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Longest Item List Challenge by Eternal_Sphere

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/25/07

                ____      _      ___    _  __
               / __ \   _( )_   / _ `) ( )/ _)
              ( (  \_) (_   _) / / | | | `_/
               `\`\      | |  ( (__\ | | /
               _ `\`\    |_|  `\__,_,) (_)
              ( \__) )  ____
               \____/  / __ \     ---THE SECOND STORY---
                      / /  \ \    ___     ___      ___    _  ___
                     | |    | |  / _ \   / __ \   / _ `) ( )/   )
                     | |    | | | / \_) | (__) | / / | | |  ,/\ |
                      \ \__/ /  | \_/ ) |  ___/ ( (__\ | | /  | |
                       \____/    \___/   \____) `\__,_,) (_)  (_)

                         THE LONGEST ITEM LIST CHALLENGE                        

A.)                             DOCUMENT STUFF                              SECA

Author:          Ben Marx
GameFAQs name:   EternalSphere
Date:            April 2006
Name of Guide:   The Longest Item List Challenge
Name of Game:    Star Ocean: The Second Story
Email:           Ravenborne@gmail.com

--Document Stats--
Font:            New Courier
Font Size:       10
Width:           80 characters per line
Lines:           1,654

--"Legal" Stuff--
This guide is not to be posted anywhere other than www.GameFAQs.com without my
permission. That being said, I would probably wouldn't mind if someone with a
reputable site wanted to put up this guide, as long as they contact me and ask
permission. As well as give me full credit for the work.

B.)                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                            SECB

To find stuff more quickly, use CTRL-F. Section codes are below.
A.) Document Stuff           | SECA | Author, Document Statistics, Copyright
B.) Table of Contents        | SECB | Sections of this guide.
C.) Version & Updates        | SECC | Current version & future updates.
D.) Introduction             | SECD | Explanation of this Guide.

1.) Game Walkthrough         | SEC1 | Walkthrough for missable items.
2.) Item Collecting          | SEC2 | Collecting the items.

3.) Items Per Character      | SEC3 | Items that can be missed w/o character.
4.) Optimal Party Selection  | SEC4 | Optimal party to for longest item list.
5.) Summary                  | SEC5 | What items you have and what you don't.
6.) End FAQ                  | SEC6 | Credits.

C.)                            VERSION & UPDATES                            SECC

Version 1.0
April 2006
I've gone over all this as thoroughly as I could, so I hope it's quite accurate.
However, that's not always easy to do. If anyone sees anything incorrect in this
guide, I would be more than happy to hear about it. Just contact me at the above
email address or post in the stickied Help Topic on the Star Ocean 2 GameFAQs
message board.

Version 1.1
It has been brought to my attention that Braised Knuckles can be pickpocketed
from Bowman the day after spending the night at his house in Linga. This guide
has been thus amended.

Version 1.2
Restructured guide in to two main parts: The HOW and the WHY.

Also added a few notes in Walkthrough section about "limited-supply" items.
D.)                              INTRODUCTION                               SECD

The goal of this guide is to get to the end of the game (post cave of trials)
and be in a position to be able to compile the longest possible item list that
you can. This is will be 762 out of the 791 normal items, and 192 out of 196 of
the possible unidentified items. For a total of 954 out of 987 possible items.

Figuring out how to collect the most possible items is no simple task, because
many items are dependent upon the game scenario and character recruitment. So
this guide attempts to do the following:

The first half of this guide is the HOW.

1. This section is a walkthrough of the game and includes all of the items that
   you must collect at that specific time during the game.

2. This section is the list of all the other items that need to be collected for
   a Longest Item List Challenge. These items can be collected at any time
   during the game.

The second half of this guide is the WHY. i.e. the factors that I examined in
order to determine what the longest item list actually consisted of. This half
does not need to be read in order to complete the challenge. It is included to
show the process of how I arrived at the Longest Possible Item List.

3. This section singles out and tallies up all of the scenario or character-
   dependent items. 

4. This section examines the results of #3, in order to figure out the best
   combination of scenario/characters, which will yield the longest possible
   item list.

5. This section sums up what items you have and don't have when the Long Item
   List Challenge is complete.

This guide is somewhat complicated and assumes some prior knowledge of the game.

I wrote another FAQ entitled "The Ultimate Item Encyclopedia," posted on
GameFAQs. These two Guides are meant to be used in conjunction with each other.
The Ultimate Item Encyclopedia helps you collect the needed items in this guide,
by detailing every possible way to get every possible item in the game.

1.)                            GAME WALKTHROUGH                             SEC1

This part of the guide is a walkthrough for you to follow as you play through
the game. Everything is in chronological order, so do these in order as you go.
Play the game as you normally would, but you must do these things. Items listed
in this section are those that are collected during missable events, or missable
periods of time. Also included is when and how to recruit the needed party

Also included in this section are entries marked with "*". These entries show
show items that are not necessary to collect in order to get at least one of,
but they are in limited supply. So, if you wan the max possible number of that
item, you need to collect it here.

At the end of this walkthrough you will be in a position to collect every other
possible item in the Longest Item List Challenge, as listed in Section 2.
Although that's not to say you can't collected stuff along the way.

In the following entries, the item you're going to collect is in all CAPITAL

And obviously, DO NOT sell anything you're not positive you can get again.
Remember, pick Rena's scenario when you start a new game.

I suggest you read through the entire walkthrough before you start, so you know
what you're getting yourself into, and how to prepare better.

1) To do any pickpocketing early in the game, specifically to get the Mischief,
   you'll need to make sure that Rena starts the game with the Dexterity talent.
   If she doesn't, start a new game and try again.

2) When you first start to level up Claude's skills, keep his Customize skill
   level at 1 until you make at least one WORN-OUT SWORD. This can also be made
   through customization with Dias, but only at low Customize levels.

3) Buy 20 KNUCKLES from Salva. You'll need these to help make some weapons with
   Noel later.

*  After the incident with Alen-Tax in Salva, talk to him in his mansion. He
   will give you a Ring Of Happiness. You must talk to him before spending the
   night in Cross.

4) Go to Cross and spend the night in the Inn. Talk to the King. Meet Celine,
   and agree to let her join you. Now do a PA in Cross. Go towards the castle
   and witness a man with three eyes run by. You need to see this in order to
   recruit Opera later.

