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Powerful Weapons Guide by MFetus

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/23/99

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 20:49:13 -0700

Star Ocean most powerful and useful weapons
US Version
Version 1.0 
Made By: Monkey Fetus
E-mail: rcoeh@vgh.net
Page: none at the moment, but I'll take this time to plug Exdeath's site, 

Hi, my name is Monkey Fetus, and I am currently a student at my local high 
This is my first FAQ, and it's based on a game I've playing for about the last 
month, trying to discover everything that this amazing RPG experience had to 
offer. Like I said, this is the first FAQ I've ever written, so if you have ant 
comments on the content, or you would like to use it in any way, contact me 
(located in the contact section).

This FAQ is basically constructed like this: 
Character's name:
Best Weapon: 
Method of attaining weapon:
Weapon stas:  

I: contact me 
II:  why this type of FAQ? 
III: note to readers 
IV: Claude C. Kenni 
V: Rena Lanford 
VI: Celine Jules 
VII: Ashton Anchors 
VIII: Precis F. Neuman 
IX: Opera Vectra 
X: Bowman Jean 
XI: Ernest Raviede
XII: Leon D. S. Geeste
XIII: Dias Flac 
XIV: Noel Chandler 
XV: Chisato Madison 
XVI: Thanks
XVII: Copyright stuff 

I: The best way to contact me is by e-mail. My e-mail address is rcoeh@vgh.net. 
Also, you can contact me by ICQ. My ICQ number is 43948616. You can also contact 

me by AIM/AOL instant messenger. My screen name is RCoEH. If you have comments, 
questions or you'd like my help, or you think I could use your help, go ahead 
and contact me. 

II: Why this kind of FAQ? I basically wanted to do a FAQ based on the weapons of 

star ocean because, well, no else, had. It seemed logical enough. And the weapon 

systems of Star Ocean are pretty complicated. And I always wanted to write a 
FAQ, and now seemed like the right time, since no else had.

III: This is a VERY important note to all the people reading this. This FAQ is 
in no way finished, because frankly, your opinions could differ greatly from 
mine. If they do, and you feel that I am way out of line, feel free to send me 
an email and a kick to the mouth, and I'd be happy to mention you in my next 
update and include whatever information you provided for me. If you have any 
information regarding the weapon info I have here, feel free to drop me a line  
(in the "contact me" section). Also notice that some of these weapons can only 
be obtained in the Trial Cavern, the game's bonus dungeon, and as a rule of 
thumb, you need to have the specialty customize before reading the bulk of this 
guide. In order to get the specialty customize, you need to learn the skills 
craft, metal casting, and functionality. Functionality is part of the skill set 
sensibility 3 and can be bought in the Lacour guild, and in the guild in the 
town of Armlock. Metal casting is part of the skill set technique 3, which can 
be bought in Linga and North City. And craft is part of the skill set technique 
2, which can be bought in both Hilton and North City. If you tried hard enough 
and got alchemy high enough (to create Mithril), and had the sharp edge, you 
could make on of Claude's most powerful weapons pretty early in the game. You'd 
then be able to breeze through the game until you got to the Trial Cavern. Also, 

as a rule of thumb, having the super specialty, Orchestra will help A LOT. In 
order to get Orchestra, you need the specialties Art and Music. 

IV: Claude C. Kenni 
     His best weapon: This is actually under debate. While most people say that 
it's the Eternal Sphere, some people would say otherwise. I, personally, think 
that his best weapon is the Levantine Sword. While the eternal sphere causes 
multiple hits, the Levantine sword is an ungodly powerful weapon, causing about 
9999 points of damage with every hit if you have the Atlus Ring on! That amount 
even holds true with his best killer attack, the mirror slice! Also, once you 
get the angel armband, it causes stars to spray out of sword holder's (like 
Ashton, Claude, Dias) weapons… completely defeating the purpose of using the 
eternal sphere. Even though it's great for characters that don't have weapons 
that spray stars.
     Way of Attaining: The only place to get the Levantine sword is in the trial 

