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Item/Skills FAQ by Janaak

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 07/27/99

Star Ocean: The Second Story	July 27, 1999
Item/Skills FAQ Ver. 0.4
By Michael G. Strong - Devious923@aol.com
Updates to this and my other FAQ should be at

Ver 0.4 - Woo… Finally some relaxing time so I can sit down and type =) 
and I got hired where people make a difference!  =) Well, time for 
another update.  In regards to the question Someguy926 sent me, I will 
be starting on a Customize section and everything else Art, Cooking, 
etc. etc.  Now on to the fun!  Bout time I rearrange the list.  
Remember, any ideas, items, comments, are welcome…  Guess flames too.  
Also, I was wondering if I should list items as how much they 
deal/heal, or alphabetically. I have about 444 items in my game, tho I 
think having an eighth character would help me a little more…  Anyways, 
here you go!

Ver 0.3 - Doosh!  Man, writing down over about 110 items by hand is 
getting crazy!  My fingers are so tired; even now typing is getting a 
lil hectic…  But here goes!  So the new total of items on hand is 236 
out of the 322 I have, but that's going to change in a lil while…  Item 
creation is hella cool, I wish future games would have some kind of 
version…  Anyways…  I'm now putting wha cha call it…  Titles so that 
you know what kind of item it is.  Also, it's going to help me when I 
rearrange the whole FAQ.  Plus, I'm going to add what you can get by 
creating…  I haven't finished Star Ocean yet either, so that will take 
up more time…   =)  

Ver 0.2 - Well I've gotten some more items (I'd say about 100) down on 
the FAQ (It's hard when the computer is in one room and the Playstation 
is in another.) so here's the revamped edition.

Ver 0.1 - Ok, this is going to be a rough kind of draft for now but it 
might change to a more clearer text when it gets close to it's final 

Regular Skills - from which a character starts out with and that you 
buy along as you play the game.  I forgot what skills come with each 
tech level?  Like Knowledge 3 has this and that skill, so if you want 
to, just email me and I'll fix it up.  Also, all skills that increase 
some part of your stats/abilities will be listed below all the 
definitions of each skill.

?	Sketching – A technical skill that allows the ability to grasp and 
reproduce the forms of objects.
?	Musical Notation – Knowledge about Musical Notation. 
?	Music Instrument – A technical skill that allows the ability to play 
a musical instrument.
?	Tool Knowledge – Knowledge about different tools and weapons.
?	Mineralogy – Knowledge about minerals and diamonds.
?	Herbal Medicine – Knowledge about medicinal herbs.
?	Craft – A technical skill that allows the ability to do jobs that 
demand dexterity.
?	Esthetic Sense – A feeling of degree of maturity that enables an 
understanding of love and beauty.
?	Writing – The intellectual ability to create literature.
?	Effort – The willpower to achieve one's goal.
?	Perseverance – The willpower to continue effort.
?	Patience – The willpower to endure difficulties and sadness.
?	Danger Sense – A feeling of a high sensitivity to murderous intent.
?	Biology – Knowledge about the science of life.
?	Mental Science – Knowledge of the mysterious powers of the mind, 
body and soul.
?	Kitchen Knife – The ability to use a kitchen knife essential to any 
respectable chef.
?	Recipe – Knowledge about cooking ingredients.
?	Good Eye – The ability to choose good cooking ingredients.
?	Whistling – A technical skill that allows the ability to put fingers 
in one's mouth and whistle loudly.
?	Animal Training – A technical skill that allows the ability to tame 
and train animals to do things and obey.
?	Metal Casting – A technical skill that allows the ability to cast 
?	Scientific Ability – A technical skill that allow the ability to use 
laboratory equipment such as a still.
?	Fairyology – Knowledge about fairies and the origins of life.
?	Radar – Supernatural powers that enable receptions of messages from 
unknown beings.  A gift from heaven!
?	Piety – Knowledge about faith and the gods.
?	Playfulness - An open mind to forgive the God of Creation for 
thinking up silly things.  A gift from heaven!
?	Functionality – A feeling that allows the ability to balance 
beautiful form with function.
?	Courage – If you have courage you won't be nervous even in front of 
a large crowd of people.
?	Poker Face – The ability to keep a straight face under any 
?	Copying – The ability to grasp the true character of things and make 
it your own.
?	Mech Knowledge – Knowledge about machines.
?	Mech Operator – A technical skill that allows the ability to operate 
machines successfully.

Now here is where you get to know what skill does what for you and your 
team of misfits… lol 

