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Reviewed: 12/14/02 | Updated: 12/14/02

Time Crisis + PS + Light Gun = Fun!

Time Crisis

This is Time Crisis, a light gun game for the Playstation. It's not just a light gun game for the Playstation, it's a GOOD light gun game Playstation!

GRAPHICS: 6 - Pretty blocky actually, but the animations for the enemies are good. All animations are pretty good and cool.

SOUNDS: 7 - The sounds from the weapons are very good, and loud... The music is good, but could be better. The voices are better than in many other games.

DIFFICULTY: 9 - Very hard. Very, very hard! You'll have some serious problems to get to the end if you aren't an experienced light gun player, or a cheater. It really take some time before you manage to finish all the three play modes.

PLAY MODES: 8 - There are two modes; the Special Mode and the Arcade Mode. If you choose the arcade mode you have two choices - Story Mode or Time Attack.
In Story Mode you complete 3 levels, with 4 chapters in each, with a set amount of lives, but with a continue feature. In Time Attack you can choose to play any of the three levels, but you are playing only against the clock, with endless lives, the game ends when the time is out!
The Special Mode is special for the Playstation version of the game (it's an arcade game from the beginning, you know), and it's more flexible than Arcade Mode, because one action you do affects what you'll do next.

CONTROLS: 9 - Here, you've got two choices; Controller or Light Gun! It's harder to play with the controller because it takes a little while to make the cursor move to the other side of the screen, with a Light Gun you can do the same thing in nanoseconds. So if you have finished the game a zillion times with a Light Gun, try to do the same thing with a controller, much harder, eh?
But there's a few things that isn't especially good with the Light Gun; to ''install'' it takes a few minutes, you need to go to the back of the console, and you'll need to calibrate it correctly to make it shoot at your enemies when you have your sights at them. But overall it's better and easier to play with a Light Gun than with the controller.
Important note: The most Light Guns DO work with the Playstation 2, so don't worry about that if you've got a PS2.

THE PRICE YOU PAY: This is very good, it's released as a Platinium Game, so it's not especially expensive! The Light Gun is another story, though...

TOTAL: 8 - All right. This is a good game, so go and buy it and a Light Gun as soon as you get the money!

''This game reminds me of that song, Point Blank!''
- Myself, talking Springsteen and Time Crisis with a friend

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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