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FAQ/Walkthrough by DFung

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 11/06/98

                      Star Ocean The Second Story
                          Japanese Version
                              FAQ v0.1
                    By Dion Fung <legend@oe.net.au>
                   Last Updated: 6th November, 1998
The latest version of this FAQ can be found at my homepage:

Warning: To view the Japanese characters in this FAQ, you need a special
software like AsianSuite or NJStar.  You can download AsianSuite at the
following address: http://www.unionway.com.

1. Legal Notice
2. Introduction
3. Getting Started
  3.1 New Game
  3.2 Basic Control
  3.3 Menu
  3.4 Skill System
  3.5 Combat
  3.6 Private Action
4. Walkthrough
  4.1 Crawd's Walkthrough
  4.2 Rena's Walkthrough
  4.3 Bonus Dungeon
  4.4 Ashton's Side Quest
5. Miscellaneous
  5.1 Battle Strategies
  5.2 Talents
  5.3 Skill List
  5.4 Special Skill List
  5.5 Super Skill List
  5.6 Song List
  5.7 Private Actions
  5.8 Character Profiles
6. Mini-Games
7. Secrets
8. Version History

1. Legal Notice

This FAQ may not be redistributed in any form without my permission and
may only be redistributed in its original and unaltered form.
Permission will not be granted for profitable or promotional purposes
without my written approval including but not restricted to magazines,
guide books and game retailers.

Star Ocean: The Second Story is registered trademark and copyright of
tri-Ace Inc, LINKS, Minato Koto and Enix, 1998.

2. Introduction

What is Star Ocean?  Star Ocean The Second Story (or Star Ocean 2) is a
RPG.  It's a sequel to the original Star Ocean first appeared in SNES.
It is also a reminder from Enix that they still have what it takes to
produce a top-notch RPG, and gives us something to play while waiting
for Dragon Quest 7 to come out.

You can choose to play either as Crawd or Rena, the two main characters
of this game.  Even though both characters travel together most of the
time, each character still has a somewhat different storyline, and some
events are totally different.

I must say that my knowledge of Japanese is very limited, therefore I
will only try to cover the major plots and skip the less important
conversations and events (which are quite a lot).  Hopefully someone
else will do a complete translation in the future.

3. Getting Started

3.1 New game

When you start a new game, you get to choose from the following options:

Sound Select: Surround, Stereo, Monaural
Select Vibration: On, Off
Hero Select: Crawd, Rena
Naming: The six commands on top are: Hiragana, Katakana, English, Ok,
  Cancel and Back.
Battle Mode: Standard, Semi-active, Full-active

3.2 Basic Control

Star Ocean supports dual shock and the analog stick.  So if you have the
dual shock controller you can also use the left analog stick to move the
character around instead of using the arrow pad.

Here's a list of button commands:

X: Run, cancel
O: Inspect, talk, confirm
Triangle: Menu
Square: Steal

World Map
X: Run
O: Get off bunny
Triangle: Menu
Square: Private action
Start: Map
R1, L1: Rotate camera angle

X: Select character
O: Attack
Triangle: Battle menu
Square: Move
L1, R1: Special attacks
L2: Quick select the last character
R2: Toggle manual/auto combat
Select: Taunt

3.3 Menu

Here's an explanation of the menu items:

a) Special Skills
At first you will only get command here (skill or spell settings,
depending on the character).  Later on, as you learn more skills, more
options will be available.

必殺技の設定 (Special attack setting):
This command is available for characters who can't use spells.  Instead
of using magic they can perform special attacks during combat.  A
character can only use two special attacks at once, so this is the place
to decide which specials you would like to use.  The first number tells
you how familiar your character is at that skill, the second one is the
mp cost.  Each time you use a skill, the familarity of that skill is
increased by it.  The more familiar you are at a skill, the more
powerful it becomes.

In addition, if your character has the link combo ring equipped, you can
press the triangle button to turn the LC on or off.  Link combo allows
your character to use two special attack at once, at the cost of
depriving another party member's ability to use any spells or special

呪文の設定 (Spell setting):
Press the circle button to cast a spell, or you can press the square
button to switch off a spell so the character won't cast the spell
during combat.  This is quite important as computer controlled
characters have a tendency to cast useless spells or wasting powerful
spells on weak enemies.

オラクル (Oracle):
Give you some hints about the game but don't seem to be too useful at
the moment.

音楽 (Music):
The first command is to compose a song, and the second one is to perform
a song.  To compose a song, you need a music instrument and a feather
pen (羽ペン).  Once you have a song composed, you can perform it using a
conductor's stick (指揮棒).  Each song has a magic effect.

修業 (Studying):
The second command starts training which will allow you to gain more
experience when fighting monsters.  I am not sure if there is any side
effect though.

スカウト (Scouting):
Adjust the amount of random monsters.  The options are: normal, more,
and less.

