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    FAQ/Move List (Letter) by SurfBard

    Version: 4.95a | Updated: 05/01/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     Tekken 3
                                for arcade and psx
                                  Letter Notation
    				by SurfBard
                                Last Update - 5/1/98
                                  Version 4.95a
    	New versions of this FAQ are availible at my web site, which is
    located at http://home.nycap.rr.com/surfbard/ . Please stop by and tell me
    what you think of the site.
            If this is the first revision you've seen (or have seen in a while),
      I HIGHLY reccommend reading the Notations section... you'll be in the dark
      without it!
            This is best printed in edit.com and best viewed in monospace format,
    meaning use a font like Courier New.... or view from Notepad or edit.com!
            Rumors are flying, and no one knows how many characters will be in
    Tekken 3. So far, 18 characters have been released in my arcade. I will only
    post moves for characters that are absolutely CONFIRMED.
    	If you have any moves or fixes for this FAQ, PLEASE e-mail me. Your
    help is neeeded to complete the moves list!
    	No part of this FAQ may be reproduced and sold for profit. After 
    all, if I'm not making money off of this.... It may be redistributed ONLY 
    in its entirety by electronic format for personal and/or recreational 
    purposes. Please do not alter it in any way, shape, or form. 
    --------- Dedicated to the memory of Amy Diane Evernham (1975-1997) --------
    Here are the notations I will be using in this FAQ -
    lp - left punch
    lk - left kick
    rp - right punch
    rk - right kick
    ss - sidestep
    f  -  tap forward
    b  -  tap back
    u  -  tap up
    d  -  tap down
    F  -  hold forward until otherwise noted
    B  -  hold back until otherwise noted
    U  -  hold up until otherwise noted
    D  -  hold down until otherwise noted
    B,360degCnterC - hold back, twist the joystick in a counter-clockwise motion
    F,360degClkwse - hold forward, twist the joystick in a clockwise motion                 
    (WC) - while crouching
    (WS) - while getting up from a crouch
    n    - neutral joystick position
    ~    - immediatley following
    ^    - indicates the move links after the preceeding move
    (NJ)  - juggles
    (HJ)  - juggles high
    (J*)  - juggles on counterhit
    (BJ)  - bounce juggles
    (BL)  - juggles low or bounces low
    (!)   - unblockable
    (*)   - stuns
    (*C)  - stuns on counterhit
    (*B)  - stuns if blocked
    (ru)  - in juggle combos, run up and execute the hits after the notation
    B     - in juggle combos, begginer level
    I     - in juggle combos, intermediate level
    E     - in juggle combos, expert level
    *General Maneuvers*
    f,f                   - Dash Forwards or Offensive Push if Next to Opponent
    b,b                   - Dash Backwards
    D,df,ub               - Backflip (at a distance)
    u,n                   - Axis Shifting Sidestep
    d,n                   - Axis Shifting Sidestep
    lp                    - Throw Escape
    rp                    - Throw Escape
    df+lp                 - Uppercut
    df+rp                 - Uppercut (NJ)
    df+lk                 - Side Kick
    df+rk                 - Front Kick
    u                     - Low Jump
    U                     - High Jump
    u+rp                  - Quick Pounce
    uf+rp                 - Quick Pounce
    U+rp                  - Hard Pounce
    f,f,f                 - Run
     ^B                     - Stop Running
     ^lp+rp                 - Flying Cross Chop
     ^lk                    - Flying Side Kick
     ^rk                    - Sliding Leg Sweep
    lp+rp+lk+rk           - Agression Charge
    f+lp+lk               - Left Limb Reversal Counter
    f+rp+rk               - Right Limb Reversal Counter
    rp+rk                 - Ultimate Tackle Dodge
    d+lp+rp               - Ultimate Tackle Reversal
    d+lp                  - Ultimate Tackle Punch Counter
    d+rp                  - Ultimate Tackle Punch Counter
    +Ground Moves+
    ~lp                   - Immediate Recovery Roll
    ~rp                   - Immediate Recovery
    ~lk                   - Immediate Recovery
    ~rk                   - Immediate Recovery
    D+lp                  - Roll Over
    lp                    - Roll Sideways
    lk                    - Get Up With Sweep
    rk                    - Get Up With Side Kick
    D+rk                  - Ankle Kick
    B                     - Roll Backwards
     ^b+lk+rk              - Get Up
     ^f+lp+rp              - Forward Pounce
    F                     - Roll Forwards
     ^f+lp+rp              - Forward Pounce
     *Tekken 3 Basics - Explanations for the New General Maneuvers*
     # Axis Shifting Sidestep (u,n -or- d,n)
    The sidestep was a gift to a character in Tekken 2. In Tekken 3, every
    character can now perform a sidestep. Mind you, sidestepping won't get you
    out of many moves due to the fact that attacks automatically track (that is,
    if you sidestep too early, your opponent will hit you anyway), but when
    you use the correct timing, sidestepping is a great asset. Using sidesteps
    to dodge the opponent's attack and then countering or initiating a juggle
    is a major addition to Tekken 3's gameplay.
     # Agression Charge (lp+rp+lk+rk)
    The Agression Charge is another new addition to Tekken 3. Once the move is
    used, your character will charge up for a moment (like the charge before
    an unblockable attack), and their fists will begin to sparkle. Agression
    Charges usually last about five seconds. During a charge, your character's
    attacks will all be counted as counterattacks, so moves that do special things
    when they hit on counterattack are most effective! Also, if your character's
    attacks are blocked, they will still take off a small amount of damage (as
    if the "Guard Damage" game option were turned on). Use the charge to your
    advantage... do moves that normally take off alot of damage but are
    frequently blocked.
     # Reversal Counter (f+lp+lk -or- f+rp+rk)
    Now even more characters have reversal moves. What was once a minor threat
    has grown. Using the reversal counter is a tricky affair... it works best
    when you KNOW that you are about to be reversed. Some reversal counters even 
    do a small amount of damage! It is rumored that not all characters have 
    reversal counters. The actual button combination for the Reversal Counter
    depends on the limb that your opponent is grabbing... if you punch with your
    right hand and your opponent reverses, the correct counter would be
     # Immediate Recovery (~lp or ~rp or ~lk or ~rk - after being knocked down)
    One of the best (in my opinion) additions to Tekken 3 was the immediate
    recovery. No more lying on the ground (unless you want to) after your
    opponent pummels you! The only time immediate recovery doesn't work is after
    being thrown or stunned. Be warned, though... immediate recovery isn't
    always a good thing, especially when you bounce right back to take another
    hit. Be careful!
     # Ankle Kick (d+rk - after being knocked down)
    Another addition to the list of options that you have after your opponent
    knocks you down. This move gives a quick low shot to the enemy. Useful
    for getting out of tight jams!
     *Arcade Secrets and Tricks*
     # Special Outfits
    As of this writing, there are three characters that can use additional
    outfits by pressing "START" to select them instead of a punch or kick
    button. These are:
      Jin Kazama   -- school uniform with pinstripe pants and a purple shirt (*)
      Forest Law   -- the classic yellow and black Tekken uniform
      Ling Xiaoyu  -- school uniform with miniskirt and white shirt (*)
      (*)  -- these can only be selected after Mokujin becomes fightable
    Also, additional characters can be used by pressing "START" on certain
    basic characters:
      Nina Williams -- Anna Williams (*)
      Eddy Gordo    -- Tiger (**)
      (*)  -- these can only be selected after Bryan Fury becomes fightable
      (**) -- these can only be selected two weeks after Ogre II becomes playable
     # Special Stages
    As of this writing, there is one special stage that can be accessed.
      High School -- you can fight here when either Jin or Xiaoyu is selected
                     with the start button as the challenger.
     *Playstation Secrets and Tricks*
     # Tiger Jackson
    After Ogre II gets released, you must have beaten the game with all 18 base
    characters to release Tiger. To select him, select Eddy with start.
     # Anna Williams
    Anna comes out via normal release between Mokujin and Bryan Fury.
     # Dr. Boskonovich
    To get Dr. B, win four games of Tekken Force, collecting the keys and then
    defeating him in battle.
     # Gon
    To get Gon, defeat him in a game of Tekken Ball. Gon is selected offscreen.
     # Special Outfits
    There are a few characters that have special third costumes, these can be 
    selected with the start button after they are obtained. The numbers next
    to the outfit descriptions designate the number of games the indicated
    character must be used for.
      Jin Kazama    50 - school uniform with pinstripe pants and a purple shirt 
      Forest Law    na - the classic yellow and black Tekken uniform
      Ling Xiaoyu   50 - school uniform with miniskirt and white shirt
      Gun Jack      10 - classic Jack-2 skin
      Anna Williams 25 - zebra stripe dress
    *What's New*
     - Key
          (+) Added Move
          (-) Deleted Move
          (*) Fixed Move
          (N) No change, moves after it were added, fixed, or deleted.
     * Fixed some of the Playstation Secrets section.
     * Added/fixed all of Dr. Boskonovich's moves.
    *Bryan Fury*
    lp+lk+rk            - Taunt
    lp+lk               - DDT
    rp+rk               - Leverage Thrust
    D,df,d,DF+lp+rp     - Messanger of Death
    (ss left) lp+lk     - Grabbing Swing Toss
    (ss right) lp+lk    - Suplex
    (from behind) lp+lk - Throw
    d+lp+lk             - Low Combo Break
    d+rp+rk             - Low Combo Break
    lp+rp               - Sledgehammer
    F+lp+rp             - Spinning Elbow
    lp,rp               - One Two
    lp,rp,lk            - One Two -> Kick
    lp,rp,lp,rp         - Triple Jab -> Hard Swipe
    lp,rp,lp,rk         - Triple Jab -> Kick
    f+rk,lk,rk          - Triple Kicker
    df+lp,rp            - Elbow Pistons (NJ)
    df+lp,lp,lp,lp,rp   - Fury Rush
    df+lk               - Low Spinkick (BL)
    d+lk                - Kickboxer's Low
    d+rk                - Kickboxer's Low
    d+lk+rk             - Sideattack Low
    d,db,b,n            - Backwards Dodge
    d,db,b,n,rp         - Dodge -> Thrusting Palm
    b+rp,rk             - Spinning Punch -> Kick
    b+rp,lp,rp          - Spinning Punches
    b+rp,lp,rk          - Spinning Punches -> Spinkick
    b+lk,rp,lp,rp       - Fury Thrust -> Triple Punch
    b+lk,rp,lp,rk       - Freezer Burn
    b+rk                - Knee
    b,b+rk              - Flying Somersault Kick
    f,F+rp              - Straight Fist
    f,F+lk              - Lunging Spinkick
    uf+rk               - Hopkick
    d,df,f+lp           - Uppercut (NJ)
    d,df,f+rp           - Gutpunch
     ^b+rp               - Double Punishment (Gutpunch must connect) (BJ)
    d,df,f+lk,rk        - Knee Combo
    (WS)lp              - Uppercut (NJ)
    (WS)rp              - Gutpunch
     ^b+rp               - Double Punishment (Gutpunch must connect) (BJ)
    (WS)lk,rk           - Knee Combo
    ss,lp               - Devil's Claw
    ss,rp               - Devil's Talon
    ss,lp~rp            - Phantom's Claw
    lp,rk,rp,rk         - Entering Pentagon
    lp,rk,rp,lp,rk      - Pentagon Attack #1
    lp,rk,rp,lp,rp      - Pentagon Attack #2
    lp,rk,lk,lk         - Southern Cross
    lk,lk               - Quick Kicks
    lk,rp,lp,rk         - Gatling Attack Combo
    lk,rp,lp,rp         - Quad Attack
    b+lp+rk             - Sidewinder (!)
    f+lp+rk             - King Cobra (!)
    b+lk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rk,rp,lp,rk,rp - Tenstring   - MMMMHHHHM?
    b+lk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rk,lk,lk       - Eightstring - MMMMHHMH
    b+lk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rk,rp,rk       - Eightstring - MMMMHHHM
    B - lp,rp,d+lk
    I - (WS)lk,lp,f,f+rp
    I - lp,rp,f,f+rp
    I - b+rp,lp,rp
    I - b+rp,lp,rk
    B - (ru)lp,rp,d+lk
    B - (ru)lp,rk,lk,lk
    I - (ru)lp,rk,f,f+rp
    I - b+rp,lp,rk
    E - (WS)rk,f,f+rp
    catch copy - snake-eye
    nationality - USA
    fighting style - Kickboxing
    age - 29
    height - 186cm
    weight - 80kg
    blood type - ???
    occupation - collecting brain data (prior to death, international police)
    hobby - collecting lighters
    likes - being alone, hair-cutting
    dislikes - sunshine
    stage - Punk Alley
    *Dr. Boskonovich* - PSX Version Only
    +Obtaining Dr. Boskonovich+
    To get Dr. Boskonovich, win four games of Force Mode.
    +Special Notation+
    (FB)  - After performing this move, Dr. B falls backwards.
    (SFB) - After performing this move, Dr. B sparks and falls backwards.
    lp+rk                             - Bad Stomach
     ^lp+rp                            - Irish Whip
      ^rp,rp,lp+rp                      - Elbow Drop
       ^lp+rk                            - Kingstep
        ^rp,lp,lk,rk                      - Bulldog
       ^lp+rp                            - Cartwheel
        ^lk+rk                            - Laugh It Up
        ^lp+rp                            - Shoulder Ram
       ^lk+rk                            - Cross Chop
    (ss left)lp+rk                    - Bad Stomach
     ^lp+rp                            - Arm Takedown
    (ss right)lp+rk                   - Bad Stomach
     ^lp+rp                            - Trip Up
    (from behind)lp+rk                - Bad Stomach
     ^lp+rp                            - Atomic Drop
    lp+rp                             - High/Mid Punch Combo Break
    d+lp+rp                           - Low Combo Break
    lp,rp                             - One-Two
    rp~lp                             - Panic Doctor (FB)
    lk,rk                             - Double Low Kick
    uf+lp                             - Thunder Oldfist (SFB)(NJ)
    uf+rp                             - Wind Oldfist (FB)(NJ)
    f+lk+rk                           - Slide
    f,f+rp                            - Jack Tamer (*B)
    f,f+lk                            - Flying Sidekick (*B)
    f,f+rk                            - Frankenweiner
    f,f+lp+rp                         - Base Stealer
    f,f+lk+rk                         - Oops!
    f,f,N,rp                          - Elbow Rush (FB)
    f,f,N,rp(on counterhit)           - Elbow Warp
     ^f,f                              - Laugh It Up
      ^lp+rp                            - Mind Warp -> Play Dead Position
      ^lk                               - Hop Kick (FB)
    f,f,n,lk                          - Spin Doctor
    df+lp+rp                          - Twin Pistons (FB)(BL)
    d+rk                              - Slice Kick -> Face Down Feet Away
    db+lk,rk,lk,rk,lk,rk              - Cossack Kicks (FB)
    b+lp+rk                           - Guard Break
    lk+rk                             - Electrify
     ^uf+lp,lk,lk,lk                   - Oldfist Combo (FB)
     ^uf+lp,lk,lk,F+lk,lk,lk,lk,lk,lk  - Super Oldfist Combo (FB)
     ^~B                               - Shadow Run
      ^lk                               - Shadow Kick Left (FB)
      ^rk                               - Shadow Kick Right (FB)(*B)
    b+lk+rk                           - Backwards Electrify -> Back Turned
     ^U                                - Superdoc (!)
     ^~B                               - Shadow Run
      ^lk                               - Shadow Kick Left (FB)
      ^rk                               - Shadow Kick Right (FB)
    ss,rp                             - Gut Stun (FB)(*C)
     ^lp                               - Thunder Oldfist (FB)
    b+lp+rp                           - Brain Drain (!)
