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Reviewed: 02/20/00 | Updated: 02/20/00

What a load of crap

Tomb Raider was a revolutionary game which set the standard for adventure games to follow. Tomb Raider 2 was a decent game, but it was too similar to the first one. Apparently, Eidos didn't learn from its mistake and came out with a horrible sequel in TR3.
When you make a successful game, a sequel is obvious. But, you should at least try to make it a bit different. Or make it so the game makes some sense.
In this edition, Lara is hunting for some mysterious rock which fell from some asteroid. To do this she has to travel to 5 different continents for some reason, and gather artifacts from each place. To do this she has to perform a number of inexplicable actions. For example:
On one level, she has to jump and climb up a series of random ledges, crawl into a tunnel an flip a switch. Once she does that, all you hear is a sound. Now you have no clue as to what just happemed and where you are supposed to go next. Even if you do figure it out, you'll discover that the door that opened leads to another random switch, which brings to mind the question: What lunatic decided to build a series of switches at the most ludicrous locations just to open a door? How about just locking the door and keeping the key with you?
TR3 has a few new vehicles to ride on, new weapons and new clothes for Lara. But, other than the traditional dazzling scenery, this game is worthless.

Graphics: 8.
The saving grace of the game. The locations are all dazzling and Lara looks better than ever.

Sound: 6.
Background music is present, but only in certain places. The sound effects are decent, the tiger's growl is pretty cool though.

Gameplay: 1.
The controls are unbelievably hard and frustrating. Lara never looks at where you want her to. Also what's the point of playing a game when you have to have a walkthrough?

Replay Value: 0.
It is very hard to play the game even once, let alone over and over again.

Overall: 3.
This game shows you that not changing anything in sequels don't work. As for the X-Factor, I could probably name 10 other virtual chicks, way hotter than Miss Croft.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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