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Claude Walkthrough by Great Gamer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/26/99

Star Ocean: The Second Story  Claude Walkthrough
Sony Playstation
North America Version
Version  1.0  (7/26/99)
e-mail: retade@aol.com

Great Gamer's  Star Ocean: The Second Story Claude Strategy Guide

This is the  Star Ocean: The Second Story Claude Strategy Guide.
This Copyright Belongs to me and may not be reproduced in any way 
without the written consent of me.  This Strategy guide is freely 
distributed as long as the copyright stays.  You can use this strategy 
guide only in it's entirety, but you must give me credit where it is 

This Strategy Guide was written for the North American version of the 
game.  I will also be coming out with a walkthrough for Rena Later this 

This FAQ is not yet completely finished.  If you have something to 
contribute, please, please E-mail me at retade@aol.com


       Chapter 1:  The Journey Begins
       Chapter 2:  The Rescue 
       Chapter 3:  The Magic Treasure Hunter
       Chapter 4:  The Fate of Clik
       Chapter 5:
       Chapter 6:
       Chapter 7:
       Chapter 8:
       Chapter 9:
Private Actions List
Thanks list

Version info:

-Version 1.0  (7/26/99) Initial Release
      >Claude walkthrough complete through Clik's disaster
      >Thanks section complete      

-Things coming in next version
      >Claude walkthrough complete through disk 1
      >Started Private Actions list 
      >start commonly asked question section
      >add more and missing items
      >Start pickpocket data section


This is my first walkthrough I have ever written for gameFAQs and it 
will not be my last.  This is the first version for my Star Ocean: The 
Second Story Claude's walkthrough.  I would like to make this the best 
walkthrough it can be so if you have any questions or comments please 
E-mail me at retade@aol.com.

If you find anything left out or missing in this walkthrough please 
contact me.  I will be writhing a Rena walkthrough later this year but 
as for now I am concentrating on finishing this walkthrough.  A lot of 
people have been asking me about the bonus dungeon.  I will add this to 
my walk through in the second or third update.

If you know any private actions or pickpocket data that I have left out 
please, please contact me.


Star Ocean: The Second Story Is a unique Role Playing Game for the Sony 
Playstation.  Star Ocean: The Second Story is unique in its battle 
system, skills system, emotional system, and story.

Star Ocean: The Second Story is really the Second Star Ocean game, the 
first Star Ocean was released on the Super Famicom in Japan in 1996.  
The first star ocean was a 48 megabyte cart, and used everything on the 
Super Famicom. Star Ocean was made by Tri-Ace, an published by Enix.

Star Ocean was a vary unique game, just because it is so original for a 
role playing game. Almost every role playing game to date has a turn-
based battle system, but Star Ocean created a vary unique active-time 
system where everyone attacks and uses the abilities at the same time, 
making strategy and formation a big aspect in the battles.

Star Ocean: The Second Story begins 30 years after the first Star Ocean 
left off, when Ratix and his friends destroyed Jie Revors and restored 
peace tom the world, and cured the Roakians of stone disease.  Claude 
son of Ronixis, who was made a hero by the federation for his work with 
Ratix in destroying Jie Revors.  The story begins with Claude on his 
fathers ship and later on a away mission.

Star Ocean: The Second Story was made by Tri-ace, Who has made other 
great games.
Please check out there webpage at http://www.tri-ace.com


---Chapter 1: The Journey begins---

When the game begins you will make some choices in sound , battle 
system, and difficulty (note: you must get some voice collection to get 
the difficulty option)  After the opening story, you wake up in a 
forest which is called Shingo Forest.  Go south and a girl is attacked 
by a monster.  Now you must fight this monster.

Boss: Gark
HP: 2,000
No strengths or weaknesses 

This is not a really hard boss, you can damage Gark with you Phase Gun 
killer move.  Just keep shooting the phase gun until he dies (about 
3x).  After you beat Gark  The girl will run away, and you have to go 
after her.  When you catch up to her she will introduce herself as Rena 
Lanford and thank you for saving her.  

