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Boss FAQ by Nicko_

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/18/99

Star Ocean: The Second Story
Killer Boss Guide
made by Nicko (nickyf@indosat.net.id)

version 2.0

Author's Note:
This my first FAQ, if you found any errors and misspelling here, contact 
and tell me. I made this FAQ because the killer boss is quite 
challenging but they are still killable.
So, I made this FAQ to help how beating them (I hope so).
I beat all the bosses with Claude, Ashton, Chisato, and Rena.

Basic strategy to Win - the Bloody Armor -

Basic strategy to win every battle with the killer boss is simple. Just 
equip your fighter character with the Bloody Armor, this make them 
invisible to any attack (zero damage) to prevent the negative effect 
(losing character HP very fast) use Rena cast Fairy Light every time 
(turn off all spell except Fairy Light), if Rena dies use Resurection 
Mist, if yours HP below 1000 use Angel Statue.

I think with this strategy you're unbeatable (I use this to beat 
Indalecio Limiter OFF). Note that to successfully execute this strategy 
make sure yours HP is maximum (9999 or above 9000), this for prevent 
losing HP to fast.  

Important Note :
Your fighter character Battle Skill must level 10 (all), for Rena the 
important skill is Motormouth, Parry, Spirit Force.

The Killer Boss Guide

This section is strategy, data how to beat the killer boss without 
Bloody Armor. If you found another strategy that useful, send me email.
Well, if you play Star Ocean: The Second Story deeply, you'll know that 
there's  three killer boss inside the game.

First :
You'll encounter her at the final level of the Trial Cave (lv. 13), make 
sure you are at level 160+ before fight her and equip Bunny Shoes, she's 
the most weak killer boss here. 

How to access the Trial Cave:
First you must reach the Final Save Point in Feenal (right before fight 
Indalecio), then exit from Feenal go to Fun City.
At Fun City go to backstage of Arena, talk to Oldman there and choose 
the option that he will recall the memory of yours, now you transported 
back to Expel in Arlia Village.
Exit from the village and you'll find Synard there, fly it to empty-
Desert Continent.
You'll find Piramid Structure there, It's the Trial Cave.

How to get back to Fun City:
In Arlia talk to Penguin named Vern Vern, and choose option 'Silly Vern 
Vern', then it will kick you back to the Arena.

Gabrie Celeste
HP : 1,000,000
MP : forgot (email me if you know)
Stronger Point : Star, Light
Weakness Point : nil

Description :
Celeste is the final boss of Trial Cave. She is Gabriel in the first 
Star Ocean. I think she is the most weak boss here. If you can't win on 
her, don't ever try to beat the other boss.
She's very easy if you use Bloody Armor strategy, remember keep guard 
Rena for harm if you execute this strategy.

Gabrie Celeste attacks arsenal: 

## Air Slash 
Actually this attack more deadly than Claude's and Dias's Air Slash, it 
can do critical damage (up to 5000+ damage). However, this attack is 
easier to dodge (with Bunny Shoes, of course). 

## Throwing Circle
Another deadly attack, do 4000+ damage of each circle (she throw about 
2-3 circle). Easy to dodge if you far enough from her.

## Circle Barrier 
This the most annoying attack, not only attack but she's invisible while 
do it. She barriered by circle and go crazy moving around the 
battlefield and damage all character that hit her (quite good at 2000-
4000+ damage) with super-bunny shoes speed. The only way to stop it is 
cast magic (although does zero point). 

## Star Guard
This move is same as Star Guarder that you met before (it's knight with 
huge shield that produces star if you hit him). Don't attack her frontal 
(use flip skill) to hit her.

## 'Hang'
The most unique move, if your character hit Celeste and she parries it 
sometimes you'll get 'hang' for a while, this is really dangerous and 
harmful because you can do nothing for a few second. To prevent this 
make sure that you're always attack from behind (flip skill). 'Hang' not 
only perform Celeste but many of normal enemy in the Trial Cave can do 
it, including the killer boss later.

