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Character FAQ by Swordsman Dias

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/09/2002

Tactics Ogre Character FAQ
Version 1.5
By: Billy Williams (Swordsman Dias)
E-mail: icyelement84@hotmail.com
Copyright 2002 Billy Williams

Table of Contents
     I: Updates
     II: In the Next Update
     III: Basic Male Classes
          1. Soldier
          2. Knight
          3. Berserker
          4. Beast Tamer
          5. Ninja
          6. Wizard
     IV: Advanced Male Classes
          1. Dragoon
          2. Sword Master
          3. Terror Knight
          4. Warlock
          5. Exorcist
          6. Gunner
     V: Basic Female Classes
          1. Amazon
          2. Cleric
          3. Archer
          4. Witch
     VI: Advanced Female Classes
          1. Priest
          2. Valkyrie
          3. Dragon Tamer
          4. Siren
     VII: Miscellaneous Classes
          1. Hawk Man
          2. Lizard Man
          3. Goblin
          4. Gorgon
          5. Faerie
          6. Gremlin
          7. Pumpkin Head
     VIII: Special Classes
          1. Angel Knight
          2. Lich
          3. White Knight
          4. Warrior
          5. Lord
          6. Princess
          7. Eagle Man
          8. Beast Master
          9. Sorceress
          10. Shaman
     IX: Undead Classes
          1. Skeleton
          2. Ghost
     X: Monster Classes
          1. Golem
          2. Gryphon
          3. Cyclops
          4. Octopus
          5. Cocatrice
     XI: Dragon Classes
          1. Blue Dragon
          2. Red Dragon
          3. Earth Dragon
          4. Thunder Dragon
          5. White Dragon
          6. Black Dragon
          7. Holy Dragon
          8. Tiamat
          9. Hydra
     XII: GameShark-Only Classes
          1. Templar Knight
     XIII: Legal Stuff
     XIV: Thanks

The latest version of this FAQ is to be found at (and ONLY at, unless you ask
my permission):

GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com

Neoseeker: http://www.neoseeker.com

Playstation Cheat.net: http://www.psxcodez.com/

This FAQ is my VERY first serious one I have ever written up.  I made it due to
the lack of in depth strategies on the many character classes of Tactics Ogre. 
I hope everyone enjoys it and finds it somewhat useful in planning their
perfect team!  I can guarantee this is the most involved and detailed character
analysis available for Tactics Ogre.


I: Updates
     6/05/03: Completed version 1.5 of FAQ.
              Added Stat Growths to all classes!
              Fixed some Stat Requirements that were slightly off.
     4/21/02: Completed version 1.2 of FAQ.
              Fixed various minor grammar and spelling mistakes.
              Corrected Wizard alignment requirements.
              Made note of Lich defense bonus.
              Made notes on "Kiss" abilities of Faeries and Gremlins.
              Made requirement notes on persuasion-only classes.
              Added Monster and Dragon class sections.
     4/02/02: Completed version 1.0 of FAQ.


II: In the Next Update
     I'll try for some more GameShark-only classes.  I'm also thinking of
putting in character growth charts, to show the stat increases for every class.


NOTE HOW THE STAT GROWTH WORKS: The Stat Growth charts are mostly taken from J.
Matilla's FAQ with permission, but I corrected the many errors in them (like
there being a Mentality requirement to get the Knight class).  This is the
MINIMUM stat growth you gain per level.  At level up your stats will sometimes
be either one or two points above the listed stat gain.  From left to right,
it's: Element (A-Wind, E-Earth, W-Water, F-Fire, x-Any), Alignment (L-Law,
N-Neutral, C-Chaos), HP, MP, Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Mentality,
Agility, Dexterity, and Weight Bonus.  The numbers before the / are the
requirements for the class, the numbers listed to the right of the / are the
actual stat growth values.  Damage Percentage works this way: An attack of that
type's initial damage is multiplied by that percentage.  This shows that, for
example, Berserkers are slightly resistant to Dark magic spells, but take
slightly more damage from Light magic spells.

III: Basic Male Classes

1.     Soldier
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/7|---/3|---/5|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/5|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|115 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: none

This is the basic class for all generic males.  Soldiers have very balanced
stats and don't have any real weak points or strengths.  They have no preferred
weapon, so give them whatever is strongest or most useful.  Change classes as
soon as you can!

2.     Knight
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LN |---/8|---/1| 45/6| 44/4|---/4| 42/5|---/4| 46/6|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|95  |105 |

Best Weapon: Sword

The Knight is a basic warrior class.  They use swords to attack.  You can give
them shields and heavy armor to boost their defense, but this weighs them down
and makes them extremely slow.  They aren't very useful at first, but they do
become stronger later on when you get Balder and stronger swords.  Still, this
class becomes practically useless in the latter parts of the game.  Upgrade
N-aligned knights to Dragoon, and L-aligned ones to Sword Masters.

3.     Berserker
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| NC|---/9|---/1| 45/6| 46/5|---/3|---/6|---/4| 44/5|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|105 |95  |

Best Weapon: Axe

This is almost like a stronger, more capable knight.  They use axes, and cause
a lot of damage with them.  If they're using one of their element they can take
down many units in just one hit!  They have higher defense than a knight,
especially with a good suit of armor.  Use these often, and upgrade any
C-aligned ones to Terror Knight, while any N-aligned ones become Dragoons.

4.     Beast Tamer
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/8|---/0| 45/6| 44/6|---/3| 46/5|---/4|---/5|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: Whip

Not many people like using this class, with valid reason.  Their preferred
weapon is a whip, and you don't get one until you're well into chapter 2. 
Still, when you do get the Guard Whip, a Beast Tamer is actually useful.  They
have very good defense (high vitality growth) and their whip has a two-panel
range.  Their ability to increase the power of your monsters is useful if you
are using L-sized units (Cockatrice) and don't have them with Aileron items.