?	Musical Notation – Skill Level+1 AGL increase. (Hasn't done much in 
this area yet.)
?	Music Instrument – Skill Level+1 AGL increase. (Same as Musical 
?	Tool Knowledge – Items you sell will increase in price by Skill 
Levelx3%.  I think if you use this with the Identify All! Specialty 
then pick the second choice, your price will even go higher! (Need 
to test this if it works).
?	Mineralogy – Skill Levelx3 INT increase.
?	Herbal Medicine – HP Restoration is increase by 3& for each skill 
level.  This also helps if there is no healers or if they have run 
out of MP to cast those spells.
?	Craft – Skill Level+2 AGL increase.
?	Esthetic Sense – I've heard somewhere that if you raise this skill, 
your fighting partners will go out of their way to help you out, or 
pick you when they cast spells like Protection and the like.  There 
could be more, but I haven't explored much into the Art Specialty 
?	Writing – Skill Level+2 DEX increase.  Now this is a very good skill 
to learn…  Maybe perhaps the second best to Perseverance.  When you 
go up in this skill it will make you write books more successfully 
about the other types of skills which you've gained and upgrading…  
It also saves SP when you read the books instead of using SP to 
upgrade them.  Especially some that goes up to 70 SP.
?	Effort – This one is a no-brainer… You raise the skill, the less 
experience you need to level up.
?	Perseverance – Lowers the SP of all the skills, except for 
Perseverance.  A great way to raise your skills…  The way I like to 
use this is to learn all the skills that need 1 SP to upgrade, then 
learn another in Perseverance, and repeat till Perseverance Max. Out 
at 10.
?	Patience – Skill Levelx2 CON increase.
?	Danger Sense – Skill Levelx3 STM increase.  Also, it helps when you 
use the scout ability to find monsters when you want to fight and 
run away from/not encounter monsters on the field.
?	Biology – Skill Level Squaredx10 HP increase.  This is kinda good 
skill for low HP people…  All I know is that when you Max it out 
you've gained a 1000 HP, but I don't think it's cumulative…  so when 
your skill is 1 then it's 10 but I don't think you gain a extra 40 
HP but 30 HP when you upgrade this skill.
?	Mental Science – Skill Levelx5 MP increase.
?	Kitchen Knife – Skill Levelx20 STR increase.  Good for any person 
who you wish to fight rather than cast spells on the battlefield… 
well except for Rena, she is kind of an all around character…
?	Recipe – If you find out someone's favorite food.  I think this will 
change the effect of possibly a higher potency of the item that was 
?	Good Eye – Raises the HP Restoration rate.  Not the one in which you 
win the battle, that goes according to your guts or stamina…  One of 
those stats.
?	Metal Casting – Skill Levelx2 DEX increase.
?	Scientific Ability – Skill Levelx10 STR increase.
?	Fairyology – Skill Level+1 INT increase.
?	Piety – A random stat goes up/or was that a skill?  Hmmm…  Anyone 
knows this, tell me  =)
?	Functionality – Skill Levelx6 STR, DEX, AGL, INT increase.  Another 
good skill to learn since it raises these 4 stats…  Which of course 
in any RPG is good to have.
?	Poker Face – Skill Levelx3 GUTS increase.

Combat Skills – More for the fighter type than the Magic user type, 
except for Rena… Dunno why but her hand to hand combat is very good.

?	Below the Belt – A combat skill that allows the ability to ignore 
the enemy's defenses while attacking within a certain probability.
?	Strong Blow – A combat skill that allows the ability to blow the 
enemy away within a certain probability.  It actually means that the 
enemy will be knocked back…  Blown away is something referred in 
language of gun.  Lol
?	Flip – A combat skill that allows the ability to flip around the 
enemy within a certain probability.  I actually thought that the 
character would flip like a martial artist and attack him in the 
back.  But instead they run around the enemy then attack in the back 
unless he gets hit or the enemy.  But you can turn it off just like 
in the spell list.
?	Counterattack – A combat skill that increases the ability to 
counterattack when attacked by the enemy.  It's a good one to learn.
?	Feint – A combat skill that allows the ability to improve the aim of 
the character within a certain probability.
?	Mental Training – A combat skill that allows the ability to increase 
the attack power within a certain probability.
?	Motormouth – A combat skill that reduces the time it takes to cast 
Heraldic spells.  A good skill for Celine, and others with the 
ability to cast spells.
?	Body Control – A combat skill that allows the ability to prevent 
fainting within a certain probability.
?	Spirit Force – A combat skill that allows that ability to increase 
one's defensive powers within a certain probability.
?	Parry – Give an increase in the ability to parry the enemy's attack.
?	Cancel – The ability to eliminate the gap between normal attacks and 
immediately use a killer move.  Sounds like Street Fighter Alpha 3 
terminology.  =)
?	Gale – Increase's one's combat speed.  Very wise to raise this one… 
Since a slow character is going to end up a dead one.
?	Provocation – Gives you the ability to use the SELECT button to 
taunt the enemy during combat.  I believe they will also chase the 
one who taunted.
?	Float - Gave in by…  This skill is supposed to be in the 
final/(secret) cave, but I wouldn't know since right now since I 
have to get there and explore it throughly.

Abilities – These are the next lines of things, which you need to 
upgrade to get a better chance on making something.

?	Art - A specialty command for making items by investing a soul into 
pictures and statues that you make.
?	Oracle - A specialty command that gives you helpful (?) messages 
from Tria, the God of Creation.
?	Musical Talent - A specialty command that composes and plays music.
?	Customize - A specialty command that modifies weapons into your own 
original type.
?	Identify - A specialty command that identifies unknown items 
indicated by a question mark (?) at the start of their names.
?	Metalwork - A specialty command that makes jewelry and equipment out 
of jewels and precious metals.
?	Authoring - A specialty command that maintains a guidebook that 
gives you the details of your skills as they increase.
?	Practice - A specialty command that increases your experience points 
by going thru combat with lowered abilities.
?	Scout - A specialty command that allows the user to increase or 
decrease the probability of enemies appearing to a certain degree.
?	Compounding - A specialty command that makes medicines by mixing two 
types of herbs.
?	Cooking - A specialty command that makes drinks and food with 
cooking ingredients.
?	Familiar - A specialty command that sends animals to shop for you 
when you are deep in a dungeon or other such place.
?	Alchemy - A specialty command that transmutes iron into valuable 
materials such as metals and jewels.
?	Survival - A specialty command that finds useful items when in the 
field.  Consumes 4 MP when used.
?	Pickpocketing - A specialty command that used in conjunction with 
special gloves to steal items from people using the "Movement" 
?	Reproduction - A specialty command that makes an item identical to 
?	Machinery - A specialty command that makes machines that help with 
your adventure.

