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FAQ (JP) by IKelley

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/09/99


                               Star Ocean: 
                            The Second Story 
                          Version 1.1 (3/9/99)


Version changes
Game System
   Game Configuration
   Status Screen
   Private Actions & Kanjodo (Emotional Points)   
   Ending System
   Crawd C. Kenny
   Rena Lanford
   Celine Jules
   Bowman Jean
   Dias Flac
   Precis F Neuman
   Ashton Anchors
   Leon D.S. Gesde
   Opera Vectra
   Noel Chandler
   Chisato Madison
Spells and Hissatsuwaza
   Skill System
   Chishiki Kanren (Knowledge-Related)
   Kankaku Kanren (Sensation-Related)
   Gijutsu Kanren (Skill-Related)
   Sento Kanren (Combat-Related)
Tokugi and Super Tokugi
   Super Tokugi
Item Creation Data
   Master Chef
   Reverse Side
Useful Items
   Machines/Miscellaneous items
   The Arena
   The Bunny Races
   The Cooking Master Contest
Hints, Tips, and Easter Eggs
   Galaxy and Universe Mode
   Insta-kill Technique
   The Save Game Swap Technique
     Changing Party Makeup with the Save Game Swap
   Kanjodo/Ending Manipulation
   Powering up your characters with little effort
   Miscellaneous Tips


This is my preliminary release of a FAQ for Star Ocean: The Second Story. It 
doesn't provide any walkthrough for the game, but covers the basic system, item 
creations, and other basic aspects of the game. The instruction manual is not 
exactly thorough. :) As of this newest release, I've played through the game six 
times, so I've seen all the data on each of the characters first hand. There are 
a few skills, spells, etc I haven't seen in their final form yet, but most basic 
information should be here.

This FAQ does not contain any hints or detail on how to finish or proceed in
the game. Check out the Star Ocean: The Second Story walkthroughs I've written
for that.

You can find the most recent update to this FAQ at the following URLs:

And I know that this going to make some people angry, but...(deep breath)
It has come to my attention that Star Ocean: The Second Story will be released
in the US. I am just going to note here that I have no intention of making a 
separate FAQ for that version at this time. This is primarily because my 
PSX does not play US games, and I don't want to invest the money it would cost 
me to alter my PSX/get a new one, plus get the US version. Not to mention that 
I'd have to play through the US version six times like it took me to do this 
FAQ. And, for obvious reasons, I don't want anyone to go in and alter this FAQ 
for me to fit the US version. I am trying to figure out a way to get around 
this. Most likely it will be in the form of a "terminology differences" FAQ. 
Through buying any "official SO2 guides" whenever they come out, and emails from 
those who wish to contribute, I will try to compile a list of differences to 
help those playing the US version of this game.

-------------------------VERSION CHANGES----------------------------
v. 1.1 Made a few corrections here and there, added a Note.

v. 1.0
Added a bunch of new sections, like the Game Shark codes, (thanks to Jason 
Murata) the starting Kanjodo chart, (Thanks to MAKISHI) the accessory/item 
descriptions, and updating sections/fixing a few mistakes here and there.

v. 0.9
Initial release

Here are a couple of difficult-to-translate Japanese terms used often in this 
FAQ (ie all translations are very rough):

Aijodo/AJD: "Love feeling Level" The variable that measures a character's 
romantic feelings toward another character. Determines pairings of opposite-sex 
characters in endings.

Kanjodo/KJD: "Emotional Level" The variables that store each character's 
attitude toward the others in his/her party.  Encompasses Aijodo and Yujodo.

Kobutsu: "Liked thing referring to food/drink" Favorite Food/Drink

Jukurendo: "Practice Level" The individual level of each spell/Hissatsuwaza.

SP: Skill Points.

Zokusei: The type of attack/defense an item/equipment/spell has, ie Fire, Water, 
Earth, Electricity, etc.

Hissatsuwaza: "Certain Kill Technique, lit."  Refers to a special technique in a 
specific fighting style.  "Moves" in fighting games are examples of 
Hissatsuwaza. These are the fighter-character's equivalent of "spells" in this 
game. "Waza" (technique) for short.

Monshojutsu: "Crest/Rune Skill."  This is the equivalent of magic in the Star 
Ocean world. "Monshotsukai" means "Crest User."

Yujodo/YJD: "Camaraderie Level" The variable that determines how good a friend 
one character is with another.  Determines pairings of same-sex characters in 

-----------------------------GAME SYSTEM----------------------------


In all of the following:
O=O button
X=X button
S=Square Button
T=Triangle Button

On the overworld/In towns
X=Run (The analog controller alone also can be used to run)
S=Start Private action in overworld, Pickpocket when in towns.
T=Open Camp screen
L1/R1=Rotate screen Counterclockwise or Clockwise (overworld only)
Start=Open/Close/Zoom Map Window

On the status Screen:
S=Open special panels, such as Item statistic panels, turn spells/battle skills 
T=Open special menus, such as Item Manipulation menus
L1/R1=Scroll up/down in item/skill/technique lists
L2/R2=Scroll through character list

In battle
X=Cancel Targeting/Change characters
S=Move character when combined with control pad, or change views (depends on 
movement settings)
T=Open Ring Command menu
L1/R1=Target/Use Hissatsuwaza 1/2
L2=Change characters to next character on roster
R2=Switch character from auto/manual control
Select=Taunt enemy (with the Chohatsu skill)


When you first start the game, you're given several options as to what type of 
game system you are using:

Surround/Stereo/Monaural: Set sound to the respective setting

Vibration Settings
On/Off: Choose whether or not to enable Analog controller vibration

Character Choice:
Choose whether you want to play the game as Crawd or Rena. Once you start the 
game, you can't change this option (obviously)

Battle Mode:
Targeting Mode is set to Manual, Camera Work is set to Normal, Movement mode is 
set to S+control key.
Targeting Mode is set to Semi-Auto, Camera Work is set to Leader Focus, and 
Movement Mode is set to S+control Key
Targeting Mode is set to Full-Auto, Camera Work is set to Leader Focus, and 
Movement Mode is set to Control Key Only.
For descriptions of Targeting Mode, Camera Work, and Movement Mode, please see 
the "settings" section of this FAQ.

Battle Rank:
This is the "normal" setting of the game. Battles are at their "standard" level 
for the game. This the setting that is automatically used for your first game.
On "Galaxy," the enemies you fight get a big boost to their HP and attack power 
levels, making the game significantly harder than Earth Level.
In "Universe" mode, the enemies not only get more of a HP and attack power boost 
than they do in Galaxy Mode, but their defense level also increases and the AI 
becomes a lot smarter. Needless to say, Universe mode is incredibly difficult so 
be prepared!
Note: "Battle Rank" is a secret option in the game. You need to meet the right 
requirements before you're allowed to change this mode. Check out the "Secrets" 
section of the FAQ for detailed information about this. Also, once you decide 
your Battle Rank at the beginning of the game, you can't change it.

Also, by selecting the "Rejisuto" option on the Camp screen, you can change 
various other variables:

Message Speed:
Changes the speed of the messages in dialogue boxes. 1 is fastest, and 8 is 

Sound Output:
Set to Surround, Stereo, or Monoaural.

Window Color:
Alter the color of the window in each of the four corners.

Targeting Mode:
Auto: Pressing the O, L1, or R1 buttons targets and attacks the closest enemy to 
you automatically.
Semi-Auto: Pressing the O, L1, or R1 buttons opens a targeting cursor. The 
cursor automatically opens on the enemy closest to the character you're 
controlling. Pressing the O, L1, or R1 buttons again selects the enemy to 
Manual: Essentially the same as Semi-Auto, except that rather than the cursor 
automatically opening on the enemy closest to you, the cursor automatically 
opens on the last enemy you targeted.

Camera Work:
Normal: The camera in battle zooms out to a level where all the characters and 
enemies can be included onscreen.
Leader Focus: The camera in battle focuses on the character currently being 
controlled by the player.

Combat Movement Mode:
S+Control Pad: When holding down the S button in battle, the controller will 
move your character around the battlefield.
Control Pad Alone: The control pad by itself will move your character on the 

Button Config:
Customize the buttons on your controller

Turn on/off controller vibrations.


Name: Self-explanatory.
Race: Your character's race.
HP: Your current and maximum Hit Points.
MP: Your current and maximum Mental Points.
LV: Your character's current level.
EXP: Your current experience.
NEXT: The amount of experience you need to make your next level up.
STR: Strength.  Affects your Kogeki rating.
CON: Constitution. Affects your Bogyo rating.
DEX: Dexterity. Affects your Meichuritsu rating.
AGL: Agility.  Affects your Kaihi rating.
INT: Intelligence.  Affects your Maryoku value.
LUC: Luck. High luck raises both your Hit Accuracy and Agility rating, and has 
other related effects on the game such as Item Creation success rate, etc.
STM: Stamina. This is a measure of your character's lasting power in a fight.  
At the start of a fight you start with this base level.  As you attack, cast 
spells, or use Hissatsuwaza, your Stamina will drop, and as you just sit still 
and do nothing it will heal.  After the fight is over, your character will 
"catch his breath" and if any Stamina is left over your HP and MP will heal a 
little, depending on how much is left. If no Stamina is left, you won't 
regenerate any HP or MP.
GUTS: Guts is a measure of your character's spirit and determination.  It 
affects your character in several different ways. In the middle of battle it can 
give your character an adrenaline rush and increase his/her attack + defense 
levels. Also, it sometimes will allow you to survive what would be fatal 
attacks, leaving you with 1 HP instead of killing you outright.

Kogeki: Attack. This is your current attack power, and is a combination of your 
weapon power and STR value.
Bogyo: Defense. This is your current defense power, and is a combination of your 
armor's power and your CON value.
Meichuritsu: Accuracy. This measures your ability to break the enemy's defenses 
and inflict damage on the enemy when you attack. Its base ability is the same as 
your DEX value.
Kaihi: Evasion. This is your ability to block attacks outright. Its value is 
determined by what shield you are using and your AGL value.

Weapon: Your weapon.
Armor: Your body Armor
Shield: Your Shield
Helmet: Your head armor
Greaves: Your Leg Armor
Accessory 1: One of your current Accessories
Accessory 2: Your other current Accessory.
Kobutsu: Liked Thing, lit. Your character's favorite food/drink.  When a 
character eats or drinks his or her Kobutsu, their HP and MP are filled up very 
high, and with the right skills learned, can heal a character to max.  Until you 
have a character taste their Kobutsu, this value isn't shown.

Pressing S on the Status screen pulls up the list of your character's current 
Zokusei. (type of damage) The first line is the type of Zokusei your attack is 
charged with, and the second line is the type of defense you have against each 
type of Zokusei. For attacks, Zokusei are either off or on; if they are on, the 
respective icon is highlighted; if they are off, they are greyed out. For 
Defense values, they are either assigned a plus or a minus. A plus value means 
that you are strong to a specific Zokusei, and a minus means you are weak to it.  
If you are strong to a specific Zokusei, attacks of that type will either be 
absorbed, be ineffective, or have their damage reduced, depending on the 
strength of the attack and the number of pieces of equipment you are wearing 
with that attribute.

The 10 Zokusei are, from left to right:
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Star, Fu (Negative Energy), Light, Dark, Mu 

Pressing T on the Status screen will pull up your character's Talents.  To learn 
more about Talents, look at the Tokugi section of this FAQ.


Star Ocean 2nd's battle system is in true real-time; all the characters and all 
the monsters attack at the same time. Also, in order to attack the enemies, you 
have to run up to them first; selecting an enemy alone won't execute an 
immediate attack. You control one character at a time, and the other characters 
in your party in battle are controlled by the computer AI. You can change the 
way they fight or switch characters any time though. The battle system is 
basicially the same as that of the first Star Ocean, with several important 
differences.  First and foremost, the battlefield in Star Ocean was on a plane; 
there was no "sky," only an up, down, left, and right. Star Ocean 2nd's 
battlefield differs in that it is fought in 3 dimensions.  You have to jump 
first to attack flying enemies, and some enemies can fly high enough that not 
even a jump attack will reach them.  Another effect this has is the ability to 
stand on top of things like rocks, stumps, or even other characters/enemies. A 
second difference is that the battlefield in SO2nd is much larger than SO1's 
was, and has various obstacles you need to look out for. These can be things 
like huge boulders that can roll over you, falling pillars, etc.

There are two types of characters in Star Ocean 2nd; fighter characters and 
Monshotsukai characters. Crawd, Bowman, Dias, Precis, Ashton, Opera, Ernest, and 
Chisato are fighter characters, and Rena, Celine, Leon, and Noel are 
Monshotsukai characters. Fighter characters use hissatsuwaza, (or waza for 
short, same general meaning) special techniques which generally utilize that 
character's weapon. You can assign hissatsuwaza to the L1 and R1 buttons on the 
options screen, and by pressing one of these buttons instead of the O button 
will use the respective waza.  Note that waza will use up your MP.  Monshotsukai 
characters can't use hissatsuwaza; instead, they cast spells. Spells can't be 
used by the L1/R1 buttons; you can access them through the Ring Command menu.
For those who have played the first Star Ocean, there are a couple of major 
differences in hissatsuwaza system, and a few minor additions to the magic 
system. To start with, there are no "long range" or "short range" hissatsuwaza 
any more; instead, waza will differ depending on the range of the character 
using it to his/her target. For example, Crawd's "Ryuseisho" is a bolt of energy 
shot through the air at Long range, and a flurry of punches at Short range. The 
range to your target is shown at the bottom-left portion of the screen. Also, 
the skill "Link Combo" is gone, and is changed to an item. When you are 
equipping a Link Combo, you can "steal" another party member's Hissatsuwaza 
ability by pressing T on the waza setting screen. Once a character steals 
another's waza ability, they can do two waza in succession. (no more 3-or 4-waza 
long chain combos) Note that you can "steal" a magic user's waza ability with no 
detrimental side effects, since they can't use hissatsuwaza in the first place. 
And finally, there are no Ougi waza in SO2nd. :( Instead, waza have a 
"Jukurendo," or mastery level; every time you use a waza its jukurendo increases 
by one; with a high enough jukurendo level waza will become more and more 
powerful, and their graphics may change as well.
The changes to the magic system are less major. The first change is that there 
is a lag time after casting a spell. Once you cast a spell, you won't be able to 
cast another spell for a few seconds; a bar appears on top of a character who 
just cast a spell and starts draining, and when the bar is empty that character 
can cast another spell. The other main difference is with spell absorption and 
cancelling. If two characters (enemy or ally) cast a spell with the same (or 
opposing) zokusei at the same time, the two spells will influence each other. If 
the spells are the same zokusei, they will absorb each other and inflict double 
damage on their target. (Note that this can cut both ways; if, for example, your 
character and an enemy cast a spell at the same time, it could end up doing 
double damage on everybody, both you and the enemy) If the spells are of 
opposing zokusei (e.g fire and water, light and dark) then they will cancel each 
other out and have no effect.

There are four different types of status ailments, the same as the first Star 
Doku (Poison): Your HP reduces a bit every few steps, and every few seconds in 
Mahi (Paralysis): You are frozen in place and cannot move or attack. Paralyzed 
characters can't be injured, but they also do not receive EXP after battles.
Sekika (Petrified): You are turned to stone, and cannot move or do anything 
else. Petrified characters do not receive EXP after battles.
Sentou Funou (Incapacitated): Your HP have been reduced to 0, and you are 
unconscious, incapable of doing anything.  Obviously, Incapacitated characters 
don't get EXP after battles.

There are 13 different battle formations in Star Ocean 2nd:

Linear Motion    Square Shift 1    Tri-Shift 1      Tri-Shift 2
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                          2 4               3             3  
                                           1 4           1   4
                          1 3               2             2
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------

 Free Fight       Upper Guard      Under Guard     Square Shift 2
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                          3 4                               2 4
      2    4              2                              
      1    3                               2           
                                           1 4              1 3
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------

Astral Shift      Escape Shift    Assault Shift    UpperハCaution
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------
                                                            2 4
          4                                                   3
            	                        3                 1
        1 3                             1 4                
                          1 3            2   
                          2 4               
-------------    -------------    -------------    -------------

Under Caution 

         2 4

Due to the much larger battle field, battle formation is much more important in 
SO2nd than it was in SO; running to another character on the opposite side of 
the field will take a lot more time. Here are a couple of general strategies for 
each of the formations:

This is a really all-purpose formation. My only reccomendation is to put your 
spellcasters in position 2 or 3, since they are easiest to protect that way.
This is another good all-purpose formation; put two spellcasters in positions 
3&4, and two fighters in 1&2.
This is a good formation for 3 fighters in positions 1-3 and 1 spellcaster in 
position 4. If your fighters are especially strong (or your spellcaster 
especially weak) use Tri-Shift 2.
This is essentially the same as Square Shift, except it should be used by 
stronger parties, as you will be closer to the enemies and there's more space 
between characters so it's easy to get separated from characters that may need 
These are good formations to use when you especially want to protect character 
4. Which you'll want to use will depend on the locations of the monsters that 
appear in random fights in whatever area you're in.
I don't like this shift  much because it puts way too much distance between your 
characters, so if you're fighting tough enemies it's easy for them to split your 
party up and slaughter them. On the other hand, if you want to lure enemies 
between you and then hit them from all sides, this shift can be effective.
This is a good formation for 3 spellcasters and 1 fighter, or when you really 
want to protect a single, much weaker character. (character 3)
Like the name says, this shift is especially good in areas with much stronger 
enemies where you'll be running from battle a lot, like the bonus dungeon. 
This is the best formation for a really powerful party; it puts you really up 
close to the enemy, bunched together for optimum offense. Any spellcasters in 
this formation could be a bit too close to the enemy for their own good though.
These are good defensive plans; character 1 is in a good position to 
scout/skirmish with the enemy, and all other characters are in optimum position 
to flee if necessary. Character 4 is also extremely well-protected.


You can control one character at a time during battle normally.  While the other 
characters in the party will be controlled by AI, you can control the general 
strategy that the computer will take when controlling each of your other 
characters by assigning specific tactics to each character, either on the Camp 
screen or in battle through the ring menu.  There are three different sets of 
battle tactics:

1) Fighter Tactics
These are used by the following characters: Crawd, Bowman, Dias, Precis, Ashton, 
Opera, Ernest, and Chisato.

a) Zenryoku de Teki o Kogeki se yo! (Attack the enemies at full power!)
   Pay no attention to saving MP, using Hissatsuwaza and running out to fight 
the enemies.
b) Mikata o Mamore! (Protect your allies!)
   Don't run out to fight the enemies; instead, fight nearby the other 
characters and wait for the enemies to come to you.
c) Hissatsuwaza o Onzon se yo! (Save your hissatsuwaza!)
   Try to keep from using Hissatsuwaza as much as possible and save MP.
d) Bunsan Shite Kogeki se yo! (Disperse and attack!)
   Focus attacks on monsters that other characters are not currently attacking.
e)Teki kara Hanare yo! (Stay away from the enemies!)
   Just like it says; run away from the enemies as much as possible
f) Nani mo Suru na! (Don't do anything!)
   Don't do anything, just sit there.

2) Rena's Tactics
As the only healing-centered character, Rena has her own set of battle tactics.

a) Nakama no Kaifuku o Sennen se yo! (Focus entirely on healing your allies!)
   Cast healing spells before anything else; cast healing spells whenever an 
ally is hurt.
b) Mikata o Hojo se yo! (Support your allies!)
   Cast assistance and attack spells to backup your allies; heal only when 
c) Kaifuko o Hozon shi, Hojo wa suru na! (Hold back on the healing and don't 
   Cast healing spells only when necessary; don't cast support or attack spells 
at all to save MP.
d) Jumon wa Tonaeru na! (Don't cast any spells!)
   Don't cast any spells and fight with your fists; much like "Mikata o Mamore" 
e) Mizukara no Nikutai de Kogeki se yo!  (Fight with your own body!)
   Run out to fight the enemies with your weapon directly; don't cast spells.
f) Nani mo suru na! (Don't do anything)
   Stand still, not doing anything, attacking, moving, or casting spells.

3) Monshotsukai Tactics
These are the battle tactics of the other spellcasters in your party: IOW 
Celine, Leon, and Noel.

a) Seishinryoku no Tsuzuku Kagiri Kogeki se yo! (Attack as long as your mental 
power holds out!)
   Continuously cast spells, paying no attention to MP loss.
b) Seishinryoku o Onzon Shite Tatakae! (Fight while saving your mental power!)
   Cast spells occasionally, but be careful not to use up all your MP.
c) Hanareta Teki o Kogeki se yo! (Attack enemies far away!)
   Target enemies far away from yourself (IOW the caster) first when casting 
spells. Usually used to attack enemy spellcasters in the back row.
d) Monshojutsu o Tsukau na! (Don't use Monshojutsu!)
   Don't cast any spells at all.
e) Mizukara no Nikutai de Kogeki se yo!  (Fight with your own body!)
   Same as Rena's battle tactic of the same name; fight with your weapon instead 
of spells.
f) Nani mo suru na! (Don't do anything)
   Stand still, not doing anything.


