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Outstanding indeed! 12/18/08 acid2008
One of the best 2D fighting games ever made. 09/24/02 acidfreeze30
An enhanced version of the great arcade game! 01/13/01 Angelo
The best 2d street fighter ever! Hadouken! 06/02/01 doomsoldier
Truly the Best 2-D fighter in videogame history (First Impressions) 01/13/01 DSpok
A 100% Arcade Smash Of The Mega-Hit Street Fighter Alpha 3 01/13/01 EDelgado
Way better then the arcade version, one of the best 2D fighter on the playstation 06/01/00 FanBoy
Capcom has truly blessed us... 01/13/01 Gokuma
The greatest Street Fighter game ever made 01/13/01 Joshua
The best of the Alpha Series 05/15/01 KasketDarkfyre
Street Fighter Zero 3 is as perfect as a 2-D fighter can get 01/13/01 KLowe
The tightest 2-D fighting game out there!! 01/13/01 MDoctora
This game is a great choice for the advanced Street Fighter, but if you're just a beginner perfect your skills first. 01/09/00 Myzery_Clown
YES!!! Thank you Capcom!!!!! 01/13/01 NTrucks
The most impressive 2-D fighter of all time! 01/13/01 Primo 213
What lacked in gameplay is made for with extra features 01/13/01 Psyke
A magnificent fighting game. 11/24/99 PTsang
Alpha 3: The only fighter you'll need 07/30/02 RyuGB
Something Old, New, Borrowed, Stolen, OH! AND HERE'S YOUR FAN SERVICE!! 01/13/01 Shinji
A Great translation of a Great Game 03/30/00 Slateman
An incredible end to a spectacular series. 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
This is the best fighting game ever made. No doubt. 09/16/00 TKimmel626
A great Capcom conversion 01/13/01 Valkryie_X
A SWEET PSX arcade translation. 01/13/01 Wheeljack

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