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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Traz

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    S%S       S%S  S%S       S%S    S%S  S%S     ~Tactics Ogre Walkthrough~
    S&S       S&S  S&S       S%S    d*S  S&S         ~WRITTEN BY TRAZ~ 
    S&S       S&S  S&S       S&S   .S*S  S&S_Ss    (Trazmann@gmail.com). 
    S&S       S&S  S&S       S&S_sdSSS   S&S~SP  
    S&S       S&S  S&S sSSs  S&S~YSY%b   S&S      *Copyright: Troy de Haan*
    S*b       d*S  S*b `S%%  S*S   `S%b  S*b         ~7TH JANUARY, 2011~
    S*S.     .S*S  S*S   S%  S*S    S%S  S*S.    
     SSSbs_sdSSS    SS_sSSS  S*S    S&S   SSSbs  
      YSSP~YSSY      Y~YSSY  S*S    SSS    YSSP  
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     +   +   +   +   +   +     || TABLE OF CONTENTS ||     +   +   +   +   +   +
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    --- 1. About                                                (000A)
    --- 2. Frequently Asked Questions                           (000B)
    --- 3. Hints And Tips                                       (000C)
    --- 4. Pre-game Quiz                                        (000D)
    --- 5. Walkthrough (Chapter 1)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.0 ~ Battle 01                 (0000)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.1 ~ Battle 02                 (0001)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.2 ~ Battle 03                 (0002)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.3 ~ Training 01               (0003) 
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.4 ~ Battle 04                 (0004)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.5 ~ Battle 05                 (0005)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.6 ~ Training 02               (0006)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.7 ~ Optional Battle 01        (0007)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.8 ~ Battle 06                 (0008) 
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.9 ~ Training 03               (0009)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.10 ~ Battle 07                 (0010)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.11 ~ Battle 08                 (0011)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.12 ~ Battle 09                 (0012)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.13 ~ Training 04               (0013)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5.14 ~ Battle 10                 (0014)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.15 ~ Battle 11                 (0015)
    --- 6. Walkthrough (Chapter 2 Chaos Route)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.0 ~ Intermission              (0016)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.1 ~ Training 05               (0017)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.2 ~ Battle 12                 (0018)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.3 ~ Battle 13                 (0019) 
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.4 ~ Optional Quest for Unluck (0020)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.5 ~ Battle 14                 (0021)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.6 ~ Equipment Hunting         (0022)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.7 ~ Battle 15                 (0023)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.8 ~ Battle 16                 (0024) 
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.9 ~ Battle 17                 (0025)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.10 ~ Optional Battle 02        (0026)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.11 ~ Battle 18                 (0027)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.12 ~ Changes                   (0028)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.13 ~ Battle 19                 (0029)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.14 ~ Battle 20                 (0030)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.15 ~ Training 06               (0031)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6.16 ~ Battle 21                 (0032)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.17 ~ Battle 22                 (0033)
    --- 7. Walkthrough (Chapter 3 Chaos Route)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.0 ~ Battle 23                 (0034)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.1 ~ Let's Go Shopping         (0035)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.2 ~ Battle 24                 (0036)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.3 ~ Battle 25                 (0037) 
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.4 ~ Battle 26                 (0038)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.5 ~ Intermission              (0039)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.6 ~ Battle 27                 (0040)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.7 ~ Battle 28                 (0041)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.8 ~ Battle 29                 (0042) 
     . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.9 ~ Battle 30                 (0043)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.10 ~ Battle 31                 (0044)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.11 ~ Battle 32                 (0045)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.12 ~ Battle 33                 (0046)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.13 ~ Battle 34                 (0047)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.14 ~ Wing Ring Dreaming        (0048)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.15 ~ Shopping and Reequip      (0049)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.16 ~ Optional Battle 03        (0050)
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.17 ~ Battle 35                 (0051)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7.18 ~ Battle 36                 (0052)
    --- 8. Credits                                              (00CR)
         |                        A B O U T   (000A)                        |
    * Updated
    Since there aren't any detailed battle-walkthroughs for Tactics Ogre, I 
    decided to give it a shot. There won't be any story spoilers, and I'll only 
    tell you how to answer certain questions/etc that other characters ask you 
    when it's of any importance. Rather than waiting until I've actually finished 
    this guide, or to make regular updates, instead I'll do so in instalments 
    chapter by chapter. 
    Excluding any typos or errors, I won't update again until I've finished 
    Chapter 4 in its entirety. You'll be able to master Chapter 1 and Chapter 
    2C/3C (Chaos) so far, and from either point you should be familiar with
    the game enough to proceed confidently on your own or with further help from
    existing walkthroughs. 
    It's been a long time since my last update, but I've been on a roll with the
    last Chapter, so hopefully I can finish Chapter 4 before Tactics Ogre's Remake
    is released, just for posterity. From there, hopefully I can remain motivated
    to actually complete the Lawful and Neutral routes.
    As this walkthrough will at first get you a "Perfect" Chapter 1 and
    Chapter 2C, be sure to keep a permanent copy of your save-files *before* you
    make the decision at Baramus which leads to either the Lawful or Chaotic route, 
    and likewise at the end of Chapter 2C. This way you can resume your old saves
    at a later date to choose another path without having to replay the whole
    Chapter or both in a 'perfecionist' fashion. 
    So to sum up, the order I'll be writing this walkthrough in is as follows: 
    Chapter 1 --> Chapter 2 (Chaos) --> Chapter 3 (Chaos) --> Chapter 4.
    Then: Chapter 3 (Neutral).
    And finally: Chapter 2 (Law) --> Chapter 3 (Law). 
    Naturally, Chapter 4 in each case may be slightly harder or easier, depending 
    on how your team differs. I'll make any special relevant notes beyond Chapter 
    3 of Law/Neutral when the time comes. There's a good chance I'll take a long 
    hiatus after finishing the write-ups for the Chaos route, but we'll see. 
    Further Notes: 
    ~~~ I will frequently reference Luct.TacticsOgre.com in regards to Buried 
    Treasure locations, rather than point out the exact coordinates (with a few 
    exceptions) as that should be easier for the reader as well as I. I apologise 
    if you print this out, but I expect the majority of people to be able to 
    access their computer for this purpose easily enough while gaming. Over the 
    first Chapter, I won't have you collect every last piece of treasure for a 
    good reason; we'll come back for what we missed when we have characters with 
    higher/lower LUK at a later date.
    ~~~ I don't bother pointing out enemy unit-types per battle, but see the above 
    site's (Summarised) Walkthrough to compliment this one if that's important to 
         |    F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S   (000B)    |
    +--+ Does it matter if I use different Classes than you? +--+
    Generally, no; not when you know what you're doing. It's fun to experiment, so 
    I'd encourage you to do so. Just don't complain if you fail a mission as a 
    result; I've never run into a single problem, nor has any character of mine 
    ever died, including undead units, where it doesn't really matter (excluding 
    Exorcism). If you're new to the game, you should follow my advice to the 
    letter. If you are a veteran Strategy RPGer like myself, it's safe; but you 
    should still find at least a few of my notes of value in this guide.
    +--+ Could you start with the Law path first? +--+
    Nope, sorry. Every other author seems to have done that, so I might as well be 
    different, eh? 
    +--+ Will you ever finish your Wild ARMs XF Walkthrough? +--+
    One day... I haven't touched the game since my last update, and it's not on my 
    priority list. It is an awesome TRPG, so I'm bound to resume it eventually. I 
    figured that it served as the ultimate guide for mastering the majority of the 
    game, from which point a person would be able to ace any battle without help; 
    or they could peruse another walkthrough from that stage.
    +--+ Can other questions be submitted for this section? +--+ 
    As long as they are only in relation to whatever Chapter(s) that I have 
    completed a walkthrough for. I've finished the game before, naturally; but my 
    memory is far from impressive. In any case, as always you'd get a quicker 
    response at the Tactics Ogre Forum at GameFAQs, as there is an impressive rate 
    of reply there at present. If you'd like to contribute some Q&As of your own 
    though, I'd appreciate it and give you the credit.
    +--+ What is this 'MVP Award' you sometimes mention? +--+
    The MVP Award is usually gained by a character who kills the most enemies in a
    battle; where if they killed four out of ten enemies it'd almost be guaranteed
    that they'd get the MVP Award (providing no one else killed that many as
    well). However, the amount of HP damage delivered or HP healed also factors
    into this, especially if you have your Cleric heal a higher-level individual
    repeatedly to level her up; I've had such a character win the MVP where she
    didn't actually kill a single foe. You'll gain an instant level-up should a
    character of yours achieve the MVP Award.
         |                H I N T S  A N D  T I P S   (000C)                |
    1.]  The easiest way to use the save-abuse method to get desired treasure/Stat
    Card drops from a defeated enemy is when a Archer/Wizard/etc is in range where 
    they can deliver the deathblow first and then move over the treasure/etc right 
    away (saving beforehand). Of course, such can usually only be safely 
    accomplished when there are few foes left or they are scattered; since one 
    doesn't tend to have their weaker characters in the thick of battle thusly. 
    Failing this, if you can time it so that you can kill the desired foe one turn
    and someone else from your team is up next right away, you can minimize 
    annoyance and not have to wait for a few other enemies to have their turn 
    before you can check if the treasure is what you want.
    2.]  Save your game often, naturally; but especially right before entering 
    battle, so you can alter your lineup of troops if required, as the 'front row'
    is not always the best place for your fighters to be. Often, directly to the 
    left or right might be closest to the enemy.
    3.]  When Training, have everyone damage each other as close to near-death as 
    possible while you are waiting around (to kill a higher-level character, one 
    by one with your party until everyone is the same level), so they will be easy
    kills. You wouldn't want to be left with a higher-level Berzerker with full 
    health and a Cleric; it'd take a very long time to get the job done.
    4.]  When you've started a new game and are in battle, press Circle and go to
    System --> Options --> '11. L1 Button Shortcut' (Turn it On), and do the same
    for '12. R1 Button Shortcut'. Holding either of those buttons during battle 
    will bring up a menu of sorts with some interesting options. Namely, holding 
    L1 + Circle will scroll through the Attack Order at the present time. Very
    handy if you don't like manually checking everyone's weight to see who has a 
    turn soon. It's still a little unorthodox for a TRPG where 'speed' determines
    the order, however.
    5.]  *Contrary to what I’ve written in my guide, it’s easiest to get Canopus’
    LUK to 57 the quickest, since he starts with 55 and hence only needs one Luck
    Card (+2). If you manage to get his LUK to 57 prior to your battle in Rime City
    during Chapter 1, you can get yourself an extra Orb and a Escape Gem or
    Blessing (since you can’t re-enter this stage at a later date). In your battle
    at Baramus at the end of the chapter, you can get the same items once more. 
    Have some worthy 'Hints And Tips' to contribute? Feel free to send them into
    me via email and should I use them, you'll receive the credit. Note that there
    are plenty in the other Tactics Ogre guides at GameFAQs, so I didn't bother 
    repeating the basics.
    *Has since been written into the walkthrough.
         |                 P R E - G A M E  Q U I Z   (000D)                |
    As you begin a new game, you have to answer a quiz of sorts, which will
    determine the basic makeup of the main character's statistics, and his Element.
    However, as you gain several levels through battle, it won't seem to matter all
    that much. You can get a detailed analysis of how it all works at:
    Most people like to choose options that leave them with a higher AGI (Agility)
    than normal, since that is the only one which you cannot increase via Stat
    Cards. Balance is always the safest bet, but I didn't experiment around too
    much to get it perfect. Below I'll list what I went with, and how the hero's
    stats changed in brackets from the 'default' values.
    Pray - Honor
    Offer - Reign
    Vow - Glory
    Pray - Peace
    Offer - Love
    Vow - Hatred
    Pray - Victory
    Offer - Sacrifice
    Vow - Flourish
    Pray - Ideal
    Offer - Hope
    Vow - Revenge
    HP : 68 (63)
    MP : 4  (6)
    STR: 27 (23)
    VIT: 25 (23)
    INT: 26 (28)
    MEN: 24 (28)
    AGI: 20 (24)
    DEX: 26 (28)
    Now, higher INT (Intelligence) isn't what you'd want for a fighter over STR
    (Strength), but you've got 4+ AGI points, and two simple Stat Cards (+3) would
    bring your STR and VIT (Vitality) close to balanced anyway. You might like to
    try and aim for an even higher AGI, but this setup served me well enough.
    As for your Element, there are many opinions on the subject. Fire or Earth tend
    to be the best choices, but it's up to you. For the recond, I went with Fire
         |          W A L K T H R O U G H:   C H A P T E R  O N E           | 
         |                                                                  | 
         |               Are You Telling Me To Stain My Hands?              |
    | Battle 01 - Griate City - (0000) | 
    You are thrust into battle without any preparation (or any such need.)
    You will only be controlling the Hero in this battle (from this point on known 
    as Denim). Check out his stats to see what you ended up with, and hopefully 
    they will be somewhat balanced if you followed my advice further above. All 
    you can do is to move Denim up as high as he can go (8H elevation) and target 
    Warren with an indirect attack/stone, who will have his back toward you. Don't 
    worry about being out of range, as due to your height and the direction your 
    foe is facing, you cannot miss. You'll get between 12-18 EXP, which is better 
    than nothing. The rest of the battle will then play out its course. 
    | Battle 02 - Amorika Entrance - (0001) | 
    Bring up the menu, and check out the Warren Report option. Read everything in 
    here (unless you are new to the game, you can ignore the "Hints" area). It's a 
    good habit to check for new entries after each story battle, as eventually 
    certain pieces will lead to special sidequests and whatnot. Individual 
    character profiles are also constantly updated.  
    Also, you can make events in the next two battles favour Denim slightly more 
    be removing Vice's 'Short' (Sword). This way, he'll use his 'Tower' (Shield) 
    when attacking enemy units (excluding counter-attacks) to do hardly any 
    damage; meaning there is more of a chance Denim can get in a kill or have more 
    time to get a certain Stat card. Unfortunately, you cannot rob the Zenobians 
    of their great equipment.
    ~ Position Denim right behind Lans to discover Buried Treasure. With your 
    current Luck statistic, the 'rarest' item you can get is the magic spell 
    'Heal' or 'Clear'. If you're fussy, you may wish to save your game prior to 
    moving Denim. Every time you select your character to move somewhere/etc and 
    cancel, what you might get is reset. A 'Cure+' item is most common, but I got 
    a Clear spell.  After you have got your item, throw a stone at Lans (93% 
    chance for me) to get 12-18 EXP.
    ~ Lans killed an enemy unit in my game who yielded a Strength Card, so I had 
    Denim move there (raising his Strength from 23 to 26). I then threw a stone at 
    Mildain (which had the highest success rate, 72%; still easy to miss) and 
    received 18 EXP. If you're lucky, Denim should have almost 50 experience 
    points by now.
    ~ Kachua then healed a nearly-dead Denim, and then Lans healed him as well.
    ~ If Bapalu is still alive and Denim can finish him off (or any other near-
    dead foe) do so, but if there's a Stat Card nearby go get it instead and throw 
    a stone at whoever has the best success rate (usually one of your allied 
    Guests who has their back to you).  
    ~ Due to the fact that Vice did hardly any damage to the Boss unit, and that 
    Mildain missed hitting him *twice*, Bapalu was left only with 1 HP. I simply 
    had Denim face his back from a greater height, and threw a stone to kill him 
    with a 100% success rate (his direct attack does the same damage). It's highly 
    unlikely that you'll be this lucky, but don't fret; if you've been throwing 
    stones, you'll probably reach level 2 after the next battle. Do note that a 
    Boss kill in this mission or the next will instantly push you to level 2 and 
    other EXP you've gained won't carry over. I.e. if you have 75 EXP and get 100 
    EXP from a higher-level foe, you'll lose the excess and still have to start 
    from 0 EXP to get to the next level. Makes all the stone-throwing seem a 
    waste of time, but keep in mind it can be difficult to kill either boss.
    ~ I received 1,700 Goth for completing this battle, and do note that all bags 
    of treasure from defeated enemies are collected automatically after you are 
    victorious; but Stat Cards are not, hence it's better to give them priority. 
    The downside to not picking up the treasure manually, is an enemy (or Guest) 
    may step on it to attack a nearby character; which means you won't get it. If 
    you know the foe has as special piece of equipment, then it's worth getting 
    the treasure as soon as possible just to be safe. I'll generally point out 
    such instances, in any case. 
    | Battle 03 - Amorika Castle - (0002) |  
    You begin this battle right away, although you are able to edit your units. 
    Any damage done to your team cannot be healed out of battle, either. Vice 
    should still have his sword unequipped, to keep a certain enemy alive just a 
    bit longer. 
    ~ Denim was still wounded in my game (44 HP) so Lans had to waste a turn using 
    Heal on him (which works to your favour to prolong the battle slightly). If 
    you are even worse off, Kachua will heal him as well.
    ~ I moved Denim straight ahead as far as possible for his first turn, and you 
    should also try to throw a stone at one of your allied Guests (enemies are out 
    of reach, so go for whoever has the highest success rate or their back to 
    you). Mildain was actually defeated after a constant onslaught, but he used 
    his Escape Stone to survive and fight another day. 
    ~ At this point there will most likely be a Stat Card or two lying around from 
    defeated enemies, so move Denim on top of the one you need the most. For me 
    there was a Strength Card and a Life Card (HP), but as I'd already leveled-up, 
    Denim now had 31 Strength so I went for the Life Card which gave me 5 HP. Note 
    that this amount fluctuates, so you might even like to save your game prior to 
    picking up the Card. Such an act will get *very* tedious and annoying, but it 
    may be worth doing early on in the game. I think a general rule is to accept 
    anything between a stat increase of 2-3 for non-HP/MP stats (and 4-5 in those 
    ~ After collecting a Stat Card, I threw a stone at Agres since he had his back 
    to Denim. When the Boss unit had his next turn, he attacked Denim, which 
    you'll probably counter. Even if you don't kill him, with all of your stone-
    throwing and whatnot, Denim should probably advance to level 2; but it's not 
    the end of the world if he doesn't, especially if you've snared a few good 
    Stat Cards already.  
    ~ Once you finish this battle, you'll be able to name your 'Battalion'. The 
    default name will be whatever the month of birth you chose for Denim (such as 
    'Fire' for mine). You'll get more satisfaction if you choose your own name, 
    but you're limited to only 8 characters for the title. I chose 'Fedaykin', who 
    were the elite Fremen death commandos under Muad'Dib, if you are familiar with 
    Frank Herbert's Dune novels/etc. 
    | Training 01 - Amorika Entrance - (0003) | 
    Every now and then I will suggest good times to train your Troops, but don't 
    fret; it won't take all that long and you shouldn't have to do it often if you 
    follow my advice and maximize EXP in story battles.
    I unequipped the worst three generic characters that Duke Ronway provided you 
    with (judging by their statistics; although it's mostly irrelevant), gave Vice 
    his Short Sword back, and equipped Denim with one of the spare Tower Shields 
    to replace his 'Cure' item. You'll be replacing most of your generic units 
    with special characters and whatnot as you proceed through the game, so you 
    can save yourself some time and annoyance by not training a full team from the 
    get-go. Having three of your generics be made into 'fodder'/'healers-via-
    items' will help to this affect. I went to the Shop and bought 6 Cures, which 
    left me with about 22,000 Goth. I made sure my three fodder generics had 3 
    Cures each, along with a Short Bow (we don't want them to do much damage, but 
    they can still help nip away at the enemy's HP without stealing much EXP). 
    It's doubtful you'll need that much Cures, but don't be stingy with them 
    should you need to use them in a story battle. 
    To give yourself an edge, use Training until all but your three generics 
    (Guests cannot participate) are level 3. Divide into a team of four with 
    Denim, and a team of five with the remaining generics. The first step is to 
    get Denim to level 3, which is made easier by having each team whittle away at 
    their own HP as they advance toward the other team, and make sure no one but 
    Denim does any killing. Be careful how much damage you do and be wary of 
    counter-attacks that might kill someone unintentionally. Using Short Bows and 
    throwing stones can help avoid this problem. Just take note of how much damage 
    an attack is going to do. It'll only take one Training session to get Denim to 
    level 3 if he gets all the kills (in my case one of the generics got 
    themselves killed via a counterattack, and it still didn't matter).
    Training Battle 1: Denim --> Level 3 
    Training Battle 2: Repeat, favouring a non-generic, and once they have 25~ 
    EXP, kill Denim, which will give them 75-80~ EXP, advancing them to level 3 
    right away. In the meantime you should still be whittling away everyone else's 
    HP to near-death, which should get them to around 25 EXP as well (don't worry 
    so much about your 3 'fodder' generics, remember), at which point you can kill 
    your first level 3 generic. Repeat this process until all your important 
    generics have reached level 3. If any of your fodder troops are still around, 
    feel free to give them the final blow as well; but don't bother doing a third 
    Training battle. 
    So, from two simple Training Battles, everyone in my party (not counting 
    Guests) including the 3 fodder units were level 3. You'll be facing foes in 
    the next story battle who are only level 2 (boss is level 4), which is good 
    because it means you won't have to be concerned too much with designating 
    kills, and can go for the Stat Cards instead. Minimal Training is the key, as 
    opposed to too much or none at all; which also minimizes annoyance or growing 
    bored with too much 'grinding'.
    Re-check your generic units' statistics, just to make sure none of your 
    designated fodder/healer troops ended up with something substantially better. 
    It won't make all that much of a difference in the long run, but it works to 
    your favour. 
    | Battle 04 - Tanmas Hill - (0004) | 
    Purchase a spare 'Cedar' (Staff) and give it to Kachua so she has two, 
    replacing her '+1' armour. This will make her Healing slightly more useful. At 
    this point all of your characters should be level 3 (excluding Guests). Here's 
    how my current lineup were equipped: 
    - Denim: Default + a Tower Shield replacing his 'Cure' item. 
    - Male Soldier 1: Short Sword/Tower/Leather Armour/Leather Hat 
    - Male Soldier 2 + 3: Short Bow + 3 Cures (each) 
    - Male Soldier 4: Same as Soldier 1 
    - Female Amazon 1: Sword/Tower/Leather Armor/Leather Hat 
    - Female Amazon 2: Same as Amazon 1 
    - Female Amazon 3: Short Bow + 3 Cures 
    - Female Amazon 4: Sword/Bow/Leather Armor/Leather Hat 
    Note that the numbers are irrelevant, that's just how my 3 'fodder' generics 
    fit into the picture. As you can see, I'll have five front-line characters 
    that will deal the most damage and have the best protection, while those in 
    the rear can all attack from a distance, and heal other units as required. All 
    of the sword-wielders (except for the one with a Sword + Bow which I put in 
    the back) had 48-49 Physical Resistance, except for one Amazon who had 46; 
    compared to those I intended to keep to the rear of combat, since they had 
    only 40~. You'll be pretty safe with the above setup, especially with everyone 
    at level 3. 
    As you have a few makeshift 'healers' (don't be stingy with their Cures; the 
    cost is inconsequential) to compliment Kachua, along with front-line Soldiers 
    with acceptable defences, you can charge everyone straight ahead as far as 
    they can go for your first turn. Note that your weaker back-row units will get 
    to move before everyone else since their weight is so low, but they'll 
    survive. Feel free to only move them four spaces ahead if you want to play it 
    safe; this way you'll still lure the enemy in, but they'll have to come just a 
    bit closer, which will set them up nicely for your front-row attackers. You 
    don't want to sit back too much though, as Vice and Canopus certainly won't; 
    although wasted EXP isn't too big of a deal since you engaged in Training 
    beforehand. Be sure to pick up any Stat Cards, but don't worry about giving 
    them all to Denim if he's too far away. 
