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FAQ/Walkthrough by Syonyx

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/30/05

                  ____,                         ____,
               .-`    |       .-,           .-`     |        ,^
           .-`     ___;  ,   |  |       .-`      ___;      _/ |
        .-`      |`  /| :  \  `-`.   .-`       |`      .  {   }
       <--;_.-,  |  / )| ^  \  |  \  <--;_.-   | _,- _/|   |  |
              |  |  `' ; |\  > |  |         |  ,-  ,{  |   |  |
              |  |    ;  --   \|  |        ,   _,-` |  |  ,   ;
              |  |  ,-`  _-,  }|  |      ,'    |    |  './   /
              |  .   \, ;  |_ \\  |      \.-.  |    \      _/
              \  |    (_/    \_|\ |          \ |     \.__./
               \ |               '`           \|
                \|  W R A T H    O F    T H E    T I G E R

  |                                                                       |
  |                  A Complete T'ai Fu FAQ/Walkthrough                   |
  |                                                                       |
  |                           by ~ Syonyx ~                               |
  |                                                                       |
  |                            version 1.0                                |
  |                                                                       |

_____________________                                            _____________
  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                GAME INFO

1. Introduction                             Title: T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger
2. Controls                                         Platform: Sony Playstation
3. Gameplay                                            Genre: Action/Adventure
4. Fighting Styles                                       ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
5. Chi Powers                                            Developer: Dreamworks
6. Clans, Characters & Enemies                           Publisher: Activision
7. Walkthrough                                    Release Date: 28-Feb-99 (NA)
     7.1 Panda Temple
     7.2 Bamboo Forest
     7.3 Bamboo Hill
     7.4 Tiger Ruins
     7.5 Leopard Jungle
     7.6 Leopard Fortress
     7.7 Leopard Lookout
     7.8 Temple Bridges
     7.9 Mantis Caves              7.17 Crossroads Part 2
     7.10 Mantis Lair              7.18 Great Wall
     7.11 Cavern of Spirits        7.19 Tiger Mountains
     7.12 Crossroads               7.20 Mountain Pass
     7.13 Monkey Treetops          7.21 Mountain Peak
     7.14 Monkey Skybox            7.22 Crossroads Part 3
     7.15 Crane Harbor             7.23 Shadow Gauntlet
     7.16 Pirate's Junk            7.24 Forbidden Palace
8. Closing Info
     -Version History
     -Contact Info
     -Legal Info

                               1. INTRODUCTION

Greetings to all Kung Fu fans!  This guide was produced by yours truly, Syonyx.
T'ai Fu is one of my favorite underrated games on the Playstation, and I mostly
wrote this guide so that I would have an excuse to play it again.  T'ai Fu
features a wide variety of exciting animal-based fighting styles, all of which
are essential as you guide the title character, the last member of his species,
in a quest to free ancient China from the terrible reign of the Dragon Master.
So let's get on with the show.  Fire up the disc and get ready to kick some
tail (yes, pun intended).

Note to PS2 owners: Playing this game with Texture Mapping set to Smooth will
slightly improve the graphics quality.  Setting the Disc Speed to Fast may
decrease the load times a little bit, but not enough to get excited over.

                                 2. CONTROLS

D-pad/L stick: Move T'ai Fu          L1: Chi Blast
X: Jump                              L2: Show status (lives, gems, etc.)
Square: Attack                       R1: Crouch/Crawl
O: Grab/Throw                        R2: Taunt enemies/Heal (after a combo)
Triangle: Block/Combo finisher

These are all of the basic moves.  Also see the section on different animal
fighting styles below for more in-depth fighting moves.  Master using the moves
here first, though, so you have a good base to build on.

                                 3. GAMEPLAY


T'ai Fu progresses through a series of levels in a linear fashion, facing new,
tougher enemies, and learning more about his history and destiny in the
process.  Every few levels there will also be a boss encounter.  After
defeating each boss, T'ai Fu will learn a new fighting style, and will then
have free reign of a training level in which to practice it.

Each level is broken up into sections, divided by checkpoints.  These
checkpoints are invisible, but you will be notified on-screen when you pass
through them.  To finish each level, T'ai Fu must obtain the coin at the end.
Sometimes it will just be sitting there, but more often T'ai Fu will have to
defeat a set number of enemies in a trial to receive the coin.

  ~~ HEALTH & CHI ~~

T'ai Fu has 2 meters at the top of the screen.  On the right side, his health
is indicated, and his available Chi power is on the left.  Naturally, you want
to keep these as full as possible.  When the health meter drains completely,
from taking damage from enemy hits or environmental hazards, T'ai Fu will die.
The game will continue if he has any remaining lives, re-starting from the last
checkpoint (or the start of the level if you haven't reached one yet).  The
health meter can be restored fully by picking up Health-Up icons.  You can also
restore a little bit of health by pressing the Taunt button soon after
completing a combo.

Your Chi meter will only be in place once you learn a Chi power.  It drains in
small amounts as you use small Chi shots, and will drain completely when you
use a powerful Chi blast.  You can restore your chi fully by collecting a Chi
power-up.  You can also restore a little bit of Chi by completing a combo.


As you advance through the game, there are several ways in which to acquire
additional lives, thus delaying the dreaded Game Over.

JADE PIECES: Pick up the square Jade pieces scattered throughout the levels.
             Every 50 pieces will give you 1 extra life.
KILLS: For every 100 enemies dispatched, you will receive 1 extra life.
1-UP: Pick up these icons with a silhouette of T'ai Fu for an extra life.

  ~~ POWER-UPS ~~

HEALTH UP: This Chinese lantern icon fully restores T'ai Fu's health bar.

CHI ORB: This sphere restores T'ai Fu's Chi meter to full.

CHI SCROLLS: These fill your Chi meter and add an elemental effect (see Chi
             Powers section below)

INVINCIBILITY: Makes T'ai Fu invulnerable to damage for a limited time while
               the Chi Meter drains.  You can still die by falling off the
               stage.  Effect disappears instantly if you use another Chi
               power (shot or blast).

STEALTH: Makes T'ai Fu invisible to enemies for a limited time while the Chi
         Meter drains.  This is a great time to just pick them up and throw
         them off a cliff.  Effect disappears if you use a Chi power.

                             4. FIGHTING STYLES


Tiger Combo: Square X 3, Triangle (3 strikes followed by Chi Blast).
Lunge Strike: Taunt (R2) then strike (Square) (can be used to start a combo).
Jumping Kick: X, Square (can start a combo).
Crouch Strike: R1 + Square (can strike repeatedly).
Health Boost: Taunt (R2) after completing a minimum 5-hit combo.


Chi Blast: L1 (consumes entire Chi meter)
Chi Recovery: Complete any combo using a Chi finisher to regain a little Chi.


Leopard Dash: Press D-pad or L stick twice and then hold in desired direction.
Leopard Leap: X while dashing.
Leopard Pounce Combo: While dashing, press Square X 3 then Triangle to finish.
Leopard Fist Smash: X, Triangle.


Chi Shot: Tap D-pad or L stick in any direction + Triangle.
Mantis Block Combo: After successfully blocking an attack (hold Triangle),
                    press Square X 3, then Triangle for a Chi Finisher.
Mantis Rising Combo: After being knocked down, press Square while rising,
                     then Triangle for a Chi Finisher.


Monkey Roll: Hold R1 then double-tap L-stick or D-pad,
             OR press and hold R1 while dashing,
             OR press and hold R1 while in a jump.
Monkey Bounce: Press X (jump) while rolling or while holding R1.
Monkey Combo: Monkey bounce repeatedly on enemy's head (at least 4 times),
              then press Triangle for Chi finisher.


Crane Hover: Jump (X), then press and hold Jump again at the top of your jump.
Longer Crane Hover: Jump, then repeated press X starting at the peak of your
                    jump to gain more distance.
Crane Blades: While hovering, press R1 repeatedly to fire blade feathers down.
Crane Combo: While hovering, press Square X 3, then Triangle for Chi finisher.

   ~ TIGER STYLE 2 ~

Fist of the Tiger: Press R1, then Square in rapid succession.

                                5. CHI POWERS

By focusing his internal spirit, T'ai Fu learns to send his energy out in
powerful blasts once he meets the wise SiFu.  His powers come in 2 forms:
first, the powerful Chi Blast, which sends energy out in all directions and
consumes the entire Chi meter, and later, the more precise Chi Shot, which
focuses a smaller amount of energy into a directed burst, consuming only a
small amount of the Chi meter.

RECOVERING CHI:  The easy way to get back Chi energy and refill the meter is by
collecting power-ups, in the form of Chi Spheres or elemental Chi Scrolls,
which completely refill the meter.  The other way is by completing combos that
use the Chi finisher.  Each such combo performed will give T'ai Fu back a
little bit of his Chi energy, even if your opponent dies before the Chi blast
hits him.


NORMAL: This is the basic default Chi energy.
             Chi Blast: Wave of energy causes damage to surrounding enemies.
             Chi Shot: Directed energy can cause damage, or activate special
                       Chi Orbs that will activate machinery and objects.

EARTH: The first powered-up Chi Scrolls you find will possess this element,
       which draws from the mountains and the land around you.
            Chi Blast: Dome of energy will petrify and destroy any enemies
            Chi Shot: A hit will turn an enemy to stone, allowing them to be
                      destroyed in one hit.  They will recover in a few
                      moments if you don't get to them quickly enough.

LIGHTNING: Powered by the storms of the land, this scroll imparts the power of
           electricity unto you.
                Chi Blast: All surrounding enemies will be zapped by lightning
                           for damage.  Weaker enemies may be killed outright.
                Chi Shot: Direct a jolt of lightning to your desired target.

