over the
showerhead to the button. With that stomped on the sponges will rise up once
again and you'll need to jump back along them to the tops of the cabinets on
the opposite side of the room, the sponge next to the previous button is now
floating to help you get across them. Your prize for doing all of that is
[Critter #4]. Hooray!

Jump down into the water and exit through the vent you came in, no need to
lower the water level or anything. Time for the last room, go through the gap
next to Rex to get into the kitchen.

Opposite the door is the fridge, shoot the padlock to open it up so you can
climb the first two shelves and then turn around and jump onto the central
counter where you'll find Jessie. We're still one critter short so your next
move is to jump over to the brown table above where you came in where there's a
set of scales, slam down onto them to be get up on top of the cabinets.

Get rid of the bouncing snake and jump towards the cannon in the corner, ignore
it and jump onto the chains that are holding some lights up, jump between them
to the cabinet in the other corner. There's three more chain lights to jump
along before you reach the top of the fridge where there's a button to destroy
the cannon. A jump to a ledge with a snake on it and then one final jump to a
hanging light to reach [Critter #5] and finish the collection. Jump down to
Jessie to get your last Pizza Planet Token of the level.

 ,--------,                ,-----------------------,                ,--------,
| [021200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  The Evil Emperor Zurg  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021200] |
 '--------'                '-----------------------'                '--------'

Requires 28 Pizza Planet Tokens.

The attack you're going to need to use for this fight is your spin attack. The
fully powered up spin attack is very useful as it allows you to jump while
still spinning so you can hit Zurg even when he's floating in the air a bit.
Keep getting right up next to Zurg to spin attack him, you can also spin away
the balls that he fires at you so try to time your spins so that you're not
busy being dizzy when the green balls are coming back to hit you. Not much more
to the fight than that, hold down your spin for full power and keep on going!
Careful of the edges though, fall off the side and you lose a life.

 ,--------,                ,----------------------,                 ,--------,
| [021300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Airport Infiltration  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021300] |
 '--------'                '----------------------'                 '--------'

This is the level where you get to unlock the Hover Boots.

  | [021301]      Little Tike Pilot      [021301] |

Walk forwards and turn left when you get to the cowboy, take a left at the end
and take down another cowboy. Turn right after him into an open area with a few
snakes and another cowboy wandering about amongst the pillars. Over in the
opposite corner is a green suitcase with some arrows pointing at it, slam down
onto the suitcase to get propelled up onto the conveyor belt above.

At the end of the short conveyor belt wait around for a suitcase to stand on so
that you can reach the small black and yellow horizontal bar sticking out of
the wall, use that to get over to the next conveyor belt where you'll then do
the exact same thing. The third conveyor belt however is slightly different,
after the X-ray machines don't go through the black and yellow arch, instead
wait for a green suitcase to get close and then bounce on it up on top of the
nearest X-ray machine.

To your right is a pole that leads to Hamm but it's unlikely you have 50 coins
just yet, remember where he is for later though. Instead jump forwards onto
another X-ray machine and then left onto a pole from which you'll leap to
another X-ray machine. Turning left now shoot down the vulture before jumping
to the machine it's on and then jumping right onto a pole and then another two
X-ray machines, on the last one is [Passenger #1].

To get back just jump along the X-ray machines again. Drop down onto a green
suitcase and ride it all the way to the end of the conveyor belt, use it to
bounce up onto a pole above. Climb that pole and turn to the right a little,
you should see a conveyor belt that you can jump to. Going along this conveyor
belt are some bouncy suitcases, use one to go up to the conveyor belt above
you, you'll need to do it in the first part of the belt otherwise you'll just
hit your head.

Run along the belt and jump over the small gap to a shorter belt, on the left
is a pole to climb. Swivel to face another belt on the left, jump onto it and
destroy the cowboy before turning and running backwards along the conveyor belt
and over a gap to another one. Shoot or avoid the vulture as you climb the pole
at the end. The next conveyor belt is full width so there's no gap, just get
rid of the cowboy and climb the pole. Here's where it gets the most tricky
however, instead of jumping to a conveyor belt you're jumping from the pole to
a horizontal bar. Turn to the right and make sure you're just above the box on
the wall before double jumping towards the first of the bars, if you get it
then make sure not to jump as you swing otherwise you could end up falling all
the way back down to the bottom to start the whole climb again.

