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Endings Guide by Feral

Updated: 10/01/99

Star Ocean 2nd Story ending compendium 
compiled by: FeralNoa@aol.com (Feral) 

(*WARNING: contains SPOILERS for the ENDINGS*) 

Started on Sunday the first of August 1999. 
Last updated: October 1, 1999.  
80 ending descriptions currently listed. (actually, all 86 possibilites 
each have _something_ written down, thanks to the Japanese webpage that 
Sherwin Tam told me about; it's just not a very good description. Basically 
the only ones missing are the multiple variations of some couples.)
Added a rough translation of extra-special ending #86 described on Japanese 
webpage http://tokyo.cool.ne.jp/akaza/so2ed.html#hukugou 
Unfortunately, I have no clue how to get this extra-special ending. It does 
not seem to be a pairing of any two people, though Claude and Rena are 
speaking. If anyone has any ideas (or better yet, has actually seen this 
ending and knows what to do to get it) please e-mail me. There are many 
faqs with information on how to get the special endings for Opera, Ashton, 
and Celine, but apparently nothing about how to get this particular ending. 

This is a list of all the possible combinations of characters in the 
endings of Star Ocean 2nd Story.  Obviously, it contains spoilers for 
the various endings.  In fact, this entire list is just one spoiler 
after another.  This will probably be useful for people who have played 
through the game at least twice and are wondering what endings they have 
missed, or people who don't have time to play through several times but
still want to know what other endings there are. Maybe later I will add 
a mini-faq on how to get the most endings out of one game, and how to 
get difficult couples together.  

Thanks to everyone who helped with filling in the list: CB, the slept, 
NPN, Xerain, Xantheras, ANT Eagle, Dmguinn, DMHawkmoon, Aya Brea, 
Mohd. Adisa Mahadi. 

Thanks to Sherwin Tam, who told me of the Japanese webpage that had all 86 
endings, there are now some more endings possibilities added. Unfortunately, 
the descriptions may not be accurate, since I can't read Japanese and my 
uncle who is doing the translations only knows a little bit of Japanese. 

Also, thanks to everyone who I got any useful information on Star Ocean 
2nd Story from, though I can't really remember exactly where I got what info.
Copyright 1999.  If you wish to use any part of this document, please ask 
permission from the person who wrote the section in question.  Their e-mails
are located right in the list along with their writings. If there is no 
e-mail or name to which the section is credited, then I wrote it. 

First, the individuals will be listed, followed by the couples in this order:

1. Claude 
2. Rena 
3. Celine 
4. Bowman 
5. Dias 
6. Precis 
7. Ashton 
8. Leon 
9. Opera 
10. Ernest 
11. Noel 
12. Chisato

For example, if you want to look for the ending with Dias and Rena 
together, scroll down to "2-5 Rena and Dias".  If you're looking for 
Precis and Celine together, it's "3-6 Celine and Precis".  Special 
endings (*3*, *7*, *9*) are listed under the character involved, 
after the pairings with other party members.      

A webpage(html) version of this list with clickable links for navigating 
around the list is located at: 

Contributions/additions to the list are welcome.  If you have seen an 
ending which is not listed, or feel that you have a better/more detailed 
description of one which is listed, please e-mail FeralNoa@aol.com; you 
will receive credit if your description is used.  Comments, suggestions 
and corrections for details are also welcome. 

Everything below this point is spoilers.

The endings possibilities: 

1. Claude alone: Claude is getting off of a ship which has just arrived 
on Earth.  He says that he has finally made it home, and decides to go 
see his mother. 

2. Rena alone: Westa wants to go to the Shingo Forest, but Rena says 
it's still too dangerous no matter how peaceful things have become.  
Westa goes to the forest anyways; Rena remarks that she really loves 
the Shingo Forest.  

3. Celine alone: Celine is searching for treasure, but finds only 
crumpled paper. She continues onward, hoping to find something good 
in the next place. 

4. Bowman alone: Keith walks into the pharmacy and tells Bowman 
that he's finished the translation.  Bowman's kind of
confused, and Keith say something to the extent of,
"Uhh, don't you remember that ancient text you gave me
a couple days ago?"  He goes on to say that the
ancient text contined a story of a lost paradise. 
Bowman guesses that the name of the Paradise was Nede,
and turns out to be right, which really mystifies Keith. 
(by the_slept@yahoo.com)

5. Dias alone: Dias visits his sister Cecille's grave. He apologizes 
for having been away so long, and says he has so much to tell her. 