WIND: Calls on the power of, well, wind, to blow away your enemies.
           Chi Blast: Twin swirling tornados will scoop up enemies in
                      their path and knock them around.
           Chi Shot: A single whirlwind appears and can be steered
                     somewhat with the D-pad/L stick.  Picks up enemies
                     and causes some damage.

FIRE: Mighty burning flames impart your Chi with some serious heat.
           Chi Blast: All enemies around will burst into flames, draining their
                      health and sending them scampering about in a panic.
           Chi Shot: A directed fireball will set ablaze a single target, doing
                     damage and distracting them for a while.

WATER: The strength of the angry rivers will flow through your veins when you
       get this power-up.
            Chi Blast: The force of water pressure causes damage to all around
            Chi Shot: A short stream of water is shot ahead of you.  Hold the
                      Triangle button to keep the stream going, causing
                      continuous damage.

                       6. CLANS, CHARACTERS & ENEMIES

                                 Tiger Clan

The Tigers were traditionally the guardians of justice in the land.  With their
strength and wisdom, the other clans flocked to them when the Dragon first
initiated aggressions in the land.  Because of their status, the Tiger Clan was
hunted down and all but destroyed by the Dragon at the start of his campaign to
rule the land.

     T'AI FU: The sole remaining member of the Tiger Clan.  Young and brash,
              he is overly confident in his fighting skills, and needs
              extensive training and guidance before he will be able to right
              the wrongs committed in this land.

     LAU FU: One-time greatest warrior of the legendary White Tiger Clan.

                                 Panda Clan

Gentle and peace-loving, these monk-like teachers and scholars turn away from
violence.  But this doesn't mean that they can't defend themselves; indeed,
their martial arts were developed to turn an attacker's own power against him.
After his clan is destroyed, the Pandas raise T'ai Fu within their temple,
though their ways could not contain the fire in his spirit.

     LO PING: T'ai Fu's mentor and teacher while he grew up.  Jolly in nature
              but possessing deep wisdom, he has encouraged T'ai Fu to pursue
              his destiny once he was ready.

                                Mantis Clan

Masters of patience and discipline, these warriors developed special Chi
powers, focusing their spirits to attack from a distance.  They were also
destroyed in the fight against the Dragon.

     SIFU: Former leader of the Mantic Clan and also its sole survivor.
           Powerless on his own, he can nevertheless provide guidance and
           focus to T'ai Fu in his journey.

     STATUE WARRIORS: These stone guardians are powered by the spirits of
                      fallen Mantises.  Their non-living status does nothing
                      to diminish their fighting savvy.  They can fire bursts
                      of Chi energy at T'ai Fu from a distance, as well as
                      create an area Chi blast.

                                Leopard Clan

Fierce warriors of the jungle, these fighters are known for their speed,
ferocity, and ability to leap great distances.  They fought hard against the
Dragon and his minions, and took heavy casualties as a result.  Nevertheless,
there remains a well-protected enclave of Leopards in their jungle temple.

     LEOPARD MASTER: Wise and powerful leader of the Leopard Clan, he
                     commands the remaining temple in the jungle.  Noble in
                     Spirit, he will help T'ai Fu in his quest if he proves
                     himself worthy in combat.

     PRINCESS LOTUS: Daughter of the Leopard Master, her fighting skills are
                     in no way diminished by her femininity.  A fierce,
                     relentless opponent who relishes taunting her foes.  She
                     uses long-distance runs and leaps to close in on her
                     prey, then uses acrobatic kicks and twirls to finish them

     LEOPARD GUARDS: Using their cat-like reflexes, these warriors can run in
                     at high speed to pounce on their prey.  In melee combat,
                     they will circle around you looking for an opening to

     LEOPARD CAPTAINS: Bigger and tougher, they pounce into battle with a
                       ground slam that sends out a shockwave to knock down
                       opponents.  After that, their muscles make them fierce

                                Monkey Clan

The mischievous, chattering monkeys spend their days lolling about in the
trees, and the Dragon dismissed them as harmless when we waged his campaign.
Largely untouched by evil that ravaged the rest of the land, the Monkeys thrive
in their tree-top dwellings.

     MONKEY MASTER: His constant drunken demeanor belies his savvy strength
                    and unique fighting skills.  Able to roll, bounce, and
                    throw sake jugs from a distance, he in actuality presents
                    a formidable foe.

     MONKEY GUARDS: Tiny little chimps, and annoying as hell.  They roll,
                    bounce, throw things at you, all until you get up close and
                    pound them down.

     MONKEY CAPTAINS: Of the Gorilla variety, these bruisers pack a wallop and
                      don't go down easily.  They are, however, highly

                                 Crane Clan

Graced with beauty and the power of flight, these feathered beings fight with
grace and agility.  However, their beauty led to vanity, which was exploited by
the Dragon, who capitalized on it to kidnap their leader.

     LEI FU: Wise and beautiful leader of the clan, she is held captive by the
             Rat Pirate.  If freed, she will gladly teach T'ai Fu secret Crane
             techniques to aid him in his fight.

     CRANE SCOUTS: Dedicated front-line warriors of the Crane Clan, they will
                   fly into the fray from any direction and hover, making them
                   difficult targets until they land.

     CRANE CAPTAINS: In addition to flight, these fighters can throw sprays of
                     bladed feathers at you from afar.  Up-close, they present
                     as much of a threat with their graceful kung-fu.  They can
                     be picked up but not thrown, as they just take flight in
                     the air.

                                 Snake Clan

Slithering and insidious, these reptiles immediately joined up with the Dragon
in his quest for power, with the promise of being elevated to the status of
Dragon themselves.  They provide the Dragon with most of his ground troops.

     STRIKER PYTHONS: Red in color, they come in different sizes with
                      corresponding degrees of toughness.  Generally, they
                      have a punch attack followed by a low tail-sweep attack.
                      You can easily pick them up and toss them around.

     BRUISER PYTHONS: Yellow, beefier, and stronger than the Striker variety.
                      Bruisers pack a heavy punch combo and a head butt that
                      breaks through your block, so take them out quickly with
                      a string of attacks and don't give them the chance to

     CRUSHER PYTHON: A steroid-enhanced version that wields a long club, he
                     guards the ruined ancient Tiger Temple.  You'll have to
                     jump over his reach to get close enough to do some

     COBRA GUARDS: Armed with bladed staffs that they can twirl around quickly
                   to block attacks or lunge around to tenderize you.  They
                   appear in a puff of smoke, but it'll take more solid means
                   to make them go away again.

     COBRA ARCHERS: Small in stature, but equipped with a bow and limitless
                    arrows to turn you into a pincushion from a distance.
                    Dodge while approaching and dispatch them once you've moved
                    in close enough that they can't fire back.

     SHOCK VIPERS: Living in caves and waterways, these creatures can electrify
                   themselves momentarily, causing you pain if you strike them
                   at that moment.  They can also whip with their tails, and
                   do a tongue-lash that will electrify you if it connects.

     STEALTH VIPERS: Able to vanish and reappear in a whiff of smoke and
                     rapidly slink around you to attack from another side.
                     In addition to their punches, they can also spit Chi
                     venom from a distance.

     COBRA CAPTAINS: Appear in a flash of lightning.  Long and lanky, they have
                     a good reach with their fists, and can also spit Chi balls
                     at you.  They will slither around you as you fight them,
                     making them slippery opponents.

                                  Rat Clan

Vicious opportunists, the rats also quickly sided with the Dragon, in return
for treasures which they hoard relentlessly.  Possessing no honor, they resent
other, more noble clans.

     RAT PIRATE: Leader of the rats, this great foe is holding the gentle
                 Crane Master captive aboard his ship.  He attacks with a
                 giant axe and tosses exploding barrels.

                                 Boar Clan

Physically powerful, smelly, and not that smart, the Boars chose to side with
the strength of the Dragon.  Looting and pillaging wherever they go, the Boars
are formidably foes, due to their brute strength and tough armor.

     BOAR GRUNTS: Walking upright, these burly monsters carry a big axe and
                  pack a wallop.  They have endurance to match, taking a lot of
                  damage before finally falling.  In addition to their battle-
                  axes, they also carry bombs to roll at you from a distance.

     BOAR BEASTS: Much less evolved than their Grunt counterparts, these
                  creatures run on all fours and try to scoop you up with their
                  tusks, tossing you over their shoulders, then stomping on you
                  with their heavy feet.  Once they get into a charge, it's
                  best to just stay out of the way.

     BOAR BOSS: Bigger, tougher, and actually a little smarter than his
                minions.  He equips himself with twin scimitars which he uses
                to great advantage in both offense and defense, and with a
                large supply of rolling bombs.

                                 Dragon Clan

Highly territorial and ever lusting for power, the Dragons waged war among
themselves for centuries, until the slyest, most powerful one of all wiped the
rest out.  He then set out to conquer all other animal clans, nearly
exterminating many that stood against him.  Unmatched in physical or magical
power, the remaining Dragon is a daunting opponent.

     DRAGON MASTER: An evil mastermind who rules over this conquered land with
                    an iron fist.  He commands obedience from the Snakes and
                    respect from the Boars, while also remaining loosely allied
                    with the Rats.  His mastery of all types of magic, coupled
                    with his unparalleled Kung Fu prowess, has made him nigh-

                               7. WALKTHROUGH


          Enemies: None
          Jade Coins: 15

After a severe beating in the opening FMV, T'ai Fu starts with minimal health.
Walk down and go down the ramp, picking up the first jade coins.  There's
another one inside the well on the ground.  Walk up near the Panda and he'll
start telling you about the basic controls and your first combo.  Smash the
barrels, either by striking them or picking them up and throwing them for 2
more coins.  Jump across the broken bridge; the lantern on top of it will
restore your health to full.  Remember what these HEALTH-UP bonuses look like.
If you fall into the pond, you can jump out via the bottom right corner.
Follow the path around the walls.  In the courtyard, jump from the bench up to
the ledge in the wall to get the spinning round ONE-UP.  Grab the coin by the
bamboo in the temple entrance to finish the level.