フアミリア (Familiar):
Call a familiar to buy stuff for you in town.  It is basically a mobile
shop service.  Require a pet's bait (ぺットの餌) to use.

b) Item
O: Use an item
Square: Display item stats
Triangle: Brings up the sub-menu.  The options are: Sort items, Use
special skills, Use super skills, Quest objects.

c) Equip
O: Equip an item
Square: Display item stats
Triangle: Brings up the sub-menu.  First command is to equip the
character with the best weapons and armors available.  Second command is
to switch the auto-equip on/off.  When auto-equip is on, your characters
will automatically equip any item picked up or bought that is better
than the one they are currently using.

d) Skills
This screen lists all your skills, skill levels and the sp costs to
raise a level.
Square: Turn off a battle skill
Triangle: List of special skills

At the special skill screen, each special skill has one or more
stars appear next to it.  Each star represents a prerequisite skill
required to learn this special skill.  An empty star represents a skill
that you haven't learned yet, and a solid star represents a learned
skill.  Once you have learned all the prerequisite skills, you can press
the O button to display the stats of that special skill.  Super skills
have circles next to them instead of stars, and each super skills
require two special skills to learn.  You can also press the triangle
button during this screen to see the character's talents.

e) Stats
The stats screen is mostly in English, with the exception of the five
stats at the right-hand side and the one at the bottom.  The five stats
at the right are: Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion and Magical Power.
The one at the bottom says what your character likes to eat.  When a
character eats his/her favourite food it will fully recover that
character's health.  At first you don't know what that food is, but you
will find out once you feed the correct food to a character.

Triangle: Talents
Square: Element attributes
O: Rename character

f) Options
Message Speed: 1-8
Sound: Surround, Stereo, Monaural
Menu Color
Targetting: Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual
  (Semi-auto and manual seems to work the same)
Battle Mode: Normal, Control leader only
  (Once again the two options don't seem to make any difference at all)
Movement: Square+Pad, Pad
Buttons Configuration: Confirm, Cancel, Menu, Move, Special 1,
  Special 2, Quick select, Toggle manual/auto
Vibration: Off, On

g) Tactics
Strategy: Customize each character's battle strategy, see the Battle
strategy section for a complete list.

Position: Change the positions of your party members. Only members at
the left column go into combat.  That means you can have a 5-member
party and yet only one person will fight.  It's useful if you want to
level up certain characters.

Formation: You get to choose from a range of battle formations.  You
can also press the triangle button to choose a leader.  Leader is the
character you control at the beginning of a battle.

h) File
Save: You can only save at a save point or at the world map.
Load: But you can load whereever you want.

3.4 Skill System

Aside from the spells and special attacks, characters can also learn
skills.  Each character starts with a random set of talents and skills.
Each skill has a skill level of 0 to 10.  To increase a skill level you
have to pay skill points (sp).  When your character gains an experience
level, he/she will also earn some skill points.  This is the primily way
to earn sp, but there are two other ways to do it as well, and I will
mention those in other sections.

What does skills do?  Well, it varies.  First of all, there are two
major types of skills: combat skills and non-combat skills.  Combat
skills only help you during combat, and does nothing when you increase
a skill level (except making you fight better).  Some non-combat skills
increase your stats, some do nothing by themselves.  Combat skills
appear in green in the skill list and non-combat ones appear in white.
You can buy new skills in the skill shops in some city.

Special Skills:
If some skills do nothing by themselves, what's the point of learning
them?  Well, all non-combat skills contribute to learning one or more
special skills.  Special skills are powerful skills that range from
upgrading your weapons to duplicating an item.  To learn a special
skill, you have to first learn the prerequisite skills.  Once you have
at least level 1 in all the necessary skills, you will be able to use
that special skill.  The level of a special skill is the average level
of all the prerequisite skills combined.

Super Skills:
Yes, there's more.  By combining special skills, you get super skills.
These are even more powerful skills but usually not necessary to your
survival.  Some of these are more fun than practical.

Talents are just that.  They describe what your character is good at.
Most special skills require you to have one or more talents in order to
be effectively used.  So plan ahead when you are trying to learn a
special skill.  If a character does not have the talent necessary to use
the skill, you might want to consider letting someone else to learn

3.5 Combat

Unlike most console RPGs, Star Ocean's combat system is in real-time.
You can actually move your characters around.  Because of the real-time
nature you can only control one character at a time.  You can either let
the computer control the rest of the party or, if you are good, you can
switch characters in between commands.  The later is quite hard as the
combats are very fast-paced.  The fun part is to watch the whole party
attack and blow things up at the same time.

You do have some control over the computer controlled characters.  You
can change the behaviours of the computer players in the menu, or you
can change them during combat.  Another thing worth mentioning are the
battle fields.  Some battle fields are semi-interactive and have natural
(or unnatural) hazards.  For example, when you fight near a train track,
a train will pass by in the middle of the fight and anything in its path
will be damaged; at some places there are barrels that blows up when
a person casts a spell near it.

