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Game Script by Sobou

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/13/08


The above line is to ensure that the guide fits the 79 character ASCII limit.

Suikoden Game Script
Version 1.0
Author: Sobou
Email: lan_highwind@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1) Version History
2) Introduction
3) Disclaimer
4) Game Script
 4.01) Audience with the Emperor --- [PL01]
 4.02) To Magician's Island -------- [PL02]
 4.03) Rockland & Mt. Seifu -------- [PL03]
 4.04) Flight of the Rune-bearer --- [PL04]
 4.05) Rebels and Rescues ---------- [PL05]
 4.06) Tigerwolf Tea & Sarady ------ [PL06]
 4.07) Sorrows & The Fortress ------ [PL07]
 4.08) The Strategist Mathiu ------- [PL08]
 4.09) Of Building An Army --------- [PL09]
 4.10) The Insurmountable Kwanda --- [PL10]
 4.11) The Flower General Milich --- [PL11]
 4.12) Teo and the Fire Spears ----- [PL12]
 4.13) Requiem of the Runic Vampire  [PL13]
 4.14) Knights of the Dragon's Den - [PL14]
 4.15) Kasim of the Blue Moon ------ [PL15]
 4.16) Sonya's Shasarazade --------- [PL16]
 4.17) The Golden Emperor Barbarosa  [PL17]
5) Notes
6) Credits

          1) Version History

v1.0: 2/13/08 The Notes and Credits sections are finished, along with the 79
              line format adjust being finished. The guide is good to go!
v0.8: 2/12/08 The entire script is finished! Still need to format the guide
              into 79-line format for submission.
v0.1: 1/30/08 Start of the guide! Skeleton of the guide is made.

          2) Introduction

Salutations! My real name is Michael Clark, but I go by the alias of 'Sobou'
(soh-boh) on the Internet and while playing video games. I've been a long-time
fan of Suikoden 1, completing the game around twenty times in the last ten
years or so and I never get tired of it. It's just one of those classics that
has a lot of replayability due to the decent plot and the enormous cast of
characters. When I looked through the GameFAQs guides and saw the only Game
Script guide on there hadn't been updated since 2001, I decided "Why not?" and
started my own. I plan on scribing in this guide all of the plot dialogue that
you see through the game, as it's presented in the game (including engrish and
spelling/grammatical errors) in a full and complete guide for anyone to look
through. Hope you enjoy!

          3) Disclaimer

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. The only website allowed to use this guide in all forms
of context is http://www.gamefaqs.com. Any questions or comments can be
directed to lan_highwind@yahoo.com.

          4) Game Script

1) Actions and locations will be denoted in parenthesies [like this].

2) I will be refering to the silent hero of the game as Tir, since that is his
given name in the novelization of Suikoden 1. He does not actually have a real
first name since that is chosen by the player, but for the sake of continuity,
I shall label it as thus.

3) I will be refering to the HQ/Castle that the main character obtains during
the process of the game as "Toran Castle" once the ability to name the castle
is given. Reason? It's on Toran Lake.

4) Many times through the game, you will be given two choices to respond to a
character's question. For several of these, one of the choices, when selected
three times in succession, will produce three responses. If the choice is
continually chosen, those three responses will be cycled through in that order
endlessly. For these choices, I have used a format to represent it as so:

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Shuck a yub yub.
|*Gremio: What?
|*Gremio: Huh?
|*Gremio: Shuck a yub yub?

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Yub a shuck shuck.

The choice that does not have any script beneath it within the CHOICE section
is the choice that continues the dialogue while the choices in brackets are the
three responses you'll get for continuing to pick that choice.


          4.01) Audience with the Emperor [PL01]

[The game begins with the main character and his father in a waiting room on
the 2nd floor of the Imperial Palace of Gregminster.]

*Teo: What's the matter, Tir? Are you nervous? Don't worry, the audience will
be finished quickly. Just be the way you always are. The Emperor is stern, but
there's nothing to be afraid of.

*Woman: Master Teo, Master Tir. The Emperor will receive you now. Please come
this way.

[Woman leads the pair to the throne room.]

*Woman: Teo McDohl, General of the Imperial Army and his son Tir McDohl, Here
for an audience with the Emperor.

*Barbarosa: Welcome, Teo. How are things?

*Teo: Much as they were when we fought together in the War of Succession, Your

*Barbarosa: Impressive words. Do you not agree, Windy?

*Windy: Indeed, they are the words of a great general.

*Barbarosa: Teo, I am sure you are aware of the troubling activity in the
north. Would you be willing to travel there to protect the border?

*Minister: Our disputes with the United City-States of Jowstone are
complicated, but with General McDohl in charge, we can rest assured.

*Barbarosa: My beloved sword Prakk has brought me luck on countless
occasions. I would like you to have it. Take it with you.

[Barbarosa hands Teo a sword.]

*Teo: Thank you, Your Highness. I, Teo, swear not to disappoint you.

*Barbarosa: You have my blessings. Good luck, Teo.

[Tir approaches the Emperor.]

*Barbarosa: So you're Teo's boy Tir. Quite an impressive little countenance. 
Listen, Tir. Would you be willing to give the Empire a helping hand while your
father is protecting the northern border?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Yes, Your Highness.

*Barbarosa: You already resemble your father. I shall look forward to seeing
you grow into manhood.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I don't wanna.

*Barbarosa: Ha, ha! Like father, like son. Listen, Tir. Someday, you will
follow the path of your own choosing. But for now, you have a great deal to
learn from me. Plenty of time for freedom later.

*Teo: Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness.

*Minister: Commander Kraze of the Imperial Guard will be Master Tir's superior.

*Windy: What an attractive young man you are. Good luck to you, Tir.

*Teo: We had better be going, Your Highness.

*Barbarosa: I'm relying on you, Teo. And Tir, I hope your efforts will surpass
your father's.

[Teo & Tir leave the throne room]

*Teo: Let's go.

[Tir and Teo head out of the throne room and head down to the first floor,
where they stop by a room.]

*Teo: This is Kraze's room. You'll be reporting to him starting tomorrow. Go
ahead and introduce yourself.

[Tir enters Kraze's Office.]

*Kraze: Heh. So you're Teo's boy.  What's your name? Tir? I couldn't care less
if you're the son of a great general. You'll get no special treatment here,
understand? Now go on home. Work begins tomorrow. Report here first thing in
the morning.

[Tir leaves Kraze's Office.]

*Teo: Did you introduce yourself? I must admit I'm quite surprised that you've
been assigned to such a weakling, but... Well,  let's get going. Gremio must
be worried sick.

[The duo return to the McDohl residence. Gremio rushes into the front room
when they enter the building.]

*Gremio: Welcome home, Young Master. H-h-how did it go? Was everything OK?
Were you nervous in front of the Emperor? I was soooo worried. But I guess
everything went fine.

*Teo: You shouldn't worry so much, Gremio.

*Gremio: Oh! Master Teo... I didn't notice you at all.

*Teo: Didn't notice me? Good grief. The only one you seem to care about is Tir.

*Gremio: Sorry, Master Teo. By the way, Young Master, Ted is here to
congratulate you. Oh my god! The stew! The stew!

[Gremio runs back to the kitchen. Teo leaves the building. Tir walks upstairs,
where Ted meets him]

*Ted: I heard the news, Tir! You met the Emperor, didn't you? Tell me all
about it. Please. Let's go up to your room, OK? Tell me all about the Emperor,
right now!

[Ted joins Tir and the two head to Tir's bedroom]

*Ted: Please let me join your entourage. I owe so much to Master Teo, who
adopted me when I was an orphan, and I want to return the favor. OK?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Of course.

*Ted: Great! I knew you were a good friend!

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Gee, I dunno.
|*Ted: Please, I want to work for the Imperial Guard too. Oh please..
|*Ted: Oh, come on. I thought we were friends.
|*Ted: Hey, stop giving me a hard time. You're really going to let me join
|you, right? I know what's on your mind.

*Ted: Now for more important matters. What kind of man was the Emperor?
And tell me about Windy, the Court Magician. Was she beautiful? Come on, tell
me everything.

[A short amount of time passes.]

*Ted: I see. I am sure I would like to see Windy in person. Hey Tir... I
really don't know how to tell you this, but... ummm... Say Tir there's
something I want to tell you. Can you keep a secret? Can you promise not to
tell anyone what I"m about to tell you?

*Gremio: Young Master! Ted! Supper is ready!

*Ted: Hey, it's time to eat. Let's go, Tir. We can talk some other time.

[Tir & Ted go to the dining room and seat themselves at the table, where the
rest of the household is waiting to eat.]

*Teo: Are the glasses filled? Attention, everybody. Tomorrow morning, I must
travel north. Tir will be responsible for the household in my absence. I'd
like you all to give him full support. Gremio.

*Gremio: Y-y-yes... sir.

*Teo: You've taken care of Tir since he was a baby. Thanks to your efforts.
He's grown into a fine youth. I'm grateful to you.

*Gremio: But Sir, I, this is my job, an-and besides, serving Young Master is a
pleasure for me, too...

*Teo: I'm glad to hear it. I hope you continue to watch over him. Cleo, Pahn,
I'm counting on you two as well to help and protect.

*Cleo: Yes, Master Teo.

*Pahn: Of course, Sir. Leave it to us.

*Teo: And Ted, I hope you'll always be a good friend to Tir.

*Ted: I'd do so even if you said otherwise, Sir. Right, Tir?

*Teo: Enough talk. Let's eat before the food gets cold. Let's raise our
glasses. To my son. To the Empire.

[The scene changes to that of early morning, pre-sunrise. Teo and Gremio
enter Tir's room to look at the young man.]

*Teo: It looks like I won't be seeing your face for a while, Tir.

*Gremio: Shall I wake him up?

*Teo: No, let him sleep. It's not as if we'll never meet again. ... Gremio,
take good care of him, won't you?

*Gremio: I will, Master Teo.

[Morning in Tir's bedroom, post-sunrise. Gremio walks in, doing something at
his bookcase. Tir wakes up.]

*Gremio: Oh, did I wake you up? Good morning. Listen, Young Master. Master
Teo departed while you were sleeping. You're such a late sleeper... Today you
start working as a member of the Imperial forces. We must prepare to visit
Commander Kraze.

[Tir & Gremio head downstairs.]

*Pahn: ...so the next time we have a day off... Hey, here he comes. You're
late, Young Master. It's your first day on the job. I'm so excited! Whether
it's battling bandits on Mt. Seifu or monsters on Lake Toran, Pahn here's your

*Cleo: Calm down, will you? All you ever think about is fighting. Our job is
to protect the Young Master.

*Pahn: I know, I know. Now let's be on our way to the palace.

[Tir, Gremio, Pahn and Cleo start to leave the house when Ted interupts from
his bedroom.]

*Ted: Hey, wait for me, Tir. How can you leave me behind? You know you'll be
lonely without me, right, Tir?

[Ted joins the party and the group leaves the house, heading to the Palace
and Kraze's Office.]

*Kraze: Heh. So it's Teo's boy? You're late! You can't be pampered all your
life, you know. Now for your first assignment. Listen carefully, because I'll
only tell you once. Northeast of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island.
Leknaat the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into the
stars. Go there and bring me her results. Are you listening? Tell me where the
Magician's Island is.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Northeast of Gregminster.

*Kraze: Heh. At least you can understand what I'm saying.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Northwest of Gregminster.

*Kraze: Do you have wax in your ears? The Magician's Island is
northeast of here. Pay attention.

[CHOICE 3] Tir: Somewhere on this earth.

*Kraze: Don't think you can treat me like a fool just because
you're the son of a great general. Keep acting up and you'll
be sorry.

*Kraze: Heh. Here are the rest of your instructions. There is no boat to
Magician's Island, but I've arranged for a Dragon Knight from the Knights of
the Dragon's Den to take you there. You'll find him in front of the barn. The
dragon will transport you to the island. By the way, Leknaat the Seer is the
younger sister of Court Magician Windy, so you'd better behave yourself.

[The party exits the palace, standing in the courtyard to talk.]

*Pahn: Gee, I was looking forward to your first job, and it turns out to be an
errand. As if we were kids. I was hoping for something really exciting...

*Cleo: Take it easy, Pahn. Besides, the astrological results are very
important for the Empire. It's not such a bad assignment.

*Gremio: You're right. And this job won't be so dangerous... Oh, I don't mean
to imply that you're not reliable, Master Tir, but...

*Ted: Hey Tir. We get to ride a dragon, and meet a real Dragon Knight! Dragon
Knights are really cool. Come on, let's get going!

[The group head to the barns, where they meet up with the Dragon Knight.]

*Futch: Are you the Imperial Guard? I'm Futch, apprentice Dragon Knight, and
this is my dragon Black. Hey Black, introduce yourself.

[Black roars in greeting.]

*Futch: Isn't he cute? So you'll be going to Magician's Island. Black will
take you there in no time. 

*Ted: You're a Dragon Knight? You're just a punk.

*Futch: What did you say? You're a punk yourself!

*Ted: I'm a punk? I happen to be 300-years...

*Gremio: All right, that's enough. Let's be on our way.

*Ted: Let go of me, Gremio! He called me a punk!

*Cleo: Oh boy, this is going to be some trip.

*Pahn: Take it easy, Futch. Let's get going.

*Futch: OK, OK. Everyone climb aboard the basket on Black's back.

[The party climbs into the basket on the dragon.]

*Futch: Are you ready? Hold on tight, or you'll fall off. Not that I'd mind
if one of you did fall off.

*Ted: Hey!

*Cleo: Watch it. Quit fighting in the basket.

*Futch: OK Black. Let's go!

[Black roars, then takes off and flies to the Magician's Island.]

          4.02) To Magician's Island [PL02]

[The dragon lands and the party dismount from his back.]

*Futch: Here we are. Speed make you dizzy? Well, my job ends here. I'll wait
here until you're done. Be careful.

[Tir & Co. fight their way through the forest until they come upon a young

*Luc: HOw unusual to have visitors on this island. I must prepare an
appropriate welcome. Wind Rune...

[Luc summons a powerful stone Golem, which the party defeats.]

*Luc: Wow, you guys are really something, beating my magic like that. I'm
impressed, Imperial Guards.

*Pahn: Hey! Have you got something against us, or what?

*Luc: Take it easy. I know who you guys are. You've come to see Lady Leknaat,
right? I just wanted to test you. I guess you're the real thing. Come this
way, honored guests.

[Luc leads the party to Leknaat's dwelling, where they climb up to the top
floor and meet with the Seer.]

Leknaat: I was expecting you, messengers from the Empire. Oh my, what a cute
messenger we have this year.

*Ted: She says you're cute, Tir. How do you feel about that?

*Leknaat: I'm sorry. YOu're a soldier of the Empire. I shouldn't have called
you "cute". I have prepared the Astral Conclusions. Follow me.

[Leknaat heads into the inner chamber.]

*Gremio: Young Master, we must go to Lady Leknaat's.

[Alone, Tir enters the inner chamber.]

Leknaat: Imperial messenger, here are the Astral Conclusions. Please take them.

[Tir approaches Leknaat.]

Leknaat: !!! What's your name? I see. Tir --such a friendy name. I am an
astrological magician. My job is to see the future in the stars. But the
future is not unchangeable. All I can see is the overall flow of things.
Tir, you are bearing a huge burden in the flow of destiny. You will have to
make painful choices, and experience a great deal of pain and sorrow. And I
know not what the outcome is. But always remember that your destiny is in your
own hands. Never forget that. You must decide what is right. Do you
understand? Here are the Astral Conclusions. My job is done now. But we will
meet again. Not that I see our reunion in the stars... It's just my wish.

[Leknaat gives Tir the Astral Conclusions, and he heads back to where the
rest of the party is waiting.]

*Ted: You're back at last. You sure took your time. What were you up to in
there, eh?

*Pahn: If we don't hurry, Futch will get impatient and leave us behind. Let's
get going.

*Cleo: Don't be so rude to Lady Leknaat. Are you hungry or something?

*Pahn: Shut up.

[Leknaat enters the room.]

*Leknaat: You must all be bored. I'll have Luc take you to the shore. Luc?

[Luc teleports into the room.]

*Luc: I'm here, Lady Leknaat.

*Leknaat: Take Tir and his companions to the shore. And none of your tricks
now, do you hear?

*Luc: Of course not, Ma'am. I would never trick anyone.

*Cleo: If you'll excuse us, Lady Leknaat, we'll be on our way.

[Leknaat approaches Cleo.]

*Leknaat: You...

*Cleo: Yes?

*Leknaat: Your job is to protect Tir. Take this. It should come in handy

[Leknaat hands Cleo a Fire crystal, then turns back to Tir.]

*Leknaat: Tir... Remember what I told you.

*Luc: Ready, everyone? Then close your eyes. Wind Rune, show your power.

[Back at the shore, Futch is waiting.]

*Futch: Boy are they late. Hey Black, think we should leave? The Imperial
Guard should be able to fend for themselves.

[Tir, Gremio, Pahn and Cleo teleport onto the beach around Black & Futch.]

*Pahn: What the?? Whoa, what's going on here? We're back here already. I've
never seen such magic.

*Gremio: You are a worthy apprentice to Lady Leknaat.

*Cleo: That's all fine, but... where's Ted?

[Ted appears in mid-air, crashes to the ground by Futch, and picks himself up.]

*Ted: Ouch! Watch it, you punk!

*Futch: Better watch your mouth!

*Gremio: Enough is enough. I'm sick of all this fighting.

*Futch: It's about time. Hurry up and hop on, or we'll leave you behind.

[The party climbs into the basket on Black's back.]

*Gremio: W-we're all aboard.

*Pahn: Darn, it's crowded in here.

*Futch: OK Black, let's fly back to the Imperial Capital!

[Black takes flight and heads back to Gregminster, landing in the barnyard
that the party left from.]

*Futch: That's the end of my job. YOu all have to deliver the Astral
Conclusions to the Commander. While I'm in the capital, I might as well
take a look around. How would you like to go to the theater, Black?

[The party take their leave of Futch and head back into the palace, to
Kraze's Office, where Kraze and a man named Kanaan wait.]

*Kraze: Finally back, eh? I've been sick of waiting for you. Hurry up and
give me the Astral Conclusions.

[Tir hands the Astral Conclusions over to Kraze.]

*Kraze: I guess you've done your job. You're apparently not totally useless.
So get ready for your next assignment. What's the matter? Why don't you look
happier? It's an honor to be able to work for the Empire.

*Kanaan: Commander Kraze is right.

*Pahn: Ho hum.

*Kraze: Listen carefully. East of Gregminster, you'll find a town called

*Kanaan: Understand? Rockland, east of Gregminster.

*Kraze: For some reason, this town has failed to pay its taxes.

*Kanaan: For some reason, they won't pay.

*Kraze: So you will go to Rockland.

*Kanaan: That's right, you'll go to Rockland.

*Kraze: And tell them that their tax payment is overdue.

*Kanaan: Tell them they're overdue.

*Kraze: Shut up! Stop yapping while I'm talking.

*Kanaan: That's right. All of you stop yapping.

*Kraze: Idiot! Kanaan! I'm telling you to shut up!

*Kanaan: Who, me?

*Kraze: Forget it. Anyway, ask the military commander of Rockland about the
tax situation. His name is Grady. And you'll take Kanaan with you on this

*Kanaan: Heh heh. Listen, all of you. I'm your superior in the Imperial Guard.
Disobeying me means disobeying the Empire. Keep that in mind.

*Cleo: What a creep.

*Kraze: That's all I have to say. Now get on your way to Rockland!

[The party gears up and leaves Gregminster, travelling east to Rockland with
Kanaan in tow.]

          4.03) Rockland & Mt. Seifu [PL03]

[Upon reaching Rockland, the party makes their way inside the largest building
in the town, a mansion that belongs to the military commander of Rockland,

*Guard: Hey, who are you fellows? This is Master Grady's mansion. You're not
allowed in here. What do you want?

*Kanaan: What did you say?! I'm Kanaan, assistant to Imperial Guard Commander
Kraze! Tell Grady to get out here!

*Guard: What! Y-yes sir, right away. Please wait a moment.

[The guard enters Grady's office.]

*Grady: What is it? Those villagers come to complain again? Get them out of

*Guard: No sir. They say they're the Imperial Guard.

*Grady: Whatever they are, I'm busy! Hurry up and...What? Imperial Guard?
Did you say Imperial Guard? Why didn't you tell me sooner, you fool!

[Grady leaves his office to meet with the party.]

*Grady: Welcome, welcome, members of the Imperial Guard. What brings you to
this poor country town? Please come in.

[The group follow Grady back into his office.]

*Kanaan: Humph. Looks like you're doing very well here.

*Grady: Oh no, not at all, sir.

*Kanaan: Forget it. YOu know why we're here, don't you?

*Grady: Indeed, sir. About the taxes, right? We've been troubled about that
too. You see, some bandits have settled on nearby Mt. Seifu, and have been
pillaging the local villages. That's why we've been unable to collect taxes
and deliver them to you. BUt I'm glad there's nothing to be worried about now.

*Kanaan: What do you mean by that?

*Grady: I speak, of course, of your arrival. The arrival of the courageous
National Guard. Getting rid of country bandits should be an easy task for
you. You're not afraid of them, I'm sure.

*Kanaan: Ho ho! Of course not. Hmmm, bandits, eh? Ummm...well. We should be
okay. We'll crush them like flies. Ho ho ho!

*Cleo: That's ridiculous. Our mission is to...

*Pahn: Ha ha! I can't wait. I've been waiting for a good fight.

*Ted: Me too. Let's teach the bandits a lesson. Right, Tir?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Of course.

*Gremio: Young Master, we mustn't.

*Cleo: Boys will be boys.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: We should return home first.

*Kanaan: What? I'm the leader of this party, and I say we go fight. Just shut
up and follow me, you cowards.

*Kanaan: Fine, let's get going. Don't fall back now.

*Gremio: I'm glad of your decision, but do you know where Mt. Seifu is?

*Kanaan: Sh-shut up. I was just about to ask you.

*Grady: Mt. Seifu is east of Rockland.

*Kanaan: Fine. Now let's go!

[The party exits Rockland and makes their way to Mt. Seifu. At the base of the
mountain, the party stops for a breather.]

*Kanaan: Phew! Finally, Mt. Seifu. All of you, don't chicken out because of
the bandits.

*Pahn: And you too.

*Kanaan: Here we go! Pahn, you take the lead.

*Pahn: Why me?

*Kanaan: Just shut up and go. I'm the leader, so I'll go last.

*Pahn: Pshaw!

*Ted: This is exciting, isn't it, Tir?

*Gremio: Ted! Please don't say such things. Young Master, don't put yourself
in danger. I Gremio, will be protecting you.

*Kanaan: Hey, let's go!

[The party enters a cave in the side of Mt. Seifu and fights their way through
it. After some time they come to a large circular room where a giant monster,
a Queen Ant, is waiting. Fighting it unsuccessfully, they back away from it.]

*Pahn: Damn, she's powerful! We'll never beat her!

*Cleo: At this rate we'll get wiped out.

*Kanaan: Fools! What are you saying! You must protect me.

*Gremio: Young Master, let's run. I'll protect you.

*Cleo: I don't know if we can make it.

*Kanaan: Do something!

*Ted: Tir, everybody, stand back. I have an idea.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: OK, Ted.

*Ted: Let me handle this. Did I ever let you down?

[CHOICE 2] Don't be reckless, Ted.

*Ted: Don't worry, Tir. Let me handle this. But... Thanks for
being considerate, Tir.

[Ted engages the Queen Ant and uses the third level spell of the Soul Eater
rune, Hell. The Queen Ant vanishes.]

*Kanaan: What the hell??

*Gremio: Ted! How did you do that?

*Ted: Sorry, but I can't explain right now. Tir, I'll tell you when we get
home. But don't ask now. Anyway, let's get rid of the bandits and go back to

*Kanaan: Hmmm, this must be what Commander Kraze was talking about.

[The party continued it's treck through the mountain, eventually exiting onto
the summit and approaching the bandit's fort. Two men are standing in front
of the fort when they approach it.]

*Varkas: Well well, we have visitors. How unusual. What do you want?

*Kanaan: Listen up, you bandits. I, Kanaan, Assistant Commander of the
Imperial Guard of the Golden Emperor Barbarosa, have come here to teach
you a lesson. Turn yourselves in, you tax thieves.

*Varkas: Did you hear that? He says we're the tax thieves. Listen here, you
petty clerk. I'm Varkas the Whirlwind Axe. Sydonia, you introduce yourself too.

*Sydonia: Heh, why bother?

*Varkas: Affable fellow. Anyway, that there is Marksman Sydonia. You Imperial
tax robbers better get out of here before you get hurt.

*Pahn: I'm the renowned Imperial hero...

*Cleo: Shut up! Don't you join in their games.

*Kanaan: Listen, bandits. If you don't give yourselves up, you'll be sorry.

*Varkas: You wanna fight? Fellas, go get 'em!

[From inside the fort, several bandits rush out to engage Tir & Co.]

*Kanaan: Whoaaaaaa! These guys are serious! W-what are you doing? Hurry up and
fight! Fight!

[The party engages the bandits and emerges the victor.]

*Varkas: You guys are hopeless. I'll take you on myself. Sydonia, give me a

*Sydonia: Heh.

[Varkas and Sydonia engage the party, only to be defeated as well.]

*Pahn: Give up? Ha ha!

*Gremio: Phew! Are you alright, Young Master?

*Kanaan: Heh heh heh. That's what you get for defying me.

*Cleo: You didn't do a thing.

*Varkas: Damn. How can I be defeated by Imperial dogs.

*Kanaan: Capture the bandits. OK, our work is done! Let's get the hell out of

[The group makes it's way to the base of the mountain, prisoners in tow.]

*Pahn: Phew. That idiot sure moves fast on the way down.

*Kanaan: Hurry it up, you all. We're off to a hero's welcome in Rockland!
Ha ha!

[The group makes it's way back to Rockland and to Grady's mansion.]

*Guard: Welcome back, Master Kanaan. What happened with the bandits? What,
you captured them? I'll get Master Grady right away. Please wait a moment.

[The guard heads into the mansion, then Grady emerges to meet the group.]

*Grady: You're back so soon. I'm very impressed, Imperial Guardsmen. You
didn't waste any time capturing the tax thieves.

*Varkas: What do you mean, tax thieves? You're the tax thief!

*Grady: We'll place them in this dungeon here.

[The guard leads Varkas and Sydonia away.]

*Grady: Master Kanaan.

*Kanaan: What?

*Grady: Please take this. A small gift from the villagers.

*Kanaan: Well, thank you very much.

[Grady hands the party a reward of 10,000 bits.]

*Kanaan: This is dangerous, so I'll hold on to it.

[Kanaan confiscates the reward.]

*Kanaan: Thanks to my efforts, the bandits have been captured. Let's get back
to Gregminster. I want to report my success to Commander Kraze right away.

[The party takes their leave of Rockland and returns to Gregminster, stopping
at the front gate.]

*Kanaan: This is as far as you have to come. I will report to Commander
Kraze. You can all go home and rest. I'm such a nice guy.

*Pahn: Yeah, so nice it makes me cry. He's planning to take all the credit
for himself.

*Cleo: Let it go Pahn. It wasn't such a big accomplishment anyway. I'm
exhausted. I want to go home and rest.

*Gremio: Young Master, we've been away from home for a long time. I'll
fix something special to eat.

*Ted: Great. Gremio, your cooking's terrific.

*Kanaan: Ted, you come with me.

*Ted: What's this about?

*Kanaan: Oh, nothing much. It'll be over soon. Come along now.

*Ted: OK then. Tir, go on home. I'll see you later. Besides, I have something
to tell you.

*Kanaan: Let's go, Ted.

[Kanaan and Ted leave the party and go to the Imperial Palace, while the
remainder of the group head back to the McDohl mansion.]

          4.04) Flight of the Rune-bearer [PL04]

[The party reaches the McDohl mansion.]

*Pahn: Finally, home sweet home.

*Gremio: Young Master, I'll prepare some food right away.

[Later, in the dining room.]

*Pahn: Phew! I'm stuffed. Sure beats the dried meat we've been eating.
Finally some food fit for humans.

*Cleo: What are you talking about? You'd eat anything to fill your stomach.

*Pahn: You've got a point there! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Gremio enters the dining room.]

*Gremio: Young Master, I've made some tea.

[On an impulse, Tir heads downstairs to find an injured Ted lying on the

*Ted: Uhhhhhh...

[Gremio appears downstairs.]

*Gremio: Young Master, what in the... Cleo! Pahn! Give us a hand!

[Cleo & Pahn rush downstairs.]

*Pahn: Ted! What happened?

*Cleo: All this blood. And this wound, it's not natural. Magic?

*Gremio: What are you doing? Bring him in immediately. Young Master, give
us a hand.

[CHOICE 1] Tir helps.

[Gremio crouches down by Ted.]

*Gremio: Ready? Put your hand on my shoulder and... heave ho...

[Tir & Gremio bring Ted to Cleo's bedroom, putting him in her bed.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir doesn't help.

*Gremio: Young Master! Don't just stand there!

*Cleo: Take it easy on him. Look what's happened to his best friend. He's
in shock. Can you blame him? I'll help. Young Master, let me through.

[Cleo & Gremio bring Ted to Cleo's bedroom, putting him in her bed.]

*Cleo: What happened? Was he attacked by thugs on his way back from the
palace? But then, why would he have a magic wound?

*Pahn: He's coming around.

*Ted: Uhhh... ohhh... where am I? Where are they? The Imperial Guard,
aren't they here yet? Help me Tir.

*Gremio: Relax. Everything's fine. Tell us what happened after you calm down.

*Ted: Gremio, I...

[Ted explains what happens and a flashback occurs. Ted is at the palace,
facing Kanaan.]

*Ted: Hurry up, will you. I'm starving.

*Kanaan: Keep quiet and wait. Commander Kraze is seeing Lady Windy now.

[Kraze exits the room and faces Ted.]

*Kraze: All right, Ted. Follow me.

*Ted: OK, OK.

[Ted and Kraze enter the room, where Windy has been waiting.]

*Windy: It's been a while, hasn't it, little man. You haven't changed a
bit in 300 years. I"m envious.

[Kraze and Kanaan block the entrance to the door at this point.]

*Ted: You! You're that witch!

*Windy: Well now, you remember me, do you? That pleases me. Of course you've
never left my mind for a moment. Now give me that rune you have in your right

*Ted: No way! I'd rather...

[Ted backs away from Windy]

*Windy: What are you doing??

[Ted holds his right arm up to the ceiling, bracing it with his left arm.]

*Ted: It's the Cursed Rune, the "Soul Eater." Its power...

*Windy: Don't be a fool. If you use that here, you'll destroy yourself too.

[A blinding light flashes from the Soul Eater and fills the screen, ending
the flashback.]

*Ted: Tir, please...

*Pahn: Hey Ted.

*Gremio: He's passed out again.

*Pahn: What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was after him.
But how can that happen...

*Gremio: What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!

*Pahn: I don't know, Cleo. Maybe we'd better contact the Imperial Guard.

*Gremio: Why? Your best friend would never do anything to harm the Empire!
Why should we call the Guard?

*Pahn: But we can't be sure. We can't cause problems while Master Teo is away.

*Cleo: Well then, we'll wait until Ted wakes up.

[A short amount of time passes. Pahn has removed himself from Cleo's bedroom,
where Tir goes to talk to him.]

*Pahn: Young Master... Ted's fever isn't getting any better. I'm going to
go wake up the shopkeeper and buy some medicine.

[Pahn exits the McDohl mansion and Tir re-enters Cleo's room.]

*Gremio: It won't stop raining.

*Cleo: It's a nasty rain. Gives me the shivers.

*Ted: Uhhhhh...

*Cleo: He's waking up...

*Ted: N.... .......... I'm sorry...to be a bother.

*Gremio: Forget it. What did you mean by "Soul Eater"?

*Ted: Tir, please... Will you do something for me?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: What is it, Ted?

[CHOICE 2] Tir: No.
|*Ted: Please, Tir. A big favor...
|*Ted: All right. I'm always asking you for "big favors", but this is the
|ast one. Please...
|*Ted: Please, Tir. I'm in pain. Don't tease me...

*Ted: Tir, take off my right glove...

[Tir does as Ted requests and removes his glove.]

*Gremio: What's this?

*Cleo: Not one of the 27 True Runes?

*Ted: Yes, it is. This one is called the "Soul Eater"... the Cursed Rune...
The source of all this trouble, and the reason the Court Magician - Windy -
is after me...

*Gremio: Why? Why Lady Windy? Why would she do such a thing?

*Ted: I don't know why, but that witch wants this rune. I've been wandering
the world for 300 years, trying to escape from her. I never thought she'd
find me here. My mistake was using the rune's power at Mt. Seifu.

*Cleo: Is this what you used to blow away the Queen Ant?

*Ted: Tir........, with this wound, I'll never escape from that witch.
I hate to bring friendship into this. And knowing it will bring unhappiness.
But.... But....., you're the only one! Please! Please protect this rune! This
Cursed Rune must never fall into the hands of Windy. You're the only one I
can entrust this to. Please, take it.... Please take this rune.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I'll take it, Ted. Don't worry.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: No.
|*Ted: You're the only one... I can depend on.
|*Ted: Please.... Please don't let my 300 years of suffering be for nothing.
|*Ted: Tir.... You're the only friend I have... Please... take this rune.

