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Claude Walkthrough by Kiko-kun

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/11/99

                        Star Ocean: The Second Story
                      for the Sony Playstation (English)

                     Claude Kenni - Walkthrough ver 1.3
                     Copyright 1999 Michael C. Francisco

                       Date first written: July 6, 1999
                 Date first submitted: July 11, 1999 (GMT+800)
                    Last updated: September 11, 1999 (GMT+800)

Update (ver 1.3):
- Revised TOC
- Added sections on Claude Kenni Disc 2 walkthrough

Legal stuff, blah blah:

- This FAQ/walkthrough is for the reader's personal use, provided
  that you do not modify the content in any way, except for MINOR
  MINOR formatting. Use of this guide for commercial purposes is

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- Any errors (except for typos) ? Pls. mail me about'em and I'll check
  and revise (if need be). It goes to show that this thing's being
  read. For comments, critics (constructive only, I beg you), mail
  them to <karoshic@earthcorp.com>

 - Table of Contents: -

   A. Game controls/other info

   B. Disc 1 Walkthrough

   1. Landing in Miliconia
   2. Village of Arlia
   3. Town of Salva
   4. Abduction of Rena
      4.1 Return to Arlia and Salva 
      4.2 Salva Drift
      4.3 Return to Arlia
   5. Town of Cross
   6. Cross Cave
   7. Port of Clik
   8. Town of Mars
   9. Mars Forest
  10. Port of Herlie
  11. Port of Hilton
  12. Town of Lacour
  13. Town of Linga
      13.1 First visit
      13.2 Linga Sanctuary
      13.3 Return to Lacour
  14. Hoffman Ruins
      14.1 Refugees at Lacour Castle
      14.2 Hoffman Ruins - get the energy stone
  15. Lacour Front Line
      15.1 Return to Lacour Castle
      15.2 Lacour Front Line
  16. Eluria Siege
  17. Eluria Colony
  18. Eluria Tower

   C. Disc 1 Specials (Private Action)

   D. Disc 2 Walkthrough (Still under construction)

  19. Central Nede
  20. North City
  21. Noel's house (1)
  22. Red Crystal Cave / Endangered Species Preserve
  23. Field of Intelligence
  24. Field of Power
  25. Field of Courage
  26. Field of Love

   E. Disc 2 Specials (Private Action) - under construction

   F. Other pending updates / Acknowledgements

A. - - - - - - - - GAME CONTROLS/OTHER INFO - - - - - - - - -
What is Star Ocean: The Second Story ?
   Star Ocean: TSS is an innovative RPG produced by Enix, Tri-Ace
   and Links Japan. It has graphics and story comparative to Final
   Fantasy VII (previously released on PlayStation). This guide is
   about the first of the two characters that you can choose to
   play - Claude Kenni.

How to Play:

D-pad = directional pad
L1, R1         = toggle-camera view
L2, R2         = no use
X              = X button
O              = O button
Tri            = Triangle button
Squ            = Square button
Sel            = Select button
Str            = Start button

Game screen (non-battle)
D-pad         - move around (walk)
  X           - action button (open chests, talk)
  O           - press with D-pad to run
Squ           - private action (when close to a town)
Tri/Sel       - Toggle camp screen
L1/R1         - camera angle switch

Game screen (battle)
D-pad (+ squ) - move your chosen character around 
              - switch through characters (when paused)
              - scroll through action to perform (in action menu)
  O           - Pause
  X           - select action to perform/accept (when paused)
              - selects target to attack (when pressed once)
                then attacks the target (when pressed a second time)
Tri           - bring up action menu (also pauses game)
Squ           - pressed together with D-pad to move
L1/R1         - scroll further up/down in item/spell/menu (paused)
              - killer move execute (for non-spell casting chars only)
L2/R2         - switch from auto->manual control/vice-versa

Camp screen
D-pad         - scroll through menus
  X           - select/accept
  O           - cancel/return to game screen 
Tri           - Toggle talent/skills of current character
Squ           - Toggle Descriptions
L1/R1         - scroll further up/down
L2/R2         - switch to/from character

Battle Tips:
- Attack from behind whenever you can.
  This way, you minimize the chance of getting hit while still
  clobbering your opponent.

- Plan your tactics
  If the enemy party consists of a a mage and a fighter, take out the
  mage first (with your own mages or just run up to the mage) since
  the mage can damage you even when afar while the enemy fighter still
  has to move closer to you or your other parties to inflict damage.

- Use your killer moves in a combo-like manner to prevent your enemy
  from attacking with his/her own moves. 

Notations used:
To make your reading a little easier (for those who just want to
skim through, and for those only after tips), the following nota-
tions have been made.

> - main objective
- - narrative 
* - playing tips, hints, stgy, etc.
~ - item/shop/boss information
! - extras
+ - additional info.

B. - - - - - - - - - CLAUDE KENNI DISC 1 WALKTHROUGH - - - - - -

1. Landing in Miliconia

   > Find the control panel to the door on the left.

   - The game starts  with you,  Ronnixis and some  science officers
     exploring  the  entrance of a cavern.  Ronnixis will give you a
     Phase Gun,  your most powerful weapon  during the  start of the
     game.  Inspect the panel at the left of the entrance. A science
     officer will take it from there and open the door.  You and the
     others enter. Ronnixis will order everybody to  scout the area,
     so walk around and talk to the other officers exploring.  There
     is a save point on the southwest part of the screen if you want
     to  save the game now.  Continue walking  north until you see a
     strange  device near the north wall.    Inspect it and Ronnixis 
     will order you to stop and look elsewhere.   Unfortunately, you
     accidentally activate the device and in the next   instant, you
     disappear from the group.

     When you wake up, you find yourself in Shingo Forest (somewhere
     far off from Miliconia) in a planet you don't know yet. Run south
     to  find a  girl being  chased by a monster.  Your first battle
     starts (Claude vs. this monster).

   * This is a good opportunity to get the hang of your phase gun.

     After defeating the monster, you'll catch up with the girl  you
     just saved.  You find  out that her name is Rena and  she takes
     you on a tour of her town - the village of Arlia.

2. Village of Arlia

   ~ Items: 200 FOL, Leather Armor, Resurrection Bottle
            Strawberry Jam -> Carpenter's house
            Rose Hips, Blueberry -> Newly Wed Couple's house
            Blackberry -> Rena's room

   > Go to Rena's house (southewest part of east Arlia)
   > Go to the town of Salva

   ~ --- Hearn's General Store ---
     Sandals                        10
     Rose Hips                     230
     Lavender                      490
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Spectacles                      8

   - When you reach Arlia, Rena will tell you to look  around  while
     she goes home first. Talk to the people in the village to learn
     about the  recent earthquakes  and other natural  disturbances.

   * Just look  around  the village and  get information.  Don't buy
     anything yet. 

     Go to  Rena's house - it's on the  southwest corner of the east
     part of Arlia village. Here, you meet Westa, Rena's mom and she
     offers you to stay for dinner.  After dinner, she offers you to
     rest for the night before continuing on your journey. Upstairs,
     she'll  mention about  the warrior of legend, thinking  that it
     might be Claude. When she realizes this, she goes downstairs to
     apologize to  Rena for mentioning to  Claude about the warrior.
     You go down to see Regis, the mayor of Arlia with Rena and Wes-
     ta. Regis explains to you about the Sorcery Globe and the  pro-
     phecy about the 'warrior'. You politely clarify things, telling
     him  that you are  not the foretold 'warrior' and that you just
     got to Arlia by accident. Regis offers you to rest at his place
     before resuming on your journey.

     The following day,  Regis sends  you off to the  town of Salva,
     where you might get information.

   * Don't waste money buying anything for now.   Buy blueberries in
     the  meantime since  you can  easily return to and  from Regis' 
     place to rest. This is also a good time to level up a bit since
     your phase gun inflicts way too much damage for enemies in  the
     area and you won't be able to use it pretty soon. 

3. Town of Salva

   > Ask for information about Alen, Salva Drift and the Sorcery Gb.

