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Sub-Guide by Henry Chan

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 04/02/00

Ogre Battle Saga Episode VII
Tactics Ogre-Let Us Cling Together 

SFC version Developed and published by Quest (1995)
Japanese PS version was port-over and published by Artdink (1997)

USA PS version translated by Atlus (1998)

Sub-Guide Version 4.0

By: Henry Chan 

(9/16/98 - 3/2/1999 a little change to this Sub-Guide) Please finish reading the 
FAQs (I have two, and you can get them from either www.gamefaqs.com or my 
homepage.  Url on the bottom) before sending me questions.  Many times the 
questions I received were pretty much what I answered in the FAQs.

I don't want to talk about the Death Palace-there are too much to talk about.  
Just play and enjoy it yourself!  There are many things that I don't have here, 
but that is your job-find them yourself!!

PS. Since I didn't bother making a content, and I added little things there and 
here, I hope you can read the whole thing if this is your first time reading it.
If this is your second time, please understand that I added little of this and 
that in almost every part of the FAQ, so please read through the whole thing if 
you have any question.  The answer is just around the paragraph.

Please read this part:

9/16/1998 to 3/2/1999 

I updated my very first TO FAQ, and made a few changes to this one as well.  I 
called it version 4.0 nevertheless.

I thank YOU all again for sending me comments and encouragement concerning the 
FAQs.  This sub-guide is the most unique because it has a lot of contributions 
because of the response of the very first FAQ!  Thank you all.  And I believe 
that I didn't put all of your names into the credit; how can I remember all of 
you who are so generous?  Therefore I would put down those that I had a bit more 
communications with.  That doesn't mean your helps were not important!  I guess 
you know what I mean ^__^

Just to make something clear again.  I went to a really "famous" English web 
page a while ago that had A Tactics Ogre (TO) review.  I was quite surprised 
that such a big site would have some uninformed reviewer.  I would not go into 
detail in criticizing anyone, but I will just make a few points:

TO was created by Quest of Japan in 1995 for the 16-Bit Super Famicom, 24 Meg.

Later in 1997, Artdink of Japan got the right to port the game to the 
Playstation.  Great job Artdink!

TO was a very famous game in Japan, therefore Square Soft hired the Quest Team 
to make Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSX.  Obviously FFT is way better in 3-D 
graphic because it is for the PSX (32-Bit) and it was done in polygon, while all 
bitmaps in TO (both SFC and PSX) were detail 2-D hand-drawn bitmaps.

Atlus gained the right to port it over to the USA version in 1997, and the game 
came out in the USA in 1998.

Therefore, TO is NOT a ripe off of FFT.  And the main character for TO is Denim, 
NOT Ramza, as you can see really easily.  So please don't attack TO just because 
YOU think it is ripe off of FFT.  Also, TO's graphic is not "fake 3-D."  It is 
"isometric 2-D bitmaps" which no one could do better than Quest so far.

Okay, I am done!


The Four Element spells correction: their Japanese names are: Wind is Thunder 
Bird, Fire is Salamander, Earth is Gnome, and Water is Fenril. 

Updated MISC tricks: 

Good ending and bad ending:

Princess Kachua's Fate: If you save the game, then talk to her, even if she 
suicides, you can load the game and talk to her again!  There are two 
possibilities:  1) she dies, a dramatic scene, but the ending is... or 2) you 
save her, another dramatic scene.  

I will not go into details, but since you can save, you can try it over and 
over, right?  Her class, a Princess, is a great class. 

If she is alive, you get one ending, and if she is dead, you will get another 
one.  So please don't start thinking too hard why you got a sucky ending, okay?

Angel Knight correction: if you kill the lady (you bad!) and she didn't turn 
into an Angel Knight, you should turn her into a cleric before killing her.  
Also, you don't need 56 luck.

Loyalty Points: If you recruit an enemy unit when his HP is low, it is easier to 
recruit, but his loyalty point will be lower.  If you could get him even when 
his HP is high, his loyalty point is higher after he joined.  There is nothing 
you could do their loyalty points, because you have Law and Chaos people, when 
you do a "Law" thing (like killing the innocent people after chapter one), you 
bet you will upset the Chaos people!  So please don't take it so hard.  There 
are characters that are always with you even when you are the worst murderer.

How to gain level over 50:

Get an undead, it can get over level 50.  After it levels up to 51, go to 
training and use it to level up your other guys.

How to get Oxyones:

Goto L Route: After you got Jenounes (You should have fought Oxyones earlier on, 
where she escaped).  Read about Death Palace, go to Bellmorses Plateaus(Brumor
Plateau in the US version), get into a random-encounter (take Jenounes).  You 
will fight Oxyones Lavin, the Dragon Tamer.  Knock her HP lower than 20, but 
don't kill her.  She should join.  Don't kill her dragon neither because they 
will join too.
Special thanks to Drew (Sloken)!

(Or try this after the first time you fought her:  Go back to Castle of Cortani 
to see some events, take Jenounes with you.)

Dark Road requirements:

There are four pieces of equipment you can find in death Palace, and when all 
four are equipped on one charachter, he has a defense of 999 against physical 
and magical attacks.  They are

Head- Skull Helmet
Finger- Evil Ring
Body- Grim Armour
Hands- Dark Mace(wielded as axe)

Thanks to Justin Speer (jspeer@)

A list of Monsters that you can't persuade in Death Palace:
(contributed by Justin (swatpro@), not the previous Justin ^__^)

Ice Giant--------------------Looks like a blue cyclopes
Guardians--------------------Guardians of Hell Gate
Temple Knights---------------Dark knights
Zombies----------------------The living dead
Dragon Zombie---------------- "     "     "
Obinick----------------------Gray griffon
Phoenix----------------------Red griffon
Fire Drake-------------------Some kind of dragon
Fire Brass-------------------  "    "   "    "
Death Dragon-----------------  "    "   "    "
Salamander-------------------  "    "   "    "
Death Knight-----------------Leonard and Zeabos as the Undead
Iron Golem-------------------Iron Golem
Raven Man--------------------Black Hawkman
Relics Knight----------------Version of a Terror Knight
Dark Stalker-----------------Dark Ninja

Following are the names for the cities of the USA version.  USA version cities 
were matched with my Japanese Valeria map.  If you found a mistake, please don't 
tell me about it because it is not the end of the world. 