    A certain character or two will usually get ganged up on, so in the early 
    stages it's safer to heal anyone whose HP drops to 50; as such a unit would 
    not survive two successful direct attacks and an arrow. You will learn when 
    healing is necessary in this regard, depending on how many enemies are nearby. 
    Sometimes it'll be safe to wait until you have less HP; other times it may 
    result in death. It doesn't really matter at this time, but I'm a Fire Emblem 
    gamer and let no one die, since it's not all that hard and doesn't require too 
    much luck if you plan things out. Kachua is pretty useless since she only 
    heals about 15 HP tops, but it's better than nothing. Once you have wiped out 
    a few foes, it's safer to ease back on healing so soon, but don't worry about 
    the cost of a few measly Cures; eventually you'll have little need for them 
    I tend to send Denim and a couple of other units (one of your fodder-healers 
    included) toward the enemy that Canopus severely injures, and take care of 
    that side of the battle. The bulk of my other units I sent through the middle 
    and other side of the map, where the more dangerous group of enemies tends to 
    congregate. Concentrate each group on one enemy at a time, and when no one is 
    in need of 'healing' be sure to constantly fire arrows from those who only 
    have bows; and still throw stones when your sword-fighters are out of range. 
    Every little bit of damage helps. Vice should score a kill in this battle, 
    which is no problem as it'll push him to level 3 to join the rest of your 
    team. Just make sure neither Canopus or Vice get the death-blow on the 
    One of the enemy Amazons and the wizard will eventually retreat as you advance 
    on them, which makes things slightly annoying when Canopus tends to head 
    straight for the boss. Luckily, he'll often miss, which should give you plenty 
    of time to wipe out all remaining enemies, collecting Stat Cards when they 
    appear, and have Denim or whomever has around 20-25~ EXP to finish the boss 
    off which will bring them to level 4 or very close.
    I received 1,800 Goth and some equipment, including the FireBurn spell. As for 
    my makeshift 'healers', I only had to use two Cures anyway. Canopus will join 
    your team now, thankfully. I didn't have much luck with the Stat Cards, but 
    here's what I got and who I designated them to: 
    - Mentality Card (3 points) - Male Soldier 
    - Life Card (4 points) - Different Male Soldier
    It's semi-rare, but it is possible to face a lineup of enemy troops in this 
    mission that is slightly different to the rest. With luck, one of the Amazons 
    will be equipped with a Spear *and* Battle Boots. Both are decent additions 
    this early on in the game, so you should try and Persuade her to get both 
    pieces of equipment; rather than just killing her and hoping you get the Spear 
    rather than the Battle Boots or a Stat Card. In any case, save before trying 
    to Persuade her to join you. I reloaded this battle about a dozen times, and 
    only once did I come across an Amazon who had a Spear, so it's really not 
    worth doing. Going through the motion of choosing your troops and waiting to 
    start the battle so many times kills the fun very quickly.
    Possible Encounters: 
    ~ 1X Amazon + 3X Lizard Man 
    ~ 4X Lizard Man 
    ~ 1X Amazon +1X Soldier + 2X Lizard Man 
    ~ 1X Soldier + 3X Lizard Man
    No 'special' equipment in any of the lineups, here. 
    | Battle 05 - Krizar City - (0005) | 
    Canopus has great Physical Resistance (Defence) as it is, so there's no need 
    to slow him down with a Shield and Sword in place of his Spear. I gave him the 
    'Blessing' you got from mission 3, which will revive him automatically should 
    he get killed. It would make more sense to give this to Denim, but I never let 
    him die anyway and his defence rating was still lower than Canopus even with a 
    Training would seem a good idea since one of your characters should be level 4 
    or very close (whomever killed the wizard at Tanmas Hill), but a slight boost 
    is unnecessary for this easy battle. A training battle hosted after this one 
    will be easier and very short; and you'll discover another reason soon enough. 
    If you're new to Tactics Ogre, feel free to get all your characters to level 4 
    now though so you have a slight edge.
    I had everyone move forward as far as possible (those on the right I had come 
    down the middle though), with my Bow-wielders shooting at the Skeleton down 
    below (along with throwing stones from those without bows), and you'll easily 
    defeat it on your first turn. Even though it'll revive again soon, it'll give 
    you some extra time. Presance didn't get put to sleep by the enemy Ghost until 
    its second turn. Be sure to take note of the Spear-wielding Soldier, and save 
    right before killing him to ensure he drops his weapon rather than a Stat Card 
    (or a different piece of equipment) and that an enemy doesn't step on the 
    treasure. There's no guarantee that even if treasure is dropped it'll be his 
    Spear, so an easier method is to try and Persuade the foe; depends on how 
    lucky you are and how much reloading you can take.
    Focus on wiping out the Soldiers first, since you can't rely on Presance 
    Exorcising the undead too quickly. His priority will normally be to heal 
    people first. Once the Soldiers are out of the way, the pesky undead coming 
    back to life won't be much of an issue. They hit hard, but Presance will 
    eventually get rid of most of them. As you advance, the Ghost and Witch will 
    retreat to the rear of the map. Be careful of a Skeleton reviving and going 
    after Kachua or Presence; keep a fodder-healer and a fighter present at all 
    times, and Vice will stick around to lend a hand too. One of the Soldiers 
    dropped a Life Card (5 HP) which I gave to Denim. Kachua also made it to level 
    3 during this mission (mostly because a Skeleton took a swipe at her which she 
    I picked up Buried Treasure in this mission that was 'Heal', which is located 
    at coordinates 17,10 (starting from the top-left of the map), which is a 
    square of water surrounded by soil and you need an Amazon to be able to get 
    it. I also Persuaded the Ghost to join my team in this battle, who will then 
    be the prime target for the Witch who won't hurt it, but constantly cast Stun 
    (and most often miss) which is a great distraction for them both. I healed the 
    boss with a few Cures to allow more time for a few non-training level-ups and 
    such; and my new Ghost even reached level 4 from constantly casting 'Incubus' 
    on her. A few of my troops were very close to reaching level 4 as well, so 
    when the battle was nearly won I had them target the Witch (or level 4 allies 
    with lots of HP) with stones/etc. We'll get everyone else to this stage in our 
    next training mission. As long as they all have 25~ EXP, you're set for 
    instant level-ups. I only received 1,300 Goth for this victory.
    To save yourself some slight annoyance, swap the position of Presance's 
    Exorcism and Heal spells around; since you'll be using the latter much more 
    | Training 02 - Krizar City - (0006) | 
    WARNING: Do *not* try and return to Amorika Castle, as you'll lose the chance 
    to do the first optional story battle at Fort Kadoriga.
    You should probably have at least 2-3~ folk who are level 4 now, so we'll do 
    another training mission to bring the others up to speed. We'll be replacing a 
    few of those fodder-generics, but it's worth leveling them up this last time 
    just to make sure you keep the best-of-the-best, Stat-wise. You'll only be 
    keeping four of your best generics, which is exactly half of them (unless you 
    purchased more for some reason). When you divide into two teams, make sure one 
    of them has your new level 5 Archer (Sara) and put your level 5 Knight 
    (Voltel) in the other; as this way you'll save yourself some time as you won't 
    have to march toward each other unless you make a mistake.
    I made sure one of my teams had the benefit of my new Ghost so it could put 
    people to sleep when required to avoid lethal counterattacks, while the other 
    team had Presance who could heal anyone who took too much damage but you 
    wanted to keep around a while longer. In both cases, level them both up last, 
    especially in the case of the Ghost as even at level 5, it won't give much EXP 
    since it is 'undead' and can't actually be killed traditionally. Weaken your 
    level 5 characters with anyone who is still level 3, and make sure you only 
    kill them with a level 4 character who has 25~ EXP for a guaranteed level-up. 
    As you gradually level everyone up, you'll have plenty of time to get everyone 
    to this stage. You need only throw stones when you're trying to get to 25 EXP, 
    but a few Bow shots will help speed up the process when required.
    If you do this properly and keep an eye on everyone's EXP, like myself you'll 
    only need to do one easy training mission. It doesn't take all that long, as 
    once everyone is level 4 with 25 EXP, each one who kills a level 5 character 
    will level up instantly, and you can repeat the process until everyone is at 
    the same level. Just remember to not wipe out *all* the members of either 
    team, as that will end the Training battle. Your Ghost is useful all this time 
    putting the higher-level character to sleep, and it does decent damage to a 
    high-defence individual where other generics might only be doing like 10~ HP 
    of damage even with a sword. You might want to save every now and then in case 
    you make a mistake, to save yourself needing to do a second quick training 
    Strip your generics of all their equipment, so you can get an accurate look at 
    who has the highest attack/defence (Physical Resistance) rating, alongside 
    their Stats (which is more important for Clerics/Wizards). Hopefully you have 
    an idea as to what Classes you will want them to be, but keep in mind you'll 
    only be needing four of them, and you have eight. You'll therefore generally 
    want your two best Soldiers and two best Amazons. Here's how my current team 
    looks and what I have planned: (All of them are level 5)
    Unit 1: Denim - Soldier (Same equipment as before, future Berzerker). 
    Unit 2: Soldier - High Attack/Defence levels (Future Berzerker or Beast 
    Unit 3: Soldier - High INT/MEN/MP(Future Wizard) - I gave him the Spear I 
    acquired on the last mission, along with Leather Armour/Hat, and I took 
    Canopus' 'Blessing' for this unit to have since Canopus can take care of 
    himself easier. This Soldier will still be a great fighter for now. 
    Unit 4: Amazon - Higher INT/MEN/MP (Future Cleric)- For now I armed her with a 
    Short Bow/Tower/Leather Armour/Leather Hat; we don't want her in the fray or 
    getting many kills. She'll have decent Physical Resistance should she take a 
    hit though. 
    Unit 5: Amazon (Future Archer or Witch, and then future Valkyrie or Dragon 
    Tamer, otherwise Siren).
    Unit 6: Canopus - Eagle Man. 
    Unit 7: Ghost - 2X Cedar Staff/Leather Armour/Hat (106/108 Def/Mag Def 
    respectively). Since it has very high Physical Resistance as it is, you can 
    also slot in two Cure items and use this Ghost who has excellent movement to 
    heal others. You should also buy it a magic attack that matches its element to 
    add to its spare slot alongside Incubus. 
    Unit 8: Sara - Archer. 
    Unit 9: Voltel - Knight (temporary Class, your general tank for now; 
    although you could make him a Ninja/Beast Tamer if you want). 
    Unit 10: Presance - Exorcist - 2X Cedar Staff/Magic Ring/Battle Boots.
    Since you have a magic-user in the form of a Ghost now, you are finally able 
    to get all the Buried Treasure you missed in previous stages that require you 
    to 'burn' the grass first. However, at the moment such isn't really necessary, 
    and I advise against it. You have ample opportunity to pick up a 'Heal' magic 
    if you don't have it already, and you wouldn't have anyone with 57 or higher 
    Luck yet; meaning you'd miss out on the better treasure available. 
    | Optional Battle 01 - Fort Kadoriga - (0007) | 
    Note that it is worth Persuading a second Ghost in this mission, simply to 
    take its Incubus Spell which you can later give to your future Wizard. Its 
    range is one square further than the other elemental Spells (for now), and
    you'd be surprised how often you may be just out of reach by that much; so
    you'll at least be able to do some minor damage and possibly put a foe to 
    Kachua and Vice both reached level 4 during this battle for me. Considering 
    your two healers have rather weak...healing skills, make sure you constantly put
    them to work, rather than in typical RPGs where it is safe and generally 
    better to wait until your allies have lost at *least* half of their HP. At 
    this point in the game, 25~ is probably the strongest they can manage; and 
    considering how MP for such a weak ability is essentially unlimited, it's not 
    a waste to heal someone who has only lost 10~ HP. If you followed my advice 
    above with the Training battle your characters will be at a perfect level (5), 
    so you won't need to try and 'designate kills' to your lower-EXP/level party 
    members nor worry about an NPC 'stealing' the death-blow (try and time it so 
    Vice gets a few kills or let him kill the boss before Leonard does; where the 
    EXP is useless to him as he is level 6).
    As usual I moved everyone straight ahead as far as they could go. Ghosts will 
    slow you down somewhat annoyingly by putting a few of your characters to sleep 
    via Incubus; but said individuals wake up pretty fast, and though the Ghosts 
    tend to retreat, you'll catch up to them or back them into a corner fast 
    enough to either defeat them temporarily (difficult, due to their surprisingly 
    high Defense) or with Presance's Exorcism. Try to focus on the Ghosts first 
    rather than the silly Skeleton, which Leonard can nearly eliminate in one blow 
    (and thusly provides a good distraction for him). Your own Ghost, should you 
    have one, will be Public Enemy Number 1, which is actually a good thing, as it 
    will generally force the other Ghosts to target it, hopefully failing to put 
    it to sleep for a few turns; thusly making it easier for your other characters 
    to move closer. Nybass has powerful magic that can hit up to *five* people; 
    yet he'd prioritize your lone Ghost over five enemy party members clumped 
    together every single time. This isn't Shining Force, people!
    Note that another tactic is that you can try and damage Leonard with Bows 
    (direct attacks are much too dangerous, since his counter will do 50+ damage) 
    so that Kachua will focus on healing him, so she gets more EXP (12-18 compared 
    to 6-10) if she's close to her next level. In the end it simply makes her 
    slightly better at recovering lost health for your party, and every little bit 
    counts. If you're feeling particularly brave, you can even kill Leonard for an 
    extra instant level-up. It'll take some time, since Kachua will heal him and 
    he's very good at blocking most attacks, but since you don't need his help at 
    all it's worth considering once all enemies but Nybass are defeated.
    There is Buried Treasure you can acquire with an Amazon right away, which you 
    can see here: http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html . You can't pick it up 
    with a Ghost, since they 'float' above the water which doesn't count. I got a 
    second 'Heal' here, so hopefully you'll have at least one by now. I only 
    received 1,250 Goth for this battle, but it was complimented by a further 500 
    which was dropped by a felled enemy. As there were only two 'human' units you 
    could kill excluding the boss, you might not get a Stat Card. I didn't, but 
    Leonard is to blame for that since he finished off both Soldiers and has 
    higher Luck than your own characters. Something to watch out for. Make sure 
    not to take Nybass' HP below 20~ to ensure you can kill him in one hit and get 
    good EXP; rather than the battle ending automatically when you get him even 
    more dangerously close to defeat, where you get nothing. I let Vice finish him 
    off, who was already level 4 because I surrounded the boss and let him damage 
    the Necromancer for a while. Thusly he'd easily reach level 5 in the next 
    story battle; as would Kachua, hopefully.
    I wasn't able to encounter any random battles at Fort Kadoriga, even after 
    retrying at least a dozen times, advancing the 'calendar' by several weeks and 
    so on; so I'm guessing at this point in time (perhaps always) you can't run 
    into any random encounters here or at any Fort. Perhaps they didn't bother
    since this was an optional battleground? 
    | Battle 06 - Gruborza Plains - (0008) | 
    You have a good opportunity to Persuade an enemy Cleric or Wizard here, who 
    will likely have better Stats than your own future healer or magic-user. Their 
    loyalty to their leader seems to be quite high though, and I didn't bother as 
    I'd rather use my own people and not run the risk of ever losing them due to 
    disloyalty. Don't let their much-higher MP sway you; such will be irrelevant 
    when you have access to new Classes once you reach level 6 (most assuredly) 
    and you'll gain more than enough MP from there; not that you need it for the 
    basic spells which replenish MP instantly anyway. You're well-prepared from 
    the last battle to go straight into this one.
    Position Denim to his far-right as opposed to his usual centre position, so 
    he'll be closer to the enemy Wizard; who you can try to Persuade to rob him of 
    his equipment, or save beforehand to ensure the treasure you receive is his 
    Magic Ring. Note that the Soldier you meet along the way also has Chain 
    Armour, which is twice as good as Leather, so you can try to go for that as 
    well; but it's easier to get some in the next mission so I didn't bother. The 
    Cleric in this battle also has a Magic Ring, and I received both of them via 
    reloading twice to make sure. As a result, I only got one Stat Card from a 
    felled enemy, which was another Life Card which I gave to Denim. It's best to 
    only give them to characters you know will be with you throughout the entire 
    game or the grand duration. It's okay to give them to Generics when you know 
    they are lacking in a particular Stat or so to gain access to a new Class.
    Vice and Leonard will charge toward the enemies on your side of the river and 
    will defeat them with ease, so keep that in mind should you plan to go after 
    their equipment or to Persuade them. Your other characters should march 
    straight ahead as far as they can go, not worrying about crossing the river 
    until the other enemies are nearby. The boss tends to stay on the other side 
    the whole time, even if he has a good opening. The Cleric can be annoying, 
    since she will heal her allies and then retreat as far away from you as 
    possible; corner her and put her out of her misery as quickly as possible. If 
    Leonard starts heading toward the Berzerker, surround the boss with your own 
    people should you need more time to wipe out remaining foes. Just keep in mind 
    that this leader can do 50~ damage or more to your people; but Kachua and 
    Presence will be able to handle the healing.
    Again, when there are few enemies left, if Kachua is close to reaching her 
    next level, fire away at Leonard with Bows/Magic/etc so that she gains more 
    EXP faster (and kill him for lots of EXP or an instant level-up, too). Vice 
    reached level 5 in this mission in my game. Be careful how much you weaken a 
    certain enemy if Leonard is nearby, since you don't want him to steal kills 
    where it'd be more beneficial for Vice to finish the job since he's not as far 
    ahead level-wise. Leonard also has the highest Luck compared to any of your 
    party, hence you'll most likely get often useless treasure rather than a Stat 
    Card. Kill the Berzerker with a character who has 25+ EXP so they reach level 
    6. This mission is very easy since your team is quite powerful for this part 
    of the game if you've followed all my advice. You'll receive 1,650 Goth if you 
    manage to kill all your enemies here.
    Possible Encounters: 
    ~ 1X Hawkman + 3X Lizard Man - Two of the Lizards had Phlanka Axes, which are 
    slightly more powerful than Short Swords (+1...), which you can grab at least 
    another one (you got one from the last boss) should you desire this very 
    slight boost. The other Lizard had a Spear and Battle Boots, where such a 
    combo would be worth Persuading the foe to ensure nabbing both pieces of 
    equipment. Keep in mind that a Spear is slightly weaker than a Short Sword (-
    3) but you can either hit two enemies at once (one of which is a weaker 
    attack, since the first unit takes the brunt of it) or attack from a distance 
    and hence free of counters (unless they have a Spear/Whip themselves). In any 
    case, this is the first random battle worth fighting just to nab some new 
    ~ 4X Lizard Man
    ~ 1X Wizard + 3X Lizard Man
    ~ 3X Hawk Man + 1 Lizard Man
    ~ 1X Wizard + 1X Hawk Man + 1X Lizard Man + 1X Amazon
    ~ 1X Wizard + 1X Lizard Man + 2X Hawk Man
    * You'll find similar equipment regardless of the lineup of foes. 
    | Training 03 (Via Random Battle) - Gruborza Plains - (0009) | 
    Note that to Denim's right is really the 'frontline' as those positions are 
    closest to your enemies.
    This will be more fun than actual 'Training', since you face proper enemies 
    who will actually be stronger than you since one of your characters (whether 
    it was Denim or not) would have leveled up to 6 after killing the boss in the 
    last mission; and hence all the random battle foes will also be level 6. If 
    you play this right your whole team will get to that level as well, which 
    almost assures that everyone who can will be able to change Classes. Most of 
    your characters should have 50+ EXP already give or take, and over the course 
    of the battle some of them will level-up just from attacking your foes; and 
    your four most EXP-lacking members can simply deal the final blow to level up 
    instantly. A good trick if you need more time is to wait until only one foe is 
    left, surround it on all sides, and throw stones/etc while you have Presance 
    heal the enemy continuously (getting him to level 6 in the process).
    I received an extra Spear and Phlanka for my efforts, which is a nice bonus. 
    If you are facing Lizard Men, you'll notice that their Physical Resistance 
    (Defence) is quite high compared to yours. Worry not, as by focusing all your 
    attacks on them one at a time (where applicable) will wear them down slowly 
    but surely, and I was never in any risk of someone dying. If your Ghost has 
    two Cures equipped, you'll have a backup 'healer' just in case. If you're not 
    confident as to how much a certain person can handle, just save your game 
    before you meet up with your foes at the river's centre. Keep in mind that one 
    or two of them will likely have a Spear, so be wary as to how you position 
    your party. Where receiving equipment from an enemy is concerned, it seems 
    that you have a much higher chance of getting money or a Stat Card in random 
    battles; but it's probably just a coincidence. It might take a few save-and-
    reloads to get what you're after.
    Once you've killed a couple of your opponents, the rest of the battle will be 
    a cakewalk. Just remember to give the EXP-rich kills to your characters who 
    have the least EXP to save yourself some time. Once there is only one enemy 
    left, you can just have your level 6 people wait around and do nothing. 
    Congratulations, it's now time to upgrade to a few better Classes for your 
    generics and Denim.
    Class Changes: 
    1. Denim: Berzerker - I gave him the Phlanka you received from the last boss. 
    2. Soldier 1: His Vitality was a tad too low, so I couldn't make this unit a 
    Berzerker/Beast Tamer just yet. If you run into a similar problem with one of 
    your characters, you can either fight another random battle (which I did) and 
    aim for a particular Stat Card by saving your game first, or do the same in 
    the next story battle. You could also make this unit a Ninja, if you're 
    3. Soldier 2: *Wizard - Cedar Staff X2, Magic Ring, Battle Boots. 
    4. Amazon 1: Cleric - Cedar Staff X2, Magic Ring, Blessing. (Leather 
    Armour/Hat had such a low defence boost at +1).
    5. Amazon 2: Archer - Short Bow, Tower Shield, Leather Armour/Hat.
    * For this Wizard, you have 3 Spell slots. Give him a Spell of his Element 
    (such as Fire or Water, Earth or Wind) and FireBurn if said Element isn't 
    Fire. Hopefully you Persuaded a second Ghost at Fort Kadoriga, so remove its 
    Incubus Spell and give it to your Wizard, who will now be very balanced.
    If you want more diversity, you could also make Sara a Spear-wielding 
    | Battle 07 - Rime City - (0010) | 
    Do a mock Training Battle at Gruborza Plains, where you only need your Wizard 
    with FireBurn on Team 1 and just Denim/etc on Team 2. Right near where your 
    Wizard starts, on the left is a small plateau so to speak (4H elevation), 
    which contains Buried Treasure (look below for a small 'map', where X marks 
    the spot). The spell Vitalize in particular, which you should save your game 
    beforehand to get a hold of. It only took me three attempts. Keep in mind that 
    we will clear out the rest of the Buried Treasure at previous locations at a 
    later date; your Luck will be too low to get the best-of-the-best at the 
    moment, or even the 'worst-of-the-worst'; which on some occasions isn't 
    actually the case.
    * Below I mention one Buried Treasure location to aim for, but you may as well 
    get the other two (see http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html) as you 
    won't have access to this location again. Read 'Hints and Tips' number 5 if you
    want to get the best of the best; although ensure you get a second Vitalize.