   ~ Items: Portrait B -> Alen's room in Alen's mansion (2F)

   ~ --- Dolphin Kick Jam Store ---
     Strawberry Jam                 50
     Raspberry Jam                  60
     Apple Jam                      70

   ~ --- Fergusson's Weapon Shop ---
     Long Sword                    200
     Both Shaver                   850
     Knuckles                      110
     Leather Helm                   50
     Leather Armor                 300
     Sandals                        10
     Leather Gloves                 50

   ~ --- Fairy Tear Jewelry Store ---
     Necklace                     1200
     Ruby Earing                  6000
     Silver Barette               1300
     Iron                          200
     Silver                        200
     Gold                          300
     Rose Hips                     230
     Aceras                        660
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Spectacles                      8

   - To the north of Arlia is Salva. It's visible from Arlia, so you
     won't get lost on the way. Visit the bar and talk to the people
     on the street to learn about the Salva drift, Barnes - mayor of
     Salva and his son, Alen-Tax. Return to the village of Arlia af-
     ter acquiring information.

   * Still don't buy anything aside from  blueberry (and blackberry)
     since you'll need to save up on cash if you want to buy tougher
     weapons and armor later.

4. Abduction of Rena

   4.1 Return to Arlia and Salva 

   > Return to Arlia to find Rena kidnapped
   > Return to Salva and go to Alen's mansion to uncover secret
     passage to Salva Drift.

   - Upon your return to Arlia, you find Regis, Westa and the Priest
     by the  entrance of the town.  They tell you that Rena has been
     abducted by  Alen-Tax, the son of Salva's mayor.  You volunteer
     to rescue Rena. Return to Salva again. Head for Alen's  mansion
     on the  southeast corner of  the northern part of Salva.  Go to
     east room of the first floor and look for Rena's hairpin on the
     floor. Then, Claude will notice a glowing statue on the  upper-
     right corner of the room. Touch it to uncover a secret  passage
     leading to..

   4.2 Salva Drift

   > Explore Salva Drift and rescue Rena

   Items: Rose Hips, Blackberry, Blueberry(2), Silver, Iron, Gold(2)

   * Salva drift  contains a lot of iron and other  minerals, so  be
     sure to get them before meeting the boss.

   - The caverns of Salva drift aren't very confusing, so you should
     not be having any problems exploring it. There are 2 save pts.,
     1 at the  secret entrance, and another  before the  first boss.
     You won't be able to cross the "Dragon's Nest" section, so just
     leave that alone for now. It's on the southwest part of the ca-
     vern.  The boss room is in the  Northeast part of the mine just
     beside the save point. You'll find Rena strapped to a table and
     Alen-Tax.  Alen will  turn into a monster and you'll do  battle
     with him.

   ~ Boss: Alen-Tax (HP: 400)

   * This boss is too easy. Slash away with your sword and dodge  as
     he attacks you. He'll be done in about 10-12 regular attacks. 

   4.3 Return to Arlia
   > Learn more about Rena and the Sorcery Globe
   > Go to town of Cross

   - After defeating Alen, he'll return to his normal self.  He says
     that  he doesn't remember anything aside from the  strange rock
     he had found in the mine. You become interested in the "Sorcery
     Globe" even more  after hearing this.  You return to Arlia with
     Rena, and Regis  thanks you once again. He asks you to investi-
     gate the  Sorcery Globe.  Rena announces that she wants to join
     you, and Regis sends her home for the night to get her mother's
     permission. Regis requests to talk to you some more after  Rena
     leaves. You learn that Westa is not Rena's real mother and that
     she has mysterious healing powers. After Regis leads you to the
     upstairs room to rest,  Rena gets your  attention by throwing a
     stone at the Balcony. She asks you to go down and talk with her
     for a while.  When you get out of Regis' house, she is  nowhere
     to be found.  She's at the bridge just near the north entrance.
     She'll tell you that she knows that she's only an adopted child
     which is one of the reasons as to why she wanted to go with you
     on your investigation.

   * If you go solo to Salva for a 2nd time (after the flashback you
     have when you talk with Rena by the house), you'll see a little
     girl by the house where you saw Rena. Talk to her and you'll be
     given 3 choices. Select 'Maybe' (3rd) and she'll give you a har
     monica. This will work only if you pick the 1st ("So, you are a
     girl.." or 3rd ("I also want to get married in a place") answer
     when you talk to Rena in the Cross cathedral (private action).

5. Town of Cross

   > Have an audience with the King
   > Ask all the questions presented; get passport and money
   > Meet Celine and have her join your party; go to cross cave

   ~ --- Royal Hunt Weapon Shop ---
     Broad Sword                   400
     Smaller                      2000
     Rod                            10     
     Leather Helm                   50
     Banded Helm                   120
     Banded Mail                   600
     Robe                           10
     Wooden Shield                 120
     Boots                          40
     Iron Greaves                  110

   ~ --- Royal Hunt Weapon Shop ---
     Broad Sword                   400
     Smaller                      2000
     Rod                            10     
     Leather Helm                   50
     Banded Helm                   120
     Banded Mail                   600
     Robe                           10
     Wooden Shield                 120
     Boots                          40
     Iron Greaves                  110

   ~ --- Skillie Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 1                   300
     Sensibility 1                 400
     Technique 1                   400

   ~ --- Forum Restaurant ---
     Seafood                       500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10

   ~ --- Budabing Budaboom Tool Shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Rose Hips                     230
     Spectacles                      8
     Cure Stone                    450

   - The following morning, Regis informs you that you should  start
     your journey by going to the town of Cross to have an  audience
     with the king and obtain any new information about the  sorcery
     globe. Cross is further north of Salva. Just follow the pathway
     and check the map if you get lost. You'll come across an inter-
     section  before reaching Cross.  You can tell by the big castle
     looming in the distance.  Rena will persuade you to rest at the
     in  first since it  got dark on your way to Cross.  Rena's aunt
     owns the inn there so she'll let you stay for free for once. In
     the  morning, head for  the castle and talk to the receptionist
     in charge of royal audiences.  She'll ask you look around for a
     while. After talking to people in the castle, talk to the recep
     tionist again or to the guards blocking the stairs  leading up.
     They'll  say that it's  your turn to  have an audience with the
     king and let you pass.  Ask the king all the questions shown in
     the menu to proceed further in the game. He'll give you a pass-
     port and money to be able to travel to the continent of El.

   - When you reach central Cross, you'll find 2 people arguing. You
     will side with the lady. When the other person leaves, she says
     that she  overheard your audience with the king and invites you
     to go  with her to  cross cave to search for treasure since you
     might find something related to the Sor Globe there. Regardless
     of what  choice is  presented in the menu, you'll be  forced to
     agree on her plan anyway. She'll introduce hersef as Celine.

   * At the first time you rest at the inn, Rena will talk about Di-
     as Flac, one of the best swordsmen in Arlia. You'll get to meet
     him later. 

   * Now would be a good time to stock up on berries, weapons and ar
     mor  since it will be a while until you get to buy better  wea-

6. Cross Cave

   > Get the ancient writings

   - Cross cave is  southeast of cross.  From cross intersection, go
     east (coming from Salva). You'll see a signboard not so far frm
     the town. Cross cave is southeast of it.  There are a lot of i-
     tem chests to be found as well as monsters to fight, so do take
     your time there. From the entrance of the cave keep going north
     then some rooms to the right.  You'll come across a room with a
     big  rock with  glowing lights around it and a save point near-
     by. Claude will ask Celine to look at the map again and  she'll
     notice that a spell must be cast in order to continue  past the
     rock.  A passage will  open leading to a room with  star-shaped
     rock in the center.  The ancient writings are in the upper left
     box. Exit the cave after finding the writings. 

   * You  have the  option to fight a  group of gargoyles by opening
     the upper right item box. It is recommended that you take  them
     on to gain more exp, FOL and skill points.

