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Claude Walkthrough by cactuar jack

Version: 1.3 |

                          Star Ocean: The Second Story
                          Claude's Scenario Walktrough
                                 Version 1.3
                      by Prasetia Gunawan (AKA Squally Claude)
                           URL: http://squally.cjb.net/
                           Email : squally@telkom.net
                                  ICQ : 37661533
               The latest version can be found at my website or GameFAQs
What is Star Ocean ?
Star Ocean is an RPG game created by ENIX, Tri-Ace, and LINKS, the first
Star Ocean is in SNES, and the second is in PSX.
Star Ocean : The Second Story is a game that have different storyline as
the characters you choose to become your party, maybe you want to add 
Opera to your party, but I'm not, so this walktrough is only contains my
adventure, maybe it's different with the adventure you choose. But if you
want to know how to get Precis, Opera, or Ernest, just see the characters
section, but I have added it to my walktrough here !. 
This Walktrough is best viewed by Wordpad , since it's a small text 
document. Don't forget to maximize your window and turn off the ruler !

Versions :
Version 1.0 (July 2th, 1999) : Write the Walktrough from the beginning 
'till the incident at Mars Village.

Version 1.1 (July 6th, 1999) : Continue the Walktrough until Linga. (Sory
it comes late, because the Killer Moves list eats much times).

Version 1.2 (July 8th, 1999) : Continue the Walktrough until the Eluria
Refugees Village.

Version 1.3 (August 15th,1999) : Continue the Walktrough until the Cave of
Red Crystal and added the Spells List. SORRY IT'S REALLY LATE !!! Because
I am kinda busy.

Do Not Sell this Walktrough for money ! or I will add you to my "LOSERS" 
The Characters I have chosen :                                       
1. Name : Claude Kenni                                              
   Race : Human                                                       
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves                                  
   Favorite Food : Steak                                              

2. Name : Rena Lanford                                                                                                                     
   Race : Expellian (Disc 1); Nedian (Disc 2)                               
   Type of Speciality : Spells                                          
   Favorite Food : Shortcake                                                   
3. Name : Celine Jules                                                       
   Race : Expellian                                                              
   Type of Speciality : Spells                                          
   Favorite Food : Baby Rabbit Risotto                                 
4. Name : Ashton Anchors                                                             
   Race : Expellian                                                    
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves                                 
   Favorite Food : Hamburger                                           
5. Name : Bowman Jean                                                  
   Favorite Food : Hassaku Tea
   Race : Expellian                                                    
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Daikon Miso Soup                                 
6. Name : Leon Geeste                                                  
   Race : Felpool                                                      
   Type of Speciality : Spells                                         
   Favorite Food : Carrot Juice                                              

7. Name : Noel Chandler
   Race : Nedian
   Type of Speciality : Spells
   Favorite Food : Big Tuna

8. Name : Chisato Madison
   Race : Nedian
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Fruit Smoothie (maybe not, I forgot, sorry)

The Characters I didn't add to my party :
1. Name : Precis Neumann
   Race : Expellian
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Chocolate Crepes
   Why : Because Bowman and Precis can't be at the same party.

2. Name : Opera Vectra
   Race : Tetragene
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Apple Cider
   Why : Because I didn't get info about Opera at the first time.
3. Name : Ernest Raveide
   Race : Tetragene
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Hassaku Tea
   Why : Because I didn't get info about Ernest at the first time.

4. Name : Dias Flac
   Race : Expellian
   Type of Speciality : Killer Moves
   Favorite Food : Chicken Skewers
   Why : If you're playing Rena's scenario, Dias will join you instead
         of Leon.

Special Characters :
1. Name : Gyoro
   Type : Dragon
   Description : Gyoro is one of the dragons that join Ashton.

2. Name : Ururun
   Type : Dragon
   Description : Ururun is one of the dragons that join Ashton

3. Name : Bobot
   Type : Robot
   Description : Bobot is the robot who helps Precis to do some K. Moves

4. Name : Walkie-Talkie
   Type : Machine
   Description : This walkie-talkie helps Chisato to do the last K. Move

How to get Precis, Opera, and Ernest :
Precis : You can't take Bowman if Precis is with you, to get her, see
         the Private Action at Linga and go to Bowman's house, and 
         you'll see her with Bobot there.

Opera : See the Private Action at Cross Castle and head to the Castle,
        You'll see a three eyed man there, yeah, he is Ernest.........
        You may not take Ashton, so just ignore when you're told by two
        men in Herlie about Two Headed Dragon and just go to Lacour, 
        after the Tournament finished, go to Hilton and enter the bar,
        You'll see Opera there, she asks a man about a three-eyed man
        named Ernest, and then she asks Claude, after that she will go
        to Cross, go to Cross Castle and have another audience with the 
        king, ask about a three-eyed woman and he will tell you that 
        she was seeking permission to enter the Mountain Palace, Rena
        will ask for permission, too, and then go to the Mountain 
        Palace (near Clik, before the bridge turn left), and go up, do
        not go left, and after you go a little further, you'll find her
        and she will join you, go more further and you'll fight two 
        bosses, after that go more deeper until you find Ernest' room 
        and then you can leave.

Ernest : You must have Opera with you and have seen Opera's spaceship,
         to see Opera's spaceship, once you get Opera, do a Private Act
         at Arlia, go to Regis' house balcony, talk to Opera, and then go
         out, enter without Private Act, and go to Shingo Forest, go to
         the place where Claude was "beamed", and you will see an event,
         Opera says this is where she was emergency landed, and after you
         see Opera's spaceship, you will get Opera's weapon "Seventh Ray". 
         After you defeat the two bosses  at Hoffmann Ruins, on your way 
         out you'll find Ernest, he want the Energy Stone but Opera tells 
         Leon do not give him, he is not the Ernest' she knows, after that, 
         the ghost that posses Ernest will appear and fight you, after that, 
         Rena will cast healing spell to Ernest, and he will join you. If 
         you take Ernest, you can't get Chisato unless you leave Leon later 
         at Eluria Refugees Village.

In field :
Triangle Button : Access Menu
X Button : Confirm
O Button : Cancel
Square Button : Private Action (When there is "PRIVATE ACTION" on the  
                screen, push Square to enter a town with private 
                action, to pickpocketing, get characters (Precis), and  
                get some items (Like Salamander Helmet))
L1/R1 Button : Change Camera View (World Map)
Start Button : Map (World Map)

In battle :
Triangle Button : Menu
Square + D-Pad Button : moving around battlefield
O Button : Cancel
X Button : Attack
L1/R1 Button : Killer Move (for fighting characters only, the spelling 
               characters cannot do any Killer Moves)

The Vehicles You Can Use For Travelling

1. Name : Ship
   Requirements : Pay 30 FOL each person at Hearlie/Hilton, or free      
                  When going to Hoffmann Ruins or Eluria.
   Used at : Sea
   Used for : Crossing from Herlie - Hilton, Hilton - Herlie, Hilton  
              - Hoffmann Ruins, Hilton - Eluria.
   Control : L1/R1 Button : Change Camera View
   The ship moves automatically, you can't access menu when boarding a  

1. Name : Bunny
   Requirements : Have Super Speciality Skill "Come On Bunny".
   Used at : World Map
   Used for : Crossing Mountains and rivers
   Control : D-Pad : Moving
             X Button : Get down from the bunny
             L1/R1 Button : Change Camera View  
   You can't access menu when riding the bunny.

2. Name : Synard
   Requirements : Have finished sequence at "Cave of Red Crystal" on 
                  disc 2
   Used at : World Map
   Used for : Flying at Energy Nede, however, you can't pass the red 
   Control : D-Pad  : Down=Rising, Up=Falling, Left=Turn Left, 
                      Right=Turn Right
             X Button : Accelerate
             Square+D-Pad : Moving forward/backward/left/right
             L1/R1 Button : Change Camera View
   You can't access menu when riding the Synard. 