In Star Ocean, there was a special value that each character had that indicated 
that character's attitude toward the other party members. Now this value has an 
official name, Kanjodo, or "emotional points." (KJD from here on) It's a hidden 
variable; there's no option screen or anything within the game where you can 
actually view these levels. While the instruction manual mentions this, what it 
doesn't mention is that in SO2nd, there are actually *two* Kanjodo variables; 
"Aijodo" (love points--AJD) and "Yujodo." (friendship points--YJD) Each variable 
has an impact for each character, but the general rule is:

For two characters of the same gender, Yujodo is the KJD of "primary" 
importance, and AJD is of secondary importance. For two characters of opposite 
genders, it's the other way around; AJD is of primary importance, and YJD are 

The primary way to manipulate KJD levels is through "Private Actions." If you've 
played the first Star Ocean, you already know what Private Actions are so you 
may want to skip this part, but here is how Private Actions work:

When you're standing outside of a town on the map, often you'll see a little 
arrow in the upper-right hand corner of the screen that says "Private Action." 
If you press the S button at this time, your party will split up and each person 
will go off his or her own way and explore the town; at this point your hero 
(either Crawd or Rena, depending on whose scenario you chose) gets to wander 
around the town by his/herself. While in the town you can find your other party 
members, and watch events between those party members and the hero and/or with 
another character.  There are also some Private Actions that will occur between 
the hero and a third party as well. These Private Actions are totally optional, 
but their content can affect the game very heavily.  Usually this is by altering 
the KJD levels between characters, but their effects can range from finding new 
characters to join the party to getting a new hissatsuwaza to making the last 
boss more powerful. There are also some secret Private Actions that are very 
difficult to see or require specific conditions to occur.

Aside from Private Actions, there are other ways to affect KJD levels. The first 
is to have characters fight in battle together. This is extremely slow; you'll 
have to fight hundreds of battles together before you see any marked improvement 
in KJD levels, but there are several "special" boss fights that will 
automatically increase KJD levels for all characters participating.  A third and 
final way to influence KJD levels is through use of items. There are some items 
that are specifically designed to "increase"  KJD levels like the books you make 
through Shuppan and the Twins Tonic.  These items will set a character's KJD 
level to 8. (whether AJD or YJD depends on the item) So if that character's KJD 
level was above 8, using these items will actually DECREASE their levels, so be 

Unfortunately, there is no way to look at individual KJD levels in any concrete 
way.  The best way to observe KJD levels is through battle.  The computer AI 
will tend to favor characters that they have high KJD levels for.  Spellcasters 
that can heal or cast support spells will generally cast those spells on 
characters they like first.  Fighter characters will stick close to the 
characters they like, and will step in front of these characters and take hits 
for them occasionally.  Also, when a character dies in battle, characters with 
high KJD levels toward them will turn red and get angry, and start doing double 
damage in their attacks. Similarly, you can judge KJD levels by listening to 
what other characters say when other characters get killed. For example, if 
Crawd gets killed in battle, Rena will say one thing if her KJD toward him is 
below a certain level, and if it is above that level, will say something 
Also, much later in the game, you will come across a fortune teller who will 
judge how compatible you (the hero) are with the other characters in your party 
of the opposite gender. IOW if you are playing Crawd, the fortune teller will 
evaluate your chances with all the female characters, and if you're playing Rena 
she'll do the same with all the male characters.  What the fortune teller says 
though is kind of cryptic so you can't tell for sure what the KJD levels are, 
just whether or not they're good or bad in general.  In addition, what the 
fortune teller says is based on both the hero's KJD levels toward the target 
character and the target character's KJD levels toward the hero, so it makes it 
even tougher to evaluate. But it's better than nothing. :)

The following is a chart  of the starting Kanjodo levels in the game. The first 
number in each box represents the YJD, and the second box indicates the AJD. So, 
as an example, 
Precis has a starting YJD value of 7 and AJD value of 6 for Crawd.
CRAWD  |---|5-6|5-5|5-4|6-5|5-5|5-5|5-5|6-4|5-4|5-5|5-5|
RENA   |6-5|---|5-5|5-5|6-5|5-4|5-5|5-5|7-6|5-5|5-5|5-5|
CELINE |5-5|5-5|---|5-4|5-5|4-3|5-5|5-7|4-3|5-4|5-5|5-5|
ASHTON |4-4|5-4|4-4|---|---|5-7|5-5|---|5-4|5-5|5-5|5-5|
OPERA  |6-5|4-4|5-4|---|---|5-4|5-4|7-8|5-4|5-5|5-4|5-5|
PRECIS |7-6|7-6|6-5|5-5|5-5|---|---|5-5|5-5|6-5|6-5|5-5|
BOWMAN |5-5|7-5|6-5|5-5|6-5|---|---|5-5|5-5|5-5|6-5|6-5|
ERNEST |6-5|5-5|5-6|---|5-7|5-5|5-5|---|5-5|5-5|6-5|5-5|
DIAS   |5-5|7-5|4-4|4-4|4-4|4-4|4-4|4-4|---|---|4-4|4-4|
LEON   |6-5|5-5|5-5|5-4|5-4|6-5|5-5|4-4|---|---|6-5|5-5|
NOEL   |5-5|5-5|5-5|5-5|5-5|5-5|5-5|6-5|5-5|6-6|---|6-5|


There are 86 different endings in Star Ocean 2nd, the content of which are 
totally dependant upon KJD levels. Basically, any characters with high KJD 
levels toward each other will "pair up" and you'll se an ending with the two 
together. Basically how the game decides endings is:

For same-gender characters: Who pairs up with whom is determined by Yujodo (YJD) 
and the content of the ending is determined by Aijodo. (AJD)

For opposite-gender characters: Who pairs up with whom is determined by Aijodo 
(AJD) and the content of the ending is determined by Yujodo. (YJD)

Here's basically how it works:
Aijodo and Yujodo both have values ranging from 1 to some number (don't know the 
exact value, but I think it stays in the double digits) Characters with the 
highest values get paired.

So let's take the following example, that:

Crawd's YJD/AJD are:
For Ashton: 12/15 and For Rena 9/14

In this case, (assuming that Ashton/Rena's KJD toward Crawd are similar levels) 
Crawd would be paired with Rena, because his AJD for her is 14, and his YJD for 
Ashton are only 12.

In the case of a tie, the game has lists within it preprogrammed to make some 
characters ranked higher than others; in this case, the ranking will take 
precedence to decide which character gets paired with whom. I'm working on 
compiling a list of these lists, but it's tough to figure out unless you get 
everyone's KJD for everyone else at the same level, then sabotage their levels 
by using Shuppan books. :)


Crawd J. Kenny
Age: 19
Race: Human
Birthday: January 23rd
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Likes: All types of food, Computer Games
Dislikes: Job as a Federation Officer, All kinds of studying.
Good At: Being late, Slacking, Martial Arts
His "type.": Someone Active, Cheerful, Energetic
Kobutsu: Steak (Nikurui)
Best Instrument: Trumpet

Starting stats:
Level 1
HP: 130, MP: 20
STR: 10, CON: 5, DEX: 10, AGL: 10, INT: 0, LUC: 132, STM: 15, GUTS: 20
Starting Skills: Kagaku Gijutsu LV 1, Kinobi LV 1
Limitations in becoming a party member: Crawd must be in the party in every 

Story: Crawd is the son of Ronixis J. Kenny, (one of the heroes of the first 
Star Ocean) and a new recruit to the Interplanetary Space Federation, serving on 
his father's ship, Kalnas. On a mission exploring a barren planet, he was sucked 
into a strange machine and teleported to Expel.  While trying to hide the fact 
that he is an alien, Crawd investigates the mysterious "Sorcery Globe" in hopes 
of finding a way to return home. In general, 
Personality: Crawd is a "nice guy" and gets along with most other characters 
pretty well. However, he is quick to rush into misunderstanding and if he thinks 
someone has wronged him can get very nasty. He respects his father but also 
hates having to live in the shadow of a great hero. (and having people treat him 
differently because of his father) Crawd has somewhat of a lack of confidence in 
his own ability, which in part leads to his both admiring and being jealous of 
Dias' skills at the same time; in this way he becomes his rival and is 
constantly trying to compete with him.  
Fighting Style: In battle, Crawd's primary weapon is a longsword, though the 
style that he uses is a mixture of barehanded martial arts and sword techniques.

Good points about Crawd:
Is overall the most powerful fighter in the game; has the best hissatsuwaza, a 
fast normal attack, and can  usethe most useful weapon in the game, the Eternal 
Has the overall most well-rounded stats in the game.

Bad points about Crawd:
Needs more Jukurendo to power up his Hissatsuwaza than any other character in 
the game.

Rena Lanford
Age: 17
Race: Expel
Birthday: May 13
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Good at: Cooking, Healing, Gymnastics, Bare-handed Martial arts
Likes: The "Shingo no Mori" (Forest of Holy Protection), cute things
Her "type": Someone fun to be with, someone that can keep his cool
Kobutsu: Shortcake (Tamago/Nyuseihin)
Best instrument: Lyre

Starting Stats:
Level 1
HP : 130, MP 40
STR: 5, CON: 2, DEX: 10, AGL: 8, INT: 0, LUC: 130, STM: 10, GUTS 30
Starting Skills: Hocho LV 1, Recipe LV 4, Mekiki LV 1
Limitations in becoming a party member: Rena must be in the party in every game.

Story: Rena is from the farming village of Arlia on the Cross Continent of 
Expel. Through a series of events following a misunderstanding of Crawd's 
identity, Rena ends up joining Crawd on his journey to investigate the Sorcery 
Globe. In addition to trying to discover why monsters have appeared on Expel, as 
an adopted orphan, Rena wants to find her true mother. Also she wants to find 
out why she has the power to use healing magic, a skill as of yet unseen on 
Personality: Rena is overall kind and thoughtful, always looking out for and 
worrying about her friends, though she has a short temper, and irritates easily. 
If somebody annoys her or otherwise makes her angry, she is not one to hold it 
inside and not say anything. These two traits  give her strong leadership 
qualities, and in many situations she can be the balancing force of the group.
Fighting Style: As she is skilled at martial arts, in battleRena uses her own 
fists as weapons. However, since she is primarily a magic-using character, Rena 
is not that good a fighter, though she is significantly better than the other 
three magic users. Rena primarily learns healing and assist magics, and is the 
only character that can cast Raise Dead. She also learns some attack spells as 
well; which are primarily Light-based attacks.

Good points about Rena:
The best healer in the game; you'll want her in just about every major fight, 
and most of the others as well.

Bad points about Rena: 
The fact that she's really the ONLY healer; if she gets disabled in a tough 
fight or runs out of MP, you're in trouble.
Reasonably weak in physical fights.

Celine Jules
Age: 23
Race: Expel
Birthday: September 18
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Good at: Treasure Hunting, Monshojutsu
Likes: Beautiful gems, stylish cloths, expensive makeup and perfume
Dislikes: Selfish women, effeminate men
Her "Type": Someone physically strong, reliable
Kobutsu: Kousagi Rizotto (Nikurui)
Best Instrument: Violin

Starting Stats:
Level 8
HP: 400, MP: 100
STR: 15, CON: 8, DEX: 12, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 154, STM: 14, GUTS: 45
Starting Skills: Kobutsugaku LV 1, Craft LV 1, Biteki Kankaku LV 5, Kagaku 
Gijutsu LV 2, Yoseiron LV 2
Limitations in becoming a party member: None

Story: Celine is a Monshotsukai that was raised in the small village of Mars. 
She left her hometown to travel the world, improve her magic skills, and most 
importantly, hunt for treasure.  She talks Crawd and Rena into coming with her 
to help her find treasure on a treasure map she obtains, suggesting that it 
might come in handy on their quest. Later on she decides to accompany the party 
to investigate the Sorcery Globe, as her trip doesn't have an exact destination.
Personality: Celine is proud, haughty, materialistic, and....well, shallow. On 
the other hand, she is very gregarious and has a well-hidden nice streak which 
pops up every once in a while.
Fighting Style: In terms of physical fighting capacity, Celine is the weakest 
out of all the characters. On the other hand, she is a very powerful magic-user 
and casts powerful attack spells.  Specifically, Celine specializes in fire, 
lightning, and star attack spells, with a few light, wind, and negative energy 
spells as well. She also can cast several support spells.

Good points about Celine:
Arguably the best attack magician in the game.
Excellent at Item Creations and Music.

Bad points about Celine:
Dies very easily in close-in combat; can only equip weak armor and weak weapons.
Two of her more powerful spells suffer from the Final Fantasy syndrome of taking 
way too long to finish animating.

Ashton Anchors
Age: 20
Race: Expel
Birthday: September 28
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80 kg
Good at: Sewing, Monshoken (A technique mixing swordsmanship and Monshojutsu)
Likes: Good luck charms (Since getting "grafted")
Dislikes: Oracles, Fortune Telling, anything more cursed than he already is
His "type": Someone working as a shrine tender or priestess, or anyone else pure 
and neat.
Kobutsu: Hamburger (Nikurui)
Best Instrument: Piano

Starting Stats:
Level 17
HP: 1000, MP: 120
STR: 83, CON: 32, DEX: 50, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 18, STM: 26, GUTS: 32
Starting Skills: None
Limitations in becoming a party member: Ashton cannot be in the same party as 

Story: Ashton is a travelling swordsman who wanders around looking for "heroic 
missions" to help the common folk. However, wherever he goes he is plagued by 
awful luck. At one point, he had an unfortunate run-in where two dragon-heads 
got grafted onto his back. These two dragons, named Gyoro and Ururun, are 
constantly making fun of Ashton, fighting, and generally make things difficult 
for him.  They are intelligent and can talk, though only Ashton can tell what 
they are saying.  Ashton joins the party and travels with them to try and find a 
way to detach Gyoro and Ururun.
Personality: Ashton is a nice-guy through-and-through, and always has good 
intentions, though his awful luck usually ends up fouling things up for him. He 
is somewhat shy but friendly and always looking out for others.  While he 
constantly complains about Gyoro and Ururun, he secretly cares about them a lot, 
and is only willing to take them off if they won't be hurt or killed in the 
Fighting Style: Ashton wields a pair of swords in battle and has a lot of 
"ninja-like" magical sword techniques, disappearing into thin air, splitting 
himself into multiple images, or throwing his swords like darts.  Later on he 
will gain the ability to utilize Gyoro and Ururun in battle as well.

Good points about Ashton:
A very well-balanced fighter, with a lot of useful (and very deadly) techniques. 
Probably tied with Dias as the second-most powerful fighter character in the 
Flies into battle rages when comrades are killed more than any other character 
in the game.

Bad points about Ashton:
Horrible luck; his luck will never raise any higher than the 18 points he starts 
with unless equpping special items
Some of his hissatsuwaza take too long to pull off.

Opera Vectra
Age: 23
Race: Tetragenes
Birthday: August 24
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Good at: Utilizing flying weapons/items, fixing vehicles, driving
Likes: Wine, Adventure, Shopping, Gems
Dislikes: Compromising, Macho guys
Her "Type": Smart, Cool guys (but not unless they're really passionate)
Kobutsu: Dulfol (Kudamono)
Best Instrument: Piano
Starting Stats:
Level 21
STR: 60, CON: 31, DEX: 52, AGL: 30, INT: 0, LUC: 142, STM: 21, GUTS: 60
Starting Skills: Craft LV 1, Cast LV 1, Kinobi LV 1, Kikai Sosa LV 3
Limitations in becoming a party member: Opera cannot be in the same party as 

Story: Opera is a member of nobility on a very technologically advanced planet. 
She is travelling the universe searching for the man she loves. It is this 
search that brings her to Expel, where she meets up with the party.  After 
giving her a lead as to where the man she is looking for might be, the party 
ends up chasing her, and eventually joining her.
Personality:  Opera is a very forceful and direct woman. She's a bit on the 
obsessive side, but in that respect is also very dedicated, and will always 
finish a job that she starts. In some ways she takes on a "big sister" type of 
role within the party. 
Fighting Style: Opera utilizes a really big magic-firing rifle called 
"Kaleidoscope" in battle. Kaleidoscope's power differs depending on the program 
entered into it on the Energy Pack she equips it with. Opera does not actually 
fire Kaleidoscope in battle unless attacking an airborne enemy or using a 
hissatsuwaza; for normal attacks she whacks the enemy with it. Most of her 
hissatsuwaza are various types of projectile attacks from the Kaleidoscope.

Good Points about Opera: 
Has lots of really useful hissatsuwaza, including many multi-hit waza.
Gets powerful weapons earlier in the game than any other character.

Bad points about Opera: 
Has to be a specific distance away from the enemy before firing even short-range 
Her hissatsuwaza take lots of MP to use and almost as much Jukurendo to raise as 

Precis F. Neuman
Age: 16
Race: Expel
Birthday: February 29
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Good at: Building machinery, Inventing, Upgrading, making mistakes
Likes: Handagote, Turbo Zakku, Mujin-kun (#1 & #2), Chocolate Bars
Dislikes: Reptiles, Slimy things
Her "Type": "I guess he'd have to be pretty cool. Oh, but not an idiot!"
Kobutsu: Choco-Crepe (Tamago/Nyuseihin)
Best Instrument: Harmonica

Starting Stats
Level 15
HP: 950, MP: 100
STR: 42, CON: 31, DEX: 40, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 153, STM: 26, GUTS: 32
Starting Skills: Kinobi LV 3, Kikai Chishiki LV 1, Kikai Sosa LV 1
Limitations in becoming a party member: Precis cannot be in the same party as 

Story: Precis is the daughter of an eccentric inventor in the town of Ringa. She 
is somewhat of an inventor herself, and is constantly tinkering with machinery, 
something essentially foreign to the people of Expel. For this reason, most 
people around her tend to see her as "weird" and avoid her.  Because of this, 
Precis' father asks Rena to make friends with her. This, combined with Precis' 
developing crush on Crawd, is what brings her to follow the party along in their 
Personality: Constantly full of energy and optimistic, Precis is the "mood 
maker" of the group, as she puts it.  In many ways she acts like your 
stereotypical teenager. She gets into trouble a lot and poses a large annoyance 
to many party members, but at the same time appeals to them and takes on a sort 
of "mascot" role in the group. Precis always travels with her little robot pet, 
Fighting Style: Precis attacks with a huge robotic fist attached to her 
backpack, and controls it with a controller resembling a Playstation controller. 
Most of her hissatsuwaza are also some sorts of machines she put together, or 
using Mujin-kun as some type of weapon.

Good points about Precis:
Has tons of really effective Hissatsuwaza; the most effective projectile waza of 
all characters except Opera, and a few that make her invincible while doing 

Bad points about Precis:
Can't wear much good armor so loses HP quickly
MP drains really quickly.

Bowman Jean
Age: 27
Race: Expel
Birthday: August 24
Good at: Mixing medicine, Sports
Likes: Anything that is interesting, Medicine
Dislikes: Incurable diseases, Deadly diseases
His "Type": "If I don't say my wife here things will get messy, you know?"
Kobutsu: Daikon no Misoshiru (Kokumotsu)
Best Instrument: Harmonica
Starting Stats:
Level 25
HP: 1500, MP: 170
STR: 90, CON: 50, DEX: 62, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 118, STM: 35, GUTS: 36
Starting Skills: Yakusogaku LV 5, Seibutsugaku LV 4, Seishingaku LV 2
Limitations in becoming a party member: Bowman cannot be in the same party as 

Story: Bowman is a pharmacist who runs his own medicine shop with his wife Nin 
in the town of Ringa.  He is a friend of Keith, a famous translator in the town.  
In an attempt to get access to Keith, the party asks Bowman to set up a meeting 
for them. To make sure that the party are who they claim to be, Bowman sends 
them on a quest for him, and after completing talks with them more and decide to 
come with them.
Personality: Bowman's role in the party is much of that of an "older brother." 
He's sarcastic and good-natured, and doesn't anger easily. His inquisitiveness 
is probably his defining characteristic; if there is something he is interested 
in he will investigate it fully. On the other hand, if something doesn't 
interest or displeases him, he will have nothing to do with it.
Fighting Style: Bowman is a skilled martial artist and uses his own hands and 
feet as his primary weapons.  Many of his hissatsuwaza are martial arts or 
ninja-like techniques like special punches, kicks, or ki attacks. He also uses 
his medicinal skills on the battlefield, mixing poison gas bombs and firebombs 
out of herbs and throwing them at the enemy.

Good points about Bowman:
Low MP consumption in his hissatsuwaza
Can throw Hissatsuwaza in succession faster than any other fighter character

Bad points about Bowman:
Range of normal attacks is worse than any other character in the game, magicians 
Can't equip that much powerful armor

Ernest Rvit
Age: 35
Race: Tetragenes
Birthday: August 31
Height: 190cm
Weight: 90kg
Good at: Searching ruins
Likes: Sake, Adventure, Quests
Dislikes: Things that go against what the theory says they should be, tomb 
His "Type": Smart Women
Kobutsu: Senchuyasaku (Kokumotsu)
Best Instrument: Cembalo
Starting Stats:
Level 25
STR: 100, CON: 37, DEX: 60, AGL: 50, INT: 0, LUC: 121, STM: 23, GUTS: 45
Starting Skills: Yakusogaku LV 5, Nintai LV 5, Kuchibue LV 4
Limitations in becoming a party member: Ernest can only join if Opera is already 
in the party.