Super Specialty - These are the last kind of abilities that you can 
learn, in which will help out the rest of the team since this is based 
on the current level of everyone's Abilities.

?	Master Chef - A super specialty command that makes elegant dishes 
and drinks with everyone's powers.
?	Orchestra - A super specialty command that makes beautiful melodies 
and plays them according to the tune designated by a conductor.
?	Comprehension - A super specialty command in which everybody tries 
to combine their powers during combat for increased skill points.
?	Come On Bunny! - A super specialty command that has everyone 
sincerely call the name of a cute little rabbit to have it come to 
?	Publishing - A super specialty command that uses everyone's 
abilities to write a book that is good enough to print.
?	Identify All! - A super specialty command that uses everyone's 
powers to identify and appraise the value of items correctly.
?	Blacksmith - A super specialty command that uses everyone's powers 
to make magnificent armor from ore.
?	Reverse Side - A super specialty command that uses everyone's powers 
to make dangerous items.  Is it ambition that fuels crime?

Things that I have made/All items obtained so far - Here are some 
things that I have made since I've been playing Star Ocean. They will 
be separated in each category for your reading pleasure and hopefully 
in alphabetical order in an update or three.

 Precious Items – These are the items which you can't use but in order 
for the game to progress, you should be get them…  yadda yadda…

?	Rena's Hairpin (Precious Item) – A crescent shaped hairpin that Rena 
?	Treasure Map (Precious Item) – A map showing the secret passageways 
of Cross Cave.
?	Passport (Precious Item) – A passport to permit sailing from the 
port of Clik.
?	Tournament Pass (Precious Item) – A pass to certify registration as 
an entrant in the Lacour Tournament of Arms.
?	Clarisage (Precious Item) – A rare herb found in the Sanctuary of 
?	ID Card (Precious Item) – A strange card with a mysterious shine.
?	Card Key (Precious Item) – A suspicious card with a mysterious 
?	Chisato's Job ID (Precious Item) – It has on it the name of Chisato, 
reporter for the Nede Chronicle.
?	Rune Codes (Precious Item) – A card with the code for breaking the 
seal to the Four Fields engraved on it.
?	Jewel of Intelligence (Precious Item) – The jewel that rules the 
Intelligence of Nede.
?	Jewel of Power (Precious Item) – The jewel that rules the Power of 
?	Jewel of Courage (Precious Item) – The jewel that rules the Courage 
of Nede.
?	Jewel of Love (Precious Item) – The jewel that rules the Love of 
?	The Key to Mihne Cave (Precious Item) – The card needed to break the 
seal of the Mihne Cave.
?	LEA Metal (Precious Item) – Abbreviation for Low Energy Antiproton 
?	N.F.I.D. (Precious Item) – A free pass for entrance to Fun City.
?	Void Matter (Precious Item) – A device that covers all allies' 
weapons with Antiproton fields.

 Items - Pure and easy but not in any order, Sheesh I've only written 
down 236 out of the 322 items I have at the moment.  If it is a 
healing/weapon item, there will be a side note of what it does.

 Recovery Items - They heal, they recover status, and any RPG isn't one 
unless it has at least one item that heals…  And of course Star Ocean 
has a bundle to play with.  So, here they are.