          Enemies: 27 (Striker Pythons)
          Jade Coins: 69

Stay on the rock path up the middle of the area.  If you walk on the grass
beside the path, you will hear a crunching noise, and so will your enemies.  If
you want to sneak up on them, you must walk where it's quiet.  At the top of
the hill, your first Striker Python awaits.  Pick up the basket beside him and
throw it at him for fun, then finish him off with a combo.  Ahead, circle
around the spike pit and jump over the last bit to enter the small cave, where
you get an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL.  To the right, jump over the grass to reach
the next sleeping snake.  Try picking him up and throwing him into the spike
pit.  Just ahead, the wooden board is a springboard.  Jump after bouncing on it
to launch up to the HEALTH-UP and land on the next level.  Jump over the
spikes, and jump to the brown spot by the sleeping snake to sneak up on him.
Walk to the bridge to activate the first checkpoint.

Take out the snake on the other side of the bridge, then use the springboard in
the next spike pit to jump to the next plateau.

   *** SECRET: Jump down into the water when you're crossing in front of the
   *** waterfall.  Go down the water slope, picking up the INVINCIBILITY
   *** SCROLL, and kill the python at the bottom.  Below the bridge beside
   *** him, there's a ONE-UP.  Use the springboard to get back onto the
   *** bridge, then jump up the water slope and back to dry land via the ledge
   *** on the left side.

Face off against a couple more pythons, and trigger the next checkpoint.

On the bridge, you must face 2 Pythons to advance.  Make sure you don't fall
off the bridge in doing so, because it's instant death if you do.  You can pick
up the snakes and toss them off the side, or back them up so they fall off on
their own.  There's a HEALTH-UP at the end of the bridge before the next

Jump to the next sleeping snake from your level without stepping on the noisy
grass.  Go down the slope to face 2 enemies at once.  Jump to the HEALTH-UP
afterwards (use an attack to extend the length of your jump.  It's not
absolutely necessary here, but try it if you're having trouble).  Go down the
slope and jump over the spike pit.  In the corner, there's a ONE-UP behind the
baskets.  Defeat the snake on the bridge to get an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL and
continue through the checkpoint.

As you advance down the valley, a couple of pythons will jump down from the
cliff above, so be ready to fight them.  Stick to the cliff wall on T'ai Fu's
left, jump to the jade coin on a ledge, and continue along this path over a
bridge.  In the area it leads to with a basket, 2 pythons will emerge to fight
you, and they give up coins when they die.  Jump to the ground and backtrack a
bit past the baskets if you want a couple more fights, then go under the bridge
and activate the checkpoint.

Just ahead, destroy the basket, which contains a HEALTH-UP. you must defeat 3
enemies, one at a time, to receive the gold coin to finish the level.  Don't
bother trying to climb the ramp behind it, there's an invisible wall preventing
you from doing so.

     7.3 BAMBOO HILL

          Enemies: 17 (Striker Pythons, Bruiser Pythons)
          Jade Coins: 37

Go down to the first sleeping Striker Python, then down a bit more to your
first Bruiser.  Another of the latter variety waits where the path turns.  Deal
with them with a string to quick strikes.  After the second Bruiser, jump up
along the cliff wall, jump over the spike pit and use your attack to extend the
length of your jump and you aim for the ONE-UP.  Go down to the ground and up.
Ahead, you must defeat 3 Bruiser Pythons, one at a time, to advance.  Go
through the upper right of the screen and up the ramp, collecting the jade
pieces.  Use the springboard to jump up, then move along the path, watching out
for the Strikers that will jump down to you from above.  Use the next
springboard, take out the Bruiser, and pick up the INVISIBILITY SCROLL, then
head right along the ledge.  At the end of the path, drop down to the brown
ledge visible below and go up to the jade coins.  Use the springboard past them
to reach the checkpoint.

Kill the python, who gives up a HEALTH-UP, and bounce up to the small ledge,
then jump back and forth to grab the INVISIBILITY SCROLL and take out the large
Bruiser Python.  Now, jump down to the right side to find a ONE-UP, then go
down to the checkpoints again and bounce back to the top.  Go left this time to
the bridge, and cross.  Jump up using the springboard and break the first
basket for a HEALTH-UP.  Jump over to the Bruiser and destroy him, them jump up
to the right using the springboard to find another INVISIBILITY SCROLL.  Use
the same springboard to go left and take advantage of your invisibility to
start the arena fight against 4 Bruiser Pythons, after which you can grab the
coin to finish the level.

     7.4 TIGER RUINS

          Enemies: 1 (Crusher Python)
          Jade Coins: 27

Walk up the path and jump into the pit to fight your first boss enemy.

      ***  BOSS: Crusher Python  ***

     This is a fairly easy boss if you approach him right, but he can also
     cause some trouble if you just run in carelessly.  With his long staff,
     he can attack you from a fair distance, so keep back until you're ready
     to attack.  He uses his staff in different ways: In a series of lunges
     that pan to the right, as an overhead smash, and in a couple of low
     sweeps.  You can block all of these hits by crouching and defending.  He
     can also use his staff to block your attacks, passing it from hand to
     hand.  To take him down, you want to jump in and attack, then hit him
     with a few quick strikes in a combo.  Don't bother trying to use the Chi
     finisher, he'll just smash you down if you try.  Whenever you get a 5+
     combo, back off and taunt to recover your health, then jump back in from
     medium distance and attack again for another round.  He'll fall quickly

After the fight, T'ai Fu meets SiFu, the Mantis Master, who gives him some
advice and teaches him a couple of new moves.  You can now use Chi powers!
Follow the wall to your left to return to the arena where you fought the
Crusher, and go all the way back to the start of the level to pick up all of
the coins.  Inside the arena, you can bounce off of the fallen boss' body to
get back up top.  Before you deal with the glowing orb by the level exit,
follow the wall to the right now and jump to the pedestal, then to the top of
the screen to reach an area with a ONE-UP.  Return to the pedestal and jump
diagonally downwards to reach another, then keep jumping across the pedestals
to reach another ONE-UP.

Go to the gate and use your new Chi-Blast (L1) to activate the orb on a
pedestal.  You can also grab the floating sphere beside it to refill your Chi
meter.  Grab the gold coin to finish.


          Enemies: 67 (Leopard Guards, Bruiser Pythons, Carnivorous Plants)
          Jade Coins: 70

Go straight up the hill and jump down the cliff at the peak.  Stay on the left
side to get the EARTH SCROLL.  Let the leopard that comes after you drown in
the tar, you'll still get credit for the kill.  On that note, watch out for the
tar!  If you walk in it, you'll slowly sink, but you can jump repeatedly to
escape as long as you haven't been completely sucked under.  Ahead, jump across
the patches of grass to reach the middle island.  Watch for the carnivorous
plants.  They die after 1-2 hits and give up coins, so they're mostly just an
annoyance rather than a true threat.  Once you've taken care of the Bruiser
Pythons, jump straight up from the center island to another small patch of
grass, then left to the hill.  At the top, pick up the HEALTH-UP and advance.
Fight a couple of Leopard Guards and Plants, then feel free to use a Chi blast
on the python, who gives up another EARTH SCROLL.  On the left side of this
clearing, jump up to the ledge with the ONE-UP bonus.  Go up and climb the
hill, then fight 2 Leopard Guards at once at the top.  Head right once they're
defeated.  At the end, go up the temple stairs and criss-cross back and forth,
going up the stairs, to reach the first checkpoint.

Ahead, there's an arena fight with Leopard Guards 2 at a time.  Defeat 5 to
advance and receive an EARTH SCROLL.  There is, of course, an INVINCIBILITY
SCROLL in the back to help in this fight, but you might want to save it until
the end.  The next checkpoint is just ahead.

Now, you fight 3-on-1, so if you saved that invincibility from before, it comes
in handy here.  Jump down the cliff on the right, kill the plant, and go down
the series of grassy ledges, fighting some more plants along the way.  There's
a HEALTH-UP near the bottom on the right side.  At the very bottom, cross the
tar pit and head to the bottom right corner to advance.  Cross the next tar
pit, collecting the coins, and jump down to the next checkpoint.

Hop to the large island, where you must fight 4 Bruiser Pythons, 2 at a time,
to advance.  This can actually be a little tricky.  Don't get caught in the
middle of them, use your Earth Chi if you still have any, and otherwise just
keep laying on the combos to finish them off.  You also get a couple of green
plant monsters joining in at the end.  The next checkpoint is just ahead.

Follow the path around the tar pits and go up the hill.  Fight a Bruiser on the
way up.

   *** SECRET: Jump up to the small island in the tar at the top of the hill.
   *** Landing here releases a hidden ONE-UP.

Go to the right and cross the mossy log.  You slide on its surface, so watch
your footing.  Watch out when you jump up the ledges on the right, a giant
plant monster sprouts.  It's slightly tougher than previous ones.  Ahead, a
large Bruiser Python awaits, and he gives up an EARTH SCROLL when he dies.
Continue onward to fight some more Leopards and plants, then cross a long mossy
log to the right.  On the other side, some Bruiser Pythons await, but there's
also a lot of tar around here, so don't get caught in it while fighting.  Lure
them to you on dry land and dispatch them there.  Don't forget to collect the
HEALTH-UP and coins before you continue right across another log.  On the other
side, there's a wide area with a couple of tar pits, out of which Bruiser
Pythons arise.  Defeat 5 of them to activate the gold coin, which you need to
touch to finish the level.  Don't bother trying to climb the stairs in the back
right corner, there's an invisible wall blocking them.