How to do a pickpocketing

You can steal items from someone by pickpocketing, you must masters the
skills "Poker Face" and "Courage" and must equip a "Bandit Glove" on 
Claude for pickpocketing, just simply enter a town and push Square to a
person to steal the item or money, when doing a Private Action, you can 
steal from your friends, too ^_^.

Killer Moves List

Claude :
1. Name : Phase Gun                       7. Name : Ripper Blast
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 38
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 270 P

2. Name : Air Slash                       8. Name : Twin Slash
   Get : Lv 3                                Get : Lv 45
   Masters at : 200 Profiency (P)            Masters at : 160 P
3. Name : Shooting Stars                  9. Name : Dragon Howl        
   Get : Lv 7                                Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 300 P                        Masters at : 500 P
4. Name : Head Splitter                  10. Name : Sword Bomber 
   Get : Lv 12                               Get : Lv 62
   Masters at : 260 P                        Masters at : 420 P

5. Name : Energy Sword                   11. Name : Mirror Slice
   Get : Lv 20                               Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 460 P

6. Name : Burst Knuckle
   Get : Lv 28
   Masters at : 100 P
Ashton :
1. Name : Twin Stab                       6. Name : Hurricane Slash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 45
   Masters at : 100 P                        Masters at : 200 P

2. Name : Cross Slash                     7. Name : Death Triangle
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 100 P                        Masters at : N/A

3. Name : Leaf Slash                      8. Name : Dragon Breath
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 64
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 140 P

4. Name : Northern Cross                  9. Name : Sword Dance
   Get : Lv 18                               Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 400 P

5. Name : Piercing Sword                 10. Name : Tri-Ace
   Get : Lv 22                               Get : A treasure chest
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 140 P
Precis :
1. Name : Rocket Punch                    6. Name : Bang-Bang Attack
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 49
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 510 P

2. Name : Hop Step                        7. Name : Bloody Mary
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 57
   Masters at : 140 P                        Masters at : 360 P

3. Name : Mole                            8. Name : Bobot Super Beam
   Get : Lv 17                               Machinery Item : Super 
   Masters at : 100 P                                     Mecha Launcher 
                                             Masters at : 120 P
4. Name : Ally-Oop !
   Get : Lv 25                            9. Name : Barrier
   Masters at : 220 P                        Machinery Item : Plasma
5. Name : Parabola Beam                      Masters at : 200 P
   Get : Lv 38                               
   Masters at : 240 P                    10. Name : Holo Holograph
                                             Get : Private Action [Note]
                                             Masters at : 130 P

[Note] : To get this, Ashton must be at your party, then see the private
         action at Fun City (Thanks to Tux <robotuxz@hotmail.com>).
Opera :
1. Name : Photon Prison                   6. Name : Gravity Shell
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 54
   Masters at : 270 P                        Final Change : N/A

2. Name : Flame Launcher                  7. Name : Lightning Bullet
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 69
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P

3. Name : Alpha on One                    8. Name : Heal Star
   Get : Level 24                            Machinery : Black System
   Masters at : 440 P                        Masters at : N/A

4. Name : Spread Ray                      9. Name : Laser Bit
   Get : Lv 34                               Machinery : White System 
   Masters at : 540 P                        Masters at : 300 P

5. Name : Cold Wind                      10. Name : Hyper Launcher
   Get : Lv 41                               Machinery : Green System
   Masters at : 300 P                        Masters at : 500 P
Bowman : 
1. Name : Spirit Attack                   6. Name : Death Siege
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 35
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 100 P

2. Name : Poison Pills                    7. Name WhirlWind Fist
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 43
   Masters at : 250 P                        Masters at : 400 P

3. Name : Pillory                         8. Name : Burst Fist
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 51
   Masters at : 380 P                        Masters at : 200 P

4. Name : Firebird Attack                 9. Name : Explosion Pills
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 66
   Masters at : 400 P                        Masters at : 200 P

5. Name : Secret Medicine                10. Name : Sakura Attack
   Get : Lv 28                               Get : Lv 74
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 250 P
Ernest :
1. Name : Dimension Whip                  5. Name : Cloud Dust
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 49
   Masters at : 240 P                        Masters at : 100 P

2. Name : Spiral Whip                     6. Name : Broken Heart
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 58
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 200 P

3. Name : Arc Attack                      7. Name : Thunder Whip
   Get : Lv 32                               Get : Lv 65
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P

4. Name : Thousand Whip                   8. Name : Sonic Whip
   Get : Lv 41                               Get : Lv 73
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 100 P
Dias :
1. Name : Cross Slash                     6. Name : Crescent Moon Flash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 48
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 100 P

2. Name : Air Slash                       7. Name : Hawk Scream Blast
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 56
   Masters at : N/A                          Masters at : 100 P

3. Name : Crescent Wave                   8. Name : Full Moon Slash
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 63
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 100 P

4. Name : Chaos Sword                     9. Name : Illusion
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 70
   Masters at : 120 P                        Masters at : 420 P

5. Name : Gale Stab                      10. Name : Firebird Shock Wave
   Get : Lv 40                               Get : Lv 78
   Masters at : 130 P                        Masters at : 200 P
Chisato :
1. Name : Twister                         5. Name : Flame Thrower 
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 53
   Masters at : 240 P                        Masters at : 200 P

2. Name : Burning Card                    6. Name : Rising Dragon
   Get : First time                          Get : Lv 62
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 200 P

3. Name : Whirlwind                       7. Name : Tear Gas
   Get : Lv 40                               Get : Lv 68
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : N/A

4. Name : Ten Thousands Volts             8. Name : Preparation
   Get : Lv 44                               Get : Lv 72
   Masters at : 200 P                        Masters at : 240 P

Spells List

Rena : 
 1. Heal (First time)                    13. Light Cross (Lv 30)
 2. Antidote (Lv 3)                      14. Protection (Lv 33)                  
 3. Press (Lv 5)                         15. Tractor Beam (Lv 36)
 4. Deep Mist (Lv 8)                     16. Haste (Lv 42)
 5. Cure Light (Lv 10)                   17. Growth (Lv 47)
 6. Silence (Lv 12)                      18. Fairy Heal (Lv 52)
 7. Ray (Lv 14)                          19. Anti (Lv 54)
 8. Energy Net (Lv 18)                   20. Raise Dead (Lv 60)
 9. Cure All (Lv 20)                     21. Star Flare (Lv 63)
10. Delay (Lv 22)                        22. Fairy Light (Lv 65)
11. Dispel (Lv 25)                       23. Angel Feather (Lv 72)
12. Gravity Press (Lv 28)
Celine : 
 1. Firebolt (First time)                12. Thunderstorm (Lv 31)
 2. Wind Blade (First time)              13. Erruption (Lv 34)
 3. Thunderbolt (First time)             14. Curse (Lv 39)
 4. Ray (Lv 9)                           15. Lunar Light (Lv 43)
 5. Energy Arrow (Lv 12)                 16. Southern Cross (Lv 49)
 6. Forget (Lv 15)                       17. Thundercloud (Lv 55)
 7. Startlight (Lv 17)                   18. Anti (Lv 59)
 8. Reflection (Lv 19)                   19. Explode (Lv 66)
 9. Mind Absorber (Lv 22)                20. Angel Feather (Lv 76)
10. Neutral (Lv 27)                      21. Meteor Swarm (T. Chest)
11. Bless (Lv 28)

Leon : 
 1. Ice Needle (First time)              11. Delay (Lv 36)
 2. Wounds (First time)                  12. Shadow Flare
 3. Shadow Bolt (First time)             13. Haste (Lv 42)
 4. Acid Rain (First time)               14. Growth (Lv 50)
 5. Deep Mist (First time)               15. Noah (Lv 54)
 6. Black Saber (First time)             16. Gremlin Lair (Lv 60)
 7. Deep Freeze (First time)             17. Daemon's Gate (Lv 66)
 8. Word of Death (First time)           18. Dark Circle (Lv 78)
 9. Protection (First time)              19. Extinction (T. Chest)
10. Starlight (Lv 34)

Noel :
 1. Mind Absorber (First time)           11. Cure All* (Lv 41)
 2. Wind Blade (First time)              12. Silence (Lv 41)
 3. Heal* (First time)                   13. Neutral (Lv 45)
 4. Grave (First time)                   14. Blood Sucker (Lv 49)
 5. Tetanus Wind (First time)            15. Foehn (Lv 52)
 6. Sonic Saber (First time)             16. Fairy Heal* (Lv 55)
 7. Antidote (First time)                17. Dispel (Lv 60)
 8. Cure Light* (First time)             18. Curse (Lv 66)
 9. Energy Arrow (First time)            19. Bless (Lv 72)
10. Earth Grave (First time)             20. Fairy Light* (Lv 77)
11. Magnum Tornado (First time)          21. Earth Quake (Lv 82)

The spells with * sign is for healing HP.
Thanks to Jablonski <davidaj@erols.com> for sending this spell list.
The levels required for learning is written by me.

