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Hell's Gate Guide by Palodios

Updated: 11/03/04

HHH  HHH      EEEEEE   LL     LL      ’’’       SSSSS  
HHH  HHH      EEE      LL     LL      ’’’      SS          
HHHHHHHH      EEEEE    LL     LL       ’          SS
HHH  HHH      EEE      LL     LL                    SS

GGGGGG          A          TTTTTT   EEEEEE
GG            AA  AA         TT     EEE
GG   GG      AA    AA        TT     EEEEE
GG    G     AAAAAAAAA        TT     EEE
GGGGGGG   AAA         AAA    TT     EEEEEE

        \      /________ 
         \    /         \______________________
|--------/\  /  /      \                      \____________           
|       /  \/  /Palodios\                                  \ 
|       \  /\  \        /                      ____________/      
|--------\/  \  \      /  ____________________/
         /    \__________/

Okay, I'm still kinda working on a better ASCII artwork piece…

Hell Gate Dungeon Walkthrough for Tactics Ogre on Playstation (PSX)
E-Mail: Kensaideity@comcast.net 
Do not send me questions asking about the game, because all I know about 
Hell’s Gate is here, and I don’t know all that much about the rest of the game.
8/07/04, First Version 
Remember, to search this document, hold control and press F.

 Legal Stuff

      This guide cannot be reproduced without the written consent of the 
author, and may not be altered or changed if given. This guide may NOT be used 
to gain any form of profit. This guide is for personal use only. 

      I requested this guide to be posted at the following sites, whether it 
is there now or not. It is allowed at any other site as long as credit is 
given to me, and there isn’t any offensive content elsewhere on the site. 


 Version Info

First Version
This is basically the first version of the guide. It has several pieces of 
information to make navigating Hell’s Gate much easier. Hell’s Gate is Tactics 
Ogre’s hardest dungeon, so I decided it a good idea to do write about when I 
have the time

 Basic Information

-There are one hundred floors in Hell’s Gate. You can leave the dungeon after 
any floor, but you will have to return to the first floor. Getting through it 
can take anywhere from ten to thirty hours.
-You will not be healed between levels. The best strategy is to kill all the 
enemies but one, petrify that enemy, heal, and then finish the last enemy off.
-There are several awesome items, spells and skills in HG that will make the 
final enemies look like wimps. However, you gain no experience from killing 
-Some random battles have rare items, but some do not. Many find it to be very 
useful to save right before they kill the last enemy of each battle, see what 
the next battle is, and then reset and reload if need be.
-Most of the floors in Hell’s Gate yield completely random enemies. However, 
the set of enemies you meet will be in a random group, depending on which ten 
floors you are one (ie, monsters on level 1-10 will be quite different from 
monsters on level 91-100)
-Most of the floors in Hell’s Gate will just be a small square room with a 
square of raised elevation in the middle. It usually only takes one or two 
turns before the battle begins, and sometimes you may find yourself with one 
less mage or a priest before you even get to move. 
-Story Battles, as well as every floor that ends with 5 or 0 (ie 55, 90), have 
a completely different design, and are very useful to use to heal any 
characters heavily damaged in the last few levels.
-To unlock Hell’s Gate, you must fight Nybbas at Fort Kadorigga in the first 
chapter, and in chapter four, read about hell’s gate in the warren report and 
the path will open up. I recommend you wait until you get to Heigm before you 
start though.


Going through the grueling hundred level Hell’s Gate is quite a doozy, so you 
better be prepared. Here is what I recommend as your party’s setup, :

P W K W C 

An Angel knight. You need a lawful female with less than ten kills, and the 
following stats: 92 mp, 135 strength, 122 vitality, 122 agility, 124 
dexterity, 144 inteligence, 119 mentality, and there is no hp requirement. 
Once you have one of those, kill her in battle, and she should usually revive 
as an angel knight automatically. Their ability calmsong is crucial in 
draining the mp of an enemy with dragon magic, and they can use starion and 
exorcism, which will wipe out a group of enemy undead. If you want to do more 
physical damage, start training either train as a valkyrie and switch to siren 
for the mp. If you want high magic and mentality for casting Starion, train as 
an amazon till 22 and then as a priestess to 23

Defensive characters. Guildus and Mildain are very good at defense, and have 
can take some damage, or you could use some of your other characters with 
extra stats. If you’re neutral or chaotic, Denim as a Terror knight or Dragoon 
will be fine for one of these two spots, or you could use a generic Terror 
Knight or Dragoon. I recommend defense to have a one handed weapon (anything 
but a sword so they can use the special skills) and a shield, but a powerful 
two handed weapon is useful as well. Their best ability is Devil Cry, which 
does massive damage, but damages the user, but for it to be useful, the 
defense character needs a healer to have a weight that is just a few points 
higher to help out.