          Enemies: 32 (Leopard Guards, Leopard Captains)
          Jade Coins: 44

Go right to face a couple of Leopard Guards.  Heeding the game's advice of,
"Why fight what can be burned?" isn't all that easy, as the leopards aren't
about to just stand there while you pick them up.  Nevertheless, use your block
to get them in close and try to grab them, then toss them in the fire for an
easy kill (alternately, you can also force them off the edge of the platform,
sending them tumbling into the abyss).

   *** SECRET: Ring the gong in the upper corner by the fire to reveal an
   *** INVINCIBILITY SCROLL.  You ring the gong just by walking into it.

Head to the bottom right to go through the gate once you've killed the guards.
In the next area, first go up the stairs to reach the HEALTH-UP, then head back
down to the ground to fight some more.  Use a non-elemental Chi Blast on the
first guards before you pick up the LIGHTNING SCROLL for efficiency's sake,
since the scroll will refill your Chi meter.  Once you kill 3 guards, head to
the bottom right and through the gate again.  In the next area, you can't go up
the stairs yet because they're protected with spikes.  Go and kill the guards
in the adjacent arena, throwing the urns at them for instant kills, and the
spikes will retract, allowing you to climb the stairs.  Go left along the ledge
at the top to get the HEALTH-UP before you continue to the right, where you
face your first Leopard Captain.  These guys are tougher and have an area slam
attack.  Grab the LIGHTINING SCROLL before heading on.  Go up, circle around
the torch and cross the walkway to the right to reach the first checkpoint.

Ahead, there's an arena fight with 5 Leopard Guards, 2 at a time.  Again, you
can try to pick them up and throw them, or just force them into the fire or off
the ledge.  Grab the HEALTH-UP, that is actually in front of the fire, not
right in it, though it looks like you'll be scalded trying to pick it up.
Continue to the right through the next checkpoint and jump down to the next

Go up and quickly grab the urn so you can throw it at the guard who leaps down
to you.  Move along the wall and jump over the gaps in the path.  When a
leopard jumps down to you, let him fall into one of the gaps and he'll take
care of himself.  Go up to the next level and cross to the left, then jump up
again at the far end.  Go up the red carpeted ramp and fight the guards that
come after you.  If you just walk around the fire, they'll often walk into it
themselves.  So much for enemy A.I.  Jump over the flames to get the HEALTH-UP
and go up the stairs beside them.  The next checkpoint is at the top.

Go left until you reach the spot where you have to jump down ahead.

   *** SECRET: Go left from here to reach a ONE-UP, and drop down to the ledge
   *** below you to get the LIGHTNING SCROLL.  Drop down to the previous area
   *** and back up the stairs again.

Jump down to the urns and start to go up the stairs on the right.  This will
cause a series of Leopard Captains to leap down and fight you.  Use the urns to
do some initial damage, but you'll have to finish them off up close and
personal.  Go up the ramp and jump up the ledges when they're all done, then go
left at the top.

   *** SECRET: Jump through the gong to a hidden area with a HEALTH-UP.

Go left and up another series of ledges then over a small bridge to where a
Leopard Captain jumps down to fight you.  Go back and forth up the stairs once
you take him out, then left to a well-lit gong.

   *** SECRET: Again, strike the gong to receive a HEALTH-UP.

Continue left past the gong and go up the stairs, then circle the temple to
reach the transparent gold coin.  Well, it almost looks too easy.  Approach the
coin to trigger the arena fight with a mix of Leopard Guards and Captains, 2
enemies at a time.  It can be a little tough, so feel free to use your Chi
Blast, and otherwise don't get trapped between 2 attacking opponents.  Finish
them off and grab the coin to leave this level.


          Enemies: 1 (Lotus Princess)
          Jade Coins: 13

At the peak of the Leopard Temple, the Leopard Master sets his daughter Lotus
against you to test your mettle.

      ***  BOSS: Lotus  ***

     First of all, wait until she runs at you, then jump over her and quickly
     attack her from behind.  While up close and personal, just keep using
     your tiger combo, and try to move behind her while you're in the air
     before you hit the Chi finisher.  Keep piling it on like this, and though
     she'll block a lot, you'll get enough hits in to do some serious damage
     without taking much yourself.  Block her acrobatic kick combos, but stay
     in close so she doesn't do a running leap and claw you like that.  She's
     sassy, but not that tough.  "Your kung-fu's no good!"

After your victory, the Leopard Master teaches you some new moves.  Dash across
the front of the temple to reach the ONE-UP and coins on the other side, then
go back to the start.  Jump to the ledge in the wall, then to the next level of
the altar, then left and up to the glowing gold pedestal, then to the top level
of the altar from there.  Here, do a quick Leopard Dash and Leap across the
string of coins to reach the other side.  Finally, jump to the coin in the
other glowing pedestal to finish.


          Enemies: 28 (Cobra Guards, Cobra Archers)
          Jade Coins: 45

Go right and face off against your first Cobra Guard on the bridge.  Try out
your new Leopard Pounce combo, just remember that you need to attack from a
run, and start while you're still a leap away.  Just ahead, go up toward the
pagoda where a Cobra Archer is firing away at you from behind the safety of a
screen.  Take out the guard in front first, then do a Leopard Fist slam on the
ground to break the screen.  Now you can kill the archer.  Jump onto the
pedestal to the right of the pagoda, then onto the rock to get the WIND SCROLL,
then jump onto the pagoda roof for a HEALTH-UP.  Go back to the ground and head
to the bottom left corner of the ground, behind the rock.  Leopard Dash and
Leap twice diagonally out from this corner to reach a ONE-UP and some coins,
then back again.  Go down over the bridge and take out the archer there, then
go right and jump to the other archer from the rock at the bottom of the hill.
Strike the wheel behind him to turn the bridge segment in the distance.  Return
towards the pagoda and do Leopard Leaps to the right to cross the bridge you
just turned into place.  Keep leaping until you reach the checkpoint.

You must defeat 3 Cobra Guards, one by one, to advance.  Once they're clear,
collect the HEALTH-UP and strike the wheel, then go left and leap across the
bridge you just moved into place.  Keep running and leaping until you reach the
next checkpoint.

Fight multiple guards at once.  If you're surrounded, try the fist smash to
knock back your enemies.  Use your wind Chi if your meter is full.  One of them
gives up an INVISIBILITY SCROLL when you kill it.  With this in hand, run up to
the archer ahead, and just pick him up and toss him over the edge into the
abyss.  If your invisibility effect is still on, do the same with the 2 guards
that appear once you jump down ahead to the left, toward the paved path with
the HEALTH-UP.  Go ahead to fight another 3 guards all together.  Again, use
the fist smash if you're surrounded.  Dash and leap left across the bridge (if
you're having trouble making the distance, know that you can start your leap
while you're partly in the air over the edge already).  On the other side, go
up and left a bit to jump up to another pagoda, with an archer behind a screen
again and 2 guards outside to deal with.  Once they're done for, go to the
right and cross the bridge, get past another archer, and spin the wheel, then
go back to the pagoda and go left across the other bridge.  Leap over the gap,
collecting the HEALTH-UP in mid-air, to return to the last checkpoint.  Having
spun that wheel a moment ago, if you move left to the edge of the platform,
you'll notice a bridge now spun into the place (though it still looks pretty
far away).  Leap over to it and off the far end to start the final arena
battle.  This arena is pretty spread out, and you face 2 archers as you move
along to the spot under the bridge, where 2 further guards await.  Once you
kill them, one more appears, and you can either kill him too or just grab the
coin to exit.


          Enemies: 14 (Shock Vipers, Statue Warriors)
          Jade Coins: 34

Head up the stream and face a series of Shock Vipers on the rock platform.
Note that you can pick up the stalagmite on the platform and throw it to impale
an enemy.  Head left and use the Leopard Dash to overcome the current.  Keep
going until you meet another viper by a waterfall, kill it, and pick up the
FIRE SCROLL above you.  Head left and jump over the gap in the rocks, then
fight your first mantis Statue Warrior.  He can fire balls of Chi and also do
an area Chi Blast like you, so take him out lickety-split.  Note that you can
pick up the hanging blazing sconce and toss it.  Jump down to the water on the
other side and get onto the rock platform to fight some more Shock Vipers (feel
free to use your Fire Chi to take them out).  Make sure you get the HEALTH-UP
and continue up the river, dashing and leaping along.  At the top, move to the
strip of dry land by the sconce and fight the Shock Viper there, then continue
across the water to the right.

When you face the statue in front of a little shrine, go down and cross the
stone bridge, fight another statue, then leap across the next broken bridge and
fight one more.  Now turn right a little bit and carefully cross the narrow
rock bridge.  It can be a little tricky, and if you fall you have to retrace
your path a little bit to return, so you might want to try running up the first
part of the bridge and quickly leaping to the far side.  On that far side, a
pair of Statue Warriors await. Take them out and walk upwards, following the
path of jade coins.  When you reach the large mantis statue (not a fighting one
this time), notice that it rocks when you touch it.  So touch it harder, i.e.
strike it a couple of times, to knock it over, making a bridge down below.
Jump down to it, then hop to the gold coin to clear the level.

     7.10 MANTIS LAIR

          Enemies: 10 (Statue Warriors)
          Jade Coins: 20

You must defeat 10 Mantis Statue Warriors to advance.  First of all, go down
from the start to find 5 stalagmites.  Pick them up and throw them at the
warriors for instant kills.  For the remaining 5 warriors, you must use more
conventional means.  A full-on 5-hit Leopard Pounce Combo will take one out on
its own.  Note the HEALTH-UP in the rear right corner.  Once you kill all 10, a
FMV takes over and T'ai learns a couple of new moves.