    For your lineup, note that those to Denim's left will be the closest to 
    combat, so consider those on the right to be the true 'back' row. As you go 
    into the battle, choose to help the woman; as you'll have no choice in any 
    case. Note that the enemy Soldiers and Amazons all have Chain Armour, which is 
    twice as good as Leather; so it's worth Persuading at least one of them, or 
    save your game before killing them to ensure you get the desired equipment as 
    treasure. I didn't have the patience for such a practice, but you might be 
    lucky. The Witch also has a Magic Ring; but you can buy them prior to the next 
    battle. As usual, charge everyone forward. Since you know the best formation 
    ahead of time, your weaker characters will all be safely at the back. You'll 
    lay waste to that Dragon in no time at all.
    There is Buried Treasure to your left (needs to be burned) on the single-square 
    'island' in the water. You can get a second Vitalize spell here, so get it now
    with your Cleric (via saving first). This mission is easy, as all your foes
    excluding the Witch and Knight are only level 5 and you have your new Classes.
    The only hard part is if your luck goes a bit sour and the enemy rains all
    blows successfully on Sisteena; you should save your game in case you make a
    mistake or she doesn't block at least 1-2 attacks. Watch out for Guests or
    enemies stepping on treasure or Stat Cards, since they are always moving around
    and you fight in a relatively small area. Try to coordinate your attacks so
    that a Guest won't deal the final blow, if only to know when to save your game
    should you be aiming for certain equipment drops.
    Thankfully, with your new Cleric, you now have three healers on your team 
    (with Kachua as a Guest) and your Ghost as a backup with his Cures should he 
    be needed in a pinch. Later on in the battle, I was able to put Leonard to 
    sleep, thankfully. Stops him from getting in the way or stealing kills for a 
    little while. Sadly I didn't have any luck with scoring some Chain Armour, but 
    I did receive a Vitality Card (+3) which I gave to my Cleric who was quite 
    lacking in that stat. I also got a Luck Card, which I gave to Denim (+2). Keep 
    in mind that this one can give either -1/-2, or +1/+2; we'll focus on getting 
    Denim's Luck high enough to get the best Buried Treasure, and a fodder 
    character's Luck low enough to get the 'worst' (which includes some stat-
    increasing items).
    When the boss (Knight) is hurt badly, he will use his Cure item to recover 50 
    HP and retreat further away. Kachua reached level 5 in this battle for me, 
    since she gets decent EXP for healing characters two levels higher than 
    herself (upwards of 17~ EXP). Vice reached level 6, as his EXP was 25~ when I 
    let him deal the final blow to the leader. Your Guests are now a lot more 
    useful; although not annoyingly so as in Leonard's case.
    Shortly, you'll be prompted with an important choice. Answer 'For true peace'. 
    You'll probably be forced to fight a random battle on your way back to Amorika 
    Castle, but you'll make quick work of wiping out the four foes you come 
    across; and score some good Stat Cards (keep in mind you'll be able to buy 
    Spears/Battle Boots before the next battle). After returning to Amorika, you 
    can now buy the stuff I just mentioned, along with Magic Rings; not to mention 
    new 'supplemental' magic spells (by now you won't have to waste 2,000 Goth on 
    Heal and Incubus thanks to Buried Treasure and Ghosts). Note that Battle Boots 
    are actually better than Leather Armour by +1 in their defensive capabilities, 
    and they also increase a character's AGI by +4.
    | Battle 08 - Bordo Lakeside - (0011) | 
    Give Kachua your second Vitalize spell, which will make life much easier for
    you when you are dealing with annoying Witches and such.
    I'll give you a quick list as to how my team is equipped, but factor in Chain 
    Armour over Leather for whoever needs the defence boost the most. 
    1. Denim: Blue (Necklace), Phlanka, Tower, Battle Boots. 
    2. Berzerker: Phlanka, Tower, Leather Armour, Battle Boots. 
    3. Wizard: Cedar X2, Magic Ring, Battle Boots. 
    4. Archer: Short Bow, Tower, Leather Armour, Battle Boots. 
    5. Cleric: Cedar X2, Magic Ring, Battle Boots. 
    6. Canopus: Spear, Leather Armour/Hat, Battle Boots. 
    7. Ghost: Cedar X2, Leather Armour, Battle Boots (can swap Armour for Magic 
    Ring if you prefer). 
    8. Presance: Cedar X2, Magic Ring, Battle Boots. 
    9. Sara (Archer): Short Bow, Tower, Leather Armour, Battle Boots. 
    10. Voltel (Knight): Short Sword, Tower, Leather Armour, Battle Boots. 
    Position healers/magic-users to Denim's left and fighters to his right.
    You'll have four chances at nabbing some Chain Armour in this mission; and the 
    Soldier who tried to run away before the battle begun can be Persuaded pretty 
    easily even with lots of HP (it'll still hardly ever work unless you can get 
    behind him though). Hopefully you can get at least two pieces of Chain. The 
    Amazon near the enemy Wizard has the 'Matou' Claw (+24 Strength) along with 
    her own Chain Armour; and hence your priority Persuasion choice, or you can 
    try and save-and-reload in the hopes that she drops it as treasure but it's 
    very difficult.
    Move all your troops straight ahead towards your enemies, but do check the 
    movement range of others so you don't get a healer/magic-user in the way of a 
    fighter. You are aiming to meet your foes around that dry land in the middle 
    near that 'Tochi' Tree. The opposition are all level 6 except for the boss 
    (level 7). Watch out for Vice killing the Amazon with the Matou Claw, should 
    you block his direct path to other enemies. It took several reloads, but I 
    eventually got the weapon when I killed her. Persuasion is a much better idea 
    (since you'll get her Chain Armour as well) although it's still somewhat hard 
    with all the other enemies and Guests around. Even at 1 HP, Persuading her 
    from a distance is next to impossible. Do whatever it takes, though.
    If you need to bide your time to collect treasure/Stat Cards/etc, surround the 
    enemy Knight with four of your characters; it doesn't matter if they are weak 
    or strong, since your three healers will easily keep them alive. You'll also 
    get Kachua some more EXP in the meantime. Don't forget to heal the boss if his 
    HP gets too low, however. If no one is injured, use a magic attack or arrows 
    on a character who isn't next to the leader so Kachua has someone to heal.
    While you are surrounding the boss, check if any characters of yours are close 
    to reaching level 7 (80+ EXP). If so, it's well worth it and easy to throw 
    stones/etc at the Knight while you keep him healed to level up. There's no 
    need to be excessive about it, but if it only takes you a hit or two to get 
    there, do so. Be sure to deal the final blow to this leader with a character 
    who has the least EXP (25~) to minimize wastage. Denim, my Cleric and Voltel 
    reached level 7 in my case. It's doubtful you'll get Kachua to level 6, but I 
    stuck around and wounded my own level 7 characters (Denim and the Cleric, at 
    that point) to ensure she got close to 17 EXP each time she healed. Piece of 
    cake, and you should get 2,150 Goth. 
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 4X Lizard Man 
    ~ 1X Wizard + 1X Amazon + 2X Lizard Man 
    ~ 1X Wizard + 3X Lizard Man
    No decent equipment worth mentioning by this point. 
    | Battle 09 - Zodo Marsh - (0012) | 
    I gave our new Matou Claw to my generic Berzerker, as Denim was already much 
    stronger. Voltel had decent Strength as well, so I went with attack balance 
    here, rather than Weight. I had two pieces of Chain Armour, so I gave one to 
    my weakest Archer, and the other to my Ghost as he is Public Enemy #1 and you 
    have three good healers now anyway. Note that this battle ends instantly 
    should you get the boss or his two Gryphons down to 20~ percent HP; but we'll 
    still be able to defeat Ganb and get good EXP if we injure him close to that 
    mark but not completely, so he can be finished off in one hit. Thusly, to 
    maximise EXP/treasure/Stat Card gains, our priority for this battle will be to 
    wipe out the other human foes and Lizard Men, while healing Ganb and his 
    Gryphons if required. 
    * You may wish to remove Vice's weapon, to lessen the damage he can dish out 
    to the Gryphons. 
    Consider Denim's right to be the front row.
    Looking at the battleground, you'll see water blocking your way and a clearer 
    path on either side. You'll want to head toward the route Vice is closest to, 
    as your enemies will come at you from that way. Don't worry about the single 
    Lizard Man; he'll make his way toward you soon enough. Try and block off 
    Vice's easy access to a Gryphon, as he can deliver quite a punch. There is 
    only one piece of equipment worth aiming for in this battle; Chain Armour, 
    which one of the Lizard Men should have. Unfortunately we can't steal Ganb's 
    awesome whip. Your human foes are all level 7, while all others are a level 
    The terrain will slow your people down (except Canopus and your Ghost) but 
    once you're past the starting position, your enemies will be closer and you 
    can begin to mow them down as quickly as possible. Don't worry about finishing 
    off a level 7 enemy with a level 7 character of your own if you get the 
    chance; we'll bring the rest of your level 6 people up to speed via Training 
    before the next mission if required. You don't want to waste any turns aside 
    from picking up Stat Cards. The Witch in this level has a much higher success 
    rate than the one you faced at Krizar City, but Kachua will help you out there 
    since you gave her Vitalize as well. Your Archers and magic-users will be a 
    great help from a distance, while your fighters draw closer to direct combat 
    (throwing stones when you can do nothing else). 
    Don't forget to heal the Gryphons when none of your own people are injured 
    worse than 20+ HP. They are no threat to you attack-wise, but do watch out for 
    lethal counters when they attack a stronger member of your team which will end 
    the mission instantly if they get hurt bad enough. Ganb hits hard, at 40+ HP 
    to a strong Berzerker even. Don't worry if you aren't able to kill all the 
    other foes before one of the Gryphon's gets killed or close and the battle 
    ends; in the worst case you'll only miss out on a Stat Card or two which is no 
    big deal. At least half of your party should be level 7 by now, so we can do a 
    quick Training battle after this to catch everyone else up; as it'll be your 
    last chance until the next Chapter... 1,575 Goth this time. 
    | Training 04 - Zodo Marsh - (0013) | 
    Equip your new Chain Armour if you got one during the last battle. It's better 
    to get the rest of your characters up to level 7 via a random battle 
    (especially since you'll get some Stat Cards) either here or at Bordo 
    Lakeside, but you can do a safer traditional Training session if you'd prefer. 
    Just put your 10 usual characters on one team, and one of the blank generics 
    on the other. 
    If you're fighting a random battle (recommended for the Stat Card rewards) 
    just march toward your foes as quickly as possible, wounding them primarily 
    with your level 6 characters who are closest to leveling up, and finally 
    killing them with those who have the least EXP. As long as everyone is level 7 
    by the time you're finished, no worries. It'll be very good if you can get a 
    Luck Card (+2) for Denim, as well. 
    If instead you're just doing a simple Training battle, if you set up your 
    teams like I mentioned above, you can ignore team B completely; just hack away 
    at your level 7 characters, killing them when required, so that you get the 
    rest of your party to the same level. Done and done. 
    | Battle 10 - Baramus City (1) - (0014) | 
    All of your characters should be level 7 now. Below I'll list the best lineup 
    to go with your current troops, which will put your Archers in prime position 
    to snipe from a great distance, while your fighters will have direct and quick 
    access on foot. You'll quickly realise why the below layout works the best. 
    Denim will be in his default position as usual, so I'll start with the back 
    Presance -- Wizard -- Ghost -- Canopus -- Cleric 
    Voltel -- Berzerker -- Denim -- Sara -- Archer 
    * Read 'Hints and Tips' number 5 if you want to get the best Buried Treasure
    during this mission.
    Be sure to save your game before your finish off the last enemy unit, and keep
    a permanent copy of this save since it will allow you to choose the Chaos path
    for now and return later to try the Lawful route at a later date or
    Canopus (via throwing a stone) and your Archers can easily kill one of the 
    Soldiers who is facing sideward before he even has a chance to act (move said 
    Archers in front of Kachua and Vice respectively). If you'd prefer, you can 
    keep all your troops where they are, raining stones and arrows down upon your 
    enemy until they finally get to you; but you're more than capable of mopping 
    these foes up post-haste. If you'd like to play aggressively like myself, very 
    shortly your fighters will meet head-on with the enemy Soldiers and the 
    carnage will ensue. They may miss often if you're unlucky, but your 
    Archers/magic-users will more than compensate.
    Keep your Archers stationed on rooftops the whole time, while your magic-users 
    are safe enough to bring behind your fighters. Be sure to time your death-
    blows so you can collect Stat Cards promptly. You might lose a couple early on 
    due to the abundance of enemies, but it's no big deal. You'll begin taking 
    some damage, but it's really just a joke considering you have three decent 
    healers at present. Vice also reached level 7 for me before this battle met 
    its end. In Kachua's case, she would easily get to that stage in the next 
    battle. If you're keen, you can stick around and injure your own troops so she 
    gains enough EXP; but she's already more leveled-up than most people tend to 
    have her. 
    Once only one Soldier is left, quickly surround it so Vice can't finish him 
    off. Heal the foe if necessary (counter-attacks), so you have time to pick up 
    any leftover Stat Cards and Buried Treasure. Make sure everyone on your team 
    is at full health, though. Speaking of treasure, you can get yourself an 
    elemental Orb and an extra Cure+/Magi+/Clear/Heal. You can't access this 
    battleground again excluding the second part of this mission, so this is the 
    safest time to do so. Check the map at the L.U.C.T site 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html#baramus) but do note that the 
    location of where you can get the Orb is slightly off; it's actually right in 
    the corner, and needs to be burned first (as does the other location).
    Eventually you'll have to make a choice which will determine whether you take
    the Lawful or Chaotic path. This Walkthrough will follow the latter for now.
    ~ 1. I understand. -- Lawful Route.
    ~ 2. No way! -- Chaos Route.
    | Battle 11 - Baramus City (2) - (0015) | 
    If you followed my advice, all of your characters will have full HP for this 
    mission. I'll note that I'm going the Chaos route, though the battle is pretty 
    much the same. You'll have no reason to edit your characters, but review them 
    if you wish. Vice's equipment will end up in your inventory, including his 
    Escape Gem, in case you were wondering. Position-wise, to Denim's right is the 
    'front'. I stuck Canopus and my Ghost right at the 'back' (so to speak) as 
    they can catch up the quickest due to their lack of terrain restraints. 
    V= Voltel, S= Sara, W= Wizard, C= Cleric, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    B= Berzerker, D= Denim, A= Archer, P= Presance (Front Row).
    All of your enemies except for one of the Knights/Berzerkers (Law) have a 
    decent weapon which they will always drop when killed; no Stat Cards or need 
    to save first. Just be very careful when you time your death-blows and such, 
    so no enemies/Kachua position themselves on the treasure and it disappears. 
    Collect the treasure manually whenever you get the chance just to be safe; but 
    still take priority on taking out your opponents when you feel confident it 
    won't matter. 
    Some folk may prefer to have Canopus closer to that side path near where you 
    start so he can fly up there promptly to act as a decoy, but I've never had 
    any need to; it simply makes your weaker foes keep their distance which we 
    don't desire. Move Canopus up to the high ground above though, as he'll still 
    be too far away to draw anyone in. The Chaos path battle is a bit easier in my 
    mind, since you don't have an annoying Cleric to deal with. The Witch is of no 
    concern due to how often her spells miss you; and you have two healers with 
    Vitalize if you've been following this walkthrough properly. The Wizard will 
    heal himself with his staff when he gets hurt, but your team can dish out far 
    more damage than 50 HP. 
    On your second turn, have Canopus fly to that house just above him (18H square 
    just above the broken barrel). This will draw one of the Archers much closer 
    to him where you can move directly behind her on your next turn if you want (I 
    prefer to focus on the enemy Wizard first though) when the Knights have moved 
    elsewhere. Fortunately, the enemy A.I won't have their Archers attack when 
    greatly out of range diagonally; even though it's possible to get a shot in. 
    Move your Ghost behind Canopus and that barrel, so the Knights won't come 
    after it; hence it's better to take out that Wizard before an Archer. 
    The enemy's Archers are really only a threat if you get your healers too close 
    to them. Canopus should easily wipe one of them out in quick order anyway, and 
    can then get to the other one while your other characters are advancing on 
    her. The Knights/etc fall quickly to your grouped-together party, especially 
    if you get in some nice counters to their attacks. Despite the terrain 
    advantage the enemy has on you, I didn't consider this mission to be all that 
    hard. Just the same old case of my poor Ghost taking in a lot of damage; 
    although I've always managed to keep it undead-alive, not that it really 
    matters. You'll get 2,100 Goth for your victory, and the abundance of special 
    weapons will aid you nicely in the coming chapter. 
         |         W A L K T H R O U G H:   C H A P T E R  T W O            | 
         |                                                                  | 
         |      Just Because Things Don't Turn Out Like You Expected,       |
         |                         I Won't Give Up.                         | 
    | Chapter 2 (Chaos) - Intermission - (0016) | 
    You can now buy Phlanka (Axes), Heavy (Hammers), Great (Bows) and Power 
    (Gauntlets). All you should need to buy is 3 Power Gauntlets (for 
    Denim/Berzerker/Voltel) to replace your Tower Shields. They are supposed to
    boost Strength, but for some reason it's simply got higher defence ratings 
    than a Tower; no actual STR boost. If it worked properly, I'd be telling you
    to not bother with Great Bows at all; since an Archer with just a Short Bow 
    would be much more protected with a Power Gauntlet. Since it doesn't work
    this way, you'll have to ignore the idea. Also make sure you have a spare
    attack spell of each Element + Incubus at all times. 
    You can also buy Cure+/Magi+ items now (which you won't need), along with new 
    magic spells (mostly supplemental). If your Wizard or Ghost has the Element of
    Wind, you can get a more powerful spell in the form of Thunder; but other 
    Elements are out of luck. Pick up a LightBow spell for Presance though (not 
    Kachua). He'll be doing 30+ damage with this ability; although obstacles get 
    in the way easily, so it's nowhere near as successful as an arrow or stone. 
    Only use it when you have a rather direct path to an enemy, and try to be on 
    terrain that matches his Element for even greater damage.
    Regarding Archers, with a Great Bow, mine were doing an extra four points of 
    damage to a high-defence character, where those with a Short Bow and Gauntlet 
    have +10 Physical Resistance. The general rule is to keep them away from 
    direct combat anyway, so you should go with the higher attack (which is even 
    more effective depending on height advantage/etc). In any case, with a Great 
    Bow, just equip a Leather Hat in place of your lost Tower. I'll give you a 
    look at how my characters are equipped shortly.
    Decision - Canopus: Spear or Heavy Hammer? Because the Hammer is his 
    'preferred' weapon type, you'll actually get an attack boost of +9 (it'll only
    say +6, though). It'll also be more accurate, although you'd only really 
    notice this when attacking a foe from the front, since Canopus has great 
    stats. You could also now equip him with a Power Gauntlet, which would mean 
    he'd have about a +10 defence boost...very tempting. However, a Spear can 
    attack two people at once, or be free of a counter-attack; and his 'Attack' 
    stat was as high as Berzerker Denim's anyway, so balance was definitely there.
    It's up to you, and really depends if you've found you get plenty of chances 
    to attack two enemies at once. If you're new to this game, it might be safest 
    to go with the Hammer + Gauntlet.
    New Equipment: 
    1. Denim: Swapped his Tower for a Power (Gauntlet). 
    2. Berzerker: Phlanka, Power, Leather Armour, Battle Boots. 
    3. *Wizard: Clear Staff to replace one of his Cedars. 
    4. Archer: Great Bow, Leather Armour/Hat, Battle Boots. 
    5. Cleric: No change. 
    6. Canopus: No change. (See above) 
    7. **Ghost: Life Staff to replace one of its Cedars.
    8. Presance: No change, but equip his new LightBow spell.
    9. Sara (Archer): Great Bow, Leather Armour/Hat, Battle Boots.
    10. ***Voltel (Knight): Swapped his Tower for a Power (Gauntlet).
    *Wizard: Now you'll have a third person with the abilities of 'Vitalize', but 
    do note that he can only cast it on someone who is directly adjacent; hence it 
    doesn't have the range of a normal spell. Note that you access the staff's 
    ability by trying to use it as an item. If your Healers are tied up, this 
    might save you some annoyance from time to time. You'll get a small INT/MEN 
    boost with this stronger staff, too.
    **Ghost: Even better, you'll now have a fourth healer, so to speak! 3.5 would 
    be more accurate, since it lacks the long-reaching range. On the plus side, it 
    heals 50 HP, which is better than what your proper healers can dish out at 
    present, and it works on Undead units too. Most likely, this very unit has 
    been attracting most of the damage in battle. I've always managed to keep it 
    from "dying" (being knocked out temporarily) anyway, but now once it's injured 
    badly enough, you can retreat to the back of the battle and recover its 
    health. It's a waste giving this weapon to your healers, for obvious reasons.
    By the way, there's no need to use these staves sparingly; the abilities have 
    an unlimited usage and they will never 'break'.
    ***Voltel: Yes, I've not made him a Ninja yet, since his AGI/DEX are on par 
    with most others so I haven't felt the need. With four healers (essentially) 
    it's definitely a safer time to make the Class change and give him your Matou 
    and a Power Gauntlet, but it's best to hold off if you're a rookie to Tactics 
    | Training 05 - Ashton City - (0017) | 
    WARNING: If you try to leave Ashton City, the next story battle will begin 
    Some people consider the battle ahead to be difficult, so we'll get our party 
    up to level 8 just to take the edge off a little. Veteran TRPGers can feel 
    free to skip Training, and get your characters to level 8 during the following 
    story battle. Remember to put your main 10 characters on Team 1, and just a 
    generic-nothing unit on the other. 
    You might be lucky and already have someone who reached level 8 or who is very 
    close; you only need to get one person to this stage by killing several fellow 
    level 7 characters. Once you have got to that stage simply start the battle 
    over. Most of your team should have 25~ EXP each; those who don't, simply have 
    them do the bulk of the damage to your level 8 people. Once everyone can gain 
    an instant level, kill your first level 8 individual and repeat the process 
    same as always.
    | Battle 12 - Ashton City - (0018) |  
    I went with a typical lineup here, meaning your fighters at the front, and the 
    rest in the rear.
    I think they're trying to mock us with this stage; I mean, a Knight with a 
    Robe? Come on! As such there is no special equipment worth aiming for, just 
    Stat Cards. Thusly, try to get at least one Luck Card, so Denim has 56 LUK (1 
    point away from better Buried Treasure possibilities). On your first turn, 
    Canopus should move onto the roof and throw a stone at the Soldier below; 
    you'll easily wipe him out with your first few characters. Aloser will crazily 
    march straight toward you initially, so it'll seem a little harder to kill her 
    lackies while the powerful little lady tries to snipe your weaker characters.
    Presance should do a decent 30+ damage with LightBow; just keep in mind it 
    will be blocked easily by objects like houses and high terrain, so you should 
    really only use it when you have a relatively clear shot at an enemy (and 
    urgent healing isn't required). Your Ghost should distract Aloser and the 
    Hawk Men from going after your other people. The enemy Cleric will be annoying 
    at first, but once your powerhouses get closer, her weak healing ability won't 
    have a chance at keeping up. She'll also drop a guaranteed Vitalize spell; not 
    that you'll need it if you've been following my guide properly.
    This is actually a very easy battle due to the low-defence of your foes; and 
    that it's easy to keep Aloser alive since you don't have to worry about 
    accidentally killing her with a counter-attack. Hence, she's easy to surround 
    when you've defeated most of the enemies, to give yourself time to collect any 
    scattered Stat Cards/etc. Her arrows have a nasty bite; but it's nothing your 
    3.5 healers can't laugh away. Aloser tends to prioritize firing at Denim or a 
    really weak Cleric. I got Denim's LUK stat to 57 in this battle, thanks to two 
    Luck Cards (+1/+2). Don't injure this leader to below 30 HP or the battle will 
    end instantly and you'll miss out on good EXP from defeating her.