(Left being US version)
(Words like "Fort" and "Castle" can be in front OR after the city names.  That 
I'm not sure of.  Doesn't matter anyway)

Amorika Castle---Amorica Castle
Tanmas Hills---Tynemouth Hills
Krizar City---Clitheroe City
Fort Kadoriga ---Fortress Qundriga 
Lakeside Bordo---Lakeside Balldoo
Zodo March---Zord Marshland
Baramus City---Barmamutha
Ashton Port Town---Port Town Ashton (no change)
Hedon---Hedon (no change)
Banhamuda Shrine---Banhamooba Palace 
Damsa Fort---Fortress Damntha
Coritani Castle---Castle Cortani
Vahanna Plains---Vahanna Heights
Brigantes Castle---Castle Brigantes
Hell Gate---Death Palace
Wyubiru Mount (volcano)---Mount Weobley
Rime(old capital)---Lyme
Gruborza Plains---Gorboliza Plain
Bodo Fort---Fortress Board
Fiduc Castle---Castle Fidach
Lanbees Hills---Lambreth Hills
Banisha Castle---Castle Bernicia 
Yomlahaba---Joronizah Canyon (this one is off by ten million light years)
William City---Wareham (another million light years)
Heigm Capital---Castle Heim
Boulder Canyon---Ballder Desert
Fort Gerdo---Fortress Geldo
Grimby City---Grimsby City
Nimuraba Forest---Forest of Nymlahaba
Eden--- Hanging Gardens (like those of Babylon)

I found out that the US names are not really the actual names but the 
pronunciation of the Japanese names.  For example, Bernicia in Japanese is read 
as "Banishia," and the English is "Banisha."   Banisha is closer to Ba-ni-shi-a 
while not so close to "Bernicia."  Another example, "Damntha" is read as "Da-mu-
sa" in Japanese, while in US it is "Damsa."  "Damsa" is closer to the 
pronunciation rather then the actual name...anyway.

Okay, first thing first, to Brian Meermans' tricks.

To reduce the level of confusion, I will just take the bodies of his emails.  
Since I have not tried the tricks yet, so it is best to put it in his own words.  

First I will include a trick that I think many of you found out already

From Meerman 

       "Here is a quick tip you can put on your faq ^_^
The warrior items in the hell gate that look like they have no
importance, equip them and each level you get with them on you gain 1
luck according to how many you have on. Have 4 warrior items equiped,
you gain 4 luck. With a 100 luck rating, you are virtually impossible to
hit from the front or the side, and it drastically reduces the damage
(most of the time 1 hit % and 1 dam) and in return you can do about 90%
critical hits. Make your whole team like this, and you are unstoppable.

-Brian Meermans"

Another one he noticed.  But I am not sure if you know or not

         "Found out another few tips with the equipment.
It seems that certain equipment when paired up with the other matching
equipment will greatly boost stats. 
ie: all 4 ogre equipments will make you phsycal and long ranged attack
power automatically 999, but in this case you need somebody who is fast
enough to hold that kind of power, if you want give it to your hero and
even though your attack is 999 and not your defense, the enemies and
your own character can do no more than 1 damage to you in attack.

I don't know how many equipment groups there are but I have only found 1
other right now and I know there are others. 
The other ones are the 4 instruments of destruction *you can tell
something about what group the equipment belongs in by looking at the
description of the item, these will say This is one of the instruments
of Destruction.*
These 4 will make your defense 999: skull helmet, grim armor, evil ring,
and dark hammer. 


Okay, to the best one

         "Found an even bigger tip/cheat just after this 100 luck one.
The necro spell always alluded me as something I wanted, but I finally
just saved and started turning people into undead(editor's note: if he freaks 
any of your Holy people out there, excuse him!). Well, they lost half
their HPs and mana (editor: MP) but kept all their status otherwise. Then I 
decided to use the dragon magic (editor: gain in Death Palace randomly) 
"Retissue" on these new undead. I realized that after I did this it made the 
characters level 1...with the same status.
So here we have level 1 character, who level if they even look at
another character of a higher level they will go up (editor: petrify one high 
level guy/gal, let this reborn walking-dead throws rocks at him/her). 

By the time they are back to the level of the rest of your party, they have 
double the status + about 100-200 HPs extra. No matter what attack you try on 
them with a regular enemy or one of your regular party members, it will have
1 damage for 1% since their weight is down to about 150-250. Have a few
people like this and they are completely invincible (editor: therefore reducing 
the game difficulty). You can even do it more than once, even doubling their 
status again.  I feel this is a cheat but I liked having just Presance taking 
out every mob in the hell gate with one Starion spell (999 magic power). 
One thing though, before you retissue someone, save the game in the
battle, then retissue, if the person does not come back with the
alignment you want them to, load the game again.
You can even do this to characters who are not supposed to change
classes, but be warned, that they cannot go back to the special classes
like hawkman, or even dragon or whatever they were. They become human.
(Good to do on Haborym cause we all know SwordMaster blows ;)*
-Brian Meermans"

* (editor: The sword master is weak  BUT, incase you don't know, for some reason 
if Haborym is equipped with the magic Petrify, the magic hit rate is higher then 
anyone else!  So you can use this sword master(s) and stone the whole enemy 
force in no time.  If you are not reading this then you missed this trick and 
I'm not gonna repeat it ^__^).