5) At this point you can start to level up and gain some skill points in
   preparation for the pickpocketing you're going to need to do. One way to do
   this is to head west to the foot of Lassguss Mountains. Save here and enter
   the mountain. Just about every enemy here is going to kick your butt at
   first, but reload until you are attacked by a monster called Shout. They are
   purple balls that suck your MP, but do not harm your HP. They give much more
   Exp than any other enemy you're going to meet at this point in the game. Once
   you kill them, go back out and save. Repeat. Another way is to discover
   secret talents through item creation. You can teach Cooking to your
   character's and buy Egg/Dairy Products for a measly 10 fol each. Cook with
   this until your discover your secret talent Sense of Taste. It doesn't matter
   if you succeed or fail. This will net you 100 skil. points. If you want to
   speed things up even more, let Rena fight alone. The goal is to get enough
   skill points to first max out Perseverance with all characters. Then get
   Rena's Pickpocketing skill up to level 7 or more. And finally level Claude's
   Playfulness to 8. This will get you enough fol to buy the Bandit's Gloves,
   and needed skills. For Playfulness and Poker Face, you need the Sensibility 2
   skill set from Herlie. For Courage, you need the Sensibility 1 skill set from
   Cross. Buy the Bandit's Gloves from Herlie as well. You need to be ready to
   pickpocket by the time you get to Clik.

6) While your in Clik buy 20 HARD KNUCKLES this will help you make weapons with
   Noel later.

7) Head to Clik and do a PA. Pickpocket the MISCHIEF from Filia. Must do this
   before Clik is destroyed. You also need to see this PA so you can get the
   Israfil's Tear later on.

8) After saving the children in Mars, a man will show up in the entrance of
   Herlie. He is standing next to the old man. This singals the beginning of
   the sidequest to recruit Ashton. Remember to not recruit Ashton as you will
   need Opera and Ernest.

9) Head to Linga and do a PA to get Precis in your party.

10)After you retrieve a rare herb from the Sanctuary of Linga, you'll spend the
   night in Bowman's house. The following morning you talk to Bowman and Nineh
   outside his house. BRIASED KNUCKLES can be pickpocketed from Bowman at this
   time. Note, as soon as you leave the screen he will move, and you can't get
   the Braised Knuckles. This can be very difficult to pickpocket, especially
   because you have to go through five minutes of storyline every time you
   reload after a failed attempt. If you can, get Precis to create a Magician's
   hand via Machinery, and level up Rena's pickpocket skill level to 10.

*  The first time you enter Lacour, there is a woman standing outside of the
   enterance to the castle. You can pickpocket a Pyre Tear from her. She will
   disappear after you enter the castle.

11)Enter the Tournament of Arms in Lacour. You're playing Rena's scenario so
   Claude will automatically get to Dias. After the battle make sure to grab the
   SHARP EDGE from Gamgee in West Lacour. Whether you keep the Sharp Edge, or
   customize it into the Minus Sword or Eternal Spere, it really doesn't matter.
   It still only counts as one item in your inventory.

*  A Funny Slayer can be found early in the game by participating in a little
   sidequest. This is available after completing the Lacour Tournament of Arms,
   but must be done before completing the Sanctuary of Linga quest. Talk to
   Raddle the Traveler in Salva. Tell him to go north. Find him in Mars. Tell
   him to go East. Find him in Hilton. Tell him to take the boat back to Herlie.
   Find him in Herlie. He'll give you a Funny Slayer.

12)Head back to Hilton right after the tournament, to meet Opera in the bar.
   Talk to her.

13)Go back to Cross and ask the king about Opera.

14)Then head to the Mountain Palace in the North. Meet Opera in here. She will
   join you. Make your way to the bedroom with the library and have another
   scene with Opera. Before you start to level up Opera's Craft, Metal Casting,
   or Functionality skills you must do something first. Opera can randomly make
   the item ORIGINAL BOOTS with Customize when it is at low levels. Get this
   item before you level her Customize skill above level 1.

15)Head to Arlia. Do a PA and talk to Opera in the Jewelry shop. Choose whatever
   you want. Leave and do another PA, and talk to Opera on Mayor Regis's
   balcony. Go back outside then re-enter normally. Head to the Shingo Forest
   and see a scene with Opera.

16)Make sure you pickpocket SHRIMP SHU-MAI from the Young Man in the Tavern in
   Hilton, before getting on the boat with Leon to the Hoffman Ruins.

17)Okay, this is going to be a tough section. You should make an extra save file
   at this point in the game, because if you screw the next part up, there's no
   going back. After Leon joins your party, don't take off to the Hoffman ruins
   yet. You need to make 15 items with him before you do. You need to write
   SPECIAL HERALDRY and ADVANCED HERALDRY with Publishing. You need to make
   PORTRAIT H with Art on Magical Canvas. These can be done with any character
   while Leon is in your party. You also need to make ALL ABOUT ESP, MENTAL
   CHAOS, and ANCIENT WISDOM with Customize. Buy Reference Books from Linga and
   Minerals from Hilton. Level playfulness to get the Fol. Brain Structure can
   be really tough to make since you can't get orchestra yet. I got it to work
   with All About ESP + Green Beryl. You just have to keep trying. All About
   ESP, Mental Revolution, Illustrated Book and Brain Structure are made through
   random customization, but don't customize with Iron because you'll make Thick
   Books. Book of Darkness, Book of Chaos and Ancient Wisdom require Damascus.
   Get this through Alchemy. To make things a lot easier, learn Alchemy with
   Celine, because she has the Blessing of Mana talent, which will make the
   Alchemy success rate a lot higher. 

18)Now here's the even tougher part. You need to get some of these customizable
   weapons in their unidentified form. Basically you have to just keep trying
   over and over and over until you get them. Here are the books that can be
   made in their unidentified forms: ?BOOK(All About ESP), ?BOOK(Illustrated
   Book), ?BOOK(Brain Structure) and ?BOOK(Book of Chaos). You can also make a
   WATER RING now if you want to. If you don't, you'll have to make it later
   with Noel.

19)As you exit the Hoffman Ruins after getting the Energy Stone, Opera runs off
   to the side. After defeating the Ghost, Let Ernest join your party. Before
   you start to level up Ernest's Craft, Metal Casting, or Functionality skills
   you must do something first. Ernest can randomly make the item ODD SHOES
   through Customize when it is at low levels. Get this item before you level
   his Customize skill above level 1.

*  At this point you can perform PAs in Linga and Mars in which you can
   pickpocket 2 battle suits from Ernest.

20)When you talk to Dias at the Lacour Front Lines, let him join your party. The
   BASTARD SWORD can only be made through customization with Dias, but only at
   low Customize levels. You should collect this and ?WEAPON(Bastard Sword)
   before you level up his Customize skill.

*  A Musical Software can be pickpocketed from Narl while he's in Central City.
   This must be done before visiting Fienal for the 2nd time, when Narl moves to

21)The first time you teleport to Central City, leave City Hall and head one
   screen to the left. Witness Chisato running away.

22)When you're in North City, you should see Chisato run away from you as you
   approach the item shop.