*Ted: Thank you, Tir. This rune... may bring you suffering. If it does,
blame me. But you must never...., never let it fall into Windy's hands.
Give me your right hand. Tir.

[Tir kneels at the bedside and moves his hand to Ted. A white light
rises from Ted's right hand and covers Tir's own right hand: Tir now bears
the Soul Eater.]

*Ted: And now.... I... can... Relax.

[Knocking is heard from the front door.]

*Gremio: Y-yes?

*Cleo: Out front. Follow me, Gremio.

*Gremio: Yes, Cleo.

[Gremio and Cleo head to the front door, with Tir following soon after them.
Upon reaching the front hall, Tir finds himself face-to-face with Kraze,
Kanaan, Pahn and several Imperial soldiers.]

*Kraze: So, Young Master McDohl is here too. Give us Ted. We know he's here.
Loyal Pahn here told us.

*Cleo: Pahn! You!

*Gremio: Why, Pahn? How can you do this?

*Pahn: I can't allow any trouble to happen while Master Teo's away. I can't
lose his trust in me. Please understand.

*Kraze: Drag Ted out of there.

[The soldiers move to force their way further inside the mansion, while Cleo,
then Gremio move to block their passage.]

*Cleo: I won't allow it, Kraze. No one, even a Commander of the Imperial
Guard can enter Master Teo's house without just cause.

*Gremio: That's right! I swear on my hatchet I won't let you pass.

[Ted arrives inside the front hall.]

*Ted: W-wait.

*Kraze: So you're giving up, huh?

*Ted: Tir..., they think... I still have the "Soul Eater". I'll be the
bait...while you escape.

*Gremio: Then what about you, Ted.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: No.
|*Ted: Don't worry about me. I'll get away too...
|*Ted: I trust you. So you must trust me too...
|*Ted: Don't disappoint me. I know that you... You can understand how I feel.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right.

*Gremio: Young Master! With that wound, Ted will never get away.

*Cleo: Quiet, Gremio. Young Master knows it too. But he must keep his
promise to Ted by leaving right away. Right, Young Master?

*Ted: H-hurry!

*Gremio: I understand. Young Master, let's escape through the back of
the kitchen.

[Tir, Gremio and Cleo escape the house through the back of the kitchen,
Ted watching as they do so.]

*Ted: Thank you. Tir.... In 300 years, you were my only... My only true

[Scene shifts to Tir & Co outside in an alley, rain falling steadily.
The trio make their way to the Gregminster Inn uneventfully. Once inside,
they are approached by the Innkeeper, Marie.]

*Marie: Oh my. Why, aren't you the young Master McDohl? What in the...
come on in.

[Marie brings them to the attic room of the Inn.]

*Marie: What's going on here? Imperial soldiers running aroundm, while
you come scurrying in soaking wet. What the... Oh well, forget it. You
probably can't tell me about it. Don't worry. You're welcome to hide out
here. I'll put it on your tab.

*Gremio: Thank you so much.

[Some time passes by, then Tir decides to head downstairs. Gremio stops
him briefly.]

*Gremio: Young Master, try not to wander about.

[Tir heads to the front desk area of the Inn and unexpectedly clashes
with two Imperial soldiers who had just come barging into the Inn.]

Imperial Soldier #1: Whoa...ouch! Watch where you're going, you little
runt. I get called to duty on a holiday, sent out to search for someone
all night, finally find a moment to catch some rest... and you come along!

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Shut up, you fool.

*Imperial Soldier #1: What kind of language is that? We're
Imperial soldiers, your protectors! Hey wait a minute. You
look familiar...

[CHOICE 2] Tir thinks: (We'd better try to be inconspicuous.)

*Imperial Soldier #1: Halt, you little runt. Who do you think you are,
bumping into me and not apologizing. What kind of upbringing did you have?
Hey, wait a minute. You look familiar...

[Tir backs away from the soldiers as Gremio and Cleo come running
downstairs to Tir's side.]

*Gremio: Y-y-young Master, are you allright?

*Cleo: Hey, you! Who do you think you are!

*Imperial Soldier #1: Who are you? And what's this "Young Master" business? 

*Imperial Soldier #2: You! Show me his face. You look like that fugitive,
the McDohl kid.

*Gremio: What did you say?

*Cleo: Any more of a fuss, and we're in big trouble.

*Gremio: Young Master, get away while we hold them off.

*Cleo: Guess we have no choice. Here we go!

[Viktor approaches the situation from the dining area of the Inn.]

Viktor: That's enough, young fella. You too, Imperial big shots. Use your
heads. Would fugitives from the law still be hanging around here? They
couldn't be that stupid.

Imperial Soldier #1: I-I suppose you're right. We just wanted to be sure..

Viktor: Stop it, you're scaring them. Leave it to me to kick them out.

Imperial Soldier #2: Hey wait a minute...

[Viktor, Tir, Cleo and Gremio quickly exit the Inn.]

Imperial Soldier #1: Don't worry. There's no reason why we should be so
loyal to the Empire.

[Marie jumps in surprise.]

*Marie: Hey! It's that guy!

[Scene changes to Tir & Co. running around back of the Inn, stopping a
street away from it.]

*Gremio: Thank you very much.

*Viktor: No big deal. I was just wondering how to pay for my meal, and...

*Gremio: You mean...

*Cleo: You did that just to bilk the...

*Viktor: Come, come, let it go, eh? Well then, thanks for helping us out.

[Viktor walks off down an alley, and Tir follows soon after to find Viktor
sitting on a bench.]

*Viktor: What's the matter? You look troubled. Heh heh, I know who you are.
That rebel McDohl kid, right?

*Gremio: We are not rebels!

*Viktor: I couldn't care less either way. Incidentally, how do you plan to
escape this place? I have an idea, if you care to listen. I am used to this
kind of thing. Interested?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I'm not sure I can trust you.
|*Gremio: I agree, Young Master. I can't trust him either.
|*Viktor: Oh, come on.
|*Cleo: We can't trust him, yet we have no alternative.
|*Viktor: Exactly. You're a smart one, young lady.
|*Viktor: Well, OK then. Do as you like.

[NOTE: Once Choice 1 is picked three times, the conversation ends. Talk with
Viktor again.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. Help us out.

*Viktor: Leave it to me. But I have one condition.

*Gremio: Here we go.

*Viktor: It's no big deal. If you succeed in escaping, I'd like you to
meet someone. A small request, right? So it's a deal. Let's hurry. First
we must go to the palace gates. Don't worry, I won't have you over to the

[Viktor joins the trio, and the foursome make their way to the front gate
of Gregminster.]

*Viktor: Well then, I'll just go talk to them. Just relax and wait here.

[Viktor approaches and converses with the gate guard, then returns to the

*Viktor: Everything's OK. Make sure to hide your faces.

[The gate guard walks to the shade of a large bush.]

*Gate Guard: Sure is hot around here. Think I'll get in the shade...

[The group pass through the gate and exit Gregminster.]

*Gremio: Phew! We did it. I thought my heart would burst.

*Cleo: How did you do that?

*Viktor: No big deal. I just gave him a little gift. Imperial soldiers
act tough, but money's their weakness. That's the state of things in the
Imperial Capital. Corruption is everywhere. Everything's about to come
apart at the seams.

*Cleo: That's too bad.

*Gremio: Say, how did you bribe him. You just told us you had no money.

*Viktor: Why should I use my own money to help you get away?

*Gremio: What do you mean? Hey, my wallet! When did you...?

[Viktor returns Gremio's wallet.]

*Viktor: Here you go. I suggest you keep a better eye on it. And now for
our little promise. You haven't forgotten, have you little fella?

*Gremio: It's Master Tir!

*Viktor: Ok, so it's Master Tir. I'd like you to meet someone in Lenankamp.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: It's a promise.

*Viktor: Fine. Now let's get out of here. Lenankamp is due
south of here.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I've never heard of Lenankamp.

*Viktor: Ignorant of the real world, eh, Master? It's a quick trip south.
Let's get going.

[The group leave Gregminster behind and travel south to the town of Lenankamp.]

          4.05 Rebels and Rescues [PL05]

[The party arrives in the town of Lenankamp.]

*Viktor: Here we are in Lenankamp, Tir. Not much of a place, but they do
make fine tea here. ha ha ha ha ha! Well then, it's about time I got to
work. Let me go make some arrangements. I may be late, so take a look around.

[Viktor leaves Tir, Gremio, and Cleo, heading off into the depths of the town.]

*Gremio: Who is this fellow that Viktor wants us to meet? You know, I can't
quite trust that man.

*Cleo: I have no idea. So, what shall we do now? I'd love to take a shower...

[After walking around town for awhile, the group enter the local Inn and
approach the Innkeeper, asking for a room.]

*Innkeeper: So you are a friend of Viktor's. Well then, I will prepare
the best rooms we have.

[Some time later, in Tir & Co's room.]

*Gremio: I guess what's-his-name, Viktor...never returned.

*Cleo: But we didn't make any other plans. Let's wait a bit longer, and
if he still doesn't show up, we'll head north. Perhaps Master Teo can help us.

*Gremio: ............. ...Cleo. Why...did Pahn...

*Cleo: Don't... Gremio...

*Gremio: What's going on? At such a late hour.

[In the front room of the Inn, several Imperial soldiers are questioning
the Innkeeper.]

*Imperial Grunt #1: We've heard that some fugitives are staying here.
We'll look around.

*Innkeeper: But sir, our guests are sleeping.

*Imperial Grunt #1: Shut up! Do you plan to harbor Rebels?

[Back in Tir's room.]

*Gremio: Young Master, they're coming for us! Viktor! He must have ratted
on us! I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!

*Cleo: This doesn't look good. They'll find us for sure.

*Gremio: Wh-what should we do, Young Master?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's fight.

*Gremio: Y-yes, Young Master. I, Gremio, will protect you with my life...

*Cleo: Oh, stop it, Gremio. He was kidding. There's too many of them.
Calm down.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I'm scared. Let's run.

*Gremio: G-good idea. From this window...

[Gremio attemps to open up the room's window.]

*Gremio: Here we go...huh? It's jammed. Won't...open.

*Cleo: Hurry. They're coming nearer.

[In the front room, several soldiers circle the Innkeeper and continue
to question him, as a few others head toward Tir's room.]

*Gremio: We're in big trouble now.

*Cleo: Gremio, maybe we can get Young Master out before...

*Unknown Voice: This way! Hurry!

*Gremio: Who was that?

[Tir inspects the large clock in the corner of the room, which swings
aside to reveal a flight of stairs going down, and a woman (Odessa).]

*Odessa: What are you waiting for? Hurry! Do you want to get caught?

*Gremio: Wh-who are you?

*Cleo: Whoever it is, thank god!

[The trio rush down the stairs and into an underground area that resembles
a sewer.]

*Odessa: So you're the "new friends" that Viktor told me about. Everyone's
waiting. Follow me.

[The trio follow Odessa deeper into the sewers to come upon a group of
people (Odessa, Flik, Viktor, Humphrey, and Sanchez) gathered around a
wood table.]

*Viktor: Sorry Tir, you must have had a tough time. But it was exciting,
wasn't it?

*Gremio: What's going on here?

*Viktor: I didn't think I'd give myself away so soon. Oh well, now that
you've met Odessa...

*Cleo: Odessa? The name rings a bell...

*Gremio: You don't mean... the Rebel Army...

*Odessa: Rebel Army? We prefer to call ourselves the Liberation
Army. But who cares about names. Let me introduce myself. I'm Odessa
Silverberg, leader of the Liberation Army. How do you do?

*Flik: Viktor. Are these the people you wanted us to meet?

*Viktor: That's right. Prepare yourselves for a surprise. This here is
the son of General Teo McDohl. And a fugitive to boot. Don't you think
he'll be a great asset to the Liberation Army?

*Gremio: You've got to be kidding! Why should Young Master join the Rebels?
Right, Young Master?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Who says I'll join?

*Flik: So he says.

*Viktor: Well, perhaps... umm...we can convince him, right? He has
nowhere to go, anyway.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Maybe I should join the Liberation Army.

*Viktor: So he says. He's interested.

*Flik: No way. Recently many of our hideouts have been discovered.
There must be a spy among us. with all the problems we already have,
we can't afford to recruit complete strangers.

*Odessa: I guess you've all been fooled by Viktor as well. Whenever
he takes a liking to someone, he just drags them in. But they do appear
to be hunted by the Imperials, and the town's still full of soldiers...
You may stay until things blow over. Whatever decision you make afterwards
is up to yourselves.

*Gremio: Y-you've got to be kidding, Young Master. Join the Rebels? No way.

*Cleo: Rebels...Liberation Army... well why not? Maybe we should become true
Rebels. On the other hand, what will Master Teo think?

[While debating, Tir & Co. head back over to the stairs for unknown reasons
and come upon a bandit lying just below the stairs.]

*Gremio: Ah-are you all right?

*Bandit: I-I must tell...Lady Odessa.

*Cleo: Let's take him inside.

[A few moments later, everyone in the hideout is gathered around the bandit.]

*Bandit: Where are we?

*Odessa: Don't worry. This is the Liberation Army hideout. Have you a
message for me?

*Bandit: You must be Odessa. Thank goodness. I'm one of the Mt. Seifu
bandits. But we only attack those rotten Imperials. Anyway, the other day,
the Imperial Guard came over and captured our bosses... Varkas and Sydonia.

*Gremio: Varkas and Sydonia? Could they be...

*Cleo: Shhh....Be quiet.

*Bandit: Lady Odessa, please. Help Varkas and Sydonia. That rotten Grady
of Rockland has strung them up to starve to death.

*Cleo: Outrageous! Execution without trial! Even by Imperial Law, that's

*Odessa: How awful...

*Flik: But Odessa... Imperial surveillance has been intense lately. We
have to keep a low profile.

*Odessa: I'm aware that we're understaffed. But the bandits have asked
for our help. We can't let them down.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: It's our fault.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: This has nothing to do with us.
|*Cleo: Young Master. Varkas and Sydonia are those bandits we captured.
|*Gremio: Young Master, don't you care?
|*Cleo: Young Master, you must be willing to admit to your mistakes.

*Odessa: What do you mean, it's your fault?

*Gremio: We...

[Gremio explains how the group climbed Mt. Seifu and captured Varkas &

*Viktor: I see. Well, even if you didn't know what you were doing,
you still have to claim responsibility, right, Tir? You must rescue
Varkas and Sydonia. I'll help you too.

*Cleo: I agree. I don't plan to betray the Empire, but Grady is unforgivable.

*Gremio: You're right. Undoing Grady's wrongs would be good for
the Empire... Besides, if Young Master gives the orders, I will follow.

*Bandit: Thank you. Varkas and Sydonia are strung up at the home
of Rockland's military commander. If you don't hurry, they'll dry
up. Please help them.

*Odessa: Tir, I beg of you too. Viktor, you go too.

*Viktor: Leave it to Viktor. Let's get going, Tir. Rockland, here we come!

[The group of four gear up and leave Lenankamp, arriving in Rockland
soon after. They head up to Grady's mansion and approach the guard
at the door.]

*Mansion Guard: Who are you? You've no business here. Get out, or
you'll be strung up like those bandits there! Ha ha ha ha!

[Camera moves over to show Varkas and Sydonia tied to large wooden
poles. The group move away from the mansion and to the fence connected to it.]

*Gremio: Security's pretty tight. It'll be tough sneaking in.

*Viktor: Leave it to me. I'm used to things like this.

[Viktor momentarily disappears. The trio watch the front of
the mansion as a man rushes up to the guard at the door.]

*Man: Help! Help! The Grady mansion is on fire! Fire! Fire!

*Mansion Guard: What?!

[The two run to the fire, while Viktor returns.]

*Gremio: Viktor! What have you done? You didn't...?

*Viktor: Heh, heh. I didn't do anything. It must be the dry weather.

*Gremio: My goodness! Young Master, don't you dare take after someone
like this!

[While the staff of Grady's mansion is occupied by the fire the party
infiltrates the mansion, defeating several groups of impeding soldiers
along the way. Eventually, they make it out to the yard where the bandits
have been tied up. The group approaches Varkas.]

*Varkas: Uhhh, what's going on?... I can't see... My god! It's you
Imperials! Why are you here? Have you come to laugh at me?

*Gremio: Of course not. If we'd known what sort of fellow Grady was,
we never would have helped him.

*Cleo: A few things happened, and now we're wanted by the Imperials,
just like you. We'll help you out.

[Cleo releases Varkas.]

*Varkas: Thanks. Get my buddy too, will you?

[Sydonia vanishes from the pole and re-appears behind the party.]

*Sydonia: Ha. Not necessary.

*Varkas: Sydonia! Why you... If you've got tricks like that, why
didn't you escape sooner?

*Sydonia: Ha. Can't very well escape alone.

*Varkas: Sydonia? You...

*Viktor: Hey, let's get out of here.

[With the bandits in tow, the group make their way back through
the mansion but are stopped in the front hall by Grady.]

*Grady: You... you dare to turn against the Emperor, free the bandits,
and even... even set my house on fire! You'll be sorry!

*Varkas: So you want a fight? Don't think you're the only one with a grudge.
Why I'll cut out your eyeballs...

*Grady: What? Oh, well...

*Sydonia: Ha. I'd rather tear him to pieces.

*Grady: Um, please...Well, you see... You'll regret this! I'll tell Master
Kraze about this. You'll get yours!

[Grady runs off.]

*Gremio: Cleo, do you think the Empire will take us back?

*Cleo: I don't know.

*Gremio: Y-young Master.

*Viktor: Ha ha ha! Don't worry. There's all kinds of ways to make a living.

[Unhindered, the party makes it's way to the outskirts of Rockland, where
they stop.]

*Varkas: I guess we owe the Liberation Army our lives. Tell Lady Odessa
that if she ever needs help, Varkas and Sydonia will be there in a flash.
Well, we're off! Perhaps we'll meet again.

[Varkas and Sydonia depart for Mt. Seifu.]

*Viktor: It sure is great to be done! Let's go back to Lenankamp. Tir, why
don't you spend a bit more time with the Liberation Army? Come on!

*Cleo: Young Master, when we return to Lenankamp, let's decide what to do.
At this rate...

[The party of four depart from Rockland and return back to Lenankamp.]

          4.06) Tigerwolf Tea & Sarady [PL06]

[Back in Lenankamp, the party makes it way to the Keyaki Inn and down
into the secret Hideout where they meet back up with Odessa & Co.]

*Odessa: Tir! You're back! Thank god! Our problems are solved.

*Gremio: What do you mean?...

*Flik: Odessa! You're not planning to...

*Odessa: Yes, I am.

*Viktor: What? What? What's going on?

*Odessa: Tir, take a look at this.

*Gremio: What is it? Show me.

*Viktor: What's this?

*Odessa: Plans for a fire spear.

*Cleo: Fire spear?

*Odessa: Right. The Liberation Army may be tiny now, but someday we'll
be big enough to meet the Imperials head-on. When that day arrives,
the fire spear will come in handy.

*Sanchez: We spent good money for this at the Dwarf Mines.

*Odessa: Tir, this blueprint must reach our secret factory, but we can't
leave this hideout unattended. I'd like you to take on this assignment.

*Gremio: Enough! Don't you understand that we're members of the Imperial
Army? How can you expect us to betray them? Let's go Young Master. No need
to stay here any longer!

[Gremio starts to drag Tir away.]

*Odessa: Wait!

[Gremio stops.]

*Odessa Do you have any idea what the Empire is really doing? Do you know
what the people want? Or will you pretend to ignore all that? Gremio, you
saw with your own eyes, heard with your own ears. Are you willing to ignore
the truth despite all you see and hear? What about you, Tir? Do you still
want to return to the Empire? And continue to be McDohl's little boy?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: My father goes his way, I go mine.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Since I'm a member of the Imperial Army...

*Odessa: Fine, I understand. I don't want to force my beliefs upon you.
But, if you should change your mind, please come back.

[Conversation ends. Talk to Odessa again.]

*Odessa: Tir! I knew you'd return. Will you help us?

 [CHOICE A] Tir: I guess...

  *Odessa: Thank you.

  [This choice brings you to the same conclusion as Choice 1.]

 [CHOICE B] Tir: I mean...

  *Odessa: I see. You haven't decided. That's all right. I'm willing to wait.
  [Conversation ends. Talk to Odessa again, and choose Choice A.]

*Gremio: Wait just a moment, Young Master. Talk like that and you'll never
rejoin the Imperials. Don't you care? Come on Cleo, talk to him.

*Cleo: I go where Young Master goes. My job is to protect him. Those are
the orders I received from Master Teo.

*Gremio: .........

*Odessa: Tir, let me explain. This is a blueprint for a fire spear.
It has to be delivered to the Liberation Army's secret factory.

*Sanchez: Northwest of Lenankamp, across the river, lies Mt. Tigerwolf.
Over the mountain is a village called Sarady. Someone from the factory
will meet you there.

*Flik: Odessa, I just don't get it. Why do you insist on this guy? He may
be an Imperial spy. Yet you want to give him the blueprint for something
that could change the destiny of the Liberation Army?

*Odessa: Don't worry. I'm going too.

*Flik: What? If you're going, I'm going too.

*Odessa: Flik, if you come along, who's going to protect this place? It's
about time you began acting like a leader.

*Viktor: Don't worry, Flik. I'll protect Odessa, if you promise to protect
this hideout.

*Odessa: It's settled. To Mt. Tigerwolf, then.

[The group of five leave Lenankamp and travel north-west, eventually
reaching the base of Mt. Tigerwolf, where they stop briefly.]

*Viktor: The sun's beginning to set. Do you think we can cross the mountain
before dark?

*Cleo: I don't want to spend the night out in the open.

*Odessa: In any case, we have to go up. Let's go.

[The party makes their way through the mountain trail until they are stopped
by a man standing outside of a small building.]

*Ledon: Welcome, travelers. Coming up at such a late hour? You've really got
guts. But you'd better stop here and continue tomorrow. It's dangerous around
here, what with all the bandits and all. Why don't you spend the night here?

*Odessa: Sorry. We're in a hurry.

*Viktor: Great idea. My feet are killing me.

*Gremio: For once I'm in agreement with you. I'm not sure I can go on.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Me too.

*Viktor: That's it then. Say, old man, do you have any tea?

*Ledon: Of course, sir. Come this way.

*Cleo: Oh well. Odessa, I guess we have no choice but to spend
the night here.

*Odessa: To tell you the truth, my feet are killing me too.

[The party head inside the building.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: We'd better go on.

*Viktor: You must be kidding. I've lost control of my feet.

[Viktor goes to stand by the building.]

*Gremio: Me too.

[Gremio joins Viktor.]

*Cleo: Oh well. Odessa, are your feet moving of their own accord too?

*Odessa: To tell the truth, mine want to rest too.

[The two ladies and Ledon head over to the building. Ledon opens the door
and heads inside.]

*Viktor: I'm going in, Tir.

[Tir is left alone outside, and quickly follows the rest of the party.]

[Inside the party seat themselves around a large wooden table, while Ledon
brings them a pot of tea.]

*Ledon: Excuse me. Why don't you have some of this before supper. It's
special tea from Mt. Tigerwolf.

*Viktor: Let's give it a taste.

*Gremio: Ugh. It's pretty bitter.

*Cleo: Very bitter.

*Ledon: Here's some for you too.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Not if it's bitter.
|*Ledon: Come on, just a taste.
|*Ledon: It's not that bad. Besides, it's good for you.
|*Ledon: Please. Have some.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Just a taste, then.

*Ledon: Here you go. But be careful, it's very hot.

*Odessa: Hmmm. Smells kind of funny, doesn't it?

*Viktor: Say, old man, what's this tea called?

*Ledon: It's a special Mt. Tigerwolf brew called "Robber's Tea."

*Gremio: That's a weird naaaamm ffgghhhrrrr...

*Cleo: My god! This is...

*Viktor: Hey you! What have you gggvvvnnn uusmmgghh...

*Cleo: Damn! Such an old trickkggghhhh....

*Gremio: Ynnnggggghhh MMsshhttrrr...

[A few minutes later, the entire party is asleep on the floor and table.]

*Ledon: Heh heh heh. Everyone's asleep. Thanks to the drugged tea of Mt.

[Ledon proceeds to take the wallet of each person in the party.]

*Ledon: Wow! For a bunch of stragglers these guys are loaded. Looks like
we'll be living the good life for a while.

[A man enters the building.]

*Kessler: Hey Ledon! How've you been? Doing well for yourself I see.

*Ledon: Why it's Boss Kessler. Welcome, welcome. As you see, I just pulled
a job...

[Kessler inspects the people of the party, stopping at Odessa.]

*Kessler: And a fine-looking woman in the bunch, too. Wait a minute, this
here is... Ledon! What have you done, you fool!

*Ledon: W-what do you mean??

*Kessler: Do you know who this is?

*Ledon: Just some stupid traveler, I should think.

*Kessler: Idiot! Even an ignoramus like you must have heard of Lady Odessa
of the Liberation Army.

*Ledon: Why of course, Boss. Even kids know who Lady Odessa is... You don't
mean that this here is??

*Kessler: Yes I do. Hurry up and prepare an antidote.

[Ledon starts to prepare the antidote.]

*Ledon: Uh, let me see, a rabbit's tail, rose leaves, a handful of sugar...

*Kessler: Ledon, if anything happens to Lady Odessa, you can say goodbye
to your head!

*Ledon: Yikes! Rose's tail, sugar leaf, handful of rabbits...

[Ledon finishes the antidote and gives it to the entire party, who awaken.]

*Kessler: Forgive me, Lady Odessa. Without knowing it, I nearly committed
my life's gravest error. If you like, I'll make Ledon here pay with his...

*Ledon: Please sir! Spare my head.

*Odessa: DOn't be ridiculous. I'll have to be more careful from now on.
Maybe I do trust people too much, like Flik says.

*Ledon: I have no way of apologizing, but please stay here for the night.
I'll do what I can by way of hospitality.

*Viktor: But no more poison, you hear?

[The party goes to sleep, and Tir awakens sometime later. Leaving the room
while the other four continue to sleep, he walks out to the table where Ledon
and Kessler are. Tir approaches Kessler in conversation.]

*Kessler: Are you a member of the Liberation Army too? I see, so you're not.
Lady Odessa is a true heroine. She's serious about overthrowing the Empire.
There are many who express discontent, but only she means to do something
about it. I hate the Empire too, but I'm just a bandit. Lady Odessa is our
hope for freedom.

[Ledon, Kessler and Tir turn to face Gremio, Viktor and Cleo, who have
awakened and joined them in the main room.]

*Gremio: Good morning, Young Master.

*Viktor: You're up early, Tir.

*Cleo: .........

*Viktor: Hey Gremio, why is Cleo in such a bad mood?

*Gremio: Don't bother her, Viktor. Cleo is always in a bad mood when she
wakes up.

[Odessa joins the rest of the group in the main room.]

*Odessa: I see everyone's here. Today we reach Sarady.

*Ledon: Leaving already? I'll unlock the door.

[The party take their leave of Ledon's tea house, and continue their treck.
Eventually, they leave Mt. Tigerwolf and reach the small village of Sarady.]

*Odessa: We're supposed to meet a messenger from the secret factor at an
inn in this town. Where could it be?

*Gremio: It's a small town. We'll find it soon.

[Quickly locating the Inn, the group goes inside.]

*Odessa: This must be the inn. Let's rent some rooms and wait for the

[The group secures some rooms. Later that night, Tir awakens and heads out
to the deck connected to their room to find Odessa standing outside.]

*Odessa: Tir, can't you sleep? Me neither. But the night breeze makes me
feel better. Can I tell you something?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: What is it?

*Odessa: Kessler of Mt. Tigerwolf, Flik, Humphrey, Sanchez--they all
expect so much of me. But sometimes I feel like running away. I'm not
sure I'm worthy of their hopes. What do you plan to do? Will you return
to the Empire?

 [CHOICE 1a] Tir: Of course.

  *Odessa: I see. So the next time we meet, we'll be enemies. Tir,
  just as I follow my destiny, so must you follow yours. But when you
  return to the Empire, remember this: You must see with your own eyes,
  think for yourself and follow your heart.

 [CHOICE 1b] Tir: I don't understand.

 *Odessa: Use your head. You have the ability to judge right from wrong.
 Your father is a Great General of the Empire. Perhaps you'll be able to
 return to a peaceful life. But remember that you can't turn away from what
 you see and what you feel. Because if you do, that's a sin...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I'm not interested.

*Odessa: I see... Let me ask you this, then. Do you still want to return to
the Empire?

 [CHOICE 2a] Tir: Of course.

  *Odessa: Of course you do. Your father is Teo McDohl, Hero of the Empire.
  My father, Leon Silverberg, also fought for the Emperor in the War of
  Succession seven years ago. I, like you, was brought up in the aristocracy,
  pretending to be blind to the injustices and discontents that permeates the
  Empire. But one day, I realized that I'm not just Silverberg's daughter,
  but an independent woman named Odessa. I hope that you, too, will someday
  be called Tir McDohl, rather than "Teo's son". Remember that you are you.
 [CHOICE 2b] Tir: I don't understand.

 *Odessa: Then why do you think Gremio and Cleo follow you wherever you go?

  [CHOICE 2aa] Tir: Because they have orders from my father.

   *Odessa: That's not true Tir. They follow you because they love you. They
   aren't putting themselves in grave danger because of orders. Cleo and
   Gremio want to protect you. Because you have something within yourself
   that makes them feel that way. Always remember that.

  [CHOICE 2bb] Tir: I wonder why.

   *Odessa: They follow you because they love you. They aren't putting
   themselves in grave danger because of orders. Cleo and Gremio want to
   protect you. Because you have something within yourself that makes them
   feel that way. Always remember that.

*Odessa: You're strange. I feel compassion when I'm with you. I suppose
Viktor brought you to us because he felt that special quality in you.
There are many in the Liberation Army. Humphrey, Sanchez, Mose... and
Flik. ...but nobody has eyes like yours. Eyes that draw people to you.
Many people... If I should ever...

[A noise is heard.]

*Odessa: Who is it?!

[A man approaches the deck from the night.]

*Kage: My name is Kage. I have been sent by Sir Mose, chief of the secret

*Odessa: Mose certainly keeps unusual company. How is he? I received a
letter from him mentioning that a pigeon of his was sick. I find it hard
to imagine Mose taking care of a sick pigeon.

*Kage: very strange, lady. Sir Mose does not keep any pigeons.

*Odessa: I'm sorry. I was just testing you.

*Kage: I never betray a contract.

*Odessa: This is the blueprint for the Fire Spear.

[Odessa approaches Kage and hands him the blueprint.]

*Odessa: Please deliver this. The future of the Liberation Movement
depends on it.

*Kage: Understood. I will go now.

[Kage departs.]

*Odessa: It's getting late. Tir, we'd better rest.

[Odessa and Tir head back to their beds to sleep. That morning, the
group is gathered in a circle, talking.]

*Viktor: What do you mean, our job is done?

*Odessa: We finished our business last night, didn't we, Tir?

*Cleo: Come to think of it, Young Master's bed was empty in the middle of
the night.

*Gremio: Y-y-young M-m-mast-ter, what were you up to? Something you can't
tell me?

*Odessa: Come, let's get going, Tir.

*Gremio: Y-y-young M-m-master!

*Cleo: Let's go, Gremio.

[Gathering their things, the party take their leave of Sarady, trek
back over Mt. Tigerwolf and head back to Lenankamp.]

          4.07) Sorrows & The Fortress [PL07]

[Arriving in Lenankamp, the party heads to the Keyaki Inn, where they find
the Innkeeper severely wounded on the floor.]

*Odessa: What happened? Are you all right?

*Innkeeper: The Imperials... They suddenly... I'm sorry...Lady Odessa.

*Odessa: My god!

[Odessa runs down to the hideout.]

*Viktor: Hey, Odessa.

*Gremio: Let's go after them, Young Master!

[The party follows after Odessa and enters the hideout. Upon entering,
they fight and defeat two groups of soldiers, then head to the last area
of the hideout they haven't checked.]

*Odessa: Ohhhh!

*Cleo: What was that?

*Gremio: Let's hurry.

[Entering the area, they group fights another bunch of soldiers. Once
they're finished, the group comes upon Odessa.]

*Viktor: Are you all right, Odessa?

*Odessa: C-come...you can come out now.

[A young child comes out from underneath Odessa's cloak.]

*Odessa: Quickly! You must run...

*Child: O-OK.

[The child runs off.]

*Odessa: Ahhh!

*Gremio: Lady Odessa! You're bleeding!

*Viktor: Odessa! What have you done? Without you, the Liberation Army...

*Odessa: I'm...so sorry, Viktor. It appears... I've chosen to be a woman...
rather than commander of... the Liberation Army. I couldn't let that child
die. I'm a failure... as a leader...

*Cleo: Don't talk, Odessa. You'll reopen your wound!

*Odessa: Tir, will you.. come here?

[Tir draws closer to Odessa.]