    -From (FB)-
    ~f                                - Fall Back Recovery
    u                                 - Doctor Bounce
    lk+rk                             - Flip Flop Kick
    rp~lp                             - Panic Doctor (FB)
    -Back Turned-
    f,f+lk                            - Ling Hook Kick
    lp+rp                             - Backwards Blast
    lk+rk                              - Backwards Electrify
     ^B                                 - Shadow Run
      ^lk                                - Shadow Kick Left (FB)
      ^rk                                - Shadow Kick Right (FB)
    -Face Up Feet Towards Position-
    lp+rp+lk+rk                       - Agression Charge
    f,f                               - Doctor Roll (FB)
     ^rk                               - Rolling Kick (*B)
     ^lk+rk                            - Flip Flop Kick
    lp                                - Cough It Up (!)
    rp                                - Cough It Up (!)
    lk+rk                             - Hop Up
    lk,lk                             - Rolling Kicks
    rk,lk,rk,lk,rk                    - Roo Kicks
    rk,rk,lk,rk,lk,rk                 - Trick Roo Kicks
    -Play Dead Position-
    lp+rp+lk+rk                       - Agression Charge
    f,f                               - Doctor Roll (FB)
     ^lk+rk                            - Flip Flop Kick
    lk+rk                             - Super Roo (EFB)
    -Face Down Feet Away Position-
    rk                                - Backwards Crescent Lunge
    b,b~lk+rk                         - Rolling Super Roo (EFB)
    f,f+lp,rk,lk,rp,lp                - Fivestring (SFB)
    f,f+lp,rk,lk,lk,lk,rp,lp          - Sevenstring (SFB)
    *Eddy Gordo / Tiger*
    +Special Notation+
    (HP) - Handstand Position by holding B after the move
    (GP) - Grounded Position by holding D after the move
    lp+lk                  - 180-Scoot Leg Toss
    rp+rk                  - Handstand Leg Toss
    b,db,d,df,f+lp+rp      - Spiraling Hip Toss
    (ss right) lp+rk       - Spinning Neck Kick
    (ss left) lp+lk        - Side Pop Flip
    (from behind)lp+lk     - Over-The-Top Leg Toss
    lp,rp                  - One-Two
    db+rk                  - Barbed Wire (HP)
    f,f+lk+rk              - Boomerang Kick
    f,f+rk,rk              - Leaping High Kick
    f,f+rk,lk              - Leaping Low Kick
    uf+lk+rk               - Jumping Toe-Touch Kick (GP)
    uf+rk                  - Jumping Roundkick
    rk~lk                  - Satellite Moon
     ^rk                    - Bazooka Kick
     ^lk                    - Sattelite Ground Kick (HP)(GP)
    lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep (HP)(GP)
     ^lp                    - Rollout Punch
     ^rp                    - Rollout Punch
     ^lp+rp                 - Crying Needle
      ^lp+rp                 - Double Crying Needle
     ^rk                    - Ground Kick (HP)
     ^rk,lp+rp,lp+rp        - Ground Kick -> Double Crying Needle
     ^rk,rk                 - Ground Kicks Combo (HP)(GP)
    df+lk+rk               - Cartwheel Kick (HJ)
    db+lk,rk               - Bushwacker
    f+rk                   - Monkey Trick
     ^lk~rk                 - Vault Sweep (HP)
    f,f+lk                 - Lunging Front Kick (HP)(GP)
    b+rk                   - Arching Crescent
     ^rk                    - Flapjack Kick
      ^lk+rk                 - Reverse Somersault
     ^lk                    - Chain Kick
      ^lk                    - Roll Kick
      ^rk,rk                 - Roll Kick Combo (HP)
    f+lp+rp                - Handstand Position Starter
    f+lk                   - Handstand Position -> Handstand Kick
    df+lk                  - Handstand Position Starter (HP)(GP)
    d+lp+rp                - Crying Needle
    b+lk                   - Knee
    df+rp                  - Stunning Elbow
    df+lp                  - Stunning Elbow
    df+rk                  - Shin Kick
    (WS)rk                 - Outside Crescent Kick
    (WS)lk+rk              - Flapjack Technical (HP)(GP)
    lk+rk                  - Flapjack Kick (HP)
    lp+rp                  - Rewinder
     ^d+rk                  - Twister
     ^u+lk                  - Jumping Jacks
      ^df+lk+rk              - Cartwheel Kick
    ss,rp                  - Ground Slam
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk   - Triple Flip Combo
    ss,lk                  - Sattelite Ground Kick -> Grounded Position
    ss,u+lk,rk             - Flyin' Eddy (GP)
    ss,lp+rp,lk            - Spinning Elbows -> Cartwheel Kick
    ss,rk,rk               - Double Sweep
    ss,rk,lk+rk            - Sweep -> Somersault (*)
    ss,rk~lk               - Entering Heaven (HP)(GP)
    ss,lk+rk               - Forward Flip Kick
    ss,lk+rk,u+lk          - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick
    ss,lk+rk,U+lk,rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick -> Roundhouse
    ss,lk+rk,d+lk+rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Sweep (GP)
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk         - Double Flipkick Combo
    ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,d+lk+rk - Double Flipkick Combo -> Sweep (GP)
    f+rp,lp,rk             - Triple Attack Combo
    db+lk,rk,rk,lk+rk      - Sweep -> Arching Crescent -> Flapjack Combo
    db+lk,lk,rk,rk         - Low Blows Combo
    db+lk+rk               - Ground Screw Kick (!)
    -Grounded Position-
    rk                     - High Sweep
     ^lk+rk                 - Whirlijig Kick -> Handstand Position
    lk                     - Bottoms-Up Sweep
     ^rk                    - Top Kick
    lk~rk                  - Helicopter Sweep
    rk~lk                  - Whirlwind Kick (HP)
    lp+rp                  - Crying Needle
    lp+rp,lp+rp            - Double Crying Needle
    -Handstand Position-
    F                      - Walk Forwards
    B                      - Walk Backwards
    D                      - Handstand Crouch
    ss                     - Dodge
    lp                     - Rollout Punch
    rp                     - Rollout Punch
    lp~lk,lk,lp+rp         - Rollout Punch Combo
    lp~lk,b+rk,rk,lk+rk    - Rollout Punch Combo
    lp~lk,rk,rk,rk         - Rollout Punch Combo (HP)
    lp~lk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo (HP)
    rp~rk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo  
    u+lk+rk                - Inferno Kick (HP)(GP)
    d+lk+rk                - Stakedriver (HP)(GP)
    lk                     - Low Split Kick (HP)(GP)
    rk                     - Handstand Kick
    lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep
    (Wait)                 - Grounded Position
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,lk                 - Sixstring
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,rk,rk,rk           - Eightstring
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk  - Eightstring
    rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk,rk,lk,rk,lk+rk     - Ninestring
    B - lk~rk,rk~rk
    B - df+lk,rk~rk~rk
    B - uf+rk 
    B - df+lk+rk
    catch copy - revenger from prison
    nationality - Brazil
    fighting style - Capoeira
    age - 27
    height - 188cm
    weight - 75kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - none
    hobby - monarchism
    likes - power
    dislikes - powerlessness
    stage - Mountain Temple Paradise
    *Gon* - PSX Version Only
    +Obtaining Gon+
    To select Gon, defeat him in a game of Tekken Ball.
    lp+lk                - Bite Toss
    rp+rk                - Bite Toss
    (ss left)lp+lk       - Multi Slam
    (ss right)lp+lk      - Giant Swing
    (from behind)lp+lk   - Tackle and Stomp
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp       - Advancing Punches
    b+lp                 - Roo Fist
    uf+lp                - Demon Gonfist (NJ)
    (WS)lp               - Uppercut (NJ)
    F+lp+rp,lp+rp,lp+rp  - Triple Headbutt
    f,f+lp+rp,lp+rp      - Sawblade -> Sky Headbutt
    D+lp+rp              - Grounded Gon
     ^lp                  - Roll -> Get Up
     ^u                   - Get Up
     ^f                   - Roll Forward
     ^b                   - Roll Backward
     ^lk                  - Tail Swipe
     ^rk                  - Tail Swipe
     ^d+lp                - Face Down Position
      ^lk                  - Ankle Kickout
       ^f,lk                - Roll and Boot Kick
       ^f,rk                - Roll and Boot Kick
       ^b,lk                - Roll and Roo Kick
       ^b,rk                - Roll and Roo Kick
      ^rk                  - Ankle Kickout
       ^f,lk                - Roll and Boot Kick
       ^f,rk                - Roll and Boot Kick
       ^b,lk                - Roll and Roo Kick
       ^b,rk                - Roll and Roo Kick
    uf+lp+rp             - Backdrop
    UF,lp+rp             - Belly Flop -> Face Down Position
    b+lp+rp              - Foot Tossover
    df+lp+rp             - Offensive Push
    f,n,d,df+lp+rp       - Shoulder Uppercut (NJ)
    f+rp+lk              - Helicopter Attack
    F+lk,lk              - Twin Tail Sweeps
    f+lk+rk              - Dropkick
    lk+rk                - Center Headbutt
    b+lk+rk,b            - Sidestep Shuffle
    ^b                    - Multiple Shuffles (can be repeated)
    df+lk+rk             - Frankengon -> Face Up, Feet Towards
    ^lk                   - Mid Kickup
    ^rk                   - Mid Kickup
    ^d+lp                 - Face Down, Feet Towards
     ^lk                   - Sliding Kickback
     ^rk                   - Sliding Kickback
    db+lk+rk             - Sit Down
    ^f,lk                 - Roll and Boot Kick
    ^f,rk                 - Roll and Boot Kick
    ^b,lk                 - Roll and Roo Kick
    ^b,rk                 - Roll and Roo Kick
    f,F+lk+rk            - Dinoflipper Attack
    u+lk+rk              - Helicopter Tail Attack
    UF,lk+rk             - Helicopter Tail Attack
    ^uf+lk+rk             - Flip, Stomp, Flop
    uf+rk                - Hopkick (NJ)
    UF,lk                - Buttflop
    UF,rk                - Buttflop
    u+rk                 - Buttflop
    D,db+lk+rk           - Roo Kick (NJ)
    D,df+lk+rk           - Shin Charge
    rk,rk,rk,rk,rk,lk+rk - Multi-Tail -> Fire Attack
    d+rk                 - Tail Swipe
    lp+rp                - Fire Breath (!)
    lp+rp~lp             - Electric Guard (!)
    ^rp                   - Dual Shock -> Face Down Position (!)
    lp+rp~rp             - Electric Guard (!)
    ^rp                   - Dual Shock -> Face Down Position (!)
    b+rk                 - Jurassic Fart (!)
    f,F,(pause)          - The Unguarded Headbutt (!)
    lp+rk                - Mega Dinoflipper (!)
    I - uf+rk,uf+lk+rk
    catch copy - animal of mystery
    nationality - ???
    fighting style - ???
    age - ???
    height - ???
    weight - ???
    blood type - ???
    occupation - ???
    hobby - ???
    likes - ???
    dislikes - ???
    stage - Mountain Temple Paradise
    *Gun Jack*
    lp+lk                - Hip Toss
    rp+rk                - Lift and Toss
    uf+lp+rp             - Lifting Choke and Toss
     ^b,db,d,DF+rp        - Megaton Punch
    db+rp+lk             - Face in the Dirt
    df+lp+lk             - Hell Press
     ^lp+rp               - Super Hammer Strike
    df+rp+rk             - Death Heave (HJ)
    df,DF+rp+rk          - Modified Death Heave
    d,db,b+rp            - Stone Knee
    d,df,f+lp            - Pyramid Driver
    f,f+lp+rk            - Choke Slam
    f,f+rp+lk            - Jaw Breaker
    db,F+lp              - Piledriver
    (ss left)lp+lk       - Side Lift Throw
    (ss right)lp+lk      - Hanging Neck Throw
    (from behind)lp+lk   - Spinal Crush
    (from behind)rp+rk   - Death Shot
    lp,lp,lp             - Jackhammer
    rp~lp,rp             - Punch -> Elbow -> Uppercut
    b,db,d,DF+lp         - Megaton Sweep
    b,db,d,DF+rp         - Megaton Punch
    lp+rp,lp+rp          - Double Hammer Strike
    (WS)lp+rp            - Reverse Hammer Strike (BL)
    (WS)lp+rp,lp+rp      - Reverse Double Hammer Strike
    (WS)lp               - Violent Uppercut (NJ)
    f,f+lp+rp            - Cross Cut Saw
     ^lp+rp               - Low Cross Cut Saw
     ^df+rp               - Megaton Punch
    D,lp+rp              - Forklift Launch
    d+lp+rp              - Reverse Mega Hammer Strike (NJ)
    D,df+lp,rp,lp,lp     - Windmill Punches -> Left Power Swipe (*B)
    df+lp,rp,lp,rp       - Uppercut Rush
    df+rp+lk             - Downward Palm Strike
    d+rk                 - Earthquake Kick
    db+lp,lp,lp,lp,lp,rp - Machine Gun Punches -> Megaton Punch
    db+lk,rk,lk,rk,lk,rk - Cossack Kicks
    uf+lk+rk             - Pancake Press
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp         - Sitting Punches
    f+lk+rk              - Missile Slide
    lk+rk                - Liftoff Thrust (!)
     ^lk+rk               - Second Thrust (!)
      ^lk+rk               - Third Thrust (!)
    ss,lk+rk             - Sidestep -> Liftoff Thrust (!)
    f+rk~lp              - Dark Greeting (!)
    B,360degCnterCx5,lp  - Gigaton Windup Punch (!)
    d+rp,lp,lp,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp,lp+rp,lp+rp    - Tenstring - LLLMMHHHMH
    d+rp,lp,lp,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp,d+lp+rp,lp+rp  - Tenstring - LLLMMHHHLM
    uf+lp,lp,rk,lk,rk,lp,rp,lp,lp+rp,lp+rp   - Tenstring - MHLLLHHHHH
    uf+lp,lp,rk,lk,rk,lp,rp,lp,d+lp+rp,lp+rp - Tenstring - MHLLLHHHLM
    B - d+lp,D+lp,rp
    I - rp~lp,uf+lk+rk
    I - df+lp,rp,lp,uf+lk+rk
    B - b,db,d,DF+lp
    I - d+lp,D+lp,rp
    I - f,f+lp+rp,lp+rp
    catch copy - disordered killing machine
    nationality - ???
    fighting style - power fighting, guns are installed in both arms
                    (though defected)
    age - 7
    height - 220cm
    weight - 170kg
    blood type - plutonium
    occupation - purpose unknown
    hobby - weapon training
    likes - self-analysis
    dislikes - scrap factories
    stage - Laboratory Courtyard
    *Heihachi Mishima*
    rp+lk+rk                      - Taunt
    lp+lk                         - Lightning Neck Snap
    rp+rk                         - Mishima Powerbomb
    f,f+lp+rp                     - Headbutt
    f,f+lp+rk                     - Super Headbutt
    (ss left) lp+lk               - Atomic Drop
    (ss right) lp+lk              - Guillotine Hammer
    (from behind) lp+lk           - Lightning Knee
    (on opponent's countering rk) - Lightning Siphon Reversal
    lp+rp                         - Chi Fists
    f+rp~lp+rp                    - Delayed Chi Fists
    lp,lp,rp                      - Shining Fists Combo
    lp,rp,rp                      - Demon Slayer
    lp,rp,lp+rp                   - Chi Attack Combo
    lp,rp,rp~lp+rp                - Delayed Chi Attack Combo
    df+lp,rp                      - Twin Pistons (BL)
    b+rp                          - Stabbing Gutpunch
    f+lp,b+rp,n~lp                - Jab -> Gutpunch -> Dragon Punch
    f+lp,b+rp,n~rk                - Jab -> Gutpunch -> Thrust Kick
    f,f+rp                        - Rushing Uppercut (NJ)
    f,f+lk                        - Left Splits Kick (*C)
    f+rk                          - Right Splits Kick
    f,n,d,df+rp                   - Wind Godfist (NJ)
    f,n,d,df+lp                   - Dragon Punch
    f,n,d,df,n,lk                 - Hop -> Thrust Kick
    f,n,d,DF+lk                   - Hop -> Low Thrust Kick
    f,n,d,df,n,rk,rk              - Tsunami Kick
    f,n,d,DF+rk,n,rk,rk           - Hell Sweep -> Tsunami Kick
    f,n,d,DF+rk,n,lp              - Hell Sweep -> Dragon Punch
    f,n,d,DF+rk,n,rp              - Hell Sweep -> Rushing Uppercut (NJ)
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,n,rk,rk        - Hell Sweeps -> Tsunami Kick
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,n,lp           - Hell Sweeps -> Dragon Punch
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,n,rp           - Hell Sweeps -> Rushing Uppercut (NJ)
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,rk,n,rk,rk     - Hell Sweeps -> Tsunami Kick
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,rk,lp          - Hell Sweeps -> Dragon Punch
    f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,rk,n,rp        - Hell Sweeps -> Rushing Uppercut (NJ)
    (WS)rk,rk                     - Tsunami Kick
    uf+rk,rk                      - Rising Sun
    rk~lk                         - Demon Scissors
    d+rk (if opponent down)       - Lighting Stomp
    d,df,f+rp                     - Death Fist
    d+lp,rp                       - Tile Splitter -> Death Fist
    uf+lk,rk                      - Hell Axle
    U+rp+rk                       - Leaping Chi Punch
    UF+rp+rk                      - Leaping Chi Punch
    b,b,n,lk+rk                   - Shadow Step
    d+lp+rk                       - Thor's Fury (!)
    df+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,lp    - Tenstring - MMMLLMHMMM
    df+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,rk    - Tenstring - MMMLLMHMMM
    df+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp    - Tenstring - MMMLLMMMMM
    f,f,n,rp,lp,rp,rp,lk,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp - Tenstring - HHHHMMLHMH
    B - lp,lp+rp
    B - lp,lp,rp
    B - lp,rp,rp
    B - lp,rp,lp+rp
    B - lp,d,df,f+rp
    B - lp,f,n,d,df+rp
    I - lp,rp,lp+rp
    I - lp,f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,n,lp
    I - f,n,d,df,n,rk,rk
    I - lp,f+lp,b+rp,n~lp
    I - lp,rp,lp,f,n,d,DF+rk,lp
    E - lp,f+lp,b+rp,f+lp,f,n,d,DF+rk,n,rk~rk
    B - df+lp,rp
    catch copy - king of the iron fist
    nationality - Japanese (though the Japanese government denies it)
    fighting style - mishima style fighting karate
    age - 73
    height - 179cm
    weight - 80kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - leader of mishima financial empire
    hobby - bathing, meditation
    likes - ruling the world
    dislikes - none
    stage - Temple Entry Room
    lp+lk               - Windmill Neck Kick
    rp+rk               - Reverse Neck Kick
    f+lp+lk             - Run Up Back
    f,F+rp              - Jawbreaker
    d,db,b+lk           - Boot to the Head
    d,DB+lp+lk          - Trip Takedown
    (ss left) lp+lk     - 5 Strike Combo
    (ss right) lp+lk    - Foot in Face
    (from behind) lp+lk - Reverse Jumping Death
    d+lp+lk             - Low Combo Break
    d+rp+rk             - Low Combo Break
    lp+rp               - Switch Face Away/Face Towards
    lk+rk               - Switch Left/Right Foot Forward
    f,n,d,df            - Crouch Dash
    f,n,d,df,rp         - Lifting Uppercut (NJ)
    f,n,d,df,lk         - Left Flamingo Stance
    f,n,d,df,lk~lk      - Stabbing Sidekick
    f,n,d,df,rk         - Sky Blast Kick (HJ)
    d+lk                - Shin Kick
    d+rk,rk             - Bird Hunter (NJ)
    df+lp+rp            - Body Blow
    df+lk,rk            - Double Sidekicks
    df+rk               - Toe Kick
    db+rk               - Trip Kick
    db+rk,rk            - Crushing Axe Kick
    u+lk                - Hopping Sidekick -> Left Flamingo Stance
    uf+lk,rk,lk         - Hunting Hawk
    (WS)lk              - Rising Crescent
    (WS)rk              - Toe Kick
    (WS)rk~rk           - Crushing Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    db+lk+rk            - Heel Explosion (!)