    One decent thing is that while Aloser is surrounded, she'll constantly fire at 
    someone which will keep Kachua busy with healing, so you'll hopefully get her 
    at least halfway toward level 8. For the record, the boss Archer does 70-80~ 
    damage to say a healer, and 50~ to a high-defence character (all at level 8). 
    When you are ready, kill her with whoever has 25~ EXP. I had a few candidates, 
    but I chose Canopus as the defence/HP boost would serve him best, since I 
    always put him in dangerous situations.
    | Battle 13 - Zodo Marsh - (0019) |  
    For the record, you'll have two chances at snatching some Chain Armour from 
    the Hawk Men in this battle. Funnily enough, the Leader is only level 8 like 
    most of his troops, while the two Amazons are level 9. You will have to keep 
    the HP of the boss above 30 otherwise the mission will end, but he mostly 
    stays away from combat so you'll have ample time to collect scattered Stat 
    Cards or finish off wounded foes.
    G= Ghost, C= Cleric, W= Wizard, V= Voltel (Back Row). 
    A= Archer, S= Sara, P= Presance, D= Denim, B= Berzerker (Front Row).
    Initially, head to the left; don't be lured down the path to the right which 
    looks better at first. This includes Canopus and the Ghost as well; don't have 
    them cross the river just yet. Your Archers should go near them, but they can 
    go in the water since it will slow them down. To this effect, you'll split 
    your party in two, but each team will still be very close together, and the 
    enemy will be drawn between the two. Make sure your Ghost stays relatively in 
    the middle-rear of your party, so enemies have to come in as close as possible 
    to hit it.
    Be mindful of the high Strength of your foes when moving your healers/magic-
    users. They'll likely only be able to survive two strong attacks; although 
    you're more than safe with all your healers as long as you don't allow 
    yourself to get ganged up on by three foes. You can easily focus on two 
    enemies at a time, with your direct fighters and aid from Canopus and your 
    Archers along with magic from afar. The boss Berzerker and the Lizard Men will
    be slowed down quite severely by the terrain, so it'll be a long while before
    you need to worry about these 'reinforcements'.
    I got Chain Armour from one of the Hawk Men, and 1,200 Goth from the other. 
    Since you'll have several separate skirmishes with the small groups of enemies 
    over this battle, with your excellent formation it'll be a breeze. Give the 
    level 9 Amazon kills to whoever has 25~ EXP as per usual. I got Canopus' LUK 
    to 57 here; so I now have two folk who can pick up the best Buried Treasure. 
    Soon enough, it'll be time to surround Zapan; heal him if necessary, if you 
    need more time to designate any remaining Stat Cards. Injure any level 9 
    characters of yours so Kachua will reach level 8 more quickly. Take note if 
    any of your remaining characters are very close to level 9 themselves, and 
    throw stones/etc to get them the required EXP if so.
    If you haven't already, make Voltel a Ninja and give him your Matou Claw, a 
    Power Gauntlet, Chain Armour (remove from someone else if required) and Battle 
    Boots. His defence will still be low, but not as bad as a healer or Wizard. 
    The idea is to boost his Agility, since his Strength should be pretty high by 
    now; and once a Whip comes along, he can be made a Beast Tamer for a better 
    Vitality Boost. Basically, swapping between such a class and a Ninja will even 
    out his important stats more effectively. Voltel's Physical Resistance dropped 
    15~, but his Attack went up 9 points (taking into account his 'Weapon of 
    Choice' bonus). As for his new spell slot, some like to give Incubus to a 
    Ninja; the damage will be mostly negligible, but you might put an enemy to 
    sleep as a bonus. However, depending of the weather and terrain, a spell that 
    matches his Element does decent damage when you are on the right terrain and 
    hit multiple opponents; so it's my advice to go this route.
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Lizard Man + 1X Gryphon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Wizard + 1X Gryphon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 2X Berzerker + 1X Gryphon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Witch + 1X Gryphon + 1X Octopus
    The Wizards you come across possess the next level of magic spells here 
    depending on their Element, which you cannot buy just yet (with the exception 
    of Thunder for Wind). If you are patient, you can reload until you face a 
    Wizard who matches the Element of your own magic-user or Ghost, and Persuade 
    him so you can take the spell. In my case I didn't bother. On occasion you may 
    come across a Berzerker with a Slender Spear. I cover it in an optional 
    'sidequest' after the next battle, but keep an eye out just in case.
    | Optional Quest for Unluck - Zodo Marsh - (0020) |  
    You should now have at least one character who has 57+ Luck, who can collect 
    the best Buried Treasure (remember they are broken into three groups). But, we 
    need someone who can get the 'worst', which on occasion are actually 
    spectacular items. Good sense would have you use one of your lower-level 
    generics who you won't ever need in battle again, but that method will take 
    longer. Notice that Presance only has 46 LUK already? That's half the effort 
    taken care of. He doesn't need high Luck since he is no attacker (and it won't 
    affect his LightBow spell) and even when he counter-attacks, the damage in 
    most cases would be negligible anyway. All you need to do is enter one random 
    battle at Zodo Marsh, and aim for two Luck Cards (of -2) and this mission is 
    accomplished; he'll have the required 42 LUK.
    The rewards of this 'optional' quest? Of immediate value, an advanced Wind 
    Ring for one of your healers/magic-users. In the future? Oh, plenty of awesome
    items, most specifically stat-increasing items that raise a certain statistic 
    ten points... Tasty and well worth the effort, eh? You only need to do this 
    once and you're set for the rest of the game. The unfortunate thing is, you
    also need someone who can walk in (not 'on', like a Ninja) water in some 
    locations, so you also need to do this with your generic Archer; but you can 
    concentrate on her over the course of this chapter. She'll be replaced with 
    someone better shortly, but will still be of use in battle. If you can get her 
    at least one Luck Card between now and the end of the next mission, you're 
    doing well.
    You should have positioned everyone in the same formation as in the story 
    battle, and go in the same direction you went last time. Don't worry about the 
    annoying terrain, as the Gryphon and Octopus will reach you very quickly. 
    Another decent thing is you'll probably get most if not all of your characters 
    to level 9 during this battle. Designate the final blows accordingly, but 
    remember to save beforehand to make sure you get a Luck Card; you'll have 
    three chances since there are four enemies.
    Try to be patient, and it's well-worth ensuring you get -2 LUK from each card, 
    since it probably took several re-loads to get them. Thusly don't forget that 
    we are trying to *decrease* the statistic. If worse comes to worse, and you 
    just don't seem to be getting any Luck Cards, you can always fight a second 
    battle. It's also not the end of the world if you want to proceed with the 
    next story mission if you need a break.
    Head on over to the L.U.C.T site for the Buried Treasure locations 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html) and scroll down to 'Ashton City'. 
    For 'A', you need your low-Luck generic Archer; but we'll work on that later. 
    For 'B', you can grab another Escape or Blessing (whichever you prefer; needs 
    to be burned). After this, go back to the top of the page for Zodo Marsh. You 
    can't get an Orb in the water yet, so ignore 'A' for now, but get a Wind Ring 
    for 'B' with low-Luck Presance (needs to be burned).
    ~ As your generic Archer won't be needed in battle for much longer, the plan 
    is to eventually make her a 'backup' character as a Valkyrie or Dragon Tamer. 
    A lower-LUK fighter isn't exactly ideal, but she'll only be needed on the rare 
    occasion where you face a story battle that you can't revisit and the Buried 
    Treasure is in the water. She can be leveled up appropriately when the time 
    comes, so she'll still be of value on your team.
    ~ Blessing/Escape items are much rarer than the various Orbs, but this isn't 
    reflected in their Goth value (100 for a Blessing, 1,250 for an Escape, and 
    almost 5,000 for an Orb).
    ~ A high-LUK character that can go in water? Don't worry about that just yet.
    Wind Ring: This only has a +1 Intelligence boost over a normal Magic Ring, but 
    it also has +4 Agility (like Battle Boots) and Earth Resistance +5. This 
    doesn't sound too impressive given the effort required to attain it, but it 
    can also be used as an item for unlimited summoning of the ability 'WindShot'. 
    Give your first one to your Cleric, as the attack has a range of 7 and it's 
    pretty damn accurate; hence much better than just throwing a stone (unless you 
    have a huge height advantage, although the damage still won't be high).
    You're in luck at the moment if your Cleric is also of the Wind Element. If 
    you happened to get both Wind Rings (from Ashton City and Zodo Marsh) just 
    give the second one to Presance, since the speed boost will best serve a 
    healer rather than a Wizard/Ghost. You can do some great damage comparable to 
    your other magic-wielders (depending on what/whom you are attacking) as long 
    as you use the ability from terrain that works well for your Element (even if 
    they are not of the Wind Element). For an example, my 'weak' Cleric was doing 
    30 damage from terrain with a '0' bonus. Also note that WindShot damages the 
    caster equal to their level (level 9 = 9 HP damage).
    | Battle 14 - Bordo Lakeside - (0021) |  
    You have the height advantage here. Consider Denim's left to be the 'front 
    line', but I'll share my lineup below and in every battle from now on. Note 
    that you'll have six chances at getting some dropped Chain Armour in this 
    battle, so it's likely everyone who has it will have replaced their Leather 
    Armour after this. One of the enemy Archers has a Crossbow as well, which is 
    worth aiming for.
    C= Cleric, P= Presance, S= Sara, V= Voltel (Back Row).
    G= Ghost, A= Archer, W= Wizard, D= Denim, B= Berzerker (Front Row).
    Head to Denim's left, where you'll end up on the best terrain to make your 
    stand before the enemy catches up to you. You'll meet them at that good choke 
    point near the river in the centre, where your fighters can easily hold off 
    the first few foes to arrive while you also rain arrows and magic at them from 
    afar. The two Hawk Men will naturally come after your Ghost, but you can 
    easily wipe them out from a distance as well. Remember to utilize your 
    Cleric's WindShot ability (unless you skipped the last part of the 
    walkthrough) and Presance's LightBow when you have good openings early on in 
    the battle and no one is greatly injured. Try not to heal minor damage (30~) 
    when Kachua will be better off gaining the experience for doing so.
    Try to get at least one Luck Card (-2) during the course of the battle (two 
    being ideal) for your generic Archer. The boss (Genzo) in this mission is 
    level 10, while the rest of his troops are level 9. The Golem would be more 
    threatening if it had a high amount of HP to match its towering defences. Your 
    height advantage should allow you to get off a few indirect attacks as your 
    foes try to get in striking distance. Note that the Octopus is hard to hurt 
    while it's in the water; but it's easy to lure it out. You'll have no problems 
    focusing on damaging two to three enemies at a time, and Canopus with a Spear 
    should get a chance to hit two folk at once if you plan things out (such as 
    hitting a Berzerker from a distance, ensuring there is space for the Golem to 
    attack you on the next turn; where you'll likely counter and hit the Berzerker 
    again in the process).
    Don't forget to try and get a Crossbow from one of the enemy Archers here. If 
    they aren't already, your whole team will reach level 9 in this battle, while 
    whoever finishes off the leader will get to level 10 (as long as you have 25~ 
    EXP). Genzo will heal himself if his HP gets too low and he has the chance, 
    but as usual make sure you've collected any scattered Stat Cards before 
    finishing him off. I ended up killing him with Voltel (Ninja), as by reaching 
    level 10 first he'll have a further defence boost. I scored two Life Cards 
    (among others) which I gave to him as well, so at level 10 he had 100 Physical 
    Resistance (which is about what he had as a Knight back at level 8) which is 
    comparable to a well-equipped Archer of level 9, and his HP was nearly at 150. 
    Thusly he's quite a balanced and safe Ninja to have relatively in your front 
    line with your Berzerker and Denim.
    Note that for some reason the leader's Matou Claw is *NOT* a guaranteed drop; 
    you might get a useless (at this point) Stat Card or his other equipment. Save 
    beforehand if you want his weapon. Your already powerful Ninja would be quite 
    an asset with two Matou Claws since he can attack twice with them, but you'd 
    be sacrificing 10+ defence points. I wouldn't recommend it unless you missed 
    out on getting one on this very battleground back in Chapter 1, but hopefully 
    you'll get Chain Armour or money, at the least. You'll also get close to 3,000 
    Goth for felling all your opponents.
    You should give your new Crossbow to your Berzerker; he'll be losing 15 
    Physical Resistance and 12 Magic Resistance points, but its power matches a 
    Great Bow, and he'll likely have a higher attack than either of your Archers. 
    A Berzerker is quite strong defence-wise anyway, so now he'll also be useful 
    from a distance as well which makes him quite versatile. Denim isn't the best 
    choice to give it to, since you want him to be as safe as possible with his 
    defence. You could also give it to an Archer (giving them a great defence 
    boost with the addition of a Power Gauntlet) but that won't be as effective 
    where shooting out of range and such is concerned. Stick with the Berzerker. 
    Try and give him a couple of Vitality Cards over the next couple of battles to 
    'lessen the blow', so to speak. If you are concerned about his Weight you can 
    equip an Orb over his Armour (especially if it's only Leather) to decrease it 
    by -16 (-19 if you have Chain Armour). Just try to give your Berzerker another 
    Vitality Card when you get the chance.
    * You can get another Wind Ring at Bordo Lakeside now. 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html) The terrain needs to be burned, and 
    then have your low-LUK character pick it up (save beforehand, naturally). If 
    this is your second one give it to Presance, and if it's your third then hand 
    it over to your Wizard.
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Lizard Man + 1X Dragon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Cleric + 1X Dragon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 1X Berzerker + 1X Faerie +1X Dragon + 1X Octopus
    ~ 1X Hawk Man + 1X Cleric + 1X Dragon + 1X Octopus
    | Equipment Hunting - (0022) |  
    Technically this is the second time we've done this, but in any event, in 
    either Zodo Marsh or Bordo Lakeside you can come across a Berzerker or Lizard 
    Man respectively who possesses a Slender Spear; which for Canopus will boost 
    his attack by +10, which is even better than a Heavy Hammer with his preferred
    weapon bonus. If you come across a Hawk Man, they also have Crossbow's should 
    you want another, or if you missed out on getting one in the last battle. 
    According to Town Knave's guide, you can also come across a Cleric in Bordo 
    Lakeside who has Heal+; but I reloaded dozens of times (literally) and while I
    did come across several different lineups and such, none of the Clerics had 
    it. They may not show up until you are at a higher level, but if anyone can 
    verify this please let me know.
    ~~~ GOAL: Slender Spear.
    Messing around with your lineup is a good way to reset the enemy's own lineup
    in a random battle, as does removing 2-4~ characters entirely, but the best
    method I found was to enter Training and then leave immediately and then try 
    again. If you find you're coming up against the *exact* group of enemies time
    and time again (lacking the weapons/etc that you are after), it's a good idea
    to position your troops as randomly as possible and without putting any 
    thought into it. You won't have an ideal formation, but against four distant 
    foes it's of no consequence. For some reason I seemed to have a much harder 
    time at Bordo Lakeside, since even with the above techniques a Cleric showed 
    up a lot, but I got the lineup I was after at Zodo Marsh instantly. If you're
    after a Crossbow as well, stick to Bordo Lakeside.
    Once you successfully come across a battle with a Berzerker/Lizard Man that 
    has a Slender Spear, it's easier to kill two of the four enemies who get to 
    you first, and then the Spear-wielder third; otherwise if you kill them last,
    you'll have to wait for the battle to end again and again, seeing if the 
    treasure is what you want and then reload from the map. The prize is well 
    worth it, though, as Canopus should be your strongest character while holding
    his new weapon. If you have a Valkyrie or some other Spear-wielding character 
    in your party, definitely try to get a second Slender Spear. Do note that an 
    enemy Gryphon in a random battle will now have WindShot, since someone in your 
    party would be level 10 by this point. Persuading a level 10 Gryphon and  
    Dragon for future purposes is also advisable.
    | Battle 15 - Tanmas Hill - (0023) |  
    WARNING: Access to Ashton City/Zodo Marsh/Bordo Lakeside is unavailable after 
    this battle. Training is possible at Tanmas Hill, but random battles are not 
    (until Battle 16 is cleared). Make sure you still have a spare attack spell of 
    each Element along with Incubus before proceeding with this battle.
    At least half of your team have probably reached level 10 by now; and if you 
    completed the optional quest above Canopus will have a powerful new Spear. You 
    should be able to get the rest of your team to the same level during this 
    battle. Aloser will join you in this battle, and unfortunately you cannot 
    change her equipment; she's actually more of a nuisance with a weapon as 
    you'll come to find out.
    W= Wizard, P= Presance, D= Denim, C= Cleric, A= Archer (Back Row).
    B= Berzerker, S= Sara, G= Ghost, V= Voltel (Front Row).
    Strangely, Vice's stats are worse than when you left him; despite being four 
    levels higher than he was back at Baramus. The enemy Beast Tamers and the 
    Gryphon/Dragon are all level 9 (and thusly only good for Stat Cards) while the 
    Knights and the Witch are a useful level 10; and Vice is level 11. The only 
    equipment worthy of note in this battle is the Chain Armour that each of the 
    Knights possess, should you still need any at this distant point of the game 
    compared to when you could first nab some.
    With your perfect lineup, you can move everyone straight ahead for their first 
    turn (sending your Cleric to the left, where your generic Archer can go in 
    front of her). I was able to kill the Beast Tamer + Dragon duo on my team's 
    first turn, along with nearly killing the Knight who moves close to Kachua. 
    Speaking of Kachua, she'll be badly injured early on, and she'll move to heal 
    Aloser rather than retreating to recover her own wounds. Your Cleric should 
    get a chance to heal Kachua, so it's no big deal. There are no consequences if 
    this Guest is defeated since she'll just use her Escape Gem, but why lose one 
    of your healers when it can be easily prevented, eh?
    For a perfectionist, the hardest part of this battle is keeping Vice alive 
    long enough to wipe out all your other foes gaining Stat Cards and EXP from 
    killing the level 10 opponents. He'll only survive *one* of Aloser's arrows; 
    since another will bring his HP below 30 and the battle will end instantly. As 
    a result you must keep a good eye on the HP of your weaker characters while 
    constantly healing the enemy leader. Kachua and your Ghost with his Life Staff 
    should allow you to accomplish this; but it's not the end of the world if you 
    can't manage it.
    Kill the Witch as soon as you can, since her annoying Stun magic can hit five 
    clumped-together individuals at once. The Knights can deal a very mean blow to 
    your healers/magic-users, so they're a priority kill if they get too close as 
    well. In case you were wondering, you cannot defeat Aloser to make things 
    easier (nor remove her weapon before battle) as she'll be gone forever if you 
    do. Your Wizard and Ghost should prove a great distraction for Vice; since 
    he'll constantly cast a 100% successful (and weak) Incubus spell rather than 
    better utilising his Great Bow.
    Basically, if Vice's HP gets below 100, the battle is pretty much over as soon 
    as Aloser gets another turn before you can heal him since the fiery Archer can 
    do nearly 60 HP of damage. Kachua will be a great help at curing anyone who 
    gets Stunned or put to sleep, where your Wizard can also help to that affect 
    with his 'Clear' Staff. Try not to clump your troops together whenever 
    possible, to lessen the chances of the Witch being a bother. Again, you have 
    the tough task of healing lost HP from severely damaged party members, making 
    sure Vice stays alive long enough, and removing abnormal statuses. It's a 
    great accomplishment if you can pull it off, though.
    Another bonus is that constantly healing Vice with any level 9 healers will 
    get them to level 10 in this mission with ease. Kachua will get herself to 
    level 9 easily by healing your level 10 characters as well. A good 
    strategy to lure Vice away from Aloser and up the hill as quickly as possible 
    is to have your Ghost or Wizard in range of his maximum movement (6 squares) 
    and Incubus spell (7 squares). Aloser can reach far with her ranged weapon, 
    but not fast enough to match this when you head up the hill. Hopefully your
    generic Archer gets a couple of Luck Cards to bring her to 42 LUK during this
    battle; or at least to 44.
    When you have finished off most if not all of the other enemies and finally 
    manage to surround Vice on all sides, the rest is a cakewalk as he'll simply 
    keep casting the weak Incubus spell. Heal him non-stop with your Cleric and 
    Presance (and your Ghost if it's not level 10), while injuring your level 10 
    characters so Kachua can heal them and reach level 9 quicker. Aloser will 
    constantly fire at Vice, which will in turn get her to level 10 as well. When 
    you are ready to end the mission, have your Ninja (as long as he has 25~ EXP; 
    throw a shuriken or two if required) finish him off so he reaches level 11 for 
    a slight defence/HP boost.
    Decision time: Now that you've had two Archers for a good while, you can 
    better decide if you like it that way, or if you would prefer to make Aloser a 
    Valkyrie. She'll most likely be stronger than Sara, and you'll have no further 
    need of your generic Archer aside from story battles where you need a low-LUK 
    character who can walk in water. At the moment you only have four direct 
    attackers so in the name of balance I recommend making Aloser a Valkyrie and 
    giving her your Slender Spear (since Canopus should be much stronger already, 
    and we'll get a new one for him in the next battle). Give her an attack spell 
    of her Element along with Incubus. 
    | Battle 16 - Krizar City - (0024) |  
    WARNING: Do not let Denim get to level 11 during this battle unless you have 
    three Orbs. Keep an eye on his EXP, but you should be pretty safe as long as 
    you don't kill any level 11 foes with him. Aim to have just five of your 
    characters reach that level by the end of the mission. You'll see why at the 
    next battle. It matters not at all if you've been following this Walkthrough 
    properly though; you'll have at least three Orbs by now and can ignore this 
    *Note: Over the course of the next few battles, if you happen to get two Luck 
    Cards, give them to Aloser (+2 each) as that'll bring her LUK to 57; making 
    her your high-LUK water-treader.
    S= Sara, P= Presance, G= Ghost, C= Cleric, D= Denim (Back Row).
    A= Aloser, B= Berzerker, W= Wizard, V= Voltel (Front Row).
    Yes, enemies tend to have teasingly better stats than your characters even at 
    the same level; but do you really want to Persuade them the whole game? You'll 
    likely run into a better replacement in every battle. Half of your opponents 
    (4) are level 11, while the rest are level 10. Make sure you kill the level 11 
    foes with characters who have 25~ EXP for an instant level-up. After this 
    battle half of your team should be level 11. You are up against a Wizard and 
    seven Knights, all of whom have Cure+ items (excluding the magic-User) which 
    can recover 100 HP. This isn't an issue with the level 11 enemies if you need 
    the extra EXP, but it can be annoying with the lower-level opponents.
    One of the two Knights closest to you has a Crossbow (if you still need one, 
    another Knight drops it guaranteed) which packs a mean punch against a weaker 
    character from a distance, so try to injure him by 50+ HP and he should 
    retreat to heal himself. Two of the level 10 Knights at the rear have Slender 
    Spears, so grab one if Canopus or your Valkyrie needs it. A third level 10 
    Knight has a Crossbow as well, which is a guaranteed drop.
    I moved everyone straight ahead on my first turn, with Canopus moving onto the 
    grass area near the Knight with the Crossbow where he can pull off a nice 
    WindShot. Your Archer won't be able to reach him, so target the other Knight 
    instead. As for the others who could reach I simply had them throw stones/etc. 