23)You should make an extra save file at this point in the game, because if you
   screw the next part up, there's no going back. Before you head to the Synard
   Building in North City to try and get a Synard, you should stop off at the
   item shops and buy 20 of a bunch of item creation items: material kit,
   feather pen, fountain pen, pet food, iron, gold, silver, conductor's baton,
   egg/dairy products, pet food and magic canvas. Buy the Lezard Flask and have
   a supply of Mithril ready, the more the eaiser it's going to be. Unlike Leon,
   you don't have access to supplies while you have Noel, so you need to be well
   prepared. For some reason you need some Eagle's Claws to be able to make
   Tiger's Fangs. So get as many as you can. It will also help tremendously if
   you've learned Orchestra by now. Now you can fight for a long time with Noel
   or you can unlock a bunch of his hidden talents to get the 100 Skill Point
   bonuses like you did with Leon, except this time it will be a lot easier if
   you use Orchestra. Use these to level up his Customization skills. Remember,
   once you head to the Synard Building, you won't be able to buy any more
   materials until after Noel is no longer in your party. Once you reach the
   Synard in the Cave of Red Crystal, you'll no longer have Noel in your party.
   You'll need to make PORTRAIT K through Art. PRINCIPLES OF NATURE and LIVING
   WITH ANIMALS with Publishing. As well as CAT'S FANGS, TIGER'S FANGS, and
   PLATINUM NAILS. Tiger's Fangs are easiest to make with Eagle's Claws at low
   Customize Levels. Platinum Nails require Mithril. Use Radar or Alchemy.

   Again, you also have to make a few ?weapons with Noel. These are:
   ?WEAPON(Tiger's Fangs), ?WEAPON(Platinum Nails). ?Weapon(Tiger's Fangs) are
   easier to make at lower Customize levels. This is your last chance to make
   the WATER RING if you didn't make it with Leon.

24)In the Cave of Red Crystal there is a point before the Synard where you have
   to run down some stairs under a bridge, to get a chest containing the Flying
   Hawk Robes. As you do so, Chisato will will run by and drop her I.D. Make
   sure to pick it up.

25)Don't let Noel join your party at the end of the Cave of Red Crystal.

26)Once you get the Synard, head back to Central City. Before you talk to Narl,
   go to the Nede Chronicle and talk to Chisato. Let her join your party.

*  One Moon Tiara per fighter can be won from the Duel Battle Rank B in Fun
   City, but if you want to get the max of 20, you need to collect them from
   Breakwings in Mihne Cavern. However, this must be done before you beat the
   boss, because all encounters end after you do.

27)Don't accidentally feed the Shrimp Shu-mai to the food god on Floor 8 of the
   Cave of Trials.

2.)                              ITEM COLLECTING                            SEC2

Having gotten all the missable items in the game from the last section, you can
now start collecting at least one of every item to get the longest possible item

Use my other guide, The Ultimate Item Encyclopedia posted on www.GameFAQs.com,
to find out how to collect each item.

Remember, if you collect any Bounced Checks, they will drain your Fol at the
rate of 1 Fol per bounced check, per second.

As far as unidentified items go, i'm not sure I've discovered every possible
unidentified item that exists.

These are the items that you can collect, and if you can collect it in it's
unidentified form. You can use this as checklist to mark off what you have.

