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Rena Walkthrough by JArtanto

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/28/03

       S         S         S      S   S
        SS      S     SS    S    SSSSS
          S    S     SS     S   S   S

                    SSSSS  SSSSS SSSSS SSSS        SSSSS
                   S   S  S     S          S      S   S
                  S   S  S     SSS    SS    S    S   S
                 S   S  S     S      SS     S   S   S

                      THE SECOND STORY

                  Star Ocean : The Second Story
                    Rena Scenario Walkthrough
                           Version 1.3
                    Last Updated in 28/7/2003
                     By Joseph Andro Artanto

Unpublished Work Copyright Joseph Andro Artanto 1999-2003.
Ia. Introduction

This walkthrough and future revisions of it can be found at :
 - http://www.gamefaqs.com/

Information :
Author     : Joseph Andro Artanto
E-Mail     : aceaceblitzer@yahoo.com
Website    : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
Pages      : 58
Version    : 1.3
Last Update: 3:46 PM 7/28/2003

Unpublished Work Copyright Joseph Andro Artanto 1999-2003.

*Version 0.1 (31/07/1999)
 The initial release. Finished the walkhtrough, contents, controls, PA,
 and item creation section.
*Version 0.2 (1/08/1999)
 Exchange the controls section with Game system section. Created the
 killer moves list. Minor correction. Finished the bonus dungeon
 walktrough section.
*Version 0.3 (5/08/1999)
 A lot of typing corrections, minor corrections.
*Version 0.4 (15/08/1999)
 Created the item creation data section. Created the Silver Trumpet
 "Evil Melody" boss strategy. Minor correction.
*Version 0.5 (28/11/1999)
 Layout corrections, Minor corrections. Contact me by ICQ at 55139575.
*Version 0.6 (5/1/2000)
 New! Santa Boots! If you equip it and sleep at an inn, there is a
 chance that Santa will leave you a gift that you will acquire in the
 morning! Thanks to Jonathan Toellner for this info! I have a website
 now, it is in: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
*Version 0.7 (15/4/2000)
 Layout corrections. Minor corrections.
*Version 0.8 (3/7/2000)
 Created the Author's Info section. Minor corrections.
*Version 0.9 (20/7/2000)
 Solves the Field of Power problem, there is a spot where you can get
 out of there instantly, check at walkthrough section chapter 15.
 Major layout corrections. Minor corrections.
*Version 1.0 (16/8/2000)
 Major layout, spelling, grammar and minor corrections.
*Version 1.2545328965178534259346 (7/7/2002)
 Nothing new. Honest. Just to say hi after 2 years :)
*Version 1.3 (28/7/2003)
 E-mail changed.


Unpublished Work Copyright Joseph Andro Artanto 1999-2003.

This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced
in any way, shape or form (physical, electronically, or otherwise) aside
from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in
it's original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used
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or promotional purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial
transaction.  It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc.,
with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore
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or association, etc., nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It
cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other form of
printed or electronic media (including mediums not specifically
mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
or  inclusion), without the express written permission of the author,
myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Joseph Andro Artanto
(arsin@indosat.net.id). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged 
and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.


       Item Creation
       Super Specialty
       Chapter 1, The Journey has Begun
       Chapter 2, The Kidnapping
       Chapter 3, The Treasure Hunter
       Chapter 4, Big City, Big Disasters
       Chapter 5, Warrior with Two Dragons
       Chapter 6, The Tournament
       Chapter 7, The Other One
       Chapter 8, Sanctuary of Linga
       Chapter 9, The Energy Stone
       Chapter 10, The Racoul Hope
       Chapter 11, The Energy Nede
       Chapter 12, Field of Knowledge
       Chapter 13, Field of Courage
       Chapter 14, Field of Power
       Chapter 15, Field of Love
       Chapter 16, Unpredictable Power
       Chapter 17, Antiproton Weapon
       Chapter 18, Unpredictable Attacks
       Chapter 19, Final Invasion


   Triangle : Battle menu (strategy,items,magic,escape)
   O : Cancel, change controlled character (O then d-pad)
   X : Confirm
   [] + D-Pad : Manual move around battlefield
   Triangle : Menu
   O : Cancel, Hold to run
   X : Confirm, check something
   []: Pickpocket
 World map
   Triangle : Menu
   O : Run,Cancel
   X : Confirm
   []: Private actions
   L1/R1 : Rotate view

Used after you use "Come on Bunny" Super Specialty.
   Triangle : nothing
   O : nothing
   X : Get off from the Bunny, gone after you get off
   []: nothing
   L1/R1 : Rotate view

Acquired after finished the cave of red crystal (disc 2).
   Triangle : nothing
   O : Thrust
   X : Get off from the Synard
   [] + D-Pad : Move for/left/right/back slowly
   L1/R1 : Sharp left/right
/Voice Collection\______________________________________________________

You may have noticed this, every time you hear a voice (in battle), it is
recorded to your memory card. When you have certain percentage of voice
collection, you can get more difficulty level. 30% for the galaxy level,
and 60% for the Universe level, in these 2 level, the enemies are much
stronger and have more HP. If you reach around 75% you will get a level
where you can listen to any music in the game.

1.Specialty screen: this is the place where you can change the killer
  moves or spells you want. Also, you can turn on/off some item creation
  in here. In spells setting, you can nullify the spell by using the []
2.Item screen: This is where you see all your inventory and items. If
  you press triangle, you will see another menu where you can arrange the
  item list by Alphabetical order, etc, and the other are item creation
  (where you could create some items),Super Specialty, and Precious Items.
3.Equipment screen: The place where you can change your characters
  equipment and accessories easily.
4.Skills screen: you can only learn skills after you buy certain pack of
  skills and press the confirm button to learn 1 level of the skill. If
  you learn certain combination of skills, you can get new item creation
  to help you in your quest.
5.Status screen: See your characters stats.
6.Option screen: Change the game config (message speed, controls, etc).
7.Combat: Configure the combat strategy and formation.
    a.Strategy: Strategy for all your party.
         For Fighter : 1.Attack with all MP!
                       2.Protect friends!
                       3.Conserve Killer Moves!
                       4.Spread out and attack!
                       5.Stay away from enemy!
                       6.Do nothing!
         For Magician: 1.Attack till all MP are gone!
                       2.Conserve MP!
                       3.Attack fleeing enemy!
                       4.Use no Heraldic spells!
                       5.Throw own body into attack!
                       6.Do nothing!
         For Rena    : 1.Recover friends only!
                       2.Aid friends!
                       3.Aid self only!
                       4.Cast no spells!
                       5.Put self into attack!
                       6.Do nothing!
    b.Replacement: To change who join the battle or in the back.
    c.Formation: change the formations in the battle.
         1. Linear Motion
         2. Square Shift 1
         3. Tri-Shift 1
         4. Tri-Shift 2
         5. Free-for-all
         6. Upper Guard
         7. Lower Guard
         8. Square Shift 2
         9. Astral Shift
         10.Escape Shift
         11.Assault Shift
         12.Upper Caution
         13.Lower Caution
    a.Save: save the game into Memory card.
    b.Load: load a game from Memory card.

Name: The character's name, you can change his/her front name everytime.
Race: The character's race.
HP  : Current HP/Max HP.
MP  : Current MP/Max MP.
LV  : Current Level.
EXP : Current Exp.
Next: Exp. needed to level up to next level.
STR : Strength (physical attack damage).
CON : Constitution. (defense).
DEX : Dexterity (battle speed).
AGL : Agility (Parry rate).
INT : Intelligence.
LUC : Luck (increase parry/accuracy and item creation success rate).
STM : Stamina (HP/MP restored amount after the battle end).
GUTS: Guts (affect guts success rate).

ATK: Combination between your STR with your weapon attack power.
AC : Defense, combination between your CON with armor defensive power.
HIT: Accuracy.
AVD: Avoidance, parry rate.
MAG: Your current magic attack power.

Fav.Food: If this has opened (just make that character eat his/her own
fav.food), the fav.food will restore a lot of HP/MP to him/her.

Weapon    : Your weapons name.
Armor     : Body armor.
Shield    : Your shield (certain characters only can wear certain shield).
Helmet    : Your helmet.
Greaves   : Leg accessories.
Accessory1: 1st slot accessory.
Accessory2: 2nd slot accessory.

When you press triangle button in status screen, the talent screen
appear. If you press [] button, the overall attributes will appear (when
the ATK overall attributes is fire, then your physical attack will be
fire-element based attack. If it is in DEF slot, when you attacked by
fire-element based attack, the damage will be reduced).

The list of element (from left to right):
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Star, Negative, Light, Dark,
/Ending System\_________________________________________________________

There are 86 endings, so you may want to replay this game over and over.
To see different endings, see some Private Actions which affect the
"Friendship" level and "Love" level or use "Publish" item creation or
using Twins Tonic to change the levels. You may want to get different
characters to see another ending.


This is my killer moves list, I put in how many level you need to get
and when you master the killer move after some proficiency.

1. Name : Phase Gun                       7. Name : Ripper Blast
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 38
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 270 P
2. Name : Air Slash                       8. Name : Twin Slash
   Get : Lv 3                                Get : Lv 45
   Masters at : 200 Profiency (P)            Masters at : 160 P
3. Name : Shooting Stars                  9. Name : Dragon Howl
   Get : Lv 7                                Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 300 P                        Masters at : 500 P
4. Name : Head Splitter                  10. Name : Sword Bomber
   Get : Lv 12                               Get : Lv 62
   Masters at : 260 P                        Masters at : 420 P
5. Name : Energy Sword                   11. Name : Mirror Slice
   Get : Lv 20                               Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 460 P
6. Name : Burst Knuckle
   Get : Lv 28
   Masters at : 100 P

1. Name : Twin Stab                       6. Name : Hurricane Slash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 45
   Masters at : 100 P                        Masters at : 200 P
2. Name : Cross Slash                     7. Name : Death Triangle
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 100 P                        Masters at : N/A
3. Name : Leaf Slash                      8. Name : Dragon Breath
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 64
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 140 P
4. Name : Northern Cross                  9. Name : Sword Dance
   Get : Lv 18                               Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 400 P
5. Name : Piercing Sword                 10. Name : Tri-Ace
   Get : Lv 22                               Get : A treasure chest
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 140 P

1. Name : Rocket Punch                    6. Name : Bang-Bang Attack
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 49
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 510 P
2. Name : Hop Step                        7. Name : Bloody Mary
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 57
   Masters at : 140 P                        Masters at : 360 P
3. Name : Mole                            8. Name : Bobot Super Beam
   Get : Lv 17                               Machinery Item : SuperML
   Masters at : 160 P                        Masters at : 120 P
4. Name : Ally-Oop !
   Get : Lv 25                            9. Name : Barrier
   Masters at : 220 P                        Machinery Item : PlasmaB
5. Name : Parabola Beam                      Masters at : 200 P
   Get : Lv 38                           10. Name : Holo Holograph
   Masters at : 240 P                        Get : Private Action *
                                             Masters at : 130 P

*To get this killer moves, see a PA in Fun City in the Battle Stadium
with Ashton and Precis.

1. Name : Photon Prison                   6. Name : Gravity Shell
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 54
   Masters at : 270 P                        Final Change : N/A
2. Name : Flame Launcher                  7. Name : Lightning Bullet
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 69
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P
3. Name : Alpha on One                    8. Name : Heal Star
   Get : Level 24                            Machinery : Black System
   Masters at : 440 P                        Masters at : N/A
4. Name : Spread Ray                      9. Name : Laser Bit
   Get : Lv 34                               Machinery : White System
   Masters at : 540 P                        Masters at : 300 P
5. Name : Cold Wind                      10. Name : Hyper Launcher
   Get : Lv 41                               Machinery : Green System
   Masters at : 300 P                        Masters at : 500 P

1. Name : Spirit Attack                   6. Name : Death Siege
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 35
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 100 P
2. Name : Poison Pills                    7. Name WhirlWind Fist
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 43
   Masters at : 250 P                        Masters at : 400 P
3. Name : Pillory                         8. Name : Burst Fist
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 51
   Masters at : 380 P                        Masters at : 200 P
4. Name : Firebird Attack                 9. Name : Explosion Pills
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 66
   Masters at : 400 P                        Masters at : 200 P
5. Name : Secret Medicine                10. Name : Sakura Attack
   Get : Lv 28                               Get : Lv 74
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 250 P

1. Name : Dimension Whip                  5. Name : Cloud Dust
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 49
   Masters at : 240 P                        Masters at : 100 P
2. Name : Spiral Whip                     6. Name : Broken Heart
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 58
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 200 P
3. Name : Arc Attack                      7. Name : Thunder Whip
   Get : Lv 32                               Get : Lv 65
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P
4. Name : Thousand Whip                   8. Name : Sonic Whip
   Get : Lv 41                               Get : Lv 73
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 100 P

1. Name : Cross Slash                     6. Name : Crescent Moon Flash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 48
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 100 P
2. Name : Air Slash                       7. Name : Hawk Scream Blast
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 56
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 100 P
3. Name : Crescent Wave                   8. Name : Full Moon Slash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 63
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 100 P
4. Name : Chaos Sword                     9. Name : Illusion
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 420 P
5. Name : Gale Stab                      10. Name : Firebird Shock Wave
   Get : Lv 40                               Get : Lv 78
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 200 P

1. Name : Twister                         5. Name : Flame Thrower
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 240 P                        Masters at : 200 P
2. Name : Burning Card                    6. Name : Rising Dragon
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 62
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P
3. Name : Whirlwind                       7. Name : Tear Gas
   Get : Lv 40                               Get : Lv 68
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : N/A
4. Name : 10,000 Volts                    8. Name : Preparation
   Get : Lv 44                               Get : Lv 72
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 240 P


If you see "[] private actions" in upper right corner when you near a
town, your hero will be alone and all allies are doing their own private
actions, this is a great thing to do as if you pickpocket someone
without private actions, your allies "friendship level" and "love level"
to you will be lowered...and its affect the ending story (...as I know
from other people, there is 86 endings!).

Also, if you do a private actions and talk to someone (including your
allies) you may see an extra event and you may get some items and some
of the PA affect the friendship and love level between you and other
allies which is, again, affect the ending. There is one more thing, you
should do pickpocket by using private actions, or your party friendship
and love level with you will be lowered.

JAA's NOTE: See the Private Action List (Claude) section for more info.


   Star Ocean : The Second Story has a great advantage than other RPG's,
Item Creation, with item creation, you can make your own weapon by fuse
a weapon and a mineral (like diamond, gold, etc), you can also make a
book staring the author, cooking, or even make an illegal item!! all of
this item creation is very innovative, and I think all RPG should have
them. You can get into item creation command by entering menu screen,
enter the item screen, press triangle button and choose item creation.

   Item Creation could be gotten by have someone learn certain skill
(ex: learn skill Good Eye, Recipe, and Kitchen Knife to get Cooking
command in item creation). If you level up certain item creation level,
you may get super specialty skills (ex: level up the Cooking and
Compounding item creation to lvl.4 on each characters, and you get
Master Chef super specialty skill), all of these super specialty are more
effective than original item creation, but if you want an easy reference
of how you can get certain item creation or super specialty.

Also, you need certain talents to make item creation have higher success
rate. All of these talents are actually random; they are given to one of
your character when you get them, some of them are really useful.

Now this is a list and explainment about all item creations and talents.