7. Port of Clik

   ~ Items found:
     Lyre -> The House on the Hill
     Vegetables, Grain, Seafood -> Big Potato Restaurant

   ~ --- Milly's Antique shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Anklet                        400
     Mandrake                      150
     Wolfsbane                     360
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Gold                          300
     Harmonica                     500
     Magic Canvas                 1000
     Magic Clay                    600

   ~ --- International Trading Weapon shop ---     
     Sinclair Sabre                860
     Hard Knuckles                 300
     Rod                            10
     Banded Mail                   600
     Robe                           10
     Wooden Shield                 120
     Round Shield                  500
     Boots                          40
     Secret Boots                   80
     Iron Greaves                  110

   ~ --- Crepe store ---
     Banana Crepes                  90
     Chocolate Crepes              115

   ~ --- Ice Cream stand ---
     Orange Sherbet                 16
     Vanila ice cream               30

   ~ --- The Clik Bakery ---
     Pancakes                      340
     Egg Sandwich                  250
     Grain                         145
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10

   ~ --- Clik Skills Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 1                   300
     Sensibility 1                 400
     Tecnhique 1                   400
     Combat 1                      400

   > Go to the port; talk to captain
   > Ketil steals your wallet; find him
   > Talk to the kids at the pier to ask where the kid is
   > Head for the old warehouse just after bridge connecting east
     and central Clik to find Ketil.
   > After getting your money back, have him give you a tour of Clik
   > Talk with the kids playing at the pier to have Ketil join them
   > Talk to the captain again to learn that preparations for sail
     are almost ready. Go to central Clik
   > After an earthquake and tsunami, the Clik is destroyed; get
     back your passport from the captain and leave for Mars (town)

   - The town of  Clik is further north  of cross. From the  sign on
     the road, head north. Youi'll come across coastline with a city
     at  the  end of it - you've  made it to Clik.  The town may  be
     huge,  but  the only thing you really have to do is to  talk to
     captain at the port. He'll ask for identification and Claude'll
     give him the passport. The captain will ask you to wait a while
     since supplies are still being loaded, and that you should look
     around the city. As you return to central Clik, a boy will  run
     and knock you off your feet.  When you get to your feet, you'll
     realize  that the kid stole your money.  Search for him by tal-
     king to the people nearby and at the entrance of Clik. One will
     say that he often plays near the old warehouse.  It's the buil-
     ding  after the bridge  you came across when you  first entered
     Clik. After talking to Ketil (the boy who stole your money) you
     ask  him to show you around Clik.  After touring the town, talk
     children playing at the pier to let Ketil play with them. Then,
     talk to the captain again. He'll say that last minute  prepara-
     tions are being made. He'll ask you return to central Clik  for
     one last time.  An earthquake will ensue and you'll have a  FMV
     scene  of all of Clik crumbling.  You'll end up at the  bayside
     of Clik. Talk to the people and you'll have a FMV of a  tsunami
     this time.  Talk to the  captain and  he'll give you  back your
     passport.  He'll advise you to go to the Hilton Port to get  to
     the  town of Lacour; and  that you pass by  the town of Mars on
     the way there. 

8. Town of Mars

   ~ Items: Silk Robe -> Celine's Room in Celine's House

   > Go to the Elder's house (first house on left); talk to Celine
     (if you decided not to let her join you after Cross cave) and
     the elder; meet Dias
   > Journey to the Mars forest and defeat the leader of the Bandits

   - The  town of Mars is just  after the bridge you crossed on your
     way to Clik. You'll learn that the children of the village have
     been kidnapped and want money and a secret book kept by the vil
     lage for ransom. The elder has called on Dias Flac, the swords-
     man  Rena was talking about back in Cross, to help.  Celine in-
     sists that they be the ones who check out the forest instead of
     Dias. Dias leaves and Claude talks to the elder and Eglas,  Ce-
     line's  father.  When you  leave the house, Rena decides to  go
     with Dias to the forest. Go back into the house and talk to the
     elder for some last instructions and mud boots so allow you  to
     pass the thick marshes of the forest.  Then, you are led to the  

9. Mars Forest

   > Defeat the bandits' leader

   - The forest is not confusing as there is only one path to follow
     except for  dead ends  which lead to items.  You'll come across
     groups of thieves who will mistake you for Dias and Rena.  When
     you reach the end of the forest, you'll find out that the  ban-
     dits' leader is actually one of the people at the elder's house
     who  disguised  himself as one of the victims.  The real target
     was Eglas,  Celine's father  and that the kidnapping was just a

   * It is best to get the toughest weapons and armor since the ban-
     dits  here inflict a  lot of damage attack rather  quickly.  By
     this time, you should have learned the Headsplitter killermove,
     which attacks with a downthrust of your sword. Use Celine's ma-
     gic to  make short work of the mages and flying opponents.  Use
     Headsplitter on the boss as well since attacking it directly is
     quite risky.

   - After you defeat the bandit leader, you'll end up with Rena and
     Dias.  You also find out that they saved the  children, so  you
     all  return to the Eglas' house to check on his injuries.  Rena
     uses  her healing  spells to speed up  Eglas' recovery.  As you
     and Rena leave town for Hilton port, Celine stops you and  asks
     you to stay for the night as guest at her place. When you leave
     for Hilton the next day, she joins your party again. 

10. Port of Herlie

   > Board the ship to Hilton
   + Get Opera or Ashton to join you (only one of them)

   ~ --- Red Dragon Manor Delicatessen ---
     Seltzer                       var
     Seafood                       500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10
     Sweet Dumpling                140
     Potstickers                   280
     Shu-mai                       280
     Toro Tuna                    2000
     Sashimi                      2800

   ~ --- Premia Weapon shop ---
     Ruby Wand                     600
     Silk Robe                    1800
     Knight's Shield              1000
     Secret Boots                   80
     Plate Greaves                 800
     Brigadine                    3500

   ~ --- The Grasping Hand Antique Shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Magic Canvas                 1000
     Magical Clay                  600
     Bandit's Gloves             40000
     Anklet                        400
     Spectacles                      8
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Cure Stone                    450

   ~ --- Giono Vallon Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 2                  1500
     Sensibility 2                1600
     Technique 1                   400
     Combat 1                      400

   - Herlie  Port is east of Mars.  There isn't much to  do in  this
     area aside from talking to some people. Just board the ship for
     Lacour. You'll arrive at the other Hilton port near Lacour. 

   * Talk to the person who mentions something about a Dragon in the
     Salva drift.  Talk to  him again  if you want him to join  your
     party. If you want to get Opera to join, use private action.

11. Hilton Port

   > Stock up and head for Lacour

   ~ --- Skill Power Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 2                  1500
     Sensibility 2                1600
     Technique 2                  1600
     Combat 2                     1600

   ~ --- Munchies Food Store ---
     Seltzer                       var
     Meat Dumpling                 360
     Sweet Dumpling                140
     Chicken Skewers               500
     Seafood                       500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10
     Root Beer                     300

   ~ --- Gerencer Weapon Shop ---
     Smaller                      2000
     Cestus                       1400
     Splinter                     1300
     Iron Helm                    1200
     Ringed Mail                  1200
     Silk Robe                    1800
     Round Shield                  500
     Leather Boots                 105
     High Heels                    120
     Brigandine                   3500

   ~ --- Seaside Music Shop ---
     Harmonica                     500
     Cembalo                      8000
     Feather Pen                    20
     Conductor's Baton              85

   ~ --- Rosso's Tool Shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Iron                          200
     Silver                        200
     Gold                          300
     Ruby                          400
     Sapphire                      800
     Green Beryl                   500
     Feather Pen                    20
     Bandit's Gloves             40000
     Spectacles                      8
     Mandrake                      150
     Rose Hips                     230
     Artemis Leaf                  720
     Wolfbane                      360
     Lavender                      490
     Aceras                        660
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Cure Poison                   140
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Cure Stone                    450

   - When you get off at Hilton, you're  just a short  distance from
     the town of Lacour.  This is the only town which sells the best
     musical instruments.  So buy some instruments if you had any of
     your characters improve in their music talent. 

12. Town of Lacour

   ~ Item: Star Ruby -> Princess' Chambers

   > Join the Tournament of arms

   ~ --- Lacour Skill Skill Guild ---
     Sensibility 3                2700
     Combat 1                      400
     Combat 2                     1600
     Combat 3                     4500

   ~ --- Pellen Nor Tool shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Poison Check                 5000
     Fountain Pen                  460
     Mandrake                      150
     Rose Hips                     230
     Artemis Leaf                  720
     Wolfsbane                     360
     Lavender                      490
     Aceras                        660
     Attack Vial                   230
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Pet Food                       10
     Smith's Hammer                250
     Cure Stone                    450

   - In Lacour, you hear of the great Tournament of Arms and you de-
     cide to join in hopes to get an audience with the king. The wea
     pon shops are prohibited to sell any weapons before the tourna-
     ment, while the other shops are running business as usual.   Go
     to the castle (north Lacour) and sign up for the tournament  w/
     the 2nd receptionist. She'll tell you to find a weapon shop  to
     sponsor you. You have 4 choices of weapon shops to choose from-
     the Counterpunch, Knockout, Slayer and Straight weapon shops.

