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Fighter Battle Strategies by Dan GC

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 08/05/99

Star Ocean: The 2nd Story - Fighter Battle Strategies FAQ Version 0.1
For U.S. Version Only On PSX

By Dan GC <lbdangc@aol.com>

Last updated: 08/05/99 03:39 PM PT
First Edition: 08/05/99 03:39 PM PT
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  Star Ocean: The 2nd Story was/is...
Created by: tri-Ace
Creator of Most FMVs: Links
Produced by: Enix
Published by: SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Released: June 9, 1999 in US

  If you can help me with anything: basics, more strategies, etc., or if
you just have questions, comments, etc., E-mail them to
<LB Dan GC@aol.com> One more thing, don't E-mail with questions that are
already in this FAQ, otherwise, I'll discard them or tell you to check
the FAQ.
Table of Contents
Part 1:  Updates
Part 2:  Introduction
          2.1:  Fighters' Way(s) of Fighting
                 - Ashton Anchors
                 - Dias Flac
                 - Bowman Jean
                 - Claude Kenni
                 - Chisato Madison
                 - Precis Neumann
                 - Ernest Raviede
                 - Opera Vectra
Part 3:  Battle Strategies
          3.1: Basic
          3.2: Ashton Anchors
          3.3: Dias Flac
          3.4: Bowman Jean
          3.5: Claude Kenni
          3.6: Chisato Madison
          3.7: Precis Neumann
          3.8: Ernest Raviede
          3.9: Opera Vectra
Part 4:  Frequently Asked Questions
Part 5:  My Comments and Stuff
Part 6:  Special Thanks
Part 7:  Author Information

Copyright Disclaimer:

This Document Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

  This FAQ is for personal and/or private usage only. If reproduced, it
must be via electronics, and if placed on a Web Page, may be changed
only if this Disclaimer and the above Copyright Notice is completely
there. This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
purposes: publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being
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from myself and any cohorts I may have.
  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Dan GC <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
Any Copyrights and Trademarks not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are
acknowledged. Always give credit where it is due.
   All trademarks and the such are Copyright to their respectful owners.

