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Claude Walkthrough (JP) by IKelley

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/19/99


                               Star Ocean: 
                            The Second Story 

                           Crawd's ScenarioÊ
                          Version 1.1 (5/19/99)


By Ian Kelley: email ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu

The most recent version of this Walkthrough can be found at:



Chapter 1: The beginning
Chapter 2: The Treasure Hunter, Celine
Chapter 3: The Fate of Clik
Chapter 4: Dias and the Kidnapping
Chapter 5: The Unlucky Warrior
Chapter 6: Racool's Tournament
Chapter 7: Opera
Chapter 8: Keith, the Translator
Chapter 9: The Energy Stone
Chapter 10: Invasion
Chapter 11: The Ten Sages
Chapter 12: NedŽ
Chapter 13: Catching a Sainard
Chapter 14: The Field of Knowledge
Chapter 15: The Field of Power
Chapter 16: The Field of Courage
Chapter 17: The Field of Love
Chapter 18: Confrontation
Chapter 19: The Monsho Weapon Research Facility
Chapter 20: The Sages' Counterattack
Chapter 21: The Final Battle
Chapter 22: The Trial Cavern
                           IMPORTANT NOTES: READ THIS!!!
First and most importantly, the content of this walkthrough is ONLY a 
walkthrough of the story. No game system or mechanics of the game are covered in 
this walkthrough. For such information, read my Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ 
at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~ikelley/SFC.html. So as not to make this FAQ 200+ 
pages long I have separated the two. *MAKE SURE TO GET THIS FAQ IN ADDITION TO 
THIS WALKTHROUGH!* I will not answer any questions mailed to me about the game 
system that are covered in the FAQ, so if you only have this walkthrough and 
have questions about the game system, get the FAQ and check there first before 
emailing me.

Second, like the other FAQs I've written, I've included detailed story 
information within this walkthrough to aid those that may not understand 
Japanese yet still have the game. If you DO understand Japanese, I apologize for 
all the inbetween plot summaries, but then again you probably won't need this 
walkthrough anyway. :) Similarly, I have primarily used the original Japanese 
terminology within the game. I have also provided English translations where 
necessary (or possible) the first time each term appears in this walkthrough to 
aid those that want to know what they've picked up.

The Pickpocketing information in this walkthrough is by no means complete. 
Because of the constantly changing makeup of the towns (especially Racool) the 
items available to Pickpocket will similarly change. I also haven't included any 
Private Action Pickpocket information from your own characters. Also, there are 
some items that are only pickpocketable in Rena's Scenario and vice versa; the 
items listed here are a combination of both. Basically, if I stole anything at 
any time in a certain town, I grouped it all together in one list. Making a list 
of what items are stealable from whom at what time would be a separate FAQ in 
itself so I'm not going to even try. Sorry. :)

While the content of each scenario is enough to warrant a separate FAQ, you may 
note that a lot of the content here is the same as the Rena walkthrough. I 
actually wrote both walkthroughs side-by-side but I wrote the Rena one first so 
a lot of text here is cut-and-pasted. I edited most of it to fit Crawd's 
scenario, but there may be a couple of places I missed, where Rena says 
something that Crawd really said and vice versa. Other than that there should be 
no problems.

Also note that all Private Actions are listed at the end of the walkthrough, 
since they vary too much to put in the main bulk of the text. I *highly* 
recommend you take time to use the Private Action guide at the end of this 
walkthrough periodically as you do the Private Actions in the game. Do not 
ignore Private Actions; while optional they are an integral part of the game, 
and there are many events, items, and party members you will never see without 
doing them. 

And I know that this going to make some people angry, but...(deep breath)
It has come to my attention that Star Ocean: The Second Story will be released
in the US. I am just going to note here that I have no intention of making a 
separate walkthrough for that version at this time. This is primarily because my 
PSX does not play US games, and I don't want to invest the money it would cost 
me to alter my PSX/get a new one, plus get the US version. Not to mention that 
I'd have to play through the US version six times like it took me to do this 
FAQ. And, for obvious reasons, I don't want anyone to go in and alter this FAQ 
for me to fit the US version. I am trying to figure out a way to get around 
this. Most likely it will be in the form of a "terminology differences" FAQ. 
Through buying any "official SO2 guides" whenever they come out, and emails from 
those who wish to contribute, I will try to compile a list of differences to 
help those playing the US version of this game.


Here is a list of common abbreviations and terms used in this FAQ:

Aijodo/AJD: "Love feeling Level" The variable that measures a character's 
romantic feelings toward another character. Determines pairings of opposite-sex 
characters in endings.

Kanjodo/KJD: "Emotional Level" The variables that store each character's 
attitude toward the others in his/her party.  Encompasses Aijodo and Yujodo.

Zokusei: The type of attack/defense an item/equipment/spell has, ie Fire, Water, 
Earth, Electricity, etc.

Hissatsuwaza/Waza: "Certain Kill Technique, lit."  Refers to a special technique 
in a specific fighting style.  "Moves" in fighting games are examples of 
Hissatsuwaza. These are the fighter-character's equivalent of "spells" in this 
game. "Waza" (technique) for short.

Monsho: This is the equivalent of magic in the Star Ocean world. It literally 
means something like "Crest" but is used in the sense of "Magic Power" in the 

Yujodo/YJD: "Camaraderie Level" The variable that determines how good a friend 
one character is with another.  Determines pairings of same-sex characters in 

                                    THE GAME:

                                   Chapter 1
                                 The beginning

Note: This translation is probably not perfect, because there were some parts in 
the intro when the music/sound effects were too loud for me to make out what was 
being said. But the differences should only be a few words at best. :)

"The vast expanse of the universe caught the imagination of 10 billion people, 
and presented an unlimitedÊnumber of possibilities to them. From these were born 
an uncountable number of dreams and aspirations. Of course, some of them are 
That fact was confirmed in Sector Gamma when intelligent life forms from Planet 
Rezonia started a war with the Earth Federation and drew them into a violent 
series of battles.
Universal Year 342. In that year, a man on the battleship Calnus led the way to 
victory against the Rezonia forces.
In Universal Year 342, he went to the undeveloped planet Roak, solved an 
incident involving a mysterious virus, and stopped the leader of Planet Fargett, 
Jie Revorse, who was controlling Rezonia behind the scenes. In reward for his 
merits, at the young age of 38, he was promoted to Admiral.
I respected my father for that more than anybody. I grew up believing that being 
an officer of the Federation was a wonderful thing to do.
But I am myself. I am not just a puppet of the Federation as the son of Admiral 
Ronixis J. Kenny.
But, here I am now..."

The game opens up with Ronixis, Crawd, and several crew members investigating a 
planet, Mirokinia.ÊThey are investigating a strange energy field on the planet, 
which is absorbing all the sensor rays that their ship, Calnus, is giving 
out.ÊAfter telling a crew member to analyze the electromagnetic waves the field 
is giving off,Êhe talks to Crawd and gives you the Hissatsuwaza Phase Gun. 
Ronixis asks Crawd if he's nervous, and Crawd says no. Then the crew member 
Ronixis sent away came back and says the test failed because the waves are 
different than everything in their database, so Ronixis decides to move ahead 
toward the large dome nearby.

Upon reaching the dome, the entire team splits up to look for a way to open the 
door. Go over to the blinking panel and examine it. Crawd notices it and calls 
Ronixis. Ronixis congratulates Crawd and the other team members say nothing. The 
science officer fails on the first attempt to operate it correctly, but the 
second attempt succeeds. Ronixis orders the team to enter but be careful. Inside 
the dome, there is a damaged device with electric sparks. Walk towards it and 
Ronixis will tell you not to get close since nobody knows what it does yet. 
Crawd says it's OK and ignores the order, getting closer to check it out.

Upon closer inspection the device seems to be a pod of some sort. Nothing 
happens so Crawd calls back to the others that it seems to be safe. The machine 
then beeps a bunch of coordinates and says "Opening gate." Crawd gets sucked 
into the pod and gets absorbed by an energy field.  The device explodes. Ronixis 
and the science officer run up to the now-crater, and Ronixis talks about how 
"this is all my fault."

Crawd wakes up in a big forest. He calls around for the others but there's no 
response, so he pulls out his communicator and tries to call them, but there's 
still no response. Crawd realizes he should figure out where he is so takes a 
few steps and looks around. Judging from his surroundings he surmises that he 
may be on an "undeveloped" (i.e. no technology) planet. He spots a person being 
chased by a big ape monster, but she doesn't realize it's behind her, so he 
calls out to her. The ape charges her, and Crawd runs forward to attack it.

HP: 2000
No strengths/Weaknesses

You can't do any damage to the Gark with a normal attack, so kill him with the 
Phase Gun. It might take a while if you're playing on Galaxy or Universe, where 
the Gark can block the bolts and/or has more HP, but you basically can't get 
killed unless you really screw up.

After killing the Gark, Crawd realizes he used his Phase Gun and starts to worry 
about whether he might have broken the "Undeveloped Planet Protection Treaty." 
The girl stammers a few words, and Crawd asks if she's OK. He starts to ask her 
a question and steps toward her, and she runs away. Chase after her. She will be 
waiting for you in the next room. She apologizes for running, saying she was 
just surprised since it was so sudden. She introduces herself as Rena Lanford, 
and Crawd introduces himself. Crawd then asks her where he is. Rena is confused.

On the way back to the town, Rena asks if Crawd is a traveler, and he says "sort 
of." Rena asks where he's from and he says "Earth." Rena asks where that is. 
Crawd realizes that there's no way that she would know. He just says it's very 
far away. After entering the town, Rena tells him it is named Arlia. Crawd says 
it's been a while since he breathed air that fresh, and Rena asks if there's 
such thing as dirty air. Rena says she's going to make a quick trip to her house 
and asks you to take a walk around the town.

Items in Arlia: 
Resurrect Bottle, 200V, Leather Armor, Ichigo Jam, (Strawberry Jam) Blueberry, 
Rose Hip, Blackberry

Pickpocket Info: 
Blackberry, 10V, Rainbow Diamond, Sour Syrup, 100V, Blueberry, 24V, Ishikoro 
(stone), Ichigo Jam Resurrect Bottle, MedamaYaki (Fried Eggs), Yasai 
(Vegetables), Necklace, 100V, Silver Cross, 120V, Idaten Ship.

Not much is going on in Arlia. Nobody there knows anything about Mirokinia, 
machinery, spaceships, or anything else Crawd asks about. Collect the items you 
can and explore the town until you make your way to Rena's house.

Rena is talking to her mother when you enter. Rena asks what's wrong, and Crawd 
says that he just sort of ended up there during his walk. Crawd asks if he's 
intruding and Rena says no. Rena introduces you to her mother, Westa, who says 
hello and thanks you for saving her, then goes on about how she told Rena not to 
go to the Shingo Forest. Rena then offers to give you a tour of the town. After 
leaving the house Rena apologizes for having a noisy mother and Crawd says it's 
OK since his mother is the same. Go into the various houses in the village and 
Rena will explain each of them to you. Then go back to Rena's house. Westa will 
have prepared a huge meal.

After dinner, Rena talks to Crawd about how her mother served too much, then 
goes downstairs to help with the cleaning. Crawd thinks for a bit about finding 
a way to get home, then realizes that Rena is taking a while. Walk around for a 
while and Westa will come upstairs. She asks if the dinner was OK, and Crawd 
says it was great. She asks a couple more times and Crawd tells her that it was 
good. She says she's glad since she was worried about not pleasing "the hero." 
Crawd asks what she means, and Westa starts sweating. You hear Rena say "I'm 
home" and Westa runs downstairs. From upstairs, you hear that Westa is very 
upset, because she accidentally talked about "the hero" to you. Crawd wonders 
what's going on and goes downstairs. There's another man there telling West to 
calm down. He introduces himself as Regis, the elder of the town. They sit down 
at the table, and Regis thanks Crawd for saving Rena. Then he asks Crawd where 
he's heading in his journey. Crawd doesn't say anything, and Regis says he's an 
"unusual" traveler not to know where he's going. Regis suggests that Crawd is 
lying, that he is not really a traveler, but the Legendary Hero from another 
world, just posing as one. Crawd is very surprised, and asks how he reached that 
conclusion, and Regis tells about a town legend about "a hero wearing foreign 
clothes and carrying the Sword of Light coming to save the world." Crawd insists 
that he doesn't have anything like that, and Rena mentions the weapon that Crawd 
used to kill the troll that attacked her. Crawd says that he does have a weapon 
like that, but it's not a sword of light, and says that he thinks that this is a 
misunderstanding. Crawd insists that he's not a hero and doesn't even have a 
clue what's going on. Regis then goes on to explain that three months earlier, a 
large meteorite hit down on the continent of Ell to the northeast, and since it 
hit, strange things started happening; monsters started to appear like never 
before and earthquakes came. He says that it isn't a normal meteorite, but a 
magical rock, and thus became known as the "Sorcery Globe." He says that due to 
Crawd's timing, he thought that it would be only natural for Crawd to be the 
Hero. Crawd still insists that he isn't, and says there's no way he could stop 
something like that. Regis asks Crawd where he's going then. Crawd says he can't 
explain well, but can only really say that he didn't come here of his own will, 
but came here by accident, and only wants to return to where he came from. Regis 
says that if Crawd denies it so strongly, that he really isn't the Hero. Crawd 
apologizes for breaking their expectations, and the others say it isn't hisÊ 
fault. Rena leaves, very disappointed. Regis tells Crawd to leave her alone for 
a while. Then he asks Crawd to be careful on his journey from now on not to use 
his "Sword of Light" because with people as uneasy as they are about the Sorcery 
Globe, they are likely to make the same misunderstanding Rena did. Crawd says he 
will and Regis says that for the time being, Crawd can stay at his house.

The next day, Regis recommends that you go to Salba if you can't find any good 
information on how to get home in Arlia. He then gives you a Longsword, and 
tells you that you can rest upstairs in the bed whenever you want. Before you 
leave the town you should stop by the Shingo Forest first though. Rena will be 
waiting in the spot you first "beamed into." When Crawd greets her, she 
apologizes for starting the trouble the day before, and Crawd apologizes for not 
being the Hero. Rena says it's all right and says that she hopes Crawd can 
return to where he was before soon. Then she asks Crawd to leave her alone for a 
while, so do. As you leave, the boy by the gate will warn you that if you stray 
off the road you will get fought by monsters. So if you don't want to get into 
any fights before visiting Salba, stick to the road.


Items in Salba:
Shozoga B, (Portrait B) Heavy Ring.
Pickpocket Info: 
Spectacles, Pet no Esa (Pet Food), Resurrect Bottle x 2, Dummy Doll, Gold Idol, 
24V, Sanbai-zojo-sake (Triple overfermented sake), Liquor Bottle, Gold, Ruby, 
Magical Clay, 5V, 12V, Ringo Jam (Apple Jam), Mental Pot, Iron Greave, Silver 
Idol, 500V, Pinboke Shasshin (Blurry photo), Wine, Artemis Leaf, Silver, 
Trikabut, Resurrect Bottle, Urachobo (Falsified Account book), Paralyze Check x 
2, Idaten Ship, Crystal, Orgol

What's going on in Salba:
Salba is a mining town which mines ores to sell around the continent. Currently 
though, the mine is closed; because of the recent numbers of earthquakes, it has 
been deemed not safe to enter. The mayor of the town, Burns, is the head of the 
mine, but is on a journey and in his absence, his son Allen is in charge. People 
have mixed feelings about Allen...lots of people say he's been acting strangely. 
One man in the bar even says that the mine closed on his order, not because of 
the earthquakes.

In any case, walk around and talk to the townspeople. Stop by the weapon shop 
and buy some boots and a helmet as well. Once you leave Allen's house, Crawd 
will mumble about the planet being completely undeveloped, with no feasible way 
for him to return to Kalnas easily. Since there's nothing in Salba for you to 
do, go back to Arlia.

When you return to Arlia, Westa, Regis, and the town priest are by the entrance 
to the town running about in a frenzy. Crawd asks what's wrong, and Regis asks 
if you know about the son of the mayor of Salba. (IOW Allen) Crawd says yes, and 
Regis says that Allen came to Arlia with a troop of soldiers and forcefully 
abducted Rena. Crawd asks where Allen took her, and Regis says that since he 
liked Rena, he probably brought her back to his mansion. Crawd asks them why 
they're just standing around, and the priest tells them that if they try to 
break into Allen's mansion in the neighboring town they might be 
counterattacked, and the soldiers he brought with them were too strong anyway. 
Regis says there's nothing that anyone can do, and Crawd offers to go after her. 
Since he's not from Arlia there's no worry of any backlash to the town. Regis 
says that he shouldn't go and Crawd tells him not to worry, since he has the 
"Sword of Light."

Head back to Salba. Everyone there is talking about how Allen abducted Rena. Go 
up to Allen's mansion, and you'll find the door is locked. So Crawd steps back 
and blasts it open with the Phase Gun. Then he realizes that the Phase Gun is 
low on juice and he "won't be able to use it for a while." (This "while" 
consequently lasts the rest of the game) Once inside, Rena is nowhere to be 
found. Enter the room on the right on the first floor. You will find Rena's 
hairpin on the ground. Pick it up, then move the statue in the corner of the 
room to reveal a secret passageway.

Inside the passageway, you will find a wounded man. Crawd will stop to see if 
the man is OK, and he tells you that Rena went down into the mine. The man tells 
you that he was hired by Allen to make a strange altar, and that's probably 
where Allen took her. Go into the mine.

Items in Salba Mine:
Rose Hip, Blackberry, 2 x Blueberry, Silver, Iron, 2xGold, Spectacles

If you're a low level in this mine (under 5) a lot of the enemies will be able 
to hit you before you can get your sword out in time to slash them. If this is 
the case, try to hit them from behind or use Kuhazan to strike them from far 
away. The Lizard Axes will often drop Blueberries so you can use them to heal 
yourself in case you get into a bind. This is a short dungeon so it shouldn't be 
too much of a problem.

When you get through the mind, you will find Rena tied down to an altar in a 
strange room. Allen will be there and will tell you not to get any closer. Crawd 
tells Allen to let Rena go, but Allen says he's in the middle of the ceremony 
and refuses. Rena asks Crawd to help her. Crawd tells Allen that weddings that 
only one side wants aren't real. (or something like that, kinda tough to 
translate without making it sound stupid) Allen hears this and starts to act 
strangely. Crawd frees Rena in the meantime, and Allen sends out a shockwave, 
knocking them back. His stone transforms him into a monster, and you have to 
fight him.

BOSS: Allen Tacks
HP 400
Strong to Darkness, Weak to Light

Allen is an easy fight. If you have full MP at level 6 you can sometimes kill 
him using only Kuhazans without him even getting close enough to hit you. Don't 
let him get close to Rena because he will often kill her in one hit. (definitely 
if you're playing the harder difficulty levels) If you switch control to Rena 
and successfully sandwich him between the two of you and keep attacking, you can 
kill him very quickly. (Make sure to have Rena attack from the rear if you're 
trying this pattern)

After defeating Allen Crawd asks if Rena's OK, and she says yes. Crawd asks what 
happened to Allen, and Rena says that she doesn't know, that he was just acting 
as if he was obsessed with something. Crawd wonders how a human could take the 
form that Allen did. Rena is sad and says that Allen was a kind person. But then 
they realize that Allen is still breathing; Rena casts a heal spell on him and 
Allen wakes up. Allen has no idea what is going on, and says his head hurts and 
it's been like he's been watching a long dream. Crawd says that it's probably 
because the stone got destroyed. The three of them then return to Salba. After 
explaining what happened, Allen can't believe what he did, but can't remember 
anything. He asks about how the altar was made and Bossman (the man who was 
wounded in the mine) says that he built it at Allen's request two weeks ago. 
Allen says all he remembers is that as soon as he saw the stone it gave him a 
rush and a feeling that he couldn't do anything wrong, and after that instant 
can't remember anything. Allen apologizes profusely, and Crawd + Rena return to 

Back at his house, Regis thanks Crawd again, and asks what was behind Allen's 
activity. Crawd explains about the rock. Rena notes that the stone is much like 
the Sorcery Globe in that it runs people/animals into monsters. Regis mentions 
that Salba is in an uproar, both about Allen and about "the hero." Crawd 
apologizes for using the Phase Gun, and Regis says it's OK, but it spread the 
rumor even more. Regis then asks Crawd if he will go and investigate the Sorcery 
Globe. Crawd is surprised, but Regis says that he thinks that Crawd would be 
best to investigate it since he was able to help Allen. Crawd thinks that the 
Sorcery Globe is not just an ordinary meteorite, so investigating it might help 
him as well. Crawd agrees to investigate, but tells Regis not to expect him to 
be able to do anything about it. Rena then asks if Crawd will take her as well, 
because she could guide him around the continent since he doesn't know about it. 
Crawd is opposed to the idea, and asks Regis to back him up, but Regis thinks it 
would be a good idea to take her. Crawd says OK, but says that he will only take 
Rena along with him if her mother thinks it's all right. Rena agrees, and then 
goes home.

Go back into the house, and Regis will ask to talk to you before you go to 
sleep. Regis tells Crawd that he was actually expecting Rena to want to go. 
Regis asks if you were healed by Rena. If Rena healed Crawd in the battle with 
Allen, he says yes, otherwise he talks about how Rena healed Allen. Regis 
mentions that most people from Expel don't have that power. Regis then tells 
Crawd that Rena is not Westa's real daughter. He tells Crawd that Rena was found 
abandoned in the Shingo Forest when she was about 2 years old. Westa found Rena, 
and since she couldn't have children of her own, adopted her. Crawd asks if Rena 
knows, and Regis says that nobody has told her yet. He goes on to say that the 
only thing she really could say when she was found was that her name was Rena, 
but nobody knows anything else; why she was abandoned, and why she has the 
healing magic she does. Crawd asks if there's any hints to point to anything, 
and Regis says that the only thing they have is the pendant she was wearing when 
she was found. Then Regis says it's getting late and shows you to your room. 
When in his room, Crawd hears something hit the window. Go out to the balcony, 
and Rena will be outside the house. She says she wants to talk to you and asks 
you to come down.

Go outside. (Regis will be mysteriously gone from the house on your way down) Go 
over to the bridge near the church and Rena will be there. Crawd asks what the 
problem is, and Rena says that her mother was really surprised when she asked to 
go. Crawd asks if she said it wasn't OK, and Rena says that Regis came in before 
she could say anything. Rena then tells Crawd that she has another reason for 
wanting to go with him; she says that Westa is not her real mother. (Crawd is 
surprised she knows) Rena goes into detail about how she found out; the game 
shifts to flashback to when Rena's father died. She overhears a conversation 
between Westa and Regis downstairs. Westa is distraught over her husband's death 
and Regis is telling her to calm down for Rena's sake too. Westa says that if 
her husband isn't with her, then she'll have to tell Rena that she's not her 
real daughter by herself. She says that she wish she threw Rena's pendant away, 
because without that she would have no evidence of NOT being her real daughter. 
Crawd asks if Rena wants to search for her real mother. Rena says she doesn't 
know, but since she was given the pendant before being abandoned, thinks that 
her real mother probably cared for her. Crawd says "what about Westa" and Rena 
says that in her mind Westa is her "real" mother, but she still wants to know 
where she came from, why she can use healing magic, etc. which is why she wants 
to find her real mother. Rena then goes home.

The next day, before leaving, Regis says that Crawd and Rena should go meet the 
king of Cross, so they can get a letter of permission to go to Ell and get the 
most recent information. Leave the town and go north. When you stop off at 
Salba, go to talk to Allen. Rena will tell him about going to investigate the 
Sorcery Globe. Talk to him again, and he will give you a Shiawase no Yubiwa. 
(Happiness Ring) Other than that there's not much to do here, so head north to 

                                  Chapter 2
                          The Treasure Hunter, Celine

Once you arrive at Cross, it will be reasonably late. Rena recommends you go to 
the inn to rest before going to the castle the next day. Go to the inn; it is on 
the first screen in town to the northwest. When you enter, the innkeeper Rachel 
will greet Rena and ask how she is doing. She notices Crawd and asks if he's her 
boyfriend. Rena gets upset and vehemently denies it. Crawd is somewhat insulted. 
Rachel says that she has a room open and as a favor will let you stay there 
free. Rena asks if it's OK, and Rachel says it's so they can have "a great night 
together." Rena gets angry again and Crawd is insulted again. On your way to the 
room, Rachel mentions that two weeks ago, "Flac" stopped by. Rena is surprised 
and asks about him. Rachel says he left soon after stopping, and Rena seems 
slightly disappointed. Once inside, Crawd asks Rena who "Flac" is, and Rena 
tells him that Dias Flac was someone who used to live in Arlia, but after a 
traumatic experience left the village. Crawd says he won't pry any deeper. Then 
he asks if Rena would address him less formally than she is at the time. 
(language nuance) She agrees.

The next day you can travel around Cross more freely. 

Items in Cross town and Castle:
Wood Shield, Leather Helm, 500V 
Pickpocket Items:
Paralyze Oil, 20V, Hosomi no Tsurugi, Orihalcon, Iron, Pet no Esa, Hen na 
Katamari (Weird Lump), Spectacles, Cure Poison, Aquaberry, Leather Armor, Vol Up 
Card, Specatcles, Hakkiyoke, 200V, Osashimi, Youri no Comporte (Pear Comporte), 
Long Sword, Blueberry, Kokuryuu "Sekidenya", 50V, Pinboke Shasshin, Paralyze
Oil, Leather Helm, Leather Greave, Magical Film, Sweet Syrup, 200V, 200V, 
Anklet, Kudamono (Fruit), Cure Paralyze, 50V, Hen na Ningyo, 500V, Silk Robe, 
100V, 80V, Banded Mail, 200V, Stink Gel, Hane Pen, Aloe Jam, Beer, Blackberry, 
Banded Helm, Magical Camera

What's going on in Cross: There are 4 topics of information that are useful to 
know that the townspeople tell you: first, that the King is looking for 
adventurers to investigate the Sorcery Globe. Second, it is rumored the prince 
has run away from the castle. Third, there is a palace on top of a mountain 
nearby that can only be entered with the King's permission. Lastly, there is 
talk of a demon bird that lives on top of the mountain west of the castle.

Go to the castle and register your name for an audience at the receptionist's 
desk. The receptionist will tell you to explore the castle while you wait your 
turn. You can talk to the people in the castle, who don't say anything 
interesting except rumors about the prince running away from the castle. Talking 
to enough people, then to one of the soldiers guarding the king's chamber will 
trigger the guards downstairs to letting you in to see the king. After 
exchanging a few pleasantries, the king will ask what your business is, and Rena 
will talk about your trip to investigate the Sorcery Globe, and asks the king 
will ask you what you'd like to know. You get 3 choices:
A) Ask about the strange changes that are occurring
B) Ask about the status of the country of Ell
C) Ask what the Sorcery Globe is.

A) The king will tell you that the changes include erupting volcanoes, 
earthquakes, and similar natural disasters. He says that there's no proof that 
it's because of the Sorcery Globe but it shouldn't be ruled out.
B) The king tells you that Ell is in the middle of battle with monsters, but 
details on the status or range of casualties is not known. Rena asks if ships 
are going to Ell, and the king says they're being limited.
C) The king basically says that "we know nothing" and mentions that none of the 
teams sent out to investigate have returned.

Once you ask all three, the king tells you that the country is deciding to hire 
adventurers to investigate the Globe. The king recommends you to think about not 
going, but Rena says that it's OK since Crawd is coming. The king says you 
should be better equipped, so gives you a pass and a stipend of 600 Vol for the 
trip. The king tells you that if you're going to Ell, you should go via boat at 
Clik. Crawd and Rena leave the audience hall.

When you return to center square, you will find a crowd gathering around a fight 
brewing in the park in the middle of town between a man and a woman in mage 
robes. They are fighting over a map that the woman bought in an auction; the man 
is accusing her of using dirty handed tactics to get it. The man threatens to 
kill her, and Crawd runs in to try to break up the fight. The man gets angry and 
starts to advance on her, and the mage woman tells him to pick on someone his 
own size. The man jumps back and starts to gather a magic bolt to fire at the 
woman, but she casts a fire spell that causes his spell to blow up in his face. 
The man runs away. After he runs, the woman compliments you for trying to break 
up the fight. Then she asks if you were the ones having an audience with the 
king. Crawd asks how she knew about that and the woman says that she heard a 
rumor at the castle about a pair of people who got their audience especially 
advanced. Crawd asks how she knew that they were the pair in question, and the 
woman says that she was actually watching them during their audience. Rena makes 
a sarcastic remark. The woman talks about the map she bought at the auction 
which supposedly leads to hidden treasure, and asks if you will come with her to 
search for it. Rena says that you don't have the time to go off on a treasure 
hunt, and the woman suggests that you might find a hint that will help you as 
well. You then have a choice:

A) Sure, let's investigate
B) No, it's OK.

It doesn't matter what you say here; if you say no the woman will pretend not to 
have heard you. Once you agree she thanks you and introduces herself as Celine 
Jules. She shows the map to you and says that the treasure is nearby in Cross 
Cave. Rena asks if she's talking about the famous natural cavern, and Celine 
says yes. Rena says that she thought it had been thoroughly explored. Celine 
says that the map provides additional new information on the cave that indicates 
a section that hasn't been found. After briefing you and Rena, Celine picks up 
the map, and Rena makes a comment about how she seems suspicious, but she 
doesn't hear.

Now that Celine is in your party, head over to Cross Cavern.


Items in Cross Cavern: Blueberry, Sweet Syrup x 2, Artemis Leaf, Cure Poison x 
2, Lavender x 2, ?Mineral (Ishikoro, Rock), ?Jewelry (Reverse Doll), Stink Gel, 
Hane Pen (Feather Pen), 600V, Resurrect mist, ?Item (Aquaberry), Blackberry x 2, 
Tri-ball, Magic Canvas, Iron, Green Beryl, 700V, Kokoro no Shoheki, (Limits of 
the Mind) Kobunsho (ancient parchment)

In terms of enemy strength Cross Cave is pretty easy. Unless you have Celine 
and/or Rena actively participating in the battle you're unlikely to see anyone 
die. The only things to be careful of here are that you don't get lost and that 
Celine/Rena don't waste their MP. There are also a few hidden passageways and 
chests so check thoroughly. 

At the northeast end of the cave, it's a dead end. Celine says that it's odd 
because the map shows an extra room off the dead end you're at. Crawd suggests 
the map is a fake. Celine asks Rena about her healing magic, and says that there 
are no healing Monsho to use for Monshojutsu. Crawd asks to look at the map, and 
notices some very faint lettering. They are instructions on how to get into the 
room. Celine tests it out, and opens a door to the right with more treasure. One 
of the boxes has the Kobunsho in it. However, it is written in another language 
and nobody can read it. Crawd suggests taking it to a translator. 

The top box contains the "boss" to the cave. They'll only attack if you open it, 
so you don't have to fight them.

BOSS: 2 Gargoyles
HP 1500 each
Strong to Darkness, Weak to Light.

If one of the Gargoyles latches onto you and starts biting you, it will hit 
multiple times and drain your HP very quickly. Since neither Rena nor Celine 
will be good enough in hand-to-hand, you'll have to fight in close with Crawd. 
Just be careful not to be trapped between both of them, and have Rena heal when 
necessary. Ryuseisho is a good technique to use. Also, since they are weak to 
light, Celine's Ray spell works very well against them.

On your way out of the cave, Celine will thank you for your help and start to 
leave. Crawd will mention not finding any hints on the Sorcery Globe, and Celine 
asks if that is where you are going. You'll ask Celine if she wants to come, and 
Celine asks if it's OK. You then have two choices:
a) Please come with us
b) On second thought, let's not

Pick a) and Celine will join you permanently. Pick b) and she will leave 
permanently. Basically, if you want Celine in your party for good, this is your 
choice to keep her or not. I suggest you take her with you, because unless you 
are planning to have both Opera and Ernest join you, you will not be able to 
fill up your party to a full 8 members if you don't. Whether or not Celine joins 
you, your next destination will be the town of Clik, at the north end of the 

                                 Chapter 3 
                                Clik's fate

Items in Clik:
Lyre, Gyokarui (fish products), Kokumotsu (grain), YasaiÊ

Pickpocket Info:
800V, 500V, Soyokaze no Pierce (Breeze Earrings), Kyo no Ippin, (Today's Menu) 
Flash Pot, Aquaberry, Graneshezo, Artemis Leaf, 100V, Dummy Doll, Gatagata 
Knuckle, (Wrecked Knuckle) Beer, Yasai, Hotcake, Extend Card, Discovery Card, 
Feat Symbol, Kokuryu "Ishidaya", Herbal Oil, Senchuyasaku, Berserk Ring, Ringo 
no Crepe (Apple Crepe), 50V, Silver Cross, Ruby, Orange Sherbet, Silver Charm, 
Batlayer Ring, Tamago Sand (Egg Sandwich), 500V, Kimyo na Fuku (Weird Clothing), 
Robe, Magical Clay, Mandrake, Sapphire, Anklet, Iron, Mannenpitsu (Fountain Pen)

I highly suggest you do a Private Action in Clik *before* you explore the town 
as a group; there is an important Private Action you will want to see. Note that 
you can steal some really good items from the people here; if you want to steal 
any of them, you have to steal them now. Normally, you won't have the Pickpocket 
tokugi or the Tozoku Tebukuro (Thief Gloves) yet, but if you have the patience 
to build your Vol to 41,800, you can buy the gloves and the skill at Harley, the 
town furthest to the east. It's definitely not necessary though.

Anyhow, head to the captain of the ship. You will give him the pass the King 
gave you, and he will be impressed that you know the king. He says that as soon 
as all the freight is loaded the ship will leave, and tell you to wander around 
town until it's time, so do so.

Upon entering center square, Crawd decides to sit on a bench, and gets knocked 
over by a child. After getting his bearings, Crawd realizes that the child 
pickpocketed him. Crawd didn't get a good look at him so asks the others what he 
looked at; they tell him that he had blue hair. So search the town for him. If 
you talk to the children on the dock, they will tell you that the pickpocket is 
by the bar.

At the bar, Crawd walks up to the child and grabs him. The kid tells him to let 
go, and Crawd says "not until you give us our wallet back first." The child 
plays dumb, and Crawd gets angry. Rena talks to the boy and asks if he's seen 
it, since they can't continue their journey without money. The boy says "You 
were on a journey with just that!?" He realizes his slip-up and Crawd gets 
really angry. Rena tells him to calm down and asks what he wanted with your 
money. The boy says that if he wanted anything, his parents would buy it for 
him, and that he just wanted to show everyone that he's not just a spoiled rich 
kid and can be bad too. That way the other kids will play with him. He gives 
Crawd back his wallet, and Crawd says he'll forgive him if he gives the party a 
tour of Clik. He agrees, and introduces himself as Ketil.

You can have Ketil show you around the town now, and there are several events 
you can see:
1) Enter Ketil's house and he will try to sneak up on the servant. (and fail) 
Ketil will introduce you, and his mother comes in. She suspects you are trying 
to kidnap Ketil since there is "no other reason to be with her child." Another 
servant comes in and tells her that preparations to leave are done, and she 
leaves, telling Ketil not to do anything to tarnish the family name.
2) After feeling a slight rumble, Ketil asks you if you know that you are by the 
fountain square. You can either say yes or fake that you don't know. If you fake 
that you don't know, Ketil will tell you about all the stores on the square.
3) Inside the restaurant, the cook allows you to try a sample for free. You can 
try either Tomuyankun, Kusaya, or Natto.Ê(all 3 are Japanese dishes not well 
4) At the ice cream shop or the crepe shop, you can buy Ketil an orange sherbet 
or a banana crepe.
5) At the boutique, Ketil will ask one of your characters to try on some 
clothes. (you pick which one) No matter who you choose, they look silly and all 
the other characters laugh at him/her.

Once you're done touring, go and talk to the children on the dock. Ketil will 
run away, but Rena calls him back and Crawd asks the children if they will play 
with him. They don't want to since he's a rich kid and their parents told them 
not to play with him. Eventually Crawd talks them into letting Ketil play with 
them. He thanks you, and they all run off. Go back and check with the captain 

The captain will tell you that he's ready to set sail, but has to load one more 
thing on and tells you to make a last-minute check to buy the things you need. 
Once you enter the center square, a huge earthquake hits the town. The party 
retreats to higher ground. Once on the peninsula to the north of town, talk to 
the captain. He says the rest of the crew died except for the Monshotsukai first 
mate. He tells you that even though his ship got destroyed, you can get to Ell 
by traveling to Racool continent and then catching a ship from there to Ell. He 
gives you back the pass and tells you to go to Harley, the town at the east end 
of Cross Continent. He tells you that since you can't stay at Clik any more, you 
should rest at Mars, a village on the way there. 

Climb the stairs to the end of the peninsula, and you will see a tidal wave 
coming. It hits Clik and levels what was left of the town. Go up to the top and 
you will find that Ketil is safe. Crawd asks if his mother is all right, and 
their servant says that she was leaving Clik before the earthquake hit so should 
be all right. You can talk to the rest of the survivors, but now that there's 
nothing left of the town, head to Mars.

                                 Chapter 4
                          Dias and The Kidnapping
Head East to Mars.


Items in Mars: Silk Robe, Sour Syrup, Purple Mist, Silence Card
Pickpocket Data: Robe, 120V, 200V, Kanashimi no Yubiwa (Ring of Sorrow), Boots, 
Fairy Glass, Ruby Wand, Magic Rock, Kokumotsu, Silence Card, Motogyunyu (Rotten 
Milk), Tamatebako [a box from legend], Rose Hip, Wine, Tenshi no Zo (Angel 
Satue), Silk Robe, Herbal Oil, Magical Hat

Enter the house to the northeast, and Celine's mother, RabŽ, will notice her. 
(If Celine is not in your party, she is in the room to start with.) Celine asks 
what's going on, and tells Crawd and Rena that Mars is her home town. The party 
goes over and sits down. Celine asks the elder what is going on. Celine's 
father, Egras, explains that the night before, all the children of the town 
disappeared. When they started to search for them, a Monshotsukai from the 
Monsho Forest came with a message. The Monshotsukai tells you that he was 
training in the Monsho Forest when some bandits appeared. They told him that 
they were holding the children for ransom, and that they wanted 50,000V and the 
town's "Mitsuin no Sho." (Book of Secret Seal) Crawd asks what that is, andÊthe 
elder says that it is a book of spells that is never supposed to leave the town. 
Egras says that it was a shock that the bandits were able to enter the forest, 
since it was protected by a magic barrier; if they could break that barrier then 
they must be very strong. They tell you that the bandits are holding the 
children hostage in the Monsho Forest, and that as it's the training ground for 
Monshotsukai, it is like a natural fortress. The townspeople think they can 
defeat the bandits, but are afraid to try because they fear for the children. 
They know where the hideout is, so what they want is someone strong to save the 
children; therefore they asked a traveling swordsman stopping by to save them. 
Rena looks at the swordsman and asks "Dias?"  Egras is surprised she knows him, 
and says that he is a famous swordsman so they can rely on him. Rena says that 
Dias is better than anybody, so he can easily free the children. Egras says that 
Dias agreed to take on the job since he is training for the Racool Bugu Taikai, 
(Weapons & Armor Tournament) but the Monshotsukai is opposed to letting Dias do 
the job since they don't know how good he is. Rena insists Dias is the best but 
he is not convinced. Egras feels bad about asking an outsider to do it, so 
Celine suggests that you do it. Dias says that if you take the job that he's 
going to leave, and "if this arrogant bitch screws up don't blame me." Celine 
gets really angry, and Dias says that she's the one being rude since she just 
came in and changed the plan. He leaves and returns to the inn.

The game shifts to Crawd and Celine waiting outside the elder's house, waiting 
for Rena, who went to talk to Dias. Celine makes a comment about how long she is 
taking, and wonders if Dias really intends to go alone. Crawd says he seemed 
like he had a lot of confidence in his ability so probably is. Celine is angry 
at the elder for asking Dias and tells Crawd that you should defeat the bandits 
before Dias gets a chance to to show you're good too. At this point, Rena comes 
back. Rena asks the others to let Dias join. She tells you that she got him to 
promise to join you, and pleads with you to let him join, saying he is a top-
notch swordsman and could really help. Celine asks Crawd what he thinks, and 
Crawd says "He said he'd do it by himself, so there's no need for us to go with 
him." Rena gets angry and asks why Crawd would say that. Crawd says "I'm not 
lying; besides, we don't need him anyway." Rena then says that she will go with 
Dias and not with Crawd, saying "You may not need him, but I do," and runs away. 
Celine is irritated, but tells Crawd that you should prepare and then return to 
the Elder's house to stay before going after the bandits. "What, doesn't she 
need me then!?" Crawd thinks.

Go to the store and buy what you need (buy 20 Blueberries, you will need them, 
but not a Flame Blade because you will find one in the forest) and then return 
to the elder's house. The next day, before leaving, the elder tells you that the 
children's safety is the most important. The Monshotsukai says that "we will 
take care of the town's defenses." Celine talks to Crawd, but he is off in 
another world. Crawd finally realizes Celine is talking to him, and Egras 
worries, wondering if you shouldn't have gone with the others. Celine notes that 
they went off first without waiting for you, suggesting they wanted to kill the 
bandits first and brag about it. The Elder reminds her that this is not a 
competition, and tells you to cooperate with them if you run into them. The 
elder then gives you a pair ofÊDorokutsu (Mud Boots) and tells you that if you 
don't wear them there are some places you won't be able to cross. On the way to 
the forest, Celine asks Crawd if he's been worrying about what Rena said. He 
says nothing and the enter the forest.

Items in the forest:
?Herb (Rose Hip), Amber Robe, Kizuke Kusuri (Wakeup Medicine), Dummy Doll, Flame 
Blade, Mandrake

Early into the forest you will come across a group of Bandits. Each one has 500 
HP, and unless your level is pretty high you will have trouble getting in a shot 
at them without them hitting you first. And without Rena in your party to heal 
you, you are going to need lots of Blueberries. If she has it, Celine's Energy 
Arrow will be very useful. Try to keep the Bandits away from you by shooting 
Kuhazans at them.

This forest is one of the toughest spots in the game for Crawd's scenario; you 
can only rely on items for healing and the enemies are strong. On Galaxy and 
Universe levels it is even worse. Most random encounters in this forest are not 
as tough as the Bandits, but they will still be pretty difficult. The Stingrays 
are especially irritating; until you learn Crawd's Kabutowari technique, it is 
difficult to hit them. If you run into a battle with multiple Magiuses, have 
Celine cast Ray immediately; several of them will often cast Star Light at the 
same time, creating a spell fusion which will either kill everyone outright or 
bring them to near-death status. You may want to go back to town to the inn a 
couple of times.

After the second group of bandits, you learn that Rena and Dias have been 
killing bandits in the forest too. Celine asks Crawd if Rena and Dias' 
relationship bothers him after defeating them, but he vehemently denies it.

The third group of bandits is REALLY angry, and accuses you of causing lots of 
trouble. Celine tells them you just got here, and the bandits say "so it's your 
allies, no difference!" Crawd responds by saying "We have no allies!" After 
defeating them, Celine says "What could Rena and Dias have done to make them so 
mad?" Crawd says he doesn't care.

As you are leaving one area, the Monshotsukai comes in from the room behind you. 
He says he was looking for you, and Celine asks if it's all right for him not to 
be defending the Elder's house. "I cleaned up the problem, so I came to the 
forest" he says. Celine asks if he found the children, and Crawd says "Rena beat 
us..." Celine asks if the bandits were all defeated, and the Monshotsukai says 
"No, they're doing great." Celine asks what he means and the Monshotsukai says 
"The one I killed was your father." The Monshotsukai shows himself as 
Vermillion, the boss of the bandits. He says that you trust your friends too 
much, and by transforming into an ally it was easy for him to steal the Missho. 
Crawd says he trusts the people of Mars, and Rena too. Vermillion attacks before 
he can say anything more.

BOSS: Vermillion
HP 3000
Weak to Fire, Light, Strong to Dark.

If you are above level 15 or so, Vermillion shouldn't be a problem. If you are 
any lower, attacking him head-on will be difficult, so use Crawd's Kabutowari 
technique against him. Cast Ray with Celine as well.

After defeating Vermillion, Crawd suggests you return to the village. Celine 
says that finding the children is more important. She says that it's too 
dangerous to leave them be. At this point, Rena and Dias enter. Rena asks what 
Vermillion is, and Crawd explains about him being the Monshotsukai. Rena 
realizes that he must have been the boss. Crawd asks why Rena is there, and Rena 
tells him that she and Dias saved the children. Dias asks Crawd if he defeated 
the monster, and he says yes. Dias says "Then I guess what Rena was saying might 
have been true." Crawd is confused, and Dias goes on to say that the day where 
the two will fight against each other may be soon. He then leaves. Crawd asks 
what Dias was talking about but Rena does not respond.

At Celine's house, Crawd wonders if Egras is all right, and the elder tells him 
that he has several heavy wounds from Monsho being cast, and that it would be a 
miracle if he woke up. Crawd says that Rena's healing magic will probably help. 
The elder is amazed to hear of healing magic. At this point Rena comes in and 
says that Egras is fine and just needs some rest. The Elder leaves to go see for 
himself. Rena tells Crawd she was surprised that the Monshotsukai was behind the 
plan all along. Crawd says that it was tough to tell, seeing as how he changed 
himself into what seemed to be a victim. Rena says it was amazing how Crawd was 
able to defeat the boss all by himself. Crawd says that he wasn't alone and that 
Celine was with him. Rena goes on to say that it was a big deal to be 
congratulated by Dias as well. Crawd says that Dias must be really skilled; for 
him to congratulate him like that he must be much better. He goes on to say he 
sees why Rena likes him. Rena tells him not to get the wrong idea and that Dias 
is like a brother to her. Crawd starts to tell Rena something about the stone 
that Allen had, then stops and tells her he hopes she finds her mother.

Leave the town, and Celine will chase after you. Crawd suggests it might be 
better for her to stay with her father, and Celine says that he'll be all right. 
Celine asks you to stay at her house in thanks. Rena asks if it's OK, and Celine 
says that you are the heroes of the hour and deserve it. Rena asks if Dias said 
where he was going, and Celine says no, but that you'll probably meet him again.

Inside Celine's house, Egras talks to you and mentions that you are on your way 
to Harley, and Rena explains about how you are headed to Ell. Crawd asks Egras 
what he thinks about the Sorcery Globe, and he says that although it's only mere 
speculation, he thinks it's some kind of energy that has an effect on all life 
around it, changing everything into monsters. Egras says it's either that, or 
just a normal meteorite, though that wouldn't explain what's going on. He says 
that he can't support your going straight to Ell as well. Celine comes in and 
asks why, and Egras says that you don't have enough information. He tells you to 
gather more information first, and that there's a fine line between courage and 

Later, Egras talks to Crawd, and mentions the hero legend again, and tells Crawd 
that he thinks he is the one. Crawd says that he doesn't think he is, and that 
he is only working hard because Celine and Rena are too. "Don't you mean just 
Rena?" Egras asks. Egras says Crawd is remarkable because he doesn't value Rena 
for only her power. Then he leaves to go to bed.

On the way out the next day, Crawd asks where you should go first at Racool. 
Egras tells you to go to the castle town, since the newest information and 
weapons should be there. Celine adds that you should stop by Ringa to try and 
get the book you found translated; if she is not in your party she gives it to 
you to bring to him. You ask what Ringa is and Celine tells you that it is a 
town famous for its scholars. Egras tells you to go to Racool castle first.

Leave, and head east to Harley.

                                 Chapter 5
                            The Unlucky Warrior

If you want Opera to join your party, or don't want Ashton to join your party, 
then once you reach Harley go straight to Racool by boat and skip this chapter, 
or at least only go as far as when you meet Ashton. Otherwise, read on.

When you enter Hilton, talk to the two men right by the entrance. They will tell 
you that a two-headed dragon has shown up at Salba. They say there was a rumor 
about it for a while, but it turned out to be true. Rena asks "After Allen, what 
next?" Celine (if she's with you) asks who Allen is. Crawd asks the men for 
details, and they tell you that Salba is looking for people to defeat the 
dragon, but several warriors have already gone so it might already be taken care 
of. They tell you to stay away from Salba Mine. Don't though; go back to Salba.