Major Walktrough

Disc 1 :  

Part 1 : Planet Miliconia
On this part, you will have Ronixis, Claude, and the others is exploring 
Miliconia, after some conversation, you will get a Killer Move : Phase 
Gun armed on your killer moves list, push L1 to shoot it during battle 
or if you want to change it to R1, right go to the menu push Triangle) 
and go to Speciality, then change the position of Phase Gun to R1, back 
to the story, go left and you will see a lighting device, check it and 
after an event, the door will open, inside the dome, you will see a Save 
Point (the purple ring), just save your game, after that go north and 
after some conversation, Claude will be "absorbed" by the device.

Part 2 : The Arlia Village on Planet Expel
You will wake up at a mysterious forest, the Shingo Forest, after the 
event, Claude will see a girl and a monster, help that girl, just keep
attacking the monster with the Phase Gun, after 3X hit by Phase Gun, 
that monster will be a dead meat, after that, the girl will run away, 
follow her and you will find her waiting for you, She introduces 
herself as Rena Lanford, after that, she will take you to Arlia 
Village, just take a tour, you can't buy anything right now, 
because the shopkeeper just talk to you, not give you something to buy,
just go to the pair of lovers' house, and go to second floor, you will 
see two treasure chests there, just take them all, after that, go to 
East Arlia, and you will see three treasure chests on front of the 
General Shop, just take them all, after that, go to the house at the
southwest, that's Rena's house, you will meet her mother, Westa, after
some conversation, Rena will go with you, enter every house in the 
village and Rena will explain to you, you can buy things from General 
Store now, buy some Bluberries and Blackberries, don't forget to buy 2
sandals for Claude and Rena, after that, go back to Rena's house and 
you will see a mountain of foods, "eat that Mr.Claude !" heheh, after 
eating, you will be at 2nd floor, just try to enter Rena's room and get 
out again, then try to go down the stairs, then go back to the 2 beds, 
after that try to go down again, you will see Westa, and she overtalks 
about the [Warrior of Light], and then she close her mouth and go down,
and say "I done it" to Rena but Rena doesn't understand, after that 
Westa talk again "I said it about [The Warrior]", then Rena asks how's 
Mr. Claude's reaction, and Westa says that he doesn't seem to be 
understand, after that you will have a sequence with the Mayor of the 
village, Regis, he will tell you about the Sorcery Globe, after that, 
Rena runs outside, and then you will sleep at Regis' house. Before 
going to Salva, enter Rena's house and enter Rena's room, you will 
find a treasure chest, open it and you'll get a Blackberry.

Part 3 : Rena's kidnapping
Go to Salva at the north of Arlia, and then take a tour there, but if
you want to take some tour, don't enter the mansion first, after you 
have finished, don't forget to buy some armor and greave, and don't 
forget the berries too, after all, go to Alen's Mansion, talk to all 
the servants, then go to the right room upstairs, you will find Portrait 
B (Rena's Portrait), after that, get out from the mansion and Claude will 
say "I still can't find any clues, better I go back to Arlia". Go back to 
Arlia and you will find Westa, Regis, Lucia, and the Priest there, they 
will say that Rena's been kidnapped by Alen-Tax, the son of the leader of 
Salva, so, check your equipment and go to Salva, enter Alen's house and 
the door is locked, Claude will shoot it with the Phase Gun(the energy 
will be drained and you can't use the Phase Gun anymore), the people 
thinks it's the Sword of Light, and then Claude will enter the mansion, 
go to the room at the first floor on the right, then take Rena's Hairpin,
and then check the oil light, the secret passage to the Salva Drift will 
open, enter it, you will find Mr. Bossman at the entrance, he will tell 
you that Alen-Tax requested him to make a strange altar, and he attacked 
by Alen-Tax, Rena's at the altar, enter the Salva Drift, You can collect 
the chests there, watch out for the FunnyThief, they're weak but can 
appear more than 7 of them ! The Lizard Axe is not a problem, easily 
kill them with your normal attack, to the SouthWest is The Dragon's Nest, 
you can't enter there now, just go to the NorthEast (There is a Save 
Point in front of the cave), save your game, and enter the Altar Cave, 
after some conversation, it's BOSS' Time !
Name : Alen-Tax
HP : 400/400
Strategy :
This is Rena's first battle, quite easy, if your HP is low, better you 
don't go near him, just use Air Slash, 8x Air Slash will finish him off, 
but if you're out of MP, hmm.... you must go near him and do a normal 
attack, he will be finished soon.
After the battle ends, Rena casts a healing spell to Alen-Tax, he will 
be healed, the Stone causes Alen become monster, after the Stone 
destroyed, he become normal again, after that, you'll be back to Arlia, 
you will have a conversation between Claude, Regis, and Rena at Regis' 
house, Regis will ask you to investigate the Sorcery Globe, Claude will 
agree, and Rena wants to join Claude, too, Regis allows her, then Rena 
go back to her house to tell her mother, go back to Regis' house, and
Regis will tell you to sleep, "But before you sleep, can we talk a 
little ?" he asks, Claude answers of course, Regis will ask "Did Rena 
heal your wounds ?" Claude answers yes, Regis says "I see, actually no 
one in Expel have that kind of healing spell", Claude says [?], then 
Regis said that Westa is actually not Rena's real mother, Westa found 
Rena in Shingo Forest 15 years ago, the only clue is the pendant on Rena's 
neck. After that, Regis will tell you to sleep, go to the second floor, 
to Claude's bed, he will hear something from the window, go to the 
balcony, you will find Rena asks you to come down, go down and you will 
notice that Regis is not there, go out to the bridge at West Arlia, Rena's 
there, you will see Rena's flashback, Rena is in her room, and when she go 
outside, she overheards Westa and Regis is talking, that Rena's not Westa's 
real child, after the sequence, you'll be at the bridge again, and then 
Rena will leave, back to Regis' house, you will sleep. 

