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Move List and Guide by Blueep

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/30/2000

 _________   __     __    ______   _______         ________
|___  ____| |  |   |  |  |      | |  _____|       |______  |
   |  |     |  |   |  |  |   ___| | |                    | |  
   |  |     |  |___|  |  |  /     | |_____         ______| |
   |  |     |   ___   |  |  |     |______ \       / _______|
   |  |     |  |   |  |  |  |           | |       | |  
   |  |     |  |   |  |  |  |      _____| |       | |______
   |__|     |__|   |__|  |__|     |_______|       |________|

	     Tips/Transfer Listing/Moves/Stats/Codes for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 

				  Made on 5.30.00, Version 1.0

    Written by Craig Zelazny (Blueep).  May not be reproduced in ANYWAY without 
my permission/consent.  If you feel the need to contact me, I'm right here. 
Blueep@thps2.net. This document is Copyright (c) Craig Zelazny 2000.

                                     TIPS FOR HIGH SCORES

    If you want to get a high score, follow this guide!  The key to a high score 
is all by the use of combos. For example, instead of grinding that one rail 
straight down with a 5-0 grind, throw in some variation.  That straight 5-0 
grind could be made into a combonation like this: Bonelss + Kickflip + 180 + 5-0 
+ Impossible + Nosegrind + Heelflip + Smith Grind + 180 360 flip out.  If you 
decide to add a manual after the grind, the possibilites are endless!  

    Every person on the US/Canada Top 10 for Activision's contest have over 
2,000,000.  Many people believe that they are cheating.  People are in fact NOT 
cheating to get those tremendous scores.  I know that, because I'm #11 at 
2,054,000.  In the next few paragraphs, I will explain how to reach such high 

    First off, whenever you do a grind, throw some combos in like I stated up 
top, and then try to end it in a manual, next, link into a new grind, more 
variation, and once again, end it in a mnaul, linking it to more grinds/airs.  
You don't want to go overboard though, you can fall very quickly.  The best 
person by far to manuals with in the demo is Chad Muska.  He can keep a good 
balance, while Tony usually falls quickly, although I can get by good with him, 
just practice.  If you feel that you are going to fall while manualing, lean in 
the opposite direction that you are trying to manual, and you will score a few 
more points, and not fall!  For example, if you are doing a nose manual, and 
your balance meter is all the way up and you are about to fall, LEAN backwards, 
and you will land on the board, on all wheels, without falling.  If you stayed 
forward, you would have fallen, resluting in a loss of all your points for that 

    Many people who aim for high scores prefer to use Tony Hawk.  He has better 
air, and is much quicker when it comes to speed (noted in the stats below).  
Chad Muska is slow and doesn't get as much height.  Chad's  Huricane grind is 
handy though, being the point value NEVER decreases during your run, even though 
his other moves do.  But there aren't many grind Transfers in the THPS2 Demo as 
in THPS1, examples being the Holy Shi_ in the Warehouse (Sorry for the language 
people, but that's the name of it, and there is actually no 'T' in it :), Long 
Ass rail also in the Warehouse, the ET grind in Roswell, and many others.

    The two moves in the Demo that rack up huge points are as follows: Up! Up!! 
And Away!!! and the Humpty Humps.  UU&A alone has a value of 5250 points, while 
the Humpty Humps is worth 5000.  For information on how to perform this, check 
the transfer listing below.  They secret behind these gaps is to combo, combo, 
combo!  It helps A LOT if you get a 'Perfect' multiplier while landing your 
trick, you get way more points added to the original total.  Now I will tell you 
how to combo these two tricks.  Both tricks will be using Tony Hawk.

   First, the Up! Up!! And Away!!!.  Read below for how to do it, then scroll 
back up to here.  Before going up into the Up! Up!! And Away!!!, get your 
special meter full then do a Boneless off the ramp for a 1x multiplier and a 
value of 250 points, this will also increase your hieght at the same time.  You 
will want to hold L1 or R1 for the whole duration of this trick to spin your 
character.  Now do a Kickflip to Indy by pressing the directional pad Left+Up 
together, not seperate, like you are pushing North West.  Just put your thumb or 
finger inbetween Up and left. Now press sqaure, and you should do a Kickflip to 
Indy.  Once that move is finished, immediately press Left, Right, then Circle.  
DON'T let go of circle! Hold onto it, but you may let go of Left and Right.  You 
should now be doing a Christ Air.  Hold this as long as possible.  Let go of 
circle a little bit before you land (1 sec), because it takes a while for Tony 
to get out of the move, unlike in THPS1, where it was a little easier to 
manuever.  You should have now landed the Up! Up!! And Away!!! with a Boneless + 
900 + Kickflip to Indy + Christ air + Up! Up!! And Away!!!.  