Climb up the last pole and jump off to a zipline that runs down over to another
conveyor belt, jump the gap and you will find your prize, [Passenger #2]. And
that's it up here, jump all the way back down to the floor below.

  | [021302]      Rocky Gibraltor      [021302] |

In the corner of this room you'll find a toy called Rocky Gibraltor, he's after
five weights in a short amount of time, here's a rough map of their locations.

|  W
|_   ____
 _| |___
|W     R|
|       |
| |_____
|       |
|__W    |
|  \    |
|   |   |
|__/    |

You've got one weight in the corner of the room next to the exit to the repair
hanger, one just inside the repair hanger just past the tilting wing, one under
the conveyor belt, one on top of the conveyor belt and one in the luggage room.

Once you've got that Pizza Planet Token head into the repair hanger and go
forwards to the cowboys and pick up the green laser upgrade. Go to the right
side of the room and you'll find a tyre that you can push, push it next to the
large horizontal wing and jump up onto it. It'll tilt like the planks you've
seen before, wait for it to settle with the other end in the air before running
and jumping up it to get onto the second wing to the right.

Do the same thing on this second wing before jumping off to the red flaps on
the tail of the broken up plane. Jump onto the higher one to reach a platform
attached to the body of the plane. There you'll find [Mr Potato Head's Mouth]
ripe for collecting. There's no point going any further up at the moment as you
need to unlock the Hover Boots to finish this bit off.

Instead head down, exit the room to where Rocky Gibraltor is, go under the
conveyor belt and through to the luggage room where Mr Potato Head is waiting
for his mouth.

  | [021303]      Prospector      [021303] |

Once you've unlocked the Hover Boots jump up onto the first layer of the large
pile of luggage next to Mr Potato Head, then jump a little diagonal to get up
and then up a little more to reach the Hover Boots themselves. To use them you
simply hold the jump button, you'll hover a short distance off the ground while
you do so, to get higher up you need to move so that the ground beneath you is
higher. They also wear off after a while, you'll see the rings turn red just as
they're about to fail.

Don't bother going up the near pile as that's got nothing for you, instead go
left and up the other side of the pile, they're more unevenly stacked, to get
up to the top of the luggage. Wait for the boots to wear off before jumping
over to the conveyor belt in the middle of the room.

Here be the Prospector, your laser attacks won't hurt him so instead you have
to use your spin attacks. Keep getting in close and avoiding his attack which
runs along the ground (so a quick jump will avoid it). Keep on hitting him
until he keels over and you get the Pizza Planet Token. Don't jump down just

At one end of the conveyor is a green suitcase, bounce off it to a pole above.
Climb that pole and then jump onto a zipline, watch out at the end or you might
fall. On this last last conveyor belt you'll find [Passenger #3].

Now you can drop down and head back through to the repair hanger.

  | [021304]      Broken Plane      [021304] |

Go back up the tilting wings to where you found Mr Potato Head's mouth and
instead turn left and jump up to the small platforms, on the second one turn
around and jump onto a short horizontal bar to be taken to a platform with a
snake on it. Jump onto the floating door and watch the engine to the right, the
air coming out of it when it's on will be disruptive so wait for it to stop
before jumping to the yellow and black bar to the left, quickly climb and jump
up to a second one and then up to a small platform with a coin on it, ahead of
you just below is a set of Hover Boots and a snake, shoot the snake before
taking the Hover Boots and using them to go up the small platforms and onto the
nose of the plane where you'll find the Pizza Planet Token.

Jump down to the Hover Boots again and use them to go up onto the platform you
landed on after the poles and then glide across to the top of the lower engine
using the boots. On there is [Passenger #4]. Jump back to the floating plane
door and get back to those Hover Boots one more time. Use them again and this
time drop off the side, carefully float down to the platforms below, the last
of the passengers [Passenger #5] is on the second one. Take them to the Little
Tike Pilot over in the opposite corner of the room (near the tail) to get your
Pizza Planet Token.

  | [021305]      Hamm      [021305] |

And if you haven't yet been back to Hamm to claim his Pizza Planet Token then
do so to finish off the level. He's back in the X-ray room to the right when
you bounce on the suitcase on the conveyor belt.