Story: Ernest is a galactic archaeologist, travelling the universe in an attempt 
to dig up undiscovered ruins wherever he can find them. He travelled to Expel in 
an attempt to investigate the various ruins there. He is also the man that Opera 
is chasing after, and it is Opera who talks him into joining the party.
Personality: Ernest is really intelligent and naturally inquisitive. He is a 
"man of action" and likes to put things in action instead of just working them 
out on paper. He is always trying to figure things out that he doesn't 
know/understand, which is part of the reason why he likes exploration so much.
Fighting Style: Ernest's primary weapon in battle is a whip. He can charge it 
with various types of magical energy to launch different kinds of attacks.

Good points about Ernest:
The range of his normal attack is longer than anyone else in the game.
Uses less MP in his hissatsuwaza than anyone else in the game.

Bad points about Ernest: 
Doesn't have that many hissatsuwaza, and a lot of those he does aren't that 
His normal attack is somewhat slow.

Dias Flac
Race: Expel
Age: 25
Birthday: August 5
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Good at: Self-styled martial arts
Likes: Food, Sleep
Dislikes: Bandits
His "Type": "........." (He doesn't talk much so we couldn't find out)
Kobutsu: Chiniwatori Kushiyaki (Nikurui)
Best Intstrument: Cembalo

Starting Stats:
Level 35
STR: 175, CON: 70, DEX: 120, AGL: 20, INT: 0, LUC: 96, STM: 45, GUTS: 50
Starting Skills: None
Limitations in becoming a party member: Dias can only join the party if Rena is 
the hero.

Story: Dias is a childhood friend of Rena and is from the same village of Arlia. 
However, at some point he had a traumatic experience which caused him to leave 
Arlia and start traveling the world as a wandering swordsman, living only to 
improve his skill. He is a fantastic fighter and is famed as the best fighter on 
Expel.  He normally travels alone, accepting help from nobody, but eventually 
with Rena's persuasion joins the party.
Personality: Dias is a man who has all but totally killed his emotions. He is 
almost devoid of expression and rarely speaks at all.  When it comes to fighting 
skill he has a huge ego and considers himself better than anyone. If someone 
angers or annoys him, he is the type to completely ignore them. Dias is far and 
away the biggest "loner" of the group.
Fighting Style: Dias' fighting style resembles Crawd's in many ways in that he 
uses longswords, but he prefers Japanese-style one-bladed swords and attacks in 
an iai-jutsu style, striking and resheathing his sword very quickly. Most of his 
hissatsuwaza capitalize off this speed as well, be they slices or projectile 

Good points about Dias:
Probably the second best fighter in the game after Crawd; (about the same level 
as Ashton, perhaps slightly better) powerful, has the fastest normal attack of 
all characters, and high HP.

Bad points about Dias:
Rarely has many Talents and likewise is not very good at Item Creation
No rengeki hissatsuwaza; hits two or three times max with his techniques.

Leon G.S. Geeste
Age: 12
Race: Felpool
Birthday: November 25
Height: 135 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Kobutsu: Carrot Juice (Yasai)
Best Instrument: Violin
Likes: Hot milk after getting the job done, Othello, Chess
Dislikes: Work, his parents
His "Type": "....Uh, well..." (He's still a kid so it doesn't look like he 

Starting Stats:
Level 30
STR: 40, CON: 30, DEX: 35, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 120, STM: 23, GUTS: 10
Starting Skills: Kobutsugaku LV 3, Kagaku Gijutsu LV 4, Yoseiron LV 1
Limitations in becoming a party member: Leon can only join the party if Crawd is 
the hero.

Story: Leon is the head researcher and scientist in the country of Racool. He 
works with his parents directly for the king, working in the laboratories under 
the castle. He mainly is a magic researcher, researching how magical power can 
be harnessed and incorporated into the developing technology on Expel.  After 
going on a quest with the party, a series of events leads Leon to join the party 
on their way to the continent where the Sorcery Globe fell.
Personality: Leon is sort of halfway between being an adult and still being a 
child. Even though he is 12 he is a genius and so studies all sorts of advanced 
topics so has mentally matured, but emotionally he is still a child.  Because 
he's so smart and knows it, Leon has a really big ego and doesn't believe he can 
do anything wrong. He sort of acts as the "little brother" of the party.
Fighting Style: As he's still a child, and more importantly, a magic researcher, 
Leon is more of a Monshojutsu user, and therefore does little physical fighting.  
He specializes in Water, Darkness, and Mu type spells. He also has some support 
spells, mostly offensive rather than defensive. When he does physically attack, 
Leon uses his magical books; he opens the books and a phantom knight comes out 
from inside and attacks the enemy with a sword.

Good points about Leon:
Has more MP than any other character in the game, and even his most powerful 
spells don't take that many MP in comparison to cast.
Fantastic at item creations.

Bad points about Leon:
Has fewer spells than the other spellcasters.
Has less of a range of different types of spells than the other spellcasters.

Noel Chandler
Age: 24
Race: Ned司an
Birthday: February 2
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 74kg
Good at: Making friends with animals and fairies
Likes: Animals and Fairies
Dislikes: "....I don't think there's anything in particular...."
His "Type": Someone that likes animals and fairies
Kobutsu: O-toro (Nikurui)
Best Instrument: Shamisen

Starting Stats:
Level 40
HP: 2700, MP: 340
STR: 61, CON: 55, DEX: 50, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 87, STM: 30, GUTS: 28
Starting Skills: None
Limitations in becoming a party member: None

Story: Noel is the protector of the animals on Ned?  He lives in an isolated 
cabin where he observes and talks to the animals.  He is also a distinguished 
scholar and veterinarian, has published many books and articles on nature and 
animal behavior.  When the party comes to him to find a wild Sainard, he joins 
the party to escort them the cave where it lives.
Personality: While Noel is always smiling, it's hard to tell what he's really 
thinking. He puts forth all his effort to helping others, but he's kind of 
insensitive and not very socially adept.  He hates fighting and killing and 
tries to avoid violence of any sort.
Fighting Style: Noel is physically weak, so he relies mostly on his magic in 
battle. Noel is a combination healer/combat magician.  His attack spells are 
primarily Wind and Earth spells, though he has a few Fu spells as well. He can 
cast healing spells as well, but not as many as Rena can.  When forced to fight 
physically, Noel uses his fists.

Good points about Noel:
Is the only character besides Rena that can heal wounds or status ailments.
Can equip better armor than the other spellcasting characters.

Bad points about Noel:
He can heal, cast attack magic, or fight physically, but he's not good at any of 
them; overall he's not all that useful in battle.

Chisato Madison
Age: 22
Race: Nedian
Birthday: October 22
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Good at: Searching out and gathering information, Collecting data
Likes: The truth
Dislikes: People that write like they know what they're talking about without 
checking it out first
Her "type": Someone that doesn't lie, someone that doesn't try to deceive others
Kobutsu: Fruit Sandwich
Best Instrument: Organ

Starting Stats:
Level 40
STR: 164, CON: 60, DEX: 150, AGL: 50, INT: 0, LUC: 119, STM: 32, GUTS: 42
Starting Skills: Copy LV 4
Limitations in becoming a party member: None

Story: Chisato is a hotshot reporter who picks up on the story of the party's 
heroics and follows them all over the place to get the story on them.  After 
having her chase the party all over the place, the party asks her to join them, 
as it will slow them down less and will give her a better angle to get the story 
as well.
Personality: The first and foremost thought on Chisato's mind is her job and 
"getting the story."  However, she not only wants to record the facts, but wants 
to help "the good guys" succeed as well. Sometimes her obsession with her work 
distances her from the rest of the party, but her energy provides the party with 
"emotional backup."
Fighting Style: While Chisato's "official" weapon is stun guns or handguns, she 
never actually uses them except in hissatsuwaza or aerial attacks; mostly she 
just kicks the enemy.  Many of her hissatsuwaza are also martial-arts type 
attacks. She also uses her cellular phone to call various machines and weapons 
via remote control.

Good points about Chisato:
Has more rengeki waza that hit the enemy a large number of times than any other 
character in the game.

Bad points about Chisato:
Has fewer hissatsuwaza than the other fighter characters.
Is less powerful in terms of strength than the other fighter characters.

------------------------SPELLS AND HISSATSUWAZA---------------------

Here is a list of all the Hissatsuwaza and spells for each of the characters. 
Note the "final change" level: once the waza reaches this level there will be no 
more further visible changes. However, note that all waza get more powerful in 
terms of damage dealt/effect increased regardless of "max" levels.

--Crawd's Hissatsuwaza--

Phase Gun
Level 1
MP: 0
Final Change: N/A
Crawd uses the Phase Gun Ronixis gave him to shoot his target. It's mistaken by 
the people of Expel as the "sword of Light."

Level 3
MP: 4
Final Change: 200
At close range, the Kuhazan is like the Shoretsuha of Star Ocean 1 and creates 
a shockwave around Crawd to damage his enemies. At a long range, Crawd fires an 
energy blast along the ground toward his enemy. At a higher level the shockwave 
of this technique turns gold and goes higher.

Level 7
MP: 7
Final Change: 300
At close range, the Ryuseisho is a flurry of punches. At long range, Crawd fires 
an energy bolt from the palm of his hand at his opponent. At a higher level the 
number and speed of punches increases, and the energy bolt and punches turn 

Level 12
MP: 9
Final Change: 260
Crawd leaps through the air and lands sword-down on his opponent's head.  At a 
higher level Crawd will spin and land blade-down on his opponent rather than 

Level 20
MP: 11
Final Change: 200
Crawd gathers his ki and uses it to heal himself. At a more powerful level the 
energy field he creates around himself expands out.

Burst Knuckle
Level 28
MP: 12
Final Change: 100
Crawd creates a burning aura around his fist and punches the enemy. At a long 
range Crawd will throw the flame at his enemy.

Level 38
MP 17
Final Change: 270
Crawd slams his sword into the ground and causes blades of stone to slice up 
around him and impale the enemy. At higher levels, the range of the spikes 
spreads out.

Level 45
MP 15
Final Change: 160
Crawd jumps toward his enemy and does a double slice with his sword. Once 
powered up, Crawd will execute four slices with his sword instead of two.

Level 53
MP 28
Final Change: 500
Lifting his hand above his head, Crawd creates a phantom dragon which breathes a 
blast of energy down at the enemy. At higher levels the number of energy bolts 
that the dragon breathes increases.

Sword Bomber
Level 62
MP 32
Final Change: 420
Crawd jumps up high into the air and fires several fireballs from his sword down 
at the enemy. The higher this hissatsuwaza is built, the more fireballs Crawd 
will fire.

Level 70
MP 38
Final Change: 460
Crawd's most powerful technique, the Kyomensetsu is a flurry of powerful sword 
slices, which will hit the target many times. Once this hissatsuwaza is powered 
up, Crawd will slice several more times than usual.

--Ashton's Hissatsuwaza--

Twin Stab
Level N/A
MP 4
Final Change: 100
Ashton does a stab with each of his two swords to impale his enemy.

Cross Slash
Level N/A
MP 8
Final Change: 100
Using his swords, Ashton jumps toward the enemy and does a vertical slash, and 
follows up with a charge forward to slash with his two swords horizontally.

Leaf Slash
Level N/A
MP 19
Final Change: 200
Ashton disappears ninja-style, creating a whirlwind, and slashes his target in 
an explosion of leaves flying everywhere. At a powered-up level Ashton will 
slash three times instead of twice.

Northern Cross
Level 18
MP 9
Final Change: 200
Ashton does a quick vertical then horizontal slash, then creates a huge cross of 
ice hovering in the air in front of him. Then he stabs his swords forward and 
fires a bolt of ice toward his target.

Piercing Swords
Level 22
MP 12
Final Change: 130
Ashton jabs two swords into the ground and throws two more at the enemy. (How 
many is he carrying?) As the waza gets more powerful, Ashton will throw more 
swords at the enemy.

Hurricane Slash
Level 45
MP 16
Final Change: 200
At a close range, Ashton slashes while spinning around, creating a whirlwind 
which catches the enemy and does damage. At a further range, Ashton jumps 
forward slashing downward, and when he hits the ground, creates a whirlwind 
projectile which shoots toward his enemy.

Dead Triangle
Level 53
MP 19
Final Change: N/A
Ashton splits himself into three images, which surround his enemy. The three 
images stab their swords into the ground, creating a triangular forcefield. Then 
the entire area encompassed inside the forcefield explodes, doing damage to the 
enemy, and freezing it in place.

Dragon Breath
Level 64
MP 28
Final Change: 140
Gyoro or Ururun breath fire or ice respectively at Ashton's target to hit 
multiple times for lots of damage. Once this technique is powered up, both Gyoro 
and Ururun will breathe dragon breath at the enemy.

Sword Dance
Level 70
MP 32
Final Change: 400
Ashton's answer to Crawd's Kyomensetsu, Ashton throughs a flurry of sword 
strikes with his two swords, hitting the enemy multiple times for lots of 
damage. The higher this waza is built, the more times Ashton slashes.

[Treasure hissatsuwaza]
MP 45
Final Change: 140
Ashton puts both of his swords together melding them into a single sword; then 
Gyoro and Ururun fuse into this new sword, and Ashton swings it, creating a huge 
blast of energy that hits all enemies on the screen.

--Precis' Hissatsuwaza--

Rocket Punch
Level N/A
MP 4
Final Change: 120
Precis fires a huge mecha punch at her enemy from her backpack, lanching it like 
a missile.

Hop Step
Level N/A
MP 5
Final Change: 140
Precis jumps high in the air and lands down on the enemy's head, hitting them 
with a large hammer.

Level 17
MP 7
Final Change: 100
Precis converts Mujin-kun into a drill machine, gets in, and burrows under the 
ground toward her target. Then she surfaces, doing damage to her enemy with the 

Ei! Yaa!
Level 25
MP 8
Final Change: 220
With this hissatsuwaza, Precis throws Mujin-kun at her enemy. When this waza is 
powered up, Precis will kick a second Mujin-kun at her enemy as well.

Barabara Beam
Level 38
MP 12
Final Change: 240
Precis pulls an antenna out of her backpack and fires several beams from it at 
her enemy. The more this waza is powered, the more the number of beams that are 

Pokapoka Attack
Level 49
MP 15
Final Change: 510
Precis smashes her enemy twice with a double hammer-strike. The higher this waza 
is built, the more times Precis swings her hammers.

Bloody Mary
Level 57
MP 32
Final Change: 360
With this hissatsuwaza, Precis expands Mujin-kun to a huge size, gets in the 
cockpit, and charges her enemy with Mujin-kun's drill, hitting multiple times 
for lots of damage.

Mujin-kun Super Beam
[Machinery Hissatsuwaza--Use High Mecha Launcher]
MP 24
Final Change: 120
Mujin-kun grows to a very large size and fires a huge beam at Precis' target. To 
get this hissatsuwaza, Precis must create it through the Machinery skill.

[Machinery Hissatsuwaza--Use Plasma Biribiribo]
MP 28
Final Change: 200
With this attack, Precis throws Mujin-kun at her enemy in an arc, and when he 
hits the ground creates a large explosion. Once this hissatsuwaza is powered up 
Precis will throw a second Mujin-kun at the enemy. This hissatsuwaza must be 
created through the Machinery skill.

[Private action Hissatsuwaza]
Final Change: 130
Mimicing Ashton's Sword Dance, Precis creates a holograph of a Mujin-kun that 
looks like Ashton, who slices the enemy several times. This hissatsuwaza can 
only be received through a special Private Action.

--Bowman's Hissatsuwaza--

Level N/A
MP 4
Final Change: 200
Bowman fires a ki blast at his enemy from his fist. At higher waza levels, he 
will fire a second and third blast as well.

Level N/A
MP 5
Final Change: 250
Bowman throws makeshift poison-bombs he mixed at the enemy to do damage and 
sometimes poison them.

Level N/A
MP 6
Final Change: 380
At a short range, Bowman will jump into the air, flip over and land on top of 
the enemy spinning to do damage. At a long range, Bowman will disappear into his 
shadow and reappear on top of the enemy, landing on it to do damage.

Level N/A
MP 10
Final Change: 400
Bowman creates several fireballs and throws them at his enemy. At a higher waza 
level, Bowman will throw a second set of fireballs.

Level 28
MP 8
Final Change: N/A
Bowman throws a specially mixed medicine pill in the air and catches it in his 
mouth to heal himself.

Level 35
MP 13
Final Change: 100
Bowman spits into two images on opposite sides of the enemy, and the two charge 
at the enemy, hitting it to do damage. Once this waza is powered up, Bowman will 
split into four images and charge at the enemy in an X formation.

Level 43
MP 15
Final Change: 400
With this technique, Bowman spins around his arms and creates a whirlwind, 
catching the enemy and shooting it high up into the air.

Level 51
MP 28
Final Change: 200
At a close range, Bowman creates an energy field around himself and body bashes 
the enemy. At a further range, Bowman wil fire the energy field directly at the 

Level 66
MP 20
Final Change: 200
Bowman mixes up a quick firebomb and throws it at the enemy; it explodes and 
does damage. Once this waza powered up, Bowman will throw more firebombs which 
explode in a greater radius.

Level 74
MP 36
Final Change: 250
With this, technique, Bowman flies through the air with a flurry of punches and 
kicks to hit his enemy multiple times.

--Opera's Hissatsuwaza--

Photon Prison
Level N/A
MP 10
Final Change: 270
Opera launches a beam at her target and freezes its movement. The higher you 
build this waza, the longer the enemy's movements are frozen.

Flame Launcher
Level N/A
MP 7
Final Change: 200
With this technique, at short range Opera fires a blast of flame at her target 
to hit it several times for damage. At long range, she lobs a ball of fire of 
her opponent, and when it strikes the ground it explodes in flame.

Alpha on one
Level 24
MP 23
Final Change: 440
With this technique, Opera fires a series of guided energy bolts from the 
Kaleidoscope at her enemy which explode on contact. The higher you build this 
hissatsuwaza, the more bolts she shoots.

Spread Ray
Level 34
MP 16
Final Change: 540
Opera jumps high into the air and fires energy bolts down at her target. The 
higher this waza's level is, the more bolts she fires.

Cold Wind
Level 41
MP 25
Final Change: 300
With this technique, Opera fires a blast of cold air from the Kaliedoscope to 
hit her target many times for cold damage. Once you build this technique up the 
number of hits the enemy takes increases.

Gravity Shell
Level 54
MP 20
Final Change: N/A
Opera fires a special shell into the air from the Kaleidoscope; it opens a huge 
sphere of high levels of gravity to crush any enemies in its area of effect.

Lightning Bullet
Level 69
MP 20
Final Change: 200
At a long range, Opera fires a long beam of electricity at her opponent. At 
short range, she fires her Kaleidoscope into the ground, producing a wall of 
electricity that spreads out around her.

Heal Star
[Machinery Hissatsuwaza---use the Black System]
MP 9
Final Change: N/A
Opera fires a healing beam into the air, healing all characters in the battle.

Laser Bit
[Machinery Hissatsuwaza--use the White System]
MP 8
Final Change: 300
Opera throws a prism out in front of her, then fires the Kaleiodoscope into it, 
splitting the beam to hit any surrounding enemies. The higher you build this 
technique, the more beams the laser is split into.

Hyper Launcher
[Machinery Hissatsuwaza--use the Green System]
MP 34
Final Change: 500
Opera fires a massive laser beam out of the Kaleidoscope, frying anything in its 
path for multiple hits. The higher this skill is built, the greater the number 
of hits it produces.

--Ernest's Hissatsuwaza--

Dimension Whip
Level N/A
MP 5
Final Change: 240
Ernest creates a "dimensional hole" near an enemy whips his whip into it, 
striking the enemy even from far distances. At high levels, the whip is split 
into multiple whips when coming out of the dimensional hole, to hit the enemy as 
many as four times.

Spiral Whip
Level N/A
MP 7
Final Change: N/A
Ernest spins his whip around to create a whirlwind to attack his target. At Long 
range the whirlwind will fire away from Ernest toward the enemy at a distance.

Arc Attack
Level 32
MP 7
Final Change: 200
Ernest snags his whip onto something in the ceiling and swings Indiana Jones-
style with the whip to kick his target. At higher levels Ernest kicks as many as 
four times.

Thousand Whip
Level 41
MP 10
Final Change: 120
With this technique, Ernest lashes his whip over and over again, hitting any 
enemies that fall within its range multiple times. The higher this waza is 
built, the longer Ernest whips and the more times he hits.

Cloud Dust
Level 49
MP 18
Final Change: 100
Ernest lashes his whip around himself to create a sandstorm to attack his 
target, and increases his dodge level.

Broken Heart
Level 58
MP 17
Final Change: 200
Ernest lashes his whip into the ground, and it comes up covered with thorns 
right under his target.

Thunder Whip
Level 65
MP 22
Final Change: 200
With this technique, Ernest charges his whip with a bolt of lightning and whips 
his target. When this waza is built up, the lightning will diffuse and will hit 
multiple times.

Sonic Whip
Level 73
MP 25
Final Change: 100
Ernest lashes his whip through the air, slicing it and creating a huge vacuum 
wave which assaults the enemy for lots of damage.

--Dias' Hissatsuwaza--

Cross Wave
Level N/A
MP 8
Final Change: 120
This technique is similar to the Souhazan; Dias jumps in the air and does a 
cross slash to hit his enemy twice.

Level N/A
MP 4
Final Change: N/A
This technique is identical to Crawd's technique of the same name, except that 
the energy wave created is blue and is much faster.