3.6 Private Action

To invoke the private action, press the square button at the entrance of
a town.  Instead of exploring the town as a whole party, you and your
party members will go separate ways.  You can still find them in various
parts of the town and talk to them.  Normally private action does
nothing but sometimes a special event may occur, and it usually involves
making a choice or two.  While private actions do not interfere with the
main plot, they change how the other party members feel towards you and
you may get extra items, cash or even optional characters through
private actions.

4. Walkthrough

4.1 Crawd's Walkthrough

1) The Portal
After the opening scene, Crawd, Crawd's father and the other crew
members landed on a deserted planet. [If you have a surround sound
system, enjoy the realistic wind sound effects] Their way was blocked by
a huge gate.  Crawd found a device on the left hand side and they used
it to open the gate.  They went down to find a strange device inside.
[There is also a save point here] Crawd went to inspect the device,
despite his father's advice.  Just when he thought it's safe, the device
activated.  It seemed to be a teleport device.  Crawd tried to get away
but he wasn't fast enough.  He got sucked into the portal and teleported
to somewhere else.

2) The Meeting
Crawd appeared in a forest of some sort.  In front of him was a girl
being chased by a monster.  He bravely went forward and fought the
monster. [Crawd cannot hurt the monster with his punch so use the light
gun instead (L1 button)] After the fight, Crawd followed the direction
where the girl ran and talked to her.  She introduced herself as Rena.
Rena brought Crawd into her village, アーリア.  Crawd went to the east
side of the village and found Rena's house at the southwest.  Rena
decided to bring Crawd around and introduced him to everyone in the
village.  After talking to everyone in the village, they went back to
Rena's house.  To their surprise, Rena's mother had prepared a feast to
treat Crawd, and kept mumbling something like "as long as the hero's
pleased".  After the meal Crawd was relaxing in the guest room and
talked to Rena.  A bit later her mother showed up and talked to him.
After she left, Crawd heard a voice downstairs, so he went down and met
the village elder.

The elder told him about the meteor that crash landed on a remote
continent about three months ago.  After the incident monsters began to
appear everywhere.  They mistook Crawd as the hero mentioned in the
prophecy, who was said to be carrying a light sabre.  Crawd of course
denied being that hero.  The elder invited Crawd to lodge in his house.
After some rest, Crawd went downstairs to talk to the elder again.  He
suggested Crawd to look for more information in the town to the north of
the village. [You can also go back to the forest and talk to Rena, but
that's optional]

3) The Kidnapping
The town サルバ was only a short distance to the north.  Crawd talked to
everyone in town, but couldn't find anything new.  Disappointed, he
decided to go back to the village.  Upon entering the village, he was
surrounded by a group of worried villagers.  They told him Rena was
being kidnapped by the mayor's son.  He hurried back to the town and
went to the mayor's house.  The door was bolted so without any
hesitation Crawd used his light gun to blast it open.  Oops, the gun
just ran out of battery after he blasted the door open. [It's a good
idea to use the light gun to gain a few levels before going here]

Crawd entered the house and went into the room to his right.  He found
Rena's hairpiece on the floor.  He carefully inspected the room and
found a hidden trigger near the lamp.  A secret passage appeared.  He
entered the passage and found himself inside the mine.  There was a
worker collapsed on the floor. [Save point] Crawd talked to the worker
and continued his way into the mine.  After some exploring, he found a
cave entrance. [North, then west, save point] He found Rena lying on top
of an altar and the mayor's son standing behind her.  Crawd freed Rena.
Suddenly, the mayor's son turned into a monster.  Crawd fought him and
won.  They brought him back and he pleaded that he's being controlled by
the stone that he picked up in the mine.

Crawd and Rena went back to the village.  They went to the elder's
house and talked.  The elder asked Crawd to help investigate the whole
matter.  Naturally Crawd agreed and Rena decided to go with him.  After
walking Rena back, Crawd went back to the elder's house and talked to
him.  The elder told him Rena's mother was not her real mother.  She
picked her up in the forest when she was a baby.  Crawd went back to his
room.  He heard a voice outside so he went to the balcony.  He found
Rena standing outside.  They went to the bridge and talked.  Apparently,
Rena knew about this too.

4) The Journey
Crawd and Rena began their journey the next day.  The elder gave them a
letter for the king.  They went past サルバ and continued to go
northeast.  When they finally arrived at クロス, it was already late so
they went to the inn and rest.  The next day, they went into the castle
and talked to the guards at the counter.  Crawd showed them the elder's
letter and requested an audience with the king.  They talked to the
people in the castle while waiting.  They went to see the king and asked
him about the unusual happenings around the world. [Choose 1] The king
said nobody knew exactly what's going on and it would be too dangerous
to send an investigation party.  Crawd and Rena volunteered themselves.
The king accepted and gave them a pass and some money.

5) The Ancient Manuscript
When they went back to town, they found two magicians arguing with each
other.  Eventually, the girl drove the guy away.  She called herself
Celine and asked Crawd whether he would like to join her in treasure
hunting. [Choose 1 for yes, 2 for no] Crawd found no reason not to, so
he agreed.