5.     Ninja
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/7|---/2| 45/4|---/4|---/4|---/5| 46/7| 44/6|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|130 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: Claws

Ninjas are very useful characters!  They specialize in claws, but I find that
they work very well with bows too.  With a claw in each hand they can cause
quite a bit of damage.  Be careful of counterattacks though!  Ninjas have low
defense, but that is partially remedied by their high agility and low weight. 
Ninjas get to use one spell, and get to choose from a very large selection. 
The best choices would be Incubus (for the sleep effect), the multi-hit summon
spell of their element (won't be too strong though), and Dark Law.  Dark Law's
damage is fixed at 20% of the target's HP, and thus will always cause a
reliable amount of damage.  Ninja's can also use Nova, Deneb's instant death
spell.  However, do not rely on a Ninja's magic unless he has been training as
a Wizard/Exorcist!  Their intelligence and mentality growth rates are not very

6.     Wizard
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| NC|---/5| 16/5|---/3|---/2| 44/7| 42/6|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |95 |95  |95  |95 |100 |90  |

Best Weapon: Staffs

Give him two staffs to increase the strength of his spells.  Wizards are
actually very useful, but tend to get overshadowed.  They're most useful in the
beginning, if you fail to get a Ghost.  However, Wizards can still do plenty of
damage and a properly aligned one can upgrade into the powerful dragon magic
using Warlock.  Give Wizards the strongest spells of their element along with a
useful dark spell (Incubus or Pain).  I do not recommend the Forbidden magic
spells, as they'd most likely hurt your own team more than they'll hurt the
enemy.  Wizards could also be turned into Lichs, but then they can't cast
Dragon Magic (although they can cast Necro and status spells, including

IV: Advanced Male Classes

1.     Dragoon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| N |---/8|---/0|115/7|106/4|---/3|---/4|---/3|114/7|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|95  |105 |

Best Weapon: Sword

Dragoons are much better versions of Knights!  They specialize in swords, and
are best with a dragon slaying one like the Fire Sword (perfect for Jenounes). 
Dragoons have very good defense and offense, but very low agility and high
weight.  They are the best class to fight dragons, and can take down even a
Holy Dragon or Tiamat quickly.  They can use one spell from a small selection. 
However, they won't cause much damage, even with their own element, so use the
sleep-inducing Incubus and then march forward and slash those sleeping foes to

2.     Sword Master
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/7|---/3| 95/4|---/3|---/5|---/6|102/6|126/8|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |95 |95  |95  |95 |85  |100 |

Best Weapon: Swords

A class similar to a Ninja, but either more or less useful, depending on how
you use them.  Sword Masters have the highest DEX growth of all the male
classes, and thus their status-altering spells have close to 100% hit rates on
many targets.  An Earth-elemental Sword Master with Petrify or a Fire-elemental
Sword Master with Stun is a very strong ally.  Sword Masters are also useful to
cast Charge on your mages or on another Sword Master.  A Water Sword Master
makes a good warrior/healer if given the Heal Rain spell, while a Wind Sword
Master can cast multiple Quick spells on your entire team.  Sword Masters have
the Ninja-like double attack using two swords, but their strength is on the
lower side, so they won't cause much damage and will take quite a bit if the
counterattacks connect with them.  Use Sword Masters as support units that can
also counter and finish off weakened enemies.  Be aware that their MP is lower
than a Witch or Warlock, so make sure someone with Charge is nearby.

3.     Terror Knight
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/9|---/0|117/6|114/6|---/3|---/5|---/3|104/5|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |100|100 |100 |100|115 |85  |
*Must have killed at least 30 enemies

Best Weapon: Axe

An extremely strong upgraded Berserker.  Terror Knights have insanely high
defense, which is increased by their ability to lower adjacent enemy units'
attack power (resulting in their countering for less damage).  They cause tons
of damage with their axes as well, thanks to their high strength.  Their speed
and weight are high (like the Dragoon), making them slow with a bad hit rate. 
Remedy this by giving them an orb or two and leveling them up as a Ninja for a
few levels.  Do not be surprised if this unit takes down many enemies in one
blow, because they are one of the more over-powered classes in the game.  My
generic Terror Knight is used more than my two White Knights...

4.     Warlock
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LN |---/5| 84/7|---/3|---/1|124/6|112/8|---/3|---/3|+15|
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |90 |90  |90  |90 |90  |90  |

Best Weapon: Staffs

Can be upgraded from a Neutral Wizard or Law Exorcist.  This is the ONLY
generic class that can use the awesome power of the hidden Dragon Magic.  They
also use the same status spells as a Witch and Sword Master.  This means they
can use Charge on themselves and wait, then release a devastating Dragon spell
on their next turn.  However, Warlocks do have their weaknesses, like all
characters.  They are extremely slow, have a high weight, and don't gain much
dexterity either, resulting in their status spells missing more often than a
Witch's or Sword Master's will (UNLESS you train them as a Ninja/Sword Master).
 Remember to match Warlocks with spells of their own element.  Earth gets
Petrify and Asteroid, Wind has Quick, Teleport, and Tempest, Fire has Stun and
Wipeout, and Water gets Heal Rain, Slow Move, and Mute.  Dark spells work fine
for anyone, namely Paradigm and especially Charge.