Later of the month I received yet another letter from Brian concerning the same 

         "that last one about necroing and retissuing, I found a side effect
that I don't know if it affects the games ending (I haven't actually
gone to beat the game yet, want to find everything first), but if you do
this stuff to the main characters *any that are under characters in
Warrern's report* they will be listed as killed in battle under warren's
report yet they are still alive and kicking in your party, and I still
have 0 death toll. *shrug* I don't know."

Editor: I was informed later from an informer that, although the characters will 
listed as killed, they will still show up in endings if needed.  So the trick 
will not affect the endings.

And we all thank Brian for this trick.  Oh boy.

To get beyond the third level of Death Palace (Hell Gate), you have to stand in 
front of an archway, which is on the right side of the door where you entered 
basement 3.  There are two: one on each side of the door where you entered the 
third floor, and there is one on the right, which has no poison ground in front 
of it.  Step on this one to enter Hell! (Special thanks to: Andrew who emailed 
me about many things!)

And incase you missed any items for the Fire Crest, too bad!  You have to replay 
the whole thing (please refer to my first FAQ on what to get).

The Fire Crest will increase you defense 30 Percent, and that is pretty much the 
most you can ask of any item, right?  

How to become shaman (for the Four Troublesome-Sisters): after you saved their 
father, go to Cortani Castle, and choose the right answer when he asked if you 
really want to use the legendary magic (the answer should obvious), and then go 
back to the Banhamooba Palace with the sisters.

After they became shamans, you can go to four hidden stages (please refer to my 
first FAQ for the locations of the stages).  After you beat each stage, each 
stage will give you an Element shield.  With the shields you will be able to 
open 4 more stages.  Go back to where you get the shields and you will open one  
magic per sister.


  Play to chapter three, go and fight random battles in Balldoo (US is Bordo) 
River/Swamp.  Every Small unit you kill will give you one orb according to 
his/her Alignment.  The most important item (next to the Fire Crest) should be 
crowned to the ORB!
If the trick didn't work, make sure you are on level three and you killed a 
SMALL unit.

PRIESTESS requirement correction: I made a mistake (which happens all the time, 
incase you don't already know ^__~).  I said she has to kill at most 1.  That 
was wrong. As long as her killing is under 15, an L female could turn into a 
Priestess...also, in the training that is NOT consider a kill.  It is call 
knocking-your-pal's-head-with-a-staff (as a refusal for an invitation to a 
dinner together)

How to get the undead ring: There are quite a few situations where you come 
across the Undead Ring according to your route.  There is no secret, and I don't 
remember exactly after which battle you could get it, but you will get it 
eventually.  Then equip it on any character that has the following status or 

  MP > 114, INT > 162, & MEN > 147.  


PS.  Lich is nothing but another magician, so don't reset your game if you 
didn't get the ring.

How to get Pumpkin head: go to Death Palace, fight until you get an item called 
Pumpkin.  Go to Denev's (aka. Deneb) shop and you can recruit it!



The growth chart was make by Duke Robert.  The points were acquired statically, 
and the actual number should be one point more of less.

How to read this chart (which was converted lazily by me...hey, TXT is hard to 
deal with!!)

First it is the CLASS name (Witch 105, Archer 200, Knight 100, etc...).  Then 
the number directly below it is the increment in the status accordingly.  You 
can see that the status (HP, MP, STR, etc) after the class name.  The first 
number, let us take a berserker for example, is 10, that means when levels up he 
gets extra 10 HP points (one point more or less), the second number (MP) means 
he will get 2 (less or more) MP when leveled up.

The following is the corresponding representations of the numbers:

Class Name
HP (first number)
MP  (second number)
STR  (third number)
VIT  (you know more than that!)

Ps. Please use the growth chart to your advantage when you want to maximize your 
status.  For example, when you want some status (let say AGI) really bad, change 
the unit into a class that will give you the most AGI when leveling up.  Please 
use the growth chart for those things.  There are limitless possibilities!


BERSERKER ("I Know What You Did Last Summer!")



FIGHTER (minimum wage)


KNIGHT ("For Whom is the Sword Drawn?")

NINJA (Tenchu!)





Female classes

AMAZON (another minimum wage)













Okay, done with that.


Classes in depth discussions.

First of all, many people have asked me about the requirements of the classes.  
Even though I feel that this is the last thing you really need in this game, but 
to drive away some letters, this is the information I got from a guy name SPAM.  
And please thank HIM for all the status:

It is not complete, but I am lazy!

Male classes:

Ninja           str 45  agi 46  dex 44

Beast tamer (lamer) str 45  vit 44  men 46

Wizard  mp  16  int 44  men 42  (N,C)

Knight  str 45  vit 44  men 42          (L,N)

Berserker       str 45  vit 46  dex 44  (N,C)

Male high classes:

Exorcist        vit 44  int 42  men 44  (L)

Warlock    mp  84  int 124 men 112 (L,N)

Sword Master str 95  agi 102 dex 126         (L)

Dragoon/Dragon Slayer str 115 vit 106 dex 114 (N)

Gunner  str 120 agi 164 dex 150 (N)

Terror knight   str 117 vit 114 dex 104 (C)     > 30 kills (kill more than 30 

Female classes:

Witch           mp  15  int 45  men 51  (N,C)

Archer         vit 44  agi 44  dex 48  (N,C)

Cleric        mp  16  int 42  men 41  (L,N)   < 10 kills

Female high classes:

Siren           mp  36  int 75  men 71  (L,N)

Dragon Tamer  hp  180 str 115 men 103

Valkyrie        str 44  vit 46  int 42  (L,N)

Priest  mp  70  int 125 men 110   *     < 15 kills


White drag      hp  170   str 133 vit 90    (L,N)   dex 55

Black drag      hp  170   str 133      vit 90       (N,C)   dex 57  > 30 kills


Lich            mp  114 int 162 men 147

Angel knight       mp  92  str 135 vit 122         (L)     int 144, 
                men 119         agi 122         dex 124         luk 56 (?)