?	Sweet Syrup (HP 30%) - This mysterious medicine restores 30% of 
one's HP.
?	Mixed Syrup (HP/MP 30%) - This mysterious medicine restores 30% of 
one's HP and MP.
?	Blackberry (MP 22%) - Special berry that restores MP.
?	Baby Rabbit Risotto (HP 35%) - Fried rice with plenty of soup, 
boiled with the meat of a baby rabbit.
?	Soda Pop (MP 30%) - It may look like mud to some, but this soda pop 
has a sophisticated taste that's light and smooth.
?	Resurrection Bottle (HP 60%) - This magical medicine revives a 
fallen friend.
?	Rose Hips (HP 2%) - The fruit of the rose bush.  It is very 
nutritive and heals wounds.
?	Blueberry (HP 22%) - Special berry that restores HP.
?	Strawberry Jam (HP 10%) – Jam made of boiled down Strawberries.
?	Fried Vegetables (HP 50%) – Vegetables such as cabbage and carrots 
are carefully stir-fried in vegetable oil over a strong flame.
?	Aquaberry – Special berry that purifies the body of toxins.
?	Bad Tasting Stew (MP 1%) – How was this made, anyway?
?	Bananas Crepes (HP 18%) – Plenty of whipped cream and sliced bananas 
rolled up with a delicious crepe.
?	Cure Poison – This magical medicine purifies the body of poisons.
?	Resurrection Mist (HP 100%) – This magical incense completely 
revives a fallen friend.
?	Orange Sherbet (HP 10%) – A cool sherbet made with freshly squeezed 
orange juice.
?	Vanilla Ice Cream (HP 10%) – A cool dessert made with cream, eggs, 
and sugar.
?	Pancakes (HP 23%) – Flour, Sugar, Baking Soda, Eggs, and Milk.  
Served brown and hot.
?	Egg Sandwich (HP 19%) – Plenty of boiled egg salad made into a 
?	Chocolate Crepes (HP 22%) – Whipped Cream and chocolate rolled into 
a crepe.
?	Sour Syrup (MP 30%) – This mysterious medicine restores 30% of one's 
?	Sweet Dumpling (HP 12%) – Sweet red bean paste as a filling in a 
Chinese steamed Dumpling.  Do you like smooth or lumpy?
?	Potstickers (HP 19%) – Chinese dumplings with various fillings of 
meat, onions, bamboo shoots, etc., both steamed and boiled types are 
?	Shu-mai (HP 10%) – A Chinese style steam dumpling with a filling of 
minced pork, green onions, and vegetables.
?	Toro Tuna (HP 20%) – The fatty part of the tuna prized by gourmets 
of Japanese cuisine.
?	Sashimi (HP 70%) – Fresh Fish sliced into thin, tasty tid bits.
?	Meat Dumpling (HP 22%) – A steamed Chinese dumpling with a filling 
of minced pork, and green onions.
?	Root Beer (MP 35%) – Its deep taste and palate are perfect for 
?	Bitter Juice (MP 1%) – This leaves me speechless…
?	Wilted Salad (HP 2%) – Wait a minute!  How old is this…?
?	Raw Milk (MP 1%) – Ooh…  My stomach…
?	Spicy Cake (HP 1%) – Gag! Retch… Did you read the recipe?
?	Steak (HP 50%) – A thick steak cooked on a griddle.
?	Konyaku Jelly (HP 40%) – A firm gelatin like preparation using the 
Japanese konyaku root.
?	Chicken Skewers (HP 5%) – Prime free-range chicken charcoal-roasted 
on skewers.
?	Apple Jam (HP 12%) – Jam made of boiled down apples.
?	Fruit Syrup (HP/MP 45%) – This mysterious medicine restores 45% of 
one's HP/MP.
?	Bird's Nest Soup (MP 70%) – A Chinese-style soup flavored with sea 
swallow nests and lily tubers.
?	Peking Duck (HP 70%) – Roast duck thin by sliced and wrapped 
together with vegetables and bean paste in thin wheat-flour skins.
?	Shrimp au Gratin (HP 26%) - An au Gratin dish with plenty of fresh 
?	Angel's Statue (Made from Clay, HP 30) - An image of a beautiful 
angel that possesses a mysterious power to heal the wounds of all 
?	Squash Croquettes (HP22%) – A deep-fried croquette made with fresh 
?	Hot Syrup (HP or MP 70%) – This mysterious medicine restores 70% of 
either one's MP or HP.
?	1-up Pudding (HP 100%) – This miracle pudding is said to bring back 
the dead.
?	Holy Mist (HP 60%, All) – This holy incense restores 60% of the HP 
of all friends.
?	Seltzer (HP/MP 90%) – It's price keeps going up…  Time to think 
about dealing in futures!
?	Salmon Omelet (HP 29%) – An omelet chock full of slices of fresh 
?	Fresh Syrup (HP 100%) – This mysterious medicine completely restores 
one's HP.
?	Berry Juice (MP 5%) – This juice has a poor bouquet and a thin 
taste.  Without a doubt a cheap juice.
