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Rena Walkthrough by TClemente

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/15/99


STAR OCEAN: The second story (North American version)

RENA's Walkthrough

Timothy Joseph Clemente "LagunaFF8"

July 15, 1999
Version 1.5
E-mail: Laguna_FF8@ignmail.com



1.About the characters


7/15/99: Continued walkthrough from Salva until Mars.

FIRST OF ALL: This walkthrough is only about Rena's. About the items, 
specials, skill etc. I am still working on it. You can check out the 
other FAQs on the STAR OCEAN section on GameFaqs, some are the 
Japanese version but still you will understand more about the game. 
So enjoy this wonderful game.

WHEN PLAYING WITH RENA: When I played Claude's scenario you will be 
the main offensive character and that's cool, Rena's is a bit 
different she just heals and aids her friends what the heck! That's 
boring only healing and those little offensive spells. If you let 
Claude play as the CPU he will just attack until he finishes his MP, 
well you can arrange that on the strategy. Rena is a great martial 
artist and she is well versed, but in my game I let Claude be the 
leader of the game, Rena seems better controlled by a CPU.  


Name: Rena Lanford
Age: 17
Birth Date: May 13
Race: Expel
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Good at: Cooking, Helping others, Gymnastics, Fist attacking
Likes: Running away to the Forest of Holy Protection, beautiful 
Her "type": Someone with a sense of humor, someone that doesn't turn 
mad easily
Favorite Food: Shortcake
Best instrument: Lyre

Rena is from the small village of Arlia, where she has been raised 
for her entire life. Rena finds Claude in the Forest of Holy 
Protection, where Claude saved Rena from being attacked by a gorilla. 
Rena eventually befriends Claude and helps him investigate a way to 
get home. Rena is informed near the beginning of the game that her 
foster mother, Westa, was not really her real mother. Rena's new 
mission is to find out who Rena's real mother was. Rena also wonders 
about the mystery of her magic, and why no one else in her village 
has the healing powers that she does. Rena's personality is very kind 
toward friends. Rena gets worried easily, although she will 
eventually forgive others for what they do. Rena keeps each friend of 
hers very close. As she is very experienced in martial arts, Rena 
fights only with her fists (or claws on them), and uses healing-type 
magic, although she eventually will gain several Light Element attack 


Her healing spells heal for the most amount of HP in the game.

Best physical attacker of all mages.

Is only character in the game that can cast Raise Dead, one of the 
most useful spells in the game.


Has low defense power, and often dies in battle when not defended by 
other characters.

When she runs out of HP, you won't be able to heal your characters as 

Name: Claude Kenni
Age: 19
Birth Date: January 23rd
Race: Human
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Likes: Food, Computer Games
Dislikes: Being a Federation Officer, studying different things.
Good At: Being late, Slacking off, Martial Arts
His "type.": Someone Active and Cheerful
Favorite Food: Steak
Best Instrument: Trumpet

The son of Ronixis Kenni, renowned hero from the first Star Ocean, he 
is a new officer in the Interplanetary Space Federation, serving on 
Ronixis' ship, the Calnus. Claude is brought into the adventure when 
he is on a team to explore an uncharted planet, where he was 
mysterious sucked into a time-space portal, and he eventually ends up 
on the planet Expel. Claude is searching the planet for a way off, 
and trying to find out as much about the planet as 
possible. Claude hopes to eventually learn about the culture on the 
new planet while trying to escape as well. Claude is a basic guy that 
gets along with others pretty well. Claude is nice to all of his 
allies, and treasures their camaraderie. Claude respects his father 
for being a great hero in his day, but at other times he is jealous 
because others look at him in a different way because he behaves 
differently then his father. Claude wants to increase in physical 
strength, and is somewhat jealous of others for being stronger than 
him.  Claude uses a longsword as his weapon, and can equip heavy 
armor. He is the basic fighting character, and in his Killer Move, he 
combines both sword and martial arts attacks.


The most powerful attack fighter in the game.

Can equip the best armor in the game, and the best weapon, the 
Eternal Sphere.

Has the most well-rounded status, and some of the most effective 
Killer Move.


Needs to gain much more Proficiency than most of characters to build 
up his Killer Move.