6. Precis alone: Precis is in her house working on a machine. Graft, 
her father, asks if she wants tea.  Precis tells him to wait a minute; 
she wants to finish up here first.  Graft says that she never changes, 
but he thought that she would have gained some maturity or something 
after this adventure.  Precis says that a few months of adventure 
wouldn't have made a significant change in her anyways.  She then 
heads towards the living room: "Weren't we going to have tea? Let's 
have tea o/~." 

7. Ashton alone: Ashton is at Lasguss Mountain with Gyoro and Ururun.  
He wonders how the others are doing now that it has been a year. 

8. Leon alone: Leon is in Lacour playing with two other kids, a boy 
and a girl.  His parents, Florice and Murdoch, call him in for lunch.  
Leon goes on ahead to the castle and his parents mention how much 
happier he seems now. 

9. Opera alone: Opera is looking out the window of a building on 
Tetragenes. "Alfred the Butler" walks in and asks her if anything is 
wrong. Opera replies that she is just thinking about the past. Alfred 
asks if she means the time she and her friends saved the universe, and 
Opera says yes, but no one would believe her. Alfred says that's not 
true; he knows she is not the type who would lie. Opera wonders how 
the others are doing now. 

10. Ernest alone: Ernest and some workers are exploring a planet that 
looks like Milocinia. One of the workers asks whether they should go on 
or report back first. Ernest wants to go on, of course, and warns the 
workers to watch out for traps.  

11. Noel alone: Noel is in the Heraldry forest with some animal friends.  
He misses the others and a dog tries to cheer him up. 

12. Chisato alone: Chisato is in Herlie, and is very bored.  She wonders 
how the others are doing.  

1-2 Claude and Rena (1): Claude is in Arlia village.  Rena comes out of 
her house and asks him if he has gotten used to living there yet.  Claude 
replies that he still can't get rid of his old habits from when he lived 
on Earth, but he has no regrets.  

1-2 Claude and Rena (2): Rena is with Claude at his home on Earth.  
Claude apologizes for leaving Rena alone when he goes on missions.  
Rena says she won't be alone for long, and asks Claude if he forgot 
that he will be a father in 6 months. 

1-2 Claude and Rena (3): Claude and Rena are aboard a ship like the 
Calnus and say they found a planet with life and water on it. They 
thought they were going to have to return to Earth, but they end up 
on another adventure. (by NPN113086@aol.com) 

1-3 Claude and Celine: Claude and Celine are treasure-hunting.  Claude 
finds crumpled paper.  A monster appears and the two of them go to fight it.

1-4 Claude and Bowman: Claude and Bowman are fighting a monster on the beach 
at El. Claude finishes off the monster and comments on how there are still 
many monsters in this area. Bowman concurs and says that the restoration of 
El may take longer than expected, then asks Claude if he is really OK with 
not going back to his own planet. Claude replies that he decided to stay on 
Expel because there are still people who need him here.  

1-5 Claude and Dias: Claude and Dias kill two bandits who were holding a 
girl hostage. Claude says that although the turmoil of the Sorcery Globe 
has ended, there still seems to be no end to the conflicts. Dias says 
that's just the way things are; it's reality. Claude says that this job 
will be over once the girl is brought back to the town, and asks Dias 
where he will go after that. Dias replies: "Good question... somewhere, 
I guess..." and leaves. "Somewhere, huh?" Claude asks the empty air.   

1-6 Claude and Precis (1): Precis is in her house in Linga, working 
on some machine.  Claude comes in and says that tea is ready.  Precis 
tells him to wait a minute, then the machine blows up in her face.  
Claude runs to her and tells her not to make him worry so much. 

1-6 Claude and Precis (2): Claude is a captain or leiutenant at a 
federation starship and precis is a scientist. She just won the nobel 
prize and is joining Claude on the starship for exploration. (can't 
remember the dialog much) Then Precis/Claude comments that they will 
spending time together from now on. 
(by Mohd. Adisa Mahadi <mahadim@kaka.lincoln.ac.nz>)

1-7 Claude and Ashton: Claude and Ashton are searching for a way to 
remove Ashton's curse and save Gyoro and Ururun too, but haven't found 
anything in over a year.  They say they'll keep trying, even if it 
takes 5 or 10 years.  

1-8 Claude and Leon: Leon is at Claude's home on Earth.  Claude asks 
Leon if he will go back to Expel soon.  Leon says no, because there's 
still so much he wants to learn. 