*Odessa: I have...two requests. First, give this earring... to a fellow
called Mathiu...in the village of Seika...

*Viktor: Stop it, Odessa. I don't want ot hear any final requests!

*Odessa: Viktor...thank you, but...I know the end is near. Tir, take it...

[Tir kneels down by Odessa and removes the earring from her ear.]

*Odessa: M-my other request... Please throw my body... into the stream

*Gremio: What? But why? I can't do such a horrible thing.

*Odessa: Please...Tir.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I can't.
|*Viktor: He's right, Odessa. Why do you ask such a thing?
|*Odessa: If the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the Movement will
|lose faith and die... That is why you must keep my death a secret. They
|tiny... newborn hope... must be kept... alive...
|*Odessa: Look, Tir... this is blood. My blood... You are not
|aware of it, but a lot more blood is being shed by the innocent...at
|the hands of the Imperial Government... You must put an end to it.
|Even if I die... If my hopes remain alive... I can be proud of my
|life. My blood...
|*Viktor: All right, Odessa. I'll do it.
|*Odessa: Thank you...Viktor, You're crying for me...

[Note: Unlike other 3-choice cycles, this one ends once you select Choice 1
three times, but both choices lead to the same dialogue.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: As you wish.

*Viktor: Tir! How can you...

*Odessa: Thank you, Tir. You understand me, don't you? Viktor...
if the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the Movement will lose
faith and die. That is why you must keep my death a secret. Our tiny,
newborn hope...must be kept alive...

*Odessa: If you... ever see Flik again, tell him that his kindness
always saw me through hard times... Well... it appears the end is
near... Tir, I hope that you will be able to see the Free World
that I was.... never able to...

[Odessa collapses, dead.]

*Viktor: Goodbye.... Odessa.

[Odessa's body is put into the stream, and the party leaves the
hideout, gathered in the front room.]

*Gremio: I suppose we should go to Seika.

*Cleo: Yes. And find this fellow Mathiu. But to get to Seika, we have
to pass through the Fortress of Kwaba.

*Viktor: the Fortress of Kwaba... that's going to be tough. But we'll give
it a try.

[The party departs from Lenankamp and heads south, reaching the Fortress
of Kwaba. Just outside of the fortress, the group stops to talk between

*Cleo: The Fortress of Kwaba. It's Commander is Lord Ain Gide, an old
friend of Master Teo's. He doesn't know us, but he certainly knows your face.

*Gremio: Can we get away with it? Let's test our luck.

*Viktor: No problem, don't worry. Meanwhile, let's decide on some fake
names. We'll be in trouble if they ask us who we are.

*Gremio: I'll be Roi.

*Cleo: I'll be Maria.

*Viktor: You don't look like a Maria.

*Cleo: What did you say?

*Viktor: Hmmm, I guess I'll be... Schtolteheim Reinbach III. How's that sound?

*Cleo: .........

*Gremio: ......... Young Master, how about you?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Masamune.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Piisuke.

[CHOICE 3] Tir: Schtolteheim Reinbach IV.

*Cleo: .........

*Gremio .........

*Viktor: Ok, let's go Roi, Maria, [Name chosen from above].

[With their alter egos decided, the group head into the Fortress, being
stopped by guards at the half-way point.]

*Fortress Guard #1: Hey you! You there!

*Schtolteheim Reinbach III: Me, sir? I'm just a poor jujube vendor, with
hungry kids waiting at home...

*Fortress Guard #1: Not you! The little runt. You look like that
fugitive, Tir McDohl...

[A man in a cape approaches the scene.]

*Ain Gide: What's the matter?

*Fortress Guard #1: Sir. I thought this young fellow here looked like
Tir McDohl, the fugitive.

*Ain Gide: Tir? You there. Show your face.

*Cleo: Uh oh, if Lord Ain sees me...

[Gremio fiercely shoves himself into Tir.]

*Gremio: You! I've just about had it with you! Always causing trouble!
And completely useless too! Now they think you're a fugitive. You're a
pain in the neck even when you're doing nothing! Sir, if you find this
boy suspicious, I'd be glad to lop off his head, right here and now.

*Fortress Guard #1: W-wait a minute...

*Gremio: DOn't worry, sir. I can't be thought of as harboring a fugitive.
You, prepare to die!

*Fortress Guard #1: No, stop, stop!

*Ain Gide: Hmmm. Think about it, Rosh. McDohl's son wouldn't be dressed
like a beggar. You all, you may pass.

*Rosh (Fortress Guard #1): But sir, I think...

*Ain Gide: Don't worry about it, Rosh. Let them go.

[The group starts to make their way through, when Ain Gide stops them to
say one last thing.]

*Ain Gide: Hey, sonny. Take good care of your father.

[The group crosses to the Seika-side of Kwaba.]

*Gremio: Forgive me, Young Master. Even though we were in danger, I went
too far. I'm ready for any kind of punishment. You can even cut off my head...

*Viktor: Hey, hey, Gremio. It's no big deal. Safe passage is all that
matters. Tir has a big heart.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Unforgivable!
|*Cleo: Young Master, you know Gremio spoke like that to save you.
|*Viktor: That's enough, Tir. A joke's a joke.
|*Gremio: You're right. I didn't think you'd forgive me. I'll kill myself...
|*Viktor: Whoa! Wait a minute! Tir I understand your humiliation, but
|do me a favor and forgive Gremio.

[Note: Unlike other 3-choice cycles, this one ends once you select Choice 1
three times, but both choices lead to the same dialogue.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I understand, Gremio.

*Gremio: Y-young Master...

[Leaving the Fortress of Kwaba, the group heads for the town of Seika.]

          4.08) The Strategist Mathiu [PL08]

[The group arrives in Seika and approach a man for directions.]

*Viktor: Hey! do you know where Mathiu lives?

*Mathiu: Just up those steps.

[Taking the man's advice, the group head up and into the house, where
they talk with some children. The children say that Mathiu is out for
a walk. The quartet head back to the man to question him.]

*Viktor: You! Trying to fool us? You're Mathiu!

*Mathiu: Yes, I'm Mathiu. What can I do for you?

*Gremio: We're here to honor Odessa's last request. She asked us to
deliver this earring to you...

*Mathiu: Last request?........ I-I see. So she's dead.... She was a
fine young woman, but she got mixed up in that...

*Viktor: That what? I don't like your tone of voice. What's wrong with
what Odessa was doing?

*Mathiu: She was a fool. I knew it would come to this. I can't accept
this earring. Please leave.

[Mathiu leaves the group and heads back to his house, with the party
following shortly afterwards.]

*Mathiu: I'll have nothing to do with Odessa. Please leave.

[The party leaves and gathers back in town to talk.]

*Viktor: Who is this guy? He makes me sick.

*Cleo: Me too. But why did Odessa ask us to see him?

[A group of soldiers appear in town.]

*Soldier #1: Hey! Get out of the way!

[Cleo moves aside and the soldiers head to Mathiu's house.]

*Gremio: Those Imperial Soldiers went toward Mathiu's house.

*Cleo: I wonder what's going on.

[The group head back up to Mathiu's house to find a scene unfolding.
The soldiers have one of Mathiu's students in their grip.]

*Mathiu: WHat are you doing? What do you plan to do with that child?

*Soldier #1: Mathiu Silverberg. You are hereby ordered to return to duty
in the Imperial Army. There's no reason why a fine doctor like you should
be wasting your talent in this pathetic village. Why, you're a hero of the
Battle of Kalekka.

*Mathiu: I refuse! I've had it with war. Nowadays I'm nothing but a poor

*Soldier #1: We have been ordered by Lord Kasim Hazin to bring you with
us by force, if necessary.

*Mathiu: I have no intention of returning to Imperial Service.

*Soldier #1: Really? If you choose to be stubborn, there's no telling
what will happen to this child. Say, maybe we'll send him to the Banaar
Mines. Pretty hard labor there. Who knows if the kid will survive...

*Child #1: No! No! Help me, doc! Help me!

*Mathiu: Let-let him go. Right now.

*Gremio: Looks like trouble. What should we do, Young Master?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Help them, of course.

*Viktor: Great. Let's do it.

*Cleo: Oh my, trouble again. It's not easy serving you, Young Master.

*Gremio: Come on, Cleo. I know you're about to enjoy yourself. Young
Master, let's go.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Wait. Let's see what's happening.

*Soldier #1: I don't know about that. Maybe if you agree to come with
us, I'll let the kid go. How about it?

*Child #1: Shut up!

[The child escapes the soldiers and runs behind Mathiu.]

*Soldier #2: How dare you! Capture them all!

*Viktor: Uh oh. Let's go, Tir.

[The party approaches the soldiers.]

*Viktor: Wait a minute. We're taking over this fight.

*Soldier #1: Who are you?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Survivors of the Rebel Army.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Just some good guys passing by.

*Soldier #1: Whoever they are, capture them.

[The soldiers attack the party, and are soundly defeated.]

*Mathiu: Oh my god. All this killing... in front of a children.

[Later, in Mathiu's house.]

*Mathiu: I know who you are. Tir, son of General Teo McDohl. How do I know?
I still keep in touch with a few friends in the Imperial Army.

*Gremio: Those Imperial soldiers, they called you Mathiu Silverberg...

*MathiU: That's right. Odessa, Odessa Silverberg was my sister.

*Cleo: Then why did you say such terrible things about her?

*Mathiu: I decided that I would never again be involved in war, in killing.
But not Odessa. She chose to fight for her beliefs. How did Odessa describe

*Cleo: Just as a man in Seika named Mathiu...

*Mathiu: I see. I guess she never forgave me. Odessa told me that a powerful
man who doesn't use his power is a coward. Yes, I am a coward. I would
rather be called a coward than have to bear seeing that awful sight
again. Even if it meant being rejected by my own sister.

*Gremio: Awful sight?

*Mathiu: Watching people die from my own actions. Friend and enemy alike...
But today..... I have realized something. Even if I close my eyes, the
world will not disappear. From now on, I will strive for what Odessa was
striving for.

*Gremio: You'll accept this earring, then?

*Mathiu: Earring?... You should keep this.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Why?

*Mathiu: Look at it closely. There's a map inscribed in it that shows the
location of the LIberation Army's hideout. Whoever holds this earring is
destined to lead the Freedom Fighters.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: But Odessa...

*Mathiu: I believe she wanted you to have it.

*Mathiu: I am a talented military surgeon, but hardly the type to lead
the Liberation Army. But You Tir, however, are a born leader. I'm sure
Odessa realized that. That's why she wanted me to meet you. Please accept
this earring, and live our your destiny as leader of the Freedom Fighters.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I can't do it.

*Mathiu: I see. It's a difficult decision, for sure. Take some time to
think it over, and come back with your answer.

[Dialogue ends at this point. Talking to Mathiu again resumes it.]

*Mathiu: Tir. Have you made the decision to inherit Odessa's leadership?

[You are given Choice 1 & 2 again. Choosing Choice 1 repeats the series
of events. Choose Choice 2 to continue.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I'll do it.

*Mathiu: Thank you, Tir. From this moment on, you are the leader of
the Liberation Army. Henceforth I shall call you Master Tir.

*Viktor: Gremio, Cleo, what will you do? You won't be able to return to
the Empire.

*Gremio: Wherever you go, I go, Young Master. Master Teo will forgive me.
I'm sure.

*Cleo: Me too. I've just about had it with the corrupt Empire.

*Mathiu: Master Tir. As your military surgeon, may I offer my first
piece of advice. To revive the Liberation Army, we must recruit
volunteers. People who are dissatisfied with the Empire. And to do
so, we need a headquarters.

Viktor: You're right. Too bad the hideout at Lenankamp burned down.

*Mathiu: I'm thinking of something much bigger. A place that can withstand
an attack by the Imperial Army. There's an abandoned castle in the middle
of Lake Toran that I believe would be perfect for our purposes. Why don't
we make for Kaku, a town on the shores of the lake?

*Gremio: Aren't you coming with us, Mathiu?

*Mathiu: I must prepare for the move. And I'll have to give the children a
year's worth of homework.

[The group gathers together and leaves for Kaku, leaving Mathiu behind to
prepare for the move. Later, the group arrives at Kaku and after asking
around, head to the local tavern where they question several people about
a possible boat ride.]

*Camille: Tai Ho? Oh, that guy. You! I've got you now, you bum!

[Camille moves to get in Gremio's face.]

*Gremio: Wh-what is it? What have I d-done?

*Camille: What have you done? Ha! I've got you now! "I'll collect from
your grave" is the debt collector's motto, and you'll never outrun
Camille the She-Devil!

*Viktor: What's all that about? Is she Gremio's friend?

*Cleo: Well...I have no idea.

*Camille: Come on, gimme that money you owe me, right now! In cash! I've
been looking for you for two months!

*Cleo: Gremio, are you in debt?

*Gremio: Goodness, of course not.

*Camille: Trying to lie your way out of this situation, eh? But I've got
proof. Take a look at this!

[Camille hands something to Gremio.]

*Gremio: Hmmm...let me see. Oh, this is the bill for the banquet with
Master Teo. I also owe something at the inn. What! You want me to pay
this right now?

*Camille: That's right. Immediately! All of it!

*Viktor: Let me see, Gremio

[Gremio hands the bill to Viktor.]

*Viktor: !!!!!!!!! L-listen, we're in a spot of trouble at the moment,
and we're short of cash. By the way, young lady, you seem to be acquainted
with Tai Ho.

*Camille: I know him.

*Viktor: Can you tell us where he is?

*Camille: Sure, after you pay up. After all, this is business.

*Viktor: How about this, then. We have no money at the moment. But once we
find Tai Ho, we might have a way of getting some. As soon as we get some
money, we'll pay you back.

*Camille: Hmmm... Hey! You're trying to trick me!

*Gremio: Oh no, not at all.

*Camille: Damn these penniless bums. All right, so be it, then. But I'm
sticking with you until you pay up.

*Viktor: So, where can we find Tai Ho?

*Camille: He's usually downstairs. Ask the shop keeper.

*Cleo: We sure have recruited an odd one.

[The party, now five, head to the basement of the tavern, where two men
are sitting around a wicker mat with a bowl of dice sitting on it. Tai
Ho is approached.]

*Tai Ho: What? A boat to Toran Castle? You must be nuts! That place is
full of monsters. I'll be placing my life on the line to take you there.
Tell you what. Since I'll be risking my life on this trip, you're going
to have to make a correspondingly risky bet. You're going to have to bet
all the money you have. Are you up to it?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Yes

*Tai Ho: Here we go, then. Too late for regrets!

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I don't think so.

*Tai Ho: You're smart. Go home to mommy.

[NOTE: Conversation ends. Talk with him again to play Chinchirorin.]

[If you lose against him in Chinchirorin]

*Tai Ho: Don't be so disappointed. I just happened to be lucky.
Go raise some cash and come on back. I'll be glad to take your money again.

[If you win against him in Chinchirorin]

*Tai Ho: Well, you're lucky today. I tend to go along with lucky folk.
Hey, Yam Koo, let's go prepare the boat.

*Yam Koo: Sure, sure. Here we go again with Big Brother's madness.

*Tai Ho: Hey, you guys. We'll be waiting at the docks.

[Tai Ho & Yam Koo leave the tavern, and Tir & Co. soon follow suit,
meeting them at the docks.]

*Tai Ho: We're ready to sail.

[The group of seven take the boat out onto the lake and sail to Toran
Castle, where they dock.]

*Cleo: This is truly a haunted house.

*Camille: Are you sure there's a treasure here?

*Gremio: I don't know. Viktor said there was.

*Tai Ho: Wow, what a place. Must be full of monsters. I'll get 'em!

*Yam Koo: You're going too? Please be careful.

*Tai Ho: Of course. I wouldn't miss this for anything.

[The party of six (Tir, Gremio, Cleo, Viktor, Camille and Tai Ho)
head into the mist-covered castle, while Yam Koo waits at the docks
with the boat. After traversing the maze of a castle, they eventually
come upon the entrance room, which had been blocked by a giant boulder
(Yam Koo and the boat are just outside this blocked-off room). A large
zombie dragon is sitting on a ledge in the middle of the room.]

*Viktor: Looks like this one's the boss.

[The group engages the Zombie Dragon in combat and proves the victor,
eradicating it.]

*Camille: That's what you get for acting big even after you're dead.

*Gremio: Look, the fog...

[The fog inside and outside the castle vanishes.]

*Cleo: ooks like this one was creating the fog.

*Viktor: There, now the castle's ours. How about giving it a name?

*Tai Ho: Good idea. How about Dragon Castle?

*Camille: How about White Castle?

*Gremio: We should definitely call it Tir Castle.

*Cleo: What name do you like, Young Master?

[Tir names the castle.]

*Gremio: Toran Castle? Very nice. Let's go with that name.

*Viktor: very slick, Gremio.

[Later on, in the meeting chamber on the 2nd floor of the castle,
the group has gathered with Mathiu.]

*Mathiu: Congratulations, Commander Tir. Let's designate this day the
New Liberation Army's Founding Day.

*Viktor: Great idea! Let's have a banquet tonight!

*Camille: Hey, what about my money?

*Tai Ho: Don't be a bore, young lady. We'll think about that later.

[Leknaat appears in the middle of the room.]

*Leknaat: It's been a long time, Tir. You have finally chosen your own
path. I have brought you some gifts. One of them is this. Please accept it.

[Leknaat presents something to Tir.]

*Leknaat: This is the Stone Tablet of Promise. Your true power comes from
colleagues with whom you share your ideals. So go and find fellow
soldiers-in-arms. The names of your new friends will be carved into
the Tablet. The other gift is...

[Luc appears in the room.]

*Luc: Been a while, eh? Remember me? I'm Luc, Lady Leknaat's number
one apprentice.

*Leknaat: His power should be of use to the Liberation Army. Tir,
history has only just begun to move. Keep your spirits high. Let us
meet again someday.

[Leknaat vanishes.]

*Luc: And so, I'll be joining you. Hope you don't mind.

[On the other side of the room, Gremio turns to whisper to Cleo.]

*Gremio: I'm absolutely sure that Lady Leknaat just got rid of a
troublesome burden.

*Cleo: ...Yeah...I guess so.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, the "vessel" is now in our possession. Now it
is time to find some recruits. In other words, recruit fellow
comrades-in-arms. A fellow by the name of Lepant lives in the town of
Kouan. Let's recruit him. He's sure to be useful.

[The assembled party outfit the castle with basic necessities. Later,
in Tir's bedroom, Gremio enters to find Tir.]

*Gremio: Good morning, Young Master. Did you sleep well? It's not much
of a place, but home is where the heart is. When you're ready, let's go
to Master Mathiu's place. We must consult him regarding this fellow Lepant.

[Gremio and Tir head to Mathiu's room.]

*Mathiu: Good morning, Commander Tir. Did you get a good night's sleep?
Let's get right down to business. Lepant is in the township of Kouan.
He is a man who honors friendship. If you tell him that you come with my
introduction, he's sure to join up with you.

[Viktor and Cleo approach.]

*Viktor: Hey Tir, you're taking me along, of course. Right?

*Cleo: Master Tir, I'll come along too.

*Mathiu: Who else will you take, Commander Tir?

[Tir chooses the rest of his six-person party, and the group departs for

          4.09) Of Building An Army [PL09]

[Later in the day, the party reaches Kouan, and heads straight for
Lepant's mansion, where a man is standing at the front door. The party
approaches him in conversation.]

*Giovanni: I'm sorry, but my master Lepant is very busy and cannot see you.

*Viktor: When will he be free?

*Giovanni: I don't know. Tomorrow, perhaps, or the day after, or in a month,
or even a year.

[Rejected by Giovanni, the group heads to the Tavern & Inn, where they
encounter a man in the Tavern portion.]

*Krin: You went to Lepant's mansion? Hee hee! You guys would never get in,
even if you spent years in front of his house. I have a much better plan.
Care to hear me out? You'll get to meet Lepant.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Tell me what you have in mind.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I can't trust you.

*Krin: Then go ahead and waste your life away, stupid.

[Conversation ends. Talk to him again.]

*Krin: Are you ready to hear me out again?

[Choice 1 & 2 are presented again. Choose Choice 1 to continues.]

*Krin: Good. But this is not the place. Let's go to the inn.

[The party relocates to the Inn part of the building.]

*Viktor: Let's hear what you have to say.

*Krin: Don't rush me now. Do you know why Lepant won't see anyone?

*Gremio: Why?

*Krin: He doesn't want to get involved with guys like you who defy the
Empire. That's why he refuses visitors.

*Cleo: But why? That's not like what Mathiu told us about him.

*Krin: I don't know anything about that. Anyways, let's get down to
details. Lepant treasures two things above all else. One is his wife
Eileen. The other is the great sword Kirinji.

*Gremio: So...

*Krin: So if you steal Kirinji, Lepant will most certainly come after you.
Then, after you face him, you can talk to him, or blackmail him, or whatever
you like. Understand?

*Viktor: I see. So how do we steal Kirinji?

*Krin: Hee hee. Just leave that to me. Wait here a while, then come on over
to Lepant's house. I'll see you later, hee hee.

[Krin leaves the building.]

*Gremio: Are we pretending to be thieves now? How pathetic!

*Viktor: Who's pretending? We are thieves.

[A short time later.]

*Cleo: It's about time we got going.

[The party heads outside to find Krin.]

*Krin: Here you are. Wait just a moment.

[Krin manages to tie a rope onto a tree branch connected to a tree in
Lepant's yard.]

*Krin: There. Now you can go in.

*Viktor: Aren't you coming?

*Krin: My job is done. Now it's your turn. I'll be waiting here.

[The party climbs the rope, moves through the tree and manages to get
on Lepant's roof. Finding a ladder to the rafters, the party navigates
through them until they manage to get to the floor of the 2nd floor.
Navigating through the rest of the house (past a room filled with mechanical
soldiers and another room with a giant roulette wheel), the party finds the
sword Kirinji.]

*Cleo: This must be Kirinji. A remarkable piece of work.

*Gremio: Cleo, let's get going.

*Viktor: Don't be such a chicken, Gremio.

*Gremio: We can't have the McDohl scion getting captured as a common thief.

[The party retraces it's steps back through the house, ending up back
outside where Krin is waiting by the rope.]

*Krin: You're late, you're late. Did you get it? Good work. Let's go back
to the inn.

[The party heads back to the Inn.]

*Krin: You did very well. I snuck in there once myself, but some kind of
weird doll appeared, and I ran off without taking anything.

*Gremio: You knew, yet you still made me go?

*Krin: No harm done, hee hee. Anyway...

[Krin goes into the Tavern.]

*Krin: You must be tired. How about some tea?

*Cleo: Tea?

*Gremio: Tea?

*Viktor: Did you say tea?

[Krin returns to the Inn.]

*Krin: Come, come, take a break.

*Viktor: Krin.

*Krin: What is it? Hee hee.

*Viktor: You go ahead and drink it first.

*Krin: Oh, no, you go ahead. I didn't work, and I'm not tired, hee hee.

*Viktor: That figures. Think we're stupid enough to fall for such an old

*Cleo: You did, once before.

[The party ties Krin to one of the Inn's beds.]

*Viktor: What a scoundrel.

[From outside the Inn, Lepant shouts.]

*Lepant: Come out, you thieves! Or you'll be sorry!

*Cleo: That was quick. He found us already.

*Krin: Heh heh. I told him where you were. So you'd get captured in your

*Viktor: Let's go.

[Lepant enters the Tavern, where the party goes to talk to him.]

*Lepant: Are you the one who stole Kirinji, my family's treasure? Return
it immediately, or I'll...

[CHOICE 1] Tir: .........

*Lepant: You thieves! Too frightened to say anything?

*Gremio: What's the matter, Young Master. Let's tell him the

*Cleo: Master Hero, have you forgotten what Mathiu said? He's
Lepant. Probably.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Um, Mathiu recommended you.

*Lepant: What? Mathiu... If Mathiu is involved, I'd like to help you.
But there are certain things I cannot give up. So please return Kirinji
and be on your way.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: We need your help.
|*Lepant: I'm sorry, but when I think about how my wife will miss me, I can't.
|*Lepant: If my life belonged to myself alone, I would glady help you.
|But such is not the case.
|*Lepant: I'm sorry. I can't give up this life right now. For my wife's sake.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I understand. We'll return your sword.

*Lepant: Thank you. I'll be on my way, then.

[The party hands Kirinji back to Lepant.]

*Giovanni: Master!

[Giovanni rushes into the Tavern.]

*Lepant: What's the matter, Giovanni?

*Giovanni: Madam...Madam...

*Lepant: What about Eileen?

*Giovanni: The new Military Commander took her away. I tried to stop him.

*Lepant: What!

[Lepant rushes out of the Tavern, with the party following quickly after him.
They come to the Military outpost at the north end of town. Lepant is seeing
shouting at the two door guards.]

*Lepant: For what reason did you arrest my wife? Let me see this new
commander of yours!

*Door Guard #1: You cannot see Commander Kraze without an appointment.

*Lepant: What!

[Lepant slays the two door guards and barges into the building with the
party following after him. In the main chamber, Lepant has encountered
two more guards.]

*House Guard #1: Who the hell are you? Are you aware that this is the
Kraze residence, you dog?!

*Lepant: Shut up, you common criminal!

[Lepant slays these guards as well and continues into another room, where
the party finds him standing lone against several guards. Lepant turns to
talk with Tir.]

*Lepant: this is quite a large number of opponents, even for me. Hm? Hey
you there! You've come just in time. Lend me a hand.

[The group engages the Empire Soldiers in battle and defeats them, heading
up to the second floor and navigating to the commander's room, where Kraze
and Eileen are.]

*Kraze: You again, Tir! Thanks to you, I've been reassigned to this miserable
country town. How dare you get in the way of my promotion! And now you're
getting in the way of my pleasure.

*Lepant: You're disgusting! Return Eileen immediately!

*Cleo: I'll never forgive you.

[At that point, several more Empire Soldiers rush into the room and engage
with the party, who defeat them soundly.]

*Lepant: Eileen!

*Eileen: Lepant!

*Kraze: That's far enough. Don't come any closer. I wouldn't want to hurt
this beautiful lady.

*Gremio: What a rogue. Rotten to the core. When I think I was taking orders
from this creature.

*Kraze: Say what you will. I have to protect myself. By the way, let me bring
out an old friend of yours. Hey! Come on out!

[Pahn enters the room.]

*Cleo: Pahn!

*Kraze: Heh. Pahn, capture those men. This is your chance to wipe the dirt
off of General Teo's name.

*Gremio: Pahn, you're not really going to do as he says?

*Pahn: Cleo, Gremio... Young Master...

*Cleo: Pahn...

*Pahn: I don't regret the decision I made that day. Even now.

*Kraze: That's right, Pahn.

*Pahn: Yet my heart still aches. I-I want to follow my heart. Whether my
heart is right or wrong will be judged by history.

*Kraze: Pahn, what are you talking about?

*Pahn: You're a pig in human skin! Take this!

[Pahn rushes through the party to Kraze and knocks him away from Eileen.]

*Viktor: You seem to be hated by a lot of people.

*Kraze: Now wait a minute, take it easy. Think of what will happen to your
father Teo if anything happens to me.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: You're the one person I can't forgive.

*Kraze: You, you d-don't really m ean to...h-help.

[Kraze is killed.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Get the hell out of here.

*Gremio: Young Master, why spare him? He killed Ted.

[Kraze dashes out of the room and is never seen by Tir again.]

*Cleo: Gremio, it's Young Master's decision. He's got a bigger heart
than we do. And I'm proud of him.

*Lepant: Commander Tir, it appears that I, too, am now a fugitive. I
pretended to be blind to the Empire's cruelties, just to protect my family.
And look where it's gotten me.

[Lepant turns to his wife.]

*Lepant: Eileen...

*Eileen: Yes.

*Lepant: You are no longer my wife.

*Eileen: W-why, Lepant?

*Lepant: I am joining the Liberation Army. I probably won't be able to return.

*Eileen: ......... You're a cruel man. What do you take me for?

*Lepant: If you come along, you'll suffer.

*Eileen: I've been prepared for the worst, ever since I married you.

*Lepant: Commander Tir, please let me lend the Liberation Army a hand. We
need a bit of time to prepare, but we'll join you at Toran Castle very soon.

[Tir turns and goes to talk to Pahn.]

*Pahn: Young Master - I mean Commander Tir - please let me join the Liberation
Army. I cannot ask to be forgiven, but even so, I would like to be of service
to you.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I can't forgive you.
|*Pahn: Please, Master.
|*Pahn: It's about Ted, I suppose. I'm sorry. I shouldn't even show my face
|to you. But even so, I want to join.
|*Pahn: I see. You still can't forgive me.
[Conversation ends. Talk with Pahn again and Choose Choice 2 to continue.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Pahn, lend us a hand.

*Pahn: Y-young M-master... Thank you so much. My life is in your hands,
Commander Tir.

[The group of Tir, Viktor, Gremio, Cleo and Pahn head back to Toran Castle.
When they reach the first floor, they come upon Varkas and Sydonia.]

[NOTE: The 1st Floor of Toran Castle is one floor above where the entrance
is/where Zombie Dragon is fault. From here on out, I shall refer to the
entrance as "the ground floor" and the floor beneath that as "the basement
floor", to clarify for any future confusion.]

*Varkas: It's been a while, Tir. I guess we both managed to get by without
getting caught.

*Gremio: Why Varkas...Sydonia...what are you two doing here?

*Varkas: We heard some rumors about you, and figured this would be a good
chance to return the favor we owe you. We'd like to join the Liberation
Army. Hey Sydonia, you say something too.

*Sydonia: Heh. Hey there.

*Varkas: Oh well. By the way, I'd like to say hello to Lady Odessa.

*Gremio: O-Odessa's...

[Mathiu approaches the group.]

*Mathiu: Odessa has gone north on a mission. Master Tir is our leader
while she's away.

*Varkas: North? Hmmmm? Oh well... In any case, congratulations, Tir.
Leader, eh? Very impressive.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, how about holding a banquet to welcome Lepant,
Varkas, Sydonia, and all of our new friends?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's do it.

*Varkas: A fine and understanding leader you are.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Now wait a...

*Viktor: Great idea, Master Mathiu. You agree, don't you, Tir?

*Gremio: Well then, I'll cook my best recipes.

[The members of the Liberation Army have a large banquet in the meeting
room on the 2nd floor. At some point during it, Tir leaves the room when
a voice calls out to him.]

*Assassin: Tir, I'll take that rune on your right hand. Give it to me!

[An assassin in green rushes at Tir and fights him for a few seconds
(3 battle rounds), until Pahn notices the commotion.]

*Pahn: Master Tir! Are you all right? You scoundrel!

[Pahn rushes out to guard Tir while Viktor and Cleo start to follow.]

*Viktor: How dare you infiltrate the Liberation Army's headquarters!

*Assassin: Ha ha ha! The Liberation Army indeed. Do you really think you
can defeat the Imperial Forces? Fools.

*Cleo: Say that again!

*Assassin: Watch your back, Tir. Lady Windy is always ready to destroy you!

[The assassin runs off and vanishes into the night. Later, at Tir's
bedroom, Gremio and Pahn are standing in front of his door with Viktor,

*Pahn: I'll stand watch over Master Tir.

*Gremio: No, I'll protect him tonight.

*Viktor: Stop this silly argument. Why don't you both stand watch?

[Tir heads to bed. The next morning, Gremio comes into his room after
he's awakened.]

          4.10) The Insurmountable Kwanda [PL10]

*Gremio: Good morning, Young Master. It's another beautiful day outside.

[After wandering around the castle for a time with Gremio, the duo go out
to the docks, where they stumble upon a prone body laying on the dock.]

*Kirkis: Uhhhnnn...

*Gremio: You're soaking wet. Don't tell me you swam all the way here.
Let's take him inside.

[Tir & Gremio bring Kirkis up to Tir's bedroom and place him in Tir's
bed while Mathiu enters.]

*Gremio: I wonder what happened? Just seeing an elf is unusual enough
in these parts, but one who swims all the way out here.

*Mathiu: There must be some reason.

*Kirkis: Gurgle...uhhhnnn...Where am I? I must have survived.

*Gremio: Are you all right?

*Kirkis: I heard through the wind, and came. Please tell me...is the
Liberation Army...

*Gremio: Don't you worry. This is the Liberation Army's headquarters,
Toran Castle.

*Kirkis: Thank god. I have a request. I must speak to your leader, Odessa.

*Gremio: .........

*Mathiu: You can't see Odessa right now. Our present leader is Commander
Tir here.

*Kirkis: Commander Tir, then. Please help us.

*Gremio: Help who?

*Kirkis: The Great Imperial General KWanda Rosman is planning to exterminate
us elves. Please. Please lend us the Liberation Army's power.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Of course.

*Mathiu: Wait, Commander Tir. Our present forces don't amount to much.
Even with the old Liberation Army's survivors and Varkas' bandits, we
still only amount to a few hundred men. It's not a good idea to mobilize
our forces yet.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: But...

*Mathiu: You're right. As Commander Tir says, our forces are still few.
Even with the old Liberation Army's survivors and Varkas' bandits, we
still only amount to a few hundred men. It's not a good idea to mobilize
our forces yet.

*Gremio: But that will mean the elves will die.