Once you're in control again, go up and jump up a couple of times to the ledge
in the back of the room.  If you go right from here, you will reach a
regenerating Chi sphere, which you can go back to whenever you need.  If you go
left then down, you'll come to a ONE-UP in the corner.  Go back up from here
and climb the stairs.  At the first landing, leap across the water to the right
to find a HEALTH-UP, then keep going up the ramp on the left.  At the top, run
up the rock beside you and leap across the string of jade coins to land on a
strange platform.  Dash and leap off its left side to run up another ramp to
reach SiFu by a Chi orb.  Use your new Chi Shot (D-pad or L stick + Triangle)
to hit it, then jump across the pedestal it raises to the other side.  Once
you're at the next Chi orb, shoot it, then hop across the new pedestal it
raises to reach the strip of rock on the other side of the water (if you fall
down anywhere, slide down the water and retrace your steps back up here.  Also,
remember the Chi Sphere I pointed out earlier if you need to re-charge).  Walk
up carefully to the Chi Sphere, fire a Chi Shot at the orb straight ahead, then
do a quick dash and leap right to the pedestal.  From that vantage point, fire
another Chi Shot at the other orb in the distance, then dash and leap to the
pedestal it raised underneath the ONE-UP.  Leap back and then right to the gold

Note that the Chi Shot is not the only part of your training; you also now have
a new combo, the Mantis Block Combo, used by striking 3 times followed by
Triangle, all after successfully blocking an attack.


          Enemies: 13 (Stealth Vipers)
          Jade Coins: 33

Cross the fast-moving water to the right.  If you let the current take you
down, it'll push you against some spikes for instant death.  On the other side,
fight a Stealth Viper into submission, then continue past the steam vents, only
advancing when there is no steam spurting out.  Fight another viper at the
bottom.  Jump across the water again and fight yet another viper, then grab the
HEALTH-UP in the top corner before heading across the steam vents down here.
Go down and cross the bridge over the water.  Fight the viper on the other

   *** SECRET: As soon as you kill the viper after crossing the bridge, go down
   *** to the edge of the stone floor overlooking the river.  You can see a Chi
   *** Orb in the distance, so hit it with a Chi Shot.  Jump to the pedestal
   *** this raises, and keep jumping across one more to the platform on the
   *** other side.  Wait for the steam vents in the wall to stop venting as you
   *** walk by them.  Drop down to the ONE-UP on the ledge below.  From here,
   *** you can jump down to the ground below near the Chi Orb, but backtrack
   *** to the right from here to get the stuff listed just below here.

Follow the stone path and jump up and around to reach the Stealth Viper up top,
behind which you locate a Chi Sphere and a LIGHTNING SCROLL.  Go back down to
the left towards water level and leap across the water to a landing with a Chi
Orb (and another viper to fight, a red one this time).  This will open up a
water gate beside you, so jump into the water and slide through the tunnel.
This also activates the checkpoint.

As soon as you land in the water, start jumping toward the right bottom corner
to get out of the water, which left to its own devices would mash you into some
spikes.  On dry land, walk ahead to the Chi Sphere and Chi Orb, grab the first
and shoot the latter, then back up along the path a bit to see the pedestals
that you raised.  Jump across them to the top, and note the HEALTH-UP.  You may
want to save it if your health is mostly full right now.  Go up a bit and walk
toward the coin at the top of the stairs to trigger an arena fight with pairs
of Stealth Vipers.  You must kill 5 to grab the coin and finish the level.
Remember the Health power-up in the corner if you didn't pick it up already.
Also, feel free to use up any Chi you still have (you could very well still
have Lightning Chi if you didn't die any time recently) and use it in shots on
the vipers here.

     7.12 CROSSROADS

          Enemies: 4 (Cobra Archers)
          Jade Coins: 10

Go down until the path widens out a bit, then move left along the trail of jade
coins to reach a Cobra Archer.  After dispatching him, if you want to take out
the rest of the ground enemies, go to the right and circle around the rim of
the stage.  There are 2 Chi Spheres, and another Cobra Archer will appear
beside one of them as you approach.  Once you're done playing around on the
ground, go back to where you faced the first snake and go up the ramp to the
crossroads from there (alternately, you can climb the ramp from the opposite
side of the stage).  Another archer awaits in the middle of the crossroads.
Once at the center, there are actually 2 ways to get to the exit coin:

INTENDED PATH: This is the way that the game means for you to go.  Go up from
the center of the crossroads along the jade coins, then dash and leap right to
the next pedestal, where a Chi Orb and Sphere await you.  Fire a Chi Shot at
the orb to activate a floating platform.  Jump over and across it to reach the
HEALTH-UP and another Chi Orb.  Shoot that one too, then jump right to the
hovering platform it creates.  Shoot again straight ahead to the next orb to
bring the next platform into being, but don't wait too long to jump over to it,
because each floating platform exists only temporarily.  After the last one,
jump to the ONE-UP, then grab the coin just ahead.  If at any point you fall to
the ground, simply circle around to either ramp of the crossroads and do it all
over again.

ALTERNATE PATH: You can also get to the coin this way, though it doesn't get
you the health bonus or all of the jade coins.  It does, however, get you
another kill.  I also expect that the game designers didn't intend for you to
go this way.  Rather, this path is being saved for later in the game.  But
anyway, from the center of the crossroads, go down to climb another ramp.  At
the top, kill the Cobra Archer standing on the torch holder (you have to jump
up to him to reach him).  From there, start to slide down the slanted roof on
the left side, while jumping continuously to propel yourself along.  You can
reach a new floored area just a few feet ahead with some stairs leading into a
walled room, but there's nothing in there (again, it's being saved for later).
If you keep roof-jumping along to the left and around the corner, you'll reach
the platform with the exit coin without having bothered to use all those Chi
Shots and floating platforms.  You can still get the ONE-UP in this way, too.
If you had gone right along the roof from the spot where you fought the archer,
you would reach similar areas, but again, with nothing there for you at this


          Enemies: 55 (Monkey Guards, Monkey Captains)
          Jade Coins: 35

This level is long and moderately difficult, so make sure you save your game
before starting it.  Go right along the walkway and grab the FIRE SCROLL behind
the tree.  When you reach the drums, you will fight 4 Monkey Guards one at a
time.  Use any fighting style to kill them, they're not difficult.  You can
bounce off of the drums yourself by walking into them, or jump on the center
drum to get really good height.  Be sure to get the HEALTH-UP and the
INVISIBILITY SCROLL that appears when you clear out all the monkeys.  Go right
out of the arena and follow the path to another Monkey Guard and a Monkey
Captain.  Kill them quickly before your invisibility runs out (you can pick
them up and toss them over the side if you like), then grab the next HEALTH-UP
that the captain drops.  Wait for the elevator in the back of this square to
come down, then walk onto it and wait while you rise up.

Step off the elevator and go ahead with caution to reach a monkey tossing
coconuts at you.  You can block them while crouching, but it's easier just to
dash up and attack him.  Once you hit the pile of coconuts it disappears, but
if you leave it intact the monkey can run back to it and throw some more.  Just
past him, get the WATER SCROLL from the right, then circle around the tree to
the left.  Go left and take out the monkey waiting for you at the T-junction.

   *** SECRET: Go left after fighting the monkey and run across the wooden
   *** planks to reach the ONE-UP on a ledge below.  Note that the planks
   *** crumble after you pass over them.  Step off the edge of the platform to
   *** fall along a row of jade coins, and get the WATER SCROLL where you land.
   *** Kill the monkey that you practically land on, then move up and follow
   *** the path to return to the first arena in this stage.  Retrace your path
   *** back to where you started this secret.

Continue to the right and ride up the elevator after taking out the guard.
Above, you reach a HEALTH-UP.  There's another coconut-tossing monkey in the
corner ahead, but you can easily just knock him off the platform for an instant
kill.  Go left to the bright green area.

   *** SECRET: Jump high off the drum to get a ONE-UP and to bring down a
   *** couple of Monkey Captains to fight.

Fight the Monkey Guard and Captain ahead, then get the HEALTH-UP that the
Captain drops.  Jump into the tree in the back to start the first checkpoint.

As you ride a platform down (or up, it's hard to tell) the tree interior, you
must fight several monkeys, both guards and captains.  There are 2 FIRE SCROLLS
in here, so use them liberally to make your life a lot easier.  Also note the 2
HEALTH-UPS in the opposite corners.  At the bottom, once you've killed all of
your opponents, you activate another checkpoint and step out of the tree.

Get the next HEALTH-UP waiting for you here and go left down the platform.
Ahead is a large square area with 2 monkeys throwing coconuts.  Some Leopard
Fist Slams will take care of those easily enough.  Wait around on the left side
for the elevator to come down to you, then walk onto it and ride up.  Above,
there's another little arena with only Monkey Guards bouncing off the drum at
you.  Kill 4 to receive a FIRE SCROLL, then continue along the right side.
There's a Monkey Captain ahead, so set him on fire so you can continue on your
merry way.  Climb into the elevator on the right side and go down.  At the
bottom, go down to find the path leading away from the ring, which quickly
leads to the next checkpoint.

Ahead, there's a Monkey Guard to fight, but while you're fighting him another
is throwing coconuts at you.  Take both out while taking care not to fall off
the platform, as this corner is a bit tricky to maneuver while fighting.  One
they're clear, continue to the WATER SCROLL and get on the elevator behind it.
At the top, follow the path through another guard to another elevator, then get
off at the left side and go up.

   *** SECRET: At the corner, dash and leap to the right across a couple of
   *** coins to reach a trio of drums.  Jump off of them to reach the HEALTH-
   *** UP, FIRE SCROLL, and ONE-UP icons, then land between the last 2 drums
   *** and move down.  You'll come to some wooden planks.  Run and leap across
   *** them (they vanish as you touch them, so if you leave some there you can
   *** try again in case you miss something up ahead), then fight 3 Monkey
   *** Captains in the square arena.  Defeating them nets you 2 ONE-UPS.  Now
   *** go down-right and walk off the edge to collect the INVISIBILITY SCROLL
   *** and jade coins as you fall down.  Retrace your steps to where you first
   *** started this secret path.