Items: 762/791           Unidentified?: 192/196
1-up Pudding             ---
10 Volt Stun Gun         ?WEAPON
Aceras                   ?HERB
Advanced Heraldry        ---
Aero Gun                 ---
Aged Berry Juice         ?FOOD
Algol                    ---
All About ESP            ?BOOK
All About Herbs          ---
All-Purpose Knife        ---
Aloe Jam                 ---
Alpha Box                ---
A Maiden's Secret        ---
Amber Robe               ---
Amoeba Soup              ---
Ancient Wisdom           ---
Angel Armband            ---
Angel Hair               ---
Angel's Statue           ---
Anklet                   ---
Antiseptic Glove         ---
Apple Cider              ---
Apple Crepes             ---
Apple Jam                ---
Aquaberry                ?ITEM
Aqua Ring                ?JEWELRY
Artemis Leaf             ?HERB
Assault Bomb             ---
Assorted Cheeses         ---
Atlas Ring               ---
Atomic Punch             ---
Attack Earring           ---
Attack Vial              ---
Au Gratin Climax         ---
Aura Blade               ?WEAPON
Baby Rabbit Risotto      ?FOOD
Bacon & Eggs             ---
Bad-Tasting Stew         ?FOOD
Bagh Nakh                ---
Banana Crepes            ?FOOD
Banded Helm              ---
Banded Mail              ---
Bandit's Gloves          ---
Barrier Armor            ?GUARD
Barrier Shield           ---
Baselard                 ---
Bastard Sword            ?WEAPON
Battalia Ring            ---
Battle Suit              ---
Beautiful Ice Cream      ---
Beef Croquettes          ?FOOD
Before Tea's Ready       ---
Bent Rod                 ?WEAPON
Beret                    ---
Berry Juice              ?FOOD
Berserk Ring             ---
Beta Box                 ?MACHINE
Big Tuna                 ---
Bird's Nest Soup         ---
Bitter Juice             ?FOOD
Bitter Lotion            ---
Blackberry               ?ITEM
Black Box                ---
Black Earring            ?JEWELRY
Black System             ---
Blood Earring            ---
Bloody Armor             ---
Bloody Helm              ---
Blueberry                ?ITEM
Blue Talisman            ---
Blurry Photo             ---
Book of Chaos            ?BOOK
Book of Darkness         ---
Booster Box              ---
Boots                    ---
Both Shaver              ---
Bounced Check            ---
Brain Structure          ?BOOK
Braised Knuckles         ---
Brigandine               ---
Broad Sword              ---
Broth                    ---
Bubble Lotion            ---
Buckler                  ---
Bunny Shoes              ---
Burning Hand             ---
Burst Box                ---
But One Truth!           ---
Buy It...Ok?             ---
Cabbage Roll             ---
Care Tablet              ---
Carrot Ice Cream         ?FOOD
Carrot Juice             ---
Cat o' 9 Tails           ---
Cat's Fangs              ---
Cembalo                  ---
Cestus                   ---
Chaos Mail               ?GUARD
Cheese Pizza             ---
Chicken Doria            ---
Chicken Skewers          ?FOOD
Chocolate Crepes         ---
Choose Ingredients       ---
Cinderella Glass         ---
Clap Rod                 ?WEAPON
Coconut Milk             ---
Conductor's Baton        ---
Contract                 ---
Cook From the Heart      ---
Core Plate               ?GUARD
Corn Pottage             ?FOOD
Countdown                ---
Cracker                  ---
Creamed Stew             ---
Creamy Cheese            ---
Crest Rod                ---
Crestier Guard           ---
Crimson Diablos          ?WEAPON
Cromlea Sword            ---
Crown                    ?GUARD
Crumpled Paper           ?BOOK
Crush Pill               ---
Crystal                  ---
Cure Paralysis           ---
Cure Poison              ---
Cure Stone               ---
Custard Pudding          ?FOOD
Daikon Miso Soup         ?FOOD
Damascus                 ?MINERAL
Danger Pot               ---
Dark Whip                ?WEAPON
Deluxe Doria             ---
Demonslayer Ring         ?JEWELRY
Diamond                  ---
Dictionary               ---
Discovery Card           ---
Dragon's Claws           ---
Dragon's Tusk            ?WEAPON
Dream Bracelet           ---
Dream Crown              ---
Duel Helm                ---
Duel Suit                ---
Dull Sword               ?WEAPON
Dummy Doll               ---
Eagle's Claws            ---
Eclipse Ring             ---
Egg/Dairy Products       ---
Egg Sandwich             ?FOOD
Electric                 ?WEAPON
Electro Gun              ---
Electron                 ?WEAPON
Element Analyzer         ---
Emerald Earring          ---
Emerald Ring             ---
Empresia                 ?WEAPON
Encyclopedia             ---
Energy Drink             ---
Energy Tonic             ---
Engineering              ---
Erlenmeyer Flask         ---
Eternal Sphere           ---
Evening Dress            ---
Exciting Tenderloin      ---
Extension Card           ---
Fairies Card             ---
Fairy Glass              ---
Fairy Mist               ---
Fairy Ring               ?JEWELRY
Fairy's Cologne          ---
Fairy's Statue           ---
Fairy Tear               ---
Fallen Hope              ---
Falling in Love          ---
Fame Helm                ---
Fanzine                  ---
Fanzine?                 ---
Fanzine!                 ---
Fanzine ...              ---
Fanzine(male)            ---
Fanzine(female)          ---
Fanzine(heart)           ---
Fanzine(note)            ---
Feather Pen              ---
Feet Symbol              ---
Fellper Nails            ---
Fill-up                  ---
Fine Saute               ---
Fine Shield              ---
Fire Punch               ---
Fire Ring                ---
First Earring            ---
Fish of Happiness        ---
Flame Blade              ---
Flame Gun                ---
Flare Bomb               ---
Flare Ring               ?JEWELRY
Flare Whip               ---
Flash Earring            ---
Flash Pot                ---
Flying Hawk Robes        ---
Fol Up Card              ---
Force Sword              ?WEAPON
Forest Friends           ---
Forged Bills             ---
Forged Checks            ---
Forged Documents         ---
Forged Medals            ---
Fortune                  ---
Fountain Card            ---
Fountain Pen             ---
Freeze                   ---
Freeze Whip              ---
French Toast             ---
Fresh Syrup              ---
Fried Eggs               ?FOOD
Fried Rice               ?FOOD
Fried Vegetables         ---
Frog                     ?GUARD
Fruit                    ---
Fruit Nectar             ?FOOD
Fruit Smoothie           ?FOOD
Fruit Syrup              ---
Funny Slayer             ---
Gale Earring             ---
Gamma Box                ?MACHINE
Ganze Sea Urchin         ---
Gateau Marjolaine        ---
Gaudy Earring            ?JEWELRY
Gelatin Steak            ?FOOD
Genie's Steak            ---
Genie's Veggie Soup      ---
Giant Fists              ---
Ginger Ale               ---
Glass Slippers           ?GUARD
Goddess Statue           ---
Go-home Frog             ---
Gold                     ?MINERAL
Golden Bracelet          ---
Golden Cross             ?JEWELRY
Golden Crown             ---
Golden Earring           ---
Golden Fangs             ?WEAPON
Golden Idol              ?JEWELRY
Golden Stew              ---
Gold Ring                ---
Gold/Silversmith         ---
Gorgonzola               ---
Grain                    ---
Grand Stinger            ---
Graphic Software         ---
Great Punch              ---
Green Beryl              ---
Green Bracelet           ?JEWELRY
Green Pottage            ?FOOD
Green System             ---
