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FAQ by Henry Chan

Version: 4.1 | Updated: 04/02/00

Tactics Ogre FAQ

By: Henry Chan

Version 4.1 

2/15/1999 (version 4.0)

4/2/2000 (version 4.1)
   * added: how to get Selye and Shelley, more details.

*All names are in their original Japanese names, and were kept intentionally.

!!BUT!! since it is confusing, a translation was added for my other Tactics Ogre
faq (known as Tactics Ogre Sub-Guide)  See the end of this FAQ for details.

Ogre Battle Saga Episode VII:  
	Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Developed and published by QUEST for the Super Famicom.
Published for PSX by Artdink WGC

Published in the USA by Atlus.

It has been a long time before this update.  The most time went to the Tactics 
Ogre Sub-Guide.  The reasons why I want to update this FAQ again are to clarify 
and correct some of the points and tricks.  If needed, this will be updated 
again, but not anytime soon after this.  If you found more tricks that you would 
want to share with other TO fans, I hope you can email and, but just make sure 
the trick is not already included in Sub-Guide.  Thanks again!  And let us enjoy 
this game again, and again!

Anyway, many things are in the Sub-Guide, so I strongly suggest that you take a 
look of that one too before any questions should come.  But if both can't solve 
your question(s), I welcome you emailing me!


2.The World of Tactics Ogre
3.Religions and Elements
4.The Calendar of Valeria
5.Starting the Game
7.World Map
8.Strategic Options
9.Troop Formations
   More about WT and AT 
10.Battle Command
   Auto Move Commands
11.On Line Help
13.Class Change
14.Back Stabber
16.Height and Arrow Route
17.Element, Magic and Grounds
18.Warren's Report
20.L1 and R1 Short Cuts
21.The Classes
22.Male and Female Units and Monsters
23.Magic Spells
24.Special Attacks
25.Recruit  *NEW* 
26.Misc. Advice based on experience and fact!
      Weapons and Staff
      General Tips (improves as version upgrades)
27.Misc. Goodies
28.Dragon Magics and Special attacks
29. Hidden stages and others


NEW: 31.City Names translation.

1. Forward (2/15/1999): Well, since the USA/English version is out, the main 
menus, the option names, etc, are perhaps different names from those I have 
here!  But since the name is not so important, incase you might just still need 
advice on some of the categories and options.  Like the first few parts like the 
Strategic Options and Formations, I am sure they have a different English name 
and advice, those I had here were first intended to give beginners started.  But 
I hope they will be useful to you in some way, and that is why they are still 
included.  In this update, most of the funny sentences were fixed, and it should 
make more senes.  Angel Knight's requirement also changed a bit, names were 
fixed, and other things were changed/fix and can't be all talked about here.  If 
you have the time please take a look of my Sub-Guide as well because that one 
has the most tricks and goodies.  I feel that these two FAQs should be related 
to each other.


Tactics Ogre:

2.The World of Tactics Ogre (TO):
	 Valeria is a place that consisted of 15 continuous islands and numerous 
minorities, and it had been prospered by being a center of trading.  However, 
the distribution of wealth among the races was a never-ending war between the 
	During that chaotic state, it was the King Dolgarua, who united the whole 
island, and putting racial wars to an end.  However, as the king passed away 
with out an announced successor, war was once again returned to this unfortunate 
	The Valeria of now consists of Cardinal Barbatos of Galgastan, Bishop 
Branta of the Bucram-Valeria Kingdom, and Baron Ronway of the Walsta Republic.  
Walstanian Minority is a minority that consisted less than 1 percent of the 
total population of Valeria.  This game will put you inside the time when the 
unlucky Walstanian were being chased like rats by other ethnicity of Valeria.
	Roles to begin with:  

      Galgastan Kingdom: Led by Cardinal Roeunda Barbatos, capital at Cortani.  
Barbatos is a cold-blooded and ruthless leader.

      Walstanian Minority: Led by Baron Juda Ronway.  The smallest minority 
found in Valeria.  This unlucky group has not yet formed as a country.

	Bacram-Valeria: A rich ruling-class from the capital at Bernicia.  Bishop 
Branta had borrowed from a big empire of the north: Lordis Church Kingdom, and 
had been expanding his power in Valeria ever since the Dark Knight Lancelot and 
his platoon from Lordis had arrived to "aid" Branta.  Bishop Branta's actions 
and powers were monitored closely by Dark Knight Lancelot. 


3.The Religions of Valeria

	In Valeria, the religions affected the personalities of the people 
tremendously.  The religions were separated into two big forms: Alignments and 

Alignment: The ruling of "Freedom or Rule" inside the hearts.  And the current 
state of mind is what Alignment is all about. 

	Two Gods of Alignment.

God of Darkness and Freedom, Asmodee: He will lead those freedom-seekers into 
chaotic powers with his power.  He is the exact opposite of Ishtalle.

God of Light and Order, Ishtalle (again, this is her original name): She looks 
mean and she processes the power to maintain orders by her amendments.  She will 
lead those who followed her to light and order.  

Four Gods of Elements: 

Elements are the nature of the world, and people of Valeria believed that one 
God governed each of the four elements.  According to the elemental differences, 
the battles will be different tremendously.
Water Gruza: Water is the force that driven the earth to work.  Water is 
governed by the Virgin Goddess Gruza.  She is also famous for her jealous 

Flame Zoshonell:  Even though this force doesn't affect the earth, it affects 
human in many ways.  And it is governed by Zoshonell, the God of Intelligence.

Earth Bertha: Earth has the power to prosper the land.  It affects the field of 
battle .
Wind Hahnela: Eventhough he has no power over Water or Flame, he controls the 
other half that the Earth God can't.

Water is against Flame, and Earth is against Wind.
Wind has no effect on Water and Flame, the same goes to the other way around.

NOTE: If you are Wind, you can inflict great damage to an Earth Element enemy, 
the same goes to him/her.  So you should be careful who you are hitting and who 
will be able to hit you.  Be careful when fighting one opposite of your element, 
because when he/she counters you, it is as bad as your attack! 


4.Calendar of Valeria:

Zetekinea Calendar:

The Valerians use the Zetekinea Calendar, the following is a conversion from 
their calendar to ours.

Holy Dragon: 1/1~1/24       Flame Dragon: 5/2~5/25	 Sea Dragon: 8/31~9/24

Earth Dragon: 1/25~2/18    Wind Dragon: 5/26~6/18   Black Dragon: 9/25~10/18

Water Dragon: 2/19~3/13   Gold Dragon: 6:19~7/13    Twin Dragon: 10/19~11/11

Shadow Dragon: 3/14~4/6   Thunder Dragon: 7/14~8/6      Fire Dragon: 11/12~12/6 
White Dragon: 4/7~5/1        Dark Dragon: 8/7~8/30          Light Dragon: 

Water Dragon to Shadow Dragon and Thunder Dragon to Twin Dragon, are both the 
raining seasons.  Others are dry seasons.


NOTE: From this point on, many of the option names are different from their 
English counterparts.  This was written before the USA version ever released.  
So please be careful not to mess up the names.  They are included in this update 
because they will give you some advice on the beginning.  Sorry for the 

5.Starting the Game.

After you choose new game you will be asked with two options, they are

		New Game

(This FAQ will work as, and MORE than the Tutor, hopefully)

Choose New Game to start.

You will be asked for the name: The third option is to write with English.  The 
orders are

	Kanji (Chinese characters)

Choose End to use the original name, which is Denim (Denim Powell).
Choose Yes to go to the Birthday selection.  It is obvious that the first number 
is the month and the other is the date.  Choose as you like.  See more on 
Calendar of Valeria.

Then you will go to the questions: You will be asked with 12 questions by the 
four Elemental Gods
The questions are :

First the Wind God:   You, what do you pray from me?
		          You, what can you give me?
		          You, what can you promise me?

Then it's the Flame's turn, Earth, and finally Water.

The answers to their questions are on the bottom.  I am sure there are English 
names, but I think you can guess the similarities.  They are:

1) Rule   2)Peace   3)Glory     4)Fame  5)Love (to the subjects)  6) Hatred
7)Victory  8)Sacrifice  9)Prosperity   10)Dreams    11)Hope     12)Revenge

The answers of each will represent an area you will be strong at (the actual 
calculating is way more complicated.  Luckily I have them ^_^).  After you 
answered all the questions, you will be asked from whom you want protection.  
This will determine your Element.
The orders of Elements presented in the screen are:

1)Wind    2)Flame
3)Earth   4)Water

This part is a bit confusing so read this: according to what answer you give to, 
it will affect the outcomes of many other things.  For example, if you promise 
Flame "Rule," you will have +One HP, but -One MP, STR minus three, VIT minus 
three, etc.  Please study the board, and decide on what you should choose.  The 
word like HP or AGI on the top left side mean that what you choose will affect 
this parameter.

From the top, the Elements are listed.  Then the first three numbers are the 
questions from the Gods: in the order of Pray, Give, and Promise.  The fourth 
number is the Pray for Flame, fifth is Give for flame, and so on.  The eleventh 
number should be obviously the Give for Water.  The verticals are the answers.

Example: Since I want to work faster, I'll do this chart for an example, after 
Flame's columns, then is the Earth, then Water.  But this chart will give you an 
idea of how the following charts work.  This is half of the chart for HP 
Much confusing will happen so be careful!!

The number in ( ) means the default mode.  Take HP for example, it means if none 
of your answers affect the HP parameter, it will be 68, and so on.

Please work your self slowly for a formula that fits you the most.  

	Wind			         Flame
HP(68)      Pray       Give     Promise      Pray     Give   Promise
Rule        0           -1         0 	 -1          0          +1
Peace      -1           0         +1    	 0          -1           0
Glory       0          +1          0       +1          0          +3
Fame       -1           0         +1       0          -1           0
Love        0          -1          0      -1           0          +1
Hatred     +1           0          +3       0          +1          0
Victory     0          -3          0       -3           0         -1        
Sacrifice  +1           0         +3        0          +1          0
Prosperity  0          -1          0       -1           0         +1  
Dreams     -1           0         +1        0          -1          0
Hope        0          +1          0       +1           0         +3
Revenge    -1           0         +1        0          -1          0

Okay, here is the real thing.  I didn't put the words you can choose because the 
order is listed above this, so you can see that the second roll is Peace, last 
roll is Revenge, and so on.  Ps. If you think reading the chart is painful, 
imagine doing it.  Note:  I added a special HTML page on my homepage, which is 
way more clarified than this.  If you have any trouble with this, well, come to 
my homepage. 