You and Rena start walking about the town.  On the way back, Rena asks 
where Claude is from, and cloud says he is from Earth.  Rena asks what 
he is talking about, and Claude tells her not to mind, and just says 
that is far off land.  When the two enter the town , Rena tells Claude 
that this is her hometown, Arlia.  Rena tells you that she is going 
back to her house, and tells you to visit around the town and get to 
know the place that she lives.

    Items in Arlia:
Rose hips, Leather Armor, 200 fol, Resurrection bottle, Strawberry jam, 

   Pickpocket Data:
Blackberry, 10 fol, Rainbow Diamond, Sour Syrup, 100v, Blueberry, 24 
fol, Stone, Inchigo Jam, Resurrect bottle, fried eggs, Vegetables, 
Necklace, 100 fol, silver cross, 120 fol, Idaten Ship.

Go around the village and collect all of the items in the chests.  
Finally go to Rena's house (in the east area town, in southeast 
corner), Rena will introduce you to her mom, Westa.  After some talk 
Rena will give you a tour of the town, all you have to do is go in all 
of the houses and Rena will tell you about them.  Now go back to Rena's 
house and after some talk you will be upstairs in a room go out and 
take a walk around the 2nd floor (note: you can not get the chest in 
Rena's room right now).  Now go back downstairs and talk with Westa and 
Mayor Regis.  After the talk you can go to the Mayor's house (the one 
on the far right) and spend the night.  

In the morning Mayor Regis will give you a long sward and tell you that 
you should go to Salva, to get more information (note: you can now rest 
in the Mayor's house any time you want by talking to the maid).  Now go 
back to Rena's house and go into 
Rena's room and get the chest that you could not get before.  Now head 
to Shingo Forest and talk to Rena.  After talking to Rena head out of 
Arlia through the north exit.  (note: As you leave there will be a boy 
by the gate that will tell you not to stray from the road or you will 
run into monsters and be forced to fight.  I recommend that you get 
used to fighting in the outside world).

  Items found in Salva:
Heavy Ring, Rena's Hairpin, Portrait B  

Walk around town, and talk to everyone.  Go to the weapon and armor 
shops to get some new equipment, you'll need it for the upcoming 
dungeon, and some healing items if you have enough fol.  Then go and 
get all of the chests you can find.  Now head to Mayor Alen's house 
(note: the Mayor Alen's house is in the north part of town, and it is 
to the east the big house).  Talk to everyone in the house and take all 
of the chests you can find.  As you leave Alen's house Claude will 
complain about not being able to get back to Calnas.  Now head Back to 

When you get back to Arlia you will be informed that Rena has been 
kidnapped by Alen.  Now head back to Salva again.  On your way to Salva 
I recommend that you Level up (level 5 or 6 is fine).

---Chapter 2: The Rescue---

In Salva head back to Alen's house and go into the first room on the 
right, pick up Rena's Hairpin and then move the Statue in the right 
hand corner to reveal a secret passageway.  

Salva Mine
   Items found in Salva Mine:
Rose Hips, Blackberry x 2, Iron, Gold x 2, Spectacles, blueberry

   Enemy's found in Salva Mine:
Funnythief, Kobold, Lizardaxe, Vopatbunny

After entering Salva Mine You will come upon a save point (note: you 
should be about a level 6 if your not go back and level up in dungeon).  
Also you are usually warned about a boss by a save point.  The boss in 
this dungeon is not vary hard if you levels are high enough.  If you 
find signs about the dragon's nest, you can't enter it now.  After you 
save head north and you will enter a strange room with an alter to 
which Rena is tied too.  You will now have to fight Alen.

Boss: Alen-Tax
HP: 400
Weakness: light
Alen is a really easy boss just because his HP is so low and you will 
have Rena on your team to heal you if you get ingered. 