When you return to the mine, a soldier tells you the mine is off limits. Crawd 
says you're here to defeat the dragon, and although the soldier doesn't think 
you can handle it, lets you enter. He tells you that another warrior already 
went in, and tells you not to get in his way. Rena wonders if it's Dias that 

You can now enter the section of the mine you couldn't formerly. The monsters 
are tougher, so be careful.

Items in the new section of the mine:
Maple Syrup, Brigandy, Iron, Aquaberry, Gold Pierce, Cinderella Glass, Diamond, 
Star Ruby.

Upon going further into the mine, you will see rather lost man in a dark blue 
robe. Crawd asks who it is and Rena says it must be the warrior. Rena notes that 
the guard told you to help him, so follow him. When you get further into the 
cave, you will find the man fighting the dragon. Rena ask if there's any way you 
should help him. Crawd says the passage is too narrow for everyone to fight, so 
you sit and cheer him on. The man turns around, and asks you to be a little 
quieter.  With his back turned the dragon sneaks up on him and there is a huge 
flash of light. When the light clears, the man is nowhere to be seen. He comes 
running in, but with the two dragons attached to his back! He looks around, 
saying "Where's the dragon?" He asks you if you know, and you tell him they're 
on his back. The dragons make noise, and the man notices them. Rena says "It's 
good, you're OK." The man says "It's NOT good, what's with these dragons!?" He 
realizes they're grafted into his back, and blames you since you made him turn 
around. He tells you to take responsibility for the dragons. Rena asks what you 
can do, and the man tells you to come with him toÊsearch for a way to get the 
dragons off. You then have a choice to a) Take responsibility, or b) don't. If 
you want Ashton to join your party, select A. Otherwise select B.

A) The man is surprised and thanks you for understanding. He introduces himself 
as Ashton Anchors, and joins your party.

B) Rena says she thinks it's not your fault, since it was the man who turned 
around. He asks "so you think it's all my fault?" Crawd says "Well, possibly..." 
The dragons start fighting, and Crawd says "Let's run for it, Rena!" You run 
away, and afterwards Crawd feels slightly bad for the man. Rena mentions that 
you don't have the time to help him with his dragons. Now leave the mine. If you 
go back, the man will introduce himself as Ashton and forcibly join your party. 
(Of course, if you've changed your mind and want him in your party, then you 
might want to go back)

Assuming he joined you, once you leave the town, Crawd asks Ashton how you'd 
figure out a way to get rid of the dragons. Ashton says he doesn't know. One of 
the dragons makes a noise, and Crawd says "What?" Ashton says the dragon is 
saying "You're too dumb to figure out how!" Crawd gets angry, but Rena says that 
the dragons are kind of cute. Rena says that the red one's eyes are "Gyoro" and 
the blue one's eyes are "Uru-uru" and cute. (These are adjectives describing the 
way that the eyes move/stare which has no English equivalent really) Crawd 
mentions that that's not what's important here, and Rena asks if she can name 
the dragons. She names the blue one Ururun and the red one Gyoro after their 
eyes. Ashton asks again what you should do, and Rena suggests you look it up in 
a book. She says that there are a lot of books in the Elder's house in Mars and 
there might be some hint there.

At this point, you can either go straight to Racool and continue your quest or 
do some side quests to try to find a way to remove Ashton's dragons. The side 
quests are completely optional, but you can find several useful items and fight 
special enemies if you go on them. If you decide to go on the quests, go to 

When you investigate the Elder's books, you will find three books: "The Source 
of Monshojutsu," "Mars' folk tales," and "Book of detachment." You want to look 
at the last one. It is a book on detaching foreign objects fused to one's body. 
Crawd reads it. It says that the methods differ depending on the type of demon 
fused, so Crawd reads the section on "Mamonoryu." (Monster Dragon) It says that 
in order to detach dragons, you need to have a "tear of the flying King" in the 
"holy silver goblet." Crawd reads that the Silver Goblet sleeps near the face of 
water inside the body of a mother. Ashton says maybe that means the ocean or a 
lake. Celine suggests that it might be Coll Lake at the northwest end of Cross. 
On the "inside the body of the mother" part, Rena suggests that it might refer 
to the Mountain Palace by the lake. Crawd reads on to say that to get the 
"King's Tear" you need to climb a mountain and face a duel. He suggests maybe 
it's referring to a bird that lives on top of a mountain. Celine says that it is 
said a demon bird lives on top of Lasgus mountain west of Cross Castle. Crawd 
continues, saying that once you have the tear, you just have to recite the 
incantation listed in the book. Ashton is happy to hear it's possible, and Crawd 
reads on to say that when the incantation is finished, the dragons will be 
"cleansed off the face of the earth." Celine asks if it's necessary to go as far 
as to kill Gyoro and Ururun. Crawd and Rena agree with her, and Ashton is not 
pleased. He insists on continuing the plan, so Crawd suggests you go to the 
Mountain Palace.

The Mountain Palace is just south of where Clik was. Climb up the mountain, and 
be careful of boulders if you get into a battle. Once you get to the Mountain 
Palace, there is a guard standing there who will not let anyone in without 
permission of the King. So return to Cross Castle. Talk to the king and explain 
the situation, and he will give you permission and 3000V. Return to the Mountain 
Palace and you will be able to enter.

Items in the Mountain Palace:
Lunar Tablet, Crystal, ?HERB (Artemis Leaf), ?JEWELRY (Kaygayaki no Pierce, 
Shining Earring), Resurrect bottle, Cure Stone, Sweet Syrup, Crest Rod, Amber 
Robe, ?MINERAL (Damascus), Trikabut, Fairy Toilette, Damascus, Emerald Ring, 
Yosei no Zo (Fairy Statue), Cestas, ?MINERAL (Orihalcon)

The monsters here are reasonably tough, but you can always go back to the guard 
and talk to him to rest like you were at an inn. The Slime Pools are especially 
hardy, but Crawd's close-up Ryuseisho works great against them. Be careful 
against them too--they can paralyze you, and it's unlikely that you'll have a 
lot of Liquor Bottles or Cure Paralyzes at this point in the game. The Archers 
have a tendency to attack you from behind so be careful.

Once you find the Silver Cup, Ashton says "One more step to my freedom." Gyoro 
and Ururun are not happy, and the rest of the party chastises Ashton for saying 
that in front of them. At this point, a demon drops down and attacks you.

BOSS: Nightmare 
HP 9000
No strengths or weaknesses

The Nightmare is fast, powerful, and will cast Tetanus Wind if you give it the 
chance, so don't let up in your attack. Ashton's Leaf Slash is a good technique 
to use early on because it will bring him right up to the Nightmare before she 
gets a chance to cast Tetanus Wind. Since she is very fast, try to keep her from 
running by sandwiching her between Ashton and Crawd. Once you do this, Crawd's 
Ryuseisho and Ashton's Cross slash/Twin Stab should make fairly short work of 

After defeating the boss, Crawd asks Gyoro and Ururun if they hold a grudge 
against you for trying to find a way to get them off. Ashton says that they say 
that they don't really know, but they understand how Ashton is in an awkward 
position. Crawd remarks that they understand pretty well. Once you leave, the 
party discusses places that the King of the Air could be. It comes to general 
consensus that it must be Lasgus Mountain west of Cross, so go there.

Lasgus Mountain is a short dungeon but the battles are difficult. The 
Pylesherries can cast Blood Scylla so you should kill them first. Also be 
careful of the Shouts; they can't hurt you but will drain your MP, and you will 
probably need it for the upcoming fight.

Climb to the top of the mountain and you will find a huge nest. Nothing is there 
though. Ashton says "There should be someone with the King's Tear here 
somewhere..." At this point, the owner of the nest, a gigantic demon-bird, will 
fly on screen. Ashton steps forward and says "Long time no see, JinŽ." The party 
is confused as to how Ashton knows the bird. JinŽ says "Since when have you 
fallen to being stuck onto the back of this human? What happened to your old 
magnificent form?" Ashton says that times have changed and that in order to 
survive he had to do what was needed. At this point, the party realizes that 
it's not Ashton that is speaking, but Gyoro and Ururun who are talking through 
him. JinŽ tells Gyoro and Ururun that they can't bring out their true power 
while attached to Ashton, then goes on to say even if they could they still 
couldn't beat him. Ashton challenges JinŽ, and JinŽ laughs but accepts the 

HP 20000
Strong to fire and wind

JinŽ is a very difficult boss. If you are playing on Galaxy or Universe, you are 
going to have to be a pretty high level to even think about beating him. If you 
don't have Cure All yet for Rena, don't even attempt to fight him. He can cast 
Light Cross, which will do significant damage to your party, but his biggest 
threat is in his Master Attack, a charge that will heavily damage any character 
that gets hit if not kill them outright. If you see JinŽ gather wind under him 
with his wings either get out of the way or hit him quickly because that is a 
sign he is going to use his Master Attack. The technique of choice for Crawd is 
definitely Kabutowari, but he will run out of MP long before JinŽ is defeated. 
The fact that he's a flying enemy will make hitting him difficult so have Celine 
cast Energy Arrow on him. Also have her cast Reflection on everybody, Ashton and 
Crawd first. Most importantly, make sure that Rena's MP stay high. Use 
Blackberries on her when her MP runs out.

After JinŽ is defeated, he berates Gyoro and Ururun for fusing with Ashton. They 
reply (through Ashton) by saying that they were always alone before, but for the 
first time they know what it is like to have a friend. JinŽ says he is wishes he 
could be like them, but it is impossible for him to be in the same position they 
are. He flies away, dropping the Matori no Namida. (Demon-Bird's Tear) At this 
point Ashton "comes to" and asks the rest of the party where the bird went. The 
rest of the party huddles, and says that JinŽ must have been jealous of Gyoro 
and Ururun, and that the tear he dropped may have been a real one. Ashton is 
confused. Rena asks Ashton if he really intends to get rid of Gyoro and Ururun, 
and Ashton responds "yes" hesitantly. So you tell him that you have to return to 
Salba mine, since the ceremony can only be held where the fusion was done in the 
first place.

Return to where Ashton joined you. You tell him that all he needs to do now is 
chant the incantation. Ashton hesitantly starts, and Ururun starts to make 
noise. Celine or Rena tells him to be quiet. Ashton continues the incantation, 
and this time Gyoro starts making noise. Crawd tells him to be quiet. Ashton 
recites another line, and this time both dragons complain. All of your party 
members tell them to be quiet. Then Ashton stops the chant, and says that he 
can't do it. He says he doesn't have the heart to get rid of Gyoro and Ururun, 
but removing them was the only excuse he had to travel with you. He says that 
the dragons didn't want to leave the party either. Ashton says that he was 
worried you wouldn't want to travel with him, and Celine (probably someone else 
if she's not there) points out there were many points that you could have just 
left him behind. Rena tells Ashton to come along with you, and he joins you for 

Now that this subquest is done, head to Hilton and catch a ship to Racool 

                                   Chapter 6
                              Racool's Tournament

Once you're ready, head to Harley.

Items in Harley: Ring Mail, Sinclair, 1200V, Leather Boots
Pickpocket Info:
Rose Hip, Nikuman, Silence Guard, Bijobu "Usunigori," 200V, Kokuryu "Ishidaya," 
Senchuyasaku, 120V, Shozoga B, Round Shield, Silk Robe, Coconut Milk, Mix Syrup, 
Care Tablet, Mekkin Tebukuro (Sanitized Gloves), Kanashimi no Yubiwa, Sanbai-
zojo-sake, Toro, Nisesatsu (Counterfeit Money),ÊGizo Kogitte (Fake Check), Moto 
GyunyuÊ(Ex-milk), Suede Boots, Buckler, Tozoku Tebukuro, Mannenpitsu, Seimei 
Hoken (Life Insurance), Shiawase no Yubiwa, Purple Mist, Ruby Pierce, Umeboshi 
(Dried Plum), Tokkoyaku (Special Medicine), Idaten, Kawa no Muchi (Leather 
Whip), Twin Sword, Ebi Gratin (Shrimp Gratin)

What's going on in Harley:
Nothing of any particular interest to your quest. There is talk of the local 
crime boss Sand, and a lot of his underlings hanging around. Also there are a 
large number of refugees from Clik here, but other than that not much is going 
on here.

Once you've finished your shopping at Harley, get on a boat and cross over to 
Hilton on Racool Continent.

Pickpocket Data:
Yasai, Umeboshi, 500V, Tozoku Tebukuro, Silver Idol, 25V, Idaten, Sweet Syrup, 
Kudamono (Fruit), Magical Clay, Smoke Mist, Tamago/Nyuseihin (Eggs/Dairy 
Products), Spectacles, Magic Canvas, 150V, Super Ball, Hyper Ball, 200V, Beer, 
Sanbai-jozo-sake, Ebi Shumai (Shrimp Shumai), Senkiyoke, Paralyze Check, 
Gyokarui, Leather Boots, Blackberry, Lavender, Pretty Idol, Hane Pen (Feather 
Pen) Plate Mail, Plate Greave, Buckler, Plate Helm, Idaten Ship.

What's going on in Hilton: Most of the talk here is about the up-and-coming 
Racool Bugu Taikai, (Weapons and Armor Tournament) and a lot of warriors are 
assembled to participate. A few are worried though, because it is rumored that 
Dias is going to enter the competition.

While you're here, stop at the inn. You will see cut-scene where Crawd goes 
outside in the middle of the night. Rena will follow him. Crawd pulls out his 
communicator and tries to use it again, but it says "Out of range" and picks up 
only static. Crawd looks up at the stars and wonders if one of them is Earth, 
then says even if he knew, he couldn't communicate. He wonders what his parents 
are doing, and starts to return. Rena runs inside and hides, then waits for 
Crawd to leave before returning.

Finish whatever shopping you need to do, then head over to Racool Castle. There, 
either Rena or Celine will suggest going to the castle, and Crawd suggests you 
go on to your next destination quickly. Everyone will be surprised, and Crawd 
says "Never mind." 

Items in Racool: Star Ruby
Pickpocket Data:
Extend Card, Kamikuzu, Bile Tear, Tonyu (Soybean Milk), Orangeade, 500V, Fairy 
Tear, Aqua ring, Rasberry Jam, Blueberry, Yasai, Silver Ring, Carrot Juice, 
Aquaberry, 600V, 555V, Cure Paralyze, 500V, Attack Pierce, Gold Ring, Sandal, 
20V, Lavender, First Pierce, 120V, Blackberry, Cinderella Glass, 12V, Kokumotsu, 
Kudamono, Green Beryl, Crystal, 100V, Aquaberry, Smith Hammer, Damascus, 
Rakugaki (Scribble), Nikurui, Oriental Blade, Sinclair, Cestas, Bows Shaver, 
500V, Dulfolbiban, Yaegaki "Mu" Shizuku Shibori, Beer, Blueberry, 200V, Beer, 
Blackberry, 100V, Gold, Iron, Baselard, Herohero SwordÊ(Broken Sword), Flame 
Blade, Hard Knuckle, Trikabut, Shokuzai Erabi (Picking ingredients), 
Tamago/Nyuseihin, Magical Clay, Magic Canvas, Magical Film, Leather Greave, 
500V, 300V, Kudamono, Ushihireniku no Steak (Cow filet Steak), Magical Clay, 
Hamburger, Anman, Round SHield, Banded Mail, Blueberry, Sinclair, Princess Ring, 
Anklet, Cestas, 50V, Gyokarui, Daifuku, Poison Check, Boots, Buckler, Cure 
Poison, Spectacles, 100V, Tozoku Tebukuro, Shikibo, Vanilla Ice, Joshitsugami 
(Top Quality Paper), Cinderella Glass, Blueberry, Heppo na Kazari (Tacky 
Adornment), 400V, Hosomi no Ken, (Thin Sword), 150V, Hen na katamari (Weird 
Lump), Hosomi no Ken, Blueberry, Long Sword, Crown, Omotai Yubiwa (Heavy Ring), 
Twin Edge, Ruby, 150V, 500V, Iron, Pet no Esa, Orihalcon, Smith Hammer, Ichigo 
Jam (Strawberry Jam), Mannenpitsu, Mannenpitsu, Mortarial Card, Pictorial Card, 
Paralyze Check, Blackberry, 800V, Aquaberry, Blueberry, 70V, Maple Syrup, Sour 
Syrup, Joshitsugami, Hane Pen, Reverse Doll, Sapphire, Silver Baretta, 50V, 
Silver, Blackberry, Care Tablet, Fresh Syrup, Silver, Care Tablet, Fresh Syrup, 
Sour Syrup, Triakbut, Mandrake, Crown, Sankaku Furasuko (Triangle Flask), 
Mandrake, Trikabut, Resurrect Bottle, Blueberry, 200V, Boots, Leather Helm, 
Kamikuzu, Blackberry, Mannenpitsu, Twin Sword, Rot Bracelet, 300V, Blueberry, 
Wood Shield, Hosomi no Ken, Cinderella Glass, Leather Armor, Cinderella Glass, 
Hane Pen, 600V, Gold Ring, Harmonica, Shikkoku no Pierce (Pitch-black Earrings), 
Round Shiled, 600V, Cure Poison, Kaeru (Frog), Necklace, Heppo na Kazari, 150V, 
200V, 50V, High Heel, Artemis Leaf, Tama no Hikari "Yukiyocho", Orangeade, 
Blackberry, 200V, Choco Crepe, Long Sword, Aquaberry, Nigai Juice (Bitter 
Juice), Carrot Juice, Hakuto no Ice (White Peach Ice Cream), Mannenpitsu, Fruit 
Gyunyu (Fruit Milk), Ringo no Crepe (Apple Crepe), Maple Syrup, Joshitsugami, 
Hakuto no Ice, Banana no Crepe (Banana Crepe), Ringo no Crepe, Carrot Juice, 
Senkiyoke, Umeboshi, Choco Crepe, Vegetable Juice, Baselard, Orange Sherbet, 
Beer, Orangeade, Wine, Banana no Crepe, Beer, Dulfolbiban, Yamukei "Mu" Shizuku 
Shibori, 150V, Wine, Magic Rock.

What's going on in Racool:
Almost everybody here is talking about the upcoming Racool Bugu Taikai (Weapons 
and Armor tournament.) In the tournament, those who enter get sponsored by a 
weapon shop and enter the fight equipping that shop's weapons and armor. 
Likewise, none of the weapon shops will sell you anything because during the 
tournament they only show their wares to those actually competing. There are 
rumors about development of a special Monsho weapon in the castle. At the 
castle, there are some scientists not talking about the Taikai that complain 
about having to take orders from a child. You can actually meet the child in 
charge of research at Racool, who will rudely tell you to get out of his lab.

Go to the bottom receptionist of the castle. Rena will ask for an audience but 
the receptionist will tell you that no audiences are accepted until several days 
after the tournament. Rena asks if it's possible to see him earlier, and the 
receptionist will tell you that the winner of the tournament meets the king to 
get congratulated, but that is the only way to see him until after the 
tournament. Leave the castle, and Rena asks what you should do. Crawd suggests 
that you could go to Ringa to get the ancient scroll translated. Rena asks if 
there's something else he's thinking about. Crawd asks Rena if she'd be 
surprised if he wanted to enter the tournament. Crawd suggests that the 
tournament that Dias was talking about at Mars was the one going on in Racool. 
Rena agrees. Crawd says that if he entering the tournament means he might be 
able to go up against Dias, he wants to enter. Rena asks if Crawd wants to fight 
Dias, and Crawd says that he knows that Dias is good so he wants to try and 
fight him. Another party member (if you have any besides Rena) suggests that 
Crawd might not be able to fight him, and Crawd replies that he'll have to make 
it to the last fight to find out. Another party member notes that if you win, 
you can meet the king. Crawd apologizes and asks if it's all right, and Celine 
(if she's with you) says it's fine, as long as he wins and brings back the 
reward. So go back to the to receptionist and register for the fight.

The receptionist will confirm Crawd's registration, and tells him to find a 
weapon shop to sponsor him before the tournament. Rena tells Crawd she'll root 
for him. Leave the castle, and Rena will note you'll have to spend several days 
at the castle before the tournament. Crawd apologizes, and another party member 
will tell him that it's OK because if you win, you'll get the reward money and 
items, plus will be able to meet the king so it's not a waste of time. Crawd 
says he'll have to win the tournament then, and the others note that you have to 
find a shop to sponsor you first.

These are the shops that you can register at:

Dagol: bald man standing outside by the cannons
Equipment: Sinclair, Brigandy, Buckler, Plate Helm, Silver Greaves.
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
Total Attack: 100 Total Defense: 99 Total Evade: 30

Folrong: Man with cloth hat standing outside next to the red arrow sign
Equipment: Long Edge, Leather Armor, Wood Shield, Leather Helm, Leather Greaves.
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
Total Attack: 285 Total Defense: 16 Total Evade: 50

Fastred: Man with blue hat standing outside in front of the mural of the woman 
in armor
Equipment: GusgwinŽ, Banded Mail, Knight Shield, Banded Helm, Plate Greaves.
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
Total Attack: 250 Total Defense: 46 Total Evade: 60

Edda: Woman inside the store the red arrow sign points to
Equipment: Warune Sword, Ring Mail, Round Shield, Iron Helm, Iron Greaves.
Items: Fruit Syrup, Fresh Syrup, Attack Bottle, Violence Pill
Total Attack: 240 Total Defense: 59 Total Evade: 60

One thing to keep in mind is that if you make it to the championship match, 
whatever store sponsored you will give you a set of items identical to those 
that you went into the tournament equipping, regardless of whether or not you 
win the match. For this reason, economically Knockout is the best to pick since 
the Long Edge is much more expensive and powerful than anything else being 
offered; while the armor he gives you is really bad, you will probably have the 
best armor you can buy in this city (or close to it) when you first arrive. The 
down side is that unlike in Rena's scenario, Crawd will have to fight an extra 
two fights and armor as weak as that in Knockout it will be difficult to survive 
all three. So unless you are a high level it might not be a good idea to pick 
this store. For lower levels, Counterpunch is a good choice as you will have a 
higher defense rating, but the battles will take a while since your attack will 
be weak. Straight and Slayer are overall well-balanced shops. With Slayer you 
have the added advantage of some unique items to use during the tournament.
Whatever shop you choose will give you the Bugu Taikai Sanka Badge. (Weapons & 
Armor Tournament Entrant Badge) Once you leave the weapon store area, the party 
splits up and talks about what to do until the day of the tournament. Since it 
is like a festival for those non-fighters, it is decided that you will just 
enjoy the town. When you are ready, you can go to the Racool inn and rest there 
in preparation for the tournament. Despite your characters' warning, you can 
leave the town and build levels if you like; the tournament will not start 
without you. You'll have to stay in Hilton's inn though. Once you save or 
whatever you feel like doing, go to the inn and rest.

Inside your room, your party talks about the tournament; Ashton regrets not 
being able to enter due to Gyoro and Ururun, and they get mad at him. Rena 
wonders if Dias really is going to come since she never saw him. She starts 
pacing, and Celine (if she's with you) asks her why she's so uptight, since 
Crawd is the one fighting. Rena decides to go on a walk, saying that if she's 
there everyone else won't be able to calm down. Crawd says as she leaves that 
she doesn't need to worry about it. Celine or Ashton (if they're there) say that 
she's probably not just worrying about Crawd. Crawd is confused and s/he 
suggests that she is maybe thinking secretly about meeting Dias. S/he goes on to 
say that although Rena initially may not have intended to meet him, with Crawd 
entering the tournament that may be inevitable which is what is worrying her. 
"That's not something for me to worry about." Crawd says. Celine and Ashton (or 
just one if you have only one) just say "Hmmm...." Crawd asks "What?" They just 
say it's nothing. Crawd says "If you want to say something say it." Again they 
say they have nothing to say. Crawd turns away angrily.
You see a message about how Rena came back later, and seemed to be thinking 
about something all the time until the day of the tournament. Then Crawd 
narrates about how lots of people came to watch the tournament. Inside the inn, 
everyone wakes up and gets ready to leave for the tournament. Go to the castle.

At the counter at the arena, Crawd registers to fight. The soldier takes all 
your weapons and armor and gives Crawd his equipment. The receptionist then 
tells you to wait in the waiting room until the match starts. At this point, 
Dias comes in, and asks the receptionist if his equipment has arrived yet. The 
soldier tells him that it hasn't yet, and Dias asks if it's too late to 
register. The receptionist tells him that since it's a special case, he can 
register as late as his first match. He asks Dias to go back and check the 
store. Dias starts to leave, and Rena calls out to him. Dias asks what she 
wants, and Rena asks if "Gyamji's stuff hasn't come yet." Dias says that it's 
none of her business. Rena says "It is my business since I was the one that 
introduced you to him!" Crawd comes forward and asks what she means about 
introducing Dias to his sponsor. Dias tells him it was a coincidence and not to 
be jealous. He goes on to say not to worry since this is his problem and leaves. 
Rena apologizes and says she is going with him. Crawd is surprised, and Rena 
tells him that like this Dias won't be able to participate and fight Crawd. 
Crawd tells her that if Dias is more important to go ahead and help him. Rena 
asks him what's with his tone of voice, and Crawd says "Didn't you get him his 
weapons? Which one do you want to win here anyway!?" Rena asks Crawd why he 
would say something like that, and Crawd replies "It's your fault." Rena runs 
out of the room. If she's there, Celine berates Crawd for saying that to Rena 
and calls him a child; Ashton will join in if he's there. (and start the 
berating if Celine's not) Crawd gets angry at the party for picking on him. 
"Didn't you start picking on Rena first?" they say. 

Enter the waiting room and talk to the fighters waiting there. Eventually a 
soldier will come in and announce the start of the tournament. The soldier calls 
the first two fighters; the first is Amon Rau, and the second, Crawd. The party 
splits up and encourages Crawd. You get a last-minute check of your equipment 
and waza; I suggest you set Crawd's waza to Kabutowari and then Katsujinken if 
you have it, Kuhazan if you don't.  Once you're done, you will enter the battle.

Note: Whether or not you win each fight, the tournament will continue. If you 
lose out of the tournament and do not go on to the last round, Dias will win the 
tournament and the game will proceed as usual. I highly suggest that you do NOT 
continue the game if this happens; reset and keep trying, building levels as 
necessary, because if you do not make it to the last round of the tournament you 
won't get any prizes and you also won't be able to get the Sharp Edge, which you 
will definitely want if not need. Note that you don't have to WIN the tournament 
to get the prizes and the Sharp Edge, only make it to the last round.

First fight: Amon RauÊ(Gladiator)
HP: 2000
Just do constant normal attacks. If you can't beat Amon Rau this way, reset and 
build some levels because you'll have a lot of trouble against the upcoming 

After winning the first fight, Crawd wonders if Rena was watching the fight and 
where she is. Go find your party members and they will congratulate Crawd on 
winning the fight. Crawd notes that Rena is not there and asks where she is. The 
others will not have seen her. At this point the next match will end and a party 
member notes that Dias' turn has come. At this point Rena comes in. She says 
that she heard from a soldier that Crawd won and congratulates him. Rena says 
that she wanted to watch but didn't realize it was the first fight. Crawd asks 
Rena if she's angry at him, but before she can answer Dias comes out to fight. 
He wins his fight. After the fight Rena breathes a sigh of relief that he made 
it on time. Crawd asked what happened with Dias, and Rena tells him that some 
people stole his sword so he couldn't compete. At this point, a soldier comes 
out and calls Crawd to his next fight. The party wishes him luck and he leaves 
to start the fight.

You get another last-minute equipment check before you start this fight. You 
will probably want to change your targeting to Auto now since you have only one 
target to select.

Second Fight: Dol Adan
HP: 2750
It would be a good idea to conserve your MP for the next fight here. You should 
be able to defeat Dol Adan with normal attacks without too much trouble. If your 
level is low, however, with Auto targeting and a high Hayate level (say 5) you 
can play "chicken" with him. Let him get near you then run away at the last 
minute. If your Hayate level is high enough you can get out of the way and he 
will attack thin air; use this opportunity to counterattack. This is actually a 
very useful strategy to use on all sorts of enemies that are more powerful than 
you, and is especially useful later in the game when you get access to the arena 

After winning, your party members get really excited, knowing that Crawd made it 
to the next-to-last fight. Before your next fight, you get another last-minute 
equipment check; use this time to use your healing items if you took any 
significant damage against Dol Adan. 

Third Fight: Worzay Durahan
HP: 4000
Worzay Durahan is tough. You'll want to start using MP here. What I usually like 
to do is wait until he starts to approach and use a Kabutowari when he gets 
about 3-4 Crawd-lengths away from me. If you use a Kabutowari from further away, 
you will probably miss. If you use a Kabutowari when you're right up against 
him, he'll smack you on your way up. You can also try the "chicken" method but 
Worzay attacks a lot faster than Dol Adan does so be forewarned.

After winning, go talk to your party. Crawd will ask the others if Dias is still 
in the running. Before anyone can answer, Dias enters the ring in the next-to-
last fight and wins.

One interesting note here is that on Universe mode (perhaps Galaxy too) the 
monsters are made so tough that Dias can actually get killed in this fight. Even 
if he loses though the game will proceed as if he had won. Crawd notes that Dias 
won and says he can tell that he's really strong. Ashton or Celine will ask if 
he had given up from the start or doesn't think he can win.  Crawd says no, just 
that he wants to fight at full strength against an opponent like Dias. At this 
point a soldier comes in and tells Crawd to return to the ready room. As he 
leaves, the party calls him, saying "Fight!" 

You get a final check of your equipment once more. Before the match starts, Dias 
says "It looks like you lasted to the last fight as promised." Crawd is 
confused, and Dias says "What, didn't Rena relay the message?" Crawd starts to 
sweat and asks him what he's talking about. Dias ignores the question and says 
"You're interesting. When it comes to Rena, you sure get uptight quickly." Crawd 
says nothing and Dias tells him that this is a true fight and as soon as he 
enters the ring he won't give Crawd an inch. "That's how I want it" Crawd says. 
Crawd and Dias enter the ring and fight.

Last Fight: Dias
HP: ????
Don't waste your energy against Dias. You can't beat him. Actually theoretically 
he IS possible to beat, but you will have to be well over level 70 to stand a 
chance of doing so, and have as many battle skills maxed as possible. And even 
if you do, the game proceeds as if you lost, so there's no real point..

Dias is announced as the winner and Rena runs out of the arena to find him, the 
rest of the party soon following suit. Inside the waiting room, Crawd eventually 
wakes up, and asks what happened in the battle. Rena says the tournament is 
over. Crawd is confused and asks what happened to him. Ashton or Celine will 
tell him that he lost. Crawd says he has no memory of the fight. At this point, 
Dias comes in. "Dias!" Crawd says. Dias makes a snide comment about not 
remembering to let Crawd address him so informally, and Crawd asks him what he 
wants. Dias says he came to thank Crawd. Crawd is confused. Dias says that Crawd 
was better than he expected and "it's been a long time since I fought for real." 
He tells Crawd not to get the wrong idea and that he is not complimenting him; 
he just thought this was a good opportunity to "put him in his place." Rena gets 
slightly angry, and Dias starts to leave. Crawd asks Dias if they will ever meet 
again, and Dias says "If the time comes." He leaves. Crawd suggests you leave, 
and a party member asks if he's all right. Crawd says "I must have slept a long 
time, no? I feel awfully light too." Ashton or Celine tells him that's because 
Rena was constantly casting healing spells on him. Crawd asks Rena if that's 
true and she says yes. Crawd thanks her and says you should get going. Rena 
tells him your next stop should be Ringa to get the scroll translated. If Crawd 
made it to the last fight (it may not be possible for him NOT to in Rena's 
scenario, I dunno) Rena says you should pick up the second-place prizes first. 
Crawd asks "Does second place get prizes too?" 

Head out to whomever sponsored you, and they will congratulate you on making it 
to second place and give you whatever that shop's prize was. Before you leave 
though, pay a visit to Gyamji; he is the old man that lives at the west end of 
town. Upon meeting him and his granddaughter Sufia, Crawd will ask who they are, 
and Rena will tell him that he is the one who made Dias' weapon. Gyamji tells 
Crawd that Dias praised his skill before leaving, and asked Gyamji to "leave 
this for you." He gives Crawd the Sharp Edge, another sword he made besides the 
Sharpness Sword that Dias used. Crawd wonders if Dias is recognizing Crawd as 
his rival. Whatever you do, DO NOT GET RID OF THIS SWORD! You will find swords 
more powerful very soon (In fact, the Long Edge for sale in Racool is stronger) 
but you will eventually be able to make the most powerful sword in the game out 
of it.

Once you've gotten your prize and talked to Gyamji, head out to the next stop on 
your quest.

                                    Chapter 7

If Ashton is in your party, or you do not want Opera to join you, skip this 
chapter and go straight to the next one. If you do want Opera in your party, 
read on.

Note that for any of this chapter to occur, you MUST have seen the Private 
Action back in Cross with the three-eyed man. (Check the PA Appendix) If you 
haven't seen it, skip this chapter because it's unfortunately too late to go 
back and see it.

Don't go to Ringa; instead, go back to Hilton. Enter the bar and a man there 
will slump over from having drunk too much. The woman next to him says "I win, 
answer my question." You learn she had entered a drinking contest with the man 
and if she won he would have to answer any question. She asks the man if she 
knows anything about a man named Ernest, a man with three eyes like her. The man 
says he doesn't know anything and falls asleep. The woman leaves, but on her way 
out asks you if you've seen a man with three eyes. "Yes, I have." Crawd answers. 
"I see...I guess I can't find him that easily..." the woman says. Then she 
realizes that you said you DID see a three-eyed man. The woman asks you where 
and when you saw him. You tell her about the run-in at Cross. The woman starts 
to leave, then introduces herself as Opera Vectra. Crawd introduces himself. 
Opera thanks you and says she's going to head for Cross. You should follow her; 
hop a boat and return to Cross continent, and head for Cross Castle.

Go and talk to the king. Now, in addition to the normal three choices about the 
state of the world, you can also ask about Opera. The king says that she came 
and had an audience with him to ask about the three-eyed man that had an 
audience with the king several days earlier. The man asked for permission to 
enter the Mountain Palace. Crawd asks about the palace, and the king says it is 
a cavern palace by lake Coll. The king says that Opera probably headed there, 
since he also gave her permission to enter. Crawd asks for permission to enter 
too, and the king says he doesn't mind, but tells you to be careful because 
strong monsters live there. You can ask more questions, and when you're done, 
the king will give you 10,000 Vol. Now head over to the Mountain Palace.

Items in the Mountain Palace:
Lunar Tablet, Crystal, ?HERB (Artemis Leaf), ?JEWELRY (Kaygayaki no Pierce, 
Shining Earring), Resurrect bottle, Cure Stone, Sweet Syrup, Crest Rod, Amber 
Robe, ?MINERAL (Damascus), Trikabut, Fairy Toilette, Damascus, Emerald Ring, 
Yosei no Zo (Fairy Statue), Cestas, ?MINERAL (Orihalcon)

The monsters that show up in the Mountain Palace are basically the same as those 
that show up around Racool and Hilton, so if you weren't having trouble on 
Racool continent you shouldn't have too much trouble here. If you are equipping 
the best armor/weapons you can buy in Racool castle town, you should be fine. 
Look out for the Petro Gerells and Slime Pools though; they can petrify and 
paralyze you respectively, so unless you have a lot of Cure Paralyze/Stones or 
Dispel for Rena (unlikely) then be careful.

Proceed far enough into the palace and you will find Opera fuming about how dank 
the place is. Rena says "Isn't that because it's a cave?" Opera says "Good 
point" then realizes your presence and pulls out a huge bazooka, turns around 
and points it at you before realizing who you are. Opera asks you what you want, 
and Crawd asks to talk to her alone. Crawd says he'll get to the point quick, 
and says "You're not from this planet, are you?" She realizes Crawd is neither. 
Crawd asks what she's doing here, since being here breaks the Interplanetary 
Protection Treaty. Opera says "Well, this and that..." At this point, Rena comes 
forward and asks what you're talking about. Crawd starts sweating, and Opera 
laughs. Opera says "It's not like what you think. Besides, I've already decided 
on someone." She says her boyfriend Ernest is an archaeologist, and ran away all 
of a sudden to conduct research. She is trying to find him. Crawd asks if Ernest 
is further in the cave. Opera says "Probably." She points to the wall nearby and 
says that it was destroyed recently. She says that it's tough to proceed alone 
though, and asks if you'll come with her to the end of the cave. You can say:

1) OK
2) I refuse

If you pick 2, Opera will go on alone. Pick 1 if you want her to join you.  
Crawd will ask the rest of your party if it's OK, and they all agree. Opera then 
joins your party.

A little further into the cave, you will come across two giant lizards on the 
ground. Crawd and Opera walk forward and Opera says Ernest must have killed 
them, with an AP-3 Plasma Launcher nicknamed "Firefly." Crawd says that it's an 
impressive weapon. Rena asks what they're talking about, and Opera says they're 
just checking the cause of death. One of the lizards move and Crawd says 
"They're still alive!" 

BOSS: 2 Flare Lizards
5000 HP
Weak to ice, strong to fire and electricity

This is a tough boss. Attacking the Flare Lizards head-on will not work unless 
your levels are high because they will either block the attack or counter before 
you can hit them. Whatever you do, don't attack them from the front; if they 
breathe fire and you get caught in it it will hit you multiple times, which will 
usually kill that character outright. The waza of choice for Crawd is definitely 
Kabutowari; the lizards are slow and big targets so are easy to hit, and 
Kabutowari will do a lot of damage. Opera's best bet is to lob Flame Launchers 
at a distance at them, but as they are strong to fire, it won't do much damage. 
(I don't think Photon Prison will work against them; if it did it would be nice) 
Once one lizard is dead, sandwich the remaining one between Crawd and Opera and 
have them both do normal attacks.

After you kill the Flare Lizards for good, Rena notes that they probably lived 
here for a long time and apologizes to them since they were only trying to 
protect their home. Opera tells her she's not going to get too far if she 
sympathizes with every monster she has to kill. Rena says that Opera is strong, 
and she says it's because she's motivated. Proceed on further into the cave.

When you reach the furthest room, it will be empty. Celine wonders what a room 
is doing at the bottom of the cave. Opera says it's a hidden room for 
experiments. Crawd asks if the place was built with a purpose. Opera says 
"Probably. Doesn't it look like a place where a king would have lived?" Rena 
notes that Ernest must have already left. Opera wonders what she should do, and 
Crawd asks her if she'd like to join you. Opera says she's run out of leads, so 
that might be a good idea. Rena says if you all search together it will probably 
help find Ernest faster. 

Leave the cave now and head on to Ringa. Before you go there, though, you might 
want to do the mini-quest of helping the traveler Radol. To start with, you'll 
find him in Salba. He'll ask you where Harley is. Tell him it's north. Next go 
to Mars. You'll find him there again, and he'll be lost. You can tell him that 
it's further east (do) or that it's actually south of Salba (don't.)  Next, take 
a ship back to Hilton. You'll find Radol there, and once again he'll ask you how 
to get to Harley, telling you he got here by boat. You can tell him to go back 
by ship to Harley, or tell him to go south. Tell him the former. Then go back to 
Harley and he'll finally be there. In thanks, he'll give you the Chinke Slayer. 
This weapon will be totally useless to you until you're well into the bonus 
dungeon; it only has a power of 1, but will kill monsters with "Chinke" in their 
name in one hit.

Once you're done your business on Cross, go to Ringa.

                                   Chapter 8
                             Keith, the Translator

As soon as you enter Ringa, you hear a voice screaming "Wait!" A girl runs in, 
chasing a robot. The townspeople see the robot and scream, not knowing what it 
is. She chases it off screen. The robot reenters and heads north. Crawd (and 
Opera if she's with you) get very surprised to see a machine. Rena asks "What's 
a machine?" Crawd runs over to the girl. The rest of the party soon follows.

The girl gets up off the ground, muttering something about how her father is 
going to make fun of her. Crawd asks the girl if she's OK. After a pause, she 
starts sweating and says she's OK, saying this is daily routine for her. She 
asks you if you've seen "Mujin-kun." Rena asks who Mujin-kun is, and the girl 
says that it was the thing running in front of her. One of your party members 
will point out to her that it went north. She runs off. Crawd calls her, but she 
just turns around and says "thanks for worrying about me" then leaves. One of 
your party will say that she's "like a storm." If Ashton is in your party, he'll 
say "But she was pretty cute." Rena says "Oh, so you like that type?" Ashton 
turns red and says that's not how he meant it.

Pickpocket Info:
200V, Renki no Sho (Book of Renki), Gyakushu no Sho (Book of Counterattacks), 
Karai Cake (Spicy Cake), Kokumotsu, Mannenpitsu, Pet no Esa, Attack Bottle, 
Iron, Iron, 1500V, Promised Ring, Artemis Leaf, Trikabut, Magical Drop, 
Spectacles, KougakuronÊ(Engineering Theory), Daichi no Himitsu (Secret of the 
Earth), 300V, Paralyze Oil, Bitter Lotion, Energy Tonic, Shock Oil, Smoke Oil, 
Mori no Nakamatachi (Friends of the Forest), Sosa Manual (Operation Manual), 
Fairy Toilette, Mannenpitsu, Hermes no Riron (Hermes Theory), Mad Mist

What's going on in Ringa: Having the only college on the continent, Ringa is the 
intellectual center of Racool. Most of the people at college are talking about 
"college things" (finishing reports, etc.) Several people mention an eccentric 
pair of father & child that lives in isolation creating strange inventions. In 
response to your questions about getting your writings translated, most people 
tell you that the translator Keith Crasna is the person to go to.

Enter the translator's house (it's right north of where you talked to the girl) 
and his helper will stop you and ask what you want. Crawd says you've come 
looking for a translator. The helper will ask if you have an appointment. He 
says that since the translator is so busy he only meets people by appointment. 
Crawd asks to make an appointment, and the helper tells her that he'll see her 
in a month. He tells you to come back in a month and kicks you out. Outside, the 
party comes to consensus that a month is too long to wait. Rena suggests you try 
to find an acquaintance of the translator who might be able to meet with him 
earlier. Crawd suggests you talk to the people in the town.

Go enter the store "Jean Medicine Home." It's right across the river from the 
college. Talk to the proprietor, Bowman. He asks you if you have a stomachache 
and need medicine. Crawd says no, and Rena asks him if he knows the translator. 
"If you mean Keith, yes" he says. One of your party members asks him if there's 
a way to see him without making an appointment. Bowman shakes his head and says 
he's been into translating ancient scripts so much that without a good reason, 
he wouldn't see anyone. Crawd says you've come to ask him to decipher the 
ancient script you found in Cross Cave, and asks if that would be enough reason. 
Bowman is surprised and says if it's something from Cross Cave it might be a 
different story. Rena says you can't wait for a month and asks if he could do 
something since he knows him. Bowman nods, and asks if you really made it to the 
inner sanctum of Cross Cave, since it's supposed to be dangerous there. (Celine 
if she's there) gets angry and says you have the script as proof. Bowman shakes 
his head and says that anyone can ready a book so it can't be real proof. Crawd 
asks him what you need to do so that he will believe you. Bowman says that if 
you really could make it that deep into Cross cave, you should also be able to 
make it in Ringa Seichi. (The Sanctuary of Ringa, lit.) Crawd asks what that is, 
and Bowman says that it's a sanctuary nearby where you can get all kinds of 
ingredients for medicines. He says that since it hasn't been completely explored 
so there are still lots of plants that have yet to be discovered there. Crawd 
asks Bowman if he's telling you to go there, and he tells you not to go there 
light-heartedly because it is rumored that in the depths of the cave there is a 
portal to a sub-world there that many monsters come through. Rena asks Bowman if 
he will help you if you bring him a plant from there. Bowman says if you really 
made it to the inner chamber of Cross Cave, you should be able to bring him an 
undiscovered plant. Crawd is surprised and asks him if he's serious. Bowman says 
he is. So head to Ringa Seichi.

Items in Ringa Seichi:
Ruby, Might Chain, Mix Syrup, Rainbow Diamond, Poison Check, Straight Punch, 
Twin Edge, ?GUARD (Rune Buckler), Cinderella Glass, Liquor Bottle, Bubble Lotion 
Lavender, Rose Hip, Aseras, Mandrake, Artemis leaf, Trikabut

If you went on neither the Ashton nor the Opera quests this dungeon will be 
fairly difficult and you will want to do it in several trips, returning to 
Ringa's inn periodically. Also, if you have her in your party, this will be 
Precis' first quest (unless you did Opera's quest and got Precis beforehand) so 
you will need to protect her until she gains enough levels to make it on her 
own. Other than that, this dungeon will not be too difficult. The Mandrakes and 
Oozes can paralyze/petrify you, but you should get Dispel for Rena at around 
this point in the game so it shouldn't be a problem unless Rena is the one to 
get paralyzed or Petrified. In this case, you should bring a few items to heal 
her. One thing you will notice about this dungeon is that if you look at it 
screen by screen it is not very long, but it is VERY easy to get lost with all 
the twists, turns, and branches. For this reason, it will probably take you a 
significant amount of time and number of battles to finish this dungeon, and if 
you want to clear it out you are going to be here a while. By this point in the 
game you will probably be relying on your spells and waza a lot, so you will 
note that your MP goes down very fast in this cave, and you will be running out 
of Blackberries to refill it quite often, so you may need to go back to town a 
couple of times or summon Familiars to buy for you.

There are two different types of plants here that Bowman will accept. One is the 
Clarisage, and the other is the Dilwhip. You can only pick up one; if you pick 
up a Clarisage you won't find a Dilwhip, and vice versa. There is a difference 
though; the Dilwhip you can't find until you're very deep inside the cave, 
whereas you can find the Clarisage earlier. Similarly, only the Dilwhip is an 
undiscovered plant; while Bowman will accept the Clarisage, he'll already have 
known it and will be disappointed. I don't know if this has any impact on the 
game, but if you want to please Bowman, don't pick up any plants until you're 
about as far as you can go and you'll be safe and find the Dilwhip.

When you get far enough into the cave, you'll note all the monster skeletons. 
Inside the deepest chamber, Crawd will wonder if the place is a monster grave. 
At this point, three monsters will crawl out from one of the skeletons and 
attack you.

BOSS: 3 Vissayers
HP 10,000
Weak to light and lightning, strong to Mu

The Vissayers are most annoying in that they can "kill" you in one hit; they 
will swallow a character whole, removing him/her from the battle. If all your 
characters get swallowed, the game is over. In addition, when and if they spit 
you out you will usually take several hundred points of damage. For this reason 
you want to stay as far away from them as possible. Use long-range techniques 
like Crawd's Kuhazan, Ashton's Piercing Swords, Opera's Alpha on One, or Precis' 
Ei! Ya!! on them to keep them away. Being weak to lightning, Celine's Thunder 
Storm, if you have it yet, will do significant damage to them. If a character 
gets swallowed, focus your attacks on the Vissayer that swallowed him or her, 
and it will spit your character out. Attacking Vissayers with party members 
inside can hurt them as well, but better to have them participating in the 
battle than swallowed. The Vissayers are slow, so if you use the item "Idaten 
Ship" on a character to speed them up, you can run away from them easily and use 
a "stick and move" strategy. Attack items like bombs or Magic Rocks are useful 

After defeating the monsters, Rena wonders if this is the place that is called 
the "gate to the sub-world." Crawd suggests it's more like a grave, and wonders 
if it's normal for so many monsters to be there. 

Once you're finished getting the plant/cleaning out the dungeon, return to 
Ringa. Whatever you brought, show it to Bowman. If you bring him the Clarisage 
he'll say that it's not an undiscovered plant and he's seen it before, but it's 
evidence that you went pretty far into the cave. If you bring the Dilwhip, he 
will be very surprised and says he never saw it before, and asks you just how 
far you went into the cave. In either case, he'll let you meet Keith. If you 
brought him the Dilwhip he'll be annoyed about how little you care about your 
great discovery though. He joins you and asks you to take him to Keith's place.