NOTE: The profiles of the characters are taken directly form the 
manual. So if any of you know the other characters profiles in the 
game please e-mail me.



The Beginning

You start at the village of Arlia, Rena is going to take a walk on 
the Shingo forest. But her mother is worried about her safety going 
back there again. Strange things has happened since the Sorcery Globe 
landed. But Rena still insist on going, she is some how feeling calm 
to be at that forest. 

It is really interesting to talk to the people at this game. So feel 
free to talk to the people before going to the Shingo forest.

At the forest, Rena now plans to go deeper in the forest so proceed 
going right. Once you arrive to the place, she will stand there 
calmly as she always does when she go there. As she stood there, she 
didn't notice that a monster is behind her. A mysterious person told 
her to LOOK BEHIND!!! Rena then turned around with an awful fright, 
to see the monster is attacking her, she now is crawling back. The 
mysterious person told her to RUN AWAY!!! And then he rushed to the 
monster and killed it with light flashing weapon. Just on time that 
she was saved, Rena questioned herself who is he? his strange look 
clothes and the flash of light that killed the monster? The 
mysterious person went toward Rena and asked her if she is OK, but 
Rena ran off. Rena then stopped and said to herself that she 
shouldn't have done that he did save her live. The mysterious person 
catched up with her and he was so glad she waited for him. Rena 
apologized for running off like that, she then thanks him for saving 
her life. Both acquainted to each other. Rena now brings back the 
mysterious person known as "Claude Kenni" back to the village. When 
they are passing by the bridge, Rena asked Claude where is he from? 
He then said he is from earth. Urth? Rena asked where exactly it is 
from? Rena then understood what he mean that it is from another 
continent. But she really knows that he is from another place, that 
had raised her doubts that he is the "Legendary Warrior"

Back at the village Claude was magnificently astonished to see the 
beautiful village Arlia. Claude asked Rena if she can show him around 
the village.

Here you can introduce Claude to all the villagers, on the way some 
friends of Rena thought that he is her boyfriend.

NOTE: When you enter every room in the game be sure you check them 
all if there are treasure chest and be sure to take them. It is rude 
just to barge in somebody's house like that, well its only a game.^-^

After showing Claude around the village, you can go back at Rena's 

But when you enter Rena tells Claude if he can wait outside for a 
while because she has to fix up here place, Claude then agrees to 
wait. When Rena came in she rushes to her mother and told her about 
what happened today at Shingo forest. She explained about the 
"Legendary Warior" and the "Sword of Light" that have saved her. At 
that moment Rena's mom was stunned. Claude went in and he was waiting 
outside for to long, he got worried and he asked if something is 
wrong? Rena then told him if he can wait outside a little bit longer. 
Claude then asked if he can go around the village. Rena told him it 
is OK do that. Westa Rena's mom told her to invite him inside for the 

Now you have to ask the villagers if they have seen Claude. After you 
asked the villagers. Claude will be roaming around near the Shingo 
forest entrance. Talk to him and say "YES" Then go back at Rena's 

Westa has prepared something for Claude on the gratitude of saving 
her daughter's life. She made a delicious mountain of food, Rena told 
her mom isnt that a little bit too much. Westa then asked if Claude 
is hungry. Claude was shy but now that she mentioned it he decided to 
eat. "Bon Appetite" An hour later upstairs on the extra rooms, Claude 
was very full and told Rena that was good, Rena told him to take a 

Rena is now downstairs, Westa asked where is he? Rena told her that 
he is resting upstairs. Westa told Rena this is the good time to call 
the mayor. 

Now here you must talk to the Mayor what happened today and about 
Claude. Inside the Mayor's, she then tells about the "Legendary 
Warrior" and the "Sword of Light" that has saved her. After that he 
now agrees to go with Rena to meet Claude. Now again go back at 
Rena's place.