?	Green Potage (MP 25%) – A cream soup with chopped spinach.
?	Fried Eggs (HP 18%) – An egg crisply broken and fried on one side 
?	Smelling Salts – A strong medicine that revives a fallen friend.
?	Risky Liquid - Use of this medicine does revive a fallen friend, but 
it also has side effects.
?	Cure Stone – This magical medicine can be used at anytime to restore 
a character who has been turned to stone.
?	Spring Water – A special water that completely purifies the body.
?	Cure Paralysis - This magical medicine cures paralysis.
?	Portrait B – This lass has endured a sad fate.  What will the 
eternal passing of time expect of her? (Rena's Picture)
?	Aloe Jam – Jam made of boiled down aloe.
?	Cinderella Glass – Use this in a shop and you'll get a good deal.

 Other Items - Well, these are combat and other type of items… 

?	Artemis Leaf - Named after the goddess of the hunt, its branched 
leaves have a purifying effect, and aid in status recovery.
?	Wolfsbane - A plant in the genus Acontium, its beautiful flowers are 
deceptive of the poison in its roots that slowly smothers its 
?	Mandrake - When this plant is uprooted it screams driving listeners 
mad.  Its root contains poison strong enough to kill a mammoth.
?	Lavender - A shrub in the family Labiatae, it soothes the spirit and 
acts as a tonic.  It also heals wounds to a certain degree.
?	Aceras - A legendary herb said to heal all wounds.  Processing a 
mysterious magical power, it can heal wounds to a degree.
?	Fairy's Cologne – This magical medicine has a smell that monsters 
dislike, thus keeping the enemy away.
?	Aphrodisiac – When used in camp this medicine is a little risky 
because it feeds the flames of love.
?	Fairy Glass – When used in combat this magical medicine makes it so 
that temporarily no MP is needed.
?	'Spring' – It is said that all who look upon this peaceful and 
energizing scene will be healed in both body and spirit.
?	Material Kit – A toolbox filled with tools for mechanical work.
?	Magic Canvas – A completely blank canvas.  It is said that whatever 
image is painted on this canvas will take on its own soul.
?	Magical Clay – Clay that has yet to receive a soul.  It is said that 
any object made with this clay will possess a mysterious power.
?	Feather Pen – A normal feather pen used to compose music.  It is 
used to impart mastery of the skill of Musical Notation.
?	Magical Camera – A special magical camera that can take 3D photos of 
its subjects.
?	Magical Film – A special film used to reproduce 3D images taken with 
the magic camera.
?	Spectacles – A magical magnifying glass possessing the power to see 
all truths.
?	Smith's Hammer – A golden hammer to work and temper red hot metal.
?	Vellum Paper – High quality paper used for writing documents.
?	Fountain Pen – A pen used by filing the reservoir with ink, which 
seeps out from the tip as the pen is used to write.
?	Attack Vial – When used in combat this ointment temporarily 
increases arm strength.
?	Pet Food – Food for Pets.  Although some are known to be quite 
?	Slippery Slime – A type of gelatin, I hear it's edible.
?	Skanda Compress – When used during combat it acts to temporarily 
increase speed.  Applied in a normal compress.
?	Stink Gel – When used during combat this magical gel will poison an 
enemy attacked with a weapon, with a certain probability.
?	Tri-ball – A magical ball that heads towards the enemy and break 
into 3, hits the enemy and does damage.
?	Rock - Just a rock you see anywhere.
?	Weird Lump - What was this supposed to be?  It's just a meaningless 
piece of clay.
?	Crumpled Paper – A useless scrap of paper.
?	Bitter Lotion – When used in combat this magical lotion instantly 
kills an enemy attacked with a weapon, with a certain probability.
?	Bubble Lotion – When used in combat this magical lotion instantly 
kills an enemy attacked with a weapon, with a certain probability.
?	Natural High – When used in combat this medicine interferes with 
making cool judgements.
?	Scribbles – What's this supposed to be, anyway?  There's no trace of 
artistic ability here.

