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Reviewed: 03/30/00 | Updated: 03/30/00

A Great translation of a Great Game

Review: Street Fighter Zero 3
System: PSX
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Reviewer: Slateman (

Score: 9/10

The best Street Fighter ever? Not all will agree with that statement, but it'll give you an understanding of the following review. I'm biased by the way, I love Street Fighter, and I feel the series has spawned some of the best games ever.

Street Fighter Zero 3 was a great game in the arcades, adding a few new upgrades over the previous 2 Zero games. The jump from Z2 to Z3 is much greater a jump than from Z to Z2 however. With the juggle system, the ISM selection and the biggest SF cast ever, Zero 3 added tons of new variety to the already excellent Zero series.

But, this review is of the arcade to home port of this game. If you're wondering how good the game itself is, well, you've already seen that I can't be fair. I think it's great! But if you've played it, and want a good honest review of the it is.

It's GREAT! It is a better port than the prior 2 Zero games, showing us the Capcom has finally learned how to (optimally) overcome the PSX's puny memory problem. All 28 arcade fighters are here, as well as the inclusion of Guile, and the return of Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu
(Evil Ryu) and Shin Gouki. Fei Long, T. Hawk and Dee Jay from the Super SF2 series have also made an appearance, appeasing all old school fans, as Zero 3 has the ENTIRE SF2 cast.

Fortunately, it seems that Namco's recent hard work on home ports (Tekken 3 especially) has pushed Capcom to try a bit harder. Previous translations (Marvel Super Heroes comes to mind) had the basic arcade and 2 player mode, and pretty much nothing else. This is not the case for Zero 3. Capcom has done an excellent job on making it an ideal
game for the casual 1 player game as well. Final Battle, a great Survival Battle mode, Dramatic Battle and the genius that is World Tour Mode (perhaps the second best fighting game mode (SFEZ+@'s Expert Combo training is probably the best)) make 1 player games much more fun.

These modes make the translation even better than it already was. Are there flaws? Certainly. This is the PSX remember. Great translation or not, frames had to be cut out. Certain characters don't have their opening frames, or their win poses (unless you play vs the same character). The load times are ok, typical of a SF game. But at least they've included random character portraits during the load time. In Vs. mode, you can't choose the background you play on, it's always the 1st players stage (minor gripe).

How much do these flaws hurt the overall game? Very minimally. The game is already one of the best out there. The minor changes don't affect the game at all virtually. While the Saturn and Dreamcast versions are better translations, this is still a great port of a Great game!

Rating: 9

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