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Reviewed: 07/25/01 | Updated: 11/20/01

Duck!!! Quack? No, not you, the game!

Time: Tick Tock...Crisis: AUGH!!!...Time Crisis: Bang

Time Crisis is a railed light gun shooter that plays along the lines of Maximum Force, Area 51, or any other light gun game you can think of. The one factor that differentiated this game from other light gun games is the action pedal. When in the arcades, you stand on a pedal to fire and release it when you want to dodge enemy fire and reload. When you release the pedal, you duck behind the nearest table, corner, etc... To keep you from ducking for infinite
amounts of time, the game is on a time limit. It's a race against the clock to get to the next section. This system gives the game a fast paced feel. Packaged with the game is the extremely accurate Guncon (sadly, no pedal, though you can use a controller to step on). This light gun uses a special, high-tech technique to make the gun more accurate than conventional light guns. It requires plugging a cord into your video input to ''read'' the images on the screen.

One man, against the evils of the world...

There is a long list of games with the above plotline and Time Crisis adds one more to that list. You are a man on a mission to rescue the President's daughter (it's never his son...) who has been kidnapped by terrorists. Armed with a pistol (and trendy leather jacket) you must fight your way through hoards of baddies (and the occasional boss) to get her back. Like in most shooters, the story doesn't really matter and hardly makes a difference in the game. Aside from the regular arcade storyline, the developers added in a whole nother quest in which you infiltrate a secret weapons organization. The arcade follows the same story regardless of action but the Special mode branches and the story changes depending on what actions you take. The gameplay is like that of any other shooter and the real fun comes in strategically ducking. It's much more fun to pop around a corner, shoot, then duck back for cover as a grenade flies past, than it is to just shoot the grenade. Aside from the ducking, the shooting action is fast, but the enemies all look the same. They mostly wear this one outfit with varied colors at times. It would help if they could vary the enemies to vary the gameplay.

Lookie Here! It says I can step on my controller!!! *mad jumping ensues*

Control for the game is easy. The gun is accurate (well, if you calibrate it right) and is very responsive. There is a button on the side of the gun that mimics the pedal in the arcade. Hold the button to shoot, release it to duck for cover and reload. If you don't want to do this, simply plug a regular playstation controller into the second port and you can step on any of the shape buttons to shoot, just like the arcade. I am not responsible for any broken controllers however because of this =). Otherwise, the game controls just like it should.

Grainy sand

The graphics for Time Crisis are arcade perfect. One problem, this game was released in '97. The graphics aren't bad. The polygonal characters look good and move nicely. The backgrounds aren't too great looking, and have this grainy feel to them. It's prominent throughout the game as is the tan color. Many objects are made of just a couple shades of tan. This is noticeable because it seems you are always looking at the same palette in many of the scenes.
The graphics are top notch for '97 but in 2001 there are much better looking games out there.


I liked the sound in Time Crisis. The voice acting isn't terrible good, but it gives the game an odd mood. There is a sweeping musical soundtrack that really appeals to me and the announcer who yells ''action'' just before every scene can be funny in the intro cutscene. It is almost as if the game attempted to be funny and serious at the same time. It's not an accident and gives the game a different feel. The voices seem to know that they sound funny, and the music seems ultra dramatic. It is not a bad combination and earns points in my book.

He didn't hit me! I dodged it! Really!

Time Crisis also has it's share of flaws. The game can be exceedingly hard in both modes. Not only do you have to worry about getting hit, but you must beat the clock as well. To beat this game with a high ranking, you have to have nearly inhuman accuracy and speed. Once you do beat the game however, there is nothing else to bring you back. No extra modes. No secrets. No nothing. These aren't too bad since the game gives you excellent, innovative shooting action and a whole extra mode. I recommend this game to anyone interested in light gun games.

Overall 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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