Swordmaster. If you’re lawful, Denim will take this spot, otherwise use 
Harborym, or another generic swordmaster. A good swordmaster can stun or 
petrify most enemies at  100% from the front, and with good placement, you can 
hit everyone sometimes. It takes two turns to get that kind of mp though, so 
in a head to head battle, have a fast caster charge your swordmaster early. 
Also, the skill Fudo is based on dexterity, and ignores defense, so it can do 
massive amounts of damage when used by a swordsmaster. Be careful though, with 
a Swordmaster in the center spot, he can die quickly,

EagleMan. Canopus is highly mobile, highly powerful, and can be quite useful 
with a good spear and tornado. I find him great at finishing off weak enemies.

Priestess (or priests for the poorly translated). As I mentioned earlier, your 
mages can get pounded on, and it’s essential to have revivify. Heal All and 
Heal are also very good spells.

Warlocks and Kachua. I recommend you start with two warlocks, and that they 
have different elements than Kachua and Radlum (unless Kachua and Radlum are 
the same element, or if Kachua is not in your party, in which case you should 
have three). They can use the powerful dragon magic, and if you’re going 
through Hell’s Gate, you better prepare four casters, one of each element, for 
all the magic you pick up. Before you get three dragon magics, replace a 
warlock with archers or a gunner. Warlocks are best with Charge, Dragon Magic, 
and Quick or Paradigm so if you need someone dead they can help each other 
cast more quickly. 

A cleric. Clerics are useful because they can use heal+, which Priestesses 
cannot, but on the other hand, they don’t have revivify. Kachua can be given 
heal all, heal+ and revivify to be better than both classes.


You should also do the following things before going to Hell’s Gate:

Make sure to save Kachua. She is the best caster you will get in the game, and 
the lord class isn’t anywhere as useful.

Pick up the Zenobian Sword, because it’s very powerful, and very lightweight, 
and a very useful weapon. 

Recruit Ganb and get his rifle. If you want, turn his griffins to nice stats. 
You should also make sure to pick up all the special items dropped by enemies 
on the way to Ganb, while useless later on; they can help out on the first 

Make use of Heigm. If you recruit a monster, level it to 20, and then sell it 
there, you can buy a product of the monster, which can either permanently 
boost stats, or serve a purpose as a useful item.

Visit Deneb’s shop. She rents shops and appears on certain days in certain 
cities. I usually just walk back and forth between two cities that are next to 
each other until she shows up. She sells rare and valuable orbs, which lowers 
your weight by ten, so stock up. If you want her to join your party, buy 255 
cheap items from her, and the option will appear, but you can get her when she 
is more powered up later on. 

Level up the characters you want to do most of your battling in HG. You don’t 
really need to go any higher than mid 30’s in levels, because random enemies 
will match your levels anyway. However, make sure everyone is the same level, 
because if anyone is lower, they will be that much lower than all the enemies, 
and you won’t be able to change that until you’ve left the HG. If you are 
having trouble leveling, just unequip two healers, give them heal, and turn on 
an autofire controller to get past the occasional casting speech. They get a 
level every eight minutes or so. Having high levels is only important to get 
past the seven nonrandom battles in the dungeon, so don’t overdo it, or the 
monsters with extra stats will slaughter you. 

If you want, you can prepare some useless characters, just in case you get 
snapshot early on and would like to get some powerful weapons before the later 

 Battle Guide

Floor One- You will fight Venefic Falfadet here. There are a whole lot of 
mages to take care of, but your position is perfect. Rain down arrows on 
whoever comes close to you, and remember you can target enemies very far from 
where there are yellow squares. Try to kill all the enemies, because they all 
have warp rings, and there is a chance that they drop. 

Floor two- Prepare for undead here, you’ll need it.  The main problem with 
this battle is that Radlum is running around the map getting himself killed, 
and he is the key to getting the powerful dragon magic Wipe Out, which will 
help indefinitely so early in HG. You can mass cast orbs which will do the 
trick very well, but waste money. Or, you can keep reloading until Radlum 
moves towards you, in which case you should heal him, and stun him quickly so 
he doesn’t die, or try hitting enemies with his feeble staff. 