Bowman doesn't even go inside, he just calls Keith over and over again. 
Eventually one of Keith's helpers comes out annoyed and tells you to be quiet. 
"Sorry for being loud, it's me" Bowman says sarcastically. The helper starts 
sweating and becomes polite again. Bowman asks the helper if Keith is there, and 
the helper lets you in. Go upstairs and talk to Keith. Keith wonders what Bowman 
is doing bringing all these people upstairs. Bowman asks Keith if he's still 
translating. Keith is confused, and Bowman explains how you were getting kicked 
out by his helpers. Keith says that he was asked to translate a meaningless 
script by the king so he had his helpers kick all obstacles out. Crawd is angry 
at being called an obstacle and Bowman tells him to calm down and explain the 
situation. Rena explains about how you got the script from Cross cave. Keith is 
surprised and says it sounds a lot more interesting than the boring thing he 
translating for the government. He asks you to show the script to him and Rena 
gives it to him. Keith looks at it and tells you it could be a historical find. 
Keith says the letters look like ancient Rabanne letters but are arranged 
differently than usual. A party member asks if he can manage it, and he tells 
you that it will take some time so asks you if you can leave it with him so he 
can take a good look. You say you will. Keith thanks Bowman for bringing you to 
him and giving him such a good find. Bowman says "Oh my god, he's thanking me! 
Hell's frozen over!" (or the Japanese equivalent thereof)

That evening you stay the night at Bowman's house. Go upstairs and talk to 
Bowman. He will be in his bedroom; Crawd thanks him for introducing you to 
Keith. Bowman says that it looks like you all are getting into something 
interesting. He says he was surprised to hear that you are going to investigate 
the Sorcery Globe, and going to Ell Continent. 

If Precis is not in your party, Bowman asks if you thought he'd just leave such 
an interesting journey alone. Crawd is confused, and Bowman suggests you might 
need someone with a lot of knowledge and experience on your trip. Bowman asks 
you to let him join you. You can say:
1) Please do join us
2) No, we can't worry NinŽ like that.

If you want Bowman to join you select 1. Otherwise select 2. Since Precis and 
Bowman can't both be in your party, if Precis is with you, you don't get this 
choice; Bowman just says he would like to come but is worried about NinŽ.

The next day,
If Bowman is with you: Bowman gets ready to go. One of your party members 
suggests he should says some sort of goodbye to NinŽ. He asks if you think he's 
going to be all melodramatic in front of everyone. NinŽ laughs. Bowman makes a 
comment abut how young people always expect dramatics, then says "See you later, 
NinŽ." Bowman then tells you you should head to Racool castle, because the king 
will probably arrange a boat to Ell for you when he sees your pass from the king 
of Cross.

If Bowman is not with you: He tells you to try and keep yourselves out of 
danger. Crawd says you'll be fine because your friends' lives are on the line. 
Bowman tells Rena to watch Crawd closely, because he gets the sense that he will 
do something stupid. Rena says she will, and Crawd says "Why me?" Bowman tells 
him not to think too much about it, since it's not likely that "he will not 
understand himself." Crawd gets very confused. Rena says that you should head to 
Racool castle next. Bowmans says that with the King of Cross' letter of 
permission, you should be able to get a boat from the king of Racool. Bowman 
tells you to be careful and bring yourselves safely back as a souvenir. 

                                 Chapter 9 
                              The Energy Stone

When you enter Racool, a soldier will be waiting outside. He'll ask you if 
you've come to take refuge in Racool. Crawd is confused, and the soldier tells 
you that monsters on Ell completely destroyed the government and are now heading 
to Racool continent. He says that the fort at the front lines will hold off the 
monsters but the people in northern Racool are taking refuge in the castle 
because north Racool is likely to turn into a battlefield. Crawd says you will 
fight too, and the soldier tells you not to be ridiculous and to go to the 

When you get to the castle, the receptionist asks you to record the name of your 
representative. Crawd gives his name, and the soldier asks if you were the one 
that made it to the last round in the tournament. Crawd says yes and the soldier 
says it's an honor to meet him, then asks his place of origin. Crawd starts 
sweating, and Rena says it's Arlia. "Wow, that's a long way away" the soldier 
says. He lets you enter. Once inside, talk to Gyamji and he will give you a suit 
of Plate Mail. Then go to the research center downstairs.

In the research center, Crawd hears voices and goes to investigate. Two people 
are talking about completion of a weapon. A young boy talks about there is a 
problem that there's no substance that could fuel it. The other person (off 
screen) says "Well then we can't use it!!" The boy says that the substance 
necessary is in the Ho??n ruins. The other person asks him if it's true, and 
identifies him as Leon. Upon closer approach, you can see that Leon is talking 
to the king. Leon tells the king that he could bring back the substance in two 
days. At this point, Crawd makes a sound and gets caught by the guard. Crawd 
tries to convince him they're not anyone to be worried about. At this point:

If Bowman is in your party:
Bowman comes forward and tells the guard to calm down. The guard snaps back at 
him. Then the king says "Is that you, Bowman?" Both Crawd and the guard are 
surprised. Bowman comes forward and greets the king, noting that the research 
facility has changed a lot. Leon gets angry and tells Bowman that even if he is 
friends with the king he is the head of the laboratory and tells Bowman to 
address him first. Bowman says "Oh, you must be Floris and Murdock's son, I 
haven't seen you since you were 3." Leon demands to know who Bowman is, and 
Murdock tells him that Bowman used to work in the pharmacological department of 
the laboratory, and that as soon as he left that department went down the tubes. 
Leon asks his father if Bowman is the "loser" he's always talking about. Murdock 
yells at him, and Bowman says that he is, though he's "just running a pharmacy 
now, KID." Leon tells him not to call him a kid. The king asks Bowman what he's 
up to, and Bowman explains how he joined you to investigate the Sorcery Globe 
and ended up refugees in the castle. He says that he remembered about the 
"Racool Hope" so decided to take you down here. Crawd asks what the Racool Hope 
is, and Bowman says it's a powerful Monsho Weapon that could destroy a small 
island. Leon demands to know how Bowman knew about that, and Bowman says that 
the study to develop it started when he was working in the lab. Bowman asks if 
it is completed, and the king says it's not. Leon says as soon as the final 
ingredient is taken from the Hoffman Ruins the weapon will be done. Bowman is 
surprised and asks who is going to go somewhere as dangerous as that. Leon says 
he'll go, and Bowman asks who permitted him to do so. Leon says that everyone 
did. Bowman says to Murdock that even though he may have a capable son, but 
"there's a line between the possible and the impossible." Murdock tells Bowman 
that since all the soldiers are being sent to the Front Line Base and so none 
can accompany Leon to the ruins. Bowman asks the king for permission to go to 
the Hoffman Ruins to get the stone. Crawd is surprised, and Bowman tells him 
it's better than sitting on your hands in the castle. The king asks him if he's 
serious, and Leon protests loudly, saying that you will slow him down. Bowman 
says that you won't slow him down, since Crawd is the "Hero of Light." Leon 
berates Bowman for believing that legend, but tells the king that if you insist 
it would be all right for you to go. The king asks you to go with Leon. The king 
tells you to go to Hilton and catch a ship to the Hoffman Ruins. Leon gives you 
a Link Combo before joining you. Leave the town now and head to Hilton, and from 
there catch a boat to the island the Hoffman Ruins are on.

If Bowman is not in your party:
One of the scientists, Floris, recognizes Crawd as second place in the Bugu 
Taikai. (I have no idea what happens if he wasn't 2nd place) She says to Leon 
"You saw it too, right?" Leon says he wasn't interested in the tournament so 
doesn't remember. The king, on the other hand, does remember Crawd. He asks him 
what he's doing here. Crawd says he was just taking a walk around. Leon says 
that he's surely lying and is really a spy to steal the secret of the Racool 
Hope. Neither Crawd nor Rena knows what the Racool Hope is. Leon tells you to 
stop playing dumb and says it's the most powerful version of the Monsho Weapon 
they're developing, which could destroy a small island with no problem. "YOU'RE 
developing it?" Crawd asks. Leon realizes you didn't know about it after all. 
Rena tells the king she is only looking for a boat to go to Ell to investigate 
the Sorcery Globe under authority of the King of Cross. Crawd asks for 
permission to leave the town. The king says it's all right, but Leon insists on 
throwing you in the dungeon because you know about the Racool Hope. Crawd points 
out that it was Leon who told them about it in the first place. Leon changes the 
subject and asks for permission to go to the Hoffman Ruins. Crawd asks what the 
Hoffman Ruins are, and Leon says that the materials to complete the Racool Hope 
are there. Murdock tells him that he has to send all the soldiers to the Front 
Line Base and can't send soldiers to accompany Leon. At this point Crawd offers 
to accompany Leon. The king asks if it's OK, since the Hoffman Ruins are a 
dangerous place. Leon complains and says you will only slow him down. Rena tells 
him that you won't slow him down and it's better than going alone. Leon realizes 
she is right and says that you should come. The king tells you to go to Hilton 
and catch a ship to the Hoffman Ruins. Leon gives you a Link Combo before 
joining you. Leave the town now and head to Hilton, and from there catch a boat 
to the island the Hoffman Ruins are on.

Once you enter the Hoffman Ruins, you will find it's a dead end. Leon says you 
may think it's a dead end, but he will be able to open it in 2 seconds. He says 
all you need to do is press the big circle and it will open. It doesn't do 
anything. Leon tries the other, it doesn't work either. Crawd remarks that Leon 
is not doing to well on figuring it out, and he claims it's because he's not 
feeling well. Eventually he figures you have to hit both at the same time; the 
door opens and Leon brags about how smart he is.

Items in the Hoffman Ruins:
Cure Stone, Recoil Bracelet, Angel Hair, Light Box, Aquaberry, Jisho 
(Dictionary), Cure Paralyze, Holy Mist, Green Beryl x 2, Cure Paralyze, Soyokaze 
no Pierce, Orihalcon, 1up Pudding, Gold, Hyper Ball, Diamond, Liquor Bottle, 
Fruit Syrup, Material Kit, Pikopiyo Bomb, Hot Syrup, Piyohan, Blackberry, 
Hexagram Card, Paralyze Check, Sour Syrup, ?HERB (Artemis Leaf), Kaiga "Haru" 
(Painting "Spring"), Shutrum Ring

There are several switches in this dungeon that will set off charges and blow up 
the surrounding area if you hit them. These explosions will damage your party 
significantly, so don't press them in general. The only switch you should push 
is in front of a pile of yellow and red kegs--pulling this switch will open a 
hole in the wall, behind which are several useful treasures. The rest will only 
hurt you and/or scorch the wall. This dungeon is very easy to get lost in 
because of all its twists and turns. You might want to draw a map, but it helps 
to think of the mine shaft as a large circle. The entrance to the dungeon would 
be at about 300 degrees, and the end of the dungeon at about 180 degrees, so you 
know where to head if you're lost. In terms of enemies, the only ones that 
really deserve great caution are the Salamanders; unlucky characters caught in 
their breath are likely to die. If that wasn't bad enough, they can also 
paralyze you. And stay away from the track in the center of the battlefield; 
getting run over by mine carts is irritating and damaging.

At the center of the mine you will find the Energy Stones. Leon will talk about 
how great it is that he found it. Crawd points out to him that you all worked 
together to get there. Rena's pendant starts to glow. A party member suggests 
it's a reflection off of the glowing stones here. Leon turns around and asks you 
to help him mine some of the stones, and a monster jumps out behind him.

BOSS: 2 Harphynxes
HP 36700 
Strong to Fire, Wind, Star, Fu, and Mu, Weak to Lightning, Light, and Dark

The Harphynxes' best offense is an incredibly strong defense. They can raise 
barriers to block attacks, and will often hit your characters in the middle of a 
normal attack. For this reason, projectile attacks or drop-down attacks like 
Crawd's Kabutowari or Bowman's Kubikaze work best as they avoid head-on 
confrontation. If Celine is in your party, you will definitely want her in this 
battle; the Harphynxes are weak to lightning, so Celine can cast Thunder Storm 
to damage them, and her Forget spell is also lightning-based, so it will work 
almost every time and prevent them from casting their own Thunder Storm spells.

After the fight, Rena asks if everyone's OK. Crawd notices that Leon is nowhere 
to be seen. He comes out from behind a rock. Someone asks him what's wrong, and 
he says he never saw the monsters you just fought in any of his books. Crawd 
remarks that Leon is afraid of things that he's not heard of, and Leon gets mad. 
Crawd then breaks a piece of the Energy Stone off to bring back with you. Crawd 
asks if there's still any problem with Rena's pendant, and she says it's not 
glowing any more. Someone suggests that it's the rock that caused the glow. 
Crawd gives the Energy Stone to Leon. Now you can leave the mine.

If you have seen the event with Opera's ship, when you leave the mine, Opera 
will notice something and run away. You pursue her and you find her talking to 
Ernest, who is off in the corner. Ernest turns around and tells Opera he's glad 
she followed him and that he loves her. Opera says nothing and tells him that 
he's acting strange. At this point Crawd comes up and asks if that's Ernest. 
Opera says it's not the Ernest she knows. Ernest tells Opera to come closer but 
she refuses. At this point Ernest notices that Leon has the Energy Stone. He 
says that the stone is his and Leon shouldn't have it. Opera asks Ernest what's 
the matter with him; he approaches her and tells her to give him the stone. She 
tells him if he gets any closer she'll shoot him. He does, Opera shoots him, 
then runs over to help him. Ernest gets up and grabs Opera. He shows his true 
form as a Ghost possessing Ernest, and attacks you.

Ghost: HP 8600
Weak to Light

The Ghost shouldn't take any special patterns to beat; he will be far too weak 
for you at this point.

After defeating the ghost, Rena casts a healing spell on Ernest. He wakes up and 
apologizes to Opera for running off on his own. He then introduces himself to 
the party, saying he's a famous architect on States. (presumably his planet's 
name) He thanks you and talks about how he got trapped when researching Monsho 
Technology. Opera is troubled, saying that since she's found Ernest she no 
longer has reason to travel with you any more. You can say:

1) Why don't you travel with us a little longer?
2) I guess this is goodbye then.

1) After a bit of convincing, Opera agrees to come with you, and Ernest offers 
to come too. Rena welcomes him, and he joins your party.

2) Opera says she wanted to travel with you more but guesses she has no choice. 
"Me too..." Crawd says. Ernest asks if it's necessary for her to leave just 
because she found him, but Opera insists. Crawd asks Ernest if he will return to 
his planet, and Ernest says he will when he was done his research. Crawd asks 
him if he will send a distress call for him when he does. Ernest says he will 
and that he'll ask Opera for the details. Rena asks Crawd what he's talking 
about, and Opera says she doesn't know. Ernest and Opera then leave.

Whether or not the Ernest event occurs, you should head back to Racool castle. 
Go to the castle and everyone will greet Leon. Crawd notes that everywhere he 
goes everyone always calls him "Professor Leon." The King asks if you got the 
Energy Stone, and Leon gives it to him. The king asks Floris and Murdock to use 
the stone to finish the Racool Hope. Leon looks to his parents for praise for 
getting the stone but they just tell him to act like an adult in front of the 
king. Murdock asks if Leon can work on the Racool Hope as well and the king 
tells him to go. "Now, to take care of you..." the king says. "What do you mean 
'take care of'" Crawd asks. (The way he phrases it suggests that he will 'take 
care of them' by killing/imprisoning them.) The king tells you to calm down and 
he tells you he had you checked out and found that you were under authority of 
the king of Cross to investigate the Globe. Someone in your party notes that the 
king apparently didn't trust you at first. The king says that he does trust you 
now and acknowledges you as strong allies. Crawd asks what the king if there is 
anything you can do for him. The king is surprised at your being so considerate, 
and says that judging by your power, he would like you to assist the defense of 
the Front Line Fort, to help hold off the monsters until the Racool Hope is 
finished and you can arm a boat with it to cross to Ell safely. Crawd agrees to 
help him, and the king asks you to go to the Front Line Fort.

When you're ready, head to the Front Line Fort. Go north from Hilton to get 

                                  Chapter 10

The path to Front Line Fort is north of Hilton. Make whatever preparations you 
need, and then go there.

Pickpocket Data:
Cure Poison, Cure Paralyze, Fairy Toilette, Blackberry, Blueberry, Aquaberry, 
Blueberry, Lavender, Paralyze Check, Magic Rock, Round Shield, Rose Hip,   
Blackberry, Cure Poison, Brigandy, Kizuke Kusuri, High Heel, Hard Pierce, 
Anklet, 500V, Ring Mail, Longsword, Rose Hip, Iron Greave, Steel Armor, Hard 
Ring, Pinboke Shasshin, Sweet Syrup, Recure Bottle, Silver Fang, Broadsword

What's going on in Front Line Fort:
People here are readying for battle. There are large numbers of wounded, and the 
soldiers are trying to get help from as many people as possible. They are glad 
for the help from the various wandering fighters and mercenaries assisting, but 
are not happy about their uncontrollability. The battle is overall not going 

Enter the general's office; he is briefing warriors that enlisted. Crawd notices 
that Dias is among them. The general thanks you for coming. He says that more 
fighters are coming from the capital, and asks you to help fight the monster 
army. Dias asks if the battle is not faring well. The general asks why Dias 
asks, and Dias says that he had never heard before of Racool hiring mercenaries. 
The general says hesitantly that that is not the problem and that they just want 
to completely destroy the army which is why they need the extra help. "Let's 
just leave it at that then" Dias says.  The general says that the briefing is 
over for today and tells you to move on your own until tomorrow morning, when 
you must get up early.

Once you leave, Rena will ask Crawd if he saw Dias, and Crawd will say he did. 
Rena notes that Crawd doesn't seem too happy about it. Crawd says he is glad, 
but at the same time feels sort of angry at the same time and can't explain it. 
He apologizes for "saying something strange" and Rena says it's all right since 
she feels similar; she is angry at Dias for abandoning the people of Arlia but 
is happy to see him. Crawd asks Rena if he can ask her something. Rena says it's 
all right, and Crawd asks her why Dias left Arlia. Rena starts to talk, when a 
voice says "You want to know?" Dias comes in from outside. He starts to say 
"Long time no see" to but then notes that he just saw you at the tournament. 
Crawd notes that they run into each other a lot. "Do we meet on our own, or is a 
certain somebody making us meet?" Dias says. He looks at Rena and she says 
"What, me!?" Dias says it makes no difference; he is here because it is most 
natural for him to be in battle, and asks if you have a different reason for 
being here. Crawd starts to say something, and Dias interrupts him, saying that 
since investigating the Sorcery Globe puts Crawd in the heat of battle, he 
wishes he would stop saying "I don't like to fight." He leaves. "If I wasn't 
teleported to this planet I wouldn't be." Crawd says. Rena asks Crawd what he's 
talking about, but before he can give an answer, tells him that she is going to 
go find Dias and talk to him because she has never seen him talk like that. 
Crawd asks what she means. Rena says that Crawd is making Dias "aware of 
something" and wants to find out what. Crawd asks what she's talking about, and 
Rena tells him that "I'm Dias' 'sister,' leave it to me!" She runs away. 
"Sister?" Crawd says. At this point, a party member says "Feel better hearing 
that?" Crawd stammers "What are you talking about?" 

Go outside to the lookout over the stream. Dias will be there; talk to him. Dias 
says "If she's with you, I don't need to worry. Take care of Rena." Crawd is 
confused. Dias starts to leave and he stops him. Crawd says that even if he was 
as strong as Dias he wouldn't be able to protect Rena and asks what he should 
do. Dias asks Crawd "Do you really think I'm strong?" Crawd is confused. Dias 
says "The strength I have is not to protect others, it's for my own benefit. 
Seeing you has made me realize that." He asks Crawd to use his strength to 
protect "his sister" and the others. He leaves.

Go to the battlements and you will find Rena. Crawd asks her why Dias left the 
town. Rena tells him that Dias' family was killed by bandits. You see a 
flashback of the bandits killing his sister. Rena says that only Dias survived 
the attack, but has been blaming himself for the death of the rest of his family 
ever since. Crawd asks Rena why he called her his "sister." Rena says that as a 
child Dias' sister Cecil was her best friend and it was if she was "adopted" 
into the family, so Dias became a surrogate brother. Crawd apologizes and says 
he shouldn't have asked. Rena says it's all right, and she wanted him to ask.

The next day, "make the rounds" and talk to at least three people (it doesn't 
matter who), and as you enter the main hallway of the base the alarm that 
monsters are attacking will be sounded. When you enter the outside guard post, a 
demon, Sin, will be waiting and will attack you.

Sin: HP 21000
Strong to everything

Sin is undefeatable, but if all your characters die the game ends. You have to 
survive this battle for one minute to "win." If you manage to survive, the 
battle will end automatically. Basically the safest way to beat Sin is to have 
your characters not attack him; the more offensive you are, the more likely you 
are to take damage. Having Rena in the battle to heal your characters is a must. 
If you are playing on normal level, it will generally take two hits to kill each 
character. On Galaxy and Universe, Sin will often kill you outright in one 
attack, so you will want to have at least one character (preferably Rena since 
she can heal herself) run around and try to dodge his attacks, using an Idaten 
Ship if you have one.

After the fight with you, Sin retreats, saying the next time he comes back he 
won't hold back. The second-in-command of the base comes up and thanks you, 
saying that Sin was surprised at how strong you were. Rena asks if they'll come 
back. The second-in-command says that all you can do is wait until they attack 
again. At this point, a soldier comes in and tells the second-in-command that a 
message from Racool Castle came saying that the Energy Stone has been completed. 
The soldier says the stone will be delivered soon so all you can do is wait.

Several days later, the Energy Stone still has not been delivered yet. The 
number of wounded soldiers grows, and the base weakens even more. Talk to more 
people (I think the number is 10 or so) and rest in the infirmary. When you 
leave, a soldier will come in and say that the monsters are attacking again. 
Crawd asks if everyone has gone to fight them, and the soldier comes in saying 
that all those who could have gone to the front lines and he asks for anyone who 
can fight to come assist. Go outside to the front lines. Crawd asks where the 
monsters are, and Dias says they'll arrive in under 10 minutes. A huge flock of 
monsters appears, and Crawd says there are too many of them for you to win. Dias 
tells him that you have to do all you can. Crawd says "I guess in the end we end 
up as mere bait to buy time." At this point, Leon comes in with the Energy Stone 
and says there's no need for you to fight. If Precis is in your party, Leon will 
give her a Thunder Punch he made, saying he was slightly interested in her 
mecha. Leon runs up to the Racool Hope and fuels it with the energy stone.

After the FMV, one of the soldiers says "What WAS that?" Leon boasts to everyone 
and asks what they thought of the power of the Racool Hope. All the soldiers get 
really excited at their new chance to win. Dias asks Leon if he made the Racool 
Hope. Leon says "Yeah, but it would only take me about 2 days to make a weapon 
of that power." Crawd notes that as usual, Leon is full of confidence. "But it's 
the truth!" Leon says. He then tells you that his parents want to talk to you. 
Leave and they will great you. Floris says that the king of Racool wants to go 
straight to Ell with his new weapon, and wants you to assist in the effort. Rena 
asks if you're going to attack the enemy's base, and Murdock says with the 
Racool Hope it should be easy. He goes on to say that he wants you to come with 
him to Racool Castle to help formulate a plan. One of your party members asks if 
the base will be all right, and Floris says that until you return they will have 
a Racool Hope there, and that the monster army is not likely to attack again so 
soon after getting wiped out in their last attack. 

In the castle, the king basically tells you that he wants to strike back now 
before the monsters get a chance to regroup. A ship at Hilton has been readied 
for you to go to Ell at any time. The king tells you that the ultimate target 
will be the town of Elria. The ship will stop to the northwest of Elria, and 
fire the Racool Hope and burn the town down. Crawd asks what will happen to the 
people already on Ell. The king tells you the Racool Hope won't be fired 
immediately; he wants you to ascertain the status of the people of Ell, and 
evacuate any survivors to a safe place. Once that has been done, then the Racool 
Hope will be fired on Elria. The general tells you that they would like you to 
investigate the Sorcery Globe after the battle with the monsters is over. Crawd 

Before you leave, Dias says that there's a lot of people for the launch, and 
Leon says it's just because people want to be careful about mounting the Racool 
Hope to the ship. "You saw how powerful it was, right?" he says. Dias says "If 
it's so important to be careful about it, should the person in charge be 
chatting here?" Leon leaves to help. Dias asks Crawd what he thinks about the 
battle. He says that on the note of weapon power, you have the advantage, but he 
doubts the enemy will just surrender. Crawd agrees and says that although you've 
defeated all the monsters so far, you have no idea how powerful their boss is. 
Dias says he feels the same way as Crawd, saying if that all the monsters you've 
been fighting so far are the weak ones, then assurance of victory is not so 
sound. He says that in order to assure victory, you'll have to kill their boss 
and make sure that they can't rise up again. Crawd tells Dias he hopes they can 
meet again with messages of victory. Dias says he'll be waiting but won't expect 
anything. Crawd gets irritated and Dias tells him if he keeps that energy he'll 
be fine, and that he will do his best at the Front Line Fort. He leaves. Rena 
says that she gets the feeling that this will be the last time she sees him. 
Crawd says Dias will surely be fine. At this point, the ship will be declared 
ready for castoff.

You come close to the continent, and Murdock says that the Racool Hope is fully 
charged and can be fired at any time. The second-in-command says that there has 
been no trace of monsters so far, and the captain of the ship says that it won't 
be long before you cross into their sphere of protection. At this point, a 
soldier spots some monsters. The captain orders the firing of the Racool Hope. 
They fire at the monsters, and there's a short FMV movie.

Leon is shocked that the Racool Hope didn't work against the monsters. Crawd 
realizes that Sin was using a shield like those that starships use. The monsters 
that Sin orders to descend attack your party. After you kill them, Sin attacks 
the party himself.

Sin: HP 21000
Strong to everything

This time Sin is still undefeatable. The only difference is that this time you 
don't have a time limit; you just have to let yourselves get beaten.

Sin knocks your defeated party into the water. Sin laughs at the remaining 
people on the ship for thinking that a single weapon could stop them. Everyone 
on board jumps ship. Sin tells the Stone Statues to ignore you since you won't 
live anyway. They report that they have destroyed the rest of the ships. Sin 
destroys the Racool Hope and takes the Energy Stone.

You wake up on the beach. Crawd realizes he's alone. He hears someone's voice 
though and goes running to check it out. He finds Leon unconscious on the beach. 
Crawd wakes him up, and Leon asks where he is. Crawd says he doesn't know. Leon 
asks where his parents and everyone else is. Crawd says nothing. Leon asks if 
everyone else is dead. Crawd says you don't know for sure. Leon doesn't take it 
well, and Crawd suggests you look for them. Leon insists that they must be dead, 
and wishes he had drowned too. Crawd slaps him and tells him not to talk like 
that. Crawd says that the others are just not here, and could have been washed 
ashore elsewhere. Leon says that there are monsters around and they will get 
them. Crawd says he'll kill them. Leon agrees, and you go search for the others. 
Head north to a small town.

When you enter the town, you will find the rest of your party. Rena runs up and 
hugs Crawd. Someone asks Crawd if he's OK. Crawd asks if everyone else is OK. 
They say they are. Someone makes a sarcastic remark and Rena stops hugging 
Crawd. Leon walks away and asks if his parents are with the others. Rena says 
nothing, and Leon says "Then they didn't make it..." Crawd says you don't know 
that for sure. Rena assures Leon that his parents are all right. Rena suggests 
that you should go talk to the elder to find out if they were here. Go enter the 
northeast house.

The Elder asks if you are all right and says you can talk later if you need to 
rest. A woman inside asks you if you came from Racool. Crawd says yes. The woman 
gets excited and asks if you came to save her, and asks where the boat is. The 
young man inside tells the woman that how you ended up in this village should 
explain that. Crawd apologizes, and the woman asks what you're talking about. 
The elder tells her that Racool must have fallen to the monsters. Rena says 
"Yes, probably." The elder says there's nothing you can do, since the monsters 
are too strong since the Sorcery Globe fell. Crawd asks what it's like where the 
Globe fell. The Elder says at first it was just a normal meteorite, but then it 
started to seem like the Globe itself was creating the monsters. He says that 
the meteorite hit the town of Elria and destroyed half the village, creating a 
crater. The rest was taken over by monsters and became their base. Crawd asks if 
it's their main base, and the elder asks if you intend to go there. Crawd says 
that that's the reason you came, and that you can't just sit still doing 
nothing. The elder asks Crawd if he knows what he's saying. Crawd says that you 
came to find out what the source of the problem is, and if it's the Sorcery 
Globe, to destroy it. The woman tells you you'd never be able to do it, and the 
elder says there may be no other way. He tells you that he is has some weapons 
in storage and tells you to take whatever you need. Crawd asks if anyone else 
was washed ashore. The elder says that nobody has been found yet. Crawd asks the 
elder if he could take care of Leon for a while, until you can see whether or 
not his parents washed ashore as well. The elder says it's all right, asks what 
you are going to do then. You can say:
 1) It's in your best interest to stay here
 2) Do you want to come with us?

If you pick 1, Leon will stay at the town. If you pick 2, Leon will join your 
party. Whatever you pick, head to the storage shed.

Items in the storage shed:
Plate Mail x 2, Rune Cap, Giant Fist, Metal Fang, Silver Robe x 2, Shield Sword, 
Bale Piercer, Silver Greave x 2, Fine Shield

Pickpocket info for the town:
Kanashimi no Yubiwa, Rot Bracelet, Paralyze Check, Piyohan, Melty Lotion, Holy 
Mist, Sandal, Star Ruby, Glass no Kutsu (Glass Shoes)

Buy whatever you need, and when you leave, the man in the storage shed tells you 
that he found something while fleeing Elria and asks if you know what it is. 
Rena has no idea. Crawd says that it's an ID card, created with rather advanced 
technology. Rena asks what he means. Crawd tells her to not to worry about it. 
The man gives you the card.

As you leave the village, you see Ronixis on board Calnus, and Ronixis is 
heading to investigate a high-energy field. He is still very downcast about 
losing Crawd. At this point, the Operator picks something up. Ronixis asks what 
she found. She says that from the fourth planet of the system with the high-
energy field she picked up an unidentified distress signal. An officer asks 
about the planet. She says it's a class M planet with about 1 billion people 
living there, and there is a strange change in the orbit of the planet, which 
might have been caused by the energy field. Ronixis asks if the planet has been 
explored by anyone. The officer says that there is no report of anyone who has 
ever explored the planet or even been there. One of the communications officers 
puts the distress signal on screen. She identifies it as a federation code. All 
the officers recognize it as coming from Crawd's transmitter. Ronixis orders the 
ship to the planet at maximum warp.

Head to Elria Tower.

                                  Chapter 11 
                                 The Ten Sages

As soon as you reach Elria Tower, one of your party members notes that it 
doesn't look much like a town any more. Rena's pendant glows, and Crawd wonders 
if it is reacting to the Sorcery Globe. The door tells you to insert your ID 
card; Rena puts it in and the doors open.

Items in Elria Tower:
Meteo Ring, Steel Helm, Stone Check, Holy Mist, X-Box, Crestia Guardx2, 
Trickster, Music Tool, Cure Paralyze, Sapphire, Aquaberry, Cure Stone, Star 
Ruby, Crystal, Ultra Punch, Fresh Syrup, ?GUARD (Core Plate), Gale Pierce, 
Shisento "Murasame", Giant Fist, Liquor Bottle, Splinter

The battles here will be rough for any character under their high 30s in terms 
of levels. Ernest in particular will have trouble here because this will be his 
first real dungeon (unless you built him up a lot previously) and he will be 
very weak. The two monsters to keep an eye out for are the Great Magius and the 
Cold Lizards and Elder Magiuses. The Cold Lizards are like the Salamanders, only 
tougher and they petrify you with their breath. The Elder Magiuses can cast 
Thunder Clouds. (The Goat Heads here do too, but with less frequency) Also, the 
room with the Trickster is easy to miss; the doorway to it looks like a wall if 
you don't look closely.

You will find various glass statues here with single characters etched into 
them. On the highest level you can reach at this point, a glass statue that 
tells you to tell him the password; you can form the password by looking at what 
is etched on the other glass statues in the tower. (The code is "mokushiroku" 
[apocalypse] for those that don't want to go through the trouble of checking the 
statues) Once you enter the password you will get the Card Key. With the Card 
Key you can open the red barriers on the 5th floor.

Open the left red barrier and enter what appears to be a dead end. There are two 
stone heads, and Crawd asks Rena if her pendant is glowing. She says it isn't. 
At this point a strange voice is heard. It is broken and says that "this is 
Calnus," and calls for "Ensign Crawd." Crawd realizes it's coming from his 
transmitter. The voice becomes clearer and says "Target Confirmed. Transport in 
10..9...8" Crawd is shocked and a party member asks what's the matter. Crawd 
runs away from the party, and tells everyone to stay back or they'll get "sucked 
in." Crawd says he'll be back as he is drawn in by the transporter.

Crawd materializes in the transporter room of Calnus. Ronixis and Cartsman are 
waiting for him. Crawd chastises them for usingÊforced transporting, and asks 
what they would have done if everyone else was teleported as well. Ronixis 
apologizes, and Cartsman tells him that they did it to save him. Cartsman asks 
him if he's all right, and Crawd says he is. Cartsman says that just in case he 
should be checked out since they don't know what kinds of viruses might have 
been on that planet. Crawd starts to say something, and Ronixis says that talk 
can wait and tells him to come to the Bridge. Crawd tells Ronixis that he can't 
be on board and asks to be sent back to Expel. Ronixis asks what Expel is, and 
Crawd says frustratedly that it's the planet he was just on. Ronixis says that 
Crawd's not allowed to go there since it's an undeveloped world. Crawd says 
that's not important and his friends need his help. Ronixis tells him to calm 
down and says that like he learned in school people are not allowed on 
undeveloped worlds for any reason. Crawd begs Ronixis to send him down; all 
Ronixis does is order him to the bridge.

On the way back Cartsman tells Crawd he was lucky; if they weren't investigating 
the Alcura Cluster already they never would have picked up his signal. Crawd 
asks what the Alcura Cluster is, and Cartsman says that they were investigating 
a special high-energy field rotating around the Alcura Cluster. Crawd wonders if 
it was the Sorcery Globe they were dealing with. As you enter the bridge, one of 
the hands tells Ronixis that the fourth planet (Expel) in the system has 
suddenly changed orbit and is heading straight for the energy field, and will 
impact in 80 minutes.

Pickpocket Data on Calnus:
Ronixis,  Blonde next to him, 
Olgol, Pet no Esa, Shortcake, Graphic Tool, Music Tool, Survival Kit, Battle 
Suit, Mannennpitsu, Wapuro Soft (Word Processor Software), Shock Gun, Piyonon, 
Material Kit

Talk to Ronixis and Crawd asks what's going on. Ronixis tells Crawd to calm down 
and look at the situation as a Federation Officer. A hand asks Ronixis to look 
at the display, and Ronixis says that it's only a matter of time before the two 
collide; the energy field is Rank 9 so the Expel will be completely destroyed 
without a trace when they collide. Crawd starts to panic, and wonders if it's 
because of the Sorcery Globe that Expel is going to hit the field. He asks 
Ronixis again to let him return to Expel so he can save his friends. Ronixis 
asks if Crawd is crazy, wanting to return to a planet that's about to be 
atomized. A hand says it's 75 minutes until impact. Ronixis refuses to send 
Crawd back to Expel. Crawd asks to find some way to change the planet's orbit. 
Ronixis says it's impossible and tells Crawd to give up. Crawd asks Ronixis to 
at least bid his friends goodbye since he's been fighting with them together for 
so long. He says "You know what I'm talking about, what about the friends you 
fought together with so long ago!" Ronixis caves in and says he'll let Crawd 
return. At the transporter, Ronixis says that in 5 minutes he'll transport Crawd 
back and tells him to be alone when he transports. Crawd agrees, and before 
Crawd gets teleported Ronixis tells him he's grown up a lot since he last saw 
him. Crawd thanks Ronixis and is beamed down onto Expel.

Back in the tower, someone tells Rena that it's been two hours already and they 
can't stay there forever. Rena insists on staying. At this point Crawd beams in. 
A party member asks where he went. Crawd apologizes for worrying everyone, and 
tells everyone to get away as fast as possible. Rena is confused, and Crawd says 
there's no time to explain. Everyone leaves and Crawd puts his transceiver on 
the ground. Rena asks what it is. Crawd says he doesn't need it any more. As you 
leave the transporter beams up the transceiver. Back on Calnus Ronixis is 
shocked to find only the transceiver was beamed up. The transporter operator 
tells him that there is nobody in the transport area. Ronixis asks him to 
explain and the operator says that it could only be that the transceiver got 
separated from Crawd. Ronixis orders a team down onto Expel to forcibly take 
Crawd back. The operator says that in only 60 minutes the planet will collide 
with the energy field. Ronixis orders a search until the very last minute, and 
Cartsman tells Ronixis to calm down and says that long before the 60 minutes is 
over the planet will be sucked into the energy field's gravity and if the 
starship remains that close to the planet it will be too. He says "Are you going 
to risk the lives of a search team for your own personal desires?" Ronixis says 
nothing then apologizes for getting out of control. He leaves.

On the next floor, you will run into Sin again. He is surprised to see you 
alive. He attacks again.

Sin: HP 21,000, Strong to everything
3 Stone Statues: HP 2200, Weak to Light, Strong to Dark

This time Sin is killable. Fortunately I've found he flies closer to the ground 
in this fight than before so it is easier to hit him. Good techniques to use 
here are Crawd's Sohazan or Bakuretsuha; they seem to be especially effective. 
If he comes close to the ground, try and keep him there; this way he won't throw 
his weapon at you, which is his most damaging attack. Also be aware that in this 
fight Sin's attacks can paralyze and poison you, so be sure to have Rena in the 
battle. I find that if your level is high enough, if you have three fighter 
characters gang up on him there's not much he can do.

After you kill Sin, go up two floors, and you will find the Sorcery Globe. 
Rena's pendant gives off a huge flash of light. A man appears and tells you in a 
robotic voice not to move an inch.  Another man in a black robe appears behind 
him and says "Why does that woman have a Quadratic Key? I thoughtÊwe only had 
crystallized one." Rena steps forward and asks who they are. The robotic-talking 
man fires a laser at her and Crawd blocks it. Rena heals Crawd. A third man with 
a mask on is shocked to see her power and says "Are you a NedŽian!?" Crawd 
demands they say who they are and tell you what they are talking about. A young 
man with blue hair says "People from undeveloped planets are so uncouth."  An 
old man appears next to him and says "No, that man's not from Expel, he's 
probably an earthling." The entire party is shocked, and the blue-haired man 
wonders why an earthling would be on a far-off planet like Expel. If Opera 
and/or Ernest are with you, a man with a sword and armor appears and says "There 
are even Tetrageneses here too." Rena asks Crawd what they are talking about. 
The old man tells Rena that Crawd is not from Expel but is from another planet. 
Rena is confused, and the old man tells her that many other planets house life. 
He goes on to tell her that she is a NedŽian like they are. Crawd tells Rena not 
to listen to what they are saying. He demands to know their objective and asked 
if they are the ones that destroyed Elria. The man with the armor tells Crawd 
it's none of his business. The man with the mask reappears and says that he's 
too late anyway because Expel is already on a collision course with NedŽ. Rena 
asks what that means, and Crawd says "Is your objective to destroy this 
planet!?" A man in a black cloak appears and starts laughing at Crawd, saying he 
is so small-minded to think that would be their objective and says "What would 
we gain by this planet being destroyed? We are doing this so we can return to 
NedŽ and make this galaxy ours." A rumbling starts and a final man with red hair 
appears and says "It's time. This planet will soon impact NedŽ." Crawd asks why 
they picked Expel. The red-haired man says that Expel's orbit was closest to 
NedŽ. The old man reappears and says that the Quadratic Sphere (which is the 
Sorcery Globe, he explains) was used to alter the planet's orbit so it could 
impact NedŽ. The man in armor says that since there were Quadratic Keys on the 
planet it sped up their plans greatly. Rena asks what the Quadratic Key is. The 
blue haired man says that it's the crystallized form of the Energy Stone, and 
that Rena's pendant is also a Quadratic Key. Rena is confused as to why she 
would have one, and the man in the black robe says that since only NedŽians can 
make Quadratic Keys, it's not surprising to see that Rena has one since she is a 

Crawd runs forward and says that you will defeat them and stop their plans. The 
red-haired man tells him that even if you managed to defeat them it wouldn't 
stop Expel's orbit. Crawd says "We'll have to see about that" and the man with 
the gray hair and black cloak tells his subordinates to kill you. The robotic-
speaking man comes forward, but the man in armor comes forward and says he will 
be enough to defeat you. He introduces himself as Metatron, one of the "Ten 
Sages" and attacks you.

BOSS: Metatron
HP 100,000
No strengths or weaknesses

This is another unwinnable battle. You must survive the battle for one minute 
before it will end. If you set all your fighter characters' AI to "Teki kara 
Hanare yo!" all your characters will avoid Metatron and he won't be able to 
decide who to attack; he will take enough pot shots to kill maybe a character or 
two but you will survive the battle.

Once the battle ends, Metatron compliments you on your skill and says that he no 
longer can play with you. The man with red hair says that from here they can 
teleport to NedŽ with their own power and bids you farewell. 

After the FMV, the scene changes to the bridge of a Calnus. Ronixis says "I've 
failed a billion people and my own son Crawd..." An officer says that it was 
just a natural phenomenon and there was nothing he could have done. The first 
officer Cartsman tells Ronixis that Crawd returned to Expel of his own will so 
he had already chosen to die, and that there was no way for them to have changed 
the planet's orbit. "Science is so powerless..." Ronixis says. 

                                Chapter 12

The Ten Sages are having a conversation. They successfully made it to NedŽ. One 
of them say that "those bugs were teleported too." Another says that since they 
were close by there's nothing they could do. One asks if they should kill you, 
since they were far away. Someone else says "Leave them alone. They can't do 
anything anyway." Another voice says "Yeah, they'll die sooner or later." 
Another asks why a Nedeian would be on another planet, since it's impossible for 
NedŽians to leave Nede. They say that no matter what, it's only one girl, and 
they basically conclude that things are going as planned, but are going to be 
careful at the same time.

Crawd wakes up in a forest. He sees Rena unconscious nearby and runs over to see 
if she's all right. Rena wakes up. At this point, the other party members walk 
in. Someone asks where you are. Crawd says he doesn't really know. Rena says 
that you are in NedŽ's "Paradise beyond the wall." Rena suddenly falls to the 
ground. A party member asks if she's all right. Rena says "Let's go this way" 
and starts to walk away. Crawd asks what's going on, and Rena says that she has 
the sense that this is the way you should go. Someone mentions "Maybe you know 
because you're a NedŽian?" Rena says that she's not sure about that, but knows 
that she feels strangely at ease here as if she was there when she was young. If 
Ernest or Opera is in your party, they ask Crawd why he went to Expel; otherwise 
another character mentions that the Ten Sages said that he wasn't from Expel. 
Crawd says he got caught in an accident on another planet and got teleported to 
Expel and woke up in the Shingo Forest. "So that's how it was" Rena says. 
Another party member says "Well, what difference does that make...even if he's 
not from Expel, Crawd is Crawd." The party leaves.

One of the party members mentions on the way "I wonder what everyone is doing 
back on Expel?" Crawd thinks to himself that they're probably all dead because 
Expel crashed into another planet. Rena says that they're probably all fine and 
are waiting for your return. "Yeah, but we'd better confirm our surroundings 
first." Crawd says. At the end of the path they find some kind of stone 
structure. Rena wonders what it is, and a voice calls out, telling you to enter 
between the three pillars. "Who's there!?" Crawd calls. The voice tells you not 
to be afraid and to step into the transport and you'll understand everything. 
Somebody wonders where the transport will take you. Rena says that she gets the 
feeling that you can trust whoever's speaking so you enter the transport.

Leave the room you teleport into, and a man will be waiting for you. He comes 
forward and greets you; he was the one speaking before. He identifies himself as 
Narl, the mayor of Central City, the town you are in. Rena asks if you're on 
NedŽ, and Narl says that you are. Narl asks you if you know how you got to NedŽ. 
A party member relates what happened in Elria. Narl says that you were probably 
caught in the spell that the men cast to take them to NedŽ. Crawd asks who they 
were. Narl says that they are the "Ten Sages of God" and tells you the 
background of a bit of NedŽ's history:

Narl says that 3.7 billion years ago, Nede was a single planet. Rena asks if 
it's not a planet now. Narl says "This isn't a planet. It's an artifical world 
surrounded by a field of high energy, called 'Energy Nede.'" Crawd realizes that 
must have been the energy field that Ronixis was talking about. Narl says that 
3.7 billion years ago before expel existed, NedŽ's magic technology was 
incredibly powerful and advanced. NedŽ was so advanced that many planets and 
people wanted to form an alliance with the NedŽians. The alliance was willing 
and not gained through force so everyone was happy. Narl says that although 
there was some peace, the "Ten Sages of God" did not want to join the rest of 
the NedŽians and wanted to conquer the galaxy instead of living in peace. He 
says that they tried to start by conquering NedŽ, and started destroying its 
towns one by one, killing anyone who opposed them no matter who they were. 
NedŽ's army tried to fight back but was eventually wiped out. Eventually the 
NedŽians used their last resort, and managed to seal off the Sages in a place 
called an Eternity Space. But after defeating the Sages, the NedŽians realized 
just how powerful they were; they realized that their science and technology 
could be used to conquer the entire universe, and if someone like the Sages 
appeared again, they would be caught up in another extremely violent battle. 
There was one doctor named Rantis who thought up a way to solve the problem: 
sealing off the NedŽians' evolution and technology. The NedŽians destroyed their 
own planet and created "Energy NedŽ" to live in. The energy field that surrounds 
Energy NedŽ was used to seal off the world from the rest of the universe.

Narl tells you that he doesn't know how the Ten Sages managed to escape the 
Eternity Space and end up on Expel. He says that now that they have returned to 
NedŽ they will probably continue their plan to conquer the galaxy.ÊNarl says 
that their leader Gabriel is incredibly powerful and works together with the 
second-in-command Lucifer, who is very intelligent. The next in command is 
Michael, and the other 7 also go in descending rank. He tells you that you can 
learn more details in the database in the library. Rena asks if the NedŽians 
didn't realize that they were coming back. Narl says that until Expel's orbit 
changed they had no way of knowing and by then it was too late. Crawd asks why 
Narl summoned them. Narl says that "Because with you it's possible." Rena asks 
what he means, and Narl says that while the Ten Sages are probably readying 
Energy NedŽ to launch an attack on the rest of the galaxy, the NedŽians no 
longer have the power necessary to stop them. A party member asks "So you want 
us to help?" Narl says that the NedŽians and the Ten Sages have the same type of 
power, so in the end the stronger, IOW the Sages, would win. He says what is 
necessary to defeat them is a different type of power, which you have as 
outsiders. "So what do you think?" Crawd asks. Rena says that since you're here, 
there's not much else you can do, and since the Sages want to conquer the galaxy 
they will eventually target Expel as well. It comes to a consensus in the party 
that you will help, and Narl thanks you. Narl tells you that the first thing you 
should do is procure a means of transportation around NedŽ. Crawd asks if you 
can use the transports, and Narl says they are only placed in the most important 
locations, and for most traveling you would travel on a flying animal called a 
Sainard. Narl says that if you go north of Central City, you will find North 
City. There, you can find the breeding grounds for the Sainards. He also says 
that in North City you can find the library and database he was talking about. 
The party starts to leave, and Narl calls Rena. Rena asks him how he knew her 
name. Narl says that he wants to talk to her alone.

While you are waiting for Rena, someone says "I wonder what they're talking 
about?" Crawd says it's not something for you to worry about. He says that Rena 
is probably facing up to who she really is and there's nothing that anyone else 
can do. At this point, Rena comes back. She doesn't say what she was talking 
about, but seems all right.

Pickpocket Information:
Sweet Syrup, Magical Clay, Shortcake, 500V, Survival Kit, Sankaku Frasco, Magic 
Canvas, Gold Bracelet, Nikurui, Rakugaki, Medical Rinse, Succubus Cologne, 10V 
Stun Gun, Joshitsugami, Spectacles,  Chie no Kagami (Mirror of Knowledge), 720V, 
Gale Pierce, Kamikuzu, Kitsukekusuri, Dojin, Motogyunyu, 500V, Star Pierce, 
800V, Senmonsho (Specialist Book), Beer, Graphics Tool, Ruby, Mekkin Tebukuro, 
5000V, Kousagi no Rizotto (Young Rabbit Rizotto), French Toast, Hanepen, Pretty 
Idol, Music School, Wordprosoft, Resurrect Mist, Mortarial Card

A few points of interest:
On the fourth floor of City Hall, there's a publishing company; here you can 
sell the books you create through Shuppan. Once you sell a book, you can come 
back occasionally and receive royalties. There's a newspaper company on the 
third floor too; while not important now it will be later. In the store "Reverse 
Edge", you can buy the helmet "Bere-bo;" characters wearing it increase the 
success rate of their Item Creations.