The trio went to the cave at the southeast.  After some exploration they
reached a cave with four chests inside. [All the way north, northeast,
west, north, east, save point, north] When they opened the upper right
chest, two monsters jumped out of nowhere and attacked them.  After
defeating the monsters, they opened the upper left chest and found an
ancient manuscript inside.  They couldn't understand the text, however.
As they left the cave, Celine asked if they would like to travel
together with her. [Choose 1 for yes, 2 for no] Crawd didn't mind
another company, so he said yes.

6) Disaster
The party travelled north and reached the town クリク after passing a
bridge.  They went to the port and talked to the captain.  Crawd gave
him the king's pass and the captain asked them to come back when the
ship was ready to set sail.  When they got back to the town, a little
boy ran by and stole all the money from Crawd.  They were not impressed
by this and decided to hunt him down.  The party asked everybody in
town about this kid.  They found him hiding outside the bar.  The boy
gave them back the money and apologized.  He didn't seem to be too bad
so the party decided to bring him around. [You can go to the various
shops and have some fun, but they are not mandatory] When they returned
to the port, they found a couple kids playing.  The boy was very shy so
Crawd introduced him to the other kids.  The party went to talk to the
captain again, but the ship still wasn't ready yet.

They went back to town to kill some time.  Suddenly, there was an
earthquake.  They fled to the top of the hill. [A nice FMV follows] It
seemed all ships were now destroyed.  They talked to the captain and he
gave them back the pass.  He told them there was another port at the
east that the party could try.  Just when they were about to go up,
however, a flood occured and completely destroyed the town. [Another
nice FMV] They found the boy at the top of the hill and talked to him
for a while.  There was not much they could do for the homeless here, so
they decided to leave this place.

7) Imposter
The party went back to the junction and travelled east.  Shortly
thereafter, they arrived at the village マーズ.  Celine told them this
was her place of birth.  They stumbled into the first house, and found
the village elder holding a meeting with a group of people.  Included in
the group was Celine's parents, a magician and Dias, Rena's childhood
friend.  A group of bandits had kidnapped all children in the village,
and they now demanded a ransom.  The bandits were hiding in the forest
nearby.  Rena left to persuade Dias to help fight the bandits, but when
she returned with the good news, Crawd refused his help.  He insisted
the three of them would be enough.  Rena was obviously angry and ran
off.  They went back to the elder's house and agreed to help. [Choose 1]

The next day, Crawd and Celine set off to the forest at the back of the
village.  Before they left, the village elder gave them a pair of mud
boots and told them to use it to cross the swamp.  They encountered
quite a few groups of bandits inside the forest.  Crawd was worried
about Rena's safety, though he wouldn't admit it.  Deep into the forest,
[Right, up, left, left, upx3, save point, up, left] They heard a voice
behind and turned around.  They found the magician who was present at
the meeting.  To their surprise, he revealed himself as the leader of
the bandits.  Like the mayor's son, he also turned into a monster.
After a tough fight, they defeated the leader and went to search for the
children.  But Rena and Dias were there already and told them the
children were safe.

Rena had forgiven Crawd, so they decided to continue their journey.
When they were about to leave the village, Celine asked them to stay for
the night.  Celine rejoined the party the next day.

8) The Fighting Competition
They travelled east to port ハーリー.  An old man near the entrance told
them about the hydra inside the mine of サルバ. [If you want Ashton to
join your party, see Ashton's side quest] They found a sailor at the
port and paid him a modest fee to cross the sea.  They arrived at the
town ヒルトン.  The locals seemed to be very excited about the upcoming
fighting competition about to be held in the capital.  Since it was
rather late, the party elected to stay there for the night.  Crawd tried
to use the communicator to contact his father but failed.  He was very
disappointed.  Rena saw that and was very concerned about him.

They travelled southeast to the capital ラクール and went straight to
the castle.  They talked to the guards at the counter.  Crawd decided to
join the competition. [Choose 1] The guards told them to pick a sponsor.
They went to the east side of town and talked to the four weapon shop
owners. They chose one of them as the sponsor and went to the inn to
rest. [It doesn't matter which one you choose, but I chose the one ran
by the girl]

9) The Defeat
They went back to the castle the next day.  They found the registration
desk at the west side of the castle.  When Crawd was getting registered,
Dias showed up.  It seemed he was in the competition too, and Rena was
a bit worried.  Crawd questioned her motives.  Rena was very hurt by
his comments and ran off again.  The guards sent Crawd to the waiting
room.  When Crawd was talking to the other fighters waiting in the room,
a guard called his name and so the competition began.  Crawd's first
oppontent was rather easy, and he won the fight without much trouble.  
It helped to boost his confidence regardless.  He went to the spectator
stand and talked to his party, but Rena wasn't there.  Rena joined them
later, and congratulated Crawd.  They watched Dias disposing his
opponent with ease.  Then the guard called Crawd to enter his second

Crawd won his second and third fight. [If you lost here you won't get to
see the next part] He was excited that he got to the final.  He went to
the stand to talk to his friends again.  It was Dias' turn to fight
again, and he won.  It was fate that they had to face each other in the
final.  Rena and the party gave Crawd some encouragement, and it made
him feel better.  Dias was too much for him though.  He lost the match
without putting up much of a fight.  When he woke up, he was surrounded
by the party members.  Dias went in, thanked Crawd for trying his best
and left.  They went back to the weapon shop to collect their prizes.
They visited the weapon shop owner at the west side and he gave Crawd a
sword he made.