HP(68)  Wind             Flame                  Earth             Water          
0     -1      0     -1      0      +1       0    +1    0    -1    0    -1

-1     0     +1      0     -1       0      -3     0   -1     0    +1    0

0     +1      0     +1      0      +3       0    +3    0    +1     0   +1

-1     0     +1      0     -1       0      -3     0   -1     0    +1    0

0     -1     0      -1      0      +1       0    +1    0    -1     0   -1

+1     0    +3      0      +1       0      -1     0   +1     0    +3    0

 0    -3     0     -3      0      -1       0    -1    0    -3     0   -3

+1     0    +3      0     +1       0      -1     0   +1     0    +3    0

 0    -1     0     -1      0      +1       0    +1    0    -1     0   -1

-1     0    +1      0     -1       0      -3     0   -1     0    +1    0

 0    +1     0     +1      0      +3       0    +3    0    +1     0   +1

-1     0    +1      0     -1       0      -3     0   -1     0    +1    0

MP(06)  Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water  

0     -1     0    -3      0      -1       0    +1     0    -1     0   -3
-1     0    +1     0     +1       0      -1     0    -1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0      +1       0    +3     0    +1     0   -1
-3     0    -1     0     -1       0      -3     0    -3     0    -1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0      +1       0    +3     0    +1     0   -1
-1     0    +1     0     +1       0      -1     0    -1     0    +1    0
0     -1     0    -3      0      -1       0    +1     0    -1     0   -3
+1     0    +3     0     +3       0      +1     0    +1     0    +3    0
0     -1     0    -3      0      -1       0    +1     0    -1     0   -3
-1     0    +1     0     +1       0      -1     0    -1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0      +1       0    +3     0    +1     0   -1
-3     0    -1     0     -1       0      -3     0    -3     0    -1    0

STR(29) Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water
0     -1     0    -3      0     -3       0    -1      0    -1     0   -3
-1     0    +1     0     +3      0      +1     0     -1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -1       0    +1      0    +1     0   -1
-3     0    -1     0     +1      0      -1     0     -3     0    -1    0
0     +3     0    +1      0     +1       0    +3      0    +3     0   +1
-3     0    -1     0     +1      0      -1     0     -3     0    -1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -1       0    +1      0    +1     0   -1
-1     0    +1     0     +3      0      +1     0     -1     0    +1    0
0     -1     0    -3      0     -3       0    -1      0    -1     0   -3
-1     0    +1     0     +3      0      +1     0     -1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -1       0    +1      0    +1     0   -1
-3     0    -1     0     +1      0      -1     0     -3     0    -1    0

VIT(25) Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water
0     +1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -1     0    +1     0   -1
+1     0    +1     0     +3      0      +3      0    +1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -1     0    +1     0   -1
-1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +1      0    -1     0    -1    0
0     +3     0    +1      0     -1       0     +1     0    +3     0   +1
-3     0    -3     0     -1      0      -1      0    -3     0    -3    0
0     +3     0    +1      0     -1       0     +1     0    +3     0   +1
-1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +1      0    -1     0    -1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -1     0    +1     0   -1
+1     0    +1     0     +3      0      +3      0    +1     0    +1    0
0     +1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -1     0    +1     0   -1
-1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +1      0    -1     0    -1    0

INT(26)  Wind          Flame                  Earth             Water
0     +1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -1     0    +1     0   +1
+1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +1     0    -1    0
0     -1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -3     0    -1     0   -1
+1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +1     0    -1    0
0     +1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -1     0    +1	0   +1
-1     0    -3     0     -1      0      +1      0    -1     0    -3    0
0     +3     0    +3      0     +1       0     +1     0    +3     0   +3
-1     0    -3     0     -1      0      +1      0    -1     0    -3    0
0     +1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -1     0    +1     0   +1
+1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +1     0    -1    0
0     -1     0    -1      0     -3       0     -3     0    -1     0   -1
+1     0    -1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +1     0    -1    0

MEN(22) Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water
0     +1     0    +3      0     +1       0     -1     0    +1     0    +3
+1     0    -1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -3     0    -1     0    +1
+3     0    +1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +3     0    +1     0 
0     -1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -3     0    -1     0    +1
+1     0    -1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     +1     0    +3      0     +1       0     -1     0    +1     0    +3
-1     0    -3     0     -3      0      -1      0    -1     0    -3     0
0     +1     0    +3      0     +1       0     -1     0    +1     0    +3
+1     0    -1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     -1       0     -3     0    -1     0    +1
+3     0    +1     0     +1      0      +3      0    +3     0    +1     0

AGI(18) Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water 
0     +1     0    +3      0     +3       0     +1     0    +1     0    +3
+1     0    -1     0     -3      0      -1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +1       0     -1     0    -1     0    +1
+3     0    +1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +3     0    +1     0
0     -3     0    -1      0     -1       0     -3     0    -3     0    -1
+3     0    +1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +3     0    +1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +1       0     -1     0    -1     0    +1
+1     0    -1     0     -3      0      -1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     +1     0    +3      0     +3       0     +1     0    +1     0    +3
+1     0    -1     0     -3      0      -1      0    +1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +1       0     -1     0    -1     0    +1
+3     0    +1     0     -1      0      +1      0    +3     0    +1     0

DEX(26) Wind           Flame                  Earth             Water
0     -1     0    +1      0     +3       0     +1     0    -1     0    +1
-1     0    -1     0     -3      0      -3      0    -1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +3       0     +1     0    -1     0    +1
+1     0    +1     0     -1      0      -1      0    +1     0    +1     0
0     -3     0    -1      0     +1       0     -1     0    -3     0    -1
+3     0    +3     0     +1      0      +1      0    +3     0    +3     0
0     -3     0    -1      0     +1       0     -1     0    -3     0    -1
+1     0    +1     0     -1      0      -1      0    +1     0    +1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +3       0     +1     0    -1     0    +1
-1     0    -1     0     -3      0      -3      0    -1     0    -1     0
0     -1     0    +1      0     +3       0     +1     0    -1     0    +1
+1     0    +1     0     -1      0      -1      0    +1     0    +1     0

Okay okay, I spent so many hours typing these numbers down, so I have to do 
something before I go on, the thing I gotta do is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
(For those who are wondering, I'm laughing.)

This will start the game...

6.Characters (much from what I read and from the music CD booklet, if you don't 
have the music CDs yet, GO GET IT!!): 

NOTE: ALL names are in their Japanese originals, and I have no intention to 
change them.

Denim Powell:  The main character of the game.  16 years old, Walstanian.  Born 
in Port Town Coliath.  His father, which is a priest of a local church, was 
captured by the Dark Knights when the Dark Knights attacked their town.  He had 
been fighting guerilla warfare against Cardinal Barbatos together with his 
sister and his childhood friend Vice.  

Kachua Powell:  Sister of Denim.  This 18 years old Walstanian lady is 
practicing to be a priestess.  Ever since the early death of their mother, she 
had been taking care of the family like a mother would do (annoying, which she 
really is).  She is emotional and sometimes tends to think too much for Denim 
and herself.

Vice Boseg:  This 16 years old young lad is Denim's childhood friend.  Vice's 
hatred towards the Dark Knights is strong since they had killed his father.  
Actually he hated almost anything that went against him. 

NOTE:  I feel that the relationship between Denim and Vice is like that between 
Ramza and Deleeta.  But TO was created earlier then Final Fantasy Tactics, and 
they were created by the same guys, so, please, don't say that TO copied from 
FFT just because you play FFT earlier then you play TO.

Dolgarua Overis Valeria:  he is known as Champion Dolgarua.  He was the ruler of 
the Old Kingdom of Valeria, Bacram.  He was the one who used his intelligent and 
power to unite the island.  After he became the king, he proposed "Unification 
of the Minorities," hoping to stop any further cultural conflicts from 
happening.  He is famed for his ability as an emperor and ruler.  But after his 
death, a proper throne was not announced, which led to another war.

Lancelot Tartare (the Dark Knight): 38 years of age.  He was sent to Valeria by 
his country, Lordis Church Kindgom, to "aid" Bishop Branta.  He is the leader of 
the Dark Knight "Roselorian."  Dark Knights "Roselorian" are actually the 
bodyguards of Saldian, the king of Lordis.  That means, this group of knights is 
among the best in their kingdom.

Lancelot has an eye-patch.

Branta Mown (Bishop): 49 years of age.  He is now the king of the new Valeria.  
He gathered his power after the old king's death.  He was one of the most 
trusted ministers of the old king, why would he betrayed the Royal Family is 
something no one could fully understand.
Roeunda Barbatos (Cardinal):43 years of age.  He is the leader of Galgastan.  In 
order to get the southern part of Valeria, he suggested the "Cultural 
Purification," and tried to eliminate all the Walstanians.  His ruthless ideas 
were rejected by some of the Conservative Galstanians, but they were killed 
right after Balbatos heard of their comments.  He is a cold and ruthless leader.

Juda Ronway (Baron): 52 years of age.  He was the Baron of the Castle of 
Armorica before the Walstanians were being persecuted by Balbatos. After the 
civil war started, he became the leader of the Walstanian people, a minority 
that made up less than one percent of the total population of Valeria.  He lost 
the battle which he fought courageously for over half a year, and was being 
captured by Barbatos.  His execution date is getting closer and closer.

Lancelot Hamilton (Paladin):  (He is Lans from Ogre Battle, any one remember 
that knight?) 40 years of age.  He was the leader of the High Paladin Troop of 
the new kingdom Zenobia (from Ogre Battle).  He was born in Balna of Sharom.  
But due to some "Misfortunate Incident" that occurred in his country, he, as 
well as other few pals, were driven out of their home country by King Ficks 
Tristram Zenobia (remember him?).  Now they are working as mercenaries.  His 
weapon is call Lombardy. 

Warren Moon (Astronomer): He was the leader of the Magic Trooper of the new 
kindgom Zenobia.  His birthplace is unknown, and he is a Zenobian.  He could 
tell the future with his tarot cards and by looking at the stars.  But just like 
Paladin Lancelot, he was driven out of the country due to some "Misfortunate 
Incident" that occurred.

Canopus Wolff (Wind Rider): 48 years of age.  He was the leader of the new 
Zenobia's Beast Trooper.  He was born in Peshawa of Sharom.  His fate was just 
like Lancelot and Warren: driven out of his country.  He is a wing-man, 
therefore he has three times the life of a regular human.  48 years old means 
about 16 years of human age.  But his experience in battle is definitely not 
young.  People might think he is a hawk man, which he isn't.  His red hair 
reminds people of his real identity: A Baltan (or Vultan), an ancient winged 
race that was said to be the ruler of the Heaven.  The Heaven is now no where to 
be found, so he is believed to be a descendant.