HOLY DRAGON: Its requirement is double of the White Dragon, and must be L.

Tiamat: must be C, and killed over 40, and status is double of Black dragon.
(info from "Duke" Robert, as well as the growth chart).

Okay, let us CLING to the part I want to talk about:

The Categories of Units:

Attack unit: those whose main use is to attack.  One way or the other the reason 
for their existence is to attack enemies and get attacked by enemies.

They are: knight, berserker, terror knight, dragon slayer.

Sub-attack unit: classes that are not that strong with attacks/defense, but 
still have something to offer.  

They are: sword master, ninja, dragon tamer (female), beast tamer(male), 

Defense unit: Units that have great defense and little weak points.

They are: Golem, dragon, and all other Large size units.

Support unit:  They are those who attack/defense with specials such as magic 
and/or special attacks.  

They are: Witch, warlock, clerics, wizard, siren, shaman, siren, and all other 
magicians such as summoner (which you can't get).

Sniper Unit: They are good at using projectiles but not so well with taking 
attacks from enemies.

They are: archer, gunner (or a ninja with a bow.  The ninja's good AGI and low 
WT make him a good sniper as well, not to mention the high jumps he has).

How the UNITS position in the field:

(1 is the front and 5 is back)

1)Defense Units
2)Attack units
3)Sub-attack units
4)Sniper units
5)Support units.

If you don't have any defense unit, let the attack units take its place.

The Art of Positioning:

Defense units in front of the attack units don't mean the attack units can sit 
and relax.  The attack units should be very close behind the defense units, or 
even mixed with them for any possible chances to attack the enemies.  Sub-attack 
units should also be mixed with the attack units.

Since many times a sub-attack unit is weak with taking attacks, how they could 
be useful is depended on how well you mix the moves of the attack units and sub-
attack units.  For example, don't use a sub-unit to attack unless you are sure 
that the target will die (or unable to do a nasty counter attack) after the 
attack.  Other wise the counter attack is not what you wanted, especially the 
sub-attack unit will open him/herself up for the follow-ups when he/she charges 
to attack.  Make sure the attack units will inflict enough damage to the target 
before the sub-attack unit should make his/her move.  You don't have to worry 
about counter attacks if your sub-attack unit is using long range weapons, but 
still be careful about the fact that they can get attacked by the enemies' 
sniper units and attack units behind the front line.  Please don't spread your 
attacking power; aim for one or two enemy units at a time before killing more 

After the attack units finished attacking, and if many of the enemies have some 
very low HP, they can still inflict some BIG damage to your units before they 
die.  So the sub-attack units and snipers will make sure the low-HP enemies will 
not do anything funny before they go to the Hell Gate/Death Palace.  You don't 
always have to kill off the target with the sub-attack units/sniper units.  Just 
make sure the lower HP targets are dead so that you won't regret from losing 
100+ HP from an enemy who only had 6 HP (and that happens everyday).  But since 
using one attack unit to kill off an enemy of 10 or 20 HP is not worth it, so 
you can use other units to take care of the dirty jobs.

Sniper Units are very useful.  They are far more useful then the Sub-attack 
units.  You should keep them behind the attack units, and mixed with sub-attack 
units.  Since their attacks are strong, many times you don't have to send the 
sub-attackers to kill those with low HP, just let an archer shoot the low-HPs.  

But since sniper units have high attack power, you might want them to attack the 
big and strong enemies.  You can inflict some damage on the enemy front lines 
with these units, so when attack units get in, they can kill off the enemy 
attack/defense units with ease.  So even though sniper units are positioned 
behind the attack units, they are actually the first attackers!!!  Please keep 
this in mind before any battle you should take!!

And sniper units are simply great.  And the best of all, the higher you go, the 
farther you can spread the arrows of death! Use this to your advantage.

Support units should stay all the way in the back.  Usually they have some long 
range magic spells, so you don't have to worry about that.  Use the magic wisely 
to aid the front units and support unit as well.  "A hungry man has no food to 
offer," (quote by Me, actually,) so you should make the support units support 
themselves before they should use magic on the other units.  What I mean by this 
is, make sure they have enough MP, and in later part of the game, cast the Quick 
Move magic on themselves before anything else!!  Because the faster they move, 
the faster the whole army moves.

DON'T think that since these units are not that strong in attacking they are not 
useful.  These units can eliminate the whole enemy force with the right magics.  
For example, use Quick Move to lessen the WT, then let two of them begin using 
magics like Stun Looter AND Petrify to stone and stun enemies.  If you did the 
things right, you can totally annihilate the whole enemy forces without any 

How to chose units for battles:

Some point of this game you will feel that you are having too many good and fun 
characters for you to use.  Especially when you got the two White Knights and 
the sisters.  Please don't feel bad if you can't bring some units you like to 
certain battles.  A battle should be fought with the suitable units.  If you 
know that some units will be more useful in a battle while some are not, then 
bring those that are useful.  I understand the pain of not bring the units you 
like.  But, hey, this is life.  You can be stubborn and bring the units you love 
to any battles, and you can certainly test you skills at such clumsy situations 
(which actually I do often).  But again, what I am saying is, there are many 
classes and units that were make to suit different situations and users, so you 
don't have to blame yourself for not bring the most beautiful witch when you 
have the Four Sisters to a battle ^__^.