1-9 Claude and Opera (1): They are shown in a building on Tetragenes.  
Opera tells Claude that they have to attend a black-tie dinner that 
evening.  Claude complains and says he hates dressing formal.  Opera 
tells him that he has to, now that he is heir to the head of the 
Vectras. (by ANTEagle3@aol.com)  

1-9 Claude and Opera (2): Claude is in his home on Earth. Opera walks 
in and asks him what's wrong. Claude says was just thinking about 
things. Opera asks if he's thinking about their adventures. Claude is 
silent, and then Opera says she wonders how they are all doing. She 
says they should go see their friends, but since Claude is back home, 
they should just spend time together for now. (followed by a heart!)
(by DMHawkmoon <bryanbackas@yahoo.com>)

1-10 Claude and Ernest: Claude is sitting in the captain's chair on a 
ship like the Calnus, and the crew calls him "Chief". Ernest is standing 
beside Claude. One of the crew announces they are approaching the 
planet Madrit. Claude gives the order to begin scanning the planet. As 
the crew reports on the scan results, Ernest asks if anything out of the 
ordinary was found. The crew replies that no edifices were found, and 
Claude makes note of it to add to the planetary survey database. 

1-11 Claude and Noel: Noel is in the Shingo Forest with some animals.  
Claude comes up and asks if he should be doing this.  One of the 
animals pounces on Noel and starts biting him.  Claude asks Noel if he 
is ok and Noel says not to worry; it's their way of showing affection.  
Claude says "But Noel.. you're bleeding." Noel finally realizes that the 
animal really is attacking him and asks Claude to "shoo them off".  

1-12 Claude and Chisato (1): Thay are shown on a ship that looks like the 
Calnus.  Claude is in the command chair and Chisato is standing next to 
him.  Claude says that thay are approaching an undiscovered region of 
space and Chisato comments excitedly on how much uncharted space there 
is to explore. (by ANTEagle3@aol.com)

1-12 Claude and Chisato (2): Claude is a cameraman. 

2-3 Rena and Celine: They are talking in Mars village.  Celine wants Rena 
to help her to create healing heraldy crests.  Rena seems skeptical at 
first, but then agrees, saying that it would save many lives.  Celine 
says that it would make them famous and Rena says nothing. (by ANTEagle3@aol.com)

2-4 Rena and Bowman: Rena is in the library in Linga. Bowman walks in 
and asks her how her studies are going. Rena replies that there are so 
many books and they're all so interesting that she forgets the time. 
Bowman says that he knew she should be in academia, as that is what's 
important for a professor: to enjoy what you study. Rena is embarrassed 
and says that she's nowhere near that level. Bowman says she is wrong; 
she is definitely professor material, and he will prove it.  

2-5 Rena and Dias (1): Rena and Dias visit Cecille's grave.  Dias 
apologizes for having been away so long, and Rena says that it has been 
a long time.  They notice that it is getting late and start heading 
back to town.  Dias promises to come back in a month, 
and Rena asks Cecille to "Please be happy for us.."   

2-5 Rena and Dias (2): Dias is with Rena in Arlia. 

2-6 Rena and Precis: Rena is in Cross, waiting for Precis.  She complains 
that Precis is late, even though Precis is the one who called Rena.  
Precis comes running and apologizes, then asks if Rena has been waiting 
long.  Rena replies that she has been waiting 3 hours, then asks what 
Precis wanted to talk about.  Precis says that she wants Rena to come 
with her and pick up guys together.  Rena says no, we shouldn't 
do that.  Precis then goes after a random guy by herself.  

2-7 Rena and Ashton: Ashton is in Bossman's house with Bossman's two kids 
running around him arguing about which dragon they like better.  Rena 
comes in and tells them to stop bothering Ashton.  They say that she 
always takes Ashton's side, and run out of the house.  Ashton says he's 
glad he came to Arlia because the people here don't treat 
him differently from anyone else.  

2-8 Rena and Leon: Leon is playing with two other kids, a boy (Ketil, 
the little blue-haired thief from Clik) and a girl, in Arlia village 
when Rena comes out of her house and calls Leon in for lunch. She tells 
him to eat his vegetables.  (BTW, does anyone else think it's strange 
that Rena has to remind Leon to eat his vegetables when 
his favorite food is carrot juice?) 

2-9 Rena and Opera: Rena and Opera are on Tetragenes. Rena asks Opera 
if all that on Expel and Nede really happened, as it almost seems like 
a dream now. Opera says that it has been a long time, then mentions she 
was surprised by Rena's request to come with her. Rena apologizes for 
imposing, and Opera replies that she welcomes Rena's company; it's just 
that she's afraid Rena would regret abandoning Expel. Rena says it would 
be a lie to say she wasn't sad, but she has no regrets as she has been 
able to see many interesting things with Opera.   