Originality     : Usefull for make "Art" item creation.
Dexterity       : Usefull for pickpocket or hand-make item creation.
Writing Ability : Usefull for "Writing" IC and "Musical Talent" IC-
Pitch           : Usefull for "Musical Talent" IC (composing).
Sixth Sense     : Usefull for "Scout" IC-Specialty
Sense of Taste  : Usefull for "Cooking" item creation.
Sense of Design : Usefull for "Art" and "Metalwork" IC.
Sense of Rythm  : Usefull for "Musical Talent" IC(compose and play).
Love of Animals : Usefull for "Familiar" IC-Specialty.
The Blessing of Manna : Only who have this talent can use magic spell.

IC-Specialty means that item creation only can be used by accessing
menu, and enter the "Specialty" choice. Also, the Blessing of Manna
talent only used by magician (Celine, Leon, Rena, Noel). You can see
your character talent by accessing menu screen, choose skills, and press
Triangle button.

/Skills (Non-Battle)\___________________________________________________

   This skills can't be used until you buy certain skill from the skill
guild. Once you buy that skill, you can never buy that skill again, and
if you get a new character, that skill can be used by that new
characters. Skills can be used to increase stats and after certain
skills learned, you can get certain item creation (ex: learn Good Eye,
Recipe, and Kitchen Knife to get "Cooking" IC) or from the greenish
coloured skills, your battle skill can be used (like Flip, you sometimes
can automatically go behind the enemy and attack from behind with a
certain probability).
   To learn the skills, easy, just press confirm button in the skill you
want to learn. Also, in skill guild, you can talk to the explainer and
the advisor to see what skills are gotten by buying certain "Pack of
Skills" ("Pack of Skills" contain several skills like the pack of skills
"Combat 1" contain several combat skills). Now this is the list.

* Sketching
* Musical Notation (Agility + 1% x skill level)
* Tool Knowledge (Item sale price + 3% x skill level)
* Mineralogy (Intelligence + 3% x skill level)
* Herbal Medicine(Recovery by blue/blackberries + 3% x skill level)
* Craft (Agility + 2 x skill level)
* Esthetic Sense
* Writing (Dexterity + 2 x skill level)
* Effort (Experience points needed for next level is reduced.)
* Perseverance (Skill point consumption is reduced.)
* Patience (Constitution + 2 x skill level)
* Danger Sense (Stamina + 3 x skill level)
* Biology (HP + 10 x skill level squared)
* Mental Science (MP + 5 x skill level)
* Kitchen Knife (Strength + 20 x skill level)
* Recipe
* Good Eye (Recovery level increases.)
* Whistling
* Animal Training
* Metal Casting (Dexterity + 2 x skill level)
* Scientific Ability (Strength + 10 x skill level)
* Fairyology (Intelligence + 1 x skill level)
* Radar
* Piety (Skills increased somewhat...?)
* Playfulness
* Functionality (Str, Dex, Agl, and Int + 6 x skill level)
* Courage
* Poker Face (Guts + 3 x skill level)
* Copying
* Mech Knowledge
* Mech Operation
/Skills (Battle)\_______________________________________________________

This skills below can only be used in combat automatically (with certain
probabilty, of course)

* Below the Belt (Ignores enemy defense)
* Strong Blow (Increase attack)
* Flip (Go and attack behind enemy)
* Counterattack (When you attacked, press X and he/she will counter)
* Feint (Improve aim)
* Mental Training (Increase attack)
* Motormouth (Reduces time to cast spell)
* Body Control (Prevent faint)
* Spirit Force (Increase defend)
* Parry (Parry enemy's attack)
* Cancel (Eliminate the gap between killer moves and normal attack)
* Gale (Increase combat speed)
* Provocation (Make the enemy try to hit you using Select button)
* Float (When you hit an enemy, it can fly away above)

JAA's NOTE: "Float" combat skills only can be gotten in the bonus
dungeon (thanks to Michael Welch(HooliganBoy1@webtv.net) for this info).
/Item Creation/Specialty\_______________________________________________

   This is the list of all item creation, with explainment, skills needed,
item gotten if you succeed or fail, item needed, and support items (get
it and it will make certain IC have higher success rate). IC-Specialty
means that item creation only can be used by entering menu screen and
choose specialty choice.

If you have reached Energy Nede and have a Synard, I suggest you buy a
magical rasp since it increase customize IC and blacksmith SS items, so
you can make a more powerful items. To buy it, it is in Fake Gallery,
it is in the snowy land. There are 2 main snow islands in Nede and
several small snow islands between the main snow islands, land in one of
the islands and go around until you changes the screen and you have
reached the fake gallery.

This item creation used for making art items from a blank canvas
and a lump, some picture are portraits of a character, and some others
are items that can be used in battle.
Item needed : Magical Canvas (for picture),Magical Clay (for sculpture).
Success : Portraits, Dolls, Balls.
Failure : Useless Decorations, Weird Lump, Scribbles.
Skills needed : Sketching, Esthetic Sense.
Support items : Graphics Tool.

Items gotten with Art:
Magical Canvas: Revival Card, Extension Card, Discovery Card, Fol Up
Card, Victorial Card, Mortalial Card, Fountain Card, Fairies Card, 'The
Last Supper', 'The Scream',  Portrait A(Claude), Portrait B(Rena),
Portrait C(Celine), Portrait D(Bowman), Portrait E(Dias), Portrait
F(Precis), Portrait G(Ashton), Portrait H(Leon), Portrait I(Opera),
Portrait J(Ernest), Portrait K(Noel), Portrait L(Chisato).
Magical Clay: Magic Rock, Super Ball, Tri-ball, Silence Card, Dummy
Doll, Hexagram Card, Hyper Ball, Skanda, Bubble Lotion, Mirror of
Wisdom, Jack-in-the-Box, Treasure Chest.

This IC-Specialty give you a hint about something.
Success : Hint.
Skills needed : Radar, Piety, Playfullness.

Compose a song or play a song. This item creation produces a song
that can increase stats but with limited time.
Item needed : Feather Pen (for composing),Conductor's Baton (for play).
Success : a song that increase stats, enemy encounter, etc.
Failure : do nothing, you lose the feather pen (composing). Playing a
song have 100% succees rate
Skills needed : Musical Notation, Musical Instrument.
Support items : Music Tool.
*all info below is available when the song is still playing*

  The Song of Salvation: every step you walk, restore hp/mp.
  The Song of Blessings: increases all parameters.
  The Ghost Dance: Aim is improved.
  The Fairy Dance: Dodging ability is improved.
Illusive Shamisen:
  The Green Gale: Agl is improved
  The Secret Power: max hp/mp is increased.
Silver Trumpet:
  The Evil Melody: Summon a VERY powerful angel to attack you.
  The Melody of the Gods: Success is achieved even without talent.
  The Strains of Battle: Encounter rate is increased.
  Strains of Loneliness: Encounter rate is decreased.
  The Judgement: Attack power is increased.
  The Eternal Song: Def power is increased.
  Enter The Hero: Fight normal enemy.
  Hail the Goddess: Effectiveness of specialty command is increased.
  The Song of Healing: every step you walk, restore hp.
  The Song of Hope: every step you walk, restore mp.

By combining a weapon and a mineral, you can get a weapon that may be
stronger. This item creation is very useful since almost all best weapons
only can be gotten by this item creation.
Item needed : a weapon and a mineral (like crystal, gold, etc).
Success : a great weapon but can also weaker weapon.
Failure : useless weapon, like Dull Sword or Worn Knuckles.
Skills needed : Craft, Metal Casting, Functionality.
Support items : Magical Rasp (buyable).
Here's some way to get the best weapons for all characters by Customize
(you may need Magical Rasp to get some stronger weapons). The strongest
weapon is in the lowest line of a character. Note if you see "(Weapon)"
or "(Ore)" this mean you can use any weapon or ore to get certain

 Minus Sword: Sharp Edge + Mithril
 Aura Blade: (Weapon) + (Ore)
 Eternal Sphere: Minus Sword + Mithril
 Kaiser Knuckle: (Weapon) + (Ore)
 Sorceres Knuckle: Magical Glove+Rune Metal/Rune Full Moon+Sage's Stone
 Empressia: Kaiser Knuckle + Moonite
 Silver Moon: Silver Rod + Moonite
 Holy Rod: (Weapon) + Orihalcum
 Dragon Tusk: Holy Rod + Star Ruby, Ruby Rod + Orihalcum
 Holy Cross: (Weapon) + (Ore)
 Gemini: Starlight/Pair Nuts + Meteorite
 Melufa: Psyzer + Damascus
 SD Punch: (Weapon) + (Ore)
 SDUGA Punch: UGA Punch + Meteorite
 UGA Punch: SD Punch + Damascus
 Asura: Titan Fist + Rainbow Diamond
 Kaiser Knuckle: (Weapon) + (Ore)
 Titan Fist: Giant Fist + Rainbow Diamond
 Moon Fist: Rune Full Moon + Diamond
 Burst Box: Magic Box + Sage's Stone
 Pulse Box: Beta Box box + Orihalcum
 Seventh Ray: Light Box + Rainbow Diamond
 Flare Whip: (Weapon) + Star Ruby
 Freeze Whip: (Weapon) + Kenja no Ishi
 Invisible: Light Whip + Mithril
 Dark Whip: Tanbunshi Wire + Damascus
 Whirlwind: (Weapon) + Meteorite
 Hard Cleaver: Breeze Hope + Rainbow Diamond
 Crimson D:  (Weapon) + Star Ruby
 Soul Slayer: Crimson D + Sage's Stone/Hard Cleaver + Damascus
 Ruins Fate: Minus Sword + Damascus
 Book of Darkness: Strong Weapon + Damascus
 Heraldry: (Weapon) + Rune Metal
 Book of Chaos: Book of Darkness + Damascus
 Ancient Wisdom: Book of Chaos + Damascus
 Dragon Claw: (Weapon) + Moonite
 Serpent Tooth: Eagle Claw + Sapphire
 Grizzly Clasp: Dragon Claw + Iron
 Shock Gun: (Weapon) + Mithril
 Cracker: (Weapon) + Damascus
 Freeze: Shock Gun + Sapphire
 Psychic Gun: Cracker + Sage's Stone

Used for identifying items that have a question mark in front of the
item word (like ?HERB,?WEAPON,etc).
Item needed : Spectacle.
Success : the ?xxx will be identified and show the real item.
Failure : the ?xxx will not be identified and you lose the spectacle.
Skills needed : Tool Knowledge, Mineralogy, Herbal Medicine.
Support items : Element Analyser.

Make a jewelry from a piece of metal. You may need certain character
to make certain jewels. Very useful especially for creating
an Atlas Ring (use R.Diamond with Claude).
Item needed : a mineral
Success : useful jewelry that increase stats or defend to certain
Failure : Gaudy Earring, Weighty Ring, Scrap Iron, Useless Decoration.
Skills needed : Mineralogy, Craft, Esthetic Sense.
Support items : Pewter Container.
* Cl-Claude, Re-Rena, Ce-Celine, As-Ashton, Op-Opera, Pr-Precis, Bo-
Bowman, Er-Ernest, Di-Dias, Le-Leon, No-Noel, Ch-Chisato.

 Black Earring: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, Le, No
 Heavy Ring: Cl, Ce, As, Pr, No, Ch, Er
 Hard Ring: Cl, Ce, As, Op, Pr, Ch, Er
 Poison Check: Cl, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Hard Pierce: Cl, As, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Paralyze Check: Re, Op, Di, Bo, Le
 Stone Check: Re, Di, Bo, No, Le
 Silver Ring: Cl, Ce, As, Pr, Le, Er
 Silver Baretta: Cl, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Silver Pendant: Re, Op, Di, Bo, No, Ch
 Silver Charm: Re, Cel, No, Le
 Silver Idol: Re, As, Pr, No, Er
 Silver Cross: Cl, As, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Silver Pierce: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, No, Le
 Angel Hair: Cl, As, Od, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Necklace: Cl, Ce, Op, No
 Gold Crown: Re, Ce, As, Op
 Gold Ring: Re, Ce, Op, No
 Sturm Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, No, Le
 Gold Idol: Re, As, No, Er
 Gold Bracelet: Cr, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Ch
 Gold Pierce: Cl, As, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Gold Cross: Cl, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Blue Talisman: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, No, Re, Er
 Aquaring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le
 Feat Symbol: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Le
 Water Ring: No, Le
 Purple Mist: Cl, Di, No, Ch, Er
 Anklet: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le
 Gale Earring: Cl, As, Di, Bo, Ch
 Recoil Bracelet: Cl, Ce, Op, Pr, Ch
 Fire Ring: Ce, Le
 Blood Earring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Flare Ring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Shield Pierce: Re, As, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Berserk Ring: Cl, Pr, Ch
 Ruby Pierce: Cl, As, Op, Bo, Ch
 Holy Ring: Re, Ce, As, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Princess Ring: Re, Ce, Pr, Ch
 Glass Slippers: Re, Ce, Op, Ch
 Surrender Pendant: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Le, Er
 Resist Ring: Cl, As, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Reflection Ring: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Prism Ring: Cl, Op, Pr, Ch
Green Beryl:
 Emerald Ring: Re, Ce, As, Di, Bo, No, Le
 Talisman: Re, Ce As, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Emerald Pierce: Re, Ce, No
 Crown: Cl, Ce, As, Op, Er
 Fairy Ring: Cl, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Re, Ch, Er
 Green Bracelet: Re, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Ch
 Might Chain: Cl, Op, Di, Pr, Ch
 Lot Bracelet: Cl, Op, Pr, Ch, Er
 Pretty Idol: Re, As, No, Er
 Attack Earring: Cl, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch
 Thunder Ring: Ce, No
 First Earring: Cl, Ce, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Promised Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Pr, No, Le
 Flash Earring: Cl, Re, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Shiny Earring: Re, As, Op, No, Le
 Reverse Doll: Cl, Di, Bo, Ch, Er
Star Ruby:
 Stardust Ring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, Le
 Star Earring: Re, Ce, No, Le
 Star Necklace: Re, Ce, No, Le
 Protect Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, No, Le
 Eclipse Ring: Cl, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Ruby Pendant: Cl, As, Op, Bo, No, Ch
 Shield Ring: Cl, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
Rainbow Diamond:
 Left Cross: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Le
 Dream Bracelet: Cl, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch
 Regeneration Ring: Cl, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Healing Ring: Re, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Magic Mist: Re, No, Le, Er
 Magic Cross: Re, Pr, No, Le
 Zephyr Earring: Cl, Ce, As, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Atlas Ring: Cl, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch, Er
 Luna Tablet: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Moon Earring: Re, Ce, As, Bo, Pr, Le
 Luna Talisman: Cl, Di, No, Le
 Moon Light: Cl, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Ch
 Insanity Ring: Cl, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Lunatic Ring: Re,Ce, Pr Er
 Lunatic Earring: Cl, Op, Di, No, Ch, Er
Sage's Stone:
 Infinity Ring: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Er
 Mental Ring: Cl, Ce, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Wise Ring: Cl, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch
 Peep Half: Cl, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Misty Symbol: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Peep Non: Cl, As, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Mind Ring: Re, As, Op, No
Wrecked Gem:
 Red Lotus Gem: Anyone

Make a book that learn certain skills but you cant
go through level 5 of that skill.
Item needed : Fountain Pen.
Success : book that learn certain skills.
Failure : Crumpled Paper.
Skills needed : Writing.
Support items : Word Processor Software.
ex: (skill name):(book name)

Herbal Medicine: All About Herbs
Copying: Before Tea's Ready
Good Eye: Choose Ingredients
Kitchen Knife: Cook from the Heart
Mech Knowledge: Engineering
Animal Training: Forest Friends
Craft: Gold/Silversmith
Mental Science: Heart Barriers
Musical Notation: Musical Theory
Fairylogy: Mystical Beings
Biology: Nature's Life Force
Metal Casting: No Need for Words
Counterattack: On Revenge
Mental Training: On Training
Tool Knowledge: Pocket Encyclopedia
Scientific Ability: The Hermes Theory
Mineralogy: The Land's Secret
Recipe: Today's Dish

This IC-Specialty reduces exp needed to level up.
Success : Reduces exp needed to lvl.up.
Skills needed : Effort, Patience, Perseverance.

