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Move List and Guide by Slateman

Updated: 05/25/2000

                          Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
                          Demo FAQ // Move Listing

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2:   Demo FAQ // Move Listing
Author:                     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Last Updated:             25th May, 2000
     Updates:            -Added more transfer, fixed all other problems...

     This FAQ and all it contains is based upon my THPS and THPS 2 Online FAQ, found at:

     For other news, info, images, tips, strategies, transfers, etc, I suggest visiting 
my site, or I also recommend CDarklocks's text faq, which can be found at GameFAQs and 
at http://www.darklock.com/thps/ as well.  


-slateman. (slateman@godflesh.com)


Key:     This is all pretty self explanatory, but here's a simple key. 
+-+       |  X = X  |  C = Circle  |  Sq = Square  |  T = Triangle  |

| UL  U  UR  | Notes: -When a plus [+] is listed, press both at the same time 
|   \ |  /   |         (R + Sq) press Right on the D-Pad and press Square simultaneously
| L-- N--R   |
|   / | \    |        -When a comma [,] is listed, there is a delay in button presses. 
| DL  D  DR  |         (U, L, Sq) press Up, press Left, and then press square.  At no 
'------------'         time should you be pressing two things at once.


                          -0-0-0:  Demo Information  :0-0-0-

The demo for THPS 2 can be found in the summer Jampack 2000 sampler disc.  This costs $5 
US, and can be purchased at virtually any store that carries videogames.  

The demo will also come out in the following formats:

Official Playstation Magazine:
Release Date:  May 31st  (Australia) (June Issue)
               June 14th (US) (July Issue)
               ???       (UK) (June Issue)
               ???       (France) (June Issue)
               ???       (Germany) (June Issue)

PSX Underground:
Release Date:  ???       (US)

Playstation Zone: 
Release Date:  ???        (Germany) (June Issue)


                          -0-0-0:  MOVE LISTING  :0-0-0-

Now there are moves that require double taps (i.e. Up, Up + Square = Ollie North for 
Tony Hawk) These are Not signature moves, and so you don't need a full special meter to 
perform these. 

Also, note the difference in denotation. 

          [+] = Press both at the same time 
          [,] = Press in order, NOT simultaneously 

This means that the following two are not the same. 

          R, R + Sq 
          R, R, Sq 

--The first means press Right, then press Right and Square at the same time. 

--The second means press Right, then press Right then press Square. At no time do you 
press both simultaneously. 

In this demo, only 2 characters are available. Tony Hawk and Chad Muska.  With the use 
of a GameShark however, you can unlock Rodney Mullen.  (see codes section below)  
Unlike the original game, each character has their own set of moves. While in certain 
cases, they will be the same, the characters are much more diversified this time around. 
In the comments column I've written which character the move belongs to. 

Also, moves are now graded by how well you perform them. For grabs, you can have a weak 
or perfect grab. For flip moves, you can have sloppy or perfect. Point totals and 
information is located below. 

Finally, the shoulder buttons have changed. Now, only the L1 and R1 buttons are used for 
spinning. The R2 button will change your stance (switch, regular) and the L2 button has 
no function. 

Basic Commands:

Move Name:             Command:    Points:   Comments: 
---------              -------     ------    --------
Manual                 U, D        100       Balance using the balance meter.
Nose Manual            D, U 	     100       Balance using the balance meter.
Nollie                 U + X       200
Boneless               U, U + X    250

Circle Commands: [Weak grabs = 50 points, Point degradation applies]

Nosegrab               U + C       300
Mute                   U + C       300       Rodney Mullen Only
Tailgrab               D + C       300
Indy Nosebone          L + C       300       Tony Hawk Only
Melon                  L + C       300       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only
Melon                  R + C       300       Tony Hawk Only
Indy                   R + C       300       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only
Crossbone              UL + C      350
Sex Change             UL + C      350       Rodney Mullen Only
Mute                   UR + C      350 
Stalefish              DL + C      300       Tony Hawk Only
Benihana               DL + C      300       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only	
Judo                   DR + C      600       Tony Hawk Only
Roast Beef             DR + C      600       Chad Muska Only
Stalefish              DR + C      300       Rodney Mullen Only	
Rocket Air             U, U + C    500       Tony Hawk Only
Airwalk                D, D + C    500       Tony Hawk Only
Indy Stiffy            L, L + C    500       Tony Hawk Only
Method                 R, R + C    500       Tony Hawk Only
Varial                 R, L + C    1000      Tony Hawk Only

Square Commands: 				