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This FAQ can be found at:
GameFAQs                              www.gamefaqs.com
Part 1:  Updates
Version 0.1 6/00/99:
  First Edition
Part 2:  Introduction
  This FAQ was put together by myself and only myself. There was no
other input whatsoever, but I bet it will eventually occur. These
strategies are my own strategies, and I'm just telling my strategies
for each fighter in combat. There are plenty of different types of
strategies out there. I felt with this FAQ, it would help people use
more efficient strategies, or rather, help them against difficult
  For the Battle Strategies, I'll put how to use a character's potential
to its maximum, although that cannot be achieved by many people, but you
can use all characters to their full ability, almost. Also, if a Killer
Move isn't listed, then what it means is it's almost useless and you
really shouldn't use it in battle.
  This really isn't battle strategies, but it is sort of, it's just
using Killer Moves carefully/correctly mostly. If you have more
strategies to add to this FAQ, just E-mail me, you know where, and I'll
put it in after checking it.
        2.1:  Fighters' Way(s) of Fighting
          - Ashton Anchors
Ashton uses a Heraldic Fencing fighting style. It is a style mixed with
both Heraldry and Fencing. He uses two-swords, but only attacks with one
for his normal attack. He is probably the second (or third) best fighter
in the game. Some of his Killer Moves are slow, or otherwise, take too
long to pull off. This leaves him open to attacks if there is more than
one enemy.
          - Dias Flac
Dias is a pretty good fighter, and his attack is the fastest in the
game. Similarly, his Killer Moves are also quick. But he isn't the
best fighter. Dias is probably the second best fighter in the game. Most
of his Killer Moves only hit once. The max. hits is probably three. But
his speed make up for his lack of multiple hits. The fighting style he
uses is one he "made up" himself. He uses Katanas as his primary weapon.
          - Bowman Jean
Bowman really had no trouble in martial arts or pharmaceuticals, or so
he claims. His normal attack is a regular punch, and he does it while
in forward stance. The range of this attack is terrible, the second
worst range in this game ever! (Out of the characters you can get.) Most
of his Killer Moves are good and they can be used to attack a variety of
monsters. He doesn't use up a lot of MP in his Killer Moves.
          - Claude Kenni
Claude uses a long sword in battle. He probably learned his sword skills
(and, of course, fighting style) while in the Earth Federation in what
he is majoring in, Basic Combat Arts. Since it is Basic Combat Arts,
there is bare-handed martial arts and weapon fighting. He uses both a
long sword and martial arts skills.
          - Chisato Madison
Chisato is a black belt in Jujitsu, as she claims in the game. Her
weapon is guns (stun guns, handguns, stun rods), she only has two
attacks that even use it. It's the air attack and the 100,000 Volts
Killer Move. Almost everything else she does is Jujitsu techniques. Her
Jujitsu-related Killer Moves are quick and strong. She also has two
Killer Moves in which she uses her cell phone or something.
          - Precis Neumann
She uses a big robotic fist to attack. Most of her Killer Moves are
machines she uses to attack the enemy. Although for one of her Killer
Moves, she kicks Bobot 1.0 (and at a higher Proficiency level) and
Bobot 2.0 at the enemy.
          - Ernest Raviede
Ernest uses a whip and his attack style (with the whip) resembles that
of any Belmont in the Castlevania series. For all of his attacks, he
uses his whip. He has one really good Killer Move (Broken Heart).
          - Opera Vectra
Opera has a rifle called 'Kaleidoscope'. She has Energy Packs that are
put in the weapon. Most of her Killer Moves are projectiles. She has the
best attack to hit an enemy in the air. She shoots the enemy, and
doesn't jump or anything like that in the process. If she were to go
against Xine (but you can't since Ashton has to be in the party), she
could beat him by herself, all you have to do is just push the Normal
Attack button repeatedly. Her standing normal attack is she hits the
enemy with the Kaleidoscope.
Part 3:  Battle Strategies
        4.1: Basic
  Combat Skills can be very helpful to you in battle, but you shouldn't
depend on them too much, except for Gale (before getting Bunny Shoes),
Float, Cancel (Fighters), and Motormouth (Magic Users). Gale
increases the speed of the learner; Float allows the character to hit
the opponent in the air usually causing it to become dizzy and gives
time to juggle the opponenet for added damage; Cancel allows the learner
to do a normal attack and immediately do a Killer Move; and Motormouth
reduces the time it takes to cast a Magic spell greatly, with a certain
  When you attack an enemy from the back, you automatically hit it.
There's no need to take unnecessary risks by attacking from the front
all the time.
  If the current character you are using is doing an attack and you need
to use an item, just switch to another character doing nothing to use
an item.
  When you are used to using all characters one by one, battles will be
easy, otherwise, just choose a strategy for the AI.
  If two or more characters surround an enemy from both sides and keep
attacking in unison (and the enemy actually gets hurt), the enemy won't
be able to do anything for a while. Similarly, you can keep an enemy
against a wall and keep doing multi-hit Killer Moves and the enemy won't
be able to escape for a while.

Heavy Enemies: It is best to keep on attacking since they are too slow
               to counter.

Medium Enemies: They're aren't slow or fast, so, their attacks are pretty
                quick, but the setup time for it is just enough for you
                to evade the attack. So you can just run close enough to
                the enemy to cause it to attack then run away quickly.

Light Enemies: You should attack them when their back is turned or they
               are running away from you or going after another
               character. Or if you're strong enough, just attack them
               after they attack you.

  Once anyone has Angel Armband equipped (or just the Eternal Sphere
for Claude), you can keep doing normal attacks to trap the enemy. But
this is only good for people with quick (start up, the attack, and
recovery) attacks.
        4.2: Ashton Anchors
  Since Ashton's normal attack is quick and strong (not as strong as
Claude's, though), you can use it to attack medium/heavy enemies in
quick succession.
  His best two Killer Moves could possibly be Sword Dance and Dead

Cross Slash
  You can do this after doing Hurricane Slash to juggle the opponent
(use Link Combo).

Leaf Slash
  Use this to teleport to the enemy right away and do damage.

Piercing Swords
  The start up time is pretty slow, but this can hit the enemy multiple
times after being powered up.

Hurricane Slash
  At close range, he does a slash then another slash that makes a
tornado. At long range, he does a charging slash then the tornado is
thrown at the enemy. The hurricane launches the enemy in the air, unless
they are too heavy. This opens up a juggling opportunity (use Link

Dead Triangle
  Use this to teleport to the enemy, freeze them in place, then explode
everything in the area of effect. Ashton splits into three Ashtons in a
triangular formation then stabs their swords in the ground causing an
explosion, hurting everything in the area. But, if the enemy is fast
enough, they can run out of the area after Ashton teleports. Also, if
the enemy frozen is touched by anyone/anything, then the frozen enemy
can move again.