*Mathiu: Of course, we can't allow that to happen. Our only strength is
the hope that people see in us. That we must never betray. Therefore I
suggest that before all else, a small reconnaissance mission be sent out
to gather intelligence. Our next step can wait.

*Kirkis: Thank you very much. I'll lead you to our village.

*Gremio: Young Master, no matter who says what, I'm going.

[The party gears up and heads to the castle dock.]

*Kirkis: Our village lies past the Great Forest. Let us first head for
the Forest Village. The Forest Village is southeast of Kouan. We'll find
it along the eastern edge of the forest.

[The party departs from Toran Castle and later arrives at the Forest Village.
Upon entering the village, a man approaches the party.]

*Village Resident: That's funny. It's true, you know. Elves have been seen
coming out of here. My god! You! Hey everybody, it's true! There's an elf here!

[The man runs off into the village.]

*Kirkis: Better not cause a ruckus. There's a secret elfin trail up ahead.
Let's hurry.

[The party passes through the village and enters the trail.]

*Kirkis: The area beyond this point is under a spell. Without me, you'll get
lost. Please stick together.

[With Kirkis aiding the party, they continue until they reach a log bridge,
when a young woman appears out of nowhere behind them.]

*Viki: What? What??? Uh oh, looks like I blew it.

[Viki moves to talk to the group.]

*Viki: Say, where are we? The Empire? Which one? My goodness, almost the
other side. My name's Viki. I'm a poor soul with nowhere to go. Won't you
protect me?

[CHOICE 1] Tir agrees to recruit her.

*Viki: Oh, thank you! What? The Liberation Army? You have a castle? Wow!
Where is it? That's pretty close... All right then! Let's go!

[Viki vanishes as she teleports to Toran Castle.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir decides to not recruit her.

*Viki: Oh no! Please, you aren't planning to leave an innocent little girl
like me here in the forest, are you?

[Viki doesn't move and prevents passage back to the Forest Village. Talk to
her again.]

*Viki: Hey, hey, you've changed your mind, right? Protect me.

[Choices are presented again. Choice 2 is an infinite loop. Choose 1.]

[Coming to the end of the trail, the party come across a deserted
village of red buildings.]

*Kirkis: What the...

*Gremio: What's wrong?

*Kirkis: This is the Kobold Village, but all the kobolds are gone.

[A kobold appears from the trail and approaches the party.]

*Kuromimi: Bow wow! You humans take away friends. Not forgive.
Grrrr, not forgive, sniff sniff. But no time now. Kuromimi fix
everyone sickness.

[Kuromimi takes off.]

*Gremio: He's saying his friends were taken away and everyone is sick.

*Kirkis: Something happened here. Let's hurry to our village. Maybe
they know something there. The Village of the Elves is east of here.

[The party resumes it's travelling, eventually reaching the Village of
the Elves. Climbing up the rope ladder, the group reach the village in
the treetops and find a scene unfolding in the center of the village.]

*Valeria: That's enough. Listen to me! How dare you be so insulting!

*Chief of the Elves: Listen? Listen, you say? I didn't know that you
humans could talk. So what do you have to say? Have you thought of a
good way of exterminating us? With your tiny minds?

*Valeria: That's right. Kwanda is planning something truly frightening. Not
only is he going to wipe you out, he's planning to burn down this entire
forest, this forest that also happens to be my home.

*Chief of the Elves: You humans are too stupid to realize such a task. Hey,
lock this one up.

[The Chief departs while two Elf men apprehend Valeria and follow the Chief
back to the main building of the Village. The group soon head to that
building and enter to find the Chief, several elves and Sylvina, who
approaches Kirkis.]

*Sylvina: Kirkis... why did you leave me alone? I was lonely.

*Kirkis: I didn't mean to leave you alone.

*Sylvina: How terrible, going off alone. You should have taken me with
you. Was it fun outside?

*Kirkis: No, I mean, I didn't go out to play, you know. I didn't take
you because I didn't want you in danger.

*Gremio: Of course.

[The group approaches the Chief.]

*Chief of the Elves: Kirkis, why did you leave without my permission?
What did you do out there?

*Kirkis: There are humans who are fighting the Empire too. I left to get
help from the Liberation Army, as they call themselves, to protect the
Village of the Elves.

*Chief of the Elves: Protect this village? What are you talking about?
We don't need human help to protect ourselves. It's true that at one
point, Kwanda's men had the upper hand. But they're humans, after all.
They've been behaving themselves recently.

*Kirkis: But...

*Chief of the Elves: Shut up, Kirkis. You left the village without
permission, and dared return with filthy humans. Lock them all up.

*Elf man: Yes, sir.

*Sylvina: What? Why? Why? Grandpa, why are you arresting Kirkis?

[The party is surrounded by elf men and taken two floors down to the
jail. Inside, another elf and the woman from earlier, Valeria are also
there. The group approaches Stallion, who runs a circle around them
incredibly fast.]

*Stallion: Well, if it isn't chicken-hearted Kirkis, who turned and
ran when he found out the Imperial Army was attacking. Hey, don't you
remember me? Stallion, the fastest pair of feet in the village. Didn't
you know? You should have seen how fast I ran when Kwanda attacked. Ha ha ha!

[Done with talking to Stallion, Tir then approaches Valeria.]

*Valeria: Who the hell are you? Liberation Army? Come to help the elves?
I guess we're all fools here.

*Gremio: That's an Imperial uniform.

*Valeria: Yep, I was a fool too. I risked my life to betray the Empire,
and look at me now. How stubborn these elves are! They refuse to believe
what I know.

*Kirkis: So what is it you know?

*Valeria: Oh, that. The man in charge of this region is the Great
General Kwanda Rosman. He has commissioned a horrible weapon to exterminate
the rebellious elves.

*Gremio: Horrible weapon? What is it?

*Valeria: I'm not sure, but it's called the Burning Mirror. They say it can
burn down an entire forest in an instant. Not only the elves, but the
village where I was born. That's why I came. I wanted to warn the elves
of this danger, so they could prevent the Burning Mirror's completion.

*Gremio: And before you knew it, you were in this prison.

[A bit of time passes, and Tir goes to check the bars of the cell when a
creak is heard.]

*Kirkis: Who is it?

[Sylvina appears from the stairwell and stands at the cell door.]

*Kirkis: Sylvina...

*Sylvina: Grandpa said I shouldn't come here, but I have to ask...

*Kirkis: Ask what?

*Sylvina: Tell me, Kirkis, why are you so hung up on humans? Humans act
big, yet they're dead after only 50 years or so. Why bother with such lowly

*Gremio: Dead after only 50 years or so? What an awful thing to say.

*Kirkis: Listen to me, Sylvina. It's true that humans dislike elves and
dwarves. We look down on humans. The dwarves detest us. Isn't it sad?
After all, what's the difference between us? Why can't we just get along?
I just don't understand it. It's very sad.

*Sylvina: Kirkis... I'm sorry, Kirkis. I don't understand what you're
saying. I just can't. I just can't trust humans, and dwarves scare me.
But...but... I'll believe you. I'll believe whatever you believe. I'll
do my best to believe.

*Kirkis: Sylvina...

*Sylvina: Here's the key to this cell. Do you think I'll end up in here for
doing this?

[Sylvina unlocks the door to the cell and opens it. In a split second,
Stallion is standing outside the cell.]

*Stallion: Ha! I, Stallion, shall show you how fast I can run.

[Stallion runs up the flight of stairs and out of sight.]

*Gremio: In-incredible.

*Sylvina: Kirkis, you run too. You can't run that fast, of course...

*Kirkis: No, I can't run away. I have to do something about that Burning
Mirror that Valeria was talking about.

[Valeria approaches the party.]

*Valeria: What can you do?

*Kirkis: I have an idea. Master Tir, northeast of this village is the
Village of the Dwarves. They must know something. Let's get their help.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I agree.

*Valeria: Me too. If we don't hurry, there'll be a disaster. We must
prevent the Burning Mirror from being completed.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Let's go back to the castle first.

*Gremio: Young Master, we don't have the time. The Burning Mirror is
being built at this very moment. We must hurry.

*Sylvina: Kirkis! Are you going to dwarf country?! They say dwarves eat elves.

*Kirkis: That's just a nasty rumor. We should get rid of prejudices like
that. Let's go, Master Tir.

[The party heads up and out of the Chief's building, and exits the treetop
village. Before they can leave the shade of the giant tree, though, Valeria
and Sylvina show up, stopping them.]

*Valeria: Take me with you, Commander Tir. I want to help protect this forest.

*Sylvina: Kirkis...

*Kirkis: Do you want to come along, Sylvina? This time you're welcome to
join us.

*Sylvina: ......... I'll stay. I'll wait for you to come back. So, promise
me you'll return. Promise?

*Kirkis: I promise I'll be back. I'll never make you feel sad again.

*Sylvina: It's a promise.

[Kirkis and Sylvina embrace briefly, then the party (Tir, Gremio, Kirkis
and Valeria) leave the Village of the Elves and soon reach the Dwarven
Trail. They continue until, near the end of the trail, Kuromimi appears
from the opposite direction, talking to himself.]

*Kuromimi: Dwarf stingy. Keep sickness cure secret. But Kuromimi never give up.

*Gremio: That kobold...

[Kuromimi spots the party.]

*Kuromimi: You! I don't forgive...grrrrr. But Kuromimi busy now.

[Kuromimi runs off in the direction the party came from, and the quartet
reaches the other side of the trail, entering the Village of the Dwarves
soon afterwards. After exploring the village for a bit, the group makes
it's way to the Chief's house, where they encounter the Chief inside.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Well, what unusual visitors. Human and elf, hand
in hand. What brings you to the Dwarf Mines?

*Kirkis: Chief of the Dwarves, we come to ask you for a favor.

*Chief of the Dwarves: A proud elf asking a lowly dwarf for a favor?

*Valeria: Chief, have you ever heard of a Burning Mirror?

*Chief of the Dwarves: Of course I have. It's one of our treasures.

*Valeria: Kwanda Rosman has gotten hold of the blueprint, and is planning
to burn down the forest.

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho! That's very funny. I hope all the elves are
killed. Ho ho!

*Kirkis: What a thing to say!

*Chief of the Dwarves: Besides, do you expect me to believe that one of you
sluggish humans really succeeded in stealing a blueprint from us?

*Valeria: It's true. A fellow called Kage stole the blueprint.

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho! You'll have to prove such human competence.
You're saying a human can break into our vault? Try it, then.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's give it a try.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Better not try.

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho, you're smart. You'll never succeed anyway.

[Conversation ends. Talk with Chief again.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho, what's the matter? Up for a challenge?

Choices are presented again. Choice 2 is an infinite loop.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho, what fun! Then try to steal the
Running Water Root from out vault. If you can do that, I'll believe
your story. Our vault is due north of this village. It was way too big
to be built here, ho ho.

[Taking their leave of the Chief and the Village, the party heads north
to the mountains, where a gigantic vault was built into the mountain.
Entering, the group talks with the guard there.]

*Vault Guard: The Chief has filled us in. This vault can't be opened by a
stupid elf.

[The party enters the vault and, after fighting their way through a long
and complicated multi-floored maze, eventually finds the Running Water
Root. Exiting the Vault, they return to the Village of the Dwarves and
present the Chief with the Running Water Root.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Grrrrrrr...you succeeded in breaking into our
vault. All right, I'll believe your story. As you said, the Burning
Mirror is a terible weapon. But it can be blown to pieces using another
of our treasures, the Firewind Cannon. I'll have one built for you right away.

*Valeria: We are grateful, Chief.

*Kirkis: Master Tir, let's return to the village and deliver the news.
The Chief of the Elves should believe us now.

[The party leaves the Dwarf Village and starts the hike up the trail
once more. Part-way through, they stop as a sight in the  distance
catches their eyes.]

*Kirkis: After returning from Dwarves' Village

*Gremio: W-what's that?

*Valeria: I don't know.

*Gremio: That direction is...

*Valeria: It couldn't be...

*Kirkis: Too late!

[The party clears the trail and heads back to the Village of the Elves,
which is now burnt.]

*Valeria: This is awful.

*Gremio: How horrible.

*Valeria: Our efforts were...

*Kirkis: That's right. In vain. All of our efforts were in vain. But why?
Why? Please tell me, Master Tir. What good were our efforts? Why did this
happen? We did our best! I was insulted and abused, but I fought on. And

*Gremio: Kirkis...

*Kirkis: Nothing...nothing remains! Everything I tried to protect.

[Kirkis pulls out a ring from his pocket.]

*Kirkis: When everything was over, I planned to give this ring to Sylvina.
Poor Sylvina. Now this ring has no hand to adorn. It's useless now.

[Kirkis lets the ring drop from his hand and turns to face the charred
portion of the giant tree that still stands.]

*Kirkis: There's nothing...

[Gremio walks over and picks up the ring, holding it out for Kirkis to see.]

*Gremio: Kirkis, this ring is your hope. And you must never give up hope.
With just a little bit of hope, you can survive, live on. And that goes
for humans as well as elves.

*Kirkis: Gremio...

[Gremio pockets the ring.]

*Gremio: Young Master, let's return to the castle. We must never let this
tragedy repeat itself. Let's defeat Kwanda Rosman's army, and destroy the
Burning Mirror. That is our only deliverance.

[Kirkis approaches Tir.]

*Kirkis: ......... Let's go. For the sake of Sylvina.

[The party gathers itself together and heads northwest, back to the Kobold
Village. Once there, the group encounters Kuromimi for the third time.]

*Kuromimi: Kuromimi cannot caught here. Must help everyone.

[As the group gathers by Kuromimi in the center of Kobold Village, Imperial
Soldiers surround them.]

*Imperial Soldier #1: Who are you guys? Hey, you're that traitor Valeria.
Fancy meeting you here. There's a price on your head. Better turn yourself in.

*Gremio: Young Master, we're surrounded. This is a bit dangerous.

*Kirkis: What are you talking about? This is extremely dangerous.

*Valeria: Hey, you there. If I turn myself in, will you promise not to hurt
the others?

*Imperial Soldier #1: Ha ha! A deal, eh? All right. I swear to god I won't
hurt them.

*Gremio: V-Valeria, by law traitors are put to death.

*Valeria: I know.

*Gremio: Then...

*Valeria: The Burning Mirror must be destroyed. That can't be done if we
all die here. The Liberation Army can't afford to lose its leader. A leader
must stay alive. That's why...

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Stop it, Valeria.

*Valeria: Come now, Tir, you mustn't lose sight of your bigger goals.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I'm sorry, Valeria.

*Valeria: No big deal. But I hope you'll rescue me before I get my head
cut off.

*Imperial Soldier #1: That's a good girl. Behave yourself. Men, kill the
elf, kobold and the rest of the traitors.

*Valeria: What? You just swore to god.

*Imperial Soldier #1: God? There is no god in these modern times.

[Imperial Soldier #1 takes Valeria away while the rest of the soldiers close
in on the group.]

*Gremio: Whoooaaa! Here they come!

*Kuromimi: Kuromimi fight. No can die now.

[With Kuromimi replacing Valeria in the party, the quartet start fighting the
Imperial Soldiers. After fighting several of them, though, the party is
worn out.]

*Gremio: We're losing...

*Kirkis: Is this it?

*Kuromimi: You all weak. Kuromimi no give up.

*Imperial Soldier #2: Big talk, eh? Get them, men!

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, I'll help you.

*Imperial Soldier #2: W-what's going on?

*Imperial Soldier #3: Sir, some fellows calling themselves the Liberation
Army arrived.

*Imperial Soldier #3: What? Retreat! Get out of here!

[The Imperial Forces take off to the east while Mathiu, Humphrey and a
contingent of Liberation Army soldiers arrive in the Kobold Village from
the west.]

*Gremio: Master Mathiu, how did you get here? Not through the forest?

*Mathiu: Somebody warned me about the Burning Mirror.

[Sylvina rushes straight to Kirkis and embraces him in a fierce hug.]

*Sylvina: Kirkis! Kirkis, Kirkis, I missed you!

*Kirkis: Sylvina...how? Why?

[Stallion runs in to stand by Kirkis.]

*Stallion: Ha ha ha. Credit that to me.

*Sylvina: It was incredible. There was a flash, and Stallion charged forward
at an unbelievable speed.

*Stallion: I wish you could have seen how fast I can run.

[Kirkis hugs Sylvina.]

*Kirkis: Sylvina! Sylvina!

*Stallion: Hey, don't you want to hear about my speed?

[Gremio approaches Kirkis, who breaks away from hugging Sylvina, and gives
him back the ring.]

*Gremio: Yes, the ring. Now I understand that hope should never be abandoned.

*Kirkis: Gremio...

*Sylvina: What is it? A ring? What is it, Kirkis?

*Kirkis: This? I, when everything is over...

[Tir turns to Mathiu.]

*Mathiu: After Commander Tir left the castle, Humphrey and Sanchez arrived
with survivors of the old Liberation Army. We now have the manpower to fight
Kwanda Rosman's army. Commander Tir, please give us the signal to move forward.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: All right, all troops forward.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: It's not the time yet.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, war is timing. And now is the time.

[Battle at Pannu Yakuta commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Kirkis: Kwanda Rosman, you'll pay for burning down our village!

*Kwanda: Liberation Army? Conceit!! I shall destroy you on behalf of his
Majesty the Emperor!

*Mathiu: This is the first battle for the new Liberation Army. Give it
your best.

*Viktor: Hey! Here we come!

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Kwanda: Damn you. It's time for the Burning Mirror.

[Battle at Pannu Yakuta concludes.]

[At the roof of Pannu Yakuta Castle, Kwanda Rosman is by the giant Burning

*Kwanda Rosman: Ha ha! I'll burn you all with this!

[The Liberation Army is gathered at Pannu Yakuta's gates.]

*Valeria: Dammit. Kwanda's planning to use the Burning Mirror.

*Mathiu: What? All troops retreat! No, forget that. Disperse! Keep
casualties to a minimum!

[Back on the roof.]

*Kwanda Rosman: Ahh, spreading out to reduce casualties, eh? But it's too
late now. Traitors to the Empire, this is the price you pay! Take that!

[A loud explosion preceeds the Burning Mirror shattering.]

*Kwanda Rosman: W-what's going on?

[Back with the Liberation Army, the Chief of the Dwarves has appeared.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ho ho ho! That's what you get for stealing! See
the power of our Firewind Cannon!

*Kirkis: Chief of the Dwarves!

*Chief of the Dwarves: Looks like we got here in time, young elf.

*Viktor: All right, let's go into the castle and take Kwanda Rosman's
head. Come on, Tir.

*Gremio: I'm going too, Young Master.

*Valeria: Please, Master Tir, take me too.

*Kirkis: I'll go too.

*Viktor: All right. Who else is coming?

*Kuromimi: Kuromimi go too. Save friends. Kuromimi go.

*Viktor: Let's go!

[The party gathers together and heads into Pannu Yakuta. Upon reaching
the throne room of the castle, the party engages and defeats a large dragon,
then continues to the roof where they confront Kwanda Rosman.]

*Kwanda Rosman: Are you the leader of the Liberation Army? You look familiar.
Teo's son. I'd heard rumors, but... Teo's boy a rebel leader, eh? Don't expect
me to pull punches. They once called me Kwanda the Insurmountable, and I shall
again become the wall that protects Emperor Barbarosa. So come, liberators.
See my strength. See the power of the Black Rune that Lady Windy has given me!

[Tir engages Kwanda in a duel and comes out the victor.]

[NOTE: If you want dialouge from the duels, refer to MMÃ¥nsson's Duel Guide
at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/198843/8423]

*Kwanda Rosman: Impossible! It's Lady Windy's Black Rune.

*Kuromimi: You mess everyone up. You fix them.

*Kwanda Rosman: Kobold? Why are you still sane? The Black Rune... Ahhhh!
My arm! Ahhhhhhhhh!

[The Black Rune on Kwanda's right hand starts flashing brightly.]

*Gremio: What's going on?

*Viktor: I'm not sure. Something to do with a Black Rune, I think he said.

*Kwanda Rosman: Aaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!

[A final flash of bright light occurs, and when it clears Kwanda is lying
prone on the ground. The group manage to bring him around to consiousness.]

*Kwanda Rosman: What...happened?

*Kuromimi: Prepare to die!

*Kirkis: Time for revenge!

*Kwanda Rosman: Elf...kobold... I see. Do what you must. You have the
right, I believe.

*Gremio: Wait a minute, something's wrong.

*Kwanda Rosman: Are you Commander Tir of the Liberation Army? Please go
ahead and take my head. I'll die like a soldier.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Vengeance! Your time is up!

*Kwanda Rosman: Emperor Barbarosa, I'm sorry I could not protect you until
the end. I enjoyed the 10 years I fought with you. Farewell, Emperor.

*Kirkis: Prepare yourself!

[Kwanda is killed.]

*Kirkis: So this is the end of my war.

[Lady Windy teleports in.]

*Windy: It's been a long time, Tir. Oh, did you defeat Kwanda? I give him
the Black Rune, yet he falls. What a useless fellow.

*Kuromimi: Who you? Fix everyone.

*Windy: A kobold? I see, Kwanda's Black Rune melted, and you've become free
of your curse. Tir, don't think you can get away with your antics forever.
My beloved Barbarosa will destroy you. Well, I must be on my way. See you, Tir.

[Windy vanishes and the party returns to Mathiu and the Liberation Army at
the gates.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Something's wrong.

*Kwanda Rosman: What are you waiting for? Lop off his head. I'm impatient.

*Gremio: Why did you suddenly...

*Kuromimi: That's right. YOu're not the same person you were a moment ago.

*Kwanda: It's this. The burnt rune.

*Viktor: Rune?

*Kwanda Rosman: This was the Black Rune. It was given to me by Lady Windy.
It gave me power over monsters. But it also began to affect my willpower.
Windy cannot be trusted. Does the Emperor know? But whatever I say now is
irrelevant. After what I have done, my only remaining fate is to die like a

 [CHOICE A] Tir: You're right.

 *Kwanda Rosman: Thank you, Commander Tir. Teo should be proud of his son.

 *Kirkis: Prepare to die!

 [Kwanda is killed and the party returns to Mathiu and the Liberation
 Army at the gates.]

 [CHOICE B] Tir: I want you to join us.

 *Kwanda Rosman: Me? Join you? Ha ha ha! Me join the Liberation Army?
 I served Emperor Barbarosa for 10 years, and you ask me to be a traitor?

 *Viktor: That's right. The Emperor is a different man from the one you knew
 7 years ago.

 *Kwanda Rosman: ......... Perhaps the Emperor I knew and trusted
 disappeared years ago. Commander Tir, let me join your army. My loyalty for
 Emperor Barbarosa remains firm. But I cannot serve the present Emperor,
 whoever he may be.

 [The party leaves Kwanda and returns to Mathiu and the Liberation Army
 at the gates.]

*Mathiu: Congratulations, Commander Tir. Our first battle was a great success.

[Two Kobolds approach the party.]

*Kobold #1: Kuromimi...

*Kuromimi: Oh, Mommy!

*Kobold #2: Kuromimi...

*Kuromimi: Brother!

*Gremio: It looks like their spell is broken.

[Sylvina approaches Kirkis.]

*Kirkis: Thank you, Master Tir.

*Gremio: What will you do now?

*Kirkis: The village is gone. And perhaps my war is not over yet. At
least not until your war is over, Master Tir. Please let me join the
Liberation Army.

*Sylvina: Me too!

[Stallion appears by the party at a breakneck speed.]

*Stallion: And me as well.

*Kirkis: N-not Sylvina. It could be dangerous.

*Sylvina: No. I"m staying with you forever, Kirkis.

*Stallion: I'll join too.

*Gremio: ......................

*Kuromimi: Kuromimi fight. Everybody fix, but country still sickness.

*Valeria: I, too, have no place to return to. To prevent this tragedy
from repeating itself, let me fight too.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, this battle has made you a man. So many people
are willing to join you. Now let's get back to Toran Castle.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's go, then!

[The party and Army return to Toran Castle.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Wait. I have some unfinished business.

*Mathiu: I understand. We'll go on ahead.

[Everyone except the core party returns to Toran Castle. Tir does
what he needed to do, then returns to the castle too.]


          4.11) The Flower General Milich [PL11]

["Three months after defeating Kwanda Rosman's army..."]

[Tir leaves his bedroom and, after wandering around the castle for a
bit, comes to the meeting room to find Flik, Viktor, Humphrey and Sanchez

*Flik: Why isn't Odessa here?! This is the new Liberation Army's
headquarters, right?! After our hideout was attacked, I managed to round
up the scattered remnants of the army, and we finally found our way here,
to this mystery! What the hell's going on?! Hey, you... you're Tir, right?
Where's Odessa? Why doesn't she greet us?

*Viktor: Because...

*Mathiu: You're Flik, right?

[Mathiu enters the meeting room.]

*Flik: Hey! Who is this guy?!

*Mathiu: I'm Mathiu Silverberg, Odessa's brother. I'm now the Liberation
Army's Chief Military Strategist.

*Flik: Odessa's brother... So where is she? She's here, isn't she?

*Mathiu: She's dead.

*Viktor: Mathiu!

*Humphrey: .........!

*Sanchez: W-What do you...mean? I heard she was missing.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, may I tell him?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: But Odessa's last request...

*Mathiu: Odessa made her last request to keep the Liberation Army
from falling apart. But now that it has been rebuilt, it's time to tell the

*Flik: What are you hiding from me? What do you mean, Odessa is dead? Answer
me, Tir!

*Mathiu: We can't keep this a secret forever. Many are already suspicious.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: You're right.

*Mathiu: Odessa was killed when the hideout at Lenankamp was attacked.

*Flik: What! Viktor, what happened?! You were protecting her!

*Viktor: Forgive me, Flik. Forgive me...

*Mathiu: Odessa was thinking of the Liberation Army right until her last

*Flik: I see. And I suppose Tir took over the leadership.

*Mathiu: Correct.

*Flik: You must be kidding! Humphrey! Sanchez! Are you going to let them
get away with this? How can this kid follow after Odessa?!

*Humphrey: ......... .........We need a leader. And Tir is doing well.

*Sanchez: Flik, please calm down. Didn't you come here for a reason?

*Flik: Yeah, for a reason. To be shared with Odessa, not you, Tir! Humphrey,
Sanchez, I'll be staying at the inn in Kaku. If you change your minds, come
and join me. You guys don't want to be with these scum, do you?!

[Flik runs out of the meeting room and heads to Kaku.]

*Sanchez: Master Tir, Flik is in shock after hearing about Lady Odessa.
He's not usually like that.

*Viktor: I must have a good long talk with Flik. After all, he was
Vice-Commander of the Liberation Army.

*Mathiu: You're right. We need all the help we can get.

[Tir and Viktor head to Kaku, to the house where Flik is staying. Inside,
they start a conversation with him.]

*Flik: Tir, Viktor. I was expecting you.

*Viktor: Sorry, Flik. Because I was careless, Odessa...

*Flik: It's not your fault, is it? Odessa used to say to me, "You should be
more aware of your position as a leader." Those words are coming back to
haunt me. Maybe she knew that her death was imminent. But I was unworthy of
her expectations.

*Viktor: Flik...

*Flik: I was so enraged at her death that I completely forget what I came
here for. No wonder she gave up on me. ......... Tir I can't accept you as
a leader yet. But this is no time for bickering. So, I have a request.
Will you join forces with me?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: No.
|*Flik: W-what? ......... I will ask you again. Please. Will you
|join forces with me?
|*Flik: We have no time to argue. Soon the comrades I left behind will be
|massacred. Please fight alongside me.
|*Viktor: Come on, Tir. This is no time for joking around. Let's join forces.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Of course.

*Flik: Good, I'm grateful. Now we can save our comrades. Well then,
I'll assemble my men and take them to the castle in the lake.

[Flik leaves the house.]

*Viktor: Tir, we should be getting back to the castle too.

[Viktor and Tir head back to Toran Castle, and up to the meeting room,
where Flik, Mathiu, Humphrey and Sanchez are talking.]

*Flik: Is everyone here? Then listen to me. After the hideout at Lenankamp
was attacked, I escaped toward Milich's domain in the west.

*Sanchez: Milich... You mean Milich Oppenheimer, one of the Five Great

*Flik: Right. I was out there rounding up the former soldiers of the
Liberation Army who were scattered all over the place. Suddenly there
was a crackdown on the rebel factions, and many of our comrades were
captured. That was when I heard about a revived Liberation Army and
came here. We must unite our forces to liberate Milich's domain.

*Mathiu: I agree. Combined with the men that Flik has brought our forces
should be strong enough to break through the entrance to the west, the
Fortress of Garan. Commander Tir, what do you think?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Prepare to depart.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: It is not yet time for battle.

*Mathiu: I see. Perhaps we should wait until we have more men.

[Talk with Mathiu again at this point.]

*Mathiu: Attack the Fortress of Garan?

[Choices are presented again. Choose 1 to continue.]

*Mathiu: Yes sir! Right away.

[Battle at Fortress of Garan commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Garan Soldier: Liberation army? What's that? What? The guys that beat
Kwanda's army?

*Gremio: Here we go Young Master. Please take care.

*Cleo: Let's go Pahn!

*Pahn: All right! Let's go!

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Flik: We did it! We beat the Imperial Army!

[Battle at Fortress of Garan ends.]

[At the Fortress of Garan, Tir & Co. are gathered around the center of
the Fortress.]

*Viktor: How's that? Ha ha ha! The Imperial Army acts big, but they're nothing.

*Gremio: Phew! Oh, Young Master. Are you all right?

*Pahn: Master Tir, let's attack immediately and finish them off.

*Mathiu: Wait, Commander Tir. We shouldn't attack without understanding
what the enemy is thinking. Let's send a reconnaissance team to find out
what they're up to.

*Flik: Wrong! The enemy is careless right now. It's our chance to attack!
Follow me, everybody!

[Battle at Scarleticia Castle commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Milich: What fools. I'll show you how wonderful my Antoinette is.

*Mathiu: Please be careful. There's something wrong.

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: We're all over. We should retreat.

[Battle at Scarleticia Castle concludes.]

[Back at the Fortress of Garan, the party gathers itself back together.]

*Viktor: What kind of roses are those? We can't even get near the enemy.
We're in trouble.

*Sanchez: Perhaps we should send a reconnaissance team after all.

*Viktor: OK, I'm coming along, Tir.

*Flik: I'll go too. I haven't accepted you as Commander yet. I'll come
along and see what kind of a leader you are.

*Gremio: Young Master, I'm going too, of course.

*Viktor: Gremio...you stay.

*Gremio: What are you saying, Viktor? Who's going to protect the Young
Master if I don't.

*Viktor: Don't you understand, Gremio? Tir is no longer a child. He's the
proud leader of the Liberation Army. Not a kid who needs your protection.

*Gremio: B-but that's no reason why I shouldn't come along.

*Viktor: After leaving my village behind, I traveled all over the place. I
met all kinds of people, and experienced many things. That's why I sometimes
have hunches. Gremio, stay here.

*Gremio: You must be joking. Young Master, you don't plan on leaving me
behind, do you?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Stay here, Gremio.
|*Gremio: Young Master, you too? Such a bad joke.
|*Gremio: I swore to Master Teo that I would protect you
|through thick and thin. Please, Young Master. Take me with you.
|I swear on my life to protect you.
|*Gremio: Please, Young Master. Take me too.
|*Viktor: Gremio, you're bound to get in the way. Give it up.
|*Gremio: Y-Young Master...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Okay .Come with us. [<- Not a typo.]

*Gremio: Thank you, Young Master.

*Viktor: Tir, kindness alone does not make a leader.

[Assembled, the party departs. While asking around in Rikon, they
learn of an incredible doctor that might be able to solve the problem
of the rose's pollen and depart down the river on a boat from Rikon.
Down river a-ways, they see a small isolated cabin beyond a series of
harsh rapids and are forced to return back up-river to Rikon.]

*Viktor: What shall we do? We can't go any further.

*Gremio: We can't do this with an ordinary boat.

[The group heads back to Teien, a port town, to see if any ship-builders
in the area could help. Upon entering one house, they meet a man named
Gen and start talking with him.]

*Gen: Who the hell are you? Liberation Army? Never heard of ya. I've no
such interest in such things. All I'm interested in are boats. I'll take
on any job as long as it's worthy of my skills.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: We have no business with you.

*Gen: Is that right? Then beat it. I don't need your teasing.

[Conversation ends. Talk with Gen again.]

*Gen: You guys again. What do you want?

[Choices are presented again. Choose Choice 2 to continue.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: We need a boat that can beat the rapids.

*Gen: The Rapids of Dunan, eh? Hmmm. Interesting. All right. I, Gen,
will show you what I can do. But I can't do this alone. An ordinary boat
will never make it.

*Gremio: Then what will you do?

*Gen: I have some ideas. Old Kamandol next door should be able to help us.
Even if he's half dead. Let's go see him.

[The group of five leave Gen's house and head next door to Kamandol's,
standing before the front door.]

*Gen: Look at this sign here. The old geezer thinks he's a big shot. Hey
old man! I know you're in there! Come out, you bum, or I'll break down the

[Kamandol walks out the front door of his house.]

