1. Will Botti Additional Game Design:
  2. Jose Villeta Additional Game Design:
  3. Matthew Brown Additional Production (EA Games)
  4. Brett Hall Additional Programming:
  5. Kelly McCarthy Additional Programming:
  6. Scott Milner Additional Programming:
  7. Eric Ciccone Animators:
  8. Don Johnson Animators:
  9. Brian Sanchez Animators:
  10. Mike Field Art Director
  11. Jake Cotton Artists:
  12. Henri Ji Artists:
  13. Wing Kang Artists:
  14. Milton Mariscal Artists:
  15. Andrew Marquis Artists:
  16. Garrett Nguyen Artists:
  17. Eric Serrano Artists:
  18. Chauwa Steel Artists:
  19. Joel Wade Associate Producer (EA Games)
  20. Harald Seeley Development Director (EA Games)
  21. Simon Mathew Executive Producer (DANJAQ, LLC)
  22. Jon Horsley Executive Producer (EA Games)
  23. Neil Haldar Executive Producer (MGM)
  24. John Botti Executive Producer:
  25. Jesse Burneko Game Programmers:
  26. Scott Musler Game Programmers:
  27. Narry Kahng-Cinelli Lead 2D Artist:
  28. Daryl Kimoto Lead Game Designer:
  29. Will Botti Lead Game Programmers:
  30. Kyle Riccio Lead Game Programmers:
  31. Aaron Casillas Level Game Design and AI Scripting:
  32. Daryl Kimoto Level Game Design and AI Scripting:
  33. David Tseng Level Game Design and AI Scripting:
  34. Jason Greenberg Motion Capture Director:
  35. Chad Stahelski Motion Capture Stunt Coordinator:
  36. Damon Caro Motion Capture Stunts:
  37. Janie Liszewski Motion Capture Stunts:
  38. Chad Stahelski Motion Capture Stunts:
  39. Don Veca Music
  40. Hunter Smith Producer (EA Games)
  41. Jose Villeta Project Director & Producer:
  42. Will Botti Script Writing and Editing:
  43. Daryl Kimoto Script Writing and Editing:
  44. Ryan Higa Senior Game Programming:
  45. Doug Kuppinger Senior Game Programming:
  46. Jose Villeta Senior Game Programming:
  47. Burke Trieschmann Sound Effects Design (EA Games)
  48. Michelle Perone Storyboard Artists:
  49. William Botti Technical Director
  50. Steve Batiste Tools Programming:
  51. Rudi Kammerer Tools Programming:
  52. Adam Blackwood Voice: James Bond
  53. John Cleese Voice: R


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