Go left to enter an arena where you fight 5 Monkey Captains one by one.  Use
Leopard Style to make your life easier, unless you prefer using Chi attacks.
After the 5, get the HEALTH-UP and continue along the path from the upper left
corner.  This leads to the final arena, where you must fight 7 enemies one by
one, an assortment of Monkey Guards and Captains, to receive the gold coin.


          Enemies: 1 (Monkey Master)
          Jade Coins: 29

After an interesting conversation, the battle begins.

      ***  BOSS: Monkey Master  ***

     On the ground, Leopard Style works best, allowing you to move in quickly
     to counter his incessant circling and rolling.  After you do a bit of
     damage, he'll climb the pole in the back and throw a series of coconuts at
     you.  If they hit, they knock you down and do a little bit of damage.  To
     avoid them, try dashing in a figure-8 pattern around the arena.  If you
     do get hit, get up by pressing X as soon as you can and start moving
     again.  Once the Monkey comes back down, do some more Leopard combos on
     him.  As his health drops, he throws coconuts faster and faster, so be
     prepared.  Grab the HEALTH-UP in the upper left corner as soon as you
     think you're in trouble.

Roll and bounce to the lantern hovering just above the ground.  Notice that you
bounce off of it.  Use this bounce to reach the second lantern, then practice
continuously bouncing off of that one to improve your aim in such things.  Once
you're satisfied, go to the elevator in the back and ride to the top.  Jump out
the left side, cross the platform, and ride the moving square to the other
side.  Roll and bounce to the lantern to get to the next level up, then cross
to the far end again.  Hop to the narrow plank and move to the far side, so
that the first side is tilted up, then quickly roll up the plank and bounce up
to the ONE-UP.  Hop to the plank again, but let the far side rise before
crossing and hopping to the next platform.  Cross to the far end of that one,
then roll and bounce up the series of 3 lanterns to reach the gold coin.

     7.15 CRANE HARBOR

          Enemies: 58 (Crane Scouts, Crane Captains)
          Jade Coins: 91

Notice the netting blocking the path to the right.  Go up the available path to
the end, where you fight your first Crane Scout.  Once he's gone, strike the
handle on the left side of the contraption holding up the white sandbag.  This
releases the bag and drops the netting blocking the path back where you
started.  Go up this path to reach a small crossroads.  As you move around this
area, several Crane Scouts will fly over to fight you.  Just before you reach
the crossroads, take the path to the right and follow it to the net hoist,
strike it to release its net, then go down along the narrow path to reach a
deck with a WATER SCROLL and some jade coins.  Go up from there and jump across
the gap to return to the crossroads.  Go right through where the net you just
dropped was to hit another switch, then go back along the path and pit and up
to reach another.  Finally, return to the crossroads and go left to reach the
final net switch, but keep going past it also and jump to the small dock with
the HEALTH-UP.  Return to the crossroads and go up until you reach the

Proceed to fight your first Crane Captain, who fires sprays of blade feathers
at you.  You can block these.  Get close enough to initiate melee combat and
take her out (they seem female to me).  Defeating her nets you an INVINCIBILITY
SCROLL, so run down the ramp and start fighting the many scouts that come after
you before it runs out.  Remember, you extend the duration of the scroll's
effect by completing combos.  **Note: see the secret listed below, it provides
an alternate path to reaching the next checkpoint.*  Follow the docks until you
reach a vertical wall with a lantern in front of it.  Obviously, you have to
Monkey roll and bounce off the lantern to reach the top.  Go ahead to the next

   *** SECRET: Half-way along the stretch of docks after you defeat the first
   *** Captain (the spot to jump from is marked by a jade coin), there's a pair
   *** of lanterns over the water down to the right.  Monkey Bounce along these
   *** to a corner platform, then again across the next lanterns, keep going
   *** until you reach a larger platform.  There's a crane flying slowly ahead
   *** of it who won't attack you.  However, if you're skillful you can Monkey
   *** bounce off of it repeatedly to cross the chasm to the left to reach a
   *** platform with 2 ONE-UPS and some more coins.  Turn left on this platform
   *** and bounce across a crane's back again to reach the docks to the left,
   *** skipping over some of the previous area to go right to the checkpoint.

Where the path branches just ahead, go right to a dead-end with a LIGHTNING
SCROLL.  Pick that up and continue ahead, fighting a couple of Captains and
some Scouts along the way, with a little help from an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL.
Before that scroll, the path branches to the right again, where you can get
another LIGHTNING SCROLL, but don't pick it up yet if your Chi is still full.
At the end of the dock, there's a wide gap with a lantern in the middle.  You
need to use a Monkey Bounce to cross, but the Crane Captain on the far side is
also likely to throw some blades at you and knock you into the water, so you
need to deal with her first.  This is where your lightning Chi comes in handy.
Just zap her from across the gap (go get that second scroll if you need it
now), then bounce across at peace.  On the net at the top, Monkey roll and
bounce to the left across 2 lanterns to reach a roof.  Get the coins around the
top and fight the cranes, then jump into the middle of the roof.  This
activates the next checkpoint.

Slide down on the left.  You have to jump across 3 boats, but it's difficult to
fight on them, so either wait for the Crane Scouts to come to you, or cross to
the other side and fight them all there (there'll be about 10 of them, one by
one).  Once on the other side...

   *** SECRET: Run left up the steep ramp to reach a HEALTH-UP.  Keep going up
   *** to the left, then Monkey Bounce across the lantern to drop down along a
   *** ONE-UP and a LIGHTNING-SCROLL (if you didn't pick the latter up
   *** earlier).  Retrace your steps through the stage.

Go up the ramp to bring on 2 Crane Captains.  If you have any Chi left, use
this to take them out quickly, or else the one will keep pelting you with
blades while you try to fight the other.  Once you kill the first, though, you
get an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL to help you deal with the other one.  Continue to
the left to reach a netted area.  You can go to the ground and fight a series
of foes, or just Monkey Bounce left across 4 lanterns, then up to one last one,
then left to the roof with a ONE-UP and some coins.  Jump off the roof on the
bottom left side to land back on the docks, then go ahead to the final arena.
Here, you must kill 6 Crane Captains, who come out 2 at a time, to get the gold

     7.16 PIRATE'S JUNK

          Enemies: 1 (Rat Pirate)
          Jade Coins: 10

You jump right into the boss fight.

      ***  BOSS: Rat Pirate  ***

     When physically fighting the Rat Pirate, use whatever styles you like,
     just watch your own health as you do.  To avoid his scythe, crouch with
     R1 and it'll pass over your head.  Once you've done some damage to him,
     he'll start glowing red and will be invulnerable to your attacks.  The
     only way to get him out of this state is to throw an exploding barrel at
     him.  There's one on this side of the ship, so try that one the first
     time, remembering to avoid his scythe while you're carrying it.  After
     that, you have to go to the other side of the ship for more barrels.  Go
     right, beat up the rats that come out after you, and climb the ramp on the
     other side.  Pick up a barrel from the dispenser on the wall, then stick
     to the lower edge as you cross back past the swinging stick (it'll make
     you drop your barrel if it hits you).  On your way back, avoid the rats,
     and also the scythe.  You may need to go around the other side of the
     ship to get back.  Throw the barrel at the Rat Pirate, then fight him some
     more head-on.  Repeat this pattern until he's dead.

Once you've learned from the Crane Master, get the jade coins and head to the
right side of the ship.  Jump to the rear platform where the Crane Master is
standing, then jump and hover back to the left along the line of jade coins to
reach the gold coin.  Remember, if you're having trouble reaching the coin, you
can hover for longer if you press X repeatedly, rather than just holding it.


          Enemies: 9 (Cobra Guards)
          Jade Coins: 12

   *** SECRET: From the top where you start, jump and hover to the left along
   *** the top of the roof to reach a flat area with stairs going into an
   *** enclosed room with a ONE-UP.  Go back to the start and do the same to
   *** the right side to find another ONE-UP.  Keep going to the right along
   *** the roofs to skip ahead to the gold coin if you want to finish early.

Head down the crossroads ramp to the ground and circle around to find some
Cobra Guards and a couple of LIGHTNING SCROLLS in the corners.  Now, from the
center of the crossroads, go up to the end, then hover across the gap to the
left to reach a platform with a Cobra Guard.  From there, Monkey Bounce up to
the lantern to reach the next level with a HEALTH-UP.  Up here, Monkey Bounce
left across the 2 lanterns to the middle platform, then down, left, and up to
the roof to find a ONE-UP.  Go back down under the roof and bounce to the left
again across yet more lanterns to reach the platform with the gold coin.  Grab
it to finish the stage.

     7.18 GREAT WALL

          Enemies: 34 (Boar Grunts, Boar Beasts)
          Jade Coins: 30

Walk ahead and fight your first Boar Grunt.  Just ahead, you enter an arena
fight with 4 Boar Grunts, one at a time.  Grab the EARTH SCROLL and use it to
petrify them.  Defeat them all to advance.  After that, go ahead to the top of
the stairs and head down to the flaming torch.

   *** SECRET: Drop down by the torch at the bottom right corner of this arena
   *** to a HEALTH-UP, then jump left to the next platform and back up to the
   *** main area.

Go left near the top of the screen and cross to the checkpoint.