     ^B                  - Cancel -> Left Flamingo Stance
    -Left Leg Forward-
    lp,rp               - One-Two Punches
    rp,rk               - Punch -> Jumping Back Wheel Kick
    f+rp                - Backfist -> Right Foot Forward
    b+rp                - Backfist
    f+rp~F              - Backfist
    f+lk                - Left Flamingo Stance
    f+lk~lk             - Stabbing Sidekick
    f,f+lk              - Crescent Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    f+rk                - Face Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance
    f+rk,rk             - Face Kick Combo -> Right Foot Forward
    b+rk                - High Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    lk,lk,lk,lk         - Machine Gun Kicks
    lk,lk,d+lk,rk       - Assailant Combo -> Right Flamingo Stance
    lk,lk,d+lk,rk,rk    - Insane Assailant Combo
    lk,lk,lk,rk         - Butterfly Attack -> Right Flamingo Stance
    lk,lk,lk,rk,rk      - Butterfly Combo
    lk,lk,rk            - Knife Foot Combo -> Right Flamingo Stance
    lk,lk,rk,rk         - Changeup Combo -> Right Foot Forward
    lk,lk,rk,rk,B+rk    - Wind Kick Combo
    rk,rk,rk,rk         - Hot Feet
    rk,rk,rk,lk         - Fourfooter
    rk,rk,rk            - Triple Right Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance
    rk,rk,rk~B          - Triple Right Kick
    rk,rk~F             - Right Hook Kicks -> Right Foot Forward
    rk,lk               - Double High Kick Combo
    u+lk,lk,lk,lk       - Sky Reacher Combo
    u+rk                - Right Sky Kick
    lp,lp,lk,lk         - 2x Punches -> 2x Kicks Combo
    lp,rp,lk            - 2x Punches -> Kick Combo
    lp,rp,rk            - 2x Punches -> Kick Combo
    lk~rk               - Flying Eagle
    (WS)+rk             - Reverse Roundhouse
    -Right Leg Forward-
    rp,lp,lp            - Triple Punch
    f+rk                - Right Flamingo Stance
    b+lk                - High Kick -> Left Foot Forward
    b+rk                - Sidestepping Roundhouse
    f+rk~rk             - Lifting Leg (NJ)
    rk~lk               - High Roundhouse -> Right Foot Forward
    rk,lk               - Chainsaw Kick
    f+lk                - Hook Kick -> Left Flamingo Stance
    f+lk,lk             - Hook Kick -> Axe Kick -> Left Foot Forward
    f+lk,n,lk,lk,lk     - Hook Kick -> Machine Gun Kicks -> Left Foot Forward
    f+lk,n,lk,lk,rk     - Hook Kick -> Triple Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance
    f+lk,n,lk,lk,rk,rk  - Hook Kick -> Changeup Combo -> Right Foot Forward
    f+lk,b+lk           - Hook Kick -> Sidestepping Roundhouse -> Left Foot Forward
    f+lk,d+lk           - Hook Kick -> Shin Kick -> Left Foot Forward
    f+lk,rk             - Bad Dancer
    f,f+rk,lk           - Screw Kick
    lk,lk               - Teaser Combo
    rk,rk               - Double Hook Kicks
    -Left Flamingo Stance-
    lp                  - Left Jab
    rk                  - Spin Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance
    f+lk                - Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    b+lk                - Left Sidestep Roundhouse
    d+lk                - Shin Kick
    d+rk                - Right Leg Sweep
    rp,rp               - Spinfist -> Right Jab
    lk,lk,lk            - Machine Gun Kicks
    lk,lk,rk            - Left Kicks -> Spin Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance
    lk,lk,rk,rk         - Changeup Combo -> Right Foot Forward
    lp+rk               - Power Blast (!) -> Left Foot Forward
     ^b,b                - Cancel -> Left Foot Forward
    rp,rp,lk,rk,lk,rk,rk,rk,rk,lk - Tenstring
    -Right Flamingo Stance-
    lp                  - Left Spinfist -> Left Foot Forward
    rp                  - Jab -> Right Foot Forward
    lk                  - Spin Kick -> Left Flamingo Stance
    rk                  - Side Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    f+rk                - Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward
    d+lk                - Left Leg Sweep -> Left Foot Forward
    d+rk                - Low Kick
    lp,rp,lk,rk,lk,rk,rk,rk,rk,lk - Tenstring
    B - rk,rk,rk,rk
    B - lk,lk,lk,lk
    B - lk,lk,lk,rk~lk
    I - lp,lp,lp,rp,rk
    I - lp~rp~rk
    B - lk~rk,db+lk+rk
    B - lk~rk,d+rk,rk
    B - uf+lk,rk,lk
    I - db+lk+rk
    E - lp,uf+lk,rk,lk
    E - lk+rk,f+lk,n,lk,lk,lk
    E - lk+rk,f+lk,n,lk,lk,rk,rk
    catch copy - blood talon
    nationality - Korea
    fighting style - Taekwondo
    age - 19
    height - 181cm
    weight - 68kg
    blood type - O
    occupation - leader of street swindler gang
    hobby - sailing (his athletic ability is exellent)
    likes - rock 'n roll and fighting (he is also good at arguing)
    dislikes - Mishima style Fighting Karate, Jin Kazama
    stage - Mountain Dojo
    *Jin Kazama*
    lp+lk               - Cyclone Kicks
    rp+rk               - Hip Toss
    df+rp+lk            - Striking Fist
    f,f+lp+rp           - Headbutt
    d,db,b+lp+lk        - Tower Breaker
    (ss right) lp+rk    - Arm Break -> Toss
    (ss left) lp+lk     - Side Throw
    (from behind) lp+lk - Spinning Arm Breaker
    b+lp+lk             - Reversal
    b+rp+rk             - Reversal
    b+lp+rp             - Offensive Block
    U+rp+rk             - Leaping Chi Punch
    UF+rp+rk            - Leaping Chi Punch
    lp,rp,rp            - Demon Slayer
    lp,lp,rp            - Shining Fists Combo
    (WS)lp,rp           - Twin Pistons (NJ)
    (WS)rk,rk           - Tsunami Kick
    df+rk,rk            - Tsunami Kick
    rk~lk               - Demon Scissors
    f,f+rp              - Rush Punch
    f+rp                - Overhead Smash
    df+lp               - Quick Low Shot
    df+lp,rp            - Low Shot -> Overhead Smash Combo
    b,F+rp              - Demon Godfist (S*)
    b,F+rp,lp,d+rp      - Demon Godfist -> Elbow -> Uppercut Combo (NJ)
    b,F+rp,lp,rp        - Rushing Demon Combo
    f,n,d,df+rp         - Wind Godfist (J*)
    f,n,d,df+lp         - Dragon Punch
     ^lk                 - Landing Gear Sidekick
     ^rk                 - Landing Gear Sweep
    ss+rp               - Tooth Fairy (NJ)
    f,f+lk              - Axe Kick
    f,n,d,df,rk,rk      - Hell Sweep -> Roundhouse
    uf,rk,rk,rk,rk      - Rising Sun -> Hell Sweep -> Roundhouse
    f+lk                - Side Spin -> Screw Kick
    f+rk                - Knee
    lp,rp,rk            - 2x Punches -> Knee Combo
    lp,rp,lk,rk         - 2x Punches -> Axe Kicks Combo (BJ)
    lp,rp,lk,f+rk       - 2x Punches -> Axe Kicks Combo
    d+lk+rk             - Can-Can Kicks (NJ)
    d+lp+rp             - Ultimate Tackle
     ^lp+rp              - Arm Bar
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp,lp     - Mounted Punches
     ^lp,rp,lp,lp+rp     - Mounted Punches -> Arm Bar Combo
    lp+rk,rp,rk         - White Heron Combo
    lp+rk,rp,d+rk       - White Heron Combo
    b+lp+rk             - Lightning Screw Uppercut (!)
    B+lp+rk             - Tempest Lightning Screw Uppercut (!)
    b+rp,rk,rk,rk,rk,rp,lp+rk,rp,lp,rk  - Elevenstring - HHMLMMLHHMM
    b+rp,rk,rk,rk,rk,rp,lp+rk,rp,lp,lk  - Elevenstring - HHMLMMLHHML
    b+rp,rk,rk,rk,rk,rp,lp+rk,rp,lk+rk  - Elevenstring - HHMLMMLHHMM
    f,f,n,rp,lp,rp,rp,lk,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp - Tenstring    - HHHHHMLHMH
    f,f,n,rp,lp,rp,rp,lk,rk,rk,lk,rp,lp - Tenstring    - HHHHHMLLM!
    lk,rp,rk,lk,lp+rk,rp,rp,lp,rp       - Tenstring    - HHMHLHHMMM
    f,f,n+rp,lp,rk,rk,rp,rk,lk,rp,lp    - Ninestring   - HHMMMMLM!
    lk,rp,rk,lk,lp+rk,rp,lp,lk          - Ninestring   - HHMHLHHMM
    lk,rp,rk,lk,lp+rk,rp,lp,rk          - Ninestring   - HHMHLHHML
    lk,rp,rk,lk,lp+rk,lp,lk             - Eightstring  - HHMHLHMM
    lk,rp,rk,lk,lp+rk,lp,rk             - Eightstring  - HHMHLHML
    lp,rp,lp+rk,rp,rk                   - Sixstring    - HHLHHM
    lp,rp,lp+rk,rp,d+rk                 - Sixstring    - HHLHHL
    b+rp,rk,rp,lp,rp                    - Fivestring   - HHMMM
    b+rp,rk,rp,lp,d+rp                  - Fivestring   - HHMMM
    B - lp,rp,rp
    B - lp+rk,rp,rk
    B - lp,rp,rk
    B - lp,df+rk,rk
    I - lp,rp,rk,f,n,d,df+rk,rk
    I - b,f+rp,lp,d+rp
    I - lp+rk,lp,lp,rp
    I - b,F+rp,lp,d+rp,f,f,rp
    E - lp,rp,b,f+rp,lp,d+rp,f,F+rp
    E - lp,rp,rk,(ru)lp+rk,rp,rk
    E - f,n,d,df+lp,lk
    B - lp,rp,rp
    B - lp,lp,rp
    I - f,n,d,df+rp
    catch copy - fatal lightning
    nationality - Japan
    fighting style - advanced Mishima style Fighting Karate and Kazama style 
    		 of self-defense (It is the mixture of learning from his 
    		 mother and also his own style)
    age - 19
    height - 180cm
    weight - 75kg
    blood type - AB
    occupation - martial artist
    hobby - forest bathing
    likes - mother's precepts
    dislikes - deceiving others
    stage - Tiger Dojo
    *Julia Chang*
    rp+lk+rk           - Taunt
    lp+lk              - Sideways Body Drop
    rp+rk              - Fisherman's Suplex
    df+lp+rp           - Full Nelson Suplex
    d,db+lp+lk         - Front Suplex
    d,db,b,F+rp        - Triple Strike Grapple
    D,db,d,DB+lp+rp    - Cyclone Suplex
    (ss left)lp+lk     - Running DDT
    (ss right)lp+lk    - Modified 69 Slam
    (from behind)lp+lk - Spinning Air Neckbreaker
    db+lp+lk           - Low Combo Break
    db+rp+rk           - Low Combo Break
    lp~rp,lp           - One-Two -> Cannon Lift (if second hit connects)
    lp~rp,lk           - One-Two -> Low Kick
    lp~rp,rk           - One-Two -> Kick
    lp~lp~lp           - Treble Clef Cannon (NJ)
    df+lp,lp           - Bass Clef Cannon (NJ)
    B+rp               - Punch -> Spin Behind
     ^lp+rp             - Suplex
    D,df+lp,rp         - Dashing Punch -> Elbow Rush
    f,f,F+lp,rp        - Dashing Punch -> Elbow Rush
    F+lp               - Dashing Uppercut (BL)
    f,F+lp             - Elbow
    F+lp~rp            - Palm Strike
    lp+rp              - Twin Arrows
    rk,rk,rk           - Triple Kick Combo
    rk,rk,d+rk         - High Kick -> Low Kick -> Low Kick
    rk,rk,lp           - High Kick -> Low Kick -> Uppercut
    lk+rk              - Spinning Axis Shift
     ^rk,rk,rk          - Triple Kick Combo
     ^rk,rk,D+rk        - High Kick -> Low Kick -> Low Kick
     ^rk,rk,lp          - High Kick -> Low Kick -> Uppercut
    df+lk              - Face Kick
    (WS)rk             - Skyscraper Kick
    (WS)rp             - Cannon Blast
    (WS)rp,lp,lp       - Cannon Blast -> Treble Clef Finisher (NJ)
    (WS)rp,rk,rk       - Cannon Blast -> Twin Kicks
    (WS)rp,rk,d+rk     - Cannon Blast -> Kick -> Low Kick
    (WS)rp,rk,lp       - Cannon Blast -> Kick -> Uppercut
    (WS)rp,lp,rk,lk    - Cannon Blast -> Buffalo Arrow Combo
    lk~rp              - Cannon Blast
    lk~rp,lp,lp        - Cannon Blast -> Treble Clef Finisher (NJ)
    lk~rp,rk,rk        - Cannon Blast -> Twin Kicks
    lk~rp,rk,d+rk      - Cannon Blast -> Kick -> Low Kick
    lk~rp,rk,lp        - Cannon Blast -> Kick -> Uppercut
    lk~rp,lp,rk,lk     - Cannon Blast -> Buffalo Arrow Combo
    db+lk              - Low Sweep
    D,df+rk,lk         - Full Sweep -> Bow Leg
    lp+rk,lk           - Buffalo Arrow Combo
    lp~lp,rk,lk        - Punch -> Buffalo Arrow Combo
    df+rp,lp           - Lead-In Punch -> Cannon Lift (only if Lead-In connects)
    df+rp,lk           - Lead-In Punch -> Low Kick
    df+rp,rk           - Lead-In Punch -> High Kick
    d+rk,N,rk          - Front Sweep -> High Kick
    d+rk,D+rk          - Front Sweep -> Fan Kick
    d+rk,lp            - Front Sweep -> Cannon Blast (NJ)
    rp~lk,lp           - Anchors Away
    d+rp,lk,lp         - Anchors Away
    UF+lk+rk           - Earthquake Stomp
    f+lp+rk            - Heaven's Cannon (!)