Grizzly Claps            ---
Ground Lamb Steak        ?FOOD
Gruel                    ?FOOD
Gusguine                 ---
Half-dead Bomb           ---
Hamburger                ?FOOD
Hard Cleaver             ---
Hard Earring             ---
Hard Knuckles            ?WEAPON
Hard Ring                ---
Hard Whip                ---
Harmonica                ---
Hassaku Tea              ---
Healing Ring             ---
Heart Barriers           ---
Heart Breaker            ---
Heavenly Doria           ---
Heavy Ring               ?JEWELRY
Hecatoncheire            ---
Heraldry                 ---
Heraldry Book            ---
Herbal Oil               ---
Hermit's Helm            ?GUARD
Hexagram Card            ---
High Heels               ---
High-laced Shoes         ---
Historic Greats          ---
Holy Cloak               ---
Holy Mist                ---
Holy Ring                ---
Holy Rod                 ---
Holy Scriptures          ---
Holy Sword Farwell       ---
Hot Syrup                ---
Hyperball                ---
Hyper Punch              ---
I Can Only See You       ---
Ice Punch                ---
Ichigoni                 ---
Ichigoni Supreme         ---
Idol                     ---
Ignite Sword             ---
Illusive Shamisen        ---
Illustrated Book         ?BOOK
Infinity Ring            ---
Insanity Ring            ?JEWELRY
Invisible Whip           ?WEAPON
Inviting Filet           ---
Iron                     ?MINERAL
Iron Greaves             ---
Iron Helm                ---
Iron Punch               ?MACHINE
Ishtar's Robe            ?GUARD
Isis Tiara               ---
Israfil's Tear           ---
Jack-in-the-Box          ---
Jambalaya                ---
Jeanne's Armor           ---
Jeanne's Helm            ---
Jeanne's Shield          ---
Jiggly Slime             ---
Juicy Beef               ---
Kaiser Knuckles          ?WEAPON
Kamikaze Tonic           ---
Killer Poison            ---
Killer's Book            ---
Knight's Shield          ---
Knuckles                 ?WEAPON
Konyaku Jelly            ---
Lady Fingers             ?FOOD
Lady in Red              ---
Lavender                 ?HERB
Leather Armor            ---
Leather Boots            ---
Leather Greaves          ---
Leather Helm             ---
Leather Whip             ?WEAPON
Left Cross               ---
Levantine Sword          ---
Lezard Flask             ---
Lien                     ---
Life Insurance           ---
Light Box                ?MACHINE
Lightning Gun            ---
Light Whip               ---
Lilith Tonic             ---
Limp Whip                ?WEAPON
Link Combo               ---
Living with Animals      ---
Long Edge                ---
Long Sword               ---
Lost Sanctuary           ---
Lot Bracelet             ---
Lotus Eater              ?WEAPON
Luna Tablet              ---
Luna Talisman            ---
Lunatic Earring          ---
Lunatic Ring             ---
Lyre                     ---
Macaroni Au Gratin       ?FOOD
Madness Mist             ---
Magical Camera           ---
Magical Clay             ---
Magical Drops            ---
Magical Film             ---
Magical Gloves           ?WEAPON
Magical Hat              ---
Magical Rasp             ---
Magical Rice             ---
Magical Rod              ---
Magical Salad            ---
Magic Box                ---
Magic Canvas             ---
Magic Cross              ---
Magic Hand               ?MACHINE
Magician's Hand          ---
Magic Mist               ?JEWELRY
Magic Rock               ---
Mandrake                 ?HERB
Maple Syrup              ---
Marionette Pill          ---
Marvel Sword             ---
Material Kit             ---
Meat                     ---
Meat Dumpling            ?FOOD
Meat Fried Rice          ---
Mech Launcher            ---
Medical Rinse            ---
Melting Lotion           ---
Mental Pot               ---
Mental Revolution        ---
Mental Ring              ?JEWELRY
Merlin Drink             ---
Metal Fangs              ---
Meteor Ring              ---
Meteorite                ?MINERAL
Might Chain              ---
Milky Potage             ---
Million Staff            ---
Mind Bomb                ---
Mind Ring                ?JEWELRY
Miracle Fried Rice       ---
Mirage Robe              ---
Mirror of Wisdom         ---
Mischief                 ---
Misty Symbol             ?JEWELRY
Mithril                  ?MINERAL
Mithril Coat             ---
Mithril Dress            ---
Mithril Greaves          ---
Mithril Helm             ?GUARD
Mithril Mesh             ---
Mithril Shield           ---
Mixed Syrup              ---
Molecule Wire            ?WEAPON
Moon Earring             ---
Moonite                  ?MINERAL
Moonlight                ---
Moon Tiara               ---
Mortalial card           ---
Mud Boots                ---
Murasame Sword           ---
Muscat Grape Jelly       ---
Mushroom Soup            ---
Musical Software         ---
Musical Theory           ---
Music Box                ---
Mystical Beings          ---
Natural High             ---
Nature's Life Force      ---
Necklace                 ?JEWELRY
Neo Greaves              ---
Neumann Boots            ---
New Civilization         ---
Nightmare Pot            ---
No Need for Words        ---
Nuclear Bomb             ---
Ocean of Stars           ---
Odd Clothes              ?GUARD
Odd Gauntlets            ?GUARD
Odd Hat                  ?GUARD
Odd Helmet               ?GUARD
Odd Medicine             ---
Odd Shield               ?GUARD
Odd Shoes                ?GUARD
Odin's Helm              ?GUARD
One-two Punch            ---
On Revenge               ---
On Training              ---
Operation Manual         ---
Orangeade                ?FOOD
Orange Au Gratin         ?FOOD
Orange Sherbet           ?FOOD
Organ                    ---
Orichalcum               ?MINERAL
Oriental Blade           ---
Original Boots           ?GUARD
Pain Cestus              ---
Pallas Athena            ?GUARD
Pancakes                 ---
Paralysis Check          ?JEWELRY
Paralysis Mist           ---
Paralysis Oil            ---
Peach Ice Cream          ?FOOD
Pear Compote             ---
Peep Half                ?JEWELRY
Peep Non                 ---
Peep-peep Bomb           ---
Peking Duck              ---
Perforated Armor         ?GUARD
Pet Food                 ?ITEM
Piano                    ---
Pickled Plum             ---
Pieces of Learners       ---
Pin Heels                ---
Pixie Cologne            ---
Plain Omelet             ---
Planet of the Winds      ---
Plasma Zap-Stick         ---
Plate Greaves            ?GUARD
Plate Helm               ---
Plate Mail               ---
Platinum Nails           ?WEAPON
Pleiad Sword             ?WEAPON
Pocket Encyclopedia      ---
Poison Check             ?JEWELRY
Portrait A (Claude)      ---
Portrait B (Rena)        ---
Portrait C (Celine)      ---
Portrait E (Dias)        ---
Portrait F (Precis)      ---
Portrait H (Leon)        ---
Portrait I (Opera)       ---
Portrait J (Ernest)      ---
Portrait K (Noel)        ---
Portrait L (Chisato)     ---
Pose Collection          ---
Potstickers              ?FOOD
Pretty Idol              ?JEWELRY
Prime Prayer             ---
Prime Sirloin            ---
Prime Tuna               ---
Prime Tuna Steak         ---
Princess Ring            ?JEWELRY
Prince's Zoni Stew       ---
Principles of Nature     ---
Prism Ring               ---
Promised Ring            ---
Protection Bomb          ---
Protection Ring          ?JEWELRY
Psychic Gun              ?WEAPON
Psycho Box               ---
Pulse Box                ?MACHINE
Purity Leaf              ---
Purple Mist              ?JEWELRY
Pyre Tear                ---