*Kamandol: You again! I told you not to disturb my experiments!

*Gen: Here you are, you creepy old man. YOu should get some sunlight. You
look sick. Come on out.

*Kamandol: I warned you not to call me "old man"! What do you want with me,
anyway. Bringing these delinquents with you.

*Gremio: D-Delinquents! Don't you dare insult Young Master. I can understand
such language for Viktor.

*Viktor: Whoa, wait a minute. Don't confuse the issue.

*Gen: Hey, geezer. Do you know the Dunan Rapids? I was going to ask you how
they can be navigated, but come to think of it, a senile old fool like you
wouldn't have a clue, right?

*Kamandol: Watch your mouth! I can do anything...depending on time and money.

*Flik: So there is a way.

*Kamandol: Of course. I'll show you. Step inside.

[Kamandol returns to his house and the party follows. Inside, Kamandol and
a large metal object are in the center of the house.]

*Kamandol: Look at this. This will get you over the rapids.

*Gremio: What is it?

*Kamandol: It's a machine that moves by burning oil.

*Flik: A machine that runs on oil? Sounds ridiculous.

*Viktor: So if you attach this to a boat, you can travel upstream?

*Kamandol: Correct.

*Gen: OK, then let's take this to... P-Plummy Lamar? Prommy Lamb? Pramyam

*Kamandol: Premier L'Amour, you idiot.

*Gen: Shut up. Who can remember a stupid name like that? Let's go to Rikon!

*Kamandol: Take good care of this machine. It's fragile.

*Viktor: What?

*Gremio: You mean...

*Flik: We have to carry it?

*Kamandol: Of course. You plan on letting a frail old main carry this?

[The party, now six people strong, gather up the oil-burning engine and
make the long walk south to the river-side village of Rikon. Once there,
the group heads to the small dock area.]

*Gen: Here we are.

*Kamandol: Good. Go ahead and unload the equipment.

[The engine is set down close to the dock.]

*Viktor: Thank god I can bid this load farewell.

*Flik: It was pretty tough fighting with this on my back.

*Gen: Hey geezer, let's get to work.

*Kamandol: I don't have to be reminded by you.

*Gen: Tir, you're all getting in the way, so why don't you go to the
inn or something. Don't worry, you'll have a shiny vessel in no time.

[While Gen and Kamandol get to work on improving Rikon's boat, the remaining
four pause outside the inn for a moment.]

*Flik: Damn that old man. Making me carry such a heavy load.

*Viktor: Phew! I'm exhausted.

*Gremio: Let's call it an early night.

[The group head inside and head to sleep. Later that night...]

*Viktor: Zzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz

*Flik: Wheeezzze Wheeezzze

*Gremio: ......... .........

[Gremio wakes up and gets out of bed, then heads over to stand by Tir's
bed while Tir sleeps.]

*Gremio: Young Master... I, Gremio, have taken care of you since you were
tiny. Sometimes I feel as if you were my little brother...no, my son, even.
Initially I wanted to repay my debt to Master Teo, but now... Perhaps you no
longer need me to protect you.

[Morning comes and Tir wakes up to find the other three already awake and
ready to go.]

*Viktor: Tir, you're up.

*Flik: How are Gen and his crew doing?

[The four make their way outside and to the dock, where Gen & Kamandol are
waiting with the finished boat.]

*Gen: Take a look. We worked all through the night.

*Kamandol: Making an old man work like this. For shame.

*Gen: Tir, how about a launching ceremony?

[The six hop into the boat and once again sail downriver, this time moving
across the rapids with ease and finally reaching Liukan's Hermitage. Once
docked, the group finds Liukan outside his small house, where they start a
conversation with him.]

*Liukan: So, it appears I tried to isolate myself to no avail.

*Gremio: What do you mean?

*Liukan: You want me to prepare some medicine, right? I'm tired of all that.

*Gremio: Please, sir. We must have an antidote to the poisonous flowers of
Milich's castle.

*??????: That kind of antidote would be very inconvenient.

*Viktor: Who is it?

[Milich rides in on a dragon and lands between the party and Liukan,
where he dismounts.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: How do you do. I am the most renowned of the Five
Great Imperial Generals, Milich Oppenheimer, the Flower General.

*Gremio: Nonsense. The greatest of the Five is General Teo!

*Milich Oppenheimer: Oh my, this must be Teo's lowly servant. And this
here is Tir McDohl. Your father must be in tears to know that his son is
a traitor to the Empire.

*Viktor: Hey, you! Peacock Man. What's your business here?

*Milich Oppenheimer: Oh, yes, I nearly forgot. It just won't do to have
you render my sweet flower's poison useless. I shall invite Dr. Liukan over
to my impenetrable Soniere Prison.

*Liukan: Like hell you will!

*Milich Oppenheimer: Oh please, don't be shy. We must be going now. Tir,
I'm not a sissy like Kwanda, you know. Well then, goodbye everybody.

[Taking Liukan hostage, Milich mounts the dragon and flies off, leaving
the party alone once more.]

*Flik: How humiliating, having him snatched away from in front of our eyes!

*Viktor: Soniere Prison. That's one tough place to break into.

*Gremio: We'd better ask Mathiu for advice. For the time being, let's return
to Toran Castle.

[The party travels the long way back to Toran Castle and seek out Mathiu to
ask his advice, finding him in the meeting room which is now located on the
4th floor.]

*Mathiu: ...I see. Dr. Liukan... I understand. I have an idea. Please wait
a moment...

[Mathiu leaves the room, and returns shortly thereafter.]

*Mathiu: In the township of Antei, which I believe is now called Bier
Blanche, lives a counterfeiter named Kimberly. Let's get her and a scrivener
named Tesla to join us. Kimberly is an acquaintance of mine. I've writen her
a letter. Give this to her and she'll join our cause.

*Gremio: What do you plan on making them do?

*Mathiu: Let's save that pleasure for later. For the moment, please go and
find Kimberly and Tesla.

[Taking Mathiu's letter, the group travels to Antei, where they find where
Kimberly lives and deliver Mathiu's letter to her.]

*Kimberly: What is it? A letter from Mathiu? Let me see... .........
.....................??? Oops, I forgot to mention that I can't read.
What's it say?

*Gremio: ......... Okay, I'll read it.

[Gremio reads the letter to Kimberly.]

*Kimberly: I see. Mathiu's up to his old tricks again.

*Gremio: You'll be joining us, then.

*Kimberly: Join. Hmmm...

[Kimberly paces until she's standing in front of Flik.]

*Kimberly: Hey, you there.

*Flik: M-me?

*Kimberly:  Yes, you. You're a handsome fellow. I'll join up if you promise
to take me to dinner.

[Flik backs away from Kimberly.]

*Flik: Who, me? I-I can't. I have someone...

*Viktor: All right, all right. Do what you want with him.

*Flik: Viktor! You!

*Kimberly: Good! It's a deal. Come here, pretty boy.

[Kimberly approaches Flik.]

*Flik: Whoa! Wait a minute.

[A short time later, Flik and Kimberly are alone in Kimberly's house,
drinking tea together at a table.]

*Kimberly: Come on, fill my cup, handsome.

*Flik: Y-yes ma'am.

[Flik pours tea into Kimberly's cup.]

*Kimberly: All right, don't spill any.

[Kimberly drinks her cup of tea.]

*Kimberly: ...OK. It's your turn next. You're cup's still full. Come on,
drink up. Or can't you drink tea with a beautiful woman?

*Flik: Oh n-no, n-not at all.

[Kimberly pours Flik another cup.]

*Flik: Th-thank you. .........good grief.

[Once the two are done with their meal, the rest of the party returns to
talk with Kimberly.]

*Kimberly: Well, I'm going to go ahead to Toran Castle or whatever.

*Flik: How can you stay out all night and look so well?

*Kimberly: What are you talking about? You're still tired, pretty boy.
Say, Tir, you're planning to recruit Tesla too, right? He's here in this
town. But I believe he's using the name of Albert.

*Gremio: Albert, is it?

*Kimberly: OK, I'm going now. Pretty boy, we'll have dinner again when you
return to the castle.

*Flik: Er...no thanks.

[Kimberly departs and the party, after searching for a bit, find the home
of "Albert", who they begin talking to.]

*Albert: Who are you people? I'm just a normal, quiet, ordinary citizen of
this town.

*Viktor: You're Tesla the Scrivener, right?

*Albert: Goodness, no. My name is Albert Onyx. My people have lived here
for generations.

*Viktor: Really? Then what is your mother's name?

*Albert: Ummm, her name is Marianne Onyx.

*Viktor: And your father?

*Albert: I believe it was...ah...Allen Onyx.

*Viktor: Grandmother!

*Albert: Uhhh...let's see...Leah Onyx.

*Viktor: Hey Tesla.

*Albert: Yes? .........! I mean...that's not my name, Tesla.

*Viktor: Do you give up?

*Tesla: All right. Mathiu wants me, right? I prefer to lead a quiet life.

*Viktor: Stop yapping and get ready to leave.

*Tesla: O-OK. My god, how unlucky I am. Led back into a life of crime.

[Tesla departs for Toran Castle.]

*Flik: Do you think it's OK to let him go by himself?

*Viktor: What else is there to do? He doesn't want to travel with us.
Shucks, treating people as if they were bandits.

*Flik: It's because you scared him so much, Viktor.

*Gremio: Young Master, we should be going back to Toran Castle too.

[The party heads to Toran Castle and once there heads to the meeting room
to find Mathiu, Kimberly and Tesla waiting.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, you're back. We've made all the necessary
preparations. Kimberly and Tesla did excellent work for us.

*Kimberly: I'm a perfectionist.

*Tesla: I-I too did well, I hope.

*Gremio: What? Excellent work?

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, what you see here are forged Imperial papers.
Milich's signature, the Official Imperial Seal, it's all there, perfectly
forged. With these papers, we can walk right into Soniere Prison. Please
free Dr. Liukan with these.

[Mathiu gives Tir the forged documents, then heads for Soniere Prison.
Two guards stand watch at the gate, and stop Tir before he can enter.]

*Imperial Soldier: Sir!

*Viktor: At ease, soldier. We carry orders from General Milich himself.

*Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir, they are indeed, sir. Please enter.

[The soldiers move back to their posts and Tir & Co enter Soniere Prison.
Working their way down to the lowest level of the prison, they encounter a
group of guards.]

*Imperial Soldier: Who are you??

[The soldiers defeated, the party moves on and encounters another group of

*Imperial Soldier: Suspicious character. you may not pass!

[With these soldiers defeated as well, the party finally locates the cell
where Liukan is being held.]

*Liukan: Ah, so my time is up. I'm prepared to die. And I won't miss this

*Flik: That would be a problem. We came to rescue you.

*Liukan: You're...those troublemakers who came to my house.

*Flik: Whatever you say. Right now we have to get you out!

*Liukan: Good idea. I'm beginning to miss the sunlight.

[Flik opens the cell door and Liukan accompanies the group to the top
floor of the prison. Once the group enters the door lever room (a lever
on the outside of the giant door opens and closes it. The door leads deeper
into the prison), they come upon Milich, who trips the lever (which shuts the
giant doors) and faces the party.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: Oh, we meet again. I dropped by to take a look after
hearing that some rats sneaked in, and it turns out to be you.

*Viktor: Good timing. Let's fight it out right here. We'll save some time
this way.

*Milich Oppenheimer: My my, how barbarous. I'm not bad with a sword, but
right now I'm not in the mood. So I'll give you this instead.

[Milich holds up a bottle.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: Can you see what this is? It's a bottle. This bottle
is filled with the Spores of Agony. Aren't they beautiful? It took a lot of
work to fill this bottle. Did you know that these spores eat humans?
Man-eating spores they are.

*Flik: What! What do you plan to do with that stuff?

*Milich Oppenheimer: Why, I plan to do this, of course.

[Milich smashes the bottle on the ground, releasing the spores.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: Oh dear, the bottle's broken. You must hurry, or you'll
be in big trouble. By the way, that's a dead end, so there's not much you can
do. Now if you'll excuse me...

[Milich exits the room and runs off. Viktor approaches the door that leads

*Viktor: Damn, it won't open. That Milich must have locked it. Run! They'll
eat us!

[Gremio trips the lever and opening the door, and the party sans Tir run
down the hallway. Tir stops before Gremio.]

*Gremio: Young Master, the door! Hurry!

[Gremio pushes Tir into the hallway and shuts the giant door behind him,
trapping Gremio in the sealed room with the spores.]

*Viktor: My god! Gremio! Come on out! What are you doing? Hurry!

*Gremio: Viktor. This door can only be opened and closed from this side.

*Viktor: What are you talking about? We'll get by somehow. So hurry up
and come...

*Gremio: No, it's too late. The spores are at my feet now, so if I open the

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Open the door, Gremio!

*Gremio: Young Master, for once I refuse to do as you ask.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: This is an order, Gremio!

*Gremio: No Young Master...

*Gremio: Young master, can you hear me? I'm sorry I can't protect you any
more. ...But now that you've grown up, you no longer need my protection.
Young Master... You make me proud. I wish Master Teo could see you now.

*Viktor: Gremio...

*Gremio: Young Master. I think it's time to say goodbye. I can't see anymore.
Young Master. I'm proud of you. Promise me you'll always follow your heart.
That is my first, and final... request...

[Time passes, and Mathiu arrives at Soniere Prison, where he opens the giant
door to find Tir, Flik, Viktor and Liukan. The only remains left of Gremio in
the room are his emerald cape and his hatchet.]

*Mathiu: Are you all right, Commander Tir? You were away for so long that I
brought the troops along. What's going on here? Where are the Imperial forces?

*Viktor: They must have been devoured by the man-eating spores.

*Mathiu: M-Man-eating spores?

*Viktor: Let's get out of here. Tir needs some rest.

[The party starts to leave, but Tir pauses at Gremio's cape & hatchet and
kneels down, grieving.]

*Tir: .........

[Tir stands up and with Mathiu the group exit the room. Outside, Viktor
stops them.]

*Viktor: Wait a minute.

[Viktor re-enters the room, then comes back out a moment later.]

*Viktor: All right, let's go.

[The party return to Toran Castle. The next morning, Tir wakes up, gets
ready and heads to the meeting room. On the way there, he talks to several
people who have been waiting to give their condolences to him.]

*Viktor: Tir. You managed to fall asleep? Better to think about other things
now. This is our chance to attack Milich's castle. If you don't want to
command the troops, I will. No, you should. For a leader of the Liberation
Army, weakness is unforgivable.

*Camille: I heard. Gremio died trying to save you, right? Listen, do your
utmost to protect the life that Gremio gave you. Don't you dare let his
death be in vain. Otherwise, I'll never forgive you.

*Flik: Tir. I'm beginning to understand why Odessa chose you. You'd better
live up to Odessa's, and Gremio's, expectations.

[Once he finishes talking with his close friends, Tir heads to the meeting
room, where he finds Mathiu and Liukan.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, as your military strategist, I must advise you to
attack Scarleticia Castle right now.

*Liukan: This here is an antitoxin. I became sick of this world, and
retired to the mountains as a recluse, planning to lead a quiet life.
But I changed my mind. I would like to fight alongside you. Please let me
join you, Commander Tir.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: All right. Let's begin assembling the troops.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I just don't feel like it right now.

*Mathiu: What are you saying, Commander Tir. You are the leader of the
Liberation Army. Don't you think there are matters more important than your

[Conversation ends. Talk again and choose choice 1.]

*Mathiu: Right away, sir.

[Battle at Scarleticia Castle begins.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Milich Oppenheimer: You're wasting our time.

*Viktor: Not this time!

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Liukan: I'm still pretty good at this age.

[Battle at Scarleticia Castle concludes.]

[In the courtyard of Scarleticia Castle Tir is with Mathiu, Viktor and Flik.]

*Mathiu: Master Tir, let's break into the castle and set fire to the roses.

*Viktor: Tir, I will avenge Gremio's death!

*Flik: I'm coming too, Tir!

*Mathiu: Please choose the rest of the party.

[Tir chooses to bring along Camille, Pahn and Cleo.]

*Viktor: All right. Let's go.

[The group makes it's way inside Scarleticia. They shortly reach the roof
of the mansion where the giant rose Antoinette is located.]

*Mathiu: Whoever has their hands free, burn these flowers.

[Milich appears from the other side of the mansion's terrace.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: Stop it! What are you doing to my beloved flowers! Eek!

*Viktor: Milich! I'll get you!

*Milich Oppenheimer: Ouch! It hurts, it hurts! My arm is burning. Lady Windy's
rune is melting. Stop it.

[Milich looks around, confused.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: What's this all about?

*Viktor: Better count your remaining seconds, Milich.

*Pahn: I'll strike you down to avenge Gremio.

*Cleo: Likewise. Prepare to die.

*Milich Oppenheimer: Gremio? Avenge?

[Mathiu steps between Milich and the rest of the party.]

*Mathiu: Wait everybody! General Milich, were you wearing a Black Rune...

*Milich Oppenheimer: Black Rune... OH, you mean that rune Windy gave me?

*Viktor: Get out of the way, Mathiu! Black Rune, Pink Balloon, what's the
difference? This scoundrel killed Gremio!

*Pahn: That's right. We can't forgive him.

*Flik: What do you think, Tir?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Gremio must be avenged.

*Milich Oppenheimer: Yes, I suppose so. All this has come about because of
my carelessness. I was of no help whatsoever to the Emperor. It's appropriate
that I die here. Such a short life, like that of a flower...

*Viktor: Prepare to die.

*Camille: Viktor, let me.

[Tir and Mathiu move out of the way as Camille draws a blade and lunges at
Milich, killing him.]

*Camille: Gremio!! your death is avenged.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: This man is not at fault!

*Cleo: Master Tir, aren't you going to avenge Gremio's death?

*Viktor: That's right. I can't understand you.

*Flik: Stop it, Viktor.

*Viktor: Flik! Don't stop me.

*Flik: That's enough, Viktor. It's the leader's decision. Follow his orders.

*Viktor: Flik. Who do you mean by "leader"?

[Milich approaches Tir.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: You are...Teo's son. ....... Commander Tir of the
Liberation Army. I have a request. I, Milich Oppenheimer, would like to join
your army. The Emperor has been enraptured by Windy's resemblance to his late
Empress Claudia. But unlike Empress Claudia, Windy is a sorceress with evil
intent. I must stop the Emperor from being misled. So I beg of you. Please
let me join the Liberation Army.

 [CHOICE A] Tir: I can't.

 *Pahn: Of course! Consider yourself lucky to be alive!

 [CHOICE B] Tir: I understand.

 *Milich Oppenheimer: Thank you very much.

 *Pahn: Why? I can't accept this!

 *Cleo: Stop it, Pahn.

[Stallion runs up to the terrace to talk with the rest of the party.]

*Stallion: Help! Help!

*Mathiu: What's going on, Stallion?

*Stallion: The Imperial Army is coming! Sanchez says you must return right

*Mathiu: What! Commander Tir, we must mobilize our forces immediately.

[Tir and the Army head back to Toran Castle.]

          4.12) Teo and the Fire Spears [PL12]

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir heads to the meeting room to find Mathiu
talking with a young woman, who engages tir in conversation.]

*Kasumi: Master Tir, I am Kasumi. The ninja from the village of Rokkaku.
Rokkaku held off Imperial rule for a long time, but it finally fell to Teo
McDohl's forces. Our boss, Hanzo, helped me to escape, with instructions to
report the carnage to the Liberation Army. Master Tir, I would like to join
you in battle. Master Tir, please hurry. Teo's army is near.

*Cleo: So this day has finally arrived.

*Pahn: I am to fight General Teo.

*Mathiu: Let us prepare to meet them.

[Outside at the docks, Gen spots something in the distance and rushes up to
the meting room.]

*Gen: They're here. They're finally here, on the far shore. Quite a number
of troops.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, I suggest we first engage in a brief skirmish to test
their power.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Fine.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: But I'd rather not fight my father.
|*Mathiu: What are you talking about? You knew this day would arrive.
|*Mathiu: You are now the leader of the Liberation Army. Take a look
|at your men. Can you forsake them?
|*Mathiu: Commander Tir, you were destined to meet this opponent.

[Battle with Teo commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Teo: Traitors! I'll show no mercy, not even for my son! I swear by my name,
Teo McDohl!

*Pahn: M-Master Teo...

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: We're all over. We should retreat.

[Battle with Teo concludes.]

[On the battlefield, Tir, Mathiu, Cleo and Pahn are conversing together.]

*Mathiu: At this rate we'll be wiped out. We'd better pull out before we
receive any more damage.

[The group retreats, and their position is quickly filled by Teo, Alen,
Grenseal and many of Teo's troops.]

*Teo: Alen, Grenseal, go after them. Crush the Liberation Army.

[Back with Tir & Co.]

*Pahn: Master Tir, I'll hold them off. Please escape. Hurry.

*Cleo: Pahn! You can't fight them alone. Do you want to die?

*Pahn: I don't plan to. But unless we are willing to risk our lives,
we'll never stop Master Teo.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Pahn, I'll see you later.

|*Pahn: Please don't stop me, Master Tir. You must not die here.
|Don't waste the life that Gremio gave you.
|*Pahn: In the ten years since I first met Master Teo, there's always
|been something on my mind. That I'd like to fight him someday. Please
|forgive my waywardness.
|*Mathiu: Let's go, Commander Tir. You have your duties, and Pahn has his.
|We cannot lose you now. No matter what the sacrifice.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Good luck.

*Pahn: No problem. I'll be back for dinner.

*Cleo: It's a promise, Pahn!

*Pahn: Sure.

[Tir, Mathiu and Cleo retreat, while Pahn stands his ground. Soon,
Teo, Alen and Grenseal appear.]

*Teo: Pahn. Get out of my way.

*Pahn: I'm sorry, but I can't.

*Teo: Dare you defy me, Pahn?

*Pahn: I was once an Imperial subject, and even betrayed Master Tir.
But now... Now I know exactly what I want, and how I want to live.
Now that I know those things, I cannot let them go.

*Teo: I see. I never thought I would ever have to figh you. Alen, Grenseal,
stand back. It's one-on-one, Pahn!

*Pahn: On guard, Master Teo.

[Teo and Pahn engage in a duel. If Pahn is the LOSER, the following script

*Teo: Are you satisfied now, Pahn? How would you like to return to the
Empire? I can help you, should you wish.

*Pahn: I'm sorry, Master Teo. I will choose my own path.

*Teo: You know what happens to traitors when they are captured.

*Pahn: Yes.

*Teo: Forgive me, Pahn.

*Pahn: I'm sorry, Gremio. I can't...protect... Young Master... any longer.

[Pahn is killed.]

[Teo and Pahn engage in a duel. If Pahn is the WINNER, the following
script occurs.]

*Teo: You've improved, Pahn. Alen, Grenseal, let us retreat.

*Alen: If you let me, General, I'll take his head.

*Teo: I said retreat. Are your deaf?

*Alen: Yes, General.

[The three men retreat and Pahn sits on the ground.]

*Pahn: Ha ha ha. I won. Or did he show mercy, and let me go?

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir heads to bed. Later that night...]

*Leknaat: Tir... ...Tir... Wake up, Tir.

[Tir wakes up to find Leknaat in his room.]

*Leknaat: Tir, you are lost and confused. Gremio's death, your battle
with your father. But you must go on.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Why must I?

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Perhaps, but...

*Leknaat: It is about time I tell you about myself and my older sister
Windy. My sister Windy and I are survivors of the Clan of the Gate. Tir,
look at the rune Ted gave you, on your right hand.

[Tir looks at the Soul Eater.]

*Leknaat: That rune, the Soul Eater, is one of the 27 True Runes. There are
many runes in this world. But they were all born of the 27 True Runes.
Therefore the 27 True Runes hide terrible powers within them. That Soul
Eater you carry has yet to unleash its true potential. My sister Windy
also carries one of the 27 True Runes, the Gate Rune. The Gate Rune is
terribly powerful, but she wants something greater. That is why she is
after you. If my sister obtains two True Runes and uses them for revenge,
it will be catastrophic for the world. The True Runes are far too powerful
to be used by humans. Only you can stop my sister. Time is running out. Do
not lose your confidence. Be brave.

[The next morning, Tir awakens and heads to the meeting room. Mathiu,
Flik, Viktor and Sanchez are inside, conversing. Flik turns his attention
to Tir when he enters.]

*Flik: Hey, listen up, leader! I have a great idea!

*Viktor: What is it? Tell me!

*Flik: Fire Spears. Remember?

*Viktor: Sure, we delivered the blueprint to Sarady.

*Flik: If we can get those things, we should be able to defeat the armored
cavalry. After all, the Fire Spear was Odessa's final gift.

*Sanchez: I don't know. When the old Liberation Army's hideout was attacked,
it seemed that other hideouts were destroyed as well. We don't know if the
secret factory survived.

*Mathiu: But we have no choice but to find out.

[Tir heads to the docks to find Gen, Kamandol and a remodeled boat.]

*Gen: Hey, Boss.

*Kamandol: Not Boss, Master Tir.

*Gen: Shut yer mouth. Anyway, take a look at this. A high-speed boat I made.
Well, that old geezer helped out too. We're about to have a launching
ceremony. Care to take a ride in it?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Yes, I'll take a test ride.

*Gen: A novice can't possibly pilot this thing. Please bring someone who
knows boats.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Correction Maybe later.

*Gen: Of course. Besides, a novice can't possibly control this thing. It
needs an experienced pilot.

[After a bit of searching, Tir comes upon Tai Ho and the two head back
to the dock.]

[NOTE: Repeat the script from "Gen: Hey, Boss" to Choice 1.]

*Tai Ho: Wow, this is really something. Everybody hang-on! Let's go!

[The duo take the newly-upgraded boat out onto the lake, then head north
for the lakeside town of Kirov. Docking there, they continue north, pass
through the ruins of the town of Kalekka and sometime after that arrive at
the location of the Secret Factory. Outside, Ledon, Kessler and Ronnie Bell
are talking.]

*Ronnie Bell: What are you snooping around here for? You better have a good
reason, or you'll be sorry!

*Ledon: Yikes! How can I be so unlucky? First I get chased off the mountain,
and then I get captured by a giant woman.

*Ronnie Bell: What did you call me? "Giant woman"?

*Ledon: N-no, I-I mean...

*Kessler: My luck's run out, getting beaten by this giant woman.

*Ronnie Bell: If you don't stop insulting me, you'll be sorry.

*Ledon: W-wait a minute, p-please. I only called you "giant woman" once.

*Kessler: I only said "giant woman" once too.

*Ledon: yeah, but Boss Kessler said "giant woman" twice.

*Ronnie Bell: You bums! Calling me "giant woman" over and over. I'll teach
you a lesson!

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Hey, it's Ledon and Kessler.

*Kessler: You...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Hey, giant woman.

*Ronnie Bell: Eeeeeeeeek! Who was it this time?!

*Ledon: Y-you're the one who was with Lady Odessa.

*Tai Ho: Do you know these guys, Tir?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Yes.

*Ledon: Yes, yes, that's right. Lady Odessa and this young gentleman here
once stayed at my inn.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I've never seen them before.

*Ledon: Wh-what do you mean? You and Lady Odessa stayed at my inn. Don't you
remember that tea? Urg..let's forget about that.

*Ronnie Bell: You fellows keep saying Odessa. Are you talking about Lady
Odessa Silverberg? Who are you? Leader of the Liberation Army? Oh my god.
I'd better go tell old Mose. You've business in the secret factory, right?
Follow me.

[Ronnie Bell heads into the secret factory. Tir shortly follows after telling
Kessler and Ledon that they can join the Liberation Army.]

*Ronnie Bell: You're late. You sure took your time. Mountain paths too rough
for you? Old man Mose is in the back.

[Tir heads over to where Mose is and engages him in conversation.]

*Mose: Oh, you must be the new leader of the Liberation Army. We heard that
the hideout was attacked, and we were very worried. And what is Odessa
doing now?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Odessa is... She's...gone.

*Mose: I see... I see... She was a good girl. I guess that blueprint of
the Fire Spear has become a keepsake.

*Tai Ho: Fire Spear! Do you have any Fire Spears?

*Mose: Of course we do. But what about a boat? They can't be transported
without a boat.

*Tai Ho: A boat? I have an idea. There's an old friend of mine in Kirov
named Kun To. He may be able to help.

*Mose: After I make some preparations, I'll join you at Kirov.

[Tir and Tai Ho make their way back to Kirov with the Fire Spears. Once
in Kirov they head to the largest building in town, the home of Kun To and
talk with him.]

*Kun To: Who the hell are you people?

*Tai Ho: Don't be such a stranger, Kun To.

*Kun To: Tai Ho! It's been a while. I heard you moved to Kaku. Have you
decided to join up with me again?

*Tai Ho: No, actually I have a request. Do you still make a living with
boats, Kun To?

*Kun To: Yep, that's my vocation. If I don't wory, I don't eat.

*Tai Ho: I'd like to borrow ten of your boats.

*Kun To: 10 boats? doing that dirty work again, aren't you? The Imperial
forces have been on the lookout lately, so I can't do much by the way of
illegal work.

*Tai Ho: Do you mean to refuse?!

*Kun To; I guess I owe you one, don't I? I'll get you your boats. Do what
you like with 'em.

*Tai Ho: Thanks a million.

[A short time later Mose and Ronnie Bell make it to Kirov, where the latter
loads the boats with the Fire Spears.]

*Mose: There, that's all of 'em.

*Ronnie Bell: The old man's a mean one. Making a woman like me carry this

*Mose: Ha ha ha! I guess it's a bit much for a skinny one like you.

*Ronnie Bell: Really.

*Kun To: Tai Ho, these people...

*Tai Ho: Yup, they're the Liberation Army.

*Kun To: And you're a member?

*Tai Ho: Just for fun. We're just about ready. Tir, let's get going.

*Mose: Master Tir, I'll come too.

*Ronnie Bell: Oh, well. I guess I'll keep you company.

[The assembled party climb into the boats and sail back to Toran Castle,
where they dock the boats.]

*Tai Ho: I'm so tired. I'm going to get some rest.

[The party disbands and rest. Later, Tir heads to the meeting room to find
Flik, Cleo, Gen and Mathiu.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, we should be able to defeat the armored cavalry with
the Fire Spears. Please give the order to advance.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Order all troops to advance.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Let's wait a while.

*Mathiu: Yes, sir. But we can't be locked up in this castle forever.

[Conversation ends. Talk with Mathiu again and choose choice 1.]

*Mathiu: Yes, sir. Tell all the troops. The fate of the Liberation Army
depends on this battle. We must each do our best.

[Battle with Teo commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

Teo: You're wasting time. Do not waste any more lives.

*Tai Ho: Ha! We've got a secret weapon!

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Teo: Incredible... I do not believe this... 

[Battle with Teo concludes.]

[On the battlefield Teo, Alen and Grenseal are facing a group comprised of
Viktor, Flik, Cleo, Tir and Mathiu.]

*Viktor: Ha ha! Wow! We burned down the armored cavarly. This Fire Spear is

*Mathiu: General Teo McDohl, your army has been defeated. Please surrender

*Alen: How dare you! My army will never surrender, even if it's down to the
last soldier.

*Grenseal: I sacrifice this life to the Empire and to Master Teo.

*Teo: Alen, Grenseal, stand back.

*Alen: What do you plan to do, General Teo?!

*Teo: Alen, please stand back.

*Teo: Tir McDohl, traitor against Emperor Barbarosa. The most wanted criminal
in the land. I, Teo McDohl, shall punish you in  His Majesty's stead. Will
you accept my challenge?

[Tir steps to his father.]

*Viktor: Tir!

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, don't be foolish. Viktor! Cut off that man's head!

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I accept.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I'd rather not fight you.

*Teo: You, the leader of the Liberation Army, bringing sentiment into a
fight? Don't make me laugh!

[Father and son duel, with Tir coming out of it the victor. Teo ends up
laying on the ground, with Tir supporting his head.]

*Cleo: Master Teo!

*Alen: Master Teo!

[Teo looks at Tir.]

*Teo: Tir McDohl, my son. You have become so strong. I lived for what
I believed in. And I have no regrets. You must also live for what you believe
in. I give blessings to your choice.

*Cleo: Master Teo!

*Alen: Master Teo, don't die. What will happen to the Empire without you?

[Teo looks at Alen.]

*Teo: Alen, Grenseal, I have a request.

*Grenseal: Yes, Master Teo.

*Teo: I fought for the Emperor, and the Emperor alone, out of stubbornness.
But there is no need ...for you two... to follow my every whim. The flow of
time... cannot be reversed. Alen, Grenseal, I'd like you two to... join the
Liberation Army, and help my son. That is the best thing for you two.

*Alen: Master Teo!

[Teo turns back to Tir as his body starts to tremble.]

*Teo: Tir, my son, I am happy. The greatest happiness... a father can
experience... is to see his son... surpass himself. Good luck, my son,
Tir.... Tir....

[Teo dies.]

*Cleo: M-Master! Master Teo!

[A white light glows then flashes from the Soul Eater as it devours
Teo's soul like it did Gremio's and Odessa's.]

*Cleo: That light, in the Soul Eater.

*Mathiu: All troops, pull out. Give the signal.