   * Don't forget to purchase the Sensibility 3 skill set since this
     is the only town in Disc 1 where you'll be able to acquire such
     skills. There is a skill in the set - Effort, which  will lower
     the required experience points to level up. Learning the Effort
     skill will also earn you the "Practice" talent. 

   * The choice of weapon shop sponsor is up to you. It does not af-
     fect the  game ending, just affects your stats during the tour-
     nament. If you want to go heavy on defense go for Counterpunch.
     If you're hot on attacking go for Slayer. Knockout and Straight
     are fair on both attack and defense.

   * After getting your sponsor is your last chance to level up  be-
     fore the tournament.

   - Go to the inn at central Lacour once you're ready for the tour-
     nament. When you wake up the next day, head  for the collisseum
     in the castle (it's on the left past the receptionists, then go
     one floor up).  You'll  get your  weapons with the receptionist
     stationed there. Then suddenly Dias will show up and ask if his
     weapon has arrived. Rena talks to Dias about the weapon  but he
     says  that it has not arrived yet. Rena goes with Dias.  Claude
     picks on Rena because of Dias and she runs off to catch up with
     Dias. Go to the waiting room on left and talk with any 4  figh-
     ters there. After talking to the 4th figther, a guard will ann-
     ounce the first match - it's you vs. a figther from other  wea-
     pon shops which you didn't pick. Win 2 matches in a row and you
     will fight Dias in the championship match. 

   * It doesn't matter whether you win or lose in the tournament.  I
     made it up to figthing Dias but he's too strong or my level was
     not  high enough to beat him.  It's rather difficult to connect
     a Headsplitter attack or a knuckle attack, since  his Air Slash
     move creates a projectile wave and he blocks most of your  nor-
     mal attacks.  Depending on  your  place, you'll get prize money
     and the equipment that you used in the tournament. 

   - After  the tournament, your  party decides to  have the ancient
     writing you found in Cross Cave. Head for the town of Linga.

13. Town of Linga

   13.1 First visit

   > Go to Keith Klanser's house (east Linga)
   > Go to Jean Medicine Home Pharmacy and talk to Bowman
   > Go to Linga Sanctuary, get the Clarisage
   > Show Clarisage to Bowman, talk to Klanser
     + have Bowman join your party 
   + have Prceis join your party

   ~ --- Le Skill Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 1             300
     Knowledge 2            1500
     Knowledge 3            2700
     Technique 3            3600

   ~ --- Academy Co-op ---
     Material Kit           1200
     Reference Book         2300
     Amber Robe             4000
     Magic Canvas           1000
     Magical Clay            600
     Feather Pen              20
     Magical Camera         9800
     Magical Film            900
     Spectacles                8
     Foutain Pen             460
     Pet Food                 10
     Bandit's Gloves       40000
     Smith's Hammer          250
     Resurrection Bottle    3600
     Aquaberry               105
     Blackberry              200
     Blueberry                60
     Vellum Paper            150
   ~ --- Jean Medicine Home Pharmacy --- 
     Mandrake                150
     Rose Hips               230
     Artemis Leaf            720
     Wolfsbane               360
     Lavender                490
     Aceras                  660
     Cure Poison             140
     Cure Paralysis          180
     Cure Stone              450
     Attack Vial             230

   ~ --- Tsuyoshi Takemoto Pharmacy ---
     Apple Jam                70
     Aloe Jam                 80
     Aquaberry               105
     Blackberry              200
     Blueberry                60

   - When you first arrive at Linga, you'll bump into Precis chasing
     her  bobot around.  After some chat, she'll leave and chase her
     bobot again. Go to Keith Klanser's place (the linguist)  beside
     the  Academy co-op  shop.  His assistant will say that he's too
     busy  and that you'll have to make an appointment.  Talk to the
     around town and you'll find out that there's a pharmacist named
     Bowman at Jean's Medicine Home who offers solutions to problems
     other than prescriptions. His shop is the west two-story  house
     in  North Linga.  When you  first talk to him, he'll ask you to
     prove yourselves by getting him a rare herb in the Linga  Sanc-
     tuary just outside Linga. After stocking up on berries, proceed
     to Linga Sanctuary opposite Linga.

   * You  have  the choice to ask Precis to join your party now.  If
     you  decide to do  this, you'll lose your chance to have Bowman
     join  your party.  To have Precis join, enter Linga via private
     action and go to Bowman's place. You'll find Precis and her bo-
     bot in front of the house.  Talk to her and you'll  end up as a
     guest in her house. You'll meet Precis' dad and Rena there, and
     Precis will ask  you to take her with you on your journey. This
     is your last chance to change your mind about getting Precis if
     you want Bowman. If you don't get Precis, you can still get Bow
     man later. Bowman although slower has stronger physical attacks
     while  Precis  moves  faster but does less damage.  This should
     somewhat help in your decision on who to pick.

   * If you've got enough cash, buy a reference book to be used by a
     new ally later so that you'll save time returning to Linga. 

   13.2 Linga Sanctuary

     > Get the Clarisage
     > Return to Linga and show it to Bowman

     ~ Items: Might Chain, Aceras(2), Lavender (2), Ruby, Wolfsbane,
       Mandrake, Rainbow Diamond, Clarisage, Mixed Syrup, Bubble Lo-
       tion, Straight Punch, Poison check, Rose Hips, Twin-edge

     - The Linga Sanctuary is a good place to level up, as the mons-
       ters are beatable yet leave a fair amount of EXP and FOL. You
       don't have to go the end of the Sanctuary to find the  Clari-
       sage, it's  down in the  middle section of the cavern.  After
       defeating a good number of monsters, go back to Linga to show
       the Clarisage to Bowman.

   13.3 Return to Lacour

     > Show the Clarisage to Bowman
     > Talk to Keith Klanser
     + have Bowman join your party
     > Go to Lacour

     - Go back to the Jean Medicine Home Pharmacy and show the Clari
       sage to Bowman. He'll agree to help you to see Keith.  You go
       to  Keith's place and show him the ancient writings.  He says
       that it's going to take time for the writings to be decrypted
       so you'll have to come back again.  Bowman offers you to stay
       at his place for the night. The following morning, you return
       to Lacour.

     * If you haven't picked Precis to join you, you'll find  Bowman
       at his room on the 2nd floor. He'll ask you if you would want
       to  take him as  part of your party.  His knowledge of herbal
       medicine is a versatile tool in your travels. At high levels,
       he can  transform herbs into more expensive and useful items,
       such as Resurrection Bottles, Smelling Salts, just from  Rose
       Hips mixed with some other herb.

     * If you have Precis in your party already, you'll find  Bowman
       in the guest room (where there are 4 beds - one for you, Rena
       and Celine plus Precis).  Bowman will just bid you goodnight,
       and see you off the following morning. 

14. Hoffman Ruins

   14.1 Refugees at Lacour Castle

      ~ Items: Plate Mail -> Gamgee
               Link Combo -> from Leon

      > Go to Lacour Castle
      > Go to the basement and overhear King's conversation
      > Go to Hoffman Ruins via Hilton Port

      - When you return to Lacour, you'll find all the people  gone,
        except for the guards. Monsters from El have invaded town so
        most  of the  people have taken refuge in the castle.  Go to 
        Lacour Castle, then to the basement where Leon, Florice, Mur
        doch and  the king are.  The guard catches you eavesdropping
        and the Leon accuses you of being spies. TO prove your inno-
        cence (this will depend on who you picked to join your party
        before going to Lacour), you are sent to help Leon  get  the
        Energy  Stone from the  Hoffman Ruins, a remote island  near
        Hilton.  Leon joins  your party.  Go to Hilton and board the
        boat for Hoffman Ruins.

      * If you bought the Reference book in Linga, equip it on Leon.

   14.2 Hoffman Ruins

      > Get the energy stone

      ~ Items: Cure Stone, Recoil Bracelet, Lightbox, Green Beryl(2)
               Angel Hair, Holy Mist, Blackberry, Cure Paralysis(2),
               Aquaberry, Hexagram Card, Hyperball, Paralysuis check
               Fruit Syrup, Sour Syrup, ? HERB, Spring,  Sturm Ring,
               Spring water, Diamond, Energy Stone

      - When you  reach the  ruins, go up the long flight of stairs.
        Then go  inside and straight ahead.  There are several doors
        with  item chests to collect loot from.  Then go back to the
        entrance then go east where there is a save point and an  e-
        levator leading downstairs to the ruins.