When they went in Westa was acting strangely, she keeps saying she 
did it? Rena then asked what has gone wrong? Westa told Them that she 
told Claude about the "Legendary Warrior" Claude didn't understand 
what her mother meant. At that moment Claude is going downstairs, The 
Mayor "Regis" approached Claude to introduce himself. Claude, Rena, 
and Regis sat down and talked. Regis asked where is he going to? 
Claude seem cant answer the question fully, more questions Regis 
asked. But it came out that Claude is lost and doesn't know where he 
is. Regis now tells him that he is lying and he is just covering up 
his identity of being the "Legendary Warrior" Claude regrets that 
they are mistaken and he is not what they think he is. After the 
denials and mistaken identity. Rena was disappointed she then walks 
outside speechless. But she still believes he is the "Legendary 

Up the next morning, you are at Rena's room. Now you must go to the 
forest of Shingo again or talk to the villagers before going there.

When there deep in the forest, Rena stares in the sunshine from the 
canopy. She is thinking of her past when her father died, I shows 
that Westa is not the real mother of Rena, It was very sad for Rena. 
She now asks herself Who she is? At that moment Claude came by and 
they both greeted good morning. Rena apologized at Claude for the 
mistake. Both are speachless, Claude just wishes if he can do 
something for her. Rena told Claude that she wants to be alone for a 
while, So Claude left Rena. Rena then said whispering  Sorry Claude! 
She now decides to go back to the village.

On to the bridge there is a man standing there and it Alen Tax, 
Rena's childhood friend and he just returned. Alen then told Rena 
that the preparations are complete, Rena seem cant understand what he 
meant. He then said the preparations of their marriage. Rena then 
refuses that she cant. The guards of Alen then took her and they are 
heading towards the village. One of the villagers so them coming, 
Regis and Westa was called. Everybody was threatened if they do 
anything, something might happen to Rena. Even Rena's mom Westa was 
shoved away by Alen. Then Regis told the villagers to let them pass 
for Rena's safety, that Alen has gone insane.

Right now Alen placed Rena in one of the bedrooms, just get out off 
the room as soon as he is finished talking. Then on the next room, on 
the left side there is a special item there and it's a Portrait B, it 
is Rena's picture. Then on the right side room talk to the person who 
is there and it says about a hidden room somewhere in this mansion. 
Now just go downstairs and try to exit. But Rena will say it is 
locked. Now go to the right room on that floor you are on now and 
this room there are some bookshelves Rena then will pause there and 
she will notice the thing that is flashing over her right. Click it 
open and a secret under passage will be revealed behind one the 

Downstairs Rena will find Mr. Bossman, the father of the 2 children 
that was left under care of Rena on their village. Mr. Bossman then 
tells Rena about the work his been doing here. Alen asked him to make 
a strange altar, since Alen found a mysterious stone he became 
obsessed of it. So Mr. Bossman got scared and tried to run away and 
he ended up like that. Mr Bossman told Rena that he must be after 
her, that she mest escape. Rena doesn't want to leave Mr. Bossman, 
but Mr. Bossman still insist that she must escape first and he will 
follow later. Mr Bossman mentioned there is a exit here that will 
lead exactly to the village.

Also here where Mr. Bossman is, there is a save point. You can 
explore the other tunnels and take the items before going to the 
mentioned exit tunnel.

Once Rena enters to the escape tunnel, she will find something 
different. The place looks like a church and soon finds Alen there, 
Rena got scared and she tried to run away but she is captured and 
tied up. Alen is about to begin their marriage, Claude came in and 
saw Rena, Alen then threatens Claude if he interrupts. But still 
Claude released Rena from the altar. Alen blew them away with a 
blast, with an eerie laugh and a floating stone went out. Now you 
must prepare to fight Alen Tax.

ALEN TAX ( Possessed )                 

HP/ ????

For now I don't have any idea about the Boss HP, still under works. 
So if you know any Boss HP status and how to defeat it. Please e-mail 
me to know.

After you defeat him, Claude will ask what was that stone? and Rena 
says that Alen wasn't like that when he was on their village a long 
time ago, Rena noticed that he is still breathing. Rena healed him 
up, Alen is now awakened from his long nightmare. He asked what are 
they doing here, he really doesn't know what happened. 

Back in the mansion Alen was surprised to here that he did all of 
those and made Mr. Bossman build a strange looking altar. Alen 
apologized for everything and especially to Rena. Now Alen has to 
explain what happened and apologize to the people he harmed. Alen Tax 
was possessed by the mysterious stone. Claude then told Rena that 
they should be going and her mother might be worried. So now they 
went home.