    rp,lp,lp,rp,lk,lk,lk,rk,rk,lp - Tenstring - HHMHHLHHLM
    rp,lp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lk,rp,lp - Tenstring - HHMHHLMLMH
    rp,lp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rk,lk - Tenstring - HHMHHLMMLH
    B - lp,(ru),d+rk,lp
    B - lp,rp,b+lp
    B - lp,(ru),df+lp
    I - lp,lp~lp~lp
    I - d+rp,D,df+rk,lk
    I - lp~lp~lp,d+rk,lp
    B - d+rk,lp
    catch copy - wandering woman fistfighter
    nationality - USA
    fighting style - chinese kenpo
    age - 18
    0height - 165cm
    weight - 54kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - archaeology research
    hobby - hunting
    likes - buffalo
    dislikes - mishima zaibatsu
    stage - Temple Entry Room
    lp+lk                             - Swinging DDT
    rp+rk                             - Suplex                 
    D,db,d,DB+lp+rp                   - DDT
    db,f+lp+rp                        - Tombstone Piledriver
    df+rp+lk                          - Coconut Crush  
    f,b,db,d,df,f+lp                  - Giant Swing                    
    db+lp+rp                          - Figure 4 Leglock
    d,df,f+lp                         - Jaguar Driver                  
    d,df,f+lp~lp+rp                   - Flying Press           
    df+lk+rk                          - Frankensteiner
    d,db,b+lp+rp                      - Split Powerbomb
    (from the left)lp+lk              - Atomic Knee Buster
    (from the left)rp+rk              - Atomic Knee Buster
    (from the right)lp+lk             - Argentine Backbreaker
    (from the right)rp+rk             - Argentine Backbreaker
    (from behind)rp+rk                - Cobra Twist
    (from behind)lp+lk                - Half Boston Crab
    (from behind)b,f+lp+rp            - Shoulder Powerbomb
    ss,rp+rk                          - Reverse Full Nelson (see multipart tree)
    ss,rp+rk (from sides or back)     - Cannonball (see multipart tree)
    b+lp+lk                           - Kick Reversal
    b+rp+rk                           - Kick Reversal
    d+lp+lk                           - Low Powerbomb (opponent crouching)
    d+rp+rk                           - Low Powerbomb (opponent crouching)
    df,df+rp+rk                       - Reverse Full Nelson (see multipart tree)
    							(opponent crouching)
    -when opponent is on the ground-
    db+lp+lk                          - Mini Swing (face up, feet towards)
    db+rp+rk                          - Crotch Headbutt (face up, feet towards)
    DB+rp+rk                          - Figure Four (face up, feet towards)
    db+lp+lk                          - Camel Clutch (face down, feet towards)
    db+rp+rk                          - Camel Clutch (face down, feet towards)
    db+lp+lk                          - Crucifixion (face up, feet away)
    db+rp+rk                          - Crucifixion (face up, feet away)
    db+lp+lk                          - Chicken Wing (face down, feet away)
    db+rp+rk                          - Chicken Wing (face down, feet away)
    -multipart throws-
    f,n,d,DF+lp+rp                     - Ultimate Tackle
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp,lp                    - Mounted Punches
     ^lk+rk,d,n,lp+rp,lp+rp             - Ultimate Bonesplitter
     ^lp+rp                             - Arm Break
      ^lp+rp                             - Double Arm Break
     ^lk+rk                             - Leg Break
     ^lp,rp,lp,lp+rp                    - Mounted Punches -> Arm Break
     ^lp,rp,lp,lk+rk                    - Mounted Punches -> Leg Break
    b+lp+rp                            - Irish Whip
     ^lk+rk                             - Spinning Ground Smash
     ^rp+rk                             - Quick Slam
     ^lp+lk                             - Spin & Let Go
     ^lp+rp                             - Turn Around & Let Go
    d,df,f+lp                          - Jaguar Driver                  
      ^lp+rp,lk,rk,lp+rp                - Boston Crab   
    f,n,df+rp+lk                       - Standing Achilles Hold
     ^lp+rp,lk,lp,lp+lk                 - Scorpion Death Lock
     ^lp,rp,lk,lp+rp                    - STF
     ^lp+rp,lp,lk,lp+rp,rk              - Indian Death Lock
      ^lp,lk,rk,lp+rp,lk+rk              - Romero's Special
    f,n,d,df+lp+rk                    - Single Arm Hyperextension
     ^lp+rp,lp+rp                       - Double Arm Hyperextension
     ^lp+rp,rk,rp+rk                    - Russian Leg Sweep
      ^rk,lk,rk,lk+rk,lp+rp              - Arm Crucifixion
     ^rp,lp,lp+rp+lk                   - Chicken Wing Face Lock
      ^rp,lp,lk,lp+rp+rk,lp+rp+rk       - Dragon Sleeper
      ^lp+lk,lk+rk,rp+rk,lp+rp,lp+rp+lk - Rolling Death Cradle
    			   #-multipart tree-#
    			 A---> C---> D--> E--> F
    			       |          | 
    			       |           --> J
    			 B---------> G--> E--> F
    				     |    | 
    				     |     --> J
    				      --> H--> I--> F
    						--> J
    A) df~lp+lk                         - Reverse Arm Clutch
    A) df~rp+rk                         - Reverse Arm Clutch
    B) df~lp+rp                         - Reverse Full Nelson
    B) ss,rp+rk                         - Reverse Full Nelson
    C) rp,lp,lp+rp                      - Backdrop
    D) lk+rk,lp+rp                      - German Suplex
    E) lp,rp,lk+rk                      - Powerbomb
    F) rp,lp,lk,rk                      - Giant Swing
    G) rp,rp,lp+rp                      - Cannonball
    H) lk+rk,lp+rp,lp+rp+rk             - Manhattan Drop
    I) lp,rp,lk+rk,lp+rp                - Super Freak
    J) lk,lp,rp,lk+rk,lp+rp+lk+rk       - Split Powerbomb
    df+lk                               - Medium Savate Kick
    df+rk                               - Low Savate Kick
    DF+lk,rk                            - Savate Kick Combo
    b+rk                                - Turnaround Kick -> Back Turned
    lp+rp                               - Turning Hand Knife -> Back Turned
     ^lp+rk                              - Moonsault Press (!)
     ^lp+rp                              - Clothesline (!)     
     ^lp                                 - Backhand
    ss+lk+rk                            - Jumping Side Swipe
    d+lp+rp                             - Elbow Drop
    (WS)+rp                             - Lifting Uppercut
    f,n,d,df,n~lp+rp                    - Bouncing Knucklebomb
    f,f,n,rp                            - Middle Smash (*C)
     ^lp+rp                              - Jaguar Backbreaker
     ^lp+rp,u,d,n,lk+rk                  - Jumping Powerbomb
    uf+lp+rp                            - Knuckle Bomb
    u+rp+rk                             - Jumping Elbow Drop
    f,n,df+rp                           - Crouchdash -> Jumpback
    f,f+lp+rp                           - Flying Cross Chop    
    d+lp~n+rp                           - Low Punch -> Uppercut
    f,f+rk                              - Convict Kick
    f,f+lk+rk                           - Drop Kick
    f+rp+lk                             - Black Shoulder
    ss+rp                               - Dark Arrow
    D,df+lp                             - Ankle Smash
    d+lk+rk,rk,rk                       - Ali Kicks
    d+lk+rk,rp                          - Ali Kick, Middle Smash
    f+lp+rk                             - Moonsault Press (!)
    f+lp+rp                             - Jaguar Lariat (!)
    lp,rp,lp,lp,rp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lk       - Tenstring  - HHMMMLLLMH
    lp,rp,lp,lp,rp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lp       - Tenstring  - HHMMMLLLMM
    lp,rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,rk,lp,lp       - Tenstring  - HHMMHMLLMM
    lp,rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,rk,lp,lk       - Tenstring  - HHMMHMLLMH
    lp,rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,lk,rp,lp+rp    - Tenstring  - HHMMHMLLL!
    f+rp,lp,lp,rp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lk        - Ninestring - HMMMLLLMH
    f+rp,lp,lp,rp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lp        - Ninestring - HMMMLLLMM
    f+rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,rk,lp,lp        - Ninestring - HMMHMLLMM
    f+rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,rk,lp,lk        - Ninestring - HMMHMLLMH
    f+rp,lp,lp,lk,lk,rk,lk,rp,lp+rp     - Ninestring - HMMHMLLL!
    B - lp,(ru),d+lk+rk,rp
    B - lp,rp,d+lk+rk
    B - lp~rp,d+rk+lk,rp
    I - rp,lp,lp+rp,lp
    catch copy - anger of beast
    nationality - Mexico
    fighting style - wrestling
    age - 28
    height - 200cm
    weight - 90kg
    blood type - A
    occupation - professional wrestler, management of an orphanage
    hobby - pleasing children
    likes - drinking beer in victory with Armor King
    dislikes - tears of children
    stage - Wrestling Ring in the Sky
    *Kuma / Panda*
    d+rk                        - Dancing Bear Taunt
    lp+lk+rk                    - Bear Moonwalk Taunt
    lp+lk                       - Rabid Bear
    rp+rk                       - Bear Hug
    f,f+lp+rk                   - Stone Head
    f,df,d,db,b,f+lp+rp         - Circus Roll
    (ss right) lp+lk            - Big Bear Drop
    (ss left) lp+lk             - Pounding Rag Doll Toss
    (from behind) lp+lk         - Biting Rag Doll Toss
    lp,lp,lp                    - Bear Hammer
    F+lp~lp~lp                  - Treble Clef Cannon
    f,f+lp+rp                   - Cross Cut Saw
    lp+rp,lp+rp                 - Double Hammer Strike
    (WS)lp+rp,lp+rp             - Reverse Double Hammer Strike
    (while down)D+lp+rp         - Springing Hammer
    D,df+lp,rp,lp,rp            - Windmill Punches
    D,df+lp,rp,lp,lp            - Windmill Punches -> Bear Slash
    rp,lp,rp                    - Double Elbow -> Uppercut (NJ)
    (WS)lp,rp                   - Uppercut -> Claw Strike
    b,db,d,df+rp                - Megaton Punch
    f,f+rp                      - Rushing Uppercut (NJ)
    df+lp,rp,lp,rp              - Uppercut Rush
    df+rp,lp,rp,f+lp            - Uppercut Rush -> High Attack
    df+rp,lp,rp,df+lp           - Uppercut Rush -> Mid Attack
    df+rp,lp,rp,d+lp            - Uppercut Rush -> Low Attack
    D,df+rp,f+lp                - Uppercut -> High Attack
    D,df+rp,df+lp               - Uppercut -> Mid Attack
    D,df+rp,d+lp                - Uppercut -> Low Attack
    D,lp,lp,lp,rp,f+lp          - Low Bear Hammer Rush -> High Attack
    D,lp,lp,lp,rp,df+lp         - Low Bear Hammer Rush -> Mid Attack
    D,lp,lp,lp,rp,d+lp          - Low Bear Hammer Rush -> Low Attack
    uf+lk+rk                    - Pancake Press
     ^F                          - Roll Forward
     ^D                          - Roll Backward
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp                - Sitting Claw Attack
    lk+rk                       - Sit Down
     ^F                          - Roll Forward
     ^D                          - Roll Backward
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp                - Sitting Claw Attack
    f,f,f+lk                    - Lunging Side Kick
    b,f+rp+lk                   - Salmon Hunter
    b,b+rp+lk+rk                - Bear Fart (!)
    B+lp+rp                     - Claw Slash (!)
    B+lp+rp,f,360degClkwse      - Rolling Bear
    B - b,f+rp+lk
    B - lp+rp,lp+rp
    B - F+lp~lp~lp
    I - f,f+rp,lp+rp
    I - f,f+rp,(while back is turned)lk,lp+rp
    E - uf+rk,F+lp~lp~lp,f,f+rp
    catch copy - mad bear
    nationality - none
    fighting style - Heihachi's style plus animal style
    age - 18-20(Kuma) and 16-17(Panda)
    height - 280cm(Kuma) and 277cm(Panda)
    weight - 210kg(Kuma) and 200kg(Panda)
    blood type - ???
    occupation - Heihachi's bodyguard(Kuma) and Xiaoyu's bodyguard(Panda)
    hobby - asceticism, cooking salmon(Kuma) and flowerbed maintenance(Panda)
    likes - TV, Heihachi, Panda(Kuma) and Xiaoyu(Panda)
    dislikes - 14 inch B&W TV(Kuma) and Kuma(Panda)
    stage - Marshall's Hilltop Dojo
    *Forest Law*
    lp+lk               - Quick Punch -> Dragon Toss
    rp+rk               - Leg Grab Takedown
    f+rp+lk             - Dragon Dive
    df+lp+rp            - Chastisement Punch
     ^lp,rp,lp+rp        - Bulldog
    f,f+lk+rk           - Dragon Knee
    (ss right) lp+lk    - Crotch Punch
    (ss left) lp+lk     - Headlock -> Kick
    (from behind) lp+lk - Throat Punch
    b+lp+rp             - Punch Counter
     ^lp                 - Dragon Fist Strike
     ^rp                 - Turning Backfist
    b+lp+lk             - High/Mid Combo Break
    b+rp+rk             - High/Mid Combo Break
    lp,rp               - One-Two Punches
    b+rp                - Dragon Elbow Stab
    F+rp~lp             - One Inch Power Punch
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp      - Dragon Lightning Jabs
    F+rp,rp,rp          - Rave War Combo
    rp,rp               - Double Knuckle
    (WC)lk              - Dragon Low Kick
    df+lk               - Step-In Kick
    lk,lk,lk            - Triple High Kick Combo
    lk,lk,f+lk          - Double High Kick -> Middle Stab Combo
    rk,lk,rk            - Shaolin Spin Kick
    D,df,d,df+lk        - Dragon Slide
    lk+rk,lk            - Double Flipkick Combo
    d+lk+rk             - Backflip Rush
    db+rk               - Dragon Tail
    b+rp,lk,rk          - Junkyard Combo
    db+lp+rp            - Charging Power Punch (!)
     ^u,u                - Cancel
    db+rp,rk,rk         - Acrobat Combo
    ss+lk+rk            - Bicycle Kick
    D,u+rk              - Catapult Kick
    D,u,n,rk            - Punt Kick
    db+rp,rk            - Low Elbow -> Reverse Flip Kick (NJ)
    d+rp,lk             - Low Punch -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    d+lk,lk,rk          - Dragon Low Kick -> Left Kick -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    d+lk,lk,lk,rk       - Dragon Low Kick -> Double Left -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    d+lk,lk,lk,lk,rk    - Dragon Low Kick -> Triple Left -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    df+rk,lk            - Toe Kick -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    d+rk,lk             - Low Twist Kick -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    D+lk,rk             - Low Sweep -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    rk,u+lk             - Roundhouse -> Flip Kick (NJ)
    b+lp,rp,lp          - Triple Fist Strike Combo (NJ)
    df+lp,rp,rp,lp,lk,lk,lk,rk,lk,rk        - Tenstring - MHHHMLMHHM
    df+lp,rp,rp,lp,lk,lk,lk,lk,rk,rk        - Tenstring - MHHHMLMHLM
    df+lp,rp,rp,lp,lk,lk,lk,rk,rk,rk        - Tenstring - MHHHMLMHLM
    df+lp,lk,rp,rp,lk,d+lk,lk,lk,rk,rk      - Tenstring - MHHHMLMHLM
    df+lp,lk,rp,rp,lk,d+lk,lk,rk,lk,rk      - Tenstring - MLMHMLMHHM
    df+lp,lk,rp,rp,lk,d+lk,lk,rk,rk,rk      - Tenstring - MLMHMLMHLM
    B - db+rp,rk
    B - b+lp,rp,lp
    B - f+rp~lp
    B - b+rp,lk,rk
    B - lk,rk
    B - lk,lk,rk
    B - df+rk,lk
    B - d+rp,lk
    B - lp,db+rk
    B - lp,db+rp,rk
    B - lp,b+rp,lk,rk
    B - lp,d+rp,lk
    I - lp,rk,u+lk
    I - lp,rp,db+rp,rk
    I - lp,rp,b+rp,lk,rk
    I - lp,rp,b+rp,d+rp,lk
    catch copy - flaming dragon has come back
    nationality - USA
    fighting style - Chinese martial arts
    age - 25
    height - 177cm
    weight - 66kg
    blood type - B
    occupation - the second master of Marshall's dojo (maybe)
    hobby - shopping
    likes - credit cards (he was made to shoulder Paul's participation fee of 
    	the tournament as well as all the gasoline expenses)
    dislikes - riding on the bike with Paul (he is afraid of Paul's driving)
    stage - Marshall's Hilltop Dojo
    *Lei Wulong*
    lp+lk                    - Flying Sky Kick
    rp+rk                    - Neck Wringer
    f,f+lp+rp                - Trip
    uf+lp+rp                 - Trip & Elbow
    (ss right) lp+lk         - Crescent Punishment
    (ss left) lp+lk          - Side Throw
    (from behind) lp+lk      - Alley-Oop Back Punch
    db+lp+lk                 - Low Combo Break
    db+rp+rk                 - Low Combo Break
    b+lp+rp                  - Headbutt
    f,n,rk                   - Spinning Forward Kick
    f,n,lk                   - Spinning Rush Kick
     ^rk                      - High Roundhouse
     ^d+rk                    - Foot Sweep
    uf+rk                    - Hopping Kick (NJ)
    db+rk,rk                 - Rave Spin
    db+rk~D                  - Rave Sweep -> Snake Stance
    uf+rp                    - Elbow Drop (hits floored opponent) -> Play Dead
    lp+rp~B                  - Turning Punch -> Back Turned Position
    lp+rp                    - Turning Punches -> Back Turned Position 
    lp+rp~lp+rp              - Turning Punches -> Uppercut
    rk~rk,lk,lk              - Rolling Kicks -> Face Down Position
    f,n,rp,lp,rp,lp          - Guard Melting Punches
    f,n,lp                   - Rush Punch
     ^~D                      - Snake Stance
     ^~U                      - Snake Stance
    f,n,lp,rp                - Two Rush Punches
     ^~D                      - Dragon Stance
     ^~U                      - Dragon Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp             - Three Rush Punches
     ^~D                      - Panther Stance
     ^~U                      - Panther Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp          - Rush Punch Combo
     ^~D                      - Tiger Stance
     ^~U                      - Tiger Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,rk       - 4x Punches, Mid Kick
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,lk       - 4x Punches, Low Kick
     ^~D                      - Crane Stance
     ^~U                      - Crane Stance
    f+rk,lp,rp,lk            - Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches -> Low Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,rk            - Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches -> Mid Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,lp,lk         - Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches -> Low Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,lp,rk         - Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches -> Mid Kick
    db+rk,(WS)rk,rk,rk,lk,lk - Six-Legged Fury
    b+lk+rk                  - Back Turned Position
     ^lp                      - High Backfist -> Back Turned Position
     ^d+lp                    - Low Backfist -> Back Turned Position
     ^rp                      - Backwards Uppercut (NJ)
     ^d+rk,rk                 - Rave Spin
     ^rk                      - Backwards Mid Kick
     ^lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk       - Triple Backflip
    d+lp+rp                  - Slide Position
     ^rk,lk                   - Slide
     ^lk                      - Rising Low-Kick
     ^rk                      - Rising Low-Kick
     ^lp                      - Roll to Play Dead Position
    d+lk+rk                  - Play Dead Position
     ^lk+rk                   - Kangaroo Thrust (NJ)
     ^lk                      - Sweep
     ^lk~rk                   - Rave Spin
     ^rk                      - Rising Mid Kick
     ^d+lp                    - Roll to Slide Position
    rk~lk                    - Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position
     ^rk~lk                   - Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position
     ^lk~rk                   - Sweep -> Play Dead Position
     ^lk~rk,rk                - Rave Spin
     ^lk                      - Rising Low Kick
     ^rk                      - Rising Mid Kick
    f+lk+rk                  - Drunken Stance (Reversal on counter)
    f+rp+lk                  - Snake Stance
    b+lp+rk                  - Phoenix Stance
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rk,rk    - Tenstring  - HHLMMMHMLH
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rp,lk    - Tenstring  - HHLMMMHMMH
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lp,lp,rp - Ninestring - HHLMMMLLM
    -Phoenix Stance-
    rk                       - Crescent Smash (!)