Before any thing else: What I am saying here was done in a cautious manner.  
That means I am quite careful at what I said.  I understand perfectly that with 
strategy, and for different people, different classes are different in usage.  
But I have to be careful because not every one is an activist who would have 
nothing but one particular class, so I want to give suggestions in more 
"conservative" way.  If you feel that I am too cautious and not active enough in 
battles, please keep in mind that I have more than just my own game to worry 

Soldier/Amazon: (weapon: none/any) They are the basic classes of male and 
female.  They are the classes of your units in at the beginning of the game.  
Good or bad you are stuck with them until you get enough status points to change 
into something else.  These two classes don't have any ideal weapons.  Therefore 
they can use anything.  Their parameters level up in a fairly equal manner, so 
there is not much you can worry/happy about these two classes.  

Knight: (sword) this is a somewhat useful.  But I felt that this class doesn't 
live up to the names of the ancient knights.  I consider this class to be the 
lowest of the Attack unit.  You can change into them really earlier on of the 
game, and they are like the escape of basic class.  Since at the beginning of 
the game you have quite a few male classes, you can change, maybe half of them, 
into knights, and the other half into berserkers and ninjas.  If you feel don't 
like to use this class, do not use it then, because this class will give you no 
surprise.  It is formidable in some battles when you fight other units like 
ninja and valkyrie, but a knight is only good in places like grass plains and 
concrete grounds.  It has weaker attack and defense then the berserker, and the 
WT is the same.  Ninja will have better dexterity, and it can use double-attack, 
while a berserker is unstoppable with an axe.

This unit can be mixed on with the sub-attack units. But make sure you don't 
just have knights in the front line.  Knights are not that great with defense, 
and they are slow.  If you equip him with a lot of things, it will move very 
slow, and the hit-rate will be awful.  The most important thing you can remember 
is: don't rely on the knights that much.  

Ninja:(claws)This unit can jump three levels higher and four lower.  But that is 
not so until later of the game.  This class is never useful in the game unless 
used in a really sneaky manner (whatever that means to you).  But you can use 
this class wisely to max out your status.  

This class has some good DEX and agility.  You will soon find out that many 
other male classes such as knights and berserkers (and especially terror 
knights) have some lousy DEX and AGI, as well as big WT.  When the clumsiness of 
the heavy classes become intolerable, change them into a ninja for a while.  
Gain a few levels with the ninja (or whatever fits your needs.  Please use the 
growth chart).  
This way the AGI (as well as DEX) will increase for a few levels, and when you 
change the class back to an attack unit, the AGI and DEX will be better.  BUT be 
careful you don't change everyone into a ninja.  You should change only one or 
two of the whole male attack-units so that as these ninja level up (I don't use 
plural form for Japanese words), the battle could be taken care of by other 
units.  Also, changing a unit into a ninja to gain status is only good for the 
earlier part of the game.  Later, you should use the growth chart when you want 
to maximize you status.  For example, the Sword Master has some really good DEX, 
while Ninja has better AGI.  Change into different classes according to what you 
When you do change an unit into a ninja, you should tell yourself one thing 
before anything else: ninja is not God, and he is certainly NOT the same ninja 
they have in that Final Fantasy Tactics.  When you use double-attack, the ninja 
will attack once, the enemy will counter attack once, then the ninja will do the 
second attack.  BUT since the enemy already countered, so he/she will be facing 
the ninja, therefore the second attack's hit-rate will NOT as high as the first 
attack.  These roof-jumping units like to use claws.  But in the beginning you 
don't have any claws, you can use daggers or short swords, or even bows.

Since this class has some really great speed, please don't equip him with heavy 
armor.  If you do, you will lost the agility and the defense will never be as 
great as a pure attack-unit, so don't even bother doing so.  The most basic form 
of defense is great (gear, weapons, and no other parts such as gauntlet/helmet.)

Like I said before, mix his attacks with the attack-units.  Let an attack unit 
take down most of the target's HP, then use a ninja to do the final attack. 

Beast tamer: (whip) This class sucks.  And I really want to end this class's 
explanation but I have to give some reasons just incase some one might not agree 
with me.

I don't know the point of making this unit when there are ONLY 2 OR 3 WHIPS in 
the whole game.  This unit is fairly strong, actually, but no one wants to use 
him because  1) in the beginning there is NO whip, 2) and there is NO good and 
strong monsters until later of the game.  This class will make the beasts around 
him attack stronger, and you can only take TWO monsters with you in one battle.  
So these three units must stick together in order to be useful.  But since the 
beast tame is slow, clumsy, and can't fly, he can't keep up with some of the 

I am not saying that you can't use this class, but many times the other units 
offered more of everything, so this class gets very un-useful later of the game.

He uses a whip, and the whip can't attack two units at the same time, therefore 
you can't stab two enemies at once.  You can use him as a sub-attack unit, but 
then his special ability will not be able to be useful without beasts.  But if 
you put him too much in the front, he will get hanged with his own whip!

Berserker: (axe) personally my second most favored next to the terror knight.  
This class is, even though has weak agility, you can average it out by using the 
"change into ninja then level up" trick.  This class has great attack and 
defense power.  He can stay in between the attack units and defense units.  So 
if you don't have any defense units, consider this Viking-helmet guy.

He uses an axe, which is only a bit heavier than the sword, but inflicts much 
more damage than the sword.  Since the berserker has greater power than the 
knight, when he is equipped with the axe, his attack will be much more useful 
then the knight's sword.  This class has the same WT as the knight, and you can 
equip him with a little more than the basic defense set: weapon, armor, then a 
gauntlet OR a shield.  But for some reason the gauntlets in this game are more 
useful than the shields (lighter), I would recommend the gauntlets for him and 
other units as well.  You should take a healing item (or an orb) with you for 
this class because he will get a lot of chops and cuts from the enemies' attack 
units. Take one or two to the battle field.  But don't always stick with this 
class.  You might want to change some of them into a terror knight or dragon 
slayer.  I usually use two or three of them in the beginning of the game.  But 
later this class will not be that useful.