5.     Exorcist
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/6|---/6|---/3| 44/4| 42/7| 44/5|---/3|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |100|100 |100 |100|60  |115 |

Best Weapon: Staffs

Like most magic users, give him two staffs.  This class is extremely useful in
the beginning and when you fight undead.  They also have the ability to cause a
nice amount of damage (and exorcise all undead) to all enemies on the screen
once you find the Starion spell.  They do have weaknesses though, despite their
very good stat growth.  They can't use healing magic besides the basic heal
spell, making group healing (Heal+, Heal Rain), full restoration (Heal All,
Revivify), and status restoration (Clear, Vitalize) impossible, unless you have
him use items.  For example, use the Clear Staff to remedy his not being able
to cast Vitalize.  Second, the only offensive light spell besides Exorcism for
most of the game is the extremely junky Light Bow.  Lastly, they move VERY
slowly, leading you to be very thankful that their spells actually have range. 
You'll probably want to use an Angel Knight instead of these guys later in the
game (I did), but if you can't get one, always bring an Exorcist to all battles
with the undead!  You can swap between this class and Warlock.

5.     Gunner
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| N |---/6|---/0|120/4|---/3|---/4|---/4|164/6|150/6|+35|
Damage as a percentage:
|135 |130|130 |130 |130|130 |130 |
*To access this class, you must save and recruit Rendal in Grimbsy.
*You cannot change class after becoming this.

Best Weapon: Gun

The only class which can properly shoot a gun.  The Gunner has infinite range,
and can strike any enemy on the field unless an obstacle or another character
is in the way.  Gunners have low defense, but their weight penalty is remedied
by their good agility growth.  Keep them well away from all enemies and have
them snipe away.  Remember that there are only 3 guns in the whole game though!
 Unless you Gameshark, of course.

V: Basic Female Classes

1.     Amazon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/7|---/3|---/5|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/5|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: none

This is the basic class for all generic females.  They are practically
identical to Soldiers in every way, except they can move in water.  Upgrade
them as soon as possible!

2.     Cleric
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LN |---/6| 16/4|---/4|---/4| 42/7| 41/6|---/4|---/3|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |95 |95  |95  |95 |90  |100 |
*Must have killed less than 10 enemies.

Best Weapon: Staffs

Clerics are the main healing forces in the game.  Always make sure she has twin
staffs.  If you can, try to train your Clerics as Sirens or Priests so their
intelligence and MP will be high.  Have Clerics stay in the back and cast their
healing spells from safety.  Clerics can use the valuable Heal+ spell that
heals a large area.  This spell is much cheaper to cast that Heal Rain, but it
does not affect undead.  Always have at least one Cleric, especially if you
have no other healing characters.

3.     Archer
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| NC|---/7|---/3|---/4| 44/5|---/4|---/5| 44/6| 48/7|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapons: Bow or Crossbow

An over-powered class in this game, by far.  If you give them the strongest
long bow you have (one of their element is even better) then they can
obliterate the entire enemy party in no time at all.  Try have them equip a
flying or warping item, then move them to a protected area high up, where they
can shoot down arrows from relative safety.  They don't fare too well against
magic spells, but since they will take down all mages in one or two shots, it's
not a very big problem.  Whatever you do, never equip an Archer heavily!  They
vitally need their low weight.  Also note that storms do not lower their bow's
attack power, so a Wind-elemental Archer with the Light Bow in a raging storm
is practically unstoppable (unless she happens to meet a Wind-elemental
Valkyrie with a Zepyulos Lance and Thunder spell...).

4.     Witch
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| NC|---/5| 16/5|---/3|---/3| 45/6| 41/7|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |95 |95  |95  |95 |100 |90  |

Best Weapon: Staff (but use Bows or Crossbows if trained as Archer)

Give her a bow or two staffs, depending on what you're using her for.  If you
train her as an Archer, her status spells will have high hit rates and she will
do good damage with a bow.  If you train her as a Siren or Priest, however, her
intelligence-based spells (Charge and Heal Rain) will be stronger, plus she
will have higher MP levels, letting her cast her spells more time without
recharging.  Note that some of the Witch's spells will always hit, so only MP
is important (Quick, Slow Move, Heat, Teleport, Paradigm, and the
element-raising spells).  She is a very versatile unit, especially the Archer
version of her.

VI: Advanced Female Classes

1.     Priest
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/5| 70/6|---/3|---/2|125/8|110/6|---/3|---/4|+20|
Damage as a percentage:
|130 |90 |90  |90  |90 |70  |115 |
*Must have killed less than 15 enemies.

Best Weapon: Staff

She is the only generic character who can cast Revivify to bring back defeated
party members in battle.  They only need one staff, because the only spells
they need intelligence for are Heal and Lightbow.  You'll want to keep them
with Heal All, Revivify, and Vitalize.  One priest is needed, simply because of
Revivify.  Train your female mages as this class, as Priests gain slightly
stronger stats than Sirens.

2.     Valkyrie
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LN |---/8|---/2| 44/6| 46/4| 42/6|---/5|---/4|---/5|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|115 |100|100 |100 |100|95  |95  |

Best Weapon: Spear

These characters are arguably the best generic magic warriors.  Valkyries have
good stat growth in all areas, their only weakness being their slightly low
vitality growth (it is still better than a Dragon Tamer's).  Their preferred
weapon is a spear, so they can stab two characters at once or just attack
without fear of being countered.  Valkyries also get to use two magic spells,
and have high enough intelligence to cause good damage.  However, they are
limited to using Thunder, Meteor, Acid Rain, Fireburn, and Incubus.  Give them
the attack spell of their element and Incubus.  Since Valkyries get stronger in
storms, try to use a Wind-elemental character, like Sisteena.  A Wind Valkyrie
with the Thunder spell and Zepyulos Lance is a force to be feared.  They're not
as useful near the end of the game, but still good units.

3.     Dragon Tamer
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|180/8|---/1|115/6|---/2|---/5|103/6|---/4|---/6|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: Sword

These units are female Dragoons with much lower defense, weaker attack, and
better magic power and hit rate.  They raise the power of nearby Dragons, like
the effect of the Dragos Stone.  Dragon Tamers use swords, and could do a nice
amount of damage with one of their element.  Watch out for counter attacks
though, as they can be deadly!  They have extremely low vitality growth, and
desperately need a good shield or piece of armor if you want to keep them on
the front lines.  Their spell choice is the exact same as a Valkyrie's, except
they only can equip one spell.  Give them the attack magic of their element or
Incubus.  You could always follow Oxyones' example and use a bow or crossbow,
as Dragon Tamers get good strength and dexterity.