Before you leave town, be sure to enter the west side of the city. There, you 
will find someone who is watching you; upon being noticed, she runs away. This 
event is not essential to the story, but if you want Chisato to join your party 
you have to see it. Once you are ready though, leave town and head north to 
North City.

                                  Chapter 13
                              Catching a Sainard

North City is just north of Central City; it is within visual distance on the 
map from it.

Pickpocket info:
Ninjin no Ice (Carrot Ice Cream), Lunar Tablet, Trikabut, Cure Poison, Fruit 
Syrup, Violin, Mannenpitsu, Kokoro no Shoeki (Limits of the Mind),  Flash Pot, 
Kyo ni Ippin (Today's Menu), Ochakumi no Aima, Nightmare Pot, Danger Pot, Mad 
Mist, 400V, Sard, Music School, Anzen Kutsu (Safe Shoes), Hen na Ningyo, Kabuken 
(Stock Certificate)

What's going on in North City:
Perhaps because of the library here, a lot more people here know about the Ten 
Sages than in Central City. Here, you can learn that the Ten Sages have taken 
over and made their base in the city of Feenal, in the northeast of Energy NedŽ.

Inside North City, as you approach the store, you will see the same woman who 
was following you before if you saw the event in Central City. She says "You're 
sharp!" and runs away clumsily. "Could she be a stalker?" Crawd wonders.

You can gain a lot of interesting background information here if you read the 
data in the database here. Because there's so much of it, I put it in an extra 
appendix to this FAQ, check it out there if you can't read Japanese. Between 
here and Central City, you can buy all the Item Creation ingredients you will 
need. In addition, you can buy enough instruments here to successfully use the 
Orchestra Super Tokugi; this skill is essential for Item Creations. The enemies 
get much harder more rapidly on NedŽ, so usually when I reach this point in the 
game I start doing some serious Item Creation to create better equipment for my 
characters. I *always* make Crawd's Eternal Sphere at this point; if you got the 
Trickster in Elria tower you can get the two Mithrils necessary by equipping it 
and walking around.

Once you think you have enough items and equipment to survive, go to the 
northeast end of town to talk about picking up a Sainard. Talk to the 
receptionist and she will direct you to talk to the manager of the Sainard farm. 
When you enter his office, he will introduce himself as Artis, and will tell you 
he heard your story from Narl. He introduces you to one of his employees and 
says that he will make a Sainard for you. One of your party members asks what he 
means by "making" a Sainard. Artis says that Sainards are animals, but in order 
to make themÊobedient, they program their master's data into them before 
releasing them. "The poor things" Crawd says. The employee says that since the 
Sainards are artificially bred from the start, it doesn't make that much of a 
difference. The employee leads you to a room and asks you to wait outside while 
they prepare the room. You overhear them worrying that inscribing Monsho for 
someone over a NedŽian into a Sainard won't work. While waiting, Rena asks Crawd 
if there's any way to tell the people back on Expel that you are in Energy NedŽ 
so they won't worry. Crawd starts to say something about Expel and then stops as 
the researchers call you inside.

The researcher says that first he will input Crawd's data, and asks him to step 
inside a small room behind a screen. The researcher presses a few buttons and 
tells Crawd it's OK to step back. Crawd is surprised it ended so quickly. Next, 
the employee calls Rena, and collects some of her personal data. He starts to 
call the next person, and another researcher runs in and says the Sainard he 
just inputted data into broke loose and is on a rampage. You run outside to try 
and stop it and it attacks you.

BOSS: Sainard
HP 43000
Weak to Lightning

The most important thing about fighting the Sainard is to run to its rear and 
attack it from behind. Its breath will do lots of damage and will possibly kill 
any characters it connects outright. As he is weak to Lightning, Celine's 
Thunder Storm will come in handy. In terms of techniques, I find that Crawd's 
Sohazan or Bakuretsuha work best because the Sainard flies. Dias' Oboro and 
Ashton's Leaf Slash work well too.

After killing the Sainard, Artis is shocked that something like this would 
happen, and one of his employees angrily tells him it's no wonder the Sainard 
went on a rampage since they inscribed data from someone other than a NedŽian 
into it. The employees are angry at having lost a Sainard and storm out. Crawd 
apologizes, and Artis says it's the Sainard's fault for not taking in the data. 
Rena says it's sad though that the Sainard had to die even though it didn't have 
to. Artis says that it would be too dangerous to try and input your data into a 
Sainard any more. Rena asks how you will obtain a method of transportation in 
NedŽ, and Artis tells you to come to his office and talk about it. At this 
point, the woman who has been chasing you before comes out and is disappointed 
that she couldn't catch the battle.

Artis tells you in his office to enter the transport adjacent to his room, 
saying he will remove the lock. Rena asks what he wants, and Artis says that 
someone will explain to you once you teleport, and says that Narl probably 
wouldn't mind. Crawd asks if what you're going to do is bad, and Artis says that 
if you're going to save the world there are going to have to be some sacrifices. 
On the way out, Crawd asks Artis whose data caused the Sainard to go on a 
rampage. "I don't need to answer that" Artis says. Enter the transport.

You will end up in somebody's house. He will come in and ask what you're doing 
there. Crawd apologizes and says you were sent by Artis. "Artis?" the man asks. 
Rena explains that you were sent here to get a Sainard. Crawd explains how the 
Sainard went wild, and the man asks you if Artis explained what you were sent 
her to do. Somebody asks where you are anyway. The man says that he is Noel 
Chandler, and you areÊin the Area for the Protection of Endangered Species. He 
asks if you came for a wild Sainard. "Wild?" someone asks. Noel says that 
Sainards were originally wild animals, and the NedŽians genetically altered them 
to serve as transport. Crawd asks if there are still any wild ones, and Noel 
says that there's only one left, and that in order to get it to obey you you 
will have to defeat it. He starts to leave, and says he will guide you to where 
the Sainard is. Rena protests saying that it's the last one, and Noel says that 
if you don't train it then it's going to die anyway. Leave Noel's house and go 
to the cave on the same island.

Items in Noel's House:
Daishizen no Seimei, Pet no Esa, 50,000V

Once you enter the Sainard cave, Noel says that there's something not right 
about it and that there's a funny feeling in the air. Crawd asks what's wrong, 
and Noel says he can feel the "killing instinct" (tough to translate) in the 
animals in the cave. He says they must be being manipulated by someone. Crawd 
suggests the Ten Sages, and Noel says that it's a possibility. He says that 
usually other animals don't come in the cave because they can smell the Sainard. 
Crawd realizes that if the crazed animals run into the Sainard it could be in 

Items in the Sainard Cave:
Dream Bracelet, Monshojutsu Riron (Monshojutsu Theory), ?MINERAL (Moonite), 
Resurrect Bottle, Cinderella Glass, Taka no Hagoromo (Robe of Hawk Feathers), 
Fruit Syrup, ?MINERAL (Meteorite)

One thing you'll notice on entering this dungeon is that the monsters are 
extremely tough and hit hard. The ones to keep the closest eye out for are the 
Peryutons. In addition to doing lots of damage, they can petrify characters and 
their feather bomb spread has a very wide range. The Hell Hounds also are strong 
enemies will breathe fire after glowing, so avoid them once they start to flash. 
Also, you'll note that the stalagmite in the battlefield here will get in your 
way a lot if you've got a bad formation. Tri-Shift 2, Free Fight, and Escape 
Shift I find to be the three most useful formations in this dungeon.

On the way to pick up the treasure chest with the Taka no Hagoromo in it, the 
woman who has been chasing you runs by and falls over. She drops something, and 
when you go to pick it up you will find it is a business card that says "NedŽ 
Newspaper editorial department, Chisato Madison."

When you reach the Sainard, it is being attacked by two monsters.

BOSS: 2 Archemenes
HP 40,000 
Weak to Lightning

The primary strength of the Archemenes is their excellent ability to block 
frontal attacks. So the best way to defeat them is to hit them from behind. 
Aerial projectile attacks like Opera's Spread Ray or Precis' Barrier tend to 
work well too. Make sure that you keep at least one fighter character close to 
your spellcasters; the Archemenes can teleport across the battlefield so if you 
have your spellcasters isolated and an Archemene teleports nearby them they may 
be dead by the time your fighters can get there to assist.

Once the Archemenes are dead, Crawd realizes the Sainard is hurt from their 
attack and asks if you still have to fight it in order to control it. Rena says 
that you can't hurt it, and Noel agrees. The Sainard falls over, and two baby 
Sainards it was protecting come out from under its wings. Crawd puts his sword 
away and says that he can't take the baby Sainards' mother away from them. Rena 
heals the Sainard with her magic, and Crawd suggests you return to Central City 
to field ideas from Narl on a way to get around. As you leave, Noel stops you, 
saying there's something strange about the Sainard. Rena asks the Sainard if it 
will help her. It gets up, taking the baby Sainards with it, and you get on. 
Crawd thanks Noel for his help and tells him you are going to go defeat the Ten 
Sages. Noel tells you to wait and asks if you will take him with you, saying he 
wants to strike at the Sages himself for making the animals violent. You can 
1) All right, come with us.
2) Stay here and protect the animals.

If you pick 1, Noel will join your party permanently. Otherwise he will stay 
behind. Whichever you choose, now that you have the Sainard, return to Central 

                                 Chapter 14 
                           The Field of Knowledge

Before going to talk to Narl, head to the newspaper room and talk to Chisato. 
She asks who you are. Crawd says "You're Chisato Madison, right?" Chisato says 
she is and asks how you knew her name. Rena tells her that you picked up her 
business card in the Red Crystal Cave. Crawd asks her why she's following you, 
and she says that she wants to get the story about the people fighting the Ten 
Sages. Crawd notes that she was able to make it through the cave and Chisato 
says that she's an initiate of the Jingu-ryu martial arts so she is all right, 
and that she will need it to keep a tail on you. Crawd asks if she still intends 
to follow you around. "Of course" Chisato says. Rena says it's too dangerous for 
her to follow you alone, and Chisato says it's all right. If you have an extra 
space in your party, you can ask:
 1) Then why don't you travel with us?
 2) Don't follow us around.

If you select 1 Chisato will join your party. (And you should, since this is the 
last time you will have the option to take another character with you) If you 
select 2 or have a full party Crawd will tell Chisato not to keep following you 
around. She still insists until eventually her editor forbids her to follow you.

Return to Narl, and he will tell you that now that you have the Sainard you 
should go and get the powers of NedŽ so you can fight the Sages. Crawd asks what 
he's talking about.ÊNarl says that in order to defeat the Sages you will need to 
combine your powers with NedŽ's powers. Crawd asks what exactly you will need to 
do, and Narl tells you to go to the four Fields around Central City. He says 
that each Field has various trials that you need to pass to be able to proceed. 
A party member asks what the trials will be like, and Narl says they differ from 
person to person so he doesn't know. He lays out the location of the four 
fields; the Field of Knowledge to the north, the Field of Power to the 
northwest, the Field of Courage to the southeast, and the Field of Love which is 
floating in midair to the northeast. Narl gives you the Rune Code. Rena asks 
what it is, and Narl tells you that the four fields are sealed so that nobody 
can use them for ill and that the Rune Code is needed to break the seals. He 
then tells you that you should go to the Field of Knowledge first since it is 
the least difficult of the four trials; it is located on a pentagonal island to 
the north. He also tells you that the Field of Love has the strongest defenses 
so you should not go there until you're powerful. As you start to leave, he 
tells you that the NedŽian Defense Force is located in Raqua to the northeast in 
case you need their assistance. He then gives you a Link Combo before you leave.

At this point in the game, you can go anywhere in the world. You need to clear 
all four Fields, and you can finish them in any order. You can also visit any 
cities or towns you want to. I'm going to cover the four Fields from the easiest 
to the most difficult; that is, in order, the Fields of Knowledge, Power, 
Courage, and Love. I'm also inserting information on the various in somewhat 
arbitrary order; I'm including one for each Field; Givaway, Raqua, Fun City, and 
Armlock in that order.

Items in Givaway:
Fairy Glass

Pickpocket info:
Misty Symbol, Cinderella Glass, Super Ball, Dojin..., Nectar, 5000V, Rakugaki, 
Yarma Shokuzai Set (Yarma Ingredients Set), Artemis Leaf, Glass no Kutsu, 
Piyohan, Dasadasa Pierce (Tacky Earrings), Chie no Kagami, Kamikuzu, Yaso no 
Subete (All about Herbal Medicines), Yasou no Subete, Mannenpitsu, Star Pierce, 
500V, Mannenpitsu, Hermes no Riron, Joshitsugami, 500V, Genso bunsekiki (Element 
Analyzer), 10000V, Rune Metal

What's going on in Givaway:
Most of the people here either talk about things that are going on at the 
university or talk about the definition of "truth." In terms of helpful 
information, there isn't much here. However, if you talk to the head of the 
university, Barel, he will tell you that Rayfus is doing some "suspicious 
research." After hearing this, talk to Rayfus and he will tell you that he is 
trying to hack into the library at North City and investigate some suspicious 
files there. He says though that he can't get in and wishes he had some 
connections with someone with lots of info so he can get in. While this is 
completely inconsequential to the plot, it is a step to being able to access the 
Secret Information in the North City Database.

The Field of Knowledge is located on an island in the middle of the north Sea.

Items in the Field of Knowledge:
Janne Helm, Alpha Box, Chie no Kagami (Mirror of Wisdom), Rune Metal, Fruit 
Syrup, Great Punch, Fairy Glass,

In terms of enemies here, only the Wizards will be a very large nuisance; they 
can cast spells, petrify you with their energy bolts, and are invincible when 
they are moving. I've found the best way of dealing with them is to fight fire 
with fire and use attack magic against them; fighting characters will have 
trouble hitting them with the way they blink in and out.ÊSimilarly, if you get 
into a battle with Wizards, kill them before anything else; leaving the Wizards 
alive generally leads to a long, drawn-out battle, and you may end up with 
characters dying rather quickly.

In order to reach the inner sanctum of the Field of Knowledge, you have to turn 
on the six gyros around the central mirror. By stepping on the yellow squares, 
or pressing O in front of the various mirrors, you can teleport around the 

At the end of the Field, you'll find a floating red sphere. Someone will notice 
that there are two machines on the back wall; just as you do, the guard system 
activates and attacks you.

1 Magic Hand: HP 60,000 Strong to Earth, Water, Fire, Lighting, Star, and Fu
2 Magic Boxes HP 30,000, Strong to Fire, Lightning, and Star
1 Work Box: HP 30,000, Strong to Fire and Star, weak to Lightning
1 Guard Box: HP 30,000 Strong to Lightning, and Star, weak to Fire

The Magic Hand by itself cannot do anything. It is "fed" programs by the four 
Boxes, which tell it what to do. The Magic Boxes make the Hand shoot a spread 
flame blast or a large laser respectively. The Guard box and Work box defend and 
heal the Hand. Therefore, there are two ways to handle this fight; to target the 
Boxes first and cripple the Hand's abilities, or to destroy the Hand first and
then destroy the Boxes. I suggest you destroy the Guard and Work box first, then 
destroy the Magic Hand, and finally the two Magic Boxes. The reason for this is 
that both Magic Boxes are directly in front of the Magic Hand's line of fire. 
Characters attacking the Work or Guard Boxes can be hit by the Hand's 
flamethrower, but not by the laser, which is most important; characters caught 
in the laser will basically die immediately. (For this reason, move all your 
characters out of its line of fire as soon as the battle starts) Taking out the 
Work/Guard boxes first will reduce the time needed to stand in the laser's range 
and to destroy the Hand. This is a battle where attack magicians are especially 
useful; Celine's Lunar Light is especially effective.

Once the defense system has been destroyed, Rena and Crawd step into the light 
under the sphere to "receive" the power of the Field of Knowledge, and they get 
struck by a strange force.

Crawd watches a scene from his past, back on Earth. He realizes the place he's 
watching is his father's room on the Federation headquarters on Earth. Ronixis 
comes into the room, shocked that the Rezonia army has attacked again. He 
hurries to get some paperwork done to reassemble the federation forces to defend 
against them. At this point, young Crawd enters the room. Ronixis asks him what 
he's doing there; young Crawd says since Ronixis never comes home even though 
he's back from exploring space, so he came directly to his job to see him. Crawd 
remembers that at this point it had been a year since Ronixis was back on earth. 
Young Crawd asks Ronixis to come home with him. Crawd thinks "Did I really look 
this forward to him coming home?" Ronixis tells young Crawd he's gotten much 
bigger, then apologizes and says that he's got work he needs to do. Young Crawd 
tells Ronixis he promised to read him lots of books when he got home. Ronixis 
says nothing and young Crawd says that he and his mother have been waiting a 
long time. Ronixis says that his mother will understand, and tells young Crawd 
to go home to take her home. Young Crawd yells at Ronixis and calls him a liar, 
then runs out of the room.

Crawd comes to and wonders what the flashback she just saw was. Rena asks him 
what he saw, and Crawd explains that she saw herself a long time ago. Rena says 
"Me too.." You get the Chie no Hoshu (Gem of Wisdom).

                                Chapter 15 
                            The Field of Power

The base of Raqua is one island east of the Field of Knowledge.


Pickpocket info: Piyonon, 3000V, Rune Metal, Recoil Bracelet, Magic Cross, 
Infinity Ring, Mithril, Resurrect Mist, Resurrect Bottle, Idaten, Magic Mist, 
Meteorite, Isis Tiara

What's going on in Raqua:
Not much. Raqua is where the NedŽian army is stationed while the Ten Sages are 
on Energy NedŽ. There's an aquarium in the basement but most of it is off-
limits. You can rest here for free though, and you can talk to Marianna, the 
commander-in-chief. Other than that there's not much to do here, although you 
can steal some pretty good items from the people here. (However, since you can't 
do a Private Action here you can't avoid any KJD losses from doing so)

The Field of Power is located on the snowy mountain near Givaway.

Items in the Field of Power: Rune Full Moon, Assault Bomb, Melty Lotion, Janne 
Armor, Marvel Sword, Blackberry, ?GUARD (Mithril Helm), Atlas Ring

This is a long dungeon. If you want to clear out the mountain of all of its 
treasures, you are going to be here a while. What makes that difficult is that 
you'll probably notice that the enemies here do a lot of damage. While you won't 
have to deal with any annoying spellcasters or status ailments (outside of the 
occasional paralysis by a Ghast) the knight-type enemies here have lots of HP 
and do lots of damage. Buying the best armor available on NedŽ will still not 
protect you well enough; in order to be really safe here you'll have to make 
your own armor via Blacksmith, and powerful armor at that. If you have Magical-
Rasp assisted Blacksmith armor you should be all right. Also, while fighting in 
the caves, be careful not to let your fighter characters get too far away from 
your spellcasters; the battlefield is very large so unless you have really fast 
characters you may not have enough time to rush back and save any trapped 

One thing to note about the Field of Power is that there are several places 
where you will have to fight groups of guardian Yetis. The thing about these 
battles that is difficult is that not only do you have to kill the Yetis, but 
you have to prevent them from getting to the switch located on the right edge of 
the screen; if they reach the switch they will pull it and cave in the part of 
the cave they are guarding. This not only blocks your way, but cuts you off from 
some of the treasure here as well, so you may have to change your strategy when 
fighting them to make sure this doesn't happen. Using items to increase your 
characters' running speed will help a lot, as will placing spellcasters right in 
front of the switches to block them. If it looks hopeless that a Yeti will make 
it to the switch, have one of your characters with the Chohatsu skill taunt them 
using the select button, and hope they forget about the switch and attack 
him/her instead.

There is one ledge on the mountain that overlooks some really nice scenery; walk 
out onto it, and you will be given the option to call down into the valley. If 
you do yell, then your voice echoes and starts an avalanche. You will have a few 
seconds to run into a nearby cave; if you fail and get caught in the avalanche 
you will be sent all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon. So unless you 
want to climb up the mountain all over again, don't call into the valley. On the 
other hand, when you're leaving the mountain, calling and deliberately getting 
caught in the avalanche will save you a lot of time on your way out.

Halfway across the bridge at the top of the mountain, you will catch sight of 
some ruins. A large golem appears and congratulates you for making it to the top 
of the mountain. Someone asks who he is, and the golem says he is the Guardian 
of the Field of Power and has been watching you fight your way up the top and 
says you are strong fighters. A party member asks if you pass then, and the 
Guardian says that he will test your power and if you defeat him then he will 
let you pass.

BOSS: Guardian
HP 130,000
Strong to Earth, Water, and Fire, weak to Dark

The battle against the Guardian is going to be long and drawn-out, and odds are 
your fighter-characters are probably going to run out of MP before the battle is 
over. The Guardian's best offense is a strong defense; most of your attacks will 
do very little damage, and some will do none at all. If he hits your characters 
they will be knocked way back, so direct hand-to-hand combat is often 
ineffective. Once you do enough damage to him, you will knock the Guardian's 
hands off and he will attack you with the shock balls that are left, doing more 
damage and creating electric fields. After even more damage he will be reduced 
to his torso alone, and will fire powerful lasers at you. The best way to take 
on the Guardian is to use multi-hit distance hissatsuwaza. The one I've found to 
be most effective is Opera's Hyper Launcher, although Chisato's Flame Launcher, 
Bowman's Senpusho, and Crawd's Koryuha are also very useful. In terms of 
spellcasters, you'll want Rena in this battle for sure, and Leon will also be 
very effective since he can cast Dark magic, which the Guardian is weak to.

Once you defeat the Guardian, he will praise you and tell you to go to the altar 

Rena notes that there is nothing at the altar. Suddenly there is a flash of 
light, and Crawd sees a flashback of his first trip into space as a cadet. The 
captain of the ship he is on asks the cadets how it feels to be in space. The 
cadets say nothing, and the captain asks what the matter is. Crawd says he's 
very happy to be in space. Crawd reflects "I was lying! I wasn't really happy, 
just thought it was kind of interesting." He thinks back that he was lying to 
himself as well so as to incorporate himself into the environment better. The 
captain of the ship says to Crawd that "as the son of Ronixis this may not be 
your first time in space anyhow." The officers behind the cadets start gossiping 
about how Crawd is getting special treatment and that his professors are 
probably padding his grades so as not to make Ronixis mad. Crawd thinks "Stop! 
Don't give me any special treatment!" The captain goes on to say that he doesn't 
belong on a "ship like this" and that the "higher ups fear his ability." He asks 
Crawd to put in a word of favor to his father for him. Crawd reflects that 
wherever he went his father always showed up, and how he hated having to always 
be connected with him. He stops for a minute and wonders just how long he's been 
feeling this way about it. 

The scene returns to normal and Rena says that since she was able to face her 
fears "her way opened." Crawd says "Running won't change anything..." Rena asks 
Crawd what he is talking about and Crawd just says "I was just running away 
then. What would have happened if I had stood up for myself?" Rena is confused, 
and Crawd tells her to never mind. Crawd notices a gem is now on the altar and 
picks it up. You get the Chikara no Hoshu. (Gem of Power)

                                    Chapter 16
                               The Field of Courage

Fun City is located on the east edge of NedŽ. It will cost you 75V/character to 
enter. You can do Private Actions there too, but they won't start immediately; 
you have to buy your tickets first.

Pickpocket info: 
Kimyo na Boshi (Odd Hat), Kimyo na fuku (Odd Clothes), Dulfol, Megami no zo 
(Goddess Statue), Orange Sherbet, Orangeade, Kamikuzu, Vanilla Ice, Beer, Banana 
Crepe, Gold Idol, Silver Idol, Pretty Idol, Natural High, Rot Bracelet, High 
Heel, 1000V, Blueberry, Succubus Cologne, Kagayaki no Pierce (Shining Earring), 
Ochakumi no Aima, Superball, Orangeade, Beijing Duck, Dasadasa Pierce, 800V, 
Namakura SwordÊ(Bent Sword), Aroe Jam (Aloe Jam), Ninjin no Ice, Mannenpitsu, 
Necklace, Cure Stone, 500V, Might Chain, Tokkoyaku, Kizunda Sashimi (Damaged 
Sashimi), Discovery Card, Idaten Ship, Knuckle, Bikkuribako (Surprise Box), 
Rakugaki, Carrot Juice, Natural High, Pictorial Card, Wine, Ninjin no Ice, Pixie 
Cologne, Kaiga "Haru" (Painting "Spring), Vol Up Card, Goshintai, 400V, 
Superball, Dojin!, Lunatic Ring, Pretty Idol, Fairies' Card, Goshintai, 
Tamatebako, Necklace, Blueberry, Lavender, Crystal, Hexagram Card, Motogyunyu, 
Nectar, Kamikuzu, Mannenpitsu, Insane Ring, Promised Ring, Pin Heel, Bunny 
Shoes, Urachoubou, Karai Cake, 600V, 500V, Fairies' Card.

What's going on in Fun City:
People are enjoying themselves in general, but none of them provide much 
information toward your quest.

Fun City has lots of attractions where you can enter contests to try and win 
items or gold to make your party more powerful. The various attractions in Fun 
City include:

The Bunny Races:
At the north end of town, in this contest you use tickets to bet on races to try 
and win items. If you've ever played Dragon Quest 5, the format is similar to 
the Slime Races; for more detailed information check out the Star Ocean 2nd FAQ.

The Cooking Master Competition:
Located at the east end of town, this is a competition where characters can use 
their Ryori Item Creation Tokugi to cook as much food as possible and compete 
against a computer opponent. You can win ingredients available nowhere else 
here. For more detailed information, check out the Star Ocean 2nd FAQ.

The Fortune Teller:
Located above the Cooking Master Competition, there are three fortune tellers 
here, but you can only "use" the middle and right fortune teller. The middle 
fortune teller will charge you 300V to "look at your past." You can choose to 
look at:
1) Percentage of treasure chests in the game opened
2) Percentage of Item Creation successes,
3) Percentage of successful Pickpocketing
4) Times you saved the game
5) Total number of battles
6) Number of times you ran from battles
7) Number of monsters defeated
8) Highest number of consecutive Battle Skills scored
The right fortune is a "love" fortune teller; pay 350V and she will tell you 
your "chances" with the female members of your party. You can only have your 
compatibility checked when Rena is alone. (ie during a Private Action) The 
fortune teller will give an overall evaluation of the AJD and YJD levels between 
Crawd and each of the female characters in your party. No concrete levels will 
be given, just a "good" or "bad" evaluation.

The Battle Stadium:
Located on the west end of town, the Battle Stadium is a place where you can 
enter your characters in various battle contests to try and win items, money, or 
skill points, depending on which contest you enter. The format is essentially 
the same as the arena from the first Star Ocean, with a few changes; check out 
the Star Ocean 2nd FAQ for more detail.

The Dojinshi store:
Located above the Battle stadium, this is a store that sells "otaku" type goods 
like posters, figurines, and Dojinshi. (publications kind of like fan 
magazines/stories/manga) You can buy different types of Dojinshi here, which 
apparently have no practical use in the game at all...

Apart from the primary attractions, Fun City has a good store with lots of 
valuable items for item creations, and many types of healing items. Also there 
are plenty of people to pickpocket here, some of whom have excellent items. You 
can steal a pair of Bunny Shoes, quite arguably one of, if not the most, useful 
items in the game from the bunny by the entrance to the Bunny Races.

The Field of Courage is located on an island on the central south edge of the 

Items in the Field of Courage:
Sour Syrup, Stone Check, Mithril Greave, Janne Shield, Sizer, Liquor Bottle.

In terms of enemies, the Field of Courage is only a little more difficult than 
the Field of Power. There's an occasional Surround Attack by eight Dark 
Kelseiders that can be difficult, the Otifs can petrify you, and the Fenrir 
Beasts are rather difficult like most lizard-monsters are, but other than that 
it shouldn't be too difficult for characters that can handle the Field of Power.

The block at the entrance of the cave says "Push on ahead." This is a hint as to 
how you can reach your first destination. Whatever direction you go, you have to 
continue in the direction that is "forward," or else you will get stuck in an 
endless loop and have to start over. If you backtrack you'll also have to start 
over. It's not too difficult to find your way to the place you're trying to 
find, but if you are having trouble, the fastest way to get there is, starting 
from the entrance, to go N (left side), NW, N, W. Note that while there is more 
than one way to reach the final destination, none of the routes will take you by 
all the treasure chests in the cave so you will have to do some exploring to get 
them all. Once you reach your destination, a small altar, you will find the 
Yusha no Zo. (Hero Statue)

With the statue, go to the elevator in the southeast corner of the dungeon and 
ride it to the second floor altar. When you reach the altar, Rena will suggest 
that the altar originally had something on it, and Crawd says that the statue 
you just found might be what goes there. You will have a choice to put the 
statue on the altar; when you do so the ceiling will cave in and the Guardian of 
the Field will fall through the ceiling. It tells you that courage without power 
is recklessness, and challenges you in battle to "prove your courage."

BOSS: Guardian
HP 130,000
Strong to Earth, Water, Fire, weak to Dark.

This Guardian is essentially the same as the Guardian of the Field of Power. The 
only difference between the two is that instead of punching you in its initial 
form, this Guardian will fire missiles at you.

Once you defeat the Guardian, it congratulates you and tells you to take the 
Power of Courage.

Crawd sees what is currently going on aboard Calnus. An operator tells Ronixis 
that the energy field is still on its same course and why it is doing so is 
still unknown. Ronixis thanks her but is not concentrating. An officer nearby 
tries to console Ronixis about Crawd's "death" and says that he tried his best. 
Ronixis says that trying his best doesn't make much difference and that all is 
left is the reality that Crawd is dead. The officer apologizes and Ronixis tells 
him it's all right. Ronixis goes on to say that since Crawd didn't have that 
kind of courage before so he never expected him to do something like what he 
did. He says that people that are recklessly brave just end up dying, and that 
"being cowardly like me will keep you alive." The operator tells Ronixis he's 
not cowardly and has been doing brave deeds all the time. Ronixis says that he 
was only doing so because he was afraid of ruining his reputation and looking 
bad in the eyes of his wife and Crawd.

When the scene returns to normal, Crawd says "This is courage?" He asks Rena 
what she saw. Rena says that she didn't see anything, only heard that she 
"should have the courage to throw everything away as a NedŽian." She asks Crawd 
what he thinks that might mean, and Crawd says he doesn't really know. He goes 
on to say that people live facing adversity all the time so being brave in and 
of itself is nothing special when the time requires it. Crawd turns around and 
finds another gem on the altar. He picks it up; it is the Yuki no Hoshu. (Gem of 

                                 Chapter 17
                             The Field of Love

The town of Armlock is located on the far southeast corner of the map.

Pickpocket info:
Sour Syrup, Cinderella Glass, Kaiga "Saigo no Banshoku" (Painting "Last 
Supper"), Secret Boots, Hen na Katamari, Mekkin Tebukuro, Magician Hand, Mithril 
Dress, Music School, Force Sword, Joshitsugami, 1500V, Kokumotsu, Ochakumi no 
Aima ni, Smith Hammer, Yori no Compote (Pear Compote), Moon Pierce, Yamueki "Mu"
Shizuku Shibori, 150V, Wine, Magic Rock, Tri-Emplem, 5000V, Herbal Oil

What's going on in Armlock:
Armlock is the only place on NedŽ where weapons are allowed to be made. However, 
their usage is also forbidden. Similarly, you can buy the best weapons for sale 
in the game here. Also, there is talk of a "fuuin no Tobira" (Sealed Door) by 
the back of the town that has been sealed off for a long time, and nobody knows 
what's behind it. Also there is talk of a strange secret store called the "Fake 

The Field of Love is located smack in the middle of the map. It's floating high 
in the air, so you'll need to land there with your Sainard.

Items in the Field of Love:
Serpent Tooth, Holy Rod, Resurrect Mist, Hot Syrup

The Field of Love is by far the smallest of the Fields. On the other hand, the 
monsters here are quite tough, so be forewarned. The Breakwings and Master 
Wizards are the two most annoying monsters since they can cast powerful spells 
like Shadow Flare. The Gelatin Blocks that show up here are also extremely 
difficult to hurt and do lots of damage, but if you manage to kill them they 
will give you tons of experience, so keep an eye out for them.

Reaching the end of this Field requires no real special tricks; just touch the 
red spheres in the center of various blocks to rotate them so you can proceed. 
You'll have to rotate both in order to make it to the end.

When you reach the end of the Field, a woman will appear and say that she is the 
fairy of the spring you are at, and tells you to come forward. The party does, 
and at this point one of your characters will be paralyzed and teleported in 
front of the fairy. She laughs and says that she already killed the real 
protector of the spring. She tells you her name is Lavar, and that she's the 
first disciple of the Ten Sages. Crawd runs forward, and Lavar warns him not to 
move or else she'll kill whatever character she has taken hostage. She demands 
that you give her the Rune Code and tells you she'll kill her hostage if you 
don't give it to her. Whoever is captive tells you not to listen to her, but 
Crawd gives her the Rune Code anyway. Lavar demands that the rest of the party 
step back, and they do. Then she attacks you.

Lavar: HP 60,000, Weak to Light
2 Breakwings

Even on Universe, I've always found Lavar to be a pushover. In fact, I usually 
find that the Breakwings with her give me more trouble than she does. In terms 
of fighting power, Lavar is very weak; her defense is extremely low and her 
physical attacks are weak too. If you give her an opening, she can cast spells 
to heal herself or hit you with a multi-attack beam, but if you have someone 
constantly attacking her she will usually die without a fight.

Once you defeat Lavar, Crawd will ask the former hostage if s/he's all right, 
who says that they're fine. Upon waiting, nothing appears on the platform. Crawd 
and Rena climb on, and Crawd suggests that maybe the spirit really was killed by 
the Ten Sages' minions. Before Rena can respond the room starts to glow and 
there is a large flash of light.

Crawd finds himself alone in the dark. He feel cold and pained and can't move. A 
shining figure appears next to him, and Crawd asks who it is. The figure just 
says "I am me." Crawd asks what it's talking about and the figure tells him not 
to be afraid and to open his heart, then disappears. Crawd then sees several 
images of himself behind his father. Crawd in the images calls out several times 
that he is not his father's pawn, is independent, etc, and after every statement 
he makes the voice asks "Really?" Crawd says "I don't know.." and starts crying, 
but isn't sure why. 

When Crawd comes to, Rena is confused as to what it was she saw. Crawd says he 
saw himself now and in the past. Rena is just confused about what her vision 
meant, and Crawd asks if she's all right. Rena says she is, and Crawd sees that 
the Ai no Hoshu (Gem of Love) is in front of him, and picks it up.

                                     Chapter 18

With all four Fields cleared, return to Central City and talk to Narl. He will 
note that you have received the power of all four fields, and Crawd will tell 
him that he doesn't feel any more powerful. Narl tells you that even if you 
don't realize it, you are much stronger and are probably better than any 
NedŽian. At this point, Marianna comes out of the side room and tells Narl that 
the defense force in Raqua is ready. Narl tells her that you are ready as well, 
and suggests starting the plan to invade Feenal immediately. If you have never 
met Marianna before, Narl will introduce her as the head of the Raqua Defense 
force. She then leaves. Narl tells you the plan to invade Feenal will begin at 
noon the next day, and asks you to help. Crawd is surprised that the plan will 
begin so soon, and Narl says that the more time you waste, the worse off you 

At this point, one of the party members asks if there is any way to contact the 
others on Expel to let them know where you are. Narl, Crawd, Opera, and Ernest 
(if they're with you) are suddenly silent. The party member asks if it's not 
possible, and Narl tells you that "Expel no longer exists." Somebody asks Narl 
to explain what he's talking about. Narl says that Expel collided into Energy 
NedŽ and was atomized, and everyone on the planet was killed. Someone gets 
angry, saying that there's no point in defeating the Sages if Expel won't come 
back. Narl says that there is a way to restore Expel to its previous state. 
Crawd asks what he means, and Narl says that by using the Time-Space Transport 
shield that surrounds NedŽ, it is possible to transport Expel back to the state 
it was in just before it collided with NedŽ. Crawd asks if that's really 
possible. Narl says that theoretically it is, but in order to control the Time-
Space Transport Shield the energy from all the cities on NedŽ has to be used, 
and since Feenal is currently under control of the Sages they have to be 
defeated first. Everyone comes to the conclusion that you should fight the Sages 
now so that you can get Expel back. Then the party goes to rest for the upcoming 

The next day, the party uses the Transport to teleport to Raqua. Noel and 
Chisato (if they're with you) will say something about "it should be done" and 
"NedŽ has been around long enough anyway." In Raqua, Narl tells you that the 
Sages have put an energy field around Feenal so that you can't use a Sainard to 
make it there, and that the people of Feenal destroyed the transport there so 
that the Sages couldn't use it. Crawd asks how you'll get there then, and Narl 
says that the field only extends to about 100 meters below sea level, so by 
traveling underwater you can go under the field. Rena asks how you'll do that, 
and Narl says thatÊyou can ride in the pouch of an aquatic animal called a 
Herash, which is why you came to Raqua.

In the next room, you'll find the Herash; Narl says it may look fierce but is 
actually quite tame. Narl, Marianna, and the soldiers get on the Herash, and the 
party follows. You'll travel to a dock near Feenal; it's only a short walk from 
the dock to the town.

Upon entering Feenal, Narl and Marianna say that there's something strange about 
the place, and then two of the Sages teleport in. The sage with the gray hair 
and black cloak greets you and says that he's been waiting for you for quite a 
while. Rena asks what he's talking about, and he says that their final goal has 
come one more step to becoming completed and wanted to make an announcement to 
you. The red-haired Sage says that they have completed a system to move NedŽ 
through the universe and an anti-starship weapon, and are close to finishing a 
weapon that can destroy a planet. Crawd, Opera, or Ernest will say that the 
Earth Federation is not going to sit for that. Another sage appears and says 
that the Federation's positron cannons cannot even scratch Nede's shield, and 
their shields would crumble under their antiproton cannons.

On the screen above, a starship appears. Rena asks what it is, and Crawd says 
"It's Calnus." If Opera or Ernest is with you, they'll ask "THE Calnus?" 
otherwise someone will ask what Calnus is. Crawd says that it's his father's 
ship. One of the Sages orders firing their weapon at 10% power. On Calnus, one 
of the ship's officers tells Ronixis that an energy cannon is going to be fired 
from the energy field, and Ronixis says "From the middle of a supernova!?" The 
Operator says that there might be something inside of it, and Ronixis orders the 
crew to send friendly messages on all channels and to raise the shields just in 
case. Their messages are ignored, and Ronixis tells the crew to prepare for 

After the first bolt is fired, the shields drop to 72% power. The gray-haired 
Sage is surprised how good Calnus' shields are, and the red-haired Sage orders 
him to raise the power to 30%. On board Calnus they detect the new beam forming 
and Ronixis orders all auxiliary power to the shields.

After the second bolt's impact, the shields drop to 22%, and the Operator tells 
Ronixis the shields won't be able to withstand the next shot. Ronixis orders a 
counterattack with the ship's positron cannons. An officer asks where to aim on 
such a huge energy field, and Ronixis tells him to pinpoint where the first two 
shots came from and shoot there.

The beam does nothing to NedŽ's shield, and the red-haired Sage orders the power 
raised again. Crawd tries to plead with them not to fire again, but they prepare 
to shoot anyway. On board Calnus Ronixis asks if their shot did anything, and 
the operator says that she can't tell. One of the officers detects the third 
shot, but it fires before Ronixis can do anything.

After seeing the destruction of the Calnus, Crawd gets really angry and says 
he's going to kill all of the Sages. Another Sage appears and asks the red-
haired Sage, who he identifies as Gabriel, to leave dealing with you to him. 
Gabriel gives him permission and the gray-haired Sage tells Zaphikel (the Sage 
that just appeared) to "go easy" on you. The other three sages disappear, and 
Zaphikel tells you that no matter what it was you did at the four Fields, you 
can't stand up to him and summons some robots to surround you. Marianna orders 
everyone to attack.

Takikodus: HP 25,500, Strong to Water, Wind, Fu, and Light.
1 Mi-Il 64: HP 18,000, Weak to Lightening and Star

The toughest monster in this fight is the Takikodus, who is very fast and can do 
lots of damage with its "Multiple Terror" machinegun. You can pretty much ignore 
the Mi-Il; concentrate on surrounding the Takikodus. You might want to use some 
Idaten Ships or Idaten Nankos to be able to catch up with it.

After defeating the first wave, Zaphikel says "There's more where that came 
from" and summons another Takikodus and Mi-Il to fight you. Once you defeat 
them, Zaphikel summons yet another wave, and Narl says "It's hopeless...there 
are too many of them." Crawd attacks Zaphikel.

BOSS: Zaphikel
HP 150,000
Strong to Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Dark

Outside of cheating, this is an unwinnable fight, so don't waste your time 
trying to. (or at least don't waste any items in the battle trying to) Just let 
Zaphikel kill you.

Zaphikel laughs at how weak you are, and a party member notes that you can't 
even hurt him. Marianna says she never thought that they'd be this much more 
powerful than you. Narl suggests you retreat. Zaphikel says he won't let you 
escape, and Marianna tells you to run while she holds him off. Crawd is opposed 
to the idea, but Marianna tells you you have no other choice. You and Narl run 
away. Zaphikel tells Marianna she is admirable for sacrificing herself to save 
you. Marianna tells him she has no intention of losing and attacks him.

The next day, Narl asks you if you slept well. The entire party is silent. Crawd 
tells Narl that you can't defeat the sages, and Narl responds by saying you 
fought well. One of your party members says it's a miracle you're still alive. 
Narl says "But you couldn't stand a chance against the enemy. Why do you think 
that is?" Crawd suggests it's just that you're too weak. Narl says that the 
problem is not that you are weak, but that you don't have correspondingly 
powerful weapons. "Weapons?" Rena asks. Narl says that originally the weapons 
you should use were not supposed to ever be used but that there is no longer any 
choice. Crawd asks Narl what he means, and Narl says that he will take you to 
the Monsho Weapon Research Facility. The reason that he says that there is no 
longer any choice was because of the emblem that was behind the Ten Sages at 
Feenal. Rena says "Wasn't that just decoration?" and Narl says that it was 
actually the ultimate Monsho: the Destruction Monsho whose effect is the 
destruction of the entire universe. Crawd asks "Wasn't their objective to 
conquer the universe?" Narl says he has no idea what they are thinking, since if 
destroying the universe was their goal they wouldn't have had to return to NedŽ. 
Rena asks if there is a way to stop the Monsho even if you defeat the Sages. 
Narl tells you just to worry about defeating the Sages and that he will try and 
figure out something to do about the Monsho. Narl tells you to go to the city of 
Armlock and that he will meet you there shortly. Head to Armlock.

                                    Chapter 19
                      The Monsho Weapon Research Facility

  As soon as you reach Armlock, someone will be waiting for you to tell you that 
Narl is waiting for you at the Sealed Door. Head there and Crawd will ask Narl 
what the Sealed Door is. Narl explains that it is a door that was made to seal 
off a certain place, and that only a few people know the code to open it. He 
says that he just unlocked it so you can enter. Upon entry, you will see a 
Transporter. Crawd asks why it is so securely protected, and Narl says when you 
get there you'll find out.

The Transporter takes you to a place that looks like a forest, and Crawd asks 
where you are. Narl says that you are in the ruins of the Monsho Weapon Research 
Facility. He leaves the party, telling you that he is going to go ahead and asks 
you to take a walk around if you want. He starts to say something to Rena, but 
then decides not to and leaves. The party splits up and looks around. Rena says 
that she gets the feeling that she's been here before.

Item in the Research Facility:
Mind Ring

Upon entering the inner chamber, Narl greets you. He explains that the room that 
you are in contains all the records of the facility, and that everything that 
happened here before the facility was destroyed was recorded. He goes on to say 
that he would like you to watch the recording of when the facility was destroyed 
because there should be a hint on how to defeat the Sages there. Rena says she 
feels somehow afraid. Narl starts the video, saying that he's never seen it 
before himself.

A message goes on saying that the facility is going to be destroyed in 5 minutes 
and asks all employees to head to the shelter. The head of the facility, Reema, 
enters the room with an employee; the employee asks her to escape to the 
shelter. Reema tells him that with the uncontrollable Creation Energy the 
shelter will offer no protection, but that it's all right because the 
destructive wave of energy will be teleported to another dimension via the Time-
Space Shield and the Eternity Field surrounding the field. The employee says 
there's no time to escape to the outside of the facility, and Reema says "I 
know. We're finished." Reema says that there's something she wants to test, and 
the employee asks what it is. "I want to put Rena in the container I'm 
developing" Reema says. She tells the employee to go get her child Rena, and he 
does. Rena is upset but Reema tells her that she will save her. The employee 
says that the container is not made to put living matter into, and Reema says 
that if Rena's going to die anyway she might as well try, since no adult would 
fit inside. Reema apologizes to Rena for not being able to spend more time with 
her and gives her a pendant as an early birthday present. She gives the employee 
the access code to the data bank and the video ends.

Crawd asks who the Rena in the video was, and Narl says that she was the 
daughter of the head of the Research Facility, Reema. Rena says "That's me, 
wasn't it?" She says that although she doesn't remember the experience her "body 
remembers it." She asks Narl how long ago the accident at the facility takes 
place. Narl says "This may be hard to take, but it happened 700 million years 
ago." Crawd is very surprised, and Narl explains that while the Time-Space 
Shield absorbed all the energy from the explosion, the box that Rena was put in 
was made so it could survive the shield and be teleported through space and 
time, so it was absorbed along with all the energy, and that most likely it was 
teleported to Expel far in the future. Rena realizes that her mother's not 
around any more and that she died 700 million years ago, then says for some 
reason it doesn't bother her. Narl says that now that he has the access code to 
the database, he can search it for any information to help you and leaves. Rena 
also runs out of the room. One of your party members tells Crawd to go after 

Return to the entrance to the Facility and Crawd will look around for Rena, then 
see her standing by a large tree. Crawd approaches, and Rena apologizes for 
running away. She tells Crawd that she sort of remembersÊit and that it feels 
"natsukashii." ("the positive feeling experienced when exposed to something 
nostalgic," lit.) Rena says that the tree in front of her is probably one or two 
thousand years old so she is much much older than it. She asks Crawd if he 
thinks that her mother loved her; since she was always researching it looks like 
that she chose her research over her daughter. Crawd says that long before his 
mother got married she was an officer of the Federation, and right after he was 
born she returned to her work as a scientist, specializing in "Monsho Science." 
He goes on to say that at the same time she didn't ignore Crawd and couldn't 
give up either. Crawd turns around and says that Rena's mother was probably the 
same; she loved both Rena and her research so couldn't give up on either. Rena 
nods, and Crawd tells her that if she feels bad she doesn't have to hold it in 
because the rest of the party is there to help. Rena hugs Crawd, then says that 
"this place is like the Shingo Forest" and that she probably liked the Shingo 
Forest so much because it was like the place she knew as a toddler.

After however long they wait there, Crawd asks Rena if she feels better. Rena 
apologizes for having toÊsubmit Crawd to all that at the same time he is having 
to deal with the death of his father. Crawd says that it's OK and that he's all 
right, because he's "sure his father wouldn't want me to be sad." He then tells 
Rena that you should go since the rest of the party is waiting.

Back at the central information center, Rena apologizes for running off, and 
Narl apologizes for showing her her mother's death on tape. Rena says that 
although she'd be lying to say that it wasn't a shock, it was something she 
wanted to know in the first place so she's glad she saw it. Narl tells her that 
he's finished collecting the data and tells you to return to Armlock.

On return to Armlock, you ask Narl if there was any hint on how to defeat the 
Sages on the data chip he got. Narl says that all he found was some sort of 
blueprint but he's not sure what it's for. He goes on to say that there's a 
genius in the town that will be able to decipher it so there's nothing to worry 
about. Go to the house in the center of Armlock with smoke coming out of its 
chimney. Inside a woman is working at a desk; Narl introduces her as Professor 
Mirage. Mirage asks what it is that Narl wants, and Narl explains about the disk 
with the weapon blueprint. Mirage asks if he's serious about having her make a 
weapon with past technology like that, since use of weapons in a real battle is 
forbidden. Narl explains about the Destruction Monsho, and upon hearing this 
Mirage agrees to the task.