Part 4 : The Treasure Hunter
The next day, you will start your adventure, go to Salva, and then go to 
the World Map north to Salva (You can go to the castle without passing 
Salva, but it's impossible now, how is it ? yeah, with a Synard or a 
Bunny), then it's getting dark when you're near Cross Castle, so enter 
the castle and go to the inn, after some conversation with Rachel, she 
will let you stay for FREE ! in front of the room, Rachel will talk about 
Young Master Flac, Dias Flac, after that, after some conversation with 
Rena in the room, you will sleep. The next day, take a tour at Cross 
Castle, remember not to pickpocketing first because it will failed, 
after you have finished the tour, go to the castle and talk to the 
receptionist at the left, register for an audience and take a tour 
inside the castle while waiting, talk to everyone and then go back to the 
receptionist and talk to the guards that guarding the stairs, enter and 
talk to the King, and then just ask what do you want to know, after all, 
he will give you the Passport and 600 FOL. Return to the town hall and 
you will see a fight between a Heraldic Wizard and a Heraldic Witch, they 
fight about a treasure map, the witch says it's hers, and the wizard says 
"Yeah, with trickery", then Claude go to the "battlefield" and say "Sir, 
it's not good to treat a lady, please act more like a gentlemen", and 
then the wizard says "Shut up" and then he starts to gain powers for a 
heraldic magic, but the witch just use a Fireball Magic and the wizard's 
magic disappeared, the wizard will run away and then Rena will come to 
the "Ex-Battlefield(^_^)", then the witch talks about the map, the 
treasure at Cross Cave, and she introduces herself as Celine Jules, the 
treasure hunter, then she will ask you to join her searching for the 
treasure, choose "Sure, let's investigate" and she will join you, Celine 
is very useful, her magic can kill enemies on one shoot, now go northeast 
from Cross Castle, you will see a cave, enter it, oh, if you want to get
Opera later, see a private action here and try to go to the castle, you
will see a three eyed man on your way in, okay, Oh yeah, sorry, for the 
dungeons, I can't tell you one by one for the way, so please search it by 
yourself, just collect the treasure chests you see, and when you reach a 
dead end with a huge boulder shinning green and there is a save point, 
you will have some conversation and then Celine will cast a spell and you 
will see a path at the right, save your game, and then enter the path, 
you will see a star-shaped thing with 5 treasure chests around it, see 
below :
|   [4]    [5]   |
|                | 
| [3] [STAR] [1] |
|                |
|       [2]      |
|_______   ______|

[1] = an item (because I forgot what it is)
[2] = an item
[3] = an item
[4] = Ancient Writing (the treasure)
[5] (optional) = BOSS (if you want to gain experiences)

If you open the [5] chest, you'll fight two bosses
Name : Gargoyle (2X)
HP : 1500/1500 each
Strategy :
If you don't want to fight them then don't open the [5] chest, to fight 
them, make sure you have got Celine's "Ray", it's very useful, have 
Claude do normal attacks and "Shooting Stars" and have Rena heals the 
injured character, these monsters will die soon.
After that, go back to the entrance of the cave, and after some 
conversation, you will given two options, if you wish to take Celine with 
you, choose "Definetely have her join", I tell you, better you take 
Celine with you, because her spells is very useful, but if you don't want 
to take her, choose the second option. Okay, now, go to the west, until 
you see a bridge, cross the bridge and follow the way, you will reach 
Clik, oh yeah, if you want to know about Filia, you can see the Private 

Part 5 : The Destroyed Port
After you enter Clik, you can take a tour, after you have bought some 
weapons and items, go to the southern part of Clik, you will see the ship, 
talk to the captain and give your passport, and then go to the Fountain 
Plaza (where the shops, stands, and restaurant is), when you want to sit 
on one of the bench, a kid will run to you and Claude will fall down, 
after that, Claude will say "Kids everyday always running without t
hinking", and then there is something missing, yeah, the wallet, oh no, 
that kid must have taken it, back to the southern part and talk to the 
two kids, after that go back to the entrance of Clik, you will find 
that kid on an old warehouse, after Claude holds his hand, he will say 
"I don't know anything about wallet", after that Rena will say "If you 
didn't steal our wallet, please tell us if you find it, because we need 
it for travelling", after that, the kid will say "You mean, you can 
travel with only THAT much?", Claude will say "I KNEW IT WAS YOU !", 
Rena will say "Claude, you're scaring him", and then after some short
conversation, he give the money back and introduces himself as Ketil, 
and he promise to give you a tour of Clik.
1. Ketil's House : He will introduces you to his mother and his servant
2. Entrance of Fountain Plaza : You will feel and earthquake, and then
                                Ketil will ask you do you know this 
                                Fountain Plaza, and you can either  
                                choose Yes or No, Ketil will tell you
                                about the stores at Fountain Plaza.
3. The Crepe Stand : Talk to the street vendor and then Ketil wants
                     to buy a crepe, you can buy him crepes or not.
4. The Ice Cream Stand : Talk to the ice cream girl, and Ketil wants
                         to buy an icecream, you can either buy him
                         ice cream or not.
5. The Restaurant : You can talk to the cook and the cook allows you
                    to try somenew foods, you can either choose :
                    A. Tom Yan Kun
                    B. Sun-Dried Mackarel
                    C. Natto
6. The Clothes Store : Ketil will tell you there is a good cloth, you
                       can either choose it's good at Claude, Rena, or
                       Celine, whoever you choose, it will looks funny.
After the tours is done, go to the southern part and talk to the kids, 
they will say that their mother told them not to play with a rich kid 
like Ketil, Claude will tell them what's the matter if Ketil is a rich 
kid, the most important is Ketil wants to play with them, and then they 
will play with Ketil. Talk to the captain and after that, go back to 
Fountain Plaza and you will get an earthquake, wow, I drop my analog 
controller, the vibration is very very......, after that, you'll be at 
the North Balcony of Clik, talk to the captain and he will give you back 
the passport, and tell you that if you want to go to the Continent of El, 
you can go to Herlie and board a ship to Continent of Lacour, and you 
can get to El from there, but before that, you should stop at Mars 
Village first. Go to the stairs and you will see a Tsunami hits the lower 
Clik, Clik has totally destroyed, then you will meet Ketil and his servant 
on the peninsula, he will tell you that he found one of his friend, but 
couldn't find another, Claude asks is Ketil's mom all right, and the 
servant says "Milady has left Clik before the earthquake, so she is 
probably save", well, there is nothing you can do at Clik, so get out, 
and then go back to the outside of Cross Cave, and head northeast to Mars 

Part 6 : The Children's Kidnapping
When you enter Mars, go into the Elder's house, there you will find the 
Elder, Master of Heraldy, Celine's Father Eglas, Celine's Mother Labe, 
and Dias. When you enter, the elder said there is the worst incident in 
this village, Eglas will tell you that the children in this village has 
been kidnapped into the Heraldy Forest, and they will hire a swordman, 
Dias, after the conversation, Dias will back to the inn, and Rena will 
follow him, after that, you'll see Claude and Celine at the Elder's door, 
Rena will come and ask Claude to let Dias join the party, Claude says 
that if Dias can do it by himself, then why must he join us, and then 
Rena will say that she will join Dias, after that, you can shopping, you 
can buy Flame Blade from the weapon shop but actually it's no need, 
because you can find it in the Heraldy Forest, after you think the 
shopping is enough, go back to Elder's house, and then rest there, the 
next day, you will go to the Heraldy Forest, on the left there is a ?HERB, 
save your game and turn right, oh, don't forget to equip the Mud Boots the 
elder gave you to walk on swamps, on the right, you will find three 
minions, after the conversation, you'll fight them, they have 500 HP 
each, so keep attacking on 1 target, after 1 target dies, then kill 
another, Celine's "Energy Arrow" will help much. After they dies, 
continue your journey, you will see another group of minions again, just 
use the same method to fight them, after they dies, continue your journey 
again, and when you enconter the third group of the minions, fight them 
with the same method, too, after that, when you see the Save Point, 
there is a way to northeast and to South, right ? if you go to the south, 
you will get a Flame Blade, save your game, go northeast and go right, 
get the item and go left, you will see the Master of Heraldy, Celine asks 
that he must be at the village, but he answers that it's okay, Celine 
says so Rena and Dias have rescued the children, the master of Heraldy 
says that the children is not fallen, the ones who falls is Celine's 
father, Claude says "So you're the boss of the bandits ?", then Master 
of Heraldy says "I will show you my true form".
Name : Varmillion
HP : 3000/3000
Strategy :
If you have equipped with the Flame Blade, it will cause more damage to 
Varmillion, Celine's "Energy Arrow" and "Ray" helps much, Claude can use 
"Head Splitter" to cause much damage.
After you defeated Varmillion, Rena and Dias will come, Rena asks what 
is this thing and Claude says It's the real form of the Master of 
Heraldy, Dias asks "Did you slay this one?", Claude says "Yes, but with 
Celine's help", and after the conversation you will be back at Celine's 
house, Claude and Elder is in the living room, Claude asks will Eglas be 
all right, and the elder says "He got a big wounds, it's a miracle if he 
regains consciousness", after that, Rena come and say that Eglas has 
regained consciousness, the elder says "Wonderful", yeah, Rena casted a 
healing spell to Eglas, after a short conversation, try to go out from 
the village, and Celine will chase after you, she asks you to stay at her 
house this night, after that, you will have some long conversation that 
night, and then you will see Eglas talking with Claude, after that, you 
will sleep. The next day, Eglas and Labe will take you to the town gate, 
after some conversation, you're leaving for Herlie.