Now back at the Mayors home, Regis thanked Claude for saving Rena's 
life again for the second time. They told what happened to Alen Tax 
that he is possessed by the mysterious stone. Rena then tells them 
maybe the stone is involved with the Sorcery Globe. Regis then asked 
if Claude if he can investigate this matter. Claude agreed, but Rena 
then wants to go with Claude. Both to men agreed, Rena was surprised 
that the Mayor let her come with Claude, but Claude told Rena she can 
come with him only if her mother permission. Now the Mayor tells Rena 
that she must go home. When Rena and Claude are outside, when they 
are about to talk again the mayor went out and told Rena that she 
must go home and its late. Rena ran home embarassed.

Inside just go upstairs and Rena will then stop and tells her mom 
about what they talked about. She mentioned that she will go with the 
investigation of the Sorcery Globe with Claude. Her mother was 
speechless. At that moment Regis came in to tell Westa they need to 
talk, Rena the told them that she will go outside to take a walk 
outside for fresh air. Now just go to the Shingo Forest, but once you 
go you will not be able to go out. Then on the bridge inside the 
village Rena will see Claude. Claude doesn't want to do this matter 
but it seems he will do it for some reason. At that time Rena came, 
Claude was surprised that she is there and he asked what's up with 
her? Both talked about to more and why Rena wants to go with him. She 
wants to know who is she? Where did she come? And why does she have 
this mysterious power? And to find her real mother. After the two 
talked, Rena took off and went home.

At the next morning, everything is ready Rena and Claude are at the 
exit of the village, Westa bid farewell to Rena and everybody bid 
farewell. Regis told them that they must go at Cross to meet the King 
there and to give the note he made and the King will help them on to 
their journey.

Try using both "Private Action" and the normal entry on each places 
you go. There are secret characters that be revealed, it is said that 
there are 12 characters in the game.

Town of Salva

Here you have to pass by Salva, before going to Cross. Talk to people 
and buy some accessories if needed.

It is so quick the rumor spreaded at Salva town about the incident in 
the Shingo forest. Now visit Alen Tax, he is there somewhere in the 
bedrooms. Rena then tells Alen about the Sorcery Globe and their 
investigations. After talking to him speak to him again and before 
Rena and Claude leave he will give Rena  the "Ring of Happiness" 
remember to equip it to Rena. 

After you are done at Salva town head north to Cross.

Town of Cross

Both Rena and Claude arrived late in the evening at the town of 
Cross. So they decide to go in the castle the next morning.

Up a head there is an open inn, go and check in.

It was so suprising that Rena's aunt was there "Rachel". Rachel then 
gave them a free room for tonight, on the way Rachel mentioned that 
Dias was here 2 weeks ago. In the room Claude asked for the man named 
Flac? She told Claude that he used to stay with them at Arlia, but a 
sad thing happened. Claude never asked her again, Rena is still 
thinking of Dias and later she went to sleep. 

On the next morning Rena thanked her aunt for last night, but a silly 
question made both Rena and Claude speechless?

Now head North and enter the castle, once inside talk to the guy on 
the left on the reception desk. Rena will show the guy the note Regis 
made. They are now granted for an audience from the king, but he 
tells you to look around the castle until he tells the message from 
the king.

Here you have to look around and take time until the others that are 
having an audience are finished.

After looking around, at the main hall head north and talk to the 
guard and he will then let Rena and Claude pass for their audience. 
The king knows Rena very well since she was small. The king ask on 
what have they come here and he wishes to help? Rena explained their 
investigation of the Sorcery Globe and she hopes obtaining 
information from him. 

The king agrees to help them in anyway.

Here are the question you will ask.

* About the strange events now happening.

* About the state of the continent El.

* What is the Sorcery Globe?

After asking the questions, the king will hand over the passport and 
money cost of 600 Fol.

The king tells them they must go to Clik to take a ride on a ship to 
go to the continent of El. Now head back at the town and you will 
find two heraldic wizards are fighting. Rena then interrupted and 
talked to the man about his rude manners, the lady wizard then casted 
a magic spell on the rude person. Then after the embarrassments, the 
man took off. After some short talk with Rena and Claude, she then 
asks if they want to go to a treasure hunt? But Claude tells her they 
have much important things to do. But on the second time she will ask 
again if they want to go? Now agree with her to go.

