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Reviewed: 12/10/00 | Updated: 12/10/00

Ain't no tombs in England

Ok, I always liked the Tomb Raider series. Though not a big fan of hers, I still enjoyed the variation of an Indiana Jones with breast implants. Tomb Raider 1 was a new breath of intrigue in the Mario overridden world. Tomb Raider 2 was a game made to ride the wave of the original and see the where it takes the rest. Welcome to Tomb Raider 3. One thing to say is its disappointing.

First of all the plot. None. Sure they made up some stuff to imitate one, but saying that some chick gone crazy to loot stuff of the dead and put it in her medicine closet wasn't a good idea to begin with. Now, for no apparent reason, some time ago a meteor hit the then 'warm' Antarctica (with crocodiles and monkeys), have some Polynesians move in and release some sort of magical energy into rocks, then having Darwin, on a cruise (he never was on) discover them and take them to some various places. now apparently its up to Lara to catch 'em all (pun intended). Not something you'd wanna see to be published into 5 series.

The sound. Adequate to say the least. In the first episode, it worked because listening to ''It's me, Mario'' became annoying. Now, after listening to the beautiful sounds of Resident Evil series and more, listening Lara make the same sound whether walking on metal or snow is not a very good thing. And the gunshots sound more like firecrackers. Nothing special.

The video. The first episode featured great graphics for those times. The second one made them more detailed and with higher texture. The third one makes high textures, and crappy detail. That a bush or a rock? Seriously, erasing most of the detail just to give Lara a bigger butt is not something I am looking for in a game.

Control. Let me tell you all a little story. I bring Tomb Raider 3 home with high expectation, ripping the cover off and shoving the disc into my PS. I load up Lara's home and what's the first thing I do? I crash into a fire and die before I reach a pool of water. Why? Because I tried to get Lara to make a 45 degree turn. My bike can do a 180 degree turn in an area of 2.5 feet wide. Why does it take Lara the broad side of the barn to make a 45 degree turn? And once you crash into something. It takes her 5 seconds just to realize that she's on fire. The controls seriously need to be tightened.

Design. the levels are nice, but the puzzles suck. Why? because the whole game takes concept of find a key and use it on a door. She's got a gun for god's sake. Why can't she shoot the lock out? Besides, what's she doing in London when she can find a good tomb in Mexico?

So in the end, while she did get some new moves, and a new weapon, the game is just an attempt to bring in some dough for the fat cats in the Eidos studious. Perhaps they should make a level where they have a famous penny.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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