Level N/A
MP 10
Final Change: 130
Dias executes a powerful slash in an arc toward the sky, hitting any enemy in 
front of or above him with a large shockwave it creates.

Chaos Sword
Level N/A
MP 5
Final Change: 120
At a close range, this is a slash which creates an energy field to strike the 
enemy and do damage. At a long range, this technique is similar to the Kuhazan; 
Dias stabs his sword into the ground and fires a shockwave toward his enemy 
along the ground.

Level 40
MP 10
Final Change: 130
Dias runs up to his enemy and charges forward with a powerful stab.

Level 48
MP 13
Final Change: 100
With this hissatsuwaza, Dias cuts a slash in the air and fires an arcing 
shockwave toward his opponent from a distance.

Level 56
MP 16
Final Change: 100
Dias creates a flaming phoenix image from his sword and launches it at his 
enemy, burning them for fire damage.

Level 63
MP 25
Final Change: 100
Dias holds his sword above his head and turns it around in a circle, creating a 
field of negative energy which launches an invisible projectile at his target. 
Once this waza is powered up, Dias will spin his sword faster, launching the 
projectile sooner.

Level 70
MP 21
Final Change: 420
This is a double-strike slash; once this waza is powered up Dias will slash more 
times faster.

Level 78
MP 30
Final Change: 200
Dias jumps high into the air, transforms his body into a Suzaku (a flaming bird 
of legend) and swoops down on his target, burning it to do lots of damage.

--Chisato's Hissatsuwaza--

Level N/A
MP 5
Final Change: 240
Chisato tucks her body into a ball and charges at her enemy spinning to hit 
multiple times. The higher this waza is built, the more times that Chisato will 
strike her opponent.

Burning Cards
Level N/A
MP 10
Final Change: 200
Chisato throws several business cards at her opponent, hitting them from a 
distance. Once this waza's level is built up Chisato will throw six cards 
instead of the usual 3.

Level 40
MP 14
Final Change: 200
This technique is a spinning roundhouse kick followed up by a trip kick.  After 
this waza is built up Chisato will finish off with an axe kick and a flip kick.

100,000 Volts
Level 44
MP 22
Final Change: 200
Chisato uses her stun gun to launch a large electrical field at her enemy. At a 
higher level this waza fires more electrical fields in a larger radius.

Flame Thrower
Level 53
MP 20
Final Change: 200
Chisato pulls out a huge flamethrower and burns her opponent, hitting multiple 
times doing fire-type damage. At a high level Chisato will fire the flamethrower 
into the air, causing the flame to fall down upon her target.

Level 62
MP 17
Final Change: 200
This is a low-medium-high series of punches and kicks. With a higher jukurendo 
level the number of attacks Chisato throws is increased.

Tear Gas
Level 68
MP 32
Final Change: 0
Using her cellular phone, Chisato calls a huge machine out of the ground to blow 
a blast of tear gas at her opponent, hitting multiple times to do lots of 

Level 72
MP 25
Final Change: 240
Chisato calls up "3-A" on the phone and has a flurry of bombs dropped out of the 
sky on her opponent. It takes a while before the bombs come though.


"Zokusei" indicates the type of attribute associated with the spell, like fire 
or ice.  All attack spells have Zokusei, and a few support spells do too. If you 
see "No Jukurendo" by a spell, it means that the spell's power will not increase 
or change the more you cast it.

This spell heals a single character a small bit:
MP: 3
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV N/A, Noel LV N/A

Cure Light
This spell heals a single character's HP more than Heal does.
MP: 11
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 10, Noel LV N/A

Fairy Heal
This spell summons several fairies to heal the target character. It is the most 
powerful healing spell that can be used on a single character.
MP: 30
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 52, Noel LV 55

Cure All
This spell heals all characters in the current party a little less than Cure 
Light would.
MP: 18
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV20, Noel LV 41

Fairy Light
This spell summons many large fairies to heal the entire party a very large 
amount. It heals all characters slightly less than Fairy Heal would to a single 
MP: 40
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 65, Noel LV 77

This spell cures poison from a single character.
MP: 5
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV3,
No Jukurendo

This spell will cure a single character of any type of status ailment other than 
unconsciousness; poison, paralysis, and petrification.
MP: 24
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 25, Noel LV 60
No Jukurendo

This spell cancels out any special-effect spells that were cast on the target, 
like reduced strength or speed, to return the character to his or her original 
MP: 17
Zokusei: None
Characters: Celine LV 27, Noel LV 45
No Jukurendo

This spell is sort of a variation off of Neutral; it will neutralize the effects 
of any spells a single enemy has cast, so if one enemy reduced several 
characters' stats with a spell, casting Curse on it will restore all characters 
MP: 20
Zokusei: None
Characters: Celine LV 39, Noel LV 66

Raise Dead
This spell will revive a single unconscious ally in battle, and restore him or 
her to 50% HP capacity.
MP: 45
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 60
No Jukurendo

This spell will stop the flow of air around the enemies, causing any sound 
coming from them to cease. Any enemies affected cannot use any type of spells.
MP 14
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 12, Noel LV 41

This spell is similar to Silence; it sends out black beams of lightning which 
shock the target's brain and cause it to forget all its spells.
MP: 10
Zokusei: Lightning
Characters: Celine LV 15

Deep Mist
This spell encases all enemies in a deep mist, making it difficult for them to 
see, and likewise reduces their hit accuracy.
MP: 11
Zokusei: Darkness
Characters: Rena LV 8, Leon LV N/A

Acid Rain
This spell causes corrosive acid rain to fall on all enemies, melting any armor 
they have on and reducing their defense rating.
MP: 7
Zokusei: Water
Characters: Leon LV N/A

This spell will increase the running speed of a single ally during battle.
MP: 20
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 42, Leon LV 42
No Jukurendo

This spell will slow the flow of time for a single enemy and reduce its 
running/flying speed.
MP: 18
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 22, Leon LV 36

Fixed Cloud
This spell drops a huge cloud down onto the battlefield at great speed, sending 
out a shockwave which stuns all enemies.
MP: 12
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 18

This spell increases a single character's strength, increasing their attack 
power during battle.
MP: 22
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 47, Leon LV 50
No Jukurendo

This spell creates a barrier around a single character, increasing their defense 
MP: 18
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 33, Leon LV N/A
No Jukurendo

This spell encases a single character in light, blessing him or her and 
increasing their hit accuracy.
MP: 18
Zokusei: None
Characters: Celine LV 28, Noel LV 72
No Jukurendo

This spell is very similar to Reflection; it summons a lighting shield to 
surround a single character and increase their defense power.
MP: 8
Zokusei: Lightning
Characters: Celine LV 19

This spell creates a magic barrier around all characters in the party, 
increasing their magic resistance and reducing damage done by enemy spells.
MP: 40
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Rena LV 54, Celine LV 59
No Jukurendo

Angel Feather
This spell summons the power of an angel to assist a single character, 
increasing all of his or her parameters.
MP: 30
Zokusei: None
Characters: Rena LV 72, Celine LV 76
No Jukurendo

This spell causes a blade of earth to shoot up out of the ground and stab any 
enemies near the target.
MP: 4
Zokusei: Earth
Characters: Noel LV N/A

Earth Grave
This spell causes numerous waves of sharp chunks of earth to shoot out of the 
ground and slice all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 16
Zokusei: Earth
Characters: Noel LV N/A

This spell summons a huge earth golem, who slams the ground with his fists to 
create a gigantic earthquake. Any flying enemies or enemies knocked up into the 
air will be unaffected though.
MP: 65
Zokusei: Earth
Characters: Noel LV 82

Ice Needle
This spell conjures up a spear of ice, which is fired at a single enemy.
MP: 2
Zokusei: Water
Characters: Leon LV N/A

Deep Freeze
This spell causes many ice spikes to fly at and pierce any enemies within range 
of the target.
MP: 15
Zokusei: Water
Characters: Leon LV N/A

The most powerful water spell, Noa summons a huge tidal wave that hits all 
enemies, drowning any weaker enemies and doing lots of damage to more powerful 
MP: 35
Zokusei: Water
Characters: Leon LV 54

Fire Bolt
This spell summons a small bolt of fire and launches it at a single enemy to do 
burning damage. Not very powerful, but quick to cast and quick to fire.
MP: 2
Zokusei: Fire
Character: Celine LV N/A

Any enemies caught within the range of this spell will be blasted by a gusher of 
lava, doing fairly heavy fire damage.
MP: 30
Zokusei: Fire
Characters: Celine LV 34

The most powerful fire-based spell, Explode summons a series of huge explosions, 
damaging all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 54
Zokusei: Fire
Characters: Celine LV 66

Wind Blade
This spell summons a small tornado, which shoots across the ground from the 
caster to his or her target. This spell is quick to cast and quick to recover 
from, but doesn't do much damage.
MP: 2
Zokusei: Wind
Characters: Celine LV N/A, Noel LV N/A

Tetnus Wind
This spell summons poisonous vacuum blades to slice a single enemy to damage a 
single enemy.
MP: 10
Zokusei: Wind
Characters: Noel LV N/A

Sonic Saber
The caster of this spell launches a vacuum blade, slicing anything in its path 
to do wind damage.
MP: 11
Zokusei: Wind
Characters: Noel LV N/A

Magnum Tornado
This spell summons a single tornado, damaging any enemy within its range.
MP: 18
Zokusei: Wind
Characters: Noel LV N/A

The most powerful wind spell, Phane is a powerful blast of searing hot wind that 
burns and slices all enemies facing the caster
MP: 25
Zokusei: Wind
Characters: Noel LV 52

This spell causes a single bolt of lighting to come down on one enemy, damaging 
it (and any other enemies that happen to be right next to it) for a small amount 
of electrical damage.
MP: 4
Zokusei: Lightning
Characters: Celine LV N/A

Thunder Storm
This spell calls down several bolts of lightning to strike the field and shock 
all enemies facing the caster. It's significantly stronger than a single 
MP: 28
Zokusei: Lightning
Characters: Celine LV 31

Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud is the most powerful lightning spell; it creates a very large 
stormcloud which sends down several bolts of lightning to strike each enemy 
facing the caster.
MP: 40
Zokusei: Lightning
Characters: Celine LV 55

Star Light
This spell fires a star up into the air, which shoots a beam of light to strike 
each enemy on the battlefield.
MP: 10
Zokusei: Star
Characters: Celine LV 17, Leon LV 34

Tractor Beam
This spell pulls up any enemy standing on the ground in the area affected using 
a large tractor beam; once enemies are higher in the air, the beam turns them 
upside-down and drops them on their heads. This spell does not work on airborne 
MP: 22
Zokusei: Star
Characters: Rena LV 36

Southern Cross
The caster of this spell calls down the power of the 5 stars in the Southern 
Cross constellation onto the battlefield, having them collide into the ground 
and doing lots of damage to every enemy facing her.
MP: 42
Zokusei: Star
Characters: Celine LV 49

Meteo Swarm
This is the second most powerful attack spell in the game; it calls many 
meteorites from space and causes them to slam into all enemies facing the 
caster, doing heavy damage.
MP: 82
Zokusei: Star
Characters: Celine LV N/A (Treasure)

Energy Arrow
This spell summons an arrow of negatively-charged light to strike a single 
MP: 17
Zokusei: Fu
Characters: Celine LV 12, Noel LV N/A

Blood Scylla
Blood Scylla sucks the life energy out of a single enemy and gives it to the 
caster, restoring his HP.
MP: 12
Zokusei: Fu
Characters: Noel LV 49

Lost Mental
This spell absorbs a single enemy's MP, draining them and giving them to the 
caster of the spell.
MP: 1
Zokusei: Fu
Characters: Celine LV 22, Noel Level N/A

Word of Death
The caster of this spell speaks a single magical word of great power to a single 
target; any enemy that hears this word and does not resist it dies immediately.
MP: 18
Zokusei: Fu
Characters: Leon LV N/A

This spell fires many beams of light onto the battlefield, causing explosions 
and doing damage to all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 10
Zokusei: Light
Characters: Rena LV 14, Celine LV 9

Light Cross
This spell creates a cross of light which disperses and explodes on to the 
battlefield, damaging every enemy facing the caster.
MP: 18
Zokusei: Light
Characters: Rena LV 30

Star Flare
The caster of this spell summons a huge star and has it fire many bolts of light 
which explode on the ground to do damage to all enemies in the battle.
MP: 26
Zokusei: Light
Characters: Rena LV 63

Lunar Light
This spell calls down many bolts of light from the moon which strike the 
battlefield and create a huge explosion, damaging all enemies on the screen.
MP: 38
Zokusei: Light
Characters: Celine LV 43

This spell summons a demon from the target's own shadow to attack it.
MP: 4
Zokusei: Dark
Characters: Leon LV N/A

Shadow Bolt
This spell calls a flurry of black energy bolts from a shadow to do damage to a 
single enemy.
MP: 7
Zokusei: Dark
Characters: Leon LV N/A

Black Saber
This spell is very similar to Sonic Saber; it is a bolt of dark energy that is 
fired from the caster in a straight line, damaging everything in its path.
MP: 14
Zokusei: Dark
Characters: Leon LV N/A

Shadow Flare
The most powerful Shadow magic, this spell calls up a ball of flame from the 
Demon World to explode upon the battlefield and burn every enemy facing the 
MP: 32
Zokusei: Dark
Characters: Leon LV 39

This spell calls a large weight out of the sky to fall on a single enemy, 
squashing it.
MP: 7
Zokusei: Mu

Gravity Press
This spell calls many weights out of the sky to fall on every enemy that is 
within its area of effect.
MP: 24
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Rena LV 28

Gremlin Lair
This spell summons a demon from the Demon World, who throws a spinning 
projectile to damage all enemies facing the caster. It then proceeds to bite 
each enemy several times in succession before returning to where it came from.
MP: 26
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Leon LV 60

Demon's Gate
This spell opens a gate to the Demon World; a demon comes out and launches a 
force wave with its staff to damage all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 37
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Leon LV 66

Dark Circle
The caster of this spell opens a dimensional portal like a black hole, which 
sucks in any enemy with less than 1/4 of its full HP.
MP: 65
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Leon LV 78

The most powerful attack spell in the game, this spell launches a massive energy 
wave which engulfs all enemies to do heavy damage, if not killing them outright.
MP: 90
Zokusei: Mu
Characters: Leon LV N/A (Treasure)


Throughout the course of the game, you will find Skill Guilds in various towns. 
Here you can buy sets of skills. Each skill set contains from 3-5 skills in it. 
Once you buy a skill set, the skills within that set will appear on the Skills 
screen accessible from the Camp menu. On the Skills screen, you can use a 
character's Skill Points to learn any skills there. 

--Chishiki Kanren Level 1--

Koubutsugaku (鉱物学ハMineralogy)
Knowledge of minerals and gems. Increases the learner's Intelligence by Skill 
Level x 3

Yakusougaku (薬草学ハStudy of Herbal Medicinal)
Knowledge of herbs and their medicinal uses. Increases healing potential of 
Blueberries and Blackberries by Skill Level x 3% for the learner.

Recipe (レシピ)
Knowledge of various food recipes.

--Chishiki Level 2--

Otamajakushi (オトマジャクシハTadpole--Do not ask me, I have no clue)
General knowlege of music. Increases the learner's Dodge rate by Skill Level + 2

Seibutsugaku (生物学ハBiology)
Knowledge of living beings. Increases the learner's maximum HP by Skill Level 
squared x 10 (ie +10 HP level 1, +40 HP Level 2, +90 HP level 3....+1000 HP 
Level 10)

Dogu Chishiki (道具知識ハItem Knowledge)
Knowledge of weapons, armor, and items. Increases selling price of items by 
skill Level x 3%

--Chishiki Level 3--
Seishingaku (精神学ハStudy of the Spirit/Mind)
Knowledge of the mysterious power of the mind. Increases Maximum MP by Skill 
level x 5

Piety (ピエティ)
Knowledge of/belief in a higher power. Each time the skill level is raised, a 
random ability gets increased for the learner.

Yoseiron (妖精論ハFairy Theory)
Knowledge about fairies, spirits, and the source of life. Increases the 
learner's Intelligence level by Skill Level + 2

--Kankaku Level 1--

Dokyo (度胸ハGuts)
The ability to do outrageous (even foolhardy?) things in front of others without 
becoming stressed or nervous.

Nintai (忍耐ハEndurance)
The ability to endure painful experiences without faltering; strong willpower. 
Increases the learner's defense power by Skill Level + 4

Biteki Kankaku (美的感覚ハAesthetic Sense)
A keen sense of and appreciation of beauty in many things.  Also the ability to 
think up and design things.

Mekiki (目利きハGood Eyes)
The ability to select good and ripe ingredients when cooking food.  Also 
increases the healing ability of foods.

--Kankaku Level 2--

Asobikokoro (遊び心ハDesire to enjoy oneself)
A playful spirit and a tolerant, open mind.  Every time you increase this level 
you will gain some Vol (the higher the level, the more you get)

Kiken Kanchi (危険感知ハSense of Danger)
An intuition of how and when to avoid dangerous situations. Increases the 
learner's Stamina by 3 x Skill level

Konjo (根性ハWillpower)
The ability to stand up to powerful forces. Decreases the number of skill points 
needed to learn all skills by Skill Level. (IOW if you have a Konjo level of 5 
and it would normally take 20 Skill Points to raise Mekiki 1 level, the number 
of points needed to raise Mekiki will actually come to 15)

Poker Face (ポーカーフェイス)
The ability to stay calm and cool in any situation, keeping one's composure in 
even the toughest of situations. Increases the learner's Guts level by 3 x Skill 

--Kankaku Level 3--

Kinobi (機能美ハFunctional Beauty)
The ability to strike a balance between beauty and functionality. Increases 
Strength, Intelligence, Evasion, and Accuracy by Skill Level + 6.

Denpa (電波ハElectromagnetic wave)
A 6th sense and ability to hear the calling of higher powers and voices that the 
normal human cannot. Every time you increase Denpa you are given a random item.

Doryoku (努力ハEffort)
A concentrated effort to reach one's goals. The higher this skill's level is 
built, the less EXP needed to reach the next level.

--Gijutsu Level 1--
Kuchibue (口笛ハWhistle)
The ability to put your fingers in your mouth and blow a loud whistle.

Copy (コピー)
The ability to capture minute details within an object and duplicate them 

Dessin (デッサンハDraw)
The ability to express oneself by painting on a canvas or modeling a lump of 

Hocho (包丁ハKitchen Knife)
The ability to use a kitchen cleaver well.  Increases the learner's Strength by 
20 x Skill level.

--Gijutsu Level 2--

Kikai Chishiki (機械知識ハMachinery Knowledge)
Knowledge of the concept of machines, their construction, and the way they move.

Craft (クラフト)
The ability to move one's hands to perform minute tasks. Increases the learner's 
Dodge ability by Skill Level + 3.

Chokyo (調教ハAnimal Training)
The ability to train birds and animals to do things that you tell them to do.

Bunpitsu (文筆ハWriting)
Knowledge of how to write documents. Increases the learner's Accuracy ability by 
Skill Level +3.

--Gijutsu Level 3--

Enso (演奏ハPerform)
The ability to play musical instruments. Increases the learner's Evasion rate by 
Skill Level + 2.

Kagaku Gijutsu (科学技術ハScientific Skill)
The ability to use various tools to perform scientific experiments. Increases 
the learner's Strength by 10 x Skill level

Kikai Sosa (機械操作ハMachine Operation)
Knowledge of how to operate machinery; a general "knack" with machines. 

Cast (キャスト)
The ability to temper, smelt, and cast metal. Increasese the learner's Accuracy 
by Skill Level x 2.

--Sento Level 1--
Note: All Combat skills have random chances of being used each time the 
character attacks/is struck/etc. Raising Skill level increases the percentage 
chance that the character will use these skills.

Kiko (気功ハnot easily translatable martial arts concept--also known as Qigong)
When struck in battle, the master of Kiko concentrates his or her inner ki, 
reducing the damage taken and increasing defense power.

Kyusho Nerai  (急所狙いハTarget critical point)
If this skill succeeds, the user strikes a nerve center or critical point of his 
target, ignoring several percent of his/her/its Defense power.

Kyoda (強打ハStrong Strike, lit.)
The user of this technique can strike his or her target with a powerful blow, 
knocking it back.

Cancel (キャンセル)
If the character you're controlling has this skill learned, after executing an 
attack, with good timing and luck you can press the L1 or R1 buttons and 
immediately execute a hissatsuwaza, without having to wait for the recovery from 
the first attack; in other words you can execute a quick combo of normal attack 
+ hissatsuwaza.

--Sento Level 2--
Mekuri (めくりハTurn Over)
If this skill succeeds, the character attacking will dart behind his target and 
strike it from behind.

Hayate (はやてハStorm/Speed)
The higher you build this skill, the faster your character runs across the 

Feint (フェイント)
If this skill succeeds, your character will perform a feint, increasing the 
accuracy of the strike.

Renki (練気ハAnother hard to translate martial arts technique, "Ki polishing," 
If this skill succeeds, your character will draw extra ki into his/her strike 
and increase the blow's attack power.

--Sento Level 3--

Counter (カウンター)
If you hit the O button the instant you get hit by an enemy and the skill 
succeeds, you will immediately counterattack without being knocked back. (though 
you still take the damage)

Ukenagashi (受け流しハEvade/Redirect)
If this skill succeeds, when an enemy attacks your character, your evasion rate 
will increase, increasing the chance of you dodging the attack.