[The Army returns to Toran Castle.]

           4.13) Requiem of the Runic Vampire [PL13]

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir heads up to the meeting room, where Flik,
Viktor, Mathiu, Sanchez, Kasumi, Humphrey and Lepant await him.]

*Lepant: Commander Tir, our forces have already liberated the domains of
Kwanda Rosman in the south and Milich Oppenheimer in the west. The
Liberation Army continues to increase in force daily. Meanwhile, insurgencies
are breaking out all over the land, and the Imperial Army has its hands full.

*Mathiu: This is probably because of the news of the defeat of Teo McDohl's
army is spreading.

*Lepand: To quell the rebellion, the Empire is gathering together all of
its rural forces. As a result, several regions are poorly protected. Our
best plan would be to catch the Imperial Army off guard and unite the various
rebel factions throughout the country.

*Mathiu: I agree with Lepant's suggestion.

*Kasumi: According to my sources, Imperial troops were seen pulling out of
the Lorimar region.

*Sanchez: The Fortress of Lorimar, gateway to the region, is poorly protected.

*Humphrey: ... I agree.

*Viktor: How about it, Tir?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's attack the Fortress of Lorimar!

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Let's wait a little longer.

*Mathiu: As you wish, Commander. Please let us know when you have made a
decision. But I will go ahead and make preparations.

[Conversation ends. Talk with Mathiu again.]

*Mathiu: March to Lorimar?

[Choices are presented again. Choose 1.]

[The Army gathers together and advances on Lorimar. When there's no response
from the Fortress a team of Tir, Viktor, Flik, Kasumi, Mathiu and Cleo go
to investigate.]

*Flik: That's strange. No answer at all.

*Cleo: Could it be a trap?

*Mathiu: I don't know. Kasumi, will you scout the place?

*Kasumi: Yes sir. Immediately.

[Kasumi jumps over the fortress' gate and scouts inside, then opens the
gate from the inside.]

*Kasumi: Master Tir, the fortress is empty. The Imperial troops are
nowhere to be seen.

*Viktor: What is the meaning of this? Let's go check it out.

[The group heads inside and looks around to find an empty fortress and
dug-up graves.]

*Viktor: what's going on?

*Mathiu: Something's very wrong here. Before we advance any farther, we
should scout the place.

*Cleo: Take me with you, Master Tir. The deaths of Gremio, Master Teo...
So much has happened. I'd like to be in battle so I can try to forget.
Besides, I can't let Pahn upstage me.

*Mathiu: Well, then, Commander Tir, please choose the rest of the scouting

[Tir chooses who to bring with him.]

*Viktor: This is quite a mystery. What fun.

*Mathiu: At this time I shall return to Toran Castle. Please be very careful.

[Mathiu and the Army depart, while Tir, Viktor and Cleo head south.
Eventually, they reach the Warrior's Village. In the middle of the
village, a young man and woman (Hix and Tengaar) are talking.]

*Hix: Don't go, Tengaar.

*Tengaar: Let me go, Hix. I've already made up my mind.

*Hix: No. You'll get eaten. That's what everyone says.

*Tengaar: Can you protect me, then? Can you? Why, your sword isn't
even named yet.

*Hix: I-I...b-but the others can, I'm sure.

*Tengaar: You're always like that. Besides, all that talk of bloodsucking
might just be rumors. I might even be comfortable at the castle. Better
then staying in this backwater village.

*Hix: What are you saying?

[At that point, Tengaar's father approaches the two from his home on the
north side of the village.]

*Zorak: Tengaar! I told you to stay in the house! You're a bad girl. What
if Neclord shows up!

*Viktor: What! Did you say Neclord?!

[Viktor, Tir and Cleo approach the trio.]

*Viktor: Hey, old man! Did you say Neclord?!

*Zorak: Who are you people?

*Viktor: I'm asking the questions around here! Answer me!

*Cleo: What's the matter with you, Viktor? Calm down.

*Hix: Are you...the Liberation Army? That's right. I've seen you attack
Milich's castle. I've seen this bear-like man too.

*Viktor: Bear?

*Hix: I-I mean...don't get angry.

*Zorak: I see. The Liberation Army. Then you must be Commander Tir. I've
heard about you. Will you come to my house? I'll tell you about Neclord.
Please come this way.

[Zorak grabs Tengaar.]

*Tengaar: Ouch! That hurts! Don't pull my arm! You'll pull it out of its

*Zorak: Just come.

[Zorak leads Hix and Tengaar back to his home. Tir and the party soon follow.
Inside, they engage in conversation with Zorak.]

*Zorak: It was about three months ago. A man named Neclord came here as
general of the local Imperial troops. With frightening magical powers, he
turned his men into zombies and skeletons.

*Cleo: So that's why there were so many graves at the Fortress of Lorimar.

*Zorak: He then began threatening the local villages with his zombies. What
he demanded was...

*Hix: Send Tengaar to the castle? No way.

*Viktor: That's just like him.

*Zorak: The other villages gave in to his demands and delivered women, but
not us. This is the Warriors' Village. Once we were...

*Hix: Oh my god! Oh my god!

*Tengaar: Uh oh. Here it begins.

*Zorak: This village was founded by Clift the Crusader following the Final
Battle, and we are his descendants. This village has traditionally been
defended by the Village Chief. But peace was not always guaranteed. There
were a number of times when the village was endangered, and several Chiefs
went to war with their clans. Five chiefs, in particular, became renowned.
They were...

[A long time later...]

*Zorak: ...and that is how I came to be Village Chief after my predecessor

*Viktor: I had a hell of a time.

*Cleo: The sun has set. He sure likes to talk.

*Viktor: Have you finished your story, old man?

*Zorak: Do you want to hear more? I have another good story.

*Viktor: No, no! That's quite enough, thanks. I'm going to get some rest.

*Zorak: I have a room all prepared. Get plenty of rest. Perhaps I can
continue the story tomorrow.

[Everyone but Zorak and Tir leave the room. Tir soon heads out of the room,
to find Tengaar eavesdropping on Hix and Cleo talking.]

*Tengaar: That person talking to Hix right now - that's Cleo, right? N-no,
I'm not interested or anything. Just passing by, that's all.

[Tengaar rushes out of the building, and Tir moves closer to
eavesdrop himself.]

*Cleo: What is it? My ears are pretty beat right now.

*Hix: I'm sorry, Cleo. ......... Cleo?

*Cleo: Yes?

*Hix: Why do you fight when you're a woman? Women don't fight in the
Warriors' Village.

*Cleo: Why do I...fight? There's no reason why women shouldn't. Just like
men, women have things they want to protect. Don't you have something you
want to protect?

*Hix: I-I...sure, but, I'm weak.

*Cleo: You're right. If you're weak, there's no sense in fighting. No point
in getting killed.

*Hix: but...

*Cleo: Hix. You'll never be strong as long as you consider yourself weak.

*Hix: I guess you're right. Thank you, Cleo.

*Cleo: That's all right. Goodnight, Hix.

[Cleo heads to her bedroom, and Hix turns to walk down the hall, running
into Tir in the process.]

*Hix: Whoa!.........! Master Tir! G-good night!

[Hix rushes out of the building, and Tir heads to their bedroom to find
Viktor gazing out the window.]

*Viktor: Tir? I can't seem to sleep. I've finally found Neclord. Neclord
isn't human. He misused a rune and became a vampire. He destroyed the
village where I was born. When I returned to my village, I saw members
of my own family, who were turned into zombies by him, eating each other.
That's where my journey began. And perhaps it will end here. I must destroy
him With my own hands. Go to sleep, Tir. I'm going to stay up a while and
look at the moon.

[Tir heads to sleep. That morning, Cleo wakes Tir up.]

*Cleo: Good morning, Master Tir. Did you have a good rest?

[Tir, Cleo and Viktor head outside to find Zorak, Hix, Tengaar and several
villagers confronting Neclord, who has several zombies at his side.]

*Neclord: Good morning, everybody.

*Zorak: Neclord! What do you want?!

*Neclord: I came to get your daughter, of course. It should be obvious.
After all, she's your daughter.

*Zorak: I won't let you have Tengaar!

*Hix: Th-that's right! Besides, why are you here in broad daylight when you
are a vampire? Have you no shame?!

*Neclord: Shame? What are you talking about? I became a vampire by using a
rune, so I happen to be a well-bred vampire. Besides, this sunlight is no
big deal. It does make me a bit sleepy, though.

*Zorak: Leave us now! Or I'll show you the power of the Warriors' Village!

[Zorak and the villagers attack Neclord, but are easily defeated.]

*Zorak: Uhhhhnnnnn...uuhhhhnnnn...

*Neclord: So I have seen. I suppose that is about the best that humans can do.

[Viktor rushes forward to face Neclord.]

*Viktor: Damn you, Neclord! I've got you now! Prepare to die!

*Cleo: Viktor!

[Tir and Cleo rush forward to help Viktor fight Neclord, but the vampire's
powerful magic easily defeat the party.]

*Neclord: Goodness, how famous I've become. It's a tough life. Well, are
you satisfied now? Please give me your daughter. She will have the honor of
becoming my 70th bride.

[Neclord steps forward to take Tengaar, but Hix places himself in the way.]

*Hix: J-just you w-wait. We won't let you t-take T-Tengaar.

*Neclord: Please get out of the way. Or would you like to die?

*Hix: N-no.

*Neclord: Then you leave me no choice.

*Tengaar: Wait! Please step aside, Hix.

*Hix: W-what are you doing? I-I'll protect...

*Tengaar: Thank you, Hix. But I can't let you die. Get out of my way, Hix!

[Tengaar approaches Neclord.]

*Neclord: I like your style, young lady.

*Tengaar: If I go with you, do you promise not to harm the villagers?

*Neclord: Of course. You have my word.

*Hix: Tengaar! I swear, I swear, I swear I'll come and rescue you!

*Tengaar: I'll be waiting for you, Hix.

*Neclord: Shall we be on our way, my pretty bride?

[Neclord, Tengaar and the zombies depart. A short time later, Cleo and Viktor
wake Tir up, who is in his bed back in Zorak's house.]

*Viktor: Have you come to your senses, Tir? He was right in front of us,
and we were powerless. We need a special weapon to beat him. Most ordinary
weapons are useless against vampires, especially runic vampires.

[The trio head to Zorak's room and talk to him.]

*Zorak: A special weapon against vampires? I don't know. Wait. Perhaps that

*Viktor: What do you have in mind?!

*Zarak: Yes. West of this village is the Temple of Qlon. This particular
temple was founded many years ago by a certain priest, named Qlon.

*Viktor: Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh! I'll pull your tongue out! Just tell us what
we need to know!

*Zorak: Oh yes, of course. This Qlon Temple is supposed to hide a secret.

*Viktor: Boy, that really tells us a lot.

*Cleo: But we have no other leads. Let's visit this place.

[The party gears up and leaves the Warriors' Village, traveling west until
they reach the Temple of Qlon. Once inside the temple, they engage a bald
monk in conversation.]

*Fukien: I was expecting your arrival, Starmaster.

*Viktor: Starmaster? What's that? Do you know Tir?

*Fukien: Of course. Master Tir is the destined leader of the 108 Stars of
Heaven and Earth.

*Viktor: 108 Stars? Cleo, this priest is bonkers.

*Fukien: Viktor, you were born under the Star of Heavenly Loneliness, and
Cleo under the Star of Heavenly Fulfillment. You were all born under the
signs of the 108 Stars, as was I myself. We are all destined to gather
together, once again, under Master Tir's sign, the Star of Heavenly Guidance.

*Viktor: That's enough babbling, old man. Now listen to what we have to say.

*Fukien: I already know. You've come here to find out how to destroy Neclord
the Vampire. Correct?

*Cleo: Then you know a way?

*Fukien: Yes I do. Please follow me.

[Fukien leads the party out back to a blocked-off cave.]

*Viktor: What is this, an altar?

*Fukien: This is the entrance to the Cave of the Past. What you are looking
for is in there.

*Viktor: If you knew we were coming, why didn't you make preparations?

*Fukien: Master Tir, much awaits you in the cave. You must be ready to accept
it all. Please go in, and be sure to watch yourselves.

[Fukien removes the barrier and the party heads into the Cave of the Past.
The party travels through the cave until they come to a sword floating over
a stone slab.]

*Viktor: This must be what the old man warned us about.

*Cleo: Don't get too close to it.

*Viktor: No problem, don't worry.

[The sword starts rotating slowly in a clock-wise direction.]

*Star Dragon Sword: He who awakens me, be cursed.

*Viktor: What?

[A black aura of magic engulfs the group and they are thrown out of a small
well-like building into a tiny village.]

*Viktor: Ouch! What is this place?

*Cleo: Who knows? It looks like we got thrown out of the cave. Thanks to

*Viktor: Hey, we made it alive, didn't we? Let it go.

[The party advances into the small village, and spot a small boy, who dashes
in the opposite direction. They head to where they last saw him, and he
dashes from behind a well to where the party first appeared in the vilage.
They follow, and talk to him.]

*Ted: Are you the people who came to take away the treasure?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: What treasure?

[CHOICE 2] Tir: No.

*Ted: Good. I didn't think so. Grandpa looked real angry, so I was worried.

*Village Chief: Ted! Come here!

*Ted: Yes, Grandpa!

[Ted runs to his grandfather's house.]

*Cleo: Master Tir, did he say "Ted"?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: He did remind me of Ted.

*Cleo: What's going on?

[CHOICE 2] Tir: No, it must be someone else.

*Cleo: But he does look like Ted.

[The group heads up to the Chief's house, where Ted and his grandfather
talking outside. The group engages the Chief in conversation.]

*Village Chief: Were you people sent by that woman?

*Viktor: What woman? Messengers? What are you talking about?

*Village Chief: So you have nothing to do with her?

*Viktor: With who?

*Village Chief: If you don't, you must leave this place immediately.
Come, Ted.

*Ted: Wait, Grandpa. I want to talk to those people.

*Village Chief: Come with me!

[The two head into the Chief's house, and the party follows after them.]

*Village Chief: Are you still here? We don't want strangers here.

*Cleo: What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid of "that woman" you

*Windy: "That woman"? Rather a rude way to speak of someone, don't you

[The group head outside to find Windy and Neclord.]

*Village Chief: W-Windy? What are you doing in this place?

*Viktor: Damn you, Neclord! How dare you come here! By the way, Cleo,
what is this place?

*Cleo: Who cares?

*Village Chief: What's your business here, Windy?

*Windy: Village Chief, I came all the way out here because you refused
to give me the rune. You should thank me for making the effort. Now give
me the Soul Eater.

*Village Chief: I've never heard of such a thing!

*Windy: Don't bother to lie to me. I happen to know that this is the
Village of the Hidden Rune.

*Viktor: Hey Cleo, let's remember that. The Village of the Hidden Rune.

*Cleo: Village of the Hidden Rune... a boy named Ted...

[The village rumbles then bursts into flames.]

*Windy: Did you see that, Chief? While you were in denial, Yuber got bored.
Give me the rune, or else this village will be charred beyond recognition.

*Village Chief: Damn you. Are you that eager to see the cursed power of the
Soul Eater? Oh Soul Eater, Cursed Rune, show your power and strike the enemy.

[The Soul Eater shines, then releases a giant ball of blinding energy. When
the flash clears the party, Ted and his grandfather have vanished, appearing
in a hidden back room of the Chief's house.]

*Village Chief: Travelers, I'm sorry to have involved you in this business.

*Viktor: No kidding.

*Village Chief: Ted. Come here.

*Ted: Yes, Grandpa.

[Ted approaches his grandfather.]

*Village Chief: Give me your right hand. That's right. Stay still, Ted.
Oh Soul Eater, rune of life and death, depart my body and give this boy your

[The Soul Eater shines and a red energy surrounds the Village Chief as a
white light travels from the Chief's hand to Ted's hand.]

*Ted: G-Grandpa, what's this?

*Village Chief: Forgive me, Ted. I'm afraid I've passed on a sorrowful fate
unto you. Remember that the powe of this rune must never be unleashed.
Travelers, up ahead is a secret path which leads to the village's outskirts.
Take Ted - this child - and run. I will get Windy's attention and act as a

[Ted's Grandpa leaves to the front of the building.]

*Cleo: Let's go, Ted.

*Ted: O-OK. Grandpa, you'll come later?

*Cleo: That's right. You must hurry now.

[The group and Ted head out the back of the Chief's house and head through
the outskirts of the town until they're stopped by Yuber, who appears in front
of them.]

*Yuber: Lady Windy sure is a worrier. Instead of beating around the bush,
why don't we just burn this village? I just follow my orders and stand on
guard, and look who's coming. Just a child and some cowards.

*Viktor: What did you say!

*Cleo: Keep your distance from him, Viktor! This one's tough!

*Viktor: Yes, I know. He's not human. Even at this distance, I can feel his
terrible power.

*Yuber: So you understand my power, do you? Well then, don't bother to
struggle against my sword. I'll chop you all into little pieces, making
sure you feel no pain.

*Cleo: D-damn...

[Yuber starts to advance, but a bright light appears from between the two
forces and Neclord appears, facing Yuber.]

*Neclord: Hey Yuber. Lady Windy wants you. That old man escaped into the

*Viktor: Neclord!

*Neclord: You again? I'm very busy right now. I'll take you on some other time.

[Yuber and Neclord depart, and the group heads back to the center of town.]

*Cleo: It looks like...we're safe.

*Viktor: Yes, and the fire in the village is dying down too. But I don't know
what happened to the villagers.

*Ted: What happened to Grandpa?

*Cleo: Ted, I'm afraid you're going to have to depend on yourself from now on.
Do you understand? Master Tir, this boy is definitely the Ted we knew. We must
be in the past.

*Viktor: The past? The Star Dragon Sword's curse threw us back into the past?

*Cleo: Probably. What just happened was the incident from 300 years ago that
Ted mentioned. And from this moment on, Ted must journey alone for 300 years.
In any case, we must find a way to return to the present.

*Viktor: You're right. Hey Tir, what's that light? Isn't that where we first
came out?

*Cleo: I agree. Let's go back to that place.

[The group heads close to the light.]

*Viktor: Maybe if we enter there, we can return to the present.

*Cleo: Could be. That's a pretty good idea, coming from you.

*Viktor: Oh, leave me alone. Tir, what shall we do with the kid?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: We'll take him along.

*Cleo: But we don't know if that's the right thing to do.

*Viktor: Let's get going, Tir. While this light is still shining.

[The group heads into the light and is returned to the Cave of the Past.]

*Viktor: Boy were we lucky. I guess we made it back.

[Cleo looks around.]

*Cleo: Ted's gone.

[Viktor looks around.]

*Viktor: You're right.

*Cleo: He probably belongs on the other side, and was unable to cross over.
From now on he's on his own. And his destiny cannot be altered.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: We can't take him along.

*Cleo: Ted, you're going to have to live on your own for a very long time.
And at the end of your voyage... I suppose it would be wrong to change his

*Ted: You're leaving me? What should I do? Please take me with you.

*Cleo: Ted, you must be strong. Never give up. And don't tell anybody about
the rune on your right hand.

*Ted: OK.

*Viktor: We'd better get going. We don't know when this light will fade.

*Cleo: Goodbye.

[The group heads itno the light and is returned to the Cave of the Past.]

*Viktor: Boy were we lucky. I guess we made it back.

[The group walks south and out of the small cave to find the Star Dragon
Sword still hovering where they left it.]

*Viktor: This thing again? Stay clear of it, everyone. We don't want to go
through that again.

*Cleo: Listen to Mr. Expert. You got us into that mess in the first place.

*Star Dragon Sword: Viktor...

*Viktor: I-I d-didn't do anything.

*Star Dragon Sword: Viktor... Don't you have an important mission?

*Viktor: That's right. I'm going to kill that Neclord.

*Star Dragon Sword: I was just getting tired of sleeping. I'll join you on
your mission. Pull me out.

*Viktor: What's with this thing? Pretty arrogant for a sword.

*Star Dragon Sword: If you don't want to, fine. But you'll never defeat the

*Viktor: OK, OK.

*Star Dragon Sword: OK?

*Viktor: I mean, yes sir.

[Viktor takes the Star Dragon Sword.]

*Star Dragon Sword: Let's go, partner.

*Viktor: (Tsk. Why should a sword call me "partner")

[With the powerful weapon in tow, the group retraces it's steps through
the Cave of the Past and leaves Qlon Temple. Once they arrive back at the 
Warriors' Village, Zorak and a large group of soldiers are preparing to march.]

*Zorak: Oh, Commander Tir. You're back. How did it go? Have you found a way to
defeat Neclord?

*Viktor: You betcha. Take a look at this. Here, say hello.

*Star Dragon Sword: Watch your tongue. Say hello to a human? YOU say hello.

*Zorak: A talking sword? Will this thing defeat the vampire?

*Star Dragon Sword: Of course. Vampires are nothing to me.

*Viktor: So he says.

*Cleo: They are very much alike, those two.  Overconfident.

*Zorak: That's wonderful. We were just about to dpeart for Neclord's Castle.
Look what that demon sent us.

*Viktor: Wedding... Invitation?? Whose?

*Hix: He and Tengaar's! If we don't hurry, Tengaar will be drained of blood.

[A soldier approaches Zorak.]

*Soldier: Chief, we're ready to go.

*Zorak: Fine, let's go. Commander Tir, we'll be going ahead of you.

[Zorak and his men march to Neclord's Castle. Tir, Cleo and Viktor follow,
and end up at the front door of Neclord's Castle shortly after Zorak, where
the Chief and his men are standing.]

*Zorak: So here you are, Commander Tir. Let's go, men. Now is the time to
show the power of the Warriors' Village!

*Soldier #1: Yaaaaay!

[Neclord walks out the front door of his castle.]

*Neclord: My my, how rude of you to show up at a wedding with all those

*Zorak: Give me back my daughter, my Tengaar.

*Neclord: I'm afraid not. She's my beloved bride. When the sun sets, our
wedding begins. Tir, you're the leader of the Liberation Army, correct?
I'd like you to be my most honored guest tonight. If you don't make it to
the top of the castle by sunset, Tengaar will be mine forever. Understood?
This gate will not admit the uninvited.

[Neclord heads back into his castle.]

*Zorak: Damn you!

*Soldier #2: Do not make fools of us.

*Cleo: Stop!

[Soldier #1 charges at the front door.]

*Soldier #1: Ahhhhhhhhh!

[A flash of light appears and Soldier #1 is pushed away from the front door.]

*Viktor: It appears that what Neclord says is true.

*Cleo: Master Tir, this is a trap. He knows you're out leader.

*Viktor: BUt we have no choice but to go.

*Zorak: Commander Tir, I beg you. Please save my daughter from that filthy
vampire. Please.

[Zorak and his troops seperate to allow Tir a clear path to the door. Before
they enter, though, Hix stops them.]

*Hix: W-wait a minute.

[Hix approaches the party.]

*Hix: Master Tir, take me with you. I'll go too.

*Zorak: You can't go, Hix. YOu have not yet proven yourself as a warrior.
An unproven warrior, one who does not yet carry a sword with a name, is not
allowed to enter battle. That is the law of our village.

*Hix: It's true that I'm still a novice, and not yet strong. But 
still...I want to save Tengaar with my own hands. I promised her. Please 
let me keep my promise. Please, Master Tir.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: You'll just be in the way.
|*Hix: Please, sir. Please. I beg you. Please. Please.
|*Viktor: The answer is no. Tir doesn't want to see you die.
|*Hix: I want to save Tengaar. I promised her. Please, Master Tir.
|*Cleo: Master Tir, I beg of you too. Take him with you. I'll be responsible
|for him.
|*Hix: C-Cleo...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. Come along.

*Hix: Th-thank you.

*Zorak: Hix. Come here.

*Hix: Yes sir.

[Soldiers part to allow Hix to stand in front of Zorak, which he does.]

*Zorak: I was waiting for such words from you. You are Hix of the Warriors'
Village, son of Clift the Crusader. I hereby accept you as a true warrior,
and grant permission to name your sword. May the birth of this new warrior
be celebrated by all. There, Hix. You have now been designated a warrior.
Your courage befits a true warrior. Go and save Tengaar.

*Hix: Th-thank you, Sir Zorak.

*Zorak: You may now name your sword. Have you something in mind?

*Hix: Yes, I made that decision many years ago.

*Cleo: Let's go, Hix. Tengaar awaits you.

*Hix: Yes, sir.

[The party of four make their way into Neclord's Castle, and after a bit
of time manage to fight their way to the top of the castle, where Neclord is
playing a large organ with Tengaar standing by in a wedding dress. Neclord
finishes the wedding march song he is playing, and turns to face the party.]

*Neclord: You sure took your time.

*Hix: Tengaar! I've come to save you!

*Tengaar: Hix. You've come. I'm so happy.

*Neclord: Now wait a minute. You speak as if I'm going to lose.

*Viktor: That's right, Neclord. You're going to die here. Damn you to hell,
Neclord! You remember the village of Northwind?!

*Neclord: Hmmm, let me see. I've been around such a long time. Come to think
of it, you do look somewhat familiar. Perhaps I've seen you at... what was
that village? But Northwind doesn't ring a bell.

[Viktor steps forward and unsheathes the Star Dragon Sword.]

*Viktor: I'll make sure you never waste your breath again. Here we go, Star

*Star Dragon Sword: One or two vampires like this one are easy work.

[Hix moves up to stand by Viktor and unsheathes his own one-handed blade.]

*Hix: In the name of my sword Tengaar, I'll destroy you Neclord!

*Tengaar: Hix!

*Neclord: Goodness, how courageous. Tir, I'm going to have to take your rune
and present it to Lady Windy.

[The party engages in a fierce battle with Neclord, and find they are able
to damage him after the Star Dragon Sword hits him once. The party then
emerges victorious.]

*Neclord: Y-your sword...

*Star Dragon Sword: I am the Night Rune transformed. You are merely a
servant of the darkness, and therefore fight me in vain.

*Neclord: I have lived for 500 years. Damned if my life ends now.

*Viktor: 500 years of evil deeds. This is where my journey ends. You killed
my family and friends, and I traveled farl ooking for you. Now it's time for

[Viktor draws the Star Dragon Sword once more and slices at Neclord in a
downward vertical slash. Neclord flashes briefly then disintergrates in a
blinding white light.]

*Tengaar: Hix!

*Hix: Tengaar!

*Tengaar: You've come to save me. Thank you. I'm so happy.

*Hix: B-b-but I haven't done anything. And Viktor defeated Neclord.

*Tengaar: You're so funny. It's OK. You're still my hero.

*Hix: Th-thanks.

*Tengaar: by the way, the name of your sword...

*Hix: Oh, this? Sorry. I should have asked for your permission.

*Tengaar: Really, using my name without asking...

*Hix: S-sorry.

*Tengaar: Why do you apologize?

*Hix: Huh?

*Cleo: You've got plenty of headaches ahead of you, Hix.

*Viktor: Let's get back, Tir. My journey has ended, but not yours.

[The group of five make their way back through the castle and to the front
gate, where Zorak and his men are still waiting.]

*Zorak: Tengaar! Are you all right?

*Tengaar: Sure. Thanks to Hix.

*Zorak: I am very grateful, Master Tir. We of the Warrior's Village hereby
swear to serve the Liberation Army and obey your commands. Please let us
know if you need our help.

*Cleo: Neclord is defeated, and the Warriors' Village has joined our cause.
Master Tir, it's about time we returned to Toran Castle.

*Viktor: Tir, I mean Master Tir. I tracked Neclord for many years, and I
finally got my revenge. I must go to my village now and deliver the news.
But I promise to return to the Liberation Army. So please permit me to leave
for the time being.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: That could be a problem.
|*Viktor: Please. I must go deliver the news at my family's grave.
|*Viktor: Please, Tir. Let me do this.
|*Viktor: He'll sneak out during the night anyway.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. Come back soon.

*Cleo: Without you, Viktor, the Liberation Army is under a huge handicap.

*Viktor: I know. You're all hopeless without me.

*Tengaar: Don't worry. I'll fill in for him.

*Hix: W-what! W-wait a minute, Tengaar.

*Tengaar: No, Hix. I've already made up my mind. Besides, you're coming too.

*Hix: M-me too?

*Tengaar: of course. If you don't protect me, who will?

*Hix: Sure, b-but...

*Zorak: Go with her, Hix. Your initiation is over with, but not your Rite
of Passage into Adulthood. Besides, Tengaar has made up her mind, and I
can't stop her. Will you protect her?

*Hix: Yes, sir.

*Viktor: I'm going now, Tir. But I'll be back. Take care.

[Viktor leaves and the party returns to Toran Castle.]

          4.14) Knights of the Dragon's Den [PL14]

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir heads to the meeting room to find Flik, Humphrey,
Sanchez, Lepant and Mathiu talking.]

*Sanchez: Welcome back, Master Tir. It's good to see that you're well. It
was a major accomplishment to liberate the Lorimar region without the use
of troops.

*Mathiu: According to Kasumi, Kasim Hazil has been placed in charge of
northern defenses and is presently building up his forces.

*Sanchez: The Imperial Army's forces are nearly 8000 strong under Kazim
Hazil, another 6000 soldiers in the Floating Fortress of Shazarazade,
and 10,000 troops in and around Imperial Headquarters.

*Lepant: With what we've got, Kasim Hazil's army is all we can handle.
The only way we can win is to unite the rebel forces around the country.

*Humphrey: I happen to be an old friend of Joshua, Commander of the Knights
of the Dragon's Den, who's domain is in the west. If you plan to befriend
them, I'll come with you...

*Sanchez: The Dragon Knights have always rejected Imperial jurisdiction,
preferring to maintain a neutral status. Should they join us, our forces
will be formidable. But I must warn you that Joshua is a proud man. They
only chance of an alliance is for you, Commander Tir, to visit him in person.

*Flik: If you're going, so am I.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I'd rather not go.
|*Humphrey: ... I see.
|*Flik: Hey, you're just kidding, right Tir?
|*Flik: Oh, come on. If the Dragon Knights join us, our forces
|will be much stronger.
|*Mathiu: I beg you too. To recruit the proud Dragon Knights, you,
|Commander Tir, must convince them in person.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Let's go meet these Dragon Knights.

*Humphrey: ...All right.

*Sanchez: The Dragon Knights' domain lies northwest of liberated Antei,
formerly known as Bier Blanche.

[The party (Tir, Flik and Humphrey) head to the gate of the Dragon Knight's
domain. Once there, they approach the guard.]

*Gatekeeper: Beyond this point is the Domain of the Knights of the Dragon's
Den, as designated by the Emperor. No one is permitted to enter.

*Humphrey: I am Humphrey Mintz, former Captain of the Imperial Army's Hundred
Man Battalion. I request a meeting with Commander Joshua of the Knights of
the Dragon's Den.

*Gatekeeper: I have orders from the Commander of the Dragon Knights to let
no one in, not even the Emperor himself.

*Flik: Not even the Emperor? Those are very strict orders.

*Gatekeeper: Now be on your way.

*Flik: What do you think, Tir? I think something's happened. Let's see
if we can gather some information. The nearest town is Antei, to the southeast.

[The party travels to Antei. Upon reaching the town, they come upon a scene
between two men, one dressed flamboyantly.]

*Owner: Trying to eat and run, eh? You scoundrel!

*Vincent de Boule: No, no, no. You are mistaken. Your lack of trust is so
typical of peasant stock. What I'm trying to tell you is that you have the
honor of being owed money by me for a little while. Think about it. I,
Vincent de Boule, of pure aristocratic extraction, will owe you money.
You should be happy.

*Owner: Don't give me that cock and bull. If you're an aristocrat, why
can't you afford breakfast?

*Vincent de Boule: Ah, that is indeed a painful question. You see, if I had
some money, I would be glad to pay you as much as you like. But
unfortunately, I just gave it all away to some poor starving children.

*Owner: Liar! You're not aristocrat!

*Flik: Hey, what's going on?

*Owner: Shut up...oh, why it's the leader of the Liberation Army, Master Tir.

*Vincent de Boule: Tir? Are you not Tir McDohl, son of General Teo McDohl?
Permit me to introduce myself. I am Lord Vincent de Boule, at present
vacationing in these parts.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Greetings, sir.

*Vincent de Boule: Aha, we are both of fine stock. Let's fraternize on
a more casual basis. Now that introductions are out of the way, may I
impose on you for a moment and ask if you might lend me a few coins.
It appears this fellow here doesn't trust me. I am presently on my way to
meet Joshua of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. As I am in a hurry, if you'll
excuse me...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Sure, I'll bet.

*Vincent de Boule: Oh, even you think I'm untrustworthy. What a sad world
we live in. Nobody trusts anybody anymore. I, Vincent, am deeply wounded.
And now, to ease my pain, I wonder if you'd be so kind as to pay this man
for me. I am presently on my way to meet Joshua of the Knights of the Dragon's
Den. As I am in a hurry, if you'll excuse me...

[Vincent exits the town quickly.]

*Flik: What the hell was all that? Did he say he was going to the Dragon
Knight's Domain?

*Owner: Excuse me... I wonder who's going to pay for his meal?

*Flik: What?

[Tir pays the Owner of the Inn 200 bits.]

*Owner: Thank you.