Ahead, there's a boar on a stand, which you need to smash to get him down to
your level.  Use any attacks on it to do so, but watch out for the bombs he
tosses down at you.  Once he's gone, pick up the EARTH SCROLL he drops, then
jump from the crates in this area down to the series of square blocks that
bring you to the top of the wall.  At the top, do a long Crane hover to reach
the HEALTH-UP on the far side.  Go back to the first side of the wall and walk
around the corner to encounter a Boar Beast.  Go up the stairs behind him and
get the INVINCIBILITY SCROLL as another arena battle starts.  Remember that if
you do combos, your Chi meter keeps refilling, keeping the invincibility effect
in play.  Use this to your advantage throughout this fight.  Go left when you
win.  Slide down the ramp to the narrow ledge.

   *** SECRET: Once you're on the ledge, go up and around to the right to find
   *** a ONE-UP.

Go down the steps with the jade coins, then fight the Boar Beast at the bottom.
There's an EARTH SCROLL under the ledge you just came down from to help you
out.  Continue left to reach the next checkpoint.

Be careful fighting the Boar Beast on the bridge, in case you get knocked off.
If you still have Earth Chi, use that to petrify him and destroy him easily.
Step down onto the wooden planks to the HEALTH-UP, then turn left and jump to
the jade coin, then slide down to the other wooden platform.  From there, jump
to the roof of the first tent, then hover to the next one to get the EARTH
SCROLL there.  Drop down to the ground, then go inside the double-wide tent you
were just on to get the INVINCIBILITY SCROLL hidden inside.  Use this to kill
the Boar Beast on the ground, then walk up to the other tent across this area.
Two more Boar Beasts will come out of there.  There's another EARTH SCROLL
under the wooden platform if you go around the rock to reach it.  Once the
Beasts are taken care of, jump up the rocks to the left of the tent to reach
the roof of the tent, where a ONE-UP awaits, then jump off the other side
across a rock to another wooden platform.  Go to the top of the wall to trigger
an arena fight with 4 Boar Beasts, one or two at a time.  When you win, jump to
the pedestal with the HEALTH-UP and then up to the checkpoint.

Grab the INVINCIBILITY SCROLL before the Boar Grunts jump down to you.  Kill at
least 4 of them to be able to advance.  Go ahead and bring down the stand that
the Boar Grunt is on and kill him.  You can pick up a Chi Sphere here too to
refill your meter.  Go up the stairs behind the crates, then up the shorter
flight going to the right.  Fight your way up to the Boar Grunt on the wall,
avoiding his bombs, and take him down.  Remember this spot that he was standing
on for the secret listed just below.  Go up a bit to trigger the next arena
fight with 6 enemies, but try and do the following secret first, since it
requires that the wooden stand be intact.

   *** SECRET: From the top of the breakable wooden stand, jump downward, and
   *** at the very peak of your jump start hovering by repeatedly pressing X as
   *** fast as you can.  You'll have to be really good to reach the ONE-UP
   *** floating above the previous area.  Once you've got that, go right up the
   *** ramp and jump to the square where the Boar Grunt was throwing bombs from
   *** before, and hover left to reach the HEALTH-UP.

Ahead, there's an arena fight to finish the level, with a mix of Boar Grunts
and Beasts.  Defeat 6 to receive the gold coin.


          Enemies: 31 (Boar Grunts)
          Jade Coins: 50

Walk up the snowy path, but watch out for the Boar Grunt hiding around the
corner on the right side.

   *** SECRET: Walk up the hill on the left side from the start to reach a
   *** frozen Tiger statue and an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL.

Just ahead, there's an icy patch that you can't walk on (it just slides you
back to the start.  Use the small rocks sticking out to get across, hovering
between them, and reach the Boars so you can fight them (also note, before the
icy patch, there are 2 stakes in the ground on the right; you can pick these up
and throw them to impale your enemies).  Once you kill both Boars, go to the
right of the ice patch to get a HEALTH-UP, then cross to the left side and go
up the hill to the Boars' camping area.  Grunts will come out of the tents to
fight you.  Please note that you can throw them into their campfire for a
little fun.  Cross the bridge down from the right side of the tents.

Grab the FIRE SCROLL on the ice.  Approaching the ice wall behind it also makes
the Boar Grunt break out to come after you.  On the right, jump and hover over
the water to reach the other side.  Move underneath the permanent platform
beside the tent to get the Boar to come down and fight you.  Next, you have to
pick up and throw away the stakes in the ground beside the raised platform to
clear the path, then walk up the hill behind them.  As you approach the jade
coins, boulders will start to fall between the second and third coins, so time
your advance carefully.  At the top of the slope, 3 more Grunts come out of the
tent, one by one.  Keep going to the left once they're clear.  More boulders
fall on this side of the mountain, the best way to get across is to just
Leopard Dash past them all.  Finally, you reach a checkpoint.

Fight 3 Boar Grunts while a fourth tosses bombs down at you.  Just keep moving
around to avoid those.  You can get on top of his platform from the right side.
And we reach another checkpoint.  They really don't space these things out
well, do they?

You have a large gap to cross, with a HEALTH-UP floating over the middle.  To
get across, you must use the long Crane Hover by pressing X repeatedly, rather
than just holding it (the first time I played this, this part gave me a hell of
a time until I figured out that you could extend your hover like this).  Go
around the mountain's edge and up into the middle.  Fight a Boar Grunt on the
ice, but be careful not to fall into the water.  Hover across the water to
reach 2 tents on the other side, each with a couple of Grunts that come out
after you.  There's an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL behind the tent on the left.  Go
right from the right tent when the enemies are gone, and pick up the stakes in
the snow to clear the path.  Circle around the mountain and cross the bridge,
then strike the ice wall repeatedly to get to the FIRE SCROLL behind it.  Go
right and jump under the next bridge to the jade coins and up along this wall.
As you approach the corner, another Grunt smashes out of the ice on your left.
Keep circling around the ledge and cross the long bridge.

   *** SECRET: You can see a ONE-UP just below.  Jump down to the right, then
   *** hover out to the icon.  You may need to keep hovering while you circle
   *** around it to get it.  When you land, go left and retrace your steps to
   *** the long bridge and re-cross it.

Go down and cross the next bridge, but note that it's broken at the far end.
Hover across the gap to reach the checkpoint.

Go left to fight a Boar trapped in the ice, then go back to the right and break
the ice wall to get the HEALTH-UP.  Continue to the right and fight some more.
Walk up to the next level and go left across the ice.  Fight the Boar from the
ice wall, but be careful since the ground is slippery.  Continue going left
around the mountain, then drop down when you see a jade coin.  Cross the ice
and get on top of the rock at the other end (there's another coin on it to mark
it).  From there, hover up to the next landing with a coin, then up again to
the final arena.  You have to fight Boar Grunts, 2 at a time, in fairly close
quarters.  Defeat 4 to activate the gold coin, which you must break the ice
wall in the back to reach.  You can actually fight up to 6 Grunts, since they
just keep coming, but if your health is in trouble then grab the coin as soon
as it's active.


          Enemies: 1 (Boar Boss)
          Jade Coins: 13

Head right and note the frozen Boar between the torches.  Also note that there
seems to be a boss health bar below your own.  Hmm...  Keep moving right along
the ledge until you reach the ONE-UP down from you, then hover out to it and
drop down.  Go straight down from there to trigger the boss fight.

      ***  BOSS: Boar Boss  ***

     He tosses bombs from medium distance and uses his twin scimitars to good
     effect, blocking a lot of your attacks and doing big leaps into the air to
     try and bring them down on your head.  Use Leopard Style when you need to
     move around and lunge in at him to try and get him with his guard down.
     Crane blade feathers will take his health away pretty quickly, and Monkey
     style is pretty effective too.  You'll wear his health down quickly.  Now
     wasn't that easy?  Wait, what's happening?  Oh, not again!  Once he's
     revived, he'll also periodically jump to the top of one of the pedestals
     around the arena and throw 2 volleys of bombs at you.  Dash around to
     avoid these, but remember that the outer ring of the arena is icy and
     won't give you much traction.  When he's back on the ground, just use the
     same attacks as before to wear him down.  Remember to taunt to restore
     your health whenever you get a 5+ combo in.  Once you kill him again, he
     goes down for good.

Jump on top of the fallen boar statue head and jump up to the pedestal with the
Chi Sphere.  Now hover counter-clockwise to the tops of each pedestal.  When
you reach the last one, fire 3 Chi Shots dead ahead to break the ice, then
hover across the large gap (press X repeatedly) to reach the ONE-UP.  In this
cave, go to the left edge to finish the stage.


          Enemies: 0
          Jade Coins: 32

You don't get a chance to save before starting this level for some reason.  You
can go right to the tip of the ledge to see your ultimate destination ahead.
When you're done taking in the sights, go back down the little ledge and hover
around the tree to reach the jade coin.  Walk up to the end and jump on top of
the sawed-off tree trunk.  Hover left to the next, then ahead to the ledge with
the coins, and hover down-left from there to the next trunk.  Hover up to the
next, then right, then up to reach the mountainside.  Walk up the slope and
slide down the left side.  Hover over the slope as indicated by the jade coins
and walk through the checkpoint.

Jump down where you can see the ONE-UP trapped behind the ice wall below.  As
soon as you start to drop, hover underneath the ledge you were just on to reach
the cave at its base.  Go left through this cave to end up behind the ice wall.
Collect the icon and break the wall, then jump down along the line of coins.

This next part is tricky.  The air flows will blow you off the cliff if they
can.  Start near the upper wall (at the source of the air flow) and try to
hover straight across to the left.  You'll be blown out as you do so, but you
can land on the tree trunk with the ONE-UP.  Jump up to the ledge between the
air flows and go to the cliff wall again.  Now, drop to the right into the
first air flow.  As you get blown to the edge, jump and hover across the line
of jade coins to reach a ledge on the other side of the chasm.  From there,
hover to the left of the air flows back across the gap to a narrow ledge with a
couple more coins.  Move left up to the next air flow and let it carry you a
bit.  You rise up a ribcage of some long-dead animal.  Jump at the peak and
hover across the gap to reach the gold coin.