10) The Linguist
They went south and after a long journey arrived at the village リンガ.
They saw a little girl chasing after a robot.  The party talked to her.
She called herself Precis and went off chasing the robot again. [You can
use private action to get Precis to join, but you won't get Bowman if
you do] They went to the linguist's house but the assistant refused to
let them in without an appointment.  They heard the owner of Jane's
Pharmacy, Bowman, was a friend of the linguist, so they went there to
try their luck.  Bowman would not help them unless they could obtain a
special herb for him.  They didn't have a choice so they agreed to help.

The party went to the cave due west of the village.  There were a lot of
different herbs in the cave, but they found the right one at last.
[Right, left, north, north, arrived at a three way junction, left, down,
southwest.  You can explore the rest of the cave if you want.  There is
also a boss type monster inside, but it's not necessary] They went back
to the village and talk to Bowman.  He brought them to the linguist's
house and the assistant let them in.  They went upstairs to talk to the
linguist.  He was very happy when he saw the manuscript, as it was a
very rare item.  He told them it would take some time to translate the
ancient text, so the party went to Bowman's house for the night.  Crawd
went upstairs to chat with Bowman. [If Precis is not in the party, he
will ask to join]

11) The Ruin
In order to travel to the crash site of the meteor, they would need to
get permission from the king.  So the party went back to ラクール.  As
they entered the city, they found the once busy street of the capital
was totally deserted.  The guard at the entrance told them the army of
monsters were going to attack the kingdom, and everyone were now hiding
inside the castle.  They went to the castle and wandered around after
registering their name at the counter.  They stumbled into the research
lab and found the king talking to some scientists about a secret weapon.
A guard discovered them, but Crawd quickly identified himself.  The king
told them Doctor Leon (a kid) and his parents were doing research on a
magical weapon.  In order to fend off the monsters they would have to
finish the weapon as soon as possible.  The problem was they needed a
special gem to fuel this weaon, and the gem could only be found in the
ruin on a remote island.  Naturally, Crawd and the party volunteered
themselves, and Leon joined the party.

They went back to port ヒルトン.  A ship was already waiting for them.
They travelled to the island and went up to the entrance of the ruin.
Leon and Crawd found a way to open the door together.  There were lots
of tough monsters inside the ruin.  As they reached the heart of the
ruin, [East, take the lift, southeast, southeast, southwest, set off the
bomb, southeast, east, save point, north] they found a room filled with
the gem Leon mentioned.  Rena's necklace suddenly emit a bright light.
Leon merrily went to collect the gems, but two monsters appeared behind
him.  The party rushed forward to kill the monsters.  Rena's necklace
stopped shinning after the monsters died.  Strange, but there were more
pressing issues at the moment.  They went back to the castle and gave
the gem to the king.  Leon left the party to help his parents with the
construction of the weapon.  The king asked them to help fending off
monsters at the frontline base.

12) The Frontline Base
The frontline base was located at the northern end of the continent.
The party went to the commander's office to check in.  To their
surprise, Dias was there as well.  They left the office and Crawd
started asking Rena some questions about Dias.  Dias overheard their
conversation.  After Dias left, Rena told Crawd she's just like a little
sister to Dias.  Rena asked him not to worry and went to talk to Dias.
Crawd saw Dias near the entrance of the base and talked to him.  Dias
asked him to protect Rena for him and walked off.  Crawd found Rena at
the watch tower and talked to her.  Rena told him Dias' parents and
sister were killed by the bandits when he was very young.  Crawd was
surprised to hear this and told Rena he would protect her no matter
what happened in the future.

The next day, the party talked to everyone in the base.  A winged
monster came and they went to the watch tower to fight it.  They were
not able to hurt the monster at all.  After a while, the monster left
for no reason.  They found this strange but at least they were safe now.
A few days passed without any incident.  When the party were talking to
the people in the medical room, a soldier came in and reported an attack
from an army of monsters.  They went to the watch tower.  To their
despair, the monsters numbered in the thousands.  Everyone thought this
would be the end.  But then Leon came to the rescue. [If Precis is in
the party, he will give her a weapon] He activated the weapon and
disintegrated every single monster. [FMV] The people cheered for the
victory and the party went back to the castle.

13) The Landing Party
The king told the party his plans: He wanted to bring the weapon across
the ocean and attack the crash site where the monsters came from.  He
would first need a group of people to evacuate the people living on the
continent.  Since it was where the party were planning to go anyway,
they decided to help.