2-10 Rena and Ernest: Rena and Ernest are in Arlia. Rena says she knows 
Ernest must be longing to travel, as she has often seen him looking up 
at the sky with a sad expression. She tells him not to worry about her; 
she will wait for him if he wants to go exploring. Ernest replies that 
although life in Arlia village can be boring sometimes, there is a 
treasure here that surpasses any ancient treasures he could find 
anywhere: Rena. So Ernest says he will stay in Arlia with Rena. 

2-11 Rena and Noel: Noel is in the Shingo Forest playing with some animals.  
Rena comes up saying she knew he would be there, and reminds him that he 
promised to go shopping with her today.  Noel says he forgot, and Rena 
complains that he pays more attention to the animals than to her.  

2-12 Rena and Chisato: Chisato is in Rena's room, telling Rena all about 
the history of Nede.  Apparently, Rena has been writing down the whole 
thing (all 700 million+ years of it?) as she says she wants to leave a 
record so that people will know it was not all in vain.  Rena thanks 
Chisato for staying with her for so long. 

3-4 Celine and Bowman: Bowman is in the village in El, taking care of 
wounded people. Celine walks into the village and notes that Bowman is 
certainly working hard. Bowman notices Celine and tells her about the 
monsters west of the village. Celine says there are still a lot of 
monsters that attack people around here, which makes Bowman think that 
the restoration of El may take longer than expected. Celine asks if 
Bowman misses his wife back in Linga, and Bowman changes the subject, 
saying they should get going to subjugate the monsters. Bowman walks 
out of the village, followed by Celine. 

3-5 Celine and Dias: Dias is walking in the forest, and Celine is 
following him. Dias stops and asks her how long she is going to keep 
doing this. Celine replies that she doesn't know; maybe until he 
starts to pay some attention to her! Dias starts walking away, 
saying: "Fine, do as you please." Celine says she will, and follows 
him again.   

3-6 Celine and Precis: Celine and Precis are in the bar in Lacour.  
Two men walk into the bar and ask "Beautiful" if she would like to 
spend some time with them. Celine, thinking that they are talking to 
her, declines the offer. Both Celine and Precis are surprised when 
the men ignore Celine and walk over to Precis, saying that she is cute, 
and ask her if she wants to have tea or something.  Precis asks if 
Celine can come too, and the men ask Precis if her friend is as cute 
as she is. Precis, confused, asks what they mean by that; Celine has 
been standing right here all along. The men are surprised and ask 
Precis why she is with that lady who is so much older than she is. 
Celine is fuming and threatens the men, who quickly leave. Celine 
complains about how the men have no taste, picking Precis over her.  

3-7 Celine and Ashton: The ending shows Celine + Ashton in the 
clothing store, (It looks like the one in Clik, which would be
impossible.), Celine asks Ashton which dress she looks
better in. Ashton is having trouble making up his
mind. Celine gets angry because she thinks he doesn't
care. Ashton explains that It's because he thinks they
both look good on her. Celine says if that's the case,
she'll buy them both.  (by Xerain@yahoo.com)

3-8 Celine and Leon: it has leon working in the lab in Cross, I think 
(where ever he is from) {it's Lacour - Feral} and she comes in and 
comments that the new heraldy spell or something was a little long 
winded...that it took to long to cast or something to that effect. He 
says that can be worked on some more then. She then presents some kind 
of paper that she found. And he is shock and says he will begin 
imediately to translate it. (by Xantheras@yahoo.com) 

3-9 Celine and Opera: They are shown talking in Mars Village.  Celine 
thanks Opera for coming to see her.  Opera asks Celine if she's found 
a boyfriend yet.  Celine starts sweating and asks Opera the same thing.  
Opera starts sweating and they both say nothing. (by ANTEagle3@aol.com)

3-10 Celine and Ernest (1): Celine and Ernest are exploring a planet 
that looks like Milocinia. Celine says that the altar must be further 
in. Ernest is surprised to find ruins of such a scale on an outlying 
planet. Celine asks what they should do, perhaps they should report 
back first? Ernest says that they haven't come this far only to go 
back empty-handed. He then enters the ruins, followed by some workers. 
Celine stays behind a bit, commenting that Ernest is more of a 
treasure-hunter than an academic archaeologist.  

3-10 Celine and Ernest (2): at Celine's house

3-11 Celine and Noel: Noel is in the Heraldry forest, surrounded by 
animals. Celine walks up and reminds Noel that they were supposed to go 
on a date today. Noel apologizes for forgetting. Celine complains that 
she waited so long and asks why Noel can't pay more attention to her 
instead of his animals.  