After the fight Alen is back to normal and apologizes.  After some talk 
Claude and Rena Return to Arlia.  In Mayor Regis's house Claude and 
Regis will talk and inform you that Rena is not really Westa's 
daughter, and that Westa found her one day in Shingo Forest.  Then 
Regis will also tell Claude that he wants him to investigate the 
Sorcery Globe, Claude agrees.  Regis then tells Claude to sleep, when 
Claude is about to sleep he here's something hit the window, so he goes 
out on the porch and finds out it is Rena.  Rena tells Claude to come 
down and talk to her when you go down you will have to go and meet her 
at the bridge and they will talk.
The next day you will be told by Regis to go to Cross Castle and get 
permission from the king to go to the EL comtonet.  Rena will now join 
your team permaintally.  The next day go to Salva and talk to Alen to 
get the Ring of Happiness.  Now head to cross castle.  

---Chapter 3: The Magic Treasure Hunter---

When you get to Cross Castle, it will be night time, so head to the inn 
(the north west house)and talk to the innkeeper and she will let you 
stay in the in for free.  The next day you can Wonder around cross 

Items Found In Cross Castle:
Woodshield, Leather Helm, 500 fol

--NOTE: if you want Opera to join your party, you must have seen the 
special privet action here.  To see it, execute a single privet action, 
and walk north, toward the castle.  When you get in front of the castle 
a man with three eyes will run into you.  He excuses himself, and then 
JOIN YOUR PARTY LATER IN THE GAME.  You don't have to do this privet 
action if you want Ashton in your party. 

Now you should head to Cross Castle When you enter Cross Castle talk to 
the Receptionist and register your name, and she will then give you 
some time to explore the castle and get the chests.  After your done 
getting the chests, go and talk to the guard by the kings chamber and 
he will let you in and you will finally be able to talk to the king.  
When you talk to the king ask him all three choices, the king will then 
send you to investigate the Sorcery Globe.  The king also gives you a 
passport and 600 fol.

When you get back to the main area of the town you will see to wizards 
fighting, after some talking one of the wizards decides to join your 
party in order to investigate Cross Cave and get the treasure.  You 
have two choices, the first is to let her join, the second is to not 
let her join.  Any of the choices will make her join you though so it 
does not matter what one you choose.  Now go to the stores and buy some 
black and blue berries for your journey to Cross Cave, you may also 
want to buy some skills from the skill guild.  I don't recommend buying 
any new equipment though (especially if you want to buy the bandit 
gloves for 40,000 fol, which allow you to pickpocket later in the 
Now head to Cross Cave it is a Mountain with a  cave opening.

Cross Cave 
   Items Found in Cross Cave:
 Sweet Syrup x 2,Artemis Leaf x 2, Lavender x 2, Cure Poison x 2, 
?Mineral (Rock), ?Jewelry(Reverse Doll), Stink Gel, Feather Pen, 600 
fol, Resurrect Mist, ?Item(Aquaberry), Blackberry x 2, Tri-ball, Magic 
Canvas, Iron, Green Beryl, Heart Barrirs, 700 fol, Ancient Writings

--Enemy Info:
Alraune, Armedknight, Landworm, Slime

All of the Dungeons in Star Ocean2 are like this, you may need to make 
a map I your head to make things easier.  The enemies here are pretty 
easy, most of the can be taken out by just a few normal attacks from 
Claude, but make sure Rena and Celine have enough MP though.  At the 
North area (where there is a save point), an event occurs, and a secret 
passage is revealed to the west.  Now heal up and save, then head into 
the next room in the room there are five chests, 3 are normal items, 1 
is the treasure, and one is the boss chest (NOTE: the boss chest is the 
upright most chest), the boss in this cave is actually optional, but I  
recommend that you fight to gain a lot of exp and fol.

Boss: Gargoyle x 2
HP: 1,500 (each)
Weakness: light

The Gargoyle Should not be too hard.  Just keep using Claude's normal 
attack.  If you need to you can use shooting stars, killer move.  Have 
Rena Heal everyone when needed, and have Cline use ray.  Just keep 
pounding them and they will be gone.

After the battle leave the cave.  When you reach the exit, the party 
will split up, and Claude will ask Celine if she wants to join the 
party.  Now is the real thing you have two choices:

1)Come with us, celine
2)It isn't a good idea after all

I recommend that you take Celine in your party because she is a strong 
spell-caster, but it is up to you.  Whatever you chose now head to 
click it is a port town on the north edge of the continent.  You will 
have to go over a bridge to get there, and it is a pretty long walk 
from Cross Cave.