Now that you have the Hover Boots you can go back and finish off level 7 "Al's
Toy Barn".

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [021400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Tarmac Trouble  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021400] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

There are no required gadgets for this level so you can get stuck right in. The
Rocket Boots can be useful for getting around but are by no means necessary.

  | [021401]      Airport Little Tike      [021401] |

You start the level in a corner of Zone 4, if you follow the fence to your left
you'll find the first of the Little Tike Luggages bouncing about [Luggage #1]
in the corner. Once you've got that head towards the middle of the level, the
point at which the plane is circling.

  | [021402]      Slinky      [021402] |

Jump over the green slime to reach Slinky in the middle next to the windsock.
Talk to him to start a race through the green slime, the catch being you are
not allowed to jump and if you take damage you fail. Move at a speedy pace
otherwise you'll run out of time long before you reach the end, it's not a maze
so just keep on following the path as quickly as you can (ignore the coins!).
At the end you'll get the Pizza Planet Token.

Turn around and head back towards Slinky but instead of talking to him jump up
on the thin pole running up the side of the larger windsock pole. Partway up
take a look around for where the plane is, you should be able to jump directly
onto the wing from this pole.

Run along the wing and jump onto the body of the plane via the nose, if you go
down the spine of the plane you'll find [Luggage #2]. Go down the other wing
now and wait sort of near the end (keep away from getting too near the end or
you'll get knocked off).

As the plane reaches Zone 8 jump off onto the small building to grab [Luggage
#3]. Face the middle and then jump down to the left and you'll find the level's
green laser powerup. Keep going in that direction along the floor and you'll
reach a baggage handler in Zone 1 with Rex on the back. On the trailer with Rex
climb up one of the poles nearest the baggage handler itself and jump off onto
its seat. There you'll find [Luggage #4].

Get back out onto the trailer and climb the pole at the back on the right,
you'll be near a zipline that you can jump onto. Zip down it and just before it
ends jump off to the left to reach a light puzzle.

  | [021403]      Helicopter      [021403] |

There are several different patterns that will appear here, getting it wrong
causes it to give you a different one. I could list all of the possible
solutions but it'd be better to tell you how to generally solve them. First
things first you have to understand what the buttons do, they have a picture of
two lightbulbs on them, one lit up with lines coming out of it and the other
dark and plain. That means that it turns on the bright one and turns off the
dark one, simple. What you're trying to do is get the lower line of lights that
you control to match up with the line of lights at the top.

If you're looking to end with two lights on and one of them is already active
you're generally going to need to turn it off first and then back on last. In
between you'll turn the other one on. So if you had blue and green on but need
blue and yellow on you'd first turn off blue (which turns on red) then turn on
yellow (which turns off red) and then turn on blue (which turns off the green

If it's just one light then you just work through turning the current light off
until the right light is on. So going from having green lit up and needing
yellow lit up you turn off green (and turn on blue), then turn off blue (and
turn on red) and then turn off red (and turn on yellow).

Sometimes you can solve the puzzle with just two presses but usually it'll be
three minimum.

Once you've solved it within the required three stomps the helicopter will
lower a little and allow you to jump up and grab the Pizza Planet Token beneath

Head back towards the middle of the level and make your way back onto the
outside wing of the plane. This time wait for Zone 6 and then jump from the
wing onto the green mobile conveyor belt. On here you'll find [Luggage #5]. To
get the Pizza Planet Token you have to now go find the Airport Little Tike,
he's found right under the Zone 3 sign.

Once you've done that get back onto the wing of the plane for one more go

  | [021404]      Blacksmith      [021404] |

Once it reaches Zone 7 jump off the plane onto the corner of the building, it's
the one with the satellite dishes, you'll find the boss in the middle.

Another boss that requires you to spin attack him as your laser does nothing.
He walks quite slowly but his attack moves along the ground towards you really
fast, you can try to jump over it but really you want to be running away from
it. Keep running back in and spinning him before running off again before he
can smash the ground again. If you're quick enough you can just about make it
away from the attack before it runs out, keep ducking back in to attack when
you can. With his defeat you get your Pizza Planet Token.

  | [021405]      Hamm      [021405] |

Not to forget Hamm, there are plenty of coins all over the place but they are
easy to miss. The best place to go searching if you're not quite at 50 yet is
the runway, follow the plane's path around and you should find plenty of coins
and enemies to shoot for coins.