Skill Books - Through Authoring these books can be made. 

?	All About Herbs (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to learn 
Herbal Medicine.
?	Nature's Life Force (Skill Book) - A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Biology.
?	Cook from the Heart (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Kitchen Knife.
?	Musical Theory (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to learn 
Musical Notation.
?	Today's Dish (Skill Book) - A skill guide book.  Read it to learn 
?	The Land's Secret (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Mineralogy
?	Pocket Encyclopedia (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Tool Knowledge. 
?	Forest Friends (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to learn 
Animal Training.
?	Gold/Silversmith (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Craft.
?	Heart Barriers (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to learn 
the skill Mental Science.
?	The Hermes Theory (Skill Book) – A skill guide book.  Read it to 
learn Scientific Ability.

 Accessories - The 2 items you can equip so you can have more of a 
fighting chance… Maybe even be cheating in some aspects…

?	Silver Pendant (AVD +10, GUTS +5, Accessory) – A silver pendant 
possessing magical powers that speed up its wearer. 
?	Ruby (Pro. From Fire, Accessory) – Red corundum owes its appearance 
to chromium impurities.  Improves fire defense. 
?	Necklace (AVD +1, Accessory) – A golden necklace that just might 
protect its wearer. 
?	Bandit's Gloves (Accessory) – A pair of very thin gloves that don't 
interfere with the subtle motions of the fingers needed to do the 
?	Weird Doll (Accessory) – An odd looking doll made of iron.
?	Heavy Ring (GUTS +10, CRT +5, Accessory) – A thick steel ring that 
just might protect its wearer.  But its magical powers change so do 
be careful.
?	Useless Decoration (Accessory) – No matter how you look at it, this 
is just a useless decoration. 
?	Silver (AC +1, Accessory) – Silver ore.  However, it is low in 
purity and of little value without being refined.
?	Gold (AVD +1, Accessory) – Gold ore.  However, it is low in purity 
and of little value without being refined.
?	Prism Ring (GUTS +5, Accessory) – A mysterious ring that protects 
its wearer from all things, with a probability of 1/20.
?	Ruby Earring (AC +1, Accessory) – A ruby-studded earring that just 
might protect its wearer.
?	Orichalcum (Protection from Sleep and Stone {I believe}, (Accessory) 
– A legendary flying metal said to have been produced in Atlantis. 
?	Green Beryl (Protection from Wind, Accessory) – This gem is called 
an aquamarine if it contains iron as an impurity, or an emerald if 
it contains chromium.
?	Reverse Doll (Protection from All, GUTS +20, Accessory) – A 
mysterious doll that takes the place of its owner when the owner's 
life is in danger.
?	Luna Tablet (Accessory) – A charm possessing lunar magic that 
improves the possessor's MP.
?	Crystal (Protection from Lightning, Accessory) – Quartz crystals. 
?	Golden Earring (Accessory) - A golden earring that improves its 
wearer's dodging ability. 
?	Star Earring (Protection from Star Magic, Accessory) - A mysterious 
earring that makes its wearer loquacious.  Gives the wearer the 
Motormouth skill level of 3. 
?	Purple Mist (LUC +10, Accessory) - A necklace that possesses a 
mysterious magical power to divert the enemy's attention from its 
wearer during escape from combat. 
?	Sapphire (Pro. From Ice/Water Magic, Accessory) - This is the name 
of gemstones of corundum that are not red.  The right amount of 
titanium impurities makes it look blue.
?	Silver Ring (AC +2, STM +10, LUC +10, Pro. From Shadow, Lunar, Sleep 
(?), Accessory) - A ring made of Silver that just might protect its 
?	Silver Cross (Pro. From Shadow, Lunar, Weak against Fire, Accessory) 
- A silver, holy cross that protects its wearer from many things.
?	Poison Check (Pro. From Poison, Accessory) - A charm that possesses 
a mysterious magical power to save its wearer from poison.
?	Paralysis Check (Pro. From Paralysis, Accessory) - A charm that 
possesses a mysterious magical power to save its wearer from 
?	Talisman (STM +8, Accessory) - A mysterious talisman that has been 
blessed by a nameless god to increase its wearer's defensive 
?	Ring of Sadness (Reduces ATK, Increases DEF, Accessory) - A 
mysterious ring that lowers the wearer's attack strength in exchange 
for raising his defensive strength.
?	Weighty Ring (AC +2, GUTS +5, CRT +2, Random Increase/Decrease in 
Elemental Defense, Accessory) - A ring that is too heavy from having 
been made from a lump of iron. Its magical powers change so do be 
?	Peep Half (Accessory) - A mysterious charm that cuts the wearer's 
peeping time in half.
?	Star Ruby (Pro. From Fire, Pro. From Sleep(?), Accessory) - When 
polished and held to the light a smaller star-like pattern can be 
seen in this ruby.
?	Anklet (AC +2,Accessory) - A silver anklet that just might protect 
its wearer.
?	Gaudy Earring (Accessory) – An earring in very bad taste.
?	Rainbow Diamond (Pro. From Star, Pro. From Lunar, Accessory) – A 
rare diamond that gives off seven colors when it shines.
?	Flare Ring (Pro. From Fire, Susceptible to Ice, Accessory) – A 
mysterious ring that completely shuts out all flames directed at its 
wearer, with a probability of ½.
?	Damascus (Pro. From Sleep(?), Accessory) – An odd, black metal 
possessed of elasticity and durability.
?	Iron (Accessory) – Iron ore.  Can be refined into iron by reducing 
the iron oxide contained therein
?	Moonite (Pro. From Shadow, Accessory) – A magical stone with 
mysterious powers.  Said to be a piece of the moon. 
?	Angel Hair (AVD +5, Accessory) – A shining silver hair band that 
just might protect its wearer.
?	Recoil Bracelet (Accessory) – A magical bracelet that diverts all 
attacks toward nearby monsters, with a probability of 1/10.
?	Diamond (Pro. From Thunder, Accessory) – The hardest stone known to 
nature.  Its structure is of pure carbon atoms aligned in rows of 
perfect squares.
?	Meteorite (Pro. From Sleep (?), Accessory) – A piece of a meteor 
that possesses a mysterious shimmer and magical power.
?	Zephyr Earring (Increases Speed, Accessory) – A silver earring that 
increases the speed of its wearer.
?	Meteor Ring (GUTS +5, STM +10, CRT +1, Accessory) – A magical ring 
that gives its wearer the brilliance of a shooting star and 
increases his attack chances by 1.
?	Gale Earring (HIT +10, AVD +10, CRT +15, Pro. From Wind, Accessory) 
– A magical earring that imparts the speed of a gale to its wearer 
and increases his number of attack chances by one.
?	Aqua Ring (Pro. From Ice, Susceptible to Fire, Accessory) – A 
mysterious ring that completely shuts out cold air blasts directed 
at the wearer, with a probability of ½.
?	Stone Check (Pro. From Stone, Accessory) – A charm that possesses a 
mysterious magical power to save its possessor from being turned to 
?	Fire Ring (GUTS +10, STM +10, Susceptible to Ice, Pro. From Fire, 
Accessory) – A mysterious ring that increases its wearer's fire-
based Heraldic power.
?	Link Combo (Accessory) – An armband that permits killer moves to be 
linked in succession.
?	Dream Bracelet (Accessory) – An armband of your dreams that 
temporarily raises the level of its wearer by one.
?	Mithril (Pro. From Lunar, Accessory) – A magical metal thought only 
to exist in legend.