Inside Mirage's workshop, it takes very little time for her to decipher the 
blueprint; she says is really impressed with the weapon, saying that it could 
destroy a small planet. Crawd asks what kind of weapon it is, and she says 
"Can't you tell? It's right on the screen." Crawd says "Isn't that just a 
sword?" Mirage says it looks just like a sword, but it actually uses antiproton 
material. "What's an antiproton?" Rena asks. Crawd says "But isn't it impossible 
to keep antiprotons within a fixed area?" Mirage makes a comment about how Crawd 
knows a lot, then goes on to say that the device in the plans makes it possible 
to control them. Narl says thatÊfortunately the Sages knew of neither the 
Research Facility nor the existence of Antiproton Weapons, so they should be 
able to penetrate the defense shields the Sages surround themselves with. Mirage 
says "But we don't haveÊmaterials;Êwe need Rare Metal to stabilize the 
antiproton matter." Crawd asks what Rare Metal is, and Narl says that Rare Metal 
can only be found in the mine transported from when NedŽ was a planet, Minay 
Cave. Rena suggests you go there to mine the Rare Metal, and Mirage says "It 
won't be that easy." Rena is confused, and Narl says that Minay Cave 
wasÊoriginally transplanted from another planet, Vark. Mirage says that the life 
forms on Vark were silicon-based and that to put it simply, the Varkians' bodies 
are Rare Metal. Narl says that the more pure the Rare Metal, the more powerful 
the Varkian. A party member says "Then we can't get the Metal without defeating 
a Varkian?" Mirage says that the weapon in the plan requiresÊextremely pure Rare 
Metal, to such a level that any Varkian that would suffice might be even more 
powerful than the Sages. Crawd says that you don't have any choice and asks 
where the Cave is. Narl says that it's located on an island to the west of 
Armlock. He gives you the key to the cave so that you can enter. Head there.

Items in Minay Cave:
Fruit Syrup, ?MINERAL (Damascus), Fresh Syrup, Tokkoyaku, Meteorite, Lightning 
Gun, Kizuke Kusuri, Mithril Mesh, Liquor Bottle, Smith Hammer, Aseras,

The only new enemies in Minay Cave of any import are the Evil Waters, which can 
paralyze you but otherwise are not much to worry about. Most of the fights here 
will be against groups of Breakwings, which will take a long time to kill but 
otherwise should not be too much trouble if you are wearing the best equipment 
you can make.

At the end of the dungeon, you will come upon a huge Varkian, who will attack 

Boss: Vark
HP 150,000
No strengths or Weaknesses

The Vark only has a single attack, the "Lose Patience," and only attacks 
occasionally. On the other hand, the "Lose Patience" attack is VERY powerful, 
and will do several thousand points of damage to your entire party, possibly 
killing them outright if you are playing on Galaxy or Universe. Therefore, I 
suggest you take three fighter characters into the battle and Rena. Equip your 
fighters with multi-hit waza and have them try to kill the Vark as quickly as 
possible while Rena heals the party after the Vark casts Lose Patience. Rena is 
a necessity in this battle; without her it will be very difficult to win.

Once the Vark dies, Rena says the area seems quieter. Someone says that the Vark 
you just defeated was probably the strongest, and now that you've killed it all 
the others have lost their aggression. Similarly, once the Vark is dead no 
random battles will occur inside the cave. Leave and return to Armlock.

Once you give the Rare Metal to Mirage, she will tell you that she'll start 
right on developing the weapon. Crawd asks where Narl is, and Mirage says that 
he returned saying he had something he needed to do, and left a present for you 
on his way out. Rena asks what it is, and Mirage says it's an N.P.I.D, a free 
pass into Fun City. Rena asks what Fun City is and Mirage explains that it's an 
amusement park, "NedŽ Play Station" that was converted into a town. She says 
that it will take her three days to make the weapons and asks you to go there. 
Crawd says you shouldn't be playing right before facing off against the Ten 
Sages, and Mirage says that Narl ordered it, and that the "amusement" there is 
different than "playing." 

                                    Chapter 20
                             The Sages' Counterattack

Enter Fun City, and an employee will greet you and guide you to the arena there. 
Crawd asks him what you're supposed to do there. He tells you that they have 
made a simulation where you can fight the Ten Sages. "Simulation?" Rena asks. 
The employee tells her that the arena creates "virtual monsters" for people to 
fight and they have recently added a "Ten Sages" program. The announcer starts 
the program and the party fights the simulated Sages.

Three days later, the party has all but mastered the simulator. At this point 
Mirage comes in and comments on how well you're doing. Crawd asks Mirage if the 
reason she came was that she had finished the weapon. Mirage says she's done, 
and gives Crawd an Antiproton Sword, the Sacred Tear. Then she gives Rena an 
Anitproton Knuckle, the Fallen Hope.ÊAfter giving Rena her weapon, Mirage gives 
you the Void Matter which will resonate with your other weapons and surround 
them with antiproton fields. Mirage tells you she's going to go home to finish a 
thesis, and wishes you luck. Crawd thanks her and Mirage says it was fun for to 
make the weapons in the first place.

Crawd asks what you should do now that you have the new weapons, and Rena 
suggests you stay a little longer in Fun City, as you have yet to hear from 
Narl. Crawd says you should train some more while you're here. Talk to the 
tender of the arena and you will have three choices:

A) Train
B) Rest
C) Go see Narl

You can train as long as you want; when you're ready to leave select C. Rena 
will suggest you return to Central City to find Narl. Crawd doesn't want to 
leave yet and suggests you fight the Ten Sages simulation one last time. Rena 
agrees and the program starts. Before anyone starts fighting, a voice sounds: 
"If you want, how about if I help participate in your training?" Zaphikel, 
Metatron, and the robotic-talking Sage appear in the arena. Metatron greets you 
and says that "Master Raphael's information was right about your misbehaving." 
The robotic-talking Sage introduces himself as Jophiel. Crawd asks what they're 
doing in the arena, and Zaphikel tells him that after hearing about you training 
to defeat them they thought they'd come and "assist." Zaphikel teleports into 
the ring and says that he will take care of you since your fight before was "so 
rudely interrupted." Metatron says that he'll go after "that woman here earlier" 
and disappears. Jophiel says "I'll just kill whoever I feel like" and similarly 
leaves. Zaphikel destroys the simulated sage and tells you not to get 
overconfident for being able to defeat a mere model. He attacks.

BOSS: Zaphikel
HP 150,000
Strong to Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Dark

Zaphikel is a master of close combat and has two multi-hit techniques, the 
Initial Slay and the Cruelly Rush. If a character gets hit by one of these they 
will take a lot of damage. For this reason, long-range techniques work the best; 
keeping Zaphikel away from you should be your primary concern. Multi-hit 
techniques like Opera's Hyper Launcher or Chisato's Tear Gas work well. Another 
useful strategy is to use a fast-moving character like Chisato to use the "play 
chicken strategy" to make him use his techniques (especially Cruelly Rush) and 
step out of the way, then attack him from the rear while he is executing the 
technique. You will definitely want Rena and Noel in this fight as well to heal 
any wounded allies. Zaphikel is very fast so unless you have hyper speed (either 
through a pair of Bunny Shoes or the Idaten items) trying to run away from 
Zaphikel will probably not work.

Zaphikel is shocked that he lost and congratulates you heartily before dying. 
The entire party is also similarly surprised that they actually killed one of 
the Sages. Crawd "snaps out of it" and realizes that you have to go chase after 
the other two, and you leave the arena.

On leaving the Battle stadium, several lasers fire out from behind you. A crowd 
of people run out of the stadium calling for help. You hear Jophiel laughing as 
he incinerates several people trying to escape. Then he appears in front of you, 
and surprised, he asks what happened to Zaphikel. One of your party members tell 
him that you already killed him. Jophiel is very surprised, but before he can do 
anything, the party attacks.

BOSS: Jophiel
HP 160,000
No strengths or weaknesses

Speed is of the essence in this battle. Jophiel has only one real technique, the 
"Imprisonment" which drops fire from the sky on top of all party members, and 
this fire is difficult to avoid. Other than that Jophiel doesn't do very much 
and takes a while to prepare an attack, but is very fast. He likes to run away 
from the party then fire at them from long range, and is so fast that catching 
up to hit him is very difficult. For this reason, you will want as many party 
members as possible wearing Bunny Shoes or using Idaten items so you can keep up 
with Jophiel. In terms of techniques, I've found Ashton's Dead Triangle and 
Opera's Alpha On One to be the two most useful techniques in this battle. While 
connecting with a Dead Triangle will be extremely difficult doe to the slow 
speed of the technique, if you do you will freeze Jophiel's movement giving your 
fighter characters enough leeway to reach and hit him. Opera's Alpha On One 
bolts are guided so they will chase Jophiel as he runs away. If you do manage to 
corner him, use techniques that will go up into the air, like Crawd's 
Bakuretsuha or Ernest's Broken Heart, because the fact that Jophiel floats means 
that you may have to do jump attacks on him if you attack normally, which will 
make holding your position difficult.

After the battle Jophiel is really surprised, and can't understand how you beat 
him. He dies, and Crawd wonders where Metatron could have gone. Another party 
member mentioned that he said something about "going after that woman." A third 
party member suggests that the woman he was referring to was probably Mirage. It 
is decided that you should go to Armlock to try and get to her first.

On the way out, one of the gate tenders asks Rena what the fuss inside is about, 
and Rena tells him about how the three Sages broke in. The gate tenders rushes 
to the information booth to send a message to Central City. Head to 
Armlock.ÊWhen you arrive there, there will be a crowd outside Mirage's house and 
Rena will ask what's going on. The people assembled outside say that somebody 
descended from the sky and entered Mirage's house. At this point, Mirage gets 
knocked through the door, and Metatron comes out. Rena tells him that his 
actions are unforgivable, and Metatron asks "How about you? You've taken a lot 
of lives yourself up till now." Rena says that you only did that because of the 
Sages' actions in the first place. Metatron says "You can only see things from 
your point of view..." and attacks.

Boss: Metatron
HP 170,000
Strong to everything

Because Metatron is strong to everything, attack mages will be essentially 
useless in this battle. You might want Noel for backup healing,  but usually I 
bring in three fighter characters and Rena. Metatron basically attacks the same 
way he did when you fought him at the top of Elria Tower. His only special 
attack is the Meta-Cancel, a very quick double-slash. He usually uses it when 
you're in the middle of another attack so it is difficult to avoid. Metatron's 
other technique, the Meta-Guard, is more formidable; he puts up an energy field, 
and while this energy field is up you cannot hurt him at all. With his Meta-
Guard, you should switch your fighter characters' AI to "Teki kara hanare yo!" 
otherwise they will continue to attack him. Instead, have a fast character act 
as a decoy to draw away his attack and then dodge it while the barrier is up. 
When his barrier goes back down, change your characters' AI back and attack him 
again. In terms of what techniques are good, I find that using multi-hit 
techniques are best; if you manage to hit him fast like this you can keep him 
from bringing his shield back up. I find that Ashton's Dragon Breath and 
Chisato's Tear Gas, are the most useful. Opera's Hyper Launcher works well too, 
only I've noticed that it does less damage.

After Metatron dies, the party talks to Mirage, who was only injured from his 
attack. The party is surprised to see that she's all right, and Mirage says that 
she just faked being killed to buy time. She is annoyed that Narl ignored the 
fact that she would be in danger, and a party member tells her that aid from 
Central City should arrive soon. She congratulates you on killing three of the 
Sages and says that they are probably regretting giving you time to prepare 
yourselves. Leave the town now. As you leave one of Narl's assistants comes 
after hearing that the Sages were after Mirage, and Crawd tells him there is no 
more problem. He is glad and conveys a message from Narl to come to Raqua as 
soon as you are ready.

When you enter Raqua, Crawd will ask the guards at the gate where Narl is; they 
tell you he is in the research room. Go to the infirmary and he will be there 
and will ask you if you are ready for the final battle. Once you say you are, 
you will change rooms to the briefing room. Narl will tell you that although 
you've already defeated three of the Sages, you should not get overconfident 
because the ones you defeated were the weakest, low-grade Sages and the seven 
that remain are incomparably more powerful. Rena starts sweating and asks Narl 
not to threaten you like that. Narl apologizes for scaring you but notes that 
what he says is the truth. Crawd tells Narl to believe in you. Narl agrees and 
says that you will invade Feenal at daybreak.

At this point, you will see the famed "kokuhaku event" by the shore near Raqua 
at night. The game will tabulate Crawd's AJD levels with the female characters' 
AJD levels for him, and the YJD levels for the other male characters. Whichever 
character has the highest resulting value will be Crawd's partner in this event. 
The content of the event differs from character to character, but in general 
female characters will "confess their love" for Crawd, and male characters will 
have a "male bonding event" where they assure each other that they'll be able to 
defeat the Sages. Basically, this event is a good indication of who Crawd is 
going to be paired with for the ending.

The next day, before leaving, Narl gives you the "Kekkai no Monsho." (Barrier  
Monsho) Rena asks what it's for, and Narl reminds you about the Destruction 
Monsho. One of your characters remembers that its purpose is to destroy the 
universe. Narl says that if the Sages activate the Destruction Monsho, you 
should put the Barrier Monsho onto it to redirect its target. Crawd asks what he 
means, and Mirage comes in and says that it will stop the destruction of the 
universe by redirecting the Destruction Monsho's power to make it destroy 
something else. After everyone notices her presence, Mirage goes on to say that 
once you defeat the Sages the energy field surrounding NedŽ will disappear and 
you can use that energy to revert the space where Expel was into a past state, 
thus reviving it. Narl tells you that as soon as the energy field dissipates, he 
will come to Feenal as well. The party gets on the Herash and goes to the dock 
by Feenal. The soldier by the dock tells you to talk to him if you want to 
return to Raqua. Double-check to make sure you've got all the items you need, 
and then head to Feenal.

                                      Chapter 21
                                   The Final Battle

Make sure you've got all the equipment and items you need when you enter Feenal 
because you will need it; it is a very long dungeon.

As soon as you enter Feenal, three of the sages will be waiting for you. The 
young blue-haired Sage greets you. He says it would be sad for you to be killed 
by someone without even knowing their name, so he introduces himself as Zadkiel. 
The robed Sage simply says "Raphael..." and the old Sage introduces himself as 
Kamael. Then they attack.

Zadkiel: HP 105800, no strengths or weaknesses
Raphael: HP 85200, no strengths or weaknesses
Kamael: HP 45500, Weak to Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Dark

This is one of the toughest fights in the game. While all three sages have 
significantly fewer HP than the ones you've fought before, they are all 
extremely powerful. Zadkiel's primary means of attack are two very powerful 
multi-hit beams, one shot from his tuning-fork like weapon and one thrown. He 
can also cast Lost Mental, and can teleport around the battlefield. Raphael also 
can teleport, and does so more than Zadkiel. His three primary attacks are to 
cast Thunder Cloud, cause an explosion around him to do multi-hit damage to all 
characters, and to suck characters into his cloak. Characters sucked into his 
cloak are essentially in the same state as characters that got swallowed by the 
Vissayers back in Ringa Seichi were; they are considered "dead," but if you 
attack Raphael he will release them. (NOTE: Unlike the Vissayer-type enemies, 
Raphael will NOT spit out absorbed characters on his own; you have to attack him 
to free them) Kamael has two multi-hit beam attacks which do little damage but 
inflict all status ailments on the target, and can also cast Delay or Noa. As 
soon as this battle starts, IMMEDIATELY have Crawd use a Kabutowari on Raphael. 
The second the battle starts Raphael will usually teleport right in front of you 
then use his explosion attack, which if you're unlucky will take out 2 or 3 
characters right there; Crawd's Kabutowari will prevent him from using it. In 
this battle, using an Idaten Nanko to speed all characters up to max is an 
absolute must; with Zadkiel and Raphael teleporting around the battlefield you 
will be at a very large disadvantage if you can't reach them in a short amount 
of time. Focus your energies on Zadkiel and Raphael first, since Kamael is 
relatively weak you can save him for last. If you bring Celine into the battle, 
having her cast Southern Cross or Explode will kill Kamael very quickly. 
Bringing in Leon to cast Shadow Flare is another option. Bringing Rena into this 
battle is a necessity because you are likely have wounded/dead characters very 
quickly and you will need her healing power. Bring Crawd in with the Eternal 
Sphere and have him keep striking Zadkiel or Raphael with normall attacks or 
Koryuhas; with luck and good Battle Skills you will be able to keep them dizzy. 
Opera is also an excellent character to bring into this battle because of all of 
her long-range waza. In general, you should try to hit these Sages from far away 
because up close you will be vulnerable to the full brunt of their multi-hit 

After the three Sages are dead, you can enter Feenal.

Items in Feenal:
Spark Whip, Monshogaku Daijiten (Great Dictionary of Monsho Studies), Mithril 
Shield, Left Cross, Nuclear Bomb, Resurrect Mist, ?ITEM, Pet no Esa, Beta Box, 
Lotus Eater, Atomic Punch, Mithril, Titan Fist, Sylvan Boots, Rune Shoes, 
Shisento "Koro," Fresh Syrup, Liquor Bottle, Spark, Clap Rod, Duel Helm, Kenja 
no Ishi (Sage Stone).

On the fifth floor, you will enter a room and two sages will appear. One of them 
says "Hey Haniel, we've got guests!" Haniel gets angry that you have come in to 
intrude and gets ready to attack, but other Sage, Michael, stops him, noting 
that you must have killed the other Sages. "It's your turn now" Rena says. 
Michael starts laughing, and the two attack you.

Haniel: HP 160,000, no strengths or weaknesses
Michael: HP 180,000, Weak to Water, strong to everything else

Haniel's primary attacks are throwing bombs or firing a multi-hit beam. He can 
also cast Tractor Beam, and a very powerful Lost Mental or Blood Scylla. His 
most powerful attack however is the Mind Blast, a massive energy beam that can 
do several thousand points of damage, petrify and/or poison its target, and 
never misses. Michael attacks entirely using flame attacks. His normal attacks 
are flame punches, and he can cast Eruption, and (very rarely) Explode. His 
primary attack though is the flame dive attack Spicule. While it is rather 
amusing to hear him yelling after burning himself while he is using this attack, 
the damage it does is not; it does upwards of 3000+ damage to every character in 
the party. For this reason, the key to winning this battle is to prevent Michael 
from using Spicule. It's generally a good idea to bring Rena and three fighters 
into the fight, or Rena, Leon, and two fighters. The best three fighters against 
Michael are Crawd, Opera, and Ashton. Crawd is probably the most useful because 
both his normal attack with the Eternal Sphere and his Kyomensetsu both have 
great dizzy rates. Opera's Cold Wind does lots of damage too. Ashton's Northern 
Cross also works well, and Dragon Breath as well if you're lucky. (Gyoro's fire 
breath will heal Michael, but Ururun's breath does LOTS of damage against him) 
Leon's ice spells do tons of damage against Michael as well, especially Noa. 
Using an Idaten Nanko at the beginning of the fight is an absolute necessity 
because if you don't there's a good chance you will die before even reaching 
Michael; to be safe equip a pair of Bunny Shoes on whatever fighter you will be 
controlling. Rena's Anti spell will help a lot in reducing Michael's fire 
damage; equipping Star Rubies on your characters before the fight will help in 
that aspect too. You should basically ignore Haniel until Michael is dead; his 
Lost Mental can be extremely annoying since it drains 300+ MP, but other than 
that he shouldn't be too much of a problem since Rena can cure your status 
ailments. Haniel by himself is a pushover; he's fast so he can escape your 
attacks pretty well, but if you use the Idaten Nanko that shouldn't be a 

Once the two Sages are dead, you can proceed up to the 6th floor. The 6th floor 
is a maze-like series of 16 rooms. Here is a map:

 ------------- ------------- ------X------ -------------
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|      P      |      S      Y             |    ITEMS    |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
 ------B------ ------R------ ------------- ------#------
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|             B      S      R             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
 ------------- ------------- ------R------ ------B------
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|      G      Y             Y      S      Y      S      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
 ------Y------ ------------- ------R------ -----OGP-----
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|      O     R,B     S      R             |      *      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
 ------------- -----P,Y----- ------------- -------------

S=Red/Yellow/Blue switch
R=Doors that open with the Red switch on
Y=Doors that open with the Yellow switch on
B=Doors that open with the Blue switch on
O,G,P=Orange, Green, Purple switches
*=Exit switch
#=Sealed door

When you first enter this series of rooms, the "#" door is open. As soon as you 
hit either the Orange, Green, or Purple switches, this door seals and can never 
be opened again. So if you want the items inside, go there before changing any 
of the switches. The door marked "OGP" will only open after you have hit the 
Orange, Green, and Purple Switches, and gives you access to the Scarlet Switch 
that opens the exit door. This puzzle is actually fairly easy to figure out on 
your own; the only tricky part is not missing the items in the upper-right hand 

On the seventh floor, you will find the gray-haired black-robed mage standing 
alone in a single room. As soon as you enter, he says "The fact that you made it 
here must mean the only two of the Ten Sages left are me and Gabriel in the far 
room..." Crawd tells him he's right and tells him to surrender. "I see...they're 
dead" the Sage says. He starts laughing and says how everything is going to plan 
and that splitting up the Ten Sages to destroy them worked perfectly. One of 
your party members asks what he's talking about, and the Sage ignores him/her 
and continues laughing, saying "Now if I just kill Gabriel, the universe is 
mine." (and identifies himself as Lucifer at the same time) One of your party 
members says "You deliberately killed your allies!?" Lucifer turns around and 
says yes, then notes that you are still alive.ÊHe steps forward and thanks you 
for your hard work, then asks you what you want in return. He offers money and 
land, but after seeing that the party is not interested decides to "give you 
death" instead.

BOSS: Lucifer
HP 300,000
Strong to Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Star, Fu, Light, Darkness, and Mu.

Lucifer can teleport, fire out forcefields around him to hit you, call lightning 
down to strike individual characters (no dodging possible) and cast Demon's Gate 
or Word of Death. However, his primary form of attack is the Horobi no 
Kaze,Ê(Wind of Death/Ruin) a massive blast of wind that will do upwards of 5000 
points of damage to the entire party. This unfortunately is the attack that he 
does most often, and with 5900 MP he is not going to run out of the MP to use 
it. If that wasn't bad enough, in the two seconds or so it takes Lucifer to cast 
it, he is invincible to both physical and magical attacks. However, there is one 
piece of equipment that will give you a great advantage: the Rune Shoes. (You 
can make the Rune Shoes out of Rune Metal so long as you don't have the Magical 
Rasp using the Blacksmith Super Tokugi) The good thing about Rune Shoes is that 
characters wearing them will be immune to Lucifer's Horobi no Kaze. The down 
side is that only spellcasters can equip them. Still, without his Horobi no Kaze
Lucifer is no problem at all; Rena wearing a pair of Rune shoes could easily 
kill him all by herself. If you have all your spellcasters participating in the 
battle equip Rune Shoes all you need to worry about is preventing your fighters 
from dying, and even then you can revive them with Resurrect Potions with little 
trouble. Still, it would be a good idea to equip your fighters with multiple 
pieces of equipment with Wind protection (the Green Beryl does and can be 
equipped by anyone) and cast Anti when the battle starts. If you have all four 
spellcasters and bring them all into the battle with Rune Shoes you shouldn't 
have any problem on Lucifer at all. (though the battle will take forever) Also 
use an Idaten Nanko or equip your fighters with Bunny Shoes or else they will 
probably die before even reaching Lucifer. Also, while Lucifer is impervious to 
physical/magical attack when preparing to cast Horobi no Kaze, he is still 
susceptible to attacks via items; if you catch him in time and attack him with 
an item he will take damage and stop casting. Usually he will immediately start 
casting Horobi no Kaze again, but in the quarter-second or after getting damaged 
by the item you can hit him with a physical attack and temporarily get him out 
of the casting cycle. Because of Lucifer's high HP and defense level this battle 
will take a VERY long time, so it is a good opportunity to raise your 
characters' waza levels.

Once Lucifer is dead, you can proceed onwards. At one point, when you're on the 
9th floor, the path will go back down to the 8th floor, but don't worry about 
having gone the wrong way; the path will start going up again until you get to 
the 10th floor.

When you reach the top of Feenal you will find Gabriel all alone in front of the 
Destruction Monsho. Crawd tells him his days of trying to conquer the universe 
are over. Without turning around, Gabriel compliments him on his will but tells 
him he's too late and that he as already finished the Destruction Monsho. Rena 
tells him to stopÊcausing trouble since he's the only one left. Gabriel turns 
around and says that it doesn't make any difference since he alone is enough to 
complete his plan. He then says "Let's enjoy this, Philia" and attacks you.

This is the last fight in the game, but the powers of the boss actually differ 
depending on your actions in the game. Gabriel has what's called a "Limiter," a 
program within him that limits his power output. If you have seen a certain 
Private Action Gabriel's Limiter will be removed and he will become vastly more 
powerful. Odds are you'll first fight him with his Limiter off, since you have 
to save at the Save Point right before Gabriel then go all the way back to the 
towns to see the PA necessary to remove his Limiter.

BOSS: Gabriel (Limiter ON)
HP: 500,000
No strengths or weaknesses:

At the start of the fight, Gabriel isn't so bad. At this stage, his two primary 
attacks are psychic bolts and Divine Wave. Divine Wind is a multi-hitting energy 
beam that does lots of damage; characters close to the source of the beam are 
likely to get killed outright. Divine Wave is like Raphael's explosion attack; 
it sends out a wave of damaging energy around Gabriel in a circle and can damage 
characters caught in it several times. He also casts several spells (Star Flare 
the most at this point, I think) which do much more damage than they would do 
when cast by anyone else. He is also very fast and will be able to outrun your 
characters fairly easy. Still, at this point he's not all that much harder than 
some of the other Sage fights. However, once you reduce his HP far enough, he 
will cast "Time of Truth" and summon Philia to support him. Once he fuses with 
Philia, he becomes VERY fast and will fly all over the battlefield slightly 
above ground at speeds so fast that even characters wearing Bunny Shoes will 
have trouble keeping up. Also his spells' power gets a huge boost and he can 
cast them while moving. He also starts casting really powerful spells like 
Southern Cross and Explode as well. What's worse, at this point he can cast his 
ultimate spell, "Shinkyoku" (Divine Song) which can do as much as 6000-8000 
points of damage on your entire party. Needless to say, he is very difficult to 
defeat normally. Having all your characters running at Bunny Shoes-speed is 
absolutely essential in this fight, so bring plenty of Idaten Nankos and Idaten 
Ships into the battle to boost your characters' speed. If your characters are 
not moving at this speed it will be next to impossible to even catch up to 
Gabriel to hit him. Basically, multi-hit attacks are the way to go for this 
fight; if you manage to pull them off successively you can keep Gabriel stunned 
long enough to prevent him from casting his spells. You won't be able to stop 
him from using his Divine Wave and normal attack unless he's REALLY dizzy (ie 
with stars around his head) nor can you stop him from casting "Time of Truth" 
(he becomes invincible when he starts casting it) but since the bulk of his 
power comes from his magic keeping him stunned helps a lot. This is the last 
fight, so don't worry about saving any items. Here are some strategies for each 
Crawd: Equip Crawd with the Eternal Sphere, an Atlas Ring, and a Paras Atene is 
a great combination; the Atlas Ring will boost his damage way up, the Paras 
Atene will negate the bad effects of the Atlas Ring, and the Eternal Sphere will 
increase his number of hits greatly. Kyomensetsu and Kabutowari are the 
techniques of choice here.
Rena: Bringing her into the fight is an absolute necessity. Cast Fairy light 
often, and Anti as soon as you enter the battle. If you have time between 
healing spells, cast Angel Feather and other power-up spells on your party 
Celine: Cast Angel Feather and Anti at the beginning of the fight. Explode and 
Southern Cross work well; basically cast her most powerful spells. If Gabriel 
casts Angel Feather on himself, immediately cast Curse on him.
Ashton: Do NOT enter the battle equipping the Gemini or Melfar unless you are 
equipping positive fire/ice respective equipment; his Explode/Noa respectively 
will do 9999 damage on Ashton if he's not. Sword Dance is a great move to use, 
as well as Dragon Breath.
Opera: Alpha on One and Hyper Launcher are the two best techniques to use. Equip 
the Seventh Ray in the battle for extra defense against Gabriel's spells. Opera 
is a useful character to use because her Alpha on One will chase Gabriel as he 
constantly runs away.
Precis: Barrier, Ei! Ya!, Bloody Mary, and Holoholograph are all good techniques 
to use. If you want to get in close, Pop Step is a good technique to use.
Bowman: If you can pull it off right, a Senpusho/Okarengeki combo works well; 
after getting lifted into the air via Senpusho, Bowman will hit Gabriel on the 
way down with Okarengeki.
Ernest: Thousand Whip and Broken Heart work best. Since he can use Broken Heart 
from any distance, it's an especially effective technique
Leon: Protection and Growth on your fighter characters. Demon's gate is good 
too. If you can manage to pull off a fused spell by casting his Gremlin Lair and 
Rena's Tractor Beam/Celine's Thunder Storm at the same time, you can do 50,000+ 
damage to Gabriel!
Noel: Not all that effective, but good for backup healing in case Rena gets 
killed, and can cast Curse to negate Gabriel's Angel Feather spells.
Chisato: Tear Gas, low-powered Flamethrower, and high powered Tsumujikaze are 
all very effective techniques to dizzy Gabriel.

BOSS: Gabriel (Limiter OFF)
HP: 1,500,000
No strengths or weaknesses

(See above for Gabriel's attack patterns)
All I can say is good luck. Gabriel without his Limiter gets my vote for the 
most difficult boss ever. Many of his spells will do 9999 damage to all members 
of the party (IOW instant death) and Shinkyoku apparently does 9999 damage to 
all members of the party no matter what they're equipping and what resistances 
they have. Basically, if you are going to fight Gabriel with his Limiter off and 
not cheat, you can't let him get off a single attack. Equip Crawd with the 
Eternal Sphere, a powerful fighter character like Ashton with the Koyoku no 
Udewa, and try to pin him between those two fighters, and hope the stars 
produced with their normal attacks keep him stunned throughout the entire fight. 
Multi-hit waza are the way to go when fighting Gabriel with his Limiter Off. 
Crawd's Kyomensetsu, Dias' Mugen, and Opera's Alpha on One are good techniques 
to use. If you can get the timing down right, doing a Hurricane Slash/Sword 
Dance combo with Ashton can be VERY effective. The hurricane will knock Gabriel 
into the air where he can't attack, and then he will be caught in the Sword 
Dance when he lands. Repeat, and if you can hit him with another hurricane while 
he is getting knocked back from the Sword Dash, you can juggle him like that. 
Other than that, you'll have to leave it to high levels and good luck. As a 
point of reference, the only person I have talked to that managed to kill 
Gabriel with his Limiter off without some form of cheating had all characters 
around 220 in terms of levels. (I managed to do it at a lower level, but I had 
to use the Save Swap technique to get 8 Koyoku no Udewas first) I've never 
played Gabriel with his Limiter off on Galaxy or Universe, but I imagine he must 
be next to impossible to kill there, even when cheating. Good luck!

Ending Translation:

Gabriel: What a waste of effort....the universe is going to be destroyed 
anyway...if I die, the Destruction Monsho will activate.
Rena: That's your goal!? How can you conquer something you're going to destroy!
Gabriel: Conquer? I don't need to destroy anything. If I can't conquer, then I 
can destroy everything.
Crawd: Why would you do such a thing though?
Gabriel: You'd never understand...that was our mission and our reason for 
existence. We were made for just that purpose...
Crawd: Wh, what the-!?
Gabriel: It would seem the Destruction Monsho has been activated with the 
deterioration of our life signs. Now no matter what means are taken the 
destruction cannot be stopped.
Narl: Rena, quickly, put the Barrier Monsho above the Destruction Monsho!
Mirage: What are you doing!? If you don't hurry up you'll be too late!
Gabriel: I, it can't be...
Rena: What!? But how?
Mirage: Looks like it's started.
Rena: What do you mean! Wasn't the Barrier Monsho supposed to stop the 
destruction of the universe?
Narl: Yes, we have stopped the destruction of the universe with the power of the 
Barrier Monsho.
Crawd: Then what's this shaking? Maybe it's just me, but it seems a lot stronger 
than before.
Mirage: We told you that the Barrier Monsho can only redirect the target of the 
destruction...Nothing can stop the energy it would take to destroy the universe.
*Character*: Then where is that energy going?
Narl: Through the power of the Barrier Monsho, all of that energy will be taken 
by Energy NedŽ.
*Character*: But if that happens, then Energy NedŽ will be...
Narl: Most likely be annihilated without a trace.
Rena: I can't believe it...
Mirage: Don't worry. We can teleport you with the power generated by the 
destruction. And at the same time we can call back Expel from the past. If we do 
that then we can achieve your objective.
*Character*: That's beside the point!
Mirage: It's better than the universe getting destroyed, isn't it? The 
Destruction Monsho is something we NedŽians made a mistake by creating. We don't 
need to take you along with us when our world gets destroyed.
Narl: And NedŽ has been around for a long, long time. If we wanted to, we could 
destroy the universe. No technology this advanced exists anywhere else.ÊIt's 
time for NedŽ's life to come to a close.
Rena: Why didn't you tell us before...If I had known that you and Energy NedŽ 
would have to be sacrificed, I would have...
Mirage: You guys are too kind; we knew if we told you you'd hesitate.
Narl: Therefore, we asked Professor Noel and/or Chisato to help. [depending on 
party makeup]
Noel/Chisato: Sorry for not saying anything.
Rena: That's it! If we bring the people of Energy NedŽ along with us...
Narl: No, when NedŽ dies, so will we. We realize that creatures that have 
stopped evolving have no reason to exist.
Narl: Rena, Noel, Chisato...as the last NedŽians, live to your fullest.
Rena: Everyone...
Noel/Chisato: We'll do our best...
Narl: Well then, it's time to say goodbye.
Rena: Narl, I...
Narl: It's all right. We're not afraid. That's probably because our hearts will 
go out with you.
Mirage: See ya, take care of our hearts now, you hear?

Crawd: Come on, let's go back to Expel!
Rena: Right!

And time passed...
(End translations)

Now you'll see the main bulk of the ending. There are 86 of them so I can 
neither translate or describe them all because I've seen nowhere near all of 
them. A lot of them are pretty funny, so try to get all sorts of different 
combinations of characters. If you sabotage your characters' AJD and YJD using 
Shuppan books right before fighting Gabriel you can see multiple sets of endings 
without having to play through the game all over again.

Once the ending combinations are over, sit back and enjoy the end credits CGI 
sequence! It's got great music too. :)

                                  Chapter 22 
                               The Trial Cavern

To get into the bonus dungeon in Star Ocean: The Second Story, you don't 
actually have to finish the game. All you have to do is save at the save point 
before Gabriel. So leave Feenal and return to Fun City. At Fun City, go to the 
Battle Stadium and talk to an old man dressed in green standing at the back of 
the arena. He will tell you he can "bring your memories back to life." He'll ask 
you if you want to try it. He'll ask you twice; say yes both times. He will tell 
you to close your eyes, and when you open them you will find yourself back in 
Arlia. There will be a penguin "Penpen" behind you. If you talk to him, he will 
say something intelligible, and you can say 1) "I don't understand" or 2) 
"Stupid Penpen!" If you say 2), Penpen will kick you back into the arena. In 
this way, you can travel to and from Arlia and NedŽ.

However, once you leave Arlia, you will find a Sainard waiting for you! Ride on 
the Sainard and travel to the continent in the southwest end of the map you 
formerly couldn't reach. There you can find the entrance to the Trial Cavern.


Nectar, Link Stock, Nuclear Bomb, Tri-Emplem, Tokkoyaku, Juicy Beef, Blueberry

Monsters to look out for: 
None really; the monsters here are not too much more powerful than those in 
Feenal. If anyone, you should look out for the Warlocks because they can cast 
high-level Southern Cross spells. Reaching them in time before they can get 
their spells off can be tough.

By this point in the game, you'll have probably realized that the key to winning 
really tough battles is running speed, and this holds especially true in the 
bonus dungeon, where on the lower levels you fight boss-class monsters in random 
fights. And unless you bring massive quantities of Idaten Nankos, which is 
basically impossible since you can hold at most 20, you are going to want to 
equip as many characters as possible with Bunny Shoes here. Make sure to steal 
the pair from the bunny in Fun City; there are also several places in the bonus 
dungeon you can pick them up. Other than that and resorting to cheating and the 
save-swap technique, the only place you can get Bunny Shoes is at the Bunny 
Races in Fun City. It may be a pain, but you might want to keep betting on the 
Bunny Shoes until you get a pair or two; they often mean the difference betwen 
life and death in this dungeon. As long as you have enough Bunny Shoes to swap 
among your fighter characters, you should be OK.

Level features/puzzles: 
None, really. Make sure you get the Link Stock, which you can steal from for 
Link Combos instead of another character. Also, note the room with the red floor 
tiles. If you notice the tiles with light coming up from under them, this is a 
trap door down to the 9th level of the dungeon. Later in the dungeon this will 
be very useful to skip down to the hard levels, but if you are coming here for 
the first time, you will want to avoid this, because if you fall into the 9th 
level with levels any less than 150 (and even that's pushing it) it will became 
a slaughterfest for the monsters down there quite quickly. The exit to this 
level is on the south end.

At the end of the level, the Dark Feathered Waiting for you greets you and 
welcomes you to the Trial Cavern. She tells you that further onward are various 
tests to try your fitness and courage. She says that as your first test, you 
must defeat her.

Dark Feathered: HP 160,000, no strengths or weaknesses
2 Weird Knights: HP 23,000 Strong to Fire and Darkness

The Weird Knights are powerful and do lots of damage, but they are of lesser 
significance; you should focus on the Dark Feathered because she is far more 
dangerous; she casts powerful spells, travels very quickly, and can petrify you. 
Multi-hit long-range waza work best, making Opera or Chisato excellent choices 
for this fight. I've also been able to air-juggle her fairly effectively with 
Ashton's Sword Dance.

After defeating the Dark Feathered, she congratulates you and allows you to 
proceed to the next level.

First level Treasure: A pair of Bunny Shoes


Items: Pure Leaf, Resurrect Mist, Reflex, Link Combo

Monsters to look out for:
None in particular; most of the monsters here are just powerful versions of 
monsters you've fought before. The sole exception might be the Cave Stings; I 
believe they are the first flying ray monster that can fire projectiles at you. 
And while not particularly special in their patterns, the Giants deserve a note 
of caution as their attacks can do 2000-3000 points of damage to low-level 

Level features/puzzles: 
A stone tablet by the entrance to the level reads:
"The love confession of the young woman Millene: That was the start of her story 
of love with Luke. Felia tired to break up their love. Roid's feelings went out 
to a solitary girl. Yufi secretly loved the young man Roid. Sharon was afflicted 
with a forbidden love. Sistina stood and watched the sky alone." 
You will also find statues scattered about the level with the names of the 
people on the tablet that you can turn in various directions. Also note that the 
Link Combo is tough to find; it is located on the floor smack between the 
Milenne and Luke statues.

You have to turn each statue toward the statue of the person they like. 
Therefore, Millene faces Luke, Luke faces Millene, Felia faces Luke, Roid faces 
Sistina, Yufi faces Roid, Sharon faces Yufi (her "forbidden love" is for another 
woman) and Sistina faces nobody.

Blood Gerell: HP 60,000, No strengths or weaknesses
5 Hunting Gels: HP 20,000

This is overall not that difficult a battle. Your only real danger is in the 
number of enemies you're fighting. All the monsters, including the Blood Gerell, 
can split and divide into more enemies, and you can easily end up in the middle 
of a hoarde of slimes. For this reason, techniques and spells that hit all the 
enemies at once are the best way to beat this fight.

After defeating the Blood Gerell, it will congratulate you and grant you passage 
to the next level.

Second Level Treasure: Seraphic Garb


Items: Nectar, Juicy Beef, Dream Crown, Tokkoyaku, Sylvan Mail, Slayer Ring, 

Monsters to look out for:
The Weird Goats are the ones to look out for here. They can only cast Fire Bolt, 
so it may seem silly to cast Silence on them, but I suggest you do anyway; the 
bolts take no time to cast and are more powerful than they should be, plus the 
Goats are smart and will immediately cast it on anyone that is casting a spell.
Also, note that the boss of the last level appears here as a normal enemy....

Level features/puzzles: 
Note the yellow tiles on the floor when you first enter the level. Each one of 
these stands for a room in the dungeon. As soon as you enter a room, the 
corresponding tile will turn red. What you have to do is turn all the tiles to 
red. The one catch is that if you enter a room that's already "red," the tile 
will revert to yellow. Therefore, you basically have to travel on a path that 
travels to each room once and only once, and that ends in the same room you 
started in. There are actually several different paths you can take; a map below 
is provided for you to figure out which one you'd like to choose. (As a point of 
reference, I've labeled one path through with the numbers 1-16 in succeeding 

|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|     11             10            7             6      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----|
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|      12     |      9             8             5      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----|
|             | DOWN        |             |             |
|             |         UP  |             |             |
|      13           16             1             4      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----+-----   -----|
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |
|      14           15             2             3      |
|             |             |             |             |
|             |             |             |             |

After you open the door, the Dream Shade behind it congratulates you on solving 
the puzzle, and gives you your "last test."

3 Dream Shades
35,000 HP
No strengths or Weaknesses

Overall, the Dream Shades aren't too difficult, especially considering some of 
the other monsters that have been showing up in the dungeon. They do have one 
strength though: the ability to stop time. If you see a clock appear on one of 
the Shades, hit it immediately; if they stop time they will be able to attack 
you without you providing any defense, and can kill you right then and there 
quite often.

After beating the Dream Shades, they congratulate you and teleport away.

Third level treasure: Magical Drop


Extinction, Nectar, Shikkoku no Pierce, Piyonon, Resurrect Mist, Pure Leaf, 
Seraphic Garb

Monsters to look out for:
The Punkponks are the most annoying monsters here, not only because of the high 
damage they deal, but because they knock your characters back very far when they 
hit them. If your characters are not running at Bunny-Shoes speeds, it will make 
things very difficult for you.

Level features/puzzles: The main feature of this level is that some of the walls 
can be walked through. This is how you can get the chests at the beginning of 
the level and through the wall to fight the boss. Be sure not to miss the 
treasure chest with Extinction, Leon's most powerful spell; it is EXTREMELY 
powerful and will turn the tide of many battles here. 

A "Mistaken Soldier" says that "Supposedly there is a terrible Bushin (war god) 
on this level." (note this is a bad pun, as the "bushin" on this level is 
"dancing god"--but same pronunciation)

The main trick here is in a room to the northeast end of the level; walk through 
the left-hand wall there and you will find a switch. Pull that switch to open 
the sealed door in the center of the level.

Enter the sealed door, and Bushin, the Dance Goddess, willÊbe there. She says 
that she is the "ruler of music" and tells you to play aÊfamous piece to calm 
the heart. Pick a character with a high Ongaku (music) level with both Rythm-kan 
and On-kan and s/he will play for the goddess. If s/he succeeds in pleasing 
Bushin, she will compliment you and tell you "you should be able to use this 
instrument with your skill" and will give you the level treasure, the Maboroshi 
no Shamisen, and disappear.

When you enter the secret door at the northwest end of the level, a robot will 
be waiting there: It scans you, does not find you in its database of "allies," 
determines you to be an enemy, and attacks.

BOSS: Mi-il 37
HP 190,000, Strong to everything

This boss is a lot tougher than it appears. Apparently its only attack is its 
laser beams, but they will do 2000-3000 damage plus poison to a character with a 
700 defense rating. It also runs extremely fast. Your one advantage over it is 
that it needs to be a slight distance away from your character to fire. For this 
reason, the best way to defeat it is to stay close to it and use multi-hit 
juggle attacks to keep it from running away. For this reason, characters 
specializing in long-range attacks like Opera or Ernest will be less useful. I 
find that Crawd's regular attack with the Eternity Sphere works best, followed 
by his Kyomensetsu and Ashton's Sword Dance.

After the battle, the Mi-il will say "Entry Conditions Fulfilled: Permission 
granted to advance"Êand disappear.


Fresh Syrup, Slayer Ring, Juicy Beef, Nectar, Fairy Ring, Tokkoyaku, Seraphic 

Monsters to look out for:
A really sadistic monster here is the Dragon Axe. If a character runs out of HP 
in the battle, they will sit and wait by their bodies, so if the character gets 
revived, they can immediately kill him/her again. For this reason, it is often 
safer to use a Resurrect Mist rather than a Raise Dead spell or Resurrect 
Potion, because then when the character is revived they will have full HP to 
survive the Dragon Axe's attack. Also, the Greater Goats will cast Silence, 
which can make things extremely difficult for you if they silence your healer, 
not to mention that they also cast Earthquake...

Level features/puzzles:
As you're entering a doorway in the first room, a voice calls out: "You've 
finally come. Time to pay you back for that stunt two years ago! (?)"  You will 
see a girl. Rena will say: "Ah!! you're..." You get three choices:
1) Puffy
2) Pahi
3) Bunny
  1) You're right; the girl is surprised and asks if she's ever met you. 
    "No, but I just sort of guessed..." Rena says. 
  2) The girl falls over and says "What's with that 'Hi!?' Do you not have front
     teeth or something!? I'm PuFFY!"
  3) The girl gets very angry and says "Don't associate me with that bitch! I'm

Then Puffy will ask: "What would go well with a lady like me?" You can answer:
1) Nikibi (Pimple)
2) Noroi (Curse)
3) Yaju (Wild animal)
  1) Puffy will say "If you're indirectly trying to compliment me on my youth,
     there are better ways to do it."
  2) Puffy gets mad, and says "Wrong 'Tsukimono!'" (this is a pun, Puffy
     asked what "tsukimono," which means accompianment or accessory, would go
     well with her, and another type of "tsukimono" means "a possession" or some
     sort of black magic cast on someone.)
  3) "Ah, you got it!" Puffy says. "A beautiful girl, and a ferocious beast."

Puffy then shows you the "true answer" by summoning a huge monster, who she 
orders to attack you.

BOSS: Weird Beast
HP 811200

The Weird Beast is completely immune to magic, and all physical attacks will do 
only 1 point of damage. So unless you cheat or spend the rest of your natural 
life fighting it, (at the fastest rates I could get with several characters 
using their best multi-hit waza, I calculated the battle would take over 30 
hours to finish) run from this battle. On the other hand, because the Beast 
itself is rather weak, this is an excellent place to build up your waza skill 

If you DO beat it, Puffy will be shocked, yells "You'll pay for this!" and runs 
away. You'll get the Guren no Hoshu. (Lotus Jewel)

If you run away, Puffy laughs and says she'll give you a break, and tells you 
that she has the key to the lower level, then leaves with the Beast.

Later on in the level, you will find Puffy being attacked by some hourglass 
monster. After running up to her, Crawd will mention "I've seen this situation 
before somewhere..." You'll get the option to save Puffy; you will be attacked 
by three Dream Shades (same as the boss fight for level 2) After you kill the 
Dream Shades, Puffy gets mad and says "Are you trying to buy my favor or 
something?" and runs away. She will trip and drop an item on the way out; pick 
it up, it is the Weird Slayer. In addition to being powerful, this weapon heals 
the weilder with each use, and kills any monster with "Weird" in its name in one 
hit. Note, however, that only Precis, Chisato, Rena, or Bowman can equip it.

Continue to the locked door at the southeast end of the level. Puffy will be 
there; talk to her and you'll ask where the monster she had with her went. Puffy 
says it went off on its own and wonders if it's wild. You'll ask if she wasn't 
controlling it. Puffy tells you to shut up, and you'll ask her for the key. 
Puffy will tell you the monster went off with it.

Now you have to find the Weird Beast and fight it again. (I believe its position 
changes from game to game; it hangs out in one of the small side rooms in the 
level) Only this time, have someone enter the fight with the Weird Slayer 
equipped; hit it once with this character and the Weird Beast will die 
immediately. Or, you can have fighter characters enter the battle, continually 
attack with their special attacks, run when they run out of MP, use 
food/Familiar skill to get Blackberries, and return to fight again; it's a great 
way to raise Jukurendo fast. Once it's dead, the Weird Beast will drop the Guren 
no Hoshu (Lotus Jewel) which is the key to open the door down to the next level.