3-12 Celine and Chisato: Celine and Chisato are treasure hunting and 
Chisato finds crumpled paper. Chisato complains about how they haven't 
found anything that they were looking for and all they got was this 
crumpled paper. Celine says that these things happen, and Chisato says 
that considering how much time they have spent, they ought to have 
something to show for it. Celine suggests that they keep going, perhaps 
there will be something better in the next place.  

*3* Celine and Chris (special): Two maids refuse to allow Celine to 
leave Cross Castle.  Chris (aka King Clother) orders them to let her 
go.  He then reminds Celine that as the queen, she should to be sure 
to come back uninjured and in time for the harvest festival in autumn.   

4-5 Bowman and Dias: Dias asks Bowman whether he is going back to Linga 
now. Bowman says no, there are still many monsters left and he will go 
to El to help with the reconstruction, then asks what Dias will be doing. 
Dias replies that he probably will continue traveling as he had been 
doing before. Bowman then asks Dias to come to El with him and help with 
subjugating the monsters. Dias agrees, and the two of them walk off 

4-6 Bowman and Precis: not possible. 

4-7 Bowman and Ashton: Ashton and Bowman are fighting a monster on 
the beach at El. Ashton finishes off the monster, then remarks that 
there are still a lot of monsters in this area. Bowman says that the 
restoration of El could take longer than they thought, and Ashton 
says that he thinks they have nearly subjugated all the monsters in 
this area. Bowman tells Ashton that he didn't need to stay and help, 
to which Ashton replies that the people of El need him and that's 
enough for him.  

4-8 Bowman and Leon: Bowman is running his store in Linga when Leon 
asks him to come back to the laboratory at Lacour because the king 
will reinstate the pharmaceuticals department if he does. Bowman 
declines the offer, saying that although he would like to be able to 
bury himself in work at the lab, he doesn't want to research just for 
the sake of results. Instead, he wants to be able to see the smiles of 
the people he has helped. Leon calls Bowman stupid, then gives up and 
runs out of the store. Nineh walks in shortly afterwards and asks was 
that Leon again? Bowman says yes, it must be lonely for Leon being a 
genius, as no one at the lab can keep up with him. But Leon can't stay 
a child forever, and he must eventually learn to figure out the 
solutions to his problems himself.  

4-9 Bowman and Opera: Bowman is in the village in El, taking care of 
wounded people. Opera enters the village and says that she has cleaned 
out the monster nest to the west. Bowman thanks her as he was too busy 
to go himself. Opera replies that it was no problem for her by herself. 
Bowman asks Opera if she is all right with not going back to her own 
planet. Opera says she will stay with him to the end, even if the 
restoration of El takes longer than expected. 

4-10 Bowman and Ernest: Bowman and Ernest are in the bar in Lacour. 
Bowman says that it has been a long time. Ernest agrees and adds it 
must be about 3 years now. Bowman asks Ernest where he has been and 
tells him to visit more often as Bowman can't go visit Ernest. 
Ernest apologizes and says he has been busy at the university. 
Bowman asks Ernest what Opera was doing chasing him anyways, as she 
is Ernest's student. Ernest asks if Bowman knew that Opera has a 
sister, and Bowman says this is the first he's heard of it. Ernest 
says that Opera's sister Opal is just like her, at which point a 
woman who looks exactly like Opera with slightly darker hair walks 
into the bar. The woman (Opal) says she is so glad she found 
"Professor 9" (I guess that's her nickname for Ernest) and Ernest 
asks her how did she find him anyways? Opal replies that Opera told 
her Ernest would probably be on this planet, so she borrowed Opera's 
ship and came here. Then Opal goes on (in a ditzy sounding way) to 
say that she is "so-o-o glad" she found Ernest, as she had "bumped 
the ship a little and now it won't move" and she was worried that 
she might be stuck on this planet. Bowman says that Ernest has got 
himself a double-barreled shotgun there, and Ernest doesn't know 
what to do. 

4-11 Bowman and Noel: Bowman and Noel are in Bowman's pharmacy. 
Several patients are waiting in line, including a young man with a 
broken bone and a granny with a cold. Noel proceeds to cast healing 
spells on each patient one at a time, and they leave happy after 
being cured. Nineh walks in as the second patient leaves and mentions 
that it's nice to see so many people in the store. Bowman complains 
that if things keep up this way (with Noel magically healing everyone) 
then there will be no reason for anyone to come at all.   

4-12 Bowman and Chisato: Bowman and Nineh are in their store when 
Chisato comes running in. Chisato places a huge pile of herbs on the 
counter, listing the contents as being 10 bunches each of Clarisage 
and Dillwhip, plus Artemis Leaf and Aceras. Then she says she's off 
to Lasguss Mountain to get some Metox, and runs out of the store 
saying she'll be back in about a month. Nineh comments that the new 
girl (Chisato) is certainly a hard worker and deserves a raise. 
Bowman says she isn't a hard worker, she's a lunatic!  