## Star Flare  
You know it don't you, it does 4000+ damage (already equip star 
resistance). The huge advantage here is Star Flare can heal Claude if he 
equip Eternal Sphere with another star resistance.

## Noah
Best water spell, does 5000+ damage and kill character that not equip 
water resistance.

## Foehn
The spell that most used by Celeste, it only does medium damage 3000-
4000+ damage points.

Remember that all the damage points above is damage with the equiped 
resistance and defense value 1000+.

In-Battle Character:

Claude  : Attack with all MP
Weapon  : Eternal Sphere / Holy Sword Farwell
Armor   : Valiant Mail / Battle Suit
Shield  : Pallas Athena
Helmet  : Duel Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Atlas Ring
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring
Killer Move 1 : Ripper Blast -> Final Proficiency
Killer Move 2 : Mirror Slice / Head Splitter 
## With this equipment Claude strength stats should around 5000-6000+ 
points, and can do maximum damage (9999 points) each hit.

Ashton  : Attack with all MP / Protect Friends
Weapon  : Levantine Sword / Holy Sword Farwell
Armor   : Valiant Mail / Seraphic Garb
Shield  : Valiant Guard
Helmet  : Duel Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Tri-emblem
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring 
Killer Move 1 : tri-Ace -> Final Proficiency 
Killer Move 2 : Sword Dance / Hurricane Slash
## Ashton strength stats should around 4500-5000+ points, same as Claude 
he can do 9000+ damage.

Chisato : Attack with all MP / Protect Friends / Spread out and Attack
Weapon  : Weird slayer
Armor   : Valkyrie Mail / Battle Suit / Seraphic Garb
Shield  : Algol
Helmet  : Jeanne's Helm / Mithril Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Tri-emblem 
Acc.2   : Lunatic Earring / Atlas Ring
Killer Move 1 : Preparation -> Final Proficiency
Killer Move 2 : Tear Gas / Flame Thrower
## Chisato not very useful here, her attack is only medium damage (5000-
7000 damage points). 

Rena    : Aid Friends
Weapon  : Empresia
Armor   : Seraphic Garb
Shield  : Armband of Kali
Helmet  : Isis Tiara
Grave   : Valkyrie Boots
Acc.1   : Tri-emblem
Acc.2   : Emerald Ring / Mental Ring
Spell turn on : Fairy Heal, Fairy Light, Dispel, Raise Dead, Angel 
Feather, Growth, Star Flare.
## Rena it's very important here, use one of fighter character to 
protect her and don't let her MP down below 100.

Formation : Assault Shift / Tri-Shift 2
Strategy :
Level recomended : 170
Make sure have at least 5 Resurrection Mist, 2 Merlin Drink and 20+ 
minutes before you fight her. I beat her with that requirements.

The basic strategy is keep Celeste busy (never let her cast magic) and 
keep Rena+Claude alive. Use Claude to distract Celeste by using Ripper 
Blast KM (prevent Hang and more safe and fast, because it executes from 
far enough to Celeste) and it does 3-5 hit (wow). While you distract 
Celeste, Chisato should support with her Preparation from far and far 
enough to Celeste and Ashton attack Celeste with his KM2.

If Celeste use her Circle Barrier, then use Rena cast Star Flare or 
(usually) Ashton use his tri-Ace for good. If your character die use 
Resurrection Mist especially to Claude and Rena. Note that Ashton will 
use tri-Ace than his another KM, let him do so (tri-Ace quite useful 
here and does around 9000+ damage).

EXP  : forgot (email me if you know)
Item : Silver Trumpet

Congratulations ! you just beat one of three killer boss. Now the second 

Second : 
To encounter her, you must have Pitch and Sense of Rhythm talent and 
compose the Evil Melody song from the Silver Trumpet. Play it the 
dungeon (or world map) go out from the status screen and you'll fight 
her. To get both talent, try to play every music randomly (sometimes it 
open the character talent), I got Ashton to do it.