[The owner heads back into the Inn.]

*Flik: But that swindler did say he was going to the Domain of the Dragon

[Tir, Humphrey and Flik head back to the gate to the Dragon Knight's Domain,
where they find Vincent conversing with the Gatekeeper.]

*Gatekeeper: You are very persistent. I can't let you in.

*Vincent de Boule: What a thing to say. I'm telling you who I am for your
sake. Vincent here is a dear friend of Joshua's. If Joshua finds out you
turned Vincent away, he'll be furious. You're new here, aren't you? There's
still time to do the right thing.

*Gatekeeper: I have been in this post for five years.

*Vincent de Boule: Oh, I see. The last time I was here was a little over five
years ago.

*Gatekeeper: Tell any more lies and you'll be sorry!

*Flik: Ha ha ha. He's at it again.

*Vincent de Boule: Why, if it isn't my dearest friend Commander Tir. Have you
business with the Dragon Knights too? Well, you're wasting your time. We'll
never get past this hard head here.

*Humphrey: But we must see Joshua!

*Vincent de Boule: You look familiar. Why it's Humphrey, one of the most
renowned Captains of the Imperial Army's Hundred Man Battalion. You're in
the Liberation Army too? Commander Tir, dearest friend, I have something good
to tell you. Please follow me.

[Vincent leads them away from the Gatekeeper and to a large stone block
with a dragon engraved on it.]

*Vincent de Boule: Ah, nostalgia. I would come to the Dragon Knight's Domain
to play when I was a child. So I know the area well. You can enter the domain
from behind this rock. I played in this spot often as a child.

*Flik: This is a way in?

*Vincent de Boule: Indeed. You're quite bright for a commoner.

*Flik: Heh! Listen up, aristocratic scum! If this is an entrance, why didn't
you use it yourself?

*Vincent de Boule: that is a foolish question. A man of my birth would never
sneak in like a common burglar.

*Flik: That's quite enough, gentlemen.

*Vincent de Boule: Oh, Tir, my dearest friend, you believe me, don't you?
Good, good. I wouldn't know what to do if even you distrusted me. Well, be
very careful then. It's quite dangerous inside.

[The party enters the secret cave and traverses through it until they come
to a very large opening in the cave.]

*Flik: Hey, the cave has widened. Where are we?

*Humphrey: .........

*Flik: What's the matter?

*Humphrey: .....look below.

*Flik: Below? Whooaaa!

[The trio fall down a ledge and end up in a large area filled with sleeping
dragons and a woman in armor.]

*Milia: what are you doing there?! Who are you? Rather brazen for thieves,
aren't you?

*Flik: W-we're...

*Futch: Tir!

[Futch approaches the party.]

*Futch: You're Tir, aren't you? Don't you remember me? It's Futch. I'm the
one who took you to the Magician's Island on Black's back. What are you doing

*Milia: Tir? Then you're the Liberation Army's leader?

[Flik looks around and moves, standing by a dragon.]

*Flik: Why are these dragons sleeping? Are they always like this?

*Futch: .........!

*Milia: What business does the Liberation Army have in our domain?

*Flik: Aren't you going to answer my question?

*Humphrey: I am Humphrey Mintz, former Captain of the Imperial Army's Hundred
Man Battalion. I would like to see Commander Joshua.

*Milia: ......... All right. Now that you've seen what's happened here, I must
report to Sir Joshua.

*Humphrey: Thank you. Ah...

*Milia: I'm Milia, Deputy Commander of the Dragon Knights.

*Humphrey: Thank you, Lady Milia. Please lead us.

*Milia: When you emerge from this cave you'll see the Palace of the Dragon
Knights. I'll run on ahead of you and inform Sir Joshua of your arrival.
Let's go, Futch.

[Futch and Milia leave the cave, and Tir heads out after them, reaching the
Palace shortly thereafter. Inside, they head to the second floor where Joshua
and Milia are waiting.]

*Milia: Sir Joshua, these are the men I was telling you about.

[Joshua walks over to Humphrey.]

*Joshua: Humphrey! It's you, is it? Been a long time.

*Humphrey: Yes...

*Joshua: I was so worried about you. After that incident at Kalekka, you
vanished without a trace.

*Humphrey: I had my reasons. Joshua, this is Commander Tir of the Liberation

*Joshua: So you're Commander Tir. I'm Joshua, Commander of the Knights of the
Dragon's Den. I have heard a great deal about the Liberation Army.

*Humphrey: I have come to discuss an important matter with you.

*Joshua: Important matter? What is it?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: We need your help.

*Joshua: Help your army? It is true that many of us have been dissatisfied
with the present Emperor...

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Please let me fly on a dragon.

*Joshua: On a dragon? I d-don't know if...

*Flik: Is there a problem? Something to do with their sleep, perhaps?

*Joshua: So you've seen them. I tried to keep it a secret by barring the
gates, but... A few months ago, the dragons fell asleep and have not awakened
since. We tried everything we could think of, but to no avail.

*Humphrey: Never awakened?

*Joshua: At the moment, the Knights of the Dragon's Den are completely
powerless. We brought many doctors here, but not one was able to cure them.
We sent a man to look for Liukan, whom people call the Holy Doctor, but he
has apparently disappeared.

*Flik: So you think that Liukan can cure the dragons?

*Joshua: He's the finest doctor in the land. He can probably find a cure.

[Flik pulls Tir aside.]

*Flik: Tir, this is our chance. He'll end up owing us a favor.

*Joshua: .........?

*Flik: It's nothing, never mind.

[The trio head back to Toran Castle and find Liukan, who agrees to come
along with them. The group then heads back to the Palace of the Dragon
Knights. Upstairs, Tir finds Joshua waiting for him.]

*Joshua: Y-you are Master Liukan. I had no idea you were a member of the
Liberation Army. Please, sir, will you take a look at our dragons?

*Liukan: Of course.

[Tir, Liukan, Milia, Joshua and Futch head to the dragon cave where the
dragons are sleeping soundly. Liukan inspects them.]

*Milia: How are they, Master Liukan?

*Liukan: This isn't a disease. They have been poisoned with sleeping poison.

*Joshua: Not a disease?

*Liukan: No. Somebody gave them poison.

*Futch: I had a feeling somebody sneaked into our domain.

*Joshua: Is there a cure?

*Liukan: I can prepare an antidote, but I will need certain ingredients.
Moonlight weed, black dragon orchid, and...

*Joshua: What is the other ingredient?

*Liukan: We'll leave it till later. First get those two. Commander Tir,
there should be some moonlight weed in Seek Valley.

*Milia: Seek Valley... Sir Joshua, the only dragons awake are Futch's Black
and my own Thrash. I will take Tir and his men to Seek Valley on Thrash.

*Joshua: Good luck, Milia.

*Milia: Commander Tir, let's hurry to Seek Valley.

*Liukan: I guess I'll wait here for the ingredients.

*Milia: Commander Tir, Thrash is out front.

[Tir, Flik, Humphrey and Milia head back to the Dragon Knight's
Fortress/Palace, where a large red dragon is waiting outside.]

*Milia: Master Tir, let's fly to Seek Valley on my Thrash.

[The party mounts the red dragon Thrash and it takes off, flying west and
landing a distance away in the area known as Seek Valley.]

*Milia: This is Seek Valley.

*Flik: I don't see anything that looks like moonlight weed. We must go deeper
in the valley?

[The party heads deeper into Seek Valley until they come across a giant
floating crystaline sphere.]

*Flik: What the hell!

[Defeating the Crystal Core in combat, they continue to treck through Seek
Valley until they come to where the moonlight weed is growing.]

*Flik: Could this be moonlight weed?

*Milia: Probably.

*Windy: That's moonlight weed, all right. It's used as a restorative.

*Flik: Who's that! Come on out!

[Windy appears, using magic to teleport.]

*Windy: I'm impressed that you made it this far. But I can't let you leave
with the moonlight weed.

*Flik: Whoever you are, we had a rough time getting here! We're taking this

*Windy: Oh my, what an energetic young man. But I'm talking to Tir right now,
so please be quiet. Tir, you must be getting tired of this Liberation Army
game. You will give me the rune on your right hand, the Soul Eater. Don't
look so angry, Tir. I won't force you to give it up. I have something more
elegant in mind. Come on out, Ted.

[Ted appears in the same way Windy did.]

*Ted: It's been a long time, Tir. You sure were cruel to leave me behind on
my own. But I forgive you. We're old friends. Now, will you give me back the
rune I lent you? I was able to live 300 years because of that rune, so I need
it. Please give it back.

[CHOICE 1] Return Soul Eater

[CHOICE 2] Don't return Soul Eater

[NOTE: It doesn't matter what you choose here. Both choices lead to the
exact same route.]

*Flik: Th-the rune...

[Tir holds up his right arm as the Soul Eater glows. Magic erupts in a
dome around the entire group, and Tir is left in absolute darkness with Ted.]

Ted: ... ... ...can you hear me? I don't have much time. A strange connection
remains between the rune and the one who carried it, that is, me. I'm
speaking to you through the rune. My body has been taken over by Windy's
Conqueror Rune, and is no longer mine. The Conqueror Rune will eventually
take over my soul as well.... and that is why I must hurry. Tir, you must
promise to forgive me for what I am about to do.

[A blinding flash occurs again and Tir is brought back to Seek Valley.]

*Windy: What was that? Ted! Hurry up and take the Soul Eater!

*Ted: Please, Tir, give me back my rune. Or else I'll take it by force.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I will not give you the Soul Eater.

*Windy: Oh, so you plan to fight Ted? You kill your own father, send your
servant Gremio to his death, and now you want to fight your best friend? 
How sinful you are.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. I'll give it to you.

*Windy: That's a good boy. Get the Soul Eater, Ted.

*Ted: Soul Eater, I spent 300 years with you. I know all about you. The
meaning of your curse, your evil intentions. On the day I lost my home,
you stole the souls of everyone I knew in this world. During 300 years of
wandering, you caused a great many wars and plundered countless souls.
Including Odessa's! And Tir's father's! And Gremio's! You took them all!
You steal the souls of those closest to your master, and grow in power!

*Windy: Ted! What are you talking about?! Hurry up and get the Soul Eater.

*Ted: Having the Soul Eater near me has given me power. Just enough power
to move my own body. Now, Soul Eater! I command you as your former master!
Take my soul now!

[Tir holds up the Soul Eater and a red six-point star-shaped column of red
energy engulfs Ted. A white light rises from Ted and is absorbed by the Soul
Eater. Ted collapses onto his hands and knees.]

*Ted: Good...that's good. Who needs a body that can't be controlled. I now
return... the 300 years of life... that you gave me, Soul Eater..

*Windy: Damn it! Unbelievable! I'll have to...

[Windy steps forward and starts to use her own magic, but a flash of energy
erupts from the Soul Eater and Windy is driven back.]

*Windy: Detestable creature. I'll take that rune from you someday.

[Windy vanishes and the party gathers around Ted.]

*Ted: Don't look like that... Tir. I chose my path. I think it's...farewell
for sure...this time. Take care. Live your life to the fullest...for my sake
too. .........

[Ted's body shines then vanishes as he dies. Milia approaches the plants that
were behind Ted.]

*Milia: This must be moonlight weed. Everyone is waiting. Let's hurry and
take some home.

[Gathering up the moonlight weed, the party heads back to where Thrash is
waiting, and rides the dragon back to the Dragon Knight's Fortress. Once
there, the party heads to the second floor, where Joshua and Liukan are

*Joshua: You're back, Milia.

*Milia: Yes, Sir Joshua. Here is the moonlight weed.

*Flik: Next we need the black dragon orchid. I'm ready to go anywhere in
the world for it.

*Liukan: But there's a problem.

*Milia: What is it?

*Joshua: Futch went alone to Gregminster Palace to get it.

*Liukan: The only place where one can obtain the black dragon orchid is the
Floating Garden at Gregminster. I shouldn't have mentioned it in front of him.

[Scene changes to one of Black the dragon flying through the night.
Eventually, Black lands at the Floating Garden, and Futch dismounts.]

*Futch: OK, wait here, Black. I'll be right back.

[Futch advances into the garden and looks around.]

*Futch: Damn, there are so many that I don't know which one is the black
dragon orchid. Hmmm, this one looks most like the one that Liukan described.

*Barbarosa: You're right, that is a black dragon orchid.

*Futch: Wh-who is it?

[Emperor Barbarosa approaches Futch.]

*Barbarosa: That is my question, young man. You must be aware that this
is the Imperial Garden.

*Futch: Y-you're the E-Emperor.

*Barbarosa: I never thought I'd run into a flower thief in a sleepless
night. Judging from your outfit, you must be a Dragon Knight.

*Futch: Y-yes your highness. I-I'm Futch, Dragon Knight 9th Class.

*Barbarosa: An apprentice. And what might you be doing here?

*Futch: I-I came to g-get a black dragon orchid, your H-Highness. P-please
let me go. I really need this orchid. To wake up the other dragons.

*Barbarosa: Dragons? It must be Windy again. Young man, you must leave 

*Futch: Y-you'll let me g-go?

*Barbarosa; Hurry, while I still feeling generous.

*Futch: Y-yes, your Highness.

[Futch grabs the black dragon orchid and runs back to Black.]

*Futch: Phew! W-was that really the Emperor? Must have been. That sheer
presence. But he sure was different from all those rumors. He let me go,
and... Oh, well, now that I have the black dragon orchid, I'd better hurry
home. Right, Black?

[Futch mounts Black as Windy appears in the Floating Garden by using her

*Windy: Oh, I'm just in time.

*Futch: W-who are you?! I've already got the black dragon orchid. Bye!

[Black roars and takes off into the sky.]

*Windy: What an uncouth boy. You should be punished.

[Windy hurls a magical bolt of lightning, striking Black.]

*Futch: Ahhhhhhhhh!

*Black: Brrrrrrrhhhhhhh!

[Black plummets to the ground with Futch on his back. An unknown amount of
time passes.]

*Unknown voice: Futch, Futch, are you all right? Futch... Wake up, Futch.

[Futch awakens in the Dragon Knight's Fortress. Tir, Milia, Liukan and
Joshua are all by him.]

*Futch: I must bring back... the black dragon orchid.

*Liukan: Ahem! It appears you're awake.

*Futch: Huh? What??? Where am I? Where's the orchid?

*Milia: Don't worry. When we found you unconsious in the forest, you had the
black dragon orchid in your hand. We had a hard time prying it loose.

*Futch: I see, then the dragons...

*Liukan: Yes, I made the antitode from the three ingredients and gave them
to the dragons. They should be awakening soon.

*Futch: Thank god. ......... Dr. Liukan, what was the third ingredient?

*Liukan: Harrumph! The th-third ingredient?

*Futch: Is something the matter?

[Joshua steps over to Futch's bed.]

*Joshua: ......... I'll tell you. The third ingredient was a dragon's liver.
And it came from...

*Futch: !!! N-not...my... Black...

*Milia: I'm afraid that when we found him, Black was already dead.

*Joshua: Hate me if you want, but we had no choice.

*Futch: B-but... B-Black...

[A short time later, Humphrey, Flik and Tir are conversing on the first
floor of the Fortress.]

*Humphrey: Commander Tir. Joshua's dragons have awakened. Let's go to
Joshua's quarters to draw up an alliance pact between the Liberation Army
and the Dragon Knights. He should agree to help us now.

*Flik: You're right. He hasn't committed to an alliance yet.

[The trio head upstairs to find Joshua and Milia.]

*Joshua: Commander Tir, on behalf of the Dragon Knights, I thank you.

*Humphrey: Well then, Joshua.

*Joshua: It looks like we'll be fighting together again, side by side. But
against a different enemy this time. Commander Tir, the Dragon Knights will
join you. To defeat the Empire.

*Flik: Now we can finally return to Toran Castle. I can't stand the smell of

*Joshua: Humphrey, I have a request.

*Humphrey: Request?

*Joshua: Come in, Futch.

[Futch enters the room.]

*Joshua: YOu know what this is about, Futch?

*Futch: Yes, sir.

*Joshua: A Dragon Knight who has lost his dragon must leave the Dragon's Den. 
Now that you have lost Black, I cannot keep you here.

*Futch: I understand, sir. Black probably died to save my life.

*Milia: Futch, don't blame yourself.

*Futch: I'm all right. I just want to believe that Black saved me.

*Joshua: Humphrey, will you take Futch with you? I won't have to worry about
him if he's with you.

*Humphrey: ...I understand.

*Futch: Thank you, sir.

*Joshua: Commander Tir, when war breaks out, we'll rush to your aid.

*Milia: Master Tir,  Master Liukan wanted to return, so we are about to
fly him home on a dragon. Would you and the rest of your men like a ride too?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Please.

*Milia: Fine. I will be waiting out front with Thrash.

[Milia heads outside.]

[The party heads outside and finds Milia waiting.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: No thank you, we'll walk.

*Milia: Very well.

*Joshua: Futch, take care. Someday you may be able to return.

*Futch: Yes, sir.

[Flik approaches Futch.]

*Flik: Hey, don't look so depressed. I'll teach you how to use a sword.

[The party heads outside of the Fortress.]

[If CHOICE 1 was chosen, Milia is waiting outside for the group.]

*Milia: Master Tir, if you're ready, I will fly you home on Thrash.

[The party mounts the dragon with Milia, and they are flown back to Toran

[If CHOICE 2 was chosen, the party heads back to Toran Castle on their own.]

          4.15) Kasim of the Blue Moon [PL15]

[Once back at Toran Castle, Tir enters the ground floor to find Krin and
Kasumi talking.]

*Krin: What are you talking about? Don't you trust my instincts?

*Kasumi: Your instincts? Don't make me laugh. Thanks to your instincts, we
almost got captured by the Imperials, remember?

*Krin: Hee hee, I wasn't quite myself that time.

*Flik: What's the problem here?

*Krin: I'm saying that I have a hunch. He's a spy for sure. That's why he
won't talk.

*Kasumi: That doesn't necessarily mean he's a spy.

*Flik: What's going on here!

[Kasumi turns to face Flik and Tir.]

*Oh, er, welcome back Sir Flik, Master Tir.

[Krin runs to place Flik and Tir between himself and Kasumi.]

*Krin: Hee hee, how ladylike you try to be in front of Tir. But for you it's
a lost cause.

[Krin runs out of the ground floor.]

*Kasumi: !!!!!!!!! Watch your mouth, you rat!

[Kasumi chases after Krin.]

*Flik: Wh-what the...

[Tir makes his way to the fourth floor, where he finds Mathiu, Sanchez and
an unknown man dressed in white.]

*Mathiu: You're back. Was your meeting with the Dragon Knights a success?

*Humphrey: Uh huh.

*Mathiu: .........? Did you manage to secure an alliance?

*Flik: Don't worry, Medical Officer. It's just that Humphrey could be a
little friendlier to others.

*Humphrey: Uh huh.

*Flik: By the way, who is this silent fellow here?

*Mathiu: Kasumi and Krin captured him hanging around the castle. He refuses
to say anything, so we were waiting for you to come back and decide what to
do with him.

*Taggart: Tir! Are you Commander Tir of the Liberation Army? Thank goodness.
Now I can complete my mission for Master Warren. I kept silent because I was
under strict orders not to speak to anyone until I met you face to face.
Kasim Hazil, who took over the northern defenses after Teo McDohl, has
recently begun to apply extreme pressure on rebel factions.

*Sanchez: He's looking for a comeback.

*Taggart: My Master Warren is a famous man of wealth in the north, long
respected even by the Imperials. But as a man of honor and generosity, he
harbored many fugitives in his mansion. As a result his home was surrounded
by Kasim Hazil and his troops. Master Warren and Sir Viktor, who just
happened to have dropped by, fought hard against the Imperials, but they
were eventually captured and taken prisoner. This is what Master Warren
told me to tell you.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir. Viktor is one of our most powerful soldiers. Warren,
despite his wealth, is an honorable man with a large following. We must go
and rescue them.

*Sanchez: At present Kasim Hazil's troops number more than 8,000.

*Flik: And they're a trained army, whereas we're just a ragtag bunch.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, despite its name, the Liberation Army is not yet a
unified army. To continue fighting in the future, we need to give the troops
some proper military training.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I don't know.
|*Mathiu: I feel that our soldiers need to receive military training before
|Kasim Hazil attacks.
|*Flik: Leader, I think you should listen to the Military Strategist's advice.
|*Sanchez: master Tir, I too agree with Master Mathiu.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I agree.

*Mathiu: Let me make the necessary preparations. I suggest you retire now,
Commander Tir. You have a busy day ahead.

[Tir heads to his room. As he's about to enter, Mathiu approaches him.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, I have an important matter to discuss with you.

[Tir and Mathiu enter Tir's bedroom.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, it appears that a spy has infiltrated the Liberation
Army. While you were away, I sent Kasumi and Krin on a reconnaissance mission
into Imperial territory. According to their report, it appears that there is
an intelligence leak somewhere in our army. So if you permit, Commander Tir,
I'd like to over see the military training maneuvers tomorrow.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: No.
|*Mathiu: I have a plan. I beg you, Commander.
|*Mathiu: Do you not trust me?
|*Mathiu: Tomorrow's operation must be kept a secret. Please let me take care
|of it.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: As you wish.

*Mathiu: Thank you, sir. You must be tired, Commander Tir. I will leave you

[Mathiu heads to the door of Tir's room.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, the coming battles will become increasingly fierce.
I am prepared to do anything to win, no matter what the sacrifice may be.

[Mathiu departs and Tir heads to sleep. The next day, Tir heads to Mathiu's
quarters to talk to him.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, everything is ready.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Good. Let's go.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: I forgot something.

*Mathiu: Please hurry. Everyone is waiting.

[Conversation ends. Talk to Mathiu again. Choices are presented, choose 1 to

[Tir, Flik, Humphrey, Mathiu and Sanchez are leading the army at the Maneuvers

*Mathiu: All troops will now head north to attack the Imperial forces.

[Flik jumps in surprise.]

*Flik: What?! So suddenly?

*Sanchez: I thought this was just a drill.

*Mathiu: The Imperial Army will think so too. We mustn't miss this
opportunity. We will attack the north immediately.

*Humphrey: A surprise attack.

*Flik: No wonder there was so much equipment for a drill.

*Mathiu: We will now head north, Commander Tir. Please confirm.

[At the Northern Checkpoint, a soldier approaches the garrison's commander,

*NC Soldier #1: Master Griffith! The Liberation Army...

*Griffith: Huh? Yes, I know, I know. They're out training today.

*NC Soldier #1: They're suddenly attacking us.

*Griffith: Yes, I know, I know... .........! Do you mean to say that our spy
was mistaken? My god, what shall I do? How far have the Liberation Army

*NC Soldier #1: They're right in front of our eyes!

*Griffith: Hmmm, this is a serious problem. All right, you go report to
General Kasim while I try to stall them.

[The Soldier departs as the battle begins.]

[Battle at the Northern Checkpoint commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Griffith: The Liberation Army has no mercy. No time for breakfast?

*Mathiu: Oh, excuse me. But I must say its pretty late for breakfast.

*Griffith: Its not your business. In any case we're badly mismatched. We

*Sanchez: If we can avoid bloodshed...

*Griffith: Of course, but some soldiers may prefer not to surrender. So
give me some time.

*Mathiu: This is a ploy to stall us. We'd better attack at once. Give out
the signal!

*Griffith: Damn we couldn't fool them. Troops, do the best you can, but
don't waste your lives.

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Griffith: I thought that if I joined the Liberation Army, I was all set
for life. I was wrong.

[Battle at the Northern Checkpoint concludes.]

[At the Northern Checkpoint, a group comprised of Tir, Lepant, Flik,
Humphrey, Sanchez, Mathiu, Kasumi and Krin are facing Griffith.]

*Griffith: Hell, I guess we lost. All right, all right, we surrender.
Lives are precious things.

[CHOICE 1] Recruit

*Griffith: Join you? And betray the Imperial Army? Promise me one thing.
Will you spare my troops?

*Mathiu: Of course. I guarentee their lives.

*Griffith: Then I'll agree to your proposition. Whether I'm fighting
for the Imperials or the Liberation Army, it makes no difference to me, as
long as I can eat.

*NC Soldier #2: M-Master G-Griffith, we will follow you.

*Griffith: What wonderful men you are! Thank you, everybody.

[CHOICE 2] Cut off his head.

*Griffith: I suppose that's inevitable. I lost the battle. But please
spare my troops. I beg you.

*NC Soldier #2: M-Master Griffith...

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, I have an idea. Please entrust this man's life to me.

*Griffith: Hey, are you sure? I'm pretty useless.

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir converses with Mathiu, Lepant, Krin, Kasumi,
Humphrey, and Flik on the fourth floor.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, we will march north before the enemy finds out that
we have taken the Northern Checkpoint. Sir Lepant, I'll give you a battalion
to attack the Fortress of Duha.

*Lepant: I understand.

*Mathiu: Sir Humphrey, I'll assign another battalion to you. Take the Fortress
of Rakan.

*Humphrey: Uh huh.

*Mathiu: As protector of the north, Kasim Hazil will be forced to send
reinforcements to the respective fortresses. Meanwhile, we will sneak into
Moravia Castle and rescue Warren and Viktor. This mission will be carried
out by yours truly, Commander Tir, Kasumi, Krin, Griffith, and three others.

*Lepant: I don't mind being a decoy but what if the reinforcements attack
us? We'll have no chance of winning.

*Mathiu: If the Imperial troops arrive, retreat immediately.

*Flik: Then we won't have time to sneak into Moravia Castle.

*Mathiu: Don't worry. We too have asked for support.

*Flik: Support? The Dragon Knights?

*Mathiu: No, but they're still a dependable force. Those are the details of
our plan. Please take action immediately. Commander Tir, please select the
party that will break into Moravia Castle.

[Tir selects three more people for his party. Later, at the Northern
Checkpoint, the group approaches Griffith.]

*Griffith: What do you want with me?

*Mathiu: Griffith, you're going to help us sneak into Moravia Castle.

*Kasumi: What do you mean?

*Mathiu: Griffith, I want you to pretend that you captured me. Commander
Tir will etner the castle with us, disguised as one of your men.

*Griffith: I see, a ruse, eh? I don't mind, but do you really trust me?

*Mathiu: Think of the fate of your men should anything happen to me. It's
true that I would make an excellent present for your former leader, but you
are not a man who would betray your own men.

*Griffith: Tsk. You see right through me, don't you. All right. I'm in.

*Mathiu: Now that that's settled, let's hurry on to Moravia Castle, Commander

[With Mathiu and Griffith, Tir's party of Kasumi, Krin and three others
traverse their way north, eventually reaching Moravia Castle. Once there,
Tir sees a contingent of Imperial Soldiers and their Captain gathered in the
front courtyard.]

*Imperial Captain: And now the Fortress of Rakan! The Liberation Army is
making fools of us! I'll teach them a lesson!

[Tir and his group run and hide just as the entire force of soldiers depart
from Moravia. Once the coast is clear, the party heads to the front door of
the castle, where two guards are stationed.]

*Moravia Guard #1: Why, Sir Griffith. I'm glad you've survived. We heard you
were attacked.

*Griffith: It was hell. But they shouldn't have underestimated me. Look at
who I have here. This is Mathiu, Military Strategist of the Liberation Army.
I took him prisoner. Let me in. I'd like to report to General Kasim.

*Moravia Guard #1: Yes, sir. I will inform him immediately. Please wait a

[The guard heads inside the castle as Krin and Kasumi look at each other.]

*Krin: Is this really going to work? If it doesn't, I'll escape by myself,
hee hee.

*Kasumi: What a thing to say, Krin. You'd leave Master Tir behind?

*Krin: Hee hee, I duno.

[The guard returns.]

*Moravia Guard #1: Please enter and proceed to the waiting room.

[Once the party is inside, Mathiu stops Tir.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, while Griffith and I are in the waiting room, you
must get Viktor and Warren.

*Griffith: The prison should be on the top floor of the castle. You must
hurry. I'm not sure how long I can fool General Kasim.

[Griffith and Mathiu head to the waiting room.]

*Krin: If they capture us, we're dead. Let's hurry, Tir.

[The party ascends through Moravia Castle until they come to a large gap
between two terraces.]

*Kasumi: We can't cross this.

*Krin: Hee hee, I'll take care of it.

[Krin fixes up a rope for the party to use to get across.]

*Krin: There we go, hee hee.

[The party soon reaches the top floor, where Viktor and Warren are being
held in a jail cell.]

*Kasumi: We did it, Master Tir. This must be it.

*Viktor: You're late, Tir. I've been waiting forever for you to show up.

*Krin: Hee hee, why don't you stay a little longer and cool off?

*Viktor: What did you say! Who do you think you're talking to!

*Krin: Hee hee, catch me if you can.

[Kasumi gets the cell door open at this point.]

*Kasumi: Master Tir, I've opened the lock.

[Krin jumps in surprise.]

*Krin: Yikes!

[Viktor exits the cell and faces Krin.]

*Krin: Whoaaa! I-I was just k-kidding.

[Warren exits the cell and approaches Tir.]

*Warren: You must be Commander Tir. I am Warren. Thank you for coming for us.

*Viktor: Didn't I tell you they'd come, Warren?

*Warren: You certainly did.

*Kasumi: We don't have much time. Let's hurry.

[Meanwhile, in the throne room of Moravia Castle, Kasim is talking with
Mathiu and Griffith.]

*Kasim Hazil: It's been a long time, hasn't it, Mathiu Silverberg. 3, maybe
4 years. Why did you leave the Imperial Army? Because of that incident?

*Mathiu: That is one reason. But more because I dislike myself intensely
when I am fighting.

*Kasim Hazil: And yet you joined the Liberation Army. Strange man. Why don't
you come back to us? I'd rather not execute you as a traitor.

*Mathiu: You needn't worry about that.

*Kasim Hazil: What do you mean?

[A Moravia Soldier approaches the trio.]

*Moravia Soldier #1: G-General Kasim! W-we're surrounded by the Liberation

*Kasim Hazil: Ah, I see. Those attacks on the fortresses were a decoy. You're
getting rusty, Mathiu. When the reinforcements return, the Liberation Army
will be wiped out.

*Mathiu: If they return, that is.

*Kasim Hazil: What's that?

[Another soldier enters the throne room.]

*Moravia Soldier #2: We have just received word that the troops sent out to
protect the fortresses were ambushed by the Jowston Army.

*Kasim Hazil: What! Why those... You did this, Mathiu!

*Mathiu: That is correct. I sent Jowston a letter informing them of Imperial
Army plans to invade their land. The City-State of Jowston is hungry for this
Empire. It's quite easy to manipulate tehm.

*Kasim: Traitor! You dare sell out this land to the City-State!

*Mathiu: I have no such ambitions. I merely manipulated them. In no way have
I joined hands with Jowston. It is likely that the City-State will temporarily
occupy this region. But the Liberation Army will permit no more than that.

*Kasim Hazil: Damn you to hell, you conniving turncoat!

[Lepant and Humphrey enter the throne room.]

*Lepant: Master Mathiu, are you all right? We've pretty much taken care of
business outside.

*Humphrey: ...yo.

[Tir and his group enter the throne room. Tir heads forward to face Kasim.]

*Viktor: Looks like we're just in time.

*Mathiu: General Kasim Hazil. Now it is my turn to make a request. Please
surrender. The ideal Empire you once envisioned has changed beyond
recognition. The Emperor himself, to whom you pledged loyalty, has changed
too. Do you still plan to cling to the past?

*Kasim Hazil: I still...

[At this point, if Milich Oppenheimer was recruited, he enters the throne
room to talk with Kasim.]

*Milich Oppenheimer: You are a stubborn man, Kasim. Like the rest of the Five
Great Imperial Generals. Think about it. Do you really think that the Emperor
is the same man we once knew?

*Kasim Hazil: I don't...

*Milich Oppenheimer: You know he isn't. You are one of the Emperor's loyal
followers. Isn't it your duty, then, to try to convince him to mend his
wrongful ways? The Five Great Generals were unable to prevent the Empire
from deteriorating. Therefore the time has come to help the Emperor open his
eyes. Do you not agree?

*Kasim Hazil: ......... All right. I surrender.

*Mathiu: I'm glad you understand, General Kasim. We must retreat immediately,
Commander Tir. If we wait around too long, the City-State will attack us.

*Viktor: What? Nothing for me to do? Shucks, I was looking forward to a
good rumble.

[Tir, his companions and the Army return back to Toran Castle.]

           4.16) Sonya's Shasarazade [PL16]

[Up on the fourth floor, the core of the Liberation Army gather in the meeting

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, at this time we have liberated most of the Empire,
leaving only the Imperial capital.

*Sanchez: The Liberation Army is becoming comparable in force to the core of
the Imperial Army, still remaining at the capital.

*Viktor: Good. We are ready. What target do we attack next? The capital, no

*Mathiu: To get to the capital, we must get past the Fortress of Kwaba,
commanded by Ain Gide, or over the water past General Sonya Shulen's Floating
Fortress of Shasarazade.

*Lepant: I say via the Fortress of Kwaba. We can't prepare enough boats to
attack Shasarazade.

*Mathiu: That is exactly what the enemy will think. Don't worry about the
boats. I will have 500 of them prepared by tomorrow.