Cure Poison, Dream Crown

Monsters to look out for:
None, really. Aside from the occasional Dragon Axe, Dream Shade, or Punkponk, 
the only enemies that will show up here are Chinke Thieves and Metal Chinkes, 
neither of which will pose any threat to you. The Metal Chinkes are impervious 
to most attacks (1 hp damage/attack) and have 200 HP, plus they run away 
reasonably quickly, so killing them is reasonably difficult. If you have someone 
equip the "Chinke Slayer" you can get from Radol in the earlier event in the 
game (I suggest a spellcaster since it's such a weak weapon), you can kill them 
in one hit. They don't give you much more experience than the other monsters in 
the bonus dungeon, but considering the ease with which you can kill them they 
are easy EXP.

Level features/puzzles:
No real puzzles here, this is a short level. In order to get the door to the 
next level open, examine the bottom-right Chinke Thief statue in the hall with 
all the thief statues; it has a switch you can use to open the door.

Although it's extremely rare, sometimes the Merchant Santa will appear in the 
statue room. Like in the first Star Ocean, you can buy Tri-Emblems, (the real 
thing, not the Tri-Emplems) Santa Boots, andÊKaeru no Kisekis, (Pun: means "Frog 
gem" and "Frog Miracle" at the same time) stones that will teleport you out of 
the dungeon, from him. You can also buy all the rare ores in the game from him. 
Note that you'll have to empty your wallet to get anything though.

When you go through the formerly locked door, there will be a single thief 
waiting for you, the Chinke Thief LV 99. It just says "Steal!" and attacks.

1 Dream Shade: HP 35,000, no strengths or weaknesses
3 Chinke Thieves: HP 3, no strengths or weaknesses
1 Chinke Thief LV 99: HP 40,000, no strengths or weaknesses

Do not be fooled by the enemies you're fighting in this battle; they're HARD. 
The enemy to look out for is the Chinke Thief LV 99. In addition to doing 
thousands of points of damage each hit, he runs at Bunny-shoes speed, which 
means that no matter what you do you won't be able to escape or outrun him. The 
easiest way to finish this battle is to have somebody equip the Chinke Slayer 
before it starts, because it will kill the Chinke Thief LV 99 in one hit, and 
with the most powerful enemy out of the way the only enemy that will take any 
time to beat is the Dream Shade. If you don't have it or don't want to use it, 
focus on trying to kill the Dream Shade first in this battle; its stopping time 
in tandem with the Chinke Thief LV 99's power is a deadly combination. Since 
this battle starts out as a Raid Attack, have your spellcasters run away from 
the center of the battle immediately. When you've got the battle down to the 
Chinke Thief LV 99, you should be able to defeat him with relative ease if you 
get your fighters to team up on him. (Make sure you've got a healer with you 

Sixth level treasure: Chinke Slayer


Tri-Emplem, Fresh Syrup, Resurrect Mist, Ganze, Bibiwareta Hoshu (Cracked Gem), 
Pure Leaf, Piyonon, Weird Slayer, Bunny Shoes, Tama no Hikari "Yukiyocho," 
Kokuryu "Sekidaya"

Enemies to look out for:
None really; most of the enemies here are just really powerful normal-type 
enemies. One thing to note though is that the Chinke Thief LV 99 is a normal 
enemy here! Bring someone in with a Chinke Slayer to make those fights easier.

Level features/puzzles:
The altar you will find in the middle of the level has a plaque next to it which 
reads "Through the power of the gem the Door will open; offer it to the altar." 

In order to solve the puzzle of this level, you need to use your Item Creation 
skills to get through. If you use your Saiku Item Creation on the Bibiwareta 
Hoshu you can fix its crack, and then place it on the altar to open the door.

When you enter the last room you will be met by a huge monster, the Mithril 
Eater. It attacks you.

BOSS: Mithril Eater
HP: 600,000
No strengths or weaknesses

This is going to be a LONG fight. The Mithril Eater has tons of HP, a high 
defense level, and can block attacks with annoying frequency. In terms of 
patterns, the Mithril Eater is exactly the same as the Vark you fought earlier, 
except it is much more powerful; when it uses its "Lose Patience" attack it 
usually does more than 8000 damage to everybody.

Once you defeat the Mithril Eater, itÊ"Opens the Gates to Hell" as it puts it 
and you can proceed to the next level.

Level 7 Treasure: Seiju Million Terror (Holy Staff Million Terror)

                       LEVEL 8: SHOKUJIN (THE FOOD GOD)

Lavender, Chinke Slayer, Seraphic Garb, Amoeba Soup, Ooze Cocktail, Seiju 
Million Terror, Slime Jelly, Fresh Syrup, Ganze, Tokkoyaku, Maboroshi no O-toro, 
(Phantom O-toro--a kind of sashimi) Piyonon.

Enemies to look out for:
The Weird Devils are probably the most annoying monsters here because not only 
do they do lots of damage with their attacks, but with their "Spoil" attack they 
drain your MP as well. Bring someone with a Weird Slayer into the battle and 
they will be able to make short work of them. In addition, the Star Guarders 
here have really strong defenses, but they will be killed immediately if they 
are hit with a star that is produced from weapons and armor that give them off 
during use. (e.g. the Star Guard) Bring Crawd here with his Eternal Sphere and 
they will be no match for you.

Level features/puzzles:

Toward the north end of the level you will find the Shokujin, who will ask you 
to give him delicious food. Keep feeding him food (the cheaper, the better) 
until he says "You're not giving me anything good." Then you have the option to 
start feeding him failed Chori items like Bitter Juice or Damaged Sashimi. At 
this point, keep feeding him the nastiest stuff you have and you will eventually 
make him sick. At this point, Puffy will fall out from behind the Shokujin 
statue--she was really the one eating the food. "I'll get you someday!" she 
says.  The door to the next level then opens.

Before you can go down to the next level, you'll have to fight the boss though.

BOSS: Erishin Beast
HP 450,000
Strong to Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Star, Fu, and Mu

The Erishin Beast is the nastiest of all the enemies that can swallow you. If it 
swallows a character, the odds are that it will not spit that character out 
until the end of the fight no matter how much damage you do. And in the rare 
case that it does spit someone out, they will be spat out dead. For this reason 
it is an extremely bad idea to take the Erishin Beast on head-on. Since it's 
fairly slow, it's not too hard to catch it from behind. Use multiple-hit and 
long-range waza to kill it.

Level 8 treasure: Gelatin Steak

                       LEVEL 9: FUIN NOÊKAN (THE SEALED COFFIN)

Artemis Leaf, Valiant Boots, Resurrect Mist, Tokkoyaku

Enemies to look out for:
The nastiest monsters here are the Weird Mollusks. Like the Erishin Beast of 
level 8, they also refuse to spit swallowed characters out, and any characters 
swallowed will furthermore be petrified. However, you can kill them in one hit 
with the Weird Slayer.

Level features/puzzles:
At first glance, this level appears to have nothing special on it and you can 
proceed as normally to the next level. However, once you clear the 12th level of 
the dungeon, you'll need to come back here.

Once you've cleared level 12 and gotten Seiken Farwell, go up to the coffin, 
which will now be open. You'll notice that Seiken Farwell gives off a bright 
light, and the Wise Sorsaria will appear. He attacks you.

1 Wise Sorsaria: HP 700,000, strong to Earth, Fire, Star, and Mu.
1 Dream Shade: HP 35,000, no strengths or weaknesses

This fight is a lot tougher than it looks, especially considering what an early 
level of the dugeon this is. (On the other hand, you do have to complete LV 12 
first to fight him...) Within the Wise Sorsaria's repertoire of spells is a Word 
of Death that rarely fails, and a Shadow Flare that does 9999 points of damage 
to all characters. (Basically this spell means instant death for all characters 
without Dark resistance) In addition, the energy bolts he fires as a physical 
attack usually average about 6500 HP/attack. He also travels at greater-than-
bunny-shoes speeds, and circles around characters to hit them from beind 
extremely quickly. Basically, he is very deadly if he gets a chance to attack, 
so winning this battle means not letting him do so. For this reason, the 
beginning of the fight is toughest; with the Dream Shades there to stop time, 
you are reasonably easy pickings for him. Therefore, when the battle starts, you 
should have your player-controlled character focus on the Wise Sorsaria and 
keeping him from attacking, and your other characters focus on killing the Dream 
Shades by assigning them the Bunsan Shite Kogeki se yo! (Disperse and attack!) 
type AI. Once all the Dream Shades are dead, it is not too hard to kill the Wise 
Sorsaria despite his high HP; as powerful as he is he is not much of a match for 
you if you have multiple characters gang up on him.

Once you defeat the Wise Sorsaria, he congratulates you and asks what you are 
seeking. He tells you that the Land Of God is not far, but it is also hellish. 
You then get the Maken Levantein, a sword that does ungodly amounts of damage 
and is probably the only one in the game worth considering substituting for your 
Eternal Sphere.

Ninth Level Treasure: Maken Levantein (Demon Sword Levantein)


Fresh Syrup, Valiant Boots, Valkyrie Boots x 2, Rainbow Diamond, Kenja no Ishi, 
Chinke Slayer, Bunny shoes, Pure Leaf, Tri-Ace, Seiju Million Terror, Meteo 

Enemies to look out for:
This level is when things start to get ridiculously hard in this dungeon so be 
forewarned. First, there are the Mind Flayers. The damage they do is barely 
negligible, but when they attack, they will drain your MP. (sometimes upwards of 
300+ points/attack) There are also the Live Flayers, which look exactly like the 
Mind Flayers, only run much faster. They don't drain your MP, but do massive 
amounts of damage with their guns. In fact, they're so powerful if you encounter 
them you may want to use an Idaten to teleport your party out of the battle; 
even with four characters with 9999 HP and 1000+ defense points, the Live 
Flayers will kill your party in no time flat. There's one fight here where the 
computer plays VERY cheap here; this is with one Dream Shade and four Gastric 
Gels. The Dream Shade will stop time, and with your party frozen, the Gastric 
Gels will eat your characters without you being able to do anything about it. 
Also note that from this point on in the dungeon, enemies will Super Block; if 
they block a physical attack they will "hold" the attacking character for a 
second or so in the block, during which time they are helpless. This can get 
extremely irritating when you use multi-hit waza, so be forewarned...

Level features/puzzles:
You'll note the 4-by-4 grid in the first room. It corresponds to the layout of 
the level. When you stand on a square, it will light up in either red, yellow, 
or green. Similarly, you will gain access to whatever corresponding room you 
"light up." The entrance to the level is in the bottom-left corner, and the exit 
is in the upper-right corner. Also, you can only light up five squares, so you 
can't explore the entire level in one trip. If you want to reset the squares, 
simply go back up to level 9.

Here's a map of each color and each room (R=Red, Y=Yellow, G=Green):

| R | G | G | G |
| Y | G | R | R |
| G | G | Y | Y |
| G | Y | R | R |

The important thing to note about this level is that the only rooms that can be 
traversed safely are the green ones; your HP and MP will drain when you're in 
the yellow and red ones. The red rooms drain your HP/MP especially quickly. 
(Unfortunately all the juicy items are in the red rooms) So you need to be extra 
careful when entering them.

As soon as you try to descend the stairs, a huge robot, the Geo Guardian, drops 
out of the sky and goes on about how he is the most powerful in the world, and 

BOSS: Geo Guardian
HP 400,000
No strengths or weaknesses

The Geo Guardian is very much like the Guardians you fought in the Fields. It 
starts attacks with his fists. A normal punch does around 3000-4000 damage, and 
its "Smash-Crash" does around 5000-6000 damage per punch. Once you knock his 
arms off, his shock-attack does around 7000 points of damage, but if you enter 
the battle with enough Lightning protection, it won't do any damage at all. In 
its final form, I've found it to  be significantly easier than its other forms; 
it can use its "Exterminate" attack, but it never has done nearly as much damage 
as the attacks of its earlier forms. Basically, the way to beat the Geo Guardian 
is to come into the battle with lots of lightning-protective equipment and never 
give it a chance to attack. Sandwiching it between two characters with multi-hit 
techniques works best; I found alternating a Kyomensetsu (Crawd) with a Sword 
Dance (Ashton) with one character on each side to work quite well.

After you beat the Geo Guardian, it compliments you and says "I am the SECOND 
strongest in the world", then explodes.

Level 10 Treasure: Valiant Guard



Enemies to look out for:
Probably the toughest new enemy to kill on this level is the Owlbear. It's 
basically a Guardian-type enemy. It does only a moderate amount of damage, but 
it has an extremely high defense rating and 300,000 HP, so fighting it is 
basically a question of who can hold out longer. It's basically a random-battle 
boss fight. However, seeing as how it gives you 240,000 EXP, taking the time to 
kill it can be worth it.  Also, the Weird Mages here cast Explode. (need I say 
more) Because they usually show up with Dream Shades, they are especially 
dangerous. Bring someone in with the Weird Slayer to take them out.

Level features/puzzles:
When you go up to the door down to the next level, it will tell you to go away 
and that you don't have what it takes to pass through the door. No matter how 
many times you come down here, the door will always be shut. However, if you 
teleport back to the first level of the dungeon on the pentagram behind you and 
leave the dungeon, the next time you enter you will have the option of entering 
with only two characters. The only way you can get through this door is to reach 
it with a two-character party, so you'll have to make your way back down here 
with only two characters and beat the rest of the dungeon with them. Note that 
if you solve the puzzle on level 9 of this dungeon, you can come here with your 
entire party and still get through the door.

In the second room, you'll find a dragon waiting for you. It congratulates you 
for making it this far, and says that it will not let you go any farther until 
it tests your strength.

BOSS: Dragon Tyrant
HP 550,000
No strengths or weaknesses

The Dragon Tyrant is a sadistically difficult boss; it can block virtually 
anything (even bomb-type attacks that fall from the sky) and is a flying enemy 
so is extremely difficult to hit with your fighters. Combined with an extremely 
high defense rating and a breath weapon that will kill any character caught in 
it outright regardless of their levels/stats, it is one of the toughest monsters 
in the game. Most fighter characters will have a very difficult time hitting it, 
so I've found that the spellcasters do a better job of killing it. A strategy 
I've found to work quite well (although time-consuming) is to have one character 
act as a decoy and play "chicken" with the Dragon, running and dodging its 
breath weapon and attacks. Then, at the far end of the battlefield I spread out 
three spellcasters or fighter characters with long range waza that can be fired 
without moving (Ashton's Tri-Ace and Chisato's Preparation or Flamethrower are 
the only ones that work very well) as far as possible away from each other. Then 
while controlling the decoy character, have the AI attack the Dragon all-out 
with attack spells and long-range-no-motion waza. In the case that the decoy 
gets killed (it probably will happen several times) the Dragon can at best kill 
one more character before you can revive him/her, (it probably goes without 
saying that Rena is absolutely necessary in this fight) as the three offensive 
characters are spread out. Needless to say, this fight will take an extremely 
long time to win.

Once you defeat it, Dragon Tyrant tells you that "power can be your greatest 
weakness sometimes" and lets you pass.

Level 11 treasure: "Float" skill

                    LEVEL 12: YUSHA NO TENDO (THE HERO'S PALACE)

Battle Suit x 2, Bunny Shoes, Valkyrie Guard

Enemies to look out for:
None, really; as far as I've seen the monsters here are the same as level 11. 
Thankfully, they tend to come in smaller groups than on level 11, which is good 
considering that you'll only have two characters to fight them the first time 
you come here. Do note that the Mind Flayers show up a lot here so you'll want 
to bring lots of Blackberries with you to refill lost MP.

Level features/puzzles:
Two main features to take note of. First. the boss will never die; no matter how 
many times you enter its room it will be there to fight you, until you kill the 
boss of the dungeon. 

Second is the door to the end of the level. In front of it is a sign that says 
"Light and Darkness, Saint and Demon, Bring the two opposites together and the 
door to the Holy Cavern will open." The "two halves" in this riddle are the 
Seiken Farwell, and the Maken Levantein. You need both these swords to open the 

The first time you fight the boss it will claim to want to "test you to see if 
you are fit to wield the Holy Sword."

BOSS: Phoenix
HP: 350,000
Strong to Fire and Wind

The Phoenix casts several different spells, including Blood Scylla and Magnum 
Tornado. And, like all the demon-bird bosses, has its Master Attack charge 
attack. If it hits a character with a Master Attack, that character will usually 
die immediately. However, for a bonus dungeon boss, he is relatively weak, 
possibly because you will only have two characters to defeat him with the first 
time you fight him. I've found that if you continuously throw Crawd's Koryuha at 
him, he basically will be trapped. He won't be able to cast a spell, and the 
Koryuha will be able to cancel out his Master Attack. Note that running out of 
MP can be a problem; use your secondary character to refill his MP. If you equip 
an Atlas Ring on Crawd the Phoenix should die relatively quickly.  Basically 
getting to him is more difficult than killing him.

After you defeat the Phoenix, it will note that you "slice darkness with a power 
like light" and tells you that with the Holy Sword you should be able to open 
the Sealed Coffin. It flies away and you get the Holy Sword.

Level 12 Treasure: Seiken Farwell


Items: Valiant Mail, Valiant Guard, Koyoku Tenshi no Udewa (Armband of the 
Winged Angel)

Enemies to look out for:
The Soul Masters here, who are the most common monster, should be countered with 
attack magicians. The phase in, attack and then phase out, leaving them only 
vulnerable to magic. Several boss-class monsters appear here as well. The Rock 
Demons can do as much as 9999 damage/character with its Lose Patience attack, 
but it also can't move, so you will probably be able to run before it can use 
it. If you do try to take it on, move your fighter characters behind and pummel 
it to death with multi-hit waza. (It has 550,000 HP so it will take a while 
though) And although it's (fortunately) very rare, the Hell Servant also appears 
here as a random battle. If you've gotten to the last fight in the arena you 
should be familiar with him. He's extremely tough and is probably more trouble 
than it's worth to fight him, but if you do, try to stop his Master Attacks with 
Crawd's Koryuha. 

Level features/puzzles:
No real puzzles here. You just need to flip two levers, one on each side of the 
level, before you can open the door to the boss.

When you reach the inner sanctum of the cavern, an angel, Gabrie Celesta, is 
there. She is surprised to see people down this deep. Crawd asks her how long 
she's been down here. She responds "Counting time is something only those with 
limited lifespans do." Then she stops, and says "You will not surpass me!" and 

BOSS: Gabrie Celesta

HP: 1,000,000
Strong to Star and Light

Those who have played the first Star Ocean will recognize Gabrie Celesta 
immediately as the Gabriel, the Violin 2 fight and toughest monster in the first 
game. She is also probably the most powerful boss in SO2 game as well. All of 
her attacks can do well over 5000 points of damage/hit.  While she only has 
three spells as far as I've seen, Noa, Star Flare, and Phane, all will do 9999 
damage to all characters without resistance, usually around 8000-9000 to those 
with. Most dangerous is her "wheel of death" attack, where she spins around the 
room at speeds significantly faster than Bunny-Shoes running, damaging anything. 
She is also immune to damage, both magical and physical, in this state. The key 
to defeating Gabrie Celesta is attack magic. Even Noel's attack magic will be 
more favorable than fighter characters. Normal attacks by fighter characters 
will usually do 0 damage even if they connect, and even the most powerful waza 
will tend to do less than 1000 points of damage without a critical hit. Magic 
spells are the only way you can consistently do a decent amount of damage to 
her. Assistance spells are a must, especially Anti in case she gets to cast a 
spell. Basically it is smartest to use one or two fighter characters as decoys 
to keep her busy while your magic users are casting spells. I usually have Crawd 
as a decoy with the Eternal Sphere normally attacking; while it won't do any 
damage, the multi-hits the stars provide will stun Gabrie Celesta long enough to 
keep her from changing targets to a spellcaster. You'll have to do plenty of 
reviving and use lots of MP recharging items to finish this fight. Be ready for 
a long, drawn-out battle though; it has taken me as many as 45 minutes to beat 

After you defeat Gabrie Celeste, she thanks you, and says "Take this instrument. 
With it, you should be able to summon my other half. Please free her soul by 
killing her...." Then she dies, and the Star Ocean theme plays. Congratulations, 
you have finished the final quest of Star Ocean: The Second Story! However, if 
you want a greater challenge, try taking on the Iseria Queen, the new monster 
you can summon with your Trumpet. She's even tougher than Gabrie Celeste!

Level 13 Treasure: Hakugin no Trumpet

These are some translations of the information that is in the North City 
Database. There's a lot of useful background information for the game that you 
can find here, so it would be worth it to take a look at.

Data bank Content:

1) About the Ten Sages of God
  a) The time of Peace
  b) The treachery of the Ten Sages
  c) The fate of the Ten Sages
2) About Energy NedŽ
  a) Abandonment of Power
  b) The Birth of Energy NedŽ
  c) Energy NedŽ Today
3) About Monsho
  a) The Source of Monshojutsu
  b) The Power of Monsho
  c) Explanation of Monshojutsu
4) About Monsho Stones
  a) What is a Quadratic Sphere?
  b) What is a Quadratic Key?
  c) About the Resonation Effect
5) About the Destruction Monsho
  a) What is the Destruction Monsho?
  b) Big Crunch
  c) Controlling the Destruction Monsho
6) About the Monsho Weapon Research Facility
  a) What is the Monsho Weapon Research Facility?
  b) Content of the research
  c) The shutdown of the Monsho Weapon Research Facility
7) Report on the Monsho Weapon Research Facility
  a) Stabilizing antimatter via Rare Metal
  b) Time-Space transition shields and their application
  c) Devices to incite Creation Energy
8) Secret Information
  a) Proposal Draft
  b) Research Report
  c) Conclusion
  d) Post-facto Report

Note: The Secret Information 

A) The time of Peace
[The Time of Peace]
3.7 billion NedŽ years ago. The mastery of Monsho Science on Planet NedŽ caused 
us NedŽians to have the most advanced technology in the galaxy. With this power 
the NedŽians governed almost all planets in the galaxy. The NedŽians taught 
their knowledge to the people of these planets and guided their progress, 
coexisting with them peacefully.

B) The treachery of the Ten Sages
[The treachery of the Ten Sages]
However, at one point, the people known as the Ten Sages of God were enchanted 
by the vast power they controlled and decided to conquer the entire universe 
using this power. Naturally, the other NedŽians at the time opposed them. 
However, the Ten Sages started to forcefully exact their power against others. 
Therefore, the other NedŽians had no choice but to oppose them with their own 
use of force. At the end of a harsh war, the NedŽians successfully managed to 
trap the Ten Sages.

C) The fate of the Ten Sages
[The treachery of the Ten Sages]
After trapping the Ten Sages, our ancestors decided under NedŽian law to 
imprison them forever. This was done by sealing off criminals in a place called 
an "Eternity Space," a dimensional void in which time does not advance. As 
execution of criminals was forbidden on NedŽ, this was their highest form of 
punishment. In this way were the evil Sages sealed off from the rest of the 
universe. As punishment for their crimes, they are doomed to wander the empty 
subspace for all eternity.

A) Abandonment of Power
[Abandonment of Power]
The Ten Sages Incident had a huge impact on the NedŽians. Our ancestors suddenly 
realized just how powerful they had become. With their power, it would be no 
trouble to conquer the entire galaxy. So they decided to seal off their power.

B) The Birth of Energy NedŽ
[The Birth of Energy NedŽ]
Through the genius of Professor Rantis, our ancestors decided to destroy planet 
NedŽ and move to another small planet. And then, through surrounding it with a 
powerful class 9 energy field, they quarantined themselves from the rest of the 
universe. That small planet that our ancestors moved to is Energy NedŽ.

C) Energy NedŽ Today
[Energy NedŽ Today]
Because of what happened in the past, today on Energy NedŽ any more research on 
Monshojutsu that is necessary and construction of weapons is forbidden. On 
Energy NedŽ today, the only place where Monshojutsu is allowed to be researched 
is at the university at Givaway, and only a few people in the town of Armlock 
are permitted to make weapons.

A) The Source of Monshojutsu
Eons ago, what several women with runes engraved in a special pattern on their 
bodies discovered while praying to the creator god Tria what was the beginning 
of Monshojutsu. Because the power demonstrated in this event differed upon the 
kinds of runes engraved onto the body, this unknown power came to be known as 

B) The Power of Monsho
Through the pattern of runes engraved on the surface of the body, the user can 
change his or her mental power into Monsho power on a higher level of 
concentration than usual. After the discovery of this fact, various patterns of 
runes were been researched, and many types of Monshojutsu were born.

C) Explanation of Monshojutsu
As Monshojutsu theory was developed, more and more people began to be able to 
use powerful spells without the aid of the runes. Because of this, very few 
people on Energy NedŽ today have runes engraved on their bodies. Today, the only 
things that actually use the runes are the Transports, power plants, and other 
sorts of large-scale facilities.

A) What is a Quadratic Sphere?
[hat is a Quadratic Sphere?]
A Quadratic Sphere is crystallized raw Monsho Power. The amount of power stored 
within the Quadratic Sphere is proportional to its physical size. In other 
words, the larger a Quadratic Sphere is, the more power it contains.

B) What is a Quadratic Key?
[What is a Quadratic Key?]
A Quadratic Key is a special kind of mineral that functions as a trigger of a 
Quadratic Sphere's activity. The Quadratic Key itself possesses a special kind 
of Monsho power, but when paired with a Quadratic Sphere, it creates a level of 
power vastly greater than the two each possess individually. With the energy 
created through this pairing, the two become an object powerful enough to even 
change an entire planet's orbit.

C) About the Resonation Effect
[About the Resonation Effect]
When a Quadratic Sphere comes within close proximity of a Quadratic Key, the 
Quadratic Key will sometimes emit a powerful flash of light. This is the 
Quadratic Key absorbing and amplifying the energy waves the Quadratic Sphere 
gives off. In other words, when a Quadratic Key gives off a flash of light, it 
means that it is close to a Quadratic Sphere.

A) What is the Destruction Monsho?
[What is the Destruction Monsho?]
Through the creation of a Destruction Monsho, a huge mass can be created from a 
single point in space. If one links this Monsho to a Quadratic Sphere and 
increase its power, the mass' size can be increased to an unlimited size. The 
huge size of this mass would stop the expansion of the universe, and will 
eventually trigger a Big Crunch. For this reason, this type of Monsho is 
strictly forbidden, and the method in which to write it has been deleted from 
all records forever.

B) Big Crunch
[Big Crunch]
Since the Big Bang, our universe has been continually expanding. However, once 
the speed of its expansion is overpowered by the gravity generated by its entire 
mass, the universe will start to contract. At the end everything will be reduced 
to zero, and the universe will cease to exist. This end of a universe is called 
a Big Crunch.

C) Controlling the Destruction Monsho
[Controlling the Destruction Monsho]
There is no way to stop a Destruction Monsho once it has been activated. All one 
can do is rewrite the meaning of the Monsho and redirect it. All one can do is 
pray that such a Monsho like the Destruction Monsho is never used.

A) What is the Monsho Weapon Research Facility?
[What is the Monsho Weapon Research Facility?]
This research facility exists on an unpopulated planet in Sector Beta, and is 
surrounded by a Time-Space Transition shield so that nobody can get near it. The 
only way to get there was through a Transport that was located in Armlock.

B) Content of the research
[Content of the research]
The main three types of research that took place in the Monsho Weapon Research 
Facility were:
"Stabilizing Antimatter to a Three-Dimensional-SpaceÊvia Rare Metal"
"Travelling through space and time via a Time-Space Transition Shield"
"Devices to incite Creation Energy."

C) The shutdown of the Monsho Weapon Research Facility
[The shutdown of the Monsho Weapon Research Facility]
700 million years ago, the Research Facility was destroyed by a device to incite 
Creation Energy that went out of control. Since then it has been shut down, and 
the Transport in Armlock to it has been sealed off.

A) Stabilizing antimatter via Rare Metal
[Stabilizing antimatter via Rare Metal]
Varkians are known as one of the few silicon-based life forms in the universe. 
These Varkians can purify and recrystallize an ore called Rare Metal inside 
their bodies. Rare Metal has the extremely special quality of being able to 
absorb and emit antiprotons after being subjected to special types of 
vibrations. Varkians use this Rare Metal to manipulate antimatter to maintain 
vital functions. Through the discovery of this Rare Metal, control of 
antiprotons within a three-dimensional space has become possible.

B) Time-Space transition shields and their application
[Time-Space transition shields and their application]
Time-Space Transition Shields create an area of massive gravity and open a hole 
in space and time, intercepting and transferring all types of energy into a 
different point in space and time. Creation of these shields was made possible 
by Madam Reema 700 million years ago. Through the application of the system of 
Time-Space Transition Shields, one can theoretically control the flow of time 
within a predefined area of space. However, in order to do so, one would have to 
be able to control materials vastly more massive than that of a Black Hole, and 
has not yet been accomplished to date.

C) Devices to incite Creation Energy
[Devices to incite Creation Energy]
A system to draw energy from complex-number dimension and create a small-scale 
Big Bang was researched for a long period of time as a new type of energy that 
surpasses even a Quadratic Sphere. However, controlling the distortion in the 
dimensional balance that is created when opening holes in a complex-number 
dimension is extremely difficult, and because in a worst-case-scenario there is 
a possibility of causing a destruction of space and time, a practical 
application for it was never discovered.


Note: Gaining access to the Secret Information is one of the toughest things to 
do in Star Ocean: The Second story. In order to do so, you have to complete the 
following steps:

  1) Read ALL the datafiles in the North City database. Try to gain access to 
the Secret Information and the operator will tell you that it has been protected 
by a password since before he came there so he can't gain access to the files.
  2) Talk to Barel in Givaway's university, and he will tell you about Professor 
Rayfus' suspicious research
  3) Talk to Rayfus and he will tell you that he is trying to hack into the 
North System Database but has no connections to get anywhere.
  4) Return to Central City and talk to Chisato. (using a Private Action if 
she's in your party) See the Private Actions for details on their content.
  5) Leave Central City and then reenter. (doing another Private Action if 
Chisato is in your party) She will have found the password and will give it to 
  6) Return to the North City Library. The operator will try the password you 
give him and gain access to the files. However, while you can see the titles of 
the files, your access level is too low to actually read them.
  7) After you have visited the Monsho Weapon Research Facility, return to talk 
to Rayfus. He will talk about hearing about people who entered the Facility. You 
then have the choice of telling Rayfus that you were the ones that entered. If 
you do, Rayfus will ask if you were able to access the databank there. and asks 
you to tell him the access code there, saying it could provide a hint to gaining 
access to the files. Then you'll have the choice to tell him the code. Crawd 
won't remember, but Rena will have. Using the code, Rayfus will do some hacking 
and you can read the first two categories of the Data. After you read all the 
categories, he will gain access to the last two, but if you try to read them, 
the computer will realize he's hacking in from a remote location and cuts off 
all access to the files. He tells you that before he was locked out, he was able 
to download the files, but they are encrypted so they are unreadable.
  8) Go back and talk to Barel. He will be angry at Rayfus' hacking, but is also 
interested in the content of the files, and gives you the Pandora Box to help 
you decode it.
  9) Give the Pandora Box to Rayfus. He will start working on decoding the 
files, but says it will take time so asks you to come back later.
 10) Come back later (I think you have to do a Private Action somewhere first--I 
don't think it matters where) and Rayfus will have decoded the files. You will 
then get access to all the Secret Information.


A) File 1
On 24 planets in a remote region, a rebellion against Planet NedŽ has broken 
out. Considering that some of Planet NedŽ's technology hasÊbeen acquired byÊthe 
army of an undeveloped planet, it is possible that the rebel army has NedŽian 
allies.ÊWe urgently wish to develop a weapon to subjugate the rebel army.

B) File 2
Through the research of Professor Rantis,Êwe have discovered a way to create a 
living weapon with vastly greater Monsho power than normal by applying Monsho 
Science Technology to improve human DNA.

C) File 3
Through a meeting of the top officials in the army, we have decided to enact the 
plan of creating a living weapon to defend and control the remote planets. The 
name of the project has been decided as "The First Ten Sage Defense Plan." Under 
direction of Professor Ratis, we have started to create ten living weapons. 
Depending on the result of the plan, we plan to create second, third, or even 
more sets of weapons.

A) File 1
We have completed three weapons: Close-combat Weapon "Zaphikel," Long-range 
firing Weapon "Jophiel," and Special Base Defense Weapon "Metatron." We are now 
developing a Tactical Weapon "Michael" to control these three weapons.

B) File 2
We have completed two more weapons: "Zadkiel" and "Kamael," Data CollectionÊand 
Usage units. With the data analysis unit we previously developed, "Raphael," 
these three will be controlled under Populace Unification Unit "Haniel." Also, 
at the same time, we will develop Ten Sage Surveillance Unit "Lucifer."

B) File 3
The Professor's only relative, his daughter Philia, was claimed as a victim of 
terrorists of the rebel army opposing the Ten Sage Defense Plan. However, the 
army is regulating the flow of information, and until the Final Destruction 
Weapon "Gabriel" is completed, we have decided to keep this information from the 

A) File 1
All of a sudden, Professor Ratis activated all the defense mechanisms in the lab 
and completely sealed off the inner area of the lab. Apparently he found out 
about the terrorist attack while testing out Data Collection Units "Sadikel" and 
"Kamael." It would appear that he has sealed himself in the lab and is making 
improvements to the Ten Sage Units. If approved by the army, we will probably 
break into the lab and restrain him.

B) File 2
After coming out of the inner area of the lab, the Ten Sages have been 
indiscriminately attacking all the facilities in the area. Apparently Professor 
Rantis has rewritten their mission from "Managing the Remote Planets" to 
"Destruction of the Universe." A unit of riot troops sent into the lab was 
completely wiped out. In order to destroy the out-of-control Ten Sages, we 
request the mobilization of Planet NedŽ's garrison forces.

C) File 3
After a massive battle, we were able to drive the Ten Sages back into the center 
of the lab. When we chased in after them, the lab was completely empty. 
Apparently the Professor enlcosed them into an Eternity Space and fired it off 
into space. We weren't able to completely destroy the Ten Sages, but since the 
only way to release the Eternity Spave is to use a lockout password from the 
outside, there shouldn't be any problem. The Ten Sages will most likely be 
trapped in space for all eternity.


A) File 1
It has been confirmed that the person who committed suicide in the lab was 
undoubtedly Professor Rantis. Now this event will finally come to a close. The 
only thing that requires attention is that the thought routines of Professor 
Rantis and his daughter were left behind within the computer. It could be that 
Rantis programmed his consciousness into the as-of-yet unfinished Gabriel.

B) File 2
Through the events surrounding the Ten Sage Project, 80% of NedŽ's military has 
been wiped out. As if in synchrony, all the remote planets simultaneously 
started insurrections. In this state, surpressing the Rebel army will be 
extremely difficult. After looking at the situation, a conference of the top 
leaders of Planet NedŽ was held and through this meeting it was decided that the 
entire population of the planet would be transferred to an artificial planet.

C) File 3
We have named the artificial planet "Energy NedŽ," and surrounded it with a 
Class Nine Super-Energy Field. This field should stop the advance of the rebel 
army. But through this development, we NedŽians will never be able to interfere 
with the outer world again. Along with our transferral to Energy NedŽ, we also 
have decided to regulate the flow of information concerning this incident. The 
truth about the Ten Sage Defense Project will not be recorded in history.

This is a list of the special Private Actions in the game. These special Private 
Actions occur will only occur once in the game, and while most have multiple 
outcomes, you can see only one of them each game. The format in which I listed 
these Private Actions are:

[Name]: Name of the character or townsperson the Private Action occurs with
Location: Where inside the town the Private Action takes place.
Requirements: Requirements within the game that you must fulfill for these 
Private Actions to take place.
Content: The Content of the private actions. Selections you can make in the PA 
are indicated by series of letters (A,B,C) or numbers, (1,2,3) with the results 
of each choice under each.
Character-->Character (Change): Indicates how that charater's KJD level changes. 
A "-->" indicates a one-way change, and a "<-->" indicates a mutual change.

Note that these are by no means the only Private Actions in the game. Some are 
very hard to find or require specific combinations of characters, so I'm sure 
there are a few that I haven't found yet.

1) Location: In Rena's room
Requirements: Must be done before staying the night at Cross, or after the Mars 
Rena is surprised at your entering and asks how long you've been there. You say 
"Just got here" and ask what she's doing. Rena says she was remembering 
something that happened a long time ago. You get a choice:
 A) What happened?
 B) What were you like as a child?
 C) You should think about the future instead of the past
   A) Rena talks about the shock she got when hearing about how her mother
      wasn't her real mother. She ran to the Shingo forest crying, and a friend
      of her came up to give her a candy, and said "Don't cry. It's a waste of
      tears. Laugh with me." She says it made her happy, and Crawd asks where he
      is now. Rena says she doesn't know, since he left after an incedent a few
      years later. She goes on about how she should have been there to help him,
      and then catches herself and apologizes for going on. Crawd apologizes
      himself for interrupting and asks if he ruined the mood. Rena says it
      wasn't a problem.
      Rena<-->Crawd AJD+1
      NOTE: If you have done the Mars event, Crawd will ask if the friend of
      hers is Dias, and Rena will say "yes." Crawd will then leave, and the
      change will be Crawd-->Rena AJD-1
   B) Rena says she was a good, polite, obedient child. Crawd says nothing, and
      Rena asks if he doubts her. Crawd doesn't give a straight answer and Rena
      gets really angry asking if "that's what he though she was like." Crawd
      says he didn't mean it that way.
      Rena-->Crawd AJD-1
   C) "The future?" Rena asks. Crawd says that "looking back is important, but 
      if you don't look ahead as well, you'll lose sight of what's really
      important inside." Rena just stands there and thinks about what Crawd

Location: In front of the item shop
Requirements: None (?)
Celine asks Crawd if he's done looking around the town. Crawd says yes, and that 
he'd been there before. Celine notes that it's a really small town and would be 
a good place to go if you wanted to get away from it all. Crawd agrees. Celine 
says there's something she wanted to give Crawd. He asks what it is, and Celine 
said it was a charm that Crawd might need since he's always in the front lines. 
Crawd asks if it's OK, because it seems expensive. Celine says she found it 
during her earlier treasure hunts, so it's all right. She says she feels a magic 
power from it, and a fighter was using it before, so it would be better on 
Crawd. Crawd asks what the person who had it before was like, and Celine says 
she doesn't know because he was a skeleton when she found him. You get two 
  A) I appreciate the thought, but I can't take it.
  B) Thanks, Celine-san!
    A) Celine says that Crawd is very sincere. Crawd asks what she means, and
       Celine laughs and says "If you're always that straightforward, some day
       you'll be able to tell her." Crawd is confused, and Celine tells him to
       be careful because "she is the jealous type." 
       Celine-->Crawd AJD +2
    B) Celine tells Crawd he's embarrasing her. Celine says "I wonder if this is
       what it's like to have a little brother?" You get ?JEWELRY, which is a
       Talisman once you identify it.
       Crawd<-->Celine AJD +4

1) Location: In the Item Shop
Requirements: You have to have more than 2000V (when starting the PA)
Content: Gyoro and Ururun are fighting. Ashton asks Crawd to help him. Crawd 
asks what the matter is. Ashton says the dragons want him to buy a ragged helmet 
for them. They make some noise, and Crawd asks what they said. Ashton says they 
said that "It's not just a useful item for us, but for you too." Crawd asks how 
much the helmet is. Ashton tells you how much it is. (The price will vary; it 
will always be 75% of the total amount of money you have) Crawd hesitantly says 
he has enough for it, and you get two choices:
 A) OK, I'll buy it!
 B) No way, it's a bit too expensive.
   A) Ashton is very surprised and asks if it's really OK. Crawd says that if it
      wasn't for the others, he wouldn't be stuck with the dragons and then this
      problem so he really should buy it. Also he says that "we're always
      buying stuff for ourselves--we should buy some stuff for Gyoro and Ururun
      occasionally too." Gyoro says "All right! I'm moved!" Crawd tells him it's
      OK. You get a "Salamand-met" and lose 75% of your money.
      Ashton-->Crawd YJD+1
   B) "I told you so!" Ashton tells Gyoro and Ururun. They say something, and
      Rena asks Ashton to translate. He says they said "You're really stingy!
      You're always buying stuff for yourself, why can't you buy something for
      us occasionally?" Crawd notes that normal shops don't sell stuff that
      Gyoro and Ururun could use. 

1) Location: On the balcony of the Elder's house
Requirements: None (This is not a 1-time PA)
Content: Opera says that from the balcony, you can see the south forest where 
she made an emergency landing. Once you see this PA, end the PA and go as a 
group back to the Shingo Forest. Off in a corner you will see something. Opera 
will walk up to it; it is a crashed ship. Opera says that she ran out of fuel 
and crash-landed. The ship got damaged in the crash so that she can't go 
anywhere. Crawd says "So you're in a similar position to me." Opera asks if 
Crawd was stranded too, and gets disappointed because she thought Crawd had a 
way to get off the planet. Crawd apologizes, and Opera says he doesn't need to. 
At this point Rena asks what you're talking about. Crawd just stalls.

1) Location: Inside the newlywed's house
Content: Bowman asks Crawd what he's doing in a place like this. Elmia gets 
angry and tells Lew to get mad at Bowman. Lew laughs and says Bowman didn't mean 
it in a bad way, and "even a place like this is heaven with you here." Bowman 
notes that they've completely lost sense of their surroundings. You can say:
 A) By the way, what exactly are you doing here anyway?
 B) Is it like this with your wife too?
   A) Bowman says he was just doing a medical examination, and tells Crawd not
      to worry because he has medical credentials. Crawd looks at the two and
      says that neither of them looks sick. Bowman says that sometimes a doctor
      is needed even when the patient's not sick. Elmia gets embarrased, and Lew
      lets on (extremely cornily) that she is pregnant. Crawd congratulates the
      two. Bowman says "Come on, let's get out of here..." Outside Crawd says
      the two seemed happy, and Bowman says that seeing his patients happy is
      why he got into his line of work.
      Crawd-->Bowman YJD+1
   B) "Don't be ridiculous, I'm the master of the house. Don't group me with
      this type." Crawd starts to sweat and says they'll hear him. Crawd goes
      on to say he can't imagine that Bowman is master of the house, and Bowman
      says that NinŽ "always walks three steps behind him." As Bowman leaves,
      Crawd says "Then next time I go to Ringa I'll ask NinŽ." Bowman starts to
      sweat. Outside, Bowman is still sweating and extols the virtues of NinŽ.
      "I'm still asking her" Crawd says.
      Bowman-->Crawd YJD-1

Location: In front of Rena's house
Requirements: None
Content: Precis arguing with Rena; Precis tells Rena to stop being mean and 
"tell her." Rena says "I gave you an answer!" Precis asks Rena why she's so 
angry. "I'm not!" Rena says. "See, there you got angry again" Precis says. Rena 
insists that she's not angry. Precis says there's no reason for Rena to get 
upset at her just for asking whether or not Crawd had a girlfriend. "I told you 
I don't know!" Rena says. You can say:
 A) I don't have a girlfriend.
 B) Actually I'm going out with Rena
 C) If only Precis would be my girlfriend...
   A) The two are surprised to see Crawd there. Rena asks how long he's been
      there. Crawd says "since 'stop being mean, tell me.'" Crawd walks away
      and says "Unfortunately for you, I'm free now. Too bad you can't make fun
      of me now." Precis says it's not unfortunate at all and that it's really
      lucky for her. Crawd asks what she means, and Precis says it's a secret.
      Precis "declares war" and wishes Rena luck. Rena tells Precis not
      to misunderstand her; Precis says she's not and that the more rivals she
      has the better. Crawd asks what they're talking about and asks who Precis
      is declaring war with. Precis doesn't answer and leaves. Crawd asks Rena
      what that was all about and Rena says "Don't ask me!" 
      Precis-->Crawd AJD+1
   B) Rena is surprised and asks Crawd how long he's been watching. Crawd says
      "since 'stop being mean, tell me.'" Precis asks if Crawd's really going
      out with Rena. "It's true, right Rena?" Crawd says. "Uh, yeah..." Rena
      says. "Sorry, Precis," Crawd says. Precis says it's OK and that she'll
      find a boyfriend 1000 times cooler than Crawd. She walks away, muttering
Ê     "Damn, taken already..." Crawd apologizes to Rena for saying they were
      going out, and explains that he was trying to make an easy way out for 
      her. "That's it?" Rena says. Crawd is confused, and Rena asks again. Crawd
      says nothing, and Rena tells him not to worry about it and thanks him.
      Crawd<-->Rena AJD+1, Precis-->Crawd AJD-1
   C) The two are surprised to see Crawd there. Rena asks how long he's been
      there. Crawd says "since 'stop being mean, tell me.'" Crawd walks away
      and says "Sorry, but I'm free. But I'd be glad if Precis became my 
      girlfriend." Precis is really surprised and asks Crawd if he's serious.
      Crawd says "Yeah, I like cute girls like you." Precis tells Crawd "Then
      let's go out." Crawd balks, and Precis asks him what's wrong. Rena berates
      Crawd, telling him not to say such things so jokingly and that girls 
      Precis' age are liable to take them seriously. Precis asks Crawd if he
      wasn't serious. Crawd just says "...uh, well..." Rena tells Crawd to
      take responsibility for what he said and goes inside. Precis asks Crawd
      if he really doesn't like her. "Of course not," Crawd says. Precis says
      "Then let's go out" again, and Crawd says "Why don't we leave this until
      some other time?" Precis says no and asks why Crawd is so opposed to going
      out with her. Crawd says that the two don't know each other that well yet.
      "Then let's go out to get to know each other" Precis says. Crawd says
      nothing and Precis tells him to never mind. Crawd is surprised, and Precis
      says that it's not worth it to force it, and tells Crawd he can wait to go 
      out with her until he starts to really like her, but in return he can't
      start liking someone else first.
      Crawd-->Precis AJD+1, Rena-->Crawd AJD-1


1) Location: In front of the boarded up house by the weapon store
Requirements: None
Rena is remembering her father. Crawd tells her how she must be tough to make it 
through her father's death. Rena asks Crawd what his father is like, and Crawd 
says he's a great man that everyone admires. Rena says she's envious that he has 
someone to brag about. Crawd sarcastically says "Yeah, it's great" and has a 
flashback to the time right before reaching Mirokinia. The hands scan the 
surface and file it into the database in standard procedure, and the Operator 
finds the place the scanners couldn't reach. There's no data on the energy field 
preventing the scan so Ronixis gives the order to land on the planet to check it 
out. He tells Crawd to come down as well and Crawd mentions that his assigned 
duty is to assist him, not investigate planets. Ronixis says that he himself is 
going to investigate it so it's OK. Crawd suggests that Ronixis should not go 
himself, but Ronixis insists on going. Ronixis leaves.
You now control Crawd, so talk to the people if you want, then leave. As you 
exit, you overhear an officer grumbling about why Crawd has to be taken as well, 
and Cartsman (Calnus' first officer) suggests Ronixis wants to "leave his 
legacy" to his son, and the officer sarcastically makes a comment about the 
admiral's son getting special treatment. The flashback ends and Rena asks if 
Crawd's OK.

2) Location: In the weapon/jewelry store
Requirements: Meeting the King of Cross
Rena is looking at the various accessories in the jewelry store. Crawd asks if 
she found anything good, and Rena points out an emerald pendant and asks what he 
thinks about it. You get three choices:
 A) Hey, that's pretty.
 B) I don't really know that much about gems
 C) Want me to buy it for you? (200V)
*Note: If you have fewer than 200V, option C will not come up.
   A) Rena giggles and says that you have an interest in gems. "I guess so"
      Crawd says. Rena says that's unusal, and Crawd asks if a guy who likes
      accessories is that strange. Rena says she didn't mean it like that.
      Crawd<-->Rena YJD-1
   B) Rena says that's to be expected because Crawd's a guy. Crawd says "Is that
      why?" and Rena says yes, and that all girls like these kind of things.
      Crawd looks back at the things and says that maybe he'll get one for Rena
      some time. Rena is surprised, and Crawd asks what would be best. Rena says
      "Are you serious!?" and Crawd says yes. Rena giggles and thanks him, but
      says she won't be expecting anything spectacular.
      Crawd<-->Rena AJD+2, YJD +2
   C) Rena is surprised, but before she can say anything, Crawd buys the
      pendant. Crawd gives it to her, and Rena says she didn't mean like she was
      asking him to buy it for her. Crawd says "isn't the Emerald your
      birthstone anyway?" Rena is surprised, and Crawd says "Oh, was I wrong?"
      Rena says that he's right, and is impressed he remembered when her
      birthday was. She thanks him for the pendant, and you get the item "Leaf
      Pendant" (and lose the 200V it cost, of course)
      Crawd-->Rena AJD +3 Rena-->Crawd AJD+3, YJD +1. 