4.     Siren
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|X|LN |---/4| 36/6|---/3|---/2| 75/8| 71/6|---/3|---/4|+15|
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |100|100 |100 |100|80  |80  |

Best Weapon: Staffs

These ladies are female Wizards who should use two staffs.  Sirens are nearly
identical to Wizards, but have lower defense and strength, while having higher
intelligence and MP.  Give them the strongest spells of their element, and
maybe include either Incubus or Pain.  You could give them the Forbidden Magic
spells, but you'd have to be careful of the damage done to your own party. 
Make sure you have a way of keeping their MP full, either by a character using
Charge or an MP-restorative item.

VII:  Miscellaneous Classes

1.     Hawk Man
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/7|---/3|---/5|---/3|---/5|---/5|---/6|---/6|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: Hammer (But use Bows)

This demi-human is a useful flying character who unfortunately gets looked over
much too often.  Hawk Men actually have quite good stats, but don't measure up
to power classes like Angel Knights or Canopus.  It really is too bad they
don't have special techniques in this game, but you could always give him an
elemental ring like the Wind Ring and have him use that to cast Wind Shot. 
Although you could give them a melee weapons like a hammer or even a spear,
this isn't entirely the best for them, as they have slightly low vitality.  The
best use for them is to fly up to a high location (roof or ledge) and have them
shoot arrows from a long bow.  The status-inflicting bows (Star, Chaos, and
Dark) are more useful in this case.  I feel their effects sort of make up for
the Hawk Man's lack of abilities.  So, give one a bow and team him up with an
Angel Knight and Canopus to create a flying attack unit!  A Hawk Man's arrows
finish off opponents quite nicely.

2.     Lizard Man
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/8|---/0|---/6|---/5|---/2|---/5|---/5|---/4|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |110|110 |110 |110|110 |110 |

Best Weapon: Hammer

They are compared to a Knight, and indeed their stat growth is similar.  Lizard
Men use hammers to attack and can cause heavy damage, especially to mages. 
They are mobile in swamps, unlike most fighting-class male units, so their true
usefulness shines in those marsh stages.  Don't weigh them down to much with
armor, as you want their weight to remain low so they have a good hit rate. 
They, like Hawk Men, really need a spell or special technique, but you can use
a weapon like the Dark Hammer's Brain Fry (100% Charm) or a ring's power.  If
you really don't want to use them with a short ranged hammer, just give them a
spear or whip to get some range.  I personally found a good combination
available as soon as Chapter 3 is a Water Lizard Man with the Aqua Hammer, Aqua
Ring, Wing Ring, and Water Orb (No armor needed due to high Vitality).

3.     Goblin
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/7|---/0|---/5|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/5|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |95 |95  |95  |95 |110 |95  |
*This character must be persuaded.

Best Weapon: Hammer

This character class is only found late in the game, at Hell's Gate.  They have
all around mediocre stats, and an extended movement range of 6.  They use
Hammers mainly, but could work okay with a spear or a whip if you want the
two-panel range.  Treat them the same way as Lizard Men, giving them an
elemental ring for a special attack.  A suggestion is a Goblin with the Earth
Spear and an Earth Ring can stun enemies then stab them to death.

4.     Gorgon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/7|---/0|---/5|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/6|---/6|+45|
Damage as a percentage:
|115 |100|100 |100 |100|110 |90  |
*This character must be persuaded.

Best Weapon: Bow

Like Goblins, Gorgons are only found in Hell's Gate.  They use bows and have
good agility and dexterity, so they make useful archery units, especially with
an elemental bow of their element.  These characters have the special ability
"EvilEyes", which attempts to petrify ALL characters on the field who are not
either wearing a shield, turned away from the Gorgon's direct line of sight, or
behind an obstacle or other character.  It misses quite often if you run into
enemies with shields, but I found this technique practically never missing
against monsters and the like.  Perhaps it was because of my Gorgon's low
weight equipment, namely the Ice Bow, Warp Ring, and two Water Orbs.

5.     Faerie
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |90 |90  |90  |90 |90  |90  |

Best Weapon: Bow (a Fan is interesting though)

This little floating pixie only truly shows her power when you get her last two
special techniques.  Give her a bow (status inflicting ones work best) so she
has some form of solid long-range attack.  Alternatively, you can give her the
Galdia Fan, which does a small to good amount of damage and can charm any
character she attacks or counters.  Her defense is depressingly small, so don't
let her get attacked!  If she has the Galdia Fan and succeeds in charming when
attacking, the enemy will NOT counter.  A side note: If you can get a Faerie
from the first random battle spot, before even going to Krizar at a low level
(2 or 3), the Faerie's stats will exceed many of your party members, and her
arrows will be deadly.  All of the Faerie's special techniques are Light
elemental, and her kisses are not able to target enemy units.  Her first
ability at level 10 is CuteKiss, which restores a party member's status (like
Vitalize) along with a tiny amount of HP.  At level 18 she gets DeepKiss, a
VERY useful ability.  It drains her of up to half her HP and restores that
amount to an ally, being free of cost if the ally if fully healed already. 
Deep Kiss then makes the ally it is used on have 0 WT!  This is a free Paradigm
spell, giving one ally two turns!  She learns her last ability, HolyBolt, on
level 25.  This is a light-elemental attack that hits from afar and banishes
any undead, but has a backlash effect (like WindShot).  Remember both of her
kisses have a range of only one!