Ps: he hates Toriyaki, a Japanese food means "fried-birds."  It is because, 
well, obviously he is a close species of the bird family  ^__^


Okay, to the actual game.  

I'll divide the beginning of a battle into four categories.

7) World Map 
8) Strategic Options
9) Troop Formation
10) Battle Field


World Map: This view will show you the map of Valeria (push L1 or R1 to zoom in 
and out, hold Square button to look around the map).  If you point to where you 
want to go and hit O, the main character icon will begin moving there.  When you 
enter a new area, you bet there will be a battle.  So prepare yourself before 
going there.

Hit Triangle to summon the option icons.

Icon menu: If you are in a castle or town, you can see that the first icon is a 
balance; it stands of shop.  (The options in shows are:  Buy, Sell, Get 
Units/hire, Auction (sell monsters), Exit.  If you chose buy or sell, there will 
be two more options: Buy Items and Buy Spells.
The crossed swords-wand icon stands for training.

An arrow pointing stands for Strategic Options.  This is where you see your 
troop's status and changing their classes/items.  VERY important (more on 
8.Strategic Options).

An icon with a piece of paper is "Warren Report."  Here you can see all the 
events and news of the game.  As well as characters.  You can relive the events 
by hitting the Square after reading it. 

The icon with a feather is data.  Here you can 1) save 2) load.

The last one is Option (see 19.Options).  


8.Strategic Options: L1 or R1 will allow you to choose units.  O button will 
allow you to see the status of the chosen unit.  Triangle will summon the 
command icon.	

Choose a unit, and then you should see:

     On the top left hand corner, there is a Number (No.) That is the number of 
the unit.  Below that is a sign standing for their Element.  Next to the Element 
is the Alignment.  The Alignment is presented by three words: L for Law, N for 
Neutral, and C for Chaos.  Depending on how you choose you road, you will have 
different Alignments some point in your life.  You start with N for neutral.

Status:  I'll do a translation of the important elements of the status.  Below 
the HP and MP and WT (weight Point, more later), you should see two rolls of 
numbers in three columns.  They are:
a) Physical attack power  b) Projectile attack power c) Magic attack power
d) Physical defense       e) Magical defense         f) Experience point

     a)is affected by the weapons you equip.  b) is by the weapons such as bow 
or gun you equip.  c) is by staffs/weapons and rings etc.  d) is by armors and 
shields, etc.  e) is by amulets, etc.  f) experience earned so far.  When it 
reaches 100 that means you level up.

Next to the beautiful character artwork is the status of your character.  They 
go like:

	STR:  your strength level.  Affects your attacking power
	VIT: your vitality.  Affects your defense level.
	INT: your intelligence level.  Affects how strong your magic spells will 
	MEN: Mental power.  Affects how well you defense against magic attacks.
	AGI: your agility.  Affects how well your hit rate and avoid rate will be.
	DEX: Hit rate.  This affects the hit rate as well as the attack power.
	LUK: Luck.  Affects your critical hit randomness.
	MOVE: your movement.  Different classes have different number of steps 
they can move in one turn.

   Next to this status is the magic equipped or special attacks available.

Below all there are two triangles: left is Union and right Race.  Union is what 
troop or group the unit is in, or the country.  
Race is the ethnicity of the unit, such as Walsta or Bacram.  Monsters are 
unidentified or no race for them.

In this Strategic Option screen, you can summon the command icon by hitting 

The icons are (from left to right)

Item: Choosing this will allow you to equip items and weapons for your units.  

After you choose 
this one, there are four commands on the bottom right.  They are, from top to 
bottom: Equip, Un-equip, List, Ordering (ordering of who should come first, not 
very important.)

Magic: This will allow you to equip and un-equip magic books.  After you chose, 
the bottom right commands are: Equip, un-equip, and list.

Class Change: A very important icon.  This will allow you to change your 
characters' classes.  The classes available are determined by your level, 
Alignment, and where you are in the story (so re-read this part over and over.  
I hope I am clear enough).  

If you are a freedom seeker and hates being ordered around, your Alignment is 
Chaos, then you can't change into a knight.  Or if your Alignment is L, you 
can't change into a Berserker, which is a ruthless fighter who kills to survive.

Note:  How do you know what the requirements are for classes?  Just hit SELECT 
button on the class to see its requirements.  The SELECT help is very important 
OF THE CITY OR COMMAND YOU CHOOSE.  Hitting select on anything you don't know is 
very important because it will tell you a lot about the world of Valeria.  See 
11.Online Help

Dismiss (skeleton icon): this will allow you to dismiss a member of your group.  
Don't do so unless you have no room for new comers...which is rarely the case. 

Unit Ordering:  You can order the units by whatever you prefer.  Such as, you 
want the one with most MAGIC point to go number one or last, or Strength, etc.  
Note: this is only the order in this mode.  When you go to a battle the 
order/position is chosen by you.  So don't hesitate to change the orders here 
around for easier manual.

L Status: This will show you the Large size members such as dragons.


9.Troop Formation (when entered a Red Area): When you arrived to a new area 
(red), you will enter a position-ordering screen (before battle unit selection).  
Here you can choose ten of your members to fight this battle.  Chose the troop 
wisely accordance to the battlefield and your personal preference.  Choosing the 
troop wisely can affect the battle tremendously.  It really, really, really 
helps if you bother to choose who you are going to take with you because each 
unit is very unique in their abilities.  Unlike many other "strategy" games, 
where you can advance the whole game without changing a guy.

L1 and R1 will let you go from one unit to another, hit O on the one you want to 
take with you.  The directional pad will allow you to position that unit on the 
formation (square blocks on the bottom).

Hit Square on a character to see his/her status.  Start button will start the 

BEWARE:  don't hit start until you have chosen ten units because if you choose 
less than that, it is likely that you will regret.

You can't bring more than two Large size monsters.  The main character MUST 
fight all battles.  The GUEST characters fight on their own so they aren't 
counted into the ten.  Most of them have a special item for them to escape once 
their HP is low, so don't bother healing them.

Battle Field: This is where over 50 percent of the game is.  The other 
percentage goes to the STORY LINE and other things.  It is very hard to tell if 
one is better than another.  I think that, lacking either will sent this 
greatest game ever to hell within no time (all other strategy games go before 
it, that is).

Anyway, the battlefield is where you control your troops to fight the enemies.  
Before the level starts there is a requirement given to you (such as killing all 
enemies or killing enemy leader), by accomplishing the requirement you can 
proceed to the next level.  

Weight Turn  (WT) and Attack Turn (AT):  WT is the calculation of your agility 
and items' weights.  The order of attack is the AT.  Those with the least WT 
will have a smaller AT number (faster turns).  For example, if you are a Ninja 
and you have a small number of WT, your turn will come faster than those with a 
higher WT.  After you finish a command, or make a move, the WT will increase, so 
you will have to wait for it to decrease to do another move.  Different classes 
will give you different WT.  For example, obviously a ninja is faster than a 
knight or a berserker.  But if you equip that Ninja with too many junks, he will 
be heavier than the other fighters.  Those with low WT might have two turns or 
more before the turn for the heavier WT unit should come, so lightly equipped 
unit has its merits finally!!!  

Different classes can go to different heights.  So plan yourself carefully what 
a Ninja or an archer or whatever can do.

          More about WT and AT: Here I want to stretch the WT and AT.  Unlike 
many other games, this game uses the WT, which simulates real-time battle while 
not losing the favor of a traditional strategy.  This is the first game that 
enables players to feel the tenseness of the battle.

	If you don't make a move and just click End Turn, the WT will increase 
less.  When WT reaches 0 it is turn for the character.  So if you feel that it 
is not necessary to move your characters, don't move them.  If you just attack 
without moving, or moving without attacking, the WT will increase less then 
doing both.  While if you do both moving and attacking, it will increase to the 
maximum.  So it is very important for you to think whether or not to perform a 

      Check you AT frequently (use the L1 shortcut, see 20.Shortcuts on the 
bottom).  Because if you are not careful with who goes next, and didn't send 
supports to help the units needed, you will regret due to the fact that if you 
loose a unit in this game, he/she is GONE FOR GOOD.  Unless you have the magic 

10.Battle commands (in the actual battle): Triangle button is to summon the 
icons.  Before summoning the icons, clicking X on a character will show you how 

Hit Triangle during an enemy's turn will bring up a menu for you to save or see 

The square button will let you see who is enemy and who is friendly.

Hold Square and hit directional pad will allow you to scroll around the map.

Circle will allow you to check on the unit, the landscape, and the item/card 
found on the ground (then hit select to learn more about it).

The commands (after hitting Tri. Button):
	The boot icon: Move. Hit circle to choose, then choose where you want to 
go.  After you arrive the destination, you will be given a chance to choose what 
direction you are facing (more on 14.Back Stabber).  BEWARE: before choosing the 
direction, you can cancel the movement by hitting X.  If you choose the 
direction you can't cancel the move you just made!!

	The sword-and-wand icon: this icon means to execute.  Inside this command 
there are four sub-commands.  They are: attack (with sword or shield, more on 
this later), projectile attack (see 16.Height and Arrow Route), magic, use item, 
special (the star icon.  Only some units have this attack.  See more 24.Special 
Attacks).  And the last, which is only available to the main character is: 
Settoku, or Recruit(See more on 25.Recruit).  It means to persuade the enemy to 
join you. The closer you are, the higher the chances that the target will join.  
	Use the settoku only to those you really really wanted because this often 
will not work.  It will be affected by the target's Alignment and his/her 
loyalty to the team leader, so only rarely you can meet some one who is willing 
to join.  Failing this move will let you stop from there, next to the target, 
and when his/her turn comes, it is likely that he/she will choose the main 
character to attack.    

The third command is Wait.  Choosing this will let your character wait for 
another turn.  USE this if possible because if you wait, the WT will increase 
only by a bit.  SO if you let a guy walk then wait, his turn will be faster than 
letting him walk then do something really stupid just to waste his time, like 
throwing a rock on someone who has full HP ^_^.

The fourth command is "Environment."  There are two sub-commands: 
The first inside is data, it will let you save and load.  