Optional Part : The Dragon Slayer
WARNING ! If you want Opera to join your party, do not do this section.
When you enter Herlie, talk to the two people at the entrance, they will
talk about a two-headed dragon at Salva Drift, if you want Opera to join
your party, just head to the ship and don't go to Salva, but if you want
Ashton to join your party (like me), then go to Salva, when you go to 
Salva, choose one of the two entrance, from the Salva Drift directly or 
from Alen's mansion, when you reach Salva Drift, remember "The Dragon's
Nest" ? Enter the nest and walk until you find a man running, follow the
man and collect the treasures, and when you find a save point, save your
game, after that go right from the save point, you will see the man 
fighting the dragon, it's funny, after that, Rena will cheer him, but 
what happened ? When the man look at you, the dragon attacks him, but
suddenly a light coming from that way and cause the dragon and the man
fused, he asks if anyone see the dragon, and one of your party says "Your
back", and when the man see at the back, he says "Yikes", the two heads 
of the dragon fused on the man, after some conversation, he introduces
himself as Ashton Anchors, go outside the mine and then get out from 
Salva, on your way out, Rena names the two dragons "Gyoro" and "Ururun", 
well, head for Mars Village now.

Optional Part : Will He Slay Gyoro and Ururun ?
When you reach Mars Village, go to Elder's house and go to the room where
you find the two chests, go to the book case at the north and read "The
Book of Exorcism", after Claude reads and some little conversation, Rena
and Celine will say "Poor Gyoro and Ururun", after that, go to Mountain
Palace (left from the bridge near Clik), inside the Palace,you will see
a soldier guarding there and say "Anyone without permission from King of
Cross may not pass", so, go to Cross Castle and have another audience 
with the king, he will give you permission to enter Mountain Palace and
give you 3000 FOL, return to the Mountain and you will be able to enter,
and if you talk to the soldier, you can rest for free, when you enter,
you will see two ways, to the west and to the north, the north is for 
Opera's adventure, and the west is for Ashton's, so go west, and this is
very very long if I write here, so just look the way yourself, until you 
find a save point, save, and go to the next door, take the Silver Goblet
and fight the boss !
Name : Nightmare
HP : 9000/9000
Strategy :
Quite hard, make sure you have reached level 20+, to fight this boss,
just keep using killer moves that can attack from long range (Air Slash,
Shooting Stars, Burst Knuckle), and let Ashton attack near the boss, 
because he has much HP, have Celine casts Energy Arrow or Erruption to
this boss, and have Rena heals the wounded character.
After you defeated the boss, it's time to head to Lusgus Mountain, it's
located Northwest from Cross Castle.

Optional Part : The Demon Bird
Watch out ! the enemies at Lusgus Mountain are tough, keep heading 
north and need not to search for treasure because there are no 
treasures here, after you reach the peak, you will find a nest and a save
point, save your game and go to the nest, after some conversation, a huge
bird will come, Ashton talks with the bird, XAIN, the one who talks with 
XAIN is actually not Ashton, but Gyoro and Ururun, after the conversation,
you will fight this boss.
Name : XAIN
HP : 20000/20000
Strategy :
Do not use Burst Knuckle, Erruption, or Wind Blade, because it's a waste of
MP and not effective, actually, if you're cheating, Mirror Slice will kill
it in 2 slices, but if you're not cheating, hmm, make sure Rena has learned
"Cure All", and attack with Head Splitter and Shooting Stars, let Ashton
attack near XAIN, and have Celine casts Energy Arrow and Ray, if you wish,
control Rena and use Press, watch out for his "Master Attack".
After it defeated, it will drop "Tears of King", go back to Salva Drift
where Gyoro and Ururun was born, after the events, Ashton canceled to
kill them, because... read it yourself.... okay, back to Herlie and take
the ship, pay 120 FOL if Ashton is with you.

Part 7 : The Crowded Port
Once you reach Hilton, you will see it's a very crowded port, now you can
buy many things here, after you finished, rest at the inn and you will 
see an event, Claude wakes up at the midnight and get out from the room,
Rena follows him and outside the inn, Claude tries to use his communicator
again, Rena is full of Question marks (???) ^_^, but the communicator is
out of range, after that, Claude sees the sky, he wonders if one of the 
stars is Earth, and he wonders what his Mom and Dad doing now, the morning,
get out from Hilton, and when there are two ways, head east to Lacour 
Castle. Oh yeah, before lacour, I'll give the oprional.

Optional Part : A Teenager Girl
If you want Bowman joins your party, skip this chapter and enter Lacour.
Go more further east from Lacour until you see a town (Linga), enter it
and you will see a girl after a robot, after some "jogging", the girl
falls and the robot run away, Claude and his party come to the girl and
ask if she's alright, she says she's alright and asks where her Bobot 
went, Rena says "Bo..Bot..???", then she says the thing that she afters,
Claude says "oh, that radio controlled car", then Celine says "I think
it went that way", after that she go and when Claude says "Wait", she
said "Thanks for caring, Toodle-oo", and she goes, Celine will say "She's
more like a tornado than a teenager", Ashton (If he's at your party) says
"I think she's kinda cute", Rena says "Oh, so that's what your type is",
Ashton becomes red and says "Don't get so serious of what I said", after
that, you can take a tour here, after finished, get out, and see the 
private action, go to the "Pharmacy [Bowman's]" and you will see her and
Bobot there, after some conversation, she introduces herself as Precis
Neumann, after that, she will take you to her house, and you will see 
Rena and Precis' Father there, after some conversation, Rena and Claude 
will get out, Precis follows them and says that she wants to join you,
remember ! if you want Bowman to join your party, do not take her,
I tell you that you'd better take Bowman, because Precis' weapon is hard
to get, it's up to you now. If you want her to join your party, then 
she will tell you to wait at the city gate, after some conversation at 
city gate, she joins your party.

Part 8 : The Tournament of Arms
Enter the Lacour Castle, and you can take a tour at this HUGEEE castle,
you can't buy any weapon because of the tournament, but the Tool Shop,
Publisher, Food Shop, and the Skill Guide is open, after you're finished,
enter the castle, talk to the upper receptionist, register for the 
tournament, after that, you can take a tour, at the laboratory, you will
see a cat-eared kid, he is Leon, he said he hate tourists that always 
hanging around, after that, go outside the castle, go to the weapon shops,
these are the shops :

1. Shopkeeper : Dagol
   Shop : Counterpunch              Helmet : Plate Helmet
   Weapon : Sinclair Saber          Shoes : Silver Greaves
   Armor : Brigandine               Items : Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup,
   Shield : Buckler                         Blackberry
My Comments : If you have low defense, you better choose this shop, the
              attack is pretty weak, but the defense is giga high.

2. Shopkeeper : Furlong
   Shop : Knockout                  Helmet : Leather Helmet
   Weapon : Long Edge               Shoes : Leather Greaves
   Armor : Leather Armor            Items : Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup,
   Shield : Wooden Shield                   Blackberry
My Comments : If you have high defense, you can choose this one for giga
              attack power but giga low defense.

3. Shopkeeper : Edda
   Shop : Slayer                    Helmet : Iron Helmet
   Weapon : Walloon Sword           Shoes : Iron Greaves
   Armor : Ringed Mail              Items : Fruit Syrup, Fresh Syrup,
   Shield : Round Shield                    Attack Vial, Violence Pill
My Comments : This is quite a choice, the attack pretty strong, the 
              defense is quite high.