HP : 3,300,000 (wow)
MP : 20,000
Stronger Point : Dark
Weakness Point : nil

Description :
I think she's immortal, I already bet her five times! The first three 
times I use normal strategy and second twice I use the Bloody Strategy, 
and she still can be summoned by the Silver Trumpet. 
It's going to be a long fight, sometimes she can dies although her HP 
not reach zero. I don't know why about this (if anyone know email me 
about this).

It's worth defeating her, because you'll get nicely item by defeated 
her, the items are: Angel Armband, Levantine Sword or Holy Sword Farwell 
(all the deadliest item in the game). 

Iselia attacks arsenal :

Basically all of her physical attack is same as Celeste attack, the 
different is her attack more deadly and powerful plus his Throwing 
Circle cause Stone status !

Magic attack : (She cast magic more faster than Celeste)
## Shadow Flare
Very damaging! damage 6000-8000+ points, kill character with no dark 

## Word of Death
Awful magic, never hit (always miss) so don't worry whenever she cast 
this magic.

## Meteor Swarm
One of the best spell in the game, kill character with no star 
resistance. With star resistance do 8000-9000+ damage. With Angel 
Armband equipped it's heal you for good. 
Remember that the Hang move more frequently affect your character if you 
attack her frontal.         

In-Battle Character :
* the equipment same as above, except that mention here.

Claude  : Attack with all MP
Weapon  : Levantine Sword / Holy Sword Farwell
Acc.1   : Stone Check
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring / Tri-emblem / Angel Armband
## Stone Check to prevent Stone status, strategy same as you fight 
Celeste. Both KM (Ripper Blast and Mirror Slice) better at Final 

Ashton  : Attack with all MP 
Weapon  : Holy Sword Farwell / Levantine Sword
Acc.1   : Stone Check
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring / Tri-emblem
Killer Move 1 : Sword Dance
Killer Move 2 : Hurricane Slash
## This time use Ashton to distract Iselia same as Claude, no need to 
cast tri-Ace (it took a long time).

Chisato : Attack with all MP
Acc.1   : Lunatic Earring / Atlas Ring
Acc.2   : Tri-emblem
## Use Chisato as back-up with her Preparation.

Rena    : Recovers Friend only
Acc.1   : Tri-emblem / Angel Armband
Acc.2   : Tri-emblem 
Spell turn on : Fairy Heal, Fairy Light, Raise Dead.
## Don't let Rena dies, she's very important here.

Formation : Assault Shift 
Strategy :
Level recomended : 180
Must have plenty of Resurrection Mist and HP/MP restoration.

Fight Iselia is different with fight Celeste, Iselia cast magic more 
faster than Celeste. So strategy use for Celeste not work very well 
here. Use Claude and Ashton as the attacker, Chisato backup both of the 
from far away. With this endurance you may achieve victory.

To take advantage fight her, try to fight her in small battle area (like 
in Feenal), this prevent her to run away. The real problem is if Iselia 
use her Circle Barrier, try to spread out don't close to her (it's very 

If you use Bloody Armor Strategy, it's only matter of time (victory 99% 
on hand). Keep Rena/Noel live as healer, and you'll win.

EXP  : 1,000,000 
Item : Angel Armband, Levantine Sword, Holy Sword Farwell (Random)

Congratulations! Iselia is beaten (although not really die) now the last 

Third :
You'll fight him at the end of the game, in his normal form (Limiter ON) 
he's very easy, but after he show his true form (Limiter OFF) he's madly 
crazy boss. To fight Indalecio Limiter OFF, you must see PA (Private 
Action) in Central City (first, you must save at the final save point in 
Feenal). The save point just before you fight Indalecio (this mean you 
must go in-out Feenal - suck).
At Central City go to City Hall and meet Filia, after a scene Filia will 
disappear and Indalecio Limiter turn OFF !!!! plus you'll get item 
Isfrail Tear that only can be equiped by Rena or Celine, it's good 

Indalecio Limiter OFF
HP : 1,500,000
MP : 16,000
Stronger Point : Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Dark.
Weakness Point : nil

Description :
I think he is the most powerful boss in SO2.
His ability :
- Move more quickly than Bunny-shoes speed !!!
- As he move he can cast a very powerful magic !!!
- His normal attack is very powerful.
The most annoying is he can cast magic as he move (we can't distract him 
cause he move more quickly than Bunny-Shoes speed, so you'll be death 
quickly cause his magic so powerful).
The only way beat him is use Bloody Armor strategy (I use this strategy 
to win).