The ship was waiting for them at port ヒルトン.  When they were getting
close to the continent, they saw a few monsters coming at them.  The
winged monster that attacked them before was among the group.  Leon
activated the weapon but the winged monster absorbed the entire blast
with its arm! [FMV] It sent its minions to attack the party but they
fended them off.  Now it's the winged monster's turn. [FMV] It totally
overwhelmed the party.  After defeating the party, the winged monster
threw them into the sea and destroyed the weapon.

14) The Tower
Crawd woke up in a beach.  He found Leon lying not too far away and woke
him up.  Leon was very upset and started to cry.  Crawd gave him a good
slap in the face to calm him down.  They found a village nearby and the
rest of the party were waiting there.  Crawd received a good hug from
Rena.  They went to talk to the elder, who confirmed the monsters were
indeed coming from the meteor.  Crawd told him they came here because of
this.  The elder told them to go to the weapon storage to collect some
weapons.  Crawd pondered whether to let Leon stay there or come with the
party. [Choose 1 to let him stay, 2 to let him join] They went to the
weapon storage next door and started collecting weapons. [Press O on
*every* object] When they were at the door, the manager passed them an
ID card he picked up.

The party went to the crash site and found the village had now become a
tower.  Rena's necklace emitted a light again.  They were not going to
stop by this, however, so they used the ID card to enter the tower. [The
scene switches to Crawd's father who received the distress signal from
Crawd] There were a lot of statues in the tower with strange writings on
them.  When they reached the fourth floor [Up, north, save point, up,
right teleporter, up], they found a statue asking for a password.  They
entered the password from the clues they have collected. [In this order:
も, く, し, ろ, く] They went up and eventually reached a room with two
gates, both blocked by some laser beams. [Left teleporter, left most
teleporter, press O at the gate] They opened the southern gate but found
reached a deadend.

15) Father
Suddenly, Crawd's communicator started to make some strange noises.  He
found out it was his father trying to teleport him back to the
spaceship.  He told the party to get away from him quick.  He wasn't
happy when he emeraged from the teleporter and asked his father to send
him back immediately.  His father refused and ordered him to obey his
orders.  They brought him back to the bridge, to the surprise of
everyone on board. [Don't forget to steal things here if you can, there
are quite a few good items here :)] Crawd talked to his father and found
out a high energy entity was hovering around the planet.  The planet
would be destroyed within 80 minutes.  Crawd begged his father to let
him back.  Finally he agreed, but only for a short while.

They transferred Crawd back to where he was.  The party was glad that he
came back, though they had no idea where he went to in the first place.
Crawd left his communicator on the floor, saying that he would not need
it any more.  When his father tried to teleport him, the communicator
was all they got...

16) Armageddon
They went to the other exit and went up the teleporter. [Save point]
They arrived at a corridor and encountered the winged monster for the
third time.  This time they were prepared and had become much stronger
since their last encounter.  They revenged their earlier lost and
continued up another teleporter.  They found themselves at a room with
three doors.  They went through the middle door and turned right.  At
last they found what they had been looking for, the dark meteor.

Rena's necklace glowed again, only brighter this time.  A group of
strange people materialized in front of them.  Without answering
anything, they simply shot at Rena.  Crawd hurled his body in front of
her and told the shot.  Crawd was hurt badly but Rena used her healing
power to heal him.  The group were obviously surprised by this
discovery.  Crawd and Rena started to question them.  The following
facts were found out from their conversation:

1. Rena and these people came from the same planet, ネーデ.  These
   people were unique with there healing powers.
2. They were trying to conquer the entire galaxy
3. They were the ones responsible for causing the meteor to crash on
   this planet.
4. The purpose of the meteor was to alter the course of this planet so
   it would crash with ネーデ.
5. They were called the ten sages.

They grew impatient and one of them started to attack the party.  There
was no way the party could survive such a powerful being, and they went
down one by one.  When they were about to be defeated, the leader asked
him to stop and said it was the time to leave.  At the same time, there
was an explosion and the entire planet was blown into dust. [FMV]

Crawd's father saw this inside his spaceship.  He was very sad at the
lost of his son, but then it was Crawd's decision after all...

[End of disc one]

to be continued...

4.2 Rena's Walkthrough
Under construction

4.3 Bonus Dungeon
Under construction

4.4 Ashton's Side Quest
Go back to サルバ.  Enter the mine and talk to the soldier.  Go to the
western part where you were not allowed to get in earlier.  You will
find Ashton there.  Follow him and you'll find him fighting the hydra.
After the scene he will ask you whether you want to travel with him.
Choose 1 and he will join your party.

To finish the quest, go to マーズ and read the books in the elder's
house.  The right one should be in the bookshelf with the stairs.  You
will find out you need a chalice and some bird's tears to remove the
hydra from Ashton.  Now go to クロス and talk to the king.  He will give
you permission to enter the mountain palace and 3000 coins.  Go to the
mountain palace (nourtheast from there), talk to the guard and enter.
Go west, east, north, eastx3, north, west, south, north, eastx5, save
point, east.  You will find a boss type monster here and after killing
it you will get the chalice.  At the northwest of クロス there is a
mountain path.  Go up and go all the way north.  You will find a big
bird there.  Defeat it and collect its tears.  Go back to the mine where
you first met the hydra.  Ashton decides he will keep the hydra after
all (what a total waste of time!).