      * If you want to get the energy stone pronto and forget  about
        leveling up,  just go straight  down (south) the  first path
        you find. Then go east and then up one screen when you reach
        a dead end in going south (you must pass a rail bridge).  IT
        IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get the  Hexagram card, since
        you'll find it very difficult to defeat the next boss w/o it
        in your inventory. You'll find a room with a huge green rock
        in it.  Leon will walk toward it and try to get a  sample of
        the  energy stone, then suddenly a monster will appear  from
        behind Leon and attack. 

      ~ Boss: Harfainx HP 36700/36700
                       MP 100/100

        They come in pairs and both can cast highly damaging thunder
        storm spells (which pack about 1400+ damage  per character).
        If you have a Hexagram card or a silence card, use it  imme-
        diately on them since there is a high probability that their
        spell casting will be blocked by any of these two items.  If
        you don't have these items (or want to save them for later),
        you  can also have Rena cast Silence and  Celine cast Forget
        or Mind Absorber. Magic isn't their only strength. They also
        attack  fast and tend to corner a character, so avoid  being
        cornered. Recommended Killer moves for Claude are the  shoo-
        ting star and the Head Slash or Burst Knuckle. Corner one of
        them and use Shooting Stars to inflict multiple damage  in 1
        shot of S. Stars. If you get cornered or need to dash to  an
        enemy attacking your party member, use Head Slash. If you've
        also attained high levels in combat skill such as  Parry and
        Counterattack, you won't have any problems taking hits since
        Rena will heal you when your HP is low and you'll block 9/10
        of their attacks (depending on your skill level).  Have Leon
        cast Shadow Flare (if you've learned it already - his  major
        damaging spell - about 3500+ HP), while have Celine Mind ab-
        sorb, then  cast Thunderstorm attacks of her own ( if you've
        learned that spell too). After defeating them, return to the
        boat waiting by the shore and back to Lacour. 

15. Lacour Front Line

   15.1 Return to Lacour Castle

      > Go to the throne room in the castle
      > Talk to the king and get sent to Lacour Front

      - When you reach Lacour, head for the throne room (straight up
        the castle floor) and you'll  be asked by  the king to  help
        fight the monsters attacking at the Lacour Front. Proceed to
        the Lacour front while Leon works on the Lacour Hope.

      * In 15.2 make sure you get the most powerful weapons for your
        party since you won't be able to buy any more powerful  wea-
        pons in the meantime.

   15.2 Lacour Front Line

   > Go to the commander's office for the briefing
   > Talk to Rena about Dias
   > Encounter Shin

   ~ --- Weapons Arsenal ---
     Long Edge                   12300
     Crest Rod                    1200
     Plate Helm                   7000
     Brigandine                   3500
     Knight's Shield              1000
     Buckler                       650
     Silver Greaves               5200
     Plate Mail                  13400
     Fine Shield                  6800
     Resurrection Bottle          3600

   ~ --- Lacour Store ---
     Walloon Sword                3900
     Gusguine                     4500
     Bagh Nakh                    1400
     Hard Whip                    3000
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Spectacles                      8
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Pet Food                       10
     Crystal                       500
     Green Beryl                   500
     Sapphire                      800
     Ruby                          400

   - First thing to do is to  go to  the commander's office for  the
     briefing. You'll meet up with Dias since he was  also asked  to
     help fight off the monsters. After the briefing, you'll ask Re-
     na  why Dias  treats her  as his sister.  You learn about Dias'
     past  and understand  why he acts that way toward him and Rena.
     Go back to the Weapon Arsenal weapon shop (not  the gen. store,
     since  the weapons  sold at the arsenal are more powerful  than
     the ones at the gen. store).  Buy only items at the gen. store.
     Return to  the front line bridgeway (past the infirmary)  where
     a  monster is threatening to attack.  You'll have a battle with
     Shin (a flying beast). You won't be able to damage it this bat-
     tle, so just use your items recovering your party's HP. The ob-
     ject of the scene is to stay alive until the time runs out. The
     moment  this happens, the  battle will end and Shin will leave.
     You'll end up in the bridgeway beside the weapons arsenal. Talk
     to the  left guard beside you to be informed that you're needed
     at the Front line. Make your way to the infirmary and you'll be
     informed that all remaining soldiers are to proceed to the line
     since a huge horde of monsters are on their way to attack. Just
     in the nick of time, Leon arrives with the Lacour Hope  comple-
     ted. He destroys the attacking monsters  with one shot and  the
     incoming siege comes to an end.

16. Eluria Siege

   - You're back in Lacour - The king decides that the time has come
     to be on the offensive and launch an attack on Eluria. You have
     been  chosen as the  commando team to land on Eluria for recon.
     You  journey with  Florence, Murdoch  and Leon with the  Lacour
     Hope on board a ship. Then, Shin and two other monsters attack.
     Leon  fires the  Lacour Hope but the beam doesn't even  scratch
     Shin.  You'll  fight Shin again and you won't be able to damage
     him in the previous fight. This time, don't waste your items or
     MP on healing.  Just let your party get beaten ( the game won't
     end, don't worry ). Shin will throw all of  you overboard.

17. Eluria Colony

   > Talk to the elder
   > Talk to the man at the item shop to get the ID card
   > Head for Eluria tower

   ~ Items: ID Card. Metal Fangs, Silver Robe(2), Giant Fists,
            Silver Greaves(2), Rune Cap, Plate Mail(2), Shield Sword
            Veil Piercer, Fine Shield, 

   ~ --- Eluria Arsenal ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Spectacles                      8
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Cure Paralysis                180
     cure Stone                    450
     Pet Food                       10
     Seafood                       500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10

   - You regain consciousness at the shore of  Eluria. You find Leon
     shortly. Head for the Eluria colony (it's the dot in the forest
     from your map). You'll meet Rena and the others there.  Talk to
     everybody there,  then to the elder of  the village.  His house
     is  on the  top-right area of the scree.  You have a  choice to
     have  Leon wait with the elder or not.  It's better to take him
     with you since you really could use all the help you could get.
     Go the  item shop and talk to the vendor.  He'll give you an ID
     which  will gain you access to Eluria Tower.  After stocking up
     on berries and other items, you're now ready for Eluria Tower.

18. Eluria Tower

   > Make your way up the tower

   ~ Items: Sapphire, Cure Paralysis, Aquaberry, Crestier Guard(2),
            X-box, Holy Mist, Stone Check, Steel Helm, Ultra Punch,
            Cure Stone, Star Ruby, Crystal, Fresh Syrup, Trickster,
            Musical Software,  Emerald Ring, Murasame Sword,  Giant
            Fists, Gale Earring, Splinter, Spring Water

   ~ Enemies: Goathead, Coldlizard, Timekeeper, Defender, Eldermagius

   - Make your way up to Eluria Tower by getting the codes listed on
     the  glass statues on you come across.  Once you deactivate the
     barriers blocking the remaining paths, proceed to the left side
     first.  You'll leave your party for a while and get  teleported
     back to your ship. After a short reunion with Ronnixis,  Claude
     will request to be beamed back down to Exel.  Claude will leave
     his communicator behind and stay with his friends.  Now proceed
     to  the transport tube  on the right, you'll  find a save point
     before a narrow passageway. It's recommended that you save  be-
     fore taking on..

   ~ Boss: Shin (HP: 40000)

   * Shin casts group damaging spells so make sure you have Rena  or
     Celine 'silence'  or 'mind absorb' him so he won't be  able  to
     cast spells.  He can also absorb a part of  a characters HP and
     MP, so be sure to use the MP of your physical-attacking charac-
     ters,  instead of  just having their MP stolen.  Claude's head-
     slash is the most effective air assault since he  lands on  the
     monster's head instead of just executing a regular jump attack.

   - After defeating  Shin, continue through the passageway.  You'll
     find a transporter leading to 3 doors.  The left and the  right
     door  leads to items while the center leads to another 2 doors.
     The  left door just connect the room an item from the left door
     you  first encountered while  the right door  leads to  another
     transporter which marks the end of Disc 1.