Floor Three- There is a Gorgon here that holds one random rare item, but don’t 
kill him yet. You need to open the door, or you will be sent back to the world 
map after you win the battle. To do so, move a flying character to the 
northeast corner of the map, and land him on the switch. The switch is on a 
raised platform of nine squares, eight of the squares  are poisoned, except 
for one, the middle square which has the switch..

Floor Four- Nybbas is here, as well as two familiar faces. Kill your old 
friends, grab their spears, and finish off Nybbas, its not too hard a battle.

Floor Six- Here you will encounter a ghost floating around the dungeon named 
Roderick. He will randomly give you new skills throughout the dungeon, and 
they are very useful in fighting the more difficult enemies, like guardians. 

The skill can be only used when the user has the weapon type equipped; The 
word Other means a claw, spear, hammer, axe, or whip needs to be equipped. All 
of the skills do some damage to the user, usually one sixth of the amount of 
the max damage the skill will do.  Some of the skills are as follows

Skill Name  Weapon Type               Description
Fudo       Sword     The damage done is equal to the user’s dex and enemy’s 
defense and vit are ignored
Firewave   Other     The damage done is equal to the user’s Mentality, but 
does not ignore defense. It has a lightning element.
Devil Cry  Other     It does massive damage on an enemy but it does massive 
damage to the user.       
Rage       Bow       It does damage based on user’s strength and ignores the 
enemy’s defense
Megabolt   Other     The damage done is equal to the user’s Mentality, but 
does not ignore defense. It has a lightning element.
Dracul     Any	      Does damage based on the power of the weapon     
Relic      Other     Does damage, and petrifies enemy                 
Agony      Sword     Max hp – Current Hp= Damage
Rampower   Other     Pushes enemy back
SoulWave   Other     Lowers enemy’s max hp 

Floor Twenty-Five- There are a lot of enemies here, but they are spread out. 
Half of them have random rare items, so make sure to take them all out. The 
big prize is what the leader drops, Starion. Starion wipes out the undead, 
does damage to all enemies, is usable by exorcists and angel knights, and 
costs a hefty 60 mp.

Level 50 contains a demon, with the spell Death. Death is Forbidden magic, 
meaning it hits everyone on the screen, so its pretty useless to me. There are 
9 undeads around, and most of them have rare equipment, so if you feel like it 
you can persuade them to get new stuff, but I highly recommend spending your 
time with bigger and better things. If you really want to get the items, be 
sure to switch starion with exorcism so you can eliminate the undead that 
aren’t carrying anything. 

Last Level – Nybbas is here, with a bunch of summoned zombies. Starion is 
useful, but if your Angel Knight has low dexterity, she might miss some 
enemies. With all your newly acquired items and spells, he is a cakewalk. Your 
prize is the spell Necro, which makes it seem like you’ve wasted the last 
twenty hours of your life. 

Sadly, you still haven’t done everything. If you’ve beaten all the guardians, 
and Nybbas, there is one prize left to pick up: The Firecrest. To get it, you 
have to go all the way back down to the bottem of the dungeon; its on the one 
hundredth floor, and if you’re willing, you can go down again to pick it up. I 
don’t have that much time on my hands, but if you do, Good Luck! 


Boss-like battles
Every now and then you end up fighting a random boss battle which can be very 
difficult, but will contain a downright awesome reward.

Guardians. These are the most powerful enemies you will fight in this game, 
and they come in groups of four. They usually show up for me every twenty-five 
levels, but when you fight them the first time they can be deadly. If you’re 
using the save and reload thing to fight guardians, I recommend planning to 
fight them in one of the normal rooms, right before a stage that ends in 5 or 
0, so you can heal the big damage deficient afterwards. You cannot affect them 
with status abnormalities, and it’s safe to say that you cannot persuade them.

Guardians are tough. Some of them have wind attacks that can hit from seven 
spots away, which will take a huge chunk of hp off most characters. Some of 
them have an attack that will do large damage and stuns most of the time.  One 
of them carries an orb, and that is the guardian which will drop a weapon. 
Don’t let him use the orb, or your magic users will be wiped out. Their 
defense will make most of the damage you do very low, and the counterattack 
will hit hard anyway, so make use of skills and magic. Fudo is a very useful 
skill here, but don’t let your swordsmaster get killed. Other good skills are 
the ones that pierce defense, Cast charge on your warlocks, rather than having 
them cast it on themselves, so you can get dragon magic off very quickly. If 
your magic users don’t have dragon magic, the multihit spells, especially 
gnome, help out a lot.