Dragon Breath
  Gyoro and Ururun breathe fire/ice respectively at the enemy. It's
random who's going to breathe dragon breath. After being powered up,
BOTH dragons will breathe dragon breath. The start up time lags, but
it can hit the enemy many times.

Sword Dance
  Ashton's hits the enemy with both of his swords in a martial dance.
Once this is powered up, he'll do more slashes doing more damage. He
doesn't step to left/right when executing this, so you don't have to
worry about him getting too close to the enemy.
        4.3: Dias Flac
  Personally, I think Dias' normal attack lags. The start up time takes
so long. But his slash is the fastest in the game. But the start up
time takes too long. I was playing with Dias in the Field of Courage
and he rarely hits the purple/green knights because his attack is so
slow. With Ernest, I can actually hit those same guys without being
afraid of being hit. Whoever said Dias' normal attack is the fastest in
the game not saying the start up time lags, well, they need to examine
it more closely. His fighting style is what causes him to be so slow,
he unsheathes his sword, attacks, then sheathes his sword. Although many
of his Killer Moves have a better start up time than his normal attack.
The lag of his attack is somewhat made up by the fact that his attack
has the second longest range and can hit enemies behind him.
  Dias equipped with Bunny shoes makes him a much better fighter,
especially for Killer Moves such as Chaos Sword, Gale Stab, Crescent
Moon Flash, Hawk Scream Blast, and Firebird Shock Wave.
  His best two Killer Moves could possibly be Illusion and Firebird
Shock Wave.

Cross Wave
  Cross Wave can be used to attack airborne enemies (or just standing
enemies) twice. Use this attack against flying enemies.

Air Slash
  Air Slash can be used to keep the enemy away. Since it's a very quick
Killer Move, if you're fighting against a monster you know can kill you
if it gets close, you can use the long range version of this Killer Move
to keep it back.

Crescent Wave
  Crescent Wave can be used to attack standing/airborne enemies. It can
be used to hit a variety of enemies.

Chaos Sword
  Once this Killer Move is powered up, it can hit twice. You can use
this attack against airborne/standing enemies in close range. The long
range version of this is a ground projectile that can also hit twice.
Use the long range version to keep the enemy away from you, but Dias has
to be a certain distance before executing the Killer Move.

Gale Stab
  This Killer Move does about four times the damage of Dias' normal
attack. Have the Bunny shoes equipped and this Killer Move is deadly.
He thrusts forward with his sword quickly doing heavy damage against
the enemy. You can use this against enemies that are trying to attack

Crescent Moon Flash
  Dias shoots a projectile in the shape of a crescent moon. You can also
use this to keep the enemy way, but it's just as strong as Air Slash.

Hawk Scream Blast
  Before being powered up, for the long range version of this Killer
Move, he does a quick upward slash, then a quick downward slash shooting
a hawk projectile. The short range version is the same exact thing as
the long range version, except the hawk is in front of the sword. After
being powered up, he does and upward slash then a downward slash
shooting the hawk projectile whether it be in short or long range. This
Killer Move can hit twice anytime, it's his second multi-hitting Kille
Move. It's hawk projectile's element is fire, so use it against enemies
weak against fire or without fire resistance.
  Use the long range version to keep the enemy back or from attacking.
The short range version is used to hit the enemy twice.

Full Moon Slash
  He spins his sword in the shape of a full moon then the enemy is
surrounded in the shape of a full moon and hit. Not very useful at
first, but if you're able to power it up, he'll be much faster when he
spins his sword in the shape of a full moon. But the recovery time lags,
so use this when you have other party members with you to distract the

  After being powered up (Proficiency 420), he can hit up to four times.
If he does Strong Blow for certain attacks, he may not always hit with
the next attack. It's the closest Dias can get to a real multi-hitting
Killer Move. At least it doesn't cost that much MP.

