How can I best transfer a save game from epsxe to PS1 memory card?

  1. How do I best convert a save game in .mcr file from epsxe to a regular PS1 memory card file without a DexDrive? I know there are several programs, but all are - imo - rather complicated and I need to use things like uLE. Isn't there a way to simply tunr the mcr into a psx-memcard file, put it on a usb-stick and transfer it on anormal memcard via PS2?

    If this is not possible, does someone have the install exe for a DexDrive? I have a DexDrive but it wants me to install the program and I cannot, because I don't have a disk-drive any longer.

    User Info: starstray

    starstray - 6 years ago
  2. Unfortunately, none. Could the FMCB installation be the reason that you don't prefer to use uLE? I'd love to walk you through if that isn't the reason.

    User Info: bunalz

    bunalz - 5 years ago

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