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FOL Cheat Guide by CrescentSaber

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/20/99

FOL cheat for Star Ocean : Second Story

(C) 1999 Enix Corporation
Developed by Tri-Ace Co. and Links
Licensed to Sony Computer Entertainment America

Created by RPG Master CrescentSaber (crescentsaber@hotmail.com)
Visit at www.Geocities.com/TimesSquare/Maze/6477
Any critics or advices plz mail me
Copyright CrescentSaber (C) 1999
Version 1.0
Last updated 20/07/1999

Heya guys, first I wanna let u know that this is ma first FAQ.
So, lets get to the point, shall we ?

To do this, at least you have reached Fienal and already went to the save
point before fighting Indalecio. Save there, and go to the Fun City.
At the "Battle Square" you should find an old man with a green clothes.
He should be in the back of the Colloseum. Talk to him, and he will ask you
about reuturning past memories. Choose "Yes" twice and POOF! Youe should be
back at Arlia. Yeah, Expel's Arlia. Go outside and u will find your Synard
waiting for you outside. Now go to the Island at the lower left at the map.
Some kind of "Desert" type island. There should be a dungeon there.

This is Star Ocean 2's bonus dungeon. At Star Ocean 1 this kind of bonus
dungeon exists too. But beware ! NO SAVE POINTS ! And the enemies here are
EXTREMELY powerful. I came here at the level 101, and the enemies killed me
a few times here. And without proper equipments, they should beat you like
"Stealing a lolipop from a baby" thing. Err.. you should stock up 
Ressurection Mists, Ressurection Bottles, Blackberries, oh yeah.. you better
master the skill "Herbal Medicine" and "Compounding", plus buy Lizard Flask,
Lavenders, Acerasses and Artemis Leaves.
With compounding Lavender + Aceras = Ressurection Mist, etc
                 Artemis Leaf + Aceras = Ressurection Mist, etc

Oh yeah, I forgot something. At [Energy Nede] there's two big Ice Islands.
One is "The field of power" And another one is an island with "Giveaway"
town in it. Between those islands there should be two small islands. Land
at the "Stick"-like island, and start searching the island. There's a secret
shop "The Fake Gallery" selling Mithril Armours, Helmets,and "Magical Rasp"
an item that took a great part at creating items from "Blacksmith".
B U Y   T H O S E   I T E M S !  Those Armors should be your best equipments
for now. Then you can safely raid the "Cave of trials"-the name of the bonus

Well, I add some items that you could create from Blacksmith and Customize,
but I think I'll put it after the FOL trick.

OK, this is the FOL trick.

First, you have to learn the skill "Tool knowledge" so your selling prices
will increase, this skill MUST be as level 10, so you better learn "Preser-

Second, learn "Metalwork" and "Identify" specialties

Metalwork requirements : Mineralogy, Craft and Esthetic Sense
Identify  requirements : Mineralogy, Tool knowledge and Herbal Medicine

Work 'em out so those skills are on level 10.

Third, work out your FOLs so that you have at least 2.000.000 FOL
You can do this easily by publishing books, and go to Lacour.
A publishing company is opening a branch there. Sell your books, the rarer,
the better. Each character can create 3 kind of book.
One is the normal book, one is the rare book, and the other is a
"Crumpled Paper" heheheheheh-just joking :>

Name : Normal book - Rare book

Claude  : Planet of the winds - Ocean of stars
Rena    : I can only see you  - Falling in love
Precis  : Buy it.... OK ?     - A maiden's secret
Celine  : The world is mine   - Lady in Red
Chisato : But one truth !     - Killer's book
Ashton  : Mr.No               - "Haven't discovered it yet"
Leon    : "Haven't discovered it yet"
Ernest  : Countdown           - "Haven't discovered it yet"
Noel    : Living with animals - "Haven't discovered it yet"
Opera   : "Haven't discovered it yet"
Dias    : The Bloody Path     - Live

You should earn a LOT of Fol after doing this, but you can get more.
After selling those books, wander around a little while, build up levels
then go talk to the man, he will say something about CopyRight Money, and
he will hand you the money. Talk to him once again, this time BUY your books
buy each book 5, and go back to [Energy Nede]. Back to Central City and go 
the Nede Publishing Company and do the same thing again.

Fourth, customize your weapons. Here's the customizing list :
Note : [Weapon] + [Ore] means you can choose any weapon and any ore to 
       (Weapon) + Orihalcum means u can choose any weapon and Orihalcum to

Eternal Sphere: Minus Sword + Mithril
Minus Sword: Sharp Edge + Mithril
Silvance: (Weapon) + Orihalcon
Aura Blade: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Grandsting: Sharp Edge + Damascus

Empresia: Kaiser Knuckle + Moonite
Sorceress Knuckle: Magical Glove + Rune Metal
Kaiser Knuckle: [Weapon] + [Ore]

Rod of Snakes: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Holy Rod: [Weapon] + Orihalcon
Dragon Tusk: Holy Rod + Star Ruby, Ruby Rod + Orihalcum
Silver Moon: Silver Rod + Moonite
Tongue Twister : Silver Rod + Damascus

Melufa: Psycher + Damascus
Holy Cross: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Gemini: Starlight + Meteorite, Pair Nuts + Meteorite