5-6 Dias and Precis: Dias is in Precis's house, sitting at the table 
with her father, Graft. Precis walks in the front door and asks what 
the two of them are doing there, why don't they say something? Their 
response: "Don't know what to say.." 

5-7 Dias and Ashton: Ashton and Dias confront two bandits who are 
holding a girl hostage. Ashton tells the bandits that if they 
surrender, their punishment will be reduced. The bandits refuse, so 
Dias and Ashton kill the bandits. Ashton and Dias compliment each 
other on their skill with swords, and Ashton comments on how there 
is still much conflict although the turmoil of the Sorcery Globe is 
over. Dias tells Ashton to take the girl back to the town, finishing 
this job, as Ashton was the one who made the hostage rescue possible. 
As Dias starts to leave, Ashton comments on how he is still the same, 
and perhaps they will meet again. Dias adds: "perhaps as enemies" 
then walks away. Ashton gets nervous and tells Gyoro and Ururun that 
Dias is the last person he'd want to fight, and the two dragons squawk.    

5-8 Dias and Leon: not possible. 

5-9 Dias and Opera: Dias and Opera are walking in a forest when 
monsters appear on both sides of them. Dias tells Opera to back off, 
as she will get in the way. Opera says he must be joking; she will 
show him that she can at least protect his back. They then pull out 
their weapons and attack the monsters.  

5-10 Dias and Ernest: Ernest and Dias are in the bar in Lacour. Dias 
asks Ernest: "Well, what is it this time?" Ernest says that he found 
this planet with an unknown civilization he wants to explore, but 
"the place is lousy with vicious monsters" and he would like Dias to 
come along as a body guard. Dias agrees and Ernest apologizes for  
bothering him, but anyone else would just get in the way. Dias tells 
Ernest that there's no reason to apologize; Ernest offered Dias a job, 
and Dias took it, that's all.  

5-11 Dias and Noel: Noel is sleeping in bed at an inn. Dias says that 
it's time to move on to the next town. Noel continues sleeping, Z's over 
his head. Dias tells Noel to wake up and, losing his temper, kicks Noel. 
Noel yawns and asks what is it? Dias says that it's morning already and 
they need to get going. Noel falls asleep again, causing Dias to get 
angry (Hey I'm talking to you! Don't go back to sleep!) and kick Noel 
again. Dias complains that Noel sleeps so much, their pace of travel has 
been cut in half. Noel stretches and says he can't help it: he's tired, 
so he sleeps. Dias wonders whether Noel is really a cat, sleeping half 
the day. Noel protests that that was uncalled for. As Dias starts to say 
it's the only explanation he can think of, Noel falls asleep again and 
this time Dias kicks Noel so hard that he goes flying out of the bed and 
across the room.   

5-12 Dias and Chisato: Chisato is visiting the grave of Dias's parents 
and sister with him. Dias apologizes for having been away for so long. 
Chisato introduces herself and asks Mr. and Mrs. Flac to let her take 
care of their son even though she is not worthy. Dias protests, and 
Chisato calls him silly for getting embarrassed like that. Angry 
squiggles appear over Dias's head and he starts to leave, promising to 
come back in about a month. Chisato follows him.  

6-7 Precis and Ashton: 	Ashton is at Precis's house and they're 
running around the table and Precis wants to try this machine on 
him to exorcise Ururun and Gyoro. Ashton stops and turns to her 
complaining about it failed last time and it might hurt. Precis 
tells him about how the two dragons feel and then Ashton stops to 
think. He quickly runs past her to the elevator but stops. Precis 
trips down the steps and falls on her face.  Ashton helps to pick 
her up and says he wouldn't know on what to do if Precis was hurt. 
Precis is embarresed and I think they kiss,but Gyoro stops them and 
Precis gets angry at him. She yells and him and tells him to look 
the other way and pretend this didn't happen. (by NPN113086@aol.com)	  

6-8 Precis and Leon: Precis and Leon are in Linga, outside of 
Keith's house.  They have just finished building a robot that 
combines Heraldry with machinery.  As Leon and Precis start 
arguing with each other, a cloud of steam comes out of the robot 
and it spins around firing lasers at them.  Leon and Precis both 
scream and run off in different directions.  