    If done correctly, and the 'Perfect Multiplier, you should end up with 
300,000!  If you feel that you are not lined up correctly to land because you 
are spinning, align yourself quickly then let go of the R1 or L1 button.  For 
even more points, try doing a Heelflip Varial Lein instead of the Kickflip to 

    Now the second step to fame is by doing the Humpty Humps!!! gap.  Itself 
alone is 5000 points to your score.  Follow the instructions on how to do it 
below, then once again scroll back up to here.  Now when you do it, make sure 
your special is full.  Now Boneless over the hump, then immediately do a Christ 
Air by pressing Left, Right, Circle.  Hold R1 or L1 while doing this trick for 
faster rotations.  Now DON'T let go of circle, hold it so he grabs and gets more 
points.  You should have done about a 360 or 540 spin.  Now before you land, 
about 1 second, let go of Circle and align yourself up.  Now do either a Nose 
Manual (Down, Up) or a Manual (Up, Down).  Now do a flip trick, and end in a 
mnaual again, you'll want to be heading North West this whole time, heading 
towards the steps.  Grind towards the left of the spine of the pool that is 
ahead of you.  Jump off when you are about to grind left near the stairs.  End 
in another manual, and ollie off and over the stairs while doing a Nosegrab.  
You can stop here, or even try to go onto the curved rail, then to the ledge for 
Rail 2 Ledge, then grind the wooden ledge and rail next to it!  With these you 
can get anywhere from 150-250,000 points.  You can also try going to the right 
side of the pool instead of following my instructions.  Try all sorts of 
different things!



    There are many transfers that can be found in the demo of Tony Hawk's Pro 
Skater 2, which are called BTT's (Blue Text Transfers).  I have written down a 
little guide showing every transfer in the game, and how to perfom them. The 
point total for each transfer is listing near the name.

DUMPSTER POP: -200- Ollie over any of the dumpsters found in the level.  You 
must ollie over them lengthwise, meaning the longest way of the dumpster. 

SHORTY DUMPSTER POP: -150-  Ollie over any of the dumpsters found in the level.  
You must ollie over them the shortest way possible, NOT lengthwise.

RAIL 2 RAIL: -50- Grind one of the kinked rails from where you start off, and 
ollie the gap between them, landing onto the next kinked rail.  

OVER THE GATE: -250- When you start off, go straight for about 2 seconds, then 
hang right and you'll see a half bowl/transition covered in graffiti.  Get some 
speed, jump off of it, and over the gate thats in front of it.

OVER THE LIL' 4: -100- Simple.  Just ollie over the four steps with the rail 
leading down them.

UP THE LIL' 4: -250- Opposite of 'Over the Lil' 4'.  Just ollie up and over the 
four stairs.

RAIL 2 LEDGE: -250- Grind the curved rail near the four stairs, then jump off 
and land on either side of the upcoming ledge in front of you.

LEDGE 2 RAIL: -250- Opposite of 'Rail 2 Ledge'.  Grind the Ledge heading towards 
the curved rail, jump off and land on the rail.

2 THE BOX: -250- Grind the curved rail near the stairs and ollie up and onto the 
little pyramid in front of you.  You must land close to the center of it, not 
near the edge.

LAMP STOMP: -2000- Jump off of any bowl or transition, and land/grind onto the 
top of one of the light poles.

KNUCKLIN' FUTZ!!!: -2000- When near the grassy area of the level, you should see 
a light fixture with a stick supporting it.  DO NOT run into or knock this down.  
Now go into the mini bowl behind you, get some speed, and jump out and transfer 
onto the light pole, and grind it.  I find it easier to jump on an angle.

BOX 2 BOX ACTION: -250- When you start off, hang left and you'll see two boxes.  
Jump from one box and land on the other.

DUMPSTER STOMP: -1000-  When you start off, stay left and ollie off the first 
box and wallride up to the top of the building with flags on it, then press 
Triangle and  keep grinding.  Once you are near the end, ollie off and grind 
onto the dumpster lying below.

KINK STOMP: -1000- Go left when you start, and youll see thw two boxes, go near 
the second one in front of you, by the dumpster at the end.  Get some good 
speed, ollie off of it, wallride, then grind the building with flags, and ollie 
off onto the kinked rail below.

UP! UP!! and AWAY!!!: -5250- Go straight from the beginning, and you will see a 
small spine extension.  Grind that forward (you should be facing the crossbar), 
once you fall off, keep going straight up the transition in front of you.  Don't 
do any moves, just stay straight, then when you come down, you'll see a very 
skinny quarter pipe with a ? mark and a green up arrow^.  Nollie or Boneless up 
it, once you get really high, the transfer should show.

BIG MOUTH GAP: -1000- Jump across the left part of the bowl before the crossbar, 
and land on the right part near the picnic table.  Requires some speed.

HUMPTY HUMPS!!!: -5000- Go all the way down into either one of the two bowls 
near the end of the park.  Get a lot of speed, and your special meter up first.  
Go up the bowl, come down, and you'll see a round hump in front of you.  Ollie 
off of that onto the hump in the middle (directly underneath the crossbar).  
Might take some time master.

KINK CLANK: -250/500- Go into the second half bowl, looks like an oval, the one 
near the Knucklin' Futz!!! and grassy area.  Get some speed, and launch out of 
the end of bowl, near the four steps with the rail.  You want to land on the 
kinked rail.  Once on the rail, grind, and you'll get the transfer.  To get 
lined up good, stay just a LITTLE bit left from the lamp post on your right.