Firebird Shock Wave
  This move can be used to dodge enemy projectiles and hit the enemy.
This Killer Move can hit up to three/four times. But if the enemy is
too close after Dias starts executing this move, it only hits once. Use
this carefully and correctly, the enemy can be hit numerous times losing
lots of HP.
  It's best to use it to dodge projectiles (you need Bunny shoes
equipped) and hit the enemy at the same time.
        4.4: Bowman Jean
  Bowman has some pretty good Killer Moves, although there is one that
really leaves him open after executing it. People have said Bowman has
the worst range in the game (magicians included) but I beg to differ.
I would actually say Bowman has the third worst range in the game. It
seems he has some kind of invisible force that hits the enemy when he's
not touching the enemy. You see, I've tested out Bowman and Noel, and
Noel rarely hits the enemy, but Bowman DOES hit the enemy. I've used
both of their attacks against the Insane Load enemies when they back up
somewhat to do their sword attack. Noel can't hit them, but Bowman CAN.
Oh yes, Celine supposedly has the same range as Noel, seeing as both of
them rarely hit the enemy except from behind.
  Bowman's best two Killer Moves could possibly be Explosion Pills and
Sakura Attack.

Spirit Attack
  Once this is powered up, Bowman shoots three projectiles. It's quick,
but each projectile is only as strong as his normal attack. But it can
really keep the enemy back. You can keep using it against a pretty slow
guy and they will be kind of trapped.

Poison Pills
  Once this is powered up, he throws more poison pills. But if the
enemy is too fast (you'll need Bunny shoes for this), do Poison Pills
then run towards the enemy so they'll either stay in one place or back
up, thus being hit by the poison. Oh yes, this attack can also poison

  This attack is best used when your party is with Bowman. Since the
attack takes so long to pull off (he spins on top of the enemies head),
the enemy/enemies will need to be distracted so Bowman isn't hit during
or after the Killer Move is executed.
  The short range version of this Killer Move is just a jump then he
turns upside down supposedly putting a "punishment collar" on the enemy.
The long range version of this is he fades into his own shadow (it would
sound better if he teleported, but whatever) then appears above the
enemy then puts the "punishment collar" on the enemy. Either way, they
are both pretty much useless.

Firebird Attack
  This move, he gathers fireballs then throws the fireball projectile at
the enemy. The start up time sucks though, it takes too long to pull it
off. I wouldn't really use this move unless the party was distracting
the enemy/enemies or the enemy/enemies were really slow and he could
actually pull it off.

Death Siege
  Bowman is invincible when executing this, but the recovery time just
sucks. Once this Killer Move is powered up, you can hit the enemy up to
four times (a buncha' Bowmans run into the enemy in an X fashion). It
works incredibly well against slow enemies or enemies being distracted
in one place. So, it should be used against slow enemies, or when the
party is there to help you.

Whirlwind Fist
  The start up time is horrible. But the attack itself is good. But
you shouldn't do this against flying/floating enemies because then, they
are launched pretty high into the air and stay high in the air and can
only descend when they are flying/floating in once place. This should
only be used against normal enemies or very heavy enemies.
  This move can be used to juggle the opponent (use Link Combo, it's
more efficient). After doing Whirlwind Fist, do something like Explosion
Pills or Sakura Attack.

Burst Fist
  For the short range version of this Killer Move, he makes a bubble
barrier of some sort, goes in it, then charges at the enemy with his
body, then retreats back. At long range, he makes the bubble barrier
then throws it at the enemy. Since he retreats back after doing the
Killer Move, it is pretty useful. You can use it repeatedly to attack
the enemy.

Explosion Pills
  This could possibly his most useful Killer Move. When this Killer Move
is powered up, he will throw more explosion pills. The radius of each
pill is pretty small, but since there are quite a lot of explosions, it
has quite some range. This move is especially useful against flying/air¬
borne enemies, you can just keep doing Explosion Pills until the enemy

Sakura Attack
  This is Bowman's strongest Killer Move. He just does a buncha' Martial
Arts punches and kicks jumping into the air then descending. After
powering up this Killer Move, he does more punches and kicks and adds a
Spirit Attack at the end of Sakura Attack, the only difference between
the last part is the color/size of the projectiles. You can use this
for juggling.
        4.5: Claude Kenni
  Claude is supposedly the best fighter in the game. I tell you, he does
have the best defense and offense, has the most useful weapon (Eternal
Sphere), but he doesn't have the best accuracy (HIT) but he does have
the best evasion (AVD). His normal attack is quite quick and has pretty
good range.
  His best two Killer Moves could possibly be Mirror Slice and Twin

Air Slash
  You can use this in the same fashion as Dias would use his Air Slash,
although Claude's Air Slash is slower. But this can still be used to
keep the enemy back.

Shooting Stars (Shooting Stars Wall Trap)
  Shooting Stars is an awfully good Killer Move (once it's powered up).
If you trap the opponent against the wall or another enemy/character and
do Shooting Stars, that enemy will lose a lot of HP.
  The long range version is a projectile that does twice the damage of
one punch of Shooting Stars.