Quick Pickles            ?FOOD
Radio Box                ?MACHINE
Rainbow Diamond          ---
Rare Gauntlets           ---
Raspberry Jam            ---
Raw Milk                 ?FOOD
Recoil Bracelet          ---
Reference Book           ---
Reflection Ring          ---
Reflective Armor         ---
Regeneration Ring        ?JEWELRY
Resistance Ring          ---
Resurrection Bottle      ---
Resurrection Mist        ---
Reverse Doll             ?JEWELRY
Revival Card             ---
Rice-bran Pickles        ?FOOD
Rice Cakes               ---
Rice Croquettes          ?FOOD
Rice Omelet              ?FOOD
Right Cross              ---
Ringed Mail              ---
Ring of Happiness        ---
Ring of Sadness          ---
Ririca                   ---
Risky Liquid             ---
Risotto Ecstasy          ---
Robe                     ---
Rock                     ?MINERAL
Rod                      ?WEAPON
Rod of Snakes            ?WEAPON
Root Beer                ?FOOD
Rose Hips                ?HERB
Rose Whip                ---
Rotten Sashimi           ?FOOD
Round Shield             ---
Ruby                     ---
Ruby Earring             ---
Ruby Pendant             ?JEWELRY
Ruby Rod                 ---
Ruby Wand                ?WEAPON
Ruins' Fate              ?WEAPON
Rune Buckler             ?GUARD
Rune Cap                 ---
Rune Full Moon           ---
Rune Metal               ?MINERAL
Rune Shoes               ---
Sacknoth's Helmet        ---
Sacred Tear              ---
Sage's Stone             ---
Sake Lees Pickles        ---
Salmon Omelet            ?FOOD
Sambai Tea               ?FOOD
Sandals                  ---
Santa's Boots            ---
Sapphire                 ---
Sashimi                  ---
Sawed                    ---
Scrap Iron               ?MACHINE
Scribbles                ?ITEM
Scyther                  ---
SD Punch                 ?MACHINE
SDUGA Punch              ?WEAPON
Seafood                  ---
Sea Urchin on Rice       ---
Seaweed Miso Soup        ?FOOD
Second Ledger            ---
Secret Boots             ---
Seltzer                  ---
Seraphic Garb            ---
Serpent's Tooth          ---
Seventh Ray              ---
Shark Fin Soup           ?FOOD
Shark Potstickers        ---
Shield Earring           ---
Shield Ring              ---
Shield Sword             ---
Shiny Earring            ?JEWELRY
Shock Gun                ---
Shock Oil                ---
Shortcake                ?FOOD
Shrimp Au Gratin         ---
Shrimp Doria             ?FOOD
Shrimp Pilaf             ?FOOD
Shrimp Shu-mai           ---
Shu-mai                  ?FOOD
Silence Card             ---
Silk Robe                ---
Silvance                 ---
Silver                   ?MINERAL
Silver Barrette          ---
Silver Charm             ---
Silver Cross             ?JEWELRY
Silver Earring           ---
Silver Fangs             ---
Silver Greaves           ---
Silver Idol              ?JEWELRY
Silvermoon               ---
Silver Pendant           ---
Silver Ring              ---
Silver Robe              ---
Silver Rod               ---
Silver Trumpet           ---
Sinclair Sabre           ---
Sirloin Steak            ---
Skanda                   ---
Skanda Compress          ---
Skanda Ointment          ---
Slayer's Ring            ---
Slime Jelly              ---
Slippery Slime           ---
Smaller                  ---
Smelling Salts           ---
Smelly Rice Cakes        ?FOOD
Smith's Hammer           ---
Smoke Mist               ---
Smoke Oil                ---
Soda-Pop                 ---
Soldering Iron           ---
Sole & Fruit Sauce       ---
Sole & Wine Sauce        ?FOOD
Sorceress Knuckles       ---
Soul Slayer              ---
Sour Syrup               ---
Soy Milk                 ---
Spark                    ?WEAPON
Spark Hand               ---
Spark Whip               ---
Special Heraldy          ---
Special Stir-fry         ---
Special Tuna             ---
Spectacles               ---
Spicy Cake               ?FOOD
Splinter                 ?GUARD
Spring Rolls             ---
Spring Water             ---
Squash Croquettes        ?FOOD
Squash Spring Rolls      ?FOOD
Star Cloak               ---
Stardust Ring            ?JEWELRY
Star Earring             ?JEWELRY
Star Greaves             ---
Star Guard               ---
Star Necklace            ---
Star Ruby                ---
Steak                    ---
Steamed Aspic            ---
Steel Armor              ---
Steel Helm               ---
Steel-toed Boots         ---
Stink Gel                ---
Stock Certificates       ---
Stone Check              ?JEWELRY
Straight Punch           ---
Strawberry Jam           ---
Strawberry Mochi         ---
Strawberry Mousse        ---
Stun Gun                 ?WEAPON
Sturm Ring               ---
Succubus Cologne         ---
Suede Boots              ---
Super Ball               ---
Surrender Pendant        ---
Survival Kit             ---
Sweet Dumpling           ?FOOD
Sweet Fruit              ---
Sweet Rice Cakes         ---
Sweet Syrup              ---
Sylvan Boots             ---
Sylvan Helm              ---
Sylvan Mail              ---
Talisman                 ?JEWELRY
Tetra-Bomb               ---
Text Software            ---
The Armband of Kali      ?GUARD
The Bloody Road          ---
The Hermes Theory        ---
The Hope of Breeze       ---
The Land's Secret        ---
The World Is Mine        ---
Thick Book               ?BOOK
Thunder Punch            ---
Thunder Ring             ---
Tiger's Fangs            ?WEAPON
Titan's Fists            ?WEAPON* (* ?WEAPON cannot be collected in this game,
Today's Dish             ---         because it can only be made through
To Live                  ---         customization with Bowman)
Tongue Twister           ---
Toro Tuna                ?FOOD
Treasure Chest           ---
Treatise                 ---
Tri-ball                 ---
Trickster                ---
Tri-emblem               ---
Tri-emplem               ---
Tuna Skewers             ---
Twin's Tonic             ---
Twin Swords              ---
Twin-edge                ---
Twin-tail                ---
UGA Punch                ---
Ultra Punch              ---
Useless Decoration       ?JEWELRY
Valiant Boots            ---
Valiant Guard            ---
Valiant Mail             ---
Valkyrie Boots           ---
Valkyrie Guard           ---
Valkyrie's Garb          ---
Vanilla Ice Cream        ---
Vegetable Juice          ?FOOD
Vegetables               ---
Veil Piercer             ---
Vellum Paper             ---
Victorial Card           ---
Violence Pill            ---
Violin                   ---
Voltage                  ---
Walloon Sword            ---
Water Ring               ?JEWELRY
Weighty Ring             ?JEWELRY
Weird Doll               ?JEWELRY
Weird Lump               ---
Weird Slayer             ---
Whirlwind                ---
White System             ---
Wilted Salad             ?FOOD
Windsley Sword           ---
Wisdom Ring              ?JEWELRY
Witch's Boots            ---
Wizard's Hat             ---
Wizard's Mail            ---
Wobbly Sword             ---
Wolfsbane                ?HERB
Wonder Drug              ---
Wooden Shield            ---
Worn Knuckles            ?WEAPON
Worn-out Sword           ?WEAPON
X Box                    ---
Yaegaki Tea              ?FOOD
Yarma Cooking Set        ---
Yogurt                   ?FOOD
Yogurt Salad             ---
Yukiyucho Tea            ---
Zephyr Earring           ?JEWELRY
'Ishidaya' Tea           ?FOOD
'Judgment Day'           ---
'Spring'                 ---
'The Last Supper'        ---
'The Scream'             ---
'Usunigori' Tea          ?FOOD