6.     Gremlin
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/5|---/0|---/6|---/1|---/3|---/2|---/7|---/8|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|115 |100|100 |100 |100|125 |75  |
*This character must be persuaded

Best Weapon: Bow

Gremlins are sort of like attack-oriented versions of Faeries.  They are even
lower in defense than a Faerie, so you have to keep their weight low to keep
their evade high.  They cause amazing damage with an elemental bow of their
element, as their strength and dexterity growth rates are very high.  Like the
Faerie, they have three special attacks, except the Gremlin's are
dark-elemental.  The Gremlin's kiss abilities can't target allies, you'll just
get a zero percent hit rate.  Level 10's CuteKiss absorbs some HP from the
enemy and charms them with a 100% success rate.  Level 18's DeepKiss absorbs a
large amount of HP from the enemy and petrifies them with a 100% success rate. 
These attacks will miss against bosses, and always do a percentage, so DeepKiss
does more damage to an enemy with full HP than the same enemy with only a few
HP left.  Their last attack is level 25's Abyss.  This deals very heavy
dark-elemental damage from a distance and has a backlash effect.  The Gremlin's
main weakness, of course, is their kiss attacks are only one panel ranged,
putting them at great risk of dying if they can't dodge enemy attacks.

7.     Pumpkin Head
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/4|---/0|---/3|---/8|---/2|---/8|---/4|---/4|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |95 |95  |95  |95 |95  |95  |
*Sell glass pumpkin items at Deneb's shop.

Best Weapon: None (Try the Paragun)

Pumpkin Heads are a very unusual class.  These have high defenses (vitality and
mentality) but average to low stats in everything else.  They get three special
attacks, at levels 10, 20, and 30.  Pumpkin takes away half of the target's HP
and has a backlash.  YasaiWar damages the MP of all enemies, good against
parties of mages, and also has a backlash.  SquashX deals extreme damage to
everyone surrounding the Pumpkin Head and then kills the user.  In other words,
it's a Self Destruct move.  Make sure you have Revivify if you plan to use this
attack!  Since all of a Pumpkin Head's attacks can miss, be careful of weight. 
Either give him a set (Ogre or Dark Road equipment) or give him a
status-causing weapon, like the Paragun.  Leveling one of these up with the
Warrior equipment until he gains 100 luck may make this ally more useful.  With
100 luck, give your Pumpkin Head four orbs and run around halving the HP of all
enemies, using a Warp/Wing Ring if you need mobility.

VIII:  Special Classes

1.     Angel Knight
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/8| 92/5|135/7|122/4|144/7|119/5|122/5|124/5|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |100|100 |100 |100|50  |125 |
*A female that meets these requirements must die in a fight (not training) and
then she might be brought back to life as this class (this is a bit random).
*You cannot change class after you become this.

Best Weapon: Spear

To obtain an Angel Knight with good stats, either Gameshark a level 1 Amazon or
persuade one of these from the battle with Bishop Branta.  These characters
have high stats in all areas, except for a slightly low vitality (still better
than all other females though).  Although they work fine with a bow, they are
best when used with spears.  Their strength is extremely high, so you can take
down most enemies in one or two stabs.  Angel Knight's have the same spell
selection as an Exorcist but can only use one spell at a time, so you have to
make a choice regarding her magic.  Heal is a decent no-lose choice, and the
spell you'll usually want equipped.  Exorcism is needed for battles with the
undead, while Starion sucks up a lot of MP but deals tremendous damage and
banishes all undead.  The Angel Knight's intelligence growth is very high, so
don't worry about her magic being weak.  Besides their one spell, these
characters get two special techniques.  The first, Calm Song, depletes an
entire large enemy group of all their MP, so it's useful against mages and
magic-using bosses (especially those in Hell Gate).  The second, Sad Song,
heals a large group of undead for a good amount of HP, useful if you use Ghosts
or Skeletons.  Note that both her songs damage her also, so don't end up
killing yourself!

2.     Lich
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|65  |70 |70  |70  |70 |85  |85  |
*A magician (Priest, Wizard, Siren, Exorcist, Princess, Warlock, etc) who meets
the stat requirements must die in a fight (not training) while wearing the
Undead Ring.  They will be brought back as this class automatically.
*You cannot change class after you become this.

Best Weapon: Staffs

These characters can be made by using up an Undead Ring or by recruiting one in
Hell Gate.  Lichs gain very good MP, intelligence, and mentality, but horrible
strength and defense.  Their agility and dexterity aren't much better than
their other physical stats.  Although they have low vitality growth, they do
have a very nice defense boost, so if they have been trained as an Exorcist (a
magician with good vitality) then they will have quite high physical defense. 
They get to use all spells except Holy and Dragon Magic (they can use Necro). 
Their magic spells will do very heavy damage, but they'll also by vulnerable to
attacks if too close to the enemies.  Give them the spells of their element,
especially Charge and their own elemental summon spell.  Remember that their
dexterity is not near Sword Master or Archer levels, so their status ailment
spells are not the best.  A Water-elemental Lich with Charge and Heal Rain
makes a good healer, and if you throw in Fenril you have a very useful
all-around mage.  Avoid Forbidden Magic, as you most probably will wipe out
your own party members with it.

3.     White Knight
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/8|---/0|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/6|---/6|---/6|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Mildain

|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/8|---/0|---/6|---/5|---/4|---/6|---/5|---/7|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Guildus

Best Weapon: Sword

Guildus' and Mildain's swordsman class.  Mildain is quicker, while Guildus is
more attack-oriented.  Give them some way to attack long range (elemental ring
or Short Bow) and they become more useful.  Again, don't forget about weapons'
special abilities, like the Oricon's Jihad.  They're only upgraded Knights, so
don't expect them to be really special.

4.     Warrior
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/7|---/4|---/6|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/6|---/6|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Vice

Best Weapon: Swords

This is Vice's class when he joins you in the Law route.  He uses twin swords
(like a Sword Master) and has the same limited spell selection as a Dragoon. 
Vice has very strong stats and balanced stat growth.  Use him like a Ninja with
better defense.  As for his spell, use Incubus if you want the sleep effect,
but I liked Vice using the attack magic of his element to do decent damage.