Head Splitter
  Before being powered up, this Killer Move is very useful. He stabs the
sword into the enemy's head. It usually hits the enemy, unless you are
too far away from the enemy and do Head Splitter. After being powered
up, after jumping in the air, he does a foward flip with his sword
sticking out (similar to Sasuke's Kabutowari, otherwise known as Head
Split Cut/Flip Slash Cut). This powered up version isn't the best, but
it is certainly much stronger than the previous version. If you are too
close to your opponent, the Head Splitter will miss. You have to be a
certain distance so just the sword hits the enemy. But, if you utilize
Head Splitter correctly and carefully, then you'll rarely miss.
  You need to do Head Splitter quite some distance away so you can hit
your opponent.

Burst Knuckle
  Claude puts a flame around his fist and punches the enemy with it.
>From far away, he throws the flame at the enemy. After being powered up,
this Killer Move can hit two or three times, but it's hard to do that.
You should only use this against enemies weak against fire.

Ripper Blast (Ripper Blast 'Quake)
  For the short range version of this Killer Move, Claude stabs his
sword into the ground and rocks pop up out of the ground in the same
line. For the long range version of this Killer Move, he stabs his
sword into the ground and millions of rocks pop up out of the ground
and can hit any enemies in the effect area.
  You can use this Killer Move to trap an enemy (after final change)
for a long time. Use the long range version first, then keep doing the
short range version one. This way, you can do tons of damage to your
enemy/enemies. Keep the enemy against the wall and keep doing Ripper
Blast and the enemy will die.

Twin Slash
  Twin Slash is a very useful move against a flying/jumping enemy. This
could possibly be his second most useful Killer Move. It's the best
move against flying/jumping enemies. You can keep doing it on them and
they'll die.

Sword Bomber
  Claude shoots a couple of meteors. Each meteor can hit two or three
times. Sword Bomber can shoot a lot of meteors after the final change.
You can use this Killer Move to dodge projectiles and hit the opponent
at the same time (Bunny shoes equipped).

Mirror Slice
  Claude's best Killer Move. Works well against any enemy except
flying enemies (use Twin Slash against those guys). After the final
change, this Killer Move can deal very deadly damage, but if you are
going to have Strong Blow on, then use it on the enemy when they are
trapped against a wall or another enemy/character.
        4.6: Chisato Madison
  Her normal attack is rather slow, since she does a back kick. She's a
good fighter in her Killer Moves, but all of them shouldn't really be
  Her best two Killer Moves could be Rising Dragon and Tear Gas.

  Before being powered up, she does a roundhouse then immediately
following that, a Kaiten Ashibarai with the other leg. After being
powered up, she tacks on an axe kick and a back flip.
  This move can be used in quick succession and to juggle your opponent.

Rising Dragon
  This Killer Move is quite strong and can hit your opponent at least
six times after being powered up. Use this just to attack your opponent
since the start up time doesn't lag.

Tear Gas
  Possibly her most useful Killer Move when the party is there to
distract the enemies. This Killer Move never changes, and can hit at
least 15 times. You can use this to trap bosses against the wall.
        4.7: Precis Neumann
  Her normal attack's starting time lags about as much as Dias' normal
  Her best two Killer Moves could be Barrier and Mujin Super Beam.

Rocket Punch
  This is a pretty good Killer Move. Equipped with the Bunny shoes and
you can just keep doing Rocket Punch and your enemy will eventually die.

Hop Step
  Similar to the final change of Claude's Head Splitter, Precis jumps
in the air and smashes the opponent's head with a hammer. Just like
Head Splitter (final change), if she's too close, she won't always hit
the opponent.

  You can do this move at any distance. Bobot transforms into a drill
machine, Precis hops in, drills underground, then appears next to the
enemy and hits it with the drills of the machine. You can use this to
catch up to the enemy, plus, she's invincible when underground (maybe
except against magic).

  Precis throws Bobot 1 at the enemy. It's pretty quick, and you can use
it in the same fashion as Rocket Punch. Once this is powered up, she'll
kick Bobot 2 at the enemy as well.

Parabola Beam
  Precis gets a machine out of her back pack and it shoots circular
lasers (I don't know why they even call it Parabola Beam, a parabola
is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH different). If Precis is slow, then this move isn't
very good. This is actually pretty good, but the start up time lags.