Indalecio attacks arsenal :

## 'Normal Attack'
His normal attack are annoying (3000-4000+ damage each hit). His normal 
attack is unparryable, it's just a spark of light that hit character. 
Fortunately, it's heal character that equip Angel Armband.

## 'Hang'
You know that don't you. It very harmful, try to attack from behind.

## Star Spray
This is insane! a burst of star spray hit one character multiple times 
(up to 15 hit!)  although one hit only do 500-600 damage. The star same 
as star that produce by Eternal Sphere/Angel Armband, the different is 
the star is more aggressive in number and speed. 

## Divine Wave
Another insane attack, circle spread out from his body to protect him, 
character hit by the circle can turned to Stone! And do 4000+ damage.

## Divine Comedy
Indalecio original magic, the scene is very great, fortunately the 
damage is only 6000-7000+ damage. And cause zero damage to character 
that equip Angel Armband.

** Note (skip this if you want)**
I think Divine Comedy name is taken from "Divina Comedia" that compose 
by Dante Alighieri in Renaissance century.

## Explode
Best fire spell, kill character with no fire resistance, do 9000+ damage 
with fire resistance. Fortunately heal character that equip Angel 

## Star Flare
Only Cause 3000+ damage with Star resistance.

## Southern Cross
Quite powerful magic, does 6000+ damage with star resistance, heal 
character that equip Angel Armband.

## Earthquake
Indalecio most powerful magic I think, it cause 9999 damage with the 
earth resistance. Sometime just damage 4999 points (don't know why).

In-Battle Character :

Claude  : Attack with all MP
Weapon  : Levantine Sword
Armor   : Bloody Armor
Shield  : Valiant Guard
Helmet  : Duel Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Atlas Ring
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring
Killer Move 1 : Mirror Slice
Killer Move 2 : Ripper Blast
## Claude's strength should around 8000+ points, and he always do 9999 
damage every hit.

Ashton  : Attack with all MP
Weapon  : Holy Sword Farwell
Armor   : Bloody Armor
Shield  : Valiant Guard
Helmet  : Duel Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Atlas Ring
Acc.2   : Atlas Ring
Killer Move 1 : Sword Dance
Killer Move 2 : Hurricane Slash
## Ashton's strength should around 7000+ points, same as Cluade he can 
do damage 9999 points.

Chisato : Attack with all MP / Protect Friends !
Weapon  : Weird Slayer
Armor   : Bloody Armor
Shield  : Valkyrie Guard / Algol
Helmet  : Duel Helm
Grave   : Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Atlas Ring
Acc.2   : Lunatic Earring / Atlas Ring
Killer Move 1 : Preparation
Killer Move 2 : Tear Gas / Flame Thrower
## Her Preparation do a lot of damage (although not 9999 points), use 
her as back-up.

Rena    : Recovers Friends only
Weapon  : Empresia
Armor   : Valkyrie Armor / Seraphic Garb
Shield  : Armband of Kali
Helmet  : Isis Tiara
Grave   : Valkyrie Boots / Bunny Shoes
Acc.1   : Angel Armband                
Acc.2   : Emerald Ring / Mental Ring  
Spell turn on : Fairy Light
## Just have Rena to recover another character.

Formation : Assault Shift
Strategy :
Level recomended : 190
Have at least 5 Blackberry to refill Rena's MP and Resurrection Mist, 
just in case if Rena dies. And have Angel statue as back up.
Bloody Armor strategy the only way to win.
Simple fighting 3 fighter character attack Indelacio at the same time 
while Rena healing them continuously (prevent losing HP to fast -> die). 
Most of Indalecio attacks arsenal will heal Rena (because she equip 
Angel Armband). The problem is if Indalecio cast Earthquake, it'll kill 
Rena. Resurrect Rena with Resurrection Mist and if your HP below 1000 
use the Angel Statue.