cavern, after you beat the boss of level 9, the Wise Sorcerer. You also get one 
by beating the sadistic witch (and hardest boss I've ever faced), the 
Iscera-Queen. Or you can just use the eternal sphere. You get the eternal sphere 

by using the specialty "customize". Then use the weapon you got from Gamgee 
after the tournament of arms, the sharp edge, and combine it with Mithril with 
the customize ability. You will then get the minus sword. Using customize, 
combine the minus sword with another piece of Mithril. It helps to have the 
orchestra super specialty. 
     Stats:  Levantine Sword       Atk: 3000(!)                   Guts:50        



     Stm.:50            Crt: 35

                                                  Mag.: 0                        

   Special powers: strength increases as HP decreases

                                                 Strong: none; Weak: none        


                   Eternal Sphere      Atk:1600                        Guts:40   


   Stm:0                Crt:25


  Special powers: stars spray out causing extra hits

                                                Strong: Light, Vacuum, Dark; 
Weak: none


V: Rena Lanford                   
    Best weapon: Since Rena isn't really a fighter, a weapon that raises her 
defense is probably the best way to go. That's why I recommend using the fallen 
hope. Sure, you'll get more powerful weapons for her, but this is the best one 
to use, mainly because it has a high defense rating and it halves her MP 
    Way of Attaining: You automatically get this during an event in Fun City, 
when Mirage gives you this weapon before the fight with 3 of the Ten Wise Men. 
You also get Claudes weapon, the sacred tear. 
     Stats: Fallen Hope:      Atk:1000          Hit:50                  Mag:300  


                                          Guts:0               Stm:0             



      Special powers: ½ MP consumption
                                          Strong: none; Weak: none


VI: Celine Jules 
     Best weapon: The best weapon that Celine can equip is the Million staff. In 

fact, you get a couple of them (on a side note: I never really played with 
Celine that much because I really don't like attack magicians. But, when I got 
her million staff and the magic spell meteor swarm, she did about 9999 damage 
with the spell! All this and at only level 35! Hee hee! ^_^). One of the best 
things about this weapon is its incredibly high magic stats. 800!! It also 
converts 1/5 of the damage received into MP. 
      Way of Attaining: the only place to get the million staff is in the trial 
cavern, on level 7, 8, and 10.

      Stats: Atk:300              Hit.80             Mag:800               
Guts:0               Stm:30
                                           Luc:30           Crt:40               

     Special powers: converts 1/5 of the damage 

                                         Received into MP

                                            Strong: none; Weak: none 


VII: Ashton Anchors
       Best weapon: the best weapon that Ashton can equip is the Melufa sword. 
It also has good darkness protection. It's weak to water, making it easy for 
Indalecio (or any attack mage that casts Noah, for that matter) to kill you if 
he casts Noah. Also, if you'll note the Luc rating on the Melufa… at least it 
balances out his bad luck.
       Way of Attaining: The way to get the Melufa is trough the customize 
specialty. First, you must have the Scyther, which you can get from the weapon 
shop in Central City. Then combine that with a piece of Damascus, to get the 
       Stats.:                      Atk:1320                      Hit:80         

          Mag:0                   Guts:0
                                      Stm:0                           Luc:100    

             Crt:40                   Special powers: none 

                                       Strong to: Light, dark; Weak to: water

 VIII: Precis F. Neuman 
       Best weapon: this HAS to be my favorite sounding weapon. The "Super 
Delicious Ultra Great Atomic". ^_^ With a name like that, you'd expect something 

REALLY special, right? . All it is is just a really powerful punching hand. 
Nothing really special about it except the name… and that's a damn cool name 
       Way of Attaining: the only way to get the SDUGA is by using the specialty 

customize. First you must have the SD punch. In order to get the SD punch, 
combine the thunder punch with a rainbow diamond. After you have the SD punch, 
combine it with a Damascus and you'll get the UGA punch (the ultra great punch 
^_^). Then combine the UGA punch with a meteorite and you'll get the SDUGA. 
          Stats:                 Atk:1600                Hit:0                 
Mag:0              Guts:65
                                    Stm:0                      Luc:0             