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Battle Strategies

1. Concentrate on healing spells.
2. Use assist spells on allies.
3. Save MP for healing, don't use assist spells.
4. Don't use any spells.
5. Join with the attack.
6. Don't do anything (For manual control).

Celine, Precis, Noel:
1. Don't care about MP, cast as many spells as possible.
2. Try to save some MP, don't cast too many spells.
3. Cast spells from a long distance.
4. Don't use any spells.
5. Use physical attack.
6. Don't do anything (For manual control).

Crawd and the rest:
1. All-out attack.
2. Protect allies.
3. Don't use too many special attacks.
4. Divert enemies when attacking.
5. Get away from enemies.
6. Don't do anything (For manual control).

5.2 Talents

オリジナリテイ : Originality
味覚           : Taste
器用な指先     : Skill of fingers
デザインセンス : Design sense
文才           : literary talent
リズム感       : Sense of rhythm
音感           : Sense of music
動物好き       : Liked by animals
野生の勘       : Wild instinct
マナの祝福     : Mana's blessing

5.3 Skill List

a) Normal Skills (SLV stands for skill level)
デッサン         : Rough sketch.
オタマジャクシ   : Knowledge of music.  AVD increases by SLV+2.
演奏             : Musical performance.  AVD increases by SLV+2.
道具知識         : Knowledge of tools.  Prices increases by SLVx3%.
鉱物学           : Mineralogy.  INT increases by SLVx3.
薬草学           : Knowledge of herbs.  Increases HP and MP restored by
                   herbs by SLVx3%.
クラフト         : Craft.  AVD increases by SLV+3.
美的感覚         : Sense of beauty.
文筆             : Writing skill.  HP increases by SLV+3.
努力             : Endeavor.  Reduces EXP required for the next level.
根性             : Willpower.  Reduces SP requirement for all skills!
忍耐             : Endurance.  Armor class increases by SLV+4.
危険感知         : Danger awareness.  STM increases by SLVx3.
生物学           : Biology.  HP increases by SLVxSLVx10.
精神学           : Psychiatry.  MP increases by SLVx5.
包丁             : Kitchen knife.  STR increases by SLVx20.
レシピ           : Recipe.
目利き           : Food selection.  Increases HP restored by food.
口笛             : Whistle.
調教             : Animal training.
キャスト         : Metal casting.  HP increases by SLVx2.
科学技術         : Science technology.  STR increases by SLVx10.
妖精論           : Mythology.  INT increases by SLV+2.
電波             : Radio wave.
ピエティ         : Piety.
遊び心           : Desire to play.
機能美           : Function and beauty.  STR, INT, AVD, HP increase by
度胸             : Courage.
ポーカーフェイス : Poker face.  Guts increases by SLVx3.
コピー           : Copy.
機械知識         : Knowledge of machines.
機械操作         : Operation of machines.

b) Combat Skills
急所狙い         : Aim at vital part.  Ignore enemy defense.
強打             : Smite.  Give your enemy a strong hit and knock him
めくり           : Run to the back of your enemy and attack.
カウンター       : Counter attack.
フェイント       : Increases hit percentage.
練気             : Increases damage of your attack.
早口             : Fast talk.  Reduces the time required to cast spells.
身体感覚         : Causes your enemy to black out.
気功             : Increases defense.
受け流し         : Increases dodge percentage.
キャンセル       : Cancel.  Like in fighting games, allows you to stop
                   the animation after an attack and use special
はやて           : Increases combat speed
挑発             : Taunt your enemy.  Press select during combat to do
                   this (only once each fight).

5.4 Special Skill List

There are certain enhancement items that increase the success rate of
using special skills.  I call these items "enhancers" and listed them
with the skills.

1) アート (Arts)
Skill: Rough sketch, Sense of beauty
Talent: Design sense
Enhancer: Graphic tool (グラフィックツール)
Usage: Create a painting using magic canvas (マジックカンバス) or create
a sculpture using magical clay (マジカルクレイ).  Most items created
this way will have some magical effects.

2) オラクル (Oracle)
Skill: Radio wave, Piety, Desire to play
Talent: None
Usage: See section 3.3a

3) 音楽 (Music)
Skill: Knowledge of music, Musical performance
Talent: Sense of music, Sense of rhytym
Enhancer: Music tool (ミュージックツール)
Usage: See section 3.3a

4) カスタマイズ (Customize)
Skill: Craft, Metal casting, Function and beauty
Talent: Originality
Usage: Customerize a weaopn to make it better.

5) 鑑定 (Appraise)
Skill: Knowledge of tools, Mineralogy, Knowledge of herbs
Talent: None
Enhancer: Elements Analyzer (元素分析器)
Usage: Identify an item.  Require spectacles (スペクタクルズ) to use.

6) 細工 (Workmanship)
Skill: Mineralogy, Craft, Sense of beauty 
Talent: Skill of fingers
Enhancer: ??? (はんだごて)
Usage: Create an accessory using a gem or metal.