Location: Jam Shop
Requirements: None (?)
Celine is annoyed, and Crawd comes up and asks her what's wrong. Celine says she 
came to buy jam, but the store tender is not there. You get two choices:
 A) I'll go look for her
 B) Why not come back later?
  A) Celine thanks you. Now you have to go look for the shoptender, Yuki. Once
     you find her, she will be singing alone. After prodding her a couple of 
     times and asking her if she's the tender of the Jam Shop, Yuki notices 
     Crawd. She says she is, and Crawd asks what she was doing. She says she was
     practicing her singing. She says that ever since she was a little girl, she
     wanted to be a singer, so she sings in the bathroom and when on walks for
     practice. She says that she's thinking of givingÊup the dream though
     because she has freckles and famous singers don't. You get two choices:
      1) Don't give up on your dreams so easily
      2) Dreams are dreams, you're living in reality.
        1) Crawd says that "if you try to live your dreams they will surely come
           true." Yuki says that Crawd's right, and thanks him, and says she
           will continue singing. Then she realizes that she should be at the
           shop and runs off. If you return to the shop she thanks you again.
           Celine-->Crawd YJD+2, All other party members-->Crawd YJD+1 
        2) Crawd says that if you chase dreams too much, sometimes you lose a
           grip of reality. Yuki says "I guess it's impossible then" and leaves.
           Celine-->Crawd YJD+1
  B) Celine says that's probably a good idea, but she wants to buy jam so she
     will wait a little longer.
     Celine-->Crawd YJD-1 

Location: By the entrance to the mine
Requirements: Ashton's quest to remove dragons finished
Content: Ashton is reminiscing about how Salba Mine was the start of his journey 
with you. Crawd says that if it wasn't for the dragon making trouble, they never 
would have met. "Or my getting fused with them." Ashton says. Crawd says that 
when he met Ashton he didn't know what to do, and thought of running away when 
Ashton told him to take responsibility for the dragons. Ashton asks if he really 
thought of doing so. Crawd says it was only one option he thought of. Ashton 
says not to worry about it, since you helped him out all the way through his 
quest to get the dragons removed. Crawd notes that in the end you weren't able 
to get them off. Ashton talks about how he ended up meeting the party in the 
dragons all in the same place, each with their own objectives, and how they 
ended up travelling together. Crawd says "yeah, it's certainly not something you 
could plan on." Ashton says that he didn't think of it until now, but it might 
have been fate. 
Crawd<-->Ashton AJD+1, YJD+2

1) Location: In front of the Weapon Store
Content: Crawd asks what Opera's doing. Opera says she's just wandering around. 
She asks Crawd if she wants to bet on something. She says that it's on nothing 
big; just bet on whether the next person out of the shop will be a man or a 
woman. Opera says if you win, you can ask her to do anything. You can say:
 A) Sounds fun
 B) Nah, I'd rather not.
   A) Opera tells you that you get to choose which gender will come out. You can
      either say:
     1) It'll probably be a man
     2) It'll surely be a woman.
       1) Opera says "You sure?" Crawd says it's OK. Opera calls "Hey, Rena!"
          Rena comes outside and asks "What is it?" Opera turns to Crawd and 
          says that she wins. "That's cheating!" Crawd says. Opera says there
          was no rule about anyone not talking. Opera tells Crawd that the best
          gamblers only bet on things that they know are going to work out.
          Crawd complains, and Opera says "I win. Give up." Crawd says "That's
          Crawd-->Opera YJD-1
       2) Opera says "You sure?" Crawd says it's OK. You sit and wait, and a man
          comes outside. Opera tells Crawd that she saw earlier that only men
          had been inside. Crawd says that then she knew in advance. Opera says
          "That's why I let you pick." "Good point" Crawd says. Opera tells him
          that even if he picked "woman" she would have fixed it so she would 
          Crawd<-->Opera YJD+1, AJD+2
       NOTE: It's completely random, but there's a small chance that when you
          pick a choice, a dog will come outside instead of a person. In this
          case, Crawd will say "Which one is that?" Opera will say "I guess it's
          a draw." (Also note you can steal a Kenja no Ishi from the dog)
   B) "That's too bad" Opera says. Crawd says he doesn't like betting.
      Crawd<-->Opera YJD-1 

Location: Outside of Allen's house
Content: Bowman is talking to a woman. He says "Oh Crawd, good timing." Crawd 
asks Bowman what he's talking about. "Depending on the content of your 
conversation, I'll tell NinŽ." Bowman tells Crawd not to jump to conclusions. 
Bowman says it's "a sad story to hear or tell." The girl tells you that there 
was a big disturbance in Salba and asks if you knew about it. You can say:
 A) It's famous, so I know
 B) No, I don't know. What happened?
   A) Bowman says it must be pretty famous. The girl says it's not surprising,
      considering that it's not every day the son of the mayor would get left at
      the altar the day of his wedding. Crawd gets confused, and the girl says
      it's really sad to think of him. Bowman says that the girl is probably
      still in town so it's even sadder and asks Crawd what he thinks. Crawd
      says "Uh, yeah..." He wonders where that rumor came out of Allen's fiasco
      at the beginning of the game.
      Crawd<-->Bowman YJD+1
   B) The girl says that the son of the mayor was supposed to get married to a
      girl from the next town, but in the middle of the ceremony a "villain"
      came in and abducted the girl because he wanted her too. "Oh..." Crawd
      says. "Doesn't it make you sad?" Bowman says. The girl says that people
      tried to find out what happened to them since but nobody knows. "And?"
      Crawd says. The girl says that the abducting villain was blond and had
      unusual clothes. "Like you..." Crawd starts sweating and says it wasn't
      him. "Crawd abducting a bride? That's funny." Bowman says. Crawd wonders
      where that came from and says that rumors are scary.
      Crawd<-->Bowman YJD+1

Location: In the Jam Shop
Requirements: None
Content: Precis asks Crawd if he came to buy jam. Crawd says yes and asks if she 
was too. Precis says that she thought she'd get something for her father. Crawd 
Crawd asks what kind of jam she got. She tells Crawd if he guesses right, she'll 
give him one. You can guess:
 A) Strawberry Jam
 B) Blueberry Jam
 C) Peanut Jam
No matter what you answer, the result will always be the same; Precis tells 
Crawd he's wrong and says she really bought him cayenne pepper jam. "What!?" 
Crawd says. Precis tells him she bought cayenne pepper jam again. Crawd asks if 
that's even edible. Precis says "I dunno, but I'm not going to be the one eating 
it anyway." Crawd says nothing, and Precis says that since it's being sold it 
must be edible. 

Location: In front of the boarded-up house
Requirements: Meeting the King of Cross.
The little girl asks if Crawd is the Hero of Light. Crawd is surprised, and the 
girl says, "You are, aren't you?" You get 3 choices:
 A) Yeah, I'm the Hero of Light.
 B) Sorry, but I'm not a hero.
 C) I don't know whether or not I'm a hero yet
   A) The girl is very excited. The girl says she has a wish for you. Crawd asks
      what it is. The girl goes on to say something about her parents and bad
      monsters. (either they got killed or were captured, probably the former
      but it's unclear from the context) Crawd realizes what she's saying and
      says "Don't worry, leave it to me."
      All Party Members-->Crawd YJD+1
   B) The girl asks if Crawd really isn't the Hero. Crawd apologizes and the
      girl is disappointed. Crawd apologizes again.
      All Party Members-->Crawd YJD-1
   C) The girl asks if Crawd really isn't the Hero. Crawd says "I don't know.
      Maybe some day I'll be called a Hero, then again, maybe not." The girl is
      confused, and Crawd tells her that nobody is called a Hero from square
      one, and that you have to do something spectacular for everyone first. The
      girl asks if Crawd won't become a hero then. Crawd says he doesn't know,
      but there's always a possibility. The girl goes up to Crawd and gives him
      a Harmonica, and tells him to become a Hero soon. Crawd if it's OK to take
      it, and the girl says it's to help him become a hero.


Location: On the way to the castle
Requirements: Haven't gone to Racool continent yet
On your way to the castle, a man with three eyes runs by and apologizes for 
getting in your way. Crawd apologizes back and the man continues off the screen. 
Crawd is surprised to see someone has 3 eyes.

1) Location: In the church
Requirements: Either Crawd or Rena's Aijodo for the other is below 9
Crawd asks what Rena is doing in the church. Rena asks Crawd not to laugh, and 
says that she would like to get married in a church like the one they're in 
sometime. You get three choices:
 A) Eh, you really are a girl.
 B) Eh, didn't you already have your wedding?
 C) I'd like to get married in a place like this too.
   A) Rena asks "really!?" annoyed. Crawd says that he didn't mean she wasn't
      really feminine or anything, and Rena gets really mad. Crawd insists that
      he didn't mean it that way but Rena doesn't believe him. He goes on to try
      and compliment her for being full of energy and Rena says "Energetic and
      violent I'm sure you mean!" She storms out angrily.
      Crawd-->Rena AJD-1, YJD-1, Rena-->Crawd AJD-2, YJD-1
   B) Rena is confused, and Crawd says "Didn't you have your wedding with Allen
      back in Salba mine?" Rena gets angry, and Crawd says "It was just a joke."
      Rena says "That WASN'T a wedding!" and Crawd apologizes, saying she
      doesn't have to get that angry. Rena leaves angrily and Crawd says "Geez,
      I didn't think she'd get that mad."
      Crawd-->Rena AJD-1, YJD-2, Rena-->Crawd AJD-2, YJD-3
   C) "You think so too?" Rena asks. "Yeah, but first I gotta find a partner"
      Crawd replies. "Good point." Rena says. Crawd tells her that she'll find
      someone with no trouble at all. Rena basically says the same thing back.
      Crawd<-->Rena AJD-1, YJD+2

Location: In front of the church
Content: Crawd asks Bowman what he's doing. "What do you think?" Bowman says. 
Crawd says he doesn't know. Bowman says he's checking out and rating girls that 
walk by. He says that Cross is a big town and the levels are really high. "Oh, 
really..." Crawd says. Bowman tells Crawd to look too. He says "For example, 
what about the two of them there." Crawd says "Well, yeah.." Bowman asks which 
one he thinks is cuter. You can say:
 A) The longhaired one that looks like she's waiting for someone
 B) The short haired one by the clock.
   A) "So that's the type you like" Bowman says. He says she looks like she's
      the type of "perfect woman" that would come up in fairy tales. Crawd says
      he only picked because Bowman told him to. At this point a man walks up
      to the girl and apologizing for being late. The girl gets mad and starts
      swearing at him in yakuza-speak, calling him just about every Japanese
      four-letter word there is. The boy eventually starts fighting back
      similarlily; he calls her out and they walk off screen to have a fistfight
      somewhere. "Wow, so that's the type you like?" Bowman asks Crawd. "That's
      a bit much for me" Crawd says.
   B) "She's not bad, so you like the boyish type?" Bowman asks. Crawd says he
      only picked because Bowman told him to. At this point her boyfriend comes
      up and apologizes, asking her if she waited a while. The girl says "No,
      don't worry about it." They walk off. "Youth is great" Bowman says. Crawd
      says that apparently she was waiting there. Bowman says that waiting by
      the clock is romantic. "Seems like lightning's going to strike here" Crawd
      says. "You have no dreams" Bowman tells him.

1) Location: in the alley on the east side of the town.
Requirements: Haven't completed the quest at Mars yet.
Crawd sees Rena and Celine in a conversation. You get 3 choices:
 A) Approach them and join in the conversation.
 B) Sorry for the two of them, but eavesdrop.
 C) This doesn't involve me.
   A) You go over and ask what they're talking about. Celine says "Nothing,
      right Rena?" and Rena says "right." You get two more choices:
    1) Hmm...Well, OK then
    2) Really? It didn't seem like that...
      1) Celine asks if Crawd had anything to say to them. Crawd says "No, I was
         just wondering what you were talking about." Celine then says she's
         going to go explore the town.
         Rena, Celine-->Crawd YJD-1
      2) Celine still insists that it was nothing, and looks to Rena to back
          her up. Rena agrees with her, and Crawd asks her if that's really
          true. Rena says it is, and ask why Crawd is so suspicious. Crawd says
          he wasn't particularly suspicious, and Celine says "then there's no
          problem" and leaves.
          Crawd<-->Rena, Celine YJD-1
   B) Crawd hides behind a lamppost and listens in on the conversation. Celine
      is badmouthing Crawd, saying that he's undependable. Rena says that he may
      seem like a greenhorn to Celine since she's an experienced adventurer, but
      she doesn't think he's as bad as Celine says. Celine says she was just
      uneasy having him being in the front lines during fights. Rena asks what
      to do about it, and Celine says that Crawd should assist the two of them
      more. Rena gets mad and says that Crawd is doing the best he can. Crawd is
      disappointed to hear that Celine thinks so little of him and leaves.
      Crawd-->Celine YJD -1
   C) Crawd leaves. The only interesting thing here is that if you return and
      talk to Celine she lies to Crawd and tells him that she thinks his
      swordsmanship is top-class. No KJD changes here though.

Location: In the south corner of the west end of town.
Requirements: None
Content: Precis is talking to a woman, who is trying to sell her things. The 
vendor asks if she uses perfume, and Precis says she's never tried it because it 
smells weird. The woman is surprised and asks her if she likes anybody. Precis 
says yes, and the woman tells Precis that she has developed a perfume that will 
make men like her, and will sell her it for 1200V. Precis is not pleased by the 
price, but the woman asks if she wants to buy it. You can choose:
 A) I've got to hurry and stop Precis
 B) Looks interesting, let's watch.
   A) Crawd walks up and tells the vendor that he's with Precis. The woman asks
      Crawd if he's Precis' boyfriend. Crawd says he doesn't know what she's
      talking about and tells her to stop trying to forcibly sell things to
      Precis. She apologizes, then says she'll sell them something good for
      2000V. Crawd says "Hold on, now you're trying this on me!?" The woman says
      she'd only sell it to special couples, and Precis asks if it looks like
      the two of them really look like they're together. The woman says yes. You
      can say:
      1) Fine, I'll take it.
      2) No thank you!
        1) The woman runs away, after giving you two Omotai Yubiwas (Huge ring)
           Precis asks what you should do with the rings. "Wear them, I guess?"
           Crawd says. Note: if you have less than 2000V, the woman gives you
           a Bannohocho (Kitchen Knife of 10,000 uses) free instead.
           Crawd<-->Precis AJD+2
        2) The woman says "That's too bad" and tries to sell Crawd a set of
           sterilized chopping blocks instead. Crawd gets angry and tells her
           no. She leaves. Crawd tells Precis to be careful when walking around
           alone because someone might try to rip her off like that. Precis says
           "But with you around I'm OK." Crawd says "What, are you going to have
           to depend on me every time?" Precis asks if that's bad. Crawd says
           "Well, all right." 
           Crawd<-->Precis AJD+2
   B) Precis decides not to buy it. The woman insists, and Precis says that she
      doesn't want to have to rely on something like that. The woman suggests
      she just try it and gives her a free sample. Precis says "All right, I'll
      just try it then." The woman leaves, and you getÊa Biyaku. (aphrodisiac)

Location: By the item shop
Requirements: Have at least 100V
Content: Precis and Ashton are looking at a music box at the item shop. The 
shopowner tells Ashton that usually he'd sell it for 2000V, but it's on sale for 
only 100V today. Precis gets excited and the shopowner whispers to Ashton to buy 
it for her. Ashton buys it, and the shopowner says that he'll discount it even 
more and only charge 98V for it. Ashton pays the shopowner and he says "Here's 
your music box and 20,000V change." Precis says "20,000!? You only gave him 2V 
change!" Ashton tells Precis he was using a figure of speech. Precis says "But 
he said he'd give you 20,000V!" She accuses the shopowner of lying and asks 
Ashton to back her up. You can say:
 A) Go, Ashton!
 B) Wait, wait, wait, Precis!
   A) Ashton explains to Precis that since he paid 100V, having 2V change is
      just right. "But he said 20,000V. That's lying!" Precis says.ÊThe
      shopowner tries to explain again about the figure of speech and Precis
      continues calling him a liar. Finally the shopowner gives up and gives
      her 19,998V to make it 20,000. Ashton protests, and the shopowner says
      it's all right since it was his mistake. "Boy, Precis can be scary"
      Crawd says. You get the music box and 19,900V.
      Ashton<-->Precis AJD+1, Ashton-->Precis YJD-1, Precis-->Ashton YJD+2
   B) Crawd apologizes to the vendor and pulls Precis away. Ashton thanks Crawd.
      Crawd tells Precis not to be so ridiculous. Precis asks what she did, and
      Crawd just shrugs and makes a sarcastic comment. Ashton says "But Crawd,
      how long were you there? I didn't notice you." Precis also asks Crawd too
      and Crawd just sort of stammers.
      Crawd<-->Ashton YJD-1, Precis<-->Ashton YJD+2, Ashton-->Crawd AJD-1

Location: North of the Fountain
Requirements: None
Content: Standing by the fountain is a girl, Philia, who is pleading with the 
townspeople to leave the town. Crawd asks what's going on, and Rena says that 
the girl is telling the townspeople to evacuate the town because it will be 
destroyed in the near future. Everyone leaves, calling her insane.
NOTE: You can steal the very useful item "Mischief" from Philia with the 
Pickpocket Skill.


1) Location: Outside of the food shop
Requirements: Before the Bugu Taikai
Content: Rena is looking at a store that has lots of good accessories. She says 
it's too bad it's an open air store. You can say
 A) Yeah
 B) I dunno...
   A) Crawd says there are a lot of nice accessories. The shop owner Abima says
      he's the best craftsman there is. He says "You won't find stuff like this
      anywhere. You know why? Because I'm a crafting genius!"
      Rena-->Crawd AJD+1, Crawd-->Rena YJD +1
   B) The shop owner, Abima, says "Don't you know my genius! I'm the best
      craftsman in the world! You won't find stuff like this anywhere. You know
      why? Because I'm a crafting genius!"
NOTE: Before you do this PA, save up some money. Despite vastly overcharging, 
like Abima says, some of the stuff he sells you won't find anywhere. Some of the 
accessories he has, like the Regenerate Ring and the Prism Ring, you won't be 
able to get for a long time and are really useful at this stage of the game. 
However, once this PA ends, Abima will disappear and never come back. So this is 
your one chance to buy what he's got.

2) Location: Coming out of the Elder's house
Requirements: After going to Racool, before Bugu Taikai ends
Content: Crawd bumps into Rena coming out of the Elder's house. Both are 
surprised. Rena looks down, and Crawd asks what the matter is. Rena says she was 
talking to the elder, who said that there is no such thing as healing 
Monshojutsu. She says that she's kind of a "monster" since she can use magic 
without Monsho being etched into her. You can say:
  A) That power saved me many times, you know.
  B) Well, it's certainly not an ordinary power...
  C) Monster? You're not Ashton here.
    A) Crawd says it's not a bad power so there is nothing to worry about. Rena
       thanks Crawd but wishes she could find someone else with healing power.
       Crawd says that while they're traveling they'll eventually find someone
       who does. Rena thanks Crawd for comforting her. He says he's not
       comforting her because that's only something you do when you look down
       at someone. (There is a subtle untranslatable difference for the verb
       "to comfort" that's being used here) Rena says that it's not like that
       and that Crawd made her feel better.
Ê      Crawd<-->Rena AJD +1, Crawd-->Rena YJD+1 
    B) Rena says Crawd is being awfully blunt. Crawd apologizes and says he
       didn't mean it like that. He says that while the ordinary power he has
       using a sword can only destroy things, but Rena's power can bring life
       to things. He then starts sweating, saying that he's not claiming that
       destructive power should be used. Rena laughs and says she understands,
       that Crawd is saying that it's not something that should be seen as 
       different than most people, but better than most people. Crawd turns
       around and says "Yeah, exactly!" Rena thanks Crawd and tells him she
       feels better.
       Crawd<-->Rena AJD+1, Rena-->Crawd YJD+1
    C) Rena tells Crawd that he's being really mean, since it's partially your
       fault for the way he is. Crawd starts sweating and says he didn't really
       mean it, and that he was only saying it to try and make her feel better.
       Rena says even if it was a joke he shouldn't say things like that. Crawd
       says he'll be more careful in the future. As he walks away, he wonders
       how he ended up getting scolded. Rena giggles.
       Crawd<-->Ashton YJD-1, Rena-->Ashton AJD+2, YJD+1

1) Location: In the weapons/items store. 
Requirements: Racool Castle not yet visited
Content: Precis is bored and wants to leave. Crawd says that Mars is a nice 
quiet village. Precis says there's nothing there and it's boring. Precis 
suggests you play hide-and-go-seek with her. Crawd says "No way." Precis bothers 
him ands asks to play it just once. You get two choices:
 A) Some other time then, I promise.
 B) I can't do something childish like that.
   A) Precis says "Really? Remember, you promised!" Crawd says he will. Precis
      says "Yay! Hide-and-go-seek, Hide-and-go seek!" Crawd says to himself
      "Well, she'll have forgotten by tomorrow."
      Precis-->Crawd YJD +1 
   B) Precis gets angry and calls Crawd stingy.
      Precis-->Crawd YJD-1

2) In front of the weapons store
Requirements: Racool Bugu Taikai over
Content: Precis is arguing with a young boy, Colin. He claims that Monshojutsu 
is the most amazing thing in the world. Precis argues that the age of 
Monshojutsu is over and that the age of machines has begun. Colin yells at 
Precis "It's Monshojutsu!" and runs away. Precis turns to Crawd and says "I 
guess I shouldn't 'demonstrate' the power of my Super Punch to him...fighting 
with a kid is a pain." You can say:
 A) Ha ha ha, that's true.
 B) You're a kid too.
 C) I also think that eventually people will stick with machines.
   A) "Isnt' it?" Precis says.
   B) Precis makes angry noises.
      Crawd-->Precis YJD-1, Precis-->Crawd YJD-2
   C) Crawd says that he thinks that eventually people will choose machines over
      Monshojutsu, but first people have to create machines that anyone can use
      safely. "Well said" Precis says.

1) Location: By the food shop outside
Requirements: None (?)
Content: Gyoro and Ururun are fighting, and Ashton asks Crawd for help. Crawd 
asks what they're fighting over, and Ashton says that they're arguing over which 
one is stronger. Ashton asks you to say something. 
 A) Gyoro is stronger.
 B) No, Ururun is stronger.
 C) Both of you are strong.
 D) Gyoro and Ururun are the same person, aren't they!?
   A) Crawd says that Gyoro's eyes are a lot fiercer. Gyoro is happy and Ururun
      gets angry. Crawd goes on to say that Ururun is pretty strong too. The
      dragons start fighting again, and Ashton says "don't compliment them, stop
      them!" Crawd says that the more they fight, the closer they are. Ashton
      says "What!?" and Crawd tells him to take care.
      Ashton-->Crawd YJD-1
   B) Crawd says that when you look at Gyoro's face you wouldn't be able to
      attack him out of fear. Ururun is happy, and Gyoro gets mad. Crawd says
      that by trying to prove one's superiority, it can give one a good sense of
      competition, but more often the result proves ill. The dragons start to
      fight again and Ashton tells him to stop them instead of philosophizing.
      Ururun says something, and Crawd asks what he said. Ashton says that he
      said "From now on, don't say Gyoro and Ururun, but Ururun and Gyoro."
      Crawd says that maybe the more they fight the better friends they are.
      Ashton-->Crawd YJD+1
   C) Both dragons get angry. Ashton says they say they're not satisfied by that
      kind of "answer to pacify children." They say they can't take it being
      treated like children by someone not even 20. Crawd retorts by telling
      them not to fight like children then, because it troubles Ashton too.
      Both dragons shut up. Ashton thanks Crawd, and Crawd tells the three of
      them to work together better. 
      Crawd<-->Ashton YJD+1
   D) "Don't group me together with him!" they both say, Ashton translating.
      Crawd asks them if they always fought like this when they were a dragon.
      They say they didn't fight at all when they were a dragon. Crawd asks
      them when they first started fighting. Ashton says that they say that it
      started when Rena gave them names. Crawd wonders if Rena's giving them
      names gave each a sense of individuality. The dragons start fighting
      again and Ashton tells them to stop, to no avail. "Rena screwed up" Crawd
      Crawd<-->Ashton YJD+1, Crawd-->Rena YJD-1, Ashton-->Rena YJD-1

Location: In the weapons/items store. 
Requirements: Racool Castle not yet visited
Content: Precis is bored and wants to leave. Crawd says that Mars is a nice 
town. Precis says there's nothing there and it's boring. Precis suggests you 
play hide-and-go-seek with her. Crawd says "No way." Precis bothers him ands 
asks to play it just once. You get two choices:
 A) Some other time then, I promise.
 B) I can't do something childish like that.
   A) Precis says "Really? Remember, you promised!" Crawd says he will. Precis
      says "Yay! Hide-and-go-seek, Hide-and-go seek!" Crawd says to himself
      "Well, she'll have forgotten by tomorrow."
      Precis-->Rena YJD +1 
   B) Precis gets angry and calls Crawd stingy.
      Precis-->Rena YJD-1

Location: In Celine's House
Requirements: Celine not a party member, Bowman in the party
Content: Celine is having an argument with her father; she is mad because he's 
showing her photos of someone for an Omiai. (meeting with a partner for an 
arranged marriage) She insists she has no intention of getting married yet. She 
stops when she sees the photos though, saying that the man is cute. Crawd calls 
to Celine; she is surprised to see him. Crawd greets her and asks how her 
treasure hunting is going. "All right" Celine says. Crawd asks what's going on, 
and Celine says "My parents are showing me Omiai photos as usual..." Celine 
tells Crawd that the guy in the photo is cute and shows it to Crawd. Crawd is 
surprised, and thinks "This is Bowman!" Then he thinks about Bowman already 
being married and starts sweating. Celine asks what's wrong. "Uh, nothing..." 
Crawd says. Celine tells her father she wouldn't mind meeting the man in her 
photo. Egras gets excited, saying "you've finally made up your mind." Crawd 
butts in and tells her that Bowman is married. "He's a doctor in Ringa..." 
Celine says, reading the description. Crawd tries to get her attention; she 
merely goes on thinking about how being the wife of a doctor is not so bad. At 
this point, Bowman comes in to tell Crawd to come check out a cute girl he saw 
outside. Then he says "Oh, you're in the middle of a discussion; sorry." He 
leaves. "This one's a dud too..." Egras says. Celine is surprised that Crawd 
knew Bowman. Celine tells her father to talk about Omiais some other time. She 
leaves. Crawd wonders how a photo of a married man like Bowman managed to make 
it into talks of Omiai. Note that if you go to talk to Celine now, she will give 
you a Holy Ring.


1) Location: Outside of the house by the steps
Content: Crawd sees Bowman and a woman talking outside a house, then they both 
enter. Go inside and go upstairs. Crawd will listen in on their conversation. 
The woman asks Bowman if he can cure her daughter. Bowman tells her she may be 
in a lull state, but she is not getting better, and is in fact getting worse. 
The woman asks him if there's any way to heal her, and she will pay the money no 
matter how long it takes to pay it back. Bowman says that there's nothing he can 
do himself. Crawd goes downstairs. Bowman follows him and Crawd asked what 
happened. Bowman says that he was on his way to the bar when he met the woman 
and heard about her sick child, so he came to look at her. Bowman says he can't 
figure out what the problem is. Outside, he says he might be able to find 
something at Ringa.

2) Location: In Elanore's house
Requirements: Metox Plant gotten
Content: Bowman and Crawd come inside just as Elanore lapses into a coma. Her 
mother asks Bowman for help. Bowan tells her that if the Metox is mixed into a 
medicine it should save her. He says "But..." and Crawd asks him "But what?" 
Bowman says that if Elanore doesn't have enough stamina left she may die even if 
the medicine doesn't work. He says there's a 50-50 chance she won't make it. 
Bowman says that with her illness, she could survive for a year without taking 
the medicine, but in her weakened state, she might not be able to handle the 
medicine and it will kill her. Crawd asks Elanore's mother to make the decision 
whether or not to risk it. She says she can't decide. Bowman tells Crawd to 
decide. Bowman says that the mother can't make the decision since her daughter's 
life is on the line and the responsibility must go to a third party. You get two 
 A) Gambling on the possibility to save her is in her best interest.
 B) She should live to the fullest in her last year.
   A) Crawd says that Elanore's life has just begun so you shouldn't waste it.
      Bowman say he feels the same way. He asks the mother if she is all right
      with the decision and she says she is. Bowman says the rest is up to him.
      Crawd is confused, and Bowman tells him that life may be more important
      than Crawd thinks, and that Crawd shouldn't take the responsibility
      entirely on himself. Later, Bowman comes downstairs and says that he's
      done all he can, and that the rest is up to Elanore. Crawd asks what he's
      going to do next. Bowman says he's going to stay with Elanore for a bit
   B) Crawd says it's not worth the risk. Bowman says he may be right, and asks
      Elanore's mother if she agrees. She says it is. Elanore wakes up, and her
      mother starts crying. Elanore asks what's wrong. Crawd remarks to Bowman
      "how powerless we are."  Bowman says that sometimes in this line of work
      you have to face situations like this.
      Crawd<-->Bowman YJD +2

3) Location: In Elanore's house
Requirements: Harley Bowman #2 Choice A picked
Crawd catches Bowman going upstairs. Bowman asks what he's doing there. Crawd 
asks the same. Bowman says that he wants to check out Elanore's mother. Crawd 
asks if the problem is that he's worried about Elanore. "That too" Bowman says. 
Upon going upstairs, you find that Elnaore has healed and is better, walking 
around on her own. Crawd tells Bowman that Elanore's mother is really happy. 
Bowman says that's why he does this job. Elanore asks if Bowman is the doctor 
who she talked about, and her mother tells her that you are and tells her to 
thank you. She thanks Crawd and Bowman. Crawd says it's all right; Bowman is 
more worried about her form of address (implies that he's a middle-aged man) 
Elanore asks her mother if she can go outside, and she tells her that she has to 
stay inside while you're visiting. Crawd tells Elanore it's OK and that she can 
go play outside. She leaves, and her mother calls her back as she leaves. Later, 
Crawd asks Bowman what's the matter. Bowman tells Crawd to answer honestly, and 
asks him if he looks that old.
Crawd<-->Bowman YJD+3 

Location: In the warehouse
Requirements: Racool Little Girl PA A) picked
Content: Crawd sees the girl in the warehouse and recognizes her as the girl 
that he met in Racool. The girl starts sweating and goes on about after all the 
effort she took to hide herself that she would be found by "the evil vanguard." 
Crawd says "You haven't gotten any better..." The girl goes on about how this is 
the end of her life and "it's all over." You can choose:
 A) I'd better leave this girl be...
 B) I can't just leave her alone...
   A)ÊThe girl starts going on about how "god is so cruel" and that her "destiny
      is enveloped in darkness." Crawd says "Whatever. I'm leaving."
   B) Crawd asks the girl what she's doing in the warehouse. The girl says "I'm
      not hiding here by choice!" She says that some strange men captured her 
      and she was running away. Crawd asks "Strange men?" At this point, three 
      of Sand's henchman enter. One of them says "There she is!" Then they 
      notice Crawd and say "Who are you!?" Crawd asks them who THEY are, and
      says that "it's not right to drag off a little girl against her will." The 
      three men attack. You have to fight a group of 3 Lesser Assassins. (6000
      HP each) Win and you will get two pairs of Neo Greaves. The three 
      Assassins will be shocked at how tough Crawd is and Crawd warns them 
      "never to do something like that again." The three henchman run away.
      Crawd asks the girl what she did to make them want to attack her. The girl
      says that's none of his business, and she says she won't be fooled by him
      defeating the henchman to make her put her guard down. Crawd says nothing,
      and the girl says "They're with you, right? That timing was a little bit
      too perfect." Crawd tells her that she had better go home, since she's 
      seen enough of the outside world already.  The girl says that she already
      realizes that and would have done so long before. She leaves, saying that
      she's going to return to Ringa.

1) Location: In the hall of the inn
Content: You overhear Celine talking to herself, wondering "whether or not 
everyone has noticed it yet." At this point, you can leave or you can approach. 
If you approach, Crawd trips and falls over. You hear Celine saying that if she 
gets any fatter she won't fit into her clothes. At this point she overhears 
Crawd falling and comes outside. Celine finds Crawd asks if he heard what she 
was saying. You can say:
 A) Wh, what are you talking about?
 B) You shouldn't worry about your weight
   A) Celine says "Then never mind." She starts to leave, then turns around and
      says to Crawd "But if by chance you DID hear what I said to myself, then
      telling anyone else what I said would be hazardous to your health." Crawd
      nods and Celine returns inside. 
      Crawd<-->Celine YJD-1
   B) "You did hear..." Celine says. Crawd walks up to Celine to see if she's
      all right. "I see...you were listening" she says again. Crawd starts
      sweating and tells Celine she's already thin and doesn't need to worry
      about anything. Celine starts laughing and Crawd is confused. Celine
      turns around and pushes Crawd over, saying "Forget you heard it!" She
      goes back into her room.
      Crawd<-->Celine YJD-2, AJD-2

1) Location: By the boat across from the bar
Requirements: Before end of Bugu Taikai
When you talk to the child, he will tell you that his father died. In order to 
"start" this event, you have to steal from him using the Pickpocket skill. You 
will steal the Locket Pendant. Crawd runs away. He opens the pendant and sees 
there's a photo of the boy's parents in it. "Uh oh...maybe I better return 
this?" You get two choices:
 A) Go find the child
 B) It'd be a pain, so let's not.
   A) When you talk to the child Crawd will ask him if "this is what you're
      looking for." The child says "My pendant! What happened to it?" Crawd
      says "Uh...I picked it up." The boy thanks Crawd for searching for him
      to return it. Crawd laughs uneasily. The boy says that it was his only
      picture of his dead father. Crawd asks if the boy liked his father. The
      boy says he still does. He then says he has to go and thanks Crawd again.
      "I wonder if anyone will like me after I die..." Crawd says.
   B) Crawd throws the pendant into the water.

Location: Standing by the boat outside the bar
Requirements: Celine not a party memeber, before Ringa Quest done
Content: The man standing nearby is shocked to see Crawd, saying that "it looks 
like I'm looking in a mirror." Crawd agrees, and the man says the only 
difference between the two of you are your clothes. Crawd starts to talk about 
how they say that "there are always more than three people that look like you" 
then stops, saying "that's a saying from my homeland." The man asks where that 
is, and Crawd says "Arlia." The man says "Was there a saying like that there?" 
Crawd says it's pretty old so most people don't know about it. Crawd asks the 
man's name, and he says "Chris." Crawd introduces himself, and Chris asks if 
he'd like to go get something to drink. "Drink what?" Crawd says. "Sake, of 
course," Chris says.
 A) Unfortunately, I can't right now...
 B) I can't, I'm underage....
 C) Sure, why not.
   A) Crawd apologizes, and Chris says "No problem, it was nice meeting you."
      He then says he hopes you can meet again. Crawd agrees, and Chris leaves.
      "He sure was strange..." Crawd says.
   B) "Underage? What does that mean?" Chris says. Crawd starts sweating and
      tells Chris that where he's from you have to be at least 20 before you
      can drink alcohol. (20=legal drinking age in Japan) "You come from a
      strange place" Chris says. Then he apologizes for badmouthing where Crawd
      comes from. Crawd says it's OK, and Chris says "there's always some rule
      in the world somewhere you won't agree with." He then leaves, and tells
      Crawd he hopes to meet him again. Crawd agrees. 
   C) In the bar, Chris says "These places are as disorderly and loud as I had
      heard." Crawd asks Chris if he'd never been to a bar before. Chris says
      "Although it's embarrassing to admit, no." The two toast to their meeting
      and Chris' first visit to a bar. After drinking, Chris talks about how
      he was surprised how much fun it was, and how it is "so different from the
      palace." Crawd asks "Sorry, did you just say something?" Chris says "Never
      mind." Chris talks about how he "managed to run away this far" and Crawd
      asks where he ran from. Chris says he can't say and apologizes. Crawd asks
      if he committed some sort of crime; Chris says that he was the victim and
      ran away to seek his freedom. Crawd says he won't ask anything more about
      it, as Chris apparently has a reason for covering it up. Chris thanks him.
      He leaves, and Crawd says that he hopes that you can meet again. Chris
      picks up the tab, and gives Crawd a General Ring in thanks. 


Location: By the large crate one screen west of the entry to the town
Requirements: Before Ringa Quest done
Content: An old woman says that when she reaches her age, she can't walk well 
and can't buy what she needs. She asks you if you will pick up something for 
her. You can say:
 A) Sure, I don't mind
 B) I'm kind of in a hurry now
   A) The woman thanks you, and asks you to go to the shop called "Peren Knoll" 
      saying she sent you, and they'll know what to do. Peren Knoll is by the
      bookstore on the east end of town. At first he won't know what you are
      talking about but will eventually realize that it was "Mole" that sent
      you. He gives you a piece of Gold. Bring it back to the woman and she
      will say "I wish I had a grandson like you." She gives you a Star
      Ruby and Rainbow Diamond in thanks. Crawd doesn't want to accept it, but
      the woman tells you she doesn't need it and that "money isn't something
      someone should hoard." She thanks you again and leaves. Crawd is surprised
      to see she can walk well after all.
   B) The woman says it's OK.

Location: By the open-air food market on the east of town.
Requirements: None (?)
Content: Crawd asks the girl what's the matter. She screams. "Don't be so 
surprised" Crawd says. The girl demands to know what Crawd wants to do with her. 
She says that you must have some sort of evil intention in talking to "a little 
girl from the sticks" like her, and asks if you want to sell her to some 
underground organization. Then she says "I know! You want to sacrifice my soul 
to an evil god!" Crawd tells her to calm down, and that he's not some sinister 
person. The girl says that you MUST be a sinister persion, because sinister 
people always claim that they're not. "True..." Crawd says. The girl screams 
"Oh, save me God!" Crawd tells her to hang on a second, since all he did was 
talk to her, and asks her why she would think that. The girl says that only 
people from evil organizations would talk to someone they don't know. She says 
that "the big city is really dangerous, I wish I hadn't run away." Crawd asks 
"You're a runaway!?" The girl is surprised that Crawd "figured out her secret." 
She asks Crawd if he's going to kill her. Crawd asks her where she got that 
idea. She says that her father told her that the city is a much more scary place 
than Ringa. Crawd asks her if maybe she might have misinterpreted him. "I 
wonder?" the girl says. "You are." Crawd tells her. the girl mentions that she 
thought it was a little strange. Crawd tells her she should have figured that 
out earlier. You get two choices:
 A) I'm tired, let's leave this kid alone.
 B) I can't just leave her here...
   A) Crawd tells the girl his friends are waiting for him so he has to go. He
      wishes the girl luck before leaving, and she thanks him.
   B) Crawd asks her what she's going to do. He says that if she wants to go
      home he will take her there. The girl starts laughing and says "You
      almost had me fooled there. Once you had me calmed down, WHERE did you
      intend to take me?" She says that the big city really is a scary place.
      Crawd gets very frustrated. The girl tells you to stay back, saying 
      that if you get any closer she'll scream. She runs off, leaving Crawd
      wondering what her problem was.


Location: Outside of "Jean Medicine Home"
Requirements: Bowman not in party
Content: Crawd walks up to the girl that he saw when first entering Ringa. She 
recognizes him and asks him if she can help him. Crawd says he wanted to ask her 
something. "Are you going to hit on me? If so I'd welcome it!" the girl says. 
Crawd says "No no, not that at all." The girl says he doesn't have to deny it so 
vehemently because it's rude to her. Crawd apologizes. Then he tells her he's 
interested in the robot she has. Crawd says "This is a radio controlled car 
[toy], isn't it?" The girl says his name isn't that dumb, it's "Mujin-kun." Then 
she wonders if "Mujin-kun" is a dumb name. Crawd says it's not. She asks him if 
he thinks it's interesting. Crawd is confused, so she asks him if he thinks 
Mujin-kun is interesting. Crawd says yes. The girl asks Crawd over for tea; she 
says she'll show him even more interesting things. Crawd asks if it's OK. She 
says it is, and introduces herself as Precis F. Newman. Crawd introduces 
himself. On the way over to her house, Precis asks Crawd how old he is. He says 
he's 19, and Precis says "then there's a 3 year diffence...that's perfectly OK 
then." Crawd asks what's OK. Precis says "What do you think?" Outside of her 
house, Precis asks Crawd if "that blue-haired girl" (ie Rena) is his girlfriend. 
"N, No!!" Crawd says. When you enter the house, Rena will be there. Crawd is 
surprised to see Rena and vice versa. Precis tells her father, Graft, to tell 
her in advance if he's going to have a date over. Graft gets angry and tells her 
if she's going to bring guys home to do it in a way so that he won't find out. 
Later, Precis asks Rena if she was interested in Mujin-kun. She says she was. 
Graft says "you see, people will eventually understand a true genius." "Usually 
not until long after they're dead though" Precis says. Graft gets angry. Crawd 
calms him down and asks him why he makes these kinds of things. Graft just says 
he just does it because it comes naturally. Crawd is slightly disappointed. 
Graft notes that Crawd's clothes are different from others'. Crawd nervously 
laughs and says "they're just normal clothes you can buy in some places." At 
this point, Rena nudges Crawd, and he tells Graft that the others are waiting so 
they have to go. They thank Graft for the tea and leave.
As you leave, Precis runs outside, and tells Crawd that Graft was lying when he 
said making things came naturally. Crawd is confused, and Precis says that a 
long time ago her father found a strange glowing lump of metal that fell from 
the sky. Rena asks if it was like the Sorcery Globe. Precis says "probably." She 
steps closer to Crawd and starts to continue, but Rena butts in front of her. 
Precis asks Rena if she's being jealous. She says "I'm OK with having a rival." 
Rena starts sweating and says that Precis has the wrong idea. "So nothing should 
be the matter." Precis says. "Or do you have something going with Crawd?" Rena 
says "Of course not." Rena says, and Precis says "Then there's no problem." 
"There's a huge problem!" Rena says. Precis asks why. Rena stalls and Precis 
keeps bugging her. After a bit more stalling, she makes an exucse, telling 
Precis that since you're going to investigate the Sorcery Globe, you don't have 
time to be bothering with her. Precis asks if you're going to see the Globe, and 
Crawd says yes. Precis asks to come too. Rena says you can't take her, and 
Precis says "Why not, I'm one of your group, right?" Crawd says "Since when did 
you join us?" Precis says that's what she intended from the start, and asks if 
she's not good enough. Crawd says that's not the problem, and Precis asks again, 
saying that she might be able to make even better things after seeing the Globe. 
She goes on to say that you were the only people to treat her like a normal 
person too. You can say:
 A) OK. Let's go together.
 B) No, we're not going to play here.
   A) Precis asks if it's really OK.  Rena nods. Precis gets excited and says
      she's going to get her things together and that she'll catch up with you
      when you leave town. Once you leave, Precis catches up with you, and she
      introduces herself to the rest of the party.
      All male characters<-->all female characters AJD+1
      All same-sex characters<-->all same-sex characters YJD+1
   B) Precis says she understands that. Crawd says that since you're on a trip
      where your lives are in danger, you can't bring someone who would take it
      like a tour. Rena says that if Precis left, her father would worry. Precis
      says "Forget it!" and runs inside.

2) Location: Inside her house
Requirements: Precis Jam PA in Salba seen
Content: Graft and Precis are working together on some machine, debating how to 
fix it. Graft notices Crawd. He asks if he's interrupting anything, and her 
father says they were about to have tea anyway and asks Crawd if he'd like to 
join them. You can say:
 A) OK then, I will.
 B) No, it's all right.
   A) Graft tells Crawd he prepared some Jam Tea. Precis dislikes the sound of 
      it and just suggests regular green tea instead. Graft gets mad and says
      he prepared it especially for Crawd and Precis as something that's "in."
      Precis says that nobody ever says "in" anymore. (these are Japanese
      equivalents here) Crawd interrupts them and the two apologize. You can:
       1) Drink the tea
       2) Talk some more first
          1) Crawd drinks the tea, then coughs and hacks, saying that it's
             incredibly spicy. Precis berates her father for giving Crawd
             something like that. Graft says it's nothing but black tea with
             lots of jam. Precis asks him if he used the Jam that she bought
             for him in Salba. "Yes, why?" Graft asks. He goes over to the
             bottle and is shocked to see that it's cayenne pepper jam. Crawd
             says "give me some water..." and falls over. Later Precis
             apologizes and Graft apologizes for his daughter's stupidity.
             Precis gets angry and says it's his fault. Graft blames her, and
             Crawd tells them to stop fighting.
             Crawd-->Precis YJD-1
          2) Precis asks Graft since when he started buying jam. Graft says
             "What are you talking about, you bought it for me." Precis asks if
             he means the Salba jam and Graft says he does. Graft tells Crawd
             to drink the tea before it gets cold, and Crawd starts to drink it.
             Precis calls out and tells him to stop, and Graft asks what the
             matter is. "It's nothing" Precis says. Graft takes a sip of the tea
             and demands to know what the jam is. Precis tells him it's Salba's
             famous cayenne pepper jam. Crawd decides not to drink any tea.
   B) Crawd declines and Graft says "Oh, that's too bad." Precis asks Crawd if
      he's going to leave already and says "didn't you come to meet my father?" 
      Crawd says "Hey now!" (Note: In Japan, guys are traditionally not supposed
      to meet the parents of their girlfriends unless they are there to ask to
      marry them, hence the reference here) Graft tells Precis that she had
      better wait a while before thinking about that. "Let's do it now!" Precis
      says. "Give me a break, Precis" Crawd says. 
      Crawd<-->Precis AJD+2

Location: Coming out of the library
Content: As Crawd leaves the library, he bumps into Rena. She asks Crawd if he 
came to look for a book. Crawd says he was and asks Rena if she was too. Rena 
says she's looking for a specific book. She talks to the librarian and finds it. 
If you go over to her and ask what she's reading. She is reading the book 
"Daigaku Shingaku Koza" (Going to college) She says that she has been interested 
in college. Crawd asks Rena if she wants to go to college. Rena says she just 
wants to know what kind of a place it is. She says she couldn't commute from 
Arlia to Ringa anyway. Crawd gets an idea and suggests that he help her study. 
Rena is confused, so Crawd says "You're interested in college because you want 
to study, right?" He says that if there's something she wants to know, she 
doesn't need to go to college and he might help be able to teach her. Rena says 
nothing and Crawd gets frustrated, asking her if she doesn't trust him, going on 
to say his grades in school were good. She says that's not it, and asks him to 
help. The game skips ahead however long they study, and Rena thanks Crawd for 
helping her.
Crawd<-->Rena YJD+4

1) Location: Inside his store (talk to NinŽ)
Requirements: Bowman PA #1 in Arlia B) picked
Contents: NinŽ asks Crawd what kind of medicine he'd like to buy. Crawd says he 
didn't come to buy anything. NinŽ asks if you have any business with Bowman. 
Crawd says he actually has something he wants to ask her. He asks her if it's 
really true that there's a "master of the house" situation. "With whom and 
whom?" NinŽ asks. Crawd says between Bowman and her. "Who told you that?" NinŽ 
asks. Crawd tells her about Bowman telling him that she was "three steps behind" 
him. "Oh, is that so..." NinŽ says. At this point Bowman runs in sweating, and 
starts making excuses. "What are you saying?" NinŽ asks. Bowman just stammers a 
couple of words. NinŽ says "Spit it out. You're master of the house, so if you 
can't hang in there we're in trouble." Bowman says "Oh, yeah, yeah that's 

2) Location: In the library
Requirements: Harley Bowman PA #1 seen
Content: As Crawd walks up to Bowman, Bowman says "It's here! I found it!" Crawd 
asks Bowman what he found to make him call out like that. Bowman says he found 
something that talks about the illness that the girl in Harley has. Bowman gives 
Crawd a book, and Crawd reads in the book that her illness is incurable and 
eventually fatal, but it is recored that the legendary herb Metox can heal it. 
Bowman has no idea what the Metox is or even if it exists, but suggests that you 
should look for the Metox. He tells Crawd that the legend says that the Metox 
only grows "on the mountain where the Immortal Bird breathes." Bowman says that 
it must be on top of a mountain and starts to leave. Crawd asks where he's 
going, and Bowman says he's going to find the Metox. Crawd says that you don't 
know what mountain it is, and Bowman says that as a doctor it's his duty to find 
it to heal Elanore. Crawd says that you'll go with him, and Bowman tells Crawd 
he doesn't need to. Crawd says that it everyone searches it will be faster. Once 
this PA is seen, you can go to Lasgus Mountain on Cross and find the Metox 
Crawd<-->Bowman YJD+2

Location: In the item shop
Requirements: Racool Little girl PA, A) Selected
Content: Crawd enters the store and sees that the usual clerk is not there. The 
girl there says that she is taking care of the store while her father is out. 
She turns around and recognizes him; she is the runaway girl he met in Racool. 
Crawd says "Oh, you came back." The girl says that she didn't like the air in 
the city and thinks the town she is used to is best. 