6-9 Precis and Opera: it's alot like the other ones with opera...she 
asks if precis regrets coming, and precis says that it was her decision 
and that she had to "leave the nest", she just went farther than her 
father had expected. (by Dmguinn@aol.com)

6-10 Precis and Ernest: Precis's father, Graft, is sitting at the table 
in the living room of their house. Precis comes out of her room and 
says that she is going on a date. Graft asks where she will be going, 
and Precis replies that tonight she is going to Tetragenes. "Tetragons?"
asks Graft, who has never heard of it. Precis tells him not to worry, 
you can see it from here after dark. Ernest walks in the front door and 
says that they are about to leave. Precis apologizes for being late and 
the two of them leave. Graft, still sitting at the table, wonders what 
Precis meant by "you can see it from here after dark."  

6-11 Precis and Noel: The background is the same one as in Noel's solo 
ending. Noel is playing with the animals as usual with Precis standing 
beside him. Noel comments on a good weather and Precis says yes. Then 
Noel says that he's somehow tired and a bit sleepy. Precis then 
says why don't we take a nap there, (points to the side of the screen) 
and immediately goes there. Noel then says 'Wait up' and moves on 
to chase up to her. (by Mohd. Adisa Mahadi <mahadim@kaka.lincoln.ac.nz>)

6-12 Precis and Chisato: Chisato is shown running into Precis' house 
in Linga.  Chisato runs into Precis' room and tells her that a 
mysterious object landed in the desert west of Cross and they should 
check it out.  Chisato then says they need to hurry and runs out.  
Precis tells her father that she'll be gone for about a month and 
not to worry.  Precis then runs out and her father says that it's 
nice that Precis has friends, but they need more peace and quiet. 
(by ANTEagle3@aol.com) 

7-8 Ashton and Leon: Leon and Ashton are searching for a special 
jewel because Leon says according to his research (which he has 
been working on for an entire year) there is a way to use the 
power of this jewel to separate the dragons from "Big Brother 
Ashton" without harming either. 

7-9 Ashton and Opera: not possible.

7-10 Ashton and Ernest: not possible. 
7-11 Ashton and Noel: Noel and Ashton are by a cabin in the 
woods together (which is most likely their house) looking at 
some animals. Ashton is concerned about how they were going
to keep up with the next month's living expenses.
Noel, on the other hand, doesn't seem too concerned.
He has the "don't worry about anything, everything
will turn okay in the long run" attitude. Ashton
agree's with him and suggests they go take naps; the
two go walk into the distance. (by the_slept@yahoo.com)

7-12 Ashton and Chisato: Chisato and Ashton are searching for a 
way of dispelling Ashton's curse and still saving Gyoro and Ururun 
as well. Ashton complains that they haven't found anything in over 
a year. Chisato berates him for thinking so negatively and says 
that you will find what you are searching for as long as you don't 
give up. 

*7* Ashton and Eleanor (special): Ashton comes into Eleanor's room 
and asks her how she is doing.  Eleanor says she is fine, her health 
is good thanks to big brother Ashton.  Gyoro and Ururun start 
fighting and Eleanor amends her statement, adding that of course 
Gyoro and Ururun have worked hard too; she thanks both of them as 
well.  Ashton says that if you believe, then your wishes will always 
come true. 

8-9 Leon and Opera: Leon is looking out the window of a hi-tech hi-rise 
in a futuristic city. (Presumably on Tetragenes) Opera walks in and 
asks him how he's doing, does he miss Expel? He says he does, but is 
glad to be where he is "'cuz then I get to be with Opera". She laughs 
and says he's too young to start courting her, and to try back in ten 
years. Leon says he'll wait five, and Opera remarks if he waits that 
long she'll have to pay attention. (by CB <circe@san.rr.com>) 

8-10 Leon and Ernest: Leon and Ernest are exploring a planet that looks 
like Milocinia. Leon says that the altar must be further in. Ernest is  
surprised to find ruins of such scale on this planet, and asks Leon 
whether they should go on or report back first. Leon asks why Ernest 
bothers asking his opinion, since Ernest is going to go on anyways 
regardless of what Leon says. Leon then enters the ruins, followed by 
Ernest and some workers. 

8-11 Leon and Noel: Leon is in the Heraldry Forest, surrounded by animals. 
Noel walks up and asks what Leon is doing there. Leon complains about how 
Noel blew it off when Leon recommended him to the head of the Lacour 
Biological Institute and even made a supplication to the king. Noel 
apologizes, thanking Leon for the consideration, but protests that he 
would rather be comfortable here by himself. Noel then asks whether Leon 
is busy with his work, and Leon replies that he quit. Noel asks why, to 
which Leon responds that he put his heart and soul into it (the Lacour 
Hope, perhaps?) only to have it be used as a tool for hurting people. 
Leon then asks if he can come work with Noel. Noel warns that the work 
is harder than you may think, but Leon doesn't mind and so they agree to 
work together. 