Increase or decrease enemy encounter rate.
Skills needed : Danger Sense.

Make better medicine from 2 lower medicines.
Success : Better herb.
Failure : do nothing.
Skills needed : Biology, Herbal Medicine, Mental Science.
Support items : Antiseptic Gloves.

Mandrake+Mandrake: Risky Liquid, Natural high, Crash Pill, Violent Pill
Mandrake+RoseHips: Attack Bottle, Kamikaze Tonic, Smoke Mist, Flash Pot,
Mandrake+Artemis Leaf: Liquor Bottle,Danger Pot, Sweet Syrup, Sour Syrup
Mandrake+Wolfsbane: Lilith Tonic,Bubble Lotion,Fairy Toware,Melty Lotion
Mandrake+Lavender: Nightmare Pot, Marine Drink, Smoke Oil, Maple Syrup
Mandrake+Aceras: Energy Tonic, Risky Liquid, Hot Syrup, Herbal Oil

RoseHips+Rose Hips: Cure Poison, Maple Syrup, Cure Paralyze, Mix Syrup
RoseHips+Artemis Leaf: Cure Paralysis,Cure Poison,Marionette Pill,Skanda
RoseHips+Wolfsbane: NightmarePot,SuccubusCologne,DangerPot,ParalysisMist
RoseHips+Lavender: Fresh Syrup, Holy Mist, Fruit Syrup, Sweet Syrup
RoseHips+Aceras: Kamikaze Tonic, Succubus Cologne, Mental Pot

Artemis Leaf+Artemis Leaf: CareTablet,LiquorBottle,FairyGlass,Danger Pot
Artemis Leaf+Wolfsbane: Sour Syrup, Violent Pill, Hot syrup, Fruit Syrup
Artemis Leaf+Lavender: Resurrection Mist, Medical Rinse, Wonder Drug
Artemis Leaf+Aceras: Wonder Drug, Fresh Pot, Liquor Bottle, Herbal Oil

Wolfsbane+Wolfsbane: Mad Mist, Stink Gel, Bitter Lotion, Melty Lotion
Wolfsbane+Lavender: Bitter Lotion,Paralysis Oil,Melty Lotion,Stink Gel
Wolfsbane+Aceras: Shock Oil, Bubble Lotion, Pixie Cologne, Lilith Tonic

Lavender+Lavender: Medical Rinse,Mixed Syrup,Resurrect Bottle,Herbal Oil
Lavender+Aceras: Resurrect Mist, Energy Tonic, Holy Mist, Fresh Syrup

Aceras+Aceras: Fairy Mist, Resurrection Bottle, Skanda Ointment

Make better food from basic ingredients.
Item needed : basic/rare ingredients.
Success : better healing foods.
Failure : bad tasting food that do negative status.
Skills needed : Good Eye, Recipe, Kitchen Knife.
Support items : All-Purpose Knifes.
Thanks to Darrick C.Mattsen (WLDNCRZY14@hotmail.com) for this data.

Big Tuna--Restores HP 45%  (Noel's Favorite)
Broth--Restores MP 30%
Salmon Omelet--Restores HP 29%
Seaweed Miso Soup--Restores MP 20%
Shark Fin Soup--Restores MP 40%
Shrimp Au Gratin--Restores HP 26%
Shrimp Pilaf--Restores HP 30%
Shu-Mai--Restores HP 10%
Sole and Fruit Sauce--Restores HP 22%
Toro Tuna--Restores HP 20%

Baby Rabbit Risotto--Restores HP 35% (Celine's Favorite)
Beef Croquettes--Restores HP 30%
Chicken Doria--Restores HP 48%
Chicken Skewers--Restores HP 5%  (Dias' Favorite)
Ground Lamb Steak--Restores HP 40%
Hamburger--Restores HP 19%  (Ashton's Favorite)
Jambalaya--Restores HP 46%
Meat Dumpling--Restores HP 22%
Potstickers--Restores HP 19%
Steak--Restores HP 50% (Claude's Favorite)

Daikon Miso Soup--Restores MP 10%  (Bowman's Favorite)
Fried Rice--Restores HP 26%
Gruel--Restores HP 10%
Hassaku Tea**--Restores MP 40%  (Ernest's Favorite)
Ishidaya Tea**--Restores MP 60%
Pancakes--Restores HP 23%
Rice Cakes--Restores HP 19%
Rice Croquettes--Restores HP 12%
Rice Omelet--Restores HP 20%
Root Beer**--Restores MP 35%
Shrimp Doria--Restores HP 21%
Sweet Dumpling--Restores HP 12%
Soy Milk--Restores MP 10%
Usunigori Tea**--Restores MP 45%
Yaegaki Tea**--Restores MP 50%
Yukiyucho Tea**--Restores MP 55%
Smelly Rice Cakes*

Aged Berry Juice--Cures All Status
Apple Cider--Restores MP 40%  (Opera's Favorite)
Apple Crepes--Restores HP 15%
Banana Crepes--Restores HP 18%
Berry Juice--Restores MP 5%
Orangeade--Restores MP 10%
Orange Au Gratin--Restores HP 21%
Orange Sherbet--Restores HP 10%
Peach Ice Cream--Restores HP 10%
Pickled Plum--Restores HP 2%
Strawberry Mousse--Restores HP 14%
Cabbage Roll--Restores HP 26%
Carrot Ice Cream--Restores HP 12%
Carrot Juice--Restores MP 13%  (Leon's Favorite)
Corn Potage--Restores MP 20%
Green Potage--Restores MP 25%
Quick Pickles--Restores HP 5%
Rice-Bran Pickles--Restores HP 6%
Spring Rolls--Restores HP 20%
Squash Croquettes--Restores HP 22%
Squash Spring Rolls--Restores HP 28%
Vegetable Juice--Restores MP 26%

Bacon and Eggs--Restores HP 20%
Chocolate Crepes--Restores HP 22% (Precis' Favorite)
Custard Pudding--Restores HP 15%
Egg Sandwich--Restores HP 19%
Fried Eggs--Restores HP 18%
Fruit Smoothie--Restores MP 8%
Macaroni Au Gratin--Restores HP 10%
Shortcake--Restores HP 16%   (Rena's Favorite)
Vanilla Ice Cream--Restores HP 10%
Yogurt--Restores HP 5%

Send an animals to buy something from a shop, useful when you in
a dungeon, the animal changes as this IC level increased.
Item needed : Pet Food.
Success : you can several items from the animal.
Failure : do nothing, you lose the pet food.
Skills needed : Whistling, Animal Training.

Skill level 1-Pigeon: Blueberry, Aquaberry, Spectacles, Blackberry
Skill level 3-Crow: Rosehip, Wolfsbane, Lavender, Flare Bomb
Skill level 5-Crane: Cure Paralyze, Mind Bomb, Mandrake, Resurrection
bottle, Cure Stone
Skill level 7-Hawk: Seafood, Fruit, Grain, Meat, Vegetables, Egg/Dp
Skill level 9-Eagle: Aquaberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Spectacles,
Liquor Bottle, Aseras, Resurrect Bottle, Magical Canvas

Changes iron into better and rarer mineral, you can changes rarer
mineral as this IC level increased. You can only changes the iron with
Blessing of Manna talent. You can only make certain mineral after you
have certain level of Alchemy, you also need Lezard Flask to create
a more rare minerals.
Item needed : Iron.
Success : better and rarer mineral.
Failure : Rock, you lose the Iron.
Skills needed : Scientific Ability, Mineralogy, Fairyology.
Support items : Lezard Flask, Erlenmeyer Flask.

Level 1: Silver, Gold
Level 2: Ruby, Sapphire
Level 3: Green Beryl, Crystal
Level 4: Diamond
Level 5: Star Ruby
Level 6: Damascus, Rune Metal*
Level 7: Orihalcon, Rainbow Diamond*
Level 8: Moonite*, Sage's Stone*, Meteorite*, Mithril*
*In order to make these, you must have the item "Lezard's Flask"

Find items in the field.
Success : foods, mineral, etc.
Failure : do nothing.
Skills needed : Herbal Medicine, Patience.
Support items : Survival Kit.

Steal an item from a people by pressing [] button near that people,
you can get some rare item by using this IC-Specialty.
Items needed : Bandit's Gloves (not 1-time only)
Success : stolen items.
Failure : do nothing and you cant steal anything from that people
Skills needed : Courage, Poker Face.
Support Items : Magician Hand (have high success rate).

JAA's NOTE : you may must have the talent Dexterity or you have low-
success rate. You can create Magician Hand by Machinery, and it can help
you pickpocket a lot.

Make same items by using camera. Some items cannot be
copied because some reason (imagine if you can copy an angel armband).
Items needed : Magical Camera, Magical Film.
Success : Duplicated items.
Failure : Blurry Photo.
Skills Needed : Copying.
Support items : Ririca (like magical camera, but more useful)

This IC is very usefull, it can produces machines or items that
increase the success rate of some IC. This item creation can be
used to get several Precis's and Opera's killer moves.
Items needed : Material Kit.
Success : Bombs, Machines.
Failure : do nothing.
Skills needed : Mech Knowledge, Mech Operation.

Items gotten:  Survival Kit, Ririca, Sankaku Flask, Nuclear Bomb, Peep-
peep bomb, Protection Bomb, Music Box, Magician Hand, Text Software,
Graphic Software, Tetrabomb, Assault Bomb, Half-Dead Bomb, Killer
Poison, Mind Bomb.
 By Precis: Launcher, Plasma Barrier, Ultra Punch, One-Two Punch, Iron
            Punch, Straight Punch
 By Opera : White System, Black System, Green System, Booster Box, X Box,
            Black Box, Magic Box
/Super Specialty\_______________________________________________________

   This is kinda seems like item creation, but this super specialty
used by everyone in your party to make something. To access it, enter
menu screen, choose items and press Triangle button, now choose Super
Specialty Skills. You can learn a super specialty if you level up
certain IC level to level 4 (like to get master chef SS, level up
cooking and compounding IC to level 4 and you get master chef SS).

By combining 2 basic ingredients you can make more tasty food than
original cooking IC.
Items needed : basic/rare ingredients.
Success : more healing effect food than regular cooking.
Failure : junk and bad food.
IC needed : Cooking, Compounding.
Support items : All-Purpose Knife.
Thanks to Darrick C.Mattsen (WLDNCRZY14@hotmail.com) for this data.

Egg/Dairy+Egg/Dairy:      Plain Omelet--Restores HP 66%
Egg/Dairy+Fruit:          Coconut Milk--Cures Status Abnormalities
Egg/Dairy+Grain:          French Toast--Restores MP 55%
Egg/Dairy+Meat:           Creamed Stew--Restores HP 70%
Egg/Dairy+Seafood:        Steamed Aspic--Restores HP 50%
Egg/Dairy+Vegetables:     Yogurt Salad--Restores HP 10%/cures Poison
Fruit+Fruit:              Pear Compote--Cures Status Abnormalities
Fruit+Grain:              Strawberry Mochi--Restores HP 55%
Fruit+Meat:               Muscat Grape Jelly--Cures Poison
Fruit+Seafood:            Sole & Wine Sauce--Restores HP 60%
Fruit+Vegetables:         Konyaku Jelly--Restores HP 40%
Grain+Grain:              Sweet Rice Cakes--Restores HP 80%
Grain+Meat:               Meat Fried Rice--Restores HP 60%
Grain+Seafood:            Shark Potstickers--Restores HP 70%
Grain+Vegetables:         Sake Lees Pickles--+ HP 10%/cures paralysis
Meat+Meat:                Sirloin Steak--Restores HP 80%
Meat+Seafood:             Bird's Nest Soup--Restores MP 70%
Meat+Vegetables:          Peking Duck--Restores HP 70%
Seafood+Seafood:          Sashimi--Restores HP 70%
Seafood+Vegetables:       Mushroom Soup--Restores MP 66%
Vegetables+Vegetables:    Fried Vegetables--Restores HP 50%

Use all music instruments and all song to make an
orchestra. Very useful because in Orchestra status, your IC/-Specialty
will be very rare to fail.
Items needed : Conductor's Baton, enough music instrument and song for
all your characters in your party.
Success : an Orchestra (see above).
IC needed : Musical Talent, Art.

Increases skill points gained after lvl.up.
IC needed : Practice, Survival.

Call a bunny which make you can't be attacked by enemies
(world map only).
Success : a bunny appear.
Failure : do nothing.
IC needed : Familiar, Scout.

Writes a book staring a character, you can sell it to a
publisher, go back frequently and you get a lot of money.
Success : a great book.
Failure : Crumpled Paper.
IC needed : Authoring, Machinery.
Support items : Word Proccessor Software.

This SS very usefull because it can lower item price in
the shop which conserve your money.
Items needed : Spectacle.
Success : Decrease or increase the price in the shop.
IC needed : Identify, Metalwork.

Make an armor from a mineral, this SS produces great armor which help
you a lot. With Magical Rasp, you can create a Pallas Athena by a
Mithril (this will reduce the element lowering effect by Atlas Ring).
Items needed : a mineral.
Success : powerful armor, robe, shoes, etc
Failure : Perforated Armor.
IC needed : Customize, Alchemy.
Support items : Magical Rasp.

Without Magical Rasp:
Iron: Knight Shield, Plate Greave, Ring Mail, Plate Helm, Banded Helm
Orichalcum: Neo Greaves, Barrier Shield, Barrier Armor, Hermit's Helm,
Rare Gauntlets
Damascus: Chaos Mail, Bloody Armor, Bloody Helm, Core Plate
Moonite: Jeanne's Helm, Witch Boots, Jeanne's Shield, Jeanne's Armor
Mithril: Mithril Coat, Mithril Dress, Mithril Shield, Mithril Mesh
Meteorite: Star Greaves, Star Guard, Star Cloak, Star Necklace
Rune Metal: Rune Shoes, Wizard Helmet, Wizard Mail, Rune Buckler

With the Magical Rasp:
Iron: All-Purpose Knife, Plate Mail
Orichalcum: Odin Helm, Reflection Armor
Damascus: Duel Suit, Algol, Duel Helm
Moonite: Ishtar's Robe, Isis Tiara, The Armband of Kali
Mithril: Pallas Athena
Meteorite: Sylvan Helm, Sylvan Boots, Sylvan Mail
Rune Metal: Mirage Robe, Flying Hawk Robes

Make illegal items from a paper, not too useful because it lower
your love and friendship level, but the useful one is forged medals
which make your exp. 1 more to level up.
Success : illegal items.
Failure : Bounced check (make your money down as the time goes by)
IC needed : Pickpocket, Reproduction.


                 Chapter 1, The Journey Has Begun

In the beginning, you will make some choose in sound, battle system and
difficulty (yes, there is a difficulty, but you must get certain
percentage of voice collection to get it).