 Weapons - They increase your strength, your hit rate, sometimes help 
your defense and other stats…

?	Dull Sword (ATK +2, CRT +1, Weapon) – A sword with a dulled blade.  
No matter what you do it won't cut anything. 
?	Broad Sword (ATK +60, Weapon) – A broad sword about a yard long with 
a special wide blade. 
?	Sinclair Sabre (ATK +100, Weapon) - A primitive saber. 
?	Flame Blade (ATK +160, HIT + 20, CRT +10, Fire Damage upon enemy, 
Weapon) - A magic sword with the power of flames that will burn up 
the enemy due to a crest engraved on it.
?	Worn Knuckles (ATK +1, Weapon) - These knuckles were made so poorly 
that you can't even get your fingers in them. 
?	Twin-Edge (ATK +340, Weapon) - A pair of short swords prized for 
their sharpness.
?	Magic Hand (ATK +125, Weapon) – A big mechanical punching hand.
?	Sharp Edge (ATK +222, HIT +60, CRT +10, Weapon) – A sword made by a 
famous swordsmith and known for its unbelievable sharpness.
?	Ruby Wand (ATK +70, MAG +20, Weapon) – A staff reinforced for attack 
strength with rubies at its ends.
?	Thick Book (ATK +180, MAG +15, Weapon) – A very thick and heavy 
?	Cestus (ATK +140, MAG +20, Weapon) – Spike-studded knuckles to 
increase attack strength.
?	Walloon Sword (ATK +240, Weapon) – A type of long sword.
?	Gusguine (ATK +250, Weapon) – A strong sword made for piercing.
?	Bagh Nakh (ATK +165, Weapon) – Knuckles with hooked metal claws for 
more attack strength.
?	Hard Whip (ATK +550, Weapon) – A leather whip especially made for 
?	Hard Knuckles (ATK +58, MAG +10, Weapon) – Knuckles reinforced with 
steel bands for attack strength.
?	Light Box (ATK +490, Lunar Element Attached, Weapon) – Special 
energy pack for the "Kaleidoscope" ray gun for shooting photon 
?	Reference Book (ATK +280, MAG +50, Weapon) – A reference book for 
study and research.
?	Smaller (ATK +180, Weapon) – A pair of short swords coated with the 
scales of poisonous moths, giving it the additional effect of 
poisoning anything they cut.
?	Splinter (ATK +460, Weapon) – A special leather whip with rivets 
attached all over it.
?	Shield Sword (ATK +490, Weapon) – A pair of short swords that have 
hilt guards specially designed to parry attacks easily.
?	Giant Fists (ATK +470, HIT +10, STM +80, CRT +26, Weapon) – 
Mysterious knuckles that possess a giant's destructive powers and 
make the wearer tougher.
?	Straight Punch (ATK +400, Weapon) – A mechanical punching hand that 
twists like a drill.
?	Long Edge (ATK +285, CRT +5, Weapon) – A sword with a blade longer 
than usual to attack enemies in a wider area.
?	X Box (ATK +500, Weapon) – Special energy pack for the 
"Kaleidoscope" ray gun for shooting X-Ray photon bursts.
?	Thunder Punch (ATK +420, HIT +50, CRT + 25, Thunder Element 
Attached, Shadow Element Attached, Pro. From Thunder, Weapon) – A 
mechanical punching hand that emits an electric shock from its fist.
?	Alpha Box (ATK +690, HIT +50, Weapon) Special energy pack for the 
"Kaleidoscope" ray gun for shooting alpha wave photon bursts.
?	Murasame Sword (ATK +552, HIT +20, GUTS +10, CRT +22, Weapon) – A 
curved sword that is always moist for superior splitting power.
?	Hecatoncheire (ATK +630, HIT +50, CRT +27, Weapon) – Gigantic 
knuckles that possess the strength of a legendary giant.
?	Light Whip (ATK +820, Thunder Element Attached, Shadow Element 
Attached, Weapon) – A magical whip with a Heraldic design engraved 
in its grip, making it emit beams of light when cracked.
?	Ultra Punch (ATK +650, Weapon) – A giant mechanical punching hand.
?	Scyther (ATK +820, Weapon) – A pair of shining swords that combine 
to slice up the enemy in a flash of movement.
?	Metal Fangs (ATK +400, MAG +50, Weapon) – Knuckles with sharpened 
metal claws attached to greatly increase attack strength.
?	Silver Rod (ATK +350, HIT +20, MAG +250, Weapon) – A beautiful 
decorated rod made of Mithril silver.
?	Heraldry (ATK +290, MAG +100, Weapon) – A thick book that goes on 
endlessly about the basic principles of the Heraldic Arts.
?	Electro Gun (ATK +410, Weapon) – A weapon that attacks the enemy by 
emitting strong electric attacks.
?	Veil Piercer (ATK +480, Weapon) – A sharp blade with a tip like a 
needle to be able to cut through anything.
?	Dictionary (ATK +340, MAG +50, Weapon) – A book that defines words 
in alphabetic order.

 Helm – These protect one head from usually being lobbed off, back in 
the early years of knights…

?	Plate Helm (DEF +38, Helmet) – A sturdy helmet made by assembling 
many steel plates.
?	Fame Helm (DEF +12, Helmet) – An iron helmet to protect your head.
?	Jeanne's Helm (DEF +56, Pro. From Ice, Pro. From Stone(?), Helmet) – 
A beautiful helmet said to have once been worn by the legendary holy 
?	Iron Helm (DEF +25, Helmet) – An iron helmet to completely protect 
your head.
?	Magical Hat (DEF +10, Helmet) – A rather stout hat despite 
?	Hermit's Helm (DEF +35, AVD +20, Pro. From Fire, Accessory) – A 
legendary hat said to have been worn by a great Heraldic wizard.
?	Frog (DEF +1, GUTS +5, Helmet) – A piece of jewelry worn on the 
head, made of crystal that looks exactly like a frog.  Who would 
wear this anyway?

 Armor – Body protectors, full plate, anything that protects your body 
from sharp pointy objects…  lol

?	Brigandine (DEF +30, Armor) – Armor made of layers of steel and 
?	Silk Robe (DEF +12, Armor) – Beautiful clothing made of smooth silk.
?	Amber Robe (DEF +30, Armor) – Clothing decorated with countless 
pieces of amber.
?	Plate Mail (DEF +90, Armor) – Sturdy armor made of countless 
overlapping steel plates.
?	Silver Robe (DEF +70, MAG +120, Pro. From Thunder, Armor) – A silver 
robe woven from silver threads.
?	Ringed Mail (DEF +20, Armor) – Armor made by linking steel rings.
?	Steel Armor (DEF +150, Armor) – Sturdy steel armor.
?	Mithril Coat (DEF +88, MAG +80, Pro. From Star, Pro. From Lunar, 
Armor) – A beautiful coat decorated with mithril silver protects the 
wearer from death.

 Shields – Worn by everyone, these protect the arms (by gauntlets), or 
wherever you decide to shield yourself (with a real shield).  Er…  

?	Mithril Shield (DEF +31, AVD +60, Pro. From Fire, Pro. From 
Sleep(?), Pro. From Stone(?), Shield) – A beautiful shield made of 
mithril silver possessed of the magical power to prevent paralysis.
?	Fine Shield (DEF +15, AVD +70, Shield) – A shield made especially 
for combat, prized for its good protection.
?	Barrier Shield (DEF +24, AVD +40, Pro. From Ice, Pro. From Thunder, 
Shield) – A magical shield that protects its user with a special 
field generated by an engraved Heraldic Crest.
?	Knight's Shield (DEF +10, AVD +60, Shield) – A tall shield made for 
ease of use by a knight on horseback.

 Greaves - These are boots, shoes, sandals, but they all protect your 
feet and/or legs.