    My Ninja (Voltel) also couldn't reach the Crossbow Knight, so I had him use 
    magic on the other Knight who had moved closer. As a result I actually managed 
    to kill him first, where the Crossbow-wielder still had about 80~ HP; and yet 
    he still used his Cure+ item right away and retreated.
    The leader (Ganashe) will be right near you before your second turn, so you 
    need to keep him alive; but injuring him to under 80 will be enough to make 
    him use his Cure+ item and run away. I sent Canopus onto the roof to take a 
    stab at the boss with his Spear, and beyond that you need not injure him much 
    more to make him retreat. I sent my Archer toward the building opposite the 
    one Canopus is on and shot at the Great Bow-wielding Knight. I was able to 
    move my Ninja onto the roof near Sara (Archer) and used magic to hit the most 
    damaged Knight. You might hit all four depending on the weather and your 
    My Wizard did over 150 damage to the four clumped-together Knights; try not to 
    cluster your own troops due to the enemy's own Wizard, and watch out for the 
    Slender Spear-wielders who can hit two people at once (although they tend to 
    prefer hitting from a distance to avoid a counter). When your Ninja has 
    another turn, use magic on anyone who has less than 30~ HP, since your Wizard 
    will easily destroy such foes with his Area-of-Effect spells. Your lovely 
    Ghost should distract the enemy Wizard. I sent my Valkyrie toward that level 
    11 Crossbow Knight who healed himself, so she could be in range for a better 
    target on her next turn.
    Perhaps seeming a threat initially, most of the Knights should be repelled 
    quickly enough, as they'll heal and retreat to the bridge. I had Canopus move 
    to the side of the enemy Wizard to Spear him from a distance, allowing Aloser 
    to finish him off from behind on her next turn. Choose those who deliver the 
    death-blow to level 11 foes wisely; someone who only needs 20~ EXP to level-up 
    is a waste. It's very difficult to get a Slender Spear as dropped treasure, so 
    it's easier to Persuade a wounded Knight rather than reloading constantly. Try 
    to time it so only one of them and the leader remain; where you can safely 
    surround Ganashe to give yourself time, and so your new 'recruit' doesn't 
    steal the kill. Kachua should be about halfway toward level 10 by now.
    There's nothing new in the Shop to buy, and you can't access any random 
    battles. However, do a mock Training battle with just Denim on Team Blue, and 
    your Wizard, Canopus and Ninja (if your Ninja has 57 or higher LUK, otherwise 
    swap with Denim) on Team Red. It's time to get some more Buried Treasure 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html). You should already have got 'C', so 
    go for A + B, aiming for an Orb you lack and a Blessing or Escape. Note that 
    'B' doesn't need to be burned, while 'A' does. If you Persuaded a Knight for 
    his Slender Spear (or were lucky enough to have it dropped as treasure) equip 
    it on Canopus or your Valkyrie (they both should have one now).
    | Battle 17 - Fort Kadoriga - (0025) |  
    Excluding the leader (level 12) the rest of your enemies in this battle will 
    match your own party's highest level character, which should be level 11. This 
    makes saving the Guest Wizard impossible without preparation or cheating. But 
    there is always a strategy to get the job done, so pay attention. Some might 
    say to keep your level low, but there's no need. Firstly, you need to match my 
    lineup below. The only other special things you need to do involve Canopus and 
    your Wizard.
    * Canopus - His Weight must be lower than 489. At level 10, this is 
    accomplished with the following equipment:
    Slender Spear/Leather Armour/Battle Boots/Orb.
    You should have at least four Orbs by now, but try and give him one that 
    matches his Element if possible for a better defence against his opposing 
    * Wizard - His Weight must be lower than 481. At level 11, this is 
    accomplished with the following equipment: 
    Clear Staff/Battle Boots/Orb X2.
    It's no big deal what Orbs you give him, but match his Element if you can with 
    one of them. If you don't have any Orbs because you didn't follow this 
    Walkthrough properly or only recently started using it, then your best bet is 
    to only use your level 10 characters in battle, and hopefully you have a spare 
    Gryphon/Dragon to lend a hand. With Forcas, the level 13 (Guest) Knight 
    helping you, the mission will still be very easy. Whatever the case, 
    definitely remember to save your game before you start this battle.
    *Note: The enemy Cockatrice in this mission does indeed drop a certain 
    special item; it's just not visible in an 'equipped' capacity.
    G= Ghost, P= Presance, W= Wizard, C= Cleric, S= Sara (Back Row).
    B= Berzerker, D= Denim, A= Aloser, V= Voltel (Front Row).
    Move your Wizard straight ahead and use magic on the Ninja above. This will 
    put you in a position to distract nearby enemies from Byan to your weaker 
    Wizard. Canopus can then move ahead as well, two spaces high up from the Ninja 
    for a nice swipe from your Slender Spear, nearly killing the foe. You should 
    save your game before trying to attack him though, in case you pull off a 
    critical hit and actually manage to kill him. The Guest character, Byan, will 
    then move in to finish off this Ninja, as opposed to going right for the 
    leader in suicidal fashion. His AoE (Area-of-Effect) magic won't matter to you 
    as Canopus and your Wizard will be out of the way; although a Guest won't ever 
    pull off 'friendly fire' anyway.
    Kachua will heal your Wizard if he didn't block the Ninja's attack, otherwise 
    she'll tend to Canopus. The rest of the enemy troops should move toward you, 
    setting themselves up for some good counters. Canopus will take a beating, but 
    it's nothing your 3.5 healers can't handle with a yawn. If you have your 
    Archer fire at the other Ninja who moves nearby, note that Forcas will finish 
    him off, stealing the kill. He'll do 125~ damage alone, so you're best off 
    letting him deal the first blow. Denim can finish off said Ninja with a stone 
    since he should easily be strong enough to do so, getting himself to level 11 
    if he isn't already there. Aloser the Valkyrie should move behind Forcas, 
    hitting the two Soldiers near Canopus with magic.
    When my Ghost's turn came up I moved it onto a tasty Vitality Card (+3) that 
    the Ninja from the start dropped, and used magic on the two Soldiers above to 
    bring them very close to death (if your Valkyrie has strong magic, they might 
    even be defeated). Your Berzerker can move straight ahead all the way as well, 
    but he won't be able to reach any of the enemies with his Crossbow; you'll 
    just hit your own people or miss, but worry not for this turn. Move Voltel the 
    Ninja to the side of the enemy Amazon and attack her directly. If the 
    Cockatrice successfully Petrifies anyone, Kachua should cure them right after. 
    Have your Archer move onto good terrain that works well for her Element and 
    fire at the Cockatrice. I also had my Berzerker attack the same foe while he 
    was there (80% chance) and then moved him above to the 10H square (face his 
    back to the enemy leader, Dasa, to distract him).
    When your Wizard is up again, just kill one of the Soldiers if he's still 
    level 10, otherwise use magic to target the Cockatrice (as long as you won't 
    hit your own people) and position him over a useful Stat Card if there are any 
    nearby. Move Canopus to the right of the Soldier, on the 10H square which 
    blocks the path to Byan, and finish him off with your Spear (or use a 
    stone/WindShot on the other one). Byan will then finish off the Cockatrice and 
    any Soldier who remains, and note that the Cockatrice drops treasure despite 
    not having any visible inventory; which turns out to be the rare Undead Ring 
    that can get you a Lich later on, so to speak.
    I had my Cleric heal my Berzerker before collecting the treasure containing 
    the Undead Ring, and then Forcas killed the Amazon. From this point, quickly 
    surround the boss so he won't get attacked by any of the Guests. Injure 
    Byan/Forcas and heal them with Presance/Cleric/Ghost if they aren't level 11 
    already; and Kachua will reach level 10 in no time at all. If you have any 
    other characters who are still level 10, make sure they are the ones injuring 
    Byan/Forcas. Level 10 characters will get 20-28 EXP for injuring/healing a 
    level 13 character, while a level 9 Kachua will get 35~+. Once every one of 
    your characters are level 11, finish off Dasa with your Ninja (ensuring he has 
    25~ EXP) to get him to level 12.
    Be careful not to surround Dasa with any Spear-wielders, as they might hit 
    your ally on the other side; likewise from two spaces directly away since the 
    boss Berzerker has a 2-space hitting Whip. His decent Guard Whip is also a 
    guaranteed drop, in case you were wondering. Note that if you kill Forcas or 
    Byan for the EXP, they'll be gone forever, which is bad. You can save your 
    game beforehand if you'd like to check out the following scenes where either 
    of them is dead, and then when they are both killed as well.
    You'll have to make a choice after this mission, which will determine whether 
    or not you take on the game's second optional battle (the first one being when 
    you fought Nybass). Obviously, agree to help out. Make sure you get another 
    Orb from Kort Kadoriga (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html), which 
    requires a magic-user with FireBurn and a high-LUK character on Team Red.
    | Optional Battle 02 - Fort Damsa - (0026) |  
    Wizard - Clear Staff/Cedar Staff/Battle Boots/Undead Ring.
    Note that the defence rating of a Leather Hat is nowhere near as useful as an 
    Orb; so alter the equipment of any character who has a Hat with an Orb, 
    preferably matching their Element where possible. I kept the Orb on Canopus 
    from the last mission as well (even though he's already pretty fast), and gave 
    one to my Valkyrie and Archer as well (which makes four Orbs since my 
    Berzerker has had one since Krizar City). As you get more Orbs, remember to 
    replace any non-matching Elements. You might be worrying about your Ninja, but 
    his unnaturally high defence is worth it and he'll get faster and faster as he 
    gains levels. Normally a Ninja would be dead after two strong attacks; with 
    the right preparation they can easily survive three. At level 12, Voltel 
    (Ninja) matched the decent defences my Archer had (about 120 each) and he had 
    over 160 HP; and he was stronger than Denim and my Berzerker. 
    S= Sara, W= Wizard, P= Presance, C= Cleric, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    A= Aloser, B= Berzerker, D= Denim, V= Voltel (Front Row).
    Five of your foes are level 12, while the two Archers are only level 11. One 
    of the Amazons has a Slender Spear which is a guaranteed drop. Byan and Forcas 
    (level 13) both accompany you on this mission, so make sure they don't steal 
    any of the level 12 kills. Try and plan your attacks accordingly, and remember 
    that Byan won't use his magic if your team is in the way. Move Canopus all the 
    way forward and use WindShot on the Amazon ahead of him. The enemy Archers 
    will rain down a lot of hurt due to the height advantage, but just keep 
    healing; they'll lose their bonus soon enough as you and they get closer. Move 
    everyone mostly straight ahead; though do remember to save your game a few 
    times early on in case you make an error.
    The Witch will try to Stun Canopus; and she's hard to kill until your fourth 
    turn or so. Remember, even if you've already injured an individual enemy, it's 
    generally better to use magic that will hit multiple targets whenever possible 
    even if they have full HP. When your Ninja's turn comes up, move him behind 
    Denim (assuming you moved him straight ahead) so you can target the Archer and 
    Witch with magic. Your Ghost should try to reach the Amazon above Canopus. 
    Keep your healers distant, while Byan and your own Wizard will take a beating. 
    However, the bow-wielders will be close enough to go for your Ghost instead 
    after that stage, even though combined they could have finished off Byan with 
    I got a Matou Claw in this battle, so you should have two by now. Overall, 
    this battle can be hard at the start, but the difficulty quickly goes back 
    down once you and your enemy get closer to each other; and the AI isn't too 
    smart. Once you have the leader Veldo (Valkyrie) surrounded, collect any 
    scattered Stat Cards as per usual. If anyone is close to level 12 (70~ EXP) 
    throw a stone/etc twice at Byan/Forcas. Kachua should be close enough to level
    11, so injure them even more so she can heal them for a great amount of EXP.
    Considering how easy it is, I'd suggest getting all but one of your characters
    to level 12 by injuring your level 13 Guests (saving one for an instant level 
    up by killing the leader). Most likely it'll only be your 2.5 healers, so 
    throw stones with them one turn, heal the next. This will save you any need 
    for proper Training battles, and it's better to level-up in story missions 
    Time to get some decent Buried Treasure 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html). For 'A', put a Wizard and your
    low-LUK character (Presance) on Team Red, and aim for a 'Fire Ring'. As for 
    'B'... Decide whether you think you'll actually ever use a Blessing/Escape 
    item. If you have three of each, that should be enough in case you change your
    mind and need one or two in the future. You can never have too many Orbs; 
    especially if you use them during battle to injure every single enemy from 
    time to time. So, I put a character with 50~ LUK on Team Blue and aimed for an
    Orb. If your Cleric's Element is Fire, give her your new Ring, otherwise equip
    it on whichever magic-user/healer is lacking a better one.
    | Battle 18 - Griate City - (0027) |  
    You should be set to go straight into this battle, but just know that one of 
    the enemy units is random; but you'd be used to saving your game prior to 
    starting a new mission anyway.
    V= Voltel, A= Aloser, S= Sara, P= Presance, C= Cleric (Back Row).
    B= Berzerker, D= Denim, W= Wizard, G= Ghost (Front Row).
    All of your main foes are level 12, while the boss Wizard (Dagon) is level 13. 
    It'll be fourteen characters on your side versus...six enemies. Your strong 
    Guest allies will likely steal a few kills, but most of your characters should 
    be level 12 by now anyway. Get dropped Stat Cards as soon as possible due to 
    all the Guests and clumped enemies. Your opponents here can vary slightly in 
    that one of them changes. You may be up against a second Knight, a second 
    Wizard or a Witch. A second Wizard seems to be most common, and that's what I 
    came up against. This battle may seem initially laughable, but the hard part 
    is keeping Byan alive; or at least things will seem that way after the first 
    few turns.
    Have most of your team move toward the main stairs near your Guests, while 
    Canopus and your Ghost can aim for the roof of the building nearby; Canopus 
    can reach the enemy Archer with a tasty WindShot. Byan will take a savage 
    beating due to his reckless charge (especially if the Archer isn't distracted 
    by your Ghost) but once your characters get your next turn, you'll be able to 
    heal him back to full health while moving everyone else into the fray; and 
    from that point he'll be at no risk of dying as you kill some of them and 
    still have plenty of time to heal when required.
    Your Wizard should be able to move in range to attack the enemy Archer if she 
    moved in for a shot at Byan, and if there was a second enemy Wizard who also 
    moved down to attack Byan then Denim can throw a stone at him (not the Archer 
    if she's straight ahead; you'll just hit your Guest). Since Byan gets in the 
    way of your Ninja, just move him all the way forward on the level below (as he 
    can climb 3 stories high) and use magic on the non-boss Wizard or whomever 
    else. I killed the enemy Archer with my Valkyrie (Aloser), and then moved my 
    Ghost next to Canopus on the roof so it could use magic on the uninjured Red 
    Forcas moved in to finish off the second Wizard, and I got a great opening for 
    Canopus to hit both of the Dragons at once; killing one of them in the 
    process. My Cleric healed Byan, and if Forcas' HP drops low enough (48 in my 
    case) he'll retreat to the lower level rather than going straight for the 
    leader. In any case, surround the Wizard Dagon as soon as possible when you 
    get the chance, and conduct your usual Stat Card collecting/etc. Kachua 
    reached level 12 from healing the severely wounded Byan and Forcas during this 
    battle, so be sure to get her to that stage as well. She'll be even level-wise 
    with the rest of your team for probably the first time in the game. Once all 
    your foes are dead, finish off the leader with your Ninja (Voltel; make sure 
    he has 25~ EXP though) to get him to level 13. You'll get the spell 'Necro' 
    for your efforts.
    For Buried Treasure (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html) you can pick up 
    two Orbs with High-LUK characters and a third with someone who has 50~ LUK or 
    a Blessing/Escape if you'd prefer. Put your Wizard, Canopus and Aloser on Team 
    Blue, and send your Wizard to burn the grass at 'A'. Aloser can go after 'B' 
    by stepping in that little pool (top-left hex, looking at the map). Denim 
    should be on Team Red to go after 'C'. Equip any new Element-matching Orbs 
    over any non-matching ones if needed.
    | Fort Bodo - Changes - (0028) |  
    There is no battle here, but eventually you'll be prompted with two choices 
    while speaking to Sisteena. Naturally, go with '1. Join us', and Sisteena, 
    Byan and Forcas will all join you permanently; otherwise you'll miss out on 
    all three of them. As a result, given their superior stats and non-generic 
    status, you'll have to make some changes to your battle party; but it's for 
    the better. We'll be replacing our generic Berzerker, Wizard and Cleric, and 
    I'll give you good reasoning and further information below. 
    ~~~ SISTEENA - Cleric: Likely, Aloser will have better stats than Sisteena at 
    level 13, but she'll make a great Cleric for many reasons. She won't be able 
    to become a Priest, but your existing Cleric can be kept around for that 
    purpose at a later date if you wish to replace Presance (providing her 
    Alignment is Lawful). Depending on how many Stat Cards you may have given to
    your generic healer, the below statistics may differ but they should be more 
    or less accurate: 
    * 30+ HP, 20~+ Physical Resistance (10~+ Magical), 30+ Attack, 20+ AGI (20 
    less Weight) and 25+ DEX. Add all of that up and compare it with the only 
    slight negative: her INT/Magic rating will probably be about 5 lower... With 
    her extra HP and stronger defences, in most cases she'll be able to survive an
    extra attack, not to mention the fact that Sisteena will have a great chance 
    to dodge a blow altogether. She'll work well with a Wind Ring as well since it
    matches her Element.
    ~~~ FORCAS - Berzerker: If you've created a 'super-Ninja' with Voltel like I 
    have, you definitely won't want to be replacing him. Forcas will be a much 
    better Berzerker than your generic one; the only downside to some would be his
    'Neutral' Alignment. But he'll make a great Dragoon eventually, and Denim can 
    be your Terror Knight (depending on certain circumstances), while your Ninja 
    could become a Sword Master. 
    * 25~+ HP, 20+ Attack (direct and indirect), same if not slightly better 
    defences, 10+ AGI (hence 10~ lower Weight), nearly 20+ DEX and with 53 LUK as 
    a slight bonus. A definite worthy replacement along with the fact that you're 
    not simply swapping a generic for another generic.
    ~~~ BYAN - Wizard: Initially, you might think replacing your Ghost and having 
    two Wizards would be the better idea; but by now you should know how useful 
    the Ghost is at distracting the enemy when they get close to it even when 
    weaker healers/magic-users are around. Your Ghost can also move anywhere, and 
    replenish its HP with its Life Staff when required. So, replace your generic 
    * 10~+ HP (I gave my generic some Life Cards), 30~+ Magic (attack/heal 
    rating), similar defences, 10~+ AGI (10 less Weight), 15~+ DEX. Not as 
    impressive basic stat gains compared to Sisteena and Forcas, but a huge INT 
    gain which will push him to a 211 Magic rating; under the right weather 
    conditions his basic attack spells will hit *13* squares... Don't worry about 
    if your people are in the way, since Meteor will still hit the usual five 
    spaces in such an instance, until Byan is much stronger.
    ~ Sisteena: Cedar Staff X2, Wind Ring, Battle Boots.
    ~ Forcas: Phlanka, Crossbow, Fire Orb (preferably), Battle Boots.
    ~ Byan: Clear Staff, Cedar Staff, Undead Ring, Battle Boots.
    It's easy to forget since you didn't fight a battle there, but you can get 
    some rare and special Buried Treasure at Fort Bodo 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html) right away. Now, you may be 
    tempted to aim for the Heal+ spell, but you can eventually buy them anywhere;
    such is not the case for the special 'Charm' necklaces. You can also pick up 
    one of the following: Steak/Chicken/Burger/OctoBall, which when used in 
    battle/Training will increase STR/VIT/INT/MEN respectively by 10 permanently.
    'A' - Team Blue: Presance (low-LUK) and your generic Wizard (with FireBurn). 
    Aim for 'Chicken', as Byan will benefit from a good Vitality boost. Once you 
    have it, temporarily equip it as an item and use it in Training, then reequip 
    whatever you replaced. His Physical Resistance should be very nearly 100.
    'B' - Team Red: Ghost (if LUK is between 43-56). Aim for 'VanCharm', as this 
    will work greatly on your Wind-Element Archer, Sara. This particular 'Charm' 
    Necklace will increase her attack power slightly (+5~) along with a slight 
    Mentality boost, and you should replace her Orb with this as she'll be faster 
    than most of your other characters anyway. You can also use a VanCharm to 
    summon the Wind Goddess Hahnela, which like the Witches spell will increase 
    the power of all with the Wind Element (friend and foe alike) while weakening 
    those who have the Earth Element. If you have many characters with Wind and 
    few with Earth, while facing enemies who have lots of Earth-Elements and few 
    Wind-Elements, it's well-worth using; and repeatedly for stacked bonuses.
    | Battle 19 - Rime City - (0029) |  
    Make sure Kachua's Weight is less than 484; if you've followed this guide 
    properly then she'll be level 12 and her Weight should be under 480 anyhow, 
    otherwise give her an Orb temporarily to replace one of her Staff weapons. 
    This will ensure that the start of the battle flows greatly in your favour 
    since you won't have to worry about losing one of your healers early on (even 
    though Kachua can't actually die). 
    As we've made quite a few character changes and acquired some new items/etc, 
    I'll list below an update on how everyone is equipped (your order will likely 
    differ, since I removed a few generic/useless characters):
    1. Denim: Phlanka, Power Gauntlet, Battle Boots, Blue Necklace.
    2. Aloser: Slender Spear, Chain Armour, Battle Boots, Wind Orb.
    3. *Sisteena: Cedar Staff X2, Wind Ring, Battle Boots.
    4. Canopus: Slender Spear, Chain Armour, Battle Boots, Wind Orb.
    5. Ghost: Life Staff, Cedar Staff, Chain Armour, Battle Boots.
    6. Sara: Great Bow, Chain Armour, VanCharm, Battle Boots.
    7. Voltel: Matou Claw, Power Gauntlet, Chain Armour, Battle Boots.
    8. Presance: Cedar Staff X2, Wind Ring, Battle Boots.
    9. Forcas: Phlanka, Crossbow, Fire Orb (preferably), Battle Boots.
    10. **Byan: Clear Staff, Cedar Staff, Undead Ring, Battle Boots.
    * Don't forget to equip Sisteena's Heal/Vitalize spells.
    ** With Byan, give him Incubus for his third spell.
    D= Denim, P= Presance, S= Sara, A= Aloser, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    Sis= Sisteena, B= Byan, V= Voltel, F= Forcas, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    *Note: You can only acquire the Buried Treasure during this story battle; you 
    cannot engage in Training at Rime until a much later point in the game. Grab 
    yourself two extra Orbs (or an Orb and an extra Wind Ring) and a Blessing or 
    Escape. [http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html]
    There is no special equipment worth aiming for, but all of your enemies are 
    level 13; as the rest of your team should be by the end of this battle (aside 
    from Kachua). Normally, if Kachua was a lower level or if you didn't give her 
    an Orb, the two Hawk Men would move in to attack her; but as she will move 
    first they'll go after Denim instead since they can attack from his sides. 
    Initially, you'll want to have Denim retreat to the right of Kachua (so Zapan 
    can't reach either of them) while having the rest of your team come to his aid 
    as quickly as possible.
    Canopus can move onto the roof to get in a nice WindShot on the Blue Dragon 
    below, and I should note that the little one-square gap on the left side of 
    the building will probably get blocked by an enemy or two. Presance should be 
    able to move into a position close enough to heal Denim from afar, while your 
    Ghost should move across the water and below the roof of another building and 
    use magic. Each of the Witches fired at Denim and Kachua respectively before 
    the two dragons moved (one of which positioned itself right in front of my 
    Ghost but didn't attack).