After the opening story, go to menu screen and choose skill, now press
triangle and press it again, you will see the talent screen, if you have
talent dexterity, continue the game, but if you don't, reset, as this
talent will help you a lot in item creation or pickpocketing (it is okay
if you don't want).

Arlia Village
Items in Arlia Village:
Resurection bottle, 200F, Blueberry, Rose Hips, Leather armor,
Strawberry Jam, Blackberry.

Now go around the village and get all treasure chests you found. Now
head to Shingo Forest which is located in the south of the village.
After some conversations, Rena will give the strange foreign man a tour,
just go into all houses and Rena will explain something. Go back to
Rena's house, after some conversation, you will get a more turn to go
around the village. Wander around and talk to peoples in this village,
and go back to Westa's House, she will prepare a huge dinner for Claude.
3 hours later, go to mayor Regis house just east of Westa's house, and
Rena will bring Regis to Westa's house and you will get another

The next day, go to Shingo Forest, and see a flashback. Claude will come
and ask if she is okay. On the way back to her house, Rena caught by
Alen and taken to his house in Salva. Now check the statue in the corner
and it will reveal a secret passage, enter it and check the wounded man.
Save, and enter the mine.

Salva Underground Mine
Items in the underground mine: Rose Hips, 2 Blackberry, Silver, Iron, 2
Gold, Spectacles.

You will learn something about the dungeon in StarOcean2...there is a
lot of splitted way, crossroad, and the dungeon is long. But, try to
explore and remember the screen and make your own map in your brain or
try to make your own map...map is far more useful in this kind of
dungeon. Also, you usually warned about the boss place by save point, if
you find a save point, usually near that save point is a boss. The enemy
in this dungeon is not too hard if your level is high enough, however,
since you as Rena now, this is harder, try to run into the corner and
heal yourself if you hurt badly. If you find some signs about the
dragon's nest, you can't enter now. When you reach the deep section of
the mine, Alen will catch you and tied you on a strange altar, now
Claude will came and free Rena, it is your first boss now.

Boss: Alen-Tax, HP: 400
This is a not too hard boss, with Rena as your back-up healing and if
your level high enough, this boss is a whimp.

After some conversations, Alen back to normal and apologizes. After some
more conversation, Claude and Rena will leave Salva and head back to
Arlia. In mayor Regis house, Claude tell Regis about Alen which is
controlled by the stone. Regis ask Claude to investigate the sorcery
globe, he agrees, Rena will ask to join Claude, they agree. Now Rena
will leave Regis house, now head to Westa's house and climb the stair,
after some conversation, Regis come in and Rena leave the house. Go to
the west area of the village and go to the south end of the area, go back
to the bridge and talk to Claude. Now level up your characters first (in
the mine) and now head to Salva.

Items in Salva: Portrait B, Heavy Ring.

In this town, buy some better equipment for your hero, and also some
healing items if you can. Now take all chest you see and talk to
everyone to get some info.
Head to Alen's house and talk to him twice, he will give you the Ring of
Happiness. Now go to Cross Castle.

                 Chapter 2, The Treasure Hunter

Once you arrive in Cross, it is night, now head to the inn (northwest
house) and talk to the innkeeper, she will give you a free stay in the
inn. The next day, you can travel around Cross freely.

Cross Castle
Items in Cross Castle: Wood Shield, Leather Helm, 500F.
Do a private action in here first and see the 3 eyed man, YOU ONLY CAN
GET OPERA BY DOING THIS PRIVATE ACTION (but if you want Ashton instead
of Opera, skip this private action)

A lot of rumor in this city. First, the king want someone investigate
the sorcery globe. Second, the prince rumored has run away. Third, a
temple on top of the mountain and near a lake that can only be entered
with the king's permission. And fourth, there is a demon bird on top of
mountain in the west of the castle.

Now you can buy some equipment here, but I recommend don't, money has a
pretty major side in this game (especially if you want to buy a bandit
gloves for 40.000F, which allow you to pickpocket, later in the
I recommend you to buy all the skill from the skill guild (it will allow
you learn new skill which help you a LOT in your later quest, also if
you buy one, it will always kept and even if you get new character, the
new character can learn this skill) Go talk to the receptionist in the
castle and register your name, she will give you a time to explore the
castle, do so and get some chests, you may must talk to some people here
and talk to a guard guarding the king chamber to finally meet the king.
When you could, talk to the king and ask all the 3 choices, the king
will send you to investigate the sorcery globe. The king also gives you
a passport and 600F.

When you return to center area of the town, there is 2 wizard fighting,
after some fight and conversations, she decided to join you in order to
investigate the cross cave and get a treasure.
You have 2 choices, the first is to let her join, and the second to not
join you. But any of the choices will make her join you so it doesn't
matter. Now, head to Cross Cave (near the sign). Before you go to Cross
Cave, level up a bit and buy a few blackberries.

Cross Cave
Items in Cross Cave: Blueberry, 2 Sweet Syrup, Artemis Leaf, 2 Lavender,
2 Cure Poison, ?MINERAL, ?JEWELRY (Reverse Doll), Stink Gel, Feather
Pen, 600F, Resurrect Mist, ?ITEM (Aquaberry), 2 Blackberry, Tri-Ball,
Magic Canvas, Iron, Green Beryl, 700F, Ancient Treasure, Limits of the
Wind (?).

As I told you, all of the dungeons in StarOcean2 are like this, but again
,make a map in your brain or a paper to make thing easier. The enemy
here are pretty easy, just make sure Celine and Rena have enough MP. At
the north area (where there is a save point), an event occurs, and a
secret passage revealed to the west, now heal and save.
This room filled with 5 treasure chest, 3 of them are normal items, 1 is
the treasure and 1 is boss chest (the boss chest is the upright most
chest), the boss in this cave is actually optional but i think you
should fight it since you can gain a lot of exp and fol.

Boss: 2 Gargoyle, HP: 1500 each
This boss is pretty easy, just make sure Celine attack with all MP and
Rena as a back-up, and Claude as the fighter. As long as Claude don't
trapped between the 2 Gargoyles, I'm sure you can win this battle.

After that, leave the cave, in front of the way out, Celine ask if she
can join you, now it is the real thing, make her join you, she is vital
to your quest. Whatever, now go to Clik (a town near a lake and coast,
but not the cave).
If you somehow managed to get around 45.000 F, go to Herlie, a port town
that more far than Mars village (read the sign if you can't find it, and
if you don't have the talent dexterity, don't bother to buy it, but don't
worry you can do pickpocket later on other planet by having a support
item which help you a lot to pickpocket by machinery item creation) and
buy a bandit gloves in one of the shops here.
Also try to buy all the skills available in there, I recommend don't buy
any equipment or you will be very short in money. To do a pickpocket, go
near a people and press square button, if you fail you don't get anything
and you cant steal from him anymore, but if you succeed you will get an
item or fol.

                 Chapter 3, Big City, Big Disasters

Items in Clik: Lyre, Grain, Seafood.

This city is pretty big, but before you enter the town, push that square
button and do a private action here. Now talk to Philia, a girl near the
fountain (north of the fountain), steal Mischief from her too if you
have the bandit gloves and talent dexterity (simply reset if you fail)
after that go out and enter the town as a group.

After you go around and buy skills or equipment, talk to the captain of
the ship (southwest area of the port) he tell you to go around first,
upon entering the center square, a little thief stole your wallet. Talk
to the 2 kids near the east ship and now go to the first area of the
town, you find the thief near the bar.
After some conversations, you will get a tour from Ketil now, and
first,go to:
* Ketil's house, in the Clik first area, centersouth house
* On the way to the fountain plaza
* Crepe shop, near the fountain
* Ice cream shop, southwest near the fountain
* Restaurant, near the way out to the first area
* Clothes store, northwest near the fountain
After you do all of them, talk to the kids in port, finally Ketil will
be allowed to play with them. Now talk to the captain and he tell you to
do last-minute check, go to fountain plaza, an earthquake will occurs.
You automatically go to the hill north of fountain plaza, talk to the
captain and he will give back the passport, now go upstairs and a tsunami
will occurs. Talk to Ketil here and now level up first and go to the
Mars Village.

Mars Village
Items in Mars Village: Silk Robe, Sour Syrup, Purple Mist, Silence Card.

Now go find any chests and if you ready, go to the house in northeast
(west area town). The elder of Mars will tell that the children was
kidnapped by the bandits, and they want 500.000F and Book of Secret
Seal. They hire a sword man called Dias and Rena recognize him. After
some conversations, Rena decided to leave your party and join Dias.

After some conversation and flashback with Dias, go talk to the current
party, Rena will ask Claude to let Dias join them, Claude refuses and
Rena get angry, now Rena will go back to Dias. After some conversation,
go to item shop and buy 20 blueberries and several blackberries, you
need them as Rena is not in your party but don't ever buy the flame
blade as you find one in the forest. Talk to Dias when you ready.

The next day, Dias says that he has received the Mud Boots (used to
cross a swamp) from the elder, now be ready and head to the forest. In
the first screen of the forest, save in the save point first.

Mars Forest
Items in Forest: ?HERB (Rose Hips), Amber Robe, Resurrection Bottle,
Dummy Doll, Flame Blade, Mandrake.

Early, you will attacked by a group of bandits, they have HP around 500
each, but you have Dias, so they should not be a trouble. This dungeon,
is tough, you have to be in pretty high level or you will be in trouble
with the enemy in here, you may have to go back to the village to sleep
or buy more blue/blackberries.
After defeating several groups of bandits, a little girl come to you and
ask you to help her, the guard eventually come and attack you, kill
them. After some conversation, a boss attacks you.

Azamugil, HP: 2000
4 Shielders, HP: 1400 each
Easy, be sure to heal Dias when his HP is low, concentrate on healing
Dias and you should not have much trouble defeating them

After you defeat them, open the cabin and free the children, now leave
the area and you will find Claude, after some conversations, Rena will
be back in your party. After some talk with Eglas and the Elder, try to
go out of the town, Celine will after you and you will be back in
Celine's house.
Talk to Eglas and he will explain about how you cross to the continent
of El. The next day, Eglas tell you to go to the Lacour continent first.
Now head to Herlie.

                 Chapter 4, Warrior with Two Dragons

Items in Herlie: Ring Mail, Sinclair Sabre, 1200F, Leather Boots.
IF you want Ashton instead of Opera, read this chapter. If you want
Opera instead Ashton, SKIP this section.
Ashton, is a fighter like Claude, but with different sword, he will be
your second-best fighting character in your party if you have him. But
if you like far-projectile weapon, you may want Opera. I usually choose
Ashton, because he is the second best fighter and Opera is weak and I
dont like her far attacking weapon.

When you enter Herlie, talk to the two people near the entrance, they
will tell there is a two headed dragon in Salva mine. Now go back to
Salva and enter the mine (a passageway right near Alen's house). The
soldier will let you enter and tell you there is a warrior who is after
the dragon too.

Salva Underground Mine (2)
Items in the other section of the Mine: Maple Syrup, Brigandine, Iron,
Aquaberry, Golden Bracelet, Cinderella Glass, Diamond, Star Ruby.

After you go a few steps from the sign "dragon's nest", a warrior in a
black robe appear from north way, go to the north way and pick up
several chest there, now west and south and finally save in the save
point. Go to east and you will find the warrior fighting the dragon.
After some conversation, the warrior introduce as Ashton Anchor, and in
order to free himself from the two-headed dragons, he ask to join you.
You have 2 choices, let him join or leave him. If you let him join, Rena
will name the 2 dragons Gyoro and Ururun.

If Ashton in your party, you may do his sidequest now, or if you want,
you can just go to Herlie and go to Lacour continent. But I think you
should do his sidequest, as you get a lot exp and some good treasures
from his sidequest. If you want to do his sidequest, go to Mars Village
and go to Elder's house library, look at the bookcase and you get 3
choices, choose the last one. The party will suggest to get the Silver
Goblet and Tears of the King. Now go to the Mountain Palace (left from
the bridge that lead to Clik).

Mountain Palace
Items in Mountain Palace: Luna Tablet, Crystal, ?HERB (Artemis Leaf),
?JEWELRY (Shiny Earring), Resurrection Bottle, Cure Stone, Sweet Syrup,
Crest Rod, Amber Robe, ?MINERAL (Damascus), Trikabut, Fairy Toilette,
Damascus, Emerald Ring, Fairy Statue, Cestus, ?MINERAL (Orihalcum).

The enemy in this dungeon is very hard, so build up your party first,
the archers is the most annoying, so kill them first. This dungeon is
very amusing, so again, make a map, but in the first area, go west not
to north, as to north is for Opera's sidequest, but you may want to go
there also as there are a few good items. As always, if you find a save
point, save and heal. And now go to northwest, get the 2 chests and
check the center area of the room. After some conversation, a boss
appear and attack you.

Boss: Nightmare, HP: 9000
The only thing to beware that this boss will cast Tetanus Wind, which is
annoying, but if your level is 20 or so, your attack will hold him and
will not let him counterattack. Use your best Killer Moves and spell to
beat this boss.

After some conversations, go back to the soldier and sleep. Now head to
Lusgus Mountain which is west of Cross Castle. There is no item in there
and the dungeon is short and easy, but the enemy here is tough, so
beware. In the first area, go to the left path, now go straight and
finally face the boss.

Boss: Xain, HP: 20000
This battle is pretty hard because the demon bird is flying and keep
attacking you from the air, but this bird will not cast any spell, so
keep attacking with headsplitter and shooting star. Use Energy Arrow and
make sure Rena have the Cure All spell. Otherwise, this battle is easy
if your level high enough. If Celine or Rena MP gets too low, use
blackberry to heal their MP.

After some conversation, go out the mountain and head back to Salva
Mine. In Salva Mine, go to where Ashton fights the dragon. In this point,
the two dragons can't be released from Ashton and Ashton will join your
party permanently. When this sub quest is finally done, head back to

                 Chapter 5, The Tournament

In Herlie, buy whatever you want and if you ready, talk to the captain
and cross the sea to the Hilton port in Lacour.

Items in Hilton: none

This is the port town of Lacour kingdom, however, buy all the skills and
buy what you need. Also, you can buy some tool to do some item creation
here. Now go to the inn and sleep here, there is an event. Now go out
and go to the Lacour Castle.

Lacour Castle
Items in Lacour Castle: Star Ruby.

There are a lot of people in here, so try to do some pickpocket here.
You can't buy any weapons here, because the tournament in Lacour is
starting, but you can buy several items and skills in here. Most people
here are talking about the tournament. Now talk to the receptionist in
the castle, she will tell there is no audience allowed when the
tournament start, now try to leave the castle and Rena will talk
something, now enter the castle again and talk to receptionist, she will
register you for the tournament. She will tell you to get a sponsor from
one of the weapon shop. There are 4 weapon shops in this castle, all of
them are in the east center area of the town. Here is the list of what
they offer:

Bald man near a Cannon.
Equipment : Sinclair Sabre,Brigandine,Buckler,Plate Helm,Silver Greaves.
Items     : Sweet Syrup,Mixed Syrup,Blackberry.
JAA Comm. : This shop is has weak attack, but have high defense.

Man with hat outside near the red arrow sign.
Equipment : Long Edge,Leather Armor,Wood Shield,Leather Helm,Leather
Items     : Sweet Syrup,Mixed Syrup,Blackberry.
JAA Comm. : This shop have very high attack, but very low defense.