Enjoy the FMV and learn your last kung-fu skill.


          Enemies: 5 (Cobra Guards)
          Jade Coins: 44

Okay, so on the world map it said you were entering the Shadow Gauntlet, but
you have to use the Crossroads to get there, as becomes apparent once the level

   *** SECRET: Hover to either side from the start to reach the floored areas.
   *** Go down the stairs to find a ONE-UP on each side.

Go down to the floor and circle around to fight some Cobra Guards and find some
coins.  Go to the middle of the crossroads (get the coins from both side ramps
leading to the ground) and go up.  Hover to the right first, then again to the
corner platform, and hover right to each little alcove, then do a long hover to
the right to reach the ledge with the ONE-UP.  Return to the center of the
crossroads and go up again, then hover left this time.  See the lantern you
Monkey Bounced off of last time you were here?  Well, it's not lit anymore, and
therefore isn't bouncy.  Sucks, huh?  Oh well, just return to the crossroads
and go down to return to where you started, then hover right along the roof's
edge a couple of times to reach the ONE-UP, then hover right some more until
you reach the ledge with a roof, where you find a HEALTH-UP.  Keep going right
to reach another ledge with an INVINCIBILITY SCROLL, though it won't do you
much good if you already took out the Cobras on the ground.

Now return to where you started this level, between the 2 flaming torches.  You
have to break down the doors using your new Fist of the Tiger (Hold R1 and
press Square) to reveal the gold coin.  Sure, you could have done this right at
the start of this stage, but you would have missed all those Cobras and coins,
now, wouldn't you?  Not to mention the one-ups, which will come in very handy
on the next stage.


          Enemies: 34 (Stealth Vipers, Cobra Captains)
          Jade Coins: 54

Once again, there's no save point between the last level and this one, but if
you die you'll only start at the beginning of this stage, so no big worry.

Shoot the Chi Orb below you and hover down and little to the left to reach the
floating platform it created.  Hurry up, because it won't last forever.  Keep
hovering from there to the rock in the middle of the lava lake.  Hover again
upwards to reach the tiled floor visible from where you're standing.  Hover
again to the next, and now it's time for some precise Monkey Bouncing.  Bounce
to the low lantern on the right, then straight up to the one directly in front
of the lava fall, then straight left to the third and left up to the ledge.
There, you fight your first Cobra Captain.  You may knock him off the ledge, in
which case it's up to you whether you go down after him or just leave him to
his fate there.  Proceed along the ledge and hover across the small lava-fall.
On the other side, fight a Stealth Viper, then advance some more to get a Cobra
Captain to appear.  Now, activate both Chi Orbs (you could use a full Chi Blast
to hit both at once), then immediately start hovering out to the left to reach
the first floating platform.  Very quickly hover to the next before they
disappear, and from there hover down-left to the rock platform.  Hover again up
from there to the visible ledge along the wall.

   *** SECRET: From the middle permanent rock platform, you can hover left out
   *** to a HEALTH-UP and back.

Approach the Chi Sphere and another Cobra Captain will appear.  After you've
dealt with him, you have to activate all 3 Chi Orbs in quick succession and
then cross the temporary platforms they create.  I suggest starting at the top,
standing in front of the orb and shooting it, then walking down, shooting
directly up at the second orb, then go down again and repeat, then jump to the
platforms as quickly as possible (there's some hovering required) and reach the
other side.  If you're having trouble hitting all 3 orbs, try a Chi Blast to
get them all at once.  The Chi Sphere will keep regenerating as long as you
need it to.  Climb the stairs once you're on the other side, fighting a Stealth
Viper half-way up, and go left and cross to the checkpoint.

Hover straight ahead to reach the other platform, and advance to trigger the
Stealth Viper arena fight.  Afterwards, move to the right edge of the platform
and locate the lattice walkway.  Cross this grid to the other side, fight
another Cobra, and go right to find another Chi Orb.  Activate it with a Chi
Shot and hover across the platform it creates to reach a HEALTH-UP on the other
side.  Now hover diagonally across the gap where the jade coins are to the
other side, and climb the large stairs in the back.  Fight the Viper up top and
cross right to the checkpoint.

Now, there's another arena fight with 3 Cobra Captains, one at a time.  Once
they're gone, hover out to the HEALTH-UP and back, then go right to another

Keep going right, fight your way through another Cobra, and move to the end of
the platform.  You can see the next area you need to go to below you.  Drop
down on the right side, and fight the Stealth Viper that is hiding in the
shadows in the back.

   *** SECRET: From this ledge, before crossing to the left, hover out from the
   *** right side to reach another small rock with a ONE-UP on the far side.
   *** Hover back to the main area.

Go left over the rock bridge and kill another Viper on the far side.  Activate
the Chi Orb and jump left to the platform it creates, then again to the
permanent floating platform just past it.  Wait here and gather yourself for a
moment.  You need to Monkey Bounce to the lantern on the left, then straight
down, then left twice more to reach another platform.  This can be tricky, just
be very precise in your movement on each bounce.  From there, hover diagonally
left to a ledge in front of the blue laser beams.  From here, if you want to
activate the checkpoint, jump and hover up to the right, between the middle 2
laser beams.

   *** SECRET: Go right past the laser beams.  You can either hover down around
   *** both together, or you can crouch-walk under the first and jump over the
   *** second.  Fight the Viper on the other side, then hover down off the edge
   *** to reach the ONE-UP and back.

Go left from the checkpoint and fight a Cobra Captain on the floor.  From here,
you need to drop down again to the rocky area below you (hover while you're
falling to make sure you land on the ledge).  Fight 3 Cobra Captains down
there, then get the HEALTH-UP and go up the stairs on the left side.  Where
stairs going in several directions all meet, fight 2 Vipers, then head down the
stairs on the left side to fight a Cobra Captain who gives up a HEALTH-UP, and
go back up.  Go up the other stairs on the left side to advance.  At the top of
the long stairway, fight 2 Vipers, then head to the bottom left corner.  The
camera will turn, and you'll see the purple lantern you have to bounce off of
past where the ledge slopes down.  This is another precise series of lantern
bounces.  Bounce left twice, then diagonally up twice, then left until you
reach solid ground.  Here, you get an arena fight with 5 Cobra Captains, 2 at
time.  Hint: Use Fist of the Tiger a LOT.  Once they're done for, hover left to
grab the gold coin.


          Enemies: 1 (Dragon Master)
          Jade Coins: 0

And now for the big one!

      ***  FINAL BOSS: Dragon Master  ***

     First, an explanation of the arena.  You start on a kind of frozen cloud.
     From here, if you run up the ramp behind you and hover to the next such
     cloud, you can find a HEALTH-UP floating over the inside corner of that
     cloud (you have to hover to it and back).  If, from the starting platform,
     you go down the other slope, you can then hover to the right to the roof
     of a pagoda.  If you jump off the edge and hover to the second-level roof,
     you can find 2 more HEALTH-UPS in 2 corners.  From another corner, you can
     jump to another square cloud-platform, then to another, then back to the
     roof, from where you can return to the starting platform.

     Now for the fighting.  The Dragon will first come up close and personal.
     While he's standing, you can hit him, but he blocks a lot and will hurt
     you more than you hurt him, in all likelihood.  He has a tail swipe, a
     grab move (this one's the worst), and a water breath attack.  Basically,
     just keep laying it on him with Fists of the Tiger, Crane and Monkey style
     to get his health down a bit.  It'll be tough.  If you take too much
     damage and you're worried for your safety, that's when it's time to break
     off and go after one of the health icons listed above.

     When he's tired of fighting fair, the Dragon will fly off and launch magic
     attacks from a distance.  All you can do is avoid these, ideally by
     Leopard Dashing and Leaping around a platform to avoid his shots.  If he
     hits you with Earth magic, you'll be petrified until you press Square
     repeatedly to break free.  His other magic is fire, which will burn the
     ground where it hits for a moment, and lightning, which is easy to avoid.
     He uses the latter mostly while you're running around his pagoda.

     So basically, avoid his magic and get to one of the large cloud platforms
     to wait for him to come down and fight you, let loose with everything
     you've got once he does, and back off to go after one of the health icons
     as needed.  Repeat until he's dead.  It may take several tries, but that's
     what you've been accumulating all of these extra lives for throughout the

Congratulations!  You've completed the game with honor.  Or as the game tells
you, you've put the F-U back in Kung Fu!  Watch the credits as they play over
the nice concept art and appreciate all of the work that went into making this
game.  At the end, you get the option of saving your end-game, after which you
can roam the world map freely and replay any stage with all of your kung-fu
skills intact.

                               8. CLOSING INFO


1.0: All of what you see here.  Completed 30-Mar-05.
Future updates are unlikely, there really isn't anything else to say about the


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for this guide, please feel
free to drop me an e-mail at: [syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com].

I have written several other video game guides, most of them for the Sony
Playstation, with a preference for non-mainstream games (read: not very
popular, but with their own followings).  If you would like to see more of my
work, the complete collection is available at:

  ~~ LEGAL INFO ~~

This guide is copyright 2005 Marc Lalonde, a.k.a. Syonyx, and is provide for
free personal enjoyment only.  Any use of this guide in whole or in part for
financial profit or in hopes of such profit is expressly forbidden.  Websites
wishing to post this guide may do so only if it available for unlimited viewing
by non-paying visitors to the site and only if it is unchanged in any way, and
all original indications of authorship must remain intact.

That's it for me!  I hope you had fun with this guide.  I had fun playing the
game again as I wrote it, and I even found some new secret areas that I'd never
located before.  Thanks to Dreamworks interactive for making T'ai Fu, and
thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time to validate my efforts.


Syonyx 2005.

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