     You will learn about the existence of the Ten Wise Men and Rena
     being a Nedian (person from the planet Nede). One of them, Ber-
     le fights you (but you are unable to harm him at this  time, so
     don't bother putting up a fight - just stay alive).  They  tell
     that  Expel is on a collission course with  Nede and the  truth
     about  the Sorcery Globe.  Then they teleport and you are  left
     behind. You'll see a short scene with Ronnixis on his ship  and
     this ends Disc 1.

C. - - - - - - - - - - Disc 1 Specials (Private Action): - - - - - - 

   ! --- AFTER CROSS CAVE ---

     Before you leave the Cross cave after you find the writings,
     Celine will leave your group. You've got the option to let
     her join or not.

     If you let her leave:

        If you select solo action and go to the Cross Cathedral, you
        will find Rena there. Talk to her and  you'll get 3  choices
        of what to say.

        1. So you are a girl after all
        2. What ? I thought you had your wedding already ?
        3. I'd like to marry someone in a place like this too.

        If you select 1 or 3

           When you return to Salva for a first time. You'll meet a
           little girl by the closed house just after the bridge. She
           will ask you if you're the warrior or not. 3 choices:

           1. Yes I am
           2. No I'm not
           3. Maybe

           If you select 3, she'll give you a harmonica. The others
           don't get you anything.

           When you return to Salva from Arlia, you'll find Rena in
           the Fairy Jewelry Store. She'll eye an emerald. 3 choices:

           1. Wow, it's pretty
           2. I don't know much about jewelry
           3. Let me buy it for you (spend 200 FOL)

              If you (3) buy her the pendant, she'll give you a leaf
              pendant (Luck +10). Options 1 & 2 won't get you anything
     ! --- TOWN OF CROSS ---

     If you ask Celine to join:

        If you return to Cross and select private action.  Go to the
        east alley of Cross.  You'll find Rena and Celine having  an
        argument. Three choices:

        1. But in

           Celine and Rena will stop their conversation and say that
           they're only talking about girl stuff. If you return to
           Salva, you'll find Celine in the Jam store with the
           shopkeeper missing. Talk to Celine and you can either:

           1. Look for the shopkeeper

              You'll find her at the entrance to Salva Drift
              practicing her singing.

           2. Leave Celine alone
              Nothing happens.

        2. Eavesdrop

           If you eavesdrop on them, you'll hear Celine talk about
           you being incapable of leading the group all the time. 

        3. Leave them alone

           Nothing happens. You just walk away. 

     ! --- TOWN OF LACOUR ---

     There are 2 scenes that you can get (random occurence). If you
     want both scenes, return a second time. 

        Mole the old woman - at the top-right corner of west Lacour,
        talk to an old woman who will you to run an errand for her.
        You have 2 choices.

        1. yes

           If you do the errand for her, she'll reward you with a Star
           Ruby and a Rainbow Diamond.

        2. no

           Return to Lacour a second time.  You'll meet a little girl
           in the east part of Lacour. She'll think you're there to
           kidnap her (she's the paranoid type). After explaining
           things, you have 2 choices:

           1. Leave her alone 
           2. We can't leave her here

              If you try to help her, she'll run away.
              Nothing happens if you leave her be. 

     ! --- Herlie Port ---

     Go to the house where the girl with an incurable disease lives.
     You'll follow Bowman and overhear a conversation with the girl's
     mother and Bowman. It seems that he has volunteered to find a
     cure to the girl's sickness but still has found none. 

     ! --- Hilton Port ---

     Go  to the Hilton Island Inn. You'll overhear Celine talking
     about her weight. You'll trip and she'll ask if you overheard
     her talking. 2 choices:

     1. No. What was that you were talking about ?
     2. You don't really have to concern yourself with your weight..

        If you answer (2), she'll give you a kiss. If you answer (1),
        she'll tell you to keep quiet and threaten you if you say a

D. - - - - - CLAUDE KENNI DISC 2 WALKTHROUGH - - - - - - 
   - - - - - - - - STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION- - - - -

19. Central Nede

   > Talk to the Mayor
   > Head for North City

   * By the 

   ~ --- Weight Lawyer Restaurant ---
     Searfood                      500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10
     Steak                         600
     Berry Juice                   200

   ~ --- Reverse Edge Tool shop ---
     Lezard Flask               120000
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Mandrake                      150
     Rose Hips                     230
     Artemis Leaf                  720
     Wolfsbane                     360
     Lavender                      490
     Aceras                        660
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Magic Canvas                 1000
     Magical Clay                  600
     Fountain Pen                  460
     Beret                       40000
     Spectacles                      8
     Poison Check                 5000
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Cure Stone                    450
     Vellum Paper                  150
     Bandit's Gloves             40000
     Pet Food                       10
     Conductor's Baton              85
     Magical Film                  900

   ~ --- Skill Guild ---
     Knowledge 1                   300
     Knowledge 2                  1500
     Sensibility 1                 400
     Technique 1                   400

   ~ --- Hyper-on-Hyper weapon shop ---
     Ignite Sword                17000
     Scyther                     18000
     Pain Cestus                 15000
     Hecatoncheire               16200
     Silver Rod                   9800
     Great Punch                 14000
     Light Whip                  14000
     Heraldry                     7000
     Electro Gun                 15000
     Steel Helm                  16000
     Silver Robe                 10000
     Plate Mail                  13400
     Fine Shield                  6800
     Silver Greaves               5200

   - Once you regain consciousness, Rena realizes  that you are  now
     on the planet Nede. After some discussion, you further the path
     that leads to a transporter.  Get in the transporter and you'll
     be transported to the mayor's office in Central Nede. He'll in-
     troduce himself as Narl.  He will tell you about the history of
     Nede and how the 10 wise men came to be. He'll also ask  you to
     stop them since you are their only hope.

20. North City

   > Go to the Synard plant
   > Talk to Artis, the director   

   ~ --- Smiley's Grocery ---
     Searfood                      500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60

   ~ --- Account Weapon Store ---
     Eagle's Claws               20000
     Pain Cestus                 15000
     Hecatoncheire               16200
     Light Whip                  14000
     Steel Helm                  16000
     Jeanne's Helm                8600
     Mithrill Coat               15000
     Steel Armor                 52000
     Crestier Guard              36600
     High-laced shoes             4100
     Silver Greaves               5200
     Steel-toed Boots             3200

   ~ --- Blue Flask Tool shop ---
     Lezard Flask               120000
     Mandrake                      150
     Rose Hips                     230
     Artemis Leaf                  720
     Wolfsbane                     360
     Lavender                      490
     Aceras                        660
     Attack Vial                   230
     Cembalo                      8000
     Harmonica                     500
     Organ                       12000
     Piano                       30000
     Lyre                         5000
     Violin                      21000
     Feather Pen                    20
     Conductor's Baton              85
     Spectacles                      8
     Material Kit                 1200
     Seltzer                       var
     Smith's Hammer                250
     Iron                          200
     Gold                          300
     Silver                        200
     Green Beryl                   500
     Sapphire                      800
     Ruby                          400
     Crystal                       500
     Diamond                      9000

   - North City is the place where you'll find most of the items you
     buy  for item  creation, so you'll be visiting this city often.
     The places of  real interest  however are the  Synard plant and
     the Library.  When you reach the stairway  before turning right
     on your way to the library, you'll find a red-haired girl snoo-
     ping on you; the girl will run away (you'll meet her later).

     Visit the library to gain information all about Nede. After all
     your information browsing, head for the Synard plant on the far
     northeast part of North City.  There are  members of the  North
     City skill guild there so you might want to purchase skills w/c
     you still haven't acquired. Talk to the receptionist and she'll
     inform you to see Artis, the Synard plant's director.

     Synards are flying creatures which are on the brink of  extinc-
     tion. However, they are your only means of travel in Nede.  The
     director  will reluctantly  let you get a Synard by  having the
     assistants read your data for input in the Synard. Suddenly the
     Synard rejects  Claude's data and becomes violent.  You'll have
     to kill the Synard.

   ~ Boss: Synard (25000/25000)

   * You'll  need more muscle than magic to win this battle.  Set an
     air-to-ground killer move for Claude together with  Dragon Howl
     or  Shooting Stars to hit the  Synard repeatedly when it's cor-
     nered.  Have the Heraldic  users spell cast healing and  attack
     spells. No need for any spellblocking.