Pop Shove It           U + Sq      100
Shove It               D + Sq      100
Kickflip               L + Sq      100
Heelflip               R + Sq      100
Kickflip to Indy       UL + Sq     700       Hold for more points / Tony Hawk Only
Hardflip               UL + Sq     300       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only
Varial Heelflip Lien   UR + Sq     800       Hold for more points / Tony Hawk Only
Inward Heelflip        UR + Sq     300       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only
Varial Kickflip        DL + Sq     300
Varial Heelflip        DR + Sq     300
Ollie North            U, U + Sq   500       Hold for more points / Tony Hawk Only
360 Shove It           U, U + Sq   500       Chad Muska & Rodney Mullen Only
Sal Flip               U, D + Sq   1000      Chad Muska Only
360 Flip               D, D + Sq   500

Triangle Commands:

Wall Ride              T           500       Press T near wall, Ollie off for points
50-50                  T           Varies    Neutral + Triangle
Lipslide               T           Varies    Hit a rail at a 90º angle
Boardslide             T           Varies    Hit a rail at a 90º angle
Nosegrind              U + T       Varies    
5-0 Grind              D + T       Varies
Tailslide              L + T       Varies
Noseslide              R + T       Varies
Crooked Grind          UR + T      Varies    
Overcrook              UL + T      Varies    
Smith                  DR + T      Varies
Feeble                 DL + T      Varies
Nosebluntslide         U, U + T    Varies
Bluntslide             D, D + T    Varies
Kiss the Rail          N/A         25        Very short grinds/slides give you this 	

Note:  Fakie moves are in the game, if you perform a 180º Switch Nosegrind, 50-50 or 
5-0, you will get a Fakie Nosegrind, 50-50 or 5-0.  

Shoulder Button Commands:

Rotate Left            L1          N/A
Rotate Right           R1          N/A 		
Change Stance          R2          N/A       Changes your skaters Stance. 	
No Function            L2          N/A 		


Signature Moves:
Tony Hawk:           Christ Air       L, R, C         Varies
(Vert Character)     The 900          R, D, C         8000
                     Sacktap          U, D, C         1500

Chad Muska:          540 Flip         D, U, Sq        1000
(Street Character)   Backflip         U, D, C         3000
                     Hurricane        L, R, T         Varies

Rodney Mullen        Triple Kickflip  L, R, Sq        1000
(Street Character)   540 Flip         D, U, Sq        1000
                     Darkslide        L, R, T         Varies


Rotation Multipliers / Point Degradation: 

Like the first THPS, points degrade, and spins count as multipliers. 

*The L1 and R1 buttons rotate your charater. With each successive spin, your point 
totals will increase. Point totals are below in Chart #1.

*Also in Chart 1, point listings for Sloppy and Perfect landings are included. Based on 
how well you land your move, you are rewarded or penalized by a point multiplier.

*Each successive time you do a trick, that trick's score decreases by a percentage. 
Point totals are below in chart 2.

Chart #1
Degree of Turn    Multiplier    Perfect Multiplier       Sloppy Multiplier 	
   180º              1.5x            2x (2.25?)              1.125x
   360º              2x              3x                      1.5
   540º              3x              4.5x                    2.25
   720º              5x              7.5x                    3.75
   900º              9x              13.5x                   6.75x

Since you're graded based upon your landing, you will actually lose points if you land a 
move poorly.  This may make you think about adding that extra 180º!  This chart is easy 
to read, simply, a Shove It will normally give you 100 points.  Do a 720º Shove It and 
get 100 x 5 = 500 points.  Land that same move and get the perfect message, and receive 
750 points.  A poor landing will penalize you and only give you 375!  

Chart #2
Time doing trick   Multiplier 	
1st                100%
2nd                75%
3rd                50%
4th                25%
5th-on             10%

Doing moves switch stance versus regular stance will give you separate degradation 
totals.  For instance, the firs time you do a Kickflip you will get 100 points.  The 
second time you will receive 75 points.  If then you decide to do a switch kickflip, 
you'll receive 100 points and NOT 50 as it would seem.  So, you can receive a lot more 
points here than you could in the original!

Final Note:
Using both of the above charts, let's say you're doing your 3rd Inward Heelflip.  
Normally it will reward you with 300 points.  Let's say you just landed a perfect 540º 
Inward Heelflip...

Inward Heelflip = 300 points
       3rd time = 300 x 50% = 150 points
   Perfect 540º = 4.5 x 150 = 675 points

One more!
One final excercise.  Imagine you've just landed your 5th Judo using Tony Hawk.  You do 
a sloppy 720º Judo

           Judo = 600
       5th time = 600 x 10% = 60 points
    Sloppy 720º = 60 x 3.75 = 225 points

In this case, you'd be better off trying a different trick.  Between the sloppy landing 
and having maxed out the move, you could get more points by doing a 540º Heelflip 
(assuming it's your first one!)  Food for thought however!


                          -0-0-0:  CODES  :0-0-0-

Due to the contest that is being held by Activision for the demo, it is highly unlikely 
that any codes exist for the demo.  On the same token, no GameShark codes will be 
announced that could assist gamers in getting a higher score than is typically possible.  