Obviously, there are many items in the game where the availability of which is
dependent on the game scenario you chose, and what characters you have
Specifically these areas are Customization, Fun City Rank A Duel Battle Weapons,
Machinery, Private Action Scenes, Art, Publishing, and Metalwork.

It must be noted that you can collect certain items from characters, while they
are only temporarily in your party. I will take this into account as well. Items
in this section that can be collected during a time when the character is
temporarily in your party, are marked with a "T" after it.

The unidentified items are not counted in this section, because they don't have
any bearing on who you should or shouldn't recruit.

This lists the weapons that can be made through Customization by each character.
Claude & Rena's weapons are not listed because they are always in your party, so
there is no issue as to whether or not you can miss those items. Each character
is divided into two sections:

1)Uncollectible without [character]:
  This is the important part. These are items that you won't be able to get
  without the character being in your party.
2)Collectible without [character]:
  These are items that you can collect at least one of, without the character
  being in your party.

Any weapon that can be made by Dias, but can also be made by Claude, is not
listed in Dias's section.

Any weapon that can be made by Noel or Bowman but can also be made by Rena is
not listed in Noel or Bowman's sections.

*Uncollectible without Ashton: 
 Double Masher
 Guard Sword
 Holy Cross
 Pair Nuts
 Twin Picks
*Collectible without Ashton:
 Both Shaver
 Lotus Eater
 Shield Sword
 Twin Swords
 Wobbly Sword

*Uncollectible without Bowman:
 Moon Fists
*Collectible without Bowman:
 Bagh Nakh
 Giant's Fists
 Titan's Fists

*Uncollectible without Celine:
 Dragon's Tusk
 Magical Rod
 Rod of Snakes
 Tongue Twister
*Collectible without Celine:
 Bent Rod
 Clap Rod
 Crest Rod
 Holy Rod
 Ruby Rod
 Ruby Wand
 Silver Rod

*Uncollectible without Chisato:
 Flame Gun
 Psychic Gun
 Shock Gun
 Stun Gun
*Collectible without Chisato:
 10 Volt Stun Gun
 Electro Gun
 Lightning Gun 

*Uncollectible without Dias:
 Bastard Sword
 Crimson Diablos
 Grand Stinger
 Hard Cleaver
 Soul Slayer
 The Hope of Breeze
*Collectible without Dias:
 Murasame Sword
 Oriental Blade
 Pleiad Sword
 Ruins' Fate
 Worn-out Sword

*Uncollectible without Ernest:
 Dark Whip
 Flare Whip
 Freeze Whip
 Invisible Whip
 Molecule Wire
*Collectible without Ernest:
 Hard Whip
 Leather Whip
 Light Whip
 Limp Whip
 Rose Whip
 Spark Whip

*Uncollectible without Leon:
 All About ESP T
 Ancient Wisdom T
 Book of Chaos T
 Book of Darkness T
 Brain Structure T
 Illustrated Book T
 Mental Revolution T
*Collectible without Leon:
 Herladry Book
 Holy Scriptures
 Reference Book
 Thick Book

*Uncollectible without Noel:
 Cat's Fangs T
 Platinum Nails T
 Tiger's Fangs T
*Collectible without Noel:
 Grizzly Claps
 Hard Knuckles
 Serpent's Tooth

*Uncollectible without Opera:
 Black Box
 Burst Box
 Gamma Box
 Magic Box
 Pulse Box
 Seventy Ray
*Collectible without Opera:
 Alpha Box
 Beta Box
 Booster Box
 Light Box
 Radio Box
 X Box

*Uncollectible without Precis:
 Burning Hand
 Ice Punch
 SD Punch
 SDUGA Punch
 Spark Hand
 Thunder Punch
 UGA Punch
*Collectible without Precis:
 Atomic Punch
 Fire Punch
 Great Punch
 Iron Punch
 Magic Hand
 One-two Punch
 Straight Punch
 Ultra Punch

Original Boots:    Can only be collected via Customizing with Opera at a low
                   skill level.
Odd Shoes:         Can only be collected via Customizing with Ernest at a low
                   skill level.
Flashy Armor:      Can only be collected via Customizing with Ashton at a low
                   skill level.

Aero Gun:          Only won by Chisato in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Book of Awakening: Only won by Leon in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Cat o'9 Tails:     Only won by Ernest in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Cromlea Sword:     Only won by Dias in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Doubledemon Sword: Only won by Ashton in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Death Fangs:       Only won by Noel in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Flare Burst:       Only won by Bowman in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Hyper Punch:       Only won by Precis in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Prime Prayer:      Only won by Celine in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.
Psycho Box:        Only won by Opera in the Rank A Duel Battle in Fun City.

Black System:      Can only be made by Opera using Machinery.
Green System:      Can only be made by Opera using Machinery.
White System:      Can only be made by Opera using Machinery.
Mech Launcher:     Can only be made by Precis using Machinery.
Neumann Booots:    Can only be made by Precis using Machinery.
Plasma Zap-stick:  Can only be made by Precis using Machinery.

The first 5 of these are unique items that only exist in one place in the game.
3 are listed in Claude's total missable items, and 2 are listed as part of
Ashton's missable items.
Aphrodisiac:       Claude's scenario only. Do a PA in Cross with Precis.
Leaf Pendant:      Claude's scenario only. Do a PA in Salva with Rena. Do it
                   after staying the night in Cross.
General's Ring:    Claude's scenario only, Celine cannot be in your party. Do a
                   PA in Hilton with Chris. You must do it before the Linga
Guard Sword:       Only if Ashton is recruited. Pickpocket him in a Lacour PA.
Salamander Helmet: Only if Ashton is recruited. Do a PA in Arlia with Ashton.
These items are in limited supply, but can be found in other places of the game,
therefore they are not listed in the chart below, but are still worth pointing
Pyre Tear:         Only if Celine is recruited. Pickpocket Celine in a PA in
Slayer's Ring:     Claude's scenario only. Do a PA in Fun City with Marriana.
                   Must do PA after you visit Dr. Mirage after beating Marsilio
                   & Shigeo in Fun City.
Battle Suit:       Only if Ernest is recruited. Pickpocket him during a PA in
Battle Suit:       Only if Ernest is recruited. Pickpocket him during a PA in
Battle Suit:       Claude's scenario only. Pickpocket Cadet during Claude's
                   return to the Calnus in Eluria Tower.

Normally, only 16 out of 24 published books can exist in your inventory, since
it requires the character to be in your party in order to write it, and you can
have up to 8
characters in your party. However, some characters can be recruited temporarily,
so the following books can be collected even if the character is not permanently
Advanced Heraldry T
Special Heraldry T
Living With Animals T
Principles Of Nature T

Normally, only 8 out of 12 portraits can exist in your inventory, since it
requires the character to be in your party in order to make it, and you
can have up to 8 characters in your party. However, some characters can be
recruited temporarily, so the following portraits can be collected even if
the character is not permanently recruited:
Portrait C (Celine) T
Portrait H (Leon) T
Portrait K (Noel) T

Of the 95 accessories that can be made from Iron, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby,
Crystal, Green Beryl, Diamond, Star Ruby, Rainbow Diamond, Moonite & Sage's
Stone, only 6 of them cannot be made by either Claude or Rena. They are:
Demonslayer Ring, Fire Ring, Lunatic Earring, Stone Check, Thunder Ring & Water

--Lunatic Earring--
Made by Chisato, Ernest, or Noel.
Given by the Treasure Chest, Fill-Up, Fountain Card, Lien, & Jack-In-The Box.
--Thunder Ring--
Made by Celine or Noel.
Dropped in the Field of Love.
--Stone Check--
Made by Dias, Leon, or Noel.
Buy in Giveaway. The Fortune accessory also gives it.