?	Secret Boots (DEF +3, Greaves) – Magical boots that solve minor 
personal problems. 
?	Pin Heels (DEF +3, CRT +10, Raises ATK, Greaves) - Woman's shoes 
with heels so narrow they are like pins. 
?	Suede Boots (DEF +5, Greaves) - Expensive boots made from mountain 
?	Mud Boots (Greaves) - Special boots for crossing deep marshy areas 
without sinking.  Received from the Elder of Mars.
?	Lyre (Musical Instrument) – A harp.  For some reason, handsome 
longhaired troubadours always have one.
?	Boots (DEF + 3, Greaves) – Leather boots made from animal hides.
?	Silver Greaves (DEF +30, Greaves) – Beautiful silver greaves.
?	Plate Greaves (DEF +18, Greaves) – Sturdy greaves made of steel 
?	Leather Boots (DEF +6, Greaves) – Thick boots made of cowhide.
?	Steel-toed Boots (DEF +8, AVD +20, Greaves) – Shoes made sturdier 
than usual by steel bands on the inside.

?	Vegetables (Cooking Ingredients) – A basic set of ingredients that 
includes vegetables, tubers, tomatoes, melons, and other such edible 
?	Seafood (Cooking Ingredients) – A basic set of ingredients that 
includes both fresh and saltwater fish and shellfish as well as 
edible seaweed.
?	Grain (Cooking Ingredients) – A basic set of ingredients that 
includes staples such as rice, wheat, millet sorghum and different 
types of beans.
?	Meat (Cooking Ingredients) – A basic set of ingredients that 
includes fresh poultry and other meats.
?	Super Ball (Made from Clay) - A magical ball that jumps around in a 
small space, hits the enemy and does damage.
?	Egg/Dairy Products (Cooking Ingredients) - A basic set of cooking 
ingredients that includes cheeses, butter and cream as well as eggs 
and milk.
?	Harmonica (Musical Instrument) - A reed instrument from Germany 
whose soothing sound imparts a strangely warm feeling.
?	Dummy Doll - A magical that confuses the enemy by reproducing 
itself, making it easier to attack the enemy. 
?	Round Shield (DEF +4, AVD +60, Shield) - A round, metal shield.
?	Killer Poison (Bomb made from Machinery) - When used during combat 
this bomb explodes and poisons the nearest monster with a certain 
?	Conductor's Baton - A baton that conveys the intent of the conductor 
to the musician.  No conductor could be without one.
?	Fruit (Cooking Ingredients) - A basic set of cooking ingredients 
that includes ripe fruits from all seasons.
?	Cemablo (Musical Instrument) – A keyboard instrument that was the 
precursor of the piano.  In French it is referred to as a clavecin, 
and in English a harpsichord.

 Bombs – They go boom, peep, and take off MP as well.

?	Peep-Peep Bomb (Bomb, Made in Machinery) – When used during combat, 
this bomb explodes and peeps the nearest monster, with a certain 
?	Nuclear Bomb (Bomb, Made in Machinery) – When used during combat, 
this super powerful bomb blows up everything on the battlefield.

(Item Creation) - Art - When you use this ability, you'll use a Magic 
Canvas or Magic Clay to paint/create or mold/create something, 
respectably speaking.  They range for me, between a portrait of a 
person he/she likes (pertaining to how characters feel, I guess…) and a 
card or item that can be used against the enemy or to be equipped.  I 
also believe that you need the Sense of Design Talent to get more 
successful creations.

?	Silence Card (Made from Art) - A magical card that possesses a 
mysterious power to silence the enemy.
?	Hexagram Card (Made from Art) – A magical card that possesses a 
mysterious power to silence all enemies.
?	Hyperball (Made from Clay) – A magical ball that flies apart in 8 
pieces, hits the enemy and does damage.

(Item Creation) - Authoring - When you use this ability, you will 
either end up making a crumpled paper or a Book on a skill that you 
have upgraded to level 5 or higher. (Also counts for ?BOOK items.) This 
will just show you what you make from each skill.  Plus, if you use 
Leon to author a book, he may make a book into one of his weapons.  One 
more thing, if your skill is at 5 or higher and you want to use a book, 
it won't happen.

?	Animal Training - Forest Friends
?	Biology - Nature's Life Force
?	Craft - Gold/Sliversmith
?	Herbal Medicine - All About Herbs
?	Kitchen Knife - Cook from the Heart
?	Mental Science - Heart Barriers
?	Mineralogy - The Land's Secret
?	Musical Notation - Musical Theory
?	Recipe - Today's Dish
?	Scientific Ability - The Hermes Theory
?	Tool Knowledge - Pocket Encyclopedia

(Item Creation) - Machinery - When you use this ability, you will make 
something from a Material Kit.  From this ability you can make items 
that can help increase the rate or make better exquisite items.  Also 
for Precis, she can make her own killer moves and I believe weapons 
from this as well.  You can also make bombs that can poison, peep (?), 
take off MP from 50 points to all, and of course eradicate the enemy.

?	Soldering Iron (Made from Machinery) – This soldering iron improves 
the chances of successfully making beautiful decorative items.
?	Lezard Flask (Store bought) – A flask invented by a man versed in 
alchemy and the ways of the dead spirits.  It refines material to an 
even higher degree!
?	Ririca (Made from Machinery) – A magical camera that produces 
perfect 3D images of its subjects.  It increases the chances of a 
successful reproduction.
?	Peep-Peep Bomb (Bomb, Made from Machinery) – When used during 
combat, this bomb explodes and peeps the nearest monster, with a 
certain probability.
?	Nuclear Bomb (Bomb, Made from Machinery) – When used during combat, 
this super powerful bomb blows up everything on the battlefield.

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