Another type of semi-boss battle is when you fight against a dragon magic 
warlock. The enemies that happen to surround them are rarely the same, but 
your first target every time should be the warlock. They hold a mp boosting 
item, so by their second turn you should make sure they are either dead, or 
you have drained their mp with an angel knight’s calm song. If you’re in one 
of the 5 or 0 rooms, make sure your allies are bunched together so you can use 
a quick heal+.

Here is a list of the dragon magics, though only when a warlock is holding the 
top four is he any threat to you. The other dragon magics don’t necessarily 
have to be held by a warlock either.

Asteroid   Hits all enemies with an earth attack                         80 mp
Mute       Hits all enemies with an ice attack. It also stuns.           80
Tempest    Hits all enemies with a wind attack                            80
Wipe out   Hits all enemies with a fire attack                            80
Snapshot   Turns self into a sword*                                    0
Entify     Revives an ally, but kills the user. The only use in it I can see 
is if your priestess dies, and you’re pressed for revivify.
Retissue   Turns undead back to life.** 

*Snapshot takes the life of the user, and makes a very powerful sword that 
adds half the stats of the victim to the sword’s user. So basically, if a 
character has the stats 100 str, 100 vit, 100 int, and so on, you will have 50 
more str, vit and int if you equip the sword. It starts to get really 
overpowered, but you can do some massive damage with the weapons equipped. 
Once used, snapshot returns to your inventory.
** If you use Necro on an undead, and then use retissue on them, they will 
turn into an amazon or a soldier, at level 1, except they have the same stats! 
I have gotten a ninja to 1 wt, so he basically gets 350 attack chances before 
the enemies, and with three orbs he can equip a weapon that weighs up to 31 
pounds. However, when Necro is used on characters like Canopus or Guildus, not 
only do they lose their special class, but they also lose their place in the 
ending, as if they died in battle. Also, it doesn’t work on Denim, for obvious 
reasons. If you use snapshot on one of the boosted characters, the game really 
starts to lose any challenge it may have had. 

Finally, there are Relic Knights. They look like golden terror knights, but 
I’m fairly sure they don’t have the terror effect. Throughout HG, you might 
find one in a group of random enemies. They aren’t very difficult, but they 
drop ogre equipment, and if you put all four pieces of ogre equipment on one 
character, that character will be impervious to attacks (all damage equals 1). 
Also, relic knights start popping up as regular enemies in the upper 90s, but 
there will be no more than one in each battle, and sometimes they drop the 
dragon spell snapshot, which you can get multiple copies of.

Other encounters

You will end up fighting a lot of normal enemies throughout the dungeon you’ve 
seen before, such as hawk men, cockatrices, several kinds of dragons, and even 
some normal humans surprisingly enough.

You will encounter several instances of undead, which will include zombie 
mages, death hydras and dragons, death knights, and loads of others. The only 
undead that is invulnerable to starion and exorcism are Lichs, but they don’t 
get up after you’ve killed them.

There are also several monsters that look a lot like something you’ve 
encountered before, but they are actually just suped up versions of their 
normal selves with a tint of a different color. The only ones that I’ve had a 
large problem with are Krakens, which have done 350+ damage, to some of my 
defense characters, with Hazard at level 40. Here is a partial list of some of 
the things you’ll encounter, and a very brief description. None of the 
following can be persuaded.

Phoenix      Fire griffin
Fire Brass   Fire tiamat
Basilisk     Green dragon and has evil eyes.
Salamander   Fire Dragon
Obinick      Griffin
Gabiar       Lizard man
Raven man    Hawk man
Ice Giant    Ice Cyclops
Gargoyle     Tiamat, with toxic breath
Iron Golem   Golem with higher vitality, and Dragos (7r)
Death Dragon  Holy dragon, and has one breath attack 
Kraken        Stronger octopus with Hazard (7r poison attack)
Lucifer Crow  Ice griffin 
Dark Ninja
Dark Tiamat
Dark Giant

The only new enemies that you will encounter and are capable of persuading are 
Goblins (and hydras if you don’t count their appearance in the final dungeon). 
Goblins have a twenty percent chance to drop Glass pumpkins. If you sell Deneb 
10 glass pumpkins, recruit ten pumpkin heads from her, then buy 255 items from 
her, you will be able to recruit her in her powered up form, in which she has 
the spell Nova+ and is leveled up more.

And that’s it for now!


If you have anything to contribute, email me at kensaideity@comcast.net.

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