Location: Outside the college
Requirements: None
Content: A street vendor is selling a book he claims will make you smarter. All 
the students around are suspicious that he's just selling junk. One student asks 
a friend to buy it, and he declines. You can choose:
 A) I'll buy it
 B) I'm not interested.
   A) The book will cost you 1980V. The vendor tells you you've made a good
      purchase. The book you buy will be one to increase a Skill Level. What
      book it is will differ from game to game.
   B) Crawd walks off screen. If you come back, the vendor and the crowd will
      have disappeared.

----------------------------------CENTRAL CITY----------------------------------

Location: The second floor of the hotel
Requirements: Before clearing all four Fields
Content: Rena asks if you can spare a minute. You can say:
 A) Sorry, I'm kind of busy right now.
 B) What is it, Rena?
   A) Rena says it's nothing important so you shouldn't worry about it. Crawd
      walks away and wonders if he was a bit too mean.
      Rena-->Crawd AJD-1
   B) Rena talks about how she really was born on NedŽ. She says that she is the
      same as the Ten Sages and if it wasn't for her being on Expel the Sages
      never would have succeeded. Crawd says that it's not Rena's fault. Rena
      asks Crawd who she is. You can say:
       1) Well, you're a NedŽian, that's for sure.
       2) You're our friend, right?
       3) Well...I don't really know myself
         1) Crawd says that the Ten Sages called her a NedŽian, and that being
            one would explain why she can use healing magic. Rena runs away. Run
            upstairs and follow her and Rena will tell Crawd that she was afraid
            to find out who she was when she left Arlia, thinking that she might
            regret it once she found out, but doesn't regret it now since she
            wanted to know the truth anyway. She then asks Crawd to leave her 
            Crawd<-->Rena AJD+2
            Note that if you try to get closer to her again you will get another
            choice to leave her alone or go anyway. If you go in Rena will tell
            Crawd that she's OK and to get out, and there will be a change of
            Rena-->Crawd AJD-2, YJD-2
         2) Rena is surprised Crawd called her a friend since she is from a
            different planet than everyone else. Crawd points out that he is 
            too and that if "we aliens get along there's no problem." Rena 
            thanks Crawd and says she feels better. She goes upstairs. Crawd
            wonders if he lay it on too thick.
            Crawd<-->Rena YJD+2, Rena-->Crawd AJD+2
         3) "Of course you wouldn't" Rena says and apologizes for taking up
            his time.
            Crawd<-->Rena YJD-1

Location: In the bar
Requirements: Ernest is not in the party
Opera asks Crawd if there's something he wants to tell her. You can say:
 A) It's all right, Ernest is fine
 B) Um, isn't it bad for you if you drink too much?
 C) No, nothing.
   A) Opera sits down and says she wants to believe that too. She goes on to say
      that if the Ten Sages really did crash Expel into Energy NedŽ, then nobody
      on Expel would have survived. Crawd says nothing, and Opera apologizes for
      taking things out on him. She says that when she thinks that he might be 
      dead it feels as if "half of her is dead." Opera asks Crawd to just leave 
      her alone for a day and she'll pull herself together.
      Crawd-->Opera YJD=2, AJD+2, Opera-->Crawd YJD-1, AJD-1
   B) Opera says it's all right, since wine is "just as substitute for water"
      Crawd tells her that if she drinks that much she might regret it. Opera
      tells him to leave her alone, saying that she feels like drinking. You can
       1) Are you worried about Ernest?
       2) Let me drink with you then!
       3) No, you should really stop drinking!
         1) Opera says that Ernest undoubtedly went to Expel. You can say:
           A) He probably went back to his planet
           B) Well, I never met him, so I can't comment.
           C) You can't bring back the dead.
             A) Crawd says that given the amount you looked for him, there's no 
                way that he could have still been on the planet and you not to
                have found him.  Opera says she wants to think that too, since
                life is meaningless for her without him. Crawd says nothing, and
                Opera apolgizes for subjecting him to such morbid talk. She
                changes the topic, saying you need to find a way to get off the
                planet, and says "You want to go back to Earth, don't you?" She
                leaves, and Crawd wonders if he really DOES want to go back to
                Opera-->Crawd YJD+2
             B) Opera apologizes, saying he couldn't understand, since he never
                met Ernest. Crawd tells her it's all right. Opera asks Crawd if
                he could leave her alone. Crawd pauses, and Opera yells at him,
                telling him to go away.
                Opera-->Crawd YJD-1
             C) Crawd tells Opera he understands how she must be feeling, but
                that if she tries to drink to escape it, it will only hurt her.
                Opera gets angry, and asks Crawd how he could possibly
                understand, and asks if he's ever lost a loved one. Opera then 
                returns to the bar and apologizes, saying she didn't mean to say
                that, saying that taking things out on him won't solve anything.
                Crawd says nothing, and Opera apologizes again. Crawd tells her 
                it's all right.
                Crawd<-->Opera YJD-1, AJD-1
         2) Opera apologizes, and says that she wants to be by herself. She asks
            Crawd to leave, and he does.
            Crawd<-->Opera YJD-1
         3) Crawd insists, and Opera tells him that she's not as strong as
            everybody thinks she is, and that she goes to pieces when she thinks
            that Ernest might have been on Expel when it was destroyed. She 
            tells Crawd he can laugh at her if he likes, but that Ernest was 
            everything to her. You can say:
           A) Don't worry. I'm sure he's fine.
           B) I'm sure he went back to his planet.
           C) You can't bring back the dead.
             A) Opera says she wants to believe that too. She goes on to say
                that if the Ten Sages really did crash Expel into Energy NedŽ,
                then nobody on Expel would have survived. Crawd says nothing, 
                and Opera apologizes for taking things out on him. She says that
                when she thinks that he might be dead it feels as if "half of 
                her is dead." Crawd says that he can't be positive that Ernest
                is all right or not, but at least there's a chance that he's OK.
                He tells Opera to believe in him that he knew to get off the 
                planet. Opera tells Crawd he's right, and that if "she doesn't 
                believe in him, who will?" She goes on to say she never expected
                that Crawd would point that out. She thanks him heartily.
             B) Crawd says that given the amount you looked for him, there's no 
                way that he could have still been on the planet and you not to
                have found him.  Opera says she wants to think that too, since
                life is meaningless for her without him. Crawd says nothing, and
                Opera apolgizes for subjecting him to such morbid talk. She
                changes the topic, saying you need to find a way to get off the
                planet, and says "You want to go back to Earth, don't you?" She
                leaves, and Crawd wonders if he really DOES want to go back to
                Opera-->Crawd YJD+2 
             C) Crawd tells Opera he understands how she must be feeling, but
                that if she tries to drink to escape it, it will only hurt her.
                Opera gets angry, and asks Crawd how he could possibly
                understand, and asks if he's ever lost a loved one. Opera then 
                returns to the bar and apologizes, saying she didn't mean to say
                that, saying that taking things out on him won't solve anything.
                Crawd says nothing, and Opera apologizes again. Crawd tells her 
                it's all right.
                Crawd<-->Opera YJD-1, AJD-1
   C) Crawd says nothing, and leaves.

1) Location: In the newspaper office
Requirements: Rayfus has mentioned that he is hacking into North City Library
Chisato asks Crawd if he came to watch her work. Crawd says no, and tells her he 
came to make a request of her. Crawd will mention Reifus to her, and Chisato 
says she has access to a lot of information and says she'll investigate to see 
if she can find anything of interest. Crawd thanks her, and Chisato tells him it 
may take some time.

2) Location: In the newspaper office
Requirements: Above PA (Chisato #1) already seen
Chisato tells Crawd she found a way to get into the files; it's a way to enter 
the password. Crawd asks what the problem is, and Chisato says that the piece of 
paper is between two red plastic boards, something the NedŽ army used a long 
time ago. In other words, it was a top-class military secret, so the information 
must be pretty important. Crawd asks Chisato if she's going to publish the 
information, and Chisato says it depends upon what it says. She suggests you go 
to North City to try and crack the password.

Location: On the first floor of City Hall
Requirements: Philia PA in Clik done, saved at Save Point in front of Gabriel
Content: Crawd sees a woman and walks over to her. A child nearby asks her what 
the matter is. The woman says "Nothing, you're OK on your own now. Go upstairs 
and find your mom." The child thanks her for helping her out, then runs 
upstairs. She turns to Crawd and says "You're Crawd, aren't you." Crawd says he 
is, and asks who she is. The woman says her name is Philia, and she came to this 
town seeking you out to ask a request. Crawd asks her what her request is. "Kill 
me." Philia says. Crawd is confused, and Philia tells him that she wants Crawd 
to kill her "before her father can completely absorb my consciousness." Crawd 
asks what she means. Philia asks Crawd if he's forgotten meeting her at Clik. 
Crawd recalls the event, and Philia tells him that her father's name is Rantis, 
and that he was a leader in the field of Monsho Science Technology, and the 
creator of the Ten Sages. There is a large flash of light. Crawd asks what's 
going on, and Philia says her father has awoken, and that she has been 
programmed so that she cannot kill herself. She asks Crawd again to kill her 
while there's still time. Crawd stalls, and she disappears, leaving behind the 
Israphil Tear. 
NOTE: After you see this Private Action, Gabriel's Limiter is turned off.

-----------------------------------NORTH CITY-----------------------------------
Location: In the library
Requirements: None
Content: Rena is playing with the database computer. She presses a few buttons 
and a screen opens with an option to format the hard drive. Rena wonders what it 
means to 'initialize all data.' "Oh well, why not, I'll say 'YES'" Rena says and 
formats the hard drive, wiping out all the data in the database. The computer 
ceases to work. After pressing a few more buttons, the computer won't return to 
normal. Crawd runs and hides and Rena runs away before she gets caught. The 
computer operator comes inside and asks Crawd what the matter is. "It's 
nothing!" Crawd says and runs away. The game posts a message on the screen 
saying "Good boys and girls do not fake ignorance!"

Location: In the inn
Requirements: Before clearing all four Fields
Content: Celine is getting her fortune read. She says the fortune teller is 
really good and asks Crawd to get his fortune told. You can say:
 A) No thanks, I'll pass.
 B) All right
   A) "That's too bad" Celine says. "I was hoping to see an interesting show."
      Celine tells the fortune teller that she has nothing left to ask, and
      the teller leaves. Celine explains that the fortune teller was on a 
      journey and was in a hurry but Celine pressed her into telling her 
      Crawd-->Celine YJD-1
   B) The fortune teller asks what you would like told. You can ask:
     1) About my luck
     2) About the result of my training
     3) About my compatibility with Celine
       1) The fortune teller tells Crawd that he often conflicts with his 
          parents. She goes on to say that while he cannot find his own path in
          life that he has been following the one his father set out for him.
          She goes on to say that because of that, his luck has ceased to affect
          his life; that his father is controlling his luck. Celine asks Crawd
          if that's really true, and Crawd responds thatÊshe has a point. The
          fortune teller tells Crawd that he must become independant if he wants
          to escape, and that if he continues on the path that he is on he will
          "destroy his father's luck." She says in his current state Crawd's
          future is "engulfed in fog." She leaves. Crawd tells Celine he's never
          met a fortune teller that was that accurate.
          Celine-->Crawd AJD-1
       2) The fortune teller tells Crawd his swordsmanship has gotten much
          better than before. She says that he is not bad, but still has some
          weaknesses, and that if he works hard he will succeed. She leaves.
          Crawd asks Celine "So if I work hard I'll succeed?" Celine says that
          that's the way it looks. "Kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?" Crawd says.
          Celine says that's basically what most fortune tellers say.
       3) "What!?" Celine says. Crawd says "Why not, it's just a joke." The
          fortune teller says the two are quite compatible. Both Crawd and 
          Celine are surprised. The fortune teller says that at first glance the
          two seem out of balance but in reality would fit together well, and  
          that they will build a large family. "Sounds awfully long-term" Celine
          says. The fortune teller leaves. "That was certainly a surprise" Crawd
          says. Celine asks what Crawd expected her to say. Crawd doesn't say
          anything coherent, and Celine giggles and says that she was a bit
          surprised too.
          Crawd<-->Celine AJD+4, YJD+2

Location: In front of "Home."
Requirements: Ernest is not in the party
Content: Opera is looking up at the sky, and notes how it's merely a man-made 
sky. Crawd says that's kind of lonely when you think of it that way. Opera goes 
on to note that at night the NedŽian sky is pitch black without stars. You can 
 A) You don't realize how important things are until you lose them
 B) Do you know a lot about the stars?
 C) I feel sorry for the Energy NedŽians.
   A) Opera agrees, and says that once you lose something and regret it, you
      still can't get it back. She goes on to say that she wishes "stopped to 
      smell the roses" in her life. Crawd tells her she's all right and that
      "you can always get back what you lost before." Opera tells Crawd he's 
      strong, and Crawd is confused. Opera says she hadn't even thought of the 
      possibility, since she was afraid of losing "it" again. Crawd tells Opera
      that "another day when shecan look up at a starry sky will come, and that 
      instead of him, Ernest will be next to her." Opera thanks Crawd, and tells
      him that if that happens, it may be him instead of Ernest that's next to
      her. Crawd is very surprised, and Opera leaves.
      Crawd<-->Opera YJD+2, AJD+4
   B) Opera says when she was little she used to look at the stars all the time,
      but eventually lost the time in which to do so. She says she was so busy
      she never had time to look, and now that she has the chance, she's lost 
      what she should have been looking at. Crawd tells her when she returns to
      Tetragenes she can look at them all she wants. Opera tells Crawd he's 
      strong, and Crawd is confused. Opera tells Crawd she really respects him
      for his strong willpower. She says maybe she was just afraid to stop, then
      Crawd-->Opera YJD=4, AJD +2, Opera-->Crawd YJD+4, AJD+4
   C) Opera says "You think so?" Crawd says that it must be hard to be confined
      in such a small space without even being able to see the outside world.
      Opera says that's the way of life the Energy NedŽians chose, so it's not 
      really your place to say that. Crawd says that way of life was chosen 
      long, long ago, and that some Energy NedŽians today might not have agreed
      with it. Opera says if that was the case, they could have changed their 
      own government to change it, and the fact that it's stayed the way it is 
      now is evidence that they don't want to change the way things are. Crawd 
      tells Opera she's being a bit harsh, and Opera says she's just stating the
      Crawd<-->Opera YJD-1, AJD-1

Location: In center Square
Requirements: Feenal already visited
Content: Crawd remarks that Precis sure is energetic despite the situation. "I'm 
always energetic" Precis says. She says that she is still worried about her 
father, but she believes what Narl said and can't let anything get her down. 
"You're tough" Crawd says. Precis says that she's the "mood maker" of the party 
and has to be energetic or else the whole group is trouble. You can say:
 A) I guess getting depressed won't help anything.
 B) Don't you mean "troublemaker?"
 C) Don't overwork yourself, Precis.
   A) Precis says that if even she got all downcast everyone would be in 
      trouble so has to stay positive. "Eh!?" Crawd says. Precis says that if
      everyone got downcast you wouldn't be able to do anything, so as long as
      she continues to do stupid things everyone will forget their troubles at
      least temporarily. Precis stops herself and says "This isn't like me at
      all." Crawd says "So you were thinking this all along." Precis says that
      she's not doing it all the time, that she only thinks occasionally. Crawd
      remarks that all this time the entire party had been under Precis' power.
      Precis tells Crawd not to compliment her like that and runs off with 
      Crawd-->Precis AJD+6, Precis-->Crawd AJD+3
   B) "Did you say something?" Precis says. Crawd denies it and suggests that
      Precis is hearing things. Precis says she heard and says that was a little
      rude. Precis says "Where's your 'I'm sorry?'" You can say:
       1) I'm sorry, I said too much.
       2) But I didn't say anything!
         1) Precis says "OK, I'll forgive you, I've got a big heart." Crawd says
            "Don't you mean a wide heart?" Precis gets angry and asks Crawd if
            he said something. Crawd denies it. Precis says she heard it and 
            that her ears are broad. Crawd says that you'd normally say that 
            your ears are good. Precis gets mad and Crawd apologizes. She leaves
            with Mujin-kun.
            Precis<-->Crawd YJD+2, AJD-1
         2) Precis gets angry and tells Crawd he should just apologize and that
            she doesn't like obstinate people or liars. She starts to walk away
            and Crawd calls to her to wait. She ignores him and leaves with
            Crawd-->Precis YJD-1, AJD-1, Precis-->Crawd YJD-2, AJD-1
    C) Precis says that she's all right and that she's not worried at all. Crawd
       says nothing and Precis insists she's fine, saying her father's not one 
       to die so easily and that even if he was alive, he'd just make things to
       bother other people and it might be better for him not to be around.
       You can:
       1) Say "He was a bit bothersome I guess"
       2) Say "Don't you think you've said a bit too much?"
       3) Say nothing and hug her
         1) Precis says nothing, and Crawd remarks that by doing nothing but 
            make machines Precis' father was seen by everyone as a weird person.
            Precis says "Ooh..." and Crawd goes on to say that the machines he
            made were probably nothing but remains of crashed spaceships. Precis
            gets REALLY angry and Crawd and tells him to stop saying things like
            that. She says that Crawd is awful for saying such things and she
            hates him. Crawd says "But you said it!" Precis tells him to shut up
            and that her mother may have dumped her father for that but that he
            had his good points too; she says that he was kind, strong, active,
            intelligent, inquisitive, rarely took baths, and ate his food
            like he should. Crawd tells her to calm down and that she is mixing
            negative aspects with the good. Precis screams at Crawd and 
            Mujin-kun comes over. Precis kicks him away, calls Crawd a stupid
            asshole, and walks away.
            Crawd-->Precis YJD-1, AJD-1, Precis-->Crawd YJD-3, AJD-3
         2) Precis says it's not, and tells Crawd he should know since he knows
            her father. Crawd says that even if he was a little strange he was
            a good father. "I wonder..." Precis says. Crawd says that fathers
            tend to be so close you start to not be able to see their good 
            points. Precis is confused, and Crawd tells her not to worry about
            it. He changes the subject and says "Let's go defeat the Ten Sages
            and save everyone on Expel."  Precis agrees.
            Crawd<-->Precis YJD+2
         3) Precis is really surprised and asks Crawd what he's doing. Crawd
            tells Precis she can cry when she feels like it, and that he'll
            always lend her a shoulder if she needs one to cry on. Precis steps
            away and says she's really embarrased and that she's turned all
            red. Then she says "You're all red too!" Crawd tells Precis to be
            quiet and that he was just worrying about her. Precis grabs on to
            Crawd and asks to borrow his shoulder for a bit and starts crying.
            After she's done, she thanks Crawd and says she feels a lot better.
            Crawd tells Precis she looks best smiling and that if she is sad
            she ends up making him sad too. Precis says "Are you confessing your
            love to me!?" Crawd says "Don't be stupid, of course not." Precis 
            says "oh well" then starts to leave, then stops and tells Crawd he's
            got a good shoulder and Crawd tells her to stop teasing him. She
            leaves with Mujin-kun.
            Crawd<-->Precis YJD+4, AJD+8

Location: Upstairs in her house
Requirements: Chisato-->Crawd AJD³10
Content: Chisato and her mother are talking when you enter, and Chisato tells 
Crawd to say something before coming right in. Crawd apologizes, and Chisato 
asks if he heard. Crawd asks "Heard what?" Chisato tells Crawd to never mind. 
Chisato's mother starts giggling and starts to tell Crawd something about her, 
but Chisato stops her.ÊChisato's mother says that "it's all right, it's not like 
it's something bad." Chisato tells her that's not the problem and to keep quiet 
about it. You can say:
 A) What were you talking about?
 B) You don't need to tell me
 C) Sorry for butting in on your conversation
   A) Chisato's mother says the two of them were talking about Crawd. "Me?" 
      Crawd asks. Chisato orders her mother not to say anything more. Chisato's
      mother says that Crawd ought to know since they were talking about him.
      Chisato says that's the reason she can't talk about it. Chisato's mother
      says that it must be bothering Crawd. Crawd admits that he'd be lying if    
      he said it wasn't. Chisato again insists that nothing more be said and 
      tells Crawd to leave, pushing him out.
      Crawd-->Chisato YJD-1, AJD-1, Chisato-->Crawd YJD-1, AJD+2
   B) Chisato's mother says "Crawd's embarrased too" and Chisato says "What do
      you mean 'too'!? I'm not embarrased!" Chisato's mother says "then who was
      it that was talking so happily about him?" Chisato turns red, and her
      mother excuses herself. Chisato and Crawd are both at a loss for words.
      Crawd<-->Chisato AJD+2
   C) Chisato's mother tells Crawd he's not butting in and looks to Chisato to
      back her up. Chisato says nothing. Crawd says he just stopped by to see
      her and apologizes for intruding. He leaves, and Chisato's mother says
      "He's a nice guy." Chisato says "Isn't he?"
      Crawd-->Chisato YJD+2, Chisato-->Crawd YJD+2, AJD-1

Location: Inside a classroom in the college
Requirements: None
Content: Ernest asks Crawd what he's doing, and Crawd says he didn't have any 
particular business there. Ernest says that it's a good thing he came because 
there's all sorts of things for them to learn there. Crawd notes that everyone 
is quiet and Ernest says it's because it's exam time there. You can say:
 A) You really need to cheat to get by exams.
 B) It's best to be serious about this kind of stuff.
 C) Wonder if I should take it too..
   A) Crawd says that his friends used to copy the notes of the people in the
      class who took it seriously and plagiarize papers, write formulas on the
      desks, bribe professors and do other things to get ahead. He says that it
      must be the same at every school. "Uh, Crawd..." Ernest says. Crawd asks
      what it is and Ernest says "Never mind."
      Ernest-->Crawd YJD-1
   B) Ernest says that's the best way to think about it, but it's no fun. Crawd
      asks what he means, and Ernest says that an exam is a contest between the
      students and the examiner; the students try to cheat the best they can and
      the examiner tries to catch them. "Oh..." Crawd says. Ernest goes on to
      say that recently the examiners ignore cheaters so it's no fun any more.
      Crawd<-->Ernest YJD+3
   C) Ernest says taking a test to learn more about NedŽ would be a good idea.
      Crawd says that the basics of NedŽian education are probably different so
      he would have to start all the way from lower school to succeed. He goes
      on to say that taking back too much knowledge from NedŽ could be a danger
      to the entire federation. Ernest saysÊthat he's got a point, but that he 
      has no intention of using the information gained for ill and that it's
      only a matter of not telling anybody. "I don't know..." Crawd says.
      Crawd<-->Ernest YJD+2

Location: Various Places
Requirements: Precis' Mars PA A) Picked
If you promised to play Hide-and-go-seek with Precis in Mars, here you keep that 
promise and play with her. She hides in various different places, and you have 
to find her. Once you find her enough times, you will get a Nuclear Bomb.

Location: In his house
Requirements: None
Content: Content: Rena enters Noel's house, and a woman there asks who he is. 
Crawd asks if this is Noel's house. The woman says it is and asks who he is. 
Crawd identifies herself and says he came to see Noel. The woman introduces 
herself as Kelme, a student of Noel's. She goes and calls Noel, then comes out 
and asks Crawd to come inside. When Crawd comes up Noel greets him and tells her 
to make him at home, saying that he will get tea for him. Kelme offers to make 
the tea and she leaves to get it. Crawd then asks Noel who Kelme was. Noel says 
that Kelme is an old student of his and that she stops by every once in a while 
now that Noel is traveling around the world. He goes on to say that she has 
helped him a lot, but thinks that she ought to settle down. Noel says that when 
he mentioned it to her she laughed and changed the subject. Crawd asks Noel if 
he really asked her that, and Noel says "Yes, why?" Crawd says "Never mind..." 
If you talk to Noel again, he will ask Crawd he would go out with her. "Are you 
serious?" Crawd says. Noel says he is and asks why. "Never mind..." Crawd says. 
At this point there is a Crawd-->Noel YJD-1 change

Location: In the college library
Requirements: Before clearing all four Fields
Content: Crawd asks Chisato what she's doing. Chisato says she is studying 
Energy NedŽ's history. Chisato says she doesn't distrust what Narl says, but 
hearing the history of NedŽ from only one person's point of view isn't enough to 
get a full picture. She goes on to say that everything in the library is written 
from the NedŽian perspective so it's difficult to find anything. Crawd asks 
Chisato if she found anything. Chisato says that everything she's found 
indicated that long ago the galaxy was united under NedŽÊwillingly. Chisato goes 
on to say that until you find out the opinion of somebody who under NedŽ's power 
there's no telling for sure. Chisato remarks that it seems similar to the Earth 
Federation. Chisato goes on to say that she found out something problematic 
though. Crawd asks what it is, and Chisato recants the story of how the Ten 
Sages rose up against the NedŽians 3.7 billion years ago and how they got thrown 
into a prison where time does not advance. "Just like Narl said" Crawd says. 
Chisato says that what's interesting is that other than that, nothing about the 
Ten Sages is written at all. Crawd asks what she means. Chisato says that all 
books have basically the same information: "The Evil Ten Sages tried to conquer 
the galaxy. But they were defeated and were thrown into a time prison." and 
nothing else. Crawd suggests that's a little unnatural. Chisato says she thinks 
it's very strange and that it sounds like a single person's interpretation, as 
if someone was trying to conceal or rewrite the truth. She says that there must 
be some other side to the story. Crawd asks if Narl was deceiving you. Chisato 
says that since it's such an old story that probably Narl was telling you 
everything he knew without any other knowledge of the incident. She goes on to 
say that without any resources though there's no way to investigate further.

Location: Auto-starting PA
Requirements: Armlock Ashton PA C2 picked
Content: Rena comes up to Crawd and says she heard about a place with some good 
cake and asks Crawd if he'd like to get some with her. You can say:
 A) Sure, I guess...
 B) I don't like sweet food
   A) Rena is surprised that Crawd accepts and he asks why. Rena says that
      usually guys don't like sweet foods. At the restaurant, the waitress asks 
      for your orders, and Rena orders a cheesecake. She asks Crawd what he 
      wants. You can order:
       1) The same thing
       2) A strawberry shortcake
       3) A "Mune no Tokimeki"
         1) Rena says that the cheesecake here is supposed to be good. The 
            waitress brings them the cake. Rena thanks Crawd for accompanying 
            her, and he thanks her for inviting him. After eating the cake, Rena
            thanks Crawd for coming and leaves.
            Crawd<-->Rena AJD+2
         2) Rena says that the cheesecake here is supposed to be good. The 
            waitress brings them the cake. Rena thanks Crawd for accompanying 
            her, and he thanks her for inviting him. After eating the cake, Rena
            thanks Crawd for coming and leaves.
            Crawd<-->Rena AJD+1, YJD+1
         3) "What's a 'Mune no Tokimeki?'" Rena asks. Crawd says he wasn't sure
            so he ordered one. The waitress brings them their order. After 
            seeing the drink, Rena says "Oh well, let's drink it anyway." They
            drink it, and the woman that made a coment when Ashton came says  
            that Crawd and Rena look good together. After finishing, Rena thanks 
            Crawd for coming and leaves.
            Crawd<-->Rena YJD+2, AJD+3
   B) Rena says "Oh, do you? Sorry." Rena turns away and says "You could have 
      had coffee too" and leaves. NOTE: If you go to the restaurant at this
      point you will find that Rena has gone with Ashton instead; if you talk
      to them I believe there is a Rena<-->Ashton AJD+2 change, but I'm not 
      Rena-->Crawd YJD-1, AJD-1

Location: In front of the restaurant
Content: Ashton asks Crawd if he wants to have tea. You can say:
 A) I'm kind of busy now
 B) With you?
 C) OK, sounds good.
   A) Crawd says he's busy and asks Ashton to ask him some other time. Ashton
      says "That's too bad, some other time then."
      Crawd<-->Ashton YJD-1
   B) Crawd asks Ashton if he's joking and that he'd only want to do so with a
      girl. Ashton says that it might seem weird for two guys to have tea 
      together, and apologizes for asking.
      Crawd-->Ashton YJD-1, Ashton-->Crawd YJD-1, AJD-1
   C) Inside the restaurant, the waitress asks what you'll order. You can choose
       1) "Nagisa no Okurimono" (Present from the Sea)
       2) "Wasurerarenai Omoide" (Unforgettable Memory)
       3) "Mune no Tokimeki" (Throbbing Heart)
         1) Ashton orders a "Hajikeru Amai Yume." (Bursting Sweet Dream) Crawd 
            notes that the menu is really strange. Ashton wonders what the 
            drinks will be. While waiting the two of them can't think of 
            anything to talk about. The waitress brings the two drinks over.
            Crawd notes that his drink looks just like normal water. Ashton says
            his is bubbling and doesn't look very good. The two try their 
            drinks. Ashton is surprised how good his tastes. Crawd says "God, 
            this is bitter! Can people actually drink this stuff?" The waitress
            tells him the drink contains nutrients from fresh fish and says it's
            very good for you and notes that "things that are good for you taste 
            bad" Crawd says it tastes horrible and the waitress says that's just
            a matter of Crawd's personal tastes.
            Crawd<-->Ashton YJD+1
         2) Ashton orders the same. Crawd notes that the menu is really strange.        
            Ashton wonders what the drinks will be. While waiting the two of 
            them can't think of anything to talk about. The waitress brings the
            two drinks over. Crawd notes that his drink looks just like normal 
            water. Ashton says his is bubbling and doesn't look very good. They
            try their drinks, and both hate it, saying it's too bitter. Ashton 
            says "Well, this taste is certainly unforgettable..." Crawd says
            "Maybe they should change the name to 'Unforgettable even if you 
            want to memory.'"
            Crawd<-->Ashton YJD+1
         3) The waitress goes to get the drink. Ashton notes that she didn't 
            take his order. Crawd says "I have a bad feeling about this..." The
            waitress brings out a double-strawed shake. Ashton says "What the 
            heck, let's drink it anyway." Crawd hesitantly agrees. A woman by
            the counter turns around and says "Are those two going out?"
            Crawd<-->Ashton AJD+1
1) Location: In the inn
Requirements: None
Content: Going up the stairs, somebody suddenly covers Crawd's eyes. "Guess 
who?" a voice says. You can say:
 A) Rena, right?
 B) Precis, right?
 C) Ashton? (if Ashton is in the party)
 C) Ernest? (if Ernest is in the party)
 D) I don't know (If neither Ashton nor Ernest is in the party this is choice C)
   A) "No, wrong." the voice says. Crawd's eyes are uncovered and he sees that 
      it was really Precis. "Oh, so it's Precis?" he says. Precis gets mad 
      and asks how he could have mistaken her cute voice for Rena's. "So is 
      Rena's voice not cute?" Crawd says. Precis says "I didn't mean it that 
      way." She goes downstairs.
      Crawd-->Precis YJD+1, Precis-->Crawd AJD-1
   B) "Oh, you can tell?" the voice says. Crawd says yes as Precis uncovers his
      eyes. Precis is frustrated that Crawd could tell so well. Crawd says he
      recognized her voice. Precis wonders if there's something about her voice 
      that is easily identifiable, but says she's kind of glad anyway.
      Crawd-->Precis YJD+1, Precis-->Crawd YJD+2, AJD+1
   C) "Hey, that's rude." the voice says. Crawd's eyes are uncovered and he 
      sees that it was Precis. "Oh, so it was Precis?" he says. Precis gets 
      angry and says "How could you mistake my voice for a man's voice!" Crawd
      apologizes and says she shouldn't get so mad since it was just a little
      mistake. "I hate you!" Precis says and leaves.
      Crawd-->Precis YJD-1, Precis-->Crawd YJD-1, AJD-2
   D) "Oh, you can't tell?" the voice asks. Crawd's eyes are uncovered and he 
      sees that it was Precis. "Oh, so it's Precis?" Crawd says. Precis gets
      mad and asks why he didn't recognize her voice. Crawd apologizes and said
      he didn't expect her to be the type to do something so childish so he 
      didn't know. Precis says "That's not fair, now I can't get mad at you!"

2) Location: In Mirage's workshop
Requirements: After visiting the Monsho Weapon Research Facility, before going 
to Fun City for training
Content: Precis is playing with a machine that shoots up bursts of water. She is 
totally engrossed in it and doesn't even notice Crawd's presence. She looks at a 
part of the machine, but isn't sure what it does. You can say:
 A) Find something interesting?
 B) Do you know what that's for? Let me tell you...
 C) Nothing
   A) Precis realizes Crawd's presence and asks how long he's been there. "For a
      while, I called you several times" Crawd says. Precis says she didn't
      realize it and apologizes. Crawd asks her what she was so engrossed in,
      and Precis says "All of it." Crawd says "You really do like machines."
      Precis says that you can learn a lot from them and says "My dad was right,
      machines really are amazing. I hope I can make something like this some
      day..." Crawd assures her she will be able to eventually.
      Crawd<-->Precis AJD+1
   B) Crawd tells Precis the machine she's looking at is made to guard againstÊ
      energy countercurrents. Precis notices Crawd's presence, and Crawd goes on
      to tell her that "The thing next to it on the right isÊa high-energy 
      centrifuge. After using it to purify raw materials, you can use the anti-
      gravity device over there to mix it with other materialsÊat a specific
      level of gravity." Precis is impressed with Crawd's knowledge. CrawdÊasks 
      her if she thinks better of him now, and Precis says that she knew he was 
      great before so there was no reason for her to be. Crawd laughs and thanks
      Crawd<-->Precis AJD+2
   C) Crawd decides not to bother her while she is playing with the machine.

Location: Inside Mirage's house
Requirements: None
Content: Crawd asks Leon what's wrong. Leon says he was just thinking about how 
far you've come. You can say:
 A) Have you gotten homesick?
 B) True. I can't believe it myself.
 C) Yeah, a lot has happened.
   A) Leon says "Of course not." Crawd says there's no reason to get mad because
      he sometimes feels that way too. "Really?" Leon asks. Crawd says that
      everyone does and it's nothing to be embarrased about. Leon says he felt
      bad because he thought that only children get homesick. Crawd says that
      adults feel the same way, only don't express it. Leon says he feels 
      Crawd-->Leon YJD+3, AJD+1, Leon-->Crawd YJD+3
   B) Leon says that he always believed there was high technology somewhere,
      and all of a sudden he's seeing it. He wonders if he'd be able to return
      to Expel. Crawd tells him that if he believed in high technology, he ought
      to also believe that it would be possible to get back.
      Crawd<-->Leon YJD+3
   C) "Eh?" Leon says. Crawd suggests that maybe Leon feels he's come a long way
      because of all that's happened. "Maybe..." Leon says.
      Leon-->Crawd YJD-1

------------------------------------FUN CITY------------------------------------
Location: At the fortune-teller
Requirements: Rena-->Crawd AJD³10
Content: Crawd sees Rena at the fortune teller and goes over to see what she's 
doing. The fortune teller is telling evaluating Crawd's compatibility with Rena, 
saying it is good. Rena is relieved. As she turns around to leave she notices 
Crawd. She starts sweating asks Crawd how long he's been there. You can say:
 A) I just got here now.
 B) I was here the whole time...
   A) Rena calls Crawd a liar, and Crawd insists that he's telling the truth.
      Rena says "You're lying! I hate liars!" She runs out. "How did she know?"
      Crawd says.
      Rena-->Crawd AJD-2
   B) Rena turns red and says "Oh no!" You can say:
     1) I'm glad you think of me like that.
     2) Don't worry, it doesn't bother me
     3) You shouldn'tÊrely on fortune telling.
       1) Crawd says he should have realized how Rena felt earlier. Rena starts
          laughing. Crawd is confused and Rena tells Crawd he sounds so corny
          and thanks him for the joke. She leaves, and Crawd says "But I wasn't
          Crawd-->Rena YJD-1, Rena-->Crawd YJD+2, AJD-1
       2) Crawd says "Fortune telling is rarely right anyway, I'm sure what she
          predicted was wrong...eh? What am I saying?" Rena says "Bye" and 
          leaves. Crawd gets worried he said something bad.
          Crawd-->Rena AJD-1, Rena-->Crawd YJD-2, AJD-1
       3) Rena is surprised, and Crawd says that he didn't mean it in a bad way; 
          he says that he understands why Rena would want to have her fortune 
          told but that fortune telling really is there to point someone in a
          general direction rather than predict an outcome. Rena says nothing, 
          and Crawd asks her what the matter is. RenaÊsays she was just 
          impressed that Crawd knew that. She then points out that's irrelevant
          to the fact that Crawd was eavesdropping, but says "Don't worry about
          it" and leaves.
          Rena-->Crawd YJD+4, AJD+2

Location: At the bar
Requirements: Leon-->Crawd YJD³8, have participated in Cooking Master
Content: Crawd asks Leon what the problem is, saying he doesn't look well. Leon 
says he wants to ask Crawd for some advice. You can say:
 A) What advice?
 B) I'm kind of busy now...
   A) Leon says "I like someone..." Crawd asks who, and Leon asks Crawd to 
      promise not to tell anybody. Leon says the names of all the female members
      of your party. "That's everybody" Crawd thinks. Crawd says he'll help Leon
      out by finding someone and arranging it so they can be alone with Leon.
      Crawd insists that he's only going to bring one person though. Leon asks
      who Crawd is going to bring. Crawd says "You'll see." Crawd tells Leon to
      go to the Cooking Master stage since it's not a popular place when there's
      no tournament there, and Leon does. (At this point there is a Leon-->Crawd
      YJD+2 change) Now you will bring the first female character you talk to to 
      the Cooking Master stage. There you will get the choice to:
       1) Tell whomever you brought the situation
       2) Call Leon to tell her himself.
      Look below for the content of each character you can call.
   B) "Oh..." Leon says.
      Leon-->Crawd YJD-2
 1) Rena is surprised, and wonders "So Leon's at that age, huh?" At this point
    Leon comes out and Rena tells him that she likes Leon too, but as a younger
    brother. She says that is probably also how Leon feels, and that when he 
    gets older he'll figure out the difference between the two types of "like."
    Leon gets depressed and Rena tells him to cheer up because he will find 
    someone he likes more when he gets older. Leon nods and leaves. Crawd says
    that Leon is a little early for this kind of thing. Rena says that she feels
    bad for him, not knowing whether or not his parents are alive, and getting
    caught up in such a battle at his age.
    Rena<-->Leon AJD+3
 2) Rena is very surprised, and Leon can't say anything articulate. Rena is also
    at a loss for words and eventually just says "I like somebody else!" Leon 
    runs out of the room crying. "I guessÊhe'll gain experience like this" Crawd
    says. Rena says she can't leave him alone and goes to chase after him.
    Rena-->Leon AJD+3, Leon-->Rena AJD-2
 1) "Wait a minute! Leon's still a child!!" Celine says. Crawd says that Leon's
    "about that age." Celine says that either way Leon's 10 years too young.ÊShe
    goes on angrily how she understands if Leon would be attracted by her good
    looks but wishes he would think about age first. Crawd tells Celine to be 
    more quiet. Celine starts laughing. At this point, Leon, who has been
    listening the whole time, runs out of the room bawling. Celine is shocked to
    learn that Leon was in the room and says that she was only joking. She goes
    to chase after him.
    Celine-->Leon AJD+3, Leon-->Celine AJD-2 
 2) Celine is somewhat confused, and Leon can't say anything coherent. Celine
    tells Leon to listen carefully. Leon says OK, and Celine says that she 
    understands how he feels, but she can't like someone that needs to enlist
    help to tell her how he feels. Leon says that he arranged everything himself
    but Celine says it's the same thing. Leon apologizes, and Celine says it's 
    OK and tells him to try again 5 years later if he feels like it, and that
    she'll be waiting. Leon agrees and leaves.ÊCrawd thinks to himself that
    although Celine seems stuck-up she has a nice side too. Celine laughs and
    says "With a face as beautiful as mine I can make even children my 
    prisoner!" Crawd thinks "She is stuck up after all..."
    Celine<-->Leon AJD+3
 1) Opera says "Hmm, that's a problem..." Crawd says that Leon's just at that
    age. Opera says that she likes Ernest, so there's not much she can do, and
    says she'll just have to persuade Leon to think otherwise. At this point
    Leon comes out and says "Am I not good enough after all then?" Opera says
    she didn't say that, and that she may still be single when Leon gets older
    and that nobody can tell what will happen. She goes on to tell him that if
    Leon wants to come after her that he'd have to leave Expel. She says that
    Tetragenis is far away from Expel and Leon might never be able to return. 
    She asks if that's still OK. Leon says nothing and Opera tells him to think
    it over a bit more. Leon says "OK" and leaves. "Not much you can do I guess"
    Crawd says. Opera giggles and says "the ultimate long-distance relationship
    might not be so bad." Crawd turns around surprised, and Opera says she's 
    only joking.
    Opera<-->Leon AJD+3
 2) Opera is really surprised. Leon can't say anything coherent. Opera asks
    Leon if he's prepared. Leon is confused, and Opera tells him that she has
    no interest in younger men and that she would never be able to like Leon.
    She tells him to give up, and Leon runs out of the room crying. Crawd tells
    Opera that she was a little hard on him. Opera asks Crawd how she should 
    have responded then, saying that telling him straight was the best way. She
    says "I'm not that skillful" and tells Crawd to apologize to Leon for her.
    Opera-->Leon AJD+3, Leon-->Opera AJD-2
 1) Precis is surprised and starts to think; Crawd asks her what she is going
    to do. Precis says that she'd have a condition first. Crawd asks what she
    means, and Precis says that if someone wants to go out with her they have
    to be smart first to be able to assist with her machine-making. Precis says
    "But then, I doubt Leon would cut it..." At this point Leon angrily comes 
    out; Precis is surprised to see he was in the room. Leon gets mad at Precis
    and says heÊhas detailed knowledge of machinery, saying "You saw the Racool
    Hope Cannon, right?" Precis says "What are you talking about; your parents
    made that!" Leon says he designed the main system. Precis says that Leon's
    machinery is nowhere near as good as her Mujin-kun. LeonÊcalls Precis a runt
    and Precis calls him a brat and points out that he is shorter. Leon calls 
    her a flat-chested bitch, and Precis calls Leon a perverted little shit. 
    Crawd thinks "Mentally they're the same age..."
    Precis<-->Leon AJD-2
 2) Precis is confused and Leon is at a loss for words, but Precis says OK.
    Leon says "Really!?" Precis tells him "On one condition though." Leon asks
    what she means, and Precis says that he's got to be smart, athletic, good-
    looking, and tall first. "Uh, but..." Leon says. Precis says that she 
    doesn't mean that he has to be that way now, and tells him that once you
    return to Expel that he should wait 5 years and then come to her house, and
    she'll think about it. "5 years..." Leon says. Precis says it'll go by fast
    and tells him to be patient. Leon says "OK" and leaves. Precis says "Whew,
    I'm not used to that."
    Precis<-->Leon AJD+3
 1) Chisato says "Hmm, what should I do..." Leon comes out and says "Am I not
    good enough after all then?" Chisato says that's not necessarily the case
    and tells Leon to give it a shot again when he gets older, but that first
    you have to defeat the Ten Sages. "OK" Leon says. Chisato tells Leon that
    when he gets older she'll be an "old lady" and asks if he's OK with that.
    "Yeah!!" Leon says. Chisato says she'll also be busy with her job and may
    not be around as much as he would like. "That's still fine!!" Leon says.
    Chisato says "Oh well, OK then, but first we have to defeat the Ten Sages."
    Leon says "OK!" and leaves. "If he was a celebrity this would have been
    such a big scoop..." Chisato says. Crawd thinks "She's always thinking about
    a scoop..."
    Leon<-->Chisato AJD+3
 2) "Eh!?" Chisato says. Leon can't say anything coherent, and then Chisato gets
    an idea and says "Sorry, Leon, but I like Crawd!!!" Crawd says "Hey, wait a
    minute here!" Leon runs out of the room bawling. Chisato says "Isn't this
    'Bikkuri!?'" ("Surprise," a show like Candid Camera) and asks where the 
    person with the hidden camera is. Crawd tells her it was for real, and 
    Chisato runs out of the room saying "Wait, Leon!"
    Leon-->Chisato AJD-2, Chisato-->Leon AJD+2

Location: In the Battle Stadium
Requirements: Ashton<-->Precis YJD³8, Ashton has "Sword Dance" Hissatsuwaza
Content: Precis is telling Ashton that she doesn't get it and to "do it again." 
Ashton shows Precis his Sword Dance. Precis tells him to do it again. "What!? 
Again! I'm getting tired!" Ashton says. Precis tells him this is the last time 
and Ashton does the Sword dance again. "I've got it" Precis says. Ashton asks 
what she's talking about. Crawd asks what's going on and Precis says she's 
learning his move. Crawd asks if she's serious, and Precis tells the two to hold 
on. She goes into another room and worksÊon something, then comes out to 
demonstrate, and transforms Mujin-kun into an Ashton replica. Precis learns the 
hissatsuwaza "Holoholograph."

Location: In front of Battle Stadium
Requirements: Already traveled to Feenal
Contenet: Crawd sees Marianna and is surprised to see her alive. Marianna tells 
Crawd to draw his sword, saying that as the last of the NedŽ defense force she 
must test him. Crawd insists on taking Marianna to a hospital because of her 
wounds. Marianna refuses and tells Crawd to attack her. Crawd refuses, and 
Marianna demands to know why. Crawd says he can't hurt her, and she tells him 
that if he doesn't abandon his feelings he can't win. She falls over. Crawd 
brings her to a bed in the inn. Talk to her again and she will give you a Silver 
Cross; talk to her once more and she will give you a Slayer Ring.

This FAQ is ©1999 Ian Kelley. Please do not use this walkthrough on your website 
without asking me for permission first. (I guarantee I'll grant it, but please do 
so anyway) I do not want this walkthrough altered in ANY way, and it must remain 
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I apologize if this sounds strict, but recently there have been unfortunate 
occurances of certain unscrupulous individuals using FAQs written by other people 
to sell games for their own profit, and even publishing such FAQs as "unofficial" 
guides, making money off of somebody else's work. This walkthrough is meant to be 
free and I want it to stay that way.

                                CREDITS AND THANKS
Thanks to:
Takahiko Naito, for tons of little details, easter eggs, and info here and 
there, basically all the details on Opera and Ernest, and for giving me the URLs 
of lots of SO2nd BBS sites.
TAKESHI (http://www.infoeddy.ne.jp/~takeshi/), for information on some of the 
skills and pointing out that you don't need Chisato in your party to find the 
Secret Information.
MAKISHI (http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~makishi/), for information on specific KJD 
changes in the Private Actions.
Tri-Ace (http://www.tri-ace.com/) and Enix (http://www.enix.co.jp/) for 
releasing what could very well be the best console RPG ever!

Other useful Star Ocean: The Second Story pages, BBSes, and resources for 
additional game info (a lot of the info in this walkthrough came from individual 
posts on these BBSes):
Star Ocean: The Second Story Database: http://tariki.nu/sc2/index.html
Master Star Ocean Second Story!: http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~renzoku/Stocean.html
Star Ocean: The Distant Sea: http://www.jade.dti.ne.jp/~higo/SO2/
Star Ocean Info Warehouse: http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~makishi/so2/so2.html

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