Woman inside the door near red arrow sign.
Equipment : Walloon Sword,Ringed Mail,Round Shield,Iron Helm,Iron
Items     : Fruit Syrup,Fresh Syrup,Attack Bottle,Violence Pill.
JAA Comm. : This is a good sponsor, high attack and high defense.

Man with hat standing near woman in armor.
Equipment : Gusguine,Banded Mail,Knight Shield,Banded Helm,PlateGreaves.
JAA Comm. : Also a good sponsor, but have stronger attack than "Slayer".

Whatever you choose, you now can build up your party now, but you have
to sleep in Hilton's inn as if you stay in Lacour's inn, you will
trigger the story and you can't leave the castle. If you ready, now
sleep in the inn for free, after some conversation, Rena decided to take
a walk around the city, go to the west end of the city and go north and
talk to Sufia. After some conversation, go to the bar and talk to all
people in here and try to leave, Dias will come, after some
conversation, go back to the inn.
The next day go to castle and go to the tournament place. Talk to the
counter and register, after some conversation, Rena will after Dias,
After some conversation, go to Gamgee's house. After some conversation,
go to the bar, on your way there, 3 men attack you, defeat them and you
will get the Sharp Edge. Now go to the bar, after some conversation, go
to the battle stadium, enter the supporters place and find your party.
Someone will tell you that Claude has won his first fight. After Dias
has won the fight, go talk to Gamgee and now return to your seat.

After some series of fight, Claude will reach the final round and face
Dias. Before the battle, talk to enough people in here and go back to
your seat to watch the final round. After Claude lose the fight, the
party go to see him.

After some conversations, Claude gets the 2nd place in the tournaments,
talk to whoever has sponsored you and you will get all equipments and
items you use in the tournament. After that, go to west area of the
castle and north and enter Gamgee's house, he will give you the Sharp
Edge sword. Whatever you do, don't get rid of this sword as you only can
get Claude's strongest sword by fuse this sword with Mithril (by
customize). Now do anything you want in Lacour castle as if you finish
the Sanctuary of Linga dungeon, this castle will completely empty
(except the people in castle).

                 Chapter 6, The Other One

If you already have Ashton and don't want Opera, skip this chapter. But
if you don't have Ashton and want Opera, read this chapter.
First, go to Arlia and do a private action here, go to mayor Regis's
balcony and talk to Opera, than go out of the village and enter Arlia as
a group to the Shingo forest and you will see Opera's broken ship (YOU

In order to get Opera, be sure to see private action in Cross Castle
(the 3 eyed man) so if you haven't see it until now, its too bad, you
can't get Opera. If you have fulfilled above, Instead going to Linga,
go back to Hilton port and enter the bar, after some conversation,
Opera join you. Now go to Cross Castle and talk to the king, the king
will give you permission and 10.000F after you done. Now head to mountain

In the mountain palace, go north in the first area, after you go through
this dungeon pretty deep, there is an event and Opera will ask to join
you as permanent member. 1st to join, 2nd to not let Opera join. After
that, more further in the cave, you see an event and a boss attack you.

Boss: 2 Flare Lizards, HP: 5000 each
This is a tough boss, you really want Celine and Rena here, have Claude
and Opera attack one of the lizard constantly with killer moves and
normal attacks. Try to attack the lizard from behind, as if you get hit
with the flame, you highly seems to die or at least near-death. So

When you reach the end of the palace, an event occurs. Now leave the
cave and head back to Lacour continent and go to Linga.
You may want to do a little quest, first talk to a traveler named Radol
in Salva, tell him that Herlie is north of Salva, next go to Mars, and
talk to Radol again, tell him that Herlie is further more to the east.
Now go to Hilton and talk to Radol again, and tell him you can go back
to Herlie by ship. Radol finally reach Herlie, talk to him in Herlie and
he will give Funny Slayer (dont get rid of this). After all of this
finally go to Linga.

                 Chapter 7, Sanctuary of Linga

If you want get Precis in your party, read this section, but if you want
Bowman instead of Precis, skip this. Precis can use long-range
projectile attack, just like Opera, but Bowman is bad compared with
Precis, he is weak and his attack range is very short also, almost all
of his killer moves take a lot of time and not too useful.

To get Precis, enter Linga and you'll see Precis and Bobot there, after
some conversations, buy some items in here and get out. Do a private
action now, go to the bowman's pharmacy in west house (north area of
Linga). You will see Precis with Bobot in here, she will take you to her
house. After some conversation, she will ask to join your party and you
get 2 choice. If you decided to take her, she will wait you in Linga's
gate. Now Precis will be in your party as a permanent member.

Now, enter Linga and enter the house just near where you meet the girl
(Precis) with Bobot there. Prof. Keith is busy now, so go to the
Bowman's pharmacy. In there, Bowman ask you to get a rare herb in
sanctuary of Linga, then he will help you. Now enter the Sanctuary of
Linga, just a cave near Linga.

Sanctuary of Linga
Items in Sanctuary of Linga: Might Chain, Ruby, Mixed Syrup, Rainbow
Diamond, Poison Check, Straight Punch, Twin Edge, ?GUARD (Rune Buckler),
Cinderella Glass, Liquor Bottle, Lavender, Bubble Lotion, Rose Hips,
Aceras, Mandrake, Artemis Leaf.

A note of this dungeon, that you only could take one rare herb at a
time. Clarisage is the easiest, but I don't know is this affect the story
or the ending if you take the other one. Dilwhip, a new rare herb, but
hard to find, you must not take any other regular herb (like lavender)
in order to find it. The enemy in this dungeon is pretty easy, if you
bring Precis, build up her first as she low on level now. Bring several
blackberries and blueberries also. This dungeon is long and you may have
to get back to Linga's inn several times. You will be easily get lost
with all the crossroad and split way, but with several trips and hard
work, you can do it. If you didn't find any rare herb (clarisage and
Dilwhip), don't give up, just search and you will eventually find it. As
always, if you find a save point in a purplish area, be ready for boss!

Boss: 2 Vissayers, HP: 10000 each
Be careful with this boss, they can swallow you characters, if all your
characters get swallowed, it is game over. So try to trap one of them
with normal attacks and with Celine's Energy Arrow, this boss is easy as
long as you don't mess up.

Now go all the way back to Linga (if you found one of the rare herb).
In Bowman's pharmacy, Bowman finally will help you. He will go to
Keith's house and calling him with a very loud voice. One of Keith
assistant will come out and tell you to go inside. After some
conversation, you will stay a night at Bowman's house. At that night,
Bowman will offer to join you (if you have Precis, he will not offer to
join. If you don't have Precis, let him join. The next day, head to
Lacour Castle.

                 Chapter 9, The Energy Stone

In the castle, a soldier ask are you the refugees, and you will noticed
that all people here have excavated to the castle and other towns
because of the monster attack. Go to castle and talk to the receptionist
and talk to Gamgee (in the center stair) and he will give you a Plate
Mail. Go to the laboratory (go east,east,and down the stair).Go to the
main area of the laboratory and after some conversation, the little kid,
Leon will tell you to get the energy stone to power-up the Lacour Hope.
Leon now join you as a guest and also give you a link combo. Now go to
Hilton port and be prepare to go to Hoffman ruins. Talk to one of the
people in Hilton west area (near the ship) and he will ask are you ready
to go to Hoffman ruins which is located in an island (don't worry, you
can go back to Hilton anytime).

After you land in the island go north and you will be in world map, I
suggest you building up first to around lvl 32 as you can just go back
to Hilton anytime, just talk to the sailor (or whatever he is) in the
coastline. When you ready, go to Hoffman ruins in the center of the

Hoffman Ruins
Items in Hoffman Ruins: Cure Stone, Recoil Bracelet, Angel Hair, Light
Box, Aquaberry, Dictionary, 2 Cure Paralysis, Holy Mist, 2 Green Beryl,
Orichalcum, 1-up Pudding, Gold, HyperBall, Diamond, Liquor Bottle, Fruit
Syrup, Material Kit, PiyoPiyo Bomb, Hot Syrup, Peep Half, Blackberry,
Hexagram Card, Paralysis Card, Sour Syrup, ?HERB (Artemis Leaf), The
'Spring', Shrum Ring.

First, don't let Leon enter a single battle, as only this time that Leon
join you, and its mean in Rena's scenario, you cant get Leon as a
permanent member (a guest, I guess).
The enemy here is easy, except the Salamanders, their flame is dangerous
so kill him right away and hold him before it can fire its deadly flame
to you. The dungeon is...amusing!! even with a map this is a confusing
dungeon. If you find a switch, some of them only make your HP half from
before, but some of them also create a hole to some treasure chests.
Before you go inside, Leon will open the door and now, go to north way
first, and get the chests, now go back and go left and save in the save
point. Go down the lift and you will enter the main area of the dungeon.
I cant help you much, just pick up every chest you found as a remark
that you have entered that room, after and after, you will see a save
point, save. Now as always, prepare for a boss time.

Boss: 2 Harphinxes, HP: 36000 each
If you have Celine's Thunderstorm or Leon's Shadow Flare, use it, as
they weak to lightning and dark. Concentrate your attack on one Harphinx
and beware that they can cast Thunderstorm also, so when they cast it,
hit them so they will die eventually, just make sure you cast
Thunderstorm or Shadow Flare all the time and Rena as the healer.

Now you have gotten the energy stone, now go all the way back to the
world map and go to Hilton (I know its long and amusing). As you leave,
if you have Opera in your party and have seen the event where you see
Opera's crashed ship, an event and conversation will occurs, and a boss
attack you.

Boss: Ghost, HP: 8600
its weak to light and this boss is very weak, no problem.

After finishing the boss, Opera and Ernest offer to join you, choose 1st
choice to get Opera and Ernest. Choose 2nd choice to not let them join.
All is finished and now go back to Lacour Castle. In Lacour Castle, talk
to receptionist and after a conversation, head to the Front line Fort
(the only place you haven't visited in Lacour continent).

                 Chapter 10, The Lacour Hope

There is no treasure here, although some weapon shop sells a pretty good
items. After you ready, talk to the general in his office, the general
is briefing the soldiers and Dias also among them. After some
conversation with Dias and Claude, go to the place between the armory
and the shops and talk to Dias. After some conversation, you will get a
choice, 1) Let Dias join or 2) Leave him alone. Now go to the outside
north area and talk to Claude, after some conversation, the party will
sleep in the infirmary.

The next day, talk to at least 3 people and when you enter the main
hallway, a monster attack the front line. Go to outside north and face
the boss.

Boss: Shin, HP: ????
This boss is undefeatable, but if all your characters die, game over. So
defend yourself, it is best to use the strategy "stay away from enemy"
but let Claude keep attacking Shin to hold him cast a spell. Also, use
magics to hold its attack. After around 1 minute, the battle end.

Several days later, the energy stone has not yet delivered. Talk to all
people in this fort and sleep in the infirmary, a soldier will come in
and tell you that monsters have attacked the fort again. Now Leon will
came and if Precis in your party, he will give Precis Thunder Punch
weapon. Leon now will activated the Lacour Hope and after the FMV, the
monster get wiped away. After some conversation, you automatically will
be back in Lacour Castle, the king decided to do an attack to the
monsters. You will be in Hilton and after a conversation with Dias and
others, the ship will be prepared to set sail.

In the ship, Lacour Hope started to attack the monster but it wont work
against Shin, the other monster attack you, beat them, and Shin will
attack you again.

Boss: Shin, HP: ????
He is still undefeatable, this time without time limits, so just lose to

You wake up on a beach, someone will tell you that you have reached the
continent of El, now head north to a very small village. After some
conversation, Claude come and the party ask him if he is okay. Now enter
the elder's house (northeast). After some conversation, you told to go
to Eluria tower.

Now go to the storage shed in the door to the west of this village to
get items and buy some items (to get the items, just check the things in
the back of the shed).

Items in Shed: 2 Plate Mail, Rune Cap, Giant Fist, Metal Fang, 2 Silver
Robe, Shield Sword, Veil Piercer, 2 Silver Greaves, Fine Shield.
Before you leave the Shed, the guards will give you the ID Card. As you
leave the village, an event occurs where Ronixis decided to after Claude
in Expel planet. Now this is a good time for some item creation, if you
have machinery item creation, try to get "Magician Hand" accessories by
machinery (if you get material kit in the hoffman ruin,otherwise,later).

JAA's NOTE: Magician hand item is an accessories which increase the
successfull rate of pickpocketing, this item is absolutely needed for
pickpocketing. There are other items that can be created by Machinery
which increase other item creation succesfull rate (like survival kit
which help you to do succesfull survival itemcreation).

Now head to Eluria Tower (a huge tower near the village).

Eluria Tower
Items in Eluria Tower: Meteor Ring, Steel Helm, Stone Check, Holy Mist,
X-Box, 2 Crestier Guard, Trickster, Music Tool, Cure Paralyse, Sapphire,
Aquaberry, Cure Stone, Star Ruby, Crystal, Ultra Punch, Fresh Syrup,
?GUARD (Core Plate), Murasame, Giant Fist, Liquor Bottle, Splinter.

The enemy here, is pretty easy, but the one to be worried is the cold
lizard, they like the salamanders in Hoffman Ruins but more powerful.
This dungeon is pretty easy, in the first floor go north and get the
chests and you will see a statue (used for getting password, but since
you read this walkthrough you can skip it). Now head to the west stair
and enter the 2nd floor. Now go left (yes, there is a passage in there)
and get the chests (get that Trickster item and equip it in one of your
non-battle character, NOW). Now head north, save, and go under the
light. Now keep heading to the next floor until you find a statue that
ask the password, enter 1-A, 2-P, 3-O, 4-C, 5-A. Now get the chest in
the screen (if you want, you can explore first to get more items) and
head west. head west and up to the next floor. First go to left and
check the red door first. Go trough the way and see an event, where
Claude "beamed up" and gone.

A hour later, Claude back and join back the party.
Now head to northwest and check another red door and go through. Save,
heal, and head north to face Shin again.

Boss: Shin, HP: 21000
This time, you can beat Shin, but be careful and be sure and bring Rena
here. His most damaging attack is he throw something to you, so use an
attack spell to stop him. But if your level is high enough and you bring
Rena, he will die soon.

Now head north, you will find 3 passages, right first to get some
chests. Now back, and choose left and get the chests. Now go back and
head to center. Enter the right passage, go up to the next floor where
you find the sorcery globe. After some conversation with the Ten Sages,
a sage attack you.

Boss: Berle, HP: ????
This is another unwinnable battle and you must survive until the battle
automatically end, so stand guard and use strategy "stay away from
enemy" and the battle end.

After the battle end, you have a conversation and a FMV, the party wake
up in a forest in Energy Nede.


                 Chapter 11, The Energy Nede

You will wake up in a forest in Energy Nede, Rena will tell that she
know this place. After some conversation your party will be teleported
to Central City's City Hall. The mayor of Central City, Narl will tell
you about Nede's history. After some conversation, you can control
Claude again.

Central City
Items in Central City: none.
In this city, a tool shop sells a lot of items that allow you to use some
item creation, so buy something in there, also, there is a hat named
"Beret" that increases the success rate of any item creation. In the
weapon shop, you can buy a lot of stronger weapon in there, but try to
conserve your money.

In the city hall, there is a publishing company that helps you publish
your book (you can create the book using "Publishing" super specialty).
After a while, you can go back to the publisher to get a lot of money.
Before you head to North City, build up first. Also, you can try to get
Claude strongest weapon: Eternal Sphere, by "Customize" item creation
(Combine the Sharp Edge + Mithril to get Minus Sword, and then combine
Minus Sword + Mithril, I don't know if you need Magical Rasp first). Now
head to North City.