    lk,lk,lk,lk              - Hawk's Claw Kicks
    -Drunken Stance-
    lp                       - Drunken Punch
    lk+rk                    - Double Back-Kick -> Face Down Position
    -Snake Stance-
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp           - Hopping Punches 
    rp,rp,rp                 - Three Punch Combo 
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp,F         - Hopping Punches -> Snake Stance
    rp~F                     - Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance
    rp,rp~F                  - Double Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance
    rp,rp,rp~F               - Triple Snake Jab -> Panther Stance
    rk                       - Hopping Kick -> Snake Stance
    lk                       - Cannon Kick -> Face Down Position
    lp+lk                    - Dragon Stance -> Neck Shake Throw
    (ss left)                - Dragon Stance
    (ss right)               - Panther Stance
    -Dragon Stance-
    rp                       - Double Arm Strike (NJ)
    rp~F                     - Double Arm Strike -> Tiger Stance
    rk                       - Spinning Forward Kick
    lp                       - Neck Shake Throw
     ^lp+rp                   - Drink -> Drunken Stance
    lk                       - High Crescent Kick
     ^lk                      - Low Sweep
    rk,lp,rp,lk,rk           - Rushing Dragon Combo
    rk,lp,rp,lk,d+rk         - Rushing Dragon Combo
    rp+rk                    - Throw
    rp,d~d                   - Double Arm Strike -> Tiger Stance
    (ss left)                - Tiger Stance
    (ss right)               - Snake Stance
    -Tiger Stance-
    lp                       - Overhead Swipe
    lk                       - Spinning Rush Kick
    rp                       - Overhead Swipe
    rk                       - Fast Sweep
    (ss left)                - Snake Stance
    (ss right)               - Dragon Stance
    -Panther Stance-
    lp                       - Two-Handed Low Punch
    lp,rp                    - Double Low Punch Combo
    rp,lp,rp                 - Guard Melting Punches
    lk                       - Low Sweep
    B+lk                     - Low Sweep -> Phoenix Stance
    rp                       - Uppercut (NJ)
    rk                       - Right Kick - same as F+rk from normal stance
    rk,lp,rp,lk              - Lunging Panther Combo
    rk,lp,rp,rk              - Lunging Panther Combo
    lk,rp,lp,rp,lk           - Stalking Panther Combo
    lk,rp,lp,rp,rk           - Stalking Panther Combo
    (ss left)                - Snake Stance
    (ss right)               - Crane Stance
    -Crane Stance-
    rp                       - Backfist -> Back Turned Position
    lp                       - Rush Punch (Back Turned Postition on Block)
    rk                       - Hop Forward -> Low Kick
    lk                       - Hop Forward -> Mid Kick
    lk,rk,rp,lk              - 4 Hit Combo (NJ)
    (ss left)                - Panther Stance
    (ss right)               - Snake Stance
    B - uf+rk
    I - lp,f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,rk
    I - rk~rk,lk,lk
    I - uf+rk,uf+rp,lk
    I - rk,rk~rk,lk,lk
    catch copy - super police
    nationality - China
    fighting style - various martial arts (cored Wu Xing Fist)
    age - 45
    height - 175cm
    weight - 65kg
    blood type - A
    occupation - policeman
    hobby - movies, naps
    likes - SONY products (he has appeared on a SONY commercial film)
    dislikes - crimes, villains
    stage - Quiet Street
    Mokujin randomly imitates one character per round. Moves lists are
    respective to the character that Mokujin is imitating. Pay attention to
    the taunt Mokujin does at the start of the round. The taunt and his
    fighting stance will indicate which character Mokujin is imitating.
    Execute moves and techniques accordingly.
      Here is a guide of character warm-up stances to help you  -
       Bryan Fury    - Walks up to you with his hands behind his back.
                       Thrusts his fists around like a boxer.
       Eddy Gordo    - Walks up and points at you... "you're next!"
                       Flips and dances a bit before starting his standard dance. 
       Gun Jack      - Swings his arms left and right on the outside.
                       Arms pop in and out of his sockets rapidly.
       Hwoarang      - Warms up using some extremely high kicks.
                       Tilts his head over, and scratches his hair.
       Heihachi      - Stands there stiffly, then is surrounded by sparks.
                       Starts sitting indian style, stands up, and turns around.
       Jin Kazama    - Dons his gloves and gets into his stance.
                       Puts his hand on his hip, then tilts his head back in
                       a "Let's Go" gesture.
       Julia Chang   - Puts on her headband, then pats her cheeks.
                       Prays briefly before the fight.
       King          - Starts kneeling with his back turned, stands up and turns.
                       Tilts his head back and holds his arms out a little to
                       his sides as if roaring.
       Kuma / Panda  - Starts sitting indian style, then rolls into place.
                       Lifts his hands above his head as if he was roaring.
       Forest Law    - Squares off in concentration, hands in front of his face.
                       Jumps around, keeping his body moving.
       Lei Wulong    - Stretches within panther stance.
                       Crosses his arms and nods his head, "Let's go!"
       Nina Williams - Gestures with her hand, pretending to slice her throat.
                       Shakes her head with her hand in her face.
       Paul Phoenix  - Mashes his fists together, rolls his neck into place.
                       Moves his hands around his head, as if he is using a comb.
       Ling Xiaoyu   - Hops up and down happily.
                       Puts her hands together and bows politely to her opponent.
       Yoshimitsu    - Teleports all over the place.
                       Starts facing away, then does a slow flip into place.
      Here is a guide of character fighting stances to help you -
       Bryan Fury    - Almost nondescript, but one hand is at a right angle above
                       the other.
       Eddy Gordo    - Ginga dance, very noticeable.
       Gun Jack      - Low set, knees bent more than Jin or Paul.
       Hwoarang      - Hops up and down, starts with his left foot forward.
       Heihachi      - Nondescript.
       Jin Kazama    - Nondescript.
       Julia Chang   - Low set, arms guarding farther out than Jin or Paul.
       King          - Hops forward and back, leaning in and out.
       Kuma / Panda  - Arms bent down in front of him, hunched over.
       Forest Law    - Keeps on moving, hopping around all over the place.
       Lei Wulong    - Sidesteps left and right constantly.
       Nina Williams - Almost nondescript, but hands bob up and down.
       Paul Phoenix  - Nondescript.
       Ling Xiaoyu   - Higher set, arms farther out than Jin or Paul.
       Yoshimitsu    - He has a sword! Geez!
       To determine between nondescript characters : Dash back, then tap f,f+rp.
                                                     Straight Punch - Jin
                                                     Rushing Uppercut - Heihachi
                                                     Dashing Elbow - Paul
    catch copy - wooden person
    nationality - ???
    fighting style - mimicry
    age - ???
    height - 178cm
    weight - 95kg
    blood type - sap
    occupation - training dummy
    hobby - mimicry
    likes - mimicry
    dislikes - mimicry
    stage - Serene Forest
    *Nina Williams / Anna Williams*
    rp+rk                       - Lifting Toss
     ^rp,lp,lp+rp                - Falling Elbow
     ^rp,lp,lk                   - Arm Lock
    lp+lk                       - Throw
    df,df+lp                    - Embracing Elbow Strike
    uf+lp+rp                    - Overhead Neck Throw
    d,df,f,lp+rp                - Chin Bash
     ^lk,rk,lk,lp+rp             - Neck Cutter -> Arm Bar
     ^lp,lk,rp,lp                - Standing Reverse Arm Lock
      ^lk,lp,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp       - Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze
      ^rp,lp,lk,rk,lp+rp          - Falling Reverse Arm Lock
     ^rp,lk,rk,rp,rp             - Knee Bash -> Neck Snap
      ^lp,rp,rk,lk,lp+rp+lk       - Octopus Special
      ^lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,lp+rp       - Falling Neck Snap
    d,df,f,lk+rk                - Crab Claw
     ^lk+rk,lk,rk,lp+rp          - Rolling Arm Bar
     ^lk+rk,rk,rp,lp+rp          - Achilles Tendon Lock
      ^lk,lp,rk,rp+rk             - Knee Cross Lock
      ^lp,lk,rp+rk,lk+rk,lp+rp    - Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock
    d,db,b+lp+rk                - Shin Smash
     ^lp,lk,rp,lp                - Standing Reverse Arm Lock
      ^lk,lp,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp       - Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze
      ^rp,lp,lk,rk,lp+rp          - Falling Reverse Arm Lock
      ^lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,lp+rp       - Falling Neck Snap
     ^rp,lp,lp+rp,lp+rp+lk       - Twisting Shoulder Break
      ^lp,rp,rk,lk,lp+rp+lk       - Octopus Special
    (ss right) rp+rk            - Coconut Crush
    (ss left) lp+lk             - Super Backbreaker
    (from behind) lp+lk         - Three Limb Break
    b+lp+lk                     - Reversal
    b+rp+rk                     - Reversal
    d+lp+lk                     - Low Kick Counter
    d+rp+rk                     - Low Kick Counter
    b+rp,rp                     - Double Slap
    f,f+rp                      - Throat Stabber
    f,f+lp                      - Throat Cutter
    f,f+lk                      - Bad Habit
     ^f,f+rp                     - Panther Claw
     ^df+rp                      - Slap-U-Silly
    d,df+rk                     - Wipe the Floor
    d,df,f,db+rp+lk             - Venomous Breath
    uf+rk,lk,rk                 - Can Opener
    df+lk,lp,rp,f+lp+rp         - Low Kick -> 2x Punches -> Blonde Bomb
    db+rp                       - Side Stab (*C)
    db+lp                       - Upward Slap (NJ)
    df,df+rp                    - Upward Slap
    d+lk+rk                     - Ground Stomp
    f,f,lp+rp                   - Blonde Bomb
    F+lp+rp                     - Blonde Bomb
    f,f+rk                      - Leg Grenade
    f,f,f+lk                    - Bone Cutter (Achilles Tendon Lock on counter)
     ^lk,lp,rk,rp+rk             - Knee Cross Lock
     ^lp,lk,rp+rk,lk+rk,lp+rp    - Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock
    d,db+lk                     - Divine Cannon (NJ)
    db+rk                       - Slice Kick
    db+rk,lk                    - Divine Cannon Combo (NJ)
    lp,rp,rk                    - Bermuda Triangle
    lp,rp,D+lk,rk               - Jail Crash
    lp,rp,D+lk,rp               - Cemetery Crash
    lp,rp,lp,rp,f+lp+rp         - Quadruple Punch Combo -> Blonde Bomb
    lp,rp,lp,rk                 - Spark Attack
    d+lk,rk                     - Leg Break Combo
    lk,rk                       - Double High Kick
    df+lk,lk,lk,rk              - Machine Midkicks
    df+lk,lk,lk,lp,rp,f+lp+rp   - Machine Midkicks -> 2x Punches -> Blonde Bomb
    df+lk,lk,lk,lk              - Machine Midkicks -> Low Kick
    df+lk,lp,rp                 - Flush Combo
    df+lk,lp,rp,f+lp+rp         - Assault Combo
    df+lk,rp,d+lk,rk            - Lunging Assassin Combo
    df+lk,rp,rk                 - Lurking Assassin Combo
    rk,lk,rp                    - 2x Kicks -> Uppercut Combo (NJ)
    d+lk,rp                     - Low Kick -> Uppercut Combo (NJ)
    df~rp                       - Step In -> Upward Slap (NJ)
    ss,b+lp                     - Killing Blade
    ss,rp                       - Palm Uppercut
    ss,lp                       - Quick Slap
    ss,lp+rp                    - Quick Blonde Bomb
    ss,rk                       - Low Kick
    db+lp+rp                    - Hunting Swan (!)
    lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rp,rk     - Tenstring - HHHHMLHHHM
    df+lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rp,rk  - Tenstring - MHHHMLHHHM
    (WS)lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rp,rk - Tenstring - MHHHMLHHHM
    lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rk,lk     - Tenstring - HHHHMLHHLM
    df+lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rk,lk  - Tenstring - MHHHMLHHLM
    (WS)lp,rp,lp,rp,lk,lk,rp,lp,rk,lk - Tenstring - MHHHMLHHLM
    lp,rp,lp,rp,rk,lk,rk,rp,rk,lk     - Tenstring - HHHHHLLMLM
    df+lp,rp,lp,rp,rk,lk,rk,rp,rk,lk  - Tenstring - MHHHHLLMLM
    (WS)lp,rp,lp,rp,rk,lk,rk,rp,rk,lk - Tenstring - MHHHHLLMLM
    B - lp,df+lk,rp,lk
    B - lp,df+lk,rp,rk
    B - lp,db+rk,lk
    B - db+rk,lk
    B - d+rk~lp,rk
    B - lp,rp,lp,rp,lp+rp
    I - lp,lp,B+rp,rp 
    I - db+rk,lk,lp,db+rk,lk
    I - db+rk,lk,uf+lk,db+rk,lk
    I - db+rk,lk,db+rk,pause,lk
    E - b+rp,rp,d+rk,lp,f,f+lk
    E - lp,rp,d+rk,lp,d+rk,lp,f,f+lk
    E - uf+lk,d+rk,n,lp,f,f+lk,f,f+lp+rp,f,f+rk
    catch copy - silent assassin
    nationality - Ireland
    fighting style - assassinating martial arts based on Bone Martial Arts and 
    age - 22
    height - 161cm
    weight - 49kg
    blood type - A (but changed while cold sleeping)
    occupation - assassinating Kazama (under control)
    hobby - retracing memories
    likes - not remebered (maybe tea with milk)
    dislikes - not remebered (maybe Anna)
    stage - Laboratory Courtyard
    *Ogre I*
    lp+lk                    - Lift and Toss
    rp+rk                    - Olympus Leg Break
    df,df+rp+rk              - Waning Moon
    (ss left) lp+lk          - Multiple Thrashing
    (ss right) lp+lk         - Divine Smasher
    (from behind) lp+lk      - Telekinetic Slam
    b+lp+rp                  - Shield Power Surge (on counter)
    lp,lp,rp                 - Shining Fists Combo
    lp,rp,rp                 - Demon Slayer
    df+lp,rp                 - Twin Pistons
    f+rp                     - Step-In Punch
    rk~lk                    - Demon Scissors
    ub+lk,rp                 - Backflip -> Tooth Fairy
    lk+rk                    - Exploder
    f,f,F,lk+rk              - Running Exploder
    f,f,n,lk+rk              - Hop -> Slide Kick
    f,f,n,rk                 - Bazooka Leg
    uf+rk                    - Hopkick (NJ)
    uf+lk,rk,lk              - Hunting Hawk
    d,db+rk                  - Thrust Kick
    D,lk,lk,lk               - Triple Low Kicks
    D,lk,lk,n,lk             - Double Low Kicks -> Rocket Kick (NJ)
    f,f+lk                   - Axe Kick
    f,f+rk                   - Axe Heel Crush
    f+rk                     - Standing Tsunami Kick
    (WS)rk,rk                - Tsunami Kick
    (WS)lk,lk,d+lk,lk,lk.... - Infinity Kicks
    (WS)rp                   - Demon Godfist (*C)
    (WS)f+lp                 - Crotch Chop
    uf+lp+rp                 - Knuckle Bomb
    df+lp+rp                 - Clapper Attack
    D,df+rp                  - Backwards Slap Sweep
    D,f+rp                   - Downward Arm Strike
    d+rk,rk                  - Shin Kick -> High Kick
    f+lp+rk                  - Black Shoulder
    u~D+lp+rp                - Flaming Knuckle Bomb (!)
    b,b+lp+rp                - Indigo Punch (!)