She then introduce herself, she is "Celine Jules" and she is a 
treasure hunter. She then shows the map at Claude and Rena on where 
they must go.

This place is located west side Cross town. When you pass on the 
road, a board sign is there. Check it so you will know where the cave 

Cross Cave

Here you must find a place with a giant boulder.

Once there they will find out they are on a dead end. That had 
questioned everybody, there is suppose to be another room here. 
Claude said maybe the map is a fake. But Claude had an idea he told 
Celine that maybe if she cast a magic spell on the boulder, it may 
reveal something. After Celine casted a spell, a big entrance opened. 

Inside this room there are 5 treasure chest, take all the ones below 
first and later they will reveal an "Ancient Writings" Celine cant 
read the text of the script, that they should go back on their 
village for the elders translations. The fifth treasure chest is 
trouble and if you open it two gargoyles will come and fight. Fight 
them if you wish earning experience and Fol.

Gargoyles 2


When everyone exits the cave, Celine thanks them both on helping her 
on the hunt. Claude mentioned the Sorcery Globe to Celine. Then she 
asked if they are investigating the Sorcery Globe. Rena then told her 
if she can go with them on the continent of El. 

Here you will choose if you want Celine on your party, agree to take 
her along. Then everybody agrees to go at Clik.

Clik is located up north.

Clik Fort

Here you must find the captain of the ship and show him the passport, 
but the ship will not leave until all the cargos are finish loading. 
So here you must do some sight seeing.

When you go back at the main fountain, everybody is about to rest on 
the benches there. A boy ran into them and Rena fell on the ground, 
suddenly Rena felt that her purse is missing. They finally knew it's 
the boy who took it. Rena mentioned he has a blue hair.

Ask around the town about the boy and some of them tells that he is 
in the old warehouse playing near the entrance. 

When you find him Claude then grabs him and asked where is their 
money, Rena then told him to let him go and let her do the talking. 
Rena then talked to the little boy that they cant go on with their 
journey if they don't have their money. After the conversation, the 
boy finally gave their money back, both introduced to each other. The 
boys name is "Ketil". They decided to punish him in a good way, 
Claude came up to a good idea. They will let him go if he will only 
give them a tour on Clik. The boy decide to make a tour for them.

You can visit his house, it is just near the entrance. His house is 
the one with the stairs.

After visiting his house go back at the main fountain, there walking 
by Rena felt something and it's a quake, but the other doesn't notice 
it. Here its your turn to show around Ketil, you can treat him with 
Crepes and ice cream if you like.

After treating Ketil, go meet the children playing near the port. 
Rena then introduces Ketil to his new friends and leaves him there. 
After that go back to the captain and talk to him, but he the tells 
Rena and the others to wait for a little while. Now go back at the 
main fountain near the ice cream stand.

This time Rena felt the quake again for the second time and this time 
it is strong. Everyone ran to the high grounds. 

The FMV show the destruction of Clik.

You will find some have survived on the high grounds, now talk to the 
captain. But again everybody stood still on frightening tidal wave 
approaching. Clik is totally destroyed. The woman's predictions were 
true. Up on the balcony you will find Ketil has survived.

Now talk to the captain again, he is totally useless if he doesn't 
have the ship. He then gives the passport back to Rena and tells her 
to go to Laquor and meet the king. There he will grant them a ship to 
go to El.

Now exit the place and go pass on the village called Mars. It is 
located east.   



I would like to thank GameFaqs for posting this FAQ.  I appreciate 
all the efforts of GameFaqs in maintaining their web site.  It is 
very helpful and useful to all of us gamers. 


Feel free to distribute this walkthrough, however in its current form
.  This walkthrough (or any part of it) cannot be reproduced or 
altered by means without sole permission from the author.  Any form 
of plagiarism will be dealt with under full extent of the law.


This FAQ is a copyrights and protected by international laws.  It 
should not be sold for money or posted on other sites without 
permission from the author.  It should also not be altered in any 
way.  Proper credits should be given if editors from websites and 
magazines are using them to post on their website or any publications.

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