JAA's NOTE: When you leave city hall, go west, you will see a woman, she
is Chisato and you only can get her if you see this event.

North City
Items in North City: none
The people in this city know a lot more about Nede's and the ten sages,
so talk to them to gain some information. When you reach the stair,
Chisato will be near you again and run away. Now finish your shopping
business here and go to the "Home" (northeast house). Talk to the
receptionist, she will introduce you to Artis. After some conversation,
a researcher will input Claude data. After the 2nd character in your
party, a Synard will goes mad and Claude decided to attack the Synard.

Boss: Synard, HP: 43000
The important thing in this battle is to stop its breath. Use Celine's
thunder-based spells and Rena as a healer. Make Claude attack constantly
with normal attacks or killer moves (Twin Slash is great if you have it).
If its cast it breath, run behind it and attack from behind.

After some conversations, you will be transported into a house. A man
come in and introduce himself as Noel. After some conversation, Noel
decided to help you to catch a wild Synard. Now go to the Synard Cave.
Items in Noel's House: Pet Food, 50000F, a skill book (?).

In the world map, you notice there is a red barrier surrounding the map,
it is the Nede's class 9 shield or Energy Nede. Now enter the Synard

Synard Cave
Items in Synard Cave: Dream Bracelet, Heraldry Teory, ?MINERAL
(Moonite),Resurrection Bottle, Cinderella Glass, Flying Hawk Robes,
Fruit Syrup, ?MINERAL (Meteorite).

The enemy in this dungeon is easy, just hit them constantly with normal
attack. The only thing to worry is the birds (?). This dungeon is really
large, so you will be encounter a lot of enemy in here. In the first
screen, Noel will talk something. Try to make a map, because this
dungeon is pretty amusing, but once you get the way, this is easy. Once
you reach pretty deep inside the cave, on the way to get the chest
(filled with a flying hawk robes), you will see Chisato again. Now head
back and choose the south way, take Chisato's ID card and go east.

You will see the Synard here, but you still can't reach it. Go south, now
west and down the stair, get the 2 chests on the center of the screen
and save in a save point in the west center area, heal. Now head north
to face the distruber.

Boss: 2 Archmene, HP: 40000 each
Since this boss is weak to lightning, use Celine's lightning-based
spell. Have Claude and others concentrate the attack on one Archmene.
The Archmene can move around the battlefield pretty fast and it can't be
hit while it moves, so trap one Archmene with 2 fighters and use
lightning spell to destroy them.

After some conversation, you get the Synard and you have a choice to let
Noel join you or not. Choose whatever you want, and now you have a
Synard, you can travel around the world map freely (not really free,
sigh). First don't go around the new towns first, or you will be
confused. Head back to Central City when you ready.

                 Chapter 12, Field of Knowledge

Head to the newspaper room in the city hall and talk to Chisato, she
will offer to join you (you should). Now talk to Narl and he will tell
you to get the power of Nede's from the 4 fields. Narl then give you the
Rune Codes. Try to leave, and Narl will give you another Link Combo.

Now you can choose what to be finished first (Knowledge, Power, Love or
Courage). I will arrange the walkthrough from the easiest, so the first
one is Knowledge, Courage, Power, and Love. And I also arrange what city
you should visit in order, the first one is Giveaway, Fun City, L'Aqua,
and Armlock. First, go to Giveaway (in the snowy land).

Items in Giveaway: Fairy Glass.
Buy some items in here and try to do some private actions. This city is
not important to the story, but you can gain the secret information of
North City from here (later). Now head to the Field of Knowledge (in an
island in the north sea).

Field of Knowledge
Items in Field of Knowledge: Jeanne's Helm, Alpha Box, Mirror of Wisdom,
Rune Metal, Fruit Syrup, Great Punch, Fairy Glass.

This is the easiest of all 4 fields, so the enemy shouldn't be much
trouble (only those knight with big shield and wizards which can be a
trouble). The objective in this dungeon is to activated all 6 balls
around the center light door. You can teleport around using the yellow
square. If you press confirm button in front of the mirror, you will be
teleported to certain area.

After you activated all 6 balls, return to the first area and go out to
world map and save (heal in an inn if you need). Now go back to the
field and enter the center mirror, be ready to face the bosses.

Magic Hand, HP: 60000
Work Box, HP: 30000
Guard Box, HP: 30000
2 Magic Boxes, HP: 30000 each

This boss is pretty easy, but one thing to worry is the magic hand can
fire a big laser that cross the battlefields, so dont let any of your
characters in the centerline. First, destroy the the boxes first and
then the magic hand (spread your fighter into 2 direction, Claude attack
the Magic Hand, the other fighter attack the other enemies). Claude will
hold the Magic Hand before its laser shot. Use Celine's mass attack
spell constantly (like Lunar Light or Southern Cross, if you have it).

After you defeat the guards, you will see an event and you will gain the
Jewel of Intelligence.

               Chapter 13, Field of Courage

Fun City
First, head to Fun City (one of the 2 towns in the big continent).
Items in Fun City: none

Fun City has a lot of attractions and you can play some of them now
(although you don't need it to end this game). There is a shop that sells
pretty good items in here, and you may want to play a bet in Bunny Race,
cooking contest or the fighting tournament. You can try the fortune
teller here that give you info about your quest like how many % you have
succeed in item creation, etc.
After you play some and finish the business in here, head to Field of
Courage. However, if you want a REALLY useful item by pickpocket, here
is the place, try to steal from the bunny that sells tickets in bunny
race room, you will get the bunny shoes which make the user will be
running very fast in the battle. You may want to try the bunny race
here, because you can get the bunny shoes which help you a lot on a lot
of battles.

Field of Courage
Items in Field of Courage: Sour Syrup, Stone Check, Mithril Greaves,
Jeanne's Shield, Seltzer, Liquor Bottle.

All you need to do is follow my guide; the enemy here is not much of
trouble, if you want all chests in here, go explore (although the
treasures are not worth to get). First, head northwest, west, north,
west and you reach a small altar. Check the altar and you get the
Warrior's Statue. Head all the way back to the first screen and go east,
east and up the stair. Save and heal, now head east to face the boss.

Boss: Guardian, HP: 130000
This is easy, have Claude use Twin Slash constantly and the other
fighter/s trap him from behind. Use Celine's best spell or Leon's Shadow
Flare (he weak to Dark) and use Rena as a healer (as always) and he will
be history soon.

After you finish him, you will see an event. After that, he give you the
Jewel of Courage.

                 Chapter 14, Field of Power

Head to L'Aqua now (a port city near Fun City shore).

Head to L'Aqua now (a port city near Fun City shore).
Items in L'Aqua: none
You cant do any private actions in here, so if you want some
pickpocketing, hold it (although the items stolen are pretty good).
There is not much to do here, there is no shop. When you ready, head to
Field of Power (go to the road in the snowy mountain).

Field of Power
Items in Field of Power: Rune Full Moon, Melty Lotion, Assault Bomb,
Jeanne's Armor, Marvel Sword, Blackberry, ?GUARD, Atlas Ring.
Note: Kill at least one group of Yeti, if you dont, you will stuck in
this dungeon forever, be sure to save outside and use a backup file.
Okay, this is pretty amusing, the enemy in here is strong and have high
HP. In certain places, you will fight Yeti, in the battle, hold the
Yeti's to not touch the switch in your back, otherwise, the battle end
and rocks fall from above and you cant go trough the way, so try to
spread your fighter to hold them and kill them quickly.
This dungeon is pretty hard, you may have to be here a while if you
want to finish this dungeon on your own.

There is a shortcut of the Field of Power if you get all the caves
closed off on you. There is a ledge. To the left between the first and
Second caves going up from the bottom of the mountain through the upper
right cave that actually goes through. Go out on the ledge and it gives
you scene about great scenery and asks you if you want to yell and make
an echo. If you tell it yes it causes an avalanche which dumps you on
the ground and you end up outside of the field of power again.

But don't call if you haven't get the Gem of Power. Also, be sure to get
Atlas Ring in this mountain. When you reach a big bridge with a save
point in front of it, save and heal and when you walk in the center of
the bridge, prepare for a boss.

Boss: Guardians, HP: 130000, Strong: Fire, Water, Earth, Weak: Dark.
This is the same guardian when you fight it in Field of Courage, so use
the same strategies. Just do your best as you have high level this time.

After the battle, go north and enter the ruins, check the altar. After
the event, you will get the Jewel of Power.

                 Chapter 15, Field of Love

Head to Armlock this time (in the same continent with Fun City).
Items in Armlock: none
This town has the best buyable weapons, so visit the shop. There is also
a saleswoman where you can buy some minerals and tools. When you ready,
go to the Field of Love (floating in the air in the center of the map).

Field of Love
Items in Field of Love: Serpent Tooth, Holy Rod, Resurrection Mist, Hot

The enemy in here is pretty easy, except the master wizard and
breakwings, if you already in high level (around 65), this dungeon
should be pushover. This dungeon is straight forward and very easy, so
you shouldn't have much trouble with it. You can check the red balls to
turn around the way to go through.
In the first area, go right to get the Serpent Tooth, now go west and
west again. Check the ball and go north (right way). Check the ball and
get the chests. Go back and choose the left way. Go north, save and
heal. When you reach the end, someone in your party will be hostaged by
Lover and she attack you.

Lover, HP: 60000
2 Breakwings
Use light-based spell, and you will be save. Have all your fighters
attack Lover and she will die soon. She can cast some spell so try to
use head-to-head attack style.

After she dies, she will release the hostage. After an event, you
finally get the last jewel, the Jewel of Love.

                 Chapter 16, Unpredictable Power

After you have cleared all 4 fields, go back to Central City and talk to
Narl. Narl will suggest to invade Fienal (the ten sages HQ). After some
conversation, your party decided to take a rest before the attack. The
next day, you will be transported to L'Aqua. You will use a Herash to go
to Fienal.

In Fienal dock, go north and you will be in the world map, head to
Fienal. Once you enter Fienal, the sages have been waiting you. After
some conversation and FMV where Calnus finally destroyed (the most
awesome FMV in this game!), the sages summons some robot to attack you.

Takicodus, HP: 25000
Miel64, HP: 18000
Just attack the big gun and ignore the small robot (sorry, I forgot this
bosses name). Use all your best spells and killer moves. Claude's Twin
Slash will be a great moves to use.

After you defeat the boss, the sages summons one more robot and attack
you. After you destroy the second wave, Claude decided to attack the

Boss: Marsilio, HP: ????
This is another unwinnable battle, so simply lose to him.

After you beaten, Marianna will sacrifice herself to save you. The next
day, after some conversation, Narl tell you to go to Armlock, do so. In
Armlock, you will be waited by someone, and he tell that Narl has waited
you in the sealed door. Go north and talk to Narl, he will transport you
to the secret research lab.

                 Chapter 17, Antiproton Weapons

After some conversation, Narl leave you. Now go after him, save, and go
north to enter the research lab.

Abandoned Research Lab
Items in the Lab: Mind Ring.
There is no random encounter here, so search the Mind Ring around here
first (go right first). When you enter the main hall of the lab, you
meet Narl. After the flashback video, after Rena to the first area of
the lab (in the grassland). Go to south end and see a conversation, now
go back to the main hall. After some conversation, go back to Armlock.
Now go to Mirage's house (center west of the town). Mirage will try to
decipher the data. After a conversation, Mirage tell you to get a rare
metals in Minea's Cave (a cave near Armlock).

Minea's Cave
Items in Minay's Cave: Fruit Syrup, ?MINERAL (Damascus), Fresh Syrup,
Meteorite, Lightning Gun, Mithril Mesh, Liquor Bottle, Smith Hammer,

Dont try to explore now, because when you defeat the boss of this
dungeon, there is no random battles in here (but if you found a chest
near you, take it). The enemies here are the Evil Waters, which is
pretty easy. When you reach a save point, save and heal and go north to
face the big Barkus.

Boss: Barker, HP: 150000
Be sure to bring Rena in here (with Cure All) because his only attacks,
"Lose Patience" is very powerful, it will do damage around 3000-4000 to
your party. Have Claude constantly attack him with Twin Slash, and the
other fighter keep using multi-hit killer moves. Use Celine's/Leon's
best spell if you bring them. Try to heal all your characters as fast as

After you defeat the boss, you get the rare metal. Now there is no
random battle here, so search some chests you miss earlier. Now head
back to Armlock.
In Armlock, go to Mirage house and give her the rare metal, he will work
now. Mirage will give you N.F.I.D which make you a free pass to enter
Fun City. Now head to Fun City.

                 Chapter 18, Unpredictable Attacks

After some conversation, they tell you that they have input the program
ten sages into their virtual battle simulation. Three days later, Mirage
will come and give you the new weapons. She will give Claude the Sacred
Tear, Rena got the Fallen Hope, and she also gives the others Void Matter
that surrounds the others weapon with antiproton. Now you can talk to
the man and choose a)Train (you fight ordinary monsters), b)Rest ,c)Go
see Narl.
Choose c) when you ready to fight a boss. After some conversation, one
of the sages attack you.

Boss: Marsilio, HP: 150000
This time he is beatable (the same boss you fight in Fienal part one).
He is a close-combat sage, so fight him with head-to-head strategy and
trap him so he cant move. Try to cast your strongest spell and be sure
to have Rena in this battle. He is fast, so try to equip as many your
characters with Bunny Shoes as possible.

After you defeat him, try to leave the battle arena, and you face again
one of the sages.

Boss: Shigeo, HP: 160000
This boss is a long-range sage, so trap him with your fighters, use all
your best killer moves and spells. If you have high level and use
Eternal Sphere, this is an easy boss battle.

After you beat the sage, go to Armlock. When you enter, Mirage is
attacked by one of the sages and the sage attack you.

Boss: Berle, HP: 170000
This is the same boss when you fight him in the Eluria Tower. As always,
bring Rena. Magician is not too useful, so try to use fighters and trap
him. He can use a barrier that can't be destroyed by anything, so set
your strategy to "stay away from enemy" until he wear off the barrier.
Use multi-hit killer moves to easily beat him.

After you beat him, Mirage is only injured. When you try to leave
Armlock, a messenger from Narl come in and tell you to come to L'Aqua as
soon as possible. So check if you ready for the final dungeon. Now head
to L'Aqua.
In L'Aqua, enter the infirmary and talk to Narl, After some
conversation, Narl suggest you to take a break before invade Fienal. In
the shoreside, you will see something that may can be used for you to
know who with who paired for the ending.
The next day, Narl gives you the Crest of Enhancement. Now the Herash
will be ready and you reach Fienal. In the dock, simply talk to the man
to go back to L'Aqua. Now head to Fienal for the final dungeon.

                 Chapter 19, Final Invasion

Check your items and equipment, and now enter Fienal (you should build
up to around level 70). As soon as you enter Fienal, 3 sages attack you.

Ruprecht, HP: 105800
Jibril, HP: 45500
Nicolus, HP: 85200
This battle is tough, while they have fewer HP than other sages you
fight before, they are powerful. First, quickly hit Nicolus before he
can swallow the other characters. Concentrate your attack on one sage,
and use mass-attack spell so they will stun the others in a while. Once
you kill Nicolus, kill Ruprecht which can cast Lost Mental and do some
physical attacks. And then finally kill Jibril. Bring Rena here is
absolutely must.