    When Sisteena was able to move again I had her heal Denim (Kachua will take 
    care of herself while retreating further if she hasn't already). Make use of 
    Byan's Meteor magic to fell the injured Blue Dragon if possible while injuring 
    any nearby foes (use Acid if the weather is favourable and can hit a space of 
    13 squares). Hopefully your Archer can take out anyone still blocking that 
    side path, but do note that Zapan will probably fill the gap anyway. 
    Initially, you'll want to distance your Ninja and just use magic on clumped 
    enemies from afar; make use of his powerful direct attack when there are fewer
    enemies and no real danger of being ganged up on.
    Get rid of the Witches as quickly as possible, as they and the Hawk Men will 
    come after Byan or your Ghost with a vengeance; and Byan can usually only 
    survive two strong arrow hits. The remaining dragon should also be destroyed 
    in a hurry as well, which will take quite a few hits. As Zapan closes in, try 
    to get his HP below 100 (80 being a good aim) so he'll use his Cure+ and 
    retreat, usually jumping down to the area where the bulk of your party 
    started, which will delay him for a couple of turns. It's easy to trap him 
    there since there will be only one way out; simply heal your path-blocker and 
    Zapan when his HP drops too low (watch out for counters; and the mission will 
    end if his HP gets below 40).
    Your healers will be very busy this fight, which is why it's very helpful to 
    ensure Kachua is still around (especially with the risk of negative status 
    effects the Witches and Dragons might inflict). Don't forget that your Ghost 
    can heal a wounded ally with its Life Staff if things are grim. Note that 
    Poison inflicted on a full-HP character should not have priority over someone 
    who has been Stunned (although Kachua won't be that bright). Note also that 
    you can have AoE magic target unlit squares on rooftops that are in range 
    (diagonally). You should get a nice amount of Stat Cards in this battle, so 
    designate them accordingly to whoever needs them the most. Once you've taken 
    care of all your opponents aside from Zapan, get his HP close to 40 or so and 
    then finish him off.
    | Battle 20 - Gruborza Plains - (0030) |  
    The regular foes of this mission should all be level 13, which your entire 
    party should already match at this point, meaning you don't have to worry 
    about designating kills to anyone in particular. There is no special equipment 
    to aim for (the Clerics do have Mind Rings, but the +1 to INT isn't as useful 
    as an elemental Ring). However, one of the Witches has 'SlowMove', if you're 
    interested in Persuading her to get the spell. The boss, Ramidos, is level 15 
    and will begin summoning Skeletons once you have killed one of your living 
    enemies. Note that the two Clerics will each heal about 50 HP, and all the 
    Ninja have Cure+ items which they will use and retreat when hurt.
    P= Presance, G= Ghost, S= Sara, C= Canopus, A= Aloser (Back Row).
    Sis= Sisteena, B= Byan, V= Voltel, D= Denim, F= Forcas (Front Row).
    *Note: As you will be facing Undead, just be careful to not accidentally hit 
    your Ghost with Presance's Exorcism spell.
    You may have noticed that the leader Ramidos has a FireOrb. The only instance 
    that *she used it in my playthroughs was if you moved any of your party before 
    she has her first turn. Thusly the best course is to have any of your speedier 
    characters simply use the Wait command, and once Ramidos has moved you are 
    free to begin advancing toward your foes. If you ignore this advice and she 
    severely injures a lot of your party, have them hold back and heal them (using 
    your Ghost's Life Staff to speed up the process). You could also give yourself 
    more time and even out the playing field by using an Orb of your own which 
    will make your enemy waste a few turns recovering their damage.
    I only needed to have Sisteena and Canopus use Wait, before Ramidos moved 
    forward without using her FireOrb. With my lineup, you'll be able to move your 
    Archer (Sara) ahead of Voltel to hit the Ninja in the water for some decent 
    damage, and then the three Ninja should group together, allowing Byan to move 
    in and hit all of them with his magic for 70~ HP damage each (killing the one 
    Sara injured). Don't forget how useful WindShot from Sisteena/Canopus can be. 
    Once you've killed one of the enemy's Ninja, Ramidos will then start summoning 
    Undead (Skeletons), which is much more preferable to using that FireOrb she 
    If the other two Ninja are still alive when their turn comes up, they'll use 
    their Cure+ item and retreat; leaving the Witches/Clerics defenceless. Forcas 
    will be a great bane to those spellcasters with his Crossbow, since the 
    terrain won't really get in the way. Once you've mopped up all the regular 
    enemies, surround Ramidos and designate any Stat Cards as you see fit. Note 
    that the leader will still be able to summon undead even when she is 
    surrounded. Finish off the boss with a character who has 25~ EXP, to bring 
    them to level 14.
    Presance probably killed the most foes via Exorcism, so he should get the MVP 
    Award for the match, which will provide him with an instant level-up. If his 
    EXP is close to level 14 anyway, it'd be in your best interests to heal 
    Ramidos with him until Presance reaches level 14, so he'll then go up to level 
    15 at the end of the match. You could go even further by throwing stones/etc 
    with a second character who has nearly reached level 14, so you can let them 
    be the one to finish off the boss so you'll have two party members at level 
    15. You'll also receive the tasty Revivify spell, which will come into play 
    early on during the next chapter, depending on your needs.
    There should only be one piece of Buried Treasure 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html) left at this location.
    'A' - Place a high-LUK character who can walk in water in Team Red, and you 
    can get yourself another Orb of your choice.
    * = Wait for her death-cry...
    | Training 06 - Gruborza Plains - (0031) |  
    It has been a while, but this is your last chance for Training, and you'll be 
    facing some stronger opponents in the next battle. At least one member of your 
    party should be level 14, so we need to get the rest of the team likewise. 
    You'll probably have 2-3 folk who are fairly close to level 14 (75~+ EXP), so 
    try to place them on the same Training Team as your level 14 character. Also 
    make sure you have a healer/magic-user on each Team to make things easier.
    *Note: If you managed to get someone to level 15 in the previous match, you 
    could go even further and repeat this Training session a second time to get 
    everyone else to level 15. I didn't have any level 15 characters anyway, but 
    if you do take note that you will face regular enemies in the next battle who 
    will all be level 15; since they match the level of your strongest character. 
    Veterans will simply see this as a good thing due to the slightly more 
    challenging battle, which will provide instant level-ups to level 15 anyway.
    Move your two teams toward each other as you begin doing the basics. Throw 
    stones/etc at your higher-level character with those who are close to reaching 
    that level themselves, and soon enough you should have at least 3 people who 
    are now level 14. The rest of your parties will most likely already have 25~+ 
    EXP, so you can then start killing off your level 14 characters to gain an 
    instant level, and repeat the process until everyone is at the same level.
    Just don't forget to balance the kills by not accidentally wiping out an 
    entire team early on, prematurely ending the Training session, and level up 
    your Ghost last as defeating it at level 14 with a level 13 character won't 
    get you much EXP. Work on getting everyone's HP down at the same time, and 
    choose the order in which you kill a level 14 character carefully to avoid a 
    situation where you might have a level 13 healer who has to whittle away the 
    HP of a strong Berzerker.
    | Battle 21 - Amorika Entrance - (0032) |  
    You'll be facing ten opponents in this battle (including the leader Zapan). 
    There's no special equipment of note, so you can slay your enemies with no 
    such concern. Zapan will be level 16, and your other opponents will be level 
    14 or 15 depending how you went in the previous battle and Training. You're 
    mostly dealing with hard-hitting strong tanks as your enemies in this battle, 
    with two Ninja acting as archers (two of the Knights also have Crossbows as 
    their secondary weapons). You should be prepped to go straight into battle.
    P= Presance, S= Sara, B= Byan, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    V= Voltel, A= Aloser, D= Denim, F= Forcas, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    The two high-AGI Ninja will move down very close to your party, leaving 
    themselves in a very vulnerable position, so you can quickly dispatch the two 
    bow-wielders nice and early. Your other foes will clump themselves together 
    nicely, which bodes well for your magic-users. It may look like a tough fight 
    at first, but you'll quickly find that's not the case when you breeze through 
    the battle in 2-3 turns.
    I moved Canopus to the side of the Ninja on the left (next to that tree/plant) 
    and attacked, and then Sisteena healed Canopus and moved three squares ahead. 
    I positioned Sara two squares directly in front of the other Ninja and fired 
    (91% chance), and then Aloser went in front of Sara and finished off the same 
    Ninja (93%). I had Byan move straight ahead all the way and used Acid on the 
    clumped enemies (hitting five of them for a total of 250~ HP damage), and then 
    I had Denim stand in front of Byan and throw a stone at Zapan for good 
    I positioned Voltel to Denim's right and used magic to hit three Knights and 
    one of the Golems (100~ HP damage), while Forcas finished off the remaining 
    enemy Ninja with his Crossbow (97%) and then moved to Denim's left. I had my 
    Ghost stand behind Forcas and use magic on the Knight + Golem ahead (100~ HP 
    damage), and finally Presance moved as close to Voltel as he could and healed 
    him. With the first round concluded, two opponents were dead while most of the
    rest were pretty badly injured; while your entire party should be at full HP 
    (or very close). The hard-hitters will now move down, but it's nothing you 
    can't handle, and you'll do even more damage via counter-attacks, meaning 
    you'll wipe out most of them on your second turn; too easy.
    Remember, Byan's magic will be able to kill all of the low-HP foes in one hit,
    so try and have your warriors target the ones further away that have high-HP 
    (such as the Crossbow-wielders). It's safer to have Byan use Meteor to avoid 
    hitting your own characters, since most enemies are near-death anyway and 
    you'll have plenty of folk yet to move. After turn 2, only Zapan was alive, 
    and he was injured enough to use his Cure+ item and retreat. From there, 
    surround Zapan and gather any remaining Stat Cards as per usual, and also 
    *Buried Treasure for 'B' if you haven't already got it. Aim to finish off 
    Zapan with Denim, but do note that the battle will end automatically if you 
    get his HP below 40. Throw stones with weaker characters who only do 1-2~ HP 
    damage if you need to bring Zapan's HP down slightly. Make sure Denim's HP is 
    fully restored (or close) before killing the leader.
    *Buried Treasure: (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/walsta.html) For 'B', have a 
    magic-user burn the grass and aim for another Orb.
    | Battle 22 - Amorika Castle - (0033) |  
    You will now go straight to the next part of the battle without a proper 
    break. Denim will fight solo for this bout, so hopefully you made sure to heal
    him at the end of the last mission; although it's only semi-important if Denim
    is a Wizard or otherwise weak class. He should be level 15 or 16, depending on
    your actions in the past few scenarios.
    *Note: Save your game as soon as you can, in case you forget later on. Save 
    again once you know you'll be able to end the battle after one final attack.
    This is just a short 1-on-1 fight against Ninja Vice. If Denim isn't a strong 
    warrior-character in your game, you could equip an Orb or two to ensure you 
    get a turn before your enemy, so you can attack and retreat out of range. 
    After Vice's first turn Denim countered, leaving him with 50~ HP. The hard 
    part would be keeping Vice alive long enough to enjoy all the dialogue.
    For my first turn, I simply had Denim retreat (to prolong the battle), and 
    Vice did nothing for his second turn. Beyond this point, you'll miss no 
    further conversation by finishing off your opponent. Just remember to save 
    your game beforehand, and keep a permanent copy of this save file.
    Just like at the end of the first chapter, you will now have to make an 
    important decision which will determine what path you'll be taking for the 
    third chapter of Tactics Ogre; changing to Neutral or continuing along the 
    Chaotic route.
    ~ 1. There's no time. -- Neutral Route
    ~ 2. I can't go back. -- Chaos Route
         |        W A L K T H R O U G H:   C H A P T E R  T H R E E         |
         |                                                                  |
         |              Ambition And Desire Is The Motivation.              |
         |                 Losers Are Called Dogs And Hogs.                 |
    | Chapter 3 (Chaos) - Battle 23 - Ashton City (0034) | 
    PRE-MISSION ADVICE: Voltel had superior AGI/DEX at this point for me, so it 
    was a great time to change him into a Beast Tamer to boost his VIT. Nearly
    +40 DEF, however once you equip his Guard (Whip), he'll lose about half of 
    that increase. Then you can equip a Leather Hat for a slight boost, or a Fire
    Ring to match his Element + retain an indirect attack for when he's out of 
    range (recommended). The regular enemies in this battle should match yours, 
    while the leader is level 17. There's no special equipment worth aiming for. 
    At the battle's end your team should all be level 16 if they aren't already.
    A= Aloser, P= Presance, G= Ghost, S= Sisteena, V= Voltel (Back Row).
    D= Denim, C= Canopus, B= Byan, F= Forcas (Front Row).
    With this effective lineup, you'll be able to split your party into three 
    teams, while remaining close enough to provide backup to anyone in need. 
    Canopus and your Ghost should head onto the roof in front of them and use 
    Windshot/Magic, while Denim/Aloser/Sara/Presance cover the left side of the 
    house (targeting the Red Dragon), and Forcas/Voltel/Byan/Sisteena advance 
    down the right path. Forcas' team should easily kill the nearby Gryphon on 
    your first turn whilst severely injuring the Wizard. You can also finish off 
    said Wizard with Voltel's Fire Ring magic (87%; worth Saving beforehand).
    Denim's team whittled away about one third of the Red Dragon's HP. After my 
    second turn, only three low-HP regular enemies remained, while the leader 
    (Gannon) had only just entered the fray. When only Gannon is left, surround 
    him and then collect any Stat Cards. Everyone should be level 16 by now, but 
    throw Stones//Heal the enemy Leader to catch up a few stragglers if necessary.
    Finish him off with a character who has around 25~ EXP so they will reach 
    level 17, which will in turn make the next level a bit harder which is always 
    a good thing if you want to minimize Training/Random Battles.
    | Intermission - Let's Go Shopping (0035) | 
    You can now purchase some new equipment at last. 
    ~ Balder Armour: Buy 10 of these. They are 1.5X better than Chain.
    ~ Balder Helmet: Buy 5 of these. They are 3X better than a Leather Hat.
    ~ Balder Staff: Buy 6 of these. Nearly twice as good as Cedar.
    ~ Balder Bow: Buy one of these. +6 points over a Great Bow. 
    ~ Balder Shield: Buy one of these. 1.5X better than a Power Gauntlet.
    * Purchased Acid Rain (Water Element) for my Ghost to swap for his Incubus 
    (which I never use anyway, and with good weather his spells have amazing Area-
    * Heal+ for Sisteena (Presance cannot use it).
    * If you don't care about extra Weight, you can buy a Balder Sword + Helmet 
    for your main warriors. 
    I had 80,000~ Goth to start with, and was left with only 40,000 after these 
    purchases. However, once I sold all of my old or unnecessary equipment, I 
    ended up with 75,000 Goth anyway. Don't forget to sell excess Spells as well, 
    though it's a good idea to keep one spare for each of the main attack spells.
    Here's how everyone looked with their new gear:
    1. Denim: Phlanka/Balder Armour/Balder Shield/Fire Orb. 
    2. Aloser: Slender Spear/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Wind Orb. 
    3. Sisteena: Balder Staff X2/Balder Armour/Wind Ring. 
    4. Canopus: Slender Spear/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Battle Boots. 
    5. Ghost: Life Staff/Balder Staff/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet. 
    6. Sara: Balder Bow/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/VanCharm. 
    7. Voltel: Guard Whip/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Fire Ring.
    8. Presance: Balder Staff X2/Balder Armour/Earth Orb.
    9. Forcas: Phlanka/Crossbow/Balder Armour/Fire Orb.
    10. Byan: Clear Staff/Balder Staff/Balder Armour/Undead Ring.
    Everyone's Weight was pretty even, with Canopus and Sisteena being the 
    fastest, while Voltel and Presance were the slowest. It bodes well having the 
    Healers that way, since you'll have one ready to provide aid at both the start 
    and end of your turn (with your Ghost and his Heal Staff around the middle of 
    your turn).
    | Battle 24 - Zodo Marsh - (0036) |  
    See above. The Amazons in this battle have Gemini Crossbows if you are 
    interested; though I still prefer regular Bows. The enemy Witch has HealRain 
    which will come in handy later; however I'm unsure if this is a guaranteed 
    drop. The Siren has Grease Boots; I didn't bother.
    G= Ghost, P= Presance, B= Byan, V= Voltel (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, A= Aloser, S= Sisteena, F= Forcas, D= Denim (Front Row).
    Naturally, you can hold your ground and wait for the enemy to come to you if 
    you prefer the boring approach or are a TRPG-rookie. Like last time, it's best 
    to stick together if you advance toward your foes. Your warriors and Byan 
    should head to the left, while the healers can cross the river by jumping from 
    that raised elevation (noting where the enemy's attack range is). 
    Canopus/Ghost and Sara/Aloser can safely cross the water directly, still 
    checking the enemy's range. Sisteena and Canopus should be able to use 
    Windshot on one Ninja each (note that Canopus has a 100% chance against the 
    Ninja on the right). Aloser was also able to injure that same Ninja, while 
    Sara finished him off with her bow (even out of range by one space; there is 
    no need to position her in the water).
    You should also be able to finish off the other Ninja on your second turn or 
    very nearly. You'll have a slightly enhanced challenge for once, since the 
    Valkyries can attack from a distance, and the Amazons pack some nasty 
    Crossbows. The Siren should be removed ASAP as favourable weather for her 
    means huge AoE magic. I managed to kill her on my third turn with some 
    seemingly risky unit placements. However, I did some severe damage to the 
    leader (Knight Felnator), who had advanced dangerously close; but there was no 
    need to worry since he just used his Cure+ item and then retreated. Plans-
    within-plans-within-plans, remember. You'll most assuredly get a good chance 
    or two for some savage AoE magic of your own on grouped enemies. Before you 
    kill the Witch, save your game, and check if she drops the HealRain spell. If 
    not, it's worth your while to try Persuading her. Once only the leader 
    remains, surround him and collect any Stat Cards as usual, and get your party 
    to level 17. If you chose who dealt the final blow carefully, this should be 
    no problem. Worry not though, since the boss is only level 17 as well meaning 
    the next battle will not offer much in the way of EXP.
    You can now use Aloser to aim for another Orb here in the water for 'B' 
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 4X Lizard Man
    ~ 3X Lizard Man + 1X Faerie
    ~ 2X Lizard Man + 2X Faerie
    ~ 2X Lizard Man + 1X Faerie + 1X Hawk Man
    | Battle 25 - Coritani Entrance - (0037) |  
    Voltel was able to become a Sword Master for me, but I wanted him to gain 
    another level or two for an extra VIT boost. Forcas could also become a 
    Dragoon at this point, but I left him as a Berzerker for now since his STR/DEX 
    were his highest stats already. In saying that though, there are two Dragons 
    in this battle.
    There is some good Buried Treasure at this location, but you may wish to get 
    them later. If you wish to get the treasure from all four locations, you will 
    need a Fire spell to burn the grass on one of the spots. Remember that since 
    this is a castle battle, it is done in two parts without a proper break. 
    Scroll to the end of the second fight to see which treasure you should aim 
    G= Ghost, S= Sisteena, B= Byan, V= Voltel (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, P= Presance, A= Aloser, F= Forcas, D= Denim (Front Row).
    My plan was to head straight across the river and deal with the enemies 
    directly opposite your starting position. Canopus/Ghost can easily manoeuvre 
    their way over, while Aloser/Sara can march straight through the water. The 
    warriors should take the easy land path, while the healers follow but hang 
    back a bit. The enemy Hawk Men will foolishly abandon their excellent 
    positions, thankfully. Sara should use VanCharm after she has moved, as it'll 
    lower the effectiveness of over half your enemies, while only two of my 10 
    characters were of the Earth Element (Byan/Presance), and four of them were 
    Wind which was strengthened. Keep using VanCharm during any free turns.
    I was able to kill the closest Wizard with a combo of Byan's magic and Forcas' 
    Crossbow (and some luck, I guess). After my opening turn, the party were in an 
    excellent position, and three of the enemy had helpfully moved close enough to 
    be more or less wiped out on my second turn. The other Wizard and Dragon will 
    advance on you from behind, with the Wizard most probably targeting your Ghost 
    from afar, so be ready to have some of your party double back and slay them 
    (Forcas' Crossbow works well, as does Byan's magic; and when they are close 
    enough Sara should be able to lend a hand with her bow too).
    The leader Zildor (Siren) was always too far away to aid her allies until they 
    were all dead, constantly moving around to try and do some Ghost-bustering 
    with her painful magic. Depending on where the Siren goes, you may need to 
    cross the river again to reach her. It would be best to get all the Stat Cards 
    on the way, as surrounding a magic-user of her calibre is a bit harder. Heal 
    any wounded characters as best you can in the meantime since damage carries 
    over into the next battle. Finish her off with someone who has 25~ EXP to 
    boost them to level 18.
    | Battle 26 - Coritani Castle - (0038) |  
    You will go straight into this battle, but as usual the Edit screen for your 
    characters will come up if you want to make any equipment changes/etc.
    Irrelevant since you won't want to advance until your second turn. Good old-
    fashioned setup of warriors at the front, and the rest at the rear.
    Note that the two Valkyries and two Wizards have Cure+ items, so make sure you 
    kill them before they have the chance to use them and retreat. There are also 
    two annoying Clerics, who use Heal+ with a savage AoE unlike anything you can 
    match at present. Aside from Canopus or your Ghost (and any other fliers or 
    Ninja), anyone who goes down to the lowered side-path on the left or right 
    will be stuck down there for the rest of the battle (the same goes with your 
    enemies, meaning you can lure the direct-attackers down there to trap them).
    For once it's actually imperative that you wait for your first turn (use this 
    time to heal any lingering injuries from the previous battle if you need to). 
    The enemy Wizards have a huge spell-reach, and grouping your party together in 
    their range is not a good idea. If you want to know how far down you can move 
    your characters without being in danger, note the 'bridge'? Well, you can move 
    one square down on the left, two squares down in the middle, and three squares 
    down on the right side. Adjust your positions accordingly but go no further. 
    Save your game in case you make a mistake.
    Since you waited, the enemy will group themselves together nicely, which you 
    can exploit with tasty magic attacks; instead of them doing so. The Valkyries 
    will move in and use their Cure+ items on the Wizards if you give them the 
    chance, not to mention the Clerics, so be sure to prioritize wiping the magic-
    users out first. Again, it's advisable to save your game before you enter the 
    fracas, in case you make a mistake and kill the wrong enemy first/etc.
    Make sure you constantly take a look at the Turn Order so you know if you'll 
    be able to kill a certain foe in time before the Clerics cast their healing 
    annoyances, or so you can priority-kill a threat to any low-HP character of 
    your own. Veterans will have no need of a Priest with Revivify for this 
    mission, but if you are truly struggling to make it through without someone 
    dying, you may need to acquire one. We'll review that later. Eventually, 
    surround the leader (Knight Zaebos) with four of your level 18 characters, 
    while you go after the Clerics with the rest of your party (excluding 
    healers). Get any stragglers to level 18 by hassling-and-healing the leader.
    Denim got the MVP award in this battle for me, so he was upped to level 19 
    instantly. It's a good idea to start giving him some extra kills so he can 
    change his class to Terror Knight (30 Kills). You'll eventually have to make a 
    story-choice, but neither of the options will matter so pick whatever you 
    like. Engage in 'Training' at Coritani, making sure low-LUK Presance and a 
    magic-user with FireBurn are on the blue team, and throw Sara (if her luck is 
    still 43-56) on the other team. Have Presance get the Buried Treasure at 'B' 
    first and then 'A', while Sara gets 'C' first and then 'D'. 