Shintai Kankaku (身体感覚ハSense of Body)
This user of this skill has a heightened constitution and sense of balance. When 
hit with a powerful attack, if this skill succeeds, the character struck will 
not become dizzy.

Hayakuchi (早口ハFast-talking)
The user of this skill can chant the incantation necessary to cast a spell 
faster; if it succeeds, casting time is reduced, often to a mere instant. 

Chohatsu (挑発ハProvoke)
If you press the Select button during a battle while controlling a character 
with this skill, that character will taunt the enemy, drawing all enemies to 
attack him or her. Useful to use when your other characters are being beaten up 
and you want enemies away from them. Note that you can only use this skill once 
a battle.

--Sento Skill Level ?--
Float (フロート)
If this skill succeeds, the character using it hits the enemy with a really 
powerful blow, knocking them into the air and doing lots of damage. Note that 
you can't buy this skill--you have to find it.

-----------------------TOKUGI AND SUPER TOKUGI----------------------

Skills in and of themselves have some minor effects on characters with them in 
that they can raise statistics or increase effects of healing items, but their 
primary usage is with Tokugi (Special Abilities).  Tokugi are abilities a 
character can learn that you can use to perform special tasks. These tasks range 
from foraging to mixing medicines to picking the pockets of townspeople.  To 
learn a Tokugi, you first need to learn the prerequisite Skills. For example, to 

Originality: The ability to uniquely "put a bit of one's self" into your 
Mikaku (Gourmet Sense): The ability to distinguish all sorts of tastes and 
determine what is pleasing and what is not.
Kiyo na Yubisaki (Skillful fingertips): The ability to move one's hands the way 
one wants to in minute detail.
Design Sense: An artistic sense of balance and form.
Bunsai (Literary Ability): The ability to put one's thoughts and feelings in 
Rythm Kan (Rythmic Sense): A firm grasp of musical rythm.
Onkan (Musical Sense): "Perfect Pitch;" the ability to know what's in key and 
what isn't.
Dobutsuzuki (Love of animals): A love of animals and all other living things in 
Yasei no Kan (Wild Sense): A sort of animal instinct; a "sixth sense."
Mana no Shukufuku (Blessing of Mana): "Magic" in one's veins; an innate magical 

If you don't start out with a Talent, it's still possible to learn it. By 
practicing skills that require certain Talents, you can bring out Secret Talents 
within a character. Once that Secret Talent is brought out, any skills that 
required that Talent before will succeed. In addition, you will gain 50 bonus 
skill points. The one exception to this rule is with Mana no Shukufuku. 
Apparently Mana no Shukufuku is not a "learnable" Talent. Spellcasters (IOW 
Rena, Celine, Leon, and Noel) start with this talent naturally; other characters 
cannot gain it.

The Tokugi:

Art is an Item Creation ability. The character with this ability can infuse 
magical power into the paintings and sculptures that he or she makes. You need 
either a Magical Canvas or a lump of Magical Clay in order to make anything 
though. The items that you can create with this ability are generally (but not 
universally) expendable items that you can use in battle.  Items drawn on Magic 
Canvas are mostly cards that affect combat variables or portraits of the 
characters in your party.  Items sculpted with Magical Clay are generally items 
that you can use in battle to attack or otherwise affect the enemy.
Skills needed to learn Art: Dessin, Biteki Kankaku
Talents needed to use Art effectively: Design Sense
Items needed to use Art: Magical Canvas, Magical Clay
Support Items for Art: Graphics Tool

ONGAKU (Music)
Ongaku is a skill accessible from the Tokugi menu on the Camp screen. A 
character with this musical skill can compose and play music for the various 
instruments you will find/buy during your journey. The music that you play will 
have various magical effects on the party. Before you can play any music though, 
you will have to write it first; this will require a Creator Pen.  With a 
Creator Pen you can try to write a piece for any one instrument.  The higher 
your Ongaku level, the greater the chance that you will succeed in writing the 
song. You can write two different songs for each instrument, each with a 
different effect.  In order to play a song you will need to buy a Shikibo 
(指揮棒, conductor's rod) first. Every time you play a song you will use up one 
rod. The effect of a song lasts as long as you hear it in the background. These 
are the instruments, songs, and their effects:
  Sukui no Uta (救いの歌, Rescue Song): Your HP and MP will regenerate as you 
   walk as long as this song is playing.
  Shukufuku no Uta (祝福の歌, Blessing Song): While this song is playing all of
   your characters' parameters will be raised.
CHENBARO (Harpsichord)
  Seirei no Mai (精霊の舞, Spirit Dance): While this song is playing your
   party's Accuracy rate will increase.
  Yosei no Mai (妖精の舞, Fairy Dance): While this song is playing your party's 
   Dodge rate will increase.
  Aoki Shippu (蒼き疾風, Blue Whirlwind): While playing this song will increase
   your party's Agility
  Himetaru Chikara (秘めたる力, Hidden Power): This song increases your party's
   max HP and MP for its duration.
  Akuma no Senritsu (悪魔の旋律, Demon Melody): This song calls a powerful group
   of monsters to attack your party. Think you're tough? ;)
  Kamigami no Senritsu (神々の旋律, Melody of the Gods): While this song is
   playing your skills will succeed even if you don't have the right Talents for  
  Tatakai no Shirabe (戦いの調べ, Searching for Battle): This song increases
   monster encounter rate.
  Kodoku no Shirabe (孤独の調べ, Searching for Solitude): This song decreases
   monster encounter rate.
  Sabaki no Melody (裁きのメロディ, Melody of Judgement): This song increases
   your party's Attack Power for its duration.
  Eien no Melody (永遠のメロディ, Endless Melody): This song increases your
   party's Defense power for its duration.
  Hero Tojo (ヒーロー登場, Enter the Hero): Summons a group of monsters to fight
  Megami Korin (女神降臨, Godess' Descent): While this song is playing, your
   Tokugi commands will have an increased chance of succeeding.
  Iyashi no Uta (癒しの歌, Healing Song): While this song is playing your HP
   will regenerate as you walk.
  Yasuragi no Uta (安らぎの歌, Song of Comfort): While this song is playing your
   MP will regenerate as you walk.
Skills needed to learn Ongaku: Ensou, Otomajakushi
Talents needed to use Ongaku effectively: Onkan, Rythm Kan
Support Items for Ongaku: Music Tool

This is an Item Creation ability. For those of you who have played Star Ocean 1, 
this ability is basically the same as the Katanakaji (Temper) Item Creation.  
Using a gem or mineral, a character with this ability can temper any weapon that 
he or she can use and try to power it up. If you fail you'll lose both the 
weapon and the gem/mineral, so be sure to save before trying to use this ability 
with that special unique weapon you just found. Using this skill, you can make 
the most powerful weapons in the game.
Skills needed to learn Customize: Craft, Cast, Kinobi
Talents needed to Customize effectively: Originality
Support Items for Customize: Magical Rasp

KANTEI (Appraise)
This is an Item Creation ability. During your journey you will come across a lot 
of items that you aren't quite sure what they do. You'll often know if it's a 
mineral, weapon, or armor, but until you know for sure what it is you can't use 
it. At this point, you will need to identify these items, and Kantei is the 
ability you'll need to do it. Every time you try to identify an item, you will 
need to use a Spectacle. Whether you succeed or fail, you will lose the 
Spectacle, but if you succeed you will identify the item and will be able to 
use/sell it. If you fail, the item will remain unidentified.
Skills needed to learn Kantei: Dogu Chishiki, Yakusogaku, Kobutsugaku
Talents needed to Kantei effectively: None
Support Items for Kantei: Genso Bunsekiki (Element Analyzer)

SAIKU (Craftsmanship)
This is an Item Creation skill.  During the game you will come across a large 
number of gems and minerals. You can use them to power up your weapons, but 
another use for them is to try to craft them into some sort of accessory you can 
use. Using this skill you can try to make an accessory out of one of your gems 
or minerals. If you succeed, you will make an accessory you can equip; if you 
fail you will make some sort of useless junk. For each type of gem/mineral there 
are usually eight or nine different things you can make, but each character can 
only make four of those items. So in order to make all the items possible from 
each gem, you are going to need to have more than one person learn this ability.
Skills needed to learn Saiku: Kobutsugaku, Craft, Biteki Kankaku
Talents needed to Saiku effectively: Originality, Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Items for Saiku: Handagote (Pewter Container)

SHIPPITSU (Authoring)
This is an Item Cration skill. Any character with this skill can try to write a 
handbook on any skill he or she has a level of 5 or greater in. When you use one 
of these handbooks on a character, they will gain one skill level in that skill 
without having to use the necessary Skill Points to do so.  However, you can 
only raise a character's skill level to 5 through books; the other 5 levels he 
or she will have to earn on his/her own.  Also, there are many skills that 
simply can't have handbooks written on them. Another thing to note is that Leon 
can create weapons for himself using Shippitsu, since his primary weapon is 
magical books.  In order to write a book, you first need a Mannenpitsu. (万年筆, 
fountain pen) Whether you succeed or fail, the pen will be used up.
Skills needed to learn Shippitsu: Bunpitsu
Talents needed to use Shippitsu effectively: Bunpitsu
Support Items for Shippitsu: Wapuro Soft (Word Processor Software)

SHUGYO (Train)
Characters who have Training ability can increase the amount of experience 
points they gain after battle, as many as 30% more exp as usual depending on the 
level. However, when characters are training, as soon as they enter battle their 
attack power, defense power, Dodge ability, and Accuracy decrease. This is only 
temporary though; as soon as you stop training stat levels will not change when 
you enter battle. Turning this ability on/off is accessed through the Tokugi 
menu on the Camp screen.
Skills needed to learn Shugyo: Konjo, Nintai, Doryoku
Talents needed to use Shugyo effectively: None
Support Items for Shugyo: None

With this ability, you can control to an extent the enemy encounter rate. You 
can choose to do nothing, search for enemies, or avoid enemies.  The higher your 
level in this Tokugi, the more you will find/avoid enemies. If you want a 
character to Scout, you must put him or her in the first position in the party 
lineup. If more than one character in a party has Scout, the first character in 
the lineup will do the scouting, regardless of level or Talent. So if you want 
to scout make sure to put your Scouter in the front position.
Skills needed to learn Scout: Kiken Kanchi
Talents needed to use Scout effectively: Yasei no Kan
Support Items for Scout: None

CHOGO (Mixing)
This is an Item creation ability. Characters who have this ability can mix 
together herbs and create medicine or an item out of them. Each time you try to 
mix an item, you choose two herbs from your total inventory (you can pick two of 
the same herb) and the item you will get if you succeed the Item Creation will 
differ depending on what these two herbs are.  If you fail, you lose both herbs.
Skills needed to learn Chogo: Yakusogaku, Seibutsugaku, Seishingaku
Talents needed to use Chogo effectively: Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Items for Chogo: Mekki Tebukuro (Sterilized Gloves)

The fine art of making delicious food! This Item Creation ability lets you take 
a bunch of ingredients and turn them into something edible. (or drinkable) Items 
you create with this skill can heal your HP and/or MP. In addition, you can use 
this skill to make characters' Koubutsu, favorite food/drinks that heal 
individual characters to their max levels. (usually) There are two types of 
ingredients, normal and special. Normal ones you can buy. Special ones you'll 
have to find. If you fail a Chori with a normal ingredient, you'll create a 
piece of bad-tasting (and sometimes poisonous) food. If you fail with a special 
ingredient, you won't create anything at all. 
Skills needed to learn Chori: Recipe, Mekiki, Hocho
Talents needed to use Chori effectively: Mikaku
Support Items for Chori: Bannohocho (Kitchen Knife of 10,000 Uses)

This skill allows the character using it to train birds to run errands for him 
or her. If you have a Pet no Esa (ペットの餌, Pet food) then you can call a bird 
to go back to town and buy things for you. If your skill level is low or you 
don't have the necessary talent, the bird will eat the food and fly away without 
doing anything for you. Also, with a higher skill level, different birds that 
can carry more items will come.
Birds and the items they buy:
Skill level 1: Hato (pigeon): Blueberry, Aquaberry, Spectacles, Blackberry
Skill level 3: Karasu (Crow): Rosehip, Torikabuto, Lavender, Flare Bomb
Skill level 5: Konotori (Crane): Cure Paralyze, Mind Bomb, Mandrake, Resurrect 
bottle, Cure Stone
Skill level 7: Taka (Hawk): Gyokarui, Kudamono, Kokumotsu, Nikurui, Yasai, 
Skill level 9: Washi (Eagle): Aquaberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Spectacles, 
Liquor Bottle, Aseras, Resurrect Bottle, Magic Canvas
Skills needed to learn Familiar: Kuchibue, Chokyo
Talents needed to use Familiar effectively: Dobutsuzuki
Support Items for Familiar: None

RENKIN (Alchemy)
This Item creation skill can be used to create metal ores and valuable gems out 
of regular iron utilizing the user's innate magical ability. The higher you 
build this ability, the more different types of metal you can try to make. If 
you fail this skill though, the iron you try to change will turn into a useless 
Skills needed to learn Renkin: Kagaku Gijutsu, Kobutsugaku, Yoseiron
Talents needed to use Renkin effectively: Mana no Shukufuku
Support Items for Renkin: Sankaku Furasuk, (Triangle Flask) Lezard's Flask (I 
may be spelling the name wrong ^^; He's supposed to be some famous alchemist 
according to the item description)

Survival is an Item "Creation" skill. Actually, it's more of an item finding 
skills. The character with Survival skill searches around the area and looks for 
any items that might come in handy. The things you can find can range from the 
totally useless to the extremely valuable. It's just a matter of luck. Every 
time you  use Survival though, it will cost you 4 MP. If you don't have enough 
MP you can't use it. Also note that the types of items you will find will often 
depend on where you are searching; if you're on the beach, you're likely to find 
fish, if you're in the forest, you're likely to find Blueberries, etc. And of 
course if you fail, you won't find anything.
Skills needed to learn Survival: Yakusogaku, Nintai
Talents needed to use Survival effectively: None
Support Items for Survival: Survival Kit

With this skill you can "walk the path of evil" as the game puts it, and steal 
items from townspeople, or even other members of your party if you're doing it 
during a Private Action. To steal from townspeople, you first need to be 
equipping the Accessory "Tozoku Tebukuro." (盗賊てぶくろ, Thief Glove) Then, 
when in town, you can use the S button within "talking" range to attempt to 
steal from a townsperson. If you succeed, you'll steal whatever that person was 
carrying. If you fail, you either couldn't steal, or got caught. Regardless of 
whether or not you succeeded, once you try to steal from someone, you can never 
try to steal from that same person again.  Another thing to note is that if you 
steal with other characters in your party (IOW not during a Private Action) all 
the characters in the party will have their KJD level reduced for the stealing 
Skills needed to learn Pickpocket: Dokyo, Poker Face
Talents needed to Pickpocket effectively: Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Items for Pickpocket: Magician Hand (Have to equip it)

FUKUSEI (Duplicate)
This Item creation skill allows you to duplicate a single item in your inventory 
exactly. To do so, you need to use the item "Magic Camera" to take a picture of 
the item using "Magic Film." For each time that you try to use the skill, one 
exposure of Magic Film will be used. If you succeed, the Magic Film will become 
a copy of the item you chose. If you fail, you'll just end up with an 
overexposed negative. Note that not all items can be reproduced. Most rare 
and/or valuable items are not copyable via this skill.
Skills needed to learn Fukusei: Copy
Talents needed to use Fukusei effectively: None
Support Items for Fukusei: RIRICA (have to select it when duplicating)

This item creation ability allows you to build various types of machines that 
can help you along in your journey.  You can build bombs, items to increase 
success rate of other abilities/Item creations, and even weapons for Opera or 
Precis. To build anything though, you first need a Material Kit. If you succeed, 
the parts in the metal kit will become a machine for you to use. If you fail, 
you'll just lose the kit.
Skills needed to learn Machinery: Kikai Chishiki, Kikai Sosa
Talents needed to use Machinery effectively: Design Sense, Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Items for Machinery: None

-----SUPER TOKUGI-----
Super Tokugi are a step up from normal Tokugi.  They are more powerful abilities 
and Item creations that not just a single person does, but the entire party 
works together to do. Instead of learning Super Tokugi by learning a combination 
of skills, you learn them through combinations of other Tokugi. For example, to 
learn Master Chef, you need to learn both Chori and Chogo.  In order to learn a 
Super Tokugi, you have to raise both of the component Tokugi to level 5 
somewhere in your party.  Once you learn a Super Tokugi, its level is formed by 
averaging levels among the characters in your party. Despite numerous attempts 
to figure out how the math works for how Super Tokugi levels raise, I still 
haven't figured it out; I can't tell whether it's averaged among individual 
skill levels or among Tokugi levels, and how the game decides whose levels to 
average in. But basically, the higher you build Tokugi levels, the higher your 
Super Tokugi levels will raise. Also, Talents are not necessary to use Super 

The Super Tokugi:

Master Chef is an Item Creation ability where all the members of your party work 
together to cook up splendid meals and drinks using different types of 
ingredients. To use Master Chef, you need normal ingredients used with the Chori 
skill. (Special ingredients you can't use) Then you can choose a combination of 
ingredients, or two of the same ingredients if you like. Then your party will 
attempt to make food using the two ingredients you chose. If you succeed, the 
food you create will be much more powerful in healing ability than if you had 
made food using the Chori tokugi.
Tokugi needed to user Master Chef: Chori, Chogo
Support Items for Master Chef: Bannohocho

Orchestra is a skill where your entire party plays instruments in unison. The 
song played lasts only a short time, but while it is playing Tokugi, Item 
Creation, and Super Tokugi almost never fail, regardless of what Talents the 
character performing them has. Also, while the song is playing, the chance of 
your characters learning Hidden Talents raises substantially. Before you can 
perform Orchestra however, you must both have enough instruments to supply your 
entire party, and enough songs written for those instruments for them to play.  
Also, every time you use Orchestra, you use up a Shikibo as if you were playing 
music through Ongaku.
Tokugi needed to learn Orchestra: Ongaku, Art
Support Items for Orchestra: None

KAIGAN (Enlightenment)
Kaigan is a form of spiritual training where all the characters "put their minds 
together" and challenge themselves as much as possible to "be the best they can 
be." While seeking enlightenment, characters will gain extra Skill Points when 
leveling up. However, if Kaigan fails during level up, there is a chance that 
your character will actually gain fewer Skill points than they normally would.
Tokugi needed to learn Kaigan: Shugyo, Survival
Support Items for Kaigan: None 

With this Super Tokugi, the party all calls together and tries to call a bunny 
to come and help them.  If the Super Tokugi succeeds, then the bunny will come 
and take the party where they need to go. While you are riding the Bunny, you 
will travel faster, no enemies will attack you, and you can climb over any 
mountains, castles, or other obstacles except water.
Tokugi needed to learn Come On, Bunny: Familiar, Scout
Support Items for Come on, Bunny: None

SHUPPAN (Publish)
With this skill, everybody works together to produce novels. One character 
writes the novel, while the others produce it. When you try to use Shuppan, you 
first have to choose who will write the book. If you succeed, the character you 
chose will write a book. Books created through Shuppan can be sold at a 
publisher, and they will be published for the world to read. You can stop by at 
the publisher's every once in a while and pick up royalties from book sales as 
well. Party members who use books created through Shuppan will have their YJD or 
AJD (depending on the book) increase toward its author. Be careful though!  If 
the character you have read the book already has high KJD toward the author, you 
could end up *reducing* those levels! To create a book through Shuppan, you need 
to have a Mannenpitsu, just like you would when using Shippitsu.
Tokugi needed to learn Shuppan: Shippitsu, Machinery
Support Items for Shuppan: Word Processor Software

NANDEMO KANTEI DA! (Appraise anything!)
With this skill, all your characters use their knowledge of items to judge the 
"true value" of items. Through this judgement, you can raise or lower the prices 
on items you are buying or selling in stores. On the "Nandemo Kantei da! screen" 
you can choose to Waribiki (割引, Discount) or Warimashi (割増, Premium) using 
one of your Spectacles. The game will then switch you to Discount or Premium 
status, and the next time you visit a store you can lower or raise their prices. 
With lower prices, you can buy items for less Vol, but any items you sell will 
sell for less too. With higher prices, you can sell items for more, but any 
items you buy will cost more too. Once you leave the store, or select "Torihiki" 
(取り引き, take back) on the Nandemo Kantei Da! screen, store prices will return 
to normal. Note that if you decide to Take back, you won't regain the Spectacle 
you used to shift prices in the first place. The higher your Super Tokugi level, 
the more prices will change in the stores.
Tokugi needed to learn Nandemo Kantei da!: Kantei, Saiku
Support Items for Nndemo Kantei da!: None

With this Super Tokugi, your entire party works together to create powerful 
pieces of armor from any metal ores within your party. The armor you create will 
generally be very powerful, and also often will have magical effects as well. If 
you fail though, you will create a piece of junk, and still lose the ore.
Tokugi needed to learn Blacksmith: Customize, Renkin
Support Items for Blacksmith: Magical Rasp

With this Super Tokugi, your party works together to create "Dangerous Items" as 
the game puts it. With this skill, using a piece of Joshitsugami (上質紙, Fine 
paper) you can make items like counterfeit money, fake checks, and other sorts 
of illegal items. The items you create using can be extremely profitable and 
have many uses, ranging from items that can be sold for large amounts of money, 
to items that reduce the number of EXP needed to gain a level to 1, to items 
that let you seize items for free in stores. If you fail this Super Tokugi, you 
will make a Fuwatari Tegata (ふわたりてがた, bounced check/bill) which will 
make your money decrease every second and that COSTS money to sell. Another down 
side to Reverse Side is that when you use it, KJD levels among all characters in 
your party decreases.
Tokugi needed to learn Reverse Side: Pickpocket, Fukusei
Support Items for Reverse Side: None

---------------------------ITEM CREATION DATA-----------------------

Magical Canvas Items: 
Discovery Card, Extend Card, Kaiga "Saigo no Shimpan", Kaiga "Saigo no Bansan," 
Kaiga "Sakebi," Vol Up Card, Victorial Card, Mortarial Card, Revival Card, 
Fairies' Card, Fountain Card, Shozoga A (Crawd), Shozoga B (Rena), Shozoga C 
(Celine), Shozoga D (Bowman), Shozoga E (Dias), Shozoga F (Precis), Shozoga G 
(Ashton), Shozoga H (Leon), Shozoga I (Opera) Shozoga J (Ernest), Shozoga K 
(Noel), Shozoga L (Chisato)
Failure: Rakugaki

Magical Clay Items:
Idaten, Goshintai, Dummy Doll, Chie no Kagami, Triball, Silence Card, 
Bikkuribako, Tamatebako, Hyper Ball, Magic Rock, Super Ball, Tenshi no Zou, 
Yousei no Zou, Megami no Zou, Hexagram Card
Failure: Hen na Katamari

Seishingaku: Kokoro no Shoheki
Kobutsugaku: Daichi no Himitsu 
Dogu Chishiki: Pocket Mini Zukan 
Craft: Kinsaiku-Ginsaiku 
Recipe: Kyo no Ippin 
Otomajakushi: Gakuten 
Seibutsugaku: Daishizen no Seimei 
Chokyo: Mori no Nakamatachi 
Yakusogaku: Yaso no Subete 
Dessin: Pose Zenshu 
Kikai Sosa: Sosa Manual 
Hocho: Ryori ha Kokoro 
Enso: Bayer 
Counter: Gyakuso no Hon
Copy: Ochakumi no Aima
Kikai Chishiki: Kogakuron 
Mekiki: Shokuzai Erabi 
Yoseiron: Shinpi no Ikimono 
Cast: Aun no Kokyu 
Kagaku Gijutsu: Hermes no Riron 
Renki: Renki no Sho
Failure: Kamikuzu 
Sankosho*, Monshojutsu Riron*, Senmonsho*, Monshojutsu Daijiten*
*These can only be written by Leon

Note: Any alcoholic drinks (marked with a *) cannot be made by characters under 
20, (Legal drinking age in Japan) in other words, Crawd, Rena, Precis, and Leon 
cannot make them.