In this PSX version this section lets you save the game DURING the battle, so if 
you die, you can start from your data.  In the old SFC there is no such option.  
Use this if you feel that the situation is tense.  Or just save before the first 
contact with the enemies so you can always come back when you messed things up.  
This really lowers the difficulty level from the SFC version (which was MUCH 
harder due to the fact that you can't save during a battle.)  But letting us 
save will let the hard trip much easier and more enjoyable, I hope.

The second is Options.  Here you can do different things to help your quest an 
easier one.  Since this is very very long, I'll dedicate a section for it.  See 

The next big command is: Unit View.  Here you can see a unit's status.  Please 
see Status under Strategic Options.

The last is available only if you pause a enemy's move by hitting the Triangle 
during his/her turn.  Pausing him/her will let you do things like look at status 
or save. BUT you can't stop them from doing anything such as harming your 
unit(s).  Hitting this icon will let the game continues.

Auto Move Commands:

There is an option during battle and it is Auto move.  All units, in their 
default settings, are controlled by you.  But if you think that it is best for 
them to move by themselves (which I NEVER, NEVER, EVER DO), you can go to a 
character and hit Circle to bring up his/her status.  Then hit Triangle to bring 
up the Auto move command.  You can then choose a command that you want him/her 
to follow. The commands are:

	Manual: You control the unit.
	Fight Like A Demon-God.  After you chose this one you can choose a unit to 
be attacked.  Choosing this will make the unit do nothing else but go after the 
targeted unit.  
	Shadow Servant: Choosing this, then choose a target will make the unit do 
nothing but protect the target.
	Help Those of Life and Death: This will make the unit heal those who were 
wounded or being affected by side effects. 
	Save My Soul: This will make the unit run away from the battle (NOT away 
from the battlefield).  He/she will move to safety areas.
	Get the Baby Tiger (actually this is a Chinese old saying): The unit will 
pay attention and pick up the cards and treasures found in the battlefield. 
	(Like the Chinese saying goes "If you don't enter the tiger's cave, you 
can't get the tiger's baby.")

In many battle fields there are hidden treasures.  If you are lucky enough to 
step on them, you can get them.  If you burn the grass that covers an item with 
Fire Storm, you will acquire the item after the battle!

	In the battle, a slain enemy might give out the following things:

	Treasure bag: Move a unit on this item to send the item to stock or equip 
it if there is a slot for the unit to do so (each character can equip four 
things, item and weapon).  If an enemy steps on it, it will be gone for good.  
Items that were not being collected will be collected by the computer after the 
	Card: These tarot cards were from the first game Ogre Battle.  There are 
six different kinds of cards.  Each will increase the status for the one who 
stepped on the card (from 1 to 3 points):

	The card of strength: max STR increases.
	The card of Health: max HP increases.
	The card of Luck: max LUK increases.
	The card of Magic: max MP increases.
	The card of Vitality: max VIT increases.
	The card of Intelligence: max INT increases.

Note: if you leave the cards where they were, you will NOT going to recollect 
them after battle.


Here I'll stretch much with my personal experience.  I'm NOT good with 
organizing papers or reports so I might be clumsy on this part (which you can 
tell from the earlier part of this FAQ).  CLING with me!
	On-Line help: you can hit select on almost ANYTHING to get general 
information. You can ask things like weapons, equipment, character's loyalties 
(by hitting it next to their name), classes requirements (requirements status 
are in English so I won't bother translating).  Etc.  Use this as much as 
possible because you don't just learn some helps, BUT much of the world of 
Valeria as well!  So by learning and reading, you can understand HOW MUCH TIME 
those people in Quest had put in making this game play and feel real.

	Training:  The training will bring up one important element of this game.  
In this game ALL enemies except the boss will have the level of your strongest 
character.  For example, if you have 9 guys/gals in the field with the level of 
20, and even only one guy with the level of 21, ALL enemies except the boss(s) 
will have the level of 21!!!  So if you chose the wrong units you will have some 
really hard time because, one level in this game matters tremendously (unless 
you wanna play a "Fun" battle like I used to ^__^).  It is best to keep ALL of 
your units within the same level.  So the enemies will also have that level.  I 
had a friend who used some cheat in his SFC version and made every one level 
100.  Soon he found out that all the enemies are at the same level.  And the 
higher their levels are, the stronger they get!!!  

Tips: if you have a guy with one level higher and there is NO time for you to 
train (like you are playing the game around 4:00 AM), it is best to not use 
him/her for the up coming battle(s).  Use those who have the same level (this is 
why you have to keep more than one unit of each class).

	Use training whenever you have one unit who has one or two levels stronger 
than the rest.  This is VERY important.  

	Training will let your units battle it out to get experience.  After you 
enter the training mode, you can choose ten units for each side.  After you 
chose you units, hit START.  You will be given a chance to choose who controls 
the tow troops: first player, second player, or computer.  DON'T be lazy, choose 
the first player for both sides. You will see why.

	After you are in the training mode, it is best to do the following to let 
the weaker guys level up: just let them kill the stronger guy because, if you 
kill one of a higher level, you get over 70+ experience!!  100 will let you 
level up (then the counter resets), so just "killing" them will let you level up 
fast.  Then let the next guy kill the one who just leveled up, and so on.  BUT 
beware, check the character's experience before attacking: make sure he/she can 
level up wit that 70+ experience.  If he/she has only 10 or 11 experience 
points, adding 70 to it will give you no level-up.  Simply let them throw rocks 
(choose projectile attacks) at the strong unit to gain about 10 experience for 
each turn.  When they have enough, let they kill!  Don't worry, the target unit 
will NOT die; he/she will be out of the picture until you leave the training 
mode.  Also, some times when a unit is too good at dodging even if you are 
throwing rocks to his/her back, it is better if you can petrify him/her with 
magic first.  It is easier to target, and there is no way you can miss hitting a 
rock.  You still get the same experience points.

	When one side has been eliminated, the training is over.  OR simply bring 
up the command option with the Tri. Button.  The commands are pretty much the 
same as the other battle commands, but before the last one there is one with a 
green arrow.  Choose this one to end the training.

	Class change: change your classes.  Make sure you understand what each 
class can do.  Such as, you want people like fighters and knights to go to the 
front so they can handle blows, while magicians at back to attack with magic, 
and archers in between to piss off enemies.

After you change the class for a unit, IT WILL TAKE A WHILE TO SEE WHAT THIS 
CLASS CAN DO, SO DON'T CHANGE HIM/HER BACK SO FAST.  When you have chose a class 
for a unit, the unit will build his/her strength towards that class.  For 
example, a magician's MP and INT will increase as he levels up, a knight's 
strength and defense will increase if you keep him as a knight.   And so on.  
Skills takes years and years...don't be impatient with this game!  (If you need 
to know what each class will give when leveling up, please refer to the Growth 
chart in my Sub-Guide).


	Back Stabber: BE ONE!! At least in this game.  By hitting from behind, you 
have 50% extra hit rate, or 25% from the sides.  When you finish moving, choose 
a direction to stand so that your back is less vulnerable from the Back Stabbers 
of the enemies' side, which is pretty much the whole enemy force ^__^.


	Weather: In bad/stormy weathers the attack and hit rate will be decreased. 
While the Water and Wind Elements magic will be increased in power, so you might 
want to use magic spells that are of these two Elements.  


	Height and Arrow Route: In this game projectiles are programmed to travel 
in a realistic way.  That is, the higher you go, the further the projectile will 
travel.  When you chose to project anything, there will be hi-light on the 
ground indicating how far it can go.  IGNORE the hi-lights because according to 
the height you are standing, the arrow can travel MUCH further.  The same goes 
to throwing rocks.  Bow-guns travel in a straight route, but if you go really 
high, it will travel straight then bends downward.  USE this knowledge to aid 
you in your quest.  You will need, and love it!  

	If you are at the height level of an enemy's head, and you attack him/her, 
he/she CAN'T counter attack because he/she is being too low and out of reach.  
He/she can counter only if he/she is equipped with a spear or a whip.  USE THIS 
TACTIC OFTEN!!  You can attack even lower with a spear or a whip.


	Element, Magic and Grounds: If you hit Circle on the ground you can 
investigate the landscape.  You can see that different ground has different 
elements: such as water/river/lake is Water, earth and clay is Earth or Flame, 
etc.  Make sure you know what kind of ground your enemies are on, then choose a 
magic that will be aided by the ground they are standing for maximum efficiency.  
Hit Circle on the ground and you will see that a window will be brought up.  Hit 
select on that ground and you will see sound words.  There are two numbers: left 
is Offense Effect, right is Defense Effect.  The bigger the number the better.  
Choose the grounds you want to stand wisely!!  For example, these two numbers 
are higher when you are on cement ground, while lower on muddy land.  What does 
that mean?  Get your feet on the cement grounds!

	Warren's Report: check back once in a while to see more information and 
re-experience the events that took place.  Sometimes in order for you to go some 
extra stages you have to listen to some news in Warren Report in order to go.

The options are: 
Events: click one, read it, and see the whole event again by hitting the Square 

Characters: a brief description on all the characters.  Some characters won't be 
presented until he/she appears once OR being mentioned somewhere in the story 

Others: Different news from the travelers of the land.  This is where you can 
open the secret stages I mentioned in the Misc. Goodies: how to get characters.
The last is Hint: there will be enough in this FAQ, so I won't translate them.

Options:  there are 15 options.

(NITE: might be different in the USA version)

1)Move cursor: the default is A.  You can choose four ways how you can move your 
2)Cursor repeat: how fast the cursor can be repeated.
3)Status on: by setting on you can see the status of the character without 
getting too much trouble by going into the icon commands.  I recommend ON. 
4)Navigation message: there will be message telling you what to do for every 
single step.  Turn it OFF!!
5)Message speed: the default is normal.
6)Attack name: The default is on.  It will give you the name of the commands 
when you highlight it.  I prefer ON.
7)Effect Message: Default is ON.  It will give you the name of your attack.  For 
example, when it is ON, and you do a magic, the name of the magic is on the top 
of the screen.
8)Exp. Message: The default is ON.  It will tell you how much experience you 
gain from an action you just performed.
9)Icon name and command name: Three types of command name.  The default is A.  
This will allow you to see the icons with icon or names.  I prefer the default.
10)Sound: Choose between MONO and STEREO.  In the SFC version there is another 
WIDE mode which improve the sound quality quite a bit, but there is no such 
option in this version. 
11)L1 Button Short Cut: The default is OFF.  If it is ON you can use a short cut 
by hitting L1 and see many options. (More on L1 short cut)
12)R1 Button Short Cut: Default is OFF.  If it is on you can see status by 
hitting R1. (More on R1 short cut) 
13)Short English: The default is JAPANESE.  Change it to ENGLISH so that L1 and 
R1 short cut will be in English.)
14)Unit Status by Square Button: If it is ON, in the status screen, you can 
change from seeing Small to Large size units (or the other way around).  The 
default is OFF.
15)Reset: This will set the whole option back to default mode.