This means that only 3 metalwork items can possibly be missed:
--Demonslayer Ring--  
Metalwork on Sage's Stone with Ashton, Noel, or Ernest.
--Fire Ring--
Metalwork on Ruby with Celine or Leon.
--Water Ring--
Metalwork on Sapphire with Leon or Noel.

4.)                         OPTIMAL PARTY SELECTION                         SEC4

So this brings us to the trickiest part: Trying to find the correct combination
of scenario and characters, to yield the longest possible item list.

Now that we've gone over every item that is somehow dependent on the game
scenario or character recruitment, let's see how this dictates what party should
be chosen, in order to get the longest possible item list. We'll start by
charting this out.

Column 1: For Claude & Rena, the numbers in the following columns show how many
          items WILL BE MISSED if their SCENARIO is NOT chosen. For the other
          ten names, the numbers in the columns show how many items WILL BE
          MISSED if that character is NOT in your party.
Column 2: "Useless" items made through customization.
Column 3: Uncollectible weapons. You won't find these anywhere in the game
          except through that character's Customization.
Column 4: Fun City weapons.
Column 5: Items made through Machinery.
Column 6: Other unique items that can only be collected if the character is
Column 7: Art/Publishing.
Column 8: Total missable items.

C1:        C2:     C3:     C4:     C5:     C6:     C7:     C8:

T These items do not count towards the total missable items, because you can get
  them when the character is temporarily in your party.
^ One of these is the General's Ring. It will always be missed if Claude's
  scenario is not chosen, but is also missable if Celine is permanently
Note: The 3 potentially missable Metalworking are items not included in the
      above table since each can be made from multiple characters. But it
      becomes a non-issue anyway, as noted in the "Pros" section below.

--Claude or Rena--
There are 3 unique items that can only be collected in Claude's scenario.
Leon (Claude's scenario only) has 1 item that can only be collected with him.
3 + 1 = 4
There are 0 items that can only be collected in Rena's scenario.
Dias (Rena's scenario only) has 11 items that can only be collected with him.
= [11]
--> RENA's scenario

--Dias or Leon--
Rena's scenario is chosen therefore:
--> DIAS

--Ashton or Opera/Ernest--
Ashton has 13 items that can only be collected with him.
Opera/Ernest have [25] items that can only be collected with them.

--Precis or Bowman--
Precis has [14] items that can only be collected with her.
Bowman has 6 items that can only be collected with him.

--Chisato or Celine or Noel--
These three can be recruited independently, and there are 2 spots are left.
Chisato has [13] items that can only be collected with her.
Celine has [8] items that can only be collected with her.
Noel has 1 items that can only be collected with him.

*****Claude - Rena - Celine - Dias - Opera - Ernest - Precis - Chisato*****

1) All 3 missable metalworking items are able to be collected, although the
   Water Ring and ?JEWELRY(Water Ring) must be made with either Leon or Noel,
   while either is temporarily in your party.
2) All 6 unique Machinery Items can be collected.

1) 5 unique items: the Salamander Helmet, Guard Sword, Generals' Ring,
   Aphrodisiac, & Leaf Pendant cannot be collected.
2) There are two chests in the game that you won't be able to open. One contains
   Ashton's Tri-ace Killer Move on Floor 10 of the Cave of Trials. The other is
   Leon's Extinction spell on Floor 4 of the Cave of Trials.
3) Precis cannot get her last Killer Move, Holo-holograph, because Ashton is not
   in your party.

5.)                                SUMMARY                                  SEC5

--Items You Do Have--
The 762 out of the 791 normal items, as listed in section 2.
The 192 out of the 196 unidentified items as listed in section 2.

--Items You Don't Have--
29 out of the 791 normal items.
4 out of the 196 unidentified items.

--Save Files--
You can get every single item in the game (except for the Sharpness), on two
save game files. Here are the Item save files I have:

*Save #1*
762/791 + 192/196
As detailed in this Guide.

*Save #2*
26->28/791 + 4/196
The remaining 28 + 4 items as listed below. Technically only 26 + 4 are on the
saved file, but the Cracked Gem can be turned into the Red Lotus Gem and the
Sharp Edge into the Minus Sword whenever I want.

?WEAPON(Titan's Fists)
?WEAPON(Guard Sword)
?WEAPON(Holy Cross)

Cracked Gem --> Red Lotus Gem  
Sharp Edge --> Minus Sword
Aphrodisiac              Item --> From a PA in Claude's scenario only.
Asura                    Weapon --> Bowman
Book of Awakening        Weapon --> Fun City Duel Battle Rank A with Leon
Cat House Murder         Book --> Publishing with Bowman
Death Fangs              Weapon --> Fun City Duel Battle Rank A with Noel
Doubledemon Sword        Weapon --> Fun City Duel Battle Rank A with Ashton
Double Masher            Weapon --> Ashton
Flare Burst              Weapon --> Fun City Duel Battle Rank A with Bowman
Flashy Armor             Armor --> Failed low-level Customization with Ashton
Gemini                   Weapon --> Ashton
General's Ring           Accessory --> PA in Claude's game, Celine not in party.
Guard Sword              Weapon --> Ashton
Holy Cross               Weapon --> Ashton
Leaf Pendant             Accessory --> From a PA in Claude's scenario only.
Melufa                   Weapon --> Ashton
Moon Fists               Weapon --> Bowman
Mr. 'No'                 Book --> Publishing with Ashton
Never Turn Back          Book --> Publishing with Ashton
Pair Nuts                Weapon --> Ashton
Portrait D (Bowman)      Art --> Bowman must be in party
Portrait G (Ashton)      Art --> Ashton must be in party
Salamander Helmet        Accessory --> From PA only if Ashton is in your party.
Twin Picks               Weapon --> Ashton
Wax Doll Murders         Book --> Publishing with Bowman

*Save #3*
Technically not saved in the inventory, but the game is saved at the last
possible moment before starting the tournament in Rena's scenario. This lets me
get the Sharpness.

6.)                                  CREDITS                                SEC6

                             Ben Marx   A.K.A.   EternalSphere
                              The Longest Item List Challenge
                                       April, 2006.

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