    DB+lp+rp                 - Bloody Scissors (!)
    f,f+rp                   - Serpent Thrust (!)
    f,f,n,rp                 - Kunai Advance (!)
    B+rp                     - Kunai Blow (!)
    B+rp+lk                  - Sidewinder (!)
    *Ogre II*
    rp (after being juggled) - Wing Flapper Juggle Recovery
    lp+lk                    - Lift and Toss
    rp+rk                    - Monstrous Vice
    df,df+rp+rk              - Waning Moon
    (ss left) lp+lk          - Pounding Rag Doll Toss
    (ss right) lp+lk         - Ogre Drop
    (from behind) lp+lk      - Biting Rag Doll Toss
    D,DF                     - Low Attack AutoReversal
    rp,rp                    - Punch -> Backfist
    lp,lp,rp                 - Shining Fists Combo
    lp,rp,rp                 - Demon Slayer
    df+lp,rp                 - Twin Pistons
    df+lp+rp                 - Horn Gore (HJ)
    f+rp                     - Step-In Punch
    rk~lk                    - Demon Scissors
    ub+lk,rp                 - Backflip -> Tooth Fairy
    f,f,F,lk+rk              - Running Exploder
    f,f,n,lk+rk              - Hop -> Slide Kick
    f,f,n,rk                 - Bazooka Leg
    uf+rk                    - Hopkick (NJ)
    uf+lk,rk,lk              - Hunting Hawk
    d,db+rk                  - Thrust Kick
    d+lk,lk,lk               - Triple Low Kicks
    d+lk,lk,n,lk             - Double Low Kicks -> Rocket Kick (NJ)
    f,f+lk                   - Axe Kick
    f,f+rk                   - Axe Heel Crush
    f+rk                     - Standing Tsunami Kick
    (WS)rk,rk                - Tsunami Kick
    (WS)lk,lk,d+lk,lk,lk.... - Infinity Kicks
    (WS)rp                   - Demon Godfist (*C)
    (WS)f+lp                 - Crotch Chop
    uf+lp+rp                 - Knuckle Bomb
    D,df+rp                  - Backwards Slap Sweep
    D,f+rp                   - Downward Arm Strike
    d+rk,rk                  - Shin Kick -> High Kick
    f+lp+rk                  - Black Shoulder
    (while down)lk+rk        - Dive Bomber
    U+lk+rk                  - Jump Kick
    d+lk+rk                  - Low Tail Attack
    df+lk+rk                 - Mid Tail Attack
    df+lk+rk,lk+rk           - Tail Cyclone
    u~D+lp+rp                - Flaming Knuckle Bomb (!)
    DB+lp+rp                 - Bloody Scissors (!)
    b,b+lp+rp                - Indigo Punch (!)
    f,f+rp                   - Serpent Thrust (!)
    f,f,n,rp                 - Kunai Advance (!)
    B+rp                     - Kunai Blow (!)
    B+rp+lk                  - Sidewinder (!)
    d+lp+rp                  - Dragon Flame (!)
    lp+rp                    - Flying Dragon Flame (!)
    B - lp,f+rp
    B - lp,lp,lp,rp
    B - lp,lp,rp,rp
    B - d+lk,lk,n,lk
    I - uf+lk,rk,lk
    *Paul Phoenix*
    lp+lk                     - Arm Toss
    rp+rk                     - Shoulder Popper
    df+lp+rp                  - Striking Shiho-Nage
    b+rp+lk                   - Kick Toss
    f,f+lp+rp                 - Shoulder Ram
    (ss right) lp+lk          - Trip -> Shoulder Toss
    (ss left) lp+lk           - Throw
    (from behind) lp+lk       - Hip Toss
    b+lp+lk                   - Reversal
    b+rp+rk                   - Reversal
    D (until Paul stands)     - Taunt
     ^u+rp+lk+rk               - Amateur Flipkick
    lp,rp                     - One-Two
    rp,lk                     - Jab -> Kick Combo
    rp~lk                     - Flash Attack Combo
    rp,d+lk                   - Jab -> Low Kick Combo
    lp,rk                     - Jab -> Low Kick Combo
    uf+lk,rk                  - Can-Can Kicks
    f,f+lk,rk,lk              - Can-Can Kicks -> High Roundhouse
    f,f+lk,rk,f+lk            - Can-Can Kicks -> Mid Kick
    f,f+lk,rk,d+lk            - Can-Can Kicks -> Low Kick
    d+rk,rp                   - Falling Leaf Combo
    f,f+rk                    - Neutron Bomb
    d+rp                      - Stone Splitter
    d+lp                      - Tile Splitter
    d+lp,rk,rp                - Tile Splitter -> Falling Leaf Combo
    d+lp,rp                   - Tile Splitter -> Phoenix Smasher
    D,df+rp,rp                - Undercut Elbow -> Uprooter (BL)
    D,df+rp,lp                - Undercut Elbow -> Phoenix Smasher
    f,f+rp                    - Elbow Smash
    f+lp+rk                   - Sidestep -> Shoulder Ram
    f+lp+rp                   - Overhead Smash
    db+lp+rp                  - Ultimate Tackle
     ^lp,rp,lp,rp,lp           - Mounted Punches
     ^lp+rp                    - Arm Bar
     ^lp,rp,lp,lp+rp           - Punches -> Arm Bar
     ^d+rp,lp,lp~n~rk~lp~lp+rp - Ultimate Punishment
    f,df,d,db,b+lk,rp,rp      - Sweep -> Undercut Punch -> Uprooter (BL)
    f,df,d,db,b+lk,rp,lp      - Sweep -> Undercut Punch -> Phoenix Smash
    d,df,f+rp                 - Phoenix Smasher
    d,df,f+lp                 - Elbow Lift (NJ)
    f,df,d,db,b+lp            - Dash Back Power Punch
    d,db,b,n                  - Backwards Dodge
     ^lk,rp,rp                 - Sweep -> Undercut Elbow -> Uprooter
     ^lk,rp,lp                 - Sweep -> Undercut Elbow -> Phoenix Smash
     ^lp                       - Tile Splitter
     ^rp                       - Palm Strike
    b+lp+rp                   - Ultimate Phoenix Smasher (!)
    lp,rp,lk,rp,lp,rp,lp,rk,rp,lp - Tenstring  - HHMHMHHLMM
    lp,rp,lk,lp,rk,rp,lp,rk,rp,lp - Tenstring  - HHMMLMHMLM
    lp,rp,lk,lp,rp                - Fivestring - HHMMM
    B - d+rk,rp
    B - lp,rp,d+rp
    B - lp,rp~lk
    B - lp,uf+lk~rk     
    B - rp,uf+lk~rk
    I - lp,rp,d,df,f+rp
    I - lp,lp,lp,d,df,f+rp
    I - uf+rk,lp,rp,uf+lk,rk,f+lk
    E - lp,f,f+lk,rk,f,f+rk
    I - d+rk,rp,d+rp
    E - d,db,b,n,lk,rp,lp
    catch copy - hot-blooded martial artist
    nationality - USA
    fighting style - combined martial arts based on Judo
    age - 46
    height - 187cm
    weight - 81kg
    blood type - O
    occupation - none (still training with the intention to be No.1 in the 
    hobby - riding on a motorbike
    likes - pizza, smell of gasoline
    dislikes - freeways in Japan (he was caught in a traffic jam at the previous 
    stage - Punk Alley
    *Ling Xiaoyu*
    lp+lk+rk                 - Taunt
    rp+lk+rk                 - Taunt
    lp+lk                    - Slap, Forearm Chop
    rp+rk                    - 360 Degree Flip
    d,db,b+rp                - Over-Shoulder Throw
    f+rp~lp                  - Human Hurdle
    (ss right) lp+lk         - Takedown Punishment
    (ss left) lp+lk          - Cartwheel Throw
    (from behind) lp+lk      - Super Arm Takedown
    b+lp                     - Left Knifehand Reversal
    b+rp                     - Right Knifehand Reversal
    lp+rk                    - High/Medium Combo Break
    d+lp+rk                  - Low Combo Break
    db+lk                    - Body Push Combo Break
    lp,d+rp                  - Jab -> Uppercut
    lp,rp,db+lp              - Two Quick Punches -> Power Punch
    rp,lp                    - Two Quick Punches -> Back Turned Position
    db+lp                    - Power Palm Strike                     
    df+lk                    - Face Kick
    f+lk                     - Left Roundhouse
    f,f+lk                   - Raccoon Kick -> Back Turned Position
    db+rk                    - Stomp Kick
    df+rk                    - Toe Kick
    lk+rk                    - Spinning Dodge
    d+lk+rk                  - Spinning Dodge
    f+lk+rk                   - Dive Roll
    f,f+lk+rk                - High Overhead Flip
    u+lp                     - Upward Slap
    f,f+lp+rp                - Upward Spin Strike
    f,f+lp+rp~lp+rp          - Upward Spin Strike -> Downward Spin Strike
    (WS)rp                   - Rising Uppercut (NJ)
    (WS)rk                   - Skyscraper Kick
    f+lp+rp                  - Cartwheel
    df+lp                    - Spinning Punch -> Back Turned Position
    b+lk+rk                  - Back Turned Position
     ^lp                      - Turn Towards Punch
     ^rp                      - Reverse Slap
     ^lk                      - Turn Toward Kick
     ^d+lk                    - Reverse Ankle Kick
     ^rk                      - Vertical Hook Kick (NJ)
     ^rp,lp,rk                - Reverse Three Hit Flurry (NJ)
     ^f,f+lk                  - Reverse Jumpkick
     ^f,f+lp+lk               - Hop and Throw
     ^f,f+rp+rk               - Hop and Throw
     ^f+lk+rk                 - Reverse Roll
      ^~lk+rk                  - Kangaroo Kick
     ^lk+rk                   - Spinning Dodge
     ^f,f+lk+rk               - Reverse High Overhead Flip (Throw on Counterhit)
    d+lp                     - Windmill Slaps
    d+lp,D                   - Windmill Slaps -> Phoenix Stance
    d+lp+rp                  - Phoenix Stance
     ^d                       - Crouch
     ^lp                      - Left Stomach Strike
     ^rp                      - Right Stomach Strike                           
     ^lp+rp                   - Phoenix Uppercut (NJ)
     ^d,lp+rp                 - High Forearm Bash
     ^lp+lk,n                 - Evasive Roll -> Throw
      ^D                       - Throw Cancel -> Phoenix Stance
     ^rp+rk,n                 - Evasive Roll -> Throw
      ^D                       - Throw Cancel -> Phoenix Stance
     ^lk                      - Low Kick
     ^rk                      - Skyscraper Kick
     ^df+rk,rk,rk             - Sweep Kicks -> Skyscraper Kick Combo
     ^f+lp+rp                 - Back Turned Position
     ^f+lk+rk                 - Forward Roll
     ^rk~lk                   - Strong Sweep
     ^u+lk+rk                 - Hop Kick
     ^u+rk,rk                 - Twirling Kick                         
     ^u+lk,lk                 - Double Jump Kick
    uf+rk                    - Jumping Overhead Kick
    b+lp+rp,rp               - Circle Stance -> Power Punch
    b+lp+rp,lp+rp            - Circle Stance -> Phoenix Strike (!)
    d+lp+rk                  - Spinning Axis Shift
    D,lk,rp,lp,rk            - Four Hit Flurry (NJ)
    D,df,rk,rk,rk            - Spinning Sweeps -> Skyscraper Kick Combo
    D,df+rp,lp               - Low Spin Punch Combo
    u+lp+rp,rp,lp            - Rising Phoenix Combo
    u+rk,lp,rp,lp+rp,lp,lk,rk,rk,rk,lp - Tenstring - MHHMMLLLMM
    u+rk,lp,rp,rk,rk,rp,lp+rp,lp,rk,rp - Tenstring - MHHLLMHMLM
    B - D,lk,rp,lp,rk
    B - D,lk,rp,rk
    B - lp,rp,db+lp     
    I - lp,D+lp,f+rk,rk
    E - lp,lp,db+lp,D,df+rk,rk
    E - lp,lp,db+lp,d+lp+rp,f+rk,rk
    E - lp,u+lp+rp,rp,D,df+rk,rk
    catch copy - High-Spirited
    nationality - China
    fighting style - various Chinese martial arts based on Bagua Fist
    age - 16
    height - 157cm
    weight - 42kg
    blood type - A
    occupation - 10th grade student, looking after a panda
    hobby - visiting amusement parks and theme 
    parks all over the world, sight seeing
    likes - pork siubao, sweet siubao (sweatened small red beans inside), 
    shrimp siumai, Beijin duck, takoyaki (grilled octopus), etc...
    dislikes - math teacher
    stage - Namco's Wonder Egg
    lp+lk                         - Flying 69 Slam
    rp+rk                         - Trip
    d,db,b+lp+rp                  - Skydiver
    (ss right) rp+rk              - Clonimitsu
    (ss left) lp+lk               - Bouncing Cartwheel Slam
    (from behind) lp+lk           - Spinning Rainbow Drop
    b+lp+rk                       - Sword Reversal
    d+lp+lk                       - Low Combo Break
    d+rp+rk                       - Low Combo Break
    f+rp                          - Backfist
    f,f+rp                        - Elbow Smash (Sword Slice on counterhit)
    rp~lk                         - Flash Attack Combo
    rp~d+lk                       - Flash Punch -> Low Kick
    rk~lk                         - Kangaroo Kick (HJ)
    lk,rk                         - Zigzag
    rk,rk,rk                      - Triple Roundhouse Combo
    B+lp,lp,lp,lp,lp              - Spinning Fists
    DB+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp             - Low Spinning Fists
    B+lp,lp,lp,DB+lk,lk,F+rk      - Topspinner Attack
    db+lk,lk,lk,lk,lk,F+rk        - Spinning Sweeps -> Front Kick
    D,df+lk                       - Full Sweep
    f,f+lk+rk,lp+rp,lk+rk         - Shark Attack
    f,f+lp+rp                     - Reverse Cartwheel -> Back Turned
     ^rp                           - Backfist
     ^db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp            - Low Spinning Fists
     ^lp+rk                        - Life Siphon
    df+lp,f+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp  - Downward Spiral Attack
    f+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp        - Downward Spiral Attack
    df+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rk       - Downward Spiral Attack
    d,df,f+lp                     - Spinning Sword Flip
    B+lp+rp,lp                    - Bad Breath Stance -> Bad Breath
    uf+lk+rk                      - Poison Wind
    uf+lk+rk,b+lp,b+lp,b+rk       - Poison Wind Combo
    uf+lk+rk,b+lp,b+lp,b+rk,db+lp - Poison Wind Combo -> Sword Slice
    df+lp,lp,lp,lp,lp             - Quick Elbows
    df+lp,b+rp,db+rp,rp,rp        - Elbow -> Backhand -> Low Spinning Fists
    d+lk+rk                       - Sit Down
     ^rk                           - Kangaroo Kick
     ^rp,rp,rp,rp                  - Low Spinning Hands
    f,f+lk,lp                     - Front Kick -> Sword Slice (!)
    f,f+rk                        - Knee Hop
    ss,lk+rk                      - Sword Debate Position
     ^F                            - Rejuvenation
     ^lp+rk                        - Life Siphon
     ^rp+lk                        - Life Siphon
    b+lk+rk                       - Backwards Teleport
    d+lp+rk                       - Suicide (!)
     ^B+lp,lp,lp,lp                - Suicide Top (!)
    f,F+lp+rk                     - Dashing Suicide (!)
     ^f,f                          - Second Stab (Kills Yoshimitsu)
    db+lp                         - Sword Slice (!)
    db+lp~DB                      - Sword Slice Hop (!)(Release DB to Strike)
    D,db+lp                       - Sweeping Slice (!)
    b,b+lp                        - Sword Stab (!)
    b,b+lp~lp                     - Sword Spin (!)
    u+lp+rp,f,f                   - Pogo Stick -> Slide Forward (!)
    u+lp+rp,u                     - Pogo Stick -> Hop Up        (!)
    u+lp+rp,rk~lk                 - Pogo Stick -> Kangaroo Kick
    uf+lp+rp                      - Copter Blade (!)
    uf+lp+rp,B                    - Extended Copter Blade (!)
    lp,rp,lp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lp,lp,lp - Tenstring   - HMMHHLM!!!
    lp,rp,lp,rk,rp,rp,rp,rk,lp,lp - Tenstring   - HMMHMMMM!!
    rk,rk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,lp,lp,lp - Tenstring   - HHMHHLM!!!
    lp,rp,lp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lk+rk    - Eightstring - HMMHHLMM
    rk,rk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,lk+rk    - Eightstring - HHHHHLMM
    rk,rk,rp,rp,lp                - Fivestring  - HHMH!