4. Shopkeeper : Fastred
   Shop : Straight                  Helmet : Banded Helmet
   Weapon : Gusguine                Shoes : Plate Greaves
   Armor : Banded Mail              Items : Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup
   Shield : Knight Shield                   Blackberry
My Comments : A regular, quite high attack, quite high defense.

After you got the tournament pass, go to the inn and rest there for free,
after that, you will be wake up at the day of the tournament, go out from
the inn, go to the west room, and go upstairs, after that, you will find 
the Colosseum, register there and wait at the waiting room, talk to every
fighter at the waiting room, a soldier will come and calling Amon Rau, and
then calling Claude Kenni, you will get the items, and then follow to the
---------------------------------Fight 1---------------------------------
Enemy : Amon Rau
HP : 2000/2000
Strategy :
Easy easy easy, keep using Air Slash and when he come closer to you, hit
him with Burst Knuckle and, finished.
After the fight, go to your party that watched you, talk to one of them,
Rena will come and say sorry that she didn't watch you, after some
conversation, it's Dias' turn, notice that if you activate the "Max Level
After Battle" Gameshark code, Dias will goes to level 255, too, after 
that, Dias wins the fight, and then a soldier come and ask you to back to
the waiting room, after that, check your preparation again, and next fight,
----------------------------------Fight 2--------------------------------
Enemy : Dol Adan
HP : 2750/2750
Strategy :
This is quite hard if you have low level, I suggest you to use normal 
attacks and use Burst Knuckle only when he is in front of you, if you 
choose Weapon Shop "Slayer", you can use the Attack Vial here to increase 
your attack power, so that he will lose soon.
After the fight, you will directly go to the door of arena, and check your
preparations, and get ready....
--------------------------------Semi Final 1-----------------------------
Enemy : Jose Duran
HP : 4000/4000
Strategy :
A hard but easy fight I say, because you need not to conserve your MP, 
use whatever killer moves you want, Burst Knuckle will do much damage
to this guy.
After the fight, talk to your party, after some conversation, you will see
Dias fighting at Semi Final 2, but I think Dias is stupid, actiually, for
quick victory, if you're activating the Max Level After Battle code, he
will get all killer moves, right ? Actually he can change his killer moves
from Air Slash and Chaos Sword to F. Shock Wave so he can win in 1 slash,
but that's it, he don't do it, okay, after Dias wins, a soldier calls you
again to get ready for the final match, you need not to get yourself ready.
---------------------------------Final Match------------------------------
Enemy : Dias Flac
HP : ????/2500
I write the HP ???? because you can see that actually his max HP is 2500,
but even if I damage him over 2500 HP (I'm level 255 that time ^_^), he
can't be beaten, he beated me... even if my HP 9999, ohhh.................
After that, you will be back at the waiting room, Celine says that Rena 
casted healing spells at him, after some conversation, you can get out
from the Colosseum, go to the weapon shop where you was registered, tell
the owner that you're the Runner-Up and he/she will give you the weapons
you used, after that, go to the western Lacour, and go to Gamgee's house
(on the hill), Gamgee and Suphia will be very happy that you come, who is
Gamgee ? yeah, he is the one who forged Dias' sword, and Suphia is his
granddaughter, after some conversation, he will give you the sword Dias'
used when fighting, the Sharp Edge, get out from Lacour and when you get 
in again, you can buy the weapons, oh yeah, if you want to buy the weapons,
buy it before you go to Linga or you can't buy it anymore. If you want to
get Opera, it's the time. Oh yeah, Sharp Edge is very important, I will
explain it, first, customize the Sharp Edge with Mithril and you will get
Minus Sword, after that, customize the Minus Sword with the Mithril and
you will get Claude's best weapon, the Eternal Sphere.

Optional Part : The woman from another planet
If Ashton is in your party, or you haven't seen the Private Action at
Cross, just skip this part. After the tournament of arms, go to Hilton and 
go to the bar, you will see a woman there, she asks a man a question, after 
that she asks Claude, have he seen a three eyed man, and Claude answers yes
and the woman asks where did he seen him, Claude says a little while ago in
Cross Castle, after that, she introduces herself as Opera Vectra and then
running to Cross Castle (with a ship, of course ^_^), go to Cross Castle and
ask the king about a three eyed woman, the king will say that a little while
ago, a three eyed man asks the king for permission of entering Mountain
Palace, and he gives him permission, and a minute ago, a three eyed woman
asks about him and ask permission, too, and then Rena will ask permission,
too, and the king permit you and gives you 10,000 FOL, and now go to the
Mountain Palace, near Clik, and the soldier will permit you, you can talk to 
the soldier to rest, and then when you enter it, go north, do not go west,
after you go a little far, you will see Opera, after some conversation,
Opera will join you, now go more further, the chests here only contains
some minerals like Damascus, Orichalcum, etc, after you see two animals, 
Opera will say that Ernest must have killed them, with a AP3 Plasma Launcher
nicknamed "Firefly", Claude says that's great, he tought that was totally
outlawed, after that, Rena asks what are they talking about, after that,
the monsters are moving, Ernest must have failed to kill them, it's BOSS !
Name : Flare Lizard (2X)
HP : 5000/5000
Strategy :
This boss is not tough, actually they're salamanders, but with stronger
power, just use some killer moves to kill them, Opera's Flame Launcher or
Claude's Head Splitter can kill them easily, watch out for their Firebreath
After that, go much further until you see a research room, and after some
conversation, seems like Ernest has gone, and collect the chests, and then
go out from the palace.

Part 9 : The Linguistic Scholar
Enter Linga, if you haven't entered before, you will see Precis after Bobot
like when I explain the optional part, the main point here is, first, go to
Professor Keith's house (next to the co-op academy ),  and his assistant will
tell you that the professor is busy and you must get out, after that, you
will see some conversation, after that, go to Bowman's Pharmacy and you 
will find Bowman there, not Nineh, after some conversation, Bowman will
tell you that he will help you if you want to go to the Sanctuary of Linga
to get a rare herb, the sanctuary is located east of Linga.

Part 10 : Sanctuary of Linga, the first dungeon at Lacour Continent
This is the first dungeon at the continent of Lacour, actually, there are 
many herbs here, but they're fake, you can choose what you want to take,
Clarisage or Dill Whip, you can only take one, if you have taken the 
Clarisage, you can't take the Dill Whip, I'll write how to get them...

Clarisage :
Clarisage is randomly placed at the outer section of the Sanctuary, you
need not to fight any boss.

Dill Whip :
Do not take any herbs at the outside area, go much deeper, the sign that
you have entered the deep area is, the enemies are Skeletons, you can 
find the Dill Whip, after taking one of the herbs at the deep area that
is Dill Whip, a monster will come out from the Skeletons, prepare for BOSS!
Name : Vissayers
HP : 10000/10000
Strategy :
Be careful ! The boss can throw you outside the battlefield, when all your
characters is thrown, game over, to prevent this, use a long range attack,
like Claude's Air Slash or Shooting Stars, Opera (if you have her)'s Alpha
on One, Ashton's Piercing Sword, or Precis (if you have her)'s Ally-Oop !
After you defeated it, go back to Linga.