5.     Lord
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/8|---/4|---/6|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/6|---/6|-5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Denim, must let Kachua die in Chapter 4

Best Weapon: Swords

Denim's Paladin-like class he can gain in Chapter 4 if you choose (get the
Shotgun if you get this class).  He uses swords, and can attack twice if he has
two equipped.  Denim gains very high stats in this class, and has no real
weakness.  As a bonus, he gets to use three light-elemental healing spells! 
Give him Heal+, HealAll, and Vitalize.  A very useful character class, but are
you willing to give up the Princess class for it?  Of course, you could always
GameShark this class on to Denim if you feel like cheating.

6.     Princess
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |---/8|---/6|---/5|---/4|---/8|---/7|---/5|---/5|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |95 |95  |95  |95 |95  |100 |
*Only Kachua, you must answer her questions in Heigm correctly.

Best Weapon: Staffs (Bow works well too)

This is Kachua's class, the ultimate magician.  Give her a staff in each hand
to max her spells' power.  Her physical attack strength is quite high for a
magic-using class, so you might consider giving her a bow.  Kachua can use ANY
spell in the game, including Dragon Magic, Revivify, and Necro.  The spells
Kachua will be best with depends on her element, but always have her with
Charge.  She can replace your Priest with Revivify if you wish.  Give her the
Dragon Magic of her element (my Water-elemental Kachua uses Mute), and maybe a
healing spell (HealRain, Heal+, or HealAll).  Just don't let her get hit too
many times, as her defense isn't the best.

7.     Eagle Man
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|A|LNC|---/7|---/3|---/6|---/4|---/6|---/5|---/6|---/5|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |90 |100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Canopus.

Best Weapon: Hammer (Spear or Bow)

Eagle Man is Canopus' class, an upgraded Hawk Man class.  He learns the
WindShot and Tornado special abilities naturally.  Either give him a hammer and
have him use his special abilities to hit while approaching the enemy or a
spear so he can stab an enemy without getting countered.  Canopus is also
incredible with a bow (Light Bow!), so you could fly him up to a high place and
shoot arrows.

8.     Beast Master
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|W| N |---/8|---/0|---/6|---/6|---/4|---/5|---/4|---/5|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Only Ganb.  You must not kill his "babies", and must knock him down to under
20 HP when you fight him in Chapter 4.

Best Weapon: Whip

Ganb's class when he joins you.  He's just an upgraded Beast Tamer, so give him
your best whip, maybe a Wing/Warp item, and pair him up with a good monster.  A
Cocatrice might work well, as Ganb can quite easily finish off any petrified
enemies, due to his high strength.

9.     Sorceress
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|F|  C|---/5|---/5|---/3|---/3|---/6|---/7|---/4|---/4|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|120 |90 |90  |90  |90 |100 |85  |
*Only Deneb, you must buy 255 or more items from her.

Best Weapon: Staffs

Deneb's class when she joins your party in Chapter 4.  I recommend
wholeheartedly that you get her powered-up version (sell 10 glass pumpkins,
recruit 10 Pumpkin Heads).  This way, you get her 5 levels higher with special
equipment and spells (Fire Staff, Fire Cloak, Fire Ring, Blessing, MagmaGod
spell, and Nova Spell).  Her Nova spell is the only copy in the game, and deals
instant-death to the enemy (like a single-target Exorcism to any character). 
Like all magicians, give her two staffs.  Her stats are basically an upgraded
Witch's, but she has 70 luck.  She has a huge spell selection, the exact same
as a Lich's (no Light or Dragon spells).  Give her Charge, MagmaGod, and one
more spell of your choice (I liked Nova or Stun).  Make sure you raise her
loyalty, because it starts out very low!

10.     Shaman
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|A| N |---/5|---/6|---/3|---/3|---/7|---/7|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |80 |120 |100 |100|95  |95  |
*Only Sisteena, must go through Forbidden Power quest.

|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|F| N |---/5|---/6|---/3|---/3|---/7|---/7|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |100|100 |80  |120|95  |95  |
*Only Selye, must go through Forbidden Power quest.

|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|W|L  |---/5|---/6|---/3|---/3|---/7|---/7|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |100|100 |120 |80 |95  |95  |
*Only Olivia, must go through Forbidden Power quest.

|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|E|L  |---/5|---/6|---/3|---/3|---/7|---/7|---/4|---/4|+10|
Damage as a percentage:
|125 |120|80  |100 |100|95  |95  |
*Only Shelley, must go through Forbidden Power quest.

Best Weapon: Staffs (Or Spear/Bow for Sisteena and Spear for Selye)

The class you change the four Fournier sisters to during the Forbidden Magic
quest.  Train the physical-oriented sisters (Sisteena and Selye) in the class
that you usually use them as (Valkyrie, or maybe Archer in Sisteena's case) so
you can have them remain physically strong as Shaman.  Olivia and Shelley are
already mages, so you can feel free to train them as Shaman.  Shamans have a
unique spell set, including attack spells, the element-boosting spells,
Vitalize, and light-elemental attack magic except Exorcism.  Give them the
spells of their element.  One of the sisters can substitute for an Exorcist or
Angel Knight by using Starion.  Besides their two spells, they have a pray
skill that raises the strength of their element on the field (the exact same
effect by using the charm necklaces, like the SolCharm).  Be sure to have a way
to keep Shelley's and Olivia's MP full, as they can't use Charge. 
Alternatively, if none of the enemy and many allies are the element of your
Shaman, use her pray skill repeatedly while waiting for MP to build up.