    B - b+lp,f+lp,db+lp
    B - b+lp,f+lp,uf+lk+rk
    I - lp,lp,lp,f,f+rk,db+lp
    I - b+lp,f+lp,u+lp+rp,uf
    I - df+lp,d+rp,(ru),u+lp+rp,f,f
    E - df+lp,d+rp,uf+lk+rk,b+lp,uf+lk+rk
    E - lp,B+lp,lp,lp,n,lp,B+lp,lp,lp,d,n,rk
    E - df+rp,lp,f,f+rk,DB+lk,lk,lk,lk,lk,f+rk,db+lp
    I - b+lp+rp,lp,lp,f,f+lk,lp
    I - b+lp+rp,lp,lp,B+lp,lp,n~f,f+rk
    catch copy - mechanized space ninja
    nationality - none (ex-Japan)
    fighting style - "Manji" ninja arts
    age - ???
    height - 178cm
    weight - 63kg
    blood type - O
    occupation - leader of "Manji" party
    hobby - watching Sumo games, net surfing
    likes - arcades (especially in Shinjuku)
    dislikes - villains, game players with bad manners
    stage - Serene Forest
    *Throw & Reversal Counters*
    Tekken 3 sees a new era in 3D Fighting Games... an era in which you can
    easily counter your opponent's attacks. This is a big step towards more
    realistic fighting, obviously... and an interesting twist to classic
    gameplay. While reversals and counters are tricky to learn and pull off
    sometimes, this section will give you some ways in which to escape the most
    damaging attacks in Tekken... throw and grapple techniques.
     E - Escape
     R - Reversal
     Throw Counters
    * General - Left Throw (lp+lk)                                    E lp
                Right Throw (rp+rk)                                   E rp
    * Bryan   - Messanger of Death                                    E lp+rp
    * Eddy    - Spiraling Hip Toss (b,db,d,df,f+lp+rp)                E lp+rp
    * G-Jack  - Lifting Choke and Toss (uf+lp+rp)                     E lp+rp
                Face in the Dirt (db+rp+lk)                           E rp
                Death Heave (df+rp+rk)                                E rp
                Modified Death Heave (df,DF+rp+rk)                    E rp
                Stone Knee (d,db,b+rp)                                E rp
                Pyramid Driver (d,df,f+lp)                            E lp
                Choke Slam (f,f+lp+rk)                                E rp
                Piledriver (db,F+lp+rp)                               E lp+rp
    * Hwoarang- Jawbreaker (f,F+rp)                                   E rp
                Boot to the Head (d,db,b+lk)                          E lp
                Trip Takedown (d,DB+lp+lk)                            E lp+rp
    * Jin     - Striking Fist (df+rp+lk)                              E rp
                Stone Head (f,f+lp+rp)                                E lp+rp
                Tower Breaker (d,db,b+lp+lk)                          E lp
    * Julia   - Full Nelson Suplex (df+lp+rp)                         E rp
                Front Suplex (d,db+lp+lk)                             E lp
                Triple Strike Grapple (d,db,b,F+rp)                   E rp
                Cyclone Suplex (D,db,d,DB+lp+rp)                      E lp+rp
    * King   - DDT (D,db,d,DB+lp+rp)                                  E lp+rp
               Tombstone Piledriver (db,f+rp)                         E rp
               Coconut Crush (df+rp+lk)                               E rp
               Giant Swing (f,b,db,d,df,f+lp)                         E lp
               Figure 4 Leglock (db+lp+rp)                            E lp+rp
               Split Powerbomb (d,db,b+lp+rp)                         E lp+rp
                                                                      R lk+rk
               Low Powerbomb (d+lp+lk)                                E lp+rp
               Low Powerbomb (d+rp+rk)                                E lp+rp
               Spinning Ground Smash (Irish Whip, lk+rk)              E lk+rk
               Quick Slam (Irish Whip, rp+rk)                         E rp
               Spin & Let Go (Irish Whip, lp+lk)                      E lp
               Turn Around & Let Go (Irish Whip, lp+rp)               E lp+rp
               Jaguar Backbreaker (Middle Smash, lp+rp)               E lp+rp
               Jumping Powerbomb (Middle Smash, lp+rp,u,d,n,lk+rk)    E lk+rk
               Standing Achilles Hold (f,n,d,df+rp+lk)                E rp
               Scorpion Death Lock (SACH, lp+rp,lk,lp,lp+lk)          E rp
               STF (SACH, lp,rp,lk,lp+rp)                             E lp
               Indian Death Lock (SACH, lp+rp,lp,lk,lp+rp,rk)         E lp+rp
               Single Arm Hyperextension (f,n,d,df+lp+rk)             E lp
               Double Arm Hyperextension (SAH, lp+rp,lp+rp)           E lp
               Russian Leg Sweep (SAH, lp+rp,rk,rp+rk)                E rp
               Chicken Wing Face Lock (SAH, rp,lp,lp+rp+lk)           E lp+rp
               Dragon Sleeper (SAH, CWFL, rp,lp,lk,lp+rp+rk,lp+rp+rk) E lp
               Rolling Death Cradle (SAH, CWFL, lp+lk,lk+rk,rp+rk,..) E rp
               Left Reverse Arm Clutch (df~lp+lk)                     E lp
               Right Reverse Arm Clutch (df~rp+rk)                    E rp
               German Suplex (Left RAC, BD, lk+rk,lp+rp)              E lk
               German Suplex (Right RAC, BD, lk+rp,lp+rp)             E lp
               Giant Swing (Left RAC, BD, GX, PB, rp,lp,lk,rk)        E rp
               Giant Swing (Right RAC, BD, GX, PB, rp,lp,lk,rk)       E lp
               Giant Swing (RFN, CB, PB, rp,lp,lk,rk)                 E rp
               Giant Swing (RFN, CB, MD, SF, rp,lp,lk,rk)             E lp
               Split Powerbomb (RAC, BD, GX, PB, lk,lp,rp,lk+rk...)   E rp
               Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, PB, lk,lp,rp,lk+rk...)       E lp
               Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, MD, SF, lk,lp,rp,lk+rk...)   E rp
               Powerbomb (RFN, CB, lp,rp,lk+rk)                       E lp
               Manhattan Drop (lk+rk,lp+rp,lp+rp+rk)                  E rp
    * Kuma   - Stone Head (f,f+lp+rk)                                 E lp+rp
               Circus Roll (f,df,d,db,b,f+lp+rp)                      E lp+rp
    * Law    - Chastisement Punch (df+lp+rp)                          E lp+rp
               Dragon Knee (f,f+lk+rk)                                E lp+rp
    * Lei    - Trip (f,f+lp+rp)                                       E lp+rp
               Trip & Elbow (uf+lp+rp)                                E lp+rp
               Neck Shake Throw (Dragon Stance, lp)                   E lp
    * Nina   - Embracing Elbow Strike (df,df+lp)                      E lp+rp
               Chin Bash (d,df,f,lp+rp)                               E rp
               Standing Reverse Arm Lock (CB, lp,lk,rp,lp)            E lp
               Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze (SRAL, lk,lp,rk...)  E lp+rp
               Falling Reverse Arm Lock (SRAL, rp,lp,lk,rk,lp+rp)     E lp
               Knee Bash -> Neck Snap (CB, rp,lk,rk,rp,rp)            E rp
               Octopus Special (lp,rp,rk,lk,lp+rp+lk)                 E lp+rp
               Falling Neck Snap (CB, KB, lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,lp+rp)       E lp
               Crab Claw (d,df,f+lk+rk)                               E lp
               Rolling Arm Bar (CC, lk+rk,lk,rk,lp+rp)                E lp+rp
               Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, lk+rk,rk,rp,lp+rp)           E rp
               Knee Cross Lock (CC, ATL, lk,lp,rk,rp+rk)              E lp
               Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, ATL, lp,lk,rp+rk...) E lp+rp
               Twisting Shoulder Break (rp,lp,lp+rp,lp+rp+lk)         E rp
    * Paul   - Striking Shiho-Nage (df+lp+rp)                         E lp+rp
               Shoulder Ram (f,f+lp+rp)                               E lp+rp
    * Xiaoyu - Human Hurdle (f+rp~lp)                                 E lp+rp
               Over-Shoulder Throw (d,db,b+rp)                        E rp
    * Yoshimitsu - Skydiver (d,db,b+lp+rp)                            E lp+rp
     Reversal Counters
    * General  - Left Limb Reversal                                   R f+lp+lk
                 Right Limb Reversal                                  R f+rp+rk
    *Tekken 3 Strategy*
    What use is there to knowing the moves if you don't know when and how to
    use them? The single most important thing in any fighting game, without a
    doubt, is the strategy that you use to win. In this section, I will try to
    touch upon the basic aspects of gameplay and strategy in Tekken 3, and then
    move on to some basic character strategy.
      # Blocking
     To say the least, blocking is rather important. Your opponent's attacks will
     be rendered useless, you won't sustain damage, and you'll get a small
     opening for a counterattack. Remember that attacks in three basic levels,
     High, Middle, and Low. High attacks are generally the easiest to see coming.
     They are easily blocked standing up, and can even be ducked under. Middle
     attacks cannot be ducked under, but can also be blocked while standing up.
     Low attacks can be blocked low or hopped over. Keep in mind that there are
     unblockable attacks in the game, and that throws cannot be blocked!
      # Throwing
     A valuable move in any character's arsenal. Once you have a hold on your
     opponent, your character will perform some type of damaging close attack.
     Throws can only be initiated while you are very close to your opponent,
     otherwise your character will appear to be "grabbing air". Keep in mind
     that throws can be countered, reversed, ducked, and dodged.
      # Juggling
     Another aspect of Tekken 3's complex gameplay is the juggle system. Once
     you get your character in the air (many moves do this, in my FAQ moves that
     juggle your opponent are denoted by (NJ) after the move's name), you
     can hit them using punches, kicks, and strings. A chain of moves that hits
     your opponent once they are in the air is known as a "juggle combo". Juggle
     Combos are very valuable because every single hit that connects while your
     opponent is airborne is effectively unblockabe. My advice : try to get your
     opponent in the air as much as you can, and learn a few different juggle
     combos. Know your arsenal!
      # Countering
     Countering, to make a long story short, is the act of attacking your
     opponent while he/she is attacking you. This may be difficult at first, but
     is essential to winning in Tekken 3. Attacks that connect on counterhit
     even do more damage than normal! Try axis shifting before countering,
     especially when you know that your opponent is performing a long, drawn
     out combo that is difficult to break out of once started! Once you become
     more comfortable with countering, you can start to use more of your
     character's arsenal (some moves do certain things on counterhit, such as
     juggle or stun). Add countering to reversing tactics, and you have a very
     good way to play defensively.
      # Reversing
     Reversing is similar to countering. When your opponent attacks, you can
     perform a move that catches your opponent's arm or leg and gives a shattering
     counterattack. Mind you, not all characters have reversals, but some
     characters that don't have reversal moves have "combo breaking" moves
     instead. Combo Breaks are moves that reverse an opponent's attack, but
     don't do any damage. Reversals and Combo Breaks are very difficult to time
     correctly at first. Don't get discouraged though... reversing is a VERY
     important skill to learn.
      # General
     Bryan's greatest asset is the mix of numerous small strings (all composed of
     three or four hits, ranging in attack levels) and powerful one-hitters.
     Dazzle the opponent with quick, varied strings for a while and then blast
     them with the power moves!
      # Quad Attack (lk,rp,lp,rp) - M,M,M,M
     One of Bryan's many small strings, this string is a variation on Bruce's
     old Gattling Attack (lk,rp,lp,rk) combo, which hit M,M,M,L. I suggest, if
     you liked the Gattling Attack combo, do it a few times during the match,
     and then use the Quad Attack... the hard swipe at the end is almost a sure
     hit (unless the opponent never blocked the low hit at the end of the Gattling
     Attack combo, which you should be wary of).
      # Straight Fist (f,F+rp) - H
     One of Bryan's power move arsenal, the Straight Fist blasts the opponent
     away quickly and efficiently. It is very powerful for what it is, and is
     best executed after a small string (like the Quad Attack or Southern Cross).
      # Double Punishment (d,df,f+rp,B+rp) - M,!
     This can only be completed if the Gutpunch (d,df,f+rp) connects... but the
     results on completion are monstrous. Not only does it look cool (Bryan
     laughs like a madman during the second hit as well), but it does a ton of
     damage and can be followed up with a juggle! The best thing to do here is
     the Spinning Punches -> Spinkick (B+rp,lp,rk) combo... all it takes is the
     Gutpunch to connect and the opponent suffers a good 80+% damage!
      # Phantom's Claw (ss,lp~rp) - M
     Another powerful addition to Bryan's arsenal, the Phantom's Claw is a rapid
     fake-out version of the Straight Fist... and it comes off of a sidestep!
     Think of the look on your opponent's face when he/she is pummeled out of
     a string from the side... savor that...
      # Vault Sweep (lk~rk) - L
     The Vault Sweep is one of Eddy's most important moves. It hits low twice,
     can be linked to the Hanstand Position, Rolling Kicks Combo, Crying Needle,
     Grounded Position... possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that the Vault
     Sweep takes some time to get off, and should be used from about two steps
      # Flapjack Kick (lk+rk) - M
     The Flapjack Kick is a good move to follow up the Aggression Charge with.
     It does good damage, and hits from above. However, the best part about this
     move is that it can be used to fake out the opponent for a quick trip to
     Hanstand Position! Holding back after initiating the move will start Eddy
     into the move, and just before he hits the opponent, his legs split and
     he breaks into the Handstand Position. This should be used in moderation,
     though... and don't overuse either the kick itself or the fakeout.
      # Arching Crescent (b+rk) - H
     Although the Arching Crescent can be easily ducked or avoided, its main
     value lies in its chaining ability. It can be chained to two flip kicks or
     a long, low sweep combo. Try mixing it up a little... it's easy to forget
     one move when you only do the other!
      # Handstand Position (f+lk) - M
     One of Eddy's secondary attack modes. From here, Eddy has a whole slew
     of moves in his arsenal, from the Vault Sweep (this can be used for infinite
     strings... Vault Sweep, Rolling Kick Combo, Handstand Position, Handstand
     Kick, Vault Sweep, etc...), the Rollout Punch (and all the combos that go
     with it), Grounded Position, Inferno Kick... Also, don't forget that Eddy
     can move and dodge while in Handstand Position.
      # Grounded Position (ss,lk) - L
     Grounded Position is accessible after some moves by holding down, and is
     signified by Eddy holding his head up before lying down. This only lasts
     a second or two, so use one of his sweeps fast, then link to a spinning kick
     to get back into Handstand Position.
     -GUN JACK-
      # General
     Gun Jack's biggest advantage is in the sheer power of his moves. One of the
     slowest characters in the game (if not the slowest), Gun Jack absolutely
     needs this power to survive. Use his stronger moves as much as possible
     without leaving yourself open!
      # Reverse Mega Hammer Strike (d+lp+rp) - H
     This is one of Gun Jack's strongest blockable hits... and puts the opponent
     up for a low juggle. Follow it up with a Double Hammer Strike (lp+rp,lp+rp)
     for a quick, easy, insanely damaging combo. Note the time that it takes
     for Jack to wind up for the move, though... take into account that the
     opponent can easily duck and counter.
      # Jack Hammer (lp,lp,lp) - H,H,M
     Just what the opponent needs to get ahead... two slow-as-mud swipes that
     hit high. Be wary of the ducking opponent, and steer clear of using this
     string at all!
      # Windmill Punches -> Left Power Swipe (D,df+lp,rp,lp,lp) - M,M,M,H
     These come off quick, provided you can get away with the crouch first.
     The swipe at the end does alot of damage and stuns if blocked, but has a
     nasty recovery time and can be ducked. My advice is to abort the swipe (lp)
     at the end and go for a Double Hammer Strike (lp+rp,lp+rp) if possible!
      # Cross Cut Saw (f,f+lp+rp) - M
     Quick, powerful, and comes off a dash (try buffering...)! One of the nicer
     parts of this move is that it can be followed up with a Low Cross Cut Saw
     (lp+rp) or a Megaton Punch (df+rp) to make a string... one hits M,L and the
     other M,M... try mixing it up. The Megaton Punch takes longer to execute,
     so the experienced player (knowing this) will block the first hit, then
     crouch. The Low Cross Cut Saw would be blocked, but you go for a Megaton
     Punch... and the opponent realizes that the Low Cross Cut Saw won't come out
     because of the delay. The opponent then blocks high. Be wary of this...
     if it happens once, don't use the Cross Cut Saw again.
      # General
     Heihachi, without a doubt, is the most powerful character in the game
     because of his unfair blend of speed, power, and juggle combos. However,
     it is still very easy to lose with him due to the balanced nature of the
     game. Keep this in mind, and don't lower your defense for a second!
      # Wind Godfist (f,n,d,df+rp) - M
     Yes, friends, the Wind Godfist is back (sorry Jin players)! Heihachi's
     hits middle level, and juggles every time. It can be delayed incredibly
     long, because it can be executed any time during the crouch dash (I suggest
     reading Slikatel's articles on dash buffering and delays at TWP). Look at
     Heihachi's juggle selection under (NJ) for a list of the crushing follow-up
      # Chi Fists (lp+rp) - M
     The only thing that could possibly make Heihachi more formidable than
     he was in Tekken 2 would be the addition of a quick, almost invisible attack.