OVER THE CROSSBAR: -500-  Launch from one end of the hip, and go over the 
crossbar, landing on the other side of the hip.

FREAKIN' HUGE HIP: -500- Go into the RIGHT side bowl, like the one in Humpty 
Humps.  Get speed and your special meter full, then transfer from over the hip, 
landing on the oppisite hip, which is over on the other side of the crossbar.

OVER THE TABLE: -250-  Just air over the picnic table from one side of it, 
landing on the other. Found near the crossbar.

SHORTY TABLE TOP: -150- Ollie over any of the picnic tables found in the level, 
the short way, not lengthwise like this -------

TABLE POP: -250- Ollie over and of the picnic tables found in the level, the 
long way, lengthwise.

BIG OL' STANKY GAP: -500- Near the four steps, you'll see two little dumpsters 
close to each other.  Ollie over both of them, from launching out of the pool 
behind you.


    	   The following codes require you to have a GameShark in order to use 

I have found these codes scattered around various places.  If you were the one 
who made the code (I will find out if your lying), just E-mail me and I'll put 
your name here for the credit which is due.  Blueep@thps2.net

    There is a hidden area within the game, which conceals five 500 point 
bonuses.  To reach this spot, follow my instructions.  As soon as you start, 
head straight.  As you get further, you will see a grassy area with a wooden 
ledge around it.  Hop onto the grass, and ride towards the center of the area.  
Stop, and you will see a brown wooden stick supporting a lamp post.  If you 
can't see it, try turning around, maybe you went in a different direction.  

    Now ride into the little stick with some force, crashing it down.  Wait for 
about 4 seconds, and then you should hear a creaking noise, followed by a loud 
bang.  Now look near the center of the wooden fence (in front of the lamp post) 
by the grass, it should be completely demolished (part of it).  Ride inside of 
the broken down fence. You should now see the five 500 point bonuses.  Take 
them.  Now look to the right or left sides of the metal fence.  You will see two 
silver posts on each side supporting them.  About an inch off to each side of 
them, there is an invisible rail.  Well, not that invisible, you can faintly see 
it, a light purple if you catch it right.  Try and hop onto the rail, once 
grinding it, jump off to your right (if from the left rail). You should now be 
in a black hole, racking up tons of points.  This right here, is a glitch :)  

    There is no possible way to get out, so it's not worth trying a second time, 
just a cool one time thing!  Once in just press start and select 'Retry'.  If 
you hit 'End run', it will cause the game to kind of lockup, because you won't 
be able to hit the 'Start' button anymore, forcing you to restart the demo 

                                     ON WITH THE CODES!

Infinite pieces in Create a Skatepark: (By 900Degrees)
800E4348 0028 

Skip straight to THPS2 select screen, no Jampack intro, etc: 
800DD754 FFFF

Infinite Time: (By Caliban Tiresias Darklock)
D00E2630 1C1F 
800E2630 0001 

Special meter always full for Tony Hawk:
801EB16C 0320

Unlock Rodney Mullen: (By HAckEn) (Turn code off until you get to the level 
select screen, then turn on)
300E016C 0002

Infinite Manuals: (By HAckEn)

(Hold L2 when the marker is above the half way line, hold L1 when the marker is 
below the half way line) You must follow this exactly or you will fall.
Tony Hawk(Single Session Mode)
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 FF25
801EB120 0000
801EB120 0000
801EB120 0000
801EB120 0000
801EB120 0000
801EB120 0000

Chad Muska (Single Session Mode)
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C FF25
801EB12C 0000
801EB12C 0000
801EB12C 0000
801EB12C 0000
801EB12C 0000
801EB12C 0000

Tony Hawk (Park Editor Mode)
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 FF25
801F7B68 0000
801F7B68 0000
801F7B68 0000
801F7B68 0000
801F7B68 0000
801F7B68 0000

This code does not require a GameShark:

    Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 during the loading of the level, and you'll get two 
player tag/graffitti mode.



Tony Hawk:

Air: * * * * * * * (7)

Hangtime: * * * * * (5)

Ollie: * * (2)

Speed: * * * * * * (6)

Spin: * * * * * * * * (8)

Landing: * * * * * (5)

Switch: * * (2)

Rail balance: * * (2)

Lip balance: * * * * * * (6)

Invert: * * * * * * * (7)

                                      TONY HAWK'S SPECIAL MOVES

The 900: Right, Down, Circle---Worth 8000 points
Christ Air: Left, Right, Circle.---Varies each time
Sacktap: Up, Down, Circle---Worth 1500 points

Chad Muska:

Air: * * * * (4)

Hangtime: * * * (3)

Ollie: * * * * * * * * (8)

Speed: * * * * (5)

Spin: * * * * * (5)

Landing: * * * * * * (6)

Switch: * * * * * * (6)

Rail balance: * * * * * * * * (8)

Lip Balance: * * * * (4)

Invert: * * (2)


540 Flip: Down, Up, Square---Worth 1000 points
HUrricane Grind: Left, Right, Triangle---Varies each time
Backflip: Up, Down, Circle--4000 points

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