	L1 and R1 Shortcuts: by setting the two ON, you can hit and hold L1 or R1 
and any button to see some information.

	L1+ Tri: see all units of HP 30% and lower.
	L1+Square: see all with HP 30% and above.
	L1+Circle: See the AT of the units.  See who's turn is it next.  USE THIS 
	L1+X: See unit's whose weapon attack is being affected by magic.

	R1+Tri: see units of Water Element.
	R1+Square: See Earth.
	R1+Circle: see Flame.
	R1+X: See Wind.


The Classes!!
(First the name, description, then the Favorite Weapon)

(If you click select on a class's name, it will tell you a bit about the class, 
and the requirements, such as DEX to a certain level and STR to a certain level.  
Also, the L, N, or C after that means a unit must be in a certain Alignment in 
order for him/her to change into this class).

Each class has its favorite weapon.  A class can equip any thing, but it is best 
to equip them with their favorite weapon.  For example, a berserker will be 
stronger with an axe, while a knight is best with a sword even if an axe is 
stronger than the sword in nature.  It's their personal preferences so it is 
best to let them have what they needed in order to kill better ^_^

NOTE:  For more in-depth class description, please refer to my TO Sub-Guide.

Male Ordinary Classes:

Soldier: The basic class for male.  Parameters level up together- he can use 
many weapons to a certain degree.  Change their jobs as soon as possible.

Knight: Stronger than a soldier in both defense and offense-Sword. Keep two or 
three is enough.  IF you don't have berserkers, take about 3 of them for 

Ninja: Able to use double-attacks.  He is very agile, and can jump from plat 
form to platforms-Claws/Daggers. Keep one or two.  He can use some magic.

Wizard: A magician.  He can use many spells-uses staff.  Keep one or two is 

Berserker: A merciless fighter.  He is stronger than the knight!!-He uses an 
axe.  Keep about 2 or 3.  You can team one or two up with a knight.  Too many of 
knights or berserkers will give you a very clumsy and slow battle because these 
two are great for physical-attacks but are slow.  (He is the one on the right 
with a horned helmet).

Beast Tamer: He has the power to increase the attack power of monsters next to 
him- he uses whip.
 (He is the bald header homeless look-a-like).  I don't find him to be useful 
because you can use ONLY two monster units in one battle, not to mention the 
fact that good whips don't come by often.

Male High Classes:

Exorcist: The only unit who can use the magic "Exorcism" to eliminate the 
undead-uses staff
(The black-suit priest look-alike).  Keep one is good enough.  You will get one 
in the earlier part of the game.  You can change his job to some other magician.  
When you are in a battle with the undeads, make sure you change him back to an 

Warlock: A very strong magician.  He can use many side-attack spells.  Keep at 
least two in your team.  OR you can team him up with a Witch-he uses staff.  
(Green robe, gold hair.  He was called the Dollmage in part one).

Dragon Slayer: the red armored guy all the way on the right of yours.  He is the 
best to fight dragons (duh!).  For a regular unit it might take over 4 or 6 hits 
to kill one dragon, but all he needed is TWO!  Still good against even regular 
units.  But since he is a dragon slayer, expect his WT to be high and agility to 
be slow.  He is good to fight enemies who are strong and slow.  Even good for 
many bosses because he has great max HP.  He uses a sword.  Equip him with a 
Dragon Slayer sword to make him unstoppable.  Keep one is good.  Two is 
optional.  He must be an N.  Tips: If you really want to use him. Keep on using 
the magic Quick Move on him to make his turn come faster (see magic).

Terror Knight: The silver armored tea-pot-look-a-like in the middle of the front 
road.  VERY useful because he is so scary, those enemies in front of him and 
next to him will have less attack power due to the fact that a terror knight 
releases terror souls of those he killed!  Keep two is enough because he is not 
too fast.  My personal favorite because if you choose the Chaotic road, it is 
likely that you will have to use him for Denim.  He uses an axe (and likes to 
remodel enemies' faces with it).

Gunner: The guy wearing a leather cap on the opposite side of the Dragon Slayer.  
He is only selectable if you play an extra storyline in the last chapter to get 
the gunner (See Extras).  He is an atheist so a unit must be N in order to 
change into him. With a gun, if he is positioned on a high platform, he is one 
good sniper.  His gun can reach all the way across the screen.  He uses a gun 
(DUH DUH!!).  Keep one is enough because there are only two good guns in the 
game.  But I don't get the last one because in order to get the last gun, you 
need to kill your sister Kachua, which SUCKS!  She is a beautiful (yet 
emotional) princess!

Sword Master: Can be changed in to only if a unit is L.  He can use double 
attack and one magic.  He is said to have "fought over a 100 Battles" so he is 
the master of all swords.  In Final Fantasy Tactics this class is GOD, but in TO 
he is shit (unless he is equipped with Petrify-magic).  He is not so useful 
unless you are patient with him: he is slow, but has good hit rate (DEX), but 
weak offense, weak defense, weak costume, ugly face, weak magic, weak everything 
else (compared to knights and ninjas).  You have to give him a good chance and 
kill an enemy when the enemy is low with HP.  He might not be fun to use because 
he is weaker than a Berserker in the physics department, while weaker than a 
warlock in the magic department (again, give him the Petrify-magic).  Just keep 
one of this kind is good. 

	Speaking of useless units, I think Quest has done one thing that I don't 
enjoy:  if you go the L (loyal) route, where you have to be loyal to your king, 
we are supposed to be given options like goodies if you choose one road instead 
of the other, but if going to the L route, it will make your main character 
become L for his Alignment, so he can change only to a [useless] Sword Master.  
This is not very encouraging for many to try the L route, other than the sucky 
ending because in order to be L, you have to kill a lot of innocent people.  I 
hope there can be some classes like, "High Knight" or "Holy Guardian" for a L 
person to change into so we will be willing to choose that bloody road.

 	Just to annoy some of you, here is my ideal High Knight and Holy Guardian:
High Knight: Requirement for class: L.  He is best with swords and shield.  If 
you equip him with a sword AND a shield, he will have higher chance of blocking 
the attack and a higher hit rate of countering it or simply attacking then 
blocking.  But he is quite slow compared to many of those who have his strength 
level.  But the great defense and hit rate give him a check for must have.  He 
can heal as well (heal, but NOT heal-plus nor heal-all).

	Holy Guardian: Must be L and LUK over 56.  He is the Guardian of the 
Goddess Ishtalle.  He can heal (Heal and Heal-Plus) and uses a spear.  His 
defense level might not be the best, but his speed and hit rate are high, making 
him a must have for those who like ambush attacks.  He can use the special: 
Goddess Voices to heal any cursed attacks such as poisoned and stun.

	Or maybe besides the Terror Knight for C route, there can be another 
class.  Let's call him: Tarot Warrior.

	Tarot Warrior: A Tarot Warrior will use his magical power to tell the 
prey's fate.  His attacks are not too strong when compared to a berserker.  He 
equips a sword.  But after his attack, which if hits at all, there will be a 
chance for the target to receive some side effects such as poisoned, stun, 
sleep, cursed, charmed, and others.  So his main power is in hitting an enemy 
then drawing his cards randomly to bring misfortune to the target.  He is 
greatest against monsters and those classes with a low mental power.  

(Okay, now back to the game)

Female Ordinary Classes:

Amazon: The basic of all female classes.  Much like the male soldier.  She can 
use many any weapon to a certain degree.  Again, change her job as soon as 

Archer: She uses a bow.  She is one of the DEADLIEST classes in the whole game.  
She is quick and she has great DEX, which makes her hit with higher chances.  
Don't forget, the higher you go the further the arrows travel.  So send her high 
in order to spread the rain of death to your enemies.  Keep at least THREE of 
this good class because, she is kind, she is beautiful, she is caring, and she 
is very dangerous (what I am talking about...).  She is helpful especially in 
stormy weathers because the rain will not affect her arrows, so she can keep the 
damage high while others' defenses are low.  She uses both bow and bow-gun.

Cleric: A must have.  She can use many kinds of healing magic and aid spells.  
Must keep at least two in your group.  Some other classes such as an exorcist 
can heal as well, so she is not so needed in the beginning. She uses a staff (By 
the way, see more about weapons on Weapons section.  It is VERY important!).

Witch: A very supportive class.  She can use many indirect attacks like stun, 
charm, poison, and the list goes on.  Keep at least one and use her often.  She 
uses a staff.

Female High Classes:

Valkyrie: These are the handmaids of God Odin (Greek mythology), and they have 
great attack and magical power.  Despite the fact that she is one of the 
strongest among all female classes, she is not worth to waste a position for 
when compared with many other stronger (but slower) male classes.  Keep one is 
more than enough.  You might want to change her into a Siren or a Dragon Tamer.  
She uses a spear, and she fights with elegance!

(She is the one with two feathers on her head).

Priestess: She is a higher class than the Cleric.  She is the ONLY class that 
can use the magic "Resurrection," but she can't use the magic "heal-plus."  She 
must be an L, and must kill less than 5 enemies in her lifetime.  More than that 
will not allow her to be a High Priestess.  She uses a staff.  Keep one if you 
can heal with another character (Cleric), two if not.  Use her often.

Siren: She is like a female magician.  She can use a lot of attack magic.  She 
also uses a staff, or a Fan when you got one.  You can keep one if you like, but 
she is not so strong unless you have some really good magic.  She is the one 
with the white cape.  By the way, she puts make-ups on (lipsticks).

Dragon Tamer: She is like a female Dragon Slayer, good for killing dragon, and 
allows dragons next to her to have stronger attack power.  She uses a sword and 
can equip one magic.  Since it is not often to have some stronger physical 
attack female in this game (accept the archer, that is), one should consider 
keeping one of this so the party will look more varied.  Keep one and use her 
when you are tired of knights and berserkers.  She can be very useful.  She uses 
a sword.  She is the one with the animal skull on her head.

Other Classes (only some are discussed here):

Hawk Man: He can fly and uses a hammer.  He is extremely clumsy in stormy 
weathers.  Keep one or two to ambush your enemies.  But I rarely use him because 
I have Canopus the Red Hair Chicken (Canopu is his nickname, given By Denev).