---Chapter 4: The Fate of Clik---

Items found in Clik:
Lyre, Vegetables, Grain, Seafood
There are many great items that you can steal from people in Clik, but 
you normally won't have the 41,800 fol you need to buy the bandit's 
gloves nor the special pickpocket specialty at this point, so you will 
probably pass these things up.  If you do build your money up to 41,800 
fol then you can even steal from Philia in the privet action, this will 
give you a special item, so if you build up your money get it.

After going around and buying some skills and equipment head to the 
captain of the ship and he will tell you to walk around.  When you 
enter the main part of town a little thief will steal your wallet, now 
go back and talk to the two kids near the east ship, now go to the 
first area of the town and you will find the thief near the bar.  After 
some talk, Ketil will give you a tour of the town now, first go to:
-Kentil's house, in the first Clik area, center house
-On the way to Fountain plaza 
-Crepe shop near the fountain
-Ice Cream Shop, Southwest of fountain
-Restaurant, near the exit of first area
-Clothes Store, Northwest of fountain
After you visit all of these places talk to the kids in the port, 
finally Ketil will be able to play with them.  Now talk to the captain 
and he will tell you to do a last minuet check, go back out to fountain 
plaza, then a earthquake will occur.  You automatically go to the hill 
north of fountain plaza, talk to the captain and you will get back your 
passport, now head up the stairs and a tsunami will occur.  Talk to 
ketil here then leave the hill.  Your next destination is Mars, a town 
to the east, but not as far east a Herlie.  

  Items in Mars:
Silk Robe, Sour Syrup, Purple Mist, Silence Card

Now go and get any chests you can find, if your ready go to the house 
west area of town.  The elder of Mars will tell you that the children 
were kidnapped by bandits, and they want 500,000 fol and the Book of 
Secrets.  You will also find out that they hired a swardsman called 
Dias and Rena Recognizes him.  After some talk Rena dicedes to leave 
your party and join Dias.  Now you should go to the Item Shop and buy 
about 20 blueberries and some blackberries, you will really need them 
because Rena is not in your party anymore.  When you go to the store 
don't buy the Flame Blade as you will find one in the forest.  Talk to 
the elder to go to sleep, the next day after some talk the Elder will 
give you the mud boots that you need to get passed the swamp in the 
forest.  Now enter the forest (it is to the west).

Heraldry Forest
  Items in Heraldry Forest:
?herb (rose hips), Amber Robe, Smelling Salts, Dummy Doll, Flame Sward, 

Heraldry Forest is one of the harder areas in the game especially 
because you don't have a healer.  Early in the forest you will run into 
a group of bandits, they have about 500 HP each, but if your level is 
high it will be no problem.  (NOTE: This is a hard point in the game 
you have to have a pretty high level or you will have trouble with the 
enimies here, you may even have to go back to Mars to sleep or get more 
healing items) After defeating the 2nd and 3rd group of bandits, you will 
come to a save point.  When you reach the save point, prepare for to 
fight a boss, heal and save.  Now go east and north go to the east 
first to get the mandrake and go west, on your way west the wizard will 
come out and tell you that he is the boss of the bandits, get ready to 

Boss: Vermillion
HP: 3,000
Weakness: Fire, Light

If your about level 15 this boss will be no problem.  Have Cloude Use 
Air Slash, killer Moves and normal attacks if you have The Flame Blade 
this will be a easy fight.

After you kill the boss you will talk to Dias and Rena, after some talk 
you will be back in the village, Rena will Rejoin your party.  After 
Some talk with Eglas and the Elder, try to go out of the town, Celine 
will come after you and you will then be in Celine's house.  Talk to 
Eglas and he will tell you how to cross to the El continent.  The next 
day Eglas will tell you to go to the Lancor Continent first, Now head 
to Harlie.


-Enix, For publishing the great star ocean games

-GameFAQs for posting my great review

-Exdeath and JAA for making other great walkthroughs which I used to 
help me through the first part of the game, and for wrighting great 
walkghroughs witch I used to help make my own.




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