Once you defeat them, you can enter Fienal.
Items in Fienal: Spark Whip, Advanced Heraldry, Mithril Shield, Left
Cross, Nuclear Bomb, Resurrection Mist, Pet Food, ?ITEM, Beta Box, Lotus
Eater, Atomic Punch, Mithril, Titan's Fist, Sylvan Boots, Rune Shoes,
Fresh Syrup, Liquor Bottle, Spark, Clap Rod, Duel Helm, Sage's Stone.

The only thing with the enemies are the huge green-white bird, the green
salamanders, and a kind of Vissayer's (that yellow/blue blob), but if
you have high level and have the best equipment you will be okay. This
dungeon is very long, you can use a lot of way to reach the top, so use
whatever you want. After you reach the fifth floor, and find a save
point, save and heal, head north and face the 2 sages.

Decus, HP: 160000
Vesper, HP: 180000
This battle is pretty hard, because they can cast powerful spells and
have pretty high HP. You may want to use Leon instead of Celine since
Vesper is weak against water. Try to concentrate on one sage, but use
mass-attack spells to prevent the others to attack your party. Vesper is
fire-based, so if you use fire-based attack, it will only heal him, use
Claude's Mirror Slice and the others keep using multi-hit killer moves
to shut their mouth. Try to equip as many Bunny Shoes in your party as

After you defeat them, go up to the sixth floor.

6th floor main puzzle:

This is quite amusing, so I will only tell you the objective of this
puzzle. There is no random battles in here, so relax.
SE: Special event.
1S: 1st switch needed to open the door to the exit switch.
2S: 2nd switch needed.
3S: 3rd switch needed.
ES: Where exit switch located.

SE: First, go right, then north, press the middle switch in this room
and go east, now press the right switch and go north, north, and take
the chest.
1S: Now head back to the first area and choose the left switch. Now
check the lone switch (orange switch once it activated).
2S: Go east, east, north, check the middle switch and go west, west,
check the lone switch (green switch).
3S: Now go east, east, north, west, check the right switch and go west,
north, and check another lone switch (purple switch).
ES: Go back to south, east, check the left switch, east, south, check
the middle switch, east, south and check the lone switch (the exit

On the 7th floor, find a save point and save and heal in there. Be ready
to face the 9th sage. Equip your battle-party with wind elemental
defense acc/equipment before you face him and try to equip the Bunny
Shoes to all of your fighters.

Boss: Cyril, HP: 300000
This battle will take a while because he has a lot of HP. He can cast
Wind of Death that can cause around 4000 damage to your party, so use
anti once the battle begins and use angel feather to your fighters. Try
to trap him and don't let him moves a cm, combine 2 or 3 multi-hit killer
moves and fire-based spells. If he start casting the Wind of Death, you
cant hurt him, so be sure to use wind-defense and cast Anti to reduces
the damage. Use Rena's Fairy Light to heal all your characters quickly.

After you defeat him, go north and go all the way to the 9th floor, down
again to the 8th floor and finally go up again to the 9th floor. In this
floor, find a save point, heal, go up 3 floors and now be ready for the
final battle.

Boss: Indalecio, HP: 500000 (Limiter: On)
Good luck, he is pretty hard. Use Anti and Angel Feather on the
fighters. In the beginning, he will cast some wave that protect him from
enemy approaching, so use a spell to nullify it and attack him with
multi-hit killer moves. Use your best spells, and don't conserve any
items here because this is the final battles. After you drain his HP far
enough, he will cast the Time of Truth, where he will combined with
Filia. Once he combined, he will be very fast and can fly around the
battlefields. Equipping your fighters with Bunny Shoes is very important
in this battle. He can cast high-grade mass attack spell like Southern
Cross or Explode. Try to attack him constantly before he cast powerful
spells, his time to cast spells is very short, so trap him. Make sure
Claude equipped with Eternal Sphere, Pallas Athena, and an Atlas Ring (2
Atlas Ring will be great) and keep using Mirror Slice on the
battlefield. The only point to win this battle is on the first round of
the battle (when he cast the divine wave), if you have reach him and
trap him with multi-hit killer moves, he will be history.

Boss: Indalecio, HP: 1500000 (Limiter: Off)
Good luck, use above strategy and be sure you have a high level (around
100) or you will be in trouble.

After you kill Indalecio (no matter you fight him with limiter on or
off). The Crest of Enhancement, will hold the Crest of Annihilation and
transform its damage into Energy Nede's. After the FMV and anime
sequences, enjoy 1 of the 86 endings!!!

Congratulations, You have ended this game!!


To reach the bonus dungeon, save in front of Indalecio and go all the
way back to Fun City, now head to the battle stadium and talk to an
oldman here, say yes when you ready. Now you in Arlia, note that behind
you is a strange penguin, talk to him and told him "You silly Vern Vern"
and he will kick you back to Fun City. Now head out of Arlia and ride
your Synard to a solitary desert island with a red dot on it. Now enter
the Cave of Trials.
The system is pretty easy, you enter a floor of dungeon, after you reach
the end, you will fight a boss and if you beat it, he will let you down
to the next floor. This cave contains 13 floors with one boss each, so
be ready and be sure to bring a lot of Resurrection Bottle. I suggest you
equip Claude with Eternal Sphere, Reflective Armor, Pallas Athena, Bunny
Shoes, and 2 Atlas Ring, this will keep you alive a long time. Try to
equip all your in battle-characters with Bunny Shoes.

                 --Floor 1: Heraldic Ruins--

Items in floor 1: Fruit Nectar, Nuclear Bomb, Tri-Emplem, Juicy Beed,
Blueberry, Link Stock, Wonder Drug.
Pretty easy, you commonly fight a group of knight with a big shield, but
sometimes you fight the warlocks, hit them first as they are annoying.
This first floor has no real puzzle, it is just an original dungeon. Go
all the way and take treasures (be sure to get the link stock). When you
reach a switch, pull it and enter the now-unclosed door, be ready to
face the first floor boss.

Dark Feather, HP: 160000
2 Weird Knights, HP: 23000 each, Strong: Fire,Dark.
Try to focus on Dark Feathered, as she can petrify you (which is very
annoying), so try to trap him and don't let her move. Use multi-hit
killer moves to easily beat them.

When you beat them, she will congratulate you and give you the first
floor treasures, The Bunny Shoes.

                 --Floor 2: Love Alley--

Items in floor 2: Purify Leaf, Resurrection Mist, Reflective Armor, Link
This floor has a pretty easy enemy, the enemy is not too hard except the
giants as they can hit you hard. The puzzle is pretty confusing, but
follow my guide. When you enter, read the stone and you have to turn all
the stone statues of a person to certain direction (N,S,W,E) where
someone they love is there (except Cistina).

Feria: East (Luke)
Milene: South (Luke)
Luke: North (Milene)
Llyod: East (Cistina)
Yuffie: South (Llyod)
Sharon: West (Yuffie)
Cistina: South (Nobody)

Also, it is pretty hard to not miss the Link Combo, to get it, just
press the confirm button between Luke and Milene statue. When you have
the right combination, you hear a blimp, now head to the first area of
2nd floor and head north to a now un-closed door, now face the boss.

Blood Gerell, HP: 60000
5 Huntingels, HP: 20000
Easy, just be sure to not let the enemies split and copies themselves,
otherwise, you can face a horde of enemies, so split your fighters and
use mass-attack spells.

After you defeat them, he will let you pass to the 3rd floor and give
you the Seraphic Garb.

                 --Floor 3: Single Path Cave--

Items in 3rd floor: 2 Fruit Nectar, Juicy Beef, Dream Crown, Sylvan
Mail, Tokkoyaku, Slayer Ring.

The enemies to look out here is the Weird Goat and the Warlock, also,
Blood Gerell appears here as normal enemy. The puzzle is pretty
confusing, when you enter a room, certain red blocks is filled into all
the yellow boxes in the first screen of this floor, so you must travel
in certain orders to change the boxes to red. This is kinda hard to
explained, but this is a map, the number (1-16) is the number of screen
you must travel.

|11 |10 | 7 | 6 |
|12 | 9 | 8 | 5 |
|13 |16 | 1 | 4 |
|14 |15 | 2 | 3 |

There, you should travel 1-16.
16: Where the stair up to floor 2 is and also where the stair down to
floor 4 is, and this room is also the room with the yellow boxes.
So you should go east from the 1st room (16), and south, east, north,
north, etc.
When you hear a blimp, the door opens, so enter and fight a boss.

BOSS: 3 Dream Shades, HP: 35000 each
This boss is pretty easy, just trap them with your fighters and they
will be die soon. Be warned when they have a clock on their head, hit it
immediately, as it can stop time and hurt you badly. Claude's Mirror
Slice will be very usefull in here.

After you defeat them, you get the Magical Drops. Now the stair to the
4th floor is opened, enter it (at this time, you may want to go back to
the world map and save).

                 --Floor 4: Dancing God Altar--

Items in 4th floor: Fruit Nectar, Peep Non, Black Earring, Resurrection
Mist, Purify Leaf, Seraphic Garb, Extinction.

The enemy here is the Punkponks, they are annoying because when they hit
you, you will be knocked very far, so try to use your timing very well.
There is no puzzles, except that you can walk trough certain walls in
certain places. One of the 2 chests in the first room is filled with
"Extinction", Leon's best spell, so be sure to get it.

Go to northeast end of the level, and pull the lever. Now go back to the
first room and be sure to have a character with "Sense of Rhythm" talent,
"Pitch" talent, and perfect Musical talent level (9 or 10). Now enter
the now-opened door in the center of the room.

You will find a kind of god that ask you to play music for him, choose
the character who have above requirements and if you successful in
pleasing him, he will give you the "Illusive Shamisen".

Now head to the northwest end of the level and you will find a robot,
which is a boss.

BOSS: Miil 32, HP: 190000, Strong: All.
This is pretty hard if you don't have right party, so be sure to bring
head-to-head fighter like Claude, Ashton, or Dias. Celine's Explode
works well to stun him for a while, bring Rena just in case. His
weakness is when he try to hit your character, he must be in certain

After you defeat him, you can go down to the fifth floor.

                 --Floor 5: Lady's Revenge--

Items in 5th floor: Fresh Syrup, Slayer Ring, Juicy Beef, Fruit Nectar,
Fairy Ring, Wonder Drug, Seraphic Garb.

The enemy here is pretty tough, the Dragon Axe is have a great attack
power and when they trap you, you highly seems to die. When you pass a
door in the first room, a strange woman appears and ask you some
question, answer anything and he will summon a beast to attack you.

BOSS: Weird Beast, HP:????
This is a VERY LONG battle IF you want to defeat it, as it immune to
magic and if you hit it with physical attack, it only do 1 damage.
However, you CAN run, so run when you want. Otherwise, it is very weak.

After you run, Puffy will run. Now go deep in the dungeon and you will
meet Puffy again, and she is attacked by monsters, you now have a choice
to help her, choose to help her and you will be attacked by a boss.

BOSS: 3 Dream Shades, HP:35000 each
Same as the boss fight in floor 3.

After you defeat them, Puffy will run and drop something, check it and
you get the "Weird Slayer" (can be used to kill any monster with "weird"
word in front of the name).
Now go deeper in the dungeon and you will meet Puffy again. She tell you
that the key to the next level is in the beast but the beast have ran
away. So search the beast in every single room and you eventually will
find it, equip someone in the battle-party with a Weird Slayer (usually
Rena) and fight it.

BOSS: Weird Beast, HP:????
Very easy, just hit it once with a character equipped with a Weird
Slayer and it will die soon. Also, if you want, you can increase your
profiency level in here.

After you defeat it, it will drop the Red Lotus Gem, which is the key to
the next level. So head to where Puffy is and check the locked door, now
it is opened and go down to the next level.

                --Floor 6: Burglar's Nest--

Items in 6th floor: Cure Poison, Dream Crown.

The enemy here are the funny thieves, the original one is very easy, but
the metalfunny (the grey one) is hard to kill because they can take only
1 damage every 1 attack, and they have around 200 HP, so be patient,
otherwise, the enemy here are the enemy you fight earlier.

If you have "Funny Slayer" equip it (from Radol), it can kill enemy with
"Funny" word in front of the name.

This is a short dungeon, so first go northwest. This room is filled with
a lot of metalfunny statue, but go north and take the 2 chests first.
Now head back to the statues room and check the most bottom right
statue, you will hear a door opened in distance.

Although it is rare, sometimes, a santa appear here, he sell all of the
rare mineral, Santa boots, Tri-Emblem, and Go-Home Frog. They are VERY
expensive (a santa boots originally cost you 10.000.000 Fol!), but if
you have money, just but the Tri-Emblem (great accessories) and Go-Home
Frog (this when used can teleport you out of a dungeon). But if you
want, you can buy Santa Boots (if you equip it and sleep at an inn,
there is a chance that Santa will leave you a gift that you will acquire
in the morning -> this info was uncomfirmed), although it is very expensive.

Now head to southwest, in the next room, go west and north, now be ready
to face a boss.

Dream Shade, HP: 35000
3 Funny Thieves, HP: 3
Funny Thieves Lv.99, HP: 40000
The boss is very easy if you have a Funny Slayer, but if you don't, this
can be considered moderate boss. First, split up your fighter, make
Claude attack the Funny Thieves lv.99, and make the other attack the
Dream Shade. Don't ever attack the original Funny Thieves because your
magician can kill them in one hit. Use you best spell constantly and
dont let the Funny Thieves lv.99 near your spellcaster, he is very fast,
so be sure to equip your fighters with a Bunny Shoes. Multi-Hit killer
moves is useful here, especially Claude's Dragon Howl.

When you defeat the boss, you get a Funny Slayer. Note that the path
splitted into two direction, if you want to go back to floor 1 of this
trials, choose left path and check the blue floor tile, if you want to go
to 7th floor, choose the right path (I suggest you escape first, since
the next floor is hard).

                --Floor 7: Goddess Altar--

Items in 7th floor: Tri-Emplem, Fresh Syrup, Resurrection Mist, Ganze
Sea Urchin, Cracked Gem, Purify Leaf, Peep Non, Weird Slayer, Bunny
Shoes, Ishidaya Tea, Yukiyoshi Tea.

The enemy here is hard! the combination between the archers, Funny Thief
lv.99 (!), and the knight type enemies is very deadly. So be sure to
have a high level (around 110). This dungeon is pretty long, but it is
straight forward. When you reach the center room, you will see an altar
with a stone tablet near it. Go east first, take any chests you find in
the intersection, and you eventually will get the Cracked Gem (walk
trough the wall).

Now use "Metalwork" Item creation on the Cracked Gem, and you eventually
get another Red Lotus Gem. Now go back to the altar room and check the
altar (you may want to go to west and get some rare treasures in there).
When you ready, check the altar and put the Red Lotus Gem on the altar,
the door in north will be opened now. Now enter the door and be ready
for a bosstime.

Boss: Mithril Eater, HP: 600000
This gonna be a long fight, he is pretty easy, he just like the big
barkus you fight in Minay's Cave, but he is more powerful. Be sure to
bring Rena here because his "Lost Patience" attack will damage you a lot
(around 7000). Trap him with your fighter and use multi-hit killer moves
to kill him.

After you beat it, you get the Million Staff, equip it on Celine (if you
have her) since it is her best weapon (with awesome magic attack power).
Now choose the left path first to get the 3 chests. Now head back and
choose the right path to the next floor.

