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Debug Room FAQ by MHoffman

Updated: 06/05/00

                      ~Star Ocean 2: The Second Story~

By: Matthew Hoffman (aka Neo, Super_Goku_4)

Disclaimer: This FAQ is copyrighted to Matthew Hoffman in June of 2000. It 
may not be distributed without my expressed permission. This FAQ is not 
meant for any kind of money-making way. Nor is meant to be sold. Thank you.

Now, to the guide:

Ok, there is a debug menu and a debug room for Star Ocean 2: The Second 
Story. Here's how to get to both of them.

First you need a Gameshark Pro. If you don't have one, don't bother reading 
any further.
Here's what you do to get to the debug menu:

1. Go to your inventory (Camp) screen and select Specialty
2. Hit the freeze button on your Gameshark
3. Select 'Code Generator' and do a 'Known Value Search'
4. Do a search 'equal to' 00000
5. Return to the game (still at the Camp screen)
6. Select the next option on the list. Should be 'Items'
7. Return to the 'Code Generator' and do a search for 00001
8. Go back to the Camp screen and go down to the next thing. Should be 
9. Keep moving down the list, narrowing the search results down to 4 or less
10. Go to 'View Search Results' and try the 3rd or 4th code.
11. Go back to the Camp screen and try to move the cursor. If it moves 
funny, you have your code.
12. Go back to the search results and change the value of your code to 00011 
(or 000B in HEX mode)
13. Go back to the Camp screen and press X twice. You should be at the Debug 

The options at the debug menu are pretty self-explanitory. Here are the ones 
that might be confusing:

Etc - Gives a bunch of Fol and all the Talents for the person in your first 
SFlag1 - Enables the Debug Room to be entered.

Now for the Debug Room:

First, you have to be near the town of Lacour.

If you activated the SFlag1 option at the Debug Menu, just enter Lacour and 
the Debug Room should appear.

Here's an explanation of the features:

The Characters at the top of the room are Party Modifiers. They replace 
members of your party.
Ce - Celine
Bo - Bowman
Di - Dias
Pr - Precis
As - Ashton
Le - Leon
Op - Opera
Er - Ernest
No - Noel
Ch - Chisato

Rena, down in the lower right corner, removes everyone from your party.

Numbers 1 and 7 - Gives stats about game development, a little dialog.
Number 2 - Offers options that have to do with Private Actions, small ending 

1. GcPrivateActionType (Unknown)
2. cPAEventType (Unknown)
3. Sets Encounter Rate
4. Place Master (Unknown)
5. AshCnt (possibly has something to do with Ashton's ending)
6. OperaCnt (possible has something to do with Opera's ending)
7. Revives and heals all characters
8. Gain all precious items

Number 3 - Resets all of the character choices you made with the character 
Number 4 - Gives the option to continue your game before you enter the last 
castle in Fenial. (1. Yes 2. No)
Number 5 - Gives you the choice to go to the end of the game (1. Yes or 2. 
Number 6 - Ending, Fol, and Item flags

1. Romance Flag Editor
2. Friendship Flag Editor
3. Romance Flag Stats (all)
4. Friendship Flag Stats (all)
5. Items (don't really know. E-mail me for the details.)
6. Lose $999,999
7. Gain $999,999

That's pretty much it. I'll update later with more details.


King Edgar 0 - For finding the Debug Menu and Debug Room. As well as a guide 
for the Debug Room and Menu
McStraight - For finding the Debug Room
Again, King Edgar 0 for the testing of the debug room
Super_Goku_4 (that's me!) - for providing info on how to get to the debug 
Enix, Tri-Ace, and Links  - for making this awesome game.

To anyone I forgot, I'm sorry, but you know who you are.

Later peeps!
Matthew Hoffman
My E-mail is ss4goku@hotmail.com

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