Wizard: (staff) again, another useless junk.  The problems with this class is 
like those of beast tamer: there is no good magic at the beginning, and the 
Siren (female) class is more useful then this one.  This is a slow, weak, and 
unimpressive unit.  A wizard can't use those support magic spells such as Quick 
Move.  He is hard to level up with his MP/INT due to the fact that you don't 
want to use him until later where you get great magic.  But since many of the 
good male classes are great with physical attacks, you don't have many with 
great MP/INT to change into a wizard.  So you can leave most of the magic-
casting jobs to the [beautiful] ladies.

Female classes:

Witch: (staff) this witch is one of the most useful classes in the game.  She 
can equip a lot of support magic such as Stun looter, quick move, charge spell, 
etc.  She has some great speed (better than cleric and warlock).  Like any other 
magicians, her defense is really weak, so don't expect anything from that.

Preferred magic: Stun Looter, Charm, Charge Spell, Quick Move.

(All magicians use staff.  If you want to know how you should equip staffs, 
please refer to my other FAQ.  There is one big paragraph about the staffs.)

Archer: (bow) this is the heart of sniper units.  Her bow is strong and there 
are a lot of greater bows to be discovered later on!  As you already know, the 
higher you go, the farther you shoot.  And the advantage of going high doesn't 
stop there: If you get higher then enemy archers, you can kill them without them 
doing a thing because if they are pretty low on the battle field, their arrows 
can't shoot high to where you are standing.  I can't tell you how important this 
is until you try it yourself.  Just keep in mind, this unit, even though fast, 
should not go too deep into the front line.

Keep three of this class.  You don't have to use all of them for a battle, but 
sometimes you will regret Big time if you don't have enough archers.  Such as 
the battle where you are to save the blind Sword Master on Chapter Three (Opps!  
No more spoiler).

Keep her mixed with the sub-attack units.  But if she could go high, that mixing 
is no longer important.  Just give her some great area to stand on!  She could 
go to water but I would not do that if I'm you.  Also, unless it is an octopus, 
don't send ANYTHING else into water in a sticky situation, otherwise that would 
be the last move possible!

Cleric: (staff) this is the heart of the support/healing unit; you can go to 
battle with no other support unit but her.  Keep at least two or three in order 
to advance in some really trouble some battles.  Her healing is great.  Later 
she could use Healing Plus, a magic that covers a big area.  Very useful if you 
have many attack (or sub attack) units.  She could use up to three magic books.

Preferred magic: Healing, Healing Plus, Clear Lance.

Male High Class:

Dragon Slayer: (sword...BIG sword, that is) this is highest N class in the game.  
Characters like Forcas will be a dragon slayer (DS): DS has great STR to slayer 
dragons within two or three hits.  He has great defense to withstand the 
dragon's claws.  
Don't misunderstood his name: he is also great with any other big big big 
beasts!!  Even though the description says that he is not so great with the 
other units, but since this class levels up a lot on the STR and VIT 
departments, you can back-stab and kill a magician with one blow!  Use Quick 
Move on him to make him more useful.  But if you don't use Quick Move he is very 
very slow, and is very very vulnerable to attacks.  And since he has low hit 
rate, so if he got ganged up you will expect some really not-so-impressive 
countering attacks from him.

But since NO class in this game is god, keep one is good for any situation!  
Give him the sword Dragon Slayer and other dragon killing swords so he can be a 
real dragon slayer!

Terror Knight: (Axe!) this, this "thing," is the meanest class ever invented by 
any human being/character designer/video game.  He is like a monster truck; you 
just feel GREAT when you use him!  With an axe, a pair of warp shoes, he is 
unstoppable.  As you can see, you need to have over 30 kills in order to change 
in this "thing", and since he is not really that fast, so I usually make the 
main character a terror knight.  What I'm saying is, he is great to have, but 
quite slow in many areas.

A terror knight has great attack power. And has GREAT, GREAT defense because the 
enemies in front of, and next of a terror knight, will have less attack power.  
The TK has cursed souls which he slew to haunt his enemies, therefore you can 
just send him to the front line and smash heads.  Since his defense is great, 
and his attack is great as well, so he is the only class that I consider the 
combination of a defense-unit and an attack-unit. 

To use him wisely, sometimes you don't have to worry too much with him because 
when enemies counter attack, he/she will be facing you, so his/her attack will 
be degraded.  But be careful don't get trapped by tons of magicians and archers! 
He can be combined with other types of units to maximize the function of a 
terror knight.  But again, don't ever rely everything on one unit/class.  Since 
this is a pure attack unit, there isn't much die-hard strategy to use him (like 
you don't need much skill driving a monster truck, period).  But use one trick 
wisely: send him to the front line (of course Quick Move him first), then do 
some massive damages to different enemy units, then let the attack and sub-
attack units take care of the rest!  Or use support units to kill all of them.

Exorcist: (staff) this is not really any "high" class.  He is useful to kill 
undead (one magic and BOMMMB!)  Other than that special skill he is good for 
nothing. A Cleric can do better healing, a witch or a warlock can use better 
magic than him. But when you do get to stages that have a lot of undead, 
REMEMBER to bring him other wise you will regret.  You can change the exorcist 
you get earlier on to a warlock, then change back to a exorcist when you need to 
use one.  But ONE is more than enough in many cases!