   Crt:30              Special powers: none

                                    Strong: none; Weak: none


IX: Opera Vectra 
    Best weapon: Opera's best weapon is the Psycho Box. 
   Way of Attaining: The only place you can get the psycho box is in Fun City as 

the prize for winning the duel battle in A rank. You can only win it if you are 
playing as Opera and beat A rank. There's nothing really special about it, it 
just has the best attack power. Have you noticed how all of Opera's weapons are 
pretty weak? Is it just me, or is she just a weak character… I think I've been 
playing way too much as Claude. ^_^
    Stats:                         Atk:1050             Hit:0            Mag:0   


                                     Stm:0                  Luc:0            
Crt:0                  Special powers: none

                                     Strong: none; Weak: none


X: Bowman Jean 
   Best weapon: The Flare Burst 
   Way of Attaining: The only place to get the flare burst is in Fun City for 
winning A rank duel battle. The same for Opera holds true here, too: You can 
only get the flare burst if you beat A rank as Bowman. I don't see why you would 

want Bowman's best weapon anyway… he's a horrible character, with terrible 
range. It was a living hell playing as him to get this information. You might as 

well just get Precis instead.
    Stats:                          Atk:1300              Hit:0          Mag:0   


                                       Stm:0                   Luc:0          
Crt:0                  Special powers: Fire-based attack

                                       Strong: none; Weak: none

XI: Ernest Raviede
    Best weapon: Cat 'O Nine Tails
    Way of Attaining: Once again, the only place to get his best weapon is at 
Fun City as a prize for winning A rank duel battle. You can only get it if you 
beat it as Ernest. Also, since this thing is split, (hence the name "nine 
tails") it attacks multiple times when cracked, making it a good for people who 
like combo demons like Claude, Ashton, and Chisato (like me! ^_^)
    Stats:                          Atk:1280              Hit:0           Mag:0  


                                       Stm:0                   Luc:0          
Crt:0                     Special powers: multi-hit attack

                                       Strong: none; Weak: none


XII: Leon D. S. Geeste
       Best weapon: Leon's best weapon is the Book of Chaos (or Ancient Wisdom, 
depending on how you look at things)
       Way of Attaining: The only way to get the Book of Chaos is through the 
customize specialty. You first combine the book of darkness with a Damascus. In 
order to get the book of darkness, combine any strong weapon with a Damascus. 
Then again, the ancient wisdom is a powerful weapon, too. Not only does it cut 
your MP consumption by ½, it also restores Leon's MP a little every 10 seconds, 
or so. Its magic power is only lower by about 20, so I'd go with the ancient 
wisdom. You get the ancient wisdom by combining the book of chaos with a 
Damascus. Also, the Ancient Wisdom doesn't have any weaknesses… then again, it 
doesn't have any strengths, either. It's your call as to which you want to use… 
but I'd choose the Ancient Wisdom.
Stats:        (Book of Chaos)    Atk:950           Hit:80          Mag:400       


                                               Stm:0               Luc:0         

  Crt:0     Special powers: Void and

                         Darkness based attacks.

                                                Strong: Dark, Void; Weak: Light

Stats:      (Ancient Wisdom)   Atk:800         Hit:50           Mag:380          


                                               Stm:0             Luc:20          

Crt:0      Special powers: MP consumption 1/2

                        Restores MP every 10 seconds in battle

                                               Strong: none; Weak: none


XIII: Dias Flac 
       Best weapon: Dias's best weapon is the Cromlea Sword
       Way of Attaining: Once again, (are you starting to see a pattern?) the 
only way to get the Cromlea Sword is in Fun City for winning A rank duel battle. 

