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Plot Summary by AChilds

Version: 1.5 |

The Star Ocean 2 Plot Summary
Version 1.5
by Allen Childs


Part One: Intro
  Chapter One: Intro
  Chapter Two: Update History
  Chapter Three: Special Thanks
Part Two: Plot Summary
Part Three: Conclusion
  Chapter One: Webpages
  Chapter Two: Disclaimer
  Chapter Three: Author's Note


Well, as you probably know if you are reading this, Star Ocean 2 (SO2 
from now on) isn't even out in Japan yet. It might come to the US, but I 
will translate it even if it is. I have only been studying Japanese for 
about 6 months, so don't get mad if my translations are wrong. My only 
real reference tools are Tomo, my Japanese friend, NTC's New Kanji 
Dictionary, and Meriam Webster's Romanized Japanese - English 
Dictionary. I also have an online dictionary I occasionaly use. If you 
want information on how to get started with Japanese, let me know. I am 
hoping SO2 will be as good as the first, but I doubt it, since the first 
is my 2nd favorite game ever :O). Occasionaly, I will throw in little 
comments, like
*Note, I do not know what he is really saying, I am just guessing
or something. I hope I can get at least 80% or so of the words right, 
and that way I can give you a really good idea of what the story is. I 
will give you an outline of the first game:

You are Ratix, a young boy, who, with Millie and Don, must protect the 
village from evil. One day, a messenger comes from the Village of Cool, 
and talks about a disease that is going around. It spreads with skin 
contact (touch, for you idiots :O)), so it is VERY dangerous. The 
effect: it turns people into stone! That is NOT good! They think there 
is a cure, however, so an elder from the village (Millie's father) sets 
off to Mount Metox (I think, I don't quite remember the name) to find a 
cure. Ratix and Co. find out (2 weeks later) that Millie's father has 
become a victim of the disease, so Ratix and Co. set off to find him. 
They do, and he is a big statue. Then, they find that Don has become a 
victim. Now they are DETERMINED to find a cure. They go to Mt. Metox, 
with Don (you can live a few hours before it takes effect), and look for 
a cure. At the peak, two people, a man and a woman, are beamed down, 
Star Trek style! They say they are space voyagers, from a strange planet 
called Earth :O) and see their delima. They say that the disease is a 
result of biological warfare, and they know who did it. They also say 
that the only way to find a cure is to go back in time 300 years, and 
get to the root of the problem. So, off you go, 300 years into the past, 
to find the cure for the disease.

I'll admit, the story to the first game wasn't exactly original (Back to 
the Future and Star Trek anyone?), but it did make you want to keep 
playing. However, the real place this game shines is the fighting 
system. It is a great blend of Radia, Seiken Denstsu 3, Final Fantasy 4, 
and Final Fantasy 5. It is definately the best fighting system of its 
time, and it is the real reason I am buying SO2. I hope that gives you 
an idea of SO. Go to Ian Kelley's hompage at 
http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~ikelley  and print his SO walkthrough if you 
want to get more of an idea. Anyway, SO was great, and SO2 looks awesome 
too, so do yourself a favor. Pick up a copy, and keep up with this plot 
summary!!! I have a homepage (rur.hypermart.net) so I will be posting it 
there whenever I update. Also, GameFAQs should have the newest versions 
too. If you want, you can mail me at MistaKefka@aol.com and I will put 
you on the list for me to send this to. That's about it for the intro...


1.0 - first edition

1.5 - Updated the intro a little, and the web pages section. I put it 
descriptions of the web pages, as well as add some. 


Tomo, for helping me with Japanese

Luke Drelick, for the same, and for introducing me to the first SO, even 
if he does overrate it and thinks FF6 sucks :O)
, for being an all around cool guy

Morgasm, for introducing me to RPGs




Allen's Homepage
My page has my current translations, some reviews, all around info about 
me, some links, etc. If you are reading this as soon as it is up at 
GameFAQs, I might not have the page up, or a temporary one. I probably 
won't set up frames for this page, since it is just personal, so that 
will take out a lot of time involved.

This site has most all of the FAQs you will ever need. Expect the newest 
version of my FAQ to be there.

RPG Ocean
My friend Luke Drelick's page. It is a site COMPLETELY based on reviews 
for import and domestic RPGs. Before I met him, I had ALWAYS wanted to 
see a site like this (I tried to make one, actually), but I never 
actually did much about it. It has lots of my reviews, including my 
strong opinions of Xenogears (this review will be updated soon) and FF6 

The Musical World of Final Fantasy
A GREAT page with lots of Final Fantasy MIDIs, run by my friend Tomo 
:O). The best part about it, is that he is Japanese, and has LOTS of 
rare MIDIs, including XENOGEARS!!! Check it out! I just wish he could 
find the web space for a MP3 page!!! Boy... would that be awesome!


You can put this FAQ on any page you want, just ALWAYS PUT THIS 
DISCLAIMER WITH IT!!!!! If you alter this material (which includes 
taking away the disclaimer), I will sue you. Don't say I didn't warn 


Uhh.... bye bye! ^_^

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