                 --Floor 8: Food God--

Items in 8th floor: Lavender, Funny Slayer, Seraphic Garb, Amoeba Soup,
Ooze Cocktail, Slime Jelly, Million Staff, Fresh Syrup, Ganze Sea
Urchin, Wonder Drug, Peep Non.

The enemies to be look out is the Weird Devil, as they do lots of damage
and can drain your MP, bring someone equipped with Weird Slayer to kill
them quickly, otherwise, the enemies are just powerful. When you reach
the inner north end area, you meet a kind of food god, he ask you to
give him food, just give him a low-level food, keep feeding him and feed
him a rotten food (like rotten sashimi, raw milk, bad tasting stew, etc)
and he will reveal his true form, he is actually Puffy! Now the door is
open. Before the stair, there is a boss waiting you.

BOSS: Erysin Beast, HP: 450000
This boss is not too hard, but, he can swallow your character right
there and have high chance to not ever let the character free anymore.
However, he is slow, so use multi-hit killer moves and spells to kill

After you defeat it, you get the Gelatin Steak.

                 --Floor 9: Sealed Coffin--

Items in 9th floor: Artemis Leaf, Valiant Boots, Resurrection Mist,
Wonder Drug.

The most annoying monster here is the Weird Mollusk, as it like the
Erishin Beast who can swallow your character all time, kill it quickly
with a Weird Slayer.
There is no puzzle here, so just straightforward to the next floor.
But when you have end the 12th floor and got a treasure from the boss
there, go back here and check the coffin, a boss appears.

Wise Sorcerer, HP:700000, Strong: Earth,Fire,Star,Physical.
Dream Shade, HP:35000
Well, it is hard, he can cast powerful spells and can use strong
physical attack. Try to spread out your fighter and kill the Dream Shade
first and finally trap the sorcerer, slow but sure he will die.

After you beat him, you get the Laventine Sword, this sword has a
whooping 3000 attack power, and the only sword which can match the
Eternal Sphere.

                 --Floor 10: Decision Point--

Items in 10th floor: Fresh Syrup, Valiant Boots, 2 Valkyrie Boots,
Rainbow Diamond, Sage's Stone, Funny Slayer, Bunny Shoes, Purify Leaf,
Tri-Ace, Million Staff, Meteor Swarm.

The enemy to lookout is the mind flayer and life flayer, the mind flayer
can drain a lot of your MP, and the life flayer can do a horrible amount
of damage, otherwise, the enemies are just tough.

The puzzle here is somewhat hard to explained, but all of the room are
divided by 4 by 4 line, and all of them have certain colours, however,
you can only light up five squares. When you in the green one, you can
travel safely, the yellow one will drain your hp/mp, and the red one
will drain your hp/mp fast. Now here is a map.

|R |G |G |G2|     R: Red
|__|__|__|__|     Y: Yellow
|Y |G |R |R |     G: Green
|__|__|__|__|     G1: Entrance to this floor
|G |G |Y |Y |     G2: Exit/Boss
|G1|Y |R |R |

R: Red
Y: Yellow
G: Green
G1: Entrance to this floor
G2: Exit/Boss

Note that almost all of the rare items are in the red/yellow ones, so
becarefull. Also, be sure to get the Meteor Swarm, it is Celine's best
spells and the Tri-Ace, another Ashton's killer moves. When you reach
G2, try to climb the stair, a boss appear and attack you.

BOSS: Geo Guardian, HP:400000
He is just the same boss when you fight him in 2 of the fields, but he
is much more powerfull. Besure you have high defense and Lightning
elemental defense equipment, because he can do thousands of damage to
you. Try to trap him between your fighters and don't let him attack,
bring Rena for back-up healing.

After you beat him, you get the Valiant Guard. Now head to the eleventh

                 --Floor 11: Dragon's Den--

Items in 11th floor: none.

You now starting to fight boss-type normal enemies in here, so be sure
to dont give them a chance. the Owlbear has a lot of HP and high defense
(although you get a lot of exp), also, the Weird Mages can cast the
powerfull Explode spell, so kill them quickly with the Weird Slayer.
This is a short dungeon, after several screens, heal and be ready for a

BOSS: Dragon Tyrant, HP: 550000
This boss is hard because it seems can block any attack, except magic,
so use your best attack spells. Use one fighter as a decoy and use your
best attack spells. This gonna be a pretty long fight, be ready to
revive your characters a lot. Also, bring Rena here is absolutely

Once you beat it, he'll give you the Float skills.
When you try to enter the next floor, you couldn't. So teleport back out
of the dungeon. The next time, you have a choice to enter the dungeon
with only 2 characters, say yes. Now enter the 12th floor with 2
characters (note that after you open the door in floor 12, you can back
to the 9th floor, check the coffin and fight the boss, after you defeat
it, you can enter the 12th floor with entire party.

             --Floor 12: Hall of Warriors--

Items in 12th floor: 2 Battle Suit, Bunny Shoes, Valkyrie Guard.

The enemy here is just same as the 11th floor, but with less quantities,
it maybe because you fight with only 2 characters.
The puzzle here is to open the door to the 13th floor (last floor), you
need 2 items, the first one is the Laventine Sword in the 9th floor
after you defeat the Wise Sorcerer (you can only fight him after you
defeat the boss of this floor), the second one is an item you get after
you defeat the boss of this floor. So you need to go back to the 9th
floor after you defeat the boss of this dungeon to go to the 13th floor.
Also, the boss in this floor will never disappear unless you defeat the
final boss in the 13th floor.

BOSS: Phoenix, HP: 350000. Strong: Fire,Wind.
This boss is relatively easy, make sure Claude equipped with Atlas Ring
and he will die soon. Use your 2nd character to heal your main
character. Try to catch and hit him before he can use his Master

After you defeat him, you get the Holy Sword and the Seiken Farewell.
Now go back to the 9th floor and fight the boss to get Laventine Sword.
Now head to the 13th floor.

                 --Floor 13: Holy Nest of Angels--

Items in 13th floor: Valiant Mail, Valiant Guard, Angel Armband.

Good luck, the enemy here is a powerful boss-type enemy, so beware.
The puzzle is easy; just flip 2 levers in the side of this floor to open
the door which lead to the final boss.
When you reach the inner area, an angel attacks you.

BOSS: Gabrie Celesta, HP: 1000000, Strong: Star,Light.
She is also probably the most powerful boss in SO2 game as well. All of
her attacks can do well over 5000 points of damage/hit.  While she only
has three spells as far as I've seen, Noa, Star Flare, and Foehn, all
will do 9999 damage to all characters without resistance, usually around
8000-9000 to those with. Most dangerous is her "wheel of death" attack,
where she spins around the room at speeds significantly faster than
Bunny-Shoes running, damaging anything. She is also immune to damage,
both magical and physical, in this state. The key to defeating Gabrie
Celesta is attack magic. Even Noel's attack magic will be more favorable
than fighter characters. Normal attacks by fighter characters will
usually do 0 damage even if they connect, and even the most powerful
waza will tend to do less than 1000 points of damage without a critical
hit. Magic spells are the only way you can consistently do a decent
amount of damage to her. Assistance spells are a must, especially Anti
in case she gets to cast a spell. Basically it is smartest to use one or
two fighter characters as decoys to keep her busy while your magic users
are casting spells. I usually have Claude as a decoy with the Eternal
Sphere normally attacking; while it won't do any damage, the multi-hits
the stars provide will stun Gabrie Celesta long enough to keep her from
changing targets to a spell caster. You'll have to do plenty of reviving
and use lots of MP recharging items to finish this fight. Be ready for
a long, drawn-out battle though; it has taken me as many as 45 minutes
to beat her.

After you beat her, she give you the Silver Trumpet. With this
instrument, you can summon the tougher version of the angel!!
Congratulation, you have beaten the bonus dungeon of Star Ocean: The
Second Story!!!

When you play the "Evil Melody" song by Silver Trumpet (remember to
compose it first), you fight the another version of angels, The Iselia

Iselia Queen, HP: around 2500000, Strong: Dark,Negative.
Be sure to equip dark-elemental defense equipment so you can resist her
dark spells. She is identical to Gabrie Celesta, but she is a dark-
elemental angel, so use Celine's Meteor Swarm instead Leon (since Leon
most spells is dark or negative elemental). Your may want your party to
be 2 fighter, with 1 spell caster (probably Celine) and Rena as healer
(Noel's healing is too weak even if he equips a Million Staff). In the
first round, try to control Rena and cast Anti. Give the "hold her
spell" tactics to the 2 fighters (maybe Claude, Ashton or Opera). If you
use Ashton, make him cast the Tri-ace all the time, and Claude hit her
normally with Eternal Spheres (or equip the Levantine Sword with an
angel armband). Use spellcaster to your advantages, and Rena as a
healer. When she attack with something like a cross fence, control the
character attacked manually and avoid the fence attack (as this attack
will be the most annoying attack). Also, she can petrify your character,
so try to avoid head-to-head attack (Claude's Dragon Howl and Opera's
Alpha on One is great). This is going to be a very long battle, so be

When you finally defeat her, you get the second Levantine Sword.


Here is a long words of North City library data. To see it, just talk to
the operator and ask what you want to see, however, there is a secret
information that can only opened by certain event (see the secrets

1. Information about God's Ten Wise Men.
  a. The era of peace.
  b. The mendacity of the Ten Wise Men.
  c. The last days.
2. Information about Energy Nede.
  a. The renunciation of power.
  b. The birth of Energy Nede.
  c. Energy Nede now.
3. Information about Heraldry.
  a. The origin of the Heraldic Arts.
  b. The power of Heraldry.
  c. An explanation of the Heraldic Arts.
4. Information about Heraldry Stones.
  a. What is a quadratic sphere?
  b. What is a quadratic key?
  c. About resonation effects.
5. Information about the Crest of Annihilation.
  a. What is the Crest of Annihilation?
  b. The Big Crunch.
  c. Controlling the Crest of Annihilation.
6. Information about Heraldry Weapons Research Institute.
  a. What is the Heraldry Weapons Research Institute?
  b. An overview of the institute.
  c. The closing of the Heraldry Weapons Research Institute.
7. Information from Heraldry research Institute Reports.
  a. Stabilization of antimatter through LEA metal.
  b. The time/space shield and its applications.
  c. Creation energy generation device.
8. Secret Information.
   Ten Wise Men Defense Plan, Phase I.
  a. Main Plan. -> (Project Planning Documents)
  b. Research Report. -> (Research Reports)
  c. Apology. -> (Letter of Apology)
  d. Post-event Report. -> (Final Report)

*The words with "()" means that the sub-words is changed, when you see
the sub from north city library, it is not with "()" but when you see it
by Rufus, it is with "()".
Now I will write all of the secret informations section only, since you
can read the others in North City library. Note that every sub contain 3

/Secret Information\__________________________________________________

-Project Planning Documents-

File 1:
 Rebellions against the planet Nede have broken out in 24
 different frontier planets. It appears that several of the
 technologies of the planet Nede have been leaked to the
 forces of undeveloped planets, so we suspects that Nedian
 conspirators are cooperating with the rebel forces. We must
 quickly develop new weapons in order to suppress the rebel
File 2:
 Based on the research of Dr.Lantis, it was discovered that
 by applying technologies derived from Heraldry science to
 make modifications to the DNA of people, it is possible to
 create bioweapons that have Heraldry powers much more
 powerful than normal.
File 3:
 A military supreme council decided that the aforementioned
 bioweapons should be urgently put into practical use and
 used for the defense and control the frontier planets.
 The code name for the project was decided to be 'Ten Wise
 Men Defense Plan, Phase I'. Under the direction of Dr.Lantis,
 the construction of the ten bioweapons began. Depending on
 the results of the plan, they planned to continue to
 Phase II, Phase III and into the construction phase.

-Research Reports-

File 1:
 The close-in combat weapon [Marsilio]. The remote projectile
 -attack weapon [Shigeo]. The base-defense special weapon [Berle].
 These three weapons were completed. In addition, development
 was started on the strategic weapon [Decus] to be used to
 control these three weapons.
File 2:
 The two information gathering agents [Ruprecht] and
 [Nicolus] were completed. Together with the information
 analysis agent [Jibril] completed earlier, these agents
 were assembled under the command of the civilian control
 agent [Vesper]. In addition, the agent named [Cyril]
 used to monitor the Ten Wise Men was also completed at
 the same time.
File 3:
 Dr.Lantis' last surviving family member, his daughter
 Filia, was the victim of a terrorist attack by rebel
 forces opposed to the Ten Wise Men Defense Plan. However,
 the military decided upon a policy of concealing the
 truth from Dr.Lantis.

-Letter of Apology-

File 1:
 Dr.Lantis suddenly activated all of the defensive mechanisms
 within the laboratory, and completely sealed of the interior
 of the laboratory. It appears that he somehow became aware
 of the terrorist attack during experiments on the information
 gathering agents [Ruprecht] and [Nicolus]. He holed himself
 up inside the laboratory and appeared to have made some
 kind of modifications to the Ten Wise Men agents. It appears
 that as soon as the military gives permission, security
 forces will need to enter the laboratory and capture the
 person Dr. Lantis.
File 2:
 The Ten Wise Men who came out of the interior of the
 laboratory began indiscriminate attacks on facilities in
 their vicinity. It appears that, for some reason Dr. Lantis
 had changed their ultimate objective from the 'control of
 frontier planets' to the 'annihilation of the entire universe'.
 An entire squadron of mechanized troops that entered the
 laboratory was completely annihilated. In order to destroy
 the Ten Wise Men who continued to run out of control
 repeatedly, a request to call out the Planet Nede Occupation
 Forces will be made.
File 3:
 As the result of a pitched battle, the security forces
 succeeded in driveing the Ten Wise Men into the interior
 of the laboratory. When the interior of the laboratory
 was entered, the interior was found to be an empty shell.
 It appears that somehow Dr. Lantis had confined the Ten
 Wise Men in Eternity Space and left them in outer space.
 Although the Ten Wise Men could not be completely destroyed,
 there is no method of releasing the Eternity Space except
 for entering a release password from outside, so they will
 not cause much trouble. The Ten Wise Men will thus probably
 be left wandering through outer space of Eternity.

-Final Report-

File 1:
 A person who had committed suicide inside the laboratory
 was confirmed to be Dr. Lantis himself without a doubt.
 Thus, this matter came to a resolution. However, one
 troubling thing was that the remains of the thought
 routines of Dr. Lantis and his daughter Filia had been
 left in the computers inside the laboratory. It is feared
 that perhaps Dr. Lantis had converted his own consciousness
 into a computer program which was embedded into the as-yet
 incomplete Indalecio.
File 2:
 Because of this series of incidents due to the Ten Wise
 Men Plan, 80% if the entire forces of Planet Nede had
 suffered crushing blows. The frontier planets seized this
 opportunity to start a coordinated revolt. It became more
 and more difficult to suppress these rebel forces. Seeing
 the gravity of the situation, the supreme council of the
 planet Nede made the decision to migrate the entire
 population to an artificial satellite.
File 3:
 This artificial satellite named Energy Nede, which would
 be completely surrounded with a Class 9 super energy field.
 This would halt the advance the rebel forces upon the
 original planet Nede. However, this would also cut off all
 interaction between us Nedians and the outside world. Together
 with our migration to Energy Nede, it was decided to impose an
 information blackout on this entire series of incidents.
 Thus, all of the facts related to the Ten Wise Men Defense
 Plan will be purged from history.


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