     He got it. Also try the Delayed Chi Fists (f+rp~lp+rp) for added enjoyment.
     Sidestepping during a tenstring or other non-tracking string and then using
     the lightning-fast attack is another highlight. As always, don't overuse ;
     there are plenty more crushing attacks in Heihachi's arsenal!
      # Twin Pistons (df+lp,rp) - M,M
     As dangerous as ever, the Twin Pistons remain high on Heihachi's priority
     list because of the time it takes to execute the first hit... virtually
     none. Both uppercuts hit middle level, and the second uppercut floats the
     opponent for a (BL) juggle... just Twin Piston again for some easy damage.
     This is an ideal minor counter move (or major counter for that matter, but
     it is riskier).
      # Hell Sweeps (f,n,d,DF+rk,rk,rk) - L,L,L
     The most sickening thing to the opponent about the Hell Sweeps as that
     they can branch off into five different attack routes after any of the
     three sweeps. You can use a Dragon Punch (lp), a Rushing Uppercut (rp),
     Tsunami Kicks (n,rk~rk), another Hell Sweep (rk) or juggle (n,rk usually).
     All five hit middle level, which is extremely dangerous for the blocker.
     Mix your attacks up... never use a mid-level move after the same number
     of Hell Sweeps twice!
      # General
     As always, and now more than ever, my advice to you... mix it up. Know
     everything in Hwoarang's arsenal, and don't let up for a second. Use
     all of his stances. Use tenstrings (or fragments of them) frequently.
     Don't let up for a second.
      # Leg Switch (lk+rk) - N/A
     In my opinion, the Leg Switch is useless unless you know which leg is 
     forward (DON'T LOOK! It takes too long, leaving you open.). Hwoarang's
     best combos can be done regardless of what stance he's in (or with his
     left leg forward, which is the default usually).
      # Bird Hunter (d+rk,rk) - L,H
     This is one of Hwoarang's easiest jugglers. It changes attack levels, too...
     for some reason, some find it difficult to block! Knock the opponent up
     in the air for a good four- or five-kick volley.
      # Hunting Hawk (uf+lk,rk,lk) - H,J,J
     Provided you can get the first hit off, this is a damaging and fun-to-watch
     combo. Provided you can get the first hit off. If the first hit is blocked,
     only the second hit comes out, not the third... two hits, easy to reverse.
     Only use once or twice a round... at the most.
      # General
     Jin, keeping in the Mishima juggle tradition, can hold his own, without a
     doubt. Alot of his moves have been toned down or are harder to use (?) than
     Kazuya's, but let's keep this in perspective.... Kazuya was a boss in Tekken
     2. The key here is still in the juggles and unorthodox stun punch combos.
     Keep going at the opponent, and don't forget that Jin has reversals.
      # Tsunami Kick ([WS]rk,rk) - M,M
     Nothing is more annoying than knowing that Jin can pop up for a double hit
     after a crouch. Effective after going down with a d+lp to counter, Jin's
     Tsunami Kick is a great weapon. Nonetheless, this one should only be used
     while close, since it leaves Jin quite open.
      # Demon Scissors (rk~lk) - M
     The one good use for this move is as a follow-up for juggle combos.
     Otherwise, it's useless because of the time it takes to execute.
      # Demon Godfist (b,f+rp) - M
     This one only stuns on counterhit... risky business for some. It is,
     however, a vital move if you want to start a good, damaging combo. It
     can be followed up with almost anything, so keep a few combos in mind before
     you start... split-seconds count.
      # Wind Godfist (f,n,d,df+rp) - H
     Contrary to popular belief, the WGF is still one of the best, most efficient
     ways to start a juggle combo. It only juggles on counterhit, though...
     otherwise, it knocks your opponent too far away for you to do anything
      # Rising Sun -> Hell Sweep -> Roundhouse (uf,n,rk,rk,rk,rk) - H,L,L,H
     Annoying at best. Remember that this pre-canned combo tracks, so don't
     abandon it if your opponent steps (or rolls) out of the way. Be wary,
     though, about using this move against a character that has reversals.
     A skilled opponent will put you down in no time. To be safe, get ready
     with the right limb reversal counter (f+rp+rk).
      # General
     Julia's greatest strength lies in the variety of her strings. The key here
     is to keep at it, and never use the same combo more than twice! Her
     best throw, in my opinion, is the Cyclone Suplex (D,db,D,db+lp+rp) because
     it is difficult to escape. The only bad point to it is that it is sometimes
     difficult to pull off (especially for new players). Try sidestepping before
     starting some of her strings... that should increase your chances of hitting.
      # Cannon Blast ((WS)rp or lk~rp) - M
     This move is very important for starting Julia's multiple strings. Some
     strings to try are (WS)rp,lp,lp (which juggles... tack on a d+rk,lp for
     quick damage), and (WS)rp,lp,rk,lk (the Cannon Blast linked to the Buffalo
     Arrow Combo). There are many other possibilities as well... some come
     of quicker than others (check the moveslist!). The only down side to the
     Cannon Blast is the time it takes to come out and the recovery time, one
     of the worst in her arsenal.
      # Buffalo Arrow Combo (df+lp,rk,lk) - M,L,H
     This one is slow, but varies in attack level. I suggest using it every so
     often, but don't make it a habit. It can come off of a Cannon Blast, making 
     it a little less predictable.
      # Cyclone Suplex (D,db,d,DB+lp+rp) - Throw
     This throw is superior to all of Julia's other throws because it is simply
     the most difficult to escape. As opposed to the easier throws (which are
     broken by tapping lp or rp at the right time, see the Throw Escapes section
     for details), this throw is broken with lp+rp. The animation is pretty cool,
    *Winning Stances*
     To initiate a specific winning stance, hold down the indicated button after
    you win a round. Credit goes to WLSociety for writing this section.
     * Anna Williams
      -lp Shakes her hands over her chest, turns, and poses with her hands out.
      -rp Shakes her hands over her chest, turns, and poses with her hands out.
      -lk Shakes her hands over her chest, turns, and poses with her hands out.
      -rk Shakes her hands over her chest, turns, and poses with her hands out.
     * Bryan Fury
      -lp Gives two spinkicks, then goes into a flamingo-type stance.
      -rp One of Bruce's old sequences. Here Bryan throws two jabs, executes
          a spinkick, and then ends in a winning stance.
      -lk ???
      -rk Bends backwards, laughs, and motions to his opponent, "bring it on!"
     * Eddy Gordo 
      -lp Here Eddy starts out by doing his normal dancing fighting stance, 
          does a spin as he then goes back to his stance and is laughing. 
      -rp For this one he starts with a head spin, goes into a break dancing 
          backspin move, and ends up in his normal dancing stance again. 
      -lk Eddy does his 2 footed arial assault into some type of taunting laugh. 
      -rk For his final win stance, he goes from a cartwheel directly into a 
          flip, then back to his fighting stance.
     * Gun Jack
      -lp In this sequence, Gun Jack bends his arms as if he is shooting an
          arrow, and then turns and does it on the other side.
      -rp Here Gun Jack puts out his arms and lifts off into the sky.
      -lk In this classic sequence, Gun Jack rapidly beats his stomach with his
          fists, subsequentially falling down due to lack of AI. Honestly, you'd
          think that this problem would have been corrected after 19 years of
          technological advancement! :)
      -rk In this sequence, Gun Jack poses with his right arm bent, and then
          steps forward and flails his arms toward the sky.
     * Heihachi Mishima
      -lp Heihachi does a double pose with two long blocking stances.
      -rp Here, Heihachi stomps on the ground, squaring off with lightning
          engulfing him.
      -lk He thrusts his arm down below his knees, lightning sparking from his
          lowered hand.
      -rk He bends down into a crouch, with his legs bent under him, then crosses
          his arms.
     * Hwoarang 
      -lp In this stance, it starts with him doing an upward kick and then 
          into 2 powerful spinning round houses. 
      -rp He starts this out by doing some type of fighting stance where his 
          arms almost in a circular shape by his head. Then he goes into a low 
          kick and a spin and ends it off with that same stance again. 
      -lk This one is done very quickly. He first turns his back toward the 
          camera, crosses his arms and will eventually end up in a totem pole 
          like stance with his hands in the air. 
      -rk Here Hwoarang does 3 jabs, goes into the same stance as the first 
          one, crosses his arms and then raises and extends his right arm 
     * Jin Kazama 
      -lp Jin does a quick 4 punch combo into a defensive fighting stance. 
      -rp Jin displays his skills by doing a 3 hit 1,1,2 combo if front of the 
      -lk Jin shows his true Mishima roots by imitating the Devil Kazuya stance 
          from Tekken 2 where he stands straight up with his arms folded and as 
          the camera zooms in he looks away. 
      -rk Here Jin does a small uppercut and then comes back with a leaping one 
          directly toward the camera.
     * Julia Chang
      -lp Here Julia does a forward flip and puts her hands on her hips.
      -rp Here Julia jumps off to the side, gets down on one knee, and puts
          her hands together as if she was in prayer.
      -lk In this sequence, Julia does a backflip and puts her hands on her hips.
      -rk Jumps up in action, then stands and goes into prayer.
     * King
      -lp Here King leaps forward at you and raises his right arm a la 
          Tekken 2. 
      -rp King simply does a left backfist into a downward slash as he growls. 
      -lk For this one, King raises his fist 3 times kind of like "Three cheers 
          for King!!" 
      -rk King drops his arms as he looks up and growls at the moon.
     * Kuma / Panda
      -lp Here the bear mocks her nemesis Paul Phoenix by imitating Paul's
          "Cop a squat" win stance.
      -rp Classic Tekken 2 Kuma where she walks around waving her hands in
          the air.
      -lk The bear continues her theiving ways by stealing Marshall Law's old
          school pose from Tekken 1. Here she rises up and leans back throwing
          her hands above her head.
      -rk This one is by far the funiest one of them all. After finishing
          off her opponent, Kuma does her newer dancing bear routine.
     * Forest Law 
      -lp Here Forest square's off his body as he brings his arms in and 
          concentrates his chi energy. 
      -rp He starts this one by going into a chi concentration and now that he 
          is ready for combat he then moves into his fighting stance. 
      -lk This is one of his more active win stances where it starts by him 
          doing 2 spinning round houses and then going into 2 jabs. 
      -rk For this pose, Law does 2 jabs then rises his right leg slowly from 
          forward to back and then holds it there showing off his balance and 
          skills as a fighter. 
     * Lei Wulong 
      -lp Here Lei starts out by doing his own rendition of his of a Can-Can 
          kicks, does 5 punches and then ends up in his Lion stance (I think...). 
      -rp Lei does a simple pose with both his arms extended in the air. 
      -lk Lei shifts back and does his drunken dance a la Tekken 2. 
      -rk Lei completes 4 stance changes as he displays his versatility as a 
     * Nina Williams 
      -lp Nina uses her slutty walk to move toward you, do a backhand swipe, 
          and then laugh. 
      -rp In this one, she does a forward cartwheel into her trademark backhand 
      -lk Nina does spins in a circle and instead of a backhand swipe, we see a 
          downward slash. 
      -rk This stance starts out with her now trademarked backhand swipe into 
          her deviant laugh.
     * Ogre I
      -lp Flies toward the camera, chanting.
      -rp Raises his hand in the air, chanting.
      -lk ???
      -rk ???
     * Ogre II
      -lp Flies toward the camera, chanting.
      -rp Raises his hand in the air, chanting.
      -lk ???
      -rk ???
     * Paul Phoenix 
      -lp For this one, Paul brushes his hands off 3 times like he just took 
          out the trash and then raises his right arm in the air as a symbol of 
      -rp Paul starts off by dropping a devastating hammer punch into some form 
          of deep concentration. 
      -lk Paul simply does 3 salutes to show off his patronage. 
      -rk Here Paul squats down while looking at his opponent and starts 
          taunting them. 
     * Ling Xiaoyu 
      -lp This is the one that I see all the time. It is her handstand into 
          the splits (reminds me of Chun Li) then she falls back down onto her 
      -rp Here she calmly folds her hands together and bows to her opponent 
          similar to a Chinese greeting. 
      -lk Ling apparently has the happy feet in this win stance as she very 
          enthusiastically hops around flailing her arms showing off her 
          fighting skills. 
      -rk Ling waves her arms in a circular motions and then gets into a 
          defensive stance ready to take out her next victim. 
     * Yoshimitsu 
      -lp Here Yoshimitsu draws his sword and waves it back and forth as he 
          then pulls it back and is ready to strike. 
      -rp Yoshimitsu does a back flip into his sit down stance as he then 
          draws his draws his sword and holds it in front of him. 
      -lk This Stance begins by him doing his forward double somersault then 
          ends with him drawing his sword and is ready to strike. 
      -rk Ahh...the classic Tekken 1 win stance where bends his knee and hops 
          on one leg, then wiggles his head back and forth and goes into a stiff 
          arm motion. 
    			    Mirrors of this FAQ
       - http://members.tripod.com/~bardarchive/tek3faq.txt
    			     Special Thanks To
       - Catlord, for keeping me posted and constantly on guard.
       - Slikatel, for helping me start out as a FAQ writer.
       - Ben Cureton, because he has a bigger ego and a great moveslist.
       - Richard "Dick" Luk, for providing my FAQ's first mirror.
       - Justin Pierce, for keeping me in line.
       - Douglas Rosengard, for cracking the update whip and scouting out moves
         in odd places.
       - MG, for releasing most of Lei's moves and scouting out the fixes for the
         95% version of Tekken 3.
       - WLSociety for writing up part of the win stance guide.
       - Yuji Higaki for releasing some Xiaoyu moves and Paul moves.
       - Dan Mueller for releasing Lei's 9-string and other combos.
       - J.J. Sevilla for supplying some of Jin's throws and juggles, fixes for 
         Jin, and Xiaoyu's juggle combos and other various moves.
       - Nogard for supplying moves for Eddy and Hwoarang.
       - Mario Xavier for supplying Nina's moves.
       - Davide Pasca for supplying Law's Triple Fist Strike Combo.
       - Beamer for supplying fixes for King.
       - Bishop for sending in fixes and moves for Xiaoyu.
       - jizz-monkey@usa.net for sending in throw techniques for Eddy.
       - Jon DeCausemaker for contributing moves and fixes for Eddy, Hwoarang,
         Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, and King.
       - Wangel for contributing some of King and Julia's moves.
       - Dharmesh Topiwala for contributing some of King's throws, and strings
         for Hwoarang and Jin.
       - Marcel Michaud for contributing some of King's throws.
       - Tim Simstad for contributing some of Xiaoyu's moves.
       - Brett de Jesus for contributing some of Eddy's moves.
       - Mike Unger and Jay Brewer for contributing some of Eddy's moves, Law's
         moves, Hwoarang's moves, and Yoshimitsu's moves.
       - Brady Prigge for contributing some various moves.
       - Nozedive, for providing a mirror of this FAQ and contributing some of
         Paul's moves.
       - William Knight for contributing various moves and fixes.
       - Chris Caniano for contributing some of Yoshimitsu's moves.
       - tomess1@aol.com for contributing some of Nina's moves.
       - Davey Schmitt for contributing some of Eddy's juggles.
       - Steve Valenzuela for contributing some of Nina and Kuma's moves.
       - David "Ryoga" Barney for contributing moves for King, Paul, and Xiaoyu.
       - Bixby141@aol.com for contributing moves for Xiaoyu, Jin, and Yoshimitsu
       - Samslara for contributing moves for Yoshimitsu and Lei.
       - Uncauzi for contributing moves for Eddy.
       - Han Joon-kyu for contributing juggles for Hwoarang.
       - Gamemaster Ian for contributing one of Eddy's tenstrings.
       - Mike "K.O.F." Mallari for contributing various juggles and moves.
       - Tanner Owen for contributing moves for Yoshimitsu.
       - Ploof for contributing various moves and fixes.
       - Paul Gullas for contributing some fixes.
       - Bruce Tsu-Lieh Chen for contributing various moves and fixes.
       - Erol22 for contributing fixes for King.
       - Sung-Nyung Lee for contributing moves for Xiaoyu.
       - John Apenbrink for contributing fixes for Law.
       - DirkSJ for contributing moves for Eddy.
       - Farl for contributing moves for Eddy.
       - Tadarich for contributing moves for Julia.
       - UrbnKnite for contributing moves for Eddy.
       - James Cook for contributing moves for Julia.
       - Captain M for contributing moves for Julia.
       - The Hoang Le for contributing various moves.
       - Cryadis for contributing moves for Gun Jack.
       - Jeremy970 for contributing moves for Julia.
       - Jeong Jae Lee for contributing moves for Julia.
       - Blacktimms for contributing moves for Bryan, Heihachi, and Ogre I.
       - Song Dae-kyu for contributing moves for Bryan.
       - Sentares for contributing fixes for Jin.
       - Eternam for contributing juggles for Lei.
       - Zebra711 for contributing juggles for Heihachi.
       - Richard Jordan for contributing moves for Ogre II.
       - jalper01@fiu.edu for contributing various moves and fixes.
       - Nathan Ryan and The Ozman for contributing various fixes.
       - phazedoubt@hotmail.com for contributing various moves and fixes.
       - ZenFox for contributing various moves and fixes.

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