Lizard Man: He is strong when compared with knights.  He uses a hammer, and he 
is good in both dry and watery fields.  Keep one to aid you in watery fields.  
Since he can't change to other classes, it is quite pointless to level him up.

Undead: All undead will come back to life after a few turns.  You need an 
Exorcist to send them to eternal slumber for good.


Fairy: She looks cute, and since she floats she is not affected by grounds.  She 
can use many special attacks.  Keep one for your team as a team mascot ^_^ She 
is great against undead when she acquires her strong special attacks later. 

Griffon: He is a fabled beast with the head and wings of an eagle and the body 
of a lion.  He can use special attacks like Wind Shot.  Keep for the fun of it.  

Golem: It is made out of stone, so it has great defense power, but weak against 
magic.  If you have one, keep it in the front line to take all the attacks.  But 
watch out for his HP.

Octopus: They are only good in water.  Keep one if you want to use it in river 
battle fields.

Dragons:  Very strong in both defense and offense.  Keep one of each Element 
(six in all, two more for Light and Darkness) because they are the ONLY monsters 
who can change classes!  I don't know what the new classes can do yet (since I 
never bother using them).  But if you can take the time to train them, their new 
classes kick ass (as you will know when you get to the Sky Garden)!


Magic: Magic spells in this game are divided into SIX groups. The four Elements, 
and the two Alignments.

	Flame Element Magic:

Fire Storm (14 MP, Range 6): This will summon a wall of flame.  It can burn the 
grass into earth ground as well as human to human torch.  One of the basic magic 
spells.  Use this on grassland and you might find some hidden items!

Melt Weapon (24, 7): Indirect attack spell.  It will decrease the targeted 
weapon's power to half for a short amount of time.

Heat Weapon (24, 7): Indirect attack spell.  It will increase the targeted 
weapon's power for a short time.

Stun Looter (22, 7): A strong light that will bring numbness to those who caught 
the light with their eyes.  Stun enemies.

Deft-Zoshonell (10, 0): This will summon the God of Flame and make the whole 
battle field's Flame Element stronger, and weaken the Water.  The effect will 
stay until the end of the battle.

	Water Element Magic:

Ice Blast (14, 6): The basic ice magic attack.

Acid Rain (38, 6): This will attack enemies.  If lucky it could also decrease 
the targeted unit's weapons and armors' levels.

Clear Blood (18, 7): This can clear all the side effects in the targeted unit.

Slow Move (22, 7): This will make the WT of the targeted unit increases while 
decreasing in a slower rate.  Use this on bosses to maximize your advantage.

Deft-Gruza (10, 0): This will summon the Goddess of Water and make the whole 
battle field's Water Element stronger, and weaken the Flame.  The effect will 
stay until the end of the battle.

	Wind Element Magic:

Dead Shot (6, 7): This will summon a ball of aura and send forward to the 
targeted unit.  It will be stopped if there are obstacle or unit in its way.

Thunder Flare (18, 6): This will summon the arrows of thunder.  Best when used 
in rainy days.

Quick Move (26, 7): This is a support magic that will diminish the WT of the 
unit.  Use it on your own units.  USE THIS OFTEN!

Call Storm (26, 0): This will summon rain and storm.  The stronger the summoner, 
the stronger the storm.

Deft-Hahnela (10, 0): This will summon the God of Wind and make the whole battle 
field's Wind Element stronger, and weaken the Earth.  The effect will stay until 
the end of the battle.

	Earth Element Magic:

Acid Cloud (14, 6): This is the basic of Earth.  This will summon a cloud of 
acid from the earth to attack.

Crack Breath (32, 6): This will drop boulders of rocks on enemies.  It is a very 
effective magic.

Jump Wall (30, 7): This will send one unit to move to an area right next to him 
ignoring the height.  Use this when a unit can't move to an area above him/her.

Poison Cloud (32, 7): This will attack enemies with poison.  Those who are 
affected by this poison will have to heal with magic or items.

Deft-Bertha (10, 0): This will summon the God of Earth and make the whole battle 
field's Earth Element stronger, and weaken the Wind.  The effect will stay until 
the end of the battle.

	Holy Magic (of Ishtalle)

Lighting Bow (20, 7): This will launch an arrow of light towards the target.  It 
can be blocked if there is an obstacle in the front.

Exorcism ((35, 5): This is a MUST to fight the undead.  This will send the 
undead to where they belong.

Clear Lance (10, 7): This will cure ALL side effects such as poison and/or 

Healing (10, 7): This will heal.  Useless on undead.

Healing Plus (25, 6): This can heal a few units at once.  This has no effect for 
healing undead.

	Dark Magic (of Asmodee)

Nightmare (14, 7): This will attack and cause the target to sleep.  The sleeper 
could be cure with stimulation (throwing a rock at him, that is).

Word of Pain (20, 5): Let the target listen to the cries of the dead.  Depending 
on how bad the caster is being wounded, this magic will take away the same 
amount of damage from HP and MP (that is, if the caster is in low HP, this magic 
will be very useful).

Charm (24, 7): By staring at an enemy with the eyes of charm, he/she will become 
your side for a while.  This is useless on friendly units.  This is a VERY 
useful magic.

Paradigm (35, 6): This will make a unit's WT to become 0 and able to do action.  
This is for friendly units.

Charge Spell (10, 7): This will give the target some MP and sacrifice the 
caster's own MP.
	Tips: use this on the caster him/herself!  If you do so, he/she will gain 
a lot of MP, then he/she will lose some, but there are more gain then lose!!


Special Attacks: Special attacks are attacks that only some units can do.  As 
they level up they will learn the attacks.

	Thunder Breath (Element: Wind, range: 1): This will attack the enemy AND 
THEN STUN him/her/it!!  Used by Thunder dragon.

	Fire Breath (Fire, 1): Attack then lowers the target's weapon efficiency.  
Used by Red dragon.

	Poison Breath (Earth, 1): This will attack and poison the target.  Used by 
Earth dragon.

	Cold Breath (Water, 1): This will attack and put the enemy to sleep.  Used 
by Blue Dragon.

Toxic Breath (Dark, 1): This will attack and charm the enemy.  Used by Black 

	Petro-Breath (Earth, 1): This will attack and stone the enemy.  Use by 

Maelstrom (Water, 1): This will produce a maelstrom on the water surface.  Use 
by Octopus.

Wind Shot (Wind, 7): This will attack the enemy within a distance.  The higher 
your level, the stronger the attack.  Used by Griffon and Canopus the Wind 

Pretty Kiss (-, 1): This can cure all the side effects and recovers a little HP.  
Used by Fairy.
	Deep Kiss (-, 1): This will inflict some damage to the caster, but it will 
let the target's WT become zero!  Used by Fairy as well.


Weapons/Staff: As I have mentioned earlier, each item and weapon will accumulate 
to the final WT.  So decide what you want to equip is very important in this 
game.  I rarely equip heavy armor.  This is my typical fighter's equipment: 
armor, sword, maybe a shield or gauntlet, and only in some cases a healing item 
such as herb or seed.  It is useless to take items with you to battle.  If you 
click select on the weapon, the following info will be given, unless it is a 
special item that will increase you INT: property (physical or magical), weight, 
range, STR or INT or both.  You can also see the weights in the item selection 

The heavier the weapon, the stronger the STR, but usually I don't use the 
heavier weapons.  I use those lighter ones since they are light and strong.

ONE IMPORTANT THING about staff: the more staffs one equips, the stronger the 
MAGIC attack power.  So if one is a magician or a healer, let he/she equip both 
hands with staffs.  BUT if he or she is a witch, which doesn't use attack 
spells, equipping two is useless; one is great enough.  There are many items 
like RINGs that will add some INT if you equip them.  Find them out and let 
those with ATTACK or HEAL spells magicians equip them. 


Grounds: If you choose a ground and investigate it with the select button, there 
will be two numbers: Left is Offense and right is Defense.  The bigger the 
numbers the better the ground is to stay on.  What the numbers mean is that how 
much your attack's will be improved when positioning on those grounds.  Usually 
one should find out that concrete grounds have the best offense and defense, 
while grass and sand are clumsy.  This makes sense because when you attack, one 
leg will charge forward while the other will push against the ground, like a 
tire against the road: the better and stronger the gripping, the fast the car 
goes.  So the ground is strong and supportive, the attack can be hard and fast.  
Defense can be responsive as well.

General Tips: When you get into a stage where you have to fight enemies AND save 
some Guest character, it is best if you can save the Guest character.  If he/she 
dies you won't get a game over, but if you can save him/her, you will not only 
have an extra guy/gal to use, BUT might also open up more story and more fights, 
and even affect your ending!  SO DO your BEST to save every single Guest 
character.  If a Guest character has a special yellow-diamond equipped, then you 
don't have to worry because that means he/she can escape when the HP is low.  
But those you have to save DON'T have that diamond, so be careful!!

(This ends the regular FAQ.  Those I have mentioned are enough for you to be a 
master of this game, and you can make fun of your friend's strategies with the 
knowledge you now have!)



Okay, here are some of the goodies that not many know about!


	Lord: Special: This is like an advanced knight. He could use double sword, 
and he can heal as well.  

How to get: After you got to chapter four, but before the battle of Heim (the 
one before the Sky Garden (aka. Eden); the one before the last stage), where you 
just got your sister back to your team.  Just let Kachua (your sister) get kill 
in one of any battle, then go back to castle Fidach.  Denim will become the Lord 
since the rightful ruler, which is your sister, is dead.  Do it for the fun of 
it...just to inform you: the Lord is a VERY good class!!  He can use double 
attack but has great defense power.

	Lich: Special: He can use ALL the magic (except the Dragon Magic).  A very 
strong magician.  

How to get: In chapter two, after the battle in Quadriga, you should get the 
Death's Ring (you can get it depending on the route you go.  You can get some in 
the Death Palace as well).  If a wizard, a warlock, an exorcist, a siren, witch, 
or a priest equips the ring and get killed. He/she will come back to life as a 
lich.  BUT beware: The one who equipped the ring must die with the following 
status otherwise he/she will be dead for good: MP 114 (or more), INT 162 or 
more, INT 162 or more, MEN 147 or more.  Keep one to make your team unstoppable.

	Angel Knight:  Special: She can fly and attack is strong.  She can also 
use "Angel's Voices" to do special attacks.  