   - Now that you've killed the Synard you're supposed to have,  the
     director  gives you one last alternative.  He opens up a trans-
     porter beside his office and tells you to go through. You're on
     way to..

21. Noel's house (1)

   > Meet Noel and head for the endangered species preserve.

   ~ Items: Nature's life force, 50 thousand FOL, Pet Food

   - When you get out of the room with the transporter that you just
     came from, you find yourself in a house with 3 item chests.  As
     you go  downwards, the  curator of the endangered species  pre-
     serve will introduce himself as Noel Chandler and will tell you
     that he would take you to the endangered species preserve  even
     if  there is only one wild synard left.  The endangered species
     preserve is  also known as the Red Crystal cave west  of Noel's
     place. As this point, Noel temporarily joins your party.

   * It's a good idea to go back and forth Noel's house and the cave
     if you want to level up since you can rest up for free. 

22. Red Crystal Cave / Endangered Species Preserve

   ~ Items: Resurrection Bottle, Dream bracelet, Heraldry,
            ? Mineral(2), Cinderella Glass, Flying Hawk Robes,
            Fruit Syrup, Chisato's ID.

   ~ Enemies: Helhound, Raystinger, Bang, Otif, Dteriton

   - Once you enter the Red Crystal cave, Noel  will sense that  the
     atmosphere in  the cave has changed and that someting is wrong.
     Proceed through  the cave  with caution even though the cave is
     only 3 levels down. Once down in the 3rd level, you'll  encoun-
     ter the red-haired girl who ran away from you back in North Ci-
     ty.  She'll drop her ID.  Pick it up on your way out or  before
     proceeding further in  the cave.  Once you go past  the  screen
     where  encounter the girl,  you'll see the Synard at the  other
     end  of the  path you're travelling at. Go further through  the
     path down  to the pink muck.  There's a save point  just before
     the path (going up) which leads to the Synard.  You'll find the
     Synard with two creatures trying to capture it.

   * Once you've  found the  red-haired girl's press ID, you  can go
     back to the Nede Chronicle on the 3rd floor of Central Nede Ci-
     ty Hall  and give the ID to the red-haired girl.  She'll intro-
     duce herself as Chisato - a reporter for the Nede Chronicle and
     tell you  that she's  been following you around to  write about
     your  quest to stop the 10 wise men.  Talk to her a second time
     to invite her to join your party.  Her Jujitsu-martial art is a
     big help for fighting off enemies (both physical and mage-type)
     so you'd might want to take her in your party.  She's even bet-
     ter than Bowman in physical attacks and she's a  journalist, so
     copying (item duplication) and authoring are her primary stren-

   ~ Boss: Arcmene (40000/40000)

   * This multi-legged pair is a combination of speed & spells, like
     the boss pair in the Hoffman ruins. Have someone drain their MP
     while  keep on wearing down their defenses with  Shooting Stars
     and  Head Splitter.  Dragon Howl can also be used for cornering
     them since it scores multiple hits in one shot, but also uses a
     lot of MP. When Claude gets cornered have him use Head Splitter
     and aim it at the farther Arcmene to jump away to safety.

   - After  defeating the  Arcmene pair, Rena will communicate  with
     the Synard and say that the Synard is willing to take you where
     you want to go. Also, Noel will ask you if you want to take him
     permanently  along as one of your party members.  He doesn't do
     much  physical damage but his spells  make him worth  having in
     your party. 

23. Field of Intelligence

   > Get the Jewel of Intelligence

   ~ Items: Jeanne's Helm, Alpha Box, Mirror of Wisdom, Rune Metal
            Fruit Syrup, Great Punch, Fairy Glass, Rare Gauntlets,
            Cinderella Glass, Jewel of Intelligence

   - The Field of  Intelligence is located  on an island near  North
     City.   It's the  island with only  one square stone structure.
     Land your Synard and enter.

     The Field of Intelligence is divided in 3 dimensions  connected
     via mirrors and green and red areas on the floor. The room lea-
     ding  to the Jewel of Intelligence is invisible until you acti-
     vate all the panels in the sub-dimensions of the FOI.  Upon en-
     tering, you'll come across  3 mirrors.  The  one in the  center
     is where you'll go when you're about to  take the  Intelligence
     Jewel.  The one on the right leads to some of the  panels  that
     you have to activate. This area is also easy to navigate so you
     would have no trouble activating the 

   ~ Enemies: Wizard, Rict, Controller

   ~ Boss: Magic Hand - (HP - 60000/60000, MP - 100/100)
           Work Box (HP - 30000/30000, MP - 100/100)
           Guard Box (HP - 30000/30000, MP - 100/100)
           Magic Box (2) (HP - 30000/30000, MP - 100/100)

   * Although the boss in this area may be easy, don't get careless.
     The Magic hand occasionally shoots a light ray which  instantly
     kills anything it hits, so avoid it as much as possible. Unlike
     any  of the  previous bosses, they don't run  after any of your
     characters. Just set the physical-attackers to manual and  have
     the  magic-users cast  spells a some place far from the enemy's
     reach and use Claude or Chisato to bust the Work, Guard and Ma-
     gic Boxes.  You'll be  able to destroy the Magic Hand after you
     destroy all the other boxes.  Once you have defeated the  guar-
     dians of the  Jewel of  Intelligence Claude will have a flash-
     back of his childhood. Then it's off to the Field of Power. 

24. Field of Power

   > Get the Jewel of Power

   ~ Enemies: Darkcrusader, Atulatul, Insaneload, Ghast, Yety

   ~ Items: Marvel Sword, Blackberry, Melting Lotion, Jeanne's
            Armor, Rune Full Moon, ? Guard, Atlas Ring, Jewel
            of Power

   - The Field of Power is on a mountain range a short distance from
     North city.  Land the  Synard at the shore and make your way up
     the mountains. You'll come across a fork which leads northeast,
     north and east. The east path leads to items. The northeast way
     leads  to a save point  and is one of the ways to reach the top
     of the mountain.  The north path is an alternative  path to the
     mountain top. Most of the paths are blocked by Yetys (big tough
     furry creatures). To proceed further, you'll have to fight them
     and defeat them.

   * When fighting Yetys your party will always be at the right pro-
     tecting a switch, while the Yetys will be at the left  marching
     towards you. They generally won't attack  you and will  just go
     for the swtich. You have to make sure that none of them touches
     the switch for if they do, the battle ends and you end up tele-
     ported to a random location in the mountain range.

   - Once you've made your way to the summit, save your game ( there
     is a save point nearby )  before crossing the bridge.  Once you
     reach the other end of a bridge, a guardian will appear to test
     you before you can get the Jewel of Power.

   ~ Boss: Guardian (100000/100000)
   * The  Guardian of power  packs strong blows but  only  attacks a
     few times when it does attack. You can either avoid the attacks
     or  make sure you've got a high parry skill level so you  won't
     take so many hits if it catches you. Suggested killer moves for
     Claude  are Shooting Stars and Dragon Howl.  Use shooting stars
     more  often since it uses less MP and the guardian can't  block
     all of them. And if it does hit, the attack will inflict multi-
     ple hits on the guardian.

   - Once defeated, the guardian will  let you have the Jewel of Po-
     wer. You'll have another flashback - during Claude's first days
     as a space cadet.  You're now on your way to the Field of  Cou-

25. Field of Courage

   > Get the Warrior Statue
   > Get the Jewel of Courage

   ~ Items: Sour Syrup, Spring Wate, Stone Check, Mithril Greaves,
            Scyther, Warrior Statue, Jeanne's Shield,
            Protection Ring, Jewel of Courage

   ~ Enemies: Otif, Rikilo, Peril Beast

   - The Field of Courage is  located on another remote island close
     to  North City.  This time, the entrance to  the Field is moun-
     tain cavern.  Upon entering, there are 4 paths to choose  from.
     You can  only take the  2 paths  leading upward and path to the
     right to proceed further since the left path will just  keep on
     repeating unless you return to the starting point (right).  The
     first thing to do is to go to the northwest part of the  cavern
     and get the Warrior Statue.  You'll need it to get the Jewel of
     Courage later. You also might want to get the items in the  bo-
     xes lying around.  Proceed to the east part of the cavern where
     you will see an elevator.  You'll find a save point after  exi-
     ting the elevator and an altar on the right. After saving, walk
     up to the altar and prepare for another battle. The guardian of
     courage will appear and challenge you.