Hamm is found under the Zone 5 sign.

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [021500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Final Showdown  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021500] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

You need 40 Pizza Planet Tokens to access. Also known as Prospector Showdown.

Walk towards Jessie and Woody to trigger the start of the boss fight. This time
you're facing the last three bosses all in one fight, that's the Gunslinger,
the Blacksmith and the Prospector. The trick here is to try to fight them one
on one, stand a fair distance away and the faster moving ones will get to you
quicker, remember that the spin attack is going to be your main attack here as
the enemies are all weaker to it than your basic laser.

While there is only one health bar shown each boss has their own individual
health so can be defeated one by one in any order you like. I generally leave
the Blacksmith for last as he's the hardest to avoid taking damage from and the
slowest moving.


In each of the major levels there is a challenge to find five items for a
character, here is a list of those items and their general locations.

 ,--------,                    ,--------------,                     ,--------,
| [030100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Andy's House  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030100] |
 '--------'                    '--------------'                     '--------'


    * On the beams in the attic
    * In the garage at the end of the shelves
    * In the living room on a shelf in the corner
    * Zipline in the basement above Mr Potato Head
    * In the kitchen on top of the cabinets

 ,--------,                ,----------------------,                 ,--------,
| [030200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Andy's Neighbourhood  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030200] |
 '--------'                '----------------------'                 '--------'


    * Stomp on the molehills
    * Yard with broken car, in basket on washing line
    * Yard with swimming pool, plant at end of sequence
    * On swingset near the race course
    * In the tree near tilting plank

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [030300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Construction Yard  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030300] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

Little Tike Worker

    * On top of cabinets in trailer
    * In wheelbarrow near Hamm
    * On seat in digger
    * On red beams
    * On crane at top of building

 ,--------,                 ,--------------------,                  ,--------,
| [030400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Alleys and Gullies  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030400] |
 '--------'                 '--------------------'                  '--------'


    * Down gap over the storm drain where Slinky is
    * On window ledge with bars on, needs Grappling Hook
    * On guttering at top of Grappling Hook area, opposite direction to the
    * On awning in area with Hamm
    * In water at end of area with Hamm

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [030500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Al's Toy Barn  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030500] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'


    * Inside hatching egg, talk to Rooster
    * Use Haybale ride and Rocket Boots next to Mr Potato Head
    * On top of boxes in room with Rex, requires Hover Boots
    * On shelf with skateboard in aisle leading to Chicken
    * On ledge at end of aisle with Chicken, next to hole leading back to Mr
      Potato Head

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [030600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Al's Space Land  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030600] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'


    * On hanging planets above start
    * Inside ballpit, jump down through gap in roof via arcade machines
    * On boxes in aisle with lasers
    * On boxes next to Hamm
    * On shelf at end of Flying Saucer zipline course

 ,--------,                    ,--------------,                     ,--------,
| [030700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Elevator Hop  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030700] |
 '--------'                    '--------------'                     '--------'


    * On top of machines in room with Hamm
    * On wall next to Rex in vents
    * Ceiling above wire puzzle
    * On wall of elevator shaft below control room
    * In gap at top of elevator shaft with fan switch

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [030800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Al's Penthouse  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030800] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'


    * On shelf above start
    * On bed
    * On shelves before Gunslinger boss
    * On top of cabinets in the bathroom
    * On shelf in kitchen

 ,--------,                ,----------------------,                 ,--------,
| [030900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Airport Infiltration  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030900] |
 '--------'                '----------------------'                 '--------'


    * On top of X-ray machine
    * At top of series of conveyor belts in Rocky Gibraltor room
    * Conveyor belt above Prospector boss in luggage room, requires Hover Boots
    * On engine in repair hanger, jump onto pole or use Hover Boots
    * On platform beneath Hover Boots in the repair hanger

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [031000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Tarmac Trouble  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [031000] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'


    * Corner of Zone 4
    * On plane moving around, jump from windsock pole
    * On small Zone 8 building, jump from plane
    * In baggage handler front seat, jump from pole next to Rex
    * On green mobile conveyor belt, jump from plane


      v1.0 - 09/08/13
      Completed the walkthrough.


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