I do have a GameShark code that you might find useful.  It was taken from the THPS 

**Play as Rodney Mullen        300E016C 0002

With this code you must enter the level editor to skate as him.  His moves are listed above.  
Do Not try to change the theme of the level you're creating as it may freeze the game.

                     -0-0-0:  TRANSFER LISTING  :0-0-0-

We've dubbed all gaps and transfers as Blue Text Transfers (BTTs). 

Rail 2 Rail:          50      
     Ollie from any rail to another rail.

Rail 2 Ledge:         250     
     From the rail in the far right corner to the ledge.

Ledge 2 Rail:         250     
     Same as above, just the other way around.

Ledge 2 Ledge:        500     
     From one ledge to another.

Lamp Stomp:           2000    
     Grind any of the lamps scattered throughout the stage.

Over the Gate:        250     
     If you turn right as you begin, there will be 2 posts from which hang some flags.  
     Ollie over this.

Over the Crossbar:    500     
     Turning left from the starting point, the crossbar looks similar to the gate 
     mentioned above, but it says, "Bienvenue a Marseille".  Ollie over it!

Freakin' Huge Hip:    500     
     Like Humpty Humps, this time, ollie over the platform (where the rail and trees 
     are), as opposed to the humps themselves. 

Dumpster Pop:         200     
     Ollie over a dumpster.

Table Pop:            250     
     Ollie over a table...lengthwise.

2 The Box:            250     
     In the right corner, if you grind the rail and ollie to the little hump near it, 
     you'll get this BTT.

Over the Table:       250     
     Over the table that's lying at a 45º angle in the pool. 

Box 2 Box Action:     250     
     Directly to the left of the starting point, ollie from one box to the other. If 
     you ollie over the second box, you won't get this transfer.

Humpty Humps:         5000    
     In the far left of the stage, ollie from one of the mini-pools (using the hump) 
     over the hump under the crossbar. Throw in some moves here and you're looking at 
     a killer combo!!! 	

Shorty Dumpster Pop:  150     
     Ollie over the short side of a dumpster.

Shorty Table Pop:     150     
     Ollie over the short side of a table.

Shorty Speaker Pop:   150     
     Over a speaker...

Over the Lil' 4:      100     
     The 4 stair set in the far right corner of the stage.  Ollie down and over these.

Up the Lil' 4:        250     
     Same as above, just ollie up!

Big Ol' Stanky Gap:   500     
     Ollie over both dumpsters straight in front of you as you begin.

Big Mouth Gap:        1000    
     Under the crossbar, clear the gap connecting the pools.

Up!                   250     
     In the pools slightly to the left of where you start, there is an area with a 
     green arrow and a question mark painted on the ground.  Hit it at the right angle 
     and go up!

Up!!                  500     
     Hit the above area w/ more speed and go higher. 	

And Away!!!:          1000    
     Finally, if you hit the aforementioned area w/ enough speed, you'll get all 3 
     transfers (250 + 500 + 1000 x 3 = 5250 points w/out even doing a move!) Include 
     a Perfect 900 with some moves and you've got yourself at least 200k!

Kink Clank:           ???     
     From a lamppost to a rail. 	

Kink Stomp:           1000
     After grinding the building (behind where you start), ollie down and grind one of 
     the kinked rails (right behind where you start).	

Dumpster Stomp:       ???
     As above, instead, grind the other way and transfer down to a dumpster. 	

Knuckling Futs!!!     2000    
     If you enter the pool to your left as you start, head straight across the bowl to 
     the area with the trees. Grind the blue "T" that is amongst the trees for this one! 	

                           -0-0-0:  SECRETS  :0-0-0-

There is one secret area in the demo.  If you go straight ahead from the start point, 
and head left a little bit to where the trees are.  Amongst the trees is a blue T 
shaped pole (Knuckling Futs transfer).  There is a small piece of wood holding this T 
shaped pole up.  If you hit the small piece of wood, then skate into the pole itself, 
the pole will fall down, smashing the fence and revealing a small hidden area.  There 
are 5 500 point icons that you can pick up.

Then, there is an invisible rail on the right hand side of the screen.  Grind this to 
get behind the fence.  There's a black pit here, if you fall in, you won't be able to 
land any moves.   



Thanks to everyone who has helped out in the creation of my pages over the past year, 
and the countless helpful people over at the THPS Forum!  Thanks everyone!

Oh...special thanks to CDarklock (caliban@darklock.com) for his help on the transfer 
listing and for his exceptional FAQ.  Once again http://www.darklock.com/thps/


These documents Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and all aspects thereof are Copyright (c) 1998-2000 
Activision and Neversoft.

This FAQ cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way without consent from the 
author, nor can it be used for profit. 

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