*Lepant: 500 boats!

[CHOICE 1] Tir: That's impossible.
|*Mathiu: I, Mathiu, promise they will be ready.
|*Mathiu: If they are not ready by tomorrow, feel free to cut off my head.
|*Viktor: Hey Tir, the Strategist says he's sure. Let's believe him.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. Let's get to work.

*Mathiu: Thank you, sir. I swear I will keep my promise. Please look forward
to tomorrow.

*Viktor: It's going to be a big fight tomorrow. Better retire early tonight.

[A short time later, in Humphrey's room, Mathiu and Humphrey are conversing.]

*Humphrey: Strategist Mathiu, sir.

*Mathiu: Yes, Sir Humphrey.

*Humphrey: I heard that you were once in the Imperial Army. And that the
Kalekka Incident was the reason you left.

*Mathiu: That is true. I was unable to prevent that tragedy. In the middle of
the war, I discovered my own powerlessness, and left the Imperial forces. I
was hoping to lead a quiet life, never to see war again.

*Humphrey: I was one of the soldiers who attacked Kalekka. I have never been
able to forget that incident. In my fury I attacked my own commander, and
became a fugitive. That was the first time I attacked someone out of pure
hatred. And I hope... that it was the last time.

*Mathiu: Humphrey, this is no time to be distressed. We have a job to do.
Once the war is over...

[Meanwhile, down in the basement, Gen approaches Kamandol.]

*Gen: Hey, half-dead. We've got a big battle tomorrow. What are you doing?

*Kamandol: What are you doing yourself, novice? I told you not to enter my
room without permission.

*Gen: Geezer. You might drop dead tomorrow, so I came to see your face.
Thanks to Master Mathiu's crazy scheme, I've got to work all night. I just
took a little break to come see you, and...

*Kamandol: Ho ho! Then I shall brew my finest tea.

[In Cleo & Pahn's room...]

*Cleo: It's going to be a big battle tomorrow.

*Pahn: Yes.

*Cleo: It looks like Young Master has become a very important person.

*Pahn: True.

*Cleo: I kind of miss him.

*Pahn: I miss him a lot.

[In the house out by the dock Tai Ho, Yam Koo and Kimberly are drinking.]

*Kimberly: What's the matter, Tai Ho? You're not drinking.

*Tai Ho: Huh? OH, I was just thinking about tomorrow.

*Kimberly: That's not like you at all. Let's have a good time tonight. Just
the two of us. Until sunrise.

*Tai Ho: Just the two of us? Seems like there's three.

[Tai Ho glances over at Yam Koo.]

*Yam Koo: That's true, Big Brother. The three of us.

*Kimberly: (Damn. Inconsiderate fellow)

*Yam Koo: (Big Brother has a weakness for the ladies. Better stay here and
protect him)

[On the ledge to two of the castle's towers, Hix and Tegaar are by a huge

*Tengaar: Isn't the moon beautiful tonight, Hix.

*Hix: Huh? Did you say something, Tengaar? Have some of this fish. It's

*Tengaar: Oh, why are you always like that?

*Hix: What? Why do you look so angry?

*Tengaar: I'm not angry!

[In a hallway connecting stairs between two floors, Flik paces by the window,
then Sanchez enters.]

*Sanchez: What are you doing out here, Sir Flik? You'll catch a cold.

*Flik: Oh, nothing. Just thinking.

*Sanchez: About...Lady Odessa?

*Flik: .........

*Sanchez: We have an early morning tomorrow. Better get back to bed. If you
can't sleep, I have some good tea.

*Flik: Thanks, Sanchez.

[Sanchez and Flik head back to Sanchez's room. Meanwhile, in a corner of the
basement floor, Krin is sleeping.]

*Krin: Mmmmmmm......snore.... Wow...treasure... Too much to carry... Hee hee
hee hee hee...

[In the room where the Stone Tablet of Promise resides on the third floor,
Liukan and Fukien are talking.]

*Liukan: What do you think? Can we win tomorrow?

*Fukien: We can. We can, but...

*Liukan: But?

*Fukien: Many young lives will be lost. The thought pains me.

*Liukan: Me too. We old ones are prepared, but... It hurts to see young ones

[In Tir's bedroom, Tir is in his bed when Viktor steps into the room.]

*Viktor: I'm coming in, Tir.

[Tir gets out of bed and meets with Viktor.]

*Viktor: Were you asleep? Amazing how you can sleep before a big battle.
Just like a true leader. I have something to give you, Tir. Take it.

[Viktor hands a steel hatchet to Tir.]

*Viktor: This was Gremio's hatchet. I brought it back from Soniere Prison.
I kept it hidden away until now. I thought it would only sadden you more.
But I may lose my life tomorrow, so I thought I'd give it to you tonight.
Tir, it will be a big battle tomorrow. May lives will be lost. But you must
go on. For all the soldiers who believe in a better future. For Gremio. Right?
I'm going back to my room now.

[Viktor stops at the bedroom door.]

*Viktor: Tir. Let's win tomorrow.

[Viktor leaves the room and Tir heads back to sleep. The next morning, Tir
awakens and heads down to the docks to find Flik, Milia, Gen, Kamandol,
Tai Ho and Kasumi.]

*Gen: Take a look at this, boss. The Medical Officer sure has some crazy ideas.

*Milia: No kidding. Using my Thrash for something like this.

*Kamandol: Commander Tir, please take a look at this. It's made out of ice.
They froze it by using a dragon's breath.

*Tai Ho: Incredible. It's floating all right, and pretty sturdy, too.

[Later in the meeting room, a large group is assembled with Tir and Mathiu at
the front. The others in the room are Lepant, Humphrey, Kasumi, Viktor,
Liukan, Cleo, Flik and Sanchez.]

*Mathiu: As promised, we have prepared 500 boats. We now await your orders,
Commander Tir.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Wait a moment.

*Mathiu: Yes sir. But please hurry, or the ice will melt.

[Talk with Mathiu again and choose 2.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right, move forward!

*Mathiu: All forces moving forward.

[Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

*Sonya Shulen: I swear by my name of Sonya Shulen that I will defend the
Floating Fortress!

*Tai Ho: Hey, you're pretty cute.

*Sonya Shulen: H-how dare you, you impertinent scoundrel! I'll lop off your

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Tengaar: Yeah! We did it!

*Sonya Shulen: I'm so sorry, Master Teo.

[Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade concludes.]

[Now docked at Shasarazade, Tir meets up with Mathiu, who has Sanchez,
Viktor, Liukan, Flik and Humphrey nearby.]

*Mathiu: Unload the oil barrels! Commander Tir, we will burn this fortress 
down with oil. To do so, you must go and close the floodgate at the far end of
this fortress. As soon as it's closed, we'll pour the oil and set the fortress
on fire.

*Viktor: At the far end of the fortress?

*Mathiu: Yes. Kasumi has already scouted the area. Please choose your men.

*Viktor: Tir, let's get going.

*Flik: Tir, Humphrey and I are going to pursue the survivors!

[Flik and Humphrey leave.]

*Liukan: My hands are full with the injured.

[Tir chooses the rest of his party.]

*Mathiu: Please be careful, Commander Tir.

[The party navigates through the bowels of Shasarazade till they come upon
the giant floodgate. However, a gigantic clam-like monster stands between
the party and it.]

*Viktor: There you are!

[Tir & Co. fight and defeat the Shell Venus. Once it's dead, they approach
the floodgate.]

*Viktor: Then I'll close the floodgate. You wait here, Tir.

[Viktor climbs to the top of the flodogate and shuts it, then hops off.]

*Viktor: This should do. Now all we have to do is escape and burn this place

[Viktor and Tir head back to the stairwell leading out of Shasarazade.
Before they are about to climb the stairs though, Sonya stops them.]

*Sonya Shulen: Wait a minute, Tir. I must ask you something.

[Sonya approaches Tir and Viktor.]

*Viktor: Hey, you're that Imperial leader!

*Sonya Shulen: Yes, I am the last of the Five Great Imperial Generals.
I want to ask you, Tir. Why did you betray the Empire? Why did you betray
your own father, Teo? Inciting rebellion, causing war, taking lives... is
this what you call justice?

[CHOICE 1] Tir: What you are saying is not true.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: That is...

[Both choices lead to the same conclusion.]

[Shasarazade rumbles.]

*Viktor: What!

[Shasarazade erupts in flames.]

*Viktor: Why is the oil already lit? It's too early!

*Sonya Shulen: The all-consuming flame... is this your answer? Is this what
you want? You raised your sword against Teo. You will pay. Now. With your life!

[Sonya attacks Tir and Viktor, but they are able to defeat her.]

*Sonya Shulen: As I thought. I cannot defeat you. After all, you beat Teo.

[Sonya starts to slowly walk away from Tir.]

*Sonya Shulen: But I will not let you defile me. I am the Empire's... His

[Viktor grabs Sonya before she can jump into the flames.]

*Sonya Shulen: Stop it, what are you doing?

*Viktor: Can't let a pretty lady like you die. Besides, you seem to have your
reasons. Tir, we'll take this woman general with us.

[With Sonya in tow, Tir escapes from the depths of Shasarazade. Once on the
surface, Tir finds Mathiu lying on the ground with Liukan crouched by him
while Flik is staring down Sanchez.]

*Liukan: Master Mathiu! Master Mathiu!

*Humphrey: Master Mathiu...

*Viktor: What happened?

*Liukan: Are you all right?

*Flik: Sanchez! Damn you! What have you done? Why did you light the oil
before receiving orders? Answer me, Sanchez!

*Sanchez: I'm sorry, Master Flik. I have been deceiving you all this time.

*Flik: What!

*Sanchez: I have been in the employ of the Emperor since the War of
Succession, 7 years ago.

*Flik: Then you're the spy!

*Sanchez: That is right. In the days of the War of Succession, His Majesty
was a wonderful man. And like everyone else, I swore allegiance to him.

*Flik: When the hideout was attacked and Odessa... Are you to blame for
Odessa's death?!

*Sanchez: That was the result. I won't deny it. But my heart was in pain.
Being with you people, I began to question myself. Who's right? What should
I do? Ultimately, I chose to remain loyal to the Emperor. At my age, it's
difficult to change one's way of life. I'm sorry about Lady Odessa...

[Flik shakes his head.]

*Flik: Don't you dare mention her name. You haven't the right.

*Sanchez; I understand.

[Flik draws his sword and points it at Sanchez.]

*Flik: I will not forgive you. In the name of my sword Odessa, I will take
your head!

*Sanchez: Yes, Master. I have no regrets. But please remember one thing. I
like you. All of you. Master Flik, you are immature. But that immaturity, that
honesty, was something I coveted. And I'm sure that is why Lady Odessa loved

*Flik: Sanchez! Prepare to die!

[Flik readies his sword with both hands.]

*Mathiu: W-wait.

[Mathiu moves into a sitting position, while Flik lets his sword rest by his
side as he turns to face Mathiu.]

*Flik: Master Mathiu.

*Liukan: Are you all right?

*Mathiu: If you kill Sanchez now, and the troops find out that he was a spy,
the morale of the Liberation Army will plummet. Administer the punishment
later. Right now, we must prepare the Army and march to Gregminster.

*Liukan: Don't be ridiculous, Master Mathiu. You're badly injured. If you

*Mathiu: There is a thing called flow in this world. There is a thing called
timing in warfare. If we lose this opportunity, we will never defeat the
Empire! Commander Tir, you must decide.

*Liukan: In any case, we'd better return to the castle.

[Tir and the Army return to Toran Castle.]

          4.17) The Golden Emperor Barbarosa [PL17]

[Back at the Castle, Tir heads to the meeting room to find Mathiu waiting,
while Liukan is by his side keeping an eye on the strategist's health.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, Shasarazade has fallen, and the way to the capital
is clear. Now is the time to gather our forces and attack Gregminster.
Commander, please give me the order to march forward.

*Liukan: Let me tell you something, as a doctor. I won't let Mathiu go to

*Mathiu: But I must. I have my responsibilities. I swore to my sister Odessa...

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Let's wait and see what happens.
|*Mathiu: Commander Tir, you have much to do. Why do you hesitate?
|*Mathiu: Commander Tir! If you miss this opportunity, you'll never defeat
|the Imperial Army! ......... Forgive me. I lost control. But please
|reconsider, Commander Tir.
|*Mathiu: I have said that I am prepared to sacrifice anything to win this
|war. And that sacrifice includes me.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: March to the capital.

*Mathiu: Thank you, Commander Tir. A force of 20,000 remains in the capital.
They will be desperate and dangerous. Please assemble all the Liberation Army
troops. We must raise their morale.

[A short time later, an enormous group comprised of the core of the Liberation
Army gathers in the meeting room. Facing the group are Tir, Lepant, Mathiu and

[The other people in the room are Kirkis, Flik, Viktor, Cleo, Pahn, Futch,
Sylvina, Varkas, Sydonia, Humphrey, Gen, Tai Ho, Tengaar, Liukan, Kuromimi
and Hix.]

*Flik: The troops are assembled, Medical Officer.

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, let us begin. Warriors of the Liberation Army! The
time has come! The end is near for the cruel Imperial regime!

*Lepant: Think of your friends. Think of your families. And fight for them!

*Warren: The ground quakes with the anger of the people. Their cries echo in
the heavens. Now is the time to for this to end.

[A white light floods the room. When it clears, Leknaat has appeared facing

*Leknaat: Tir, the time has come to tell you everything. My sister Windy is
looking for vengeance against the entire world. Hundreds of years ago, my
ancestors, the Clan of the Gate, were powerful people. But because of their
power, they were massacred. Windy and I managed to escape, using the power of
the Rune of the Gate. The Rune of the Gate is in fact two runes, the "front"
and "back" runes, also called the "entrance" and "exit" runes. My sister
carries the "front" rune, and I the "back." Their powers are connected.

*Cleo: Then it was Windy who tried to kill you.

[Leknaat faces Cleo and the rest of the group.]

*Leknaat: To increase her power, Windy tried to take the "back" Rune of the
Gate from me. That is why I isolated myself on Magician's Island, setting up
defenses, and biding my time. Awaiting the appearance of someone like you, Tir.

*Leknaat: Listen to me, everyone. You are all travelers, stars that wander
freely across the skies. And you have all assembled in this single spot.
Together you will be victorious.

[NOTE: There is an extra scene that starts at this point, which occurs if
you have all 108 recruited.]

*Viktor: Hey, wait a minute, there, sis. You said there were 108 Stars here.
But you're mistaken. We're missing one.

*Pahn: .........

*Cleo: .........Gremio.

*Leknaat: .........Tir, I shall show you the power of my Rune of the Gate.
Soldiers of the Liberation Army, quiet your minds, and remember your friend. 

[The room goes dark.]

*Leknaat: Open, Gates of Dimensions, unite the 108 Stars to bring us...

[The room brightens again. Gremio is standing in front of Leknaat.]

*Gremio: Oh, I don't want to die here. There's so much more I must do for
Young Master. There's still some laundry left to do...and a new stew. Huh?
What the...

[Pahn and Cleo move to Gremio.]

*Cleo: Gremio!

*Pahn: Gremio!

*Gremio: Cleo, Pahn...

[Gremio faces Tir.]

*Gremio: Y-Young M-Master... I...

*Leknaat: Such is the combined power of the Rune of the Gate and the 108
Stars. But what you have just witnessed is possible only once.

*Mathiu: The end of our war with the Empire is near. We have lost many
lives. For our departed friends, and for the future, we must battle on.
We must bring an end to this conflict. Under the banner of the Liberation
Army, under our leader Commander Tir...

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Victory!

*Viktor: Victory!

*Flik: Victory!

*Humphrey: Victory!

*Tai Ho: Victory!

[Outside of one of the attatched towers to Toran Castle, Varkas and Sydonia
are with a platoon of their bandits.]

*Varkas: Y'all better fight hard tomorrow! Right, Sydonia?!

*Sydonia: Heh.

[Down at the docks, Gen approaches several soldiers.]

*Gen: Fix what you can fix. This is our last chance.

[Out on the ledge connected to the second floor, Kuromimi is with a platoon
of kobold soldiers.]

*Kuromimi: I show kobold power! You all follow Kuromimi Arrrhoooooooooo!

[In the meeting room, Tir is alone with Mathiu.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, this will be our final battle. Your orders...

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Wait a minute.

*Mathiu: This is our final battle. We must have no regrets.

[Conversation ends. Talk with Mathiu again and choose 2.]

[CHOICE 2] Tir: All right. Let's go.

*Mathiu: Yes, sir.

[At the battlefield in the Imperial Army camp, Kanaan is talking with Yuber.]

*Kanaan: Sir Yuber, the Liberation Army is here.

*Yuber: Liberation Army? Heh heh heh heh heh, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Against our 100,000 troops, you can hardly call them an army.

[At the Liberation Army camp, Kirkis approaches Tir to report.]

*Kirkis: Master Tir, we have spotted the enemy. Th-they n-number about 100,000.

*Mathiu: 100,000? Impossible. How could that be...

*Leknaat: Most of the 100,000 must be monsters that my sister Windy conjured
up. I will return the monsters from whence they came.

[Windy steps forward in the direction of the Imperial Army.]

*Leknaat: Rune of the Gate, return those monsters to the nether worlds!

[In the Imperial camp, monsters start to disappear.]

*Kanaan: Sir Yuber! The monsters are...vanishing.

*Yuber: What? It must be Lady Windy's sister. Don't worry, she will never be
able to defeat Lady Windy's sorcery.

[Back at the Liberation Army's camp...]

*Leknaat: It's no good. I don't have enough power... to defeat my sister.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: The Soul Eater...

*Leknaat: You mustn't. You must never use that rune.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Then what...

*Joshua: Inheritor of the Rune of the Gate, I will lend you power.

[Joshua approaches Leknaat.]

*Joshua: Oh Dragon Rune, lend your inhuman power, the power that tears the
sky apart, to this person.

[Back at the Imperial camp, all of the monsters vanish.]

*Kanaan: Sir Yuber...

*Yuber: Don't be so afraid. Even without the monsters, we're still at an
advantage. Forward, march!

[The Imperial Army marches forward and The Last Battle commences.]

[Pre-war talk]

Yuber: You scum! How dare you defy me! I'll kill you all!

*Kuromimi No way. Woof.

[Post-war talk]

*Mathiu: Congratulations! We won!

*Yuber: Damn! This is the end.

[The Last Battle concludes.]

[On the battlefield, Yuber is alone.]

*Yuber: Tsk. This is it. The end of this country. Ah, well. I won't miss it

[Yuber walks off. The Chief of the Dwarves, Zorak and another man have
appeared by Tir.]

*Chief of the Dwarves: Ha ha ha. Commander Tir, I was just in time.

*Hanzo: My name is Hanzo, leader of the ninjas of Rokkaku. We hid out in the
fields until this moment arrived.

*Kasumi: Chief Hanzo! You survived!

*Hanzo: Yes, but we had to keep it a secret. I'm sorry.

*Kasumi: Oh, no...

*Zorak: You have come far, Commander Tir. We of the Warriors' Village have
come to give you a hand. It has been a wonderful war. It's been such a long
time since we enjoyed such a big one. Our father, Clift the Crusader...

*Viktor: Hey Tir, we don't have time to hear the old man's stories. Let's
charge into Gregminster!

[At the gates of Gregminster Tir stops, with Flik, Viktor, Liukan and Mathiu
behind him.]

*Viktor: Here we are, Tir, back in Gregminster. And under very different
circumstances from the time we escaped. Now all we have to do is take Emperor
Barbarosa's head. Let's do it, Tir!

*Flik: Tir, I mean Commander, take me with you. I want to avenge Odessa's
death with my own hands.

*Mathiu: Please watch yourself, Commander Tir. Although the Imperial Army is
defeated, the Emperor himself is a very powerful man...cough...cough!

*Liukan: Master Mathiu! Don't strain yourself any further. You shouldn't be

*Mathiu: Tir, please fulfill... my sister Odessa's...dream.

[Mathiu and Liukan leave, while Tir, Flik and Viktor head into Gregminster.
At the bridge connecting the palace to the city, however, they are stopped by
Ain Gide.]

*Ain Gide: How have you been, Tir?

*Viktor: You're... I remember now. You're the one who let us go when we were
disguised at the Fortress of Kwaba...

*Ain Gide: Yes, and I believe your name was Schtolteheim Reinbach III.

*Viktor: What do you want? Please let us pass.

*Ain Gide: I can't. I am an Imperial General.

*Viktor: The Imperial Army is virtually finished! Please let us through. I
owe you one, and would hate to harm you.

*Ain Gide: Even if the Imperial Army is defeated, I cannot betray Emperor
Barbarosa. If I, Ain Gide, betray him, who will he have left? Master Tir,
if you insist on going any farther, you will have to do so over my dead body!

[The trio engage Ain Gide in battle and emerge the victor. Ain Gide ends up
kneeling on the bridge, using his sword to support his body.]

*Ain Gide: Emperor Barbarosa... I shall go ahead.

[Ain Gide slumps to the ground, dead.]

*Flik: No, this is wrong.

*Viktor: yes, he was wrong. But just as some things can be right and useless
at the same time, can't something be wrong... and priceless?

[The party heads into the palace and fights their way to the Floating Garden,
where Barbarosa has been waiting for them.]

*Barbarosa: Tir, Commander of the Liberation Army, thank you for coming this

[Barbarosa spreads his hands out to gesture at the garden, then returns them
under his cape as he speaks.]

*Barbarosa: Look at this garden... a beautiful place full of flowers in bloom.
This is the end. It is all that remains of my Empire.

[Barbarosa bows his head for a moment.]

*Tir, I shall protect my Empire. With my own hands!

[Barbarosa draws his large two handed sword and grips it in both hands, holding
it vertically in front of his body and face.]

*Barbarosa: Dragon King Sword, give me power!

[A brilliant light eminates from Barbarosa and the Golden Emperor vanishes, 
having been replaced by an enormous three-headed Golden Hydra. After a long
and challenging fight, however, Tir and his companions emerge victorious.
Barbarosa is returned to his human state and he is on one knee.]

*Barbarosa: Whooooaaaa!

[Kasim enters to stand by Tir. If they were recruited then Milich, Kwanda and
Sonya also enter to stand by Tir's side.]

*Kasim Hazil: Your Highness!

[Barbarosa looks up at Kasim.]

*Barbarosa: Kasim...

*Kasim Hazil: You've changed, Your Highness. Why? We believed in you.

*Barbarosa: Kasim, I've missed you. And I miss those days we fought together.

*Kasim Hazil: You were deceived by that woman. By Windy.

[Windy appears at that moment via teleportation. She moves to Barbarosa's side
and looks at him.]

*Windy: Barbarosa! What happened? You lost? The Golden Emperor indeed.

[Windy moves to stand behind Barbarosa on his right.]

*Windy: And you call yourself the Golden Emperor. For shame.

[Kasim takes a step forward, in the direction of Windy.]

*Kasim Hazil: How dare you insult His HighnesS!

*Windy: Don't be silly.

[A flash of light appears and Kasim is forced to his knees from the power of
Windy's magic.]

*Kasim Hazil: Y-Your Highness...

*Windy: Ha ha ha ha ha! Now it's your turn, Tir. This Empire is dead. But I'll
still take your Soul Eater! Give it to me!

[Windy advances to Tir, when the Soul Eater shines. The souls of Odessa,
Gremio, Teo and Ted appear on all four sides of Windy and the energy of the
Soul Eater rejects the Court Magician in an amazing display of power.]

*Windy: W-why do you reject me, Soul Eater? You control life and death, and eat
souls. I am your ideal host. Together, let us take revenge on this cursed
world. Even you reject me, Soul Eater! Even the most cursed rune refuses me!

[Barbarosa stands and moves behind Windy's left, placing his left hand on her
right shoulder.]

*Barbarosa: That's enough, Windy. Stop it.

[Windy looks back at Barbarosa.]

*Windy: What are you doing?! I'll destroy you with my magic.

*Barbarosa: It's no use, Windy. The rune on my Dragon King Sword, the
Sovereign Rune, is protected against any form of magic. Even the Rune of
the Gate.

[Windy blinks.]

*Windy: But with the Black Rune... you were...

*Barbarosa: I lied.

[Barbarosa moves backwards to the garden's railing with Windy, who blinks in

*Windy: Wh-what do you plan to do, Barbarosa.

*Barbarosa: I loved you.

[Windy shakes her head.]

*Windy: Liar. You loved my resemblance to Claudia!

*Barbarosa: that's not true. I wanted to erase the sadness that lies hidden
deep in your eyes. The sadness of one who cannot accept others. I loved you.
But that was a mistake. It was my only mistake. But it cannot be forgiven.

[Barbarosa looks upon Tir and the assembled general(s).]

*Windy: Please...please stop it, Barbarosa.

[Windy looks back to the Emperor.]

*Barbarosa: As a result of my mistake, I lost my Empire. Tir, what kind of land
will you create in its stead?

*Sonya Shulen: Emperor Barbarosa!

*Milich Oppenheimer: Emperor...

*Kwanda Rosman: Your Highness!

*Barbarosa: Farewell!

[Still holding onto Windy, Barbarosa leaps from the Floating Garden and is
never seen by Tir again. Seconds later, the entire Palace starts to rumble

*Viktor: The end of the Emperor.

*Flik: And the end of the Empire.

[Kasim rises to his feet.]

*Viktor: I don't think this palace will hold for much longer. We'd better

[Note: The lines from the generals were optional, but I included them to show
what they were going to do during this scene.]

*Kasim Hazil: Please escape. This place won't hold much longer.

*Milich Oppenheimer: Emperor Barbarosa...

*Sonya Shulen: We'll be following after you very soon.

*Kwanda Rosman: The Emperor...

[Tir makes his way back into the Palace and starts to head back the way he
came. When he comes to a T-junction in the hallways, a group of soldiers
come into view straight ahead of Tir, with the way out on Tir's left.]

*Soldier: It's the Liberation Army! Don't let them escape alive!

[The soldiers begin to charge at Tir.]

*Viktor: Tir, I'll stall them. You go on ahead.

[CHOICE 1] Tir: Don't be ridiculous, Viktor.

*Viktor: Tir, this country still needs you. But me? Once the war is over, I'm
useless. Don't worry. I'll be right behind you. Flik! Take care of Tir!

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Hurry.

*Viktor: Don't worry. I'm Viktor the Invincible! I'll follow you soon.

*Flik: Let's go, Leader. Let him do what he wants.

[Tir and Flik head down the open hallway, while Viktor steps up to the
advancing soldiers.]

*Viktor: Anybody feel like dying today? Step forward! I'll fight until my
heart stops!

[Tir continues through the Palace, and comes to another T-junction. Flik
quickly jumps in front of Tir and is hit by an arrow aimed at Tir.]

*Flik: Fool! Be careful! Tir, you were chosen by Odessa to rebuild this
country. I can't let you get killed here, or else Odessa will be furious when
I see her again, up there. Go, Tir, and fulfill... Odessa's dream. Hurry!

[CHOICE 1] Tir: I can't leave you here.
|*Flik: I'll be all right. Viktor and I will join you later.
|*Flik: Hurry up and go, or I'll kill myself right here!
|*Flk: Go, Tir! Don't disappoint Odessa.

[CHOICE 2] Tir: Stay alive, Flik.

*Flik: It's a bit too early to see Odessa again. Our reunion can wait until
I become a better man.

[Tir heads down the hallway and out of sight. Very soon afterwards, Viktor
catches up with Flik.]

*Viktor: Where's Tir?

*Flik: He's gone ahead.

*Viktor: Now we can fight to our hearts' content.

*Flik: Yeah, too bad I have to fight alongside you.

[A platoon of soldiers appears from the way that Viktor just came.]

*Soldier: Tir has escaped this way! We must avenge the Emperor!

[Flik and Viktor move to block the hallway that leads out.]

*Viktor: Let's go, Star Dragon Sword!

*Star Dragon Sword: You sure know how to treat a man.

[Viktor draws the Star Dragon Sword, while Flik draws his own blade.]

*Flik: In the name of my sword Odessa, I won't let you pass!

[The scene fades and changes to outside in the city of Gregminster, where
the Liberation Army is gathered.]

*Tai Ho: Look! We won! We won!

*Lepant: The Empire is destroyed.

*Kirkis: We did it, we did it, Sylvina.

*Sylvina: Kirkis!

*Cleo: It has ended at last, Master Tir.

*Pahn: Our Empire has been destroyed.

[Hix grabs Tengaar and starts to shake her in excitement.]

*Hix: L-look, Tengaar! We won! We defeated the Empire!

[Tengaar breaks free of Hix's grip.]

*Tengaar: Ouch! Ouch! Don't pull me like that!

[Hix rubs the back of his head in embarassment.]

*Hix: Oh, s-sorry.

*Futch: Black is avenged...I guess.

*Humphrey: ...it's over.

[Gen slaps Kamandol on the left shoulder while looking at him, and the
alchemist turns to look back at Gen.]

*Gen: Hey, old man! Aren't you lucky you got to see all this before kicking
the bucket!

[Kamandol waves his fist angrily in the air.]

*Kamandol: Stop calling me "old man"!

[The scene fades and changes to inside one of the Liberation Army's war tents,
where Mathiu is in a bed with Liukan right by his side.]

*Mathiu: Master Liukan, those voices... Have we won?

*Liukan: Yes, undoubtedly.

*Mathiu: I see. Master Liukan, I despise war. I always felt that to take a life
of another, for whatever reason, was wrong. And yet I became a military
strategist, and took many lives. Did I do the right thing? Perhaps I should
have remained in that village, fishing in my idle moments, until my death.

*Liukan: Master Mathiu... the answer to that is...

[A moment of silence passes by.]

*Liukan: Are you asleep now, Master Mathiu? May you rest in peace. You have
accomplished so much in your life.

[Another moment of silence passes by, then the individual character endings
start to scroll on the screen. After they finish, the credits roll. Once those
finish, a final scene occurs. At the gates of Gregminster, during the night,
Tir departs from the city alone. However, if Gremio was resurrected by
obtaining all 108 Stars, then Gremio is alongside Tir as he leaves. With that,
Suikoden ends.]

          05) Notes

This section will detail things that I find as errors in the script that are
more than just a spelling or grammatical error. I will also include some
graphics-dialogue problems as well.

"*Pahn: What is going on here? It seems the Imperial Guard was after him.
But how can that happen...

*Gremio: What are you accusing Ted of? He's a good boy!

*Pahn: I don't know, Cleo. Maybe we'd better contact the Imperial Guard."

The Error: Pahn should have said Gremio instead of Cleo in the third line.

*Ain Gide: Hey, sonny. Take good care of your father.

If you chose Schtoltehim Reinbach IV for a name, what Ain Gide
says above makes MUCH more sense than if you picked Masamune or Piisuke, since
that technically makes you Viktor's "son". This isn't necessarily an error,
but interesting to note since if your alter ego is not SR IV, then the text
doesn't seem to make much sense.

*Mathiu: Oh my god. All this killing... in front of a children.

Mathiu should have said "in front of children" or "in front of a child",
not the above. The sentence is grammatically incorrect.

Several times through the game, Mathiu is referred to as a Medical Officer or
a doctor. This is actually a translation error, since Mathiu is not a doctor
of any sort, but rather a strategist. He is also called a strategist 
several times through the game, causing confusion to the player who pays 
attention. So to clarify, whenever they say "medical officer", "doctor", or
anything of the sort, what was supposed to be said was "strategist" or
variations of said title. Examples of both titles include:

*Flik: The troops are assembled, Medical Officer.

*Gen: Take a look at this, boss. The Medical Officer sure has some crazy ideas.

*Humphrey: Strategist Mathiu, sir.

Flik and Gen's lines are incorrect, while Humphrey's is accurate.

*Kirkis: After returning from Dwarves' Village

The Error: Kirkis's name and portrait shouldn't have been here. The text should
have been just a regular prompt, since Kirkis does not say the above line.

[Back at Toran Castle, Tir converses with Mathiu, Lepant, Krin, Kasumi,
Humphrey, and Flik on the fourth floor.]

*Mathiu: Commander Tir, we will march north before the enemy finds out that
we have taken the Northern Checkpoint. Sir Lepant, I'll give you a battalion
to attack the Fortress of Duha.

*Lepant: I understand.

*Mathiu: Sir Humphrey, I'll assign another battalion to you. Take the Fortress
of Rakan.

*Humphrey: Uh huh.

The Error: Nothing is wrong with the script here. The problem is that, to put
it simply, Humphrey is nowhere to be found during this dialogue. The characters
talk as if he is there, but Humphrey's sprite is nowhere to be found.


          06) Credits

I'd like to thank...

Konami for making such an excellent game.

CJayC for creating GameFAQs, which has answered hundreds of my video game
questions over the years.

The contributors of the Suikoden series Guides and FAQ/Walkthroughs, for their
hard work and dedication to helping the players of said games.

The administration, contributors and members of http://www.suikosource.com for
providing such a vast wealth of knowledge of the Suikoden series.

Cherry Coke and Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, for giving me the caffine boost I've
needed more than once to continue working through the night.

And my friend Marty for hanging out and providing insight and conversation
during the time I worked on this guide.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2008 Michael "Sobou" Clark.

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