IX: Undead Classes

1.     Skeleton
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/6|---/0|---/5|---/3|---/4|---/4|---/6|---/4|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |100|100 |100 |100|125 |75  |

Best Weapon: None (Ranged Weapon)

Skeletons are basic undead characters.  Skeletons are weak in all stats except
agility, so try to keep them with a very low weight to dodge attacks.  A
Skeleton's main use if to draw enemy fire.  If you want to cause any damage
before your Skeleton collapses, give your Skeleton a bow, or at least a spear
or whip.  Remember they only heal with HealRain and special abilities (like
SadSong).  Never EVER use one in battles with enemies who can banish undead,
like an Exorcist's or Templar Knight's Exorcism or a Faerie's HolyBolt.

2.     Ghost
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|---/6|---/4|---/3|---/2|---/6|---/6|---/4|---/4|+5 |
Damage as a percentage:
|65  |110|110 |110 |110|110 |85  |

Best Weapon: Staffs

Ghosts are much more useful character than Skeletons.  Give Ghosts two staffs. 
They have good statistics, especially in intelligence and mentality, giving
their spells good power.  I recommend giving them Incubus and the basic summon
spell of their element.  Ghosts also get the LifeSuck special ability, which
deals a constant amount of damage and restores that amount to the user.  Ghosts
have an innate warp and float movement type, so they can go anywhere within
their movement range.  Try to get a Ghost early and have him either take
attacks or warp to a safe place and call down magic.

X: Monster Classes

1.     Golem
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|65  |90 |90  |90  |90 |100 |100 |

Best Weapon: none

Golems are L-sized monsters character available at the beginning of the game. 
Their power raises with the influence of a Warlock or by Wordrocks.  Golems
have high defense towards physical attacks, but don't fare as well against
magic.  They have moderate strength, but seem to cause very little damage to
most enemies.  They are also very slow, and have no special abilities.  I don't
recommend using one at all.  If you want a defensive L-sized unit, use a Holy
Dragon or Tiamat.

2.     Gryphon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|110 |105|105 |105 |105|105 |105 |

Best Weapon: none (make the Gryphon Wind elemental)

Gryphons are also available right at the beginning of the game, like Golems. 
These flying units get WindShot at level 10, which helps them to be much more
useful than the aforementioned class.  Give them the Aileron item or stand them
near a Beast Tamer/Master to raise their power.  They don't cause much damage,
only causing large amounts of hurt on mages or healers.  Fly these guys up to a
nice high place, like a roof, and WindShot everything in site.  Note that I
view Wind elemental Gryphons as the ONLY element of Grphyon to use.  Being Wind
elemental gives their WindShot ability a needed boost in power.  Remember their
extended movement range and flight ability, and have them fly out of trouble if
they are badly injured.

3.     Cyclops
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |110|110 |110 |110|110 |110 |
*Character must be persuaded.

Best Weapon: none

Cyclopes are a combination of a Golem and a Black Dragon.  These monsters are
quite rare, and I have only seen them in 2 random-encounter fields, one of
those being Hell Gate.  They are quite slow, but are strong in offense and
defense.  Cyclopes have the Toxic breath attack, which does dark elemental
damage and will sometimes charm the target.  They power up with Ailerons and
under a Beast Tamer.  Try to give them orbs to make their weight less.

4.     Octopus
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a Percentage:
|120 |125|125 |125 |125|125 |125 |
*Damage Percentage when on Land.
|65  |85 |85  |85  |85 |85  |85  |
*Damage Percentage when in Water.

Best Weapon: none (make the Octopus Water elemental)

Arguably THE most useless class in the game.  An Octopus has very good defenses
when in water, but on land they take much more damage.  If fighting in water,
they have good attack power, and can use their Maelstrom ability.  This special
attack damages a character in the water next to the Octopus.  If you get one,
the only element worth using is Water, so they gain the maximum bonuses when in
their element.  A Beast Tamer's influence or an Aileron can help them a bit,
but not enough.

5.     Cocatrice
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|105 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: none (make the Cocatrice Earth elemental)

Cocatrices are definitely one of the better monster classes available.  They
have good movement due to their flight ability, and their speed is not
painfully low.  Sadly, as a sacrifice, their defenses are not the best.  Like
Gryphons, their strength increases when near a Beast Tamer or Aileron item. 
Using an Earth elemental Cocatrice increases the power of their PetroBreath. 
This useful special attack does a medium amount of Earth damage and causes
Petrify almost every time.  Make sure to equip this bird with orbs to increase
its accuracy!  If they become useless near the end of the game, auction them
off for Wing rings at Amorika Castle (the Cocatrice must be level 20 or above).

XI: Dragon Classes

1.     Blue Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |105|105 |105 |75 |105 |105 |

Best Weapon: none

All Dragons have very high strength and vitality, giving them strong attack and
defense.  They end up being more defensive than offensive, as their weight is
high while their agility and dexterity stats are low.  However, when their
breaths connect, they are very effective!  All Dragons increase in power when
near a Dragon Tamer or the influence of a Dragos stone.  Be sure to keep all
Dragons away from Dragoons and any status spell casting characters!  Dragoons
slice them to bits, while Warlocks and Witches can keep them stunned,
petrified, or charmed easily.  Blur Dragons use ice breath, doing strong Water
damage and also frequently putting the enemy to sleep.  Repeated use of this
attack means the enemy will never wake up, and you can just Ice them to death. 
Remember, any attack on an asleep enemy, including status spells like Petrify,
have their hit rates boosted up to 100%.  If your Blue Dragon outlives his
usefulness, auction him off at level 15 in Castle Fiduc for a Blue Claw.

2.     Red Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |105|105 |75  |105|105 |105 |

Best Weapon: none

Same as the Blue Dragon, but this one uses Fire breath.  This Fire elemental
attack strikes an enemy next to the Dragon for damage and randomly decreases
the strength of his or her equipment (like the Melt spell).  This is not a very
useful ability, when you compare it to the other Dragons' breaths.  I consider
Fire the least useful of all the breath attacks.  The only reason to have a Red
Dragon with you is to auction it off at level 15 for a powerful Fire Sword in
Castle Coritani or Spark Shoes in Krizar.