How to get: Only a female can become one.  She must be a L person, she must 
have: MP 92, STR 135, VIT 122, INT 144, MEN 119, AGI 122, DEX 124, (I found out 
that LUK doesn't really matter) then get killed.  She will come back as an Angel 
Knight.  If possible, get one.  She uses a spear.  Also, to get a higher chance 
of getting one, it is best to turn her into a healer (Cleric and Priestess) 
before getting her killed.  Clerics and a Priestess could be turn into one, but 
their statuses are too weak to be fighters.

	Gunner: Special: He MUST equip a gun, and the range is infinite if there 
is no obstacle in front of his gun.  

How to get: After you have Lendou in your team, a man must have: STR 120, AGI 
164, DEX 150 or more, and must be a N (indifferent about struggle between 
religion, or an atheist in general).

(How to get Lendou the Gunner: At Chapter Four, after you have finished the 
castle of Bernicia, go to Warren's Report and read the news about the sunken 
ship.  After reading so, there should be a new place for you to go in the top.  
Go there, RESCUE Lendou to get him: in this game if you can't save a guest, he 
is gone for good!)

How to get guns for Lendou: 

Rim Fire: In chapter four, inside the castle of Bernicia, there is a temple 
knight holding a gun (after his leader killed one of his man, the gun was hand 
over to him so the leader can play "fair" game).  Kill him to get the first gun.

Assault Gun: After you got Lendou, read the Warren's Report about the Thief of 
Nymlahaba Forest.  Go to the forest.  In the battle, DON'T kill the two 
griffons, but attack their leader until his HP is lower than 20.  Talk him into 
joining you.  GET the TWO griffons, then the leader of the two will join you.  
He has the strongest gun in this game.  Get the gun from him and let a gunner 
equips it, then you can dismiss this Beast Tamer if you want (BUT I usually keep 

Commander Gun: After Kachua joins you in chapter four, before the stage of Heim, 
let her die (much like the Lord requirements).  There will be an extra stage on 
the Desert of Ballder. Go there, kill the gunner and get his gun.  You might 
want to get this gun as well as becoming a Lord...but, can you kill your own 


How to get Denev (Deneb): Remember this beautiful witch?  She looks better than 
ever now.  Getting her is not easy, and it is even harder for me to type all the 
procedures...should I really do it?  Or should I just let you guys find her 
yourself?  Hmm...

	After you reach Chapter 4, go to Warren Report, choose Others, read the 
news about The Lucky Shop of Witch Denev Rove.

Then, go to one of  the following places at that particular days of ANY month to 
go to her store:

Port Town Coliath: 1, 2
Armorica Castle: 3,4
Town Clitheroe: 5,6
Town of Barmamutha: 7,8
Port Town Ashton: 9,10
Cortani Castle: 11,12
Brigantes Castle: 13,14
Old Capital Lyme: 15,16
Fidach Castle: 17,18
Town of Wareham: 19,20
Capital Heim: 21,22
Grimsby (all the way on the top right): 23,24
Castle Bernicia: 25

After you got to the right place at the right time, her shop will replace the 
regular one for a day.

This is how to get her: Buy items with the total quantity of 255.  Then there 
will be another option on the shopping list, between Auction and Exit, there is 
another one: Ask Her to Join.  By doing so, she will join you!!  Happy Happy Joy 
Joy because she is strong, and with her, you can open one extra event when you 
visit Warren with Denev!!

BEFORE getting her, you should scroll around in her item list: there are many 
GREAT items to buy!  So why don't you save some money, buy those good items, 
then get her.  Because once she joins you, the shop is gone!!

Items in her shop that you should pay attention: any of the crystal orbs because 
an orb(s), once equipped will decrease the holder's WT by 10!  This makes great 
difference because, by decreasing WT by ten points, it is like equipping 
something for free!  (note: to get unlimited orbs please refer to my "TO Sub-

Another Class: before getting Denev, if you have Glass Pumpkins (see hidden 
items), you can recruit Pumpkin heads according to how many of them you have.
I heard that if you have ten pumpkin heads, you could get some good items when 
Denev joins you.


How to get Shelley Fouriner: (From Horiyama)

	When you are in Banhamooba Palace, you have to fight this un-filial 
daughter.  If you kill her, she is dead, and that sucks.  So if you want to save 
her, these are the steps:

knock her HP lower than 20.

Make sure you have all other three sisters (not sure if all are needed, but the 
Water Sister is needed I think).

When HP is lower than 20, she will run away.  Then go back to Fidach Castle and 
see the event.  

Then head to Barmamutha village.  Go to training then use the magic Call Storm

After that, try to leave the town, there will be an event for her to join.

How to Get Selye Fouriner (From Horiyama):

IF you go the Neural Route, in chapter three, there will be some trick getting 
her.  When you see her again in Board Fortress, you will
have to fight to save her, but she will not join you.  
To get her, goto chapter 4, you have to go to the City of Clitheroe.  
Once there, read the Warren Report, Other's section, read about the "Pirate of 
Quadriga." (Fort Kadoriga) 
Go there, you have two options, fight the pirates or not.  I think both way will 
lead you to Selye.  After that, she will join you.

Double Spy??? (From Horiyama):

When you are at the last level, after attacking the Castle Heim, go to Warren 
Report, read "Double Spy?"  Then go to City of Clitheroe.  This way you will 
understand the past of Haborym Vandam, the blind Sword Master you rescued in the 
snow land.


More on MVP:

Please refer to the chart on the bottom.  For any character, when they perform 
actions, those actions are rated. If the points reached 100, they will be given 
the title MVP.

A: attack
R: recover
             Physical Attack    Magic Attack       Item          Kill
             Or Rock            or Special 	

       A:      3                2                  1             25   
Enemy  R:     -2               -4                 -2   

Friendly  A:  -3               -2                -1             -25
          R:   2                4                 2               

How to read this chart: for example, if you attack an enemy with your sword or a 
throwing rock, the meter will increase by 3.  If you kill an enemy, it will 
increase by 25.  But if you perform an action indicated with the minus sign, the 
meter will decrease.  Again, when it reaches 100, the character will increase an 
extra level.  The loyalty level will also increase by a little.



Here are the added great attacks.  They could be learnt by the following 

In chapter 4, after the event of Fidach Castle, where you learnt the whereabouts 
of your sister Kachua, go to Warren Report, and read about the Exeter Island's 
Big Explosion.  Then the Death's Dungeon should be revealed for you to explore.

To Enter the Death Palace beyond level three: on level three in the beginning, 
there are two archways next the doorway where you entered.  The right one has no 
poison in front of it.  Step on that one to enter the deeper levels.

The following skills, except for the God's Echo Slash, could be learnt randomly 
after you finish the corresponding basement.

[name, basement, information and the weapon needed]

The weapon guide: what each alphabet means.

Sword: A
Axe, Claw, Hammer, Spear: B
Bow: C

(names were translated by myself.  So they sound funny.  I bet they have English 
version names)

God's Echo Slash: B6.  The larger the DEX, the greater the attack.  A

Devil Split Chop: B1~B24.  In exchange of HP, cause great attack.  B

Hell Flame Slash: B1~B24. The larger the MEN, the greater the damage.  B

Holy Thunder Aura: B25~B49.  The greater the MEN, the great the damage.  B

Furious Exorcism: B25~B49.  The greater the STR, the greater the damage.  C

Dragon Tooth Slash: B50~B74.  The greater the DEX, the greater the damage. A

The Slice of Moon and Flower: B50~B74.  Petrified the prey.  B

Heaven-Slice Slash: B75~B99.  Able to knock the enemy back.  B

Dimensional Aura Slash: B75~B99.  Send the prey to another dimension.  B

Gemini's Demonic Slash: B75~B99.  The lower your HP is, the greater the attack. 


	[name, descriptions, and MP consumed]

	Annihilation:  Great damage to all enemies with the rain of flame.  80
	Snap Dragon: Change preys into blades.  Depends on the chanter.  0
	Tempest: Thunder fallen on every enemy.  80
	Dominion: Stop the time/WT.  80
	White Mute: Ice attack on every enemy (Stun).  80
	Martyr Life: Resurrect a dead in return of the chanter's life.  70
	Meteor Strike: Meteors from the sky.  80
	Reincarnate: Turn the dead into a soldier/amazon.  70



Secret Stages!!!   This section was made possible by: Manami Takizawa of 

These stages are each done with the descriptions.

L route: the secret stage in Goliath Port Town.

If you go the Law route (you bad bad bad murderer ^^), and DO NOT have Zapan 
Illuedus in your party, visit Goliath after the events in the Castle Brigantes.

You can make Zapan rejoin you, just knock his HP lower than 20, but do not knock 
him to death.  Then he will join.

L Route: Go to Bellmorses Plateaus, get into a random-encounter.
	You will fight Oxyones Lavin, a Beast Tamer.  Knock her HP lower than 20, 
but don't kill him.  Go back to Castle of Cortani to see some events (please 
refer to my Sub-Guide for more information)

N Route (this is the same as how to Get Selye)

	This is an improved version of that trick.

When you see her again in Board Fortress, she will not join you.  
First, finish the mission in Banhamooba Palace, THEN go to the City of 
Clitheroe.  Once there, read the Warren Report, Other's section, read about the 
"Pirate of Quadriga."  Go there, then kill the pirate.  Then talk to Selye.  
After that, she will join you.
After this battle you can get both the pirate and Selye.  But be careful one 
thing: if you choose not to forgive the pirate, he will fight you and he won't 
join you, so choose your words carefully.  


All Route:  After you read about the Exeter Island (please refer to the trick 
earlier on how to get the great attacks).  Go to Madolath Ice Field.

After you finished the battle in Madolath Ice Field, go up to Bellmorses 
Plateaus for another battle.  Try talking to Cyclops here to recruit them.

After this, go to Boategeng Plain for yet another battle.

Here are some hot hot tricks!

After Selye became a Shaman: Go to Board Fortress.
	After Shelley became a Shaman: Go to Guccho Fortress.
	After Sisteena Fouriner became a Shaman: Go to Damintha Fortress (all the 
way on the left)
	After Olivia Fouriner became a Shaman: Go to Geldo Fortress.

Palace of Zoshonell:  After you get Selye, and have a Flame Shield, go to Board 
Fortress to go to the palace.

Palace of Bertha: Go to Guccho with Shelley in your party, and you have a Soil 

Palace of Hahnela: Go to Damintha Fortress with a Thunder Shield and with 
Sisteena in your party.

Palace of Gruza: Go to Geldo Fortress with Olivia Fouriner and an Ice Shield.	