    'A' - Soil Ring (Low-LUK character).
    'B' - Chicken (Grass needs to be burned; Low-LUK Character).
    'C' - FolCharm (Mid-LUK character).
    'D' - FolCharm or VanCharm (Mid-LUK character).
    | Intermission - Coritani Entrance - (0039) |  
    I changed Forcas' Class to Dragoon now, and his defences dropped 9 points 
    each. However, I equipped the 'Chicken' item that we got from Buried Treasure 
    in the last mission, went into a quick Training battle and used it as an item, 
    and then said defences were boosted by 10 each. Thusly, I was able to change 
    his Class without any penalty, so to speak. I equipped him with a Balder 
    Sword, which boosted his ATK from 234 to 248 (maintaining his Preferred Weapon 
    Bonus as well). Unfortunately his Weight went up to 502, even with a Fire Orb 
    still equipped. Having a Crossbow as well is just too good to refuse in my 
    mind. Also be sure to give him a magic spell that matches his Element. You 
    could swap his Crossbow for a lighter piece of armour or another Orb, but I 
    didn't see the need.
    My plan was to not change Voltel into a Sword Master until he was level 20, 
    hoping to give him a 'Chicken' item and a VIT Card or two to boost his 
    defences to counter the loss that the new Class would bring. Denim's Weight 
    was quite good at this point, so I swapped his FireOrb with a FolCharm which 
    will boost his attacks and come in handy during the next battle. If Denim does 
    not have the Fire Element for you, equip the FolCharm on someone who is, at 
    least just for the next battle.
    Regarding my lack of a 'Priest'. If you can wait until early on in Chapter 4, 
    you will get a 'Story' Priest, otherwise you'll have to use a Generic one in 
    the meantime to replace Presance. The best thing to do is buy two (or three, 
    if you are keen) Generic level 1 Amazons who are of the *Lawful* Alignment, 
    and engage in Training until they can become Clerics. Then continue levelling 
    them up until they can become Sirens. At this point it should be clear who has 
    the best statistics, so choose whoever is superior. Continue to level-up your 
    Siren until she can become a Priest, and then finally continue Training until 
    she has caught up in level with your main characters. Personally, I didn't 
    bother; I never allow anyone to die. If you are not confident in your TRPG 
    skills though, it'd be worth your while to do this.
    Denim's stats were well beyond the requirements needed to change his Class to 
    Terror Knight, but he still needed several more Kills to reach 30. See how 
    many you need (via the CLass Change menu), and plan accordingly. I gave him 
    plenty in the next story battle, but don't worry if you need to fight another
    Random Battle or two to get the Kill-count you need.
    | Battle 27 - Vahanna - (0040) |  
    Even though Denim was level 19 for me, enemies were still only level 18 in 
    this battle, hence catch your party up if they're not already all level 18, 
    and try and give a majority of the kills to Denim (he'll get another MVP award 
    bringing him to level 20). You are up against simply four Lizard Men and four 
    White Dragons, whose special attack can put you to sleep. Also, note how many 
    Kills Denim needs to reach 30 before he can become a Terror Knight. 
    B= Byan, V= Voltel, P= Presance, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    A= Aloser, F= Forcas, D= Denim, S= Sisteena, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    You should have two aces up your sleeve. The first being your new Dragoon, and 
    the second being your FolCharm; which boosts your Fire Element characters and 
    lower the Water Element. Every single one of your foes are of said Water 
    Element (only one of my characters was, while three were Fire). Use your 
    FolCharm every turn where the wielder isn't attacking/etc. Anyhow, the idea of 
    my lineup was to have Aloser/Sara advance to the right (the high ground that 
    they can reach) while the rest of your characters advance directly through the 
    lower ground path.
    You can put FireBurn to good use to melt the snow along your path to make the 
    going easier. Once the Dragons have advanced, check their movement range and 
    position your characters accordingly during your second turn (i.e. don't move 
    Canopus suicidally far ahead of everyone else). Note that each of the Lizard 
    Men have Cure+ items, which they will use on wounded allies if they are not 
    hurt themselves. Try to give Denim as many of the kills as you can, however 
    the Dragons should be a priority-kill regardless so you need not worry about 
    being put to sleep.
    The Dragons can be pretty stupid (or perhaps smart...) when they are injured, 
    in that they'll often simply do nothing during their turn if they can't reach 
    a weak character such as your healers. Speaking of Denim again, he should 
    easily be able to get at least five of the kills during this battle. 
    Sisteena's Heal+ was finally targeting 13 squares for me now. There is a 
    downside to this though since there will be times where you'll have no choice 
    but to heal enemy units as well when they are scattered among your party.
    When only one Lizard Man remains, surround him and get any Stat Cards lying 
    around before having Denim finish it off. You may also like to get the Buried 
    Treasure now as opposed to coming back in a mock Training session. 
    'A' - HealAll if you have a Priest, otherwise SolCharm or OhnCharm (Mid-LUK; 
    snow needs to be melted).
    'B' - Another VanCharm or FolCharm (Mid-LUK)
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 2X White Dragon + 1X Blue Dragon + 1X Skeleton
    Denim had 26 kills at this point, and was level 20 (everyone else was level 
    18). Thusly I needed to fight one Random Battle to get the needed 30 kill-
    count. It is easier to have a quick RB at Zodo Marsh, since a Skeleton won't 
    count as a Kill for Denim. You may prefer to have a second Random Battle at 
    Vahanna anyhow though to Persuade a White Dragon to join you. At Zodo Marsh, 
    use the same lineup and strategy as before, and use FolCharm a couple of times 
    if most of your enemies are of the Water Element.
    Shortly, I changed Denim's Class to Terror Knight, where his defences went up 
    nearly 20 points each. The enemies you face in the next story battle will be 
    level 18 with three exceptions, so you don't need to worry about catching the 
    rest of your party up to Denim level-wise.
    | Battle 28 - South Brigantes Entrance - (0041) |  
    You actually get to chose to attack either South Brigantes or West, but for a 
    few important reasons this walkthrough will chose the southern route. You will 
    be back here in Chapter 4 where you can get some fine equipment held by the 
    opponents at the West Route. Also, when you engage in Training at Brigantes, 
    it will be at the West Entrance so you can get all the Buried Treasure now. 
    Anyhow, be sure that someone has FireBurn magic in this battle.
    G= Ghost, F= Forcas, D= Denim, P= Presance (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, B= Byan, A= Aloser, V= Voltel, S= Sisteena (Front Row).
    Note the three Soldiers 'trapped' up on the high wall of the castle which can 
    only be reached directly by Canopus/Ghost and magic spells. You are up against 
    four magic-users in this battle, made up of two Wizards and two Valkyries. 
    Your enemy will do nothing during their first turn if you move closer without 
    attacking them. Thusly there is no need to trudge through the slow snow-
    clogged route; head right up the stone stairway *without* attacking your foes 
    in any way. Their second turn will come quickly since all they did was Wait, 
    and again they'll do nothing. I used this time to move as close to them as I 
    could, with Canopus and my Ghost moving along the upper path directly to the 
    right, and then moving along the wall.
    On your second turn, your magic-users will be able to move into excellent 
    positions to primarily target the two Wizards (and one of the Valkyries in 
    some cases) and the two Valkyries + Dragon for those who couldn't reach 
    (Aloser in my case). Choose your targets wisely because you do not want the 
    Wizards to have a chance to be heal or be healed. Sara can reach the enemy 
    Archer, and Canopus' WindShot can hit the Wizard closest to your other 
    characters doing 100~+ damage. Voltel's Ring Magic can hit the Dragon from the 
    first step (closest to the enemy), while LightBow from Presance standing 
    behind Voltel can also hit said Dragon (75% chance for me).
    This strategy will be enough to kill both Wizards, and do significant damage 
    to the others (some of which will waste turns using Cure+ items). The Soldiers 
    on the roof will use their insane range to try and snipe your Ghost, but they 
    mostly always seemed to miss. A healthy enemy Valkyrie will also take a liking 
    to centring their magic attacks against your Ghost, but at this point it 
    shouldn't be surrounded, and won't matter after your third turn. The snow 
    route is slow and seemingly safer, but there's no need to resort to it. My 
    Ghost did not die in this battle for me and never has at all; though its 
    Loyalty was at its maximum so it wouldn't matter at this point anyway.
    At the end of the third round, only the leader (Knight Didario) and the three 
    roof-bound Soldiers remained. At such a point, save your game. I now 
    surrounded Didario whilst heading after those three Soldiers. If they manage 
    to kill your Ghost, be quick to finish them off lest they go after your 
    Wizard/Healers. Canopus will tear them apart, and they'll need a spare turn to 
    use Cure+ so harm them accordingly if you need to buy more time. If Denim is 
    level 20, be sure to make Presance/Sisteena heal him whenever they have free 
    turns to reach level 19 (Sisteena can use Heal+ to target both Denim and the 
    enemy leader anyhow). Probably a coincidence, but I received an abundance of 
    Strength Cards in this battle.
    Once only the leader remains, use the time to collect said Stat Cards, and 
    gather the two Buried Treasure items (see below). Your other level 18 
    characters should throw stones/etc at level 20 Denim since your entire party 
    will reach level 19 in no time (you can skip this for one of them, who can 
    deal the killing blow to Didario for an instant level-up later). Be sure to 
    heal your characters before finishing this battle, as you go into the next one 
    without a break or recovery. Byan received the MVP award this time and 
    advanced to level 20. His stats were more than enough to let him die and turn 
    into a Lich...
    'A' - SolCharm or OhnCharm (Mid-LUK; snow needs to be melted).
    'B' - VanCharm or FolCharm (Mid-LUK; should have three of each now, more than 
    | Battle 29 - Brigantes Castle - (0042) |  
    I decided that it was time for Byan to become a Lich toward the end of this 
    battle. The only downside to this is that the game will regard him as 'dead', 
    although this will only affect his minor mentioning at the end of the game. 
    Still, if you'd rather simply replace Byan rather than kill him so he 
    resurrects as a Lich, buy three level one Soldiers after this battle. Take the 
    similar advice I gave you about making a top Priest. Train them as Soldiers 
    until they can become Wizards (you might also like to level them as Ninja for 
    a while too), and then keep going until one of them seems superior and make 
    them your Lich. You could give them a few levels as a Warlock if you wanted a 
    bit more MP/Mentality.
    P= Presance, C= Canopus, B= Byan, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    S= Sisteena, V= Voltel, D= Denim, F= Forcas, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    Move Canopus directly in front of Voltel (go no further) and throw a stone at 
    the Terror Knight for the sake of it. The first enemy Wizard won't be able to 
    reach anyone, while the second will hit Aloser/Forcas/Ghost; however Sisteena 
    and Presance can undo most of that damage with their Heal spells. Now, aren't 
    the two enemy Wizards and Terror Knight bunched together nicely? You can now 
    safely move your warriors ahead, aiming to be just out of range of the enemy 
    Knights. I had Sara target the Terror Knight, while Aloser's magic hit the 
    Knight/Wizard/Terror Knight group. 
    When it was Byan's turn I had him hit the two Wizards and the Terror Knight, 
    while the enemy Exorcist healed the Terror Knight (he only had 80~ HP left 
    afterward). Voltel severely injured the Amazon near him with his whip, while 
    Denim threw a stone at the Terror Knight. My Ghost's magic finished off the 
    pair of Wizards along with said Terror Knight. Forcas severely injured the 
    other Amazon near him with his Crossbow and then moved ahead.
    The enemy Exorcist will be too busy healing his allies to 'Exorciiise the 
    Demon' (Ghost). The Knights should be getting into the action at this point 
    and potentially deal a few nasty blows, but you'll quickly wipe most of them 
    out very shortly and with extreme ease during your next turn and the threat 
    will fade.
    When only the leader (Knight Zaebos) and Exorcist remain, surround Zaebos, go 
    after the healer and collect any scattered Stat Cards. I killed Byan with a 
    level 19 character (Canopus) to be boosted to level 20, and he became my 
    powerful new Lich. His defences more than doubled (Physical Resistance went 
    from 139 to 289, and Magic Resistance from 161 to 333) which is very nice, 
    since previously two moderate attacks would be enough to kill him, where he'll 
    now be able to survive two *heavy* attacks. A Lich can also equip all 
    supplemental spells as well. Anyhow, I finished off the leader with my Ghost 
    which naturally got the MVP Award and was boosted to level 20. Sisteena 
    reached level 20 also for me. You will always win Zaebos' Fafniel sword.
    It's time to engage in mock Training at Brigantes Castle for some Buried 
    Treasure, which just happens to be the West Entrance. Remember our old generic 
    Archer that we had her Luck lowered to 42? We'll need her on the Blue Team. 
    Also bring Aloser and someone who has FireBurn. Bring someone with Mid-LUK if 
    you don't want an Aqua Ring for 'B'. Red Team is irrelevant. 
    'A' - Soil Ring (Low-LUK; in water) or and Orb (High-LUK).
    'B' - Aqua Ring (Low-LUK; snow needs to be melted) or SolCharm/OhnCharm (Mid-
    'C' - Chicken (Low-LUK; in water).
    Save the 'Chicken' until after the next story battle just in case. Equip 
    Denim's old 'Blue' (Necklace) on your Lich otherwise buy him a Mind Ring. I 
    purchased 'Quick' (Wind Element) magic for my new Lich, and then equipped him 
    Spell #1: Acid (Meteor or equivalent is only a few points stronger, and you 
    can't use it on your first turn so is hardly worth it).
    Spell #2: Quick (Boost the speed of an ally when you have a spare turn).
    Spell #3: HealRain (Received in an earlier battle. This spell will hit 13 
    squares, and it can heal Undead as well, like your Ghost).
    | Battle 30 - Vahanna - (0043) |  
    For now, I gave Forcas our new Fafniel Sword. In this battle you have the 
    seemingly difficult task of saving someone. There are a few ways to go about 
    it, so choose from these methods:
    Choice #1: Sara (Archer) shoots the enemy Leader, nearly killing him. Forcas 
    finishes him off with his Crossbow. Mission over and Harborym saved. [Very 
    easy method, and if your party are all level 19, you may as well do this].
    Choice #2: If someone in your party is level 20, the enemy Ninja will have an 
    enviable Weight of 424. Thusly your party members need to be quicker than 
    that, which involves removing all armour and weapons, equipping a Short Bow 
    and one or two Orbs. However, in doing this, only seven of my characters had a 
    Weight lower than 424, where only five had a Bow equipped. If you actually use 
    an Orb at the start of the battle, you should be able to get a few kills in to 
    up a few more of your characters to level 20 before you need to make haste and 
    slay the leader. This is one way to kill all your opponents, but in my mind 
    isn't really necessary.
    Choice #3: A combination of the above two choices, and the one I will write a 
    Strategy for, hence see below. Will enable you to save Harborym and kill all 
    of the enemies. (See Note below before proceeding).
    Choice #4: If Harborym's stats aren't better than Voltel's (keeping in mind 
    Voltel's defences will drop about 30 each as a Sword Master), let him die if 
    you don't care and proceed as normal, using your height advantage to quickly 
    slay your opponents.
    As I am writing a strategy for Choice #3, all you need to do to prepare is 
    equip a Wind or Fire Orb on your Lich/Byan (give an extra Orb to Denim if you 
    want to be safe). It actually works to your favour, when your enemies are 
    faster than you. Purchase five Balder Bows, and equip them on 
    Denim/Canopus/Aloser/Voltel/Forcas which means you'll have six (with your 
    Archer Sara) strong bow-wielders. Make sure your Ghost has FireBurn, and that 
    his Weight is the lowest in your party (remove any pieces of armour, and equip 
    an Orb if required). 
    P= Presance, B= Byan, D= Denim, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    S= Sisteena, V= Voltel, F= Forcas, A= Aloser, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    Your enemy will have their turn before you, potentially dealing 100~ damage to 
    Harborym which you can easily recover (note: sometimes the flow of this battle 
    changes when some of the Ninja utilize magic; this only happened once out of 
    several experiments). When your Ghost can move, have it melt the largest 
    amount of snow that it can in the immediate path of your allies. Move Lich 
    Byan in front of Forcas so he's not standing on snow, and use an Orb (save 
    your game and reload if it doesn't hit the leader and at least three Ninja).
    Now your eight other characters can move; and if you aren't able to kill a few 
    of the Ninja Harborym will probably die beyond that. I had Canopus badly 
    injure one of the full-HP Ninja (save before each turn in case you hit a tree 
    or an attack gets blocked), and then I made Sisteena use her WindRing to harm 
    the Ninja closest to Harborym so said Sword Master could finish him off on his 
    next turn without suffering damage from a counterattack. Sara moved ahead to 
    target a Ninja which had 135~ HP for a kill (levelling up to 20), and Forcas 
    was only able to badly injure another Ninja but not kill him.
    When Denim's turn came up, I simply had him use his VanCharm, but at this 
    point you may prefer to use a second Orb if you gave him one. I didn't need 
    to, but you may not wish to take the risk (like last time, save your game 
    first and make sure the Orb successfully hits the leader and at least three 
    henchmen; also making sure Denim isn't standing on snow which halves the 
    damage). Voltel wasn't able to reach anyone with his bow so I just made him 
    move closer and wait. Presance healed Harborym, who was only hanging on by a 
    thread now, but he survived thanks to much fewer surviving enemies. Voltel got 
    a turn again pretty quickly, which I used to move closer and wipe out another 
    I used my Ghost to melt a large amount of snow again, and my Lich was able to 
    cast Heal Rain on Harborym which helped out nicely. Canopus moved down and 
    badly injured a high-HP Ninja, while Sisteena used her turn to heal Harborym 
    this time. Note that magic-attacks from the Ninja are pathetic, and even the 
    Sorcerer is pretty weak compared to your magic-users. Harborym felled another 
    Ninja, and Sara moved in to badly injure the last high-HP Ninja. I had Aloser 
    use magic on the leader (Sorcerer Mordiart), as I didn't want to kill him just 
    yet. Forcas got himself a kill (reaching level 20), and Presance healed 
    Harborym once more. The Sword Master finished off the last Ninja, and I let 
    Presance kill the leader as he was my last character to reach level 20 (use 
    Quick on him so he can reach Mordiart before Harborym if needed).
    Reequip your characters properly, and you should give the Fafniel sword to 
    Denim. Even without his 'preferred weapon bonus', it's still a fair bit 
    stronger and more or less makes him a Terror Knight/Dragoon hybrid (Fafniel 
    has the 'Dragon Slayer' bonus native to that Class). Be sure to swap his 
    FolCharm for an Orb to lower his Weight a bit though. 
    Make Voltel a Sword Master, and remove all his and Harborym's possessions. 
    Compare the two and decide which one you want to use. In my case, it boiled 
    down mostly to this:
    ~ Had +16 HP, but -31MP
    ~ Had +10 ATK, but -14 M-ATK (Magic-strength)
    ~ Had +39 DEF/ +24 MDEF, but Weight was 41 points higher
    Noting all of these things, it looks like you have a choice between stronger 
    defence, or a lower Weight. However, Harborym had about an extra 40 in the 
    field of Dexterity, meaning combined with the speed he was more likely to 
    dodge attacks, so I had to ditch Voltel in his favour. You'll probably want to 
    do the same. 
    Now, equip Harborym with that Chicken you got a short time ago, and go into a 
    mock Training round and use it to increase his VIT by 10. Aim to give him a 
    few VIT Cards in the next few battles if you can, too. You may wish to fight a 
    Random Battle or two now in such hopes. I gave my Sword Master the 'Heat' 
    spell, which raises the attack and defences of the target and doesn't cost too 
    much MP. Some will prefer *Petrify (received in the previous battle), but 
    that's up to you. Note that your entire party should now be level 20. Here's 
    what I equipped for Harborym: 2X Balder Sword/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet.
    * I prefer to utilize this later, when its AoE always hits 13 squares and is
    thusly too good to refuse. It should be noted that due to his high Dexterity, 
    Petrify has a rather high success rate for Harborym.
    | Battle 31 - Coritani Entrance - (0044) |  
    As per usual your characters will not be healed between this battle and the 
    next. Change your Ghost's magic if you gave it FireBurn for the last mission 
    and don't normally use it. The enemies will match your own level (which should 
    be 20) while the leader will be level 21. VanCharm and FolCharm would serve 
    you well as half the enemies are Earth Element, while the others are Water 
    H= Harborym, P= Presance, S= Sisteena, B= Byan, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    D= Denim, C= Canopus, F= Forcas, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    The enemy is divided into two groups of four and six. The aim is to wipe out 
    the smaller group across the river from afar, where the Black Dragon is the 
    only direct attacker. With my lineup, I didn't want to bother to try and give 
    chase with my warriors. I had Canopus move all the way straight ahead and 
    threw a stone at the Dragon, while Sara did similar and hit it with an arrow. 
    I had Aloser use magic, and then made Byan wait (otherwise one of the Lizard 
    Men will use Cure+ on the Dragon). Harborym need not move for now, and your 
    Ghost should move behind Sara and use magic on the Dragon (provided the Lizard 
    Men have had their turns).
    Denim and Presance can move closer to their allies, and have Forcas move next 
    to your Ghost and target the Lizard Man behind the Dragon; which will instead 
    hit said Dragon, finishing it off. I continued to make Lich Byan wait, and 
    from here proceeded to wipe out the other three characters across the river. 
    However, when Canopus' turn came up one of the Lizard Men had moved up and 
    away to use its Crossbow on him from afar, I had Canopus stay as far away as 
    possible and use Tornado on it rather than be lured toward the Wizards. 
    Speaking of the Wizards, they will most probably separate, one going below and 
    one heading across the 'bridge'.
    As the other enemies approach, your warriors will be ready for them and your 
    indirect attackers can easily provide support from afar once they have cleaned 
    up the other side of the river. I now had Harborym use Heat when he had spare 
    turns, and made Lich Byan cast Quick on whoever would benefit most. The leader 
    Irvine (Terror Knight) has a Cure+, which is always a good thing since it 
    means once you wound him enough he'll use it and retreat, giving you more time 
    to finish off any regular enemy survivors.
    Eventually, surround the leader as per usual, and collect any scattered Stat 
    Cards. Before you finish him off with someone who has 25~ EXP to level up to 
    21, be sure to heal everyone as you will go straight to the next battle 
    without being recovered. Know that in the next mission you get to choose to 
    fight the leader one-on-one with Denim, or a normal fight against ten foes 
    (including said leader). Fighting with just Denim is a bad idea purely because 
    you will lose out on the EXP which would boost the rest of your team to level 
    21, not to mention any Stat Cards. Nonetheless if you want to fight one-on-
    one, be sure to let Denim deal the killing blow to Irvine so he reaches level 
    | Battle 32 - Coritani Castle - (0045) |  
    As always with castle battles, you will not get to shop or be healed in 
    between. At the Edit screen, be sure to give Fire-Element Denim your new Fire 
    Sword, and give his old Fafniel Sword to Harborym. Now three of your party 
    members will have the 'Dragon Slayer' bonus which is quite nice.
    Before the battle begins, you will be presented with two choices. Here is what
    they will result in:
    ~ 1. So be it... = One-on-one EXP-sacrificing battle.
    ~ 2. No! = Regular party battle.
    With the first choice, it's obviously the quickest method since with a 
    counterattack against the leader, Denim will finish him off on his first turn 
    with extreme ease and prejudice. I will naturally choose the second option.