7) 執筆 (Writing)
Skill: Writing skill
Talent: Literary talent
Enhancer: Word processor (ワープロソフト)
Usage: Write a book on a skill.  When a character read that book, his or
her skill level of that skill will increase.  Require a fountain pen
(万年筆) to use.

8) 修業 (Training)
Skill: Endeavor, Willpower, Endurance
Talent: None
Usage: See section 3.3a

9) スカウト (Scouting)
Skill: Danger awareness
Talent: Wild Instant
Usage: See section 3.3a 

10) 調合 (Mixing)
Skill: Biology, Knowledge of herbs, Psychiatry
Talent: ???
Enhancer: Sterilization glove (滅菌てぶくろ)
Usage: Mix two herbs together to create a medicine.

11) 調理 (Cooking)
Skill: Kitchen knife, Recipe, Food selection
Talent: Taste
Enhancer: All-purpose kitchen knife (万能包丁)
Usage: Cook a meal.  Require a raw food to use.

12) ファミリア (Familiar)
Skill: Whistle, Animal training
Talent: Liked by animals
Usage: See section 3.3a

13) 錬金 (Alchemy)
Skill: Science technology, Mineralogy, Mythology
Talent: Mana's blessing
Enhancer: Triangle flask (三角フラスコ) -- Increase percentage,
          Razed flask (レザードフラスコ) -- Can create more gems
Usage: Create a gem or metal using iron (アイアン).

14) サバイバル (Survival)
Skill: Knowledge of herbs, Endurance
Talent: ???
Enhancer: Survival kit (サバイバルキット)
Usage: Dig a hole on the ground and find something useful.  Cost 4 MP to

15) ビックポケット (Pick pocket)
Skill: Courage, Poker face
Talent: Skill of fingers
Enhancer: Magician hand (マジシャンハンド)
Usage: Steal items in town.  Press the square button to steal, you can
steal items from anybody: shopkeepers, villagers, etc.  Before you can
steal things, you need to have a thief glove (盗賊てぶくろ) first. The
character wearing the thief glove is the one performing the act.  As far
as I know, no bad thing will happen when you failed to steal from
somebody, except for receving an occasional comment or two from that
person. :)

16) 複製 (Duplicate)
Skill: Copy
Talent: ???
Enhancer: RIRICA
Usage: Duplicate an item.  You need to have a magical camera
(マジカルカメラ) and also a magical film (マジカルフィルム) to use.

17) マシーナリー (Machinery)
Skill: Knowledge of machines, Operation of machines
Talent: Skill of fingers, Design sense
Usage: Create a random tool, including most of the skill enhancers.
Require a material kit (マテリアルキット) to use.

5.5 Super Skill List

1) マスターシェフ (Master chef)
Special skill: Mixing, Cooking
Usage: Cook a meal using two raw foods.  Foods created this way are
generally better than those created from cooking.

2) オーケストラ (Orchestra)
Special skill: Music, Arts
Usage: Have the whole party to play songs together.  Require a
conductor's stick (指揮棒) to use.

3) 開眼 (Open eyes)
Special skill: Training, Survival
Usage: What I know so far is that the second option encourages your
party to use combo attacks.  Combo attack is done by two characters
using their spells or special attacks at the same time.  The end result
is combining both spells or special attacks into a stronger one.  What
I don't know is how to make them occur more consistantly or even control
when to use them.

4) カモンバーニィ (Come on bunny)
Special skill: Familiar, Scouting
Usage: Calls up a bunny to carry you around the world map.  When you are
riding the bunny you won't encounter any monster.

5) 出版 (Publish)
Special skill: Writing, Machinery
Enhancer: Word processor (ワープロソフト)
Usage: Write a book that can be sold to a publisher.  You can collect
royalties from the publisher when you go back later and the money can go
up to 6 figures if your book is good enough (not that you'll need that
much money in the first place).  Require a fountain pen (万年筆) to use.

6) なんでも鑑定だ! (Set the price for everything!)
Special skill: Appraise, Workmanship
Usage: Adjust the prices of everything that you buy and sell stuff at 
shops.  The first command reduce all prices, the second one increase all
prices, and the last one restore the original prices.  Require
spectacles (スペクタクルズ) to use.

7) ブラックスミス (Blacksmith)
Special skill: Customize, Alchemy
Usage: Create a special armor using gems and metals.

8) リバースサイド (Reverse side)
Special skill: Pickpocket, Duplicate
Usage: Create a counterfeit item like false money, fake painting, etc.
Require a high-quality paper (上質紙) to use.

5.6 Song List
Under construction

5.7 Private Actions
Under construction

5.8 Character Profiles
Under construction

6. Mini-Games
Under construction

7. Secrets

New Talents:
Your characters can learn new talents.  If you repeatedly use a special
skill which the character is not good at, sometimes the character will
learn the talents required for the skill AND get a bunch of sp.

8. Version History

Version 0.1:
Initial version.

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