Also, outside of Fun City, his best weapon you get from the trial cavern is the 
Levantine Sword. If you want the stats for the Levantine Sword, look at Claude's 

information… I'm not gonna type it twice. 
      Stats:                  Atk:1399              Hit:0              Mag:0     


                                Stm:0                    Luc:0             Crt:0 

               Special powers: none

                                Strong: none; Weak: none


XIV: Noel Chandler
       Best weapon: Noel's best weapon is the Death Fangs 
       Way of Attaining: jeez, I'm kinda getting tired of typing A rank and Fun 
City. I'm starting to think it's not healthy for me. If that's not a good enough 

hint for ya, how about this: Noel, A rank, Duel Battle, one-on-one fight, Fun 
City, Battle Arena, it's on Energy Nede. Get it? 
       Stats:                  Atk:1,350              Hit:50          Mag:0      


                                  Stm:0                    Luc:0           
Crt:15              Special powers: none 

                                  Strong: none; Weak: none


XV: Chisato Madison
        Best weapon: Chiasato's best weapon is the Weird Slayer, mainly because 
it's the strongest weapon that she can equip and, unlike her second best weapon, 

the Psychic Gun, it doesn't cost MP with every use. Imagine this: Chisato's best 

killer move is her tear gas… it hits about 15-20 times. Now imagine that with 
every hit from the tear gas that your enemy gets, it charges her 2 MP… not 
pretty. You're looking at using nearly 40MP plus the normal amount it takes to 
cast Tear Gas… that's almost 70MP… ouch, right? Well, the Weird Slayer is a 
stronger weapon than the Psychic Gun, AND doesn't take up nearly as much MP. In 
fact, it helps conserve your HP by making it so that whenever you hit your 
enemy, half of the damage you did to them is brought back to Chisato. I love 
Chisato. ^_^
      Way of Attaining: The only place to get the weird slayer is in the trial 
cavern on level 5, and 7. 
      Stats:             Atk:1000                Hit:40            Mag:0         


                            Stm:10                   Luc:0             Crt:0     

        Special powers: instantly kills weird 

                     Enemies, ½ damage converted to MP

                            Strong: none; Weak: none


XVI: Thanks
First, I'd like to thank all the people at Exdeath's message board. Here are the 

names of all the people that helped me out when I needed it. Thanks to Id, 
Keith, Exdeath, inventor_7, and Erasmuss for everything. I can't remember what 
these guys specifically helped me with, but thanks a lot anyway! All the other 
people on the board, thanks for asking questions I felt too stupid to ask! ^_^ I 

would specifically like to thank Exdeath for writing all those massive FAQ's on 
both scenarios of Star Ocean. Thanks a lot! I'd also like to thank Ian Kelley 
for answering all my insipid questions and answering all of my e-mails and also 
writing massive FAQ's on Star Ocean. Also, while this is completely off the 
subject, I'd like to thank all of my favorite bands like TOOL, Type O Negative, 
White Zombie, and so many others just for giving me something to listen to while 

writing this so I wouldn't go insane. I'd also like to thank my good friend 
Brittany for keeping things in perspective and helping me through the whole 
'writing process'. Thanks Brit! I'd like to thank all the random people I met in 

chat rooms (I can't remember their names now…) for providing vital info. I'd 
like to thank both Elizabeth M. Hollinger and James M. Ratkos for writing the 
excellent strategy guide of Star Ocean for Prima game guides… without all of 
these fine peoples help, I wouldn't have survived for a second! Thank you all so 

much! I'd also like to thank both Tri-Ace and Enix for developing and producing, 

respectively, such an amazing RPG experience. And, I' like to thank that guy at 
EB (his name escapes me now) who told me to buy Star Ocean instead of Lunar: 
SSS. I own both now, but if I hadn't gotten Star Ocean first, this FAQ would 
never have come to pass. Thanks a lot… guy. 

XVII: This FAQ is completely copyrighted to Monkey Fetus and may not be used in 
any way without the authors consent and knowledge of the copyrighted material. 
If you wish to use this FAQ in any way, contact me, and keep the copyright in 
place, and give me credit where credit is due. 

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