Bang-Bang Attack
  Before being powered up, this move is useless. After being powered
up, Precis can hit the enemy multiple times with her hammers.

Bloody Mary
  Bobot 1 transforms into a huge mech-like machine with a drill, Precis
jumps in, then Bobot 1 drills the enemy. It can hit multiple times
after being powered up (three initially).

Mujin Super Beam
  Bobot transforms into a mech-like machine, the mech launcher pops out
of the center of the body, shoots the enemy, then goes away. It's pretty
strong and hits the enemy before Precis is hit.

  This Killer Move could possibly her best one. She throws Bobot in the
air and when it lands, it explodes and can hit the enemy for tons of
damage. After being powered up, she throws another Bobot.
        4.8: Ernest Raviede
  Ernest's normal attack's start up time is a little faster than Dias'.
But the recovery time is the best in the world. But the attack has the
longest range in the game.
  His only useful Killer Moves are Broken Heart and Sonic Whip.

Broken Heart
  After being powered up, Ernest hits his whip into the ground. Then
the stems of roses pop up out of the ground and hit the enemy tons of
times. After the stems pop up out of the ground, you can see the image
of a rose. If Ernest has the Bunny shoes on, this move will be really

Sonic Whip
  Once Ernest is level 90 or above, this attack can do 9999 damage to
almost any enemy. It takes a while for him to gather up the vacuum
globe then throw it at the enemy, but it's still pretty good. After
being powered up, the vacuum globe is really big.
        4.9: Opera Vectra
  Opera's normal attack could possibly be the fastest for a fighter.
She has the best attack against airborne enemies. She shoots the enemy.
When fighting against a bird similar to XINE, she could kill it just by
doing normal attacks over and over. Her standing attack is a whack with
the Kaleidoscope.
  Her best two Killer Moves could be Hyper Launcher and Alpha on One.

Photon Prison
  Photon Prison is pretty good, but the accuracy isn't really good.
Photon Prison temporarily stops the enemy for a while. The more
proficiency, the longer the enemy stays frozen. Use this to freeze a
tough enemy/boss for a while.

Flame Launcher
  At close range, she shoots flames at the enemy like a flame thrower.
At long range, she shoots a lob of fire and upon impact, explodes and
fire spreads around the area. Both versions are very good and do more
damage after being powered up.

Alpha on One
  Opera shoots energy balls at the enemy that explode on contact. The
energy balls home in on the enemy. After being powered up, she shoots
more of them.

Spread Ray
  Similar to Claude's Sword Bomber, Opera jumps into the air and shoots
the enemy. She can use this to dodge projectile (with Bunny shoes

Cold Wind
  Opera shoots cold wind at the enemy (similar to a hurricane in the
direction at the enemy) doings lots of damage. After being powered up,
the enemy gets hit a lot more.

Lightning Blade
  Similar to Ernest's Thunder Whip (except much faster), at long range,
Opera points the Kaleidoscope facing the sky, then shoots the enemy
with lightning. In clse range, she shoots the ground making a barrier
of lightning around her that spins round and round covering a bigger
and bigger area.

Hyper Launcher
  Possibly her best Killer Move, she shoots the enemy multiple times
doing lots of damage. After this is powered up, she shoots the enemy for
a longer time and, of course, does more damage.
Part 5:  Frequently Asked Questions
None as of yet.
Part 6:  My Comments and Stuff
  For the next month or so, I won't be updating any of my FAQs since I
have a lot of stuff to do. I'll try to finish it ASAP so I can start
working again.

  This FAQ was put together after about four weeks of personal battle
experience, or rather, over 140 hours.
  Another good thing about this game is that you change the button
configurations. Using O as accept/examine/talk, I'm used to it. X as
cancel is just as good.
  Anyone ever check the CDs of Star Ocean 2? The bottom (the black side)
has a strange appearance. You can see the cylinders, which probably
means it was terribly copied on the CDs or something.
  This game has some of the worst voiceovers ever, although there
are some good ones, but most of them sound too fake.
  This game is actually pretty short, but it has a lot of replay value
because of the many different endings, secrets, characters, etc.
Part 7:  Special Thanks
  Creating this game

  Producing this game

  Making most of the FMVs in the game

  Publishing the game

My Most-Previous FAQs:
  Got most of the layout from either of them
Part 8:  Author Information
Name:     Dan GC
E-mail:   LB Dan GC@aol.com
Web page: None
          Under Construction
ICQ:      None

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