GYOKARUI (Marine Products): Ootoro, Fukahire Soup, Ebi Pilaf, Salmon Omlette, 
  Osuimono, Shita Hirame no Kajitsu Sauce, Toro, Ebi Gratin, Wakame no 
  Misoshiru, Shumai
  Failed Gyokarui: Itanda Sashimi
KUDAMONO (Fruits): Orangeade, Banana no Crepe, Ringo no Crepe, Umeboshi, Orange 
  Sherbet, Orange Gratin, Hakuto no Ice,  Ichigo no Babaroa, Dulfol*, Wine*, 
  Failed Gyokarui: Nigai Juice 
KOKUMOTSU (Grain/Rice): Ebi Doria, Hotcake, Daikon no Misoshiru, Daifuku, 
  Omrice, Chahan, Tonyu, Rice Corokke, Kayu, Kokuryu "Ishidaya"*, Beer*, Yaegaki 
  "Mu" Shizuku Shibori*, Senchuyasaku*, Tama no Hikari "Yukiyocho"*, Bijobu 
  Failed Kokumotsu: Niou Ohagi, Sanbaijozo Sake*
NIKURUI (Meats): Minchi Steak, Beef Corokke, Chicken Doria, Nikuman, Jiaozi, 
  Jambaraya, Kousagi no Rizott, Steak, Chiniwatori Kushiyaki 
  Failed Nikurui: Mazui Stew
YASAI (Vegetables): Roll Cabbage, Combo Tarju, Nanka no Korokke,  Green Pottage, 
  Asakiyoke, Vegetable Juice, Corn Pottage, Ninjin no Ice, Harumaki, Nanka no 
  Harumai, Carrot Juice
  Failed Yasai: Shinabita Salad
TAMAGO/NYUSEIHIN (Eggs/Milk Products): Bacon Egg, Medamayaki, Choco Crepe, 
  Shortcake, Yogurt, Vanilla Ice (cream), Fruit Gyunyu, Tamago Sand(wich), Plin 
  (pudding), Macaroni Gratin 
  Failed Tamago/Nyuseihin: Karai Cake, Motogyunyu

PURE LEAF:  Ogon no Stew, Special Itame, Milky Pottage, Magical Salad,
JUICY BEEF: Kokoro Odoru Tender, Kyukyoku no Surloin, Fine Sautee, Yuwaku no 
KOKYU MAGURO (Top Quality Tuna): Ootoro no Kushiyaki, Koukyuu Maguro Steak, 
  Maboroshi no Ootoro, Shiawase no Kamayaku
GANZE: Shiko no Ichigoni, Tamashi Kometa Uni Donburi, Tonosama Zassha, Ichigoni
MAGICAL RICE: Gokuraku Doria, Miracle Chahan, Ochinamida no Rizotto, Goka na 
CREAMY CHEESE: Senritsu no Gratin, Choemi no Plateau, Maroyaka Cheese Pizza, 
  Hizo no Gorgon(zola)
SWEET FRUIT: Chateau Lateul*, 1up Pudding, Gateau Margorenne, Byuriho Ice 
GEREGERE SLIME: Amoeba Soup, Ooze Cocktail, Slime Jelly, Gelatin Steak
BURUBURU SLIME: Amoeba Soup, Slime Jelly, Ooze Cocktail, Gelatin Steak
YARMA NO SHOKUZAI SET (Yarma's Ingredient Set): Majin-ryu Martini, Majin-ryu 
  Yasai Soup, Romanekonchi, Majin-ryu Hire Steak

Genso Bunsekiki, RIRICA, Survival Kit, Handakote, Flare Bomb, Sankaku Flask, 
Mekki Tebukuro, Protect Bomb, Magician Hand, Mind Bomb, Music School, Word 
Processor Software, Graphics Tool, Tetrabomb, Pikopiyo Bomb,  Nuclear Bomb, 
Assault Bomb, Orgol, Half-Dead Bomb, Killer Poison, Soul Trap, High Mecha 
Launcher*, Plasma Biribiribou*, Ultra Punch*, Iron Punch*, One-two Punch*, 
Straight Punch*, Black System**, White System**, Green System**, X Box**, 
Booster Box**, Black Box**, Magic Box** 
* These items can only be made by Precis
** These items can only be made by Opera

Notes on Customize:
Since you can Customize any weapon you find in the game, and many combinations 
can give you multiple types of weapons, to put all the combinations here would 
be endless. (and probably impossible to compile) Basically, these are the rules 
I made for deciding what goes in here:
1) The weapon made becomes more powerful, either in attack power or through any 
special effects it has (like halving MP use, special Zokusei, etc.)
2) The weapon is not something you can buy
3) The weapon is not something really weak
So if you're going to email me with additions here, make sure it's a unique 
combination and/or it's something really powerful. There are some unique 
combinations that make really weak weapons so that kind of defeats the purpose. 

If you see (Weapon) or (Ore) it means that you can put any weapon or any ore 
into that slot to get the result. Note however that for  a lot of these 
combinations, you need the item "Magical Rasp," which allows you to make more 
powerful weapons, so if you wonder how you can make weapons as powerful as the 
Aura Blade by mixing anything together, that's why. :)

Eternal Sphere: Minos Sword + Mithril
Minos Sword: Sharp Edge + Mithril
Aura Blade: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Silvance: (Weapon) + Orihalcon
Grandsting: Sharp Edge + Damascus

Empresia: Kaiser Knuckle + Moonite
Sorceress Knuckle: Magical Glove + Rune Metal, Rune Full Moon + Kenja no Ishi
Kaiser Knuckle: (Weapon) + Ore

Rod of Snakes: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Silver Moon: Silver Rod + Moonite
Holy Rod: (Weapon) + Orihalcon
Dragon Tusk: Holy Rod + Star Ruby, Ruby Rod + Orihalcon

Holy Cross: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Gemini: Starlight/Pair Nuts + Meteorite
Melfa: Psyzer + Damascus

Burst Box: Magic Box + Kenja no Ishi
Pulse Box: Beta Box/Nu box + Orihalcon
Seventh Ray: Light Box + Rainbow Diamond

UGA Punch: SD Punch + Damascus
SDUGA Punch: UGA Punch + Meteorite
SD Punch: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Thunder Punch: (Weapon) + Diamond
Burning Hand: (Weapon) + Star Ruby
Spark Hand: (Weapon) + Rainbow Diamond

Ashura: Titan Fist + Rainbow Diamond
Kaiser Knuckle: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Titan Fist: Hecaton Kale + Iron, Giant Fist + Rainbow Diamond
Moon Fist: Rune Full Moon + Diamond

Flare Whip: (Weapon) + Star Ruby
Freeze Whip: (Weapon) + Kenja no Ishi
Invisible: Light Whip + Mithril
Dark Whip: Tanbunshi Wire + Damascus

Shisento "Koro": (Weapon) + (Ore)
Whirlwind: (Weapon) + Meteorite
Hard Cleaver: Breeze Hope + Rainbow Diamond
Crimson D:  (Weapon) + Star Ruby
Soul Slayer: Crimson D + Kenja no Ishi/Hard Cleaver + Damascus
Ruins Fate: Minos Sword + Damascus

No no Kozo: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Monshojutsu Riron: (Weapon) + Rune Metal
Monshojutsu Daijiten: Monshojutsu Riron + Moonite
Ankoku no Sho: (Weapon) + Damascus
Seinaru Shomotsu: Ankoku no Sho + Mithril
Konton no Sho: Ankoku no Sho + Damascus
Kodai no Shomotsu: Konton no Sho + Damascus

Dragon Claw: (Weapon) + Moonite
Tiger Fang: Felpar Nail + Crystal
Platinum Nail: Tiger Fang + Mithril
Serpent Tooth: Eagle Claw + Sapphire
Grizzly Clasp: Dragon Claw + Iron

Electron: (Weapon) + (Ore)
Flame Gun: (Weapon) + Star Ruby
Flare Gun: Flame Gun + Meteorite
Cracker: (Weapon) + Damascus
Psychic Gun: Cracker + Kenja no Ishi
Shock Gun: (Weapon) + Mithril
Freeze: Shock Gun + Sapphire

Note: While there are generally 7-8 different items that can be made from each 
ore/gem, each character in the party can only make three or four of those 7 or 
8. So I've put a letter for each of the characters:
Cr-Crawd, Re-Rena, Ce-Celine, As-Ashton, Op-Opera, Pr-Precis, Bo-Bowman, Er-
Ernest, Di-Dias, Le-Leon, No-Noel, Ch-Chisato

 Shikkoku no Pierce: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, Le, No
 Heavy Ring: Cr, Ce, As, Pr, No, Ch, Er
 Hard Ring: Cr, Ce, As, Op, Pr, Ch, Er
 Hen na Ningyo: Re, Ce, As, Pr, No, Er
 Poison Check: Cr, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Hard Pierce: Cr, As, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Paralyze Check: Re, Op, Di, Bo, Le
 Stone Check: Re, Di, Bo, No, Le
 Silver Ring: Cr, Ce, As, Pr, Le, Er
 Silver Baretta: Cr, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Silver Pendant: Re, Op, Di, Bo, No, Ch
 Silver Charm: Re, Cel, No, Le
 Silver Idol: Re, As, Pr, No, Er
 Silver Cross: Cr, As, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Silver Pierce: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, No, Le
 Angel Hair: Cr, As, Od, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Necklace: Cr, Ce, Op, No
 Gold Crown: Re, Ce, As, Op
 Gold Ring: Re, Ce, Op, No
 Shutrum Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, No, Le
 Gold Idol: Re, As, No, Er
 Gold Bracelet: Cr, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Ch
 Gold Pierce: Cr, As, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Gold Cross: Cr, Di, Pr, Ch, Er
 Blue Talisman: Re, Ce, Op, Pr, No, Re, Er
 Aquaring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le
 Feat Symbol: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Le
 Water Ring: No, Le
 Purple Mist: Cr, Di, No, Ch, Er
 Anklet: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le
 Gale Pierce: Cr, As, Di, Bo, Ch
 Recoil Bracelet: Cr, Ce, Op, Pr, Ch
 Fire Ring: Ce, Le
 Blood Pierce: Re, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Flare Ring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Shield Pierce: Re, As, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Berserk Ring: Cr, Pr, Ch
 Ruby Pierce: Cr, As, Op, Bo, Ch
 Holy Ring: Re, Ce, As, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Princess Ring: Re, Ce, Pr, Ch
 Glass no Kutsu: Re, Ce, Op, Ch
 Kofuku no Pendant: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Le, Er
 Resist Ring: Cr, As, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Reflection Ring: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Prism Ring: Cr, Op, Pr, Ch
 Kaeru: Cr, Di, Pr, No, Ch
 Emerald Ring: Re, Ce, As, Di, Bo, No, Le
 Talisman: Re, Ce As, Bo, No, Le, Er
 Emerald Pierce: Re, Ce, No
 Crown: Cr, Ce, As, Op, Er
 Fairy Ring: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Re, Ch, Er
 Green Bracelet: Re, Di, Bo, Pr, No, Le, Ch
 Might Chain: Cr, Op, Di, Pr, Ch
 Rot Bracelet: Cr, Op, Pr, Ch, Er
 Pretty Idol: Re, As, No, Er
 Attack Pierce: Cr, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch
 Thunder Ring: Ce, No
 First Pierce: Cr, Ce, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Promised Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Pr, No, Le
 Flash Pierce: Cr, Re, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Kagayaki no Pierce: Re, As, Op, No, Le
 Reverse Doll: Cr, Di, Bo, Ch, Er
 Stardust Ring: Re, Ce, Di, Pr, Le 
 Star Pierce: Re, Ce, No, Le
 Star Necklace: Re, Ce, No, Le
 Protect Ring: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, No, Le
 Eclipse Ring: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Ruby Pendant: Cr, As, Op, Bo, No, Ch
 Shield Ring: Cr, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Left Cross: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Le
 Dream Bracelet: Cr, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch
 Regenerate Ring: Cr, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Heal Ring: Re, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Magic Mist: Re, No, Le, Er
 Magic Cross: Re, Pr, No, Le
 Soyokaze no Pierce: Cr, Ce, As, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Atlas Ring: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch, Er
 Lunar Tablet: Re, Ce, As, Op, Bo, Pr, Ch, Er
 Moon Pierce: Re, Ce, As, Bo, Pr, Le
 Battlelayer Ring: Re, Ce, As, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Lunar Talisman: Cr, Di, No, Le
 Moon Light: Cr, Ce, As, Op, Di, Bo, No, Le, Ch
 Insane Ring: Cr, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Lunatic Ring: Re,ハCe, Pr Er
 Lunatic Pierce: Cr, Op, Di, No, Ch, Er
 Infinity Ring: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Er
 Mental Ring: Cr, Ce, Di, Bo, Pr, Le, Ch, Er
 Wise Ring: Cr, Ce, Op, Di, Bo, Pr, Ch
 Hama no Yubiwa: Re, As, No, Le, Er
 Piyohan: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, Ch
 Misty Symbol: Re, Ce, Pr, No, Le, Er
 Piyonon: Cr, As, Op, Di, Bo, Le, Ch
 Mind Ring: Re, As, Op, No
Failures: Heppokonakazari, Omotai Yubiwa, Dasadasa na Pierce

Mandrake + Mandrake: Risky Liquid, Natural high, Crash Pill, Violent Pill
Mandrake + Rose Hip: Attack Bottle, Kamikaze Tonic, Smoke Mist, Flash Pot,
Mandrake + Artemis Leaf: Liquor Bottle, Danger Pot, Sweet Syrup, Sour Syrup
Mandrake + Trikabuto: Lilith Tonic, Bubble Lotion, Fairy Toware, Melty Lotion
Mandrake + Lavender: Nightmare Pot, Marine Drink, Smoke Oil, Maple Syrup
Mandrake + Aseras: Energy Tonic, Risky Liquid, Hot Syrup, Herbal Oil
Rose Hip + Rose Hip: Cure Poison, Maple Syrup, Cure Paralyze, Mix Syrup
Rose Hip + Artemis Leaf: Cure Paralyze, Cure Poison, Marionette Pill, Idaten 
Rose Hip + Trikabuto: Nightmare Pot, Succubus Cologne, Danger Pot, Paralyze Mist
Rose Hip + Lavender: Fresh Syrup, Holy Mist, Fruit Syrup, Sweet Syrup
Rose Hip + Aseras: Kamikaze Tonic, Succubus Cologne, Idaten Nankou, Mental Poit
Artemis Leaf + Artemis Leaf: Care Tablet, Liquor Bottle, Fairy Glass, Danger Pot
Artemis Leaf + Trikabut: Sour Syrup, Violent Pill, Hot syrup, Fruit Syrup
Artemis Leaf + Lavender: Ressurect Mist, Kitsuke Kusuri, Medical Rinse, 
Artemis Leaf + Aseras: Tokkouyaku, Fresh Pot, Liquor Bottle, Herbal Oil
Trikabut + Trikabut: Mad Mist, Stink Gel, Bitter Lotion, Melty Lotion,
Trikabut + Lavender: Bitter Lotion, Paralyze Oil, Melty Lotion, Stink Gel, 
Trikabut + Aseras: Shock Oil, Bubble Lotion, Pixie Cologne, Lilith TOnic
Lavender + Lavender: Medical Rinse, Mix Syrup, Resurrect Bottle, Herbal Oil
Lavender + Aseras: Resurrect Mist, Energy Tonic, Holy Mist, Fresh Syrup
Aseras + Aseras: Kitsukekusuri, Fairy Mist, Idaten Nankou, Resurrect Bottle

Level 1: Silver, Gold
Level 2: Ruby, Sapphire
Level 3: Green Beryl, Crystal
Level 4: Diamond
Level 5: Star Ruby
Level 6: Damascus, Rune Metal*
Level 7: Orihalcon, Rainbow Diamond*
Level 8: Moonite*, Kenja no Ishi*, Meteorite*, Mithril*
* In order to make these, you must have the item "Rezard Flask"

Gyokarui + Gyokarui: Osashimi
Gyokarui + Kudamono: Shita Hirame Wine Sauce
Gyokarui + Kokumotsu: Fukahire Jiaozi
Gyokarui + Nikurui: Umi Tsubame no Ha no Soup
Gyokarui + Yasai: Matsutake no Osuimono
Gyokarui + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Chawanmushi
Kudamono + Kudamono: Yonashi no Conopote
Kudamono + Kokumotsu: Ichigo Daifuku
Kudamono + Nikurui: Muscat Jelly
Kudamono + Yasai: Konnyaku Jelly
Kudamono + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Coconut Milk
Kokumotsu + Kokumotsu: Kinako Ohagi
Kokumotsu + Nikurui: Niku Hosokiri Chahan
Kokumotso + Yasai: Kasukiyoke
Kokumotsu + Tamago/Nyuseihin: French Toast
Nikurui + Nikurui: Gyuhireniku no Steak
Nikurui + Yasai: Beijing Duck
Nikurui + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Cream Stew
Yasai + Yasai: Yasai Itame
Yasai + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Yogurt Salad
Nyuseihin + Nyuseihin: Plain Omlette

Crawd: Kaze no Wakusei (The Planet of Wind), Hoshiboshi no Taikai (Star Ocean)
Rena: Anata Shika Mienai (I See Only You), Koi wa Romance (Love is Romance)
Celine: Sekai wa Watashi no Tame ni (The World Was Made For Me), Moero, Ii Onna
 (Burn, Sexy Lady!)
Ashton: NO to Ieru Otoko (The Man That can Say No), Furikaeranai (Never Look
Opera: Michi no Bunmei (Technology Not Yet Discovered), Idai na Senjin-tachi
 (Our Great Ancestors)
Precis: Katte ne (Buy Me!), "O"tome no Himitsu (Secret of a Virgin)
Bowman: Kuronekokan Satsujin Jiken (The Case of the Murder in Black Cat Manor), 
 Ro-Ningyo Satsujin Jiken (The Case of the Wax Dummy Murder)
Ernest: Countdown, Ushinawareta Saigo no Seiハ(The Lost Last Holy Coffer)
Dias: Chinureta Michi (WThe Bloody Path), Ikiru (Live) 
Leon: Monsho Goseigaku Jokyu-hen (Advanced Monshojutsu Synthesis), Tokushu 
 Monshogaku Riron (Special Monshojutsu Theory)
Noel: Dobutsu to Tsukiau (Befriending Animals), Daishizen no Setsuri (Providence 
 of Nature)
Chisato: Shinjitsu wa Hitotsu! (There Is Only One Truth!), Kanzen Tasatsu Manual 
 (The Perfect Murder Manual)