3.     Earth Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |105|75  |105 |105|105 |105 |

Best Weapon: none

Also the same as the Blue Dragon, but Earth Dragons use Poison breath.  This
breath if Earth elemental and frequently poisons the enemy.  I regard this as
the fourth best dragon breath, as poison takes time to do real damage.  Only
Fire breath is less useful than Poison.  If you get an Earth Dragon in your
party, auction it off at level 15 in William city for an Earth Axe.

4.     Thunder Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |75 |105 |105 |105|105 |105 |

Best Weapon: none

Thunder Dragons are also the same as Blue Dragons, but have Thunder breath. 
This Wind elemental attack is debatably the most useful of all of the Dragons'
breath attacks.  It does good wind damage and also will frequently stun the
target.  Treat stunned enemies the same as enemies that are asleep, except you
don't have to worry about waking them up and having them attack you.  This is
the best element of Dragon for you to use usually.

5.     White Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LN |170/9|---/0|135/9| 90/5|---/3|---/5|---/2| 55/3|+60|
Damage as a percentage:
|95  |100|100 |100 |100|95  |105 |
Requirements: L or N alignment, 170 HP, 135 STR, 90 VIT, 55 DEX
Best Weapon: none (make the White Dragon Wind or Water elemental)
White Dragons are stronger versions of the basic Dragons, with boosted
statistics.  Their defenses are higher, and they even gain a little more
dexterity as they level up.  Their breath ability depends on their element.

6.     Black Dragon
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x| NC|170/9|---/0|135/8| 90/6|---/3|---/5|---/2| 57/4|+60|
Damage as a percentage:
|95  |100|100 |100 |100|105 |95  |
*Must have killed at least 30 enemies.

Best Weapon: none

A Black Dragon is a dark version of the White Dragon.  They are harder to get,
as you must let the Dragon kill 30 enemies, so try to persuade one.  They use
Toxic breath, a Dark elemental attack that also charms the enemy.  It's an okay
ability, and I rank it third in the breaths, coming in after Thunder and Ice in

7.     Holy Dragon
|E|ALI| HP   | MP  | STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|L  |270/10|---/0|233/10|161/6|---/3|---/5|---/2| 95/5|+65|
Damage as a percentage:
|90  |95 |95  |95  |95 |90  |110 |

Best Weapon: none (make the Holy Dragon Wind or Water elemental)

Holy Dragons are one of the two strongest dragons you can upgrade into.  This
dragon is a stronger version of the White Dragon.  Holy Dragons have VERY high
defenses and strong attack power.  They take less damage from Light attacks and
weapons.  Like White Dragons, their breath is their element.  If you don't want
to train up one of these, just persuade one.  They're quite common in certain
battlefields in Chapter 4, and they also appear frequently in Hell Gate.

8.     Tiamat
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|  C|270/9|---/0|223/8|171/7|---/3|---/5|---/2|105/6|+65|
Damage as a percentage:
|90  |90 |90  |90  |90 |110 |90  |
*Must have killed at least 40 enemies.

Best Weapon: none

This is the upgraded version of the Dark Dragon.  They also use Toxic breath,
and their stats and defenses increase.  In addition, they get the "terror
effect" of the Terror Knight or Evil Necklace.  Their attacks are weaker than a
Holy Dragon, but their attack-reducing Terror ability almost makes up for that.
 They resist Dark attacks quite well, and evil weapons don't do much damage to
them.  I don't recommend training one up at all (40 kills is insane) so just
persuade one.  They're very common in Hell Gate and certain other battlefields
in Chapter 4.

9.     Hydra
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
Damage as a percentage:
|90  |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |
*Character must be persuaded.

Best Weapon: none (get a Wind or Water elemental Hydra)

Arguably the strongest of the obtainable dragon classes, with the highest
attack.  They are extremely slow, so give them four orbs to decrease their
weight.  Hydras use all four basic elemental breaths (Fire, Ice, Poison, and
Thunder), giving them options of what status to cause and what element to use. 
The breath of their innate element is strongest though, so try to get a Water
or Wind elemental Hydra.

XII: GameShark-Only Classes

1.     Templar Knight
|E|ALI| HP  | MP  |STR  |VIT  |INT  |MEN  |AGI  |DEX  |WT |
|x|LNC|---/9|---/6|---/5|---/4|---/5|---/5|---/5|---/5|0  |
Damage as a percentage:
|100 |100|100 |100 |100|100 |100 |

Best Weapon: Sword

A Rosolian Dark Knight of Lodis, not possible to recruit without a GameShark. 
Templar Knights have good stats and are very balanced in all areas.  Although
they can wield all weapons, they prefer swords.  They can use any spell in the
game (like the Princess class), including Dragon Magic, so give them spells to
suit your needs.  You can have a healer, attack mage, or support spell caster. 
Remember they can use Charge to restore their MP!

XIII: Legal Stuff
     Please do not copy this document and claim it is yours.  That's
plagiarism, and is illegal.  Ask my permission first, please.  It is a common
courtesy, and good manners.  Plus, I can sue if you don't.  E-mail me at
XIV: Thanks
     First off, thanks to CJayC at www.gamefaqs.com for having the best FAQ and
walkthrough site on the net, and for posting this FAQ.  Secondly, thanks to
Quest for making this incredible game.  Finally, thanks go to the many other
people who have compiled information on Tactics Ogre, namely Kain, Henry Chan,
and Astro Knight.  The stat growths are taken mostly from J. Mattila's FAQ
which was based on the Japanese version of the game.  Oh yes, and thanks to
Prima, whose strategy guide moved me to buy this game.

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