8-12 Leon and Chisato: Leon and Chisato are in the lab at Lacour. Chisato 
notices that Leon is using Nedian Heraldry and orders him to get rid of it. 
Leon protests that it's only a little, but Chisato won't make any exceptions. 
Leon then calls her stingy and complains that nothing will be done in time 
for the academic conference.   

9-10 Opera and Ernest (1): Opera is admiring some flowers and says that 
this is a beautiful place. Ernest asks her if she likes it. Opera says 
yes, but she was surprised when Ernest suddenly landed on this undeveloped 
planet. Ernest apologizes, then starts walking away. Opera asks him where 
he is going. Ernest replies that he scanned the area and found a 
building-like object which might be part of some unknown ruins. Opera 
asks if Ernest intentionally landed here to check that out. Ernest says 
yes, and Opera says she thought so. The two of them walk into the 
distance, presumably to explore the ruins together. 

9-10 Opera and Ernest (2): at Opera's house on Tetragenes 

9-11 Opera and Noel: Opera is in what appears to be the study of her house 
on Tetragenes. Noel walks in, and Opera welcomes him home. A dog (or whatever 
similar animal of that planet) comes in, circling around Noel's legs, and he 
tries to explain how it followed him home. Opera says that even though her 
house is big, they can't afford to take care of anymore, and asks Noel just 
how many does he think this makes? Noel guesses about 10, and Opera corrects 
him: it's more like 17! As the dog cuddles up to Opera's leg, she tells Noel 
that this is absolutely the last time. She then calls out a bunch of names, 
and a whole pack of dogs comes in response to hearing their names called.  

9-12 Opera and Chisato: It's on Tentragen and Opera is sitting in a strange 
balcony structure and Chisato comes along.. They talked a bit (can't remember 
too much) and Opera says that she's going to some kinda place that night to do 
something (forgot, a cocktail party or somethng) and asked if Chisato wants to 
go with her.. Chisato says no, she's get bored really quickly... Then Chisato 
asked Opera how she can be comfortable wearing those kinda clothing and Opera 
says that she has no choice since she's the heir of the Vectra family. Then 
she says she has to be a good girl from now on since her parents got mad at her 
last time she ran away from home to find Ernest... (by aya.brea@hotbot.com)

*9* Opera (special): Opera waits for Ernest. 

10-11 Ernest and Noel: Noel and Ernest disembark from a ship that has just 
arrived on a technologically advanced planet. They are there to attend a 
conference of some sort, where Ernest is receiving recognition for his 
research. Noel is impressed by the place, but Ernest is not very happy, as he 
didn't really want to come. He would rather be exploring ancient ruins than 
getting recognition from a bunch of "idiots [who] jack their jaws at their 
desks" as he calls them.   

10-12 Ernest and Chisato: Ernest and Chisato are exploring a planet that 
looks like Milocinia. Chisato rushes ahead towards the ruins as Ernest 
calls after her to wait. Chisato doesn't listen and sets off a trap, some 
sort of security system that fires a shot at her. Ernest runs up and says 
that he warned her. Chisato promises to be more careful from now on and 
tells him not to get so angry. Meanwhile, "Worker A" asks "Worker B" didn't 
the same thing happen on the last dig? Worker B responds yes, but it wouldn't 
be the same without Chisato. The two workers wonder how it is that Chisato 
hasn't gotten herself killed, but are interrupted by Ernest calling them. 

11-12 Noel and Chisato: Noel and Chisato are in the Heraldry forest 
with some animals. They are talking about how they and Rena are the 
only three Nedians who survived. Noel wonders if it wouldn't have 
been better if he had died along with the others. Chisato asks him 
how he could say such a cowardly thing and reminds him that he promised 
Mayor Narl he would live on for those who could not. Noel says he 
remembers, and Chisato tells him that even though their new life is not 
so bad, she also sometimes longs for their old life, but the past should 
be kept locked away in their memories. Taking the memories out only once 
in a while should be enough. Noel agrees and thanks Chisato for making 
him feel better. 

? Extra-special ending: Crawd(Claude) is in the Shingo Forest waiting. 
He says that everyone is late and wonders if something has happened. 
Rena comes up and apologizes. She assures him that everyone is fine. 
Crawd says that it has been a long time. Rena tells him to hurry and 
come to her house. (It seems that there was a miscommunication on where 
they were supposed to meet at, and everyone else was waiting at Rena's house.) 


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