Part 11 : At Last......
When you reached Linga, go to Bowman's Pharmacy, if you give Clarisage to
him, Bowman will say this is quite rare, but actually he has ever seen it 
before. If you give Dill Whip, Bowman will say this is a very great herb, he
never seen it before. After that, Bowman and Claude will go to Professor's
house, after that, Bowman will rackets, "KEIIITHHHH.... HEY KEEEIIIITTTHHH
ARE YOU THEREEEE", after that, the assistant will come out and say "Hey !
stop that racket !", Bowman will say "Sorry for the racket, it was me",
the assistant apologizes and then let you come in, after some conversation
with Professor Keith, he say that he need some times to dechiper the 
Ancient Writing, after that, you will be back to Bowman's house, after some
conversation, go to the bedroom and talk to Bowman, after some conversation,
if Precis is not in your party, he will ask you to let him join, but if 
Precis is in your party, Bowman will say that he wants to join but he can't
leave Nineh alone, after some conversation and your party sleep, hehehehehe,
see yourself. The morning, you will be in front of Bowman's house, and if 
you let Bowman joins you, he will be leaving together, now head for Lacour

Part 12 : The Stubborn Kid
Enter Lacour Castle, and a soldier will ask you "Are you refugees ?", then 
Claude says "refugees ?", after a short conversation, enter the castle, 
talk to the receptionist at the lower desk and then go to the Laboratory
(where you see Leon before), and you will hear the king talking about the
Lacour Hope, and then a soldier knows you're there, and then :

If Bowman is in your party :
Bowman says to the soldier "Pardon them for my own sake", and then the king
says "is that you Bowman ?", and then you will be in a conversation, after
Bowman says that the Laboratory is not quite changed a bit, Leon angry and
say "I know you are friendly with the king, but I'm in charge of the 
Lab, so if you have anything to say, SAY IT TO ME !", after that Bowman says
"Oh, you must be Florice and Murdoch's son, last time I saw you you're still
3 years old", and Leon asks how does he knows, and Murdoch says that he was
a pharmacical scientist who was at this laboratoy, and Leon says "So he what
Poppa calls a [loser]", Murdoch yells at the kid and Bowman says that's true,
he is just a town pharmacy now, after some conversation, Leon says that the
Lacour Hope for fighting the monsters need a mineral from Hoffmann Ruins to
complete, and Leon will go there, but Bowman says that it's dangerous to go
alone, and let Claude and the others join, too, Bowman also says "Besides,
Claude is the [Warrior of Light] himself", and after some conversation, they
agrees and Leon gives you a Link Combo.

If Bowman is not in your party :
Florice says that Claude was the one who was on the 2nd place of the 
tournament, Florice says "You saw it too, right Leon?", and Leon says it's 
boring and he didn't see it at all, after that the king asks what are you 
doing here and  Claude says they just walking around, but Leon misunderstands 
them as a spy to know the secret, the Lacour Hope, and Leon says they must 
thrown to the jail, after some conversation, Leon says that he needs to go to 
Hoffmann Ruins to take a mineral for completing the Lacour Hope, and after 
some conversations, Claude says to let them join Leon, and after that, Leon 
gives you a Link Combo.

After that, head to Hilton and talk to the sailor, and then if you're fully
prepared, get to the Hoffman Ruins.

Part 13 : The Ruins At The North
The ship will lands at the shore of Hoffmann Island, he says whenever you
want to go back, talk to him, now you will be at the Hoffmann Island, at
the center of the forest is the Hoffmann Ruins, enter the Hoffmann Ruins,
after you see a funny events at the entrance, you will enter the building,
to the southeast is the ruins, collect the tresures first, enter the ruins,
as I said before, I can't help much in a dungeon, the one I can tell is,
your destination is actually at the center of the ruins, you won't get lost
here since there are no dead ends in the dungeon, watch out for Salamanders
since they can kill you with their Fire Breath, it's easier to kill the
Salamanders with Leon's "Deep Freeze", and, if you find a lever, don't pull
it, it will only damages yourself. After you reach the center of the ruins,
you will see a save point, save your game, and make sure you bring Claude,
Rena, one of the heraldic characters (Leon/Celine), one of the fighting
characters (Ashton/Precis/Bowman/Opera), and make sure Claude has learned
Burst Knuckle, and Ripper Blast (if you can train to level 38), if you
haven't learned Ripper Blast, use Air Slash for long range attack, and
make sure Rena has learned Cure All, if you bring Leon, train him until
he has learned Shadow Flare, because the next bosses have over 30,000 HP 
each! whew, enter the wall and Leon will say it's the mineral, but Rena's 
pendant is glowing, after some conversations, the BOSS appears !
Name : Harphinx (2X)
HP : 36700/36700
Strategy :
Watch out ! These monsters can cast ThunderStorm, so actually it's better
to use Celine's "Mind Absorber" to absorb their MP, but if you bring Leon,
you can't prevent the ThunderStorm, so Rena will heal you everytime you
get hit by the ThunderStorm, and Claude attack the one with Burst Knuckle
and the other fighting character attack the another one, if your other 
fighting character needs help, attack with Air Slash or Ripper Blast, have
the magical characters casts the spell that can damage both of the enemies
(Celine's thunderstorm or lunar light, Leon's shadow flare), if you're out
of MP, use Blackberry, and the bosses will die soon.

Optional Part : Ernest
After that, go outside the ruins, if Opera is in your party and you have
seen the event at Opera's spaceship, you will find Ernest on your way out
and you must fight the ghost that possesses Ernest!
Name : Ghost
HP : 7600/7600
Strategy : 
No problem, right ? A monster with a little amount of HP
Then you can choose do you want to take Ernest, okay, now go back to the 
shore where the sailor is waiting, go back to Hilton, and then go to Lacour 
Castle, go to the Throne Room, after some conversation, Leon, Murdoch, and 
Florice are going  to the Lab, and you will have a little talk with the king, 
the king says about their punishment, Claude doesn't understand and the King 
says that he knows Claude got a permission from King of Cross to investigate 
the Sorcery Globe, and the King of Lacour request Claude and the party, except
Leon, for going to the Lacour Front Line helping the soldiers to defeat the
monsters from Eluria, okay, get out from the Lacour Castle, the front line
is much further north, I think better you ride a bunny if you already learned
"Come on Bunny".

Part 14 : The Monsters' Attack
After you reach the Front Line, you can take a tour and buy some powerful 
weapons, and then go to General Commander's office, you will find three
fighting man, one of them is.... Dias ! And after some conversation, the
General requests you to dismiss, when you get outside, you will have some
conversation with Rena, Claude asks actually what happened to Dias 2 years
ago, and Dias come and say "You want to know ?" and then Dias leaves, and
Rena says "I'm Dias' only [Little Sister] so please let me talk with him",
after that, go outside, and you will see Dias at the woods, talk with him,
after that, go to the northern tower, and you will see Rena there, she will
tell you why Dias left the village, he was attacked by the bandits, his Mother,
Father, and his little sister Cecille died, only he survived, and then he left
the village, after that, you will sleep, the next day, before going to General
Commander's office, talk to at least 3 people, no matter who are them, then go
upstairs and someone will say a monster attacks at the northern tower, after 
that, go to the northern tower and you will see a monster there, FIGHT IT !
Name : Shin
HP : ?????/21000
Strategy :
You can't beat Shin, since your attack to Shin is only 0, but if all your
characters died, game over, you must wait 1 minute and a sign "Time is Out" will
appear and Shin will go.
After that, there is someone that tells you that the Lacour Hope is finished and
will be served here soon, everyone glads, but several days later, the Lacour 
Hope haven't served yet, after that, talk to at least 9 people, and go to the 
infirmary and then get out again, a soldier will say about a monster again,
go to the northern tower again and Dias is there, Dias will tell you that 
the monsters will arrived at 10 minutes, and then a group of monsters will
come, Claude says that they're too many, after some conversation, Leon will
come and say "We don't need any meaningless battle", and he loads the Energy
Stone to the Lacour Hope, and you will see an FMV, Leon shoots the Lacour
Hope and the monsters get hit, a soldier says "W... What is it ?" and Leon
says "It's the power of the Lacour Hope, what do you think ?", and then he
talks with Claude and Dias, after that he says that Murdoch and Florice is 
looking for Claude, go outside and you will have a conversation with Murdoch
and Florice, after the conversation, you'll be back at Lacour Castle, and
after the conversation with the king, he will request you to save the refugees
at Eluria while the others attack Eluria directly, after that, you will be at
Hilton, and after some conversation with Dias, you will be at the ship, and
after some conversation with the crew, Shin and some Stone Statues will come,
Murdoch and Florice get ready to charge, Leon says that Energy Charge is at
99.8 %, and after that, the Lacour Hope shoots, but Shin blocks it, Claude
thinks that a shield like that used on a spaceship, and then 2 Stone Statues
will fight you, easy, just use normal attacks, after that Shin will come....
Name : Shin
HP : ?????/21000
Strategy :
This time there is no time limit, and Shin is still undefeatable, you must
lost to Shin.
After that, your party will be thrown to the sea, and then everyone jump, too
and Shin and the Stone Statues takeover the Lacour Hope.