Note: The items you will make with Blacksmith depend on whether or not you have 
the Magical Rasp. The items here are divided into with or without Magical Rasp

Without Magical Rasp:
IRON: Knight Shield, Plate Greave, Ring Mail, Plate Helm, Banded Helm
ORIHALCON: Neo Greave, Barrier Shield, Barrier Armor, Hermit Helm, Rare Gauntlet
DAMASCUS: Chaos Mail, Bloody Armor, Bloody Helm,  Core Plate
MOONITE: Jannu Helm, Witch Boots, Jannu Shield, Jannu Armor
MITHRIL: Mithril Coat, Mithril Dress, Mithril Shield, Mithril Mesh
METEORITE: Star Greave, Star Guard, Star Cloak, Star Necklace 
RUNE METAL: Rune Shoes, Wizard Met, Wizard Mail, Rune Buckler

With the Magical Rasp:
IRON: Bannou Houchou, Plate Mail
ORIHALCON: Odin Helm, Reflex, 
DAMASCUS: Duel Suit, Algol, Duel Helm 
MOONITE: Ishtar Robe, Isis Tiara, Kali Hand
MITHRIL: Paras Atene
METEORITE: Sylvan Helm, Sylvan Boots, Sylvan Mail
RUNE METAL: Mirage Robe, Taka no Hagoromo

Nisesatsu, Gizo Kogitte, Gizo Shorui, Kakebun, Fill Up, Gizo Kunsho, Sashiosae, 
Keiyaksho, Seimei Hoken, Ura Chobo
Failure: Fuwatari Tegata

-----------------------------USEFUL ITEMS---------------------------
I'd be insane to try and cover all 800+ items in Star Ocean: The Second Story 
here, but here are a some whose uses may not be straightforward. (especially if 
you can't read Japanese) All these items are in Japanese alphabetical order 
because that's the way the game arranges them. Also if the item's only value is 
visible by pressing S, or blatantly obvious like "Cure Poison," then I omitted 

Attack Bottle: Increases attack power in battle temporarily
Assault Bomb: Attacks enemies close by
Idaten: Lets your party escape from battle
Idaten Ship: Increases one character's running speed to the maximum level
Idaten Nanko: Increases all characters' running speed to the maximum level
Extend Card:
Energy Tomic: Switches a character's HP and MP levels
Kaiga "Saigo no Shinpan": Casts Shadow Flare
Kaiga "Saigo no Bansan": Kills the character using it, but heals all others
Kaiga "Sakebi": Summons a demon to attack a single enemy
Kaiga "Haru":  Heals all character's HP and MP levels to max
Kamikaze Tonic: Increases attack power in battle temporarily
Kimyo na Kusuri: Either produces a very positive or very negative effect for the 
Killer Poison: Poisons enemies
Crash Pill: The user transforms his or her/life energy into an energy blast, 
  killing him/herself to attack the enemies. 
Care Tablet: Protects the user from various status ailments in battle
Goshintai: Randomly kills all enemies facing you
Silence Card: Mutes a single enemy
Succubus Cologne: Causes monsters to approach the character using it in battle
Shock Oil: Spreads an oil on the ground that drains the MP of enemies on it
Cinderella Glass: Decreases prices in shops
Super Ball: Fires a bouncing ball to damage a single ememy
Stink Gel: Randomly poisons enemies attacked by user's weapon
Smoke Oil: Reduces one enemy's speed
Smoke Mist: Reduces all enemies' speed
Soul Trap: Randomly kills enemies when you land on top of them
Dummy Doll: Reduces enemies' Accuracy ratings
Tamatebako: Get three random items
Chie no Kagami: Increases your entire party's intelligence temporarily
Twins Tonic: Changes YJD of all characters-->imbibing charater to 8
Discovery Card: Increases chance of getting items after the battle
Tetrabomb: Fires lasers in four different directions
Danger Pot: Heals characters, but randomly inflicts character with status 
  ailments too
Tri-Ball: Fires three balls at the enemy to do damage
Nightmare Pot: Heals a wounded character that uses it, but damages healthy ones
Natural High: Characters using this in battle get high and become uncontrollable
Nuclear Bomb: Damages everything on the battlefield heavily, characters and 
Violent Pill: Either kills or heals the character using it
Hyper Ball: Fires balls in eight directions to damage enemies
Half Dead Bomb: Cuts a single enemy's HP in half
Bubble Lotion: Randomly kills enemies attacked by user's weapon
Paralyze Oil: Paralyzes one enemy
Paralyze Mist: Paralyzes all enemies
Pikopiyo Bomb: Dizzies a single enemy
Victorial Card: Increases all characters' Guts rating
Pixie Cologne: Increases a character's magic power, but makes them 
Bikkuribako: Open it and either get an item or a fight with enemies
Bitter Lotion: Randomly kills enemies attacked by user's weapon
Biyaku: Sets all characters AJD--->using character to 8.
Fountain Card: Gives you a random item when used in camp
Fairy Glass: For a short period of time in battle, the character using uses up 
  no MP
Fairy's Card: Heals all characters' HP in battle
Fairy Toilette: Causes enemies to avoid the character using in battle
Fairy Mist: For a short period of time in battle, all characters use up no MP
Vol Up Card: Doubles the amount of Vol you get after a battle
Flash Pot: Allows Item Creations/skills to succeed without required talents for
  a short time.
Blank Mist: Ignores enemies' Zokusei strengths and weaknesses in battle
Flare Bomb: Damages a single enemy with fire damage
Protect Bomb: Attacks enemies near the character using it
Hexagram Card:
Mind Bomb: Reduces a single enemy's MP to 0
Magical Drop: Stops time for a short period of time in battle
Mad Mist: Confuses all enemies for a short period of time.
Marionette Pill: Revive a dead character and increase their power in battle, but
  they cannot be controlled
Mint Pot: Increases success rate of item creations for a short period of time
Medical Rinse: Causes characters to slowly regenerate their HP in battle
Melty Lotion: Randomly kills enemies attacked by user's weapon
Mental Pot: Increases a single character's magic power in battle
Mortarial Card: Guarantees a critical hit your next attack
Yosei no Zo: Kills a single enemy in battle
Revival Card: Even if the character using gets killed, s/he will come back to
  life in battle
Risky Liquid: Revives characters but brings them back with status ailments
Lilith Tonic: Increases attack power, but renders characters uncontrollable

Aqua Ring: Negates 50% of all ice spells cast at the wearer
Atlas Ring: Gives a huge boost to attack power
Eclipse Ring: Gives the wearer a Kyoda skill of 3 while wearing it
Infinity Ring: Increases the wearer's EXP gained during battle:
Water Ring: Raises the power of the wearer's water spells
Emerald Pierce: Boosts the wearer's Hayaguchi skill to 5 while wearing it
Emerald Ring: Reduces MP usage by 1/3
Kanashimi no Yubiwa: Reduces attack power, but raises defense power
Gale Pierce: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 1
Gold Pierce: Increases Evade Rate
Kofuku no Pendant: Wards off monsters
Thunder Ring: Increases power of Lightning-Based spells of the wearer
Shield Pierce: Reduces magical damage to wearer by 80%
Shield Ring: Reduces physical attacks to the wearer by 90%
Shikkoku no Pierce: Absorbs 1/20 of magic damage to the wearer's MP
Silver Charm: Increases the wearer's magic power
Silver Pendant: Increases the running speed of the wearer
Stardust Ring: Negates 50% of all star-based spells cast on the wearer
Star Pierce: Gives the wearer a Hayaguchi skill of 3 while wearing it
Star Necklace: Gives the wearer a Hayaguchi skill of 3 while wearing it
Stone Check: Immunizes the wearer from petrification
Slayer Ring: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 2
Soyokaze no Pierce: Increases the wearer's running speed
Talisman: Increases defense power
Tozoku Tebukuro: Allows usage of the "Pickpocket" skill
Dream Bracelet: Increases the wearer's level by 1 while wearing it
Trickster: Randomly gives you items while walking
Hard Ring: Increases attack power
Hard Pierce: Increases attack power but decreases defense power
Purple Mist: Allows the party to run away from battle more easily
Bile Tear: Absorbs 1/10 of magic damage to the wearer's MP
Hama no Yubiwa: Repels all enemies
Paraly(ze) Check: Immunizes the wearer from Petrification
Heal Ring: Regenerates the wearer's HP during battle
Piyonon: Prevents the wearer from getting dizzy
Piyohan: Cuts dizzy time for the wearer in half
Berserk Ring: Increases the chance of the wearer getting angry in battle
First Pierce: Prevents Back attacks (but not Raid attacks)
Fire Ring: Increases the power of the wearer's fire spells
Fairy Tear: Absorbs 1/10 of magic damage to the wearers HP
Fairy Ring: Reduces MP usage by 1/2
Feat Symbol: Increases the wearer's attack power and Avoidance rate
Fortune: Randomly gives you items while walking
Flash Pierce: Absorbs all lightning damage as MP
Blood Pierce: Absorbs 10% of all physical attacks as HP
Prism Ring: The wearer has a 5% chance of receiving no damage for each attack
Princess Ring: Increases the wearer's max MP
Blue Talisman: Increases the wearer's defense power
Flare Ring: Negates fire attacks with a 50% chance.
Protection Ring: Causes some attacks to heal the wearer instead of damage
Holy Ring: Protects the wearer from 10% of all spells
Poison Check: Immunizes the wearer from Poison
Might Chain: Increases attack power
Mind Ring: Regenerates MP for the wearer during battle
Magic Cross: Redirects 20% of all attacks to nearby monsters
Magic Mist: Helps the party run away in battle
Magician Hand: Allows usage of the "Pickpocket" skill with greater success rate 
  than "Tozoku Tebukuro"
Mischief: Randomly gives you items while walking
Moon Pierce: Redirects 10% of all attacks to nearby allies
Moonlight: Raises the wearer's max HP and MP
Meteo Ring: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 1
Mental Ring: Regenerates MP for the wearer during battle
Right Cross: Increases a character's max MP
Lunar Talisman: Increases a character's max HP
Lunar Tablet: Increases a character's max MP
Recoil Bracelet: Redirects 10% of all attacks to nearby enemies
Resist Ring: Reduces damage of magic attacks by 90%
Regenerate Ring: Heals character's wounds in battle
Reverse Doll: Revives a character immediately after dying, but gets destroyed in
  the process
Reflection Ring: Absorbs magic damage as HP
Link Combo: Allows the character equipping it to create Link Combos with their
Lunatic Pierce: Increases power, but reduces accuracy
Lunatic Ring: Makes the wearer all but immune to damage, but makes him/her 
  constantly dizzy
Left Cross: Increases a character's max HP
Rot Bracelet: Changes damage the character wearing it receives to anywhere from
  double damage to 1/4 damage.
Wise Ring: Immunizes the wearer to all status ailments

Machines/Miscellaneous Items:
Ura Chobo (Full account ledger): Use in a shop to find out the owner's tax fraud
  and blackmail them into giving you items for free
Olgol (Music Box): Increases encounter rate
Gizo Kunsho (Fake Medallion): Reduces EXP required to raise next level to 1 
  (only up to level 100)
Keiyakusho (Contract): Use in a town to use its inn for free for the rest of the
Graphics Tool: Increases success rate of Art
Genso Bunsekiki (Element Analyzer): Increases success rate of Kantei
Survival Kit: Increases success rate of Survival
Sankaku Flask: Increases success rate of Renkin
Seimei Hoken (Life Insurance): Get level x 1000V for characters that die in the 
Sashiosae (Property Seizure form): Get a random item
Handagote (Pewter Container): Increases success rate of Saiku
Fill Up: Get 3 random items
Magical Rasp: Allows creation of more powerful Customize and Blacksmith armor 
  and weapons
Music Tool: Increases success rate of creating songs
Mekki Tebukuro (Sterilized gloves): Increases success rate of Chogo
Lezard's Flask (may have that name spelled wrong): Allows creation of more rare
  minerals through Renkin
Wapuro Soft (Word Processor Software): Increases success rate of Shippitsu and
RIRICA: Like the Magical Camera, used in Fukusei duplications, only has a higher
  success rate.


Once you get to Fun City, which is the SO2 equivalent of Otanimu from SO1, you 
will have the opportunity to play several mini-games. While the "Virtual RPG" of 
SO1 was removed, the Arena has been improved upon, and the Cooking Master 
Contest and Bunny Races were added.

The Arena is on the west side of Fun City, through the lower door. The rules of 
the Arena are the same as the first Star Ocean; you control one character 
against your enemy and have to defeat it. Run out of HP, get paralyzed, 
petrified, or swallowed, and it counts as a loss. Once you finish the series of 
matches without losing, you will win whatever item(s) or money the battle 
awarded. However, in SO2nd, you can choose what rank to play instead of being 
automatically advanced in rank, so you don't need to beat B, C, and D Rank first 
to play A Rank if you don't want to.  Another difference is that instead of 
there being just one type of Arena battle, there are four: Duel Battle, Bring 
Battle, Team Battle, and Survival Battle. Also, if you want to fight in the 
Arena, it will cost you 2000V to enter.

Duel Battle
This is essentially the same as the Arena from SO1; it is a series of four one-
one-one battles between the challenger and his or her opponent. Upon winning all 
four battles, you will be given an item or several items. With the exception of 
Rank A, all the items you win are the same regardless of character.  
The prizes for Duel Battle:
Rank E: Piyohan for Fighters, 5 x Kaeru for Magicusers
Rank D: Bomberman Set (Assault Bomb, Flare Bomb, Protect Bomb, Nuclear Bomb) for 
Fighters, Hoseki Set (Orihalcon, Damascus, Star Ruby, Meteorite, Mithril, 
Moonite, Rune Metal) for Magic Users.
Rank C: Gokabishiko Set (Fukahire Jiaozi, Umi Tsubame no Ha Soup, Beijing Duck, 
Kokuryuu "Sekidaya) for Fighters, 5 x Romaconenchi for Magic Users
Rank B: Moon Tiara for Fighters, Magical Drop for Magic Users
The prize for Rank A is different for each character. They are:
Crawd: Meiken Veinslay, Rena: Felpar Nail, Celine: Prime Prayer, Ashton: Somato, 
Opera: Psycho Box, Precis: Hyper Punch, Bowman: Flare Burst, Ernest: Nine Tail, 
Dias: Yoto Cromlayer, Leon: Satori no Sho, Noel: Death Fang, Chisato: Aerogun
You can only get this once though. After winning it again, you get money 

Bring Battle
This is like the Duel Battle, except that one character is pitted against 
several opponents. Instead of winning items for completing a Bring Battle, you 
win Vol and Skill points.
Rank F: 1000V, 2SP
Rank E: 5000V, 5SP
Rank D: 10,000V, 15SP
Rank C: 20,000V, 30SP
Rank B: 40,000V, 50SP
Rank A: 80,000V, 100SP

Team Battle
In this type of fight, you send 5 characters into the fight (I dunno what 
happens if you try to enter with fewer than 5 party members) who fight a series 
of one-on-one battles with a team of enemies. Whoever wins more fights wins the 
match. In other words, the first team to reach 3 wins wins. So if you beat the 
first three battles the match ends automatically without the fights progressing 
to the captain of the team. And since the enemies you meet in Team Battles get 
harder and harder as you progress, this is usually the best way to go as well. 
Winning Team Battles nets you items:
Rank F: Purple Mist
Rank E: Soyokaze no Pierce
Rank D: Magic Cross
Rank C: Dream Crown
Rank B: Right Cross
Rank A: Star Guard

Survival Battle
There are no Ranks in the Survival battle; it is the same every time you play. 
It is essentially exactly the same as a Duel Battle, except that you have to win 
50 matches in a row against progressively stronger opponents. Once you get into 
the last 20 matches or so, the monsters start to become boss-class monsters, so 
it is not easy.  If you manage to win the Survival Battle you will win the 
Fortune item; when you equip it it will give you items randomly as you walk. If 
you manage to win the Survival battle twice, you will only get a kiss from the 
Arena Princess.

I usually use Crawd for this since he's the strongest character. Equip the best 
equipment you can, equipping those with the best Stamina bonuses. There are a 
few essentials though: for the weapon, you are going to want the Eternal Sphere, 
and for the Greaves you are going to want the Bunny Shoes. (Without the Bunny 
shoes you basically cannot win) I usually equip a Fairy Ring and Regenerate ring 
for the accessories. For Hissatsuwaza, I assign Kuhazan and Bakuretsuha.

With the Bunny Shoes, you can outrun anything, so if the battle goes badly you 
can keep away from any enemy and regenerate with the Regenerate Ring. The sole 
exception to this is battle #41, where you're fighting the Chinke Thief Lv. 99, 
who will be as fast as you. Although it takes a very long time, you can stay as 
far away as possible and fire Kuhazan at enemies that would kill you at close 
range, especially the wormlike enemies that can swallow you whole. If you dizzy 
an opponent, run in and slash them with the Eternal Sphere and you should be 
able to keep them dizzy until they die; if not, you can run away and repeat the 
process. I find it easier to connect with the tougher enemies using Bakuretsuha, 
but you need to be close to use it so it's riskier. You won't be able to ground 
slashes agains the Weird Aevior (battle #31) unless it's dizzy, so keep using 
the Bakuretsuha, and it shouldn't be able to get close to you, even when using a 
Master Attack.

Fight #50: The Hell Servant
The Hell Servant has 450,000 HP and no weaknesses.  At the start of the fight it 
will charge at you using a Master Attack which will kill you outright no matter 
how many HP you have, unless Guts succeed and leave you with 1 HP. So to start 
with you need to dodge the Master Attack. Without the Bunny Shoes this is not 
possible, so be sure you've got them on. Dodge his Master Attack, run behind 
him, and use Bakuretsuha to try to make him dizzy. If it doesn't make him dizzy 
keep trying to run behind him and using it until he does get dizzy. If you get 
hurt, don't try to run away and wait to heal yourslef with the Regenerate Ring; 
before you can, the Hell Servant will cast Meteo Swarm and kill you. Once it is 
dizzy start slashing with the Eternal Sphere since you can connect while he's 
dizzy since it's closer to the ground. Before you start slashing though, use a 
Bubble Lotion, Melty Lotion, or Bitter Lotion, if you have one left over, on 
your sword.  When applied to your sword these items give your weapon a chance to 
kill your opponent outright. Given the power and amount of HP that the Hell 
Servant has, it would be in your best interests to use it, as it is unlikely you 
will survive a prolonged battle with it.

The Bunny Races are located at the North end of Fun City. To bet on the Bunny 
Races, you first have to buy a ticket. Each ticket costs 1000V. You can buy 
anywhere from 1 to 8 tickets at a time.

Once you start a race, you get to look at the four bunnies that are running. The 
announcer will go through each one, evaluate their speed, Stamina, personality 
and intelligence. Speed and Stamina are straightforward, but intelligence and 
personality determine how the bunnies will act on the track.  You can bypass 
this if you wish. Then you get a list of the prizes offered, and are asked to 
bet on which bunny you think will finish first, and which will finish second. If 
you are right on both you will win the item.

Rules of the race:
Speed determines how fast the bunny runs around the track normally.
At any time, bunnies can dash ahead with a burst of speed. After the burst 
though they have to rest for a bit to regain their breath. The duration of this 
waiting is determined by the bunny's stamina. If a bunny hits another bunny 
during a dash, that bunny will be knocked out the way and stunned for a bit.
Sometimes, the bunnies will stop in the middle of the track and fall asleep. The 
duration of how long this lasts is random.

How personality/intelligence affects the race:
Smart bunnies know their limits and tend not to dash unless they know their 
recovery period is short enough to not hinder them in the race. Indecisive 
bunnies tend to act really unpredictably, falling asleep and dashing at random 
times. Short tempered bunnies are likely to knock into other bunnies with 
dashes.  This attribute is as important as speed or stamina; a slow and weak but 
smart bunny will often beat a faster and hardier but stupider bunny.

The items that you can win in each race are different. You can see what items 
you get for which combinations before you bet, so you can gamble on bunnies you 
think are less likely to win, but will give you an item you want more as well.

The Cooking Master contest costs 1000V to enter. It is an Item creation 
competition, and winning it is the only way to obtain some Chori ingredients 
that are not sold in stores. After listening to a speech by the Cooking King, 
you will be pitted against one of his students in a food-making competition. You 
then have 5 minutes to make as much food as you can.

Match types:
There are several different matches, determined at random. (Full Course match, 
Seafood match, etc.) Depending on what match you have, you are given a different 
set of ingredients at the start of the match.  Similarly, the ingredients you 
will be rewarded with if you win also depend on what type of match you are 
playing. These are the different matches and the prizes you get with them:

Yasai Taiketsu (Vegetable Match): Kokumotsu x 10, Pure Leaf x 2, Yasai x 10, 
Magical Rice x 1
Umi no Sachi Taiketsu (Fortune of the Sea Match): Gyokarui x 20, Kokyu Maguro x 
2, Ganze x 1
Dessert Taiketsu (Dessert Match):Kokumotsu x 10, Sweet fruit. x 4
Niku Taiketsu (Meat Match): Prize: Nikurui x 10, Tamago/Nyuseihin x 10, Juicy 
Beef x 3, Creamy Cheese x 3
Full Course Taiketsu: Gyokarui x 6, Kudamono x 6, Kokumotsu x 6, Nikurui x 6, 
Yasai x 6, Tamago/Nyuseihin x 8, Pure Leaf x 2, Juicy Beef x 1, Kokyu maguro x 
3, Ganze x 1, Magical Rice x 3, Creamy Cheese x 3, Sweet Fruit x 4,
Slime Taiketsu: Geregere Slime x 10, Buruburu Slime x 3

Pressing T sends you automatically to the Chori item creation screen. However, 
you can only open this screen when standing by the kitchen on the right side of 
the screen. From there you can choose whatever ingredients you have.  Just like 
normal item creation, the higher your Chori level, the better the chance that 
you will succeed in making anything. If you want to get more ingredients, you 
can run to the pile of food in the middle of the room and pick some up.