Gunner: (gun) like an archer, he use projectile attacks...but not as great.  The 
gun can shoot to the end of the map, but they are not at all that strong.  Even 
an archer will inflict more damage.  And a gunner is quite slow, not only that, 
bullets travel linearly, therefore whoever gets in the way will get hurt!  
Therefore he is not at all that great to stick with the sub-attack units.  You 
can give him a wrap shoe/ring and send him to the highest possible platform and 
begin hunting, or send him to the side of the battle-field so that he will hurt 
no friendly units that happen to stand in the bullet's way.  Again, he is slow 
so you have to Quick Move him.  Keep one is enough, because gunners are NOT that 
fun to have.  And for some reason I really hate people who use a gun to hurt 
people...especially in the battle field...  "A Brave One uses a 
sword/axe/hammer/spear, not some .45 caliber." --Me

Warlock: (staff) he can use some really neat magic, such as the Petrify.  He is 
slower than the witch, but he could use some magic that no witch (EXCEPT Denev) 
could use.  Keep one is great, two is optional.  

Like I said before, support units can kill the whole enemy force really fast.  
So please don't consider that to be some special discovery.

Preferred magic: Quick Move, Charge Spell, Petrify, Slow Move (if you want).

Sword master: (two swords) think of him like an advanced ninja...But with out 
all those speed, while having greater DEX.  This class is my least favored.  I 
just feel that making the main character a Sword master after all those 
discouraging encounters in the Law route is doubling the discouragement.  

This unit is a sub-attack unit, so don't rely on his double attack that much.  
If you attack with him most of the time enemy will do a counter before he/she 
dies, and the damage is not so worth it.  So a Sword master is best to kill off 
enemies that have little HP left.  And this really decreases the fun of an 
attack unit.  In the Japanese class description, a Sword Master is the one who 
"Encountered over a 100 battles, knows the way of battle way too well, and is 
the master of all swords."  I guess that he survived all 100 battles because he 
was doing nothing but picking those who were about to die, and let other attack 
units do the dirty jobs before he gets the experience...

His AGI could be used to gain status if you want!

Anyway, one of this class is way more than enough.

Preferred magic: Petrify.

Female High Classes:

Valkyrie: (spear) this is an impressive class.  She can use 2 magic spells as 
well, but that is not very useful because after all, she is on the physical 
attack side, but since she can attack with a distance with her spear, she could 
stay with the attack-units.  She can attack enemies without them counter 
attacking (unless enemy also using spear/whip), so she could inflict some 
damages to an enemy before your attack units crush that enemy.  But don't over 
use her.  After all, she is just a sub-attack unit.  Keep one is more than 
enough.  If you really want a female attack unit, get her to be a dragon tamer.  
Dragon tamer is great with dealing with dragons, and is a bit faster than the 
dragon slayer (Male) as well.

She could go into water but that is not at all a good idea if there is better 
grounds to stand.

Preferred magic: those attacking magic of her element.

Priestess: (staff) she is like another form of Cleric, but she could use the 
revival magic "Resurrection," which is very important!  But get one is good 
enough because she can't use Heal Plus.  Get one or two Cleric(s) and one 
Priestess in the later part of the game will get you through almost any 

Preferred magic: Heal All, Resurrection (revivifies the dead), Heal.

Siren: (staff) she is like a female wizard but stronger and more charming.  She 
could use a lot of magic.  Keep one if you want...more than that is not really 
useful.  Use her like any other support units.

Preferred magic: the Summon Magic of HER Element (very important because Summon 
Magic is very strong).

Dragon Tamer: (sword) this is like the combination of a Dragon Slayer and a 
valkyrie, but the status is even out.  Her attacks are not as strong as a DS, 
but has better speed.  Like the valkyrie she could use one magic, but please 
don't depend on that.  Her special power is to increase the attack power of the 
dragons in front and next to her.  I feel that she is between sub-attack and 
attacking unit.  She is fairly useful, so use her like any other enjoyable 
attacking unit.

Preferred magic: Up to you.  Use attack magic of her Element.

What I had above me is nothing but my standard set up of the classes and 
strategy.  That without considering some of the many cases where quick strategy 
and wits are needed.  Players like you have to react according to the 
situation...NO strategy is good unless they are ALIVE, that means changeable, 
manageable, and shall not lock the planner to a set of rules which you must 
follow.  What I'm saying is, DON'T blame me for loosing your own battles ^_~

Some of the possibilities with the formations.

  You don't always have to stick with the same formation and members for every 
battle.  Some times if you bring just one type of units, the result could be 
better than anything else.  Here are some of the possibilities (most were made 
up, and many were NOT even tried by me yet.  But were done some in a 
strategically way with my own experience.  I DON'T have time or energy to put 
all possibilities, so if you found any new formations, good, but you don't have 
to tell me about it.  The point is, just don't limit yourself!)

The Elegant Thorny Roses: Only the main character is male (unless surgically 
changed), other members in the battle field are females.  Among them 5 are 
archers, and one cleric, one priestess, one witch, and one siren.  The main 
force is archers attacking with arrows in sneaky places.  The main attack form 
should be keep away and attack with nothing but arrows and magic around the main 
character's side.  Concentrate on a few enemies and don't spread your targets.  
This formation is useful in open plains.  Best in towns, swamps (not elegant any 
more ^__^), mountains, and other tricky landscapes.

The Emeriti Mahou-Troopers: Main character (best if strong in defense) and nine 
other magicians.  One warlock, one witch, two healers of any type.  Three 
Sirens, one lich, and one terror knight/dragon slayer.  The sirens should be 
equipped with the Summon Magic according to their Elements, therefore the three 
sirens must have different elements.  The lich should equip the last Summon 
Magic of his Element.  The main form of attack is to send the main character and 
the other attack units to the front line, while the two healers will do nothing 
but heal the two.  The other magicians such as witch and warlock will use Quick 
Move (make other magicians faster) and Petrify and Stun Looter...among others.  
The sirens and lich will have enough magic recovery items to summon enough 
Beasts to kill whoever touches the main character.  The main form of attack is 
the keep enemies away from the Mahou (magic) units while aiding the main 
character's move.  This combination takes a while to get use to.  But 
devastating once you get used to it.