Part 15 : The Refugees' Village
When Claude wake up, he doesn't see anyone, he is on a shore, then he will
hear a voice, and he found Leon, after that, Leon asks where is everyone, Claude
can't answer and Leon says so everyone is......, after that, Leon cries but
Claude tries to stop him, and he said why is everyone must have like this,
after that, Claude slaps him and then after the conversation, now get out from
the shore, in the center of a forest, you will see a village, enter that village
and you will see everyone there, after that, you will see a "funny and romantic"
sequence between Claude and Rena ^_^, after the conversation, Leon will say
"Big brother's friends are all right, but what about Papa and Mama ?", and after
some conversation, go to elder's house, after the conversation there, you can 
choose to leave Leon there or take him with you, after that, go to the arm shop
and check all barrels and wooden boxes 3-5 times each, after that, buy some
weapons and armors, and then go out, the shopkeeper stops you and show you a 
thing he found on his way out from Eluria, Claude says it's an ID Card, they
doesn't seem to understand, and you get ID Card ! Now head to Eluria Castle !

Part 16 : The Eluria Castle
Go to the tower-like castle, but before that, make sure your characters are at
lv 50+, since the enemies here are pretty tough, enter the castle, in this 
dungeon, you need to input code, first, it's up to you if you want to memorize
the codes, but I will tell you, the code can be seen at the glass statues,
like 1-A, and others, so it means if you're asked what is the code for 1 ?
you answer A, understand ? If you don't understand, so just see my password
later, first, go to the teleporters, you can see some treasure chests, you
input your password at a statue, if I'm not mistaken, a statue of a scientist,
just answer A-P-O-C-A (1=A,2=P,3=O,4=C,5=A), and you will get a card key, look
for two red gates, open the left one, and you will hear a voice from your 
communicator, it will call Ensign Kenni to go to the transporter, go, Claude
will leave the party members, before going to the ship, I want to explain to
you what the password means, since it's translated from japanese, actually
the password is "MO-KU-SHI-RO-KU", which means "Apocalypse", since the
Kan-ji only needs 5 letters to write MOKUSHIROKU, and they can't add the
statues at English version, so they only include the first 5 letters of 
"Apocalypse", APOCA, now I'm sure yo understand what the password means, okay,
now let's go to Calnus, you will see Ronixis and Kurtzman there, after some
conversation, you will go to the bridge, and you can Pickpocket the crews,
after you talk with Ronixis, a crew will say that the planet, Expel, is out
of orbit and will explode soon, after some conversation, Claude go back to
the transporter, he just have 5 minutes from Ronixis to go back to Calnus,
after Ronixis calls him back, Claude puts his communicator on the transporter
and Ronixis will be shocked, now go to the right gate, and just follow the
way, and you will see someone that you have fought before
Name : Shin
HP : 21000/21000
Strategy :
Now you can beat Shin, because Shin's defense has gone down and you can
attack Shin, it's up to you what you would do, since I believe you have
defeated Harphinx that have 36000 HP, but make sure you don't get hit
by Shin's Spoil magic.
After Shin is defeated, if you're using a gameshark, TURN IT OFF NOW !
Or the screen will be fuzzy and you fight Shin repeatly, after the
conversation with Shin, you can turn it on again, now, go up two floors
and you will see something like a meteor, yeah, that's the Sorcery Globe,
but there are peoples around there, and after a loooonggg conversation,
they're the Ten Wise Men, and they say Claude is not from Expel, and Rena
is a Nedian, and if Opera and Ernest are in your party, they will say that
they're from tetragene, and after more longer conversation, one of them
wants to fight you, he introduces himself as Metatron
Name : Metatron
HP : ??????/100000
Strategy :
Like usual, if ?????? it means he is undefeatable, just wait until time is out
After some conversation, the wise men says that they will get back to Nede
with their own power, and after that, a light will appear, suddenly the
screen changes to Calnus, after the conversation between Ronixis and
Kurtzman, it's end of your adventure at disc 1.

               P L E A S E   I N S E R T   D I S C   2

Disc 2 :

Part 17 : The Outer Wall Paradise
You will be wake up at a forest, similar to Shingo Forest, and then after
that, Claude finds the others and then Rena will say that this is the Outer
Wall Paradise, everyone will ask how Rena knows that, and Rena will say that
she have ever saw this before, and then she leads everyone, and then they
reach the teleporter, teleport now !

Part 18 : The Central City
After you teleported, you will be brought to a huge building, and you will
see someone there, he introduces himself as Narl, the mayor of Central City,
and after some conversation, he will say that you need a Synard to get fast
in Energy Nede, and he says that you can get a Synard in North City, now go
to north city, and you can get some information about Ten Wise Men from the
library, now go to the Synard Rental, and after some conversation and some
events, you will be invited to input the data into the Synard, Claude is the
first one, and after Claude finished inputting the data, and before Rena's
turn, the Synard will gone mad and then you must fight it !
Name : Synard
HP : 43000/43000
Strategy :
This boss' weakness is lightning, so use Celine's Thundercloud and when it
flies, use Claude's Dragon Howl and Ashton's Dragon Breath.
After you defeat it, Artis shocked and then you will be taken to his office,
and he says that there is another way to get a Synard, and he takes you to
a Teleporter Room, and then you will be teleported...

Part 19 : Noel and The Cave of Red Crystal
Where did that machine teleports you ? Yes, to Noel's house, after that,
he will explain how to get a Synard, and he will join you to help you,
after that, go to the cave near it, it's the Cave of Red Crystal. In the
cave, Noel says that there is something strange with the cave, the air...
usually the air is very fresh... but now... be careful here, the enemies
are tough. The sign that you're near the Synard is, the girl who afters
you at some places here will fell down and then she run away, but she drops
her ID Card, here is what's written on the card (seeing what Claude says,
I think the card is like this) :
         |     NEDE NEWSPAPER OFFICE      |
         |                                |
         |                                |
         |       Chisato Madison          |
         |     Editor and Reporter        |
         |                                |

And then go right near it, and you will see a maze, if you followed it right,
you will see a Synard surrounded by two Archemens, and the worse news is,
you have to fight it...
Name : Archimens (2X)
HP : 40000/40000
Strategy :
These ant girls are very tough, they usually blocks an attack from front, so
you have to attack from the back, the magic great enough to beat them...
After the battle, you will have a sequence with the Synard, after an event,
the Synard will help you and now you can fly accross Energy Nede !!!!!!!!!
After that, you can either choose to take Noel with you or not.

Well.. watch for the next update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Thanks to Darrick C. Mattsen <WLDNCRZY14@hotmail.com>'s CookBook so  
   that I got the favorite foods for all characters.
2. Thanks to Ian Kelley <ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu>'s Walktrough so
   I can finish the game.
3. Thanks to Pluto (my PSX' name) and Genius Bunny (My PC's Name) so
   I can play the game and write the Walktrough.
4. Thanks to ENIX, Tri-Ace, and LINKS for creating a GREAT GAME !!!
5. Thanks to Tux <robotuxs@hotmail.com> for the info about Holo Holograph
6. Thanks to Jablonski <davidaj@erols.com> for sending the spells list
7. Thanks to all who have signed my guestbook so my page more popular 

Info ! Info ! Info !

1. I am starting the game again from the beginning with Rena's  
   Scenario, so just wait maybe I'll write the Rena's Scenario  

2. Notice for all ppl who have promised me to make the list, don't
   be a bullshit, if you can't just tell me you can't because the
   walktrough can't wait to be launched !!! I'm serious ! only
   Jablonski sent it !!!
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