Burst Box: Magic Box + Kenja no Ishi
Pulse Box: Beta Box + Orihalcum, Nu Box + Orihalcum
Seventh Ray: Light Box + Rainbow Diamond

SD Punch: [Weapon] + [Ore]
UGA Punch: SD Punch + Damascus
SDUGA Punch: UGA Punch + Meteorite
Spark Hand: [Weapon] + Rainbow Diamond
Thunder Punch: [Weapon] + Diamond
Burning Hand: [Weapon] + Star Ruby

Ashura: Titan Fist + Rainbow Diamond
Kaiser Knuckle: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Moon Fist: Rune Full Moon + Diamond
Titan Fist: Hecatonkale + Iron, Giant Fist + Rainbow Diamond

Flare Whip: [Weapon] + Star Ruby
Invisible: Light Whip + Mithril

Whirlwind: [Weapon] + Meteorite
Crimson D:  [Weapon] + Star Ruby
Hard Cleaver: Breeze Hope + Rainbow Diamond
Soul Slayer: Hard Cleaver + Damascus
Ruins Fate: Minus Sword + Damascus

No no Kozo: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Ankoku no Sho: [Weapon] + Damascus
Konton no Sho: Ankoku no Sho + Damascus
Monshojutsu Riron: [Weapon] + Rune Metal
Monshojutsu Daijiten: Monshojutsu Riron + Moonite
Kodai no Shomotsu: Konton no Sho + Damascus

Tiger Fang: Felpar Nail + Crystal
Platinum Nail: Tiger Fang + Mithril
Serpent Tooth: Eagle Claw + Sapphire
Dragon Claw: [Weapon] + Moonite
Grizzly Clasp: Dragon Claw + Iron

Flame Gun: [Weapon] + Star Ruby
Flare Gun: Flame Gun + Meteorite
Freeze: Shock Gun + Sapphire
Electron: [Weapon] + [Ore]
Cracker: [Weapon] + Damascus
Psychic Gun: Cracker + Kenja no Ishi
Shock Gun: [Weapon] + Mithril

Sorry I used Japanese b'coz I copied it from Exdeath (tm)'s FAQ, but I add
some new Items.

And the blacksmith list for your armours

*Note: Most Blacksmith armor depends on whether or not you have the
Magical Rasp support item. With the Magical Rasp, you can create better
armor than you would be able to normally.

Iron: Ring Mail, Knight Shield, Plate Greave, Plate Helm, Banded Helm
Orihalcum : Neo Greave, Barrier Shield, Barrier Armor, Hermit Helm, Rare 
Damascus: Bloody Armor, Bloody Helm, Chaos Mail,  Core Plate
Moonite: Jeannie's Helm, Jeannie's Shield, Jeannie's Armor, Witch Boots
Mithril: Mithril Coat, Mithril Dress, Mithril Shield, Mithril Mesh
Meteorite: Star Cloak, Star Greave, Star Guard, Star Necklace
Rune Metal: Wizard Met, Wizard Mail, Rune Shoes, Rune Buckler

With the Magical Rasp:
Iron: All-purpose Knife, Plate Mail
Orihalcon: Odin Helm, Reflection Mail
Damascus: Duel Suit, Duel Helm, Algol
Moonite: Ishtar Robe, Isis Tiara, Kali Hand
Mithril: Pallas Athena
Meteorite: Sylvan Mail, Sylvan Helm, Sylvan Boots
Rune Metal: Mirage Robe, Taka no Hagoromo

Thats it, with the equipments above you will have the most deadly arsenal in
the whole RPG world.

Fifth, go through the "Cave of trials" until you reached "The Burglar's 
you can find a "Door to Door"-Santa here, and he sells DAMN GOODIES to buy
think about it, all Minerals, including Damascus, Moonite, Meteorite, 
Sage's Stone, Rune Metal, ==> Tri-Emblems <== , Go-Home Frogs, etc
here's the FOL trick :

* First, set your Identify All ! to "Give Discount"
* Buy Sage's Stone as much as you can
* Then, set your Identify All ! to "Raise Price"
* Sell the Sage's Stones

That's it !!
You bought them for 35000 FOL, then you sell 'em for 80000 FOL
there, count your profits ! You can earn 1.000.000 FOL each time.
Think if you can buy 'till 99... too bad you can only buy 20.

sell 80000 x 20 = 1.600.000
buy  35000 x 20 =   700.000  _
profit          =   900.000

The Santa says "You just make your best decisions" or something like that
after you buy em, heheh I said "You just make yourself bankrupt" :>
after all he seems to have an unlimited pouch full of FOLs.

OK, tis's the end of my FAQ.
Mail to crescentsaber@hotmail.com for comments, critics and CASH :>

Thanks to :

1. Enix and Tri-Ace for making the Best RPG of the Millenium <Oh booy I SURE
   will vote for Star Ocean, if they plan to made Star Ocean : Third Tale, I
   hope they will name the main character "Kevin">  heheehh :>

2. Exdeath for your wonderful and trustworthy FAQ
   Sorry for copying some part from your FAQ

3. Me for making this FAQ. Man, I AM that good.
   Dont forget me RPG maniacs, if you have any questions about RPGs, ask me
   I would glad to answer your question. Anyway, I'm the RPG master, right ?

Kevin.M  a.k.a  CrescentSaber  with the title RPG Master

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