I think you might turn off the 'Flip Skill', because it take a time to 
execute (run into back Indalecio is super difficult, he moves ultra 
fast). And have Claude execute Ripper Blast from far enough continuously 
and if Ashton got Indelico (hit by his KM), use the Mirror Slice to link 
the combo (usually it will work).

Rena Optional Accessories:
You can change Rena accessories with Lunatic Ring and Peep Non (Lunatic 
Ring make Rena invisible -Rena can't equip Bloody Armor- but make Rena 
dizzy, Peep Non remove the dizzy condition), but be careful because the 
Lunatic ring will break after Rena hit by some hit, use this way if you 
want a safe fighting.
Keep the endurance going and victory will be yours.

EXP  : 1,400,000 (random)
Item : nil                                    

Now, you beat all the killer boss. But the ending not change (there's 
script 'The truth has not discovered yet' at the end) why?
I don't know about that. If anyone know, mail me about that.

How to Get Those ITEMS


Eternal Sphere (for Claude only)
Use Claude Special Skill Customize at lv. 8 or higher:
Sharp Edge + Mithril  -> Minus Sword
Minus Sword + Mithril -> Eternal Sphere
Play Orchestra to make it successful.

Sharp Edge
This sword is given by the Oldman in Racool City after the Racool 
Tournament (you must be runner up). Talk to him before go to Linga.
It's the Oldman that make sword for Dias too.

Holy Sword Farwell
Get it at Trial Cave level 12 after beat Phoenix.
Get it in the box after beat Gabrie Celeste in Final level of Trial 
Obtain in the battle if you kill Iselia Queen.

Levantine Sword
Get it at Trial Cave level 9 after beat Wise Sorceress.
Obtain in the battle if you kill Iselia Queen.

Weird Slayer
Get it at Trial Cave level 5, run from the Weird Beast, help Puffy and 
you'll get the Weird Slayer.
It instant kill to every enemy that have Weird name.

Use Rena Special Skill Customize at lv. 8 or higher :
Rune Full Moon + Sage Stone -> Empresia
Play Orchestra to make it successful.

Rune Full Moon
Full Moon + Moonite -> Rune Full Moon
Buy it at Armlock.


Bloody Armor
Make it through Blacksmith Super Speciality Skill (at lv. 8 or higher):
Damascus -> Bloody Armor 
Done without help of Magical Rasp, play Orchestra too.
Win it from Weird Knight at Trial Cave level 1.
Win it from the Knight at The Field of Power.

Valiant Armor
Get it at Trial Cave level 12 and 13.

Seraphic Garb
Get it at Trial Cave (mostly found), there are four of them.

Valkyrie Armor
Win it from Demon Rock at Trial Cave level 13, use Discovery Card for 
make it successful.


Most of the Shield and Helmet plus the Grave can obtained by Blacksmith 
Super Speciality Skill, try to discover them by using different mineral 
and with help or without help of Magical Rasp.

Bunny Shoes
Steal it from Bunny at the entrance of Buny Race.
Win it from Bunny Race.
Get it at Trial Cave, there three in the Trial Cave.


Atlas Ring
Get it at the Field of Power.
Make it through Claude Special Skill, use Rainbow Diamond.

Buy from the merchant Santa at Trial Cave level 6.
He appears randomly at the statue room, be patient.

Lunatic Ring / Earring
Use Rena/Chisato Speciall Skill and use Moonite.

Angel Armband
Get it from the box after beat Celeste.
Win it from Iselia.

Emerald Ring
Make it from Green Beryl.


Most of the mineral can be obtained by make it or buy it from Santa.
Or get it from Trickster item (equip it), high chance for get various 
rare mineral such as mithril, moonite, sage stone.


1. 	tri-Ace, Enix, LINKS for create this exciting game.
2. 	Game FAQS for the great information.
3. 	Albert Prasetya for telling me about Iselia Queen and Rena's optional 

====================== SO2 : Killer Boss Guide =========================
=============================== End ====================================


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