Under the Time Remaining Bar is the Pressure bar. This bar is a measure of your 
character's stress level. The higher this bar becomes, the tougher it is for the 
character to concentrate and likewise the harder it is for them to succeed. Each 
character has a base pressure range, and this will determine how much Pressure 
you start the match with. This range differs from character to character; less 
self-confident characters like Ashton and Noel will have higher Pressure levels 
whereas confident characters like Dias will start with lower levels.  If you 
increase your Dokyo skill though, you can lower this starting value. The amount 
of Pressure each Dokyo level takes away again depends on the character's 
confidence level.  During the match, you can lower your Pressure level by 
successfully making items. The better the food you make, the more Pressure 
increases. Similarly, if you fail your food creation, your Pressure will 
increase; the better the ingredient you tried to cook, the more your Pressure 
will increase.  Also, if you take a Super Ingredient from the food pile in the 
middle of the room, your Pressure will decrease.

After the 5 minutes are up, the Cooking King and his pet penguin Tenchu will 
taste both your food and your opponent's food, and whichever tasted better will 
win. Each food you successfully cook has a numeric taste value, which is the 
same as the number of percentage points that item would heal. and your final 
taste rating is the cumulative total of the valuse of all the items you 
successfully made. 

A lot of people complain that the Cooking Master contest is too hard, so here 
are some hints and notes:
Dokyo level is as important as Ryori level in this game so build it up.
In general, don't waste your time cooking normal ingredients; even if you 
succeed the items you make will not increase your total very much. Sticking only 
to super ingredients increases your chances of winning significantly. If you run 
out of super ingredients go back to the food pile and search it until you find 
If your Pressure starts out too high or raises too much during the match, run to 
the food pile and pick up super ingedients until you lower it to a better level. 
On that note, during the Slime Taiketsu even though the Geregere Slime and 
Buruburu Slime are exactly alike, only the Buruburu Slime counts as a Super 
Equip the character you are going to have enter with a Berebo, (ベレー帽) which 
increases Item Creation success rate. Also equip the Bannohocho (万能包丁) which 
increases Ryori success rate. (Actually, I think simply carrying the Bannohocho 
is enough, but it doesn't hurt to be safe)
There's a chance that when you start a contest your opponent will be 
Puffy rather than one of the King's students. In case you don't understand what 
she is saying when she says that she "wants to get you back for two years ago 
(?)" this is a Star Ocean 1 reference; Puffy was in charge of the "virtual RPG" 
game in Star Ocean 1, where you could feed her a Melt Potion (which normally 
kills the imbiber) and make her very sick--this is what she is referring to.

----------------------HINTS, TIPS, AND EASTER EGGS------------------


Galaxy and Universe mode, explained earlier in this FAQ, are unplayable your 
first time through the game. In fact, you may need to play through the game 
twice to gain access to it. In order to get the option to play either of these 
modes, you need to build up the Voice Collection List. The Voice collection List 
is a list of the 1,278 voice samples in the game. (Actually there are more, but 
the last boss' voice samples aren't on this list) Every time you hear one of 
these samples in the game, it is stored in this list and one of the blocks on 
the screen is filled, and you can select it to listen to it again. In order to 
gain access to the Galaxy and Universe modes, you need to get a certain 
percentage of the voice samples. The number is 30% for Galaxy and 50% for 
Universe, which would come to 384 and 639 samples respectively. Once you have 
enough sounds, before you start a new game, go to the Voice Collection screen. 
As soon as you do, the game will scan all attached memory cards for Star Ocean 
2nd saves and tally the number of samples heard between all the saves it finds. 
If the number exceeds the minimum amount needed for Galaxy/Universe, you will 
hear a chime and the message "Please go back to the title screen and select New 
Game" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you see this message, you 
will be able to select the more difficult mode(s) when starting a new game. In 
addition, once you hear 70% (895) of the voice samples, you will get access to a 
music test where you can select and listen to any of the music tracks in the 
game (with the exception of the end credits music)


This is not really an easter egg, but is enough of a way to "cheat" that it is 
worth mentioning. There are three items in the game that can sway the balance 
for you in battle very easily. These three items are the Bubble Lotion, the 
Melty Lotion, and the Bitter Lotion.  When you use these items in battle, you 
will apply it to your weapon, and when attacking the enemy, there will be a 
random chance that you will kill it instantly. The trick about it is that it 
works on anything, even bosses, including the last boss! There are some 
"unbeatable" boss fights in the game as well, where even if you hit the boss it 
doesn't do any damage; even these enemies are killable when using these items.  
If you cheat and do this in an "unwinnable battle", once the battle is over the 
story will proceed as if you had lost, however.  Note that if you apply the 
lotions, it will still be random whether or not the enemy will die instantly, 
and if an affected character dies and is revived, the effects of the Lotion will 
be lost.

NOTE: Before you try this trick, you might want to back up your save data. So 
far I have never lost any save data or had it corrupted using this trick, but it 
never hurts to be careful.

This bug/cheat is probably the most useful one in Star Ocean: The Second Story, 
and can be used in all sorts of ways to manipulate the game. What the trick 
essentially does is "transplant" one party into another save. Here is how it 

First, start a game, (SAVE 1) and in an area where you can get attacked by 
monsters, play the Violin song Hero Tojo, or the Trumpet Song Akuma no Senritsu. 
These two songs summon monsters to fight you.

Now, before the song ends, and without leaving the Camp screen, quickly go to 
the File screen and load a second game. (SAVE 2)

The minute that your second game loads, the effect of the Violin/Trumpet song 
will still be in effect, and your party in Save 2 will enter a battle. Finish 
the battle (either run or win) and your party in Save 2 will be transported to 
the place that your party on Save 1 was when you first played the song! Now save 
the game, (SAVE 3) either in a new slot or over an old one.
The reason this is useful is that you can transplant the party from Save 2 into 
the "world" for Save 1. This is the data from each of the first two Saves that 
will now be in Save 3:

Save 1:  Hero (ie either Crawd or Rena), Completed Events, Completed Private 
Actions, Event Items, People pickpocketed from, Songs learned, Treasure boxes 

Save 2: Party & their stats/levels, Items, Equipment, Money, Skills, Battle 
Rank, Battle Formation, Voice Collection, Play Time, Emotional Point Ratings, 

Basically, your party and all their items, money, etc, will be transported to 
the point of time in the game where the party in Save 1 is.

Sometimes, when the fight after loading Save 2 ends, the screen will black out 
and the game will freeze. If this happens, reset the game, reload Save 1, fight
a few more battles on Save 1, and repeat the trick.
Note that since you can't get the Violin or the Trumpet until Disc 2, you cannot 
use this trick on Disc 1. If you try to play the Violin on a Disc 2 save, and 
then load a Disc 1 save as your Save 2, the game will *always* freeze after the 
fight. Basically, it is impossible to transplant a Disc 1 party into a Disc 2 

1) Get items you've already gotten again.  Say that in Save 2 your party found a 
Marvel Sword in a treasure chest. You have the sword, but now the chest is 
empty.  Also say that your party in Save 1 has yet to open this treasure chest. 
If you transplant the party data from Save 2 into Save 1, you will still have 
the Marvel Sword, but you can open the chest and get ANOTHER Marvel Sword, since 
that treasure box has yet to be opened in Save 1.
2) Do the same Private Actions more than once.
Say you're trying to hook up Crawd and Celine. In Save 2, you went through a 
one-time Private Action that raised their Emotion Points toward each other. Then 
you use the Save Swap Technique to transplant the Save 2 party into Save 1, 
where that Private Action has not yet been done. Since Party 1 has not yet had 
that event, you could do the Private Action again to raise their Emotion Points 
even higher.

This is really complicated, and you can't do it until you're well into the bonus 
dungeon. But here is how it works.  If you have not finished the game you might 
not want to read this, because it probably won't make any sense.

Adding Members to your party:
Enter the part of the bonus dungeon where you can enter with 2 people and leave 
the rest of the party behind. Once you have a party of 2 characters and the rest 
waiting outside, play the Violin/Trumpet and load Save 2. 
Finish the battle and go outside. You can add the characters waiting outside in 
Save 1 to your Save 2 party! Save your Save 3 games with your new party members!

If the number of characters in your party is now more than 8:
Any characters that were on Save 2 to start with will stay in your party. If 
there are any extra characters in Save 1, the characters with the least order of 
importance will be kicked out automatically. The order of importance, from most 
to least, is:

1. Crawd, 2. Rena, 3. Celine, 4. Bowman, 5. Dias, 6. Precis, 7. Ashton, 8. Leon, 
9. Opera, 10. Ernest, 11. Noel, 12. Chisato.

To make things easier, here's an example.

Crawd, Dias, Opera, Ernest, Precis, Noel
Crawd, Rena, Chisato, Ashton, Bowman
Crawd, Rena, Chisato, Ashton, Bowman, Dias, Precis, Opera

Because Crawd, Rena, Chisato, Ashton, and Bowman were in the Save 2 party to 
start with they automatically will be in the Save 3 party. 6 characters in Save 
1 + 5 characters in Save 2= 11 characters in total, so 3 will have to be kicked 
out. Out of the 5 characters in Save 1, the two with the lowest importance value 
on the above scale are Noel and Ernest, so they get kicked out and the other 
three join party 2. Crawd from Save 1 automatically gets kicked out because 
Crawd was already in the Save 2 party.

Removing a member of your party:
If you thought adding members to your party was complicated you ain't seen 
nothing yet. Removing them is even worse.

STEP 1: 
Play the Violin in a save that is right before entering the Monshojutsu Research 
Facility in Armlock, and load Save 2. (In this case, Save 2 will be the party 
you want to remove a member from)
Finish the fight, then enter the Monshojutsu Research Facility with your 
transplanted party and get to the point where your hero separates from the rest 
of the party. At this point, go to the Save Point and save your game as Save 3 
with only the hero in your party.
STEP 3: Reload Save 2, and enter the bonus dungeon with the hero and the 
character you want to drop. Once inside the dungeon with only you and said 
character, play the Violin/Trumpet, and load Save 3.
You should now be in a battle with only your hero fighting. Finish the battle 
and you should be inside the bonus dungeon alone. Go outside and rejoin your 
party. Save your new save, Save 4.

The reason you have to do the step with the Monshojutsu Research facility is 
that it is the only point on Disc 2 where you will only be alone with the hero 
in a place you can save. If you had a save like Save 3 arranged from the start 
it would work, but then you would lose your items and levels for the hero you 
had in Save 2. This is really tough to explain so it will probably be even 
tougher to understand...sorry. :(


There are certain boss fights that automatically increase YJD and AJD by one 
point for all  characters in the battle toward each other. By playing these 
fights over again and again by traveling to earlier saves using the save swap 
technique, you can constantly increase your AR for characters many times. The 
only boss I know for sure this works on is Metatron, but I hear the bosses of 
the Chikara no Ba (Power Field) and Yuki no Ba (Courage Field) do the same 
thing. This is probably the easiest way to get it to work, and the fastest way 
to raise KJD for everyone. Once you have KJD high for everyone then you can 
sabotage it in several ways:

First, you can have a character you want to decrease KJD for pickpocket while 
the rest of the party is with him or her. This is probably the fastest way to 
decrease KJD for everyone toward a single character.

By using Shuppan books on a character, you can set YJD or AJD (depending on the 
book) for that character to 8, regardless of whether or not their current KJD 
levels are higher. This is probably the fastest way to sabotage a single 
character's KJD levels, since you need a 10 or above rating to pair characters 
in the ending. Also, the item Biyaku (媚薬, aphrodesiac) will set every 
character's AJD to 8 for the character that used it, and the item Twins Tonic 
will set every character's YJD to 8 for the character that used it. 

Although you can only do this for the hero of the game, it's kind of a neat 
trick anyway:
During a Private action, find a character in your party walking or standing 
around. Stand right in his/her face or path, and they'll stop and turn around, 
or walk another direction. Run around and block them again, and they'll turn 
again. If you continuously get in their face like this you will eventually piss 
them off; you can tell when when the little smoke trail raises over their head 
and they make a (usually nasty) remark.


In the first Star Ocean, you could use Item Creation to make your characters 
incredibly powerful without much effort by duplicating items and selling them 
for large amounts of money.  However, since Duplicate is so hard to successfully 
use until Disc 2 when you get enough instruments to play Orchestra, you can't 
use anything resembling this method until much later in the game. However, here 
are a few tips on getting a head start on making your characters powerful early 
in the game.

1) Make sure your hero starts the game with the Talent "Kiyo na Yubisaki." This 
is essential! Without it you won't be able to steal the items you need to power 

2) The most important item you need to make yourself powerful is the Tozoku 
Tebukuro, (盗賊てぶくろ, Thief Glove) which you can buy in Harley for 40,000V. 
So as soon as Crawd and Rena set off for Cross, you can go buy the glove. Making 
that kind of money takes time, so one way to speed that up is to cook lots of 
food using Rena's Chori skill (which she starts with) and selling it; some 
successfull creations from medium-level ingredients can net you several hundred 
Vol. Also, if you learn the skill "Asobikokoro" you will gain Vol for every 
level you raise. In order to get the full 40,000 necessary, one character will 
have to learn up to level 8, or two characters to level 6.  This takes a lot of 
SP, so it's unlikely that you'll be able to raise it that high for said 
characters, but it should be enough to get a bit toward your purchase.

3) Steal Mischief
Once you have the Tozoku Tebukuro and the Pickpocket Skill, go to Clik and 
execute a Private action. Then steal from Philia. If you fail, load a game and 
try again. Once you successfully steal, you will steal the "Mischief" item from 
her. The Mischief item, when equipped, gives you items randomly, and 
occasionally gives you Gizo Kunsho. (Fake badge)

4) Use Gizo Kunsho (ぎぞうくんしょう)
The Gizo Kunsho, when used, gives you enough experience so that you only need to 
get 1 more to advance to your next level. Basically, use a Gizo Kunsho and it 
gives you a free level. It only works up to level 100 though. Outside of getting 
them through Mischief, you can create them through Reverse Side. (Though since 
Reverse side reduces KJD, you might want to duplicate them through Fukusei 

5) Steal the Tamatebako (玉手箱)
An old man in Mars is carrying a Tamatebako. Steal it from him, and when you use 
it, it randomly gives you several items. They can be pointless items, or also 
very powerful weapons. So keep using it and loading your saved game until you 
get something good. The best weapon I've gotten out of it is a Marvel Sword, 
(which doesn't normally show up until the middle of Disc 2) but you might be 
able to get even stronger weapons. (I don't know for sure)


Full voice collection:
 B0500002 0000
 8009AB60 FFFF
Important note: This code requires a Pro Action Replay or Game Xploder to work. 
It allows you to get access to the music test and Galaxy/Universe difficulty 
levels. However, do NOT play any games while this code is active, because it has 
been known to make the game crash when you hear sounds that formerly were not 
heard before use of the code.

Money Code (999999999 Vol):
 8009A9DB C9FF
 8009A9DA 3B9A

Skill Point Code:
  8009B8C2 0XXX
Enter the value of number of skill points you want into XXX. (in hexadecimal, of 
course) Also note this code only grants the skill points to the first character 
in the party lineup.

EXP Code--65535 EXP given to first character after end of battle.
 8009BF48 FFFF

Item Modifier Code:

The XX indicate which slot in your inventory your item goes in.
70=slot 1
72=slot 2
74=slot 3
7A=slot 6
80=slot 9, etc.

the Y is the quantity of items you want.
1=4 items
2=8 items
5=20 items

the ZZZ indicate what item goes in the slot:
000: Nothing
001: Magic canvas
002-012: Portraits, including rakugaki (the failed item)
013-01C: Cards
01D-02B: Balls, Magic Clay, Dummy Doll, and other Magical Clay items
02C-035: Music items
036-0A3: Saiku items, accessories
0A4-0DB: Skill Books
0DC-0E1: Herbs
0E2-116: Tonics, syrups, pots, lotions, etc--Chogo items
117-1A2: Food items, along with several ?Machines (weapons)
1A3-1B4: Minerals
1B5-1D5: Machinery items, along with the Magical Rasp and Hissatsuwaza items
1D6-1E4: Smith Hammer, Reverse Side items
1E5-219: Swords
21A-235: Gloves
236-243: Rods
244-251: Energy Packs
252-261: Punches
262-26F: Whips
270-27F: Books (as in Leon's weapons)
280-28E: Stun guns/Guns
28F-2A7: Helmets
2A8-2C9: Armor
2CA-2D7: Shields
2D8-2F1: Boots
2F2-31F: Miscellaneous items, ?Herbs, jams, and some food items

Note that when you plug these values in you won't initially be able to see the 
items; you'll have to reorder your inventory for them to show up. If you want to 
know the value for each individual item, you'll have to experiment; there are 
over 800 items so I can't write down each individual one.

If you know any more game shark codes, please let me know and I'll add them.


* If you strike an enemy in battle from behind, you automatically hit it. 
Similarly, the soldiers with body-length shields can only be hit from behind.

*The sandy desert area on Cross Continent over the mountain early in the game 
contains monsters that more often than not give you good items for Item Creation 
after defeating them in battle.

*Three of Opera's and two of Precis' Hissatsuwaza can only be created by 
Machinery. Precis also has a Hissatsuwaza that can only be learned during a 
private action, and only if Ashton is also in the party.

*You can turn off spells and Battle Skills you don't want characters to use 
during battle by pressing the S button while the pointer is by a spell/battle 
Skill on the Skills/Spells menus. 

*Through Machinery you can create lots of items that will up other skill/item 
creation success rates.

*There's a hidden shop on a small snowy island on Disc 2 with really powerful 
weapons and armor, and the Magical Rasp.

*If you sell books made with Shuppan to the publisher in Racool, he will start 
selling them too, so you can buy them instead of having to make them.  This is 
especially useful with Aijodo books since they are so hard to make.

*The items "Idaten Shippu," (韋駄天シップ, Idaten Ship) "Idaten Nanko" 
(韋駄天軟膏, Idaten Salve) and the shoes "Bunny Shoes" all make your characters 
run as fast as possible, which is a great advantage on the battlefield.

*Equip the Bloody Armor and your character will be immune to damage, but his/her 
HP will decrease at a rapid rate. Use Katsujinken for Crawd or Hisenkan for 
Bowman to keep themselves alive to make them virtually invincible. Equipping a 
Lunatic Ring and a Piyonon has a similar effect.

*The Talents "Yasei no Kan" and "Mana no Shukufuku" are the most difficult to 
learn. (Mana no Shukufuku may be impossible to learn)  

*If a character joins you and has few talents, reload the game, and get that 
character again. S/he will have different talents.

Do not remove the following from this FAQ!
Stupid standard disclaimer:
This FAQ is ゥ1999 Ian Kelley. Please do not use this walkthrough on your 
website without asking me for permission first. (I guarantee I'll grant it, but 
please do so anyway) I do not want this walkthrough altered in ANY way, and it 
must remain in its original form on any websites. This walkthrough MAY NOT BE 
USED FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. This includes importers selling/giving this 
walkthrough away to people that buy the game, printing it in a magazine, (though 
I can't imagine anyone would want to) putting it on a commercial web site, 
publishing it or incorporating it in a publication, or anything else. YOU KNOW 

I apologize if this sounds strict, but recently there have been unfortunate 
occurances of certain unscrupulous individuals using FAQs written by other 
people to sell games for their own profit, and even publishing such FAQs as 
"unofficial" guides, making money off of somebody else's work. This walkthrough 
is meant to be free and I want it to stay that way.

                                CREDITS AND THANKS
Thanks to:
Takahiko Naito, for tons of little details, easter eggs, and info here and 
there, basically all the details on Opera and Ernest, and for giving me the URLs 
of lots of SO2nd BBS sites.
Jason Murata, for all the Gameshark codes.
TAKESHI (http://www.infoeddy.ne.jp/~takeshi/), for all the data on the save swap 
technique and its applications.
MAKISHI (http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~makishi/), for some of the information on 
the KJD system
Tri-Ace (http://www.tri-ace.com/) and Enix (http://www.enix.co.jp/) for 
releasing what could very well be the best PSX RPG ever!

Other useful Star Ocean: The Second Story pages, BBSes, and resources for 
additional game info (a lot of the info in this walkthrough came from individual 
posts on these BBSes):
Star Ocean: The Second Story Database: http://tariki.nu/sc2/index.html
Master Star Ocean Second Story!: http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~renzoku/Stocean.html
Star Ocean: The Distant Sea: http://www.jade.dti.ne.jp/~higo/SO2/
Star Ocean Info Warehouse: http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~makishi/so2/so2.html

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