The Sunset Warriors: Main character should be an attack unit.  You need two 
healers, best if one cleric and one priest.  And all others are terror knights, 
dragon slayers, and those White Knights.  The strategy is easy: send those guys 
to the front line and do nothing but chopping and slashing.  The healers will 
concentrate on healing, while the attackers are careless of their life because a 
priestess will [hopefully] bring them back to life.  The BEST kind of terrain to 
use this really mind-less formation is in open plains and grasslands and towns.  
Have fun.

The Snipers of Crescent Moon: Main character could be whatever.  You need one or 
two healers.  If you have one healer, then get a warlock or witch to use Quick 
Move.  You need one or two gunners.  If you want you can kill your sister and 
get the last gun to make it three gunners.  The other members will be all 
archers.  You really need items like Wing Rings/Shoes and Warp Rings/Shoes to 
support this formation.  With those items send the archers/snipers to sneaky and 
unreachable places and spread the rains of death.  Quick Move them to send 
enemies to hell earlier then anything else.

The Gathering of Heroes: Main character is an attack or sub-attack unit.  Two or 
one White Knight.  One or two healers, and one or two witches/warlocks.  Other 
members including dragon slayers, dragon tamers, valkyries (not that important), 
terror knights, and archers...a combination that can handle any situation.  Use 
the terrain to your advantage and help each other out to maintain a decent 
defense as well as offense.

The March of the Dark-Ogres: One healer, one warlock/witch, and ALL others are 
Terror Knights.  Send the T knights to the front line and kill, while the 
support units look at the battle field and count the heads chopped off.  Getting 
the T knights are not easy (Over 30 kills for each), so have fun when you are 
insane enough to try this one out.

PS. Just to annoy your guys again, the Japanese version could put Kanji (Chinese 
characters) for your troop.  So all those names (Elegant Rose and Gathering of 
Heroes, etc) could be entered into the name for your troop when Ronway asked.  
While the English version is limited to the few characters for you to use.  If 
you have the Japanese version, do try around with the names and have fun!!!

Other Classes:

Lizard: (Hammer) he is great for in stormy and swamps.  He could go into water 
but again, that is the last thing I would do.  He is like a knight, but has 
stronger defense and attack.  Keep one is good.  Keep this unit strong and use 
him wisely: when there is a battle to be fought in any of the swamps, take him 
with you and he could be the best attack unit for that battle.  His power is 
good but not very impressive on dry land (by that I mean still better than the 
knight).  Use him like any other attack units.  He could not change class, 
therefore don't expect too much from this reptile.

Hawk man: (hammer) this barbaric being could fly, and is strong with a hammer.  
But like a lizard, he could not change class or uses any of Canopus's special 
attacks (Canopus is a "Vultan").  Therefore he might be strong at the beginning, 
but gets fairly unimpressive later on.  One is good to have fun with.

Dragons: any dragon will use great special Breath attacks and has great, thick 
scale.  So you can use them for both attack and defense units.  They can change 
classes as well so it is a good idea to keep two or three (or more).  You can 
use them in any battle.  Just Quick Move them to make them more useful.  They 
are fairly great, but there aren't much strategy using them so I don't like 

Other LARGE monster units: they are all quite strong, and many times their 
special attacks are quite devastating, so use as you please.  But again, I don't 
like using them.  You don't have to keep one of every single monster due to the 
fact that you can only use two in one battle.

Fairy: (weapon: none) she is fun to have, and will have some cool skills later, 
but don't expect anything from this little mascot.  Give her a good name and 
just leave her there to rust/shine...

It seems that I forgot to mention HOW TO RECRUIT MONSTERS on my last FAQ:
To recruit the UNITs other than human, you need to go to a certain city on a 
particular time period.

(the numbers indicate the day of the month to be at that town in order to 
recruit that unit)

                  Date at Particular Town  
Units             1 ~ 8                8~16             17~24

Fairy             Ashton               Lyme             Wareham
Hawkman           Brigantes            Fidach           Armorica
Lizardman         Clitheroe            Cortani          Armorica
Golme             Armorica             Bernicia         No where
Octopus           Heim                 Goliath          Ashton
Griffon           Lyme                 Brigantes        Goliath
Dragon            Barmamutha           Heim             Clitheroe
Cockatrice        Grimsby              Barmamutha       Cortani

Black Dragon      Wareham              No where         No where  
White Dragon      No where             Grimsby          No where 

There is much to be discovered.  Good Luck!

The End

Before you go, I want to say something:

It happens that I'm lazy and is not willing to learn how to make the formats of 
the charts for the first FAQ look nicer.  And since many times the Webmasters 
will not make an html page for the FAQs sent to them, so many times the charts 
came out like junks.  

So if there is any problem, please take a look from my homepage:


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closer-to-perfectly aligned.
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To whom it may concern: If you want to use the FAQ(s) for your site, there is 
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changed something, you MIGHT make a change that will contradict my words, and 
people will email me about something I didn't do.   If you can do just that, you 
don't need to email me about it.  I trust you!

Special thanks:

To ALL who emailed me!  You know who you are, but I can not list everyone.  And 
since I'm a guy, you know what a guy means when he says "thanks!"


(Names not in any particular order)

Joe Anastasi, who gave a lot of supports, helps, etc.

Brian Meermans for many of his concerns on the guide and his tricks!

Louis Daniel with his contribution for English names.

Robert Duke ("Duke Robert," hahah) 

and Andrew with many helps!

Spam, for such great work on the job requirements!  As well as many other helps!

Findi Zhao with his many "tiny and little" questions that made me aware of the 
inadequate of my first FAQ!

Teh Tze Fong who provided me with the two great TO sites.  Please refer to my 
first FAQ.  (Didn't mention him in the first site, so).

Justin (swatpro) who gave me many tricks once in a while.

And Justin Speer with his Dark Road Requirements.

"Let Us Cling Together!"

Bye bye!

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