   ~ Boss: Guardian (100000/100000)
   * This guardian looks pretty much the same as the guardian of po-
     wer.  Use Shooting Stars to inflict  multiple hits on the guar-
     dian. Stay clear of its killer moves and gang up on it.  You'll
     be  awarded the  Jewel of Courage after defeating the guardian.
     Claude will have another flashback.

26. Field of Love

   > Get the Jewel of Love

   ~ Enemies: Rikiha, Masterwizard, Reflectguard,
              Controller, NiquaHG

   ~ Items: Serpent's Tooth, Resurrection Mist, Holy Rod,
            Hot Syrup

   - Unlike the Field of Intelligence, Power and Courage, the  Field
     of Love is on a floating island which is also near  North City.
     Once you approach the island, the synard will land automatical-
     ly. Follow the path directed by the arrow after getting  the i-
     tems you find on your way. The enemies in this field are  defi-
     nitely  tougher than the ones in the previous 3 fields so  make
     sure that you've brought enough black and blue berries and  pet
     food. At the end of the field, you'll meet Lover, pretending to
     be  the spirit of  the fountain (the room you're in) and kidnap
     one of your party members. She'll ask you for the Rune Codes in
     exchange for the kidnapped member's life. You'll end up challe-
     nging her and her guardians. 

   ~ Boss: Breakwing x 2 (30000/30000)
           Lover (60000/60000)

   * Lover's guardians, a pair of goathead-mummies are just like the
     ones in Hoffman ruins and in Eluria tower. They also cast party
     damaging  spells so make sure you have Rena cast Silence or use
     any MP absorbing items on them. They are the real threat, since
     Lover just walks around and  slashes any party member she comes
     across.  Suggested killer moves for  Claude are Dragon Howl and
     Mirror  Slice.  Once you defeat  Lover, you'll get the Jewel of
     Love. Claud will also have another (sort of) flashback. 

- - OTHER TOWNS - - 


   ~ --- Travelling Salesnman Tool Shop ---
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Spectacles                      8
     Smith's Hammer                250
     Material Kit                 1200
     Iron                          200
     Silver                        200
     Gold                          300
     Ruby                          400
     Sapphire                      800
     Green Beryl                   500
     Crystal                       500
     Diamond                      9000
     Magic Canvas                 1000
     Magic Clay                    600
     Bandit's Gloves             40000
     Fountain Pen                  460
     Pet Food                       10
     Lilith Tonic                  150

   ~ --- Milword's Weapons and Tool Shop ---
     Force Sword                 50000
     Ruin's Fate                190000
     Lotus Eater                188000
     Rune Full Moon              50000
     Grizzly Claps              140000
     Ruby Rod                    80000
     Atomic Punch               170000
     Spark Whip                 160000
     Encyclopedia                50000
     Lightning Gun              158000
     Alpha Box                  139900

   ~ --- Skill World Skill Guild ---
     Combat 1                      400
     Combat 2                     1600
     Combat 3                     4500
     Sensibility 3                2700

  ~ --- Yamato-ya Restaurant ---
     Seafood                       500
     Fruit                          80
     Grain                         145
     Meat                          300
     Vegetables                     30
     Egg/Dairy Products             10

   Fun City

   ~ --- Gift Box Souvenir Shop ---
     All-purpose knife           12000
     Feather Pen                    20
     Fountain Pen                  460
     Magical Camera               9800
     Magical Film                  900
     Vellum Paper                  150
     Material Kit                 1200
     Conductor's Baton              85
     Beret                       40000
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Crown                        1600
     Harmonica                     500
     Spectacles                      8
     Evening Dress                5000
     Pin Heels                     300
     Cure Poison                   140
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Cure Stone                    450
     Strawberry Jam                 50
     Raspberry Jam                  60
     Apple Jam                      70
     Aloe Jam                       80

   ~ --- Light Step Restaurant ---
     Seltzer                       var
     Chicken Doria                 520
     Orangeade                     110
     Apple Crepes                  200
     Pancakes                      340
     Chicken Skewers               500
     Fried Rice                    300
     Potstickers                   280
     Strawberri Mochi             2250
     Root Beer                     300

   ~ --- Fanzine Spot Sale ---
     Fanzine                       800
     Fanzine (music note)         3000
     Fanzine (exclamation pt)    10000
     Fanzine (female symbol)     10000


   ~ --- Rokumondo's Secondhand Shop ---
     Cure Poison                   140
     Cure Paralysis                180
     Cure Stone                    450
     Resurrection Bottle          3600
     Fairy's Statue                400
     Mirror of Wisdom             1200
     Poison Check                 5000
     Paralysis Check              6000
     Stone Check                  7000
     Pet Food                       10

   ~ --- Fresh Meat Dining Hall ---
     Seafood                       500
     Meat                          300
     Egg/Dairy Products             10
     Hamburger                     200
     Beef Croquettes               420
     Steak                         600

   ~ --- Salesman in the Snow ---
     Dictionary                  20000
     Holy Cloak                  30000
     Beret                       40000
     Aquaberry                     105
     Blackberry                    200
     Blueberry                      60
     Magic Canvas                 1000
     Magic Clay                    600
     Feathered Pen                  20
     Conductor's Baton              85
     Magical Camera               9800
     Magical Film                  900
     Spectacles                      8
     Fountain Pen                  460
     Pet Food                       10
     Bandit's Gloves             40000
     Smith's Hammer                250
     Iron                          200
     Vellum Paper                  150
     Material Kit                 1200
     Hard Ring                     800

   ~ --- Giveaway University
   Items: Fairy Glass

E. - - - - - - - - - - Disc 2 Specials (Private Action): - - - - - - 

   ! --- North City ---

   * This happens after you've passed the Field of Courage.

   - When you already have Chisato in your party, go to the Blue
     Flask Tool Shop (which is actually Chisato's place).   When
     you enter the shop with the owner (Chisato's mom) gone,  go
     upstairs to Chisato's room. You'll find Chisato and her mo-
     ther  talking about something.  Chisato tells her mother to
     keep quiet but you inquire about they were just talking
     about. You can say any of these 3 things:

     1. What in the world are you talking about ?
     2. Ah, I don't need to know about it anyway..
     3. I'm sorry to have intruded.

     If you say #1 Chisato will refuse to tell you what she  and
     her mom are talking about. But her mother will hint that it
     is about you.

     Saying #2 will make Chisato's mother tease Claude and Chisa-
     to. Her mom will mention that Chie was talking about Claude.
     Chisato's mom will go  downstairs and you  and  Chisato will
     be stammering at each other. Go back down to the shop,  talk
     to Chisato's mother and she'll ask you if Chisato still  has
     a chance at being Claude's (your) girlfriend.

     Saying #3 will make Claude apologize and go downstairs. Chi-
     sato's mother comments on how nice Claude is and Chisato af-
     firms it. 

   ! --- Town of Giveaway ---

   - Go to Noel's house and you'll meet Chermes, a student of Noel.
     Noel will offer you tea, which Chermes will offer to make. She
     goes downstairs and Noel will talk to you about her.

   ! --- Town of Armlock ---

   - Go to Mirage's House and talk to Leon. He'll mutter about  how
     how far you have all been travelling. You can say one of three

     1. Are you homesick
     2. I know what you mean, I can't believe it myself.
     3. Well, lots of things have happened.

     Answering #1 will make Leon admit that he's  homesick and  you
     will give Leon words of encouragement. 

     Answering #2 will have Leon say that he wished that they could
     finally  return to  Expel and that it's his first time to ever
     been in an advanced civilization. 

     Answering #3  will make  Leon think that  you're aloof  of the
     adventures that you've had. 

F. - - - - - OTHER PENDING UPDATES / INFO - - - - - -
   I plan to have the ff. added when I get the time to work on this
   thing again.
   - Mixing Guide (to Item Creation, Minearology, Alchemy, Music,
   - Short, short, short character info sheet
   - Claude Kenni Disc 2 Walkthrough
   - Rena Walkthrough (that would probably be another file already)

   - to whoever's reading this - Thanks for d/l / reading this guide.
     Hope you enjoy reading it as I did typing it. This is my
     first-ever FAQ !
   - To Enix/Tri-Ace and Links for this great game.

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