    D= Denim, P= Presance, H= Harborym, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    S= Sisteena, F= Forcas, A= Aloser, B= Byan, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    Have Canopus wait for his first turn, and the enemy Wizard will reach Denim 
    with a semi-weak magic attack of no consequence, while the Witch will use Stun 
    on him (probably successfully). Move Sisteena three squares ahead of Forcas 
    and use Vitalize on Denim if required, and then have Sara move behind Denim 
    and shoot at the Hawk Man on the bridge. Position Aloser in front of Sisteena 
    and use magic to hit Leonard and the Hawk Man near him, and then Byan should 
    move all the way ahead and hit the Witch/Hawk Man/Leonard, which will finish 
    off the Hawk Man.
    Harborym can go behind Byan and try to use 'Accuse' (equivalent to throwing a 
    stone) on the Witch, while your Ghost moves ahead and uses magic to hit the 
    other Hawk Man and Leonard, which will wound the leader more than enough to 
    make him use his Cure+ and retreat. Presance should heal Denim (position him 
    three squares behind Sara), and simply use Denim to throw a stone at the Hawk 
    Man below and then move him in front of Byan. Have Forcas move ahead all the 
    way and finish off the Witch with his Crossbow, although it might be worth 
    saving beforehand to save yourself some potential annoyance.
    Canopus could now move below (out of the Knight's range) and kill the 
    remaining Hawk Man with Tornado, while the enemy Wizard will score a nice AoE 
    magic attack against your main group; but Sisteena can recover most of the 
    damage right away with Heal+. From here the rest of the battle is easy. Slay 
    the biggest threats first, and try to attack from afar initially to take 
    advantage of AoE magic without hitting your allies. Choose who deals the final 
    blows carefully so that your entire party reaches level 21. I finished off 
    Leonard with Harborym so he reached level 22.
    | Battle 33 - Wyoburi - (0046) |  
    You will only have five opponents in this battle. The four beasts are level 
    21, while the leader is level 22. You should still kill the animals for Stat 
    Cards; but you might prefer to just slay the leader to get it over with and 
    fight a Random Battle for EXP as well. You'd just want to alter the lineup a 
    Attacking from 'Ash' terrain will weaken your abilities considerably.
    D= Denim, P= Presance, H= Harborym, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    S= Sisteena, F= Forcas, A= Aloser, B= Byan, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    For your first turns move your characters ahead to their best vantage points, 
    with Forcas and Sara getting in some good shots with their Crossbow and Bow 
    respectively, while the others throw stones. I chipped away half of Obda's HP, 
    and two thirds of Cockatrice Zanga's. A Cockatrice would be much more 
    threatening if they could use Petrify from afar. Be wary of the Gryphons' 
    WindShot though; the first one did 140+ HP damage to my Ghost, where luckily 
    the second one missed. It dying temporarily is of no consequence in this short 
    battle in any case.
    The enemy's second turn will come quickly since they performed no action 
    previously. The leader, Ganb (Beast Tamer) recovers 50 HP per beast you kill. 
    He also enjoys taking advantage of his 'Spark' boots by walking in lava; even 
    though it severely dampens his attack strength (however increasing his 
    defences). Once you have collected any Stat Cards, finish off the leader with 
    someone who will reach level 22. Be careful not to wound Ganb below 50 HP 
    otherwise the battle will end before you can score the level-up.
    Possible Encounters:
    ~ 2X Earth Dragon + 2X Red Dragon
    ~ 3X Earth Dragon + 1X Red Dragon
    ~ 2X Red Dragon + 1X Earth Dragon + 1X Cockatrice
    ~ 2X Red Dragon + 2X Cockatrice
    ~ 2X Cockatrice + 1X Earth Dragon + 1X Red Dragon
    ~ 2X Cockatrice + 2X Earth Dragon
    Equip your 'Spark' (Boots) acquired in the previous battle on a character with
    Mid-LUK if you want another SolCharm/OhnCharm, or High-LUK for another Orb. 
    Don't forget to reequip this character with their original gear when you are 
    done though.
    'A' - SolCharm/OhnCharm (Mid-LUK) or an Orb (High-LUK).
    | Battle 34 - Rime - (0047) |  
    This will be a slightly more drawn-out battle than usual; especially since you
    have four Buried Treasure's to acquire which are Lost-Forever's if you do not 
    get them now. Thusly I will list what you should aim for first, although you 
    shouldn't worry about trying to get them before killing all enemies except the
    leader. Unfortunately, said leader has Warp Boots and thusly cannot be trapped
    when surrounded. Still easy enough to deal with though. 
    (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html - Find the one that mentions 
    Chapter 3).
    'A' - Chicken/Steak/Burger (Low-LUK)
    'B' - Chicken/Steak/Burger (Low-LUK)
    'C' - SolCharm/Ohn Charm (Mid-LUK) or Orb (High LUK), in water.
    'D' - JoyStone (High-LUK; grass needs to be burnt).
    I got a 'Burger' (+10 INT) and Chicken (+10 VIT), another Orb and finally a 
    JoyStone. This is one of the rare opportunities that you can get a JoyStone 
    without sacrificing a +10 Stat item. Unlike the now-useless 'Blessing', a 
    JoyStone will automatically revive a character who dies while equipped with 
    one to *full* HP and MP. Be sure to save it for a rainy day.
    P= Presance, B= Byan, S= Sisteena, G= Ghost, A= Aloser (Back Row).
    D= Denim, H= Harborym, F= Forcas, C= Canopus (Front Row).
    Make Canopus wait for his first turn, and have Sara shoot the Wizard and then 
    move directly in front of Denim. Harborym can wait where he is, and then move 
    Aloser ahead so she can target the other Wizard + Dragon with her large AoE 
    magic, before moving Byan where Sara used to be and finish off the nearby 
    Wizard. Position your Ghost to the left of that 'Redwood Tree', and just have 
    Presance wait. Move Forcas to the left of Canopus and one square down, and 
    have Denim move one square ahead of Sara. I had Canopus move to the left onto 
    the roof of that house and use Tornado on the enemy Wizard, then put Sisteena 
    to Presance's right and used Wind Ring to hit the Dragon Tamer (65 HP damage).
    I made Presance wait once more, and moved Harborym ahead all the way, casting 
    Heat on himself, before moving my Ghost ahead (closer to Canopus) so it could 
    target the Wizard + Dragon Tamer + Dragon, finishing off the Wizard. I 
    positioned Forcas in the nearby corner of the rectangle-esque area you started
    in and used his Crossbow to hit the Dragon Tamer (worth saving first), and 
    then moved Denim ahead to deal a hefty blow to the Cleric (190~ HP damage). 
    Denim will take a beating, but he can more than take it. The first Dragon 
    easily failed to Stun Harborym (you saved your game recently if otherwise), 
    but my Ghost was put to Sleep by the other one (with 10 HP remaining).
    I had Sara fire at the Dragon nearby and then move to the grass patch near 
    Harborym, while Aloser finished off her Dragon Tamer. I made Byan use magic to
    hit the Dragon + Cleric combo (finishing off the healer) then moved him next 
    to Sara but not the Dragon, and had Presance move next to Forcas and use Heal 
    on Denim. Canopus should move closer to his allies but hit the Dragon from 
    afar with his Slender Spear, and then have Sisteena go to the grass near 
    Presance and use Heal on Denim. The enemy leader, Terror Knight Highlam, 
    declined to move in and attack Denim twice in a row, doing nothing.
    I had Harborym attack the Dragon directly leaving it with 2 HP (could have 
    killed it if attacking from its side but he was already level 22 and I wanted 
    to give the kill to Denim) before moving him up past Aloser, and then used 
    Forcas' Crossbow to severely wound the other Dragon and moved him up near 
    Aloser. Denim now finished off his Dragon and moved ahead next to the enemy 
    Knight (with his back against the house), and Sara went behind Aloser to 
    finish off the remaining Dragon. I positioned Aloser above the nearest Knight 
    to use her Slender Spear from afar (not on the Grass square or you will get 
    the wrong kind of Buried Treasure), and then made Byan move near Harborym and 
    use magic to hit both of the enemy Knights.
    Presance now went ahead next to the grass patch (so he's opposite the water 
    near the female enemy) to use LightBow on the final Dragon Tamer so she'd 
    waste a turn using Cure+ and retreat, while Canopus used Tornado to finish off 
    the closest Knight before moving next to Presance. Position Sisteena behind 
    Canopus so she can use Heal+ to target Denim and the Terror Knight Highlam, 
    and then save your game if Harborym is injured just to be safe; mine had full 
    HP though. Now Harborym can move ahead to double-attack the last Knight, and 
    then have your Ghost go ahead to finish off said Knight.
    From here, keep your weak characters out of the Warp Boots-wearing Terror 
    Knight's range while you collect Stat Cards and all the Buried Treasure, 
    making sure you won't accidentally kill the leader prematurely in a 
    counterattack. Don't forget about the remaining Dragon Tamer; I had Lich Byan 
    cast Quick on Canopus so he could move near her and slap her with his Slender 
    Spear, finishing her off on his next turn which came quickly and using him to 
    get the JoyStone. Note how there is only one path Presance can take to reach 
    the second Buried Treasure which yields a Stat-increasing item. 
    If you find Highlam is blocking your one-way access to the Buried Treasure 
    located at 'B', lure him over with your Ghost. Even if he gets off a mean 
    attack on Presance or Sisteena, casting Quick on them will get them out of 
    danger; even though with 3.5 healers (Exorcist/Cleric/Lich with HealRain + 
    Ghost with Life Staff) it's not hard to recover said damage. You can also use 
    four of your characters as a 'human shield' to prevent Highlam from attacking 
    someone. Anyhow, finish off the Terror Knight with someone who'll reach level 
    23 once you have all the treasure. Make sure your throw stones/heal him if 
    someone in your party isn't level 22 though.
    | Wing Ring Dreaming - Wyoburi - (0048) |  
    It's time to make the future much easier on ourselves. You can skip this part 
    if you want, but it's highly recommended and it will be factored into my 
    walkthrough so choosing to do otherwise will most assuredly conflict heavily 
    with my strategies. At this location you can run into a single or pair of 
    Cockatrice foes. What you want to do is try and Persuade seven of them to join 
    you. If you are patient and only complete battles where there are two 
    Cockatrice units in them, you'll only need to do this four times. Not too 
    difficult, but at the very least try and recruit *three* of them. 
    Very shortly, you can Auction them for a *very* tasty reward; Wing Rings. They 
    will give your characters unrestricted movement. Naturally, your Ghost does 
    not need one, nor does Canopus or whomever you give your new Warp Boots to. 
    You will win three of them in battle eventually, but they will be infinitely 
    more useful earlier than later. Now, in these four battles you will need to 
    fight, you should also try and Persuade three Red Dragons if you can, which 
    will net you three Fire Swords at Auction too (two for Harborym and one for 
    Dragoon Forcas). They will be insanely powerful with Element-matching weapon 
    preferences. I found this task to be very damn easy.
    I gave the Warp Boots to Denim for now, since he's got the best defence for 
    charging ahead recklessly. I gave the powerful 'Fenril' spell acquired in the 
    last battle to my Water Element-matching Ghost. If you are having trouble 
    coming across your desired enemies, a good way to reset them is to enter a 
    mock Training match (at Rime or wherever) and then end it instantly. Your own 
    lineup is unimportant, but I'll list mine below anyway.
    P= Presance, B= Byan, G= Ghost, S= Sisteena (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, F= Forcas, D= Denim, H= Harborym, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    If you're not having much luck coming across Random Battles where there are 
    always two Cockatrices, just reload and enter a Training match and end it 
    instantly to reset the lineup. I only had to do so once. Since you only face 
    four enemies, you'll blast through these fights pretty quickly.
    What you want to do is wound the Cockatrices in short order since they are 
    always the closest or will reach you first, and then worry about the Dragons. 
    When you get a chance to get Denim behind one of the wounded Cockatrices, save 
    your game and successfully Persuade it. Cast Quick on Denim and Heal your new 
    'ally' before it gets targeted with a vengeance by its old friends. If the 
    second Cockatrice is the only remaining enemy, you'll Persuade it with extreme 
    I found it very easy to Persuade the Red Dragons at the same time as well. 
    It's annoying, but remember that the rewards are well worth it, and you only 
    have to do this 'homework' once, so to speak. Take your time with this, and 
    take a break if you start to get bored. Remember that as a bonus you can get 
    the rest of your party to level 23 as well, which will give you a slight boost 
    for the next Story Battle, not to mention some Stat Cards.
    The easy aspect of this exercise is that the Dragons have severely limited 
    movement and are thusly very slow and won't prove much of a hassle to you, 
    while the Cockatrice's will fly over to you in short order. Be sure to heal 
    newly Persuaded units to keep them alive, and any enemies that may die 
    prematurely (check the Turn Order). Remember that you have a much better 
    chance at Persuading a foe by moving Denim directly behind them when they are 
    severely injured. Save your game first, though for some reason I sometimes 
    found it easier to Persuade them after the first failed attempt.
    My Results:
    ~ After Battle #1: Persuaded 2X Cockatrice; two characters reached level 23.
    ~ After Battle #2: Persuaded 2X Cockatrice and 1X Red Dragon; one character 
    reached level 23.
    ~ After Battle #3: Persuaded 2X Cockatrice; three characters reached level 23.
    ~ After Battle #4: Persuaded 2X Red Dragon and 1X Cockatrice; entire party was 
    level 23.
    | Shopping and Reequip - (0049) |  
    After visiting Amorika Castle, you will be able to purchase a few new weapons. 
    You'll also get two new recruits, but all of my characters were superior. 
    Anyhow, purchase 2X Balder Spears for Aloser and Canopus, and then Auction off 
    all of your Cockatrices at Amorika's shop. You'll get a nice amount of money 
    for them, and then seven Wing Rings will magically appear in the shop's Item 
    list, right at the bottom of the 'Hand' part (where you choose weapons). Buy 
    them all.
    Afterward, head over to Coritani and Auction your three Red Dragons and buy 
    the three Fire Swords that appear. Since I had forgotten, I equipped Harborym 
    with 'Chicken' (+10 VIT) and Sisteena with 'Burger' (+10 INT) and quickly went 
    into a mock Training battle and used the Stat-up items. You may have noticed a 
    new location on the World Map that you haven't visited before, known as Swanzi 
    Forest. I only came across Skeletons and Ghosts of no importance there, but go 
    into a mock Training battle to get the two Buried Treasures. The 'Red Team' 
    will be closest to the locations. (http://luct.tacticsogre.com/gargastan.html)
    'A' - Orb (High-LUK; in water).
    'B' - Orb (High-LUK; grass needs to be burnt).
    Congratulations on successfully completing all of these tasks. The rest of the 
    game will be much simpler without having to worry about annoying terrain 
    slowing you down. Below I will show you how my party are now equipped:
    1. Denim: Fire Sword/Balder Armour/Balder Shield/Warp Boots.
    2. Aloser: Balder Spear/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Wing Ring.
    3. Harborym: Fire Sword X2/Balder Armour/Wing Ring.
    4. Sisteena: Balder Staff X2/Balder Armour/Wing Ring.
    5. Canopus: Balder Spear/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Battle Boots.
    6. Ghost: Life Staff/Balder Staff/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet.
    7. Sara: Balder Bow/Balder Armour/Balder Helmet/Wing Ring.
    8. Presance: Balder Staff X2/Balder Armour/Wing Ring.
    9. Forcas: Fire Sword/Crossbow/Balder Armour/Wing Ring.
    10. Byan: Clear Staff/Balder Staff/Balder Armour/Wing Ring.
    You can also win an Orb per Random Battle fought at Bordo Lakeside, 
    essentially for an unlimited supply if you wanted. It's not worth it in my 
    opinion since I rarely factor them into my strategies and you get plenty via 
    Buried Treasure, but just for reference.
    | Optional Battle 03 - Fort Bodo - (0050) |  
    You will only face seven opponents in this battle, four of which are only 
    level 22 while the other three match yours; hence the EXP received in this 
    battle is negligible. Aside from any Stat Cards, there's another important 
    reason to be here that you'll find out later. This battle is made much easier 
    and quicker thanks to your lovely new Wing Rings. Hardly too difficult without
    them, it just saves you annoyance.
    P= Presance, B= Byan, G= Ghost, S= Sisteena (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, F= Forcas, D= Denim, H= Harborym, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    Finally we can use a good old-fashioned standard lineup in a story battle 
    again. On your first turn, move everyone straight ahead as far as they can go, 
    where you can get in some great attacks from afar to wound many of the Templar 
    Knights. I managed to kill one of them and bring another three down to more or 
    less critical HP. The leader Oz's (Temple Commando) huge AoE Charm spell is 
    quite dangerous, but he can easily be distracted by having a weak character 
    (or anyone, I'd assume) present their back to him while in range.
    All of the Templar Knights have a distinct magical ability each, but they 
    won't have time to use them more than once, nor will Oz get a chance to use 
    his special 'DarkCell' ability which is quite painful and Stuns a character. 
    Soon enough only the Temple Commando will remain. Don't injure Oz below 50 HP 
    unless it will finish him off otherwise the battle will end instantly (not 
    that the EXP really matters at this stage).
    I compared Selye to Sisteena as Clerics, and while Selye had better HP and 
    slightly superior defences/Dexterity, she had much less MP and Magic (weak 
    Heal), hence I didn't bother using her.
    | Battle 35 - West Fiduc - (0051) |  
    You get some very good and unique gear here that gets dropped by some of the 
    enemies, so be very careful not to let a foe accidentally stand on it. Now, I 
    had to take the West route (you get to choose again) for the 'Light' Bow; 
    although it would seem better to do the South route since 'Training' is done 
    at West Fiduc meaning you'd lose out on the Buried Treasure, but I needed that 
    Wind-Element Bow for my Archer Sara. The regular enemies here are level 23, 
    while the leader Mercury (Sword Master) is level 24. I used the same lineup as 
    the last battle.
    As always with these two-part battles, make sure all of your characters are at 
    full health before finishing off the leader.
    P= Presance, B= Byan, G= Ghost, S= Sisteena (Back Row).
    C= Canopus, F= Forcas, D= Denim, H= Harborym, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    Move all of your characters ahead during their first turn, except have Canopus 
    only move five squares ahead. I was able to kill the Terror Knight during my 
    first turn thanks to Canopus/Byan/Ghost/Aloser. One of the Dragon Tamers will 
    use AoE magic on you, but the minor damage is easily recovered instantly with 
    Sisteena's Heal+. The Black Dragon may Charm a character if you're unlucky. On 
    your second turn you should finish off the rest of the nearby troops with 
    ease; and from here random new enemies will spawn, one per turn, mostly on the 
    far-away upper-rampart, but sometimes closer below to the left or right.
    From this point you can get the Buried Treasure located at 'A' + 'B', and then 
    finish off the other enemies and leader, but it'd be easier to just wait until 
    the next Chapter and get them during a mock Training battle. Thanks to your 
    Wing Rings, as the other enemies try to reach you by coming down the long way, 
    you can have some of your characters take the high ground and come up behind 
    them (albeit dealing with the weak reinforcements that appear).
    I was able to nearly one-hit-kill the enemy Wizard/Siren with Sara's arrows 
    from the highest part of the castle, even from the middle when the foes were 
    on the ground at the right end. Don't let an individual unit get in range of 
    said Wizard or Siren to be safe, as their multi-hitting magic will most 
    assuredly kill a single character. Finish Sword Master Mercury with Harborym 
    to get him to level 24, but not before giving another character 3-4 
    reinforcement kills so they are assured the MVP award to also get them to 
    level 24 (Canopus is always a good choice).
    If some of your characters are close to level 24 (70+ EXP) you may as well 
    spend a bit more time killing enemy reinforcements (they will 'run out' 
    eventually, somewhere around after a dozen I think), where Sisteena and 
    Presance can get to level 24 easily as well by being Mercury's punching bags 
    (counterattacks + Healing). You may as well gather the Buried Treasure if you 
    choose to do this. Sisteena actually won the MVP Award despite not killing 
    anyone; all of her repetitive healing and counterattacks resulted in this.
    I'll list the Buried Treasure here for reference, although you'll have to wait 
    until the next Chapter to get them via Training if you don't want to do so 
    during the story battle (makes no difference either way).
    'A' - Chicken (Low-LUK; needs to be burned).
    'B' - Chicken or Burger (Low-LUK).
    'C' - Orb (High-LUK).
    | Battle 36 - Fiduc Castle - (0052) |  
    At the Edit screen, give your new magic spell 'Gnome' to Byan, replacing his 
    HealRain. I never really had the chance to use it much, and I found it much 
    more effective (and cheaper) to just use Quick on Presance or Sisteena when I 
    needed some urgent healing. I gave Canopus the 'Wing' Armour, and the 'Aqua' 
    Armour to my Ghost since it was the only Water-Element character of mine. 
    Finally, I equipped the Light Bow on Sara since it matched her Element. Your 
    foes in this battle are all only level 24, even if you got an MVP Award and 
    one of your people made it to level 25.
    If you want a generic Priest you can Persuade one here, but you'll get a Story 
    character Priest after the next two battles. 
    D= Denim, H= Harborym, S= Sisteena, B= Byan, G= Ghost (Back Row).
    P= Presance, C= Canopus, F= Forcas, A= Aloser (Front Row).
    On your first turn, move Sisteena/Harborym/Sara ahead as far as possible. A 
    counterattack from Denim along with Tornado from Canopus and Acid from Byan 
    will be more than enough to kill Oz during your first turn. Your Ghost's magic 
    will be able to hit the two Templar Knights that move down, as will Aloser's. 
    Presance can move ahead and Heal Denim, while placing Forcas behind your Ghost 
    to target one of the enemy Valkyrie's with his Crossbow. Position Denim to the 
    side of the closest Templar Knight and finish him off (go behind him if you're 
    not strong enough; save beforehand). 
    I had Harborym use Heat on Aloser then move near the enemy Valkyries, while 
    Sisteena waited where she was. I used Sara to fire at the slightly injured 
    Valkyrie before moving closer to Denim (in front of the treasure bag), and 
    then Harborym delivered a nice counterattack to the remaining Templar Knight. 
    Annoyingly, the enemy Witch cast Stun on Denim + Sara, but fortunately it 
    didn't work on Denim. I positioned Canopus to the side of the last Templar 
    Knight and finished him off, then employed Byan's Acid on the pair of 
    Valkyries, killing one of them before moving closer to the other enemies.
    I moved my Ghost in front of Forcas and used LifeSuck on the Valkyrie, and 
    then Aloser finished her off via a good Balder Spear. Heal Harborym with 
    Presance, and make Sisteena use Vitalize on Denim if needed, otherwise cast it 
    on Sara. Move Forcas ahead and use magic on the Witch + Priest in range, then 
    make Denim finish off the Witch. He'll probably get Petrified by Ozma. From 
    here, kill the remaining Priests and Siren before defeating the remaining 
    leader. Petrify from Ozma can hit many people at once, so spread out and take 
    advantage of your Wing Rings to attack her from behind. Byan received the MVP 
    Award this time, moving up to level 25.
         |                      C R E D I T S   (00CR)                      |
    ~~~ Luct.TacticsOgre.com: Awesome Buried Treasure 'maps', which were in turn
                              originally taken from Ogre.org (Japanese site).
    ~~~ ASCII Generator: Tactics Ogre 'header'.
    ~~~ Various: To those who sent encouraging/motivational emails.
    Copyright ©2011 @ Troy de Haan (Traz).

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