Okay, there are few secret stages BUT they can be found in this FAQ, please 
refer to the Hidden Classes section, and how to get the Gunner and Guns 

LAST stage secrets:  In the last stage, there are hidden doors for you to enter.  
Depending on which door you go, you go to different floors after.  I'll do a 
very loose translation on the stage names, and use a flow chart to make things 
Some of the names are hard to translate, so I'll use some characters I made up.

 1: The Entrance of the Sky Garden.
 2 : Back of Snake
 3: Fist-Holding Fighter
 4: Maiden's Tear
 5: Jade Tear-Drop
 6: Blue Hallway
 7: Melodic Dark Hair
 8: Fantastic Dreams
 9: Stage of Wine
 10: Days of Honey Moon
 11: Toothless Beast
 12: Red Hallway
 13: Time-Carved Tune
 14: Alarmed Sector
 15: Star Viewer
 16: Black Hallway
 17: White Hallway
 18: The Valley Between Heaven and Earth

 Then these are the last few stages:

    The Entrance to Cemetery
    Ancient Ruin
    Sealed Sector 1
    Sealed Sector 2

(Also, there are secrets in getting many items too, but I'm exhausted, I need 
some energizer to recharge.  I never thought this FAQ will become this long, but 
as I improve it, I just can't leave things undone.)

Flow chart: 
I will explain the doors after the chart.

     H: hidden door
     U: upper door
     M: mid door
     L: lower door
     I: inner door

How to use the chart: For example, on the left side, you see the H (Hidden 
door), you will go to 6 if you use H on level 1, if you use the L door, you go 
to 2, then 4.  And you go to 3 and 5 if you use the M door.  If you went to 4, 
and you used the H door, you will go to 8.

If you went to 6, and used the U door, you will go to 7, but if not, you will go 
to 9 after 6.

And if you use I door on 16, you will go to 17, but if you use H on that stage, 
you will go to 18 instead.  And the rest should be easy to understand.  Any 

The numbers are floor numbers

H                       L                        M        
|                       |                        |    
6                       2                        3  
|                       4                        5  
|                       |                        |  
|                       |-------------H------- > 8
|                       U                        | 
| --------U-------- >   7                        |  
|------------------ >   9 < ---------------------|
|                       |                        |   
12                     10                       11                     
|                       |                        |   
|            +++ H +++ 13 (if you use H on 13    |
|            +          |   go to 16)           14
|           +           |                        | 
|          +            U                        |
--  U  ------------- > 15 < ----------------------
|        +              |
H      +                |
|    +                  |
|  +                    |
16 --------- I ----  > 17
|                       | 
|                       |   
H                       |
|                       |
--------------------- > 18 

First Floor Hidden Door: All the way to the left, the stair way a little to the 
left of the most left waterfall, there is a stair way which a little is hidden 
by the stone.  There is a door in the wall.
Stage Four Maiden's Tear's Hidden door: At the beginning of the stage, move to 
the right.  There's a stair way by the cliff side.  (The top left will become 
the door way.)

Stage Six hidden door: from the door way where you entered the stage, move two 
steps to the upper left, and one step to upper right.  The hole on the ground.

Stage Nine hidden door: from the (upper door) middle doorway, move one step to 
upper left.

Stage 13 hidden door:  from the upper door way, there is a stair way on the 

Stage 16 hidden door: move to the bottom of where you began the stage.

The hidden doors will reveal if you step on the right place, just try out where 
it is.

Any corrections are welcome!


Hidden Items:

First of ALL, I don't want to include those items you can find in a stage 
(search and burn with fire magic).  The items here are those you get when you 
sell your Large size pals.  Note: I did NOT include those you can get from Death 

READ this before anything else: getting the items depends on how many monsters 
you can sell that particular time.  For example, if you have five red dragons, 
and sold them all at once, you can buy FIVE Flame swords.  (In the SFC version: 
Then if you came back later with more red dragons, there will be NO more flame 
sword.  So if you leave the store, there won't be any more on sale even if you 
have the monsters!)
(But I think you could buy and sell as much as you want in the PSX version)

Flame Dragon Sword: it is made out of the scales of a red dragon, a dragon 
If you sell a RED DRAGON (its level MUST be 15 or over) at Castle Cortani, you 
can buy this item.

Dark Dragon Blade: A blade made out of Tiamat'steeth.  A dragon killer.

You can buy this in Brigantes Castle when you sell a Tiamat with level of 20 or 

Procus: A very strong hammer.  It will breathe the flame of lotus.
You can get this if you go the way of Law, please see the Hidden Stages about a 
stage in Goliath port town (where you meet Zapan again).

Blue Dragon's Claw: A dragon killer made out of blude dragon's claws.  
If you sell a blue dragon of level 15 or more at Fidach Castle, you get this.

Black Dragon's Staff: A staff favored by the master of hell Ordour.
If you sell a black dragon of level 15 or more at shop of Bernicia Castle, you 
can buy this.

Dragon Shield: a shelf made out of dragon's scale.
If you sell a Bammamut of level 20 or more at Ashton, you can buy this.

Dragon Armor: a scale armor made out of dragon scale.
If you sell a Bammamut of level 20 or more at Barmamutha, you can buy this.

Wind Mantle:  The clothes that the "Sky Rider" used to wear in the an ancient 
At basement 50 of Death Palace, you have to talk to a ghost until she joins you. 
Take you time making him join (or just kill her?)

Flame Mantle:  A mantle that had the legendary Flame Dragon-Firedrake's scale 
sewed on.
When you get Denev, she is equipped with this mantle (if you have more than 10 
pumpkin heads).

Dragon Helmet: a helmet that was made with a dragon's skull.
If you sell a Bammamut of level 20 or more at Lyme, you can buy this item.

Spark Guard: a shore made out of a red dragon's scale.  You can walk on the lava 
with this equipped.  
If you sell a red dragon of level 15 or more at Clitheroe, you can buy this.

Dragon's Horn: This can summon storm.
If you sell a thunder dragon of level 10 or more at Grimsby, you can buy this.

Operon's Tear: This will drive away the rain.
If you sell an octopus of level 10 or more at Grimsby, you can buy this.

Dragon Steak: this will increase your STR by 10.  You might want to use it on 
If you sell ANY dragon of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this.

Fried Bird (yakitori): Increase VIT by 10.
If you sell any griffon of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this. (Don't 
let Canopus sees it!!).

Mixed Hamburg: This will increase INT by 10.
If you sell any cockatrice of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this item.

Tacoyaki (fried octopus): This will increase MEN by 10.
If you sell any octopus of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this.

Transfer Stone: when you use this you can escape the battle.
Sell any Golem of level 20 or more at Heim, then you can buy this.

Glass Pumpkin: You can get this in the Death Palace.  Please see Hidden Classes 
to see what this item is for.



FIRECREST: The ultimate treasure, the certificate of a true hero.  A red crest 
that sealed the soul of legendary dragon- Divine Dragon.

In order to get this one, you need to fulfill 3 requirements:
1)Beat Nybbas in the last level of the Death Palace (Basement 100).
2)Read about the report on FireCrest.
3)Have with you the FOUR Wind weapons (get them when you kill guardians in the 
Death Palace).  The four items are: Boreas, Notos, Zepuros, Eros.

Then go back to the Death Palace.  The last guy has the crest.

The Crest will improve you defense by 30 percent.


30. City Name Translations

(Left being US version)
(Words like "Fort" and "Castle" can be in front OR after the city names.  That 
I'm not sure of.  Doesn't matter anyway)

Amorika Castle---Amorica Castle
Tanmas Hills---Tynemouth Hills
Krizar City---Clitheroe City
Fort Kadoriga ---Fortress Qundriga 
Lakeside Bordo---Lakeside Balldoo
Zodo March---Zord Marshland
Baramus City---Barmamutha
Ashton Port Town---Port Town Ashton (no change)
Hedon---Hedon (no change)
Banhamuda Shrine---Banhamooba Palace 
Damsa Fort---Fortress Damntha
Coritani Castle---Castle Cortani
Vahanna Plains---Vahanna Heights
Brigantes Castle---Castle Brigantes
Hell Gate---Death Palace
Wyubiru Mount (volcano)---Mount Weobley
Rime(old capital)---Lyme
Gruborza Plains---Gorboliza Plain
Bodo Fort---Fortress Board
Fiduc Castle---Castle Fidach
Lanbees Hills---Lambreth Hills
Banisha Castle---Castle Bernicia 
Yomlahaba---Joronizah Canyon (this one is off by ten million light years)
William City---Wareham (another million light years)
Heigm Capital---Castle Heim
Boulder Canyon---Ballder Desert
Fort Gerdo---Fortress Geldo
Grimby City---Grimsby City
Nimuraba Forest---Forest of Nymlahaba
Eden--- Hanging Gardens (like those of Babylon)

I found out that the US names are not really the actual names but the 
pronunciation of the Japanese names.  For example, Bernicia in Japanese is read 
as "Banishia," and the English is "Banisha."   Banisha is closer to Ba-ni-shi-a 
while not so close to "Bernicia."  Another example, "Damntha" is read as "Da-mu-
sa" in Japanese, while in US it is "Damsa."  "Damsa" is closer to the 
pronunciation rather then the actual name...anyway.


And finally, at the end...

I have spent much time with love and sweat on this FAQ.  So if you want to post 
this on your site, please: don't change anything, because if you change 
something, it might contradict my words.

Tactics Ogre FAQ was done by Henry Chan. 

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is a copy right of Quest, published by 
Artdink, WGC for PSX.  All rights reserved...or whatever legal words people can 
put here, I'm no good with those things.

PS: First I thought it was "Clink Together."  I think CLINK fits more.  It is 
like, a bunch of knights raising their swords and Clink them Together in mid 
air, forming a triangular shape of blades...anyway.

Credits: My on hands, my messed-up key board.
(not in any particular order)

AND: Manami Takizawa of 

AND:  HORIYAMA OF Notes on Tactics Ogre.  
Of http://www.yajima.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp/staffs/horiyama/Ogre/Index.html

And also:

Thanks to a guy called RhaKeeM996.  He emailed me and said ONLY this "I think 
you should write a Tactics Orge faq."  Ever since I played the SFC version I 
wanted to do something that could help and share this game with other players.  

ALSO : TO all who encouraged me on making updates.  Without you I can't pick up 
the keyboard and type more!!  Thank you all and please enjoy this FAQ until the 
next update.  Before than, LET US CLINK